Bhagavanth Kesari (2023) Movie Script

[indistinct chatters]
-Come let's go out and play.
-Come on.
[door creaks]
[all gasps]
Hey, you are the Chief Justice of
Mumbai High Court. What's wrong?
Knowing that I was
giving judgment in a case,
related to a minister
from the ruling party,
they tried to put a lot of
pressure on me to change the judgment.
When I did not agree,
they obstructed any possible help
even from the government side.
Before applying for additional
security from Central Government...
[bullet shots]
[guns firing]
[groans in pain]
[groans in pain]
[guns firing]
Are you going to die holding
on to your honesty even after sixty years?
Happily... But not my family.
I have to shift them somewhere safe.
-[kid crying]
I know a safe place in Pune.
I will shift all of you there.
But before that, let me tell you a
story that will fill you with courage.
-Will you listen?
The name of the brave warrior is...
The son of the forest,
Nelakonda Bhagavanth Kesari!
[siren wailing]
[mobile rings]
Daddy, phone...
Give it to me
-Sir, I'm sentry Narayana speaking.
Twenty prisoners from the
court have come here on remand.
Do you want me to take the
entry or wait until you arrive?
Right now, I'm moving into the quarters.
It will take some time.
Finish the formalities.
By the way,
which block will they be put up?
As per our rules,
we send the new inmates to block A, sir.
Sir, I have got orders from the
government to send them to block B.
All right, send them!
[phone rings]
-Do we have any VVIP prisoner in Block B?
We have, sir. Businessman Ratan Shukla.
-Move! Move!
Sir, he had financially
supported the last government
and that's why this government has
filed some false cases against him
and got him arrested.
They are here to kill him. Stop them!
Come on, hurry up!
[siren wailing]
[indistinct voices]
[mobile rings]
[siren wailing]
-Sir, you can relax.
They have entered into C block.
-Bhagavanth Kesari is in C block, sir!
Son, Bucket...
-Come on, guys.
-Hey, Tinku...
There is a small settlement.
Grandpa worked hard to gather
water but you kicked the bucket...
If you please excuse us,
we'll fetch water and leave.
You don't know what's happening here?
Japatri is here. Go away.
You are asking him to
leave but he is whistling!
-Should I kill him, boss?
-Kill him.
You should listen to your seniors.
If you don't, you'll be in trouble!
Son, it'll be like an
exercise. Let me fetch the water.
Hey Oldie! If you start pumping,
you won't be able to fill
one bucket all over the night.
Shut up, idiot.
Sir should fill the water in the bucket.
Only after that should we kill him.
Till then, shut up!
Grandpa, you carry on.
How long will it take to fill the bucket?
Let's go, Grandpa.
-So soon?
-[together]: Ah? Damn!
Your grandma loved the sunrise.
Let's sit for a while.
Hey! Hey! Lover boy!
You are remembering grandma,
early in the morning, is it?
Are you feeling
butterflies in your stomach?
Yes, son.
Shall I make Grandma happy?
Shall I sing a beautiful song for her?
Sing, son.
[singing random Telugu song]
How did I sing?
Good, sir. Not bad.
How does it matter?
Did I sing for your happiness?
If we sing with fun,
the song will also be fun.
I don't care what people say about it.
Japatri, boss. Why are you
passing the time, when asked to kill him?
Shh... Shh! Sir is here!
He'll be gone in five minutes.
Bucket, bucket.
What is this, boss? When asked
you to kill you are telling about,
sir and bucket, bucket and sir?
To hell with the bucket.
-Damn it!
-Hey, don't...
He is lucky that he is
not carrying a steel bucket.
The bucket is a better option, boss...
His hand looks like a 4-inch thick rod.
[knife swishes]
Is he punching or
thumping him with a crowbar?
Do you know why we have
brains in between our ears?
Because when the ear starts wringing, then
the matter goes straight into the brain.
-[chuckles nervously]
Brother, now I understand that you didn't
come to fetch water but to save him.
You made a fool of us and
thrashed the pulp out of us.
Hello sir.
Sir, sir, sir! Thank you, sir.
You risked your life
despite not knowing me.
My dad had taught me that,
you have to feed the one who is hungry...
and always offer your life
to the one who is in danger.
Thank God.
Narayana, I want to see his file.
-Huh? Hey!
How did you thrash so many
people? Are you a superman?
No. I am just a normal man but the
things that I do are often super.
Then you are a superman
Hey, sir...
You saved my life.
Please, just five hundred crores...
-Mr. Shukla!
-Okay, sir.
You are craving for your son.
But your health should support that,
isn't it? Take the medicines on time.
I'll take leave, madam.
-Until her son comes from jail...
-You have visited him for many times.
Did he come?
I don't think she can meet her son.
I'm holding onto my dear
life to see my son for one last time.
I will not die until I see him.
I beg you, sir.
Please send us Bhagavanth
with us for just this one time.
Let her meet her son
and pass away in peace.
we are going to the forest
tomorrow with Bhagavanth.
"Oh trees, leaves, and breeze..."
"Look my child is
cheerful again after so long."
"The Village roads have
rolled out flower carpets."
"The branches of the trees
are sprinkling fragrant water."
"I would often think
about your well-being"
"and be worried."
"I would be worried for your safety"
"and be anxious thinking
about where you'd sleep at night."
"I was informed that..."
"you are coming to see me."
"I want to see you to my heart's content,"
"that's the only wish
I have in this life."
"Sleep, my dear!
My breath is your cradle..."
"Yes, it's true...
These hands should carry you."
"Sleep, my dear!
My breath is your cradle..."
"Yes, it's true...
These hands should carry you."
My mom passed away in peace because,
she could meet her son
in her dying moments.
I am forever indebted to you.
[music mutes voices]
Take it.
Superman, I heard that your mother died.
Don't be sad.
From now on, I am your mother.
She looks stunning in
the army dress, sir...
Prior to marriage,
my wife got selected in the Air Force.
But she sacrificed her dreams and
her future to share her life with me.
She gave birth to Vijji and left us all.
I still feel guilty that I stopped
my wife from achieving her dreams,
of getting into the Army.
I might redeem myself if at least
I can send my daughter to the Army,
But, any ways,
there's nothing in our hands.
Who knows if she would listen
to me or not after growing up!
Girls shouldn't be like deer.
They should fierce as tigers.
If she doesn't listen to
you, I'll convince her.
Make your daughters fierce!
Dear, I did this.
Wherever you are,
you should be fearless, just like this.
Only then will the world bow down to you.
Will you be like that?
It's been a week,
why hasn't sir come to the office?
I already told you,
he's gone out on some work.
A policeman who
appropriates truth from others,
cannot lie with a straight face, sir.
Since the jailer went against
the rule by taking you out of jail,
he has been suspended.
He asked me not to inform you
as this news might upset you.
While leaving, he added your
name to the list of prisoners,
who shall be released on August 15th.
[prisoners applauding]
Anyway I will come
today and get the order.
I'll leave in an hour, sir.
[vehicle arrives]
Vijji, look who came to see you.
-What happened, dear? Are you ill?
Come dear.
Bhagavanth, what's going on?
Sir, if I had known that
you'd have to lose your job,
I would have never visited my mother.
Bhagavanth, I understand the
pain that a mother goes through,
when she is away from her child.
So, Bhagavanth! Are you going
back to the village or staying here?
I'm not going to the village, sir.
I have a few old settlements
that I need to settle here.
Vijji, come I'll drop you off at Narayan
uncle's home and I'll leave for Hyderabad.
No, I'll stay with superman.
What, superman? Will you stay
with me until Dad comes back?
Please carry on, sir.
I'll be here with Vijji until you return.
Thank you sir.
-Hey! Hey!
-[all]: Oh no!
[tires screeching]
Warangal Jail Superintendent,
Srikanth met with a road accident.
The accident occurred while he was
returning from Hyderabad to Warangal,
with posting order.
He was taken to
hospital with serious condition...
-[wheezing in shock]
-Vijji dear... Vijji dear...
[life support machine beeping]
-Dear, please eat something.
I want my Dad.
Vijji dear, get up.
You need to go to school.
No, I won't. I want my Dad.
-Vijji dear...
Look there...
[squirrel squeaking]
Look there...
[squirrel squeaks]
"Hey, squirrel... You better be quiet."
"As my little darling runs
more gracefully than you."
"Hey, bird... Shut up, now..."
"As my little girl
sings sweeter than you."
"Scurry my little one,
scurry and rejoice in celebration."
"But once you are tired of
all your sprints and hops."
"come and rest on my
chest, oh my dear moon!"
"Sleep, my dear!
My breath is your cradle..."
"Yes, it's true...
These hands should carry you."
"Sleep, my dear!
My breath is your cradle..."
"Yes, it's true...
These hands should carry you."
-What is your name?
Which class are you studying in?
-Which school?
-Rao's International School...
[metal clanks]
[wheezing in shock]
She went into a state of shock due to
the sudden death news of her father.
This is one kind of
psychological problem...
Such people get panic attacks
whenever something unexpected happens.
But you should raise
her as a strong person.
Otherwise, as a girl, she will face
a lot of problems with this phobia.
Superman, what should I call you?
You can call me whatever you want, dear.
Call me a friend.
Call me Chicha if you want.
If you are in trouble or if you are
hurt just think about this father!
I'll come in front of you within minutes.
Look, that is a rainbow.
-That yellow colour is mom.
-Green colour is Daddy.
