Beyond White Space (2018) Movie Script

[director] Cut! Cut! Cut!
[director sighs]
[ominous music]
[Richard] It is said that those
who venture into White Space
are cleansed of all impurities,
both mind and body.
No disease...
[creature wails in distance]
No suffering.
Absolute clarity.
But the key to White Space...
in its celestial guardian,
Tien Lung.
[Richard] Those who attempt
to pass
will be met
with vicious resistance.
But I do not seek entry.
I seek revenge.
[creature roars]
[tense music]
[device powering up]
[creature growls]
Captain, you hit the mate.
Damn it!
She's blocking Ten Lung.
I'm gonna put her down.
[Bentley] Attack the neck
where she's weak.
It'll be quick.
Here we go.
[device whirs]
[weapon fires]
- [wails]
- [growls]
You got his attention now,
Circle back.
Once I've hooked him,
get back to the ship.
[Bentley] He'll lead us straight
into White Space.
[Ten screeches]
- Pull up now!
- [groans]
You're not getting away
this time.
[weapon fires]
[tense music]
Captain, did you lock him down?
Bentley! Get out of there!
- Activate paging beacon.
- [beeping]
[Hawthorne] Bentley!
[creatures wailing]
[AmberCorp spokesman] Space.
The final frontier
in food supply.
[AmberCorp president]
We here at Ambercorp
are committed to working
with the Mining
and Fishing Federation
to bring you the freshest,
parasite-free food
harvested from the deep cosmos.
Now, if you have an appetite
for clicker,
or a much more refined taste
for celbaleen ambergris,
The name you can trust.
[Lynn] Comm-link
to Zenith command.
[Pierce] Go.
This is the place.
Hyperian Delights.
Our boy should be inside.
[tranquil music]
All the celbaleen ambergris,
crawling with these.
My people call them Feng-Cuowu,
crazy bug.
I call it a life sentence.
There's a guard at the door.
I'll pull up the details
on our friend here.
[speaks Chinese]
This has all
the latest sightings?
Everywhere Ten Lung
has appeared and disappeared.
Maybe even into White Space.
Why paper?
Anything electronic
has a tracking signature.
Paper can't be traced.
Boomer tricks of the trade.
You can read it, I hope.
I'll manage.
Chen Li.
Real sweetheart.
Rap sheet a mile long.
Assault, larceny,
piracy, etcetera.
Be careful
and stay out of sight.
[Ahab] You deliver Ten Lung
without ICE entanglements,
you'll bank five seasons
worth of hauls for it.
The Essex has solid harpoons,
she'll take Ten Lung down.
You'll need them.
They say energy weapons
don't affect it.
[speaking Chinese]
[continues speaking Chinese]
[Lifen speaking Chinese]
[speaks Chinese]
[Ahab] You know,
I've always had
the greatest respect
for your father.
He always spoke
very highly of you.
So why are you setting us up?
I don't understand.
Why is ICE watching us...
the same night you show up?
Well, I have...
Desperate times.
[Chen groans]
[speaking Chinese]
[Meili grunts]
[Meili groans]
[Ahab yells]
[Richard grunts]
[speaking Chinese]
[Ahab grunting]
- [parasite chittering]
- [Ahab grunting]
[Ahab groaning]
[Ahab moaning]
[Lifen speaking Chinese]
- [speaking Chinese]
- [weapon fires]
[speaking Chinese]
[Ahab in Chinese] Get it out.
[in English]
[Lynn] I'm hearing fire.
[Price] Break off,
I'll call in backup.
[distant siren wailing]
[ominous music]
[ICE recruiter] The Interstellar
Conservation Enforcement
is recruiting the best
and the brightest
to serve at home, in orbit,
or in deep space.
ICE, protect without limits.
Enlist at your nearest
recruitment center.
[Ragsland] Zenith, this is
interstellar fishing vessel.
Essex, 7-C-S.
Standing by.
Essex, this is Zenith control.
Please continue to standby.
[Ragsland] Copy.
You're all clear for dock three.
[Ragsland] Boarding details?
Your Mining and Fishing escort
will be waiting
along with your supply order.
Control out.
And that's your cover.
If anybody goes digging,
your ICE records
have been wiped clean.
We'll be able to stay in contact
about 80 mega-clicks out,
but after that,
all transmissions
will have to come
from the main
communications deck.
You get in a bind,
you locate the ship's beacon,
you activate it.
Happy hunting.
[door opens]
And keep your ass alive.
[door closes]
Do you think going
into White Space could cure her?
She thinks so.
[Owen] Hey, we're heading home
after one more harvest.
We need a babysitter now.
New rules.
It's gonna be
some bleeding heart.
Yeah, it probably got
a ponytail.
The ship will smell
like patchouli oil.
As if Stubs wasn't bad enough.
[Richard] We pick him up,
show him one haul
and drop his ass off.
Lynn Navarro.
I'm your MFF escort.
Captain Richard Bentley.
Owen Bentley.
The Captain's younger,
better looking brother.
A pleasure to meet you both.
Why don't you take care
of Miss Navarro?
You can call me Lynn.
You can call me Captain.
