Bhaagamathie (2018) Movie Script

CBI special director Mr. Dhanunjayis waiting for you sir
Ok, send him in
Excuse me sir
Good morning sir
Officer, you have to handle a serious issuefrom your states
What is such a serious issue sir?
You have to put a scar
On whom sir?
When the state leaders are hiding theirface to answer the questions
being the Central Minister for Ministry of water resources
Mr. Eswar Prasad representing Telugu states,who brought Pranadhara project for the farmers is before us.
Tell us sir,
During the past 6 months, very ancient idols from12 of our temples in the Telugu states were robbed.
Are you aware of this?
Does the Chief Minister holding the EndowmentsMinistry with him know about these robberies or not?
They will not speak up sir, they will not.We voted for such incapable people sir.
We thought just the money of public,
but do you even take money of God too?Take them away
You will not live wellTake them away
Yes true, I should answer him
Ten bombs are blasting in this nationby the time a brick is put
Thousands fall on the roads by the timewe do good to one
As this is not enough
they are vanishing the God in the time peopleclose their eyes to pray to save them
I am feeling ashamed to be working in aGovernment having no guts to catch such people.
I am ashamed of that
First, speak about the robbery of idols sir
It is our Chief Minister Sir who shouldspeak about that matter.
But he is not opening his mouthBut, I am going to fight for that
I am giving time for 15 days more
and if the Governmentdoes not catch the idol thieves by then...
I will resign from my Minister post
Sir, that is a Central Ministry for you to resign.Think well before you say
Here, this is my resignation letter
What sir, is this fight over the Chief Ministeror for the post of Chief Minister?
Oh, so that is how you understood it?
Not a resignation then...but I will quit from politics forever
What sir, are you thinking to bring inyour son or daughter into politics?
Thank you sister, you reminded me.
I am a guy thinking for the change to start from me.
I am going to first break the system running here to givethe post to son after father or wife after husband dies.
I, who entered the politics as an ordinary party worker
will now announce another ordinaryparty worker as my political heir
That is right now and before you
Ajay, Sir is calling. Go!
Ajay is well educated and is clean from any scars.
He is a man with passion to serve allMajorly, he is son of an ordinary farmer
It is him... He is my political heir
If you like this, I will send him to the legislative Assembly
This decision is not to escape from my responsibilities
For a new blood to cleanse the politics
On Eswar Prasad?
Whatever your approach is,he should come into our grip.
That's it.
Sir, these days where the leaders think the wordpublic representative means eating every public fund present
he is a good leader spendingevery single pie for the public sir
He is a good person sir
Yes, good person right? Problem lies right there
Even if he quits from politics, public would make himstart a new party and make him sit in the CM post
Our party is not ready to let goof another state like that now
I am the CM and if he starts announcing anybodyas his political heir without informing me,
how do we make our kids as the political heirs now?
You need not be confused.
The case of idol robberies which he is tryingto bring out and become a hero,
push that same case on him and put him in the jail.
That is correct sir.
If the son of a labor becomes a political heir,It becomes a pain for everyone
Sorry sir, I cannot do that mistake.
Hey, what are you man?
Then we shall call those who would do that mistake
Call CBI joint Director Vaishnavi Natarajan
Welcome to Hyderabad madam, Daruk here
Rest of the team is waiting for you
Jai Hind madam, ACP Sampath reporting
You asked for ACP level assistance from local Policein the matter of idol robbery, right madam?
He is the man dealing the idol robbery case
Switch it onYes madam
Let us come to the point officers
In the past six months, very ancient idolswere robbed from 12 temples in the state
Please give me the View.
Priceless antiques madam
Terrific demand and unimaginablemoney in foreign countries
Simple, it would be the work of the antique robbers
They are not any skins of snakes and frogs tohide as a pile and move out from country at once
They are preciuos idols
To move all of them at once,that is possible with the help of big hands
not smugglers or antique collectors but think freshly
Like I need...
What is your view by the way?
Now, your on point.
Durga temple in Vijayawada
The Buddha statue on the Undavalli hill near by
Kodumuru and Badrikona statue beside
Ancient Sidha Chamundi idol fromPanchavati near Kotappa Konda
Near every place of robbery,either meetings of Minister Eswar Prasad
or some openings of some welfare policiestook place
My God!
There are no allegations anywhere stating him corruptand will he eye on properties of God?
Ma'am.. as the police would concentrateonly on the places where Ministers stay,
The robbers may have been followingthe diary of Eswar Prasad
Whether robbers are following the program of Eswar Prasad
or is Eswar Prasad following the program of robbers,
let us pull it out.
Maybe you are thinking wrong about Eswar Prasad?
Hey, get up... Get out... Go...
You seem to be thinking in his favor
I do not like any negative vibrations in my operation
Anyone thinking positive aboutEswar Prasad will not be there in my team
Sorry madam, just discussing.
I do not have any opinion about Eswar Prasad
Madam, we can get him. Not a problem
But Eswar Prasad has great name and following everywhere
Public will not like it if we talkanything negative about him
That is why we are not touching him
Who is Chanchala?
Year 2003, Civils topper from AP...
Chanchala IAS
Chanchala is the PS to Eswar Prasadallotted for two terms by the Government
In these 10 years...
The only person who knows the every sign, every workand every movement made by Eswar Prasad is...
I want her
Not possible madam, she is in remand now
I know
Chanchala is in jail from three months in thecase of murdering your brother
That is why I selected her
Because no one would get any doubteven when we interrogate
Madam, interrogating Chanchala inside the jail and thinkingno one would know about it is a big imagination
That is why, you decide wherethe interrogation should happen
Not public places like these hotels or conference halls,
Not even a private place
It should be an ideal place where no public moves around
What name would you say?
Chanchala sir- Good
Cell number 14 and your number is 68, remember
Let us go
To another cell...
We told you there are repairs to this cell, right?Move..
What is happening officer?
Move, you will know
Where are we going to shift her sir?