"I'll be your mother,
and like her, I'll bathe you."
"I'll be your father,
and like him, I'll sing lullaby."
"I'll be granny and just
like her, I'll feed you."
"I'll even be a comb to fix your hair."
"I'll turn into cotton so that
you can weave a saree for yourself."
"I'll even turn into a
silkworm to get you silk garments."
"If something happens..."
"God forbid if something happens to you."
"I'll do anything to safeguard you."
"Sleep, my dear!
My breath is your cradle..."
"Yes, it's true...
These hands should carry you."
"Sleep, my dear!
My breath is your cradle..."
"Yes, it's true...
These hands should carry you."
They have taken a bundle of
additional sheets just in 15 minutes.
They both will definitely top the college.
Hello, they took a bundle of additional
sheets but gave back only two sheets.
There's a new movie releasing today, sir.
We took all those additional
sheets so that we could tear them up...
and throw them in the theatre.
-[both]: Huh?
-[students gasps in shock]
-This is enough!
Call Karthik...
Will you come to the movie?
Hey, stop... Stop.
Sir, triple riding.
Should I penalize them,
or do you want to showcase your heroism?
I don't want to display
my heroism in front of boys.
Tell me if you find a hot girl...
Oh God!
[both gasps]
-Sorry sir, sorry sir.
-Sorry sir.
-Rakesh, now I'll show my heroism.
Get them to the police station.
Sir! Sir, to the
station? We will pay fine.
Why are you getting anxious?
Come to the station,
I'll penalize you there.
-Rakesh, get them to the station.
Call your Aunt.
She'll kill me if I call her Aunty.
We must address her as Kaachi.
[mobile rings]
This is how Daggad Diwakar's station is!
Let's show some good bodies to the girls.
Watch now...
where are you taking the liquor bottle?
I thought the girls
would feel uncomfortable.
Did they say that they
have a problem with that?
Keep it there. Get lost, bloody, old hag!
-Bloody idiot!
-What, Rakesh,
I heard that all of you were
secretly planning to thrash me.
No, sir. You are like God to us.
Then why don't you all
give aarti to me everyday?
Being a psychologist,
I can say that you are a psycho.
You are taking off your shirt
while there are girls in your station.
I know the IG.
He comes to me for therapy.
Should I call him?
Should I call the human rights?
Oh, here comes the Wonder Woman.
-Get up.
Give me your hand.
These are not nails, these are blades.
How can you attack a cop
with such deadly weapons?
Shall I file a case against you?
Do you want to see my heroism?
My psychology isn't
enough for this psycho.
He needs to be given a
shock treatment by someone.
[vehicle arrives]
Chicha is coming.
[horses neighing]
Who is he, Vaishu?
He is Vijji's Uncle, Kaachi.
Salt and pepper, looks interesting.
Can't you call me when you are in trouble?
-I was informed by a third person!
Dear, it is wrong to miss
an exam to attend a movie.
But this is very common in this age.
What happened, sir?
If they made a mistake,
penalise them for what they have done.
Instead of that, is it right to
get the girls to the police station?
This is how Daggad Diwakar functions.
What can you do?
Rakesh, I've heard that the
barking dogs never bite. Is it right?
But I think he is not a dog but a lion,
-Shut up! Bloody rascal.
Why are you praising him?
Did he marry your sister?
Hey, go and get me a hot cup of tea.
Here's the tea, sir.
If you will please write us the
challan. I'll take the kids and leave.
You brought a cold one.
Go and get me another hot cup of tea.
I have a party at my
farmhouse tonight, care to join me?
Not like this.
You have to come wearing short dresses,
only then can we see those thunder thighs.
I asked you for a hot
tea. Go, get another one.
The skin should peel
off, it should be that hot.
Hey! Hey!
[groans in pain]
What a gutsy man!
This is hot enough! Oh God!
No, sir. The skin should peel
off, it should be that hot.
It didn't peel off yet.
No, thank you.
I don't want your
challan, neither your kids.
But first, douse this fire.
One shouldn't boast off his own heroism.
Do not act smart in front of me,
I'll peel off your skin
and hang it on the string.
Wear your uniform at least
while you are in the station,
or else you would become a boiler someday
and people will warm their tea on you.
I too like policemen, sir.
That's why it was a touch-and-go.
Come, dear.
What was that?
Why did nobody come to douse the fire?
You asked for an aarti, didn't you?
We thought he is giving it to you.
Famous industrialist Rahul Sanghvi's,
birthday celebrations are
being held in Hyderabad.
[in English]: Many prominent politicians
are attending the party from Delhi--
[in Hindi]: Big industrialists and
politicians are present in this party.
[crackers bursting]
Get inside.
Sir, you also.
[siren wailing]
Hello, Mr. CM. How are you?
Hi, deputy CM...
You can greet each other later.
First come with me, come on.
I am coming from Delhi to attend
Rahul Sanghvi's birthday party.
Why have you arranged
an emergency meeting at this time?
I am after all the CM.
They are just ministers...
and you are the party
president who helms national affairs.
I understood that you are taunting me.
Come to the matter.
You said that Rahul
Sanghvi is giving funds in crores,
and so approve whatever he asks for...
and allow to load his pharmaceutical
company's medicines at our shipyard,
with our government
approval for foreign export.
There were drugs in that
consignment it seems.
Yes, sir.
We have received an intermediate report.
-Yes, yes, Intelligence report.
The Customs officer in the port
found out about our drug scam...
and gave the complete
details about it to a reporter.
The reporter left for
Hyderabad and handed over the file...
to Rahul Sanghvi's
business rival Sushant Pandey.
Based on the information
provided by Sushant Pandey,
the Customs officers have
arrived at Kolkata port,
to seize the ship carrying drugs.
I shall take your leave, Mr. CM.
He is looking for an
opportunity to destroy this party.
Bloody, deputy!
Sir, please do something.
You have to do something on this, sir.
Do we need her in such
an important meeting?
Yes, she definitely needs to be present.
She is the only person in the
party who can speak English well.
Yes, sir. Actually... English pulling...
She should be present, sir.
On one hand we have to
deal with people who leaked it...
and on the other hand,
we have the customs department.
And we have less than one hour.
Mr. President, I quit.
Jogi sir, where is my gift?
We don't have much time.
We have to stop the customs department...
and also we need to stop
the one who leaked the news.
Do something, Sanghvi.
Mr. Jogi, where is my gift?
Sanghvi, you are not understanding
the gravity of the situation.
I said, where is my gift!
Sorry, you all enjoy,
enjoy. Everyone, enjoy.
Tell me what you want, Sanghvi.
Project-V India's prestigious project.
Project-V is a major contract
which connects all the ports,
from Gujarat to
Kolkata as a common project.
Whoever acquires this Project-V,
he can dictate the whole country.
I want that.
That's my gift.
I want to be number one in this country.
And I want to name this
country as Rahul Bharath Sanghvi.
There's a lot of
competition for Project-V.
It is impossible to grant that to you.
Okay Mr. Jogi...
[mimicking clock ticking]
Clock is ticking.
Let us all sink together.
Okay. You can have the Project-V.
But first, get us out of this problem.
[music mutes voices]
[tires screeching]
[pistol fires]
[pistol fires]
[groans in pain]
Hold on, sir,
Munna from the ship is on the line.
Munna, your father's future
and his dreams are in your hands.
If you get caught, I will become zero.
Customs officials
surrounded the ship, Dad.
Can you evade them?
Sorry dad, they have
surrounded me. I'm scared, dad?
Can you stop them?
I can't dad... I can't.
Love you, son.
Safe journey!
Do it.
Sir, he is your son!
Do what I say...
Sir, you are killing your own son!
Do what I say.
Happy birthday to...
You got your own son killed, Sanghvi. Why?
Mr. Jogi,
if you want something invaluable,
you have to sacrifice
something invaluable.
That is the business, Mr. Jogi.
At this point, Project-V is
more valuable to me than my son.
You can be the PM of
this country if you want.
Why do you want to be
the number one, Sanghvi?
Mr. Jogi, what I want is,
to be in a position
where I can't be defeated.
I want to be on the top of the world,
and the world should be under my feet.
Do you know The Law of nature,
Mr. Jogi? Survival of the fittest!
The strongest one always wins.
Even God cannot find someone who
is so strong that he can beat me.
"Ganapathi Bappa Moriya!"
"Hail, Lord Ganesha!"
Dear, the vibe is missing.
Ask them to play louder.
Hey... Keep your Teen Maar aside.
My Chicha is here, it should be rocking.
Start the Soumaar! (blast the speakers!)
"Oh, the auspicious one...
Lord Ganesha has arrived."
"Praise the Lord. Ganapati Bappa Moriya!"
"Oh, the auspicious one...
The son of Goddess Parvati and Shiva."
"Praise the Lord and dance jubilantly."
"Oh, Lord...
Your elephant-like form is so amusing."
"Oh my Lord... You are my companion."
"I prostrate to you,
we are your devotees."
"The God with Trunk,
please save us from all troubles."
"Oh, Ganesha... Accept our hospitality."
"We shall worship you and
perform pooja all nine days for you."
"Hey... Keep your Teen Maar aside."
"My Chicha is here..."
"It should be rocking! Start the Soumaar!"
"Hey... Keep your Teen Maar aside."
"My Chicha is here..."
"It should be rocking! Start the Soumaar!"
"Oh, dear Lord...
Show me the way to righteousness."
"Oh, dear Lord...
Come and clear all obstacles in my path."