She's all yours.
Aye, aye, Captain.
[Owen] He's like sandpaper,
he'll wear off on you
after a while.
Come on.
Stubs will grab your bag
with the supplies.
And there he is now.
He's a real lady killer.
[Owen] I'll give you
a quick tour.
All the hallways
kinda look the same.
These stairs lead
to the main deck.
[clinks, rasps]
[traffic head]
Zenith control to Essex,
prepare for descent.
Engage thrusters.
Beginning countdown.
This is the Essex on dock.
Up and running.
Standing by for clearance.
[Essex terminal]
Launch sequence, activated.
[Ragsland] I can't believe
they're sticking us
with a chaperone.
This ain't the prom.
The boys may be happy about it.
[Ragsland] What is she, easy?
[Richard] Easy on the eyes.
Let's blow this Taco stand.
[clanking, whirring]
[tense music]
[Owen] We're like
a dysfunctional family,
fighting over
one shared bathroom.
But you do get your own locker,
right next to me.
[clears throat]
[Hawthorne] There you go.
Flick, flick, flick.
[Harpo] Flush.
Flush right down
the toilet, son.
- Full boat.
- Goddamn it, old man.
Fucking sharkin' me man.
[Lynn] So how long
have you guys been together?
Past three or four years.
[Lynn] Is that a cry tube?
[Owen] It was,
now it's a fridge.
[fridge hisses]
This is Lynn,
our Mining and Fishing escort.
Stay away from my pots, my pan,
and my man.
We'll get along
like two peas in a pod.
Batali, our cook.
And resident poet.
She wasn't kidding.
She's only got one pan.
[Owen] Ship's an old
Russian harpooner,
built before hyperspeed,
when people had to sleep
for deep-space travel.
But we've pretty much
retro-fitted the whole thing.
[Hawthorne] Boo-boo!
Hey, Boo-Boo.
Nice touch
with the locker, guys.
Payback's a bitch.
Hey, don't blame me.
I ain't the load
that should have been swallowed.
[Harpo and Ragsland chuckle]
Uh, this is our pilot, Ragsland.
Rags, this is our escort, Lynn.
The Neanderthal is Harpo.
And last but not least,
our first mate, Ben Hawthorne.
He served with my dad
on the Acushnet.
[ominous music]
[Essex terminal]
Iris scan initiating.
Accessing medical records.
[ominous music]
[Price sighs]
[Price] Here's the download
on the crew members.
You got a real circus act
out there.
[Price] Let's start
with William Stubniski.
Two counts of felony vandalism.
He fell asleep
with a plasma cutter,
blowing a couple of fuel rods
and destroying a cargo ship.
- First mate Benjamin Hawthorne.
- [Hawthorne singing]
[Price] Honorable discharge,
but did a stint for poaching.
After serving on the Acushnet,
it seems he developed
a guilty conscience
along with a drinking habit.
Then we have
the captain's little brother,
Owen Bentley.
He was a hotshot pod pilot
until his maverick attitude
forced him into civilian life.
Oh, this one's good.
Piper Batali.
Three convictions for assault
with a frying pan.
Let's just say
she's the jealous type.
Which isn't too good
for her boyfriend, James Harpo.
He owes massive gambling debts
and is gonna need a huge catch
to pay it all off.
Then you have Sarah Ragsland.
She was on her way
to a court martial,
until rumors of affairs
with several
high-ranking officers surfaced.
Suddenly, this little bunny
hopped her way
right into pilot school.
Last but not least
is our good friend,
Captain Richard Bentley.
Highly decorated
and finished top of his class
in Aviation and Stellar mappin.
Unfortunately for him,
he has anger management issues
and was dishonorable discharged
after knocking
his commanding officer out col.
You're betting a lot
on a legend.
But I hope you find
what you're looking for
out there.
Oh give me a home
Where the crustaceans roam
And the galaxy's full
Of whiskey
[Owen] Ah, geez.
It's this song again?
I think you missed your calling,
Uncle Ben.
What is that, in F minor?
[tense music]
[Harpo] Come on, come on,
come on.
That's it.
Yeah, that's it. Come on.
Come to poppa.
[Lynn] What are the rocks for?
[Richard] They're mineral-rich,
the clickers love 'em.
The smaller ones
get zip-locked inside.
The big boys,
we have to use some muscle.
I thought for sure
you suits at M-F-F
would at least know
what you're monitoring.
[creature growls]
- [clanking]
- [gun fires]
Owen, you're breaking formation.
[Owen] Bring home
the guppies, boys.
I'm getting a real catch.
Damn it, Owen.
[Richard] Take the haul
to the loading dock.
Goddamn it.
All right, Captain.
- [growls]
- [whooshes]
[tense music]
[foreboding music]
What the hell is that?
Captain, I'm catching
something really big.
Thirty clicks starboard.
[Richard] Get them back inside.
[Hawthorne] Harpo, come on.
Let's go.
Guys, Boo-Boo's pod
is dead in the water.
[Hawthorne] Up, up, up.
[Richard] Pitch the bow.
Triangulate off Owen's pod.
I need a clean shot
from the main harpoon.
