Bhai - Vyakti Ki Valli (2019) Movie Script

Dear Bhai,
You were a true artist.
Words were a true treasure for you.
You were born with music in your blood.
Joy was your constant companion.
Flowers and fragrance
are eternal allies.
Joy was your eternal ally.
Drowned in happiness
Spreading like waves
That is why everyone loved you.
And you loved the crowd.
You were quite
the crowd-puller yourself.
This bond was natural.
Just like our relationship.
We have walked this beautiful journey
hand-in-hand for 54 long years.
Like all journeys ours too was
strewn with good times and bad.
But at this moment...
I don't feel worn out.
You never let me feel exhausted.
You were always the same.
Living your life to fullest,
Forever laughing
and making others laugh.
Long before we met.
Ever since you were a child...
Thank you, Tatyasaheb.
Tatyasaheb Kelkar is
distinguished scholar
and his speech today
is testimony to that.
-Last year's constitutional law...
-Constitutional law by Tatyasaheb Kelkar
...has been so well explained
by him today.
However, if anyone
still has queries, please do ask.
Sir, should we accept the
constitutional law or not?
We shouldn't,
but we must abide by it.
We mustn't accept it but abide by it?
Could you please elaborate?
Of course, why not?
Never mind, Tatyasaheb.
Son, ask questions
that have easy answers.
How much do figs cost
in Pune's fruit market?
Purushottam, meet me in the office.
Sir, why don't you tell me right now?
-Purushottam. Come here.
Sorry, Tatyasaheb.
The boy is quite a brat.
Never mind,
he brought some smiles.
He is quite eccentric.
A man or an eccentric
Sunitabai is here.
Come, please.
Get back.
This way, Ma'am.
Get back.
Get aside.
All of you wait here.
What's wrong?
Is it very serious?
Dr. Prayag wants to speak to you.
Sure, but what is the matter?
Let's go to the ICU.
-Let me take that.
What is it, Shirish?
He is critical.
A while ago, he was stable
when I went home.
That's what confused us.
He's on the same medication,
but has stopped
responding to it now.
His organs are failing.
We must inform the family and our friends.
I'll take care of it.
-Who is this?
-Sir, this is Dr. Jabbar Patel.
Bhai's condition is serious.
Sunitabai has asked me
to inform everyone.
-I'm here at Prayag Hospital.
-Oh dear.
Sunitabai is fine.
I have a show here tonight.
I'll leave after the performance.
Jabbar here.
Oh God... When?
All organs are failing now.
I'll leave right away.
beloved personality is ill
Jabbar, what happened?
When I called last night,
they said Bhai was stable.
How did he suddenly...
He's been
sinking fast since last night.
His organs are failing now.
What does Dr. Prayag say?
There is no hope.
-Umakant isn't here?
-He is sitting inside.
How did this happen?
Can't say.
I am fine, Ramakant.
Don't worry about me.
When there's nothing we can do,
staying calm is the only option.
Stay with him.
Let us leave it in His hands.
In the name of Goddess Jagdamba.
We will fight with all our
fight for our Hindu Kingdom.
He got it wrong again.
For the hundredth time,
It's might not fight.
All right.
-For the Hindu kingdom...
-Why do you keep saying "Hindu"?
Just say kingdom.
Purshya, stop picking on me.
I'm playing Shivaji, not you.
Come upstairs.
You've been playing for too long.
My Queen,
can't back down now.
Not before I conquer Fort Kondana.
Go on.
We will fight with all
our might for our Hindu Kingdom.
-Keep going.
Why don't you say something?
He keeps playing with the boys all day.
He hardly studies.
He will.
He is an intelligent boy.
He will study and he'll teach others.
Mark my words.
You're not bothered at all.
Why should I be?
He is going to have a blissful life.
I've studied his birth chart.
You and your predictions!
-Till the last drop of my blood...
Are you coming up
or should I come downstairs?
Your Majesty,
with your permission,
may I return to my quarters?
Yes, sure.
Or else the Queen Mother
will spank you.
I'll take your leave now.
Let's go.
Why doesn't mom let us play?
Calm down.
Why did you send for us, Mother dear?
Babul, that's enough.
Or else I am going to spank you.
What about your studies?
Tanaji is about to die.
Once he is dead we'll be home.
Is the play about Fort Sinhagad?
Who is playing Shivaji Maharaj?
Balu Kamat.
He loves talking about "Hindu Kingdom".
Who are you playing?
We are Tanaji.
Three Tanajis?
We have refused to play soldiers.
We'd rather die as Tanaji
than common soldiers.
Go on now.
Your King will be angry.
-Your Majesty.
-Your Majesty.
What are you doing?
Why didn't you scold them?
They are studying history,
but in their own way.
Mark my words,
his entire life, this boy will
only do what brings him joy
and he'll bring joy to everyone.
I am sure.
But I won't live to see it.
How could you say that?
Have my predictions ever gone wrong?
I don't want to talk to you.
He always says terrible things.
Careful. Mind the steps.
-Where should I keep this?
-Put it here.
That's right.
What is this?
A new harmonium?
We have one already.
This one is better.
Purushottam, there you are.
-Harmonium! For me?
-Of course!
-Did you buy it?
-For 150 rupees.
That's my two months'
household expenses right there.
Why did you spend so much?
You should have
heard him play the other day.
That is a cheap harmonium.
How wonderfully he played!
Balgandharva was
present at the show.
He praised him.
That's when I decided.
I am going to buy Purushottam
an expensive harmonium.
Govindrao Tembe has
been born into our family.
Please, dad.
Govindrao Tembe is a great artist.
You should always aspire
for greatness, Purushottam.
That is how you succeed in life.
His prediction is never wrong.
Play something.
I won't say a word
My dear,
I won't say a word
My dear!
Enough now.
You must leave for Pune.
I won't say a word, my dear
Babul, I've packed your lunchbox.
Babul, listen to me.
If Govindrao Tembe had
a loving mother like you,
he would've delivered lunchboxes
instead of a being musician.
Don't encourage this brat.
Umakant must be waiting.
He is all by himself in
Mr. Diwadkar's house in Pune.
You must leave immediately.
You'll miss the train.
How could I miss the train?
You've trained me well.
Enough of your jokes, leave.
What's for breakfast?
I have made "pohe".
What's for me?
Umakant loves "pohe".
He told me the other day.
The "pohe" at Mr. Diwadkar's
taste nothing like the one I make.
You kept prodding the poor boy,
he had no choice.
He has a day off today.
He could have had a nice hot lunch
at Mr. Diwadkar's.
No, dad.
Nothing can match the cold "pohe"
that mother has packed for him.
Isn't it, mom?
But I'll make sure
Uma has this cold "pohe".
-Babul will you leave now?
I won't say a word, my dear
I won't say a word
Let it go.
I'll tell mother you polished it off.
They are delicious,
but they have gone cold.
Should I ask aunt to reheat it?
Are you insane?
Stop pestering me, Bhai.
Who was she?
A girl just peeked from the window.
She is Sundar.
Pune has made you a romantic.
No, Bhai.
Her name is Sundar.
-Uncle Diwadkar's daughter.
-Oh I see.
Oh this is Sundar.
I remember her from our childhood.
She's all grown up now!
-They're searching a suitor for her.
-Is it?
She refuses to marry anyone else.
Whom does she want to marry?
I don't know when she met you.
I overheard her telling her father.
Umya, I don't want to marry right now.