"The rider of mouse..."
"Son of Goddess Gauri..."
"God with an elephant-face..."
"We prostrate to you!"
"The one is the start and the end,
the auspicious one..."
"The protector of the world"
"You hold the reputation of
travelling to all the universes."
"The leader of Gods.
The follower of the right path."
"The Lord of
elephants. The God of all Gods."
"Listen to our plea and bless us!"
"Hey... Keep your Teen Maar aside."
"My Chicha is here..."
"It should be rocking!
Start the Soumaar!"
"Hey... Keep your Teen Maar aside."
"My Chicha is here..."
"It should be rocking! Start the Soumaar!"
[birds chirping]
Oh no!
-Enough, I will get into the bike.
-Hey! Hey!
Still only one kilometre.
-Come on!
-Chicha, I can't.
[cuckoo bird cooing]
Come on!
Vijji, dear.
Three rounds and 100 push ups.
You should be drenched in sweat.
I'll go and get milk for you.
Ballu, keep a count.
-I'll do 150, Chicha.
You want sweat, right? I'll get it.
-Come on.
-One... two...
Vijji, dear!
You finished 100 push ups so quickly?
Yes, Chicha. Look at the sweat.
Isn't it wrong to lie to me?
But you would've done some push ups.
This is sweat,
it's not as if you sprinkled water.
I have been asking you since three years,
will you sign these at least this year?
I have been signing it
since three years...
I'll sign it yet again. Just for you!
What did she sign this time around?
What did she sign the last time?
Hero Honda splendor,
my Chicha is thunder.
Do you know, what she wrote this time?
Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills, if my
Chicha hits, you'll get medical bills.
I have brought brilliant matches
of men of 40+ years, ma'am.
Please select any of them, ma'am.
You are already 35 years old now.
I am just 32 years old.
It's not that easy to get married.
Will you stop it?
I recently saw a strong man
with a salt-and-pepper look.
I'll give you good news within a few days.
-He must be here somewhere...
-You should check the stock before,
unloading, otherwise the
management will reprimand us.
-Who are you?
-Don't you remember?
Yesterday, in the station,
with Vaishnavi friend of Vijji!
Yeah, we met yesterday.
How are you, aunty?
Hello! Who is aunty?
You look like more than 30 years old.
You have grey hair too.
Are you a teenager?
Don't you have grey hair too?
[mobile rings]
I am Kathyayani. Call me Kaachi.
Thank you.
You wanted your son to score 40 percent.
But after my psychological
treatment, he scored 90 percent.
You can send extra fees, thanks.
That is Kathyayani!
-Kaachi, you are!
Sit, Kaachi.
Hello Brother Bhagavanth!
Early morning you are having fun
with the lady! Come on! Come on!
Hey, shut up.
I'm talking to her.
Kaachi! Vijji is not signing
on the Army application.
Can you make her sign it
by giving her some treatment?
It's my job. Of course, I'll treat her.
I'll pay whatever your fee is.
I don't want fees.
But I won't do it for free either.
I'll take what I want from you.
Send Vijji to my house
daily evening at 6 o'clock.
You will come with her, right?
Vijji, you go in. I'll come
and start the counselling.
Yes, come in.
It's okay, Kaachi.
You carry on with the job.
I'll wait outside.
-Have some tea or coffee!
-I don't have tea or coffee at this time.
Would you like brandy or whisky then?
We have girls around.
No, thank you, granny.
-We'll sit on the terrace.
-I said no.
Do not irritate me
or else I'll pluck your teeth set out.
He is quite intimidating.
I won't sign them, Kaachi.
But I will fully cooperate with you.
Vaishu told me
everything. You focus on Chicha.
If his attention gets diverted then
I might get rid of this Army pressure.
First priority is my marriage
while public service can wait.
Mr. Bhagavanth!
Did she sign so soon?
I have played some therapy videos
for her. She is watching them.
Come, let's walk to the market
and get some vegetables.
Why should I walk for
your grocery shopping?
Mr. Bhagavanth,
if I have to convince Vijji,
along with her I have
to study you as well.
Now will you walk?
[random Telugu song playing over radio]
From childhood Vijji is like that...
Hey, Kathyayani!
You got married and you didn't inform me.
Wow! Your husband is so handsome.
Blushing? Our Kathyayani.
Hello, aunty! We are not husband and wife.
She is just studying me.
Aunty! Hello, Aunty!
She is addressing a stranger as
your husband and you are blushing?
-Did I?
Then, I won't.
There! You blushed again.
No, this doesn't seem right.
You walk on that end
and I'll walk on this end.
Buy two kilos of bitter gourd as well.
She is calling him and he is
saying that he'll jump across the wall.
I think she is his neighbour's wife.
They are flirting with
each other in the market.
Husband and wife is better.
Kaachi, walk beside me.
Idiots, let them say whatever they want.
By the way, Kaachi! Will Vijji still
be watching those therapy videos?
For sure.
Why don't you dye your beard?
You will look much younger.
I don't change colour, Kaachi.
I am what I am. Unfiltered.
That's why if you connect with Bhagavanth,
you will become his die-hard fan!
Excuse us for a minute,
I need to speak to him.
[music mutes voices]
-Who is she?
-An acquaintance.
Just an acquaintance.
Okay. I'm cancelling all the further
sessions. Forget about the sign.
What? Her husband is a drunkard,
I thrashed him and sent him to work.
That's why she has come here to thank me.
She calls me brother. She's like a sister.
Oh, Brother?
Kaachi, I understood what
you are thinking about me.
-What is that?
-I won't tell.
Please, tell me.
You got upset when she
wanted to talk to me in private.
Now you are happy when
I said she's like my sister.
I understood, Kaachi.
Is it? Please tell me.
I won't, Kaachi.
How will I understand if you
won't tell? Please tell me.
-Yeah, me?
I won't, Kaachi.
God! Please tell me. Please tell
me, what I am thinking about you.
You heard her calling me brother,
so, you too wish to call me brother.
Call, Kaachi. Call me as
brother. I don't mind.
It's just cola. I have quit drinking.
Vijji, I have played a
different set of therapy videos.
-Go and watch them.
I have to study Mr. Bhagavanth.
-Are we going to market yet again?
-No. I have fixed a different place today.
Have it...
Thank you.
Bro! Having fun yet
again. Come on! Come on!
Shut up.
Kaachi, Vijji is watching videos!
No doubt.
Mr. Bhagavanth, it's a beautiful night,
having ice cream under the
moonlight along with a beautiful lady.
Don't you feel anything?
What, Kaachi?
I mean did you ever experience such
romantic moment with any other girl?
How can I not have, Kaachi?
You have?
Yeah. I have many stories from my youth.
Please tell me.
My cousin, Sampangi,
asked me to accompany her to the market.
I went.
Same as today,
it was a beautiful night,
we had ice cream...
and Sampangi.
She asked me the same
question. Don't you feel anything?
Do you know what I said?
I won't tell, Kaachi.
Please... Please tell me.
I came forward a bit and
Sampangi came forward too.
-I won't tell, Kaachi.
-Mr.Bhagavanth, please tell.
I held her hands and looked into her eyes.
And then!
I won't tell, Kaachi.
Please tell.
You looked into her eyes and then?
I said it from my heart.
Sampangi, you pay for your ice
cream and I'll pay for mine.
Do you find it very difficult
to study me, Kaachi?
Yes. Henceforth I'll focus on the welfare
of society rather than my marriage.
People were shocked by the sudden
death of Deputy CM Guru Murthy.
His followers and many other prominent
celebrities are coming to see his body.
Change the name of your
party and the state to Rahul Sanghvi.
He friendlily offers thousands of
crores to the party fund every year.
And you are even more friendlier with him,
so you give permission for his drug-loaded
ships to dispatch from the port.
And whoever objects
it, you get them killed.
All your business contracts, the
Project-V, I have all the evidence here.
Even the CM is involved in this.
I won't spare anyone.
Mr. Sanghvi,
you wanted to become number one
by acquiring Project-V, didn't you?
I won't let you become.
I will instead make you zero.
What did you say?
Come again.
I will make you zero.
Hey, Sanghvi. Sanghvi! Leave him.
Let him go, Sanghvi. Hey, Sanghvi!
Mr. Sanghvi, please let him go.
Please listen to us.
What are you staring at? Close the doors.
What is this, Sanghvi? Have you lost it?
I called you to intimidate
him but you killed him.
Mr. Jogi, you know very well
that I am too sensitive.
It was very insensitive of him to hurt
me by saying that he will make me zero.
If he would have been alive, the situation
would be very sensitive for all of us.
He killed the Deputy CM
in the party office itself.
How shall we cover this up?
Stress. Mental stress.
He was going through immense
mental stress due to his dedication,
towards welfare of the people
which caused him heart attack.
In a way, his quality of being too good
and honest is just like bad cholesterol.
-It might hit you back anytime.
Can you please tell us about
his services to the people.
-Answer her.
-You have framed the question well,
in English, one second.
Miss, please answer her question.
-You come with me.
-Well he's a great politician...
and a great leader.
I sacrificed my son to save you guys.
What happened to my Project-V?
Project-V is yours,
Sanghvi. We assure you.
But you have to give us Project-T.
-Yes, 'T' for twist.
When you were killing the Deputy CM,
we closed the doors from within...
But his PA somehow escaped
from here along with the evidence.
If he presents the evidence to anyone,
or if the opposition finds him
it will be more sensitive for us.
