Bhakshak (2024) Movie Script

[thunder rumbling]
[distant dogs barking]
[car horn honks]
[insects chirping]
[dog barking]
[thunder rumbling]
[girl crying loudly in distance]
[man 1 shouts]
Motherfucker! What are you looking at?
Get out!
[girl crying loudly]
[crying continues]
I just told you to fuck her
for the first time, right?
She was not even letting me touch her.
So much of drama,
she was acting like she's a princess.
- [whimpering, crying]
- [man 2 laughing]
I tried a lot, but she started screaming.
I put my hand on her mouth like this,
but this bitch... bit my hand.
- [laughs]
- [man 1] And then?
Then... Then I got angry.
Then what? What did you do then?
[man 2] She pissed me off,
so I went to the kitchen,
got some chili powder
and shoved it up her.
- [man 2 laughs]
- You motherfucker.
- [crying loudly]
- [man 2 laughing]
[man 1]
Now, why the fuck are you laughing?
Yes, hello, Doctor sahib.
Yeah, it's me, Sonu.
You know that idiot contractor Pappu?
Are, he was supposed
to take a girl's virginity.
But something went wrong during that, so...
- so he put chilies in her.
- [girl crying]
It's fucking 3:00 in the morning.
Who will I find to clean her up?
Shall I bring her now?
[thunder rumbling]
[girl crying]
What did the doctor say?
[Pappu laughing]
[girl screaming]
- [laughing]
- Hold her legs properly.
[Pappu] Shut up!
[girl whimpering, crying]
[muffled screaming, crying]
- [thunder rumbling]
- [girl groaning weakly]
[insects chirping]
Hey, Dom!
- What?
- Come here now.
There's a girl's body in the car.
Do her last rites quickly.
[car door closes]
What's her name?
And who will light the pyre?
He'll do it. He likes to play with fire.
Why the fuck should I do it?
You find someone else.
But can you tell me
which caste she was of, which gotra?
She's an orphan, motherfucker.
[Pappu] Just do it. I'll pay you.
One more thing.
This was Bansi babu's property.
We never came here.
Neither did you cremate any girl.
You got it?
[dramatic music playing]
[thunder rumbling]
- [insects chirping]
- [distant dogs barking]
[phone ringing]
- Yes, Guptaji.
- [Gupta] Hello, madam.
Meet me under the Rajendra Nagar flyover
in half an hour.
- Guptaji, at this...
- [call ends]
[train horn honking]
[train rumbling]
Good morning, madam.
Here you go.
What's this?
This is breaking news just for you.
- What do you mean?
- It's the social audit report.
Last year, a survey was conducted
in all the children's shelter homes.
It was reported that girls
in one of the shelter homes of Munawwarpur
were being physically abused.
See if you can do something about this.
Really, Guptaji?
You woke me up so early
in the morning for this?
Keep it.
Are, this is the problem
with reporters like you.
If you knew how big this is,
you would be a national reporter.
I'm giving you proof
against the state government,
and you don't even want to see it.
Guptaji, I'm a journalist,
not the police. Got it?
If the police were doing something,
why would I give this to you?
What do you mean?
It's been full two months
since this report was published.
The government, police,
and any other agencies
gonna do nothing about it.
If you want the scoop, take it,
or I will give it to the BND News Channel.
What are you thinking?
And what if this is not true?
Are, you look into it,
then pay me, all right?
[reporter] How much do you want?
- 51,000.
- [reporter scoffs]
Are you out of your mind, Guptaji?
Where will I get 51,000 from? You keep it.
- Are, madam...
- No, no, I don't want it.
[Gupta] Look, I'm not going to argue
about money with you.
You pay me what you can later. Take this.
If this turns out to be wrong, Guptaji,
I'll make you pay.
[Gupta] Are, where am I going, madam?
[bike bell ringing]
[Gupta] While conducting a social audit
for all the shelter homes in our state,
we took a close look at
all the children's shelter homes in Bihar.
But we were worried about
the girls' shelter home in Munawwarpur.
We request the government
to form a special investigation committee.
So that the management and conditions
can be improved as needed.
Why are you even listening
to what Gupta said?
We all know he's a liar.
He's a bloody cheat.
A traitor, I'd say.
You don't remember?
Last time, he gave you that fake report
against the chief minister?
He took 10,000 rupees for that too.
It's easy for female reporters like you,
you can say whatever you want
and no one would care.
The last time, they almost beat me up.
Are you even listening
to what I am saying to you?
I'm listening, Bhaskarji,
but what can we do?
The way things are going,
we won't last even for six months.
We'll have to shut the channel down.
Are you even listening to what I'm saying?
Do I have a choice?
Look, Bhaskarji, I'm at least trying.
And it's better to try
than to not do anything.
Found a newsreader?
Do we have tea leaves?
I am asking you if you found a newsreader.
And all you care about is tea?
I'll find somebody in a couple of days.
It's been a week,
you've been saying the same thing.
If you're done eating,
can we get back to work?
- Huh?
- No, I can wait if you like.
- I'm all set here. No, no, not at all.
- No, no. Take your time.
Just give me a minute.
Let's start.
- [Bhaskar] Can you look here, please?
- Yeah.
- Is my face looking too shiny?
- [Bhaskar] No, it looks fine.
Okay, start.
These headphones are useless.
I've tried fixing them with wires,
but only one kaan is working.
[Bhaskar] Can you say, "Hello"?
Hello! One-two...
- [reporter] All good? Come on, let's roll.
- It's ready. Good. Loud and clear.
- [reporter] Okay.
- Roll.
Namaste, I'm Vaishali Singh
from Koshish News, Patna.
Let's begin with the headlines for today.
Patna Police seized a very large amount
of fake liquor last night.
In Darbhanga, two brothers shot each other
in a dispute over property.
And in Munger, at a wedding of two dogs,
the guests look very excited.
Why haven't you started yet?
- [man] Vaishali.
- Hmm?
Will you pay the electricity bill
or should I?
I'll pay the bill.
You just give me the money.
All right.
So, tell me, what is the big news
in our city, reporter madam?
Winter is here.
Oranges are back in season.
Unemployment rates are
at an all-time high.
- And our...
- And our government is silent.
[man chuckles]
Since college,
I've been hearing the same things.
Three years ago,
you reported the same story.
The government didn't care then,
they don't care even now.
The government gets five years
to make changes, right?
And I'll get only three?
What all can I achieve in three years?
Look, Vaishali,
you told me three years ago...
that you would set up
your own channel in two years.
It's the fourth year now.
I know it, Arvind,
that it's been four years.
But what can I do?
So you want me to go back
to a big news channel?
Spend all my time
doing other people's work
and just wait for the day
I finally get my big break?
I just can't work like that, Arvind.
This isn't working out either.
[calm music playing]
[Vaishali] Okay, stop here.
I said stop.
It should be somewhere around here.
[Bhaskar] I'll go and ask
if anyone around here knows.
[Sonu] Hey!
What are you doing here? Huh?
Why are you taking pictures here?
[tense music playing]
[Bhaskar] Bhaiji, excuse me.
Where is this Amar Cinema?
Amar Cinema shut down five years ago.
Uh, okay, right. Any tour travel agents...
This is a private lane, get it?
You can't just come in here.
- You need to leave.
- [Bhaskar] Huh?
I said leave.
Why is the lane private?
[tense music intensifies]
I'll take it.
There you go.
What number is your channel on, Vaishali?
I know, Mehman, you only watch my channel
when I come to visit.
In Patna, it's on 603.
I don't know what it would be here.
Then it should also be on 603 here.
[Vaishali] No. That's not how it works.
But you can look for it.
[Bhaskar] Let's meet some students
and their teachers now.
Are you a teacher here?
No, I'm a student, sir.
What are you studying? What subject?
[student] I'm getting my degree here.
Uh, Home Science, second year.
And is this your son?
- You are here to meet your father?
- Oh, no, he's my classmate.
It looks like the state government
really loves their students.
In other states, it is common
for students to graduate in three years.
But here in our State University,
sometimes it takes six or seven years
- to pass the college.
- [laughing]
[Bhaskar] takes so long to graduate,
they won't have to worry
about unemployment.
The youngsters of Bihar
have nothing better to do
than to follow us around.
You are really worried about
unemployed youngsters, huh?
Have you ever thought about yourself?
No, I just meant that...
if this is the news you're showing,
who will watch your channel?
So, what are you doing in Munawwarpur?
We're here for some work.
I've come to meet someone.
- How are your studies coming along?
- Hmm. Excellent.
She misses you a lot.
Even I miss her so much.
She's like my daughter, isn't it?
She might be like your daughter,
but really, she's ours.
Have you two decided
when you're going to start having kids?
[pensive music]
Vaishali, ma'am,
I'll wait outside, near the car.
You know it's harder to get pregnant
as you get older, Vaishali.
Why wait?
You guys have been married for six years.
So, Didi, we were thinking of waiting
for a couple of years
so I can set up my own channel.
Both of us are not in a hurry
to have kids.
Your career can wait.
You can set up a channel later.
And if it doesn't happen, that's fine too.
But you have to have a child.
[man] She needs to stop acting
like a child first.
Exactly, six years without a kid.
I have no information of any such reports.
Uh, Vaishaliji, what are you trying to do?
Sir, all I'm asking is that
why hasn't the government done anything
about a report...
that was given so long ago?
The government...
The government hasn't done
any investigations on an audit
they themselves have conducted.
Sir, all these delays
don't feel right to me.
Don't you feel there's something strange
about it, Mithileshji?
