Beyond Your Consciousness (2024) Movie Script

Benjamin, you must have
a complicated case for me.
I'd love to help the department
in any way I can.
This diary
explains everything.
An inevitable new beginning.
We move into a new home.
Honey, look at our new house.
It looks great!
Somehow, I knew I could
trust your judgment.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah. No, I'm fine.
It's key to our house.
Thank you.
Are you
I'm trying to be.
But the, uh,
painful memories just keep haunting me.
I mean, she was my
little cutie, you know.
She lives in my mind somewhere and
smiles at me.
I'm just still devastated.
She will always be with us,
and we will never forget her.
I would like to see you
move on after all this,
and I wanna see a change in you.
You know, a new place,
new people, new scenery
might make all the difference.
I mean, I think so.
No, you are right. I mean,
I just need to concentrate on work.
Actually, I want to run
the practice from home.
That's great!
Yeah, people will follow you
wherever you work.
I mean, you're really good at your job,
and well,
there's a lot of mentally ill people,
who could use your help.
I... I hate the term mentally ill.
I mean, it's something that
can happen to anybody.
Okay, determining the
trajectories of a mind is difficult,
and it varies person to person.
So yeah, you perk up
there when something you love.
that's it!
I could use a refill. How about you?
No, I'm good.
My little angel.
I'm surprised you found that here.
She looks exactly like I imagined
our daughter would look.
It's been a year, but still...
It was an accident.
There was nothing we could do.
miscarriages do happen.
Anything wrong?
Uh, no!
No, I was just looking.
Today is the first day in our new house.
Even though I was wandering through
my memories and thoughts,
George seems to be happy here.
I totally understand, its human nature
to forget the old and embrace the new
when you move to a new place.
The experience which I had
was quite unusual.
It makes me wonder if there is some strange,
unexplainable phenomenon.
The psychiatrist in me was
searching for a rational explanation.
What if it is just in my head,
my feelings?
For now,
I'll wait to tell George anything.
Rebecca, with everything that I've
seen and read about Ellen,
I really think this is a case
for the police to handle.
As much as I would love to help with
your daughter's mental health,
I'm not sure there's much
I can do in regards to her case.
Well, neither the doctors nor
the police have been able to help us,
or come to any conclusions.
If you don't mind me asking,
how do you think I could reach
a conclusion as a psychiatrist.
My mom has doubts,
and doesn't know what to do.
Nobody does!
Well, uh, yeah, I'm sure you have a lot
going on in your mind.
Could you tell me
what you are thinking?
I don't even know where to start.
According to the doctor's report,
there are no signs of rape.
there are injuries consistent
with some sort of struggle.
I'm telling the truth.
I'm getting raped almost
every single night.
And I can show you
the injuries all over my body.
I... I believe you, Ellen.
Could you tell me what's happening
in as much detail as you know?
Yes doctor, I can.
My daughter says that
someone comes every
night and rapes her,
and my husband and I are doing
everything we can to catch him.
We filed a police report.
They even stayed in the property.
But it's of no use because
nothing has come of it.
And what about the video cameras?
Oh, every time a new one's installed,
it's destroyed overnight.
So, it seems like the big question is
how is this happening over and over again
without any physical
evidence of forced entry?
And it sounds like there's plenty
of support and protection.
Well, that's what we don't understand.
Ellen, what do you think?
Almost every night,
somehow, he gets into my room.
I squirm in his disgusting hands.
And you're sure this happens to
you every single night?
That's what I've been saying to everyone.
Nobody understands.
She has real injuries. This we know.
What nobody understands
is where this sicko goes.
He has nowhere to hide.
Well, your case is certainly complicated.
I like complicated.
Is it okay, if I talk to Ellen in private?
Yes, doctor.
Ellen, you are in your own bed,
deeply asleep.
Even though you are asleep,
your mind is alert,
and you're afraid of something.
Will he come back to abuse you?
Wait, what is that sound?
Is that the sound of your door opening?
Somehow, he gets into your room.
He stares at you.
He is strong.
His hands are big, and he is tall.
You desperately want to escape from him,
but it doesn't seem possible.
You try to scream, but no sound comes out.
You think of ways to beat the beast,
but it's too late.
Your hatred for him
is growing in your mind.
Do you want to surrender or fight?
I don't fight him.
I don't hate him.