Sir won't go back to Delhi
until that PA is found.
He will stay here. He will stay with us.
Now Project-V is in your hands, Sanghvi.
[thunder rumbles]
Very good.
Come on. You can do it.
Pull up!
It's okay. No worries.
Come on get up, let's try again.
Come on.
Chicha... I can't do it.
Chicha... I can't do all these.
Please don't make me do this.
You took 5 minutes to climb the
stairs instead of 2 minutes. Start again.
I served in the Army
for more than 15 years.
Army is not an
occupation, it is an inspiration.
The first woman to enter the Army
was in 1961 as a medical officer.
Coming to 2023, there might be
around 7000 women in the Army...
and some of them might even get a
chance to enter the battlefield.
Why did you come here, Kaachi?
Are you here to help Chicha?
I'm here to help you.
As long as you won't sign the
application, he won't stop troubling you.
But if you sign the application
and fail the physical test and exam,
he'll never force you to join the army.
As a psychologist,
that's the best advice I can give you.
I've been trying since
three years, but couldn't.
Thanks, Kaachi.
I made her sign the application.
But you should take care of the
physical test and the examination.
I'll take care of the training.
Now, I truly understand
what's there in your heart.
You started again! Not this time!
Let me tell, Kaachi.
-No, Mr. Bhagavanth.
-This time I'll tell correctly, Kaachi.
I'm leaving.
if you really want what you desire,
you have to wait for a
long time. Will you wait?
Do you seriously want to attend the exam?
-Let's go to a movie.
-Can I join you?
I heard you are in love with Karthik.
It's unfair that Karthik gets everything,
I deserve some things too, right?
It's a library, no
problem, give me a little kiss.
Come... Come...
If I find you in college ever again,
I'll hand you over to the police.
Don't worry Vijju...
Everything will be fine. Enough now.
Vijji, come let's have dinner.
He's calling you.
I'm no hungry, Chicha. You have it.
Why are you so dull, dear?
Did something happen in the college?
Nothing, Chicha. Nothing happened.
Tell me, dear.
If there's anything, I'll deal with it.
I'll definitely tell you
if there's anything wrong.
But nothing's wrong. Nothing.
I know very well about you, dear.
Tell me what happened.
[siren wailing]
[tires screeching]
Is she the one who complained about you?
Do you know who I am?
Do you know about my range in CM's office?
How dare you suspend my son!
What did he do?
He asked for a kiss? Then kiss him.
For instance, if he asks me,
'Daddy I want to sleep with her'.
I'll arrange for security
right now. Who will stop me?
Who will stop me?
Pray to any God that you like, tonight
is the last night of your free life.
Tomorrow onwards, your life will
function as decided by my son.
Chicha! Chicha! Chicha! Please, Chicha!
Chicha, listen to me.
I'll get over it after
two or three days, Chicha.
Chicha! Chicha! Chicha!
Don't, please listen to me, Chicha!
Chicha! Please, Chicha!
Chicha, they are big shot people.
They were talking in
the range of CM and all.
Why to mess with them,
Chicha? We'll let it go.
I would've let it go if it
was a dog that was barking.
But that's a mad bull,
I need to break it's horns.
Let me go and talk to them.
-Who is it, Mom?
-I don't know...
Brother, one tea.
Add cardamom too.
-Who let him come inside?
Don't shout.
I'm here to talk.
You asked my child who will
save her and who will stop you.
That's why I have come here.
If you find out who am I and who
are the people in support of me,
you will crawl your way
up and fall on my feet.
You are very rich, sir.
You would have a lot of
people around you for support.
We are poor people.
We don't have anyone
else who stands for us.
We stand for ourselves!
We talk our talks and if
needed, we walk the talk too.
I want to tell you something about
me that a lot of people don't know.
Bhimsheri massacre!
If that tale is told by someone who
heard about it, it becomes a story.
If it is narrated by an eyewitness
then it is a part of history.
But if the same tale is
narrated by someone who did it,
it leads to causing a
fear which lasts for ages.
That day even sun had
palpitations to look toward the forest.
The beasts that loot the forest attacked
the police who protect the forest.
The forest officer and the rest of
the policemen were brutally killed,
for obstructing their robbery.
[kid crying]
That kid ran towards the forest looking
for someone who would save them, sir.
That kid's cry was like a
cacophony in the ever-peaceful forest.
I was invited to a war that was not mine.
The kid who ran away
with a fear for his life,
came back with his chest pumped
because he brought death along with him.
I don't know what got into me,
listening to that kid's cry.
That day, the violence that
I wreaked upon was so gory, sir.
The entire forest had not seen
such a violent hunt in all it's existence.
[thunders rumble]
[infant crying]
[tongue clicking]
Calm down, dear.
Calm down.
I kept aside duty,
rules and everything for that
small kid who is not even related to me.
I am raising that
child as my own daughter.
If someone troubles
her, will I spare them?
Will I spare them?
Will I?
My son made a mistake.
I made a mistake too.
If you want I'll ask your
daughter for forgiveness.
Look at me.
Look at me, don't harm my son.
I love my son very much.
If you want I'll go away from this place.
Look at me.
[metal clanks]
Changing the place means nothing.
Your behaviour should change.
You are an educated man.
Is that a way to talk to girls?
My father used to say this.
When people talk about you,
they should not talk about you know so and
so people or so and so people know you.
They should talk about what
you have achieved in your life.
Like I narrated my story.
I gave my word to her, that's why
I have come to discuss with you.
Otherwise, I would have sacrificed
all your heads to Goddess Maisamma.
That day, I found out that a
man could be killed with words.
Since then I stopped
smoking and drinking...
and undertook
responsibility and liability.
There certainly is a care-of-address for
the defeat of every narcissistic person.
Just like me, the care of address
for the defeat of Rahul Sanghvi,
is Bhagavanth Kesari.
We must have never heard about
a small fish making a whale run.
But such a thing happened
in Rahul Sanghvi's life.
The failure to catch the Deputy CM's PA
who was an obstacle for his Project-V,
was frustrating for Rahul Sanghvi.
He started tracing his movements...
and killed everyone and anyone
who had anything to do with him.
Just around that time,
something unexpected
happened in Rahul Sanghvi's life.
Karma never loses an address.
The PA whom he was searching for,
is going to introduce Bhagavanth
Kesari into Rahul Sanghvi's life.
Being a reporter I had fixed a deal with
you without even informing my TV channel,
because the justice has to be served.
As long as I have this
evidence, I and my family are safe.
That's why I have not said this to
anyone nor have I uploaded this anywhere.
This deal has the potential to
destroy the whole government
and Rahul Sanghvi within an hour.
The president of the
opposition party is close to me,
I will talk to him and save you.
Don't worry.
I'll throw myself on the wire to save you.
-Hey! [groans]
Let's go. That side...
Hurry up, jump.
Hey, look that side.
Kaachi, look for a good
training academy in Hyderabad.
As soon as the final exams are
over, we shall take Vijji to Hyderabad.
First convince Vijji,
Bhagavanth. She is not prepared.
She's a kid. If she doesn't agree,
I'll tie her up and carry her there.
Karthik, this is high time.
Please talk to your parents and
arrange for our marriage urgently.
Vijji, relax. I'm bringing my
parents to your house tomorrow.
Let's sit there...
Urgently send those evidences
to your mail and crash that pen drive.
We need a device to connect the pen drive.
Chicha doesn't know about us.
She has a laptop...
-I am very tensed.
-Excuse me...
Can I use your laptop for some time?
We want to book a ticket
very urgently. Please...
-Use it.
-Thank you very much.
Thanks a lot. Thank you very much.
the PA has passed on some information.
We have to catch that girl at any cost.
Our family is number in
Warangal in terms of Chilli business.
We have hundreds of crores
of assets. For our range,
we were getting excellent
matches but what to do!
Nowadays, children are not
listening to their parents, are they?
Love and etc.
Mr. Priest, look for an
auspicious time for engagement.
if you would ask his opinion about it!
Bloody, I'm talking.
Why are you interrupting me?
Why are you you silent?
No, brother. She has to achieve more.
I am not going to get her married.
You are talking as if she
is your biological daughter.
You are just a foster parent, aren't you?
What will women achieve in these days?
Just send your daughter,
I will give assets worth crores.
She shall just take care of my son.
My son would impregnate her and
she would then take care of the baby too.
-[all]: Hey!
Keep quiet.
Such a low-life you are. Insulting women?
You deserve to have your
nose stuffed with chillies, rascal!
Unnecessarily boasting about money! If
you have so much money, put it in your--
Who cares about your money?
Okay, you got them married.
Tomorrow if he dies in some accident.
If you lose your business
due to some stupid decision.
Then, what about your family?
But if she achieves anything, she will go
to a job and take care of you all, right?
Get up! Get lost!
Karthik... Stop, Karthik
Sorry, Karthik...
I apologize on his behalf.
What kind of a person is he?
He behaves like an animal.
Doesn't he have any manners?
How dare he kick my father!
No, Karthik. I can explain.
forget about our love and marriage.
You take care of your future first.
If you stay with him,
you can't lead your life as per your wish.
First get rid of him, Vijji.
Dear, don't worry.
He is not the right guy.
He should've stopped his dad when
he was talking nonsense, right?
He should support your
independence, right?
Let's think about your marriage
later, first you need to go to the army--
Leave me, Chicha.
Leave me, Chicha.
Why are you controlling my life, Chicha?
Let me live like I want to.
I don't want to join the Army.