Sir, I really think that the CWC
should verify all these details.
Isn't this your responsibility too?
Of course it is my responsibility.
I'm not saying it is not.
Right? Listen, Vaishaliji, I'm not saying
there shouldn't be an investigation.
In fact, there should be an investigation.
An open, serious investigation.
But for everything,
we need to follow a system.
And the government can't do anything
outside the system.
First, the investigation begins,
and it's done
following the government policies.
And a file will come only after that.
And according to you, how much time
will all these procedures take, sir?
Sir, little girls in these houses
are being abused.
It's in the report,
you've read it yourself.
I read what? Hmm?
You gave me this.
The government didn't send it to me.
Once the government sends me the file,
I will read it thoroughly.
And if I think
that girls are being mistreated
and are being abused...
I will definitely do something.
I have two sweet little daughters,
you know?
I'm a father myself.
Trust the process and be patient.
The administration will do its job.
These things do take some time,
but everything will be fi... Namaste.
[Bhaskar] This is my card.
If you have any information,
then give me a call.
[phone ringing]
- Hello.
- [man] Am I speaking to Arvindji?
Yes, speaking.
[Bansi] Namaskar, this is Bansi Sahu,
from Munawwarpur.
Yes, namaskar. I didn't recognize you.
[Bansi] Didn't recognize me?
No problem. Even I don't know you.
[door opens]
Oh, wow. What a pleasant surprise.
So, have you been waiting for me?
What are you reporting lately?
And what is
this girls' shelter thing, huh?
You thought if you don't tell me about it,
I won't find out?
Some guy called Bansi Sahu had called me.
Who's Bansi Sahu?
I don't think you understand, Vaishali.
When I asked Mehman,
he said that the guy is an asshole.
So, please tell me this.
What are you trying to do?
Arvind, I have no idea
why this... Bansi Sahu called you.
I don't know him.
And what did he tell you?
I'm just doing my job here.
- [Arvind] Your job, is it?
- Yes.
Vaishali, I've always supported you
in whatever you have wanted to do.
We are ordinary people
and we can't afford enemies. Understood?
I don't know what is wrong.
Why are you getting mad at me like this?
- I can't understand anything.
- Give me the car keys.
- Now, please.
- [keys jangling]
You won't drive the car from tomorrow.
Thanks, I don't even want your car.
[Arvind] Vaishali!
[Gupta] Bansi Sahu owns three newspapers.
Navyug, Munawwarpur.
News, Munawwarpur.
And Siyasat-e-Bihar.
And the majority
of Bihar government's official ads
are published in his newspapers.
Well, the fun fact is he takes an order
of 60,000 papers from the government
at a subsidized rate
and prints only three copies.
A total scam.
He owns the shelter home in Munawwarpur,
and he has partnerships with many NGOs.
He is so well-connected
that even the chief minister of the state
has to go to his son's birthday party.
He stood for elections twice,
but didn't win even once.
Guptaji, you don't think
you should have given us this information
when you give us the report?
He heard about this and he called
my husband the other day, you know?
Isn't it very clear?
That if he has government eyes,
then they must be supporting him
in all these matters.
- Right?
- Yeah.
That's why there was no investigation.
If they had done something,
everyone will be in trouble.
- Everyone.
- [Gupta] You guys are journalists.
You should tell everyone about this.
Sure, we'll just go and tell everyone.
What should we do once they come after us?
Are, why don't you do something else?
Start a grocery shop.
Who asked you to become a journalist?
Now you're going to tell us
what to do now?
- Bhaskarji. Bhaskarji!
- Look at this...
- Transfer 25,000 rupees to his account.
- [Gupta] 25,000 is too less, madam.
Yes, I know, Guptaji. You'll get the rest.
For now, just take this.
Madam, I'm getting married soon.
Isn't it a little too late for that?
Someone is forcing you
to get married or what?
Uh, I need to do it, sir.
Look, Guptaji, I'm already stressed.
[uneasy music playing]
[keyboard keys clacking]
[Gupta] The condition of minor girls
living in the Munawwarpur shelter home
is bad.
There are very bad injuries and wounds
on some of the girls living there.
When we spoke to some of the girls,
they told us
about the terrible physical abuse
that was happening to them.
Some of the girls were so scared
of getting in more trouble
that they refused to speak to us.
The girls living there also told us
that they are being sexually abused often.
And they do not think that anyone
will be able to help them soon.
According to the girls,
they believe that several other girls
who were living with them
have disappeared.
They think maybe they were killed.
[dog barking]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [bell rings]
- [indistinct chatter]
Our organization is also recognized
by the government.
This is what we do.
The police or any other person
will come to us
and tell us about a girl in the area
who needs our help.
A girl could be all alone, helpless,
or in some kind of trouble.
So, we go ahead and rescue her.
We bring the girl to get counseling
and then the medical checkup is done.
And once the report is ready,
we send that report
to the Child Welfare Committee.
The girl is completely our responsibility.
Her food and nutrition,
her stay, her clothes,
her education, and medical care.
We take care of all the things ourselves.
And to do this, we use the funds
that the government sanctions us.
Sir, till what, uh, age
can these girls stay here?
I mean, um, is there a rule
or any age limit here?
Yeah. Only girls less than 18 years
can stay here with us.
If we find a place
where the girl will fit better,
then we usually shift them there.
Or at times, we also need to move them
to a different home due to other reasons.
So, sir, then girls
from other shelter homes
must be also coming here, right?
- Yes, we have girls from Gaya.
- [Vaishali] Mm-hmm.
- From Bihar Sharif.
- From Munawwarpur?
No, I don't think so we've had any girls
come here from Munawwarpur, ma'am.
So then, sir, where would they be sending
the girls of Munawwarpur shelter?
[bell rings]
You need to understand the chronology.
You see,
all of these tiny little organizations
fall under
different government ministries.
You understand now?
And the one we are looking at,
this girls' shelter home,
that comes under
Ministry of Social Welfare.
They give these shelters a lot of money.
I have an idea.
The Social Welfare minister
of our state is Rajni Singh.
[Bhaskar] Her office is nearby.
Drink your tea first, then we'll go there.
- How's my plan?
- Very, very stupid.
[Bhaskar] Why is that?
Do you think the Social Welfare Department
didn't get the audit report?
The report came out two months ago
and they didn't do anything.
You think they'll do it for us?
We need another plan.
This world is too complicated.
[Bhaskar] I'm out of plans.
You come up with something.
I mean, where do we go now?
- Bhaskarji.
- Hmm?
What do you think
about going to Bansi Sahu?
[Vaishali] In October 2017,
an announcement was made by our government
that all the shelter homes that come under
the Ministry of Social Welfare
will be socially audited by NISS.
That is the Noble Institute
of Social Studies.
In the report that NISS published,
several shelter homes were mentioned,
but their main concern
is the Munawwarpur girls' shelter home.
The thing that caught our attention
is that it's already been
more than two months
since NISS submitted their report,
and our state government
has still not acted on it.
All we'd like to know is that
if the report submitted by NISS is true,
then how is it okay for the government
to stay quiet about it?
With cameraman Bhaskar Sinha,
this is Vaishali Singh
for Koshish News, Patna.
[bell ringing]
He's doing yoga.
He's not doing yoga.
This is the kalash sthapana.
Are, sit, sit.
Don't stand up to greet me. Sit, sit.
[Bansi sighs]
This is my daughter, Puja.
- [Bansi] Say namaste.
- Namaste.
She's a very well-known reporter
from Patna.
She's doing her BA in English.
Go, beta.
You are really going after me, huh?
I am not going after you, sir.
I'm just trying to find the truth, sir,
and I don't think
I'm doing anything wrong.
Nothing is ever wrong.
Every person does
whatever they believe is right.
That way, how can anything be wrong?
Tell me that.
But accusing people
without any proof is wrong,
and you're doing just that.
I know the other day,
you were going all around the city
asking people about me.
Mithilesh told me all about it.
You visited CWC, right?
I called your husband right away.
He seemed like a good man.
I enjoyed talking to him.
Arvind babu works at the post office,
doesn't he?
Have you really been married
for six years?
Looking at you, I don't believe it.
You're so young.
Usually, I don't like
to call someone like that.
But I called him.
And I told him
that if you have any questions,
you come and ask me.
But madam,
you took things a little too far.
You made it a news story last night, huh?
I don't think
many people watch your channel.
In fact, I've watched
the repeat telecast of it.
Why are you doing this?
Sir, I'm a journalist.
If I see that there are things happening
in front of me that are not right,
it's my duty to look into it,
I'm doing my job.
Why are you getting upset, madam?
I'm a reporter too.
If I start saying things
about you in my paper,
your life will be over.
My paper reaches many more people
than your channel.
And I'll publish it in three languages.
Hindi, Urdu, and English.
[uneasy music]
You know, Vaishaliji...
if a guy riding his bike on a narrow road
gets crushed under a truck by mistake,
you would call that
an unfortunate accident.
But if the same person
throws himself under the truck,
then that is suicide.
[tense music playing]
You have a family, right?
Why do you want to commit suicide?
Just because I'm being nice to you,
it doesn't give you
the right to walk over me.
Next time, you come to me first
if you want to talk, huh?
- Hey, Sonu.
- Yes, sir.
Show madam reporter the way out, please.
Let's go.
[Bansi sighs]
[Sonu] Hmm. Come.
I'll see you tomorrow.
[suspenseful music playing]
[car engine starts]
[dog barking]
[car horn honking]
[honking continues]
[honking continues]
[honking continues]
[honking continues]
[breathing heavily]
Have you looked at the time?