[whirring, clanking]
[weapon fires]
[whooshes, clanks]
[Richard] Rags, reel 'em in now.
[Essex terminal]
Systems failure.
[creature snarls]
Holy shit.
Activate tag.
- [Owen] Fire!
- [weapon fires]
What the fuck?
[Hawthorne] Captain.
Are you seeing this?
[tense music]
[creatures wailing]
Ten Lung.
[Hawthorne] Over there.
[Harpo] Hang on, Owen.
[whirs, clanks]
[Hawthorne] Okay, there it is.
There it is.
Careful, careful, careful.
- Owen, you all right?
- [Harpo] We've got him.
[ship powering down]
[Essex terminal]
Hyperdrive systems down.
[creatures growl]
Boo-Boo made a boo-boo.
Stay in formation next time.
You all right, Boo-Boo?
I'm freezing.
Oh, and I'm fucking starving.
Good job, Batali.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, baby.
- [smooches]
- [Owen] Thanks, Bat.
What're you carving there, man?
I won't know till it's finished.
That was no normal celbaleen.
That thing was huge.
[Lynn] Six months back,
AmberCorp received
a broken transmission
just outside
the Hyperion star system.
They spotted a celbaleen
five times larger than normal.
[Lynn] Transmission went out
after that.
They tried locating
the paging beacon, but...
It's like the ship vanished.
[Richard] A lot of shit
goes wrong up here.
Probably got lost
in a nebula storm.
[Hawthorne] There you go,
there you go.
They found Tianlong.
You mean Ten Lung.
[Lynn] No. Tianlong.
The Chinese celestial dragon
that guards the gates of heaven.
[muffled chuckling]
Up here, he's called Ten Lung.
They probably bagged it,
tagged it and sold it
to the highest bidder.
I wouldn't want
to show my face again, either.
Or they entered White Space.
That's a bullshit theory.
White Space is just white holes.
If black holes exist,
why not white?
An entrance needs an exit,
Back to reality.
[all laugh]
Best haul we've had
in three seasons.
[all cheer]
Your hunches about a star system
finally paid off, huh?
- To the captain!
- [glasses clink]
[Ragsland] Nice job, boys.
The clickers
follow the ambergris
that the celbaleens secrete.
You track that...
you double your load.
Oh, shit. I'm down for that.
Uh-uh. We've got enough.
Let's go home, baby.
[Richard] Tell you what,
first round on solid ground
is on me.
I could do a pub crawl, eh?
How about you, Stubsy?
What's the first thing
you're gonna do
when you get back?
Eat until I get tired...
Sleep until I get hungry.
[all chuckle]
So, nothing different
from now, right?
[all laugh]
Looks like we're taking
you home, Miss Navarro.
[Batali] Yo,
pass the lemon juice.
[Hawthorne] Easy down with that.
[Ragsland moaning]
[both panting]
[Ragsland moans]
[Harpo groans]
[electricity crackles]
[ominous music]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[eerie music]
[doorbell buzzes]
[device powers down]
We need to talk, Captain.
[Richard] Get the door.
[door closes]
We got a big payday out there,
why the hell we going home?
[Richard] You want that wacko
looking over your shoulder?
A celestial dragon
that guards the gates of heaven?
Come on. [Scoffs]
We're dropping her off,
then we'll head back out.
All right.
Aye, aye, Captain.
Hope that won't cut
into your alone time with Bat.
She'll get over it.
Hey, Harpo.
Keep this between us.
No problem.
[door opens]
[keyboard clacking]
[Essex terminal] Access granted.
[Lynn] The course of the Essex
Nothing to report yet.
- [Essex terminal] Uploading.
- [whirs]
[ominous music]
[tape rewinding]
We're in deep.
The, uh...
edge of the Hyperion
star system.
The furthest depths
of the galaxy.
All this time searching...
I'm so close to White Space.
Nothing's gonna stop me,
Not even Ten Lung.
He's, uh...
He's as big as they say
and mean as a son of a bitch.
But, um...
a captain never loses sight
of the mission at hand.
[birds chirping]
You need some help, buddy?
I can do it myself.
[Richard] What's this?
It's your birthday present.
Better late than never, right?
[Bentley on video]
You tell Owen...
that I'm bringing him the hide
of the biggest,
baddest celbaleen
to ever roam these stars.
And, um...
take care of your mom
for me, okay?
[Ragsland] Captain.
Two ships.
A patrol? This far out?
[Ragsland] Too small.
[alarm blaring]
They're moving in fast.
Run like hell.
You got it.
[tense music]
[Essex terminal]
Unidentified vessel approachin.
[Owen] Jesus,
turn these things off.
You're gonna give me a seizure.
Boomers are gaining on us.
Never seen a Boomer before.
Well, don't say
I never got you anything.
Boomers on our bow.
Prepare for company.
Dump the empty crates
and let 'em chase 'em.
That'll just piss them off.
They'll catch us eventually.
This is our only choice.
[Essex terminal]
Docking sequence activated.
Boomers? He means pirates?
Fuckin' academy didn't waste
any time training you, did they?
Follow me.