I want to get married
and lead a simple life.
That's enough for me, Chicha.
Even now I want to scream on top
of my lungs that leave me alone,
but I don't have guts.
I can't.
Look, I'm shivering.
If my dad was alive,
he would have pity on my
condition and console, Chicha.
I have anxiety, fear, phobia.
Having so many weaknesses...
How can I join the Army, Chicha?
I beg you, Chicha.
Dear Vijji.
Don't talk to me.
Don't be around me.
Leave me, Chicha.
She is saying she is not interested.
It is not right to force her.
Leave her alone, Bhagavanth.
How can I leave her, Kaachi?
How can I leave her?
Didn't you hear what she said?
Fear, anxiety, phobia,
she has all these weaknesses.
Will the world let such
a child live a calm life?
Today, I am there for her.
When I'm not there, then?
That's why I'm forcing her.
I have to make her strong.
Just like a lioness.
I will.
Had she been bold like you,
I would have let her go, Kaachi.
The girl who has shivers today,
should become an inspiration
to hundreds of people tomorrow.
She's a kid, she'll say a
hundred things when she is angry,
I should not take them to my heart.
I would not leave her, Kaachi.
I would request her, cajole her,
if required I'd fall on her feet.
But I'll make her strong.
Just like a lioness.
I will.
[music mutes voices]
[tires screeching]
[cicadas chirping]
Hey, start the vehicle. Hurry up! Fast!
Open cam one, yeah.
Cam two,
Zoom in... Zoom in. 10:12 AM.
Open cam five, with same time. Zoom in.
You're right, brother.
A gang has been
following your kid for four days.
It's like a new gang.
I've never seen them before.
The child is at risk.
It's been years since that
hunt, but still I feel goosebumps.
We can't touch the
girl while he is with her.
Divert her.
Divert the girl from him!
Brother, he is that girl's friend.
Greetings, Brother
Dear, you have some danger looming
over you. I have to be with you.
You don't have to talk to
me, just let me be beside you.
Vijji Dear... Vijji...
This topic is very
important in Quantum physics.
Hey, Vijji, Karthik wants
to meet you urgently.
-What happened?
-Some important matter it seems.
Vaishu, where is Vijji?
Karthik wanted to talk something with
her, so his friend came to pick her.
[mobile rings]
Chicha is calling me!
Switch off the phone.
He will create an unnecessary
nuisance again over there too.
Tell man... Will you say it or not.
Where is she? Tell me.
Don't harm me. I'll tell you everything.
Some guy named Suresh, who is the
friend of your girl's boyfriend.
They are taking her away to kill her by
trapping your girl with the help of him.
Find out where they took her.
Suresh, you said we are going to meet
Karthik. Why did you bring me here?
Who are all of them?
[tire screeches]
Namaste, brother.
I got the girl as you had instructed.
If you could please clear my settlement!
Hey, sweetie,
last Sunday in the coffee shop,
you gave a laptop to someone and are
talking about something secretly.
Where is he?
What information he gave you?
I don't know, sir.
That was the first time I met him.
Tell me where is he.
I don't know.
Did he tell you anything
about the death of Deputy CM?
I really don't know, sir.
Sir, there is nothing in the laptop.
He must have deleted it.
She is innocent.
What shall we do?
What are you talking?
She knows everything now.
-Kill her.
Reach out to this father if
you feel sad or in difficulty...
I'll be there no matter where I am.
[vehicle honking]
Someone is driving the lorry this way.
Stop him.
I'm sorry, Chicha.
I didn't do it on purpose.
You kept telling me,
but I didn't listen to you.
Chicha, he says he will kill me!
Calm down, dear.
I am here now. Nothing will happen to you.
Get up!
Hey! We clearly outnumber
you. Why are you laughing?
Once we kill her, we too shall
laugh fantastically. What say, boys?
[all laughing]
Dear, you used to call me with a sweet
name in your childhood. What was that?
I came like a superman
in the lorry, right?
Even God cannot save her from us.
Who is God?
Who is God?
[voice echoes]
If a father stands his ground to protect
his child, he is equal to 100 Gods.
Then why do you need another God?
You will remember
this day for a long time.
I never wanted to witness
two things in my life.
First one is the fear of
death on my child's face...
and second one is injuries on her body.
Today I saw both.
Rascals, I won't spare anyone.
I want to know who raised his hand.
I want to know who scared my child.
I want to know who sent you all on her.
The one who gives me this information,
will get an opportunity
to take a rebirth today.
If we don't, then?
Like this I will bash whoever I can.
I won't give you an
opportunity to call for help.
I won't even give you a chance to breathe.
If someone dies by your hand,
he is lucky to have faced death.
But if he survives, his whole life
will be more horrible than death.
I want to know who
ordered you to kill my daughter.
[bikes vrooming]
Bro, ask Sanghvi sir to talk to him once.
Sanghvi sir, he is not a single man.
He looks like an ambush
of tigers hunting you.
He looks like he is been possessed.
you are going to get hit by lightning.
It's for sure that he will not spare you.
You might be aware if
you see the lightning first.
Sir, our boss is looking at you.
He would like to talk to you.
He is watching you from that CC camera.
Rahul Sanghvi is watching you.
Rahul Sanghvi!
My dear old friend!
So Sanghvi, it's been a long
time since we spoke, right?
Do you know who on this land has
the flamboyance to make you freight?
Son of Forest,
Nelakonda Bhagavanth Kesari.
What a coincidence, Sanghvi.
Nature has again made us
stand opposite to each other.
You made a big mistake by
causing pain to my child.
The old settlement and this
new one along with interest,
I will tear you apart.
Let's have a fair fight.
It's either you or me.
But if you tell me, that you
will meet CM, or you'll call the PM,
or you will use the money you have,
or you will show the arrogance you have.
Bro, I don't care!
Birth and death is in the hands of God,
but the choice of friends
and enemy is in our hands.
The war between Bhagavanth
Kesari and Rahul Sanghvi,
started because of a man's ego.
Who gave him a chair to sit on?
-I have been an MLA here for 20 years.
-Sir, please be calm.
No one came against to me.
-Who seized my material?
-Sir, please stop.
-Sir, hear me out!
-Tell me... Who hit my guy?
-Speak out...
-Please stop it, sir.
Tell me, who was it?
Tell me... Speak out...
-Tell me!
-Nelakonda Bhagavanth Kesari.
He recently got posted here.
He must be here within an hour.
Let me finish the board
meeting in village...
and then I'll shoot both
of you with your gun itself.
Thanks to all of you who
made the Swatantra Seva Party,
10th Anniversary meeting a success.
I always need your support.
we have an arrest warrant in your name.
Get into the vehicle.
[all shouting]
Section 274,
illegal activities in the forest.
Section 302,
brutal killings of police officers.
It is better if you get into
the vehicle as soon as possible.
How dare you file a case
against me? Will you arrest me?
Do you know who I am?
Why are you laughing?
If the boss raises his hand on his worker,
the helpless worker laughs
like this as he can't do anything.
But if the worker beats the boss publicly,
he will die with shame.
Who will beat me?
Attention! Attention!
Beware, all the thieves!
The King of the Jungle is coming.
Circle Inspector!
Nelakonda Bhagavanth Kesari.
Bro, I don't care.
What happened, Rafi?
What are you discussing with him?
Won't he get in the jeep?
Oh, so you are Bhagavanth Kesari?
I have spoken to SP and
fixed the time of your death.
Why did you lift your dhoti up?
Did ants get into your underwear?
Today, I'll not leave this town
without witnessing your dead body.
If you display your
egotistic nature before me,
I'd have to put on a headphone.
I'll listen to my beats
and be in my own heat.
I won't come. How will you take me?
Do you know why we have our
brains in between our ears?
Because when the ear starts wringing, then
the matter goes straight into the brain.
One phone call from me is enough,
my men will burn you all down before
you can take me to the station.
-Yes, sir.
Give him a phone which has a full signal.
We are taking a criminal along
with us to the police station.
Call anyone you like.
[music playing]
"Wind, wind, oh wind,
this wind sheds fragrance"
"and tell me, where she opened her hair."
"Now, reveal her
whereabouts, please do convey"
"I will meet her once,
just show me the way."
-"Let me meet my beloved..."
-"My heart's desire..."
-"Let me meet my beloved..."
-"My heart's desire..."
Hey, Kittu, come out.
I won't come.
Hey, CI...
Do you think we will sit
silently if you arrest Sharath sir?
If you won't release him,
we will scorch down the entire village.
we will scorch down the entire village.
Brother, please wait for five
minutes. I need to talk to Kittu.
CI is requesting me.
Face value! He is afraid!
Kittu, scoundrel!
How long will escape from us!?
Come on, get in the vehicle.
Bhagavanth, I won't get into the vehicle.
Look that way.
Bihar Gang.
They aren't petty thieves like us,
they have done many rapes.
They have slit throats of small children.
The Bihar police are scared to
even lay a finger on them.
Face them first and
then get me if you can.
[in Hindi]: Will you take
away my friend? Will you?
I'll mince you into Keema.
Will you touch my friend? Will you?
Will you?
If I see a face that I dislike,
I snap and when I snap, I react wildly.
Mic testing. 1... 2... 3...
I want to see our Kittu's face.
Sir, I'll get into the vehicle.
Kittu, why have you covered your face?
Sir, my face is very ugly.
But I want to see.
Even my wife is not seeing me.
She says it is uglier than a pig's face.
Maybe I like it.