Vaishali, I've been home for two hours
and I've had nothing to eat.
I'll make khichri. Give me five minutes.
Yeah, this is great.
I work so hard all day
and you will feed me khichri.
So tell me, what do you want to eat?
I'll make it for you.
[Arvind] Are, what will you make now?
Have you gone mad?
You don't care about anything anymore.
You only care about your job!
Your family means nothing.
Why the hell are you shouting?
Are, how else
should I make you understand?
- Should I fall at your feet? Tell me.
- Did I ask you to fall at my feet, huh?
I do not have a problem with you working.
But I'm not okay
with how you are doing it.
And I make enough money,
so you don't have to do this useless job!
Arvind, please don't say
that my job is useless.
I don't work for money,
I work out of passion!
You better get it. Okay?
- Are you done with your passion now?
- No, I'm not! So what?
[tense music]
Arvind, Bansi Sahu is going around
exploiting those little girls.
Do you even understand that?
Do you even know
any of these girls personally? No, right?
Then why the hell do you care so much?
You want to know what the real problem is?
The real problem is people like you
with such mentality!
- Stop! Just shut up!
- No, I won't shut up! You shut up!
No one wants to do anything
when someone else is being hurt.
But do not forget that if this can happen
to someone else's daughter,
then it can happen to yours also,
so someone has to do something, Arvind!
You can wait
till something happens to you,
till you're victimized, but I will not!
[somber music playing]
And if you are hungry
and you didn't eat anything,
how on earth is it my fault, Arvind?
You just have to put some rice
and dal in a pressure cooker.
You can't even do that. Are you a child?
It's high time you learned
how to take care of yourself, Arvind.
Your family keeps going on and on
talking about just one thing all the time.
Telling me I need to have a kid.
When will I have a kid?
I'm begging you right now,
please, I have had enough!
I already have a lot of stress in my life!
I will have a child
when I am ready for it. Get it?
I'm not going to give up
on my life or career.
And if you really want to have a child
at this stage of your life,
then you can go marry someone else,
but please leave me alone.
[door slams]
When did I say I wanted a child?
Madam, I've gone through
this whole register.
There's no one from Munawwarpur here.
[caretaker 1] There are other places.
Uh, in Darbhanga,
there is the Mary Welfare Society.
Or look for Umeed Gruh in Motihari.
- [caretaker 2] Thank you, Lord.
- [children] Thank you, Lord.
[caretaker 2] For the roof on our head.
[all] For the roof on our head.
- And food in our plate.
- [bell rings]
[Bhaskar] Has any girl come here
from the Munawwarpur shelter?
[caretaker 2] Two years ago,
there was a girl from there.
She stayed for a couple of months.
And then they transferred her
to Hajipur home shelter.
- Why?
- She was crazy.
She kept biting the other girls.
And how old was she?
11 or 12.
No one came after her.
Are, bhai sahib, we've come from Patna.
Media. Here, you can check my ID.
Call the owner, we won't speak to you...
I already told you guys this.
The owner isn't here.
No one can come inside this place
without his permission.
Listen, do you take permission
for everything you do?
I don't. So? Now stop irritating me
and get lost from here.
Why are you so rude?
You can be a little nicer, all right?
- [caretaker 3] Sure. What an idiot.
- [Bhaskar] Shut up.
- You are an idiot.
- [caretaker 3] Huh?
Madam, enough of this now.
Sell this news to some big news channel.
Once this becomes national news,
the government will deal with it.
We don't have to do all of this.
Not a single girl from Munawwarpur.
But we had two girls a year ago.
We sent them to Motihari.
The Motihari guy said no one came in.
They might have sent them somewhere else.
I don't know about that.
[vendor] Get fresh veggies! Fresh veggies!
[indistinct chatter]
Look, sir, I can tell you one thing.
No girls from there are here.
But there is one girl
who cooks food for all the kids here.
She used to cook at the Munawwarpur
girls' shelter home before.
I can call her here, if you like.
Yes, can you call her?
Uh, Guddan, sweetie?
Yes, ma'am?
Beta, can you call Sudha didi?
[Guddan] Sudha didi!
Ma'am is calling you downstairs!
[Sudha] Coming!
[caretaker] Come here, come.
Come on, don't be scared. Come.
- Uh, this is Sudha, and that's Vaishaliji.
- Namaste.
You know
the girls' shelter home in Munawwarpur?
They want to know something.
If you know something, tell them.
Um, madam, can we get some tea?
[caretaker] Of course you can.
I'll serve it right away.
[Bhaskar] No rush.
Looks like you were making some rotis.
- Why are you standing?
- No, no. Wait. I'll just...
[Bhaskar clears throat]
Sit, please.
[uneasy music]
Sudha, I'm Vaishali Singh,
and this is Bhaskar Sinha,
and we've come from Patna.
We work with the news media.
Shobhaji was telling us
that before coming here,
you worked at the Munawwarpur
girls' shelter home as a cook.
Sudha, if you remember anything
about that, please, what was it like?
I don't know anything.
Anything. Good, bad, something.
[Bhaskar] Hmm?
Sudhaji, we've heard that...
the girls living there
are treated very badly.
Did you ever see something there?
No. I don't know anything.
If you know something
and you don't tell us,
you'll be actually helping those people
hide something bad.
Say something.
Sudha, I'm just, um, trying my best
to help the poor little girls there.
I'm sure you know something.
Look, we know we can't do anything
to make you talk.
Shobhaji has my phone number,
in case you remember anything at all,
please tell me, okay?
[uneasy music continues]
[Bhaskar] Vaishaliji just wanted
to help those girls.
Think about it.
[breathes shakily]
[breathing shakily]
If I do tell you anything,
will my identity remain a secret?
No, don't worry,
I promise no one will ever know
it was you, all right?
Please, you have to trust me.
- Can I record...
- [Sudha] Please don't do that.
Whenever you're ready.
[uneasy music playing]
[Sudha] December 2016 was the first time
I went to the girls' shelter home.
My father got me a job over there.
He said Bansi Sahu is a very nice man.
And I could learn a lot under him.
Yeah, yeah. I'll send four tonight.
Sonu was the first person I met there.
[Sonu] Sudha...
- Age?
- [Sudha] 21.
- 21? Hmm.
- [Sudha] Mm-hmm.
[Sudha] Sonu was the one
who looked after the place.
[Sonu] You have to...
press a little harder, you know?
Baby, where are you? Can you come down?
[Sudha] After meeting Sonu,
I was sent inside.
[suspenseful music]
That was the first time I met Baby Rani.
Baby Rani was the warden
of the shelter home.
She looked quite ordinary.
But there was much more to her
than how she looked.
What's your name, my dear?
- [Sudha] Sudha.
- Hmm... Sudha.
What's the meaning of Sudha?
- Nectar.
- [Baby Rani] Mm. Nectar.
You've come here to cook, right?
So, stick to cooking.
Who comes and goes here,
what they are doing here...
is none of your business.
[Sudha] At that time,
I didn't really understand
what Baby Rani was saying to me.
Let's go.
I just quietly followed her
to the girls' room.
[faint whimpering]
- [indistinct clamoring]
- [door knob rattling]
[girl] I'll show you, I'm telling you!
[Baby Rani shouts]
Why are you fighting?
Sit down quietly or I'll slap you hard!
[Sudha] There were no rooms,
just one large hall.
There were mattresses
spread out on the floor.
It didn't have even one window.
There were 40 to 45 poor girls
just sitting on the floor.
Everyone, look here.
[Baby Rani] This is Sudha didi.
She will be cooking your food
from today onwards.
Some of these girls are completely crazy.
They often bite people.
If they come to bite you,
just give them a tight slap.
[Baby Rani] Come on now, let's go.
[door closes]
- [bird cawing]
- [thunder rumbling]
- [girl] Hey, you...
- [pot clanks]
Don't you bite me, I'll smack your face.
I am not crazy. I won't bite you, okay?
I just came to tell you
that you should leave this place
as soon as possible.
These people are not good.
Are you trying to scare me?
I'm telling you the truth.
What's going on here?
[girl] I was hungry,
so I came to see if the food was ready.
- [groans, whimpers]
- Is it time to eat now, huh?
How many times have I told you girls
not to enter the kitchen?
Get out of here!
They are all stupid.
You don't need to talk to any of them.
[tense music playing]
But you can talk to me... anytime.
[Sonu] Motherfucker! You keep fucking up
and I have to deal with it.
- Now you'll just run away, huh?
- [man] Where am I running away, sir?
I'm right behind you. She's a bit heavy.
[Sonu] You would need to carry her,
you stupid motherfucker!
Pick her up! Put her in the car!
Idiot! Complaining all the time.
Come on, hurry up!
Are, why are you standing here?
Come here now!
I'll fix you two fuckers in the morning.
Bring her down.
[man grunting]
[breathes shakily]
[Sonu] Hello, sir. Yes, Sonu here.
I'm bringing the girls over.
Don't fall asleep. Okay?
Yeah, yeah, we'll be there soon.
Come on, fast.
- [distant dogs barking]
- [car engine starts]
[Sonu] Come on, pick her up.
[distant dog barking]
[car trunk closes]
[breathing shakily]
[thunder rumbling]
[girl groaning in pain]
[Baby Rani]
It's the same nonsense every day.
I'm tired of explaining it to you.
- But you just don't get it.
- [girl groans]
I'm going to teach you a lesson
tomorrow morning.