Unless you enjoy being raped.
[Essex terminal]
Electromagnet activated.
[beeps, clanks]
[alarm wailing]
[hums, beeps]
[tense music]
[Essex terminal]
This is not a drill.
I was wondering where this went.
All right, two, three.
What're we doing?
You're hiding.
[energy powering up]
[hydraulic hisses]
Let's go,
get your asses in here.
[Owen] Are you kidding me?
[Batali] I'm not letting anyone
take it.
What're you waiting on?
[door closes]
[cocks gun]
[Owen] Whoa!
Put that away
before you get someone killed!
Nobody moves unless you hear
the order from me.
Got that?
Don't touch it.
[groans] This is gonna be cozy.
[Batali] Ssh.
Permission to come aboard.
We forgot the gift baskets.
Here, hold this, Lieutenant.
[boomer captain] I'm betting
you've spent a fair amount
of years up here, haven't you,
old man?
Which ship did you sail on
before this shit box?
The Acushnet.
And someone lives
to tell the tale.
[boomers chuckling]
Good harvest this year, Captain?
I've had better.
[boomer captain] Well, space
isn't what it used to be, is it?
I'm always complaining
to my boys
how these star systems have been
overharvested nowadays.
Trying times.
People gotta eat,
price of a clicker
at an all-time high.
We manage.
It would appear so.
And where are my manners?
- [clacking]
- [groans]
[boomer captain] And this is?
She's our MFF escort.
You can imagine
how these long jags...
roughen a man's edges.
Civility's thrown
right out the porthole...
You know where our haul is.
Take it and go...
- [Richard] Owen!
- [indistinct chatter]
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Illegal transporting, piracy,
Do you want to add
a section nine, assault?
Oh, you sure know
your penal codes.
Isn't this a fishing vessel?
Something definitely
smells fishy.
[rasping, clinks]
So you have an ICE Queen
on board?
I guess we do.
Take it all.
- [grunts]
- [moans]
Well, it has been
a pleasure, Captain.
You got what you came for.
Just go.
Well, we should all
do this again,
real soon.
Tag it.
[Owen groans]
What the fuck is an ICE agent
doing on my ship?
- You gonna help him?
- [Owen] I'm fine.
- I want answers.
- [Harpo] Dumb bitch.
She must have sent out
a transmission with our course.
You might as well have left
a blood trail for sharks.
- Lock her up.
- What?
- My pleasure.
- [Owen] Rich, come on.
- [Stubs] Hey, maybe we should...
- Shut the fuck up, Stubs.
You're making a huge mistake.
Oh, you come on my ship,
lie about who you are,
put the entire crew at risk,
and I'm making a mistake?
Pirates are gonna be
the last thing
you're worried about.
Get her out of here.
Now, we all get a number nine.
[tense music]
[boomer lieutenant]
Their ship's tagged.
If they send a signal
from anywhere,
we'll track them.
[whirring, clacking]
[tense music]
[creature wailing]
[Harpo] I just spent
the last nine months
getting my ass hauled
across the galaxy.
Only to be cleaned out
by a bunch
of fucking buccaneers.
That's all they left us.
Where'd you get that?
It's not my first rodeo.
We got two options.
Go home-empty handed...
or get the grand prize.
We take down Ten Lung.
You salty bastard.
Guys, we have an undercover
ICE agent locked up.
She's right.
I mean, you expect
to get a 16-ton
nearly extinct creature
across customs?
[Ragsland] With what?
A wink and a nod?
Look, we've been stuck
in this tin can for months
fighting for scraps.
And now we don't even have that.
I have a guy that will give us
five seasons worth of hauls
for this thing.
[Richard] Think about that.
Early retirement.
[Richard] No more cooking
for this bunch.
Your own ship.
Not having to lift a finger.
Never ending happy hour.
Taking down a legend.
All right.
But if we do this,
we gotta get some clicks
or we're gonna starve.
And, Stubs,
you need to get
the damn hyperspeed up.
You need to do something, too.
[somber music]
[Richard] You got something
on your mind?
[Hawthorne] A galaxy this big...
what are the odds?
A billion to one,
this is the same one
that killed your dad?
Oh, it's Ten Lung.
And you know it.
[Hawthorne] The only thing
I do know for sure
is we're still alive.
I can't say the same
about your father.
We all have our crosses to bear.
Either way...
I'm there to the end.
- [clicks]
- [door opens]
[somber music]
[door opens]
Just wanted to thank you
for my leg and all.
You're welcome...
What're you doing here?
A few months ago,
some scumbag poacher
claimed to have found Tianlong.
The only clue I had
was a star system.
So I began tracking
each sighting
within that star system.
And there's only one ship
that follows that same course.
The Essex.
[creature snarls]
[beeping, clicking]
Where did you go?
[door opens]
[door closing]
What'd you get for me?
She's got
some interesting theories.
- About?
- I'm your brother.
Why didn't you fucking tell me?
This is the one that killed dad.
Don't you want this thing dead?
The crew didn't sign up
for this.
Or the past three seasons
on your personal quest.
[both] Ambergris.
[Owen] That's worth more
than the haul we lost.