Bhagamathi bungalow
Hey, why are you here? Go...
Nothing sir
Go away
Sir, into that ruined fort in the forest?
Not a fort
Police guest house plus camp office
We can silently finish our work andcome back saying that Police drill is happening
Not that sir, that is...Come on
Go and prepare the route map, go
Ok sir
What Lingamurthy? why did you leave the baglike that when said Bhagamathi bungalow?
I just left the bag listening to that name
But many people did not listen to meand left their lives going there
What are you saying?
That is not any ruined bungalow, but Bhagamathi bungalow
That bungalow is 8 Km away from my village
Listening to that name, not just kidsbut even the elders would pee in fear
Bhagamathi? who is that?
Bhagamathi is the queen of that area
She used to imprison those coming in her wayand opposing her in that same bungalow
and used to sacrifice them on everynew moon day to the Goddess
After finally being killed brutally by her enemies
they say she has been roaming in that room as a ghost
even till date
Sidha babbi...
What is this madam?
This is the lemon given by my Guruji asI fear about devils and dead bodies
Oh no, my lemon
It is enough if you come till the forest areaand I will manage from there
Hello madam
What Lingamurthy, did you join?
It is all your kindness madam
That is the job of your father, means your job.
Work carefully
Madam, take the sweets
Give them to everyone
Ok madam
There would not be a problem right?
There should not be
Hey stupid, what are you doing there?
Sir...Get in the vehicle
What happened?
Where are you taking me?
I have the right to know where we are going
I doubt that Chanchala is cheating me, brother
Why did you kill Shakti?
Weather report!
Because of the low pressure formedover the Bay of Bengal,
The news ends here
Sidda babbi..
Hey, what are you man?
Sir, he sneezed exactly while entering.Shall we wait and then go?
Hey, get down and see
Is anybody there?
Hey, go and open
Watch man, sir
Go sir.
Why did you bring me here?
We are going to be here for some days,
not as a prisoner but closely like a house arrest
Few officers are coming for youand your job is to answer the question they will ask
Remember, you have freedomonly till you are in the house.
If you try to escape...
Hey, come here.
Where is your duty and where are you?
I stay here all day sir..But in the nights here...
Why, fear?
I have children sir..It is not possible during nights sir
Ok, here...
My people will be hereSir...
She too would be hereOk sir
Tell your wife and make all arrangements for them, goOk sir
Go...- Sir
Madam, say you will not stay here madam
They are saying something is inside
Yes madam, you do not go into this evil house
Are they not there outside
That is...
I do not believe all such
Please madam...Madam
Oh noMadam
Hey, why did you still not go
I am Kanchana, wife of watchman
It seems, I should arrange all you brought the clothes
Take bath and come, it seems some officers will come
What is there that she is seeing?
Oh god
Is it just you?
In that corner
Did you get frightened?
I and fear? No...
Oh god...
Hey, who threw the stone?
Shakti...That fellow
Hey. Who said you to throw stone?I do not know sir
Who asked you to throw stone?I do not know sir
Tell me idiotI really do not know sir
If you try to instigate public throwing the stones...
The properties are ours...
The properties are ours...
The properties are ours...
Stop it
What is all this?
War for a shelter to stand..- Oh..
Are you the one who instigated andbrought all these people here?
Not by instigating but by saying the truth
We were ready to sacrifice the life ofthe public in 135 villages and a river
But we came here to questionas the pay back was not good
When some good is happening to the nation,few people may face trouble
Just because of that, should we stopthis project favoring lakhs of people?
Anyway it is to go good to your peoplethat we are here...
Before the good in your heart reaches us,it is melting down like the ice
Meanwhile their lives are burning like hell
But, it will not happen when I am here
Hey throw and do not leave anyone
Force.. go other side- Please madam..
Hello, Police...
Madam.. Madam..Please have some water
Will the good you said happen...
to these innocent public or to thecontractors who got the stones thrown?
Assistant Commissioner...
What man, correctly the food...
You should have at least called me right?
Please come... I will change and come
Hey, atleast you should havetold my name to the Police?
Your name?
Police would have just left me if i told themyour name but not the villagers right?
After completing MBA in Australia,leaving a job paying lakhs of salary
when he came back here saying my place and my nation,
I first felt very bad thinking his career is got spoilt
But after seeing those villages whichgot better in two years,
I am feeling very proud that my brother could do that
Yes madam,
To make people believe and vacatethese villages in your time frame
Shakthi is the only correct person madam.
They all believe him who helps them
Shakthi... He is very short tempered madam.
By chance if something goes wrong...
You are leading us not into the darknessbut into the light
For a project that does good to so many,I will be there with you
Let the first rays touch and melt me at the Sunrise
I am witnessing a new friendship getting close
Some unasked question disturbed me deepand will there be an answer found for that?
Will the story happening be understoodto my naughty heart and then will the story change?
Walking along with you and observing being your shadow
I am seeing me in you from my past like this
Let the first rays touch and melt me at the Sunrise
I am witnessing a new friendship getting close
Let the first rays touch and melt me at the Sunrise
Why is my breath proving existence too is disturbed?
I never even dreamt this hesitation to be cleared
You are like a sea in me and I being a tide in youIs it the love when we be united?
Forgetting the times and giving hapiness
You are being mine as my journey and my destination
Let the first rays touch and melt me at the Sunrise
I am witnessing a new friendship getting close
Why are you like that?feeling nervous?
We did not expect you sir
You are a girl of my family, dear.
CongratsThank you
This place of Nizam times in the thick forest area was...
once a summer holiday spot for Nizam police officersand British officers coming from Lashkar
Not knowing what to do with this after independence,Government gave it off to the Police department
Security wise?
None in the department also knows ofsomething like this existing
All around are feeling this as some Police training camp
So, this is the apt place to interrogateChanchala as you think
I see
And our hub is that side
We can see everything, in and outside the bungalow from hereexcept the bedroom and bathroom of Chanchala, madam
Not even an ant can go in without my knowledge
Go and get her
Mr. Sampath, thanks for everything
It is my duty madam
Chanchala may hesitate to say a few things if you are inside.