Let him come to me.
You love him?
I love him.
I want him to be mine forever.
write the name of the person
you love most in the world.
And write something else you love.
Rebecca, I have a question.
Does Ellen play Volleyball?
No, she plays Basketball.
What does that have to do with anything?
Well, I think there might be a connection.
I think Ellen is in love
with a volleyball player
named John Woods.
This is a rape case!
I'm not sure she is actually being raped.
I think it might be happening
in her imagination.
She seems to have created this fantasy
of a strong athletic man.
It may be stemming from her
love of Basketball.
And this man,
this John Woods,
seems to be her idealized version of a man.
She is infatuated and
I think she is imagining the rape.
If you can find this John Woods,
I think it will answer
a lot of your questions.
What about her injuries?
according to the doctor's report,
there is no sign of
rape or sexual activity.
She does have bruises,
but they are not consistent
with sexual assault.
I think they might be self-inflicted.
I noticed that she is left-handed,
which is consistent with the bruising
we see on her right breast and left thigh.
She is not doing this for bad intentions.
This is all part of her subconscious.
The human mind is incredibly powerful.
Try hard not to be frustrated with her.
This really isn't her fault.
Thank you, doctor!
I'm just so relieved.
Rebecca, keep in mind that
this is a disease of the mind,
not the body.
Ellen will need time and therapy
to reverse this illness.
And the success of her treatment
will depend largely on her mental strength.
Thank you, doctor!
- That's just what I was thinking.
- Hmm.
Oh, how was your day, honey?
Oh, same old, same old!
How was yours?
It was great, actually!
Yeah, today's case was
interesting, to say the least.
Wow, that's a new start
in a new home, huh?
Yeah. Like the case was complicated,
but, I figured it out really quickly.
Like an easy puzzle.
You mean, when you met the patient,
things became easier?
Well, yeah, but it just kind of
hit me all of the sudden,
and this time it was like some
bizarre intuition.
Like someone was helping me.
Yeah, like...
Like someone was guiding me down a path,
or like an angel whispering in my ear.
Some sort of magical touch.
Oh, that's great!
Let's hope they can help
us pay the mortgage.
Oh! Hey, Patrick.
Yeah, come on in.
Yeah, you are right on time.
Good evening, sir.
I've completed all the paperwork.
All it really requires are your signatures.
Oh, have a seat and
we will take care of it.
Oh, um, this is my
legal adviser, Patrick Martin.
Patrick, this is Amanda.
Good evening, mam, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too, Patrick.
So, you joined?
Just two weeks ago.
It's great working with
your husband and his team.
What a real pleasure to work with
such a successful
businessman like George.
Patrick, you do good work.
In my business,
I don't like to take chances.
But you keep it up.
You're gonna be here a long time.
Of course, sir.
I will do my best.
Now, these are
the documents to sign.
Sign at the bottom too.
Okay, yeah.
Looks good!
What's wrong?
To what?
I heard a woman crying.
Yeah. A woman was crying, but
it just stopped.
You are the only woman in the house.
It's midnight. I think
you had a nightmare.
neighbor's houses aren't even
close enough to hear them. So...
George, I...
I'm sure I heard it.
Let's just, uh, go back to sleep.
That sounds like a good idea.
What is happening?
Hey, Amanda.
- It's been a long time.
- Oh!
How is the new house?
Oh, it's a great place to live.
It's calm and quiet.
You know, we needed a change of pace.
Well, I'm glad to see you're doing well.
We lost our only daughter, so
I understand.
losing a daughter at a young age can
leave any parent emotionally drained.
Try to forget,
comes back to haunt you.
- But it comes from the heart.
- Karlus!
Well, I'll let you two get caught up.
Sometimes I swear men
are weaker than women.
Okay. Forget about it.
We'll come back to the subject.
So Merrill, what do you
think about what I said?
Look, Amanda.
The case is bit complicated,
and I'm really confused
as to how I can help you.
I may be a private detective,
but it's a case that you
should be handling, not me.
No, I know. I know it very well,
but I just feel like I need to share
what I'm experiencing with someone,
and I don't think a lot of
people would believe me.
And you and I've been friends forever.
I just feel like I can trust you.
Plus, we understand each other.
Don't worry. I believe you.
the thing is I can only
give you advice as a friend.
And to me, this sounds supernatural.