-Not yet.
I want to act in plays, learn music.
I have to finish my studies.
And that's not going to
happen anytime soon.
The books are getting the better of me.
Enjoy your cold "pohe".
Love is my sin.
-What happened?
"Hate of my sin.
-Grounded on sinful loving..."
-What is grounded?
-It means down on the ground.
Love will raze you to the ground,
something like that.
...mine compare
-Mr. Joshi.
-Yes, sir.
Could you please tell me
what Shakespeare means?
Go on, answer.
Grounded means...
The joy of love is
in ruining your life.
I'm sorry, sir.
-I was just joking...
Mr. Deshpande.
What does Shakespeare mean?
William, Sir?
Yes, of course.
What does he mean when he says,
"Love is my sin?"
-William Shakespeare says so because...
-In English, please.
Oh God.
Shakespeare says
love is my sin because
he is extremely sin-cere I think.
Now I know, sir.
William says Shakespeare is my sin...
Because the bell is rung.
Your class is over, sir.
-Smart man.
-I know.
Next time,
we shall start with your answer.
As you wish, sir.
Can anyone tell me
why Shakespeare says,
"Love is my sin?"
Why don't you tell us, Pandya?
How should I know?
Go ask Shakespeare.
-What is going on, Deshpande?
Nothing. Sorry, sir.
Instead of making fun of professors,
why don't you become a humorist?
-I am really sorry, sir.
-Shut up.
I read your article in Dhanurdhari.
It's very good.
You can be a very good humorist.
Thank you, sir.
But an aspiring lawyer writing comedy?
Isn't it a waste of time?
Like a prosaic professor
writing poetry.
See I am right.
Why didn't you tell me
Mangya was here?
I mean Prof. Mangesh Rajadhyaksh sir.
A huge sign declared:
Beware of dogs.
I thought it must be an Alsatian.
Rubbish. It was a tiny mongrel.
You know what happened?
-Her father.
-He stood right there.
-Mardhekar is here...
-Let's go.
-Let's go. Go.
-Give me my book.
-Mr. Deshpande.
Sir, I have to go to the library.
Come here for a minute.
Yes, sir.
Rajadhyaksh told me about
your antics in class.
I wasn't mimicking you.
I swear.
Professors writing poetry
is a waste of time.
Is that what you said?
I'm sorry, sir.
Then you must be punished.
-Anything, but don't tell my parents...
-Shut up.
-Compose a tune to this ballad.
-This prosaic professor is the poet.
-How come?
-I mean...
-It's nice but how can I...
-No excuses.
-I know that you can compose.
Let me try.
Thank you.
"I don't yearn for anything"
You have written this?
What do you mean?
Do you think I just
teach poetry in class?
"You're a Goddess
I've offered my heart to you."
It's really good.
This path is arduous
-Is he in love?
Let's go.
"I don't yearn for anything"
I don't yearn for anything
You're a Goddess
A Goddess.
I've offered my heart to you
My heart...
What have you been up to?
I don't want anyone,
nor wish for anything.
It's my homework.
-"Offered my heart?"
I am not that stupid.
Are you going to practice
in a court of law or on stage?
The court is no better than the stage.
Laugh all you want.
I am waiting for your results.
Offered my heart...
-Offered my heart...
-What are you going on about?
Professor Mardhekar's.
What did you think? Mine?
Sure why not.
No way, dad.
Tell me.
Have you recently met
Mr. Diwadkar's daughter, Sundar?
Didn't I bring the cold "pohe"
to Umya last month?
That's when I saw her.
I think she'll make
a good wife for you.
She is pretty, such a sweet girl.
What do you think?
I don't want to marry yet.
I mean... let me finish my studies.
I have promised Diwadkar.
You can continue studying
even after getting married.
Yes, but... Dad.
It's up to you.
Don't want anyone
Don't need anyone
What did he say?
He doesn't want to get married yet.
I heard that.
In my opinion,
Sundar is a perfect match for him.
You speak to Mr. Diwadkar.
Against his wishes?
Does he know what's best for him?
When it comes to marriage,
all boys want to delay being tied down.
He's destined for greater things.
Tying him down right now...
I don't think so.
You've promised Mr. Diwadkar,
haven't you?
Keep your word.
-Don't want anyone
Don't want anything
You're a Goddess
Don't want anyone
This path is arduous!
-My feet are burnt
-Well said.
This path is arduous!
My feet are burnt
Your beauty is a cool shadow
Your beauty is a cool shadow
-I'm glad I was hurt
-Well done.
Don't want anyone!
Don't want anything
You're a Goddess
Don't want anyone!
Wow, Mr. Deshpande.
Heartiest congratulations.
That's an excellent composition.
Thank you, sir.
Thanks for this opportunity.
Let's record it next week.
-Record it?
-Of course.
Mr. Umakant is here for him.
That's my brother.
Oh! Send him in.
What's wrong, Umakant?
Dad is very ill.
Come soon.
He has been sick for a few days.
But we never thought
it would be so serious.
Mr. Diwadkar is here.
No, please... Don't get up.
You must rest.
How are you now?
I am sorry.
What for?
I gave you my word.
Sundar will be my daughter-in-law.
Purshya doesn't want to marry yet.
Don't worry about that.
You get well soon.
Babul. Come in.
-Don't get up.
-You're here.
What's wrong?
I'm fine.
Will you...
Will you sing an abhang for me?
Abhang? Yes, Sure.
Sing "I'm going back where I belong."
Why that one?
I'll sing something else.
That's the one.
I'm going back where I belong
So long, so long
Going back to where I belong
So long, so long
Shower your mercy upon me
I fall at your feet
I fall at your feet
Chant Vitthal, Vitthal
As you approach His abode
Chant Vitthal, Vitthal
Chant Rama and Krishna
Tuka departs to His abode
Hail Pandurang...
Mom is getting back to normal.
She has to look after us well.
He used to say
that his life will be short.
Unfortunately it turned out to be true.
Dad had promised you
that Sundar will be his daughter-in-law.
I am ready for this marriage.
You don't have to just
because he promised.
Marry her only if you're ready to.
It's not that simple.
I am not settled yet.
I don't want her to suffer...
It won't be that difficult for me.
Eventually it will all be fine.
You will finish your education
and begin your legal practice.
I won't complain.
But, if you don't like me at all...
No. That's not true.
I like you.
I am ready to get married.
You see,
according to the scriptures.
after such an incident,
the ceremony must take place soon after.
What should we do?
It's very sad.
It was only typhoid.
And in less than a week,
the new bride is no more.
It's so unfortunate.
I really did like her.
But till the very end,
she must have thought
that I married her
to honor dad's dying wish.
Eventually I would have convinced her.
I hardly had any time with her.
Hello, Sunitabai.
Do you recognize me?
No, I don't remember
having met you before.
You haven't.
This is our first meeting.
I am... Purshya's friend
from Fergusson College.
Oh. I hope they let you in easily.
They did stop me.
But when I told the name
Purshya gave me back in college,
they let me in.
Bhai gave you a name?
Natha Kamat.
Please have a seat.
So you're Nandu Rege.
Bhai often spoke about you.
What was your famous line?
My friend, both of us
live in different worlds.
Yet the problems are the same.
I know, your father, your wife...
Terrible tragedy.
You must get over it.
I've listened to your song.
We must have you perform.
These singers who perform
at festivals and events,
you'll give them
a run for their money.
My friend,
let me handle your problems now.
