Bhagshesh: The Remainder (2018) Movie Script

thank you
actually it was written with a lot of care
but never expected it to be a best seller
oh yes
a call's waiting, may I take it
Yes I told you I'm already looking for it
yes, I'll let you know when I find it
oh yes, I can understand
you'll like whatever I write now
oh no, that wasn't meant for you
I'll give it to your publishing house
I've promised you, haven't I?
where did I keep it!
It's supposed to be here
I have to clean the book racks
when I begged for a publish
none of them agreed
now, after a best seller to my name
if I write it a roach's biography
they may as well publish it
Mr.Mukherjee is it?
thank you
not really
I got it!!
oh I didn't mean you
I got something I was looking for
I'll just call you back
my first ever best seller
but it's just not a story to me
it's like a beehive of memories
may be the honey tasted good
and thus it earned a title
of a best seller
but the characters in this story
are so known to me
so close to me
Biswajit and Madhumanti
friends since college days
and through Biswajit
Amit was acquainted to Madhumanti
how long Madhu di?
oh yeah I'm done
hurry up!
will be just there
where's the maroon sandal!
you'll match a sandal now!
got it! wait!
you don't even have your car today!
come fast!
let's go!
we are so late!
if Somnath da complains
you handle him please!
yes.. I know we are late
hey listen
we're too late, isn't it?
let's drop today.. what do you think?
we'll take a CL
you too much!
you panic at the drop of a hat!
hello there
get in please
the reason I called you early
though to no use
your official work is going on fine
but our children's education
is being neglected
all the kids elsewhere take tuitions
so if we too don't give them extra guidance
yes, they'll find it difficult to compete
so should we hire tutors?
I have already applied for grants
but should we wait for the sanctions?
may I suggest something?
after their school gets over
for a couple of hours every week
what if we guide them?
who is it?
yes, please continue
I was suggesting
if we could guide them after school
I had the same plan
then till the tutors are hired
we both will guide them
then we can start from next week?
next monday is 18th right?
excuse me
yes Biswa
I'll leave by 4
okay let's meet at 5?
at Stadel right?
Amit will be there?
their friendship challenged time
not only their friendship
but a witness of all their life events
was this table
leave all this and take up a job
did I ask you for any advice?
did I?
then why give an advice at all?
but I asked for a coffee long back
I had ordered too
they didn't serve because he wasn't here
now he's here, ask them to serve
who's it now
how can you lose hope so easily?
the job of a writer is a difficult one
and it will take time to settle
give it time
so that I turn a fossil in that time
how long does it take?
for what?
to turn into a fossil?
are you serious??
I've a serious question
how long will my marriage last?
you fought again?
regarding what?
nothing new... it's her figure again
i don't know why I married a model
don't model have kids or what?!
and Rittika can start afresh!
she can join the gym
I like gyming too
though it doesn't suit me well
orelse I would've done too
ask her to hit the gym
she has always blamed me
but it was your decision to have a child
was that a wrong decision?
I wanted a child after 2 years of marriage
was that wrong?
Puja is 7 and you're still on with the same issue?
not us, it's only Rittika
the most important work in her life is to blame me
there's an addition to it now
she has something against her
against me??
why me?
what did I do?
she's turning ugly and so I'm having an affair with you
its so funny!
but she always knew about our friendship!
yes, but now she's having these wild thoughts
I can't take these fights anymore!
it is Pooja who's the actual victim of such bitterness
she's in such pain, without any fault of hers
I hate these things
I hate this baby-sitting too
you want be to sit home and baby sit her?
that's exactly what I do
I've given up everything just to babysit!
but how can you find time for Pooja!
you have to spend time with Madhumanti
what are you saying!
don't shout!
you think I don't know whom Madhumanti comes to meet in the name of Pooja?
you'll bring the roof down!
stop I said!
I simply can't take these daily fights anymore
Pooja is in pain Amit
because of your fights, Pooja is in a lot of pain
Careful! its the same spoon which had fallen!
O Woman! you amaze me!
you can empty yourself in love
and still love some more
O Woman! you amaze me!
you light the candle of love
and burn yourself in the flame
you melt drop by drop
and die in the candle stand
and still in the last breath
and still in the last breath
you wipe the darkness with the flash of light
O Woman! you amaze me!
Its difficult to read a woman's mind
just to give shelter to an emotion
Madhumanti made a mistake in selecting her own shelter
What's wrong!
why is the house in such condition?
what has happened?
Rittika has left
she wants to start her life afresh
without Pooja and myself
I don't know what to say
where's Pooja?