We round up enough of it,
and we're heading home.
We head home
when I say we head home.
It's leaving a trail
for us to follow.
It's leaving bait.
[Ragsland moaning]
- [both moaning]
- [Ragsland panting]
[both groan]
[Essex terminal] All systems
[alarm blaring]
[Owen] Where the fuck you been?
What's up your ass, Boo-boo?
[Hawthorne] Come on,
mister harpoon man.
Come on!
[whirs, clacking]
[foreboding music]
You got the money shot
there, Stubs.
- [laughing]
- [Stubs] Shit.
Oh, man.
What the heck?
Here it is, boys.
The champagne of bile.
It ain't for drinking, old man.
Let's just grab this shit
so we can head home.
Right, Rich?
Cut the chatter, guys.
This is deregulated space
we're swimming in.
I don't want you out there
any longer than you have to be.
Ah, shit.
- Shit!
- [thuds]
[Harpo] Whoa!
Struck a goldmine, fellas.
Sir, we've got company.
Boomers moving in on the port.
They must've found the beacon.
What did you say?
What beacon?
[Essex terminal]
Identified vessel approaching.
Get your asses back
on this ship.
Fuck that.
Hell if I'm starving out here.
[Richard] Boomers are back.
Get in now
or I'm leaving you behind.
And, Stubs, get in here
and fix the damn hyperdrive.
[alarm blaring]
[whirs, clacks]
[engine starting]
[Owen] What have you done, Rich?
One for the money.
[creature wailing]
Just give me your word, captain.
Fire at will!
[weapon firing]
- [clicking]
- [weapon fires]
These ain't warning shots.
When was the last time
Stubs dumped our waste chambers?
- You know Stubs.
- Do it.
Harpo's out there.
That's his fault.
Incoming. Harp, watch your ass.
What the fuck?
Fuck. Come on. Come on.
[Richard] Once he's inside,
jump to hyperspeed.
Cap, if we go into hyperspeed.
[tense music]
[alarm blaring]
[Essex terminal]
Hyperdrive initiated.
Come on, Stubsy.
[alarm wailing]
[Essex terminal]
Hyperdrive is stable.
- Goodbye, captain.
- [switch clicks]
[weapon firing]
[Stubs] Got it, Rags. Go!
- [Essex whooshes]
- [explosion]
Fucking son of a bitch!
Gotta thank Stubs
for being Stubs.
We got lucky this time.
And next time,
we may not be so lucky.
You dragged us out
into deregulated space
with no paging beacon?
[Harpo] And now,
we're gettin' our asses handed
to us by a bunch of boomers.
I could have been fucking killed
out there!
I gave you an order.
You put us all at risk.
I was saving our asses
from starving.
But you don't seem too concerned
about that, Captain.
Shut your fucking mouth,
or you'll be joining
Miss Navarro.
You done?
I'm fucking done.
They want our heads now,
not our cargo.
They'll be back.
[Stubs] Look at that.
- [squelches]
- [explosion in distance]
[mutters indistinctly]
What the hell?
- [cracks]
- Ow!
Oh, shit.
[groans] Get off!
Hey! [Grunts]
[alarm beeping]
Anyone seen Stubsy?
[Ragsland] I'm almost tempted
to give him a big fat wet one
for getting that hyperspeed
up and running.
Got the ambergris, right?
[Owen] That should be worth
a chunk of change.
That click's only gonna last us
two weeks.
We can live off the ambergris.
That's eating into my profits.
Either way, we can't just mosey
back into the atmosphere now.
[Owen] We didn't touch
the celbaleen,
so we should be in the clear.
We've got bigger problems
if shit hits the fan.
[Ragsland] 'Cause we're out here
with no beacon.
[Hawthorne] The skirt's
not gonna forgive and forget.
I'll go talk to her.
Yeah, you two got a lot
in common.
Whatever it takes to go home.
Wherever that signals goes,
we go.
[foreboding music]
[utensil clanks]
[shower running]
[Stubs panting]
- [chittering]
- [Stubs whimpering]
Wait. How far?
Three months.
I think.
- Three... three months?
- Three months.
Shit. Why didn't you
tell me sooner?
Well, I mean, it's not like
I could just go out
to the local pharmacy.
I, I just found out.
Stubs hid a kit in supplies
for me.
Fucking Stubs knows?
[both sigh]
You don't want it?
Kids are expensive, you know.
[Lynn grunting]
Oh, shit.
It's no coincidence
the Essex flight pattern
matched the Tianlong sightings.
But now, I got a tag on him.
It won't be long 'til he's dead.
I can't let you do that.
You will not stand in my way.
When I don't check in,
ICE will come looking for me.
No one is coming looking for us.
I planted the ship's beacon
on that cargo
those boomers took.
[Lynn] I've spent
the last decade
chasing more dangerous men.
And bigger and faster ships.
And yet, here you are.
On my ship.
I want to find what your father
was looking for.
Do you want his death
to be in vain?
Why would an ICE agent
give a fuck about white space?
Well, there ain't nothing
you can do
from here in to stop me.
I will see this through.