Even I don't like it, sir.
I'd have nausea and
diarrhoea when I see my face in mirror.
-[together]: Sir, our we look ugly.
-We will go get into the vehicle, sir.
We have one more?
What are you doing?
[in Hindi]: My face looks ugly.
I like your face,
go and get in the vehicle.
Thank you sir.
But you're ugly when you smile.
Parcel this batch to Bihar police.
-Tell them that it's a gift from our side.
-Okay sir.
-Hey, MLA batch!
-[all gasps]
You said you will burn the village down,
show your faces at least.
We won't?
How's the temperature in Adilabad?
It's close to 40 degrees.
All our faces have turned black.
Don't know whether
you will like us or not.
I'll have seen it from far away.
You seem cute, turn this side.
You are trying to cheat me.
I won't show it. Let's go.
Escape guys.
Hey SP, tell him.
Leave Mr. Sanghvi.
One buffoon came
looking for another buffoon.
Is this how you speak to your seniors?
Don't you know how to give respect?
Bhagavanth sir has not laid his hand
on you, that itself is respect for you.
Shut up.
Is that how you talk to a senior officer?
What did I say?
You called him a buffoon.
We are from the same department,
we say number of things like this.
Sanghvi is not just an
MLA of the ruling party...
he is also a key fund
provider to this government.
Let him go.
How many scams did he do?
How many police officers did he kill?
Take the blame for all his
cases and get arrested,
then he will come out.
And you treating me like this.
Do you know how much pressure I get if I
sit in the meeting with the commissioner?
-He is correct, Rafi.
We should understand the
pressures of senior officers.
By the way, on which side will
the commissioner be facing you?
-Right or left?
-Right side.
Go and lick his right underarm.
If I want to,
I can suspend you in an hour, Bhagavanth.
SP sir, do you want to suspend him? No!
SP sir, are you out of your mind?
Do you know the
consequences of his suspension?
Rafi, is that necessary?
He should know. SP should know
the consequences of suspending you
Rafi! Rafi!
-1997 Karimnagar!
-October 4th.
A criminal shot down
32 people in a RTC bus.
CI sir arrested him and a DSP,
just like you, suspended CI sir.
I told him not to suspend him.
Do you know what
happened after the suspension?
Since I was already suspended,
I didn't give a damn about my job...
I had a bottle of toddy,
took the criminal to DSP's home,
hacked his head and
placed it in DSP's hands.
Wouldn't anyone be scared or shocked
seeing someone's neck getting cut off?
DSP sir then covered his death
by reporting it as a suicide,
by throwing himself under the train.
Due to that shock,
the DSP suffered a stroke.
Naturally, if you are biased in your job,
you might experience a paralysis attack,
wouldn't you?
What, sir?
So, do you want to suspend me?
Go on.
While going, I'll take his head along.
SP, no need of
suspension. Arrange a bail for me.
I won't let you get bail!
As you are man handling cops.
If you have a couple of meals in the jail,
you'll know how to control yourself.
SP sir, I didn't come via recommendation.
I came through merit.
You didn't make me...
So... You can't break me.
He may be your boss who gives you
money every month and manage you.
I am the nightmare of wrongdoers.
-Do you know what it is?
-Your doom.
Get lost now... Sir!
Bhagavanth Kesari had
charged a strong charge sheet,
thus we couldn't get the
bail in the last 10 days, sir.
Your son has spoken to the higher
authority, we'll get the bail by evening.
I will kill him in front of your eyes.
Being captivated is
more difficult than death.
I went through this hell.
He should also go through
the hell for the rest of his life.
I'll do it.
-The pain I suffered in the jail--
-The pain--
-The pain!
The pain!
Bhagavanth Kesari,
who although being a police officer,
is involved in many illegal activities
like ganja smuggling, drugs, and weapons,
in the forest where
he was born and raised,
has killed the forest
officer who interfered him.
This is the case,
and who will tell the witness?
What, sisters? Will you?
[bullet shots]
Welcome, my friend Bhagavanth Kesari.
You had become the reason of my
father's death by sending him to jail.
I will send you to jail for a lifetime.
Do you want to die as well?
Will you tell the witness?
I will make the witness
out of the villagers.
shall we send
Bhagavanth Kesari uncle to jail?
Tell me...
Won't you say?
We shall sacrifice our lives for our
child, but this villagers should be safe.
Don't harm the child.
I'll be the witness.
I'll sanction punishment to my own child,
like no other mother
would do in this world.
I will send my son to jail.
Goodbye, Bhagavanth Kesari.
Let's meet in another life.
[thunders rumbling]
Why did you take me in
leaving your family...
and the ones who spoiled
your life, Chicha?
Do you remember what you
told me in your childhood?
You said to call you my mother.
If the mother is in trouble,
will any son leave her alone?
Chicha, I would do as you
say. I will obey your words.
It is better to take Vijji to another
state other than Hyderabad for training.
What will be the situation
if that Rahul Sanghvi comes there again...
Kaachi, wherever I take Vijji,
he will follow.
Him being alive is not
safe for me and my Vijji.
And me being alive is not safe for him.
Let Hyderabad decide
the fate of our stories.
Let's plan a grand welcome for him.
Bhagavanth Kesari will definitely
come for me.
[train honks]
Mr. Bhagavanth...
My brother and sister-in-law.
-[both]: Greetings.
Hey, what's this?
Hey, move...
What the hell is this?
Boys! For our Rahul Sanghvi sir.
There are women and children on the bus.
Shall we park the bus aside?
Do you know why we have
brains in between our ears?
Because when the ear starts wringing, then
the matter goes straight into the brain.
-Brother, raise the sound.
[random Telugu song playing]
[random Telugu song playing]
Why did you stop the bus?
It's a last stop, brother.
Will it not go to Rahul Sanghvi's house?
It's in the next street.
No vehicles will be allowed
to enter that area or street.
Give me the steering. Not just his
street, I'll drive over him too.
-Is everything okay.
-Clear all the surroundings.
Time is bad for this zodiac sign.
The flights may befall on them.
The train can come or
even a bus might come.
My Zodiac is bad?
This is a Fifty-storey building.
So much security around me, crossing all
this will buses and trains come on me?
Buses? Trains?
Stop Them... Stop!
-Stop the bus..
-Stop... Stop...
-I want to meet Rahul Sanghvi.
-He is on 30th floor.
The bus won't go there,
You must take the lift.
The one's with this zodiac sigh have a
bad habit. They don't believe others.
Hey Rahul, I told you that
I'll meet you and talk to you.
Why did you send people in the meantime?
How dare you?
Your arrogance knows no bounds.
Hey, what are you talking about?
Don't make sound.
You... Little...
Do your boss have something in his mouth?
He will speak.
I thought you'd die in jail.
I didn't think you'd ever come out.
You sent me to jail but
Jailer sir got me out of it.
I didn't kill you because of my child...
and now the same child has
caused us to confront each other.
Now I stand in front of you as your death.
This is called fate. No one can escape it.
My brain says to kill you,
but my heart says to leave
you for the sake of my child.
I am stuck in here, dude.
I don't see a route out of here.
I must kill you but I should
not have blood on my hands.
Suggest a good plan.
This Sanghvi is like the Sun.
Don't start celebrating
just because it is dark.
As the dawn arrives, I'll tear apart
the same darkness and rise again.
One minute.
Tell me, Bhagavanth brother.
after getting beaten by your
wife, every night you tell a dialogue.
What's that?
Hey, I'm like a Sun.
Don't start
celebrating just because it is dark.
As the dawn arrives, I'll tear apart
the same darkness and rise again.
-Eat it.
-Oh my God!
Did you hear?
Every lilliput that gets beaten by
his wife tells the same dialogue.
What a buffoon you are, Rahul?
This is not your forest, Bhagavanth.
This is my world.
Listen, kiddo. The lion is still
a lion it won't become a cat.
I am not the old Sanghvi.
Yes, how can you be the old Sanghvi?
Then you had two legs.
And I removed one of those.
Bhagavanth, I'm going to kill you.
The pain I inflicted on you,
by killing your people before
sending you to jail is nothing.
I will make you suffer
double the pain I gave you,
by killing your child
in front of your eyes.
For me killing you is as
easy as drinking an Irani tea.
You're an inch away from your death.
Do you want to see it? Shall I?
What? Are you going to kill my
child? Let's see, come on...
I will sit at the
Charminar Centre with my child.
Send as many people as you can.
I'll mince each one of them into Keema,
have a Kheer and leave with my child.
I'll pluck out their
intestines and chop them off...
and then go to Koti and have chaat.
What gives you so much confidence?
Your lives are not worth
the price of my boots.
Bloody broke scumbag!
Broke scumbag? Shall I tell you the truth?
Listen, Rahul. The poor are like iron.
You need it to put it in a furnace
and then beat it until you get tired,
only then he will bend.
But rich people like you are like glass.
A small damage is enough,
it will break you into pieces.
I thought I wouldn't find you or miss you.
But oh God, what a chance you gave me.
Like a chance in marriage percussion
and dancing in the Bonalu festival.
Will anyone from
Telangana leave that chance?
Do you know what is the
Law of Nature, Sanghvi?
Survival of the fittest!
The one who has the strength will win.
Which of the two of us should be alive
will be decided by the nature itself.
Me being alive is not safe for you...
and you being alive is not
safe for me and my child.
Suggest a plan soon. I must kill
you but not have blood on my hands.
You know better than us
how complicated he is.