So, your service is enough till here
Mr. Jose, close the gate
Vaishnavi Natarajan from CBI.
This way...
We can leave fast from here if you cooperate,
So please
Mr. Darukh, voice clear and recording
Can I know why I am brought here?
I think you are not so innocent not to understand,
Chanchala IAS?
I am in situations not able to understand
I see, ok
We need few details in the case of Eswar Prasad intocorruption allegations and ready to be jailed
Minister Eswar Prasad?
Cheating public on the name of good deeds,
his illegal politics, plusses and minuses...
you are going to say it all
Sorry, you are barking at the wrong tree.
I do not have the answer for your question
You will not find it anywhere
and you do not have the right toask me those questions
What if the court gives me that right,secretary of Eswar Prasad?
Not just the allegations but Eswar Prasadis in our hands along with the proofs.
Proofs about Eswar Prasad?
Come on, it is fake orders man
Chanchala would say the truth onlywhen she believes that Eswar Prasad is into soup, right?
We strongly believe that you are the onlyperson knowing all his secrets
So, you have to answer all our questions
What to say?
I will surely talk about your problems- Sir..
One minute...
I doubt some conspiracy is on about you sir
I mean, from when you announced me as your political heir
they are trying to push you into some or the other case sir
I am working for the publicand our loyalty is in our support
Even if the God does not save us,these people will save us
Do not fear
Not like that sir
No idea in which matter you got evidencesagainst Eswar Prasad
but I can say all those are false
We will take care whether true or false,enough that you give answers.
Got it?
Why did you think to continue with Eswar Prasadfor the second time too as Secretary?
Through which relations is that?
Even I did not like working as secretary with Eswar Prasadas my first posting instead of an administrative job
But I came to know only afterI started working with him that..
he is a great person to sacrifice anything for his goals
Eswar Prasad starting his journeyfrom people as a student leader
Seeing the same quality of working hard for the public,people took him as their own and gave him the posts
His personality is to keep his brother tooaway for using his name for recommendations
Though poor that same loyalty is made him Minister thrice
That same character inspired meto work for the second time with him
Did you not find any negatives withEswar Prasad in your ten years of service?
Why not?
Forgetting wife and kids saying public and service,
unable to earn huge money in wrong ways,
still paying money for bank loan taken for education of son,
thinking all belong to himand that it is all for him and daughter...
Election commission records are saying thathe spent three crores extra than the election fund
It is all false, check once again.
Then friends...
Who will be there as friends?
PA Chari who travelled from first with him,Ajay and five more followers
These are his army, strength and wealth
Where does he go in his free time?
Swiss, France, Italy...
He keeps visiting all the ancient temples in the country.
If he has very less time, he goes to his favorite farm house
Is God a belief or business for him?
I mean, will your God visit temple in devotionor to make public believe him?
He goes for the God
Done for the day Chanchala,
take rest and we shall talk tomorrow
Mr. JoseMadam
She knowingly or unknowinglysaid he visits ancient temples
Enquire the details of all ancient temples visited byEswar Prasad in the past one year and also the situation there
Ok Madam
Ok ayOk madam.
Goddess...I pray you.
Hey, what is it there?
Sacrifice for the spirits of elders madam.
Bad days right madam?
These are the items for angry devils to take revenge madam
Will they come, eat and go if these are put?
It is the village tradition madamand added today is no moon day and Wednesday
That demon...
Hey, go away
You be here as security for Chanchala this night
Subba Reddy, you...
She should not come out oryou should go in without my knowledge, clear?
Lock the main door and throw these in my Jeep
They kept a lady alone in the housewhich scares even the ghosts.
Poor lady, no idea how is she?
Ok dude, do devils exist?Yes, they do
I am running family with oneand my father in law with another.
Come on drink
Oh no...
Lingamurthy...I thought a devil
Madam...Madam is calling.Lingamurthy.
Is there no power?
It is a cyclone madam and wires are cut some where
We called the electricity office andthey said they would come tomorrow
What about the generator?
Diesel is finished madam,even the cameras are not working
Madam, it seems wife of the watchmancooked food and kept on the table.
Please eat it
Is anybody there?
Devils it seems...
Who is there?
I do not know anything...
I do not know anything...
Listen to what happened whenI was going alone in the midnight
I turned my head and saw,
a devil with fire in hand was sitting far away
Like this
Fire, how, like this... This idiot is a seniorand I should tell him stories it seems
Come dude...
Hey, get up
Hey, is it fire...
Subba Reddy...
open the gate
open the gate
What happened madam, what happened?
Is it? what are you saying madam?Please open the door
Hey, open the lockHey, keys
What I saw outside, she saw it in. Open the lock
He is a retard and we both will lose our jobsif we open the lock
At least make a call
Yes, phone
Self your control madam, wait a minute
I am Lingamurthy sir calling fromBaghamathi bungalow post sir
It seems there is some smoke inside
Yes, devil is there it seems sir
You mental idiot
She is a candidate caught red-handedafter committing a murder
She is trying to escape from you playing crazy tricks
It seems there is a devil sir
There is devil nothing,ask her to shut up and sleep
open the door.
Hey, open the lock
He said he will kill us if we open the lock
Sorry madam
Madam, why did you sleep here?
Madam, madam
Oh no, what are these wounds?
What happened madam, get up. Get up and sit
Oh no, there are wounds even on the face
What man, why are you just standing and staring?Will you not care?
You move in madam
You have seen right madam?
We leave early before it gets dark as it would happen so
There, only that mad fellow moves here without any fear
Still, they brought you and put in such a place
Ok, have this coffee.Take it.
Yes madam, you are scared seeing the smoke,it is unbelievable that you killed a person
Good morning sir
What man, they are now strangelysaying she shot in self defense
Reports say finger prints of your guy on theflower vase were in attacking position.