Please stop saying, "my friend..."
It makes you sound like
a Guru and me your disciple.
I am sorry.
And please don't rest
your hand on my shoulder.
I know that my shoulder
is not meant for kings
to rest on their trusted advisors,
But... please don't.
Purshya, why did you walk away?
He is alright.
But he is such a bore.
There he is.
-I'm leaving.
No, I am sorry.
I was rude to you.
It's okay.
But I meant it.
You're a fantastic singer.
All the girls
in our college are your fans.
If all the girls fall for him,
what will you be left with?
I have more than I can handle.
But my friend...
he needs it more.
What if she turns out
to be like Sharayu Pradhan?
You ignorant child,
what do you think?
Sharayu ditched me? No.
I moved on.
My friend,
we live in different worlds.
What are you thinking about?
Could you help me get a job?
-What about college?
-Forget about college.
I can't bear to see my mother worry.
My siblings are young.
It is getting difficult every day.
If you take up singing seriously,
you can earn a lot.
Money will flow.
You can't keep wallowing
in your sorrow.
Have you seen Shyama Chitre?
I've never heard that name.
No problem. Shakespeare says,
-"What's in a name?"
-What is in a name?
Sharayu's out... Shyama's in.
Life goes on.
-Here comes Deshpande Number Two.
What's new?
There's news, but not for you.
It's for Purushottam.
What is it, Vasanta?
Don't worry. It's good news.
A theater group from Mumbai
is performing Ekach Pyala.
The actor who plays
Bhagirath is out of town.
They wanted to know
whether you'll play the part.
The show is on this Saturday.
That gives me only two days.
That is two whole days for you!
-I'm sure you can pull it off.
They will pay you as much as
their regular Bhagirath.
I have given my word
that you'd be there.
My friend,
I will go with you to Mumbai.
To watch Ekach Pyala.
My sweetheart
Lily Pendse will also be there.
Is she an actor in the play too?
Good joke.
-See you.
-See you.
What's wrong?
Life goes on.
Makes me no difference.
-Tell me something, Taliram...
What is the correlation between
alcohol and ethics? Pray tell me.
Okay. I'll tell you.
-Sit down, Bhagirath.
-Sit in the chair.
Let me explain it to you.
Alcohol consumption nurtures ethics.
-It does?
How come?
I'll tell you.
A drunk never lies.
Because he is
incapable of construing lies.
You're right.
Number two.
A drunk never squeals
on another man.
Because he can hardly remember
what happened a day before.
-And three.
He never betrays anyone's trust.
Because no one trusts him
in the first place.
Do you get it?
What else?
Of course there's more.
In matters of theft,
a drunk is most naive.
He can't steal anything
and hide it away.
He simply spills the beans.
He can't even enjoy his glass
of wine when he drinks secretly.
Now you've got it.
Good. Go on.
-Hello, sir.
It's alright.
-Who played Bhagirath?
-Where is he?
-In the makeup room.
-And how are you?
-I'm fine.
-Bless me.
-Very good.
I'll change and be right back.
Hello, Deshpande.
Mr. Chintamanrao.
-You know me?
How could a theater lover
not know you?
A great actor has come to
watch our show!
I can't believe it.
-Is this your first professional play?
What do you do otherwise?
I'm studying at Fergusson College
in Pune, second year, BA.
Second year?
How many years did you fail in school?
That's what everyone thinks.
But I studied law first
and now I am back to college.
What else do you do?
I sing, I play the harmonium.
I also compose.
That's great.
I am looking for such talented actors.
-I am setting up my own theater group.
Would you like to join us?
-Are you serious?
-Of course.
Why would I lie?
No I mean...
What if I leave Pune and come to Mumbai
and then if you
don't have a job for me...
I don't mistrust you.
I am the breadwinner of my family.
Forget about your worries
and show up for the rehearsal.
Bless me.
By MG Rangnekar
Kone Eke Kaali the musical
Ram Gadkari's
Rajsanyas the musical
Bhavbandhan the musical
the musical
Sir, tea.
Have it now. Don't make me
heat it over and over again.
As you command.
Excuse me.
-Are you looking for someone?
-No one.
This is a staff room.
Yes, I read it.
I can read that much.
Are you here to meet someone?
Once the bell rings,
I'll be going to classroom II B.
Should I show you the way to II B?
No. I'll find it myself.
You're a new teacher
in Orient High School?
Aren't I too old to be
a student of II B?
I like it... your reply.
Your sense of humor is outstanding.
Well, did your husband
pass away very young?
How does that concern you?
I am sorry for your loss.
I am not married and
I don't wear the kumkum.
Me neither.
I mean currently I am not married.
In any case,
how could I wear the kumkum?
Purushottam Laxman Deshpande.
That's my name.
I mean... you don't have to tell me.
I won't force you.
We teach in the same school,
shouldn't I know what to call you?
I could call you "Hello, Miss".
But what if there are
several "misses" around,
how would they know which
"miss" I am speaking to?
But... "Miss" isn't that bad.
Sunita Thakur.
Sunita Thakur.
Why don't you wear the kumkum?
I don't like to dress up.
I mean...
Yes, you don't even need to dress up.
Miss Thakur.
Please don't get offended.
Deshpande, you're a fool.
You never know when to shut up.
Sunita Thakur.
All I can think of is you
Bound by a mysterious passion
The mystical ballads
that the nymphs sing in the skies
Come floating down on the breeze
Upon hearing their silent melodies
Simply great.
You seem to be... fond of poetry.
I breathe poetry.
Do you?
And theater?
A bit.
Just a bit is fine.
I am directing a play for
our school, Satteche Gulam.
There is a character
called Kshama in it.
It's perfect for you.
Would you do the honors?
Looks like I'll have to
play quite a few tunes.
...heat causes water evaporation.
Don't you want to attend the class?
I do.
But madam won't allow me.
Who is the teacher?
New teacher, Ms. Thakur.
She is very strict.
Who would know it better than I?
Never mind.
What did you do?
Nothing. I swear.
May I come in, madam?
Only if you have some genuine work.
-Of course I do.
-What is it?
You have expelled Bal Thackeray
from your class?
I have only expelled him today,
Next time I am going to cane him.
What has he done?
He doesn't pay attention in class.
And keeps drawing
in his book while I am teaching.
Here. Look.
It's nice.
This caricature.
I am sure he will grow up
to be a renowned cartoonist.
we must encourage
the students' innate talent.
While he makes a caricature
of the teacher.
You expect me to encourage him?
I mean...
Such a beautiful subject
is bound to tempt an artist.
You're crossing the line, Deshpande.
-Yes, you.
And you.
I am going to complain to your father.
Please don't.
His father is not
interested in his caricatures.
You're spoiling the students.
Yes, you.
And you.
Next time,
I will take you to the principal.
-Deshpande sir.
-Hip hip hurray.
-Deshpande sir.
-Hip hip hurray.
-Deshpande sir.
-Hip hip hurray.
-Move it.
Hip, hip hurray.
I'm ready.
Ready for what?
To play Kshama in your play.
I'll do it.
-Thakur Madam.
-Hip hip hurray.
-Thakur Madam.
-Hip hip hurray.
-Thakur Madam.
-Hip hip hurray.
In that case,
why don't you live with us?
I don't mind.
However Dada has said...
Even after getting married
if you keep doing what he says,
I won't have a say in anything.
I insist. You must do as I say.
No matter what...
someone or other, always...
Twists my arm...