When you're locked up
in a room for three days,
then you'll get it.
You won't get any food or water.
- You'll just rot in that room alone.
- [girl crying]
Fucking ungrateful leeches.
Them and their problems. It never ends!
[objects shattering]
[thunder rumbling]
[distant upbeat music playing on radio]
[upbeat music playing on radio]
[breathing shakily]
- [door clangs]
- [door lock clicks]
[girl crying]
[suspenseful music playing]
Have you gone mad?
You idiot or are you simply stupid?
Are you waiting for them
to make you strip naked as well?
And if you don't do it,
then they'll chop you
and bury you right here,
no one will ever come to know.
Look at this.
[light tense music playing]
Look. And this.
You want to see more?
They took me yesterday.
I screamed and shouted,
so they just beat me up
and threw me back here.
Today, they have taken two more girls.
Tomorrow, they will come for you.
I'm telling you once again, save yourself
and leave this place as soon as possible.
Or you will not be in a condition
to leave from here.
- Understood?
- [breathes shakily]
And if you have not understood,
then you don't need to.
Just get out of here and save yourself.
Leave five minutes
after I've gone from here.
And lock this door till then.
[tense music]
[master] That idiot Neeraj has watched
too much porn.
God knows what he did to that girl.
She's been screaming for five days.
We have locked her in a room for now.
She might do something if you let her out.
Why are you so scared?
Just go ahead and kill the girl.
Then what do we do?
What do you mean? Huh?
Who is this girl?
Is her name registered here with us?
Does CWC know her?
So who cares if she's dead or alive?
I prayed to Durgama in the morning,
otherwise I would have killed her.
I have an idea.
You remember that dark, skinny girl
we had got from Samastipur?
Tell her if she kills this crazy girl,
we'll let her go.
We'll let her go?
[wheezing laugh]
Don't be stupid. I'm joking.
- Do you think we'll let her go?
- Ah, yeah.
I don't understand when you're serious
and when you're joking.
Who are you?
She's Sudha.
She's the new cook for the girls.
- Sudha.
- [Baby Rani] Mm.
Sudha. Sudha. Nice.
What all can you cook?
Uh, don't worry, sir. She's here only.
You can test her later.
That Sinha sahib,
he's been here since last night.
Please do something.
That Mithilesh is such a motherfucker.
- [master chuckles]
- Go kick his ass away.
It's handled.
[Bansi] Is your hair wet?
Oh, no. You'll catch a cold.
Take care of yourself.
You don't wear a dupatta, huh?
Drink some hot tea.
And get some for me too.
That is Bansi Sir.
He's the owner.
He takes care of everyone here.
If you keep him happy,
you will be kept happy.
Now go. Go and make some tea for everyone.
[uneasy music]
[Sonu] Hey, Doctor.
Why are you so worried?
[doctor] Oh, man.
This masterji, he's very annoying.
This girl's burnt pretty badly.
Please talk to Baby.
Are, there are so many better things
to do with these girls, huh?
Why is she burning them with cigarettes?
You can get an ashtray for ten bucks.
Why destroy a thing
that's worth much more?
[Sonu laughing]
[Sonu] I want to know
if cigarettes give one
a scar, a wound, or just pain?
Masterji, it gives them a big wound.
- It stings.
- [men laughing]
What kind of a doctor are you, huh?
[doctor] Then teach me, Sonu. Teach me.
[laughing continues]
[upbeat music playing]
[people whistling]
[girl sobbing]
[muffled upbeat music playing]
[Baby Rani] I keep telling them,
but they just don't listen.
That contractor, Pappu,
took Gudiya to the hotel.
Gudiya must have tried to stop him,
so she shoved chilies up there.
- [Sonu] That fucker is an asshole.
- Doctor sahib is drunk. You go.
[Sonu sighs]
But what will I do there?
Figure it out.
If you think it's possible
to save her, save her.
Otherwise, just choke and kill her.
- [Sonu] And Bansi babu?
- I'll talk to him. You go.
[Baby Rani humming]
[suspenseful music]
[car engine starts]
[Sudha] If I had not escaped that night...
I would never be able to leave that place.
Sudha should've said something about this.
This is wrong.
How can she just keep quiet like this?
Bhaskarji, none of this is her fault.
Our society has always...
made girls like her just so helpless.
She can't say anything, but...
at least we can.
What will you say and who will listen?
They'll ask for proof.
What proof do we have? We have nothing.
There's just one difference
between us and animals, Bhaskarji.
We humans are capable of thinking
for ourselves and using our words.
And if we can't even do that...
then we should just
call ourselves animals now.
We have to try really hard, Bhaskarji.
We need to save those girls at any cost.
[pensive music playing]
[Vaishali] Let's go.
O' River Ganga, you've witnessed
Everything on your shores
O' Ganga, you've witnessed
Everything on your shores
[Bhaskar] Let's go now.
Haven't you frozen?
How could you still flow?
O' Ganga
O' Ganga, you've witnessed
Everything on your shores
O' Ganga, you've witnessed
Everything on your shores
You need to talk to her.
This Bansi Sahu is a bad man.
Vaishali has decided to go against him
just for her news channel.
This can all end very badly.
I know this. I tried to explain it to her.
I know exactly how hard
you would try to explain to her.
[Vaishali's brother-in-law]
I would have never agreed
to let you marry that girl
if I knew that you would change so much
after marriage.
[Vaishali's sister-in-law]
Go get the pakoras.
[Vaishali's brother-in-law]
Dad has asked me, and he only agreed
because I said yes.
Now I see what a big mistake we both made.
We will have to live with it...
[Vaishali] Pranam, Didi.
[Vaishali] Pranam, Mehman.
Hmm. Where have you been all day?
[Vaishali] I had been on a tour of Bihar.
To find proof
of what Bansi Sahu has been doing.
[Vaishali's brother-in-law chuckles]
You are still stuck on that man, huh?
Well, it is what it is, Mehman.
And I will definitely not stop
until I see the end of Bansi Sahu.
[Vaishali's sister-in-law] You don't need
to be this stubborn about everything.
Are, come on, Didi.
If I was really that stubborn,
then I wouldn't be here
having chai and pakora with you all.
I would have become
a national-level journalist by now, right?
[Vaishali's brother-in-law]
We're all just trying to look out for you.
Why do you want to ruin your life?
Tell me.
And if you really want
to make a difference,
don't just talk about
what a journalist is supposed to do.
I mean, go to the court, file a case.
There is law and order. We have a system.
You think
only journalists can do anything?
Always just thinking of herself.
Mehman, that reminds me.
If I want to file a case in court
against someone,
I will need a lawyer, won't I?
And you're one.
You want to waste your life
by doing small things
like making birth certificates?
I need to file a PIL.
Tell me, will you do it for me?
[pensive music]
Or did you just become a lawyer
so you could wear
that fancy black lawyer's coat, huh?
And Mehman, you don't need to help me
if you don't feel like doing it.
I can handle everything myself.
You know something?
There are many lawyers like you
outside the court walking around
with files in their hands.
Don't worry, I'll find someone.
What are you looking at? Eat your food!
[indistinct chatter]
- [Bansi laughing]
- No, Bansi, no.
Once or two drinks down,
you dance so well.
But you mess the lyrics up.
It's not "Ghapa-ghap," it's "Kacha-kach."
[both laughing]
[Bansi] What is this?
PIL for what?
[Sonu] Someone has filed a PIL
in Patna High Court.
Okay, sir, but what is the PIL about?
[Sonu] It's against the state government.
Asking why no action is being taken
against our shelter home.
[tense music playing]
Who is this motherfucker?
I'm looking for them.
You're still looking?
Why don't you know it by now?
What do you think, master?
This PIL will only be filed
by someone who knows about the report
and wants a case to be opened.
Well, that... that journalist is after us.
What's her name?
[master] But this has no name written,
it's filed anonymously.
You remember the Brij Bihari incident?
- [Sonu] Yeah.
- What happened with him?
First, the PIL was filed.
And they didn't care about it,
then got fucked.
Oh, similar to the Chandrashekhar case?
[master] No, that was a murder case.
Section 302 and PIL
are two different things.
- The thing with PIL is that...
- Shut up! Don't show off.
If you're so smart, why didn't you
become a lawyer? Bloody fool.
Call Brijmohan now.
And tell him I want to meet him right now.
[dramatic music playing]
Are, I told you I'll fix it.
Okay, listen,
I'm going to call you back later.
Okay? Now hang up.
What's wrong, Bansi babu?
Why are you so worried? Hmm?
Don't worry about me, Singh sahib.
I'm not alone in this.
I know that.
That's exactly why I told you
you don't need to worry
about these little things.
You need to find something better to do.
Does this look like a small matter to you?
Huh? What did you tell me?
"Don't worry,
the media will never be able to find out."
If they do, you'll take care of it.
They've filed a PIL now.
And what are you doing?
Now what are you waiting for?
Go bring something for our guest!
- [man] Sir.
- Do I need to do your job?
- [man] No, I'll get it.
- Go!
Trust me. I have it under control.
Is any big news outlet reporting this?
They won't bother you.
You are worried about this Vaishali.
Who the hell is she? Huh?
Not one person in the media
knows about her.
It's not about who she is, Singh sahib.
Even if you think it's not a big deal,
you have to stop it.
[Mithilesh] If you don't,
this little problem will become very big!
What will you do then? Hmm?
Am I having this conversation with you?
I'm talking to him, right?
- But even I am...
- If he keeps barking like this,
he will get you in trouble one day.
What did you say?