Put your focus on Project-V.
Catch that PA first.
Come on boys, come on... Do it! Do it!
One, two... One, two... Come on, do it!
One, Two, three, four, come on do it.
Move forward, forward.
One, two, three, come on do it. Change!
Come on boys, take a break. Out, move out.
Greetings sir.
I heard that the students trained by you
get selected into the army very easily.
I want to send my child to the army.
The child is struggling a lot.
You should help her like a father!
What? Like a father?
I too have a daughter.
She told me that, 'daddy,
I want to do something in my life'
and I got her married immediately.
Girls are made for beauty.
They are fit for movies and modelling.
But they are not fit for the army.
They don't have the strength.
But a lot of girls are
going into the army.
-You can't belittle the girls like that.
-Hello. Stop it.
Are you lecturing me?
There are a lot of academies
that train women. Go there.
As I said, women don't have the power.
Get out.
What you are saying is very wrong, sir.
What? Wrong? Am I talking wrong?
I am wrong?
Women don't have the strength.
Should I prove it?
Should I prove it?
Put the bag down. Put the bag down.
Boys, move aside.
Go and run. Go! Run... Fast!
Faster, run faster!
Move! Run faster!
More faster!
Run, keep running.
Running... Keep running, faster.
Don't stop keep running.
She couldn't even make three
rounds in one minute.
This is her stamina.
You want me to train
this girl for the army.
You want to see more? Start push ups.
Three... Four,
five, come on.
Don't stop, Faster!
She is shivering to complete ten push-ups.
And I'm wrong, is it?
You want to see more?
Get into the ring,
He is the topper of my academy.
Now he will give you a final demo.
Suraj, kick her out!
She is not at all trained.
And you making her face a man.
How can she hit him?
Hit him? There is no chance of hitting.
At least you need to know whether,
she has the strength to
withstand even a single blow.
You see?
If I hit her again, she might die.
Take the girl home and,
teach her cooking and doing
dishes, and get married.
As you say, sir.
Come on!
What are you looking at?
You are at 25 and I'm at 50.
Come on.
What coach?
Will he lie down like
this on the border as well?
Oh, no! He's a man, right?
Let's give him another chance.
Come on, get up.
I must appreciate the
strength of the men of your academy.
What did you say?
I should teach my child cooking?
And what should he learn?
Mallesh Biryani Point
in Warangal is famous.
I'll recommend him,
will you send your topper there?
He will learn to cook well.
If my child needed muscle
strength, I'd feed her a ram everyday.
But she needs mental strength.
That's why I brought her here.
You have a lot of stuff in your head, sir.
But the space is congested.
Narrow minded.
Come, child.
Come on! Move!
This auto driver gave a
chocolate to the baby...
and was touching her with
inappropriate intentions, sir.
take him to the station immediately.
Kaachi, take the baby.
Baby, does he give chocolates everyday?
Don't you know that it's wrong
if someone touches you inappropriately,
you have to tell to your
mother at home, right?
Where's the baby's school?
Next compound, sir.
Welcome to all the parents who attended,
the TNR Memorial School
Annual Day celebration.
-On the--
-Where's the Principal?
What's the matter, sir?
I'll tell you.
But before that, what lessons
are given to the children everyday?
Prayer at 9 o'clock, maths at 10 o'clock,
physics at 11 o'clock!
Let me take a class today.
Teach it to the kids
everyday without a miss.
Children, Bhagavanth Chicha
will teach you a good lesson today.
You'd listen to him carefully, won't you?
[children]: Yes.
-[children]: Yes.
Children, whether while playing with
you or by giving chocolates to you,
somebody might try to touch you.
You should be very careful at that time.
Touching these three places of
your body is wrong, children.
If somebody touches you in
any of these three areas,
you must immediately inform your mother.
One, on the chest.
Inform your mother if
somebody touches you here.
Two, below your waist. Your back.
Inform your mother if
somebody touches there.
Three, between the legs.
Between the two legs.
Touching there is a very wrong thing.
You must inform your mother immediately.
I'm telling this again, children.
If anyone touches any of
these three areas of your body,
be it your friend who's playing with you,
or a teacher who teaches you,
or your neighbouring uncle,
or your grandfather at home,
or your uncle, elder
brother, younger brother,
or even... if he's your father,
you should inform it to your mother.
Mother won't keep quiet.
She shouldn't.
I came from the forest.
There is a clear-cut board that says that,
there is a tiger-here or,
that there is is a fox...
But here, there are jackals
who are disguised as a cow.
There are wolves accompanying you.
Beware, children.
The animal can never become
a man no matter how hard it tries,
but for a man to become a beast,
the sight of a girl is enough.
Bloody scoundrels.
we should not raise our girls as cowards.
Putting pepper spray in her bag...
and asking them to hold
candles when something goes wrong,
they should make the man who
dares to touch them regret it...
that's how you raise a girl.
Make your girl a lioness!
No matter how much we do,
there are some who will,
drag women back saying they
don't have enough strength.
He did not experience the pain
his mother endured to give birth to him,
maybe that's why he says that.
Otherwise, he'd have known
the real strength of a woman.
"You have the heat to beam up the dawn."
"You have the speed to hurry up the time."
"Reach your goal by passing
through the path of pain."
"Etch your name in the history,
you lionet!"
"Live for a goal."
"Life is meaningless without a goal."
Vijji is trying really hard.
She is completing every
physical task up to 90%.
Because of her phobia
she is lacking that 10%.
"Search for the fire within your heart!"
-"You are at war with you."
-"Don't stop."
-"You are at war with you."
-"Don't get tired."
-"You are at war with you."
-"Don't stop."
-"You are at war with you."
-"Don't get tired."
The most beautiful thing
you can bare is confidence.
"You are your only help is the
source of your motivation."
"You can't do it,
all these fallacies are useless."
"You are battling your anxieties."
"And, persistence is the
key to winning that battle."
"With your inexhaustible
sacrifice and desire towards duty,"
"you must succeed in
any test coming your way."
"There are no shortcuts to success."
"Don't be complacent in your journey."
"Until you hoist your
flag on the streets."
-"You are at war with you."
-"Don't stop."
-"You are at war with you."
-"Don't get tired."
"You are the wings that can
measure the heights of the sky."
"you are the anchor that
measures the depths of the sea."
"You are the symbol of determination.
You can outperform yourself."
"Focus on your strength and
you can master this world."
Please be prepared.
Army life and the civilian
life both are totally different.
Here both men and
women are treated equally.
-Lot of discipline is expected.
-Don't disturb her.
-I want to talk to her.
-No. please go.
-I'll just talk to her once and leave.
-She is in training.
-Can't you hear me? Get out from here.
-It'll not be more than two minutes.
-It is very important matter.
-[indistinct chatter]
Come! Come! Come!
Vijji! I started a new business...
-and it's going to be huge.
What is this army training?
You can't... You can't do it.
You can't do it. Okay?
Come with me...
Let's get married and
enjoy our life happily.
Will have a great life together.
Don't think about
anything come with me Vijji.
Okay, let's go.
I won't discourage anyone like you.
All the best.
Are you crazy?
You fell into his trap yet again.
He is playing with your life.
You can't do it. He will get you killed.
He is a sadist.
Sit down.
He trapped me?
He is playing with my life?
Do you know the meaning of sacrifice?
Can you leave your business
and stand with me for an hour,
cleaning my shoes and giving me juice?
For 12 years, that man stood by me,
leaving aside his life and his future.
He withstood my scoldings,
he bore the insults that I threw upon him,
he smiled along with me
and he got sad when I cried.
He would always put his life
on the line because of his love for me.
Who will do all this?
He says that girls should
stand tall and face the world.
I will stand.
I will do it for him.
If necessary,
I will sacrifice myself for him.
What did you say?
Did you call him a sadist?
Son of the forest...
Nelakonda Bhagavanth Kesari!
My friend...
My uncle!
The father who did not give birth to me.
Even though I troubled her all her life.
I stood in the way of her wishes and love.
I thought she might get
a little angry with me.
But, she understood me.
Did you listen, Kaachi?
She called me her father.
This is enough, Kaachi.
One more step.
I need to make my
child climb one more step.
I will make her.
I will.
[thunders rumbling]
You don't always need a
weapon to hit your enemy.
Sometimes an opportunity is enough.
Such an opportunity
came to Rahul Sanghvi.
The PA of deputy CM was hiding
somewhere in a remote area of Maharashtra,
his hideout was traced by
mercenary thugs and he got caught.
After Rahul Sanghvi
neutralized the government's threat,
the Central government decided
to give Project-V to Rahul Sanghvi.
[siren wailing]
[tires screeching]
[music mutes voices]
Rahul Sanghvi's game started there!
The real game...
The plan to choke
Bhagavanth Kesari from all corners.
[siren wailing]
Project-V is my passion, my dream,
it is going to enter my
gate in a few seconds.
So I gave a small pause...
After it comes, you three...
[mimicking bullet shot]
But before that let's have some fun.
Psychologist Kathyayani...
The love of Bhagavanth Kesari...
I have a question for you.
Who is smart?
Me or Bhagavanth Kesari?
Bhagavanth Kesari.
-Who is tough?
-Bhagavanth Kesari.
-And who is sharp?
-Bhagavanth Kesari.
It's true...
Love is blind.
And now for the final.
Who is the strongest?
Me or Bhagavanth Kesari?
If you say my name I will
leave you without killing you.
Bhagavanth Kesari.