It is difficult for the case to stand if it is so
What are you saying sir?
Sir, she has a big plan. Intelligent..
Sir, my brother calledand asked me to come there before dying
But, before I went...
A thousand things might happen before we go
She might escape from the law but not from me.
I will not leave but kill her.
I do not recommend such things much
What happened?
That is...
I fell in the dark
Are all the wounds for sympathy?
Mr. Jose
your boss Minister Eswar...Excuse me, my boss is Governor
You are saying Minister Eswar Prasadyou worked for never makes mistakes
I am saying he used to do mistakeswithout the knowledge of anyone
Everything I said is true
I would say no
I say Eswar Prasad is a thief
Saying is different and hapening is different
You said corruption yesterday andsaying he is a thief today
Is the clarity missing in the case?Or is the clarity missing on your side?
Hey, just answer to what is asked
Let us come to the point straight.
Valuable idols are being robbed from the past six months
You know where?In the most ancient temples Eswar Prasad likes
I am saying that your God is in the work of robbing,selling and making money from those gods
Why do you think the money he neverneeded in the past 29 years and six months
suddenly was needed by himin the past six months?
Even if it did, nowadays when youcan earn crores just for a sign,
is the idol robbery required?
Still, he does not even have the greed tobecome the CM by collapsing the Government.
Think big
I will prove that you are wrong.
I have all the proofs
He should be punished for that.Then go arrest him
Sir, this is the second dayand I am dealing with an IAS officer
Manhandling is not possible
Is she answering to what is asked?Yes sir
She is giving information for all our questions
But we still did not get the point totrap Eeshwar Prasad in her answers
Try giving her some offer
Ok sir
I will try in that way also. Thank you
Let us think Eswar Prasad is a good man as you said.
But why did he not help in any waywhen you were in jail for so long?
But, you are thinking of saving him.
I will help you get out of this case
Your life and your job, everything with just one word
Just a word to lock that fellow
For your need
instead of getting out by saying a lieI prefer to be in jail for the truth
I do not like negative vibrations.
There is no chance of leaving youtill I get what I want
Anybody prove that she is telling a lie.
Madam, in general a person telling a lie,moves their hands and legs very less
They will not be free.
Their total thought would be on what they say
But Chanchala is not like that,she is very free
No cheating smile, never tried to cross over anytroubling question or got angry for anything
One more thing, they do not look into the eyes while talking
But she is..Confident!
She is confidently looking into my eyesand talking
After finishing her verbal statement,giving an expression gesture,
sweat or unnaturally touching behindthe ear or neck are not present
Answering directly to the questions asked,her body language, by analyzing all these...
Finally what is she saying?
Truth madam
Unless trained greatly, whatever she is saying is all truth
(Praising God)
Sir, Minister sir you...What is it in the temple?
The one who made me a Minister is inside.
If I pose before him, he would bring medown and send me home
Anytime, one should be going upwithout all these decorations right?
Not like that sir...Sir is saying right, go now
Please go..
(Praising God)
Nothing sir
No problem sir, you finish
Oh Goddess!
You remind once sir
Ok, I will see
Move on sir..Who are you talking to for so long on phone?
I was talking as a friend calledI said to talk right, you do not worry
Why is this Convoy and all?
You know that I do not like all these right?
Why is she screaming again?Let us see, come
Where is she?
Madam, what happened?
Call ACP sir
Yes Lingamurthy, say
Sir, madam is shouting again from inside
I told you not to bother, right?
It is completely different today sir
Today power has come but stillshe is not coming out
Not able to understand what is happeningto her inside sir
Hey, go into the hub. Quick...
Hey, you keep watching,I will go into the hub
Have you come?I came sir
As there are lights,you can see all the rooms in the bungalow
Yes sir
Say yes if she is in the room, else say no
Interrogation room
No sir
HallNo sir
Hall upstairsNot seen sir
KitchenNo sir, she is nowhere
Sir, what to do now?One minute, let me think
Do you have the gun I gave you?
Yes sir
Listen to me
It is only her bedroom without a camerain the bungalow
Go insideSir
I feel a lot of people are getting invlovedin this case since the beginning.
If you see anybody like that, kill them
Or if she tries to escape, just shoot her
Shoot and kill her
Ok sir
Why did the screams stop?
Screams have stopped, shall we go
Madam, where are you?
Hey, even the power is gone. Come on let us escape
Come on escape
Come on run, do not stop.
Hey, come let us search madam
Come on, let us search madam
Can we have a picture with Bhagamathi Devi?
Bhagamathi Devi madam, public are waiting for you
Hey..Oh no.
Lingamurthy, someone is hitting
Who is that?
Madam...Hey no.
Oh no.
What happened madam?
What happened madam?Someone is hitting me..
What happened madam?
Who is that madam? Hey, who is it?
Take me out from here..Lingamurthy?
Oh no..
What happened Lingamurthy?
At least you poeple go away
At least you leave. Please leave...
Madam, get up...Get up madam
we will leave from here.Move madam... Madam
What happened madam?
Madam, what is happening? What madam?
Hey, who is it?
Where idiot?
We will die if we go
ACP will kill us if we do not go
I am frightened and I will not come
Hey, move
Oh no...
Hey, it is shaking man...
What is happening here? we will leave
Madam, this is not the right place.We will leave, come on madam
Where would you go, idiots?
What madam?
Where will you go andWhere will you take her?
Is this any cattle shed for anyoneto get in and get out at their will?
This is the abode of Bhagamathi
Please leave me madam, I will go
(Strange language)
Who are you madam?
Oh no.
Who am I?
This is the burning Bhagamathy...
This is the slashing burning fire...
Accounts need to be settled...
I will not let even one person get out...
Do you not know to arrange lady security for a lady?
Madam, let me remind you.
We have not brought her outof the cell as per the rules
Anyway, Bhramara would be there for this night
How is Lingamurthy?
He looks like about to die, in the hospital
Even Subba Reddy is shivering with fearand is asking to leave madam
Call him
Who is this Bhagamathi?