Normally, I don't believe
in these sorts of things,
but coming from you, I do.
Are you scared?
No, I'm not scared at all.
I just wanna figure out what's going on.
Like what?
Well, it's simple.
Why am I the only one experiencing this?
You know, and if it is real,
why is it happening?
who or what is behind this energy?
I get what you mean. I do.
But do you think that you
can get to the root of the problem?
I believe in myself and my intuition.
I feel like I'm being led to something,
and I just need to focus on it.
I appreciate your courage.
Have you talked to George about it yet?
Yeah, I have. I mean, he
knows something about it,
but he kind of stays away
from this kind of stuff.
So, you are on your own.
Where do you wanna start?
I don't feel like I need to start anything,
I feel like someone else has started it.
I just need to understand and follow it.
I feel like everything will
line up when the time comes.
Good morning, honey.
George, you brought me here, right?
Well, when I woke up in
the middle of the night,
you weren't in bed.
After a few minutes, when I
went looking for you,
I found you in the spare room,
and you were lying
crashed out on the floor,
and your body was frozen.
Your entire body was so cold.
Did you hear any kind
of noise last night?
No, why?
That crying from the other night.
I heard it again.
But if you didn't hear it,
that means it was just me.
But other weird things happened last night.
Okay, well, um,
I have to get going.
We can talk about this
later tonight.
If you are not feeling better,
you can just give me a call.
I'll come home early and
I'll take care of you.
Just, get some rest.
I will be fine.
Nothing about last night made sense.
It was completely unexpected.
Why was it so hard to breathe?
Why was my nose bleeding?
Why did I get so hot?
I have so many unanswered questions.
It just reaffirms, someone
wants to tell me something.
What could they be trying to say?
Hey, hey, hey. Stop, stop, stop!
Who are you?
Every time I see you, you're
staring at me or at the house.
So, I'm asking again, who are you?
Okay, uh...
I'm sorry. I know I'm being a little rude.
I am Amanda.
Please, talk to me.
I am so sorry.
There are few things that I need
to know from you though,
if that's possible.
Who are you?
What do you want from me?
But Mary treasured up all these things,
pondering them in her heart.
world's greatest reflection of patience.
Mary, who endured everything.
Your name is Mary?
It seems like you... you want my help.
I'm here to help. But I...
I need to know more about you.
Are you okay?
What are you doing out here
in the middle of the night?
Uh, yeah, I...
I just wanted to pray.
In the middle of the night?
I gotta get up in the morning, okay?
I'm just... Let's go to sleep, okay?
I'm coming.
Mary, tell me your story.
Behold, the virgin shall
conceive and bear a son.
Do you have a son,
or did you have a son?
Do you have a daughter, not a son?
Yes, you have a daughter!
where is she? What happened to her?
I can't help you, if you
don't tell me everything.
What is your daughter's name?
Where is she?
What happened to her?
I want to know you.
I want to feel you.
No... no... no...
No... no... let me...
live for my daughter.
Anna is your daughter.
Why do you wanna hurt her?
You are a devil!
You are such an animal!
your daughter.
Where is she?
Where is she?
Where's Anna?
I wanna see her. Where is she?
You bastard!
Did something go wrong?
No, please.
I can go far away, with my daughter.
Why are you being so quiet?
Uh, what?
Why are you not talking to me?
I need to tell you something,
but it is unusual and
I don't know if you are gonna believe me.
Why don't you just tell me what it is,
then... then I will tell you what I think.
Yeah, okay.
There is someone besides
the two of us living in this house.
Um, what?
There is someone living here
with no physical body.
No physical body?
Like, uh, gho... gho... ghost?
Okay, come on... come on.
Are you... are you crazy?
I am not crazy. Don't call me that!
Just listen and try to understand.
This is serious!
Ghosts and demons and stuff like that,
that only exists in like movies and books.
I mean, come on.
It's just not real life.
Okay, I didn't say it was a ghost.
It's a spirit and it's in this house.
this spirit.
Uh, whatever you say it is.
Uh, so it's watching us over, like, um,
like at all time.
Like, like right... right now?
No, I didn't say that.
It's a phenomenon
that happens occasionally.
Okay? It's like a revelation.
Okay, well,
how did this thing get in the house?
No, it didn't get in the house.
It's already been in
the house for a long time.