[triggers clicking]
No... No... No... Why?
Why Bhagavanth Kesari?
Being a psychologist I
can read people easily.
Every human has a formula.
Your formula is money plus power.
You do anything with money.
Then you pacify with power.
And it is a regular routine formula.
But Bhagavanth Kesari
has a unique formula.
Generally, the ice will get
melted if it is kept next to the fire.
And if fire is kept next to
snow, it will extinguish.
If that fire and snow meet
then that is Bhagavanth Kesari.
Which is an impossible combination.
No matter which side you go,
there will be a side effect.
You have already gone towards the
fire. You shall soon be on fire.
Vijji is Bhagavanth Kesari's world.
If Vijji is in danger, why would
Bhagavanth Kesari sit silently, bro?
The universe will help you
in your pursuit of righteousness.
Ratan Shukla got the
opportunity to repay the debt for...
the help given by
Bhagavanth Kesari twelve years ago.
[guns firing]
Shukla sir, the PA got caught.
Coco cola Pepsi, Bhagavanth Babu sexy.
[guns firing]
Babu, all those who used this
gun in the market became famous.
But if you use them,
they will become famous.
Shukla Ji,
the market expects a
little more sound from us.
This is how we sound.
How is it, Shukla Ji?
Absolutely thrilling.
Sound went to the Secretariat.
[siren wailing]
[music mutes voices]
Sanghvi, what's this? The entire
scenario has been completely reversed.
We are going to Bhagavanth Kesari,
we will talk and set everything.
Don't take any harsh decisions meanwhile.
Bro, I don't know whether
I will see you again or not!
whether you'll come back or not.
Anyway, rest in peace.
[siren wailing]
don't take any decision in haste.
We have come to a compromise with you.
Let's come to a decision about that PA.
Look, sir has come from Delhi.
He makes major deals
at the national level.
Sir! Sir!
Hand over that PA to us...
and I will talk to Rahul Sanghvi and tell
him to leave you and your child alone.
Jogi Ji, matter over.
Get the flight ready.
Hello, sir.
Can you come here once?
You made a nice reel like a
pretty teenager on Instagram.
Take this prize and go back to Delhi.
Do you know my name?
Ashok Tiwari!
My name sends a jitter to
everyone from state to central.
You would give me a prize, would you?
I am like a tiger.
I encountered two huge tigers
while I was coming back from tuition,
while I was in my tenth or twelfth.
I thought,
'To hell with this petty life'...
and I smacked one tiger
and snapped it's neck.
The other one silently
went into the jungle I think.
I was born and brought up with tigers.
Do you think you can scare me
by mentioning a tiger, you cartoon?
Son of the forest,
Nelakonda Bhagavanth Kesari.
If I get angry, I'm like a forest fire...
Tree, hill, rock.. whatever comes
my way will get burned.
Bro... I don't care.
What makes you so confident?
My father always used to say a phrase...
A stubborn man is stronger than a king.
A King's show of strength is the
hundred men who are behind him.
But a stubborn man will show
the only thing he has, his heart!
Jogi Ji...
I can't deal with that joker.
Will you listen to my offer
or send PA to the press?
Go away. Go back to Delhi soon.
But he is messing with the wrong person.
-Hey, you are a mess!
-Can I help?
Hey, get lost. You are wrong.
He is King Kong.
Why are you messing,
pressing, and cussing?
He is a bulldozer,
you are a water greaser.
Take the nearest exit
and go to Delhi. Damn it!
How was this?
Wow! She likes.
Sir, please go and sit in
the car for two minutes.
The government itself is in danger, sir.
Sir, the situation is very
serious here. Go and sit.
Bhagavanth, talk to me.
What do you want?
Rahul Sanghvi.
I must kill him.
You have to get him killed by me.
I will come alone with my child.
Let him bring as many people as he can.
Out of law... Out of judiciary!
Select a nice ground.
We will fight each other.
Only one of us will return.
You are safe if he comes back
and you are safe even if I come back.
Why are you still thinking?
You have been here since three
months. Will you not go back home?
I am stuck due to the wrong
done by that Rahul Sanghvi.
Now I have a chance to get out.
You have to say! You have to say 'okay'.
This is the best deal.
Okay! I will convince Rahul Sanghvi
and arrange the meeting you asked for.
is there a chance of you joining politics?
Your politics is different.
My politics is different.
You hold the hair if you can reach,
and if you can't, you hold their legs.
Unlike me,
who always goes for hair no matter what.
I'll make them bend if I
can't reach for their hair.
Jogi Ji, only one of
the two will come back.
I don't mind if you select the
place or I have to select the place,
if you tell the time or I have to tell.
Anytime, anywhere!
What's after that, Shukla Ji?
Our guys know that very well, sir.
Rahul Sanghvi Vs. Bhagavanth Kesari.
Knockout match.
Even if I lose you are safe.
Even if he loses you are safe.
Good deal.
You are in a safe zone.
Sanghvi, you are the one who put us
in the danger zone from the safe zone.
If you want to be in
the safe zone with us...
This is the best deal.
He told us an old saying which says that
a stubborn man is stronger than a king.
And he threw an open challenge that he
will come alone along with his child.
You have so many people behind you,
can you kill him and introduce a
new saying to the world, Sanghvi?
I am already dead, Jogi Ji.
My enemy is walking boldly before my eyes,
and he challenges me.
I am dead!
[voice echoes]
Now if I want to live...
I must kill him.
Only vengeance can restore me.
[random Telugu song playing]
Why are you looking here?
[movie playing on phone]
[song continues]
He arrived on a bullet.
Bhagavanth you are taking
a huge risk by going alone.
Look there,
Rahul Sanghvi is ready with a big plan..
Sir, take at least one weapon with you.
This opener?
I will return it after ten minutes.
I want to see his blood.
Generally, those who have this
phobia, if they want to get out of it,
there's a way...
A thing or a person that they
love more than their life...
If you create a situation such that,
they are going to lose it,
right in front of their eyes,
there is a chance.
We can create such a situation for Vijji,
but it's a suicidal mission.
Vijji, you must come.
You must come and untie me.
Dear, you can do it.
Wherever you are, you must
stand with courage just like this.
Only then the world will respect you,
will you stay like this?
[English rap]
That means, you deliberately...
My child is a lioness now.
My little lioness.
Come, let's hunt together.
Vijji! You relax.
I'll deal with him.
Who is smart?
Rahul Sanghvi.
Who is sharp?
Rahul Sanghvi.
Vijji, back...
Who is tough?
Rahul Sanghvi.
Before I kill you...
I will kill your child.
Who is the strongest?
It's true...
Bhagavanth Kesari.
Sorry, sir.
I said it would take ten minutes,
but it took two minutes more.
I hope it's okay.
It's okay. No problem.
What else?
I will leave then.
Thank God!
Would you commit such mistakes?
I know you won't.
Bhagavanth Kesari...
You will remember
this name for many years.
Now how should we
cover up Sanghvi's death?
Who keeps a party in a farmhouse?
Couldn't they keep a
fire engine at the place?
Gone.. Gone!
Everyone got short-circuited
and got burnt including Sanghvi.
Does that opener has blood on it?
That's not blood.
That's red wine.
He has done immeasurable service
to our party while being anonymous.
That's why we are
giving him an MLC ticket.
Please wear this scarf.
Don't I get any Ministry?
Giving a ministry is not as
simple as closing the doors.
FEW MONTHS LATERHe said that a trembling child should,
become an example for hundreds of people
to be brave and he made that happen.
[crowd applauds]
Thousand numbers has been
selected for Army from our Academy.
For the first time one girl
has been selected to the Army.
Soon she will be going for training.
She is none other than Ms. Vijayalakshmi,
[crowd applauds]
My Chicha would always tell me one thing,
girls should not be like
a fawn but like a lionet.
Make your daughter a lioness!
[indistinct shouting]
[banging on door]
You can't go back and
change the beginning...
But you can act in your
present and change the end.
If death is inevitable today.
Let's sign our death note bravely.
Brother Bhagavanth would always
keep telling this one thing...
-If you dare...
-Your balls will get cracked.
-If I see a face that I dislike, I snap.
-And when I snap, I reach very wildly.
Do you know why we have our
brains in between our ears?
Because when the ears are wringing...
the matter goes straight into our heads.
A King's show of strength is the
hundred men who are behind him.
But a stubborn man will show
the only thing he has, his heart!
Hitting you is like,
getting a chance at a wedding percussion
and like the dance at the Bonalu festival.
-Shh! Don't make noise.
-Shh! Don't make noise.
You... Little...
-[together]: I don't care.
Bro... I don't care.
[both]: Oh! Brother Bhagavanth...
Tell me...
[both]: Come and let's rock brother...
Okay, let's rock it then.
"Grind, come on grind"
"Grind, come on grind"
"Grind, hey my maternal aunt's daughter"
"Grind the paddy to shake my heart"
"Grind, hey my maternal aunt's daughter"
"Grind the paddy to shake my heart"
"Grind, hey grind well"
"Grind, hey grind well"
"Grind, come on grind!
Grind, come on grind!"
"Though you feel thirsty.
Though you feel a bit of pain"
"Don't stop or give up.
Don't get caught or get tired."
"Baby, hey baby. Grind, come on grind!"
"Grind, come on grind!
Grind, come on grind!"
"I'll grind, hey grandson of Mangamma"
"Your heart will shake when I grind"
"I'll grind, hey grandson of Mangamma"
"Your heart will shake when I grind"