Bhala Thandanana (2022) Movie Script

One crore rupees.
What's the job?
- Whom?
- It's none of your business.
There'll be three more
people along with you.
Whom are we kidnapping?
Who are they? What's the plan?
You shouldn't ask such questions.
This is for your safety.
You keep talking about safety.
Who are you in the first place?
Again, none of your business.
Even this is for your own safety.
Just a one day job.
One crore rupees.
Hello... Hello, brother.
Boss, we are still talking, right?
Out in the market, I'll get a lot
of people who can do this for me.
But you won't find someone
who'll pay you one crore rupees.
Choice is yours.
Park the car at B25.
Keep the trunk open.
Wait in the car until
the parcel arrives.
[party music playing]
No need to get down. Start off.
Take a right at the next circle.
You'll find a mud road. Take it.
Do you see a blue color
car in front of you?
- Yeah, sir.
- Shift the parcel into that car.
Don't worry. He's alive.
You may leave now.
Your drop point is here.
Bro, stop here.
Take the blue car and leave.
There is a petrol bunk,
two kilometers from Nagarjuna sagar.
Wait there.
Going into a conference call.
You remember what I told you, right?
I do.
The one standing in front
of your car is our agent.
Hand over the cash
bag to him and leave.
Even if a single rupee is missing
from the ransom...
You won't even find
you lad's dead body.
There is a petrol bunk,
two kilometers from Nagarjuna sagar.
You boy's safely tucked in the trunk
of the car parked there.
Go collect him.
Operation success.
Come to Bharath mills and
collect your share tonight.
Tell us if you have more
jobs like these, sir.
- Open that...
- OK, sir.
Not this...
I've sent you a photo. Open it.
Good one, sir.
- It won't work.
- Why so, sir?
There's no emotion in it.
Emotion to a corpse!
That's your level... Open Photoshop.
Good morning.
Add some dust and blood to it.
I need some heavy blood.
Once they open the site, they should
feel the blood on their hands.
Clicking pictures of dead bodies
for the crime section for ages...
It just killed your
sensibility Murthy sir.
Forget about me...
Is it you who added MP Anand
Rao's name to the report?
Yeah. Why do you ask?
Because the MP got
serious regarding it.
The public didn't take it seriously
when I wrote about his corruption.
Happy that at least the
MP took it seriously.
Why write, if no one reacts on it?
What have you got out of it?
- Murthy...
- Good morning, sir.
- Sir...
- Please sit.
A journalist is like a dog that
got tied in front of the house.
It should bark at the thief.
The owner reacting to it or not
is a whole other issue.
We are the watchdogs of the society.
We should bark at the injustice.
We can do that, sir.
Why should a girl be doing it?
What if they do something to her?
You know what says that
we are journalists?
Not the stickers that say
'Press' on our cars...
Or these ID cards, Murthy sir.
It's the threatening calls.
The day we stop getting them...
It will mean that we
stopped reporting facts.
News means facts, sir.
Taking those facts into the public
is what journalism is all about.
That's the old definition of
journalism. Syllabus has changed.
The news these days is just about
making them believe what we write.
We have to just force
it into their heads.
That MP has a lot of fans. What
happens if their feelings get hurt!
What if they plan an attack?
We can't turn a lost
match into a win just...
...because the cricket
fans will get hurt!
We have to report the fact.
Fact is a fact, right?
Very well said!
God help you both!
- Hello!
- Madam...
Social welfare officers are going to
raid the Dayamayam charitable trust.
We just got the information, madam.
We filed all these. We are updated.
Chandu, who's that?
- No idea, sir.
- Go inquire.
OK, sir.
- A total of 38 lakhs, sir.
- Just a minute.
Sent the remaining through RTGS.
Hello, madam. Who are you?
Shashirekha from Prabha news.
Is there a raid going on here?
- I'm here to cover it.
- Oh!
This is Chandrasekhar from
Dayamayam orphanage.
I'm the accountant.
Please sit, madam.
I'll be back in two minutes.
We have a copy of this, sir.
- Who's she?
- Some reporter, sir.
- As a raid is going on here...
- Shh!
Some reporter, sir.
She came to cover the raid.
- How did the media get to know?
- No idea, sir.
Let her do her job. Our accounts
are clear and genuine, right?
If this gets out, our chairman
will have to bear a bad name.
Do we need this negative publicity?
Go manage her.
- Tell her we'll pay 25k.
- Okay, sir!
Madam... Can I talk to
you in private? Please!
What for?
She's going to be so lucky!
For something that will excite you.
Come on.
Please come.
Come, madam.
Please come.
- Madam, give me your phone number.
- What for?
- PhonePe or GooglePay?
- What for!
If you don't want an online
transaction, give me your address.
I'll hand you the 25k,
without anyone even noticing it.
My boss offered you that amount
to keep this news a secret.
Tell me if you want more.
I'll arrange another 5k.
Is this offer OK?
Read the response on
our website tomorrow.
Website! Sir...
Sir sir sir... Sir, just a minute.
Please come here.
I fear she'll report the raid and
also about the bribe we offered.
Hey, this is how they'll react
if you offer cash directly.
If needed, fall at her feet and cry.
This news shouldn't come out.
Manage her.
Sir... Love you.
People like these are rare. They
look like they died just for us.
Look how favorable...
- Hello! That's the reception.
- Sir, I know her well.
- Is it?
- Hmm... What brings you back?
Sorry, madam.
I shouldn't have done that.
Do you know what my manager
said after you left?
- Do you have any sense?
- What!
- Have you gone mad?
- Me?
My manager said so.
Please, madam.
What's this?
Honda Activa with
four stroke engine.
With one liter of fuel,
it will run for 60 days.
It runs really smooth!
That you'll feel it
throughout the ride.
I got it in pink as you are a girl.
Luckily you are also in pink.
If you don't like pink,
you can exchange it right away.
- Very well marketed.
- What are they?
That's a dried chilli and
a lemon to make lemon rice.
- What's your name, sir?
- Murthy.
He's right. But I didn't
bring them for that purpose.
Tie them to the bike,
so that no one will jinx it.
- Will it work?
- Of course!
No thank you... Come with me.
Murthy sir, you too.
Coming, madam.
Click a picture for us together.
OK. Pose with the key.
Ready... Smile!
- One more.
- Send them to me on Whatsapp.
I'll send them to her
and she'll forward.
No need. You can see it
on the website tomorrow.
- This is the proof of your bribe.
- Murthy sir, stop it!
Madam, you have no idea about us.
- Don't risk it.
- What should I know about you?
This area Corporator, Pancake
Prasad is my manager's best friend.
You'll be getting warning calls!
That's one hell of a warning.
You got me.
OK... Let's plan the
headline with his name in it.
'The Pancake is flying all over
the place'. One more photo, please.
Sir, she rejected the bike offer.
I used your friend, Pancake Prasad's
name to make a strong point.
- Did it work?
- No, sir. It backfired.
I inquired about her, sir.
They say that she's a rebel.
She even wrote an
article about an MP...
Listen to me carefully.
If this news gets out...
- You can get out too.
- Please don't say that, sir.
- Please, sir!
- You'll get your dismissal order.
- At Chai Dukaan, 10:30AM tomorrow.
- Madam...
You! What are you doing here?
Madam, please...
Don't publish the news.
I beg you, madam.
Please try to understand.
- Please!
- Back off.
Don't come close.
Dayamayam sir put up that trust
to feed the orphans, madam.
How can you call such
a great man a fraud?
I don't know if a
fraud happened or not.
There's been a raid
and that's the news.
Let's say that a girl got raped...
Would we make her photos
or details public?
No. Because it's not good for her.
It's almost the same with us, madam.
Our organization runs on donations.
If they get to know about this,
our donations will stop coming in.
Writing about the raid might just be
a set of words or a headline to you.
But we have about 40 orphans, madam.
Even if one of them sleeps
hungry because of your article...
It won't be right, madam.
If we are proved
to be guilty in the...
...police inquiry,
you report it, madam.
I'll think about it.
Don't come to my house, ever again.
Oh, she wants to kill her father!
What a twist!
I've been waiting for you, dude.
What so late?
- That's...
- Here.
A long story.
I definitely have no
time for long stories.
I'm already irritated!
Why did you start so early?
I bagged a job.
- Is it?
- Yeah!
- When are you joining?
- Right after I pay five lakhs.
Rather than paying five lakhs
for a monthly salary...
You can get a much better
interest rate from the bank.
Job is an equation.
If I can buy this
job for just five lakhs...
I'll get a lot more in dowry.
If we deposit it in a bank...
I can go bag a job in America
with that interest rate.
Arrange five lakhs and I'll
set a nice job for you too.
A bribe! Don't even use
that word in front of me.
Nowadays, you can't even get
food on your plate without a bribe.
Shut up!
I met a girl this morning.
Investigative journalist.
I tried to bribe her with 25k.
She scoled me like anything.
But I just felt like listening to
her, rather than getting angry.
She'll never fall for you.
I don't mean that.
Even if you mean it,
she won't fall for you.
- I'm not trying to get her.
- Even if you do, you can't.
- That's not what I mean...
- You are not getting her... Period.
Such a negative mind!
Let's say she met you...
What will you talk about?
I'll talk about sports
heroes or movies stars...
Girls like her won't like sports
heroes or movies stars.
- But...
- But they like real heroes.
An unmarried JD Lakshmi Narayana.
A young Anna Hazare...
Kandukuri Veeresalingam,
if he's alive.
They like great people like them.
Not you and me.
What should I do now?
As you say that she's a journalist,
focus on current affairs.
Does that mean...
Not the affairs in a current office.
What's happening in the society.
What's going to happen...
And what does the society want...
- I get this from what you just said.
- What?
You are trying to impress her.
Even if you feel shy,
she won't fall for you.
It's okay.
What's with the paper so early
in the morning. An English one!
You asked me to pick a topic
to talk with Shashirekha, right?
What does this mean... Ignorance...
Ignorance is a bliss, dude.
You don't get it, right?
There is an app called "Dictionary"
on your mobile. Use that.
- This is what the app says.
- Nice!
You don't even understand the
easy version of an easy word!
We'll get tomorrow's paper by
the time you understand a para.
Already they publish old news!
Nowadays technology
got improved and...
Mobiles are getting instant news.
Did she write anything about you?
No, dude. She's gold!
Shall we pawn her off then?
Gold it seems!
- Are there tissues in the bathroom?
- No.
Gold you say!
This is elections time.
Right time to expose Anand Bali.
I need your help with this case.
I'll take some time to come.
No problem... I'll wait.
I'll be here.
Good morning, madam.
Thanks for not publishing the news.
If you did, I would have
been on the roads by now.
Thanks a lot!
You saved our organization also.
Who told you that I'm here?
Yesterday you are talking about
this place on the phone, right?
I've heard it.
You shouldn't be eavesdropping
on others' phone conversations.
Have you ever heard of "Privacy"?
You call it privacy.
Others call it not being
attentive and being arrogant.
In our villages, people focus more
on others' lives than their own.
- Where are you from?
- Rajahmundry.
- Oh, Rajahmundry?
- No no...
- Kakinada...
- Kakinada?
No... It's Mullangi that's in
between Rajahmundry and Kakinada.
Green fields... Long trees...
Kakinada kajas on one side,
putharekulu on the other side.
The people there are so good. Damn!
Villages are pure madam.
Then why did you come here,
leaving such a great life behind?
I'll tell you...
But you shouldn't report it.
I won't. Go on.
Bad time hits everyone differently.
For me it came like...
Meenakshi... Meenakshi...
The way you look at
me is so naughty!
For the way you stare...
My heart bursts like a cracker.
Meenakshi... Meenakshi...
You manipulated my heart.
I love this mad feeling.
I swear on you.
I've been your shadow,
leaving mine behind.
I've been waiting for you to
take my name, just for once.
Girl... You just rock my world.
Meenakshi... Meenakshi...
The way you look at
me is so naughty!
For the way you stare...
My heart bursts like a cracker.
Like a tamarind cookie...
Your words taste tangy.
Also like a sugarcane...
I keep on craving
for a piece of you.
I'll never stop
following you around.
Even if the stars go off...
I won't stop looking at you.
Take my heart with you...
But don't slip away from me.
The signal you give me
swinging your braid...
Are you calling me over?
I'm dying here.
I've never had romance...
Can't you believe in me?
Or am I not rich enough?
Don't think I'm just a rowdy.
Don't just ignore me.
Don't be angry with me.
Don't shoot me with your eyes.
Such a vivid beauty you are...
Can't get enough of you.
Are you wondering why the
song stopped all of a sudden?
Meenakshi is getting married.
I can't stay where my
Meenakshi isn't there.
A lover is like a city bus.
If you miss one,
you'll get another right away.
But it's not the same with liver.
Don't damage it.
Kamakshi... If not Meenakshi,
you'll get Kamakshi.
What happened to him?
I saw Meenakshi at the
temple on my way here.
- [both]: Meenakshi?
- Yeah.
Did you talk to her?
How is she? Is she good?
She handed me a letter.
When I saw you up close the first
time... I liked you right away.
But I've never found
courage to tell you this.
I don't even know
if I should tell you...
...all this,
tomorrow being my wedding day.
If you too like me...
Come to the wedding
hall and take me away.
I'll be waiting for you as a bride.
Dude, you go take
care of the wedding.
- I'll go get Meenakshi.
- Dude, no!
Her uncle is an MLA!
- He'll kill us all.
- Are you scared?
Can't we do at least that much
for a friend and his lover?
Let's do it.
Too risky! Think of it once.
She's getting married tomorrow,
and wants to be taken away.
Are we not man enough to go get her?
Go arrange everything.
You go get a priest.
OK. To our families...
No! We can plan a grand reception.
But this has to be a secret.
Keep it so.
- OK. Let's go.
- Hey...
Meenakshi will get married tomorrow.
But to the man of her dreams.
Let's see who'll stop us.
There they are...
Thank god, you are here.
I'm scared that you
might not make it.
Did you bring the mangalsutra?
Damn... I forgot it in the bike.
Just a minute.
How can you forget it in the bike!
[traditional chants]
I did it as the auspicious
time is passing off.
Let's make the holy rounds.
- Congrats, dude.
- Thank you!
Meenakshi, he felt even more excited
than me reading your letter to me.
We are scared,
but he motivated us by...
...saying that we should
do anything for love.
Thank you, dude.
He made us realize what one should
do for a friend, no matter what.
If one gets to know
that the girl of our...
...dreams is in love
with someone else.
They usually get hurt.
But you helped us out.
Great, brother.
You are the real friend.
This is what friendship
is all about.
What! Does my love story
sound funny to you?
How can you laugh at such
an emotional love story?
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
Can you come out with
me for five minutes.
Actually, that is why I'm here.
Sorry, Chandu... I have an
important meeting right now.
Yes! Hello...
Shouldn't listen.
She will quote privacy again.
OK, I'll meet you tomorrow.
10:30, same place.
OK? Sure?
- Bye.
- Let's go?
How did you know that
the meeting got canceled?
I didn't eavesdrop...
It just dropped into my ear.
Let's go... Please!
Take a look, madam.
[kids]: Thank You Madam!
What is this, Chandu?
A small thanks for what you
did, madam.
Is there no government
fund for this orphanage?
I tried a lot, madam.
I've sent in the application too.
But no one cared.
What I never understood is that...
It's the government that
prints currency notes, right?
Why can't they print two extra
bundles for people like us?
Why are you laughing, madam?
She just kept laughing...
Time flies when she's with
me is what she said.
- Is it!
- We got close in just two meetings.
But I don't know how
to take this forward.
She just left without telling
me when and where to meet again.
That's how girls are.
They never give clarity on things.
Don't worry, dear...
I will take care.
You always say that she
won't fall for me, right?
Then why are you encouraging me now?
After ten years...
If you look back at your life...
You'll think, "Damn, I should have
tried. She might have liked me".
And it pains like hell.
Better than that...
The clarity of trying and not
being able to get her is better.
Be with her and you'll get that
clarity. I'll be happy then.
- Get lost!
- You can't get her anyways...
Drink up. Tomorrow it's
work from home. Cheers!
We should have been five minutes
earlier. The clues team is in.
- They won't let us in.
- You got late.
They lock the cameras in the office.
It takes time to pick them up.
When you get late because of
makeup, you just smile.
- But now you get angry...
- Good morning, madam.
Where did you go?
I'm trying to call you for a week.
- Why don't you answer?
- What are you doing here?
I went to the office, came to know
that you are here, and I'm here.
- I'm working. Later!
- It's urgent, madam. Please!
- Only you can help me.
- What happened?
Boss's movie is releasing today.
Couldn't get the tickets.
Balu said that journalists can get
tickets with just a phone call.
- Please! Please, madam.
- Chandu...
Understand the situation here!
Understand my situation, madam.
- The show started already.
- How many tickets?
- One, sir.
- Enough?
Tell them you are my assistant
and I'll show you the movie.
- Where, sir?
- Press show!
- Press show, where?
- Here, at the lab.
I feel beheaded if I don't
watch the first show, sir.
It's the same situation here.
Damn it!
There's no light on the face, madam.
You take care of it.
I'll go meet the ACP.
OK, madam.
Listen... Did you get scared?
No need to fear a corpse.
It won't attack or kill you.
Look at the people around...
They are the dangerous ones.
Be careful!
Damn it!
It would have been great
if the corpse cooperated.
How can a corpse cooperate, sir?
Do you think I click
pictures to post on Facebook?
It's for the newspaper.
Lakhs will see it.
He would have died facing this side!
The killer could have
helped me at least.
So he should think about
camera favor before death!
We found a bag at
the victim's house.
A bag full of cash.
We are investigating if that bag
has to do something with the murder.
- I'll keep updating you.
- OK.
Thank you.
They found cash at the victim's
house. Get the pictures of it.
Chandu will drop me.
- OK, madam.
- OK, come. Bye.
This is how they
leave friends alone!
Is this your first
time at a crime scene?
Blood... Dead body...
Of course, they are disturbing.
Have some tea. It'll be OK.
I saw him somewhere, madam.
But I don't remember where.
Just a second.
- Yeah.
- Madam, reports are ready.
Did you mention about the cash bag?
Bag... I saw him take
a bag that day, madam.
- 2000 notes...
- Hey, wait for a while...
- He also had a gun.
- Just a minute...
What color is the bag?
A normal travel bag... Green color.
- Murthy sir.
- Madam?
- Did you click a picture of the bag?
- Yeah, madam.
- What color?
- Green color, madam.
- Hello, madam.
- I'll call you back.
Where did you see him?
Bharath mills... August 14th...
My bike broke down while
coming back from office.
And I suddenly heard
a loud vehicle sound.
Did you see anyone else?
I saw three others, madam.
Can you recognize them?
Yes, madam.
Dude will be thrilled to know
about all this. Let's see.
- Hello!
- Dude, do you know where I am?
How can I know if YOU don't!
That's not what I mean...
I'm here with a cake for
Shashirekha. It's my birthday.
Dude, no matter how many kinds of
gifts and surprises you give her...
- She won't fall for you.
- Shut up.
Shashirekha madam...
- Who are you?
- Is Shashirekha madam home?
Mummy... Someone is here for you.
Oh! Hi, Chandu.
Just give me two minutes.
I'll be right back, OK?
Come, baby.
- Dude...
- Are you done with the cake cutting?
- It went wrong.
- What happened?
Shashirekha is married...
She even has a daughter.
- What's her age?
- How can I know? Maybe 5 or 6.
- Even then, she won't fall for you.
- Damn you!
What's up, Chandu?
Did another movie get released?
Today is my release date.
- My birthday.
- Oh!
- Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday, uncle.
It's just "Birthday".
Happy just flew away...
- Hi, daddy.
- Hi.
Come here.
How are you, dear?
I'm good, bawa (brother-in-law).
Did you arrange the money?
I applied for a loan.
Once I get it,
I'll come to hand it to you.
How long will you keep paying
for Sundays and just a few hours?
Pay the whole amount at once
and take her with you permanently.
I'm trying.
- Who's he?
- Friend.
- Boyfriend?
- Just friend.
Brother... What's your name?
- Chandu, sir.
- What do you do?
I'm an accountant in an orphanage.
Rather than roaming around with
accountants and bus conductors...
Why don't you find a nice NRI party?
You can at least arrange the money.
- OK, bye!
- Bye, mummy.
Bye, baby.
It's been six months
since my sister's death.
He got married again
within a month after that.
I asked for their
daughter's custody.
Out of court settlement...
He asked for 25 lakhs.
She's going through a lot
of torture there, Chandu.
That's why I'm trying for
money in all ways possible.
I've applied for a bank loan too.
Once I get that money,
I'll throw it on his face...
And will get her home.
You are really great.
People who stay true,
even with need and...
...opportunity forcing
them to turn bad...
They are really great.
Though you needed the money,
you said no to our bribe offer.
You are really great.
Tell me this...
Where does your bawa work?
He's a site engineer in Vijaya
constructions. Why do you even ask?
Will he use the same bike to
go to the office every day?
Yeah... Why?
I'll flat the tyres of his bike.
Both the tyres!
- Flat the tyres!
- First the front one.
If there is a stephanie
tyre, let's flat that too.
Flat the tyre!
There's no puncture shop nearby.
He has to push the
bike with flat tyres.
Do you know this?
I love the way you look at me.
Is it? As if I have no idea.
Do you know this?
I love the way you look at me.
Do you?
Is it? As if I have no idea.
As if...
What about you, dear little heart?
What about you, dear youth?
What about you, dear little heart?
What about you, dear youth?
Do you know this?
I love the way you look at me.
Do you?
Is it? As if I have no idea.
As if...
We met in a fight...
But look where we are now...
The way my eyes wink at you...
It's like an unseen magic!
What's so new about it?
It happens to everyone.
No one can help themselves
from reacting to it.
What about you, dear little heart?
What about you, dear youth?
What about you, dear little heart?
What about you, dear youth?
Shashirekha madam... Give this
to your Bawa and get your girl.
What's this?
- Oh my god!
- It's nothing. Just my dad's PF.
Pay me back when you get the money.
I'll deposit it in my dad's account.
Those who get easy money
won't understand it...
But I know the value
of money very well.
This is your dad's life earning.
Deposit it back in his account.
The value of money depends
on what we do with it.
If we use this for an operation...
It's value will be equal
to that of a life.
If we gamble with it,
it's just excitement for one hour.
Hand it to him and you
can get your girl home.
That happiness is more valuable
than the bank interest.
You get to know my problem and
handed me the money to solve it.
That's way more valuable
than this money, Chandu.
If I don't get the loan,
I'll definitely take this money.
Please don't feel bad.
Thank you so much.
Such a naughty dream...
It just hit me.
For the way you are
always with me...
You just got me.
An unbreakable bond
formed between us.
Your dreams filled my heart.
We didn't discover love.
But let's do it right away.
What about you, dear little heart?
What about you, dear youth?
What about you, dear little heart?
What about you, dear youth?
- Dude...
- Hold. Why are you back so early?
Shashirekha madam called. She asked
me to get a bike to roam around.
- She won't fall for you.
- Get lost!
The front part got folded.
No matter what,
she won't fall for you.
Who irons his underwear
before meeting a girl?
As if you are Superman to
wear it over the pants!
People use soap to bath.
Not the spray.
Silly boy!
Mad fellow!
I can use it even
during work from home.
Work from home!
You brushed this morning, right?
Only we both are going out, right?
Just in case we kiss,
I have to smell fresh, right?
- Shall I tell you something?
- Go on.
Your Telugu sounds like English.
- Is it?
- Yeah.
What, madam?
Where did you bring me to?
I came to know that
the people you saw at...
...Bharath mills are
somewhere around here.
- That's why I called you.
- What!
For real?
I know you'll be scared if
I told you this on-call.
So I didn't. Take this. Come.
This is what you called me for!
Such a waste of ironing underwear!
- Chandu, come on.
- Madam.
Coming, madam...
No one lives in the dark.
Even if they do,
how will we catch them?
For the first time,
you saw them in the dark, right?
This is called volunteering
to walk into danger.
I shouldn't have told
her that I can recognize him.
Shashi madam... Aren't you scared?
What's with this smell, Chandu?
Mission House.
We are not on a mission, Chandu.
We are just in an old factory.
Oh my God!
Mission House is a juice we drink
before coming to places like these.
Of course, how can you know!
You are always behind
the news and cases.
Madam, where are you?
Tell me...
- Hand...
- What!
- My hand on you?
- Hand...
I'm scared,
as this is my first time.
Chandu, my hand...
My left hand!
He's one among the four people
who came to Bharath mills.
I went to the police
station to see if there... any progress in
Shafi's murder case.
Shafi, who died earlier...
And now Yadav...
They both work for the same man.
There is a connection.
What's that connection?
- Anand Bali.
- Who's he?
Hawala king.
Anand Bali started his life as a
small time criminal, 20 years ago...
He met hawala agent Kala...
And his life turned around.
Whom did you kill?
No idea.
Do you smoke?
Bad time, brother.
Is it ganja?
Country weed?
They found the cash, right?
What happens to you now?
In this line of business,
politicians and the police...
Everyone is our client.
Hello! Sir... OK, sir.
Sir, the FIR...
Ten thousand will do... OK, sir.
You can go now.
What about the money?
Leave ten thousand and
take the remaining.
Meet me outside.
Anand Bali worked loyally under
Varadharajulu for two years.
But suddenly one day...
What the hell is happening here?
Kala... Where's Bali?
Where's the cash?
The money I told you to handover
to the dealer... Where is it?
I've spent it, brother.
That money is my
investment, brother.
I'm starting my own business.
How dare you compete with
me, stealing my own money!
Why compete with you, when I
can just finish you, brother.
I distributed the
money to all our men.
Even you!
Please don't mind, brother.
We don't run with the horses
in a horse race, right brother?
We just need to trust
the winning horse.
And he's the winning horse, brother.
What I want is not money...
I want the whole business!
Anand Bali took the hawala business...
...which was local 20 years ago
to national level.
But there are hundreds
of deaths behind...
...this business of
thousands of crores.
Humans have a nerve here, Chandu.
Cutting it will stop the
blood supply to the brain.
And death comes under a minute.
This corrupt system
runs on black money.
And Anand Bali is that
nerve to this system.
If something has to happen to him...
The entire corrupt
system will collapse.
That is why they are protecting him.
When a government does a mistake,
the opposition questions it.
Anand Bali has no opposition.
Position and opposition...
Every one of them are his client.
If he's that powerful...
Why is he not acting on it,
when someone is killing his men?
How are you, Badra?
I did nothing wrong as
per my knowledge, brother.
If I did something without
knowing it... Please forgive me.
20 lakhs worth car.
One crore worth gas agency.
Holidays in Bangkok.
Where did you get the
money for all this?
Brother... That money doesn't
belong to our business.
I... I took a small outside job.
After it is done, he called me and
said that the deal was a success.
And asked me to collect
money at Bharath mills.
When he offered you one crore
for just one phone call...
Didn't it occur to you about how powerful
the one on the other side could be?
We kidnapped your son.
Get ten crore
rupees within two...
...hours to the place
we'll inform you about.
It's Rahul! God, I don't know.
I have no idea that it was you! God!
Brother, he tricked me into it.
- It's true, brother.
- Before dying...
Shafi and Yadav told
me the same story.
So the one who killed
Yadav and Shafi is...
Brother... I can recognize him.
I'll give back the money too.
He tricked me. I'm innocent.
Kala, his death should
be so gruesome that...
To the hand that
moved this pawn and...
...the head that thought
of this move...
They should get an
idea of their deaths.
Please, brother!
I've worked for you for three
years, brother.
When they seized our money...
I killed the customs officer's
daughter for you, brother.
I did it only for you, brother.
Please forgive me for this one
mistake, brother!
Thanks, brother!
I'll never repeat this...
Never! Thanks, brother.
It's been so long since I killed
someone with my bare hands.
Search for the fourth one.
Madam, he's one among the people who
came to Bharath mills that night.
Even he works for Anand Bali.
Someone is killing Anand Bali's
men one after another, Chandu.
Something big is cooking up.
We have to track the fourth
person as quickly as possible.
A journalist's job is
to report the crime.
The police will take
care of the rest, right?
Why should we risk
anything more than that?
Journalists and
soldiers being in fear... not good for this
country, Chandu.
If one wants to stay away from all
this, even the police duty is safe.
In our country, even a common
man's honesty is at risk.
Risk is not about the
profession, Chandu.
It is always about the person.
It's strange that Anand Bali
haven't reacted to these murders.
- Don't you think?
- Of course...
Why are you particularly
interested in Anand Bali?
You shouldn't question a good
deed, Chandu.
Good deeds also don't need motives.
There is a reason for my
curiosity over Anand Bali.
The elections are in
the next six months.
Black money that needs
to be distributed...
...will flow through Anand Bali.
In a way...
The state's future is in
the hands of Anand Bali.
Also, why don't you question
someone who does a bad thing?
- One more question.
- What?
Many governments changed
over many years...
Lot of officers took charge too.
And no one is able to
touch Anand Bali!
For example,
you got caught with drugs.
They'll sentence
you in for 20 years.
For a murder you'll get hanged.
But if you get caught with cash...
They'll make you pay some
tax out of it and let you go.
That's how Anand Bali gets
away every time.
Cash is the easiest
crime in this country.
Let's have a coffee.
Coffee and at this time?
Some other day.
- OK, bye!
- Bye.
Call me if you need anything.
- Sure.
- Bye, madam.
Don't waste a phone call.
I'm not here to waste a bullet.
Who are you?
You don't want my name and details.
I'm here to give you a
piece of information.
Do you know who's behind the
murders happening in the city?
As the victims are
Anand Bali's men...
It's definitely the
doing of his enemies.
Anand Bali has no enemies.
Even if he does,
they won't be breathing.
It's Anand Bali who's
killing all of them.
On August 14th,
2000 crore rupees got...
...stolen from Anand
Bali's safe house.
On whomever he's doubtful
of that robbery...
Anand Bali is hunting them down.
How can I trust you?
The outer world still doesn't
know about the robbery.
Those who knew are not alive.
Then how do YOU know about it?
Already three of them died.
I'm the next target.
Don't involve in this
and die a gruesome death.
Stay out of this.
Oh God!
From a safe house of the
hawala king of this country...
2000 crore rupees got stolen.
These murders are rumoured to be
because of that money tracking.
Who's giving them the information?
Who's money is that?
If it's really stolen...
The police and the income tax
departments should look into it.
- Who's the guy who wrote all this?
- She... It's a girl, brother.
Her name is Shashirekha.
Do you need all this?
You never listen to me.
- We don't know...
- Chandu...
If Anand Bali reacts to it...
It means the information is right.
What I wrote is right!
Get her!
Chandu, run...
This way...
I'm a journalist.
If something happens to me...
The entire media will react.
Don't touch me... Don't touch me.
Sir... I have nothing to do with it.
Tell them, madam!
It's me who wrote the article.
Let him go...
Hey... We are here to get him.
- Get out of our way...
- Sir, please let go of me!
- Sir, you are getting confused.
- Stop!
Why are you hitting me?
At least tell me that.
You got me confused
with someone else.
Do you know who I am?
Dayamayam sir's staff.
He has a huge circle!
It's the same Dayamayam
who asked us to get you.
How can that be?
Why will he ask you to kidnap me?
Call him once... You'll get clarity.
- Did you get him?
- Yes, brother.
But nothing fits your
build-up description.
- Let me talk to him, brother.
- Talk to him once.
How dare you steal my
2000 crore rupees!
How dare you cheat me?
You double crossed me!
- Bloody fool!
- What is this, sir?
You knew very well about me...
and yet you've sent
street thugs to get me.
That was a blunder.
When the common man fights back...
He'll be the greatest of all
He's here with all he has got...
This is the magic of the lord...
He'll make the fire shiver...
He's the hunter of the hunters...
The sheep is hunting back...
The deer that killed the tiger...
The sky has bowed down to the
Madam, they took the complaint.
They'll start the inquiry soon.
If there is no response by the
morning, let's complain to the DSP.
Chandu is a really nice
guy, Murthy sir.
Poor guy, he can't handle all this.
Also, who wants to kidnap Chandu?
Even I don't understand the same.
He never gets into fights.
Don't know what happened.
He helped his friend get married
to an MLA's daughter, Murthy sir.
Maybe it's them who did this.
Maybe or may not be.
Don't think too much, madam.
Just relax.
I'm sure he'll be
back by the morning.
If not, let's act accordingly.
Madam, let's go.
Come on, madam.
I wrote something...
Something no one can see...
Something no one can hear...
A special love letter.
I've just seen...
Something that'll never
leave or let go of me...
It's a silent prayer.
They mistook me for someone else.
They made a phone call
and got it cleared.
They pushed me out of the jeep.
I got hurt a little.
I thought you'll be
worried about me, so...
I'm here.
I wrote something...
Something no one can see...
Something no one can hear...
A special love letter.
Like rain in the clouds...
Like something that's
written on water...
I've written a love
letter than can't be seen.
Like an instrument
that can't be played...
Like a baby that
still can't talk...
I made a silent and
beautiful prayer.
Like a memory hidden
inside a notebook.
Like the first poem that
can't come out into words...
Like a bird that's
happy in its cage.
I can't cross this
line that I've drawn.
What's that one thing that
can get us together...
I have no idea.
I got tired, searching for it.
Madam, I have work at office
tomorrow morning. I should go.
I wrote something...
Something no one can see...
Something no one can hear...
A special love letter.
I've just seen...
Something that'll never
leave or let go of me...
It's a silent prayer.
When are you taking her?
The loan got sanctioned.
But the amount is yet to be...
Did I ask you all that?
Did I ask you about the
money in the first place?
Who is she?
She's your sister's daughter.
You own her more than I ever could.
It's me who has to pay
you to take care of her.
You are decent, you don't ask.
I'm an idiot and I don't pay.
- What's with the sudden change?
- Nothing like that...
- What's the last word?
- Change.
Underline that and tell my brother
the same, please.
Chandu and you are close, right?
So he's like my brother.
If he thinks that I'm
torturing you for money...
I'm scared about
what he'll do to me.
Wait hang on...
Why are you scared of, Chandu?
Who hits like that? Who!
- Are you sure? Did you...
- I swear on you.
He might have killed
two or three men, easily.
He's a very ruthless person...
ruthless person!
That visual gave me a fever.
Crocin didn't help. Can I take Dolo?
- I'll go see a doctor.
- Wait.
Take her home this evening, OK?
Why to trouble you?
You might be having a lot of work.
Tomorrow is an auspicious day.
I'll bring her myself. But...
Tell him that I've changed. Please!
Hello! Dayamayam charitable trust?
Is Chandu...
I mean, is Chandrasekar there?
Chandu left the job two weeks ago.
- Hi. Are you here for Chandu?
- Yeah.
The room is locked. So I'm leaving.
He might have just gone to
buy some soap or shampoo.
He'll be back in like ten minutes.
Please come. Come on.
I went home, Mullangi,
for the festival.
I was stuck in a traffic
jam and got late.
- You too are from Mullangi!
- You too?
No... But Chandu is from
Mullangi, right?
No no, Chandu is not from Mullangi.
He's from Mumbai.
He even supports
Mumbai Indians in IPL.
You please come in.
Wanna have homemade putharekulu?
They taste really good.
What do you mean by Mumbai!
Chandu is from Mullangi, right?
He loved a girl called Meenakshi and
due to an unexpected situation...
No no... That's my love story.
One day I got drunk and
told him my love story.
He might have made
fun with you about it.
You got confused it
with his flashback.
I've heard it right.
Chandu told me that
he loved Meenakshi.
Meenakshi... Meenakshi...
The way you look at
me is so naughty!
For the way you stare...
My heart bursts like a cracker.
Meenakshi... Meenakshi...
You manipulated my heart.
I love this mad feeling.
I swear on you.
I've been your shadow,
leaving mine behind.
I've been waiting for you to
take my name, just for once.
Girl... You just rock my world.
I gave away my love for my friend.
Why can't I give my flashback too?
Maybe he had a similar love story.
A girl should fall for one or
the other man in her life...
How long do you know Chandu?
Six months, madam.
We both gave an interview at
Dayamayam charitable trust.
He got selected and I didn't.
He said he had no place to
stay and I brought him here.
Why are you asking me all this?
Oh, you are a journalist, right!
What did Chandu do in Mumbai?
No idea. We never talked about that.
You know what, Balu?
I don't feel too well right now.
If you don't mind...
Can you drop me home?
OK. Give me five minutes.
- Relax. I'll freshen up and come.
- OK.
Shashirekha madam... Let's go.
Come on.
Sir... Dayamayam sir...
Sir, you have to save us.
- These people kidnapped us.
- I ordered them to.
Sir, it's me... Chandu's friend.
He always carries a photo
of you in his pocket, sir.
He says that you are a great
man, sir.
- That you are a god.
- What did he say?
- Dayamayam is a confused fool...
- No, sir.
Even if you steal 2000
crores from his pocket...
He can't even notice it.
Is this what he told you?
How can he steal 2000 crores, sir!
Also, why did you keep 2000 crores
in your pocket, sir?
Who is this comedian?
Chandu's best friend, sir.
We just brought...
...him along,
as he's free all the time.
- Best friend?
- Yes, sir.
Then tell me...
- Where is he?
- How can I know that, sir?
Also, how can he steal
something, sir?
He took a loan of 1,500 rupees
from me for the mess bill, sir.
Sir, you tell me...
Why will someone with 2000 crores
take a loan of 1500 rupees, sir?
You fool...
He stole 2000 crores from me.
And 1500 rupees from you.
The number is not important.
He just steals everything you have.
2000 crores went missing from
Anand Bali's safe house, right?
How are you and
Anand Bali connected?
You keep quiet, madam.
Just because he lied to you,
you can't declare him a thief.
Sir, some miscommunication
has happened.
Once his phone gets switched
on, let's call him here.
And let us all talk our hearts out.
We'll have clarity.
When I met him for the first time...
Just like you... I too thought
that he's a very innocent man.
We have 20 branches
all over India...
None of them made a
complaint like this.
What is the meaning of a
raid being conducted on us!
Who is he?
Our new accountant, Chandu, sir.
- Pay a month's salary and fire him.
- Sir.
- Sir sir sir...
- What?
I need this job, sir.
I love orphanages, sir.
Because I'm also an orphan, sir.
My dad's job is to catch bandicoots
in Food Corporation of India, sir.
Is that even a job!
Now imagine how hard it
will be to do such a job, sir.
One day, a bandicoot bit him and
my dad died of that infection, sir.
- He died!
- Yes, sir.
With that, my entire family
got sick and one day...
I hate sentiment
movies and sad stories.
Sir, it's him who
managed the journalist...
...from reporting about the
raid, sir.
- Is it?
- Yes, sir.
Your job is safe for now.
Stay... And let's see.
Love you, sir.
You always keep smiling... I had no
idea about your tragic past, Chandu.
I'm sorry.
Did you see, madam?
How painful his story is.
Not wanting to make you
feel low with his story...
He used my comical story.
And you misunderstood him.
He's concerned about
others' feelings, madam.
Even your common sense is
dented, just like mine.
Don't judge without
listening to the complete story.
Listen completely and
you'll get a clarity.
I'm not here to narrate
another sentiment story, sir.
But I'm here with a
nice crime story, sir.
Budget... 2000 crore rupees.
The 2000 crores that
Anand Bali has, sir.
Anand Bali? Who's he?
Sir, don't act too innocent.
I know that you and Anand
Bali are secret partners, sir.
I also know that you
are using that orphanage... a front to hawala
foreign investments.
How do you know that Anand
Bali has 2000 crores with him?
Is this an undercover operation?
Last year, 50 crores
got stolen in Mumbai.
Not even one rupee got recovered.
Do you know who did it?
- Me.
- What's the proof for it?
It's a perfect heist only
because there is no proof.
I'm a perfect thief as
they failed to catch me.
It's not that easy to
steal from Anand Bali.
If someone steals even
a rupee from him...
He'll spend a lakh to catch him.
What if we steal everything he has?
Anyone sitting in a chief
minister's chair...
...can change the future of the
state with just one signature.
So, is the power to
do that in that hand?
Or in that chair?
Just like the CM's power... Anand
Bali's power rests in his money.
If we loot all his money... All his
power will be transferred to us.
Money and guns...
No one owns them.
The one holding them
at the right time...
...will have the right
to do anything.
Anand Bali used to have
a boss called Varadharajulu.
Anand Bali took the
risk of killing him.
He became the Hawala King.
Or else, he would still
have been a small-time goon.
Now Anand Bali is above you.
Do you wanna be the king?
Or just a servant?
You fear Anand Bali...
But you have a lust for money.
Lust is a way more stronger
emotion than money.
What's the plan?
Let's meet in your den tomorrow.
I need a man for this operation.
No one should know
that he's your man.
He's from Bengaluru.
Very talented professional killer.
He's from Mumbai. Sharp shooter.
So he too wants a share!
Ghani doesn't work for money.
He works for me.
We can discuss about the shares later.
First, tell me what's the plan.
Chandu, the entire money
is stored in 27 locations.
Where should we
start the first heist from?
To target 27 locations...
It's a two month process.
There shouldn't be so many targets.
There should be just one target.
Even the location...
Should be just one.
Let's inform the income
tax department about...
...Anand Bali holding a
black money of 2000 crores.
Let's give them all
the details we have.
How will it help us?
What if the income tax department
takes away all the money?
Chandu, Narayana Swamy is the income
tax department joint commissioner.
He's very close to Anand Bali.
Then let's inform
Narayana Swamy directly.
I don't get your plan, Chandu.
If he gets to know
that it's us who leaked...
...the information to
Narayana Swamy.
No matter where we hide,
Bali will find us and kill us.
Anand Bali won't doubt you if... are with him at the
time we inform Narayana Swamy.
Take a look at it, sir. All the
addresses of our secret locations...
Down to the pincode.
It has the account
of every single paisa... every single
location, brother!
Sir... We are lucky that
this file came onto my desk.
It's someone among us for sure,
who leaked the information.
Don't let him slide.
Sanjay Bali brother, is that
the important thing to do now?
Let's keep the entire amount
in the Tarnaka Safe House.
The one who decoded all of this...
Don't you think he knows about
the Tarnaka Safe House, Dayamayam?
Shift the entire
money to Alpha House.
Brother... Alpha House? Where is it?
Only my brother knows about it.
Hand me your phone.
Brother... How could you doubt me!
This is for your own
safety, Dayamayam.
If I let you slide right now...
and if something
happens to the cash...
you'll be the first one
I'll have a doubt on.
- I get it, brother.
- Sanjay...
Take care of their comfort.
You doubt us and that's OK...
But how dare you lock
us up with the servants!
You are taking in the entire oxygen.
What should we live on?
Should we live on carbon dioxide?
Dayamayam... Come out.
Our plan didn't work out.
There is not even a single paisa
in the locations we knew about.
They've shifted the entire
amount to the Alpha House.
Anand Bali...
Changed his entire staff.
Even a perfect plan failed.
No plan is perfect enough
to trap Anand Bali.
However, our plan worked out.
The entire amount is at
a single location now.
But no one knows about that place.
Let's kidnap Anand Bali's son.
Damn! Do you even know
what you are talking about?
His son is his life.
If anything goes wrong...
When someone we love is in danger...
we panic.
We stop thinking straight.
That is where things mess up.
How will we know about the
location even if we kidnap his son?
Hey... I understood your plan.
We'll ask for a ransom
of 2000 crores, right?
Not 2000 crores.
Just 10 crores.
Just 10 crores? What the hell!
At least demand 20 crores.
We can take five each.
10 crores is not our target...
It's the entire 2000 crores.
He has to bring the 10 crores
from the Alpha House itself.
Only Anand Bali and his brother know
the location of that Alpha House.
One among them will
go get the money.
If we can track them...
We can get to the
Alpha House location.
What a sketch!
I have nothing to do with
this plan... I'm dropping out.
This is not a game of
poker to middle drop.
We all are already in this...
Before they get to know that it's
you who informed Narayana Swamy...
We have to get to the Alpha House.
Don't worry. It's not us
who's going to kidnap him.
We kidnapped your son...
Within two hours...
Bring 10 crores to
the place I tell you.
- Where's Rahul?
- Went to a birthday party, brother.
- Call him.
- Rahul is missing from the party.
His phone is also switched off.
What happened, brother?
Someone kidnapped Rahul.
He's demanding 10 crores
in exchange of his life.
Someone kidnapping your son
only goes to prove that...
they have no idea who you are.
For sure!
They might have seen
his costly car...
And did this for some petty amount.
Petty ones like them are dangerous.
If something has to go wrong...
They'll kill out of tension.
- Hey!
- They are not professionals, right?
That is what I'm warning you
about, brother.
Dayamayam is right, brother.
we have to get Rahul home safe.
Take the money and get him home.
- OK, brother.
- But we don't have any cash.
What happened to the cash?
All the cash is in the Alpha
House, right?
- Dayamayam...
- Brother?
- How much cash do you have?
- I have almost...
Three thousand.
Are you kidding me?
Brother, a powerful man like you
has all his cash in an Alpha House.
I'm your man and even I
have to face raids, right?
That's why I too am not
maintaining more cash.
Hey, call Rafiq.
Brother... No.
If you call him for
such a small amount...
He'll doubt us.
- Sanjay...
- Brother.
Take the money from the
Alpha House and go get Rahul.
Anand Bali's plan is to shift money
from the Alpha House this Friday.
We shouldn't give him much time.
I'll find out the whereabouts
of the Alpha House.
By tomorrow morning...
We'll have 2000 crores with us.
You can start... Celebrating.
Milk bottle when you are born. Coke
bottle when you are growing up.
You'll slowly get
used to beer bottle.
And you'll need saline bottle.
Our total life is in the bottle.
Green tea in the morning.
90ml at night.
Life is a T20...
Hit it out of the park.
Believe in a little luck.
Use a little kick.
Life is like a stove
It keeps on burning...
Keep whistling like a cooker...
Youth melts like ice.
Don't waste it in the fridge.
Throw it into soda.
Make a timetable for timepass.
Roam around like hands in a clock.
Walking in the morning.
Drinking at night.
Walking in the morning.
Drinking at night.
Do something...
Every day should be rocking.
Do something...
Every day should be rocking.
Brother, Rahul gained consciousness.
Kala is picking him up
from Nagarjuna sagar.
Immediately shift the entire cash
from our Alpha House tonight.
Green tea in the morning.
90ml at night.
Life is a T20...
Hit it out of the park.
Green tea in the morning.
90ml at night.
Life is a T20...
Hit it out of the park.
Hit it out of the park.
Hey, Chakri...
Did you bring the money?
You! Where's Chakri?
- Gone.
- Where to?
- He's dead.
- God!
Make it fast. Move...
That's Anand Bali's brother.
Why is Sanjay Bali there?
To shift the money.
And you are the one to be blamed.
You said the money will be shifted
on Friday. But they did it today.
Sanjay Bali is dead!
If Anand Bali gets to know that I'm
involved, he will behead me!
Damn it!
For now, they have no idea, right?
Don't panic...
Let's wait for a few days...
And plan again at the right time.
Plan again!
I don't want you or your plan.
I'll run away to Somalia.
Then Anand Bali will
doubt you right away.
Act innocent for a few days.
- Is that it?
- For now.
Go pay your respects to Sanjay Bali.
I'll do one thing... How about
I talk to him on the phone.
Wait until he tells you
that his brother is dead.
Don't ask him yourself.
Use your brains a little.
Brother, when I first met you...
You used to call me "Sir".
Now you are using all kinds
of disrespectful words.
Such a development, brother.
He told you the truth, right sir?
He didn't get the money.
If he did find it, he would
have given you your share, sir.
- He's very committed, sir.
- You fool!
Don't pass comments without
listening to the whole story.
Brother... How did it happen?
Someone attacked
while moving the cash.
Who has the guts to attack
us, brother?
Maybe they are professional killers.
There is a tattoo on
his back in Tamil.
And bullet injuries on his body.
Brother... Is the cash safe...
Cash is safe.
We shifted it to another place.
Very good, brother.
- Kala...
- Brother...
The ones behind my brother's
death, directly or indirectly...
None of them should be spared.
After reading your article
about the missing money...
Out of doubt, I went to
meet Anand Bali.
Brother, did you hear
about this comedy?
So funny! On August 14th...
Someone stole 2000 crores
from our Alpha House.
Such a comic article!
There's no comedy in it...
It's true.
- We lost the money on the 14th.
- God!
So the heist is real!
- Then why didn't you tell me?
- Hey!
What should I tell you? That someone
stole 2000 crores from me?
Everyone keeps calling me and eating
my brains, every single minute.
I'm just managing them until now...
If they get to know
that this is true...
Forget the collar...
They'll catch our necks!
Brother, who can even touch you!
- Who has the guts to...
- Fool!
Those who invested money
with me are not innocent.
Powerful people like Ministers,
MLAs, MPs, and many others...
One little article
shook everything up!
What should we do now, brother?
I understood that there
is a direct connection between.
Rahul's kidnap and the
heist in my Alpha House...
That's why I killed all
of our men who are involved.
The ones who knew about
the missing money is...
My dead brother...
And the one who stole it.
No one else knew about it.
But today, the girl who wrote this
article came to know about it.
Stay out of this.
I'm asking this for my clarity...
Did they loot you on the same
day they killed your brother?
Hey, how much more
clarity do you need?
Not just one or two...
2000 crores. He stole it all!
Brother, do not turn on your phone
and go underground for two days.
I'll catch the one who looted you.
Give me just 48 hours.
Just 48 hours!
Listen up...
Wherever you see Chandu...
Break his legs and bring him to me.
He thrashed my men and escaped.
That's why I kidnapped you both.
Sir, you are missing a logic here.
Tell me what am I missing.
The Chandu I knew won't be
having any money with him.
And the Chandu you know...
Won't bring the money
to save us both, sir.
You are at loss in both the cases.
Try to understand that, sir.
I mean... You get nothing
from kidnapping us, sir.
With your permission, we'll take a
leave, sir. Let's go, madam.
Hey, sit down.
My calculation didn't go wrong.
Your friend Chandu is calling me.
I know that kidnapping you
will get me my money back.
Hello, Chandu darling...
Chandu... Your girlfriend
and your boyfriend...
Both are in my custody.
Everything will be OK if
you get me back my money.
Or else, I'll skin them alive.
When did you earn 2000 crores?
Who's this?
Anand Bali...
Bali brother... Brother,
where did you get this phone from?
Sir, someone is here for you.
How did he know that
brother is here?
He says that he also
knows where the money is.
- Hello, Bali bro.
- Who the hell are you?
My name is Chandu.
I'm in love with a girl.
I was planning to
propose to her and...
...your partner Dayamayam
kidnapped her.
What does Dayamayam have
to do with that girl?
Oh, you have no idea, right?
Like you and Dayamayam, I and
Dayamayam are also partners, bro.
We robbed your 2000 crores, remember?
A small dispute occured
while sharing it.
And he kidnapped my girlfriend.
Please help me get her back.
Are you freaking kidding
with me right now?
So you still don't believe me...
I swear on your
brother whom I killed.
Anand Bali's brother is here...
Our entire plan...
- Hey, Bali's bro.
- Who the hell are you!
Me? I'm the one who is here
to steal all your black money.
Dayamayam told you to kill me right
after we find the money, right?
What the hell are you talking about!
I'll blow your brains out!
Do it, brother. Go on.
I'm going mad with the secret about
2000 crore rupees in my head.
Shoot and I'll relax...
Or go get my girl, brother.
- Is he mad or what!
- You still don't believe me?
- Call Dayamayam once.
- Call him.
Use my phone and you'll
get total clarity.
I want both of them in front
me within half an hour.
- Brother...
- You too should come along.
- Dayamayam...
- Brother!
If someone steals even
one rupee of mine...
You know I can even spend a lakh
to get it back, right?
The entire money is
with him brother.
It's him who spoiled my
brain, brother.
He scared me, blackmailed me and
made me do all this, brother.
Please kill him first, brother.
If you kill him,
how will you find the money, sir?
You said you'll shoot yourself if I
don't bring your girlfriend, right?
Here she is...
I've been waiting for this.
Tell me where the money is?
From the minute I walked in,
everyone's trying to use bullets...
Why don't you use some brains?
If I clear few things with her...
You'll also get some
clarity listening to it.
To kill a devil,
even God has to reincarnate.
I'm just a man...
So I lied. Sorry.
I've hid a truth from you...
Because I can't show you
any proof of the reality.
Our ways are different...
But our destiny is the same.
We are soulmates.
I've finally met you...
My other half.
I've informed you
about the murders...
I've sent Ghani to let you know
about the theft at the Alpha House.
I know you are brave
enough to report it.
I also know what his future will
be, with that news in the open.
Between all these lies,
there are two facts hidden, Shashi.
Me loving you.
Me protecting you with my life.
Forget these gangs,
guns, and Anand Bali...
No one can touch you.
I'll kill him.
Where is my money... Tell me.
- No...
- Hey...
He said he'll protect
you with his life, right?
Let's see how he'll do that.
How are you even smiling?
Stop... Please!
Does it hurt?
My pain is not physical...
It's in here.
Hey, Bali...
They say that a strong
injury to the head...
...will make you forget your
past, right?
Touch her... Go on!
Touch her and let's talk...
He's breaking his own head!
So he'll forget his past...
He won't remember anything
about our money too.
Imagine our future after that.
I'm a silent traveler
in a lonely desert.
I've been walking all by myself.
I'm a mirage that's
burning inside the heart.
You've touched and protected
me like the moonshine.
I've failed to tell you many
things when we are together.
Let my heart tell your heart
about each and every one of them.
Even when my heart
is about to stop...
Let me show you all the love
that is filled inside it.
Even after being wounded,
our lovestory won't stop.
In love, the last moments
are the most beautiful.
I'll give you 20%.
Tell me where the money is.
What... What are you
still thinking about?
20% means 400 crore rupees.
Take the offer.
Listen to me.
We have to leave from here, alive.
Say "Yes". Please.
If your target is just money...
You would have run away by now.
If you did this for society... would have handed
it to the government.
There is a bigger purpose
than all of these...
What's that?
We all live for a reason...
For some it's love.
For some it's friendship.
For some it's family... or country.
For people like us, it's society.
You know the pain of
losing something we love.
Even I do.
But bastards like him have no idea.
I did all this...
Just to make him feel that pain.
What? A revenge!
Who the hell are you?
Maybe I'm the son of
a government employee...
...who you got
kidnapped and killed.
Maybe I'm the brother of a sincere
journalist, you burned alive.
Maybe I'm the brother of a
girl you raped and killed.
I can be anyone of them.
Where did you find the empty
truck without any cash in it?
Near the old burners
outside the city.
- Cash boxes?
- They are there, also empty.
Bloody fool!
Dude, did you really burn them?
Fool... Not just one or two...
It's 2000 crore rupees!
Hey, did you really burn them all?
Half-ton bricks are made out of that
fire, Bali bro.
I know where his life is...
right inside that money.
That's why...
I've burnt it all.
- What is this?
- We kidnapped your son, remember?
After all our spending, we are
left with 5 crores, brother.
What's with this 5 crores twist?
I want to distribute
it among these guys.
5 crores is nothing.
For you it's nothing.
Won't you think of your boys?
Boys, listen to me.
Lifetime settlement. You...
You can pay off your debts, right?
You can drink for your whole
life, right?
You... Don't you have any debts?
You do, right?
My dear boys...
He says he'll
distribute money to you.
If you trust him even for a
second, you are done.
From this day on...
Money is nothing to me.
I'll fly off to Jerusalem...
And will be a servant at the
feet of Lord Jesus in the church.
Let go of me... Hallelujah!
Do you know who Anand Bali is?
He's like a god!
That's in the past...
He can't even pay you one
rupee for being with him now.
Even if you leave him...
He can't do anything.
Because Anand Bali is
now just a common man.
You can't buy Anand
Bali's men with money...
Your share will be mine now.
Your share will be mine now.
Kill him!
Their greed for money killed
their fear for Anand Bali.
You too!
No one bets on a losing
horse, brother.
None of them will get out.
is a stronger emotion than money.
Go get the bag.
Money can change anyone.
Your share is also mine.
Answer me...
Why did you burn the 2000 crores?
Do you think that I'm an Idiot?
What Chandu used to do in Mumbai?
Why did he target Anand
Bali particularly?
I wanted to ask him so. But...
Why don't we ask as many questions
to people who hurt the society?