I'm feeling very nervous Madhu
I'm feeling helpless
how can I raise a little girl all by myself?
please control yourself Amit
something will be done
we'll find a way
should I call Biswa?
what will I do now Madhu?
you tell me
will your crying bring back Rittika?
it won't
I'm there Amit
for Pooja
I'm there for her
don't worry
the love that Madhu tried to shower on Pooja
the little girl never accepted it
it was kind of forcefully
that Madhu brought Pooja to her house that day
I won't take food from you
please have the milk dear
have it
I won't let you feed me
please don't say this dear
you're my little darling isn't it?
my dear Pooja
I won't have it from your hands
my mother left us because of you I won't have food from your hands
please check who has come
at this hour?
anything wrong?
I can't stay in that house
I can't stay there alone
Rittika has left and you've brought Pooja to your place
I can't stay there alone like this
you are missing Pooja aren't you?
can I stay with you here at your place?
yes... sure... you may
will you marry me Madhu?
tell me
will you marry me?
'a bit of smiles'
'a bit of tears'
'a bit of anguish hiding the love beneath'
'a bit of smiles'
'a bit of tears'
'a bit of anguish hiding the love beneath'
'with all of these we decorate the memoirs of life'
'so that our lives always end on a happy note'
'so that our lives always end on a happy note'
'a bit of smiles'
'a bit of tears'
'a bit of anguish hiding the love beneath'
you made a mistake by hurrying everything unnecessarily
we hurried things??
you know my life situation now
and still you feel we hurried??
thank God Madhu helped us! orelse what would've happened?
I know everything but still I feel this
Pooja is still a little girl
so many changes, one after the other
don't you think it'll be difficult for her to adjust?
the thing is you're still unmarried
and I've married twice
so you're jealous right?
what are you saying!
there's a limit of being so insensitive Amit
just because of your current condition and our old friendship
I'm just ignoring what you said
Madhu could've looked after Pooja
you could've also stayed here with Madhu
till here it would've been fine
you could've married after a few days, once Pooja was stable
all three of you would've been fine that way
do you know the consequences of this hurry?
Pooja will always hold Madhu responsible for your divorce
she's a little girl, she will just connect the events and conclu de
you know what
you didn't marry, neither you have kids... nothing will happen
Pooja will adjust perfectly in a few days
Pooja is my daughter
do you think you know her better?
no you don't know her
the biggest problem is you don't know your daughter
in spite of being her father, you never felt for her
'not beng accepted and yet loving back unconditionally'
'holding even the hatred of a loved one close to your heart'
'not beng accepted and yet loving back unconditionally'
'holding even the hatred of a loved one close to your heart'
here's your tea
hey listen
what should we do tomorrow?
any plans?
what's tomorrow?
what's the date tomorrow? you don't remember?
tomorrow's 21st May right?
was I supposed to give my car for servicing?
you seriously don't remember?
oh you were supposed to join the new NGO?
oh I forgot completetly! what you should do?
you should take sweets... it'll help build rapport
but the ladies are so health conscious nowadays!
I'm supposed to join there in December
but you made me go crazy with the official documents!
its May now, December is months away! you drove me crazy!
its so weird!
those documents were for Pooja
why are you so casual about Pooja?
you really don't remember?
is there a parents-teachers meeting at her school?
you should've said earlier!
Amit it's Pooja's birthday tomorrow!
you don't remember?
oh goodness!
Pooja's is your own blood Amit!
how can you be so ignorant about her?
I don't understand
you give a lot of money for her! doesn't a father have any other responsibility?
what is this!
okay no more lecture please
we'll take her out for dinner after my office
sure? you'll remember?
'blacks, whites, reds and blues and a thousand more hues'
'make the canvas of life so colourful'
'blacks, whites, reds and blues and a thousand more hues'
'make the canvas of life so colourful'
yes somnath da
yes I know, I've arranged accordingly
okay.. when will they come?
and when will it get over?
actually Pooja's exams are nearing
so her tutor will come over.. she can't miss classes now
I'll arrange accordingly
okay no problem
Amit, you need to pick up Pooja from school
How can I pick up?
Pooja's school gets over during your lunch
you can pick her up, drop her home and get back to office
Rekha di will be home in the afternoon rest she can manage
but I can't be out of office for so long
please cooperate Amit!
it taks only 5 minutes from your office to her school
it will hardly take you 40 minutes to execute the whole thing
I manage every single day! you should do it at least once!
okay I'll see
what does it mean?
I have a directorial meeting at the NGO I won't be able to leave early
you have to manage today
I said I'll pick her up
hey listen
please reach on time don't keep her waiting
okay I said I'll do that
hello. - hello
did Pooja have food?
No! Pooja isn't back yet
it's so late! why didn't you let me know?
what do you mean?