You're gonna drag this ship...
and your crew down with you.
My crew's got nothing
to do with this.
[door closes]
[Batali] I don't think
it's a good idea,
- taking that ambergris.
- [Harpo sighs]
[Harpo] Look.
Technically it's ours, right?
What if they find out?
How else are we gonna feed
this kid?
- Yeah.
- Uh...
Trust me.
- Okay?
- Okay.
I got a plan
that's gonna turn us around.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Hm.
[Stubs] You don't know!
[muttering indistinctly]
Shut up! [Groans]
[electricity crackles,
door whirs]
[grunts, pants]
[tense music]
[steam hissing]
[Lynn grunts]
[Lynn groans]
[Harpo groans]
[Lynn grunting]
[Stubs gasping]
- [thuds]
- [Harpo] Bitch!
Stubs! What the fuck?
[ominous music]
[creature snarls]
She put up a fight.
I caught her trying to destroy
some of our oxygen reserves.
She was probably hoping
I'd head back.
I think so, Captain.
I guess she doesn't know me
that well.
[Richard] Have Batali
get her something to eat.
[Richard] Quiet night?
At ease.
Just me.
- How's it looking out there?
- [Ragsland sighs]
I hate to break your heart,
[Essex terminal]
Auto-pilot deactivated.
[Ragsland] We got a whole lot
of nothin'.
[Richard sighs]
- [beeps]
- [Essex terminal] Scanning.
[door opens]
[Lynn] You help me...
I will make sure
you walk away from this.
Let go.
Harpo, too.
I cook their meals, all right?
What am I gonna do?
I want to get out of here
just as bad as you do.
I'm going to have a baby.
- [thuds]
- [door closes]
[Ragsland] Did you hear that?
Check your starboard.
Someone else
must've come out here
looking for the big catch.
[Ragsland] Yeah.
Looks like they found it.
Ten Lung did this?
It's just us and him out here.
[foreboding music]
[gasps, grunts]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Hawthorne] Don't look
too long now.
A man could get lost out there.
Harpo tampered with the oxygen.
I've been serving seven years
with Harpo.
You put your trust
in a man like that.
man is a funny creature.
[Hawthorne] Sometimes,
he does desperate things
in order to get something done.
Like letting pirates
on his ship.
We need Stubs to fix the leak
in the oxygen tanks.
I was just looking
for him myself.
He went Houdini.
Ship's only so big.
[Richard] I'll take the bow,
- you take the stern.
- Mm-hm.
[creatures chittering]
[creature snarls]
[Lynn] Let me out here!
[banging on door]
[creature snarls]
Come on!
[creature wails]
[Richard] Get in the air lock!
[creature squeals]
[screams, grunts]
[Richard] Move!
[gasps, panting]
[Owen] How's she doing?
Won't be eating clicker
anytime soon.
She's lucky
I was looking for Stubs.
We can't lock her back up.
Then she's your responsibility.
Keep her out of my way.
- You've taken this too far.
- Hey.
Listen to me.
We're holding our course.
You understand?
nothing is gonna stop us.
You don't care about us.
Just like Dad.
Left Mom sick to come up here,
and for what?
You don't know
the first thing about him.
Dad and I talked
about coming up here
when you were still juice.
I know he didn't come back.
You're just like him.
You're nothing like him.
[somber music]
You know our oxygen levels
are low, right?
I just fly the ship.
Can't fly shit when you're dead.
How long do you think
it'll take us to get back?
Not too many captains
give a young pilot a chance.
I'm not turning my back on him.
[keyboard clacking]
[Essex terminal]
Log in accepted.
This is crewman Owen Bentley
of the interstellar fishing
vessel Essex,
Seven dash D, dash S.
[Stubs shouting]
Requesting assistance.
[keyboard clacking]
- [Essex terminal] Uploading.
- [whirs]
[Owen on recording]
This is crewman Owen Bentley
of the interstellar fishing
vessel Essex,
Seven dash D dash S.
Requesting assistance.
We got a lock on 'em again.
It's very sloppy, gentlemen.
[clicks tongue]
It's very sloppy.
[ominous music]
[zaps, hums]
[Essex terminal]
Life-form detected.
[creature snarls]
[force field powers down]
[Essex terminal] Force field
at 50 percent strength.
Danger. Force field
at 50 percent strength.
[creature snarls]
What the hell is going on?
- I found him.
- [Essex terminal] Danger.
Force field
at 45 percent strength.
Keep her steady, Rags.
[Essex terminal]
Autopilot deactivated.
[ominous music]
[Essex terminal] Force field
at 40 percent strength.
Owen, what the hell
are you doing?
I'm ending this.
- [creature snarls]
- [whooshes]
[creature growls]
Hawthorne! Harpo!
[Richard] Suit up.
Owen needs backup.
[Hawthorne] All right!
All right, already!
[Essex terminal] Danger.
Force field
at 25 percent strength.
[Harpo] Shit!
[Essex terminal] ...deactivate
sequence shield.
[tense music]
- [zooms]
- [monster growls]
[weapon fires]
[creature snarls]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[Owen] Ooh! I got you, bitch!