I know my lines,
I am acting here.
Take your line again.
After getting married
if you keep doing what he says,
I won't have a say in anything.
I insist. You must do as I say.
No matter what,
someone or other always...
Twists my arm...
What's the next line?
That's the scene.
-That's it?
-Let's do the next one.
-No. Enough.
Excellent rehearsal today.
Let's stop here.
Everyone must know
all their lines by heart tomorrow.
Including myself.
Let's stop for now.
We'll meet tomorrow at four.
I mean...
Can you stay back for a while?
I'll drop you home.
Come sit.
Why did you ask me to wait?
Oh, yeah.
What do you think of the rehearsal?
Everyone must work on their lines.
You're right.
You too.
Don't worry.
I will get it all,
right to the punctuation marks.
What about my direction?
It's alright.
I mean...
It's really good for an amateur.
I'm glad.
My direction is appreciated
by a well-read, cultured
and creative teacher like you.
No thanks. You have some.
I... No.
What else do you know about me?
What else...
What else do I know?
You're a feminist.
You were in Rashtra Seva Dal.
You made bombs...
You made a life for yourself
without any help from your family.
-You've learnt a lot about me.
I'll tell you what I know about you.
You love music.
You write very well.
-You're a decent and simple and...
-There's one more thing.
I have been married once before.
But my wife died within
a week of our wedding.
I know that.
Very sad.
You know,
each one has their own
share of sorrow and joy.
All the sorrow should be
devoured at the earliest.
So all that remains is pure joy.
What's wrong?
Was that a bit too philosophical?
Yes, you did.
That's the writer in me.
What did you want to tell me?
Oh yes.
I'll tell you after our show.
Just tell me what it is.
It's quite late.
You must go home.
-Come on, let's go.
I'll tell you after our show.
The play is wonderful.
You were so good.
-And your direction too.
-Thank you.
Do not wipe hands on the wall.
You're still removing your makeup?
Women take time.
Oh yes. That's true.
Our show went
really well, didn't it?
It was alright.
You missed a line.
Yes but nobody caught it.
You were simply outstanding.
I had a good director.
Shall we leave?
No, wait.
What's the hurry?
Have you forgotten?
We just finished our show.
Oh yes.
You wanted to say something to me.
You know...
I mean...
we have known each other
for quite some time now.
-Our wavelengths match.
-Do they?
Everyone including you
thinks I am too strict.
And you are exactly the opposite.
Opposites attract.
What do you mean by "opposites attract"?
Shall we get married?
You are so unromantic.
Are you actually proposing
to me in this drab green room?
That's not unromantic.
An actor is opening up his heart
to an actress in a green room.
This is so dramatic.
That's true.
Why do you want to get married?
Thakur, why do people marry?
I don't know.
Somehow, I don't like
the idea of marriage.
What if...
What happens when you fall in love?
We love each other.
That's it then.
If you're sure
then let's move in together.
Marriage is not necessary.
I'm glad...
You too are in love with me.
Finally, you've figured it out!
We're in the middle of a historic moment.
We'll be out soon.
She truly loves me
She truly loves me
Let's go.
Love at first sight matters
Love at first sight matters
Good morning.
What a pleasant surprise!
What brings you here
in the morning today?
Your future father-in-law
is here to meet you.
Sunita, why didn't you tell me...
-It's alright.
-Please have a seat.
It's quite a mess...
That's the sign of a busy house.
Our house is rather small.
Babul... who is it?
Aai this is... Sunita's father.
Oh. Hello.
Sit while make tea for you.
Just tea?
Oh of course,
I'll get some breakfast as well.
Sunita has told me
that you have proposed to her.
Yes... I mean, yes.
Not right away.
After I settle a bit.
No. Do it right away.
Before Sunita changes her mind.
Why? Okay.
It's surprising
you convinced her to get married.
I am ready to have the
wedding next week.
But she wants to go to Nagpur.
What is it?
-Let's do it once she's back.
We can wait for a few days.
Your shirt is inside out.
I'll straighten up.
Let me check on the breakfast.
I tripped.
-What do you think?
-A bit clumsy.
His visit has taken me aback.
I have straightened up my shirt.
I was saying...
The journey to Ratnagiri
will be very tiring for me.
Would you mind if I don't go with you?
Not at all.
It's not a grand ceremony at all.
Sunita wants a registered marriage.
It'll all be done in five minutes.
We'll just sign the papers that's all.
All right then.
Is Sunita back from Nagpur?
I don't know.
She must have come back last night.
I guess her train must have reached
Mumbai at around one last night.
-One o'clock?
Why didn't you go to fetch her?
So late at night?
She could easily get a taxi.
You're an idiot, Babul.
Get up at once.
-Right now.
-Go to her.
-Tell me she is home and safe.
-Do you even know?
-She is a modern, independent girl.
-You're too much.
-Why pick on me all the time?
-Why do I need to remind you?
How do you expect that girl to
carry her bags all by herself?
-Is she a child?
-And then...
-Fine I'll go.
Here she is. Safe and sound.
How was your trip?
Why didn't you come
to fetch me at the station?
How could I?
It was so cold last night.
There wasn't a single taxi at the station.
-I had to carry my bags and walk home.
-I told you.
Never mind, exercise is good for her.
Did you get the oranges?
Didn't you?
Why are you laughing?
I don't see a single
good reason to marry you.
Have you changed your mind?
How could I?
How could I miss this chance to marry
an eccentric and obnoxious man like you?
So we're definitely getting married.
You forgot the oranges, didn't you?
You're impossible. Go get them.
I knew it... she isn't that forgetful.
Had I known,
I would have come to fetch you.
-I had told him.
-He didn't tell...
Don't just chat with her.
She has come from such a long journey.
Make her some tea.
Please warm this one too.
It's gone cold, thanks to you
Yes. Sure.
It's so sweet.
Want one?
Mom says she can't make it to Ratnagiri.
Her knees hurt a lot.
I told her it's alright.
I hope you are going to be there.
I am the funny one in this house.
I mean it.
I hope you remember the date.
Of course.
Next Friday.
You are invited for
my wedding on Thursday.
I know it's on Thursday.
I was just checking if you knew it or not.
Thanks, Mr. Deshpande.
Make sure you're there for the wedding.
Of course, I'll be there
three days before the wedding.
I haven't taken any new jobs.
She truly loves me...
Ganya, who is at the door?
I'll get it.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to surprise you.
I had planned a nice musical evening.
But you just didn't turn up.
I was held up.
Good, here you are.
Come in.
Sunita, he is here.
Thank you for coming kind, sir.
Why are you being sarcastic?
You were to arrive yesterday.
We were waiting for you all night.
It's a registered marriage,
there is hardly
any preparation to it.
So I didn't rush.
Thank you for gracing this wedding.
It's Rangnekar's fault.
Rangnekar insisted I must
attend the reading of his new play.
I told him I have a wedding to go to.
He said it's just a wedding,
cancel your plan.
I said, "I'm getting married."
He said, "They won't have
the wedding without you."
Quite generous of him.
Thankfully he didn't say,
"Do the show and then get married."
You freshen up,
I'll get something for you to eat.
The backyard looks beautiful.
I'll take a look.
Come, Vasanta.
My bones are rattling.
He seems to be keen on exercise.
Not at all, he has gone for a smoke.
He smokes?
Sunita, I'm so worried for you.
And so it begins...
try to fan me as well.
What is he playing?