I'll get him in trouble? Hmm?
You think I'm crazy, hmm?
I... I... I'm saying something
because I am loyal!
Do you have a problem?
[Brijmohan] If you start listening
to crazy idiots like this one,
don't come to me when things go wrong!
She won't do a thing. Nothing at all!
Let me make it clear, Singh sahib.
You keep saying
that you will handle things, don't worry.
But if someone is coming after me,
I will not sit back and take it quietly.
Do you understand me?
If you do not stop her,
then I will have to.
- And I will not be nice.
- Hey!
- Don't do anything stupid.
- [tense music]
And don't you dare even touch her.
She is off-limits.
And this is a direct order.
She's just not a reporter,
but also a woman.
If you even come slightly close to her,
the entire media
is going to come after us.
Then what will you do, huh?
Who will you blame?
The whole goddamn government
is busy protecting you,
and you're sitting here getting worried!
[shouting] I haven't done anything
because she's a bloody reporter!
Or by now,
you would have found her dead body
lying on the track somewhere!
[Bansi] So, stop giving me this shit!
And we both know that your government
is busy protecting itself, not me.
So it will be better for everyone
that I don't go crazy.
Get it?
I'm sure you know what is best.
[Mithilesh] But I'm not sure.
This won't make any difference, Bhaskarji.
Our channel doesn't have enough viewers.
And if we don't have viewers,
how will we tell them
about what is going on?
Okay, then what should we do? Tell me.
We need to go viral, Bhaskarji.
Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter...
We have to make sure we go viral somehow.
Maybe it will help.
I don't know how to use
social media websites.
- Madam.
- [Vaishali] Hmm?
Ajit spends all day at home
doing something on his phone.
Let's call him here.
He can take care of this.
What do you think?
And Bhaskarji, from tomorrow,
we'll be broadcasting
for 30 minutes daily.
On the Munawwarpur shelter home,
and I will do the live reporting.
I'll report everything.
What was in NISS's report,
who is Bansi Sahu,
and why this government
is not taking any action. Everything.
- Okay?
- [Bhaskar] Yes. It's perfect.
[Bansi] You seem to forget
that I saved your lives.
You live here.
I give you clothes. I give you food.
Do you think it's all free?
Do you know what orphan means?
A person who's completely alone.
Who nobody cares about.
Nobody gives a shit
if you're dead or alive.
- [sobbing]
- [Bansi] Except for me.
Now I'm your everything.
And you will do exactly what I tell you.
Or I'll take this cigarette
and stub it all over you.
[tense music]
Yeah? Get it?
Say yes!
[both sobbing]
What happened?
I... I can't find the name of the bastard
who filed the PIL.
Bloody idiot!
I gave you one small thing to do
and you can't even do that!
But I think I know who it could be.
Vaishali's brother-in-law, Suresh Singh.
He's a lawyer.
I think he's the one who did it.
In fact, he practices
in Munawwarpur court.
And lives in Brahampura
with his wife and daughter.
If you tell me to,
I can go and shut him up for good.
Give me your belt.
- [groans]
- Will you listen to me? Am I clear? Huh?
Please! Leave us! Please, please!
- [girls crying]
- Say yes! Say yes!
What are you looking at? You want to go?
[distant screaming, crying]
- [belt whipping]
- [girls crying, screaming]
Handle it.
Is Mehman okay?
[somber music]
I hope you are happy now.
This is exactly what you wanted, right?
Didi, what are you saying?
They beat him up.
Cracked his head open.
He's lost a lot of blood.
The doctor is giving him stitches
right now.
You know who did this, right?
They all were Bansi Sahu's men.
The police didn't even file an FIR.
Are you happy now?
- [Vaishali] Didi, please...
- [sniffles]
- Tell me who attacked your brother-in-law.
- Sir Bansi Sahu.
Bansi Sahu?
- Yes, he lives nearby on Sahu Road.
- Oh, you mean the reporter?
We both know he's not a reporter.
Have you ever met him in person, madam?
What difference does that make?
[policeman] No, it doesn't really matter,
but you should know enough
about the person
against whom you're filing a complaint.
Because from what I know,
even if you searched
every corner of Bihar,
you won't find a man like him.
He's such a great per...
Sir, I own a news channel, actually.
And I've been talking a lot
about Bansi Sahu
on the channel for the last few days.
He tried to warn me, advise me.
Threatened me too, sir, but...
[constable] One minute, madam.
- Was he threatening you or warning you?
- What do you mean by that?
A warning is just like a request,
not to broadcast fake things
against him on your channel.
What you're doing.
And threatening would mean
that your life is in danger.
Oh, my God, Dheeraj!
You made a great point.
Sir, you know, this is a serious matter,
but you're taking it lightly.
File my complaint.
Well, madam,
the problem is that we have no idea
what you have been saying
about Bansi babu on your channel.
But tell me something,
if he had any problem with you,
why did he attack
your brother-in-law instead of you?
Why are you asking me such questions?
My brother-in-law was attacked.
I have come here to file a complaint.
Why aren't you doing your job?
Madam, since you're a female journalist,
so to make you happy,
we will file a complaint about the attack.
Write it, Dheeraj. Huh?
- But I won't write his name.
- And why won't you write his name?
What do you mean by why, madam, huh?
You think anybody can just walk in here
and file a complaint against anybody
and we'll just do it, huh?
Our judiciary, our legal system
is not a joke, madam.
I got it, sir. Thank you.
[policeman] Are, some attitude she has.
They didn't just beat me up,
they destroyed my motorcycle too.
Your father had worked so hard to buy it.
[Vaishali's niece] Mami's here.
[Suresh] Here comes the queen.
Mehman, I'm worried
you're in a very bad state.
You should've told me, right?
If you were planning
to file a PIL, then I...
What do you think?
I've lost my mind to do that?
I have not filed any PIL.
I'm not an idiot.
Mehman, if you did not file the PIL,
then... why did Bansi Sahu...
Bansi's right-hand man, Sonu,
came to beat me up.
And he did it right outside the court.
And he told me to make you stop
or they'll do the same thing to you.
[Suresh] What were you thinking?
You're not some superhero
trying to save the world.
In fact, you're a nobody.
Mehman, I had no idea
they would come after my family.
So, what the hell
did you think they would do
if you kept pushing them like this?
You think we're idiots
just because we don't start fights.
- [Vaishali] No, Mehman.
- [Suresh] No, I know what you think of us.
- No, Mehman...
- [Suresh] What? And yes.
You know why we ignore these things?
It's because we want to stay safe.
I have a family to think about.
Today, they just broke my legs,
tomorrow, they'll come and kill me,
and the cops won't do anything.
I tried to file an FIR, Mehman.
Oh, God!
Have you completely lost your mind?
[Suresh] Don't you ever think
before doing anything?
Please, keep us out of your mess!
[Suresh yelling indistinctly]
[dramatic music playing]
There's no hope from anyone
Even our joy is short-lived
There's no hope from anyone
Even our joy is short-lived
Our troubles keep growing
With every moment
My heart longs for
A single ray of hope
Please show us the light
At the end of the tunnel
O' Ganga
How you keep flowing
O' Ganga
[Arvind] Why are you crying?
What can be done?
You know our society is run by men.
When a husband supports his wife,
people don't like it.
Even if she's doing good.
- Uh, please, forgive me.
- [sniffles]
- It's all right.
- [Arvind] No, it's not all right.
You came from Patna
to Munawwarpur on a scooter.
You should've taken the car.
And anyway, you know
I like going to office on my scooter.
That way, I can get some fresh air too.
[emotional music playing]
Okay, come. Let's go.
I'm hungry, let's get some food.
Whatever happened with Mehman today,
I can't change it now.
But I can definitely use this
to make a real difference to the world.
And maybe this might help him
earn some good karma.
I didn't understand. What do you mean?
Can you do me a small favor?
[Vaishali] The social audit report
of Munawwarpur shelter homes
has been released a long time ago.
But it seems like our government
has stuck that report under their pillow
and is just sleeping on it.
No media house, be it print or TV,
is reporting about this,
and there has been
no investigation on it whatsoever.
But don't forget
that we were the first ones to share
this breaking news with our viewers.
After watching our news,
a lawyer from Munawwarpur
filed a PIL against this case
in Patna High Court.
Today, the same lawyer
was brutally attacked
by a man named Sonu
right outside the court.
And this lawyer
is fighting for life right now.
That's not all.
When we tried to file an FIR,
the police hesitated
to write down the name of the attacker.
They may be under some kind of pressure,
but we are not.
We will be broadcasting a special report
on our channel every day called Bhakshak.
And during this special report,
we will be giving you
every single update on this case.
And we promise you
that we are not going to stop
till justice is served.
Until every single criminal involved
is punished.
Remember that one person alone
cannot bring a change.
That is why we really need your support.
- [Bhaskar] What are you looking at?
- We have just got 400 views so far.
Soon, we'll have thousands, you'll see.
400, he says.
But madam, do you have any idea
who filed the PIL?
I really have no idea, Bhaskarji, but...
whatever happened with Mehman...
- [Bhaskar] Mm.
- ...I'm feeling really bad.
You know, after all,
he's a part of my family.
Of course. You are right.
He's your family.
But don't be sad.
There are always two ways
to look into a situation.
A positive. A negative.
If you look at the positive...
that man has been constantly
getting involved in your life.
And look what happened.
They broke his leg.
[Bhaskar laughing]
They broke...
The look on his face. He was fucked.
But I know he's family.
By the way, I saw...
Hey, where is today's newspaper?