[Ten Lung growls]
[Essex terminal] Force field...
[Hawthorne] We're heading out,
Scuttle up along its neck,
but keep your distance.
I got this.
I'm going in.
Owen, get your ass back
in formation.
[Hawthorne] Tighten up.
Crazy son of a bitch.
[Hawthorne] Come on!
Watch your left.
Watch your left!
- [Hawthorne] Oh, god!
- [Harpo] Fuck!
- [Hawthorne pants]
- [Harpo] Hey, you good?
Head back in, old man.
You too, Harp.
This is my fight.
[Ten Lung snarls]
- I got a shot.
- That's my shot.
You fucking showboat.
[Hawthorne] Owen, careful.
- [Harpo] Hey, Owen!
- [Owen] Ow!
[Owen groaning]
[Harpo] Shit.
He's in a tailspin.
- [grunts]
- [shatters]
[Harpo] Shit. Hey, Owen!
[Ten Lung growls]
Come on, come on, come on.
[foreboding music]
Sorry, Rich.
Swing around the bow!
I can't get a clean shot.
- [system powers down]
- What the...
[Lynn groans]
[Ten Lung snarls]
[hums, crackles]
[electricity crackles]
[somber music]
Would've made
a hell of a captain.
The kid wasn't afraid
of nothing.
[clicks tongue]
I should have turned back.
Never lose sight
of the mission at hand.
Seems we're all gluttons
for a little punishment.
I'll go see
if we can't pick up the signal.
He's gone too far.
Yeah. Mutiny's the last thing
on my mind right now.
Our oxygen levels are low.
If we don't turn back now,
this ship's gonna be our coffin.
Hey, his own fucking brother
is dead.
He's gonna keep chasing
this thing
until it destroys the whole ship
and everybody on it.
Hawthorne's never
gonna go for it.
Fucking Hawthorne.
I'll deal with Hawthorne.
You need to do this.
For the life of my kid.
Bat's pregnant.
The Hyperion Star System.
[Lynn pants]
We're about as far out
as anyone has ever gone.
And at least come back
to talk about it.
Backhand's gonna cost you.
Ten years, at least.
He liked you.
Owen didn't really share
those kinds of things with me.
But I could tell that much.
At least he died like a Bentley.
[Richard] Fighting all the way.
I'm proud of him.
I was always proud of him.
I'm sorry.
If I thought
you were responsible,
I'd send you out the air lock.
My father used
to tell Owen and me
stories about this place
when we were kids.
This is where he died.
I thought if I came out here,
where he was...
I'd feel closer to him somehow.
But all it did
was cost me my brother.
You're turning back?
[ominous music]
Our oxygen levels are unstable.
We can't go out any further.
Stubniski's the only one
who could fix it.
[Richard] And he's gone missing.
Well, then,
I guess we need to find him.
If we turn back now...
there's a chance to go home.
I don't even remember
where home is anymore.
But I wouldn't mind living
a little bit longer to find out.
It's business as usual
until I let you know.
[indistinct mumbling]
[Hawthorne] That boy
up in the ceiling?
[squelches. Creatures chitter]
[Richard] And what was that?
[Lynn] Parasites.
I think Stubs is infected.
And if so, low oxygen levels
is the last thing
you need to worry about.
Is there anything we can do?
I can try to see
how far he's gone.
But the Boomers took my gun.
And I'm not walking
around here unarmed.
Hey, this is Stubs
we're talking about.
I have something for you.
This is from my father.
It ain't an ornament.
You okay with this?
I do this...
you follow Tianlong
through to white space.
[Essex terminal]
Identified vessel approaching.
Auto pilot deactivated.
[Ten Lung wailing]
[Ten Lung growls]
There you are.
[Essex terminal] Force field
at 25 percent strength.
Life-form detected.
- [squeaks]
- [thumps]
[Ten Lung wailing]
[Essex terminal] Danger.
Captain, looks like
we're heading
into some choppy waters.
- Head in.
- [Essex terminal] Danger.
The Boomers won't follow us
into the storm.
Go ahead, get so close
to the bastard
that you can braid
his tentacles.
He'll lead us
right through this.
Okay. Business as usual.
[foreboding music]
[weapon firing]
Shit. It vanished.
[Essex terminal]
Systems failure. Abort.
Maintain your speed
and hold your course.
[alarm blaring]
[Essex terminal]
Abort mission now.
[ship powering down]
[Essex terminal] Force-field
at 20 percent strength.
[Ragsland] The storm
is offsetting our power.
Then light some candles.
Find it!
- [alarm wailing]
- [sighs]
[foreboding music]
[white hole humming]
[Ten Lung growls]
Let's fry this thing.
[whirs, clanks]
[Ten Lung growls]
[weapon firing]
- [Ten Lung wailing]
- [weapon firing]
[weapon continues firing]
Don't go down without a fight.
[Ten Lung snarls]
- [gunshots]
- [grunting]
[white hole hums]
[Essex terminal]
Mission override.
Override denied.
[alarm blaring]
[Essex terminal garbling]
System malfunction.
Shit. Navigation's down.
You still have thrusters?