I thought she's with you
you didn't pick up Pooja?
goodness! I completely forgot!
there's a limit of irresponsibility! she's your daughter!
leave it
somnath da
there's an emegency! I need to leave now
please excuse me
why what's wrong?
Amit has lost his mind completely! I'll talk to you later
let me know if everything's fine
'with all of these we decorate the memoirs of life'
'so that our lives always end on a happy note'
'a bit of smiles, a bit of tears, a bit of anguish hiding the love beneath'
sorry dear
you'll never have to wait for anyone anymore
why do you love Pooja so much?
she is not even your own child
she misbehaves with you such a lot
even then... why?
I can see myself in Pooja, Amit
you already know
you already know
when I was in the 5th standard
my parents got divorced
they fought so hard to wash their hands of me
my mother won at last
my responsibility came on my father's shoulders
not for long though
only 6 months
I was sent to the hostel
with a special permission so that I could stay there even during the holidays
I used to get so upset during the festival days
everybody enjoyed so much with their parents
they wore new clothes
and I?
I used to wait at the hostel's roof in my new dress
all alone
all I waited for was my father
he never came
he only came on the first day of the year
just for an hour
you know
that little girl
for the entire year
waited for that day, for that one hour
the role of parents is very important for the child
absense of their care and love
can result in a lifelong damage
but I'll never let Pooja go through this pain
I promise, I'll never let her go through this
Madhu's life was now filled with such sweet and not-so-sweet moments
even this didn't last long
just over a year and Amit wanted their own baby
this is an absurd proposal!
why absurd?
its over a year we've married, its normal to have a baby now
or is it that you too don't want a child for your career?
speak softly, Pooja is sleeping!
Amit tell me
do you have the least idea of the current situation?
Pooja has still not accepted me as her mother!
she's so disturbed about the whole thing
and you have planned to create a new problem!
I can't understand this!
having a baby can solve a lot of problems
Pooja will get a friend
you'll be happy, we all will be happy
tell me Amit
Pooja is your daughter
how can you be so ignorant of her feelings?
don't you feel any attachment towards her?
tell me
don't you realize the reason of her insecurity?
what insecurity are you talking about?
is there anything we don't do for her?
we give her everything she asks for!
Pooja has a real hard luck
Excuse me! I didn't get your sarcasm!
I don't want to discuss anything regarding this topic, anymore
Good night!
man proposes, god disposes
Amit wanted to start afresh with Madhumanti
but the storm of his insensitive demands
uprooted all the seeds of happiness
I wanted to us to walk this life together
but God had different plans
that's the reason I couldn't make anyone of you two happy
you know something
it's me who has a hard luck
I think in one way but it happens differently
I thought Pooja would accept you as her mother
your motherly instincts would get satisfied through her
but it didn't happen that way
I still tried to fix things
I thought having our baby could solve problems
you didn't agree
so I feel like a failure
I can't take this anymore
so I'm distancing myself from your lives
please forgive me
the defeated warrior of life, Amit
'not being accepted yet loving back unconditionally'
'holding even the hatred of a loved one, close to your heart'
'not being accepted yet loving back unconditionally'
'holding even the hatred of a loved one, close to your heart'
'with all of these we decorate the memoirs of life'
'so that our lives always end on a happy note'
'so that our lives always end on a happy note'
'a bit of smiles'
'a bit of tears'
'a bit of anguish hiding the love beneath'
how can one tolerate such a strange situation!
this kind of mental strain
and you can't even say anything to Madhu
Pooja isn't even a bit normal with her mother after Amit left?
Madhumanti should mean everything to her now
normal?? Pooja blames Madhu for Amit's exit from their lives
Pooja believes her parents dumped her because of Madhu
Pooja never tries to understand Madhu's love for her
she doen't even call Madhu her "mother"
in fact she calls her nothing
you can't blame Pooja
she is having to go through such a lot at such a young age
I understand that... but think about Madhu once!
for whom she sacrificed such a lot
the girl doesn't even recognize her love for her?
but the strange thing is
nothing could change Madhu's motherhood towards Pooja even a bit!
the same care, the same love, the same attachment
she doen't even get angry on Pooja!
you know something
is such an instinct
which is 100% unconditional
in its purest form
it supercedes blood ties
I'll show you one collection of mine
what collection?
you picked up something from the jungle?
wildlife is my passion
don't make fun of my passion
see these
an incident at the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve
the deer calf
fell prey to the tigress
photographers expected to click the hunting pictures
but look at the situation
the tigress is caressing the deer calf?
it's even playing with the calf like its own baby
then it returned the calf from where it was caught
according to experts
it was a mating season
so the mother's instinct of the tigress
superceded its necessity to hunt
if the mother's instinct can be so obvious in an animal
then a lot more should be expected from human beings!
you can't hold this exceptional incident as a standard!