[Bhaskar] Hey! Come on! Get up!
He's sitting on the newspaper,
bloody useless boy!
Look at this news.
I wanted you to see this.
[Bhaskar] SSP Jasmeet Gaur. Take a look.
She's an IPS officer from Punjab.
She is posted here for the first time
in the history of Munawwarpur.
She's the first woman SP.
She has been cleaning this place up.
I found her number
if you want to talk to her,
or we can go and meet her.
What do you say?
[stove beeping]
I think this means you want to meet her.
Have you noticed one thing, madam?
Every time a woman takes charge
of something, everything changes.
[indistinct chatter]
- [Vaishali] Come. Let's ask them.
- Yeah.
[Vaishali] Madamji, namaste.
Um, we have an appointment with Madam.
We are from Patna. Vaishali Singh.
- Hello, ma'am.
- Vaishali, come in.
Madam, how do you know my name?
I've seen the video you've made. Sit.
- You are?
- I'm B... Bhaskar.
Her colleague from Koshish News.
Vaishali, I'm really sorry about
what happened with your brother-in-law.
You said in the video
that Munawwarpur Police
wasn't filing your complaint.
Yes, madam.
I personally went to file an FIR.
- You went to Town Station?
- [Vaishali] Yes.
Do you remember who was on duty?
Prabhat Kumar, madam.
[phone dialing]
[SSP Jasmeet] Uh, cancel Town Station's
head Prabhat Kumar's duty roster,
and ask him to come and meet me tomorrow.
Don't worry. I'll handle it.
In the video, you mentioned
about some problems in the shelter.
[Vaishali] Yes, yes, madam.
During the social audit,
they found that the girls living
in Munawwarpur girls' shelter homes
are abused.
The case comes under POCSO.
Yes, Protection of Children
Against Sexual Offenses, madam.
[Bhaskar] There might be
some important people involved,
that's why they are not doing anything.
- True.
- Right?
Look, I'm not trying to defend them.
But it's possible
that this report is wrong.
The media shouldn't talk about things
if they don't have any proof.
I mean, you can't decide
who's guilty, right?
I agree with you, madam.
But I... I'm not trying
to dictate who's guilty here.
All I'm asking is why hasn't there been
any investigation on this report
even though... even though
it was released so long ago?
No, what I mean...
is it because the government thinks
- that this report is false?
- [phone ringing]
We'll talk during my rounds, okay?
Sorry. You were saying?
How do we know it's false
if there's no investigation on it?
Why didn't you file an FIR, Vaishali?
Every citizen has the right to.
Madam, I didn't file an FIR,
but... I know someone
who's filed a PIL on this.
And you know
exactly what happened after that.
I'll... I'll talk to my superiors
and see what can be done.
[bell rings]
His zipper was stuck.
[both laugh]
Both Sinha and Mohan
were running for life!
[both laughing]
[suspenseful music]
How are you, Inspector?
What are you doing here, huh?
I just came here for something.
Is Sonu there?
- Who?
- [inspector] Sonu.
I have an arrest warrant for him.
Okay. So?
And so what? We need to arrest him.
You go check inside.
- [master] Hey! Back off!
- [tense music]
There's no one called Sonu here.
Well, we'll check once.
If we don't find him, we'll leave.
Did he not make it clear
that there is no Sonu in here?
[Bansi] Did you not understand?
Sir, pranam.
Sir, SSP Madam is looking into this.
Uh, we'll have to arrest him.
So go and tell her you couldn't find Sonu.
[inspector] Sir, she's the SSP.
If she wasn't involved,
I would have handled it myself.
[tense music continues]
- Get in the car and get lost.
- [inspector] Huh?
I will not repeat myself. Understand?
[inspector] Hey! Go sit in the car.
[policeman] Okay, sir.
[car engine starts]
What the hell are you people looking at?
Go inside!
Back off!
If I had given this same news
to a reporter from a big channel,
I would have gotten five lakhs for it.
Here, I'm getting less money,
that too, not on time.
You got half of it, right?
When Madam gets here, you'll get the rest.
Now go.
I should've given you half the scoop, huh?
People like you should be given leads
only after you pay in full.
Why are you insulting me like that?
What is your problem?
We need just time, not your kidney, Gupta.
If you don't pay me soon,
I'll have to sell my kidneys.
So, thank you for that.
My wedding is around the corner,
and you guys are giving me a headache.
And the guy
who called me an idiot was right.
But I was a bigger idiot to file a PIL
so I could find
more information for you guys,
but you are making my life hell.
- Hold on. Hold on for a second.
- [pensive music]
The PIL raised against the government
was done by you?
Of course I did. Who else has the balls?
Well, great! Do you know
because of you, Mehman got beaten up?
Mehman? Vaishali's brother-in-law?
That guy wasn't wrong
who called you an idiot.
I haven't met a stupider man
than you in life.
What are you trying to say?
An idiot is what I'm calling you.
Now why are you back?
I forgot my cap here!
See, we will have to wait for approval
from the Social Welfare Department first.
Till then, we just cannot do anything.
This case is about little girls.
If anything goes wrong,
we'll be the only ones
who will have to answer.
So, when do you think
the Welfare Department
will give us a go-ahead?
We don't even know if they'll say yes.
They had the report for two months
and they did nothing with it, sir.
Life of those girls is at stake.
But if all goes well,
we might expose a huge racket.
- Sir, I think we should take the risk.
- [chuckles]
You need to learn the value of the stars
you wear on your uniform.
I've seen many people
take risks like this,
and then they lose their stars
just like that.
You're doing very good work here.
The people in the city are finally wearing
their helmets while riding their bikes.
And I'm so sure that very soon,
you'll teach them
how important it is to wear a seat belt.
[pensive music]
[pensive music continues]
- Thank you.
- Don't mention it.
[SSP Jasmeet] Are you sure
you'll just have the tea? Nothing to eat?
No, madam, I'm okay.
I'm just a little nervous right now.
Yesterday, police went to arrest Sonu.
So they caught him?
Bansi Sahu didn't even let them
enter the property.
And I'm sure
even if the police had gone in,
nothing would have changed.
So what do we do now, madam?
I'll be honest, Vaishali.
Just on the basis of this report,
we can't do any investigation.
Especially since we don't even have
the official report in hand.
And we can't use
the attack on your brother-in-law
to start this process.
Because all they will have to do
is prove in court
that this was a coincidence
and it's over for all of us.
And as for Bansi Sahu,
even if he has done something wrong,
exposing him won't be easy at all.
I'm sure he's being more careful now
after you started reporting this.
And also, if the government
had this report for a couple of months,
and still, they didn't do anything,
so... I'm sure you can guess
how well-connected Bansi Sahu is.
Madam, what do I do?
You've brought me to a dead end.
[breathes deeply]
There's only one person
who can find a way out.
Really? Who?
[uneasy music playing]
We need to put more pressure
on the Welfare Department, Bhaskarji.
That's the only way.
That's one dangerous department.
They don't let anyone in.
Every man in there is a pro.
We can't trick them. Not happening.
Sachin Tendulkar was also a pro,
but at times, even he got bowled out.
Yes or no?
Why are you dragging Sachin
in all this thing?
Bhaskarji, there must be
something we can do
that they wouldn't even think of.
They make one mistake, and they're out.
We just have to keep trying.
- And Rajni Singh, the minister...
- Hmm.
...let's drag her into this as well.
They are more scared of losing
their position than they are of dying.
So, we need to use just that.
Yeah, her husband is Brijmohanji.
But he's good for nothing.
Did you do any plays in school or college?
Yeah. I did many actually.
I've played Ram in some plays,
and Raavan in others.
Girls were crazy about me.
I had so many fans too.
My seniors, juniors, everyone.
You'll have to do it again. Drama.
Will you do it?
Madam, give me a stage wand,
and see what magic I can do.
Hey, Raju, go make some tea for us.
Get up.
[man] What have you done?
Now we have to cover his face.
Just listen to me and do as I say.
You know Sir is really upset with you.
- No more mistakes, okay?
- Listen, Bhaiya.
Why have you covered
Vinayak Yadav's face with a newspaper?
Isn't he an important leader
of your party?
Well, he was, not anymore.
Who are you?
Oh, I wanted to talk to Brij babu.
So, where should I go?
[man] About what?
See, I need to tell him something,
but it's private.
Why do you want to talk in private?
Where else will someone talk
about something private?
[man] Sir, that's not how it works.
First, you'll tell me.
I'll listen to you. Think about it.
And I'll go tell him if I need to.
This is a very long process, bhai.
Look, it is a private matter.
It is very important.
[man] I understand, but you don't.
Do me a favor. Please, leave.
If I leave now,
Brij babu will be in a lot of trouble.
Please understand, this is very serious.
Don't waste time. Go and tell him.
That I need to talk to him.
Also, when you tell him
that I'm waiting outside,
tell him I have important information
about Bansi bhaiya from Munawwarpur.
I'm sure you've heard the name before.
Wait here.
[camera shutter clicks]
[party worker] Don't keep your mobile
in your left pocket.
It can cause heart problems.
- Where did you read this?
- On WhatsApp.
I thought so.
I hope there's nothing fishy.
[visitor] No, sir. It's all good.
What can go wrong when you're around?
Yes, but the media might try
to do something. Huh?
- Pranam, sir.
- Enough, enough.
Sir, I made a huge mistake
by coming to you this late, sir.
And what is your name?
Vaishali Singh, the journalist,
the both of us run
a news channel together. Koshish News.