It was just waiting for
someone to connect with.
Okay, whatever it is you are saying,
okay, it's just beyond my comprehension.
Okay, look.
I am not worried at all.
but I do have questions like,
whoa, what is...
what is the gender of this thing?
She died in this house.
Okay, so,
this thing has got a name.
Okay, alright.
so, this... this is your thing.
Okay, this is your world.
I can't believe in this ridiculous myth.
I believe in the truth, okay?
It guides me and I follow it.
Mary told me her story.
She shared the dark,
bitter moments in her life.
I know she is no longer here,
but her maternal spirit is
still grieving for her daughter.
One question burns in my mind.
Where is Anna?
I'm late.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
It's a little early. Don't you think?
Uh, sorry, it's urgent.
I gotta talk to Merrill.
Amanda is here to talk to you.
Okay, I'm coming.
- Hi, Amanda.
- Hey.
You don't look so good right now.
I need a detective's opinion.
I know you are good at
tracking down documents.
Like what?
I need information on
my new historic house.
I need to know who
lived there before,
where they are now,
if anybody died in the house,
and I need to know how many
times it's been bought and sold.
That's a lot of information.
I understand your curiosity,
but it's gonna take me some time.
But I get you are serious.
So I will try my best.
There are secrets that
need to come to light.
The cries of the helpless
echo in my ears.
There is something in
the darkness of that house,
and I need to get to the bottom of it.
Always on silent!
Oh my God! What happened to you?
Who are you?
Get up!
I said get up!
- Or else...
- Or else?
You kill me?
What do you want?
To answer your first question,
I am a prophet.
A prophet of the devil.
And to answer your second question,
it's a message.
A prophecy.
What prophecy?
A prophecy of death.
A warning for you and
your little detective friend.
We are not to be messed with.
Who sent you here?
Nothing will stop me
from finding the truth.
It's time to write your obituary.
You wouldn't dare do anything
as stupid as kill me now.
We both know that.
You have more to discover,
and we have more to hide.
bye, bye.
Amanda, this is too much,
and it's obviously out of our hands,
and I don't think we should
handle it anymore.
George, it is not as
complicated as you think.
Okay, this guy tried
to threaten us.
But I don't give up.
Okay, okay.
You don't give up.
But, what about me.
I'm fed up with all of these,
and I don't know what's
keeping you so obsessed.
Relax, George.
I am working hard at this.
It's important to me because I see
my own reflection in Mary.
Not again!
This is supposedly some
sort of supernatural entity.
Well, if that is true,
then why don't I see it?
Why don't I feel it?
It is true. That's why the man was here.
I don't know what's going on.
- We need to let the police handle it.
- No!
They won't believe us,
because we don't have
any evidence to show them.
Well, what do you
think we should do?
Should we just let it go?
We don't let it go.
We need to be cautious and I need
to know more from Mary.
I can't take it anymore.
This is too much!
The more I know about you,
the more pain and anxiety I have.
I need more information,
so I can move forward.
I need to finish what I started.
You told me about your pain,
and now it burns within me.
talk to me, show me more.
I know you.
I know what happened to you.
But that's not enough.
I need more information.
Who were you?
After today, I am fully aware of
what Mary went through.
I have seen her pain with my own eyes.
Horrible, bitter experiences.
It hurts me to even think about.
But what about her?
Anna is still out there somewhere.
Where did that sick animal take her?
George, get up.
What... what?
What happened?
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay. But...
But, what?
Say it!
You remember that dream
I told you about where I'm
driving to that old house?
Yeah, I remember you
saying something about it.
It was a while ago.
What's new now?
You are not gonna believe this, but
I just had a continuation
of that same dream.
Okay. Tell me what happened.
I was, uh,
I was walking to the house
and then I got this
strange intuition that,
that Anna is there.
Anna? Who is she?
Anna, Mary's daughter.
She is trapped somewhere.
And how do you know all this?
Mary shared all her
experiences with me,
and I can feel it.
you are right.
You have to do something.
Good morning, mam. This is Patrick.
Can I talk to George, please?
Hey... hey, Patrick. How you doing?
Oh, I am doing great, mam.
sorry, he is not here.
He is at the office.
You can...
You can try his cell.
Oh, okay. I'll try his cell, then.
Thanks very much.
I know what to do next.
I know where they are hiding Anna.