I'll let you know once I figure out.
Yeah, yeah.
Now listen to this.
I'm on my way to a wedding...
I'm on my way to a wedding...
I'm on my way to a wedding...
On my way to Dwarka
On my way to Dwarka
I bid you goodbye
I bid you goodbye
I'm on my way to a wedding...
I'm on my way to a wedding...
I'm on my way to a wedding...
On my way to Dwarka
-Very nice Vasanta.
-Appa is here.
Appa is here?
Appa is here!
Deshpande, let me introduce you.
-This is marriage registrar Kulkarni.
-My friend Toraskar. He is a lawyer.
Kulkarni, let's sign the papers.
-Yes, I will.
-Sign the papers?
-The wedding is today?
-Yes let us get it done with.
But tomorrow is an auspicious day.
Their wedding day
will become an auspicious day.
Why are you rushing into it?
It's Kulkarni's granddaughter's
naming ceremony tomorrow.
He wanted to come early tomorrow morning.
I said, "Why don't
we do it today itself?"
Everyone here seems funnier than I.
Let me just...
change into a fresh shirt.
It is not binding by law to wear
a fresh shirt to your wedding.
Forget it, it's so hot today.
Sunita. Hurry up.
I am heating the milk for tea.
Come before it boils and sign the papers.
-I'll watch the milk.
-No, stay.
It's your daughter's wedding.
Come on sign quickly.
Now you can't escape me.
I don't want to...
-Now what?
You're married.
-Seek their blessings.
May you have a happy married life
and be very successful.
-Bless me.
-May you always be happy.
Love each other will all you hearts.
-I must go check on the milk.
-Go, go.
You're very clever.
Saved yourself from the wedding feast.
Shut up.
I have planned a thorough prayer tomorrow.
-We shall have a proper feast.
Could we at least have some tea now?
Come, help me.
He wants tea.
-Come on.
-Let's go.
You are shirtless in
your own brother's wedding?
Aren't you all dressed up?
You're right. Let's go.
Mr. Band master sir...
The wedding is over.
-Come on.
-Go on.
-You said it's close by.
-Of course, we're almost there.
We've been walking for so long.
Where is this shop?
I am not used to walking so much.
It's just around the corner.
If we walk a bit further,
we'll be in Mumbai.
You are exaggerating.
Mumbai is not that near.
-You're so funny.
Pandit Nehru holds a rally in Ratnagiri.
Ganya. What brings
you here in the morning?
We have guests.
Sit. How are you?
I want to buy cigarettes.
-That can wait, come sit with me.
-Ganya, sit down.
Bapu Shet, did you recognize him?
He is Advocate Thakur's son-in-law.
-You got married yesterday, didn't you?
-Both of us are his clients.
-I see.
He is Bapu Sheth Hegishte
and I am Anna Karve.
Bapu Shet,
he writes and acts in plays.
Is it?
Yes. Look through the old newspapers.
You'll find his photos in them.
What we hear about the actresses...
is it true?
What have you heard?
He is a smart one.
You will be a perfect witness in court.
Not at all.
We keep hearing that they are...
Are all of them promiscuous?
No. Not at all.
I just wanted to be sure that's all.
There comes our tea.
Serve our guest first.
It's so hot today.
-That is Ratnagiri for you.
-I see.
If you sleep in a cow shed,
you can't complain about the stink.
If the climate in Ratnagiri were cold,
wouldn't it be called Simla?
Thanks, that's enough.
Have all the buffaloes
in Ratnagiri birthed together?
There's hardly any milk in your tea.
You see, Anna,
The buffalo said,
"Till you clear all the dues,
I won't give any milk."
Shut your trap.
Get lost.
-Go away.
-My money?
Put it on my account, don't pester me.
Lord Satyanarayan ritual is
a must after a wedding.
-You too.
-Mom, why are you forcing me?
For her, it's an offering to God,
you have it as a dessert.
I had two bowls.
Right off the stove.
Forget it.
Fine I'll have some.
-This happens in my family too.
-Isn't it?
Mr. Deshpande,
what is your profession?
I sell jaggery.
He is joking.
-My son-in-law is a lawyer.
-Is it?
-Where do you practice?
-I don't.
He doesn't practice law.
He practices plays.
I would love to chat with you
about theater.
Why don't you have
dinner with me tonight?
We are rehearsing a new play.
I must leave tomorrow.
Okay but let me know
if you change your mind.
My uncle has brought
a bottle of scotch from London.
-I'd have been glad to open it for you.
What time do you have dinner?
Whatever suits you.
Vasanta, what are you up to?
He is inviting us,
we shouldn't break his heart.
Should I break your bones?
No. You're highly mistaken.
All plays aren't great.
All of your plays are wonderful.
Not at all.
A friend of mine had come to
watch one of my shows.
After the show,
he met me in the green room.
He said, "The play was a delight,
but we heard something
fall during the show."
"Did someone fall?"
-I said, "The play fell flat."
You must be joking.
-No, it was a bad play.
Vasanta, hurry up.
We must leave.
So soon? Have another one.
One more and I'll fall flat
just like my play.
-Let's hurry up. Cheers.
-Bottoms up.
Looks like, it is going to rain.
That's alright.
Purshya, why did you wrap up so soon?
I wanted to have one more.
The scotch was excellent.
The scotch was excellent
but the lawyer was so boring.
You're right.
-He agrees.
-He is drunk.
I am hungry.
What about dinner?
There must be some food at home.
Is Sunita waiting for us?
Of course not.
I asked her not to wait up for us.
-Then who will serve us?
-He will.
Will he now?
-Hurry up it's raining.
-Hurry up, run.
Purshya, run.
Now we're stuck.
I am starving.
We'll leave as soon as
it stops raining.
What if it keeps pouring all night?
Let's wait for a while
and then decide.
Who the hell is out there?
Sorry, it's raining
and we're stuck here.
Who is making a racket at night?
Hey, Bhai?
-Yeah. Come in.
Why are you out so late?
We are on the way back
from Mr. Toraskar's.
We had to stop here because of the rain.
Sit inside till it stops raining.
-Have a seat.
Please do.
Anna, sorry to bother you so late.
Not at all.
I can barely sleep these days.
I am lonely in this big house.
I keep awake all night.
Only in death will I rest in peace.
When will Konkan get electricity?
God knows.
-Not, as long as the British are here.
-British or Indian...
Doesn't make a difference
to Ratnagiri.
Nehru was here.
With long speeches.
Fighting for independence...
The villagers flocked to see him.
And what did they show him here?
The room and the bed where
Bal Gangadhar Tilak was born!
Did Gangadhar Tilak have an epiphany?
That his wife was giving birth
to the great Lokmanya?
I guess they have made it all up.
"This is the bed where
baby Tilak let out his first cry."
Where's the proof?
Nevertheless Nehru visited us.
But your Gandhi!
He travels the globe but has
hardly set foot in Ratnagiri.
He was so shrewd, he knew,
his loincloth and his fasts
had no admirers here.
Everyone wears the loincloth here
and worse off than him.
As for his fasts,
most of us in Konkan are starving.
Nehru and Gandhi
are promising us Independence!
Sit, I'll be right back.
Forget about freedom,
why do we even need
electricity in Konkan?
We are better off in the dark.
Once it dazzles bright here,
what do we see?
Worn out walls and leaking roofs.
It's better to hide
our poverty in the darkness.
Will you have some?
No. I don't drink
-Don't you?
Then what exactly did
Toraskar invite you for?
I will have some.
-Hey, Vasanta!
-Anna, just a little please.
Shut up, you idiot.
Get lost.
I will have if there is any left.
Go get a glass.
There is one right there.
You've already thought it through,
haven't you?
Anna, you are a saint.
-Is that enough?
-Give it to me.
Stop being childish.
You're a married man now.
Blushing is a dying art these days.
-Marathi culture is fast deteriorating.
Stop being so dramatic.
Stop being childish.
This is so beautiful.
What is it, Sunita?
What are you smiling at?
I was thinking of our wedding day.
Aai and Appa were so worried.
They weren't sure he'll turn up.
He was working in
Rangnekar's theater group.
All he could think of was Natyaniketan.
How are you?
-I'm nauseous.
-Sit down.
Will you have lime water?
Sunita and Sunita's mother-in-law.
Good evening.
No, listen to me. I have good news.
Rangnekar was so happy with my work.
He said,
"I won't ever have to find work
outside Natyaniketan anymore."
What's wrong with her?
She has been throwing up since morning.
I've warned her about eating out.
-Eating out?
-But she can't control her cravings.
Give her some curry leaves
and honey paste.
Enough of your prescriptions.
Take her to a doctor.
Go to Dr. Satish immediately.
I have already called him.
I will go see him tomorrow.
See how smart she is.
-Why wait till tomorrow?
I promise I'll take her
to the doctor tomorrow.
-But Babul...
-Don't disturb.
do you remember Ms. Jyotsana?
Jyotsana Bhole?
She is a heroine.
We met her the other day
after the show.
She was telling me.
She worships Balgandharva.
Rangnekar said,
"Balgandharva is a genius."
Oh God, again?
I told him I have played the harmonium
-in front of Balgandharva...
-Babul, what are you...
I told him I've played the
harmonium in front of Balgandharva.
I was just a child and the harmonium
cost 25 rupees.
Do you remember that harmonium?
And do you remember
Rajopadhye sir's class gathering?
Balgandharva was the chief guest.
He left his seat and came
and sat right in front of me.
I was playing one of Balgandharva's
song right in front of him.
It was like teaching Shivaji Maharaj
how to fight with a sword.
Where are they?
Mom! Sunita!
How can you just ignore me?
Come on out.
They don't care for my good news.
Mr. Deshpande. Tea.
Mother dear, good morning.
My Babul seems to have grown up
You do remember
you have to go this morning.
Of course. Rangnekar has
reminded me several times.
I have an important meeting
at ten o'clock.
What about Rangnekar now?
Stop joking, Babul.
You were supposed to go to the doctor.
I am absolutely fine.
Sunita is unwell.
You promised you will
take her to the doctor today.
Oh yes, I forget.
You keep forgetting important things.
Cancel your meeting and go with Sunita.
-I can't cancel my meeting...
-Babul, you must...
-She is not well...
-I will manage on my own.
-No, you won't.
You go on. I will meet you
at the doctor's by eleven.
Finish your tea.
Rangnekar has invited me for tea.
I'm leaving.
Don't go by yourself.
I'll go with you.
Congratulations, Mrs. Deshpande.
You're pregnant.
Where's PL?
He'll be here.
Sunita... I had a hunch.
I noticed all the signs of pregnancy.
But you would only take
the doctor's word for it.
We never had to take a
doctor's appointment to be sure.
-Why are you sitting down?
-Babul is coming here.
Do you really think he'll be here?
It's past 11:30.
I know he won't come.
Let's go home.
-Should we leave?
He was going to be at the doctor's
at 11 in the morning.
And it's 11 o'clock at night.
God knows where he is.
Don't worry.
You know him.
It's such wonderful news.
I wanted to tell him.
But look at him.
He feels more at home on the stage.
Will you have some rice?
I don't feel like eating.
You can't do that.
You haven't eaten all day.
I know how you feel,
but you can't starve the baby.
I'll have the pomegranate.
Will that be enough?
Why don't you go to bed?
I'll wait for Bhai.
Don't go to bed on an empty stomach.
-Eat something.
-Wake me up when he comes home.
Hey, Sunita.
It's me.
-Were you asleep?
-I just dozed off.
-Then why did you get up?
-You woke me.
-I have good news.
-How did you find out?
Rangnekar told me.
How did Rangnekar find out?
Don't ask stupid questions.
Listen to me.
Natyaniketan is producing a film.
Their first film is Kuber.
I have an important role in it.
How is my news?
-I have good news too.
-Your news can wait.
Usha Kiran is the heroine.
I am playing her younger brother.
Rangnekar said to me,
"You are a bit older,
but you look quite young."
I am famished.
What was I saying?
Yeah, Rangnekar said to me...
You have a cherubic face.
This is so sweet.
I'll tell you the story.
There's a rich family.
This is a pampered young boy.
That boy is me.
He loves singing and
playing the harmonium.
Rangnekar recognized my talent.
Is there more?
That's all there was.
You wanted to tell me something.
What is it?
I'm too sleepy.
I'll go.
She didn't even congratulate me.
Mom, give me tea.
Thank you.
I guess Sunita told you.
I didn't want to declare
till it was confirmed.
The doctor has already confirmed.
When did Rangnekar become a doctor?
Stop going on and on about Rangnekar.
You fool.
Why didn't you come to the doctor?
We were waiting for you.
I completely forgot.
I was so caught up in this new film.
That is why Sunita was
so irritated last night.
Oh dear.
-You don't know a thing?
-About what?
-You're going to be a father.
Now I know...
She wanted to tell me some good news.
And I kept ranting about myself.
How could you, Babul?
I am such an idiot.
Never mind.
Now that I know.
I will take such good care of her.
-I'll take her to Ratnagiri for a week.
-You must.
Even if I have to let go of this film.
Do I neglect her a lot?
Forget about that.
Go talk to her.
-She must be so happy.
-Right now?
She has gone out.
So early in the morning?
Oh she had an appointment
with Dr. Sathe.
Mother dear...
you're going to be a grandmother!
And Babul will be a father!
Father Deshpande.
Your decision is extremely wrong.
I didn't want to have a child so soon.
Do you agree with her, Babul?
He had no clue.
This was my decision.
He is not ready to be a father.
Not just a father...
he is hardly a responsible husband.
He is like a child himself.
He needs to be looked after.
We still have to get settled.
That is why I thought...
We should wait before having a child.
I would have been there to
bring up the child.
Why did you decide on an impulse?
You should have asked him.
No, mom.
Sunita is right.
And she has the right
to take this decision.
She would have had to
manage all by herself.
I can understand that you are hurt.
But it is better we don't
have a child right now.
We can have children later.
Let us not lament on it now.
-Are you Joshi?
-Ram Gabale is here.
You may go in.
How is Bhai?
He is still in coma.
Oh God.
Go and meet Sunitabai.
-I'll be right back.
Sunitabai, Ram Dada is here.
-Please, don't get up.
Don't get up.
-Sit here.
-Have a seat.
How are you, Ram Dada?
I'm fine.
What is this?
-It's a frame.
-Let me see.
This was at my house.
I wanted Bhai to see it.
He'll see it if he comes out of coma.
Yes, he will.
It's beautiful.
It's been ages.
It seems like it happened just yesterday.
You left films and settled
in your own world.
Bhai would've achieved
great heights in cinema.
He shouldn't have taken a hasty decision.
He didn't.
He had to leave his last film.
What is it, Dada?
Nothing much.
He'll be back on his feet
in a couple of weeks.
It's a hairline fracture.
This is a blessing in disguise.
This fracture is a blessing?
I was supposed to do a film.
But the story was awful.
But the producer is a friend.
I had to accept it.
I was supposed to start shooting
day after tomorrow.
Now this hairline fracture saved me
by the breadth of a hair.
How can you joke about it?
Isn't it funny?
-Babasaheb, welcome.
-Hello, Sunitabai.
-Hello, sit down.
-You didn't tell me he was coming.
I'll be right back.
-How are you?
-I'm fine.
-What have you done Pu La?
You always wanted me
to come to Raigad.
Here I am, ready on one foot.
Let's go.
I hope it's not too serious, Doctor.
Not at all.
Babasaheb, now that
you're here, let me ask you...
If I were born in
Shivaji Maharaj's time,
who would I be?
Certainly not Afzal Khan.
He was sturdy.
-No, he's too thin.
-I guess Shahistekhan...
-No way...
His fingers were chopped off,
I'd have had to write with my left hand.
Come on!
I will tell you.
I would have loved to be
Shivaji Maharaj.
Yeah, right.
So when you would meet Afzal Khan,
forget the tiger claws,
you would have kept chatting with him.
And on top of it, you would have said,
he will laugh so hard
he will die of laughter.
Pu La, why don't you make
a film on Shivaji Maharaj?
And act in it.
-What 'Wow"?
-Why not?
Dada, he has made so many films.
But he didn't succeed as he should have.
Instead he should write.
Study MA and be a professor
-You should take it seriously.
-I have.
-You promise and forget it too soon.
-Oh, no.
Rajabhau Paranjape
has asked me to write the
screenplay of Pudhche Paul.
I have a role in it too.
I will go right now
and reject his offer. Let's go.
Don't take it so seriously,
take care of your leg.
He is not serious at all.
When he can't find an answer,
he doles out such dialogues.
I bet he is going to accept
Rajabhau's offer.
Not at all.
I will tell him, Madgulkar will
write the screenplay, I won't.
There's a part of a
dholki player for me.
I really want to do it.
Rajabhau claims
he won't find a better actor than me.
That's it then.
Your MA will go for a toss.
No. I am very serious about it.
Do you have the time to pursue MA?
The Willingdon College in Sangli,
the poet Girish is the HOD there.
He will take care of my attendance.
It's all set.
Nothing would be difficult
if you take it seriously.
I have taken it seriously, Madam.
The job of a professor
has come knocking to our door.
Even if my leg is broken.
Good morning.
-Good morning, sir.
-Good morning
-Just a minute, sir.
We need your guidance.
Sure, that's my job.
Go on.
We are fond of reading.
Which books do you recommend?
No matter what you read,
it must give you joy.
Don't read in fear of the exams.
If you study only to get good grades,
you'll pass the exams
but would you have gained
any real knowledge?
Sunita, I'm home.
Will you make tea?
Oh, you're home?
Why didn't you call me?
I called you twice.
These days
you don't pay attention to me.
I didn't hear you.
Will you have some tea?
Right away.
How was your day?
What did you do?
What is it?
What are you thinking of?
I am bored.
I was quite excited to be a professor.
But this isn't as much fun as Pune.
You must be missing your friends.
You used to have fun in Pune.
Here, I have nothing to do after college.
It's so boring.
You have time now.
Why don't you finish writing Amaldar?
I could easily do that.
You were writing it six months ago.
You still haven't finished it.
If I get down to it,
I will finish it in three days.
So Amaldar is going to
take at least another year.
I bet.
I will finish writing
the play by Sunday.
You won't smoke till the play is ready.
-A challenge.
What kind of challenge is that?
This is so silly. What has the play
got to do with my smoking?
You've got yourself into a fine mess.
Officer Sunita Thakur.
-Good morning, Ms Sunita.
-Good morning.
I'm leaving now.
-Won't you have breakfast?
I have an early lecture.
I'll order something from the canteen.
Give me my cigarettes.
I won't.
Forgot our bet?
Ms Sunita.
the second act of Amaldar
is ready on my desk inside.
Read it when you find time.
You wrote the entire play overnight?
I must keep taking away your cigarettes.
That seems to do the trick.
Yeah, right. Get me my cigarettes.
I will be home late tonight.
I have to go to Ritz theater.
Ram Gabale is in town.
-So you'll be partying tonight.
-Not at all.
He's directing Doodh Bhaat.
I'm writing the screenplay
and dialogues.
Raosaheb Harihar has
given us his place to work.
Who is Raosaheb?
When Arundhati... is about to
leave... that's when...
-...someone will...
-Hello PL.
Hello, Gabale Master.
-I hope you are fine here.
-Yes, Raosaheb.
You may write your
Doodh Bhaat here in peace.
If anyone dares disturb you here,
I'll kick their asses out.
No, please don't,
just tell them to leave us alone.
No, I insist.
Writing a story isn't easy.
Some idiot will come
and waste your time.
Once your link is broken,
there goes your story...
right down a donkey's...
Am I wrong?
How can you ever be wrong, Raosaheb?
Let me know if you need
anything at all. I'll be right here.
-Should I light it for you?
I'm waiting for that bugger
I sent to get the match box.
-You carry on writing your story.
He is so passionate about our film.
Ram, this man is compassion personified.
-I have a superb suggestion.
-Is it?
-What's the name of your heroine?
Yeah, Arundhati.
Make her a lady sitar player.
You see PL...
Women must play the sitar.
-Ram, hang on.
How could she be a sitar player?
-Why not?
-She is a priest's daughter.
How could she be a sitar player, Bhai?
Then change her father.
Make him a tabla player.
Why would there be a tabla
in a Shankar temple?
Then change the god.
-Just change the god.
-Okay, let me think.
-Should I light it?
-I'll take care of it.
I won't let anyone come
and disturb you here.
-I'll see to it.
-Let's do it.
-He is the one disturbing us.
He doesn't even realize
that he is actually disturbing us.
-He is impossible...
-Yes, PL...
What is it?
Who is your heroine?
-Oh yes, Arundhati.
-Does she have a son or a daughter?
-A son.
Right, a son.
Don't you dare kill the child.
No I won't... I won't kill the child.
Writers kill the child and make
the women in the audience cry.
It's a sin. Disgusting.
-No, we won't.
-We won't kill the child.
No, if you have to kill a character...
Her father... he is a priest, right?
Obviously he must be old.
You can easily kill him.
Drown him in a well.
But do not kill the child.
-Just light it.
-No, I'll light it later.
God knows whether that fellow is...
-He is simply impossible.
-He is great!
He is intoxicated.
About what?
That a film is
being written in his room?
This man is always in his own stupor.
Or he is always concerned
about everyone's wellbeing.
What now?
PL, it's nothing.
I just wanted to tell you...
I won't disturb you anymore.
So silly of me.
-Doodh Bhaat... please continue.
-Hold on.
What do you...
Now let me smoke in peace.
Do you have a match box?
That idiot didn't get it for me.
Mr. Madgulkar, my friend,
instead of playing the harmonium
I have been playing with it,
where's my song?
just keep playing.
I'll let you know.
A great poet like me!
You're making me write nursery rhymes.
This is torture.
I can't help it.
I'm under the producer's orders.
We're recording tomorrow
and shooting the day after.
Three verses are ready.
Get on with the fourth one.
Three is more than enough.
Oh come on.
You're a great poet.
I can see a bright future for you
in the world of nursery rhymes.
How could you be stuck
on the fourth verse?
Keep playing...
Peacock, dance your heart out
In a mango orchard!
It stopped raining
It stopped raining
-Hold on... Let us change the tune.
-What is it?
How about this?
Change the mood.
It stopped raining
That's nice.
It stopped raining
Now, you and I are friends
This is superb.
Let's go with these words.
-Is this good?
It stopped raining
Now, you and I are friends
A pretty rainbow appears in the sky
A pretty rainbow appears in the sky
Dance beneath the rainbow!
Peacock, dance your heart out
In a mango orchard!
Peacock, dance your heart out
In a mango orchard!
Madgulkar! Wow...
What would we have done without you?
Thank you.
Come on, it's time.
-So early in the day?
-Time for lunch.
-You got all the reports?
Yes, I did.
Bhimsen is here.
-PL is in this ward...
-This way, please.
How are you, Sunita?
I'm fine.
I was out of town.
I came back this morning.
I'm glad you're here.
How is Bhai?
-Come let's see him.
Forget it, Vasanta.
PL must be fast asleep by now.
There's no point in waiting for him.
Sit, Bhimsen.
He'll be here.
I don't think he'll come.
Sunita won't let him.
We should go and get it.
Here he comes.
-Didn't you get the bottle?
-Of course I have.
Here you go.
It's whiskey.
Oh is it?
Open the bottle and the
whiskey will just evaporate.
This is all I had.
Joshi, what do you think?
This is just a spoonful.
That's not my fault.
You're useless.
Fine. You carry on.
I have told Sunita
I'm going to buy cigarettes.
Don't behave like any ordinary husband.
We are trying to resolve this
grave matter of procuring alcohol.
Come on.
-Let's set out on mission alcohol.
-All the shops are shut.
Not the shops.
The mission of finding alcohol.
I know one place.
We'll definitely get it there.
Let's go.
No. Please let me go home.
Sunita will be furious.
Tell her all the shops were shut.
You had to go right up to Hadapsar.
-Come on...
-I'll tell her.
-Oh, no.
Vasanta, please.
Let me just go home.
Stop cribbing, Bhai...
Very good. It's locked.
Now what?
Let's just forget about it.
Super. Let's go home.
Who will play the harmonium?
Now I want to sing.
But where?
-Just come with me.
-Come on.
Come on.
-Please let me go home.
-Come on.
Just come with us.
My beloved, come to me
My beloved, come to me
My beloved, come to me
Bhimsen, it's very late.
You don't know Sunita's temper.
Stop it, Bhai.
Kumar is upstairs.
So she didn't invite us.
-Champu Tai, that's not fair.
-Okay, bye.
Remember you're in Hadapsar
buying cigarettes.
-No. Please let me go.
-Come on.
Please let me go.
-Tell her you were with us.
-She'll be angry with me.
-She won't.
I'll be back.
Oh, wow!
What a pleasant surprise.
Three of you, together!
-I am angry.
Kumar is singing
and you didn't invite us.
This wasn't planned.
I requested him to sing.
-Fine. We'll leave.
-Yes. It's late.
Stop it and come in.
I know exactly why you're here.
I stepped out to buy cigarettes.
They have dragged me here.
Well done! Icing on the cake!
Come in.
-She must be looking for me.
-This will be an evening to remember.
Kumar look who is here.
-Have a seat!
-Wow... What a surprise.
The great Trinity.
Accept my greetings.
How dare you make plans without us?
Of course not.
I just came to visit Champu Tai.
She asked me to sing for her.
Her request is my command.
-So don't stop. Go on.
-Yes, continue.
No... actually, I must leave.
Hey, the night is still young.
-Isn't it, Vasanta?
-Yes, you can't leave now.
Please begin...
Soft, silky...
Soft, silky...
For you...
Soft, silky seat for you
-Soft, silky seat for you
I'll caress you with sandalwood
I'll caress you with sandalwood
I'll caress you with sandalwood
I'll worship you
Night and day
-Enjoy delicious cream, my beloved
Enjoy delicious cream
My beloved, come to me
My beloved, come to me
-On the banks of the Jamuna is my village
On the banks of the Jamuna is my village
-My beloved, come to me
-Well done.
My beloved, come to me
My beloved, come to me
My beloved, come to me
-Well done!
-Kumar, that was brilliant!
Kumar, don't stop.
Keep going.
Oh, no not me.
Now, Vasanta.
What should I sing?
The one that you sang for Babuji.
He has done a marvelous job.
I was supposed to sing that song.
But I had a bad throat.
It turned out for the best.
I couldn't have done
a better job than him.
Yeah, right.
Alright, let's begin.
Everyone must accompany me.
I have to go.
He wants us to join him.
You must play the harmonium.
-You're getting me into trouble.
-Take over.
Here you go.
-Go on.
What are you doing here?
I called her here.
Why, Champu Tai?
How long does it take
to buy cigarettes?
He had to go up to
Solapur to find cigarettes!
Champu Tai, you too?
-Let's go, Sunita.
I am here because everyone is here.
To hear you sing.
We'll talk later.
Do we have to?
You are enjoying this, aren't you?
-Come on, let's start.
The Kannada King of Pandhari
The Kannada King of Pandhari
The Kannada King of Pandhari
Even Vedas couldn't fathom
Even Vedas couldn't fathom
Even Vedas couldn't fathom
His bounds
The Kannada King of Pandhari
The Kannada King of Pandhari
No form, no shape can define Him
No form, no shape can define Him
He appeared on the brick
Brought miracle about
He appeared on the brick
Brought miracle about
No form
No shape can define Him
No form, no shape can define Him
He appeared on the brick
Brought miracle about
Placed hands on His waist
Placed hands on His waist
The idol of consciousness
The Kannada King of Pandhari
The Kannada King of Pandhari
The Kannada King of Pandhari
-Well done.
-Very well.
He tastes Namya's "kheer"
He herds Chokhoba's cattle
He tastes...
...Namya's "kheer"
He tastes Namya's kheer
He herds Chokhoba's cattle
He tastes Namya's kheer
He herds Chokhoba's cattle
He is the supreme soul of Lord Vishnu
He is the supreme soul of Lord Vishnu
The protector of Damaji
The Kannada King of Pandhari
The Kannada King of Pandhari
King of Pandhari
King of Pandhari
The Kannada King of Pandhari
The Kannada King of Pandhari
King of Pandhari
-Well done.
-There's more?
On the banks of the Jamuna is my village
Kumar, that was good.
-My village
-Well done.
My beloved, come to me
My beloved, come to me
My beloved, come to me
My beloved, come to me
My beloved, come to me
My beloved, come to me
My beloved, come to me
Now it's your turn.
Bhimsen, let us have
one of your songs now.
The king of knowledge
The king of knowledge
Is enjoying the bliss
The king of knowledge
The king of knowledge
Is enjoying the bliss
While the devotees
While the devotees
Are dancing all around
On the bank of the Indrayani River
On the bank of the Indrayani River
Oh Lord
On the bank of the Indrayani River
The whole place is filled with knowledge
Isolation thrives in my backyard
On the bank of the Indrayani River
Hail Vitthala!
My mother, my father!
My mother, my father!
Hail Vitthala!
Hail Vitthala!
Hail Vitthala!
My mother, my father
Hail Vitthala!
My mother, my father!