[scoffs] We're free-floating.
[Ragsland] I'm going manual.
I'll work on getting
the main power up.
I don't want Rags' help!
[Essex terminal]
Systems failure. Abort.
[alarm blaring]
Fucking Stubs.
[alarm blaring]
[tense music]
[Essex terminal]
Abort mission now.
Danger. Danger.
Oh, shit.
[loud thud]
[alarm blaring]
You gonna fly
this fucking thing?
I'm doing this for us.
Oh, shit.
[Essex terminal] System failure.
Abort mission now.
[ship powering up]
[foreboding music]
[tense music]
[Ten Lung growls]
[ominous music]
- [Lynn grunts]
- [Stubs chuckles]
[Stubs groans]
[Essex terminal]
All systems active.
[Ragsland] Whoo!
- Ask and you shall receive.
- Oh!
I don't think I've been
this sweaty without getting off.
Damn good job, pilot.
I'll fly her now.
Hit the showers.
[Ragsland] You got it.
[torch crackles]
[groans, gags]
We get back.
It's just us.
We turn around now,
we have a chance.
Just us.
Yes, just us.
[Harpo] We'll make it
through this.
We need to get the oxygen
from the pods,
or we won't make it.
[shower running]
- [Stubs grunts]
- [Ragsland groans]
Getting awfully quiet, Captain.
Calm before the storm.
Out there...
or in here?
[Essex terminal]
Incoming signal detected.
There he is.
Rags, back to the flight deck.
[Richard] Now!
What do you say?
I'll bait him in,
you lock him down
and we meet me out there
for the kill?
Better than getting batted
around this bucket of bolts.
[Hawthorne] Crew to your posts.
[foreboding music]
[whirring, clanking]
Activate IRV.
[Essex terminal] Danger.
Danger. Air lock door open.
[Ten Lung growl]
Ready, Hawth?
Get him in my sights, Captain.
Come on, motherfucker.
- [grunts]
- [clangs]
[rumbles, thuds]
[Essex terminal] Force-field
at ten percent strength.
[Batali] Stubs.
Stubs. Stubs, it's me. It's me.
Please, don't.
Stubs, I have a baby.
- [grunts]
- [shrieks]
- [shouts]
- [screams]
- [squelches]
- [groans, sobs]
[ominous music]
[Lynn grunts]
[both grunting]
Activate harpoon.
[weapons firing]
[Ten Lung growls]
That's right. Come and get me.
[clangs, thuds]
[whooshes, snarls]
- [beeping]
- [Ten Lung snarling]
[weapon fires]
[Richard] Got him locked down,
[weapon fires]
[Ten Lung wails]
[Essex terminal]
Systems failure.
Prepare for evacuation.
[Ten Lung growls]
[Essex terminal] Force-field
at ten percent strength.
[Harpo] Good ol' Hawthorne.
Loyal to the end.
But I can't let you take
that pod.
[Essex terminal]
Force-field low.
We've been through a lot,
you and me.
[Essex terminal]
Depressurization imminent.
Seems like we're both all in.
Seems so.
Your call!
[both grunting]
Goddamn, old man. [Pants]
[both grunting, groaning]
[both panting]
[foreboding music]
[Ten Lung snarls]
[Richard] Come on, sucker.
[glass shattering]
[Ten Lung snarls]
[Essex terminal]
down. Systems failure.
Evacuate immediately.
There's an old saying
up here, son.
"The good Lord
don't reign over the stars,"
"too far above heaven."
I'm gonna miss you, old man.
- [weapon fires]
- [groans]
[ominous music]
[Essex terminal]
Evacuate immediately.
[Richard grunts]
Goddamn it.
Time to die, you bastard.
[Ten Lung groans]
[Ten Lung snarls]
Good goddamn riddance.
[alarm beeping]
It's just you and me.
Oh, death
[Richard] With my last breath.
Won't you spare me over
Another year?
[creature snarls]
[Hawthorne] Mother of god.
What is this
That I cannot see
With ice-cold hands
Taking hold of me
When God is gone
And the devil takes hold
Who will have mercy
On your soul?
O, death
O, death
O death
O death
No wealth, no ruin,
No silver, no gold
Nothing satisfies me
But your soul
Well I am Death
None can excel
I'll open the door
To heaven or hell
O, death
My name is Death
And the end is here
O, death
O, death
O death
O death
My name is Death
And the end is
[white hole crackles]
[man #1] This is Observer Four.
We're picking up a large
gravitational disturbance.
Investigating anomaly.
[woman #1] Roger that.
Run broad scan.
[man #1] We've got multiple
life readings.
[woman #1] Collect.
[man #1]
Intercepting for collection.
O, death
O, death
O, death
Won't you spare me over
Another year?
What is this
That I cannot see
With ice-cold hands
Taking hold of me
When God is gone
And the devil takes hold
Who will have mercy
On your soul?
O, death
O, death
O, death
O, death
No wealth, no ruin,
No silver, no gold
Nothing satisfies me
But your soul
Well I am Death
None can excel
I'll open the door
To heaven or hell
O, death
O, death
O, death
My name is Death
And the end is here