Time is running out and
I need to act quickly.
My instincts have helped me so far.
I am not about to stop now.
All I've got to do is pull the trigger,
and boom, you are finished.
I was expecting you.
But I'm not here for you.
You are skilled.
I give you that.
A great detective,
strong intuitions.
It is a sad thing that,
that'll be the reason of your death.
My intuition has never failed me.
Especially when it comes
to saving a girl's life.
But there is one question.
Who is gonna die?
Me or you?
That's great!
Welcome to our dungeon.
I knew you were an animal.
A beast!
And I knew you would be here.
From that first day at the house,
I could tell there was something,
lurking inside of you.
And that old woman,
she was staring at you,
not me.
She recognised you.
It's not a new house.
It's your old one.
I'm writing this letter because
there are several things
that you need to know.
Your husband lived in this
house with another woman,
several years ago.
They had a young girl,
maybe four years old.
Your husband is a cruel man.
And I suspected him right away,
when his wife died and
daughter went missing.
Please be careful!
I would not trust that man.
Mary was just, um,
a sex toy.
She was screwed when she gave birth.
I mean, we can't have that in our lives.
A god damn burden.
That's why I had to get rid of her.
My God! I've never heard
anyone so proud of their crimes.
It's not a crime to get rid of someone,
when they get in the way.
I mean, that's just survival.
I can't let you hurt anyone anymore.
Your very existence is a threat.
Are you gonna kill me now?
Merrill, where am I?
You are in your bed, at your house.
Be careful, Amanda.
Your wound is healing up.
Merrill, where is Anna?
- Anna?
- Yeah.
Who is that?
Anna, Mary's daughter.
That's what I am asking about.
Amanda, I don't know
of any Mary or Anna.
Who are they?
Merrill, listen! Did you forget?
We've been over this.
I told you about Mary and Anna.
Just yesterday, I went to
the old house to save Anna.
You bastard, you are in my house?
Where is she?
I'm asking you, where is Anna?
Did you and your boss kill her too?
Or did you just hand her
over to the first person
who would buy her for
a good price? Huh?
Amanda, stop!
He is my husband.
We are here to help you.
You cheater,
tell me where you are hiding Anna.
If anything happens to her,
I won't spare you.
Amanda! This is insane!
Do you have any idea
what you are doing?
I want him too. Your boss.
Where is that beast in
human form, George?
Police department. Let him go!
Lauren, give me a sweep of the house.
Yes, sir.
Officer, what are you doing?
- Why are you handcuffing me?
- Because you were hurting this man.
You two,
could you leave the room for a minute?
Please, you have to go save Anna.
Derrick? Who is Derrick?
Derrick... Amanda.
Amanda, this is Derrick Wilson.
Have you ever seen this man before?
Never! What... What is he doing here?
You have never seen him.
But he's seen you,
yesterday at the old house.
Derrick, one question.
What is it that you saw
yesterday at the old house?
No one usually goes
to that old house.
It is abandoned.
But yesterday,
I saw a Jeep coming over there.
I can't let you hurt anyone anymore.
Your very existence is a threat.
Who is gonna die?
Me or you?
That is not true, that... that is a lie!
That... That is a big lie!
Amanda, calm down. Relax!
Derrick, thank you for your information.
You are free to go.
Thank you, officer.
Officer, you cannot trust that man.
He... He is a liar!
Okay... Okay, look.
Maybe he is right and
maybe he is wrong.
Okay, but my main focus is George.
Well, this is the only room that's left.
Good morning, Amanda.
I'm so sorry to keep
you waiting all night.
How are you feeling?
Good morning, doctor.
You are a doctor, right?
Yes, I am.
I am Doctor Wilfred Green.
Then, I am your patient?
I don't want to think of you as a patient.
A friend, a good friend.
I am impressed.
It's a good start. That's what
I do with my patients.
Wait, um,
if I'm your patient, then
you think there is
something wrong with me?
Oh, no, no. Nothing like that.
No, you misunderstood me.
The department simply wanted me to
talk to you because of your
background as a psychiatrist.
Well, uh, the department?
The police department?
The department was hoping
that we could get your input.
Look, Benjamin.
I am touched by her writings.
The close relationship between
a mother and a daughter,
and the abuse the mother experiences
at the hands of a monstrous man.