Maybe the building owner madam
But for Chanchala, this is a dramafor escaping from here
and I am very sure about it
Ok, but why did Chanchala not escape thoughshe got a chance from the night?
That is...
Find out
who is this Bhagamathi and what is her link to Chanchala
Shall I wake her up?
Hello madam
Why did you go inside?
We went in as Sir asked to go madam
But I saw death from very near madam.
Madam, I will leave if you relieve me.
Please madam, please
We cannot enter new people into this case
Bhramara will accompany you,you got to stay here if you need the job
Got it?
I like your proposal, we will definitely discuss it later
Ok thank you sir.Ok.
Nice meeting you
He is doing something without my knowledge
Shall I find out?
No, leave it
Hello sir
Please come sir- No
It is not good for your political career to maintainrelations with those I sent out for doing mistakes
Nothing like that sir, as he asked forsome gas filling station...
What, is it a recommendation?
No sir
You look a bit weak?
Oh no
She is a murderer.
You are showing sympathy?
How did you come into this job?
Paying five lakhs madam
Your name?
But you said Bhagamathi?
When you were screaming loudly andhitting everyone yesterday night
Do you not remember anything?
do you remember how you got all these wounds?
They are hitting me
Who, is it the Police?
I do not know
Someone is hitting me without being seen
I am not understanding what is happening here
Please, take me out from here
You believe in ghosts?
I do not
Then, do you have any relativeswith this name of Bhagamathi...
I mean Aunt, mother in law, grandma,
neighbors, friends or anyone?
Then, in this bungalow?
Do you not know?
Then, shall I say who this Bhagamathi is?
Bhagamathi is a college student
She one day asked her boyfriend to take her for outing.
He brought Bhagamathi to this isolated building
He did not come alone
He came with drink and friends.
Everyone became animals taking the drink
Catching Bhagamathi alone, one after the other,one after the other
So bad you know...
This building resounded with the screams ofBhagamathi becoming bait for their hunger
Badly she has been exploited.
They left and she was here alone
Bhagamathi who became a bait to others,and whose body was a mass of pain
could not bear the cheating done byher boyfriend on the name of love
She died in that sorrow byhanging herself in this bungalow
She died a worst death
Oh no...
Oh my god!
My God...
Everyone believed that dead Bhagamathihas turned into a ghost.
You heard the story too and are believing it.
No, no, no way
Bhagamathi is not an ordinary girl
Then, who is Bhagamathi?
queen, the queen of this fort
The queen who ruled the Kalangiarea with her finger tips is this Bhagamathi
When the Dynasty of this Gopal Deshmukh Satapatrehaving no male children,
was being invaded by Nizam to take over into his rule,
showing bravery at the age of 12 andheld the sword and like a warrior,
the one who safeguarded this Kalangi dynasty is this Bhagamathi
When Nizam said he had liked her courageand asked her to rule her land,
she gave an assurance that he toowill not have the fear of death from her.
That is this Bhagamathi
So, you mean to say you are queen Bhagamathi?
a fear of failure or defeat!
You are going into an imaginationwithout your knowledge Chanchala
I do not believe it
Not just me but no one here would believe it
Believe it and you should untimately believe it...
you are Bhagamathi and I believe.
But why did such great dynasty that yousafeguarded bravely become an ghost house now?
They are calling queen Bhagamathias demon Bhagamathi
Why are they fearing to lookat this bungalow meant for the public?
Chandrasena, Chandrasena, Chandrasena
who is he?
My army head and the reason for downfall
He was a moron named Chandrasena
He aroached pretending as a servant with false thoughts
Believing all that as true,I gave him all my powers and support to him
Even the people...
thinking he was an apt warrior for thisdynasty, made him the leader of the army
But, what did that fellow do?
He showed up his selfishnessfrom the moment he got onto the post
He looted everything joining hands with the bad guys
With the greed to become the king,
he cheated me and public using his powers
Money, wealth, lands, oh God he did not even you at last
Not just troubling my army,he made my public swallow fire and killed them
He spread gossips that I was sick,made all believe it hiding the truth
and made me a prisoner in that room till death
Unable to see the cruel deeds by him
feeling ashamed of my helplessness unable to do anything...
Here, right here I died hanging myself
But I died and came back to kill that fellow
No one can leave from here till I free my armycaptive in his hands and I kill him
You still avenge Chandrasena who died long back?
Still, you wish to kill Chandrsena,who does not exist and that is your disease
He exists, he is alive.
Accounts need to be settled and I will not let go anyone
I got doubted her as a Schizophrenicand did so wantedly
Is it not a ghost Doctor?
Not a devil but madness
Madness?A mental illness
Talking with a changed voice
Assuming some old stories heardto be a truth and getting into them
I mean, getting involved into it, hallucination...
Did she have any personal loss in the recent times
like losing any close people,
work tension or something hurting herheart may have taken place
and that would have led to such wild behavior
I mean that might have triggered to this kind of situation
As far as I know it never happened before to her Doctor
Why do some people get possessedlistening to the sound of drums?
Similarly the negative vibrations or the lonelinessin this place may have brought her those remembrances
Better shift her from this place madam
and use medicine for those wounds
You too Doctor
Good sense of humor
Take care Doctor
Hail Lord Siddappa...
You are great madam
You are not running away even after seeing her
I have my Guru Siddappa,
he said he would come downto drive away this devil.
Great man!
It is not me running away,I will make that Bhagamathi run away, keep seeing
He would peel her skin and make her a mess
Chanchala madam
Oh it is you... is she not in you?
Madam that was not what i meant.
I asked is that dirty devil not there.
You should not come without saying ready, right madam?
Sorry, I will leave
This idiot pushed me in and escaped.
What madam, why are you sweating?
It happens before the motion starts for me
Will you drink?
No... system would get speeded up
It is just a chair right, let me sit
I will go, you be careful
Where will you go?
Where will you go idiot?
What happened Reddy?
Will you go?
Will you go?
Will you go now?
Oh no, it has come. Bhagamathi has come.
Hey Siddappa where are you? Come and save me...
Your lemon, your Guru and you stay without fear, what?
You are scared so much when I shouted
and if Chanchala madam comes and shouts Bhagamathi,
you would have died in fear
Come on,
we shall go out and do the duty.
You and your crap build up...
These are the income tax details of Eswar Prasad
and these are the official bio-data acquired by ACB
Did you find out the language spoken by Chanchala?
Yes, it is Arabic madam
Father Venumadhav and mother Madhavi Latha...
Telugu, English and Hindi
Is it possible for a personto speak a language she never knows?
I enquired in the villages nearby the bungalow
It is true that a queen named Bhagamathi Satapatreruled from that bungalow before independence
and also true that she hung herself right there
That old man said a great truth above all
It seems she learnt Arabic to communicate withan Arab secret agent working with Nizam
Not Chachala but Bhagamathi knows Arabic
Oh, then not just Bhagamathibut some accounts should tally even for me
Maybe we should not be rigid in some matters
There would be few matters even beyond science, right?
What do you mean?
Straightly speaking, how aboutcalling an exorcist and showing?
I do not believe all these Darukh
Whatever it is but good if it helps us madam
Bad omen
I am saying again
I can find out if there is a bad energy in this house or notbut I do not have the power to drive it away
Another way to this house?No
Yes there is
Though Chanchala knew this way, why did she not escape?
The darkness here will not let her escape
I know that you educated people would ask for proof
Here, this is a shapeless rudraksha.
It does not have faces
It turns red when in contact withpositive energy like Yoga fire and
turns black when in contact withnegative energy like radiation
Check this after two days,
if the color changes, then there is some power here
This is the scent decorating Ujjaini Kali Goddess
This water does not lose its fragranceunless in suernatural conditions
Hail Goddess Mahankali
You know that condition right? The evil.
Keep this in the room of the girl
If a foul smell comes, understand that it is notjust one in that body but even another
These are the foundation photos of Pranadhara project
A good project making more thansix lakh acres of lands fertile
But how did a project gettingpermissions before six months
come into the hands of Ahluwalia groupstarting a year back?
What is the interest of Eswar Prasad in that?
The amount quoted by Ahluwalia group
Though the signature on the projectis of Eswar Prasad
the decision is of an IAS committee
I was the chief of that committeeand it was me who sanctioned that
It was in this project that Surya Prasad,brother of Eswar Prasad did some management right?
It is true.
Eswar Prasad pushed him out as he askedfor commission from that group
Not just in him, but hedoes not let mistakes be seen even around him
It is impossible to be so perfect being in politics
You are unable to listen to the facts I am sayingabout him in an attempt of showing him dirty
Is it?
You are looking at me as a follower of Eswar Prasad
You are forgetting that I am an IAS officer.
Believe me
I will not believe Eswar Prasad andnot even you
Consider your life story finished.
You met Shakti in this project right?
Come on dearOld man, tie properly
My dear please come
Hey, where are the belongings of Satyam uncle
You can study well in the village we are going
You say sir
Yes dear
As much as Chanchala sister
Please take her.Come.
Hey, is it moving?Yes
Throw this upShakti
Where did you get this money from?They gave us all in the night, right sir?
What is this?
Government would either give a cheque or a DD tovacate villages but why are they giving money?
They gave money to everyone sir
What is exactly happening?
Why do you not say? They distributedin the total village asking to vacate fast right?
None should go away from the village till I say
They gave money, right sir?If some problem comes again then...
I said not to cross the village right?
He is saying right?
If Shakti sir says, there would be a truth in that
Sir, we will not move from this village till you say
Hey, bring down all those materials
Who gave the money?
Madam, he is beating me.I am scared If he might kill me madam
Who and why?
Shakti madam, Shakti
Shakti?Yes madam
Sir... One minute.
Please give the phone to Shakti once
Tell me
Shakti, whatever is the reasonit is not good to manhandle an irrigation office
Do not speak about good,you change to be good first
Who went wrong now?
The time has come to finalize right or wrong
What is this Shaki?
Come, we will talk about the Adavinekkalam.
Shakti, listenI should talk, come down
What happened dear?
Nothing sir, Shakti...
Anything personal?
I am frightened seeing his anger
All these are natural in love dear, you go and talk
Madam, see how he hit me
What is all this Shakti?
Proof for the your cheating by usingyour power as a chance
What cheating?
Chanchala, public is my family.
You are just a part in that family
I will not forgive anyone if my family is cheated
Shakti, you are speaking in anger.Think and then speak
Oh, are you looting eight villages after thinking?
What are you saying, what is looting?
What exactly do you need?
I need an answer
Madam... Oh Madam...
Kanchana is not coming today it seems.Take medicines and have rest
Attack of an angry man on an officer...Personal revolver
They said she shot him to save herself,
looks like they will even strike off the case
In four days she would walk back home
You go fill the diesel and come
But bunk is far away sirDo what I said
Hey Subba Reddy...Give me the keys and go
This is a shapeless rudraksha without shape.
It turns red when in contact withpositive energy like Yoga fire and
turns black when in contact withnegative energy like radiation
If color changes then there is some power here
(Strange Voice)
(Strange Voice)
This water does not lose its fragranceunless in supernatural conditions
If a foul smell comes, understand thatit is not just one in that body but even another
Hey Chanchala...
Hey, are you gone any mad?
Chanchaa fire, move Chanchala
Fire Chanchala...
For Gods sake...
(Strange Voice)
I have no answer for few instancesthat took place in Bungalow madam
But seeing her condition and wild behaviour,I had to shift her to hospital...
To a Mental hospital
Yes madam, Psychiatrist has suggested
Poor girl, we have not believed anything said by Chanchala.
Before something happens to her...
We did not get any information we needed from her.
She is not needed now for the investigation
After recovery, shift her to the jail
Ok madam
Sampath, why is all this not recordedin the cameras fixed in the bungalow?
That is... Power was gone madam
I see
Take care
Madam, phone
How far have you come Vaishnavi?
No sir, I came back to where I started
So much time for a small thing? Unfit Vaishnavi
Sir, you asked me put a remark on agood man and that is not so easy
Say straight that you cannot
Ok, think the same and try it withsome other if you want to
ListenThank you sir
Listen Vaish...
You said you would tell me a story in the night too...Why did you not?
Sorry dear, will surely tell today ok?
No need, I told it to myself
Oh, you told it to yourself?
Very good, what is that story?
Long ago in a place named Shangrila...
Hey... That is the name of our hotelCome on, listen to what I say
A monkey like Abu in the kingdom of Aladdin
Name of that is Pinky and it had huge tummyas it ate a lot of garbage
It met a King named Goutham in the Wonderland kingdom
He was very rich, it seems he had so many servants.
There is a Prince named Khairo as his villain
He was- One phone it seems
Oh noPlease dear...
Yes Darukh
God morning Madam. As you have said,we had taken a back up of all the data
We have taken all precautions security wise too
We are all set to wrap up Madam
Do you want the hub to be cleared too?
Ok, clear everything
Ok madam
Name of that is Pinky... In Wonderland kingdom,
There were a lot of servants
it had huge tummy as it ate a lot of garbageIt met a King named Goutham
Pinky.. you saw the wonderland andeverything and told me a story?
I did not lie to you but you could not catch it.
It is your mistake
Jaihind sirWhere is Chanchala?
Sir, why will Chanchala be hereWhere?
Sir, when she slipped in theprison bathroom and had a blood loss...
Will they bring to mental hospital in case of blood loss?
Has your CBI told you to say so?
Sir, not there but this side.
This way sir
Hello sir
Hey, see to him.Do you not take care of patients?
Hey...Hey, go fast
Take him away
My dear right, please eat a bit
Listen to me dear, please dear
Hey, what is this man?
How was she and now...
Listen to me dear
If you had anger on me why not trap me into some scam?
No, nothing as such sir
That girl had some problem and....No.
Why did you make that poor girl a baitfor a conspiracy on me?
She is already a girl who lost in life
Sir, no please she is unstable and do not go
Oh no
What is this stubbornness dear?
Chanchala dear
It is me dear,
it is me the Minister
I have come dear.
Come dear...
Go out... Take him out
Sir... Please sir
Go man
Please move sir
All of them have left.
Please come out dear,
Hunter in waiting for the birds is hiding with a trap.
All birds came together and flew carryingaway the net escaping from the hunter
They took it away
What is this dear?
Why so much of affection dear?
How much good have I done to get peopleto serve me like you?
You are taking so much pain for me.Why are you doing all this?
By chance, do you have any lust on me?
you acted greatly.
Get up now
Chandrasena, Chandrasena and Chandrasena!
This Bhagamathi is the queen who ruled Kalangi area
Look here madam
Even Chanchala recited a story just like my daughter.
Bhagamathi is a cooked up story
Were you frightened?
Super acting...
You frightened everyone
Everyone who saw you were dead in fearthinking Bhagamathi really came into you
Those hunters coming to catch me...
I mean those CBI officers and that Sampath...
Poor guys got frightened thinkingsomething may happen to you
Jose often was updating me aboutthings happening there
Manage the same for six months more.
All would completely forget you and me
We too shall fly away like those birds
You saved me from CBI as I asked
and as you asked 300 crores will come into your account
There is nothing we eat in this Pranadhara project.
But on the name of the dam..
The offering they would give to dig and take Bauxiteunderground from those vacated eight villages
is these 1800 crores
Many thanks for informing about the CBI interrogationand if we can get some privacy
Sure sir
Chanchala, they would put a CBI enquiry over me it seems
and they are going to corner you for that it seems
They would question you about what all crimes I did,
the answer you should give for everything is...
I am ideal even for those Gods.
The offer I have is 1800 crores.
Tell me how much do you need?
300 crores
300 crores? Ok, take it.
How to believe you?
Ok, I will keep you as the keeperof the total 1800 crores.
You give me 1500 crores afterwhat we planned is completed
Do you still have any work with me?
I should ask that.
Do you still have any work with me?
Find out Eswar Prasad right nowSure madam
There is some registrar who wants to speakto you regarding some farm house
What is this sir?
It seems like she may not come out till six months
You put 1800 crores on her nameeven though when I was saying no
We now need her signatureto get even our 1500 crores right sir?
How much?
1500 crores
1800 crores
Why does someone who is goingto spend in jail need money?
I put the total money on her name that dayas she should not open the mouth at CBI
That was to state that she did the scamif something negative takes place
But now we just need her sign to changethe total money to our name right?
Give it
tell me without any fear
That farm house is on a holder named Ajay.
Not just that but thousands of acres around
that were brought by Mr. Eswar Prasad on the names of hispeople for low rates as the project is going to come up there
All these lands are in the drowningbelt of Pranadhara project
It was again he, who made the Governmentbuy those lands back paying high price
Except Adavinekalam, all the others gave the landsand fields for the project whole heartedly
Yes madam,
only this village has been opposing this project
You just asked whetherI still have any more work with you right?
I forgot the work I have come for
Though he has not earned too much money in wrong ways,he has a son studying in America and a favorite farm house
He visits all ancient temples in the country.
He goes only for the Gods.
Robbery of idols...
Greed to become the CM collapsing the Government...
Amount quoted by Ahluwalia...
Crores coming in with just one sign...
You are unable to listen to the truthI say in your intention to show him up dirty
Think big...
Think big...
Think... Big...
He is a moron named Chandrsena
I named Eswar Prasad...
Even the public made him leader of the armythinking him a good leader for this kingdom
As the Minister of irrigation ministry wouldserve for the development of this nation
Believing all that as a truth I gave all my supportand energies in his favor
Chanchala IAS
I am at your service sir
Good, keep it up
But, he showed up his greedthe next moment he took up the post
Money, properties, lands...Oh God, he finally has not leave you too
Double crossed!
What Chanchala told us were not lies.
But the truths about Eswar Prasad
As a PS, you signed for many of my profits
Now the last sign to be done togetherfor the profit of both of us come on
I thought you would sit tight saying loyalty and truth
But did not expect you would come intomy way systematically asking money like this
My work is done...
Hey, what is this Bhagamathi?
I am asking, what is this Bhagamathi?
What rascal, are you trying to cheat me?
Hunter putting a trap for the Chief Minister post
All birds coming together escapingfrom the eyes of hunter flew away with the plan
Did you not understand?
All the story you saw till now is justwhat I lanned to show you
The trap is not yours but mine
Not just resignation
but will quit from politics
I will get out from the post of my Ministerif Government does not catch the idol thieves
Yes sir,
this is a big conspiracy by Eswar Prasadto collapse the Government
Why don't we not lock him up?
We shall move it from the Centerand that too on the name of CBI
Hey, you cheated my confidence
You cheated the confidence of the public, idiot
I too thought you as a God,
but you made me stand as a victim before public andthe Government for a mistake which I never committed
You made me kill my love with my own hands
Madam, see how he hit me
What is all this Shakti?
Proof for your cheating using your power as a chance
Shakti, you are speaking in anger.Think and then speak
Oh, are you looting eight villages after thinking?
what is looting?
What exactly do you need?
I need an answer
The villages to be vacated for Pranadharaproject you sanctioned as an IAS are 127
But why are you vacating 135 villages?
Why did you add up 8 villages no way connectedwith the drowning map in the list and sign?
You used even me on the name of loveand got those villages vacated
How will this mistake take place without your knowledge?
Say Chanchala,
Sir, you and here?
When your would be husband is doubting you,I do not understand what you are doing behind me
Are you darkening 35 years of my political career?
Sir you too are doubting me?
Yes, i trusted you Chanchala...
You are making public thinkabout my dream of 10 years as greed
What man, you too think the same right?
Chanchala, shall I say the answer as agift to such a long service from you?
I am the face behind that Pranadhara project
It is me who changed 127 villages to 135and cheated all along with Chanchala
I have been searching where the mistake was happening
But I never expected that mistaketo come searching for me
Before I start a work,
Searching for the obstacles that come in the wayand finishing them one by one is my habit
Guys like you pretending as Godsand continuously doing mistakes...
Shakti... Save me Shakti... They will kill me Shakti
Save me Shakti... please..
Why do you see? Finish him
Madam, at least you say madam
Madam, at least you say madam
Public have been waiting that someonemight come to do good
But crazy idiots like you are repeatedly cheating them.
Damn it!
Yes Chanchala, crazy!
Every person will have craze on something.
He is roaming in the craze of doing good for publicand you with a craze of love on him
I am roaming with a craze of becoming the CM.
But your craze has no need of money dear.
Money is needed for my craze to become the CM
What idiot, are you getting angry?
I too will get angry if you try to mess with my dream
All the villages you vacated will come back againif you kill him.
That public will chop you into pieces
Wow, great logic!
Why with my hands then, I will make you kill
What are you seeing?
This is your gun.
Come on kill,
that truth is the justification for the lives of hundreds.
That has already reached to the publicof the village needed to reach
Even if you stop this Shakti here, that power will not stop
Is it your friends whom yousent to stop the other seven villages leaving?
Bring it...
I will kill you rascal..
This is recorded, will you see live
Hey, you stopped them not to cross the village.
They are now crossing the Universe now
Hey, give it...
Come on kill Chanchala,
murders will continue there, till his breathe stops here
Public of that village losing theirlives without their knowledge
and the other seven villages ready to die and this officerknowing the truth...Say how many lives...
What I asked you in return is just the life of him alone
Come on kill...
Madam, he will killKill Chanchala
Madam, he will kill
I beg you, leave idiots leave
Kill Chanchala, just shoot me
Shoot me Chanchala
Time is passing Chanchala, shoot fast
Hey, give it here
Hey, that pregnant lady out there, kill her
Oh God, dying along with momeven before opening the eyes
I beg you, leave her
Oh no, leave
Infant Chanchala, come on kill
Madam, he will kill.Come on kill Chanchala
Good job Chanchala,
take rest in peace inside the jailin the murder case of your lover
If you ever open up your mouthabout this before my project completes,
I will put up a live show of the death of the restof the people of this wherever you are
I thought to show your face to the public.
I showed it.
What rascal?
You wanted to trap me with CBIand thinking to take away all 1800 crores?
Do not forget about the village public.
You, CBI, Home Minister or no one can do anything to me
By the time you get to know your end,you would half ruined from outside
they freed all the public of that village.
They arrested all our guysand the Police might come here any minute
You cheat, I will kill you
The strength of a King is money, public and brain
I looted money from youand made the public go away from you
And your brain, is dead when youlifted this revolver up
Not the ashes but I am going to apply deathto your 35 year long political career...
Hey no... Do not shoot
I do not know anything...
Accounts should tally,
I will not leave anyone
You thought that I killed your brother,
but they took away my life in front of my eyes
These are childhood photos of Chanchala with her parents
Understood how best has she used her talentsfor what she wished to do
Not just that madam,
seeing the dream of Shakti to save thevillagers losing from Pranadhara project
being achieved through this trust by ChanchalaI feel happy
Shakti would have felt so proud if he was alive
I never felt the absence of Shakti
Nothing so dear, we are talking abouthow you played with us through your brains
Everything is fine Chanchala, one small doubt.
That Swamiji and that Rudraksha, how was that?
That is ok, instead of taking so much painwhy not tell it to me?
Who believes humans these days madamexcept either Gods or ghosts?
Your case is the first one I lost in my career.
I thought we had all details about you with us.
But it is not there even in our records thatyou knew magic and Arabic
I do not know to speak Arabic.
You do not know to speak Arabic? Then...