So, we have been reporting
about girls' shelter home.
So, what should I do?
It's just Vaishali Singh has
some pretty strong evidence against you
about this whole shelter home case.
Um, she said Madam might be involved too.
I have no idea about these shelter homes.
That's what I told her.
That you are such a nice and decent man.
She's getting you involved for no reason.
There's some Mithilesh Sinha from CWC.
He told her everything.
[tense music playing]
You guys, wait outside.
[visitor] Okay, bhaiyaji, pranam.
We'll meet soon.
- Please.
- Yeah.
- Pranam.
- [visitor] Pranam.
What has Mithilesh told her?
He said the girls in the shelter home
are sexually abused,
beaten up, and treated badly.
There's some... lady who works there,
the name is Baby Rani,
someone called Nafisa.
He said the girls are drugged, stripped,
and made to sleep naked.
Some Baccha Babu is also there.
I don't know why he named you.
You don't know anything about this.
You don't look like
someone who would do this.
That's when I realized
that Vaishali Singh was lying to me, sir.
- You're getting my point?
- [sighs]
That motherfucker Mithilesh said
that sometimes,
you go over there for pleasure.
You see, he'll become an official witness
and fuck everyone else.
And sir, I want you to stay safe.
That is why I've come to tell you.
I am your supporter, sir.
Why are you being such a well-wisher?
Not a well-wisher.
I know you can't do something wrong.
I know it.
It's just I have some problems.
My mother is really sick,
so I was hoping that you can help me.
So, I just...
I'll be so thankful, sir.
[Brijmohan] Here.
- Oh! I don't want money...
- [Brijmohan] Are, just take it.
Here. Keep it.
And you will not tell anyone...
that you came here to meet me.
Never, sir.
But if you find any more information,
you come to me first.
All right?
Of course, sir. I promise that.
Sir, if it was some other day,
I would love to take a selfie, only one.
But for now, I'll go, sir.
Namaste, I'm Vaishali Singh,
and once again,
we are excited to bring to you
our very special program Bhakshak.
The lawyer who was attacked yesterday
is still in the hospital,
but his condition is improving
slowly and steadily.
But sadly,
our system is not improving at all.
Munawwarpur's SSP Jasmeet Gaur
pushed the police to register an FIR
on an immediate basis.
But the police was not able
to get hold of Sonu, the accused.
We want to tell our viewers
that Sonu works
in the same girls' shelter home
that we have been reporting about
on our channel for the past few days.
According to the police,
when they got there,
the owner of the girls' shelter home,
Bansi Sahu himself,
came to protect Sonu
and stopped the arrest.
Bansi Sahu threatened
the policemen on duty,
and he didn't allow the police
to go inside the girls' shelter home.
I wonder what's happening
inside this shelter home
that Bansi Sahu is trying so hard
to hide it from everyone.
And what sort of connection
does the government have
with this girls' shelter home
that they're so afraid
to do anything about this?
No matter what, we will continue
our reports without getting scared.
And we will keep talking about this issue,
we'll keep questioning the officials,
and we will not stop till the government
takes action against all these people.
With cameraman Bhaskar Sinha,
I'm Vaishali Singh
for Koshish News, Patna.
[Vaishali] So, if I click here,
my YouTube page will open.
[Ajit] Yes, ma'am.
Oh, we've got only 60 views.
[Ajit] It'll go up.
- [Vaishali] Are you sure it'll go up?
- [Ajit] Sure.
- [door closes]
- You are here again. Hmm?
- How are you, Guptaji? All okay?
- [Gupta] Not that great, madam.
I saw your scooter downstairs,
thought I'd try my luck again.
[Gupta] Can I get my money?
I'll pay you in two days. I promise.
Madam, you're working really hard.
It's very inspiring.
Most other reporters
are just useless and fake.
And madam, for this very reason,
I want to give you
some more information for free.
Tell me.
An officer from Sitamarhi
Social Welfare Department,
Satyajit Dubey,
was shot and killed four days ago.
Some guys running a scholarship scam
killed him.
Three bullets were fired.
It's an open-and-shut case.
I hope this is also helpful to you
in some way.
I think that if you look at things
in a different way,
you will find
what everyone else can't see.
I'll go now.
And yeah, Bhaskar babu,
you told me the other day
that you didn't know
anyone stupider than me, right?
I don't know
if anyone ever told this to you or not,
but I will tell you very clearly.
You were completely wrong earlier.
You are the most idiotic person
in the world.
- [chuckles]
- [Bhaskar] Hey.
He's calling your father an idiot,
and you're laughing?
Don't tell your mother
about what just happened.
Make him wait for his payment.
[Bhaskar] But his info is quite good, huh?
[Vaishali] Mm.
You're supposed to pay cash
for all the advertisements
and the tenders of the newspaper.
If you write it down here,
people will ask you
where the money is, right?
Have you gone senile, you fool?
The money that we received
for the shelter home is legal.
We siphon it off
by spending on other things.
Why don't you show
some small expenses here?
If you can't do it,
should I bring someone else?
- [phone ringing]
- [speaks indistinctly]
[Bansi] What the hell are you saying?
Go and spit it out first! Get out of here!
[ringing continues]
He's made a complete mess
out of this office.
Good evening, Singh sahib.
You know, you really are a backstabber.
So, now you're going to fuck over the guy
who has been supporting you
all this while?
Why are you sounding so agitated?
[Brijmohan] What else should I do?
That Mithilesh Sinha is shit-scared now.
And that fucker now wants to become
an official witness.
He went and told that Vaishali
everything about what happens
to the girls.
And now, when this nobody reporter
is going to tell everyone about you,
don't you dare
come running to me for any help!
[tense music playing]
[Mithilesh] So funny.
[both laughing]
- [Bansi] Motherfucker!
- [groans]
[Mithilesh] Why are you hitting me?
Why are you hitting me?
- What have I done?
- [Bansi] Asshole!
Sir, what happened?
This bastard, this fucker has become
an official witness.
- This one?
- [Bansi] Yes. He went
and told everything to Vaishali.
[Mithilesh] Lie! That's a lie!
Someone is lying to you!
[Sonu] Sir, listen. Sir! Sir!
Your hands will hurt.
Use this stick instead.
- Beat the shit out of him.
- [Mithilesh] Not with the shoe!
- Don't use your shoe!
- Quiet!
- [overlapping shouting]
- Hit him!
[Mithilesh] Hit on my ass!
Hit on my ass!
I'll hit your ass so hard,
you won't be able to sit for a month!
Someone is lying to you! Just hear me out!
Are, will you kill me now?
[Mithilesh breathing heavily]
I'm telling the truth.
Someone is messing with you.
[Mithilesh] Sir, someone is lying to you.
You hit me with the shoe.
That wasn't nice.
[Sonu] You want to double-cross us?
Is this why you are here?
I'll shove this up your ass.
Madam, are you ready?
[Bhaskar] Ajit, we are ready to roll.
Wait. What are you doing with that?
That's a blank paper.
Yes, I know.
I'm going to write
Bansi Sahu's future on it.
[tense music playing]
[Vaishali] Namaste, I'm Vaishali Singh,
and we are back
with our very special program, Bhakshak,
which is about
the Munawwarpur girls' shelter home.
There are so many questions
in our mind related
to the Munawwarpur girls' shelter home
which are keeping us up at night.
And the truth is that, in our society,
people who are honest and genuine
are now... worth nothing at all.
Four days ago, in Sitamarhi,
an officer
from the Social Welfare Department
was shot at and murdered.
According to the administration,
a group of scholarships scammers
are responsible for this incident.
But it's been four days
and no arrests have been made.
And how can they possibly arrest someone?
If they arrest someone,
he will tell everyone the truth.
And people will know exactly
who all are involved in this crime.
But here on Koshish News,
we don't work like how our cops do.
We keep trying our best
to investigate things thoroughly
so our viewers can know
the complete truth.
Through the investigation
that we conducted,
we found out that the deceased officer,
Satyajit Dubeyji, was an honest man.
He knew what was happening
at the girls' shelter home,
and he kept asking the government
to investigate it.
That's not all.
During our investigation,
we also learned the bitter truth about
the Munawwarpur shelter home.
What happens there,
how it works, who are involved in it?
We have proof of everything here with us.
So please, stay tuned,
because tomorrow,
in our very special program, Bhakshak,
we will expose them all.
Right from the top ministers of the state,
to all the well-known personalities
of Munawwarpur.
With cameraman Bhaskar Sinha,
I'm Vaishali Singh
for Koshish News, Patna.
[dramatic music]
I will have to resign.
I know exactly what will happen now.
What have you gotten me into?
I worked so hard to get to this position.
And now, you have ruined it all!
Can you shut up?
I'm sick of hearing you scream and shout!
Let me think!
I won't let you lose your position!
I'm still alive!
Everything will calm down eventually.
[man] Madam,
Chief Minister Sir is on the line.
- [Rajni] What is he saying?
- [man] He wants to talk.
[tense music playing]
[both muttering]
[clears throat]
Good evening, sir!
Uh, what?
I'll do it, sir.
Yes. Good night, sir.
What happened?
Say something.
Open your bloody mouth!
Are, why the hell are you screaming?
He's asked me to file an FIR immediately!
[somber music playing]
- [Bhaskar] It's too cold tonight.
- [Vaishali] Hmm.
Tell me, Vaishali, why do we need to leave
for Munawwarpur in this weather?
We'll have breakfast
and leave tomorrow, early morning.
Bhaskarji, we need to be there right now.
What if something happens at night?
- [phone ringing]
- Bhaskarji, just a second.
- Who is it?
- Just Jasmeet's calling. Just a second.
Vaishali, congratulations.
FIR has been filed.
- FIR is done, madam?
- [Bhaskar] Thank God!
[Bhaskar sighs]
Well, then, now... now...
Madam, now it's your turn.
I'm just waiting for the official orders.
So I can at least get all the girls
out of that hell.
I'm not sure what will happen after that.
No, I don't understand, madam.
"What will happen"? Means what?
The state government has filed an FIR
in the women's police station.
The case is in the POCSO,
Vaishali, I can't get involved.
[SSP Jasmeet] The women's station
and Child Welfare Association
will be handling the case from now.
The raid will happen tomorrow.
And we'll get the girls out of there too.
But then there'll be medical tests.
After that, they will be handed over
to the Child Welfare Association.
Then Child Welfare Association
will record their statements.
And if they find any proof,
only then they'll investigate it.
Madam, which Child Welfare Association
are you talking about?
The one whose head is Mithilesh Sinha?
The same man
who has been raping these young girls?
What will he report?
[uneasy music]
Please, listen, Jasmeetji.
It's very important
that these people get arrested.
If they don't get caught this time,
then they will keep doing what they...
[breathes shakily]
You tell me, madam.
How will all this stop, Jasmeetji?
[SSP Jasmeet] That's just
how the system works, Vaishali.
It gives us a lot of power,
and then snatches it back
at the same time.
We don't have any proof
or report against anyone.
And the court only cares about evidence.
It has nothing to do with reality.
It is sad but true.
Don't get your hopes high.
The case is not too strong.
Madam, what if...
I get the evidence needed then?
If you manage to get the evidence,
then I will personally arrest Bansi Sahu
and I won't ask for any permission.
[Bhaskar] What happened?
- [bottles clinking]
- [objects rattling]
Are you all preparing for a party now?
We'll be partying in Munawwarpur jail.
[Bansi laughs]
This one's shit-scared of jail.
Hey. Everyone stop.
This organization is recognized
by your government.
That case won't be against us alone.
You get it?
[tense music]
The thing is... Bansi babu...
I have two little, cute, sweet daughters.
I'm a father.
But I'm the daddy here.
Sir, please, let me go.
Am I holding you?
The same goes for everyone.
[Bansi] Whoever wishes to fuck off
can leave right now.
Don't come crying later
that Bansi babu is a selfish man.
Thank you.
I won't run away.
I will sit right here.
Let the police come.
Shall I get you some hot tea?
With biscuits.
- [insects chirping]
- [thunder rumbling]
I told you very clearly, madam.
I will remain anonymous
and I will not come on record.
But why won't you speak up?
Those are nasty people, madam.
And I don't want to be involved
in any of this.
What about all those girls?
They aren't my problem, madam.
Those girls helped you escape,
and now they are not your problem anymore?
If you hadn't escaped from there then...
then your life would have also been
just like those girls'.
You know what that means?
Don't you understand how important
it is for those people to be arrested?
They'll keep doing this, Sudha.
We'll have to stop them
from hurting more girls.
And the next time
a girl goes there to cook for them,
she might not be as lucky as you were.
She might never leave that place.
And then?
Those monsters will kill her.
[somber music]
Sudha, do you really think...
that I didn't have
any choice whatsoever? Huh?
That I could just forget all of this
and go live my life peacefully.
You really think
I didn't have a choice? I did!
Why should I care
if anything happens to other people?
Why should I care
if someone lives or dies?
It's not my problem, is it?
Tell me. Was it my responsibility? Huh?
Was it my job to look at whatever
was happening at that shelter home?
Was I answerable?
I had to answer my conscience, Sudha.
But I would never be able
to live with myself.
If I start thinking like you...
I will never be able to find peace.
Look at me.
You think I'm fighting for our rights?
We are fighting for those young girls
and their chance at life.
Do you get it, Sudha?
Those girls... who have no one
in this world to fight for them.
They have no one who will ask them,
"Hey, beta, are you all right?"
But why should you care?
Even I didn't care.
But Sudha,
there comes a time in one's life,
when without a reason,
we have to do some things.
Especially when...
when there is a chance to save someone.
You can change everything
for those girls, Sudha.
But it's all right.
Maybe just like Gandhiji's three monkeys,
just shut your eyes, ears, and mouth,
and do nothing.
You can live for yourself.
And die for yourself.
[thunder rumbling]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
These things are hard.
[Bhaskar] Come on. Let's go to Patna.
[dramatic music playing]
[Sudha] The girls' shelter home
is owned by Bansi Sahu.
All the girls living in there
are constantly abused.
Bansi abuses these girls himself
and brings other men to do it too.
The shelter's warden, Baby Rani,
gives the girls sleeping pills
by telling them it's for deworming.
And when they are asleep,
many people rape and torture
those young girls.
At night,
Baby Rani forces the girls to strip.
She lies down naked next to them
and abuses them.
[Sudha] The staff that works there,
Sonu, Baccha Babu, Mithilesh Sinha,
the doctor, and several other men
forced the girls to dance for them
in sexual ways and show them porn.
[suspenseful music]
A girl staying there told me
that a few girls even got pregnant,
and then they were killed.
[suspenseful music continues]
[siren wailing]
[calm music]
Where was...
My little sun hiding?
How did it rise today?
Why do we ignore
Things happening around us?
Carelessly, in our own selfish world?
Somewhere around us
There are lives
Living in complete darkness
We are responsible for their state
Now, it's our duty
To bring smiles on their faces
We too are...
We too are...
We too are responsible to some extent
You too
And we too are
Responsible to some extent
We either become
The voice of the crowd
Or remain tight-lipped
And fear of raising voice
We either become
- The voice of the crowd
- [reporters clamoring]
Or remain tight-lipped
And fear to raise voice
It's our responsibility
To speak the truth
We will speak
We are...
We too are...
Responsible to some extent...
Our government has always worked
towards empowering women
and their upliftment,
and we've always stood by them.
[reporter] People are claiming
that the report arrived two months ago,
and the government did nothing.
Why didn't you take action earlier?
I myself ordered the investigation.
I made sure to do something right.
Then why would I ignore it?
As soon as I saw the report,
I acted on it quickly.
- Girls will be sent for a medical test.
- [camera shutter clicks]
Post hoc, within 24 hours,
they will be handed over to us.
We'll record their testimony,
and if the allegations
turn out to be true,
the judiciary will punish them severely.
- Got it? Yeah.
- [reporters] Yes, sir.
As the chief minister of the state,
I promise everyone
that our Social Welfare Department
has always been working efficiently,
and under Rajni Singh's leadership,
it will continue to flourish.
- [reporters clamoring]
- [Rajni] That's it.
[man] That's it, that's it.
No more questions. That's it.
It is true our system is magical.
It might take some time,
but in the end, everything is all right.
There's a minor difference
Between right and wrong
It's the power that brings in attitude
You have lost all your dignity
Like a candle blown out
By a strong gust of wind
Look into the mirror for a while
Is humanity alive in you?
With wily smile
We shake off our responsibilities
Are we going to endure
The atrocities forever?
We too are...
We too are...
We too are responsible
To some extent
Are you ready?
Why should we even care?
Today, it happened in Munawwarpur.
Tomorrow, somewhere else.
Some of you might get angry,
some of you might feel sad.
Twitter and Facebook will be filled
with posts of sympathy,
and that too with a hashtag.
Some of you
might feel sympathetic right now
while others might feel something
when their loved ones are mistreated
or are in trouble.
No matter what, things don't change much.
Because you know the thing is,
in our social media world,
our emotions have dropped down to zero.
I'm sure you know
what a zero means, right?
These newspapers might write
about these girls.
But it is also possible that
they may print an ad to earn more money
instead of this news.
Media will show you the content
that can earn them their TRPs.
A well-dressed news anchor
will come on the screen
and tell you
how the story begins and ends.
But the complete truth? We won't know it.
In our busy lives, there are...
several other things
that are much more important
than these stories. Of course there are.
And honestly, we're so busy.
We just don't have the time.
We would prefer shutting our eyes and ears
rather than listening
to how these girls were treated.
You're absolutely right.
Cover your ears. Why do you listen?
Because if you do,
you'll sympathize with them,
and well, who needs any of that?
Wherever you are, however you like,
stay the same, like a zero.
You know what a zero is, right?
If you don't know, then Google it.
Keep listening to entertaining stories,
full of drama.
You also have to contribute to the TRPs
of your favorite news channels.
You keep listening to them.
The girls who are victims of rape
in Munawwarpur were orphans.
Those poor orphan girls were so young
that maybe they couldn't even understand
what exactly those monsters
were planning to do to them.
Well, you and I are lucky enough.
If anything happens to us,
we can go to our mothers,
talk to them, ask them for help,
but look at how unfortunate
these girls are.
Because most of them probably
might have not even once
seen their own mother.
But what difference does it make to us?
Today, this happened.
Tomorrow, something else will.
Honestly, you shouldn't really think
too much about this incident.
'Cause if you think of them,
you'll sympathize with these girls,
and it would be better
if you feel nothing at all.
But before I go,
I'd like to ask you a question.
Think about it only if you want to.
Otherwise, it's all right.
Have we forgotten to sympathize
with others when they are suffering?
And do you still believe
that you have some humanity left?
Or have you accepted...
that you are an animal?
With cameraman Bhaskar Sinha,
I'm Vaishali Singh
for Koshish News, Patna.
[melancholic music playing]