But, if everything written in it is true,
then Anna, she is in
danger now, isn't she?
Yes, she is.
I can't say more until
I have met everyone involved.
Yes, of course!
But if my assumptions are correct,
we have some important work to do.
So, am I a suspect?
For... For what was...
Amanda, I'm looking
for the same answers.
I read your diary, and...
That is personal.
You don't even have a
right to touch my diary.
Amanda, it was all done legally,
and it is part of my job.
Now, calm down.
You need to lie back down.
Hi, Amanda.
How are you?
Who are you?
No, doctor. She can't speak.
I can speak.
You bitch, you lied to me?
Amanda, calm down.
How do you know, Amanda?
I'm her neighbor, Debra.
I just wanted to see if she is okay.
Can you tell me about your
interactions with Amanda?
Uh, sure, um...
She has always looked at me weirdly,
I mean, since the first time I saw her.
I... I don't know, it seemed like there
was something wrong with her.
I understand.
Uh, have you ever written
a letter to Amanda?
No, never!
I... I did have another weird
encounter with her though,
that left me speechless.
Hey... hey, hey, stop! Who are you?
Every time I see you,
you're staring at me or
you're staring at the house.
So, I'm asking again, who are you?
Okay, okay.
You know what...
I know, I know, I'm being a little rude.
I'm sorry. I... I'm Amanda.
Come on, talk to me.
Damn it!
These lies can't stop my endeavor.
Well, we'll come back to that.
Merrill and Karlus.
You are her best friend.
What do you two
think about all of this?
Yes, Merrill, tell them the truth.
Tell them that I'm right and,
and about Mary's pain, and
tell them that Anna is trapped.
Merrill knows everything.
She'll tell you what happened.
I don't know what happened to you.
You are my best friend.
I'm sad.
I'm sorry to say, but
you are not in a good place right now.
You need help.
It's okay, Merrill.
It's okay, you can tell them the truth.
Everything I'm experiencing
is for Mary and Anna.
Please, just tell them what you know.
Please, for God's sake.
Amanda, just yesterday I told you that
I don't know who Mary or Anna are.
Yesterday? I didn't even
see you yesterday.
I was, uh...
I was at the old house yesterday.
You weren't there, but Karlus was
because he is working with George.
Amanda, listen!
We saw you yesterday at your own house.
With officer Benjamin and Laura.
Merrill, we did not see
each other yesterday.
I am damn sure about that.
Please, just drop this act and
tell them about Mary and Anna.
Are you betraying your best friend
to save your husband?
No, I'm not. I'm trying to save you.
I'm trying to help you.
Go away.
Mr. Shaw, do you agree with your wife?
I can only tell you of what
we've seen and heard.
My wife and Amanda
are good friends.
And I've always commended her
as a good psychiatrist, but
recently she seems like she is
something is wrong with her.
I am not scared at all.
I just wanna figure out
what's going on. That's it!
I believe in myself and my intuition.
It's simple.
Why am I the only one experiencing this?
And if it's real, why?
Why is it happening?
do you know who this is?
Yes, I...
I killed that man.
No, he is in police custody right now.
I'm Peter.
I'm a criminal.
I guess you could say,
robberies, burglaries,
and well I broke into
their house one night.
But the experience was strange.
Who sent you here?
Who sent you here?
What is your business?
Nothing can stop me
from finding the truth.
It's time to write your obituary.
Oh, God!
Is anyone on my side?
Patrick, what kind of experiences
have you had with Amanda?
I'm sorry, mam. I have to say this.
Patrick, there is nothing to worry about.
Let's hear what you have to say.
I went to their house one day to
finish paperwork from my boss, George.
We were just about completed, and
I looked up.
And I caught the look
Amanda was giving me.
It made me feel
uncomfortable, to say the least.
It was a look that would scare anyone.
The story is getting
more and more interesting.
Have you all finished with your lies?
Doesn't anyone value the truth?
Thank you all.
You all can leave now.
you are a psychiatrist.
So, you can understand
very well what I'm saying.
You live in an imaginary world.
Both, Mary and Anna
are characters created by
your subconscious mind.
And I can't figure out why.
Either you are afraid of
someone or something,
or your subconscious take charge,
in order to let you survive.
Who are you afraid of?
No, I am not afraid of anyone.
You are mistaken, okay? You are wrong.
