Bharat (2019) Movie Script

People believe there are
only 7 stories in the world.
But I believe every
person has a story to tell.
You must think a middle-class, old man
must have led such a boring life...
how would you
know that I've lived...
a life more colorful
than my greying hair can betray.
Get it, get it, get it... dammit...
Mr. Robert...
- This is the main shop...
- This idiot again...
The owner is Mr. Bharat...
oh, greetings!
- Hello Mr. Gulati...
- Hello sir... hello!
This is our dear Mr. Gupta.
He's a big builder.
This is our foreign
financer - Mr. Robert.
Is Mr. Bharat not around?
He's very much here...
where would he go?
He's in his room.
Bharat sir,
I'm requesting you for the last time...
Please have one look at these papers.
This is Mr. Gupta - it's his project...
And he thinks,
we will make a killing with this deal.
You will get a store twice this big...
in his gigantic mall sir!
Every shop owner in the market
has already signed Bharat sir...
Just you...
I mean, we need your blessings sir.
If you sign these papers Bharat sir,
I promise to erect an A-grade mall
in this market sir!
It's my challenge!
And excuse me sir...
I just found out,
it's your happy birthday tomorrow,
isn't it?
Mr. Gupta, don't be shy now...
This is Ms. Laxmi, Bharat
sir - the goddess of wealth?
Last night in my dream
she said -
"I can't live without
Bharat sir anymore!"
So, I've brought
her along to meet you.
Inside? You mean... in private?
This is nice...
We can speak openly now.
What's this? What...
what happened sir?
What're you doing Bharat sir?!
I'm sorry sir.
I'll never set eyes on your shop...
In fact I'll forget
about this whole market sir!
- Mr. Gupta!!!
- Shut up!
- Help, Mr. Gupta!
- What's happening inside?
Gulati is screaming...
Gulati is possessed
by the mall-witch...
He's getting exorcised.
I was born before this country's
independence and its partition.
I've lost way more
than I have earned...
And yet I've managed
to live a fair & honest life.
Don't you dare lure
the people here with a mall again.
Don't forget...
It doesn't matter
how old a tiger grows,
he never forgets how
to hunt his prey down.
Bharat sir,
you have your father's swear...
I'll die sir... let me go please...
You count from 10 to 0...
- He will be out. 10...
- 10.
- 9...
- 9.
- 8...
- 8.
- Very good.
- 7.
- Very good.
- 6... 5...
- My father would've whacked you with a broom!
- 4... 3... 2...
The old man has lost it...
- 0... and voila!
- He's lost it!
The old man has lost his marbles
Mr. Gupta...
Grab the money and run!
- Both the old man gone mad... run for life...
- What? What?
Leave me!
Mad people!
- Bloody oldies have lost it!
- Open the door.
- Open, you fool!
- Where are those thugs?!
- Don't ever come back!
- Where did they go?
Idiot! Open the door...
Vilayati... let's go.
- Open you fool... open!!!
- C'MON! OPEN!!!
- Get lost!
- Open the door...
If you even look at my shop again,
I will bury you alive, right here!
You messed with the wrong guy Bharat!
I won't spare you... I'll kill you.
Drive, you idiot...
or he'll grab my neck again!
Listen to me carefully...
Till the day I'm alive,
I'm not going to sell this shop...
And neither will
there be a mall here...
Do what you want about it...
Look at all this dirt...
Zero sense of civics,
and you want a damn mall?!
Off you go... c'mon.
- Bro, can I tell you something?
- Ya?
I think you have completely lost it...
Bro, I'm turning 70...
This is the age to lose it!
Everyone in the market is
just waiting for you to pop it.
You can tell them Bharat
isn't dying anytime soon.
- Happy birthday grandpa...
- Happy birthday grandpa...
Careful! Stop running around...
you'll hurt yourselves.
Go on.
Welcome home Mr. Brother-in-law!
Please grace us with your presence.
Hello Mr. Barrister-at-law...
You're turning 75 tomorrow.
70... not 75.
After 60 age literally is
just a number.
It's all the same.
And he is pretty much a younger
sibling of the creator himself!
This one, is one of a kind...
Uncle, are we going to
Attari station again, tomorrow?
Of course. Like we have
been for the last 15 years.
Here's your tea.
Mr. Bro-in-law...
People your age don't
plan birthday parties...
You should be
planning pilgrimages...
To atone for your sins...
Let it go man. He's a little touchy.
Look, we got you a gift...
There goes the birthday party...
Madam-sir... where are you?
Move, move...
Move man!
Are you blind?
Watch out...
Hold on...
What's wrong sexy?
I was the one in an accident and
you're the one who looks banged up.
Why do they have grumble
about my birthday?
I'm the birthday boy...
I should get to cut my
cake wherever I want.
Don't I quietly eat the awful pizza
& burgers at their birthday?
Do I complain?
I want to cut my birthday
cake while running
along a running
train at Attari station...
What's their problem?!
I didn't force anyone to come!
Bharat, old age is
turning you into a child.
A stubborn child who
wants everything his way.
Stop being such an
old bulb with a short fuse!
Okay, I'm done with my daily dose.
What's up with you?
I'm still a heartthrob
among the morning walkers!
Just day before Mr. Sharma
was whispering to his neighbor,
"That Kumud's body
is still so banging!"
Hah! I believe that...
I'm sure Mr. Sharma's eyes
need a thorough check up!
- Get in fast.
- It's so early in the morning!
I didn't even get a decent
bowel movement...
I'll be constipated all day.
Don't worry,
I've packed a laxative for you...
Here's the key to the store.
Where's madam-sir?
I don't know why she's late.
Happy birthday!
Your promise makes my heart beat,
this life I've lived,
feels incomplete...
My heart beats in pain...
I need you to heal this ache,
come back and hold me again.
Dhak-Dhak, dhak-dhak, spins my heart
I hope & pray in vain.
- I dream of a path that leads to you...
- Come on Bharat! Let's go.
But I know not what road or what lane.
Thap-thap, thap-thap...
lonely, beats a drum.
Thap-thap, thap-thap
when will my beloved come?
The train is 4 hours late...
We woke up this early
on a public holiday... for this!
He's always going
on like a stuck record...
Grandpa... why do we always come here
to celebrate your birthday?
It's not my birthday today.
When I was little,
they asked me my birth date
for school admissions...
But all I could
remember was that
I came here to Attari station on
a train from Pakistan on 15th August.
So I told them...
that's my birthday!
But why did you come
here from Pakistan?
We had to come here...
Because at that time,
a few wise old men
in a dusty old room thought.
"Maybe our people will be happier
if we tear this country apart..."
Do you see him?
The white haired,
suited-booted man...
Walking there like 'The Godfather'.
He's my brother-in-law...
This one, is one of a kind...
You wanna play marbles?
Hey... can we also play?
- Tell me... which one should I hit?
- This one...
Grandpa, when did you learn this?
It's a long story my child.
Oh no Bharat! That's gone into
the teacher's room...
Let's get it back.
Get in... be quiet.
Mr. Kapoor,
the atmosphere has changed...
Things are quiet serious. Believe me.
- But...
- I just heard
they burnt down an entire
village between Amritsar & Lahore.
Hindus are not safe here anymore.
You need to leave for
India on the evening train.
There he is...
Go ring the bell.
The train's about to come.
Pa, let's go to India.
What's wrong with you?
We are in India...
This is not India...
- India is there. Across Lahore.
- Who said this to you?
My teacher... he was
saying the situation is tense.
They're going to kill
all the Hindus here.
Don't be scared. I'm there for you.
You know why I named you Bharat...
after our country?
Because this is a great country.
It is founded on a belief
in humanity & trust.
Sure, they've drawn a line to tear it
into India and Pakistan right now...
But till this line doesn't
tear its people apart,
we will always be one. Got it?
Here... eat this.
Whenever you're feel a little
sad just eat something sweet.
C'mon now... your train is here.
Bharat! Don't go in!!!
- Have you packed everything?
- Are we going to make it to the station?
Gudiya, let's go...
pack all your toys.
Don't worry,
it's the last train of the day.
It's our last hope.
Bharat, take Gudiya along.
Hurry up!
- C'mon my child. Hurry up.
- Gudiya...
There's no space.
Let's look ahead.
- Brother!
- Pa... Gudiya!
- Don't let go of my hand...
- Hold her hand tight.
- Run Bharat.
- Pa...
Come with me... come on my child.
- Let's go ahead.
- Ya...
- Here.
- Here?
- Come here. Climb up here.
- How will we climb?
Just do it. Get up.
- You'll carry her up Bharat?
- Yes Pa.
That's my boy!
- Gudiya, don't let go of your brother!
- Gudiya... get on my back!
Hold me tight Gudiya!
Where are Bharat and Gudiya?
They are right behind.
Gudiya... this isn't a carnival, okay?
Don't you let go of my hand.
Hurry up... get up there. Go... go!
My sister fell down! Help!
Gudiya, Gudiya...
Where are you Gudiya?
Where are you Gudiya? Gudiya...
- Bharat!
- Gudiya!
Where's Gudiya?
- Gudiya fell down...
- What?
I'll go get her...
No, I'll go. You just wait here.
Eye for an eye! Blood for blood!
Listen to me... you need to look after
everyone, till I don't come back.
Your aunt has a shop - Hind Ration Store
in Delhi, near the refugee camps...
Go straight there.
I'll meet you there.
Bharat, there are bonds
of blood & bonds to your land.
You are blessed with both my child.
Listen to me...
Rioters! We need to go!
Promise me...
You'll look after everyone?
I will Pa... I promise.
Just remember... Hind Ration Store.
- Yes Pa.
- Ration store...
I'll see you there, with Gudiya.
You are the eldest.
Look out for everyone.
- Yes Pa...
- Don't forget - Hind Ration Store.
I'll come there.
- Be careful.
- Gudiya... Gudiya!
- The train is about to leave...
- Gudiya!
Call your father.
I've told you so many times...
don't drink at the shop!
What's your problem?!
You are not the only
one who's lost his land...
If you can't help me out,
at least don't mess around at my shop!
Your shop?!
Did your father give you this
shop in dowry?
I sold everything I had
to start this shop...
Do you want me
to go beg on the streets?
Use this as a sheet...
The place is small,
we will sleep outside.
What're you doing?
This isn't a bloody hotel!
We barely have any space...
and now these people will squat here!
Can you speak softly please?!
Let them hear it.
They are my brother's children...
I can't throw them out!
Gau... Gautam?!
Your father's name is Gautam?
My father's name was Mukhtar.
You're a Muslim?
Why didn't you go to Pakistan?
Why should we?
This is our land...
We will stay here.
My father died fighting
for India's freedom...
But they burnt our house
and shop when the riots broke out.
Do you want to eat some sweets?
Ya... but I don't have any money.
Neither do I...
But I know how to get some.
The stuff looks right to me...
Here, 25 cents.
25 cents?!
The store sells it for 1 buck!
Maybe it does...
But now these are stolen goods.
So you will get what we give you.
Now get lost!
- Give it back.
- Dude, what are you doing?
I don't want to sell it.
- And you think we'll just let you...?!
- Leave it!
Just one minute!
Just a minute... just one minute!
Bharat, what are you doing?
At the store...
these guys treat us with respect...
But now that we are thieves,
this blanket has stripped
us of our respect.
Blanket... respect?
What do you mean?
I mean,
I don't care if I'm starving...
But I am not going to steal.
Dude! What did you do?
These guys are going to beat us now.
At least we'll make some off it?
We're not selling.
What you gonna do?
Get the little rascals!
What happened to your face?
I stole a blanket
from aunty's store...
But then I decided not to sell it...
So those guys beat me up.
Ma... you hate me, no?
Why would I hate you?
Because of me...
Gudiya and dad -
That wasn't your fault, Bharat!
All kids are dear to a mother.
By god's grace, at
least we survived those riots.
Instead of wallowing in guilt...
Think about the promise you
made to your Pa.
That you will always
keep this family together.
And the next time you know that you
are doing the right thing...
Don't just take a beating...
give it back.
My mother's words struck
me like a bolt of lightning.
Now my life only had one mission...
to fulfil the
promise I made to Pa.
To always keep this family together.
I decided I was going to work hard...
and do whatever it takes,
to keep this family together,
till the day Pa and
Gudiya come back.
We had a job...
But no job satisfaction.
But one day, everything changed...
When I saw Vilayati's dumbstruck face.
And this electric effect
was simply from watching
the road-side
circus queen - Radha.
This was the start
of my teenage years...
And who doesn't know how
complicated this time can be!
Vilayati kept staring at Radha...
And Radha couldn't stop staring at me.
But the biggest complication was
how that Jimmy kept staring at
all 3 of us!
I don't have any.
I have money...
I have his money too.
Take this...
And this...
Take it all.
What is mine... is yours. Okay?
Can we get a job in the circus?
You have to put your
life on the line...
We can do that.
I can do that too...
For you.
And I can break your teeth.
As time passed by,
that roadside act turned into...
North India's biggest circus...
Welcome to The Great Russian Circus!
And the show runner of this crazy
world was Vilayati.
His entry style of appearing inside
an egg on stage got so famous that
a young boy sitting in
the audience used it in his film...
And went on to become the country's
biggest movie star.
You must have seen everything by now
but have you ever seen the...
Flying motorcycle?
Roaring through flames,
with his life on the line.
We bring to you...
This evening's star,
my dear friend
and the show-stopper
of The Great Russian Circus...
Big round of applause!
He's put his life in danger...
just for you.
And now...
married men, close your eyes,
cause here she comes
the love of my life.
My Juliet... my Helen of Troy...
My Radha!
Put your hands together...
Did you think that was it?!
The evening has just
begun my friends...
Presenting now...
The Well of Death!
- Madam...
- What's up?
Who's a safer bet?
Bharat usually wins dude...
but even Jimmy's pretty good.
20 bucks... on Bharat!
- 20?
- Ya... Madam, here's my money...
Bharat's opponent in the Well of
Death will be the (RASCAL) daredevil
You are going to win Jimmmy!
You are going to lose today... again!
I'm going to make your Bharat cry...
just you watch!
Everyone's betting on Bharat...
But even Jimmy could win.
But don't you guys worry...
You can change
your minds in the middle of the race!
Of course...
it'll cost you two times more.
Here comes my Bharat!
C'mon Jimmy!
Radha, my darling,
wave that kerchief...
And let's see
who will be the winner!
Come on, come on Bharat!
Dude, the race has started...
- C'mon... let's go! Hurry, hurry.
- Run, run, run...
My brother rides like one of
those superstars.
Where is he?
There he is... in the white jacket.
Looks like Jimmy is going to beat
Bharat today.
What are you saying madam?!
You said Bharat will win...
so we bet on Bharat!
- Ya, even I bet on him.
- So, now bet on Jimmy?!
Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy...
Bharat! My brother!
Oh! That rascal Jimmy
has blocked his silencer!
Hurry up Bharat... pull it out.
There's a car coming...
Pull it out Bharat!
Bharat! Bharat!
The undisputed king
of the Well of Death...
This night, full of glitz and glam,
feels like a movie scene.
I'm your hero, you're my heroine...
On the shiny silver screen.
Our story, full of twists and turns...
Is full of this sweet emotion...
Your eyes are a deep blue ocean...
I drown in sweet slow motion.
Your eyes are a deep blue ocean...
I drown in sweet slow motion.
This night, full of glitz and glam,
feels like a movie scene.
You're the king of swagger...
and I'm your classy queen.
You're the king of swagger...
Cause tonight baby,
the mood is right...
It's full of that sweet emotion.
Your eyes are a deep ocean...
where I drown in slow motion.
Your eyes are a deep ocean...
where I drown in slow motion.
With a bigass diamond ring...
Your heart, I'm gonna win.
With a bigass diamond ring...
your heart, I'm gonna win.
Gonna be your baby-daddy...
can't wait to change its napkin!
Gonna tell my mum & dad...
be ready for that meeting.
While the sun is setting...
gonna have that perfect wedding!
On the moon, pretty soon...
we gonna have a honeymoon.
It's time our relationship
get's that next promotion...
Your eyes are a deep ocean...
where I drown in slow motion.
Your eyes are a deep ocean...
where I drown in slow motion.
In slow motion.
In slow motion.
In love we are slaves
to the heart's oppression...
In slow motion.
Your eyes are a deep ocean...
Where I drown in slow motion.
I'll do anything else, but I won't
do this daredevilry again...
I had to do this
to feed my family,
but these idiots think
I'm some kind of hero.
Can you imagine
how many boys out there
must be trying
to repeat such stunts on the roads...
And getting their bones broken?!
He's lost his mind!
Radha, can you talk
some sense into him?
There are no jobs waiting
for us out there.
Our families will starve to death!
This is our only skillset!
Junior's broken leg scared you,
didn't it?
It could have been you instead...
You're worried about the
promise you made to your Pa.
To look after everyone...
You should do what you think is right.
I'll miss you Radha.
Don't you worry about me...
You're only leaving the circus;
It's no big deal.
Maybe I'll find a better partner.
It's just bad luck I guess...
My parents named me Radha after Lord
Krishna's lover.
As the story goes...
Radha never ends up with her love.
I gave up my job,
quite sentimentally...
But our country wasn't doing so well.
And the lines outside the employment
exchanges were miles long.
Vilayati and I would spend the whole
day outside the exchange...
But the scene at home had turned into
a tragic black and white film.
There was always a sad violin
playing in the background...
And shouting matches in foreground!
Mehek was 24 now,
and she had been
bitten by the marriage bug.
Find me a boy!!!
Mehek would hold her breath
till she turned blue...
She wanted a groom
like Prime Minister Nehru.
Mom would signal me to check if
Vilayati wanted to marry Mehek.
Because he resembled PM Nehru a lot!
He's just like Mr. Nehru!
But I loved Vilayati...
I couldn't destroy his life like that!
Put the goods in the godown.
Hello uncle!
And then one day,
when we were
working at the shop...
We heard Mehek scream!
All time had come to a stop.
PM Nehru was no more.
Years went by as we stood
in line at the exchange.
- Then one day...
- Bharat!
You won't believe me!
Vilayati appeared before me,
in the form of the
goddess of employment.
They've struck oil in
the Middle East...
Hundreds of jobs!
Let's go!
Let's go!
Jobs are on offer...
oil in the Middle East!
They need people. Come on!
Are you slow or plain stupid?
Just because they have found oil there
doesn't mean, you can suck us dry here!
- Someone's getting their ass handed to them!
- It's a digging job... not a bloody circus routine.
You don't have a day's experience
doing a thing and you want this job?!
You are being disrespectful!
That is all the respect you deserve...
Don't you take a woman
in a saree lightly.
Now scoot to the nearest exit,
because if I have to
get up from this chair,
I'll make sure you are never
able to sit your ass down on one!
Bro, I'm too old to
get whopped by a girl.
- Why?
- No way.
Out you go!
It's like she's spewing
chillies instead of words...
All I can hear,
is sweet, sweet potion...
What do you want?
We wanted to meet Kumud sir...
I'm Kumud... what do you want?
So Kumud sir is actually...
Kumud madam-sir!
We've heard they struck
oil in Middle East...
So you want an oil massage?
The oil was found 3 years ago...
Get to the point.
We want to make an application...
for the oil digging job.
So just say that no?
Why this elaborate back story...
Name and age?
Syed Vilayati Salim
Yousuf Ataullah Khan.
Just the name please...
Not your address.
It's my name only...
Along with my
forefathers' names.
Are they coming along to dig oil?
I want the short version!
Just Vilayati Khan should be fine.
You can round it off at 30.
Mine? I'm Bharat...
Bharat... what?
What's your full name?
Kumar... Khan? Singh? D'mello?
My father named me Bharat...
after our country's name.
If I were to fix a
surname after Bharat,
it would belittle
this country's name and its stature.
Mr. Bharat...
This isn't the office to
file your nomination for the election.
This is a teeny-tiny
employment exchange...
And the job that you are applying for,
has no use for these
patriotic speeches.
Yes, madam-sir.
Now tell me, have you worked before?
Do you have any experience?
We are labor!
Oh... so you are laborers!
Mr. Mishra... that's your department.
Take their details, and call
them for a medical test tomorrow.
Even the bloody labor in
this country wants to give speeches!
Oil extraction requires teamwork...
So all of you will
be divided into teams.
And the teams that perform the best,
- will be sent to the Middle East.
- Stand straight you 2!
Sunil Singh, Devraj,
Mohammad Shami... TEAM NUMBER 2:
Shut up and pay attention.
Or I'll make sure you fail in no time.
Vilayati Khan,
Mohammad Ali... Yes madam.
Zalzala Singh... That's me.
Roli Rawat... Yes ma'am.
Rajshekhar Yadav...
I'm Yadav, madam.
Come on... start warming up.
Aha... here comes the
gold medalist team!
I think we will get
buried in the hole we dig.
We're doomed!
Next. Weight lifting.
Come on!
Pick it up!
Well done...
He's done it!
- Good morning to all.
- I bet he can't lift his own finger.
Well done... come on, come on!
- He can do it.
- 1... 2... 3!
He can do it!
Pick it up!
He can.
- He's useless!
- Bharat, Bharat!
- I did it!
- Vilayati... you've failed!
Look Chaurasia...
He's like a real life Hercules!
5 ft 3 inches...
Take it off.
Hurry up. Good. Get going.
0 kgs?!
Take a few deep breaths!
Up, up... down, down... good!
35 kgs...
6 ft...
No, 5 ft 7 inches?
5 ft 9 and a half inches?
Okay... 5 ft 9 and a half inches!
This way.
Take it off please.
What a physique!
70 kgs.
Shall we say 76 and a half?
This way.
It's really hot Mr. Chaurasia.
5 ft...
"We decided" it was 5 ft
7 and a half inches, no?
Err... 5 ft 7 and a half inches, sold!
Take it off.
Can we switch on the fan?
It's right behind you.
Switch it on yourself.
Leave it there...
No one's going to steal it!
Go on. It's not that precious!
Oh man... I can breathe now.
Hey, stop... wait, wait! My undies.
What a tragedy!
Mr. Chaurasia, please fetch my undies.
I'm not touching anyone's undies!
Get it yourself!
Not feeling hot anymore?
Gimme your hand...
grab it with your leg.
Come on!
Make a scissor with your toes!
Just a little more!
The undie is home!
Is my name there Bharat?
- Nope.
- Huh?
Bharat... see if I'm there?!
None of our names are there.
What are you doing man?!
- Mohammad Ali... I must be there.
- Not there!
None of us got through.
Sir, I'll take the selected men
to the Middle East next week.
This is batch no. 32.
Please sign here.
Sir, we want to talk to you.
Tell me?
Sir, why is our name not in this list?
Sir, they cleared their medical,
but the entire team
flunked the physical test.
Only this Bharat has a decent... body.
I mean... Vilayati Khan
couldn't even lift the sack.
Madam is right.
These boys are rubbish!
Madam-sir, actually I don't
exercise my upper body so much!
I mean I do sit-ups. Legs... thighs...
Look brother...
We need only 90 men.
You guys can try next time.
Next time meaning?
Next time meaning... 6 months later!
6 months?!
What will we do for 6 months?
Sir, 6 months is too long.
This country is changing
every moment now.
More than half this nation is unfit,
what are they supposed to do?
What happens to that kid in the classroom
who barely scores passing marks?!
We need to change
the way we think sir.
That's why we all need
to go to the Middle East,
so we can earn money in dollars.
We can send these dollars home...
These dollars will bring progress...
And progress will bring prosperity...
And sir prosperity
will bring good roads,
good hospitals,
good schools & colleges...
Good education will end poverty...
And instead of laborers like us there will
be engineers, doctors and scientists...
It will also increase
farmers' produce...
Slums will turn into apartments,
our country will
be clean and beautiful...
The people will be happy... which will
make this country even greater...
And then our people
will be proud to say...
Say what?
Long live Mother India!
Mother India!
Long live... The revolution!
My god! These boys are real patriots!
You all will go to the Middle East.
Where's my stamp?!
In the whirling depths of my heart
lies my ship, night and day...
I dive into this whirlpool, oh lord...
Hold my hand, I pray...
Bharat bro, the desert has turned
madam-sir into Marilyn Monroe!
Alive, you beat inside me...
And in you, I live and die.
Like a phoenix I will rise,
to break these chains and fly.
Soon we realized that
we weren't the only ones here...
just like us many Pakistani,
Sri Lankan and Filipino...
laborers also worked in this scorching
desert to feed their families back home.
- There's no food left.
- No food left?
No problem. We can share...
- You will share?
- I mean Bharat can share...
Or someone else.
Praise the lord!
Pull Vilayati, pull!
Careful Zalzala!
Blessed be thy name!
Attaboy, we've done it!
- Yes uncle...
- Ya. Keep your hand to yourself.
To break these chains and fly.
Alive, you beat inside me...
And in you, I live and die.
I'm okay Ma.
How are Junior and Mehek?
They are okay. I'm also okay.
We have found us a house...
when will you send the money?
I'll send it by the
end of the month...
Listen to me... you need to look after
everyone, till I don't come back.
Promise me...
you'll look after everyone?
Alive, you beat inside me...
And in you, I live and die.
Like a phoenix I will rise,
to break these chains and fly.
Vilayati! Come down... right now!
Leave it, get down here.
Everyday, the same bloody nonsense!
How can the food be over everyday?!
Look man,
we are just workers like you.
If you have a problem
take it up with the supervisor.
We toil all day in this heat,
I can't work on an empty stomach...
Why are they never short of food?
We've told them so many times.
They always have enough.
A lot of it goes waste...
but they never send it here.
Why don't you tell them?
Let's go there and eat.
Hey, hey... what are you doing here?
- This is not your food.
- Food finish.
Anyway, you cannot eat here.
- Hungry.
- Go there.
- Don't you touch me!
- Aye, don't touch me.
Don't push.
He's my friend.
What happened?
He pushed me.
- Sir, let me explain... basically this...
- Let him speak.
Sir, we get curry &
Every day it gets over.
They get meat,
even sweets...
Their food never gets over.
Because we are Indian, Pakistani,
Sri Lankan, Filipino...
Our colour is different,
we don't speak the same language.
Not good.
Bharat, that's enough.
- Basically what he's trying to say...
- Let him finish.
you are supervisors...
you know a well-oiled
machine does good work.
It never stops...
Similarly, if you give us proper food
we won't stop.
We'll give our best.
That's all sir...
Would you have died
if you didn't get curry?
God knows what they'll do with him!
He's here...
He's here...
Bharat, is everything okay?
Do we still have our job?
Shall we pack our bags?
Everyone gets the
same food from tomorrow.
I won't be hungry anymore...
Same food for everyone.
Bharat... Bharat... Bharat...
Bharat! What was that?
He's a very senior officer...
He could cancel
our entire contract in 2 minutes.
You and all these workers will have
to go back home and start begging!
Sorry madam-sir...
I just said what I was feeling.
- Your feeling?
- Ya.
And when are you going to
talk about your real feelings?
Sorry madam...
Feelings, my foot...
What feeling was she talking about?
You're a moron. Let's go guys...
The festival of Diwali is here.
Come on uncle,
let's talk to madam-sir...
If she can allow us to
organize some festivities?
Who's going to talk to her?
I will... Shut up!
I think she will listen to Bharat...
He can convince her. I know it.
- Is it?
- Ya.
After today's ruckus,
I'm steering clear of her.
She's in love with you, my boy.
Don't you also feel it?
We have all seen it?
What say boys?
- Oh yes!
- I've seen it.
You don't have to be the silent,
shy hero!
I've written a poem for you...
These pretty girls,
they like boys who are bold!
Ya, like me.
Don't mess with my head guys.
I don't want to head
home before my visa expires!
My years of experience say,
you need a little 'extra help'...
A dose of the truth-tonic.
Who is it?
It's Bharat...
Everybody was wondering if we can
get a holiday for Diwali tomorrow...
We could
organize some festivities...
Okay. I'll talk to the supervisor.
Anything else?
"These pretty girls,
they like boys who are bold!"
Whenever I see you,
I see a graceful white tigress...
The rarest beast!
When I hear your voice, it's like the
melody of...
water falling on rocks.
My eyes seem like
stars twinkling in the night sky?
And my hair feels like
the morning breeze...
It feels like a million
birds flying towards the sun...
But how did you
know the rest?
Because uncle recited this
poem for me on the plane...
Uncle?! Et tu Brute?
And I told him to
find someone his own age...
Before I throw him off the plane.
Now tell me what you want to.
My family and I...
Came to India from Pakistan
after the partition...
But my father and little sister
couldn't get on the train.
Madam-sir, this watch...
This is my father's watch...
It doesn't work.
For years now.
But when I look at it...
I wonder
how my father and sister are.
And then
you came into my life...
Now when I don't see you,
I can't help
but wonder
what you must be doing?
Got it...
So you see your father in me?!
No madam-sir...
You are different.
Father always said,
whenever you feel sad,
just eat something sweet.
You are the sweet I needed
in my bitter & sour life.
You are my sweet potion.
Sweet like honey...
Sweet like honey...
Sweet like honey...
This evening,
bland without your voice to savor...
Without you, this life,
is a life without any flavor.
For the sake of our love,
I beg and pray...
Give me a taste of your sweet dreams,
night & day...
You are... you are...
You are... you are...
the sweet potion of love...
The sweet potion of love...
Sweet like honey...
my potion of love.
The warmth of the sun, I don't need...
Let the moon not
shine its light above...
All I want is you,
my sweet potion of love.
You're my sweet potion of love.
Sweet like honey...
Sweet like honey...
Just the thought of you,
gives my words more meaning...
Just the sight of you...
leaves me with a lovely feeling...
You are my one true desire...
My one great longing,
when I long for you,
I find a sense of belonging.
You are... you are...
You are... you are...
the sweet potion of love...
The sweet potion of love...
The sweet potion of love...
Uncle, we have a man down!
Man? I think the woman
has fallen for him too!
All I want is you,
my sweet potion of love.
Sweet like honey... you're
my sweet potion of love.
Sweet like honey...
You're my sweet potion of love.
I need to talk to you.
Tell me.
my team and I want to work on
the gas pipeline tunnel.
Our visas are about to expire...
And the money I have earned
in the last 3 years isn't enough.
My sister gets married next month...
Others need to build houses...
Pay for medical bills.
The gas tunnel pays
3 times what we get now.
That's because it's 3 times
riskier to work there too.
Think it through Bharat.
I have madam-sir. Over and over.
We want to do this.
Come on, hurry up.
Hurry up.
It'll take some time to reach
the bottom...
15 minutes!
Start here.
Digging tunnel,
from here to here.
From here to here.
Very dangerous.
Bro I can't breathe.
We're making 3 times the money.
Be quiet and dig.
Praise the lord!
Keep at it!
What was that?
I think it's an earthquake...
Wait here. I'll go check.
Hey look at this...
That is not good!
It's an earthquake!
Run for your lives...
or you'll get trapped!
This is Control!
We're about to hit a gas line,
we need to get our men out, right now.
The gas pocket has blown up.
Get them out!
C'mon! Go, go, go!
My boys... my boys are left behind!
Wait for them...
I beg you, please wait!
- But what about my boys?
- They'll come. Wait.
All the way from here to there...
There is a blast
in the gas tunnel...
Run Vilayati!
The tunnel is collapsing!
- Bharat!
- Vilayati!
Towards the lift.
Uncle let's go. Get them.
My boys are stuck down there.
Yes uncle, we'll get them all.
Trust me.
Take him down...
Listen to me!
It's too dangerous down there.
The lift can't go back down.
The tunnel has collapsed.
Let's go!
Bharat! My leg... I'm trapped.
Don't worry Vilayati...
I'm here.
On the count of 3 Vilayati...
1, 2, 3...
Where's Bharat?
Bharat, bro what will I tell your family,
if something happens to you!
Bharat... Bharat!
There's people stuck down there.
How are you going to get them out?!
Madam, why don't you understand
what I am saying?
Pa, I'm looking after everyone
at the Hind Ration Store.
Ma still looks as beautiful as ever...
She doesn't say it,
but everyday her eyes betray
how she waits for you.
Junior has graduated
with distinction Pa.
He's in Delhi University
now... he studies hard...
Mehek has turned
into such a pretty girl...
She looks after
everyone when I'm gone.
She's getting married in 3 weeks...
Gudiya... my little doll.
Pa, I looked for her everywhere,
but I haven't been able to find her.
I want to apologize to her...
And to you, Pa.
Everyone says I have your eyes Pa.
Whenever I see a mirror,
I see your face... that last
look of you at the station...
I had heard that
in your last moments...
Your entire life flashes
before your eyes.
I have kept my promise till now Pa...
But every breath feels
like my last right now.
I'm sorry Pa, please forgive me...
Promise me... you'll
look after everyone?
Yes dad.
Hind Ration Store...
Now say what you really wanted to...
Call your father.
I'll see you there, with Gudiya.
You're the eldest.
Look after everyone.
- Yes dad.
- Don't forget, I will come.
My buddy is alive!
Don't cry.
We are not going to die here Vilayati.
We'll get out of here.
Who else is down here?
Roli... Yadav... and many others...
I'm scared Bharat.
Don't be...
Remember what Radha used to say?
Will you put your lives on the line?
do that one more time.
Alive, you beat inside me...
And in you, I live and die.
Alive, you beat inside me...
It's too late now.
There's no hope.
My boys are okay!
My boys are okay!
They are alive... thank god.
You're okay Vilayati?
Yes uncle... Bharat saved us all.
He did!
Alive, you beat inside me...
And in you, I live and die.
Like a phoenix I will rise,
to break these chains and fly.
Bharat! Bharat!
Grandpa is the best!
Grandpa is the best!
Come on kids... have your snacks.
The story can wait.
Are you happy big daddy...
Now that you've narrated your story?
It's my happy birthday...
I'd like it if you'd
feed me with your hands...
You are such a self-obsessed man...
What happened?
Just remembered that hug
from 40 years ago.
How you grabbed me...
Were you taking
advantage of me?!
You think you are too smart, no?!
Happy birthday!
I love you.
Okay grandpa, now tell us the rest...
The kids are not
going to give up bro...
And now even we want
to hear this story.
Come on kids. Settle down.
Tinku, sit straight.
Okay grandpa, everyone's ready...
What happened next?
Hang on...
If you and madam-sir
met 40 years ago,
then why did you guys
never get married?
That's... a bit complicated.
You want to tell them?
Bharat and his team
have done a miracle.
What I mean to say...
Is the one who stands up
and fights in his hardest time,
is the real hero...
I would like to now request the
company heads to facilitate the team
with the prize money and mementoes.
Thank you.
And today,
in front of everyone,
I want to say something
personal to Bharat...
I thought we were as
far apart as east and west...
I couldn't even bear to look at you...
But now I think...
I love you Bharat...
Holy mother of god!
Marry me?
Madam-sir is bold...
Bharat is clean bowled!
I'm just glad I didn't
get stuck in that tunnel!
Give me a big hand!
Are you going to invite me, or should
I just crash your sister's wedding?
Did you tell your
mom and sister about me?
they're a little conservative...
I'll need some more time.
Look Bharat,
I have always been pretty clear
about what I want...
I don't have parents
who could teach me right and wrong...
So I just say whatever
comes to my head...
It's my age to get married...
Yes, madam-sir...
I like you...
Thank you madam-sir...
So I said it in front of everyone...
That's okay madam-sir...
Now tell me,
when do you want to get married?
That day,
when I was trapped in that tunnel,
many faces flashed in my mind...
my Ma's,
my siblings,
I had lost all will.
The only thing that
kept me alive was the
promise I made to my Pa.
Madam-sir, I really like you...
And I love you too.
But I am scared that my love for you
will get in the way of my duties.
Please forgive me...
Oh, not at all.
You're not selfish...
you're too noble... like god himself.
You've been stringing
me along for months,
and now you wanna just
say goodbye over a shawarma?!
You shouldn't have filled
my head with this dream...
When it can't come true.
You've broken my heart...
And I can't forgive you.
But just know this...
You're only a man...
Stop trying to act like you're a god.
I'm the smartest advocate
at Allahabad court!
Our families have been talking
for 3 months...
But these two had to get their cataracts
operated on as soon as we fixed the meeting!
Hence, the goggles.
But I said...
If I have to marry the chick...
I mean girl, maybe
I need to go check her out.
She's nice.
That's the girl's aunt!
This is the girl!!!
Put your hand down...
And don't get so excited. We're
here for my wedding... sit straight.
So Mr. Brother-in-Law,
I heard you were
digging for oil in the desert?
You seriously like this idiot?
Yes brother, he sings really well...
We've heard you sing really well...
I can hear a voice...
a sweet & melodious voice!
You sure about a
life with this cartoon?
Bro! Just say yes...
We like the boy.
Thank you.
Breaking news!
The drummers are here!
Step on it man! Louder...
I'm going to beat you with this stick!
Mr. Bharat... did you see a ghost?
More like a ghostess!
Are the sweets ready?
It'll take some time... I'm on it.
The sweets are ready... and so am I!
What's happening to me?!
When can I get my payment?
You'll get it...
make sure the mattresses are soft!
It's softer than wool...
here touch it!
Who you going to sleep with on it?
Bharat... the groom is here.
Come on...
- They've come?
- Yes, outside... at the door.
Gimme a sec...
Oh god...
Now I'm seeing madam-sir
in the wedding party as well...
Now even I'm seeing her.
You are?
Can you check?
It's definitely madam-sir...
I was the one who took them for the
oil digging job...
Even this Vilayati.
Yes Ma.
She took us there.
Working side-by-side, Bharat
and I developed some attraction -
Your brother looks
like an average guy,
but on the inside...
he's one of a kind!
And one day, I asked Bharat
to marry me in front of everyone.
But he refused because
he has a promise to keep...
Maybe he's right.
But if we can't move forward,
can we at least continue being
where we are, in this relationship?
The girl is right.
The girl is over here.
Hold your gift and sit straight!
I don't believe that
in today's day and age,
we have to be married
if we love someone.
Ya Ma, no, wait - madam-sir,
what are you saying?!
Your brother's a player...
but she's the coach!
A live-in... without marriage!
Why the hell are we
getting married?!
Bharat! Do you like her too?
Ma, you have no idea.
Be quiet...
Yes Ma,
I like her.
Okay then...
You can do what you guys deem right.
My love, is it that hard?
To buy me a pump for my backyard.
Listen to me - your village belle,
I ain't walking to the village well!
I ain't walking to that well!
My love, is it that hard?
To buy me a pump for my backyard.
Listen to me - your village belle,
I ain't walking to the village well!
I ain't walking to that well!
I'll jump across your rooftop...
I'll whisk you away, I won't stop,
I've got my eye on you.
Enough with this decency...
I'm declaring an emergency...
This long-distance, I can't do.
Come a little closer, dear...
I wanna touch your heart.
This village belle has got no fear,
no one can dare keep us apart.
Come hither...
Baby, come hither.
My love, is it that hard?
To buy me a pump for my backyard.
Listen to me - your village belle,
I ain't walking to the village well!
My love, is it that hard?
To buy me a pump for my backyard.
Listen to me - your village belle,
I ain't walking to the village well!
I ain't walking to that well!
Come hither...
Yo, why you bringing down the house?
You're lighting fires I can't douse...
Never seen your swag or this style,
couldn't see you coming from a mile.
You say you want me close...
But now is not the time sweetheart.
This village belle has got no fear,
no one can dare keep us apart.
So come hither...
Just come closer.
Baby, come hither.
Let me shower you with flowers...
I'll scream it from atop all towers...
Stop teasing me and just say 'Yes'.
So come a little closer, dear...
I wanna touch your heart,
this village belle has got no fear,
no one can dare keep us apart.
So come hither...
This was a golden
phase of our lives...
I was probably the first Indian son
to get permission
to live-in with a girl,
from his own mother!
Inspired by me... junior too
had a love marriage!
At the same time, the country saw
more jobs...
And madam-sir...
- Because of her good looks and attitude,
- In today's news...
- landed a job as a news anchor!
- The government has lifted the national emergency,
and announced union
elections in March...
In the day she read the news,
and at night she helped
us study at the night school...
So I could clear high school...
And apply for a job in the railways...
And one day...
This Madan Lal is from Delhi...
he'll whack them!
Marshall to Madan Lal.
And, he's bowled!
We need Kirmani!
Holding to Kirmani...
Hang on to this... it's lucky!
And Kirmani goes too!
Bharat... our boys got slammed
in the finals!
183 all out.
What's this?
I now have a job
in the railways!
So you'll be a station
master in 2 years!
Your dream has come true...
Congratulations bro!
We sell government rations,
but since it's a great location...
You can sell just about anything.
What's this drama outside the shop?
Let's see...
You can't sell this shop...
Why not?
This isn't your shop?
But it's my aunt's shop.
And I have been running
it with her for the last 10 years!
She's barely been dead for
2 months and you want to sell it off?
Keep your voice down...
Is this how you
talk to your elders?!
I don't have any money left...
And I'm not going to be
a burden on anyone else.
You want this shop?
Then get the money and buy it from me!
Hind Ration Store.
I'll see you there, with Gudiya.
- You are the eldest. Look after everyone.
- Yes Pa...
- I'll meet you there.
- Pa!
Hind Ration Store was the only chance
to see dad again...
Amarnath to Holding...
loud appeal for LBW... given!!!
What a twisted stroke of luck.
The whole country
was celebrating India's first
world cup victory...
Kapil dev grabbed the world cup
on the Lord's balcony,
and here... the shop was on sale,
and to save it
my childhood dream of
becoming a station master
just like my father...
Was slipping from my hands...
Mr. Chaurasia,
can you get us some work where
we can earn a lot of money, very fast.
You want work on a ship?
In the merchant navy?
Oh no, no, we can't fight!
Give us something simpler...
I'm not talking about warships,
I'm talking about cargo ships!
The ones that are used
to send goods to other countries?
The money is great...
You already have experience
in drilling right?
I'll place you in the engine room...
as mechanics.
What say?
But guys,
this can get dangerous sometimes...
Dangerous, how?
I mean, sometimes in these waters...
I'll do it!
So now you want to marry me?
So I can look after your mother,
when you are gone?
Junior is always out for work,
Mehek is married and has her kid.
Ma can't run
the store at her age...
You're bribing me with marriage
so that I will run your store?!
You want me to
quit my job and run this shop?
Bharat, I'm here with you,
because I want to be with you...
I don't need favors from you.
Ma'am we are going live in 30 seconds.
No Bharat...
you are not going anywhere...
We don't need to buy that damn store.
No need to butter me up.
Even that big ship 'TONSIL'
had drowned in the sea...
Ma that was Titonic... not Tonsil.
Whatever... it did sink no?
I won't let you do something
dangerous again.
Ma, Vilayati and I
just need to do 3-4 trips
and we will have all the money...
What? Vilayati's also going?
Oh ya, Ma I'm also going.
Trust me,
there are no dangers in this work.
I swear on your big toe!
Vilayati! Hold on tight...
How long should I hold it?!
As long as this storm lasts!
The only thing more hazardous
than these storms was
our ship captain - Sundar Singh!
All you...
ship come... know? Together...
Got it?
Got it?
What ancient dialect is
this Neanderthal yapping in?
I don't get a word he is saying...
- Dude!
- Ya?
- What did he say?
- You don't... last life!
The sky is blue... I got no clue!
The Captain had cluttering where the
mind doesn't work as fast as the mouth.
The speaker presumes he's being clear
but those around him always look lost.
Whose purse?!
Whose purse, sir?!
I said disperse!
Don't you get it?
So clearly I said...
Captains could bring their families
along on the voyage...
And the best thing about this ship
was the captain's 5 year old - Minnie.
Who I had become fast friends with.
For a moment I thought it was Gudiya
standing in front of
me disguised as Minnie...
Gudiya! Don't let go of my hand...
The ship's engine room
would practically boil us alive...
All our free time was
spent playing with Minnie...
But with Minnie I would
feel like Gudiya is with me again...
Gudiya, you have
a mole behind your ear...
What's a mole?
It's god's way of
making sure pretty girls
are always protected from any evil...
He's here, he's here...
Hello sir.
But at sea,
the biggest threat was our captain...
And one day, Vilayati accidentally
struck gold...
Vilayati looked like
he was having a stroke...
And going into a coma.
Mr. Captain sir had started invading
Vilayati's dreams...
I can't follow a thing...
I've cracked the ancient dialect!
Shape... machine... body... machine.
Sir, you're our senior.
You know it best.
Got it, got it, got it!
We had found an antidote to
Mr. Captain's dialect...
And now everyone on the ship
was feeding it back to the captain!
Sir, you're our senior.
You know it best.
My boy!
Sir, you're our senior.
You know it best.
Sir, you're our senior.
You know it best.
How many times will
you count it Bharat?
- They've paid us in full.
- Ya, ya...
Keep it safe,
what if someone picks your pocket?
I was just counting
how many more trips
we need to make to buy the shop back.
You can keep my money as well.
Now can we go see the world a little?
Isn't our life like a dream?
The partition,
that circus... Ya.
Oil wells...
And now this.
You're absolutely correct.
It's a dream
and I'm leaving before you wake me up!
Oh boy...
Hey, Vilayati!
Bharat... this is the life!
- Vilayati!
- Girl, Vilayati...
The idiot is going
to lose all his money...
When can I meet your parents?!
Need to marry.
- Vilayati!
- Come baby...
I think you're rushing into it!
Meet your sister-in-law!
Get a hold on yourself man...
What's your name?
Sasi?! That's an Indian name - Sasi!
It's Sussan! Sus-san...
You sound just like my mommy!
Where you taking me?
I take to you to the paradise...
I'm not coming back...
I'm growing old with her.
Cancel my ticket Bharat!
I can see all your friends are having
lots of fun over there..
Nobody wait at home for them...
Me, country waiting...
Very special...
- Look everyone how they dance!
- This is noise!
It's not noise!
So what's your name?
And where are you from, Bharat?
- India...
- Bharat, hold! I'm coming back...
She wants to control my life already!
Divorce before marriage. FINAL!
Aye, where you are going?
You're supposed to marry me...
Marry, okay... music, dance... no...
What is wrong with our music?
Your music is noise!
Eardrum burst...
Our ship engine has more melody...
Okay, play your music...
I want to see...
Bharat... you have to sing!
No one will understand
a regional song here...
They'll laugh at us.
Our music comes
straight from the heart...
- That's true...
- It's the song of our land.
They'll get it...
Everybody, Bharat will sing!
For a fistful of pennies,
my home I've left behind...
I've come so far away,
but home is always on my mind...
A picture of home is all I carry...
Cut my chest open,
if you got a doubt...
Home is all you will see,
when you tear my heart out.
Away from home... too far away...
I've wandered far away from home.
Away from home... too far away...
I got to go back... far as I may roam.
I've found it all...
but not the peace of home...
I got to go back... far as I may roam.
My child... how have you been?
No phone, no letters...
I've found myself a wife Ma.
The sense of abandon
at home is way better...
A hug from a loved one,
is no match for a letter...
To while away here, I find no time...
I'll take a warm embrace,
over earning a dime...
To earn myself a few pennies
I've walked away from home...
To buy myself a joy or two...
far and wide I roam...
The world & all its
joys I don't wish to see...
Every little memory of her's
makes me go weak in the knee...
Away from home... too far away...
I've wandered far away from home.
Away from home... too far away...
I got to go back... far as I may roam.
Away from home... too far away...
I've wandered far away from home.
Away from home... too far away...
I got to go back... far as I may roam.
I've found it all...
but not the peace of home...
I got to go back... far as I may roam.
Sir, you should see this.
Sir, a fishing boat
doesn't travel this fast.
Sir, I think it's pirates.
- Sea pirates, sir.
- What? Show!
Yes, yes... African sea pirates!
Raise the alarm guys...
we have a pirate boat approaching.
Come on, come on, hurry up, fire it...
What are you saying sir?
I don't get it...
- Water hose man!
- Fire hose...
Okay boys,
get the fire hose ready fast...
Okay guys, to the main deck...
to the main deck!
Hit him!
Don't let them get away!
Hey Bharat... you also fire!
There's some danger
in this line of work...
You know these African sea pirates,
they could attack the ship...
And sometimes it can lead to a
teeny-tiny... murder or two.
Fire the hose from downstairs...
Run, run, run!
Come on, come on!
Go side!
Shoot the hook!
Climb up!
Don't worry,
nothing will happen to you!
Get back...
Get back...
Bharat! The pirates have captured the
captain and his family...
Go inside and hide. Go, go, go!
Vilayati! Open the door...
What's the matter?
Pirates are aboard the ship...
they have the captain and his family.
What are you saying bro?
Come on, let's help them.
Shut up and get inside.
If they get us,
they'll take us along with the captain
for ransom.
And I've just got married bro...
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Get down, Get down!
Even little Minnie is with them man...
I know you see Gudiya in Minnie...
Then you know how I've lived
so many years without her.
Open! Open the door!!!
- Stay down!
- Don't shoot.
If something happens
to me, give Ma all my money.
Bharat, this is our last trip...
Don't mess it up!
Don't come if you don't want to...
Bharat! Listen to me.
Shut up! I don't understand
what you're saying...
What are you speaking?
- What are you doing here?
- The same thing as you.
When have I ever left you alone?
What do we do?
We can't hurt flies if we wanted to...
I don't know if it will work...
but I have a plan...
Hey, I will shoot you both!
- Where did you find them?
- They were hiding...
Save us... Bharat!
Brother, no fight brother...
no shoot brother...
We all very poor brother...
Family at home, waiting for us...
Brother, India-Africa same brother...
Very poor... same colour brother...
Me black, you also black...
You black?
Sorry brother, brown...
but he black brother...
- He African?
- No no... I Indian...
- He... Indian?
- Yes, Indian...
In India,
no white, no black, no brown...
Everyone same brother...
We Indian, love Africa brother...
We love your...
Michael Jackson brother...
- Michael Jackson?
- Michael Jackson brother...
Michael Jackson is American!
- Oh ya...
- It's wrong!
We love Pele brother...
- Pele is from Brazil!
- Brazil?
Mandola, Wilson...
Nelson Mandela...
Brother, we love Mr. Nelson Mandela...
Mr. Gandhi, Mr. Nelson Mandela
were friends, more like brothers...
- Mandela?
- Yeah! Gandhi...
- Gandhi?
- Yeah!
Good man...
Very good man brother...
very good man...
Vilayati, he's calming down...
Give him the money...
No! I won't give him our money...
- Give me money!
- Give him the money...
We had such dreams man...
A small house,
a car, bank balance!
And besides, how will
you buy the shop back?!
Don't get emotional...
just give him the money.
- Give me money...
- Yes brother, giving you money...
Bank balance,
house, car - like movie -
Yes, Amitabh Bachchan movie!
Yes! Bollywood movie!
- Amitabh Bachchan - