Bhadram Be Careful Brotheru (2016) Movie Script

Hey, Roshan! Where is Raju?
Not to let you die out of cancer...
He went to earn money by pulling the rickshaw
in order to buy you the medicine, grandma.
Hey, grandma is in a serious condition.
She is not allowing me to tweet on Twitter
and not even to chat on Facebook.
She is killing me. You come soon, man.
Hey, need Rs 5 more to buy the medicine.
I will come as soon as I earn.
Then you can sell that phone, right?
- No! No! No!
What are you talking?
This iPhone is the gift presented
by my girlfriend on my birthday.
How did you get the voice
to ask me sell this for grandma?
I will not sell this even if grandma die.
Forgive me for talking about the phone in wrong way
which is valuable and sacred than grandma.
Sir...sir! Please get in, sir.
- Hey, move aside.
Do not say like that, sir.
Please get in, sir.
I need to go Vijayawada, man.
It is okay, sir. Give me Rs 5.
I will take you, sir.
Can you pull this rickshaw
from Hyderabad to Vijayawada?
Just before I brought two people to
Hyderabad from Vizag with just Rs 10, sir.
Please, sir. My grandma is suffering from cancer, sir.
I need to but the medicines, sir.
Give me Rs 5, sir.
She is the grandma of everyone. Come on.
Sir, wear the helmet.
- What?
Not like an ordinary, sir...
You will be on time.
We will go there within 5 minutes, sir.
Wear the seat belt, sir.
- What? - Wear it, sir.
Sir, we have reached Vijayawada Auto Nagar.
Wow, you brought me to Vijayawada within 30 minutes.
I do not feel that we came to Vijayawada.
But do not reduce the fair, sir.
Here, take this Rs 10.
I do not want even a single rupee
without doing work, sir.
Wow, grandma!
As soon as I posted your photo on Facebook...
See, it has got too many likes and comments. Look.
No, dear.
It is time to close my FB account.
Ask him to come soon.
- Wait a minute.
Hey, Raj. Where are you, man?
Grandma is ready to kick the bucket.
Hey, just now I came to Vijayawada.
- Come soon.
I bought the medicines and
coming along with the money.
She is going kicking...
Tell her not to hurry.
- She is not listening.
Hey, Raju. Have you come?
- You cannot see, right?
How did you identify?
Other than you, who else
will have such sweat odour?
Calm down... You will be always joking.
First, take this medicines.
Where is it?
- Here.
Some more are there.
Will you bring me the tablets like Vicks action 500,
Gelusil and B complex when I am suffering from cancer?
Will anyone bring the apple tablets for you?
No need of apple tablet...
I would have felt happy
if you have brought me an apple.
Still, is your face look like getting an apple for me?
You bloody! When we roped you
for acting in the short film...
Will you really hit me on my face?
How dare you hit me? Will you throw tablets on my face?
- Will you become a grandma when you wear the wig?
Cut...cut! Hey, Raj!
- You... - Over acting.
What are the dialogues in the script
and what the dialogue are you saying?
Are you the great artist?
- Hey, wait... - Hey, what are you doing?
I will not act with him even in a single frame.
- Why are you fighting with her?
Then why are you acting now?
- Please...
Why because they requested me
as they have low budget.
I will kill you!
- What? - Wait.
Kartik, shall I act for that role?
- You wait. You will be always climbing on.
Please, madam. This is a short film.
Less time and less budget...
Please, try to understand...
- Hey, you wait.
Ready, Mr Kartik.
Start camera...
- Rolling. - Action!
You are the diamond among the men...
Grandma, you are wrong.
That is not me. There is one more person.
Cut it... Shot okay.
- Done!
Beware... Be careful Brother
Beware... Be careful Brother...
Do not you never ever think
about yourself and be the one
There should be a game but you need to know...need to know
Either small or big, film is great for you
Do it carefully in your life
Selling all the properties, leaving the jobs
you do not fall down... Be careful, my friend
Beware... Be careful Brother
Beware... Be careful Brother...
Beware... Be careful Brother
Beware... Be careful Brother...
Even the short film is enough if it is sweet.
Do not build the House of Cards out of greedy
Even the short film is enough if it is sweet.
Do not build the House of Cards out of greedy
Hey, buddy... Make a film perfectly.
Or else you will be finished.
My friend!
Beware... Be careful Brother
Beware... Be careful Brother...
Beware... Be careful Brother
Beware... Be careful Brother!
What? You started wearing
colourful shirts instead of regular wear!
Youth style?
- Yes. But I will not compete with you.
- Yes.
What, son?
My script should be here.
Did you see, mother?
Do not know but I saw your father
arranging the things yesterday...Ask him.
- What, son?
My script should be here. Did you see?
- Oh, that one?
They are also taking the trash and
waste papers in an exchange.
I just gave them yesterday.
For that, he gave me this colourful T-Shirt, son.
I worked hard day and night
to wrote that script, father.
Will you sell it for your stupid clothes?
Why did you do that, hubby?
How can you know that he wrote
it with so much struggle?
Then what will yo do now, son?
Do not worry, mother.
I wrote there whatever I have here, right?
This will not go anywhere, right?
Hey, now itself I am telling you both.
If I see such trash in the home again...
I will not leave anyone.
Okay, I will see that there will be
no more trash in the house.
Mother, tomorrow the municipality man will come, right?
Throw out father along with the trash.
Ramana, come to our coffee shop by 11:45.
From there, we will go to the location.
Dumping area and drainage tanks are his locations.
Look, Ramana.
Ask the artists to come on time, man.
Nobody will have perfect face features.
They are the artists it seems!
Ask him to get read the costumes by tomorrow.
I will come and select them.
I need to buy his underwear...
Will he select the costume?
Let us take the shot by sharp 7.
Let us ask cameraman little seriously.
Shooting is with the cell phone...
And they need a cameraman for that!
Whether Raju is ready or not!
Hey! - Hello!
- Where are you? - Tell me, buddy.
What are you doing?
- Me? I am doing Headstand Yoga Pose.
Doing this, the blood will be pumped
to the face from all over the body...
And increase the glamour...
I read it on Facebook yesterday.
Okay, bye.
- Okay...bye!
I will come to the spot directly.
- Okay, bye.
Hey, Lingaraju.
- Yes.
The beauty will not be increased by the yoga poses...
- I know, father. Even then I am trying.
The beauty is an asset comes from the parents.
The wild trees will not give licky fruits, right father?
Hey, do not go crazy, my stupid son.
- Okay, I want Rs 10,000.
I will not give.
I earned the money working day and night and you are
spending it in a shortcut in the name of a short film.
If you get any marriage alliance...
Open the YouTube and play so and so short film
Look at the face of my son.
We are in a situation to tell them so.
Listen, I do not even give you Rs 10.
Go to the US and do the job perfectly.
- Why, do not you give me?
Why? Do not you understand when I say in Telugu?
Shall I tell you in English? No!
Buddy, the short film 'Pulled Rickshaw For Grandma'
that we uploaded on YouTube is skyrocketing.
Yes, man. Along with likes and shares...
What is this vehicle?
How is it moving without fuel?
How is it balancing on three wheels?
- Oh!
Is this a new vehicle?
What is the name of the vehicle?
How is the rear wheel rotating
when it is pulled at the front?
Likewise, they posted so many comments.
I was unable to read them.
Buddy, we received such a huge
response just for a short film...
How famous we would become
if we make a film, buddy!
Awesome, man!
- Yeah!
That is why I prepared
a super story for the film. - Film?
What is the story, buddy?
- What is the story?
I will tell.
Buddy, hero and his friends are
having the cool drink at coffee shop.
Hot coffee, sir.
What, they are having the cool drink at coffee shop?
Wow! So trendy! Yeah!
- Superb, buddy.
Cut there and if we open
the scene outside the coffee shop...
A beautiful girl...
She moved like that and enter the coffee shop.
That heroine came and sat at the table behind the hero.
- Yes, she sat... - She sat.
Friends of hero are looking at heroine amazingly.
- Yes, we are looking. - Yes.
Heroine looted the heart of hero with her beauty.
Did she loot? - Did she?
- That is what I am telling, right?
Hey, Ramana. Which type of girl
did I ask you to send as a heroine?
Which type of girl did you send?
Yellow colour dress to the white face!
If you send such a girl once again...
I will not call you.
But I will come directly and kill you.
Hang up the phone...Stupid!
Idiot, hang up!
After that what happened is...
- I will continue the later story.
Heroine at the beside table came
to the table where the hero is sitting.
That is not my story.
- I know that.
What, man?
After seeing my arrival,
you started to blabber on phone, right?
Not that, Shruti...
You spend time by cracking the jokes.
Someone would tie the nuptial thread
and make me wear toe rings.
What happened, Shruti?
- Nothing happened.
My father is looking to get me married to someone.
But you are creating the link between
the direction and marriage.
Do not worry Shruti.
My target is Cinema...Cinema...Cinema.
Only Cinema.
I will direct a film very soon.
Next, I will meet your father directly.
The moon is showering the sparkles on me like this
Like touching my heart beat with the wind of her smile
There is no chance for the feet to go anywhere
After pulling me towards her with the hook of smile
Will the wave moves heading down at least today
I will dare to do it
I will make the world follow me
If you stay along with me
The moon is showering
the sparkles on me like this
Like touching my heart beat
with the wind of her smile
Like a miracle that cannot be seen with the eyes
Like a new word that cannot be written with the fingers
You will rush to me becoming
a surge at the end of the breath
Like an island situated in a vast sea
Like a small lamp in the darkness
Your love has become the life
of the hope that was refrained
Do not stand still at a place where
the dreams do not come true
Be real and move towards the reality
Step forward, I will come along with you forever
The moon is showering the sparkles on me like this
Like touching my heart beat
with the wind of her smile
Got tired like I carried the sky
There are no traces of single drop
of water on the way
When there is love deep in the heart
Whatever the distance in between
it will not make me feel heavy
Even if I am unable to see ahead
Even if my path is filled with thorns
If you come to me with love like this
I can cross the borders of the sky
Do not worry that you will not
get the twist with the victory
It may be a moment or a day
Do not ever stop running
My heart will not leave you
which walks along
The moon is showering the sparkles on me like this
Like touching my heart beat
with the wind of her smile
Bye, father!
Baby Shruti.
- Yes.
Do not go to the college tomorrow, baby.
Invite your friends for lunch and dinner here.
- Okay, father.
Okay? Shruti!
- Yes.
Do not you ask me what and why?
You might have started a new business.
- No.
Okay, you tell me what it is.
Tomorrow there is an engagement
of our senior manager SR.
All our business associates are coming.
Why should I and my friends be here
for the engagement of SR? Boring!
You fool!
Whose engagement do you think it is?
My one and only lovely daughter Shruti and SR.
- Yes, dear.
What are you talking, father?
Who is that SR?
How can you engage me with him?
Without telling me a single word...
- Baby, I did a lot for your sake without telling you.
I felt SR is correct for you...
He is also taking care of our business well.
I believe that he will take care of you as well.
That is why I have fixed so strongly.
I too have a strong opinion regarding my marriage.
I in love with a guy.
His name is Kartik.
What is he doing?
- Director.
Which company?
- Not the director as you think...
Short film director.
He is even planning to make a film very soon.
We thought to tell you after starting it.
If you like a short film click a like for that.
If you like more post a comment.
- Not that, father.
Look, baby.
Only the practical people can
earn the property in the life.
Sentimental fools cannot get settled forever.
That is my observation.
Hi, buddy!
- Hi...
Hi, buddy.
Is the story ready, buddy?
- Almost... I am writing the climax.
I will show the hero and heroine
in a way nobody ever shown them.
Then this makes Facebook and YouTube
get blast with the likes and comments.
Tell me, darling. - Kartik, my father is
saying that tomorrow is my engagement.
Is it? Buddy, tomorrow our shooting is cancel.
- Okay.
Shruti, we all are coming to your engagement.
Let us blast the event.
Stop it, Kartik.
Some SR it seems...
GM of our company.
Fixed my marriage with him.
Now we should get married urgently.
Not that, Shruti.
If you ask me to marry so suddenly...
- There is no time to think.
If you want me our marriage
should happen tomorrow.
Or else forget me.
Not that, Shruti.
- What happened?
Give it, I will speak to her.
Hello, Shruti. You do not worry.
Your marriage will happen
with him tomorrow at temple.
We will take of whatever that happens.
Be brave.
You do not worry. We are here, right?
- Do not worry, buddy.
Listen, father. I cannot live without Kartik.
I cannot live marrying the one you selected.
I love Kartik.
I am going away with him.
Hey, come soon.
Priest... Please do not close the door.
Please, priest. Wait a minute.
Need to perform their marriage.
- Oh, marriage party? - Yes.
Then the expense is Rs 10,000.
- Rs 10,000?
Tie this nuptial thread around the neck of the girl.
- Who are you?
Be careful!
- No... Kartik!
Father, please...
Father, please.
Kartik! Father...
- Get in.
Please, father.
- Get in.
I never ever scold anyone
but today made me slap him.
If you repeat this once again
I will see his blood.
Stop the car.
What nonsense is this?
Are you out of your mind? Are you mad?
Why did you do like this?
Are you mad?
You save me as you are beside me, father.
But you cannot stay along with me 24 hours, right?
How if you do so for such a small matter?
You are worrying a lot as I got hurt for once...
Then how can you be happy if I feel sad for
lifelong after marrying the one I do not like, father?
Sorry, baby.
Ask him to meet me in the office tomorrow.
Let us come to point, Kartik.
When I want to select a guy like you
for even a small job in my company...
Conducting the tests, interviews...
We will not appoint unless we like.
And we will fire him after a month
if you do not like his work.
Then, do you know why do
I want to give you my daughter?
We know, sir.
As my friend is a big short film director.
Why are you talking as it is such
a great post like Prime Minister?
After all a short film director.
Sir, you may be the director of this company.
To whom you are known, sir?
Hardly to your employees.
If our friend make a short film
more than 10 lakh people would watch it.
You may have crores, sir.
But do you have a name what our friend has?
Sir, if there is a creativity
we can earn crores automatically.
You have crores of money, right?
Can you make a single short film
and get a single like for that?
Sir, do not underestimate our friend
as he is the short film director.
It is enough if he give two hits...
Everyone will stand in a queue for autographs.
Are you done or is anything left to say?
It is not important that someday
you would become something...
What is it now is important.
Then what do you want our friend to do, sir?
- What do you want him to do, sir?
Now tell me, sir.
Do you want him to earn 3 crores within 30 days?
- Hey!
Or else do you want him to buy
Ramoji Film City in a couple of months?
Kartik no needs to create wonders like superman.
He should earn Rs 1 crore in 6 months.
Then, not only I wash his legs and
get him married with my daughter...
I will take bath with that water and say sorry to him.
6 months is more than enough...
reduce three months
Even the lucky number of our friend is 3.
- Yes, sir.
He read the book 'How to become
a director within 30 days?' in 15 days...
Our friend is the genius who became
the director within 20 days.
He just need a month, sir
Even your brains might have become
short after working on short film.
He cannot do it in 3 months...
It is enough if he prove himself
by earning Rs 1 crore in 6 months.
I too have some morals.
The challenge must have some meaning, right?
We are ready for this challenge, sir.
Both of you are making the challenge
keeping your thumbs up...
But the main person is not speaking at least a word.
Hey, make a challenge. Accept it.
- We are here, right?
I am accepting the challenge.
You listened, right?
Do you believe that he can
earn Rs 1 crore in 6 months?
Yes, father.
Good! I like your confidence.
If he fails to earn Rs 1 crore in 6 months both
of you should not meet each other lifelong.
The discussion is over.
Now you can leave.
Sorry, sir. I do not believe you.
Why are you talking again?
- You wait.
What if you change your word as you change
your suit after he earn Rs 1 crore?
Then what will you say now?
- We should have a written agreement.
- Yes, agreement.
Why is he saying cool?
Here it is burning.
Hey, tell that matter first.
I have fixed a person.
He is coming. He will solve the problem.
Hi, brothers!
- Brother, greetings. Hey, stand up.
What, brothers? What is the story?
Now tell me.
- Brother!
What happened, brother?
Hearing at the figure and the time...
My mind...
Brother, we asked you to come as you would
solve our problem saying some idea, right?
Yes, there is a fool and saviour whom I know.
If you make his son a hero you will get Rs 1 crore.
Is that okay even if the director is a debutant?
- Yes, it is okay.
He just needs to make his son a hero.
Brother, please do not tell this to anyone.
You do not afraid about that.
I assure regarding that.
Do you know one more thing?
It is Rs 2 crores which is giving to you.
One for you and one for me.
Is it okay, now?
Okay, brother.
- Yes, okay... - Okay, right?
Brother-in-law, I said last night, right?
A big director... - Yes.
Here he is. Come...
He is the one. His name is Kartik.
- Hi, sir.
Very good boy, brother-in-law.
Look like a young boy.
What are the films did you direct?
That is... I...
- He made so many big films in Bollywood.
Oh, is it?
- Brother, that is... - Hey, calm down.
You will be hesitating always.
But Karan Johar, Rajkumar Hirani
and Rohit Shetty kept their names.
Not so far, brother-in-law.
In Tamil Nadu, directed Robo as per
the request of Rajinikanth...
And directed 'I' as Vikram requested him.
Both the films were directed by
this guy but Shankar had his name.
This is common in the film industry.
You do not worry.
Let us publish your name directly
for the film starring my son. Okay?
- That is my brother-in-law.
Take the amount whatever you want.
You should make a hit film with my son.
Now I will show you all the demos by my son.
Then you will know what my son is.
He is the Burning Star...
He is the Burning Star
He is the Burning Star...
Look at my face in the mirror
And I wonder what I see
I am just a travelling soldier
And I will be all I can be
But right now
I just wanna be free
I wanna be all I can be...
No no Subbu.. No no Subbu...
Up up hands up...
Baby hands up ha ha
Golden rooster has come
Hey baby...hey baby...
Hey baby!
See the secret behind the sari
Hey baby...hey baby...
Hey baby!
That is my son.
What is this? I cannot understand anything.
- How can we take him as a hero? Bloody face!
Hey, buddy! Someone has stolen
the handle of my bike.
Hey, he is out of his mind due to the demo.
Go and see.
Hey...hey! The handle is behind you.
Come on...sit!
How can he become a hero?
Our brain got damaged when
we saw his demo for just 15 minutes.
Then how can the audience see him
for 2 hours in theatres in future?
We are taking him as hero for
the film as we need the money.
But not to make him a hero.
Correct, but is it necessary to take such a risk?
Nothing comes to human without struggle.
If we make a film with this hero and score a hit...
The world will know what we are.
We should score the hit
by making the film with him.
And should earn Rs 1 crore.
This is fix...
- Okay.
Okay as you are saying so much.
Sampu Babu, you rock Babu!
What is this, buddy?
Anyone would arrange the movie opening
at Annapoorna Studio glass house...
Or else at Ramanaidu Vinayaka Temple.
This is not looking like movie
opening but like a village fest.
By the way... Who are these people?
Cannot you see?
The fans of our Sampu Babu.
- Yes.
Anyone would have the fans
after the film release...
But why is he having the fans
before the film release?
He is the Sampu
Hey, what are you doing?
Sampu Babu...
- Hey! What are you doing?
Sampu babu, I inhaled your breath...
My life is fulfilled, Babu.
Now I will lose my life happily, Babu.
Hey, this is not the program
of protest or strike on road...
But the film opening.
You should be alive at least to watch my film.
Moreover, crackers are being fired.
You will get burnt.
Seeing you on the screen after the film release,
I will lose my life at theatre happily, Babu.
Shut up!
Not only this film, I have to do much more films.
You beat the drums.
Babu...Sampu Babu!
You are the god came to the earth.
All the evil eyes on you should get ward off, Babu.
Thank you!
- My sweet boy!
Sampu brother...long live!
Will yo waste the blood which
was given by your parents to you?
Donate at the blood bank of
Chiranjeevi for every 6 months.
I too will be giving.
- Brother, you are the god.
Sampu brother...long live!
I should kill him first.
A rose flower is in the coconut of Babu.
Cauliflower may come
when he break the pumpkin!
Yes! For whom have been waiting with
strained eyes and swollen faces...
Whose appearance makes the public
would wear the sweaters...
And cover up themselves
with blankets in summer...
And sleeps on road comfortably...
Whose appearance makes the animals
leave the forest and comes to the people...
He has come...
- Who is that bloody fellow!
He is not my fan, push him out.
- Forgive me, Babu. Sorry.
Babu, tell us a single dialogue in your style.
Tell us, Babu.
You have to say...
- Yes!
If I enter into the film industry producers
should carry the collections in the containers.
Screening my movies at theatres,
the projectors would get blast.
There is no limit for your happiness from now...
There is no end for the entertainment.
Whom do the stars have?
- Fans!
Then whom do Sampu have?
- Devotees...
Hey, director... You should talk next.
- Why would he allow us to talk?
Jai Hind!
As a son to a father with kind heart
"You have come searching for us
and stood by us"
"You have come like a festival"
Hi, buddy. - Hi!
- Hi, Kartk.
Good morning.
- Hi, Kartik.
Did all the artists have come?
- Yes, they came. - Everyone is here.
Babu has come before the production man
and is ready with his costume.
It is enough if he has such dedication.
Hi, Kartik.
- Hi!
Morning, Babu.
- Oh! Sorry, sir.
Good morning, director sir.
- What is this, Babu?
Let him fall when he is falling on...
You should not lift him up.
What is the scene now?
- One second, Babu. Give me the script.
Babu, you will come for jogging
to this park daily. - Okay.
Even heroine used to jog in this park.
- Is it...
You will be seeing her daily.
But she does not care you at least.
With that, you will be worried and
you should take the rose flower pot...
Run towards, bend in front of heroine
and should give the flower, Babu.
We are doing up to that, Babu.
Would say as I said this...
Do you know with whom you are making the film?
Sampu...Sampoornesh Babu.
It is more than enough when this Sampu sees her.
Then will not she look at when Sampu see her?
When this Sampu enters into the park all the girls
should come towards like the butterflies on flowers.
Hey, what did you say?
Should I bend?
Not that, Babu. Everyone would
bend like that in front of lover.
Look! I do not even bend my head
during hair cut at the salon.
Then how did you think I would
bend in front of the figure?
Not that, Babu...
Do not worry, everyone will get their money.
You stand away from me like that.
Look, I will give you a hit film.
You switch on the camera.
Director, say 'action'.
Hey, bend down...
Hey, bend down... I will say.
Hey, stretch out your palm.
You are very lucky.
You have fallen in the eyes of Sampu.
I am throwing the flower, catch it.
I love you!
Oh, no...
Love me!
- Hey, shut up!
Who is he, sir.
Behaving like a mad fellow.
I will hit you!
Will you address me in an irrespective manner?
You banana leaf face!
I will not act beside him.
- Get lost!
Will not come to see such trump...
But will come to see Sampu.
Babu, it will be difficult to get
another heroine immediately.
The shooting gets refrained.
- Yes, Babu.
In all India, when no heroine from
any language accepts to act beside you...
At last, we roped her in even though
she is not so beautiful.
Is there no heroine to act beside Sampu?
I will get a better heroine beautiful than her.
Hey, keep the camera on...
What is he, man?
Sir, give me the flower... Please, sir.
Give me the flower.
Tell me 'I love yo', sir. Sir... Please, sir.
- Hello!
Did I explained the scene to her.
No, right?
Look... Still, she is in great sync.
Please, sir. Give me the flower, sir.
- You should understand, man.
I love you, sir.
Please, love me, sir.
- I do not love you.
Do not say so, sir. Please...
- No. - Please, sir...
Oh, man!
Please, sir.
Give me a hug, sir.
- Come, enjoy!
Hey, did you see?
If we reject them, then only they will come to us.
Then we can hug them like this.
Babu, you do not say everything to us.
The camera is kept turned on.
You do as you want to do.
Who is telling you, man?
I am saying it to the audience.
I am saying to my fans.
Are you listening, guys?
He said everything to the camera and
why is he saying 'are you listening, guys'?
Cut! Cut! Cut!
Why are they saying cut cut?
The director is saying us to cut an apple.
You carry on, dear.
Sir, send away everyone.
It will not look good.
Where to go? Still, the first shot
is not yet completed. - Yes!
Hey, the time is 11 o'clock.
Still how long?
Ask him to leave her soon.
Pankajam, let us go soon after the pack up. Okay?
- Okay. - Babu!
- What?
The director is feeling sad due
to the interruption in shooting.
The scenes and the dialogues
are same wherever I am.
Ask him to bring the camera and fix it here.
It is 1 o'clock. Not even a single shot is wrapped...
- Babu asked to bring the camera.
Hey, Babu has called us it seems.
Come let us take the camera and go.
- Come.
Wherever he is... let us catch him and shoot.
What do you say?
The new talent has come to show
your power in battlefield, see brother
Miracles are happening on the silver screen
Come on...see here, brother.
Hey, man... They started the shoot
Come on... watch the film, brother
It may be the comedy or magic
Let us enjoy, come on
A monkey game playing by life with three guys
Let us see the trend in this 2 hours picture
They tied hair to the hill...see! see! see!
The game has started, it will be full on entertainment
Do not know who will join this game, this funny game
The smile excited in the love will go crazy in future
Creating the link with the doll, the mind will get blocked
As this girl attached to me will join me
If I am with that sentiment I will be affected mentally
Had dreams in Eastman Colour
Even though there is a lot of risks,
they were already fixed
The time decides whether it is victory or defeat
Hey, man... They started the shoot
Come on... watch the film, brother
The new talent has come to show
your power in battlefield, see brother
Miracles are happening on the silver screen
Come on...see here, brother.
Hey, come down miss
I am loving and waiting for mister
In the movie, love will have a happy ending
You will go absolutely mad if you think love
and movie are same
Collections would be showered making
a love oriented movie
Betting for love leads to the loss of honour
There will be many desires in the real life
There will be many sorrows in reel life
There will be the darkness hidden in the light
Hey, man... They started the shoot
Come on... watch the film, brother
Let us see the trend in this 2 hours picture
They tied hair to the hill...see! see! see!
Hey, come down miss
I am loving and waiting for mister
Thank god! Finally, we were able
to wrap a shot by the pack up time.
Production! Get me one cup of tea.
Me too...
Oh! It is like hell with this fellow.
Hey, I am controlling myself as we need to win
the challenge and for your marriage with Shruti...
Or else I would have hit him to the ground.
His face is like a hay-man!
Who is she?
Pankajam it seems.
He turned her a heroine.
Not that, buddy. What is the scene tomorrow?
Scene no. 19
19? No, fix the fight scene tomorrow.
- Fight? For him?
He cannot even scratch
his leg himself bending down...
And fights flying in the air!
Greetings, director sir.
- Oh, Babu.
He is first in this.
- Let him bow, man.
- Greetings, baby. - Oh!
You are super, sir. You are sharp!
- Thank you...Thank you.
What is the scene today? Give.
- Fight, Babu... Fight.
Greetings, sir.
- Greetings, sir...
They are the fighters.
- We came to know this is Sampu sir shooting, sir.
We are very happy, sir.
We will take care of Babu that he do not get
any small scar and his shirt will not even get crumpled.
We will fly away rolling in the air
when he blows the air, sir.! Look master, I do not want this type of fight.
We want the realistic fight.
No Babu and nothing.
Bash him up.
You should thrash Sampu and
give him nicely by the evening.
To tell in a single word...
Beat him like beating the dog.
What all these?
These are the dummy sticks, sir.
Made out of cotton.
Will not get hurt even if we beat hardly. See.
Hey, throw them aside.
- Throw them away.
Beat him with this and thrash him.
- Okay, sir.
See, master. We are going through the hell.
He will not come to our way
unless you give him nicely.
We are also feeling irritated by doing fake fights daily, sir.
Our blood is flowing like flood when
you are asking for the real fight, sir.
We will beat him nicely like a dough, sir. See, sir.
What is the lead scene to the fight scene?
That is...
- Order me a tea.
Give him the scene paper.
- Production! One cup of tea.
What, I should beat them first
and they will beat me later?
Yes, Babu.
Let them beat me first and I will beat them later.
If I beat first they will not get up for half an hour.
Unnecessarily time will be wasted.
Planning to release the film on 1st.
Babu, you are ready, right?
Camera... Action!
These guys...these guys.
This fatso!
What, man? Have you become
blind as you have muscles?
When this chubby fat girl is moving to and fro
like a road roller, will not you tease her?
Sir, we come to this park to do walking and jogging.
But not to do ragging and teasing, sir.
Did you see, how recklessly he is answering?
I also showed them my body while doing yoga...
They are closing their eyes.
Meditation should be done by closing eyes, baby.
- You bloody fellow!
Will you address my darling a baby in front of me?
How dare you!
Remove your hand, man.
- Take out, man!
Come on...let us fight.
Should break the boxes. Come on...hit me.
Hit me...hit me!
- Hey!
Oh, no!
Hey, do not get confused by moving around.
You said to do the real fight, right Babu?
Babu is saying to the audience.
- You caught it correctly, man.
Hey, director. These guys are beating me really.
- Babu is again saying to the audience. - Come, man.
You bloody!
Not you... Watch the shooting.
Hey, Bhuvan. Where are you?
Not only audience, Babu is also saying to me.
He is finished!
What, baby?
The hero of the film directed
by Kartik got injuries it seems.
He is in the hospital.
It is in the news.
Is he the hero?
- Yes.
Is he making the film with this guy?
- Yes...
He, his face and his teeth...
So funny!
Until now I had a small doubt
that Kartik would win the bet.
After seeing him, I am very happy.
He will not win and never win.
Be ready to marry the one whom I select.
How is Sampu Babu, sir?
It is all you media people rushed
towards but nothing else.
But everyone would think doctors
are incapable if we tell the truth...
We also rushed like you.
Did Sampu Babu get any stitches where he got hurt, sir?
It took one day time just to find the wound on his body.
And where is the chance to stitch?
Today they are discharging him from the hospital it seems.
Then we will start the shooting very soon.
You prepared the schedule.
Let us talk to him.
Hey, I feel like I got fever whenever I hear about shooting.
Yes, buddy. Me too feel the same.
I feel like suicide thinking of shooting.
All these days you used to come
for the shooting very happily, right?
What happened to you now?
Is that not enough what has happened?
What else should happen?
Hey, he is been torturing us some way
even when we are trying to escape anyway.
Okay, I will take care of it on my own.
It is your wish.
That day, you were excited in front of Shruti's father.
But today you sat silently.
I do not want to make you suffer.
I will do it on my own.
- Hey...
Hey! Whatever can happen, will happen.
Come... Let us go together and solve it.
Thanks, buddy.
- Listen to me carefully.
I will give you an idea to save yourselves from him.
By the way, who are you?
Turn right side to know who I am.
You are nearby, right?
You can talk to me directly, right?
For the variety, I gave the entry like this.
How is my entry?
Crap! What is this disguise of a bird hunter?
I think he is an artist.
- No! I am the real brother.
Then why are you moving in the public without fear?
As nobody is believing just like you...
I am also moving happily.
What is the need for you to help us?
I came here to take revenge on him along
with you as he tortured and harassment me a lot.
Basically, I am a writer for movie.
When I was working under
Allari Ravi Babu peacefully...
Got tempt by his offer and took advance from him.
Got ready to write the story for that Sampu.
Whatever the story I narrate to him, he changed
it and used to say some other story as he like.
Unable to tolerate his torture, when I went into
the woods and doing meditation peacefully...
Brothers came and made me join them.
By the way, what is your plan?
He should be there if you want to make the movie, right?
Will you shoot him and kill him?
No! If I do so, then how can you solve
your problem and how can I take the revenge?
Let us kidnap him.
- Kidnap? - Yes, kidnap...
I am ready... Are you ready?
Doing like that is risk, right?
- Yes, very risky... - Is it necessary?
This is not at all a big risk in front
of the risk to make a film with him...
Hey, we need money.
He bears the risk and the profit is ours.
Without making a movie, we are getting Rs 1 crore.
- Yes. - Let us agree with him.
His father would give so much money for him.
We are ready.
Why are you staring like an idiot?
Come and join the hand. - Come.
- Come on...
- Babu, SI Sunil Kumar is speaking.
Tell me, sir.
We got the information that someone
is planning to kidnap you, Babu.
Is there any man who can kidnap me?
- This is just an information which we got, Babu.
We also came to know that those kidnappers
may come in the police disguise, Babu.
Better you stay carefully until we come there.
Do not worry SI...
Let them come.
I will bash everyone and get them settled
on the bed in the beside ward.
Come on...
Hey, why are we going like thieves by hiding?
Are we the wanted persons?
- Now we are the kidnappers, right?
Who knows that we are the kidnappers?
Shout aloud that we are the kidnappers.
Then everyone will come to know.
Correct... Shut your mouth and come normally.
Where is Sampu?
- Go this way. - Come.
"He is a six feet bullet"
Sir... Power star...
"He is a rocket fired courage"
I am the president of Power star fans.
Babu has sent me for you.
Superstar sir... Is that you?
I am the president of Mahesh Babu fans
He sent me here.
Anushka fan...You too came!
My master also sent...
I am very happy.
Why do the fans of all stars have come like this?
Oh! I understood.
Knowing that someone is planning to
kidnap Sampu, you came to protect, right?
- Yes...
Hold it.
- Okay.
Tell me, SI sir...
Yes, Babu. Just now I got the information
from Intelligence, Babu.
They have entered into the hospital it seems.
You be careful.
I am searching every nook
and corner in the hospital, Babu.
Do not worry, SI sir.
All my fans are with me to protect me.
- Yes!
If something happens these guys
will rip their skin off. - Yes... - Yes!
Babu, if we stay here those kidnappers
may kidnap you anyway.
So we will escape from here before they come.
- Yes, good idea.
Come, I will say how to escape.
Search every room, do not leave anyone.
Stop the people if you suspect anyone.
- Oh, no... They are the kidnappers. Come inside.
Listen, the kidnappers have
come in the police disguise.
Let us escape from backside and go by taxi.
Look over there. Here and there...
Do not leave any place.
Entire hospital should be under our control.
Hey, give me that stethoscope.
Not there... Check here.
I think it is an emergency case.
I will take out the X-Ray with the scanning.
Will you try to kidnap me!
What happened?
Why did you stop here?
The kidnappers are the group from another state.
- Oh...
They do not know who you are...
They know me very well.
I need to change my getup.
- Okay.
Come on...
I will not leave them anyway.
Hey, follow me. Come on...
- Hey, come fast. - Come on.
Grandpa, you may get affected by swine flu.
Keep this. Okay? Come on...come.
Hey, who are you?
We are the fans of Burning star Sampurnesh babu.
We came to know that he has
a threat from the kidnappers.
We came to protect him.
- Yes.
Okay, who is this nurse?
We are taking her to give
the injection for Sampurnesh babu.
Okay, go ahead.
- You bloody!
Bloody rascal! He wants nurse it seems!
I will teach him...
Cool, Babu.
- Come on...
"Oh! Sampu...Sampu"
Damn! Sampu was kidnapped.
Take a break!
Until now the first half is good.
Let us see how the second half would be.
It will be good definitely.
Madam, give us two tea.
Very cool... Cool, guys.
We kidnapped you with so much struggle...
What cool, man?
Do you know the spelling of kidnap?
Hey, do you know what kidnap is called in Telugu?
Know it...
Know it, man.
Apaharana (Kidnap)
Telugu Hero...
Telugu hero is here...Sampu
My route is separate.
Hey, all your ways are closed.
You have no other route
other than listening to us.
My way is own way...
Nobody can close it.
Oh, great dialogues!
Buddy, we have the masks on our face...
Shall we bash him up? - You!!
Coward! Is he a hero?
- No!
Do you think I am scared?
You thought I would piss by getting
scared when you bash me up, right?
If you want to make me fear, then you would have
worn the mask of villain but not the hero...
It might be worked out even then.
Pandu sir... Fan of Super star Mahesh Babu.
- Yes.
Raj... Co-director.
Devuda! Fan of Bunny Babu.
Roshan... Assistant director.
Boss... Power star Pawan Kalyan.
Alias director Kartik.
When you were asked to make a film happily...
What all these bloody actions?
Wow! Master...
You wore the mask of my master.
Who are you?
Oh my dear writer!
You are saying the dialogues
writing my words for me!
Silly! Are these your stupid ideas?
The miserliness in the creativity is over flowing.
I have been observing your stupid actions.
Thought to stab me with knives, dagger...
Why do you need all these sufferings?
Keep this kidnap scene in the film 'Kitakitalu'.
But not in the real life.
Hey, you are not understanding one thing.
If I go out now and tell the police...
Your lives... Your lives will get spoiled.
Get lost... Go!
- Damn! Come, buddy.
What? Are you feeling sad as our plan got failed?
We will plan again.
I am here, right?
I am not crying as the plan got failed...
As we are fooled by him.
We were shooting the film and you gave
this bloody idea. You bloody rascal!
That god should come down
to save us from him. - You!
"Reestablish the principles of religion,
I advent Myself millennium after millennium."
By the way, who are you, sir?
You gave such an entry at this time...
I may come late...
but I will come definitely.
Oh! Are you the watchman of this building?
- Hey... Gopala Gopala
See this key chain.
It means Pawan Kalyan in Gopala Gopala...
- Hello!
You should pray to god but you should not question.
Moreover, you will be lost if you
tease the one who came to help you.
Your name...
- Rajesh... Satyam Rajesh.
Everyone used to call me Satyam Rajesh
as I speak the truth all the time.
You are the writer Vikram, right?
- Yes, sir.
What, Vikram?
These guys were shooting with dedication...
Will you spoil their work instead of helping them?
- Sir, as they were unable to make the film with him...
If so, you should advise them seriously.
Will you spoil them by giving
these type of stupid ideas?
Only the useless people will get
these type of stupid thoughts.
I should give you some work urgently.
You are the writer of Bommarillu 2 by Dil Raju,
Gopala Gopala 2 by Suresh and Geetanjali 2 by Kona.
Are you happy?
- Sir! What is this bumper offer, sir?
If you want tell me...
Shankar is ready to do "I 2" it seems.
I will talk to him now itself.
- Sir, no...
I will complete these three first.
- Okay.
Sir, I will be in touch. Bye, sir.
- Okay.
Brother, some light has come along with you.
We got the confidence that we can do anything.
Yes, brother.
We will do as you say.
I should become a big hero.
He should become a big director.
He should become something.
- Okay.
You will reach the position that you never expect.
I can assure you that.
Thanks, brother.
- Thank you very much.
Only thanks?
In present position, what can we give
you back other than saying thanks, brother?
Tell me what do you want, brother...
- Yes.
I will ask at the right time.
After seeing you in a great position.
First, see what he is doing inside.
- Yes, brother. Yes, come.
Oh my god! What, brother-in-law?
Why did you bring me into this weird palace?
You do not know anything.
You do not worry. - Okay.
These type of people will know where our Sampu is.
Meanwhile, we may lose everything.
- Let it be. It is enough if we get our Sampu.
Let it be?
He is the one I said.
He is not looking like a sorcerer but
the one who would eat up the evils. - Shh...
What, dear? Did you wash entirely
when I asked you to wash off your face?
It is been very late.
Is the van ready? Let us move.
Who is he?
Director sir, this character is
not there in the first half, right?
Why did you make him enter the second half?
Babu, he is moving according to the story.
You do not confuse involving unnecessarily.
Why are you rotating it like that?
Gopala Gopala?
Shall we move into the content?
- It is okay.
Your eye of wisdom is suffering from cold.
- It must be nose, right?
You are special, right?
- Yes. In order to cure it...
Move 3 steps forward and 2 steps backwards.
- Left or right?
Front and back.
- Okay.
One...two. What is now?
- This is the thing.
He beat him, Ladda...
- Brother.
He has fallen down, Ladda.
Instead of saying he has fallen...
you can lift him up by using some mantras, right?
Is he a tequila glass to lift up?
Bloody! My tongue is started
folding for talking to you.
What, brother?
Why did you hit him with the rod so hard?
First, lift him up and lay him on it.
- Come, buddy.
What did he do, Ladda? Beer or brandy?
- Listen, Ladda...
In which bar did Babu has fallen down?
It is not drinking the alcohol, you bloody Ladda.
- It is you, brother-in-law.
He beat on the head of your son with a rod.
With that your son's...
it has flown away like a parrot.
What, Ladda? Is that life?
Not life, Ladda... It is consciousness.
Consciousness of your son
has flown away like a parrot.
By the way, who kidnap my son, Ladda.
- He is not one like Mahesh Babu...
Not two like Prakash Raj and Mohanlal...
Not even three like Three Idiots...
Four... they are four members.
- Who are they?
If you ask like that...
Should I say Ram Charan or Allu Arjun?
Or else say some identifications, Ladda.
They are new to the industry.
And one is old to the industry.
One minute.
Hello! - Listen carefully.
I need to tell you one thing.
First, you listen to me carefully.
You kidnapped our Sampu, right?
- Yes. How do you know?
Just now Ladda said by using some Mantras.
Give the phone to your brother-in-law. Tell your
brother-in-law that I would remove his leg or hand. What do you want now?
We should give you money to leave him.
That is it, right?
Say that good news to my brother-in-law.
I will give the phone to my brother-in-law.
Brother-in-law! Call for you.
- What, man?
Brother-in-law, we do not want Ladda anymore.
- Why? Did Sampu come back to home by chance?
We are finished! Someone has kidnapped him it seems.
- You bloody fool Ladda!
That Ladda said that already, right?
Why are you saying that like a new matter?
Yes, right?
- Yes.
That kidnapper is on line, brother-in-law.
Then do one thing.
- Okay.
You go and give them half of Rs 116 and Rs 116...
And get Sampu back.
They are not the fools like me
to leave him for just Rs 116...
What do you mean?
Should I give them Rs 1116?
Wait, I will ask them and tell you.
What? Do you want one and a half crore?
One and half crore?
I thought to ask one crore.
Okay, you are feeling excited, right?
Give one and half crore.
Brother-in-law... Brother-in-law!
They are asking one and a half crore, bother-in-law.
- One and a half crore rupees?
One and only son...
Your print in colour.
Think of him, brother-in-law.
Just one and a half crore, right?
Why are you saying so simple
as it is a coconut shell?
One and half crore rupees, man.
Do one thing. I am an Ex-MLA, right?
Ask him whether he can give any concession.
Okay, I will ask.
- Okay.
Hello! My brother-in-law is asking...
Is there any discount?
Reduce Rs 500.
Brother-in-law, they can reduce Rs 500 it seems.
- No need, tell him to keep with him. Give me the phone.
You do not know how to talk.
- Oh...
If I count one and a half crore to give you
immediately. I may get back pain, do you know?
Hey, who asked you to get it now?
The transaction is not possible during traffic time.
I will call you after eating biryani at midnight and
tell you the place where you need to bring the money.
You broke the head of this fellow
and made him lay down.
And asking then to bring
Rs 1 crore during midnight...
What if he do not get up?
Simple... We will take him
and hand over them.
And go home taking the money from them.
Will this happen, brother?
- Yes...
From tomorrow you would get sparkling dreams.
Why are you still waiting? Make a call to
your girlfriend and tell her this good news.
Listening to you I feel very happy.
But I have some doubt...
Delete all the doubts.
Today night they will give us the money.
Tomorrow morning we will
give the money to father of Shruti.
Clear... Come on, guys... Chill!
Shruti, a good news for you.
- Tell me, Kartik.
I am transferring the money through RTGS tomorrow.
- Oh, is it?
Tell your father to send the account number.
- Okay.
Hello...hello, my darling
How do you do, my darling
Hello...hello, my darling
Waiting for the honeymoon
A great warrior in love
You won me, my dear hero
My love, put the garland becoming Oorvashi
My marriage must happen with my lover
Come on, my darling
Come soon, my darling
Hello...hello, my darling
Waiting for the honeymoon
I did not think you are so great
The brave man loved me
I did not think you are so great
The brave man loved me
Oh my dear, your love is so great
It is like a festival to my heart
Come on, my darling
Come soon, my darling
Hello...hello, my darling
Waiting for the honeymoon
My eyes started dreaming
Meanwhile, it happened really
My eyes started dreaming
Meanwhile, it happened really
Who is there in the dream
It was me, right my sweetheart
I have showered the nectar for you really
Hello...hello, my darling
How do you do, my darling
Come on, my darling
Come soon, my darling
Hello...hello, my darling
Waiting for the honeymoon
You would count the distance
to give money for petrol and diesel.
But you are giving kilos of money
to the one who kidnapped your son.
Bloody rascal! My sister died unnecessarily...
My fate would be great if you have died.
Brother-in-law, your hands might be hurting as
you were counting so much money from a long time.
I will bring the bag, brother-in-law.
There will be no use of the rented affection.
It will not suit your face.
Go and sit in the car. Go!
- Okay...
Why did you ask him to stop?
Urgent, brother-in-law.
- Go fast.
I cannot control it.
- Go. - I will be back soon.
Oh god! He has the eyes
of lizard and ears of a snake.
I should be very careful.
Hello, SI sir.
- Yes, Chintapikkala. Tell me.
My sketch is not an ordinary one.
It worked out very well.
If you come for the attack at the right time...
You take your crore rupees
and keep my share safely.
I will come and collect it.
- Okay.
My brother-in-law is calling me.
You be careful.
Do it correctly. Okay.
Buddy, even though our movie is low budget,
the location is super.
It will be like that if we plan.
No human will come here.
- But we came, right?
You bloody! We have the work so we came.
Will anybody sell flowers and fruits
during this time here in this forest?
Jasmine...Jasmine flowers!
Jasmine...Jasmine flowers
Jasmine...Jasmine flowers!
Great, buddy!
Jasmine...Jasmine flowers!
Each cubit is 30 paise...just 30 paise
What a stupid tongue, man!
You said flowers and fruits...
The flowers have come.
But there is no fruits, right?
- Banana...Banana
Banana, sir... Banana
Dozen banana is for 70 paise
Banana, sir... Banana
Sir, do you want bananas?
- No, no need. - Dozen banana for 70 paise, sir.
- What is this, buddy?
How can they sell cubit jasmine flowers for
just 30 paise and dozen bananas for 70 paise?
Why are they selling all these
at this uninhabited area?
Yes, buddy. I too have a doubt.
- Hey, do not create the doubts.
You bloody face like the one who digs out
the dump from the wells.
I will take out the dump from the well...
I will take out the dump from the well...
I will take out the dump from the well.
I will take out the dump from the pits...
Sir, do you want me to take out
the dump from the well?
No... No need.
- No.
Or do I need to take out the dump from
the wells at houses of people known to you?
No... Nobody.
- Okay.
I will take out the dump from the well...
I will take out the dump from the well.
What can I do, man?
I think all the gods are on night shifts.
Unnecessary people are coming.
But why the main person is not coming?
There they have come.
Wear the mask.
There they are.
Where is Sampu Babu?
- Where is the bag?
Wait, I will bring.
- You wait.
Yes, here...
He is here.
Brother-in-law, that pose is of our boy.
Nobody can give that pose other than our boy.
Hey, you bloody fools!
Are you not feeding my son stomachful?
Why do his face has become like paper sheet?
- This is the paper sheet, you fool.
Why are you talking in between?
Then why Rajesh brother has sent us
and he did not come here?
If the police catch us,
then what will be our position?
Hey, Rajesh brother is looking after Sampu.
He would leave Sampu there
after we get the money here.
That is... Thinking of you continuously,
he became like this.
You fool!
Listen! My friend will bring your son till there.
You send the bag with him.
Not he, I will come.
- Hey, I will not trust you.
Hey, boy... nothing like that.
We will exchange in the middle.
You bring my son and
he will bring there the bag.
- Okay.
Why are you covering his face?
What if your son hit us
meanwhile and escape?
Do as you like. You take the bag.
- Okay, brother-in-law.
It is so heavy, take it carefully.
- Okay, brother-in-law.
Hey, take him with you.
- Okay.
Hey, come.
I will blow this whistle as soon as the bag goes to
the hands of the kidnapper from Chintapikkala.
Then you attack.
- Okay. - Go!
As soon as I get the bag, I will blow the whistle.
Then we will run away.
- Okay, buddy.
Hey, come on...
Brother-in-law, he is not Sampu.
- Come on...catch him. - Hey, catch them.
I will take my share coming to your home.
- Okay.
Hey, Chintapikkala... What happened?
Brother-in-law he is not Sampu.
Here, this is the paper sheet.
Okay, you come. Come on...come.
My brother-in-law is finished now.
- Come soon, get in. - Hey, move.
- Yes.
I swear by my sister...
I feel pity for you, brother-in-law.
We lost the money but
we did not get your son back.
You do not feel so much.
I am not a fool like you. - Why?
- That bag is full of waste papers.
Waste papers?
- Yes.
In front of me you kept the money
in that bag after counting, right?
That bag is at home, this is the fake one.
Father! - Yes.
- Oh, you are here!
Father, did you get the RTGS payment?
- What? Do you think he can make it?
Did you check your account?
- Do not know. I did not get any message.
Did you sms your account number to Kartik or not?
I sent the message last night.
You sent the message!
- Do the RTGS... Do it.
Hey, get up... Get up!
- What, buddy?
She called early in the morning and
shouting RTGS...RTGS like a crow.
Who is that?
- Shruti, man.
Manage by telling something.
- Hello, why did you become silent so suddenly?
Are you making the RTGS payment?
- That is... Still...
What? Did not you make the RTGS yet?
Here father is waiting.
Make it fast.
If father changes his thought,
then the story will come to the beginning.
Oh, listen to me.
I will come to your house along with
my friends and meet your father.
Oh, are you coming directly with the cash?
By the way, do you have a bag
in which you can carry crore rupees?
We do not even have crore rupees...
Do one thing. Go to Koti and buy a bag.
Do not arrange the money randomly in the bag.
My father does not like the crumpled
note and broken sweet.
Come here in a cab.
- Oh, are you the heroine?
Yes! When the director narrated the story,
he said you are the hero and I am the heroine.
That is it, right?
How the heroine must be?
Distributing the sweets to the orphan children...
Making the blind people cross the road...
And should play with cute puppies.
Got it?
- Yes.
I and your father will discuss regarding the cash.
Do not interfere in this.
- Okay.
You be careful.
- Okay. - Bye!
What is this torture for me?
Come, let us tell brother.
We are coming for you, brother.
Meanwhile, you came. - Okay.
Shruti is torturing me asking
for RTGS payment, brother.
As I do not know what to say in flow...
I said that I am coming to home.
Fool! She is thinking that
I am going with the cash.
Let it be, you said, right?
- Yes, brother.
I will manage it, come.
- Okay.
She is the producer Nirmala.
Hello, good morning. I said you, right?
He is Mr Kartik... A creative director. And his team.
Hi, madam.
Are you the guys?
Rajesh said everything about you.
You are young in age.
Listen, guys...
- Sweat... - Okay.
By the way...
- Acting. - Yes, I will do.
You do not worry. I will take care.
I will... So cute! Control...
Come, let us sit. Come.
- Okay, madam.
Greetings, madam.
What, man? Are you drunk early in the morning?
Do you think I do not have manners
to drink in the morning?
I am still continuing since night. That is it.
That is okay, here...
They are the film makers of our film.
Greetings, sir.
We kept the money inside, right.
- Yes.
Bring Rs 1 crore and give them.
- Always she will be giving...crores of money.
Madam, you will scold me if I say something...
How do you give them the money
before writing the agreement?
What would these sirs think, tell me...
They think that this PA is ruining everything.
Will you think like that or not, sir?
Okay... First, write the agreement.
- Okay.
Madam, you will scold me again if I say something...
Got it? What the day is today?
Will anybody with brain start
the good work on Tuesday?
You tell me, sir. Is that true or not?
- Okay, let us do it tomorrow.
Okay? - Let us do it tomorrow
- We will do it tomorrow. Do not take otherwise.
Director sir, do not take otherwise.
You can take the advance coming tomorrow.
- Okay.
My PA is a sentimental fool.
- Oh!
Only one day, right? No problem...
Come tomorrow and take one crore.
- What else?
You will scold me again if I say something...
How is it possible on Wednesday?
It is not at all possible.
Hey, just shut up!
What happened to Wednesday?
Did I say something has happened to Wednesday?
Nothing happen to Wednesday.
But it is the new moon day, madam.
Will anybody start the new projects
on new moon day?
I am asking will anybody start a good thing, madam...
Then you tell when can we start it.
I am saying as you asked me like that...
Thursday is a very good day...
The special day of Sai Baba.
And there is one more special thing on
that day which you do not know.
What is that?
- Birthday of our madam.
Yeah! Come on...everyone says
Happy birthday to you...
Enough, stop.
- Happy birthday to you...
It is the phone number.
- Yes.
I have their numbers.
Rajesh gave me long back.
You do not get tensed, man.
I will call you from my number. Okay?
Shall we move?
- Okay. - Bye, madam.
Bye, madam.
- Am so aged to greet like this?
You can hug me like this, right?
- It is honourable hug, do not take it otherwise.
Madam, leave him. It will not look good.
You are the god to us, brother.
- Yes, brother.
Do not know whether the god in
the temple fulfill our dreams or not...
But you are providing us with the money, brother.
Brother, you are for us like Pawan
to Venkatesh in Gopala Gopala.
Do not say such a big words...
You all are happy, right?
- Yes, brother.
Let us meet after new moon day.
You go to your house.
Hey, take care of Sampu.
- Okay, let us go. - Okay.
Madam called me on the phone.
She is very happy it seems.
Yes, she will be happy.
She made us tensed last night.
Why? What happened?
- Why are you asking, brother?
She called me and asked who is beside you...
I said my father.
She disconnected the call immediately
by saying call you later.
Oh, you are feeling sad as
she disconnected the call!
Not that, brother. She called me again.
- Okay.
I am not able to sleep. Remembering you...
And said something, brother.
- Yes, that is it, brother.
We used to follow the Facebook and twitter.
What can we know, brother?
By mistake, I asked my father
what is mean by inflammation...
Immediately, my father has
fallen down feeling giddy.
Naturally... That is the question which
a son should not ask his father.
What is her age and what is ours?
For me also the same torture, brother.
My legs are so long it seems.
Looks very handsome if I wear the shorts it seems.
What is this, brother?
Generally, madam used to get angry whenever
she see any man but she will not feel the inflammation.
And if she said like that after seeing you,
it means... There is something special in you, man.
Yes, I forgot to tell you something...
Today is the birthday of madam.
She invited you to the party in the evening.
My father lifted the chair on
to me as I talked on the phone.
If he knows that I have met her directly...
He will break my leg and makes me sit in the corner.
Yes, brother...
She showed us the xx film before
starting the film shooting...
After starting the shoot it will be xxx.
- Do not worry, brother.
Talk to her normally till we get
the cheque after the agreement.
If she calls you on the phone sometimes,
then tell her few jokes.
What will we lose? The need is ours.
- Not that, brother.
Do not talk anything.
Let us meet at the party in the evening.
By the way, all of you come
wearing lungi in the evening.
Lungi? - Yes!
- What the twist is this, brother?
Dress code, man.
The dress code will be like this for the party of rich kids.
Do not worry if I do not come in the evening.
I will be observing from somewhere.
Hey, boys!
The birthday baby is here, come.
She is ready to offer the film.
Come on..see.
My age is running like a racing horse
It would kill me with excitement at night
My temperature may raise when the hot looks strike me
It will be super if someone come for me and stays forever
Once come to me
I will give you the bumper offer
Once come to me
I will give you the bumper offer...
Once come to me
I will give you the bumper offer
My age is running like a racing horse
It would kill me with excitement at night
My age is running like a racing horse
It would kill me with excitement at night
Once come to me
I will give you the bumper offer
Once come to me
I will give you the bumper offer...
Oh my darling!
Do not disturb me like this
If I start the fight of romance
Day and night you will be sleepless
I will make the film with you
Hold my hand...come on hold my hand
Will not it be super hit if we work hard over night
Let us create the new wonder by running the film for 100 days houseful
Let us create the new wonder by running the film for 100 days houseful...
Oh my dear, my heart is beating very fast
You are the prime youth of Sheila
and the beautiful Chemeli
Producer Nirmala...
Do not tempt me like this
Let us start the beauty betting
Your duty will start from now
If you have the spiciness of chilli
it is enough, man
Shall I offer you all my beauties
Liking you and come with you
I will offer my entire beauty to you as the meal, come
I will offer my entire beauty to you as the meal, come...
My age is running like a racing horse
It would kill me with excitement at night
My age is running like a racing horse
It would kill me with excitement at night
Once come to me
I will give you the bumper offer
Once come to me
I will give you the bumper offer...
Hi, father! What a surprise!
Why are you at home at this time?
What happened, father?
Hey, Buddy. Shruti is calling.
Hey, do not lift the call. She will torture us asking for RTGS.
Hey, you wait.
Hey, you tell her that we came to do RTGS.
Anyway, we will get the agreement
money within a while, right?
You lift the call.
Hello! Yes, Shruti. Just now we came...
- Shut up!
I thought you are a good person.
I never think that you are such a rogue.
What happened, Shruti?
- What else should happen?
You kidnapped the hero
of your film for the money.
You went for some bloody bitch
after boozing a lot and...
What are you talking, Shruti?
You have mistaken me by seeing someone else.
Do not try to make me believe still.
I will send the great job that you did, see it.
Do not even try to talk to me once again.
Shruti... Shruti!
What happened, buddy?
Sorry, father.
I will marry the one whom you have selected.
I will never object your words from now.
- No, dear... You are in emotion.
Without knowing the situations
which made him stay with that girl...
Still, what should I know, father?
When I can see everything clearly...
If that rogue is in front of me,
I would have killed him here itself.
What is this, man?
Who might have clicked this photos?
Who might have sent this photos to Shruti?
Do not worry, buddy.
Hey, brother has come.
You are the saviour, brother.
You came at the right time.
A person who saves someone
from danger is called as saviour.
But a person who creates that situation...
is called as Rajesh...Satyam Rajesh.
Stop the jokes, brother.
We are tensed.
Shall I tell you one thing that
could vanish your tensions?
Madam... Producer...
That is what you know.
But you do not know that she is a doll
which plays as per my commands, right?
It means that photos...
- I am the one who sent his father.
Hey, will you cheat us for believing you?
We can cheat only the one who believes us, man.
Who are you, man?
Why did you come into my life?
I did not enter into your life...
But you came into my life.
- Yes...
I am working in the company of Shruti.
I have joined there in a small job and
worked hard to impress her father...
And became the GM of the company.
I thought to become the MD of
the company by marrying Shruti.
Even her father accepted for that.
But meanwhile, you entered into
the life of Shruti saying love and lust...
That is why I have planned all these.
With this, Shruti will never
see your face in her life.
I did like that...
True Love Will Never Die, buddy
We should not fail in life and
you should not fail in your love.
As he cheated us, let us solve
the problem by using Sampu.
Come on...
- Come.
Babu... Sampu Babu!
Get up!
- Babu...
Come on, Ladda... get up!
Ladda, get up...
Get up and show your power.
Get up, Ladda... get up!
Show your power, Ladda.
Make him get up by exciting him
and encouraging him.
Bethala Ladda who will not care anyone...
Make him get up even if he is under the earth.
Wake him up.
Show, man... Ladda, get up!
He has got up...
The son of tiger has woke up.
What happened to him?
Why is he looking like a fool lost
in the village feast?
His mind might have flown away like
a parrot because of your yelling.
Hey, what happened to him?
After Rajesh beat him, his mind might
have got damaged and forgot everything.
Why am I with you, tell me...tell me.
Hey, why are you so tall?
Why am I so short?
Tell me...tell me.
- What to do now?
This is what we need.
I will tell now, see.
Who am I?
Why am I like this?
Tell me!
- Babu...This is you, Babu.
You are a famous model, Babu.
- Yes.
What, buddy?
Yes... Yes, that is me.
That is me!
What happened?
What is happening?
I was like that and how I have
become like this, tell me...
Who turned me like this?
- That Rajesh made turned you like this, Babu.
Where is he now?
Where is he now, man?
Today is his marriage, Babu.
I know where he is. Come...let us go.
Here you are!
- Hey, who are you?
It is me... S
- S?
Are you the bride?
- What? Am I looking alike the groom to your eyes?
Confirm...confirm. You are the heroine.
Come on...
I will not talk... We will not talk to each other.
I am saying that call sheet time is running out, right?
Where are you taking her?
To the Sangeet Program.
- Oh to the program!
Somebody is taking away the bride.
Where are they, Ladda?
Tell me, let us go there together.
Hey, Tumbri!
Come, I will take you.
Come on...
"Birth and death are certain"
For one who has taken his birth,
death is certain...
For one who is dead, birth is certain.
Hey, who are you?
Hey, I am asking you...
Why did you tie me like this?
What do you want?
More than that!
More than that?
Hey, jewellery?
More than that...
What do you want more than that?
I am asking you...
Do you want my body?
Hey! More than that...
- What will be there more than that? My foot!
You foolish girl!
Brother... stop your stupid talk, brother.
- Oh! Is this your plan, sir?
I thought you are Chiranjeevi when you made
the challenge that you would earn the money.
I did not expect you are Prakash Raj
who would kidnap the girl for money.
Are you the lover? Darn!
- Not that, Shruti. Listen to me.
Why is she saying you are the lover?
Hey, move!
- Hey, why is she calling you lover?
Because she loved her...
Then why is Rajesh is getting ready to marry her?
Because he loved her.
Am I looking like a joker to you?
Why did you make me kidnap
this girl when he loved her?
Why did you give me
the injection when he loved?
Tell me...
- This is your last question.
No need to unfasten it.
Why do I kidnap you, Shruti?
I brought you here with the fear
that Rajesh may marry you.
I am irritated even to see your face.
People in the film industry are so.
Shut up! Do you know what has happened?
That is what happened.
What, man? Did you think her father
would come running if you bring her?
Or else do you want to prove that
I am not the comedian but the villain?
I felt bored by doing comedy roles.
That is why... I am the villain of this film.
Hey, if my father comes to know about you
he will kill you.
Is it?
That is why..
As usual, I have diverted your father.
What are you, man?
You are the director.
Instead of sitting in front of the monitor
and saying action and cut...
What the work do you have in this action scene?
Basically, all these has happened
because of you, man.
Will you touch the collar of my brother-in-law?
Hey, rowdies! Will not you enter the fight
unless I serve you the beer and biryani?
Hey, see his end.
- Hey, come. - How dare you push me!
Take him away.
- Hey...
Now see my plan...
- Okay, buddy.
Hey, will we stay calm if you give
the S injection to our brother?
Injection? What the angle is this?
Oh! Are you an innocent that you
do not know about the injection?
Are you writing the new story
by changing the existed one?
Do not change the story during the climax.
Will get confused.
Hey, when did we write the stories newly?
Our Babu who has been selected for Mr Andhra...
Mr Telangana Mr Tamil Nadu, Mr Karnataka, Kerala...
You gave some injection and turned him Mr Mastin.
Why did you bring another injection
and what do you want to do?
We are even ready to give our heart
and liver to save our Babu.
Hey, is it true what they said?
Hey, you are like a banana in the game.
You are not so great.
Move aside and play.
Eat the banana taking from the garden,
it is good for health.
If you compare me with a banana in the game...
It will fire me. It is burning me somewhere.
It may burn you but not us.
If it burn us...
Fire them, brother-in-law... Shoot!
Hey... Hey, stop!
- Hey, leave... Leave the gun.
Oh god!
Here, Ladda... Your son.
My son... Sampu
What, son?
Why did they come suddenly?
What to do now? - You wait.
Sampu, you are the diamond in the men.
Why did you become so dark?
Oh! Why did you become so thin?
You are checking me like a security guard
at the shopping mall...
Who are you?
Why are you asking like that, son?
I am your father, son.
What is the proof?
- Yes. - What proof, son?
I am your father, son.
Why are you asking me for the proof?
What can I show you as a proof?
Sir, he is the one who kidnapped Babu.
He kidnapped Babu as he is intolerable
by the craze of Babu, sir.
We tried hard and caught him, sir.
- Wow! You look like a great fraud than me, man.
Uncle, they are the guys who kidnapped your son.
- No, sir. They kidnapped.
No, they...
- No, sir. They are the people.
They kidnapped...
- Uncle, they did. - No, sir.
Ladda! First, my son should become normal
to know who is the one kidnapped him.
Get his memory back, Ladda.
Ladda...Ladda! Ladda...
Why are you so hurry, Ladda?
I am in that work.
We will be caught if he get back his memory.
- Hey, you wait.
The eyes are looking at me like
the god which I never see.
What happened, Ladda?
Why did you insert the Bahubali chip?
Who am I?
You are the son of Daridra Venu Gopal...
Jai Mahishmati!
Avantika, what are you doing here?
By the way, what the costumes are these?
If you be there at the edge of the other hill
in the disguise of Princes exposing the waist...
I should catch you by flying from this hill.
- No.
Go, Avantika... go!
- Leave me. Hey! - Go.
Please, Avantika... Go!
- Leave me.
Why did he remember Baahubali instead
of recognising me as I am his father?
I am saying to go, right? Go.
- Are you mad? Leave me.
Go... Please. Go.
I am saying to you
- I am saying you to go, right Avantika? Please go.
Leave me... - I will come there and save you.
- Ladda!
What is this, Ladda?
He became Baahubali just before.
Now he went vanished like a thunder.
What happened to my son, Ladda?
- I too cannot understand that, Ladda.
Who will come now?
- Hey, I do not know.
From where did he get the cycle suddenly?
- What happened, son? Sampu...
"Oh, did the earth called you to take it into your arms"
"As soon as you hear it
Seeing the situation, run and come fast"
My name is Harsha.
- What is he saying?
Hey, son... Your name is Sampu.
I named you with the name of my father.
Why do you change the name?
What is he, Ladda?
They say I do not have what I do not have...
- Oh, Prince.
Do not have? He has mental of mango seed size.
But I would like to have something else.
I would like to go anywhere for that.
Hey, son! Where will you go?
What are you doing all these madly?
Come, let us go home.
- Hey! He is totally mad.
Go and get her.
- My son...
Give me that chance to me, brother-in-law.
Adopting a village is not just
keeping the money in pockets...
Painting the houses, laying the roads
and leave the place.
Him, him, her... It means adopting even you.
How can you adopt your father?
You bloody fool!
Hey, Ladda! What did you do to my son?
What happened?
- Oh, no...
I like you so much, mother-in-law.
- What? Mother-in-law?
Power star? We are finished.
Wait, Ladda.
Hey, the public would bash you up.
Do not go for Power star, son.
Fans will not stay calm.
I do not know with whom
my mother eloped at my childhood.
I do not even know where you are...
I do not know when
my father died, mother-in-law.
Hey! Did your mother elope?
Father died?
You fool! Do you know what you are talking?
What, Ladda? What is this punishment to me?
I am so angry, mother-in-law...
I am not even able to play
any local game, mother-in-law.
Living good is not
living good alone, mother-in-law.
Boozing with some people and sleep unconsciously.
Even now... Even now, we keep one out
of four pegs aside for you, mother-in-law.
Please, mother-in-law.
Once...only once, all of you come to our home...
Drink one peg, mother-in-law.
You can ask me that, right?
If not possible... At least have a chilled beer
and stay cool, mother-in-law.
Stay cool, mother-in-law...
We have beers filled
in the fridge, mother-in-law...
Please, mother-in-law.
You mad fellow! Will anyone
ask mother-in-law to have beer?
Please, mother-in-law... One peg, mother-in-law.
- You...
Have at least beer, mother-in-law.
- Hey!
Touch up!
Where is touch up?
Where are you, man?
Director sir, what is the next shot?
What, sir?
Father, how many times I told you
not to come to the shooting spot?
Am I the heroine?
Will I elope with someone?
It is time for Babu to eat the fruits.
Where are they?
Why nobody is responding?
Director sir, pack up!
I got hurt. Gopi, start the vehicle.
Come, uncle. These are the guys
who kidnapped our Shruti. - Shut up!
Your original character is revealed now.
- No, listen to me... - SI sir, take him away.
Inspector, at least you listen to me.
- I know everything about you. - Sorry.
When I arrested your setup Jyoti
in a case, she revealed all your crimes.
I will make you say all your crimes.
Like him, you might have cheated so many people.
Come on...move!
Hey, get him into the jeep.
- Uncle, I lost the bet.
I did not keep up my word
but my love towards her is same.
Give me Shruti to me...
I will see her not to walk on land.
Look, Kartik. Your Rs 1 crore debt is there still...
I do not know whether
you would make a film or not...
But you should give Rs 1 crore to that SI.
Only then your marriage will happen.
- So happy.
How is the film?
- Super...super! 100 days!
This is the year of Sampu... Sampu!
He touched all our hearts.
Sampu... Sampurnesh Babu!
First of all... congrats, sir.
- Thank you.
You too became the movie director after
making the short films it seems, right?
What would you like to say to the people who want
to enter the movies after making the short films?
To the people who want to enter
the movies after making the short films?
It is very easy to make a short film if there
is a friend like him and a girl in that batch.
Coming to the movie...
It is not so easy.
How difficult it is to make a movie...
24 crafts would work.
For that, one must have patience,
need to tolerate the pain, insult...
Need to wait a lot and should sacrifice a lot.
Getting a chance is not so easy even after
requesting so many people, convincing them.
Should go through the hell.
But one thing...
We should struggle until we reach our goal.
Only then we should enter the movies.
Finally, what I say is...
Beware... Be careful Brothers!
Beware... Be careful Brothers!
Sir, greetings.
I came from UA Creations, sir.
Sir asked you to come and
meet him in the office.
Sir, I came from the office of Dil Raju sir.
Sir has sent the car. Shall we go, sir?
Sir, I came from Geeta Arts.
If you say okay to work under our banner...
Give me your account number...
I will make the transfer of Rs 1 crore through RTGS.
- Thank you... Thank you!
Kartik... Kartik, tell him to do RTGS.
- Hey. - Tell him to do.
What is this RTGS again?
- Why is she asking for RTGS again, man?