Maybe I am wrong,
but I have something
important to tell you.
Your husband, George
came to meet me one day.
It's my wife.
Lately she has been acting
differently as if, um,
something is bothering her,
you know, mentally.
It's like she is, uh,
Well, tell me something.
Have you ever noticed any
difficulties like this before,
apart from current incidents.
six months after our wedding,
one night, uh, she was
walking up some stairs,
and she slipped and fell.
And she blamed it on me
because I was behind her.
The next day,
at my office, I got a call.
She said that she had a miscarriage,
and that I caused it,
and that I killed the baby.
I didn't even know she was pregnant.
Well, um,
when I arrived at home,
it was
Doctor, I am telling you.
He is a killer.
George is a killer.
He killed my baby and
he is gonna kill Anna too.
Please believe me.
I'm telling you the truth.
Please, Amanda. Come back to reality.
You have never seen Anna or Mary.
This is the truth.
Now please tell me. Where is George?
I don't know!
I don't know where that beast is.
You know, and only you know.
The answer lies somewhere
deep in your subconscious,
and has to be brought out.
I can do that for you.
I need your cooperation.
Restful sleep comforts
the mind, doesn't it?
The more comfortable you are,
the closer the anguish
in your mind approaches.
You want to run away from it all,
but you can't escape every memory.
Even though it is hard in this society,
you hate him.
You hate George.
You want to open up your mind,
but for some reason,
it is not possible.
Your conscious mind has no
idea why you would commit
such a crime.
It's likely,
it didn't happen while
you were conscious.
You can't even remember
enough to make a confession.
The guilt
is deep in your mind.
I can help you remember,
and perhaps that will remove
some of the burden.
George is your enemy.
You've hated him
ever since your unborn child died.
You made a subconscious decision
to kill him.
I never wanted to kill George.
I never waited for that.
You're right.
I killed him.
But it was in self-defense.
What's wrong with you?
You killed Mary, and you
hid Anna somewhere.
Where is Anna?
Your plan is to kill her too, right?
I'm not gonna let you.
You hid Anna somewhere.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
You're right.
I killed Mary.
And I am gonna kill Anna.
What can you do?
You can't even cry for them.
I'm gonna
kill you.
Holy shit!
The court recommends that
the accused be placed
in a mental health facility
as opposed to prison.
The crime appears to have been
committed as an act of self-defense,
and the defendant was
of poor mental health.
I can help you to get in to the bed.
No, it's okay.
Let me know if you need anything.
No, you can go.
Come on in.
Good morning.
Have a seat.
So, today is your last day.
Here are the discharge papers.
Thank you so much for all your help.
Seeing you now does not
make me feel like
you were ever a patient.
Well, that's a good thing, right?
You all gave me such great treatment.
Of course.
We are happy to do that for you.
I don't like bargaining.
I want what I asked for.
I know you are good at your work,
but you are asking for too much.
You are a savvy business man.
I get it.
You own this country club,
but you are being too cheap.
I don't make money
just to give it to others.
I think I can find a better fit
for myself than you.
Hey, grumpy boy, Patrick.
What's up?
Cunning vixen, Amanda.
Please sit down.
Let me guess. It didn't go
the way you wanted it.
He is a miser.
If a cent fell to the ground,
the old man would lick it right up.
That's how rich people are.
You can't bargain with them.
They only want perfect plans.
You have very good ideas.
They're very risky though.
You do realize if we get caught,
we're gonna serve time.
However, I still don't
know the full plan.
Everything is ready to go.
Just follow my instructions.
Yes, boss.
Here are the documents that we are
looking for your signatures for.
You can just sign
at the bottom of each.
Now, everything is perfect.
How about this place, huh?
What do you think?
- Registrations.
- All done.
What about the guys?
All set and
they are here.
Meet Derrick,
and Peter.
I hope you completely understand
everything Patrick said.
We understand.
If it's murder,
you'll have to spend more money.
We are ready for anything.
Good selection.
They're both born criminals.
Will do anything for money.
I like it.
Who's out there?
Is he dead?
I don't know.
Sorry, boss.
everything happened as planned.
George did all the hard work,
and now I get all the properties.
I am rich.
Yeah, but
don't you think what we did to George is
There is no value in
sympathy in the new world.
The world runs on money,
and the money controls the power.
It's just the beginning.
The big games are around the corner.