I was just explaining motherhood to you
I know Madhumanti is in pain
but through all of this
she's experiencing the true essence of motherhood
and this will
finally help her achieve her motherhood goals
I'm sure
wait I'll read out a poem of mine...
when the seeds of life get drenched in the shower of love
heart tells of only THE MOTHER
she who offers a sky-wide shelter
is no other, but THE MOTHER
Motherhood sails beyond the lines of of gender
it is THE MOTHER who wombs the seed of love
nature sets to life with THE MOTHER'S unconditional touch
Life finds solace in THE MOTHER's shade of love
As THE MOTHER'S caress cascades down our lives
it breaks the bounds of good, bad, known, unknown
THE MOTHER only knows how to love, limitless
its her love which comes down as rain in fiery summers
try hurting her with a thousand blades
each wound of THE MOTHER will still pray for your happiness
O Mother, you are my land, my home resides in you
O Mother, my life begins and ends with you
that poem of yours "Nimantran"
so wonderfully written!
please recite once, I do it often
please recite once, I do it often
I've recited so many times
today let me hear you recite it
the little house in my heart
painted with amateur strokes
the little river flowing in front of it
the stretched hands of the old banyan tree
do come over when you can
I'll do up the lawn for you
I'll cool you with the oriental fans
I'll pamper you with all the care and love
you love Madhu, don't you?
yes I do
there's always love in any friendship
all relationships have love
I love you too! don't you know?
don't fool me!
you know very well what I mean
he who loves all things animate and thus worships God through them
you don't mean this type right?
I love you so much O Darling!
I'm talking of this type!
I do love her Shouvik Da..
couldn't gather courage to tell her
not because of any fear of rejection
I always feared losing her friendship
shouvik da
my love for Madhu
breathes through my friendship with her
thus the fear
if ever she gets to know of my love
and her friendship leaves me..
you are bound with a hundres ties around
it's difficult to find some time for me
but you know, whenever you come
even the summers fill up with the spring air around
'some light in the darkness, some smiles amidst the pain'
'some light in the darkness, some smiles amidst the pain'
'and thus you find some happiness in the bends of the path of life'
'some light in the darkness, some smiles amidst the pain'
'and thus you find some happiness in the bends of the path of life'
Pooja please put down the phone and look here!
you're looking like a witch with so much makeup!
what! like a witch!
where? where exactly! tell me!
here it is!
have some chips
Nilu! you would've spoilt my lipcolor!
think of a witch and another arrives!
so what's up?
how far is your color matching?
not bad
one is matching colour on the lips and the other on phone
and our Nilu is gobbling up like a whale!
hey its time for the class, let's go
yeah lets go
god please make him handsome (repeats)
what do you think you're doing?
she's gone mad
please shut up
I got to know there's only one good looking teacher in the department
he's a teacher, not a hero!
so be it my child!
Good morning
good morning sir
sit down
I'm siddhartha
I'll teach you the sections of bengali and english poetry
before that we'll discuss the syllabus once
and our exam has four section...
'without you I don't get peace'
oh you've come
how was your first university class?
you met your friends Nilanjana, Adrija and Sanchari?
you're so tired isn't it?
should I make you some juice?
did you have food?
have you eaten?
why do you question such a lot when I come back home?
a hungry man will always find food!
oh is that human being hungry now?
will she have something?
Sir we should decide on the routine before the test exams
and we should even rush with the syllabus
I think it'll be helpful for all
even he was saying..
Sir please come out once
you want me to go out?
yes please sir...
sorry! excuse me!
yes tell me
yes sir
I've written down what you taught in class that day
you called me out for this?
no Sir, actually it's another important thing
yes go on..
when is the next exam date Sir?
this is your important thing?
no it's something else
yes I got it.. go to your class, I'll speak to you later
Pooja never missed Siddhartha Sir's classes!
how can that girl get a gold medal in graduation? she can't write at all!
leave her aside, did you have food from the new snack joint?
so yummy!
why are you three here? your class is going on!
go to your class!
go to your class!
come let's go
Sidhu Uncle doesn't know, we only attend his classes!
stop calling him Sidhu uncle!
the love towards Siddhartha Sir, and hatred towards mother
both increased with time
listen I told you from before I can't dance
you dance in the freshers' welcome, I'll just be an audience
okay bye
I can teach you the dance
you can do very well if you give it some time
so you were eavesdropping on my phone call?
but what's the need to eavesdrop?
you were speaking so loud and clear!
and you? you'll teach me the dance?
yes.. you don't know I've performed a lot in college
even won so many prizes, ask Biswa
and now that I know, I won't dance! thats decided!
listen, you have to go to college tomorrow
it's a guardian's call... reach there by 11 am
stop here!
wait we'll go together
no need... you come by yourself
move your car Madam!
hey listen
where is the department of comparative literature?
are you looking for someone?
yes... Siddhartha Das
okay... you go straight from here
you'll get a big staff room
if you don't get him there, then there's a small staff room inside
you'll get him there
thank you
may I come in Sir?
Sir, guardian was called
Sir! Sir!
you wanted to meet the guardian
please be seated
tell me
what should I say? you all called for me
does she have any problem you want to talk about?
oh no! it actually...
the test results have come out... it's about that
is there any problem with her performance? Pooja!
hasn't she shown you the papers?
actually... I...
no she wanted to show me..
but because of my busy schedule I couldn't check them
I'm sorry
no it's perfectly alright
so you are a working mother, right?
she works in an NGO
so its social work! which NGO?
Sir is there any problem with my result?
no everything is fine
in fact I wanted to tell you she has good writing skills
I believe she can do really well if she works a bit harder
I know she can do well with even a bit of an effort
she'll definitely work hard
the moist of love can bring flowers on cactus as well
it's this love which helped flowers to bloom in Pooja's garden of life
you know Biswa
I'm very happy today
guess why?
I strongly feel Pooja is in love
it's a wonderful news!
a historic event too!
so who's the historic character?
this is a very bad habit of yours!
why do you always make fun of her?
she's a little girl after all
I agree she's a bit different
but you shouldn't say like this
you know she behaves differently now
she dresses up so beautifully, wears saree, makes up her her beautifully
she's much better now
I strongly feel there's someone in her life
she's much better now
I can see it now...
Sir! Sir! Sir!
I've clicked few pictures.. will you see them?
here they are Sir
we've kept this plant on our roof it gives a lot of flowers
this is Tuktuki... Nilu's pet kitten.. he's so cute
this is my childhood's
See this Sir! Biswa uncle clicked it!
please send me this photograph
I'll send it right away Sir
may I get another cup of tea please?
it wasn't difficult for Siddhartha to get access to Madhu
Pooja's emotions towards him made way for it
let's have some snacks
Siddhartha Sir has called for you
okay Sir
uff! this Sidhu Uncle!
Sir! Sir!
did you call me?
nice! you look beautiful!
Thank you!
so you aren't clicking pictures anymore?
pictures? oh yes, I haven't shown you all from the last lot!
'such bright mornings, such bright folks'
'still I'm all alone'
'such bright mornings, such bright folks'
'still I'm all alone'
'your memories, your touch'
'the cravings of which fill my time'
'my soul which travels in the mastless boat'
'tries to anchor at your shore'
'me and my soul are saying this to you'
'to the one closest to my heart'
Siddhartha went on getting close to Pooja
then one day he finally said it...
yeah that'll be nice
so how far is your home from here Pooja?
not far, quite close
so invite me home one day!
you'll come?
sure! if you invite me!
what do you on Sundays? you keep free?
you mother keeps free on Sundays?
yes usually she's home on Sundays
why Sir? did I do anything wrong?
oh no! just like that! we could have a nice time together!
I said it just like that!
here! baby elephant!
what's the matter?
what do you mean?
can't you see?
there's something brewing!
what is it?
why is Pooja mixing with our Siddhartha Sir so much?
oh! let their mixing be!
taste this snack mix! so yummy!
now what's that?
I cursed you darling! I cursed you!
I can't even talk with you on a serious matter!
wow! you're decking up so much! what's the matter?
going out somewhere?
not really
I forgot to tell you! Sir will come home today
what do you mean?
which Sir?
Siddhartha Sir
the one you met the other day
why? what's the matter?
your results are out again?
oh not at all!
just like that!
just like that??
should've told me earlier!
hey! I think he's here!
you just check! I'll be there!
no sense of responsibility at all!
should have told me earlier!
please come in
come inside
come in
please come inside
please be seated
I hope you could follow our address easily
I'm here to spoil one of your free Sundays!
oh no! please don't say like this!
tea or coffee?
no there's one condition
firstly, you can't be formal with me
secondly, tea, coffee or cold drinks I can have anything you serve with care!
okay.. please sit .. I'll be back
please sit down
visits became frequent...
and so did
Pooja's fantasies...
'walking the path together'
'talking along the path'
'some thoughts, and some fancies'
'all make up the poetry of life'
'walking the path together'
'talking along the path'
'some thoughts, and some fancies'
'all make up the poetry of life'
'walking the path together'
okay so we meet again on Sunday
it doesn't feel good to meet at home always
shall we meet outside this time?
as of now, its not possible Pooja
you still study here, and I'm your teacher
it doesn't look good to be seen somewhere with a student
in fact had your mother not been so supportive
it would've been impossible for us to meet so often
just think of it Pooja
you're so lucky!
that your mother loves you so much!
and for our relationship
you should be grateful to her!
you understand right?
come let's go
please help me wear the saree!
'the drumming of the clouds at the midnight'
'the clouds that drench the mornings'
'the drumming of the clouds at midnight'
'the clouds that drench the mornings'
'the fallen flowers that cover the ground'
'all make up the poetry of life'
'walking the path together'
'talking along the path'
hello Biswa!
are you free in the evening?
today it won't be possible
I'm taking out Pooja today
please come! its getting late!
coming darling!
please hurry up!
I'll hang up okay!
okay bye!
'walking the path togather'
'talking along the path'
'some thoughts and some fancies'
'all make up the poetry of life'
'walking the path together'
happy birthday Mother
today, on your birthday, we'll do something special
when I get back from the university
we unwrap all the gifts you had given me over the years
it'll be so much fun!
love you Mother
I was hesitant to say this in person, thus this letter
'some unbound dreams'
'all make up the poetry of life'
'walking the path together'
'talking along the path'
'some thoughts and some fancies'
'all make up the poetry of life'
is the tea ready yet?
yes we are done!
most of the books here are Biswa uncle's collections
here it is
uff! you are such a tea buff!
thank you
the bowl of chips is here
Biswa Babu, I know very little about your writing skills
no one showed interest
so I didn't get a chance to inform
shut up!
always playing with words!
no Siddhartha!
he's very good with his pen
specially his poetry
they are my personal favourites
he writes poetry?
I prefer stories though
but since you are recommending, I should listen to a few
oh no
stories, essays, novels... he's really good with all of it
a disclaimer should be put on Madhu's words
because all of it is her personal view
such an introduction would not have been required
the market itself would've let you know
oh you are talking about being a hit in the market?
there are a lot of strategies for it
write about some cheap controversy
actually culture and entertainment have never meant the same for me
and my creations may not be glamorous, but they are borne out of utmost care
so it's difficult for me to consider them as mere entertainment stuff
but entertainment is required for them to be saleable, isn't it?
oh they will
if not today them may be tomorrow
may take time, but they will sell
you've heard about Bram Stoker of Dracula-fame?
first novel was published when he was 50
Richard Adams
best seller Watership Down
published when he was 54
our very own Nirod C. Chowdhury!
so many examples!
Raymond Chandler.. The Big Sleep
Pooja did you read it? I gave it to you
And then there's Charles Bukowski or...
Anna Sewell
all of them rose to fame post their 50s
and him... Millard Kaufmann
his first novel was published when he was 90!
come to think of it!
so I don't think I need to lose hope!
well, if you consider exceptions then there's no point arguing at all
uff! even I want the arguement to end!
and please the dinner be served!
yes tell me
what was that you were seeing?
looked like a CCTV footage
oh that's an experimental work of my friend
have you seen the film paranormal activity?
its a similar concept
making a story by putting together CCTV footages
its interesting
let it be, how did your holidays go?
nothing much
it was a visit to my in-laws in Asansol, to pacify the home front!
my wife had been insisting for long
let it be
tell me about yourself! you've become unavailable on Sundays!
I've asked you so many times to come with me for the theatre!
we missed out on so many interesting plays!
and you don't get time
yes, its difficult to find time
what do you do on Sundays?
nothing special!
actually I was trying for some work apart from this lecturership
like what?
well.. till now...
one minute
just a minute
yes tell me
your call at this time? is Pooja unreachable?
no no! I wanted to have a word with you
is anything wrong?
oh not at all! listen to me first!
okay tell me
next Friday
will you be free in the evening?
actually Biswa will get over his mentor to our place
he's a very interesting man! you'll like him a lot
it will be a good gathering
Pooja will be happy if you come over
and you!
no I mean
it'll be at your place right?
yes at my place
okay! I'll be there just on time!
okay so we meet on Friday.. bye!
although I haven't met you, I've known you really well through Biswa
let me introduce you to him.. he's Siddhartha..
Pooja's teacher... very dear to her
thus it means I'm only dear to Pooja?
oh not at all! Siddhartha is dear to all of us!
and there's nothing new about Shouvik Da
Madhu knows already, but I should tell you
to many like me, he's an F.P.G.
whats F.P.G.? sounds like LPG!
no! its Friend, Philosopher and Guide right?
wow! perfect!
so now you get acquainted to our Sir's intelligence?
ones who are dear to me are always special
you need to know something about Shouvik Da
he is a famous writer, but he has another hobby
he's an amazing wildlife photographer
- really? you'll be dumbstruck by his collection!
wow! I have an immense interest in wildlife!
I've travelled all the forests of India!
wow! then we must sit with this someday!
exactly so! I wanted to learn wildlife photography
then I may as well start with you as a guide!
then we should plan a jungle trip!
- yes then let's plan! whatsay Madhu?
I don't even remember my last trip! Its been so long!
so its a very good idea!
the silence of the nights in forests
is hypnotising
exactly! the nights are strangely beautiful
one can never get to know of the language of nature
unless he spends a night in the forest
the silent trails of the jungle
seems still and mute
the leaves and the branches have stopped swinging
everything seems inert
the hypnotised body and the steps
stupified midway
at the awaiting thrill of the night
the branches of the great banyan bend over to silence the earth
and all remain mute witnesses of the heavenly silence
the sharpness of the silence pierce both the ears
the forests are now the witnesses of the heartbeat of nature
must be your poem? so beautifully written!
truly marvelous!
it has to be so! my mentor after all!
this is becoming so enjoyable! even before going to the jungle trip!
you remember Madhu?
our college trip to Jhargram?
full moon night, the crickets calling out loud, the forest and your song!
how wonderfully sung it was!
let's hear it
what! not at all! everyone is enjoying the discussions!
and after his beautiful poem, it's a straight no
we don't even know about the jungle trip yet, so let's at least hear the song!
absolutely! sing a little bit of it at least!
please mother, see everyone's insisting
come on! even Shouvik Da is saying! do it!
'who says'
'my arms arfe empty?'
'who says'
'my arms are empty?'
'it's just like Radha that my eyes have been'
'it's just like Radha that my eyes have been'
'decked up with the kohl of sadness'
'decked up with the kohl of sadness'
'my arms aren't empty'
'who says'
'my arms are empty?'
uff! even a little bit of rain and there's a power cut!
where did I keep the matches?
everything seemed a fairy tale so far
but suddenly the bright skies of the fairy tale
was engulfed by the dark clouds
Biswa you're just too much! this carrom board is so old!
i doubt if you'll find the coins
here they are
Pooja cover your nose
it's so dusty, you'll start sneezing
stop your lecture and please get a cleaning rag
wait I'll get it
should I help
yes please
see Pooja all coins are intact
so let's have a match
Madhu let's have a match
oh you've got all the coins!
I can't play carrom.. you play, I'll be an audience
even I have to leave
if I start playing, I'll get late
not done!
I made such arrangements!
it won't be fair if you don't play!
you Sir is wanting to leave!
its all because of you! you didn't want to play and see he lost interest!
okay then!
I'll play! fine?
- I'll play come fast!
you'll have to play too
so Sir!
we'll all play
I hope you're not scared of the opponents
let's see if I'm scared of the opponents, or they are of me
the confidence can scare someone for sure
I'm in this team
in that team? okay lets begin
let's start with you Sir - my hit? okay
come on Pooja
next time!
Madhu come on! show them your calibre!
uh oh! your turn Sir!
wow! you're a real good player!
such perfect target!
- just like that Madhu what do you think you are up to?
you've turned the board into a destructed battle ground with your hits!
come on play my turn! and prove to them we can win!
good lord! you should be awarded for your target setting!
I give up!
- give it to me! okay show me how to play
see you hit it like this
wow! amazing!
we'll share the award then okay?
don't laugh! concentrate on the game!
hit this!
that's it!
I declare the match's interval
I'll arrange for some snacks and then we'll continue with the game
- wow! that's a wonderful shot!
what happened?
such heavy rains!
it's you?? at this hour?
actually I had come for some work nearby
and got drenched
it's not necessary to be formal with you, so..
- I thought of coming over That's true!
Pooja has gone for her tuitions?
yes.. she'll be back soon... you come inside
come in
oh you're completely drenched
wait I'll make some arrangements you come in
who's kurta is this?
Pooja's father's
Pooja's father's only memoir
great! it has fitted you well!
check how's the coffee
'without you I find no peace'
'o my dearest'
'without you I find no peace'
'o my dearest'
'o my dearest'
'without you I find no peace'
have it
have it warm...
I love you
I have been loving you... since ages
what are you saying? I can't understand at all!
you've been in my mind and soul for so long
the little boy in Sunshine Orphanage still looks for his Madhumanti Ma'am
Sunshine Orphanage? That's long back!
that too I worked for only 2 years! but I can't remeber you!
yes you were there for 2 years... thereafter you have resided in my mind
it's normal that you don't remember me out of those many kids
but such a "normal" event didn't happen in my life
out of a thousand known faqces I've seen in my life, I couldn't afford to forget you
do you have any idea about how dearly Pooja loves you?
don't you understand her love?
listen to me okay
your feeling for me is just an illusion
nothing more than that!
if you indulge in this illusion and dump Pooja, it'll be unfair
do you know, all the good things in Pooja's life
everything centres around you
do you realize?
do you understand?
the thing which you call illusion is my ultimate shelter
an orphan kid has grown up making you his inspiration
its only because of this inspiration that he has grown up to be a professor
and you are calling it an illusion?
I don't want to get into all these judgements
listen to me
has anyone loved you so much ever before?
has anyone loved you so much?
you were away from me for so long! I didn't even have the hope of meeting you again
still I loved you so much
has anyone loved you?
you are talking about love? do you have the slightest idea?
Pooja loves you a lot Siddhartha!
and after so many years I've found you and I'm happy
it has no value to you?
I beg of you Siddhartha
Please don't
please don't take away the motherhood that I've got after ages
I've literally waited in pain for ages to hear Pooja call me "mother"
if you betray Pooja's love because of me
this call of motherhood will leave me forever Siddhartha
please don't let this disaster happen
I beg at your feet Siddhartha
please don't
please don't do this... you are not understanding my situation
I'm in a difficult situation myself
I'm feeling so dirty
no Pooja!
don't touch me!
Pooja please let me explain
you're misunderstanding me!
yes I was misunderstanding you for so long! I was calling you Mother!
please give me a chance to explain
I had already given you a chance! - please give me a chance
I'd already given you a chance! I was calling you Mother!
and you call me daughter! you didn't even think twice before snatching away her love?
one minute! let me explain! - Pooja please
Please let me speak
Pooja calm down and listen to me
what love are you talking about?
look at me
what love are you talking about?
I have never loved you Pooja
not even for a single day
Siddhartha has only loved Madhumanti Ray
and you were a medium for me to reach my love
what are you saying?
I'm saying just the fact
I'm saying nothing but the truth I've never loved you.. not even now
listen to me! please don't cry!
I only love you
I love you!
I've waited all these years for you
I truly love you a lot
'such bright mornings'
'such bright folks'
still I'm all alone
'your memories'
'your touch'
'the cravings of which fill my time'
'my soul which travels'
'in the mastless boat'
'tries to anchor at your shore'
'me and my soul are saying this to you'
'to the one closest to my heart'
Madhu speak up!
I can't save you if you don't speak up!
Madhu please don't be mute! speak up!
please tell me what happened that day!
I won't be able to do anything if you don't speak up!
I couldn't get in touch with Pooja! please tell me what happened that day!
Madhu please speak up!
Order! order!
after judging the entire event
the conclusion we reach at is
that is
for Siddhartha Das's murder
this is yours
what's this?
listen, I may want to see you at times
set it in your drawing room
it's synced with my mobile phone
I can see you whenever I want
Mrs Madhumant Roy is accused
then I'll keep it in my bedroom
according to Section 302
No there should be some privacy in all relationships
drawing room is fine that way
My Lord!
just a minute!
I'm sorry to have stopped you but I have an important information
please see this and give your judgement
don't say anything about this to your mother.. it's our personal matter
I've never loved you! You understand?
Never ever!
please don't snatch away the motherhood I've got after ages
you don't understand! Its only you I love!
I truly love you a lot!
Siddhartha's plan to keep an eye on Madhu saved her today
you have come just on time
had you been late, it would've been impossible to save her
everyone whom I have ever loved since childhood, left me
After so many years I've finally found you Mother...
I won't let you leave me
though my best seller story ends here
my life story doesn't end here
what's the matter Amit!
have you counted the cups of tea you've had?
this is the last cup!
its already very late Amit! Please come down for dinner
Pooja has also been waiting!
I'll be there! right away!
Please hurry up
you've heard it right
I'm Amit now
after the day of that disaster
Madhu was in shock for a long time
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder... the doctor says
when she came out of the shock
Madhu is in a strange set of mind
you know
she has forgotten all the painful events of her past years
she thinks she has a wonderful family
which revolves round Amit and Pooja
she thinks I'm Amit
and I
my love and friendship towards Madhu has given me the strength
to stand by her
not as Biswajit, but as Amit
Madhu is still under therapy
till she is completely fine
I'll be a part of her family in the same way
as Amit
we don't know what awaits us at the end of our lives
but at the end of the story so far
we are happy
what happened?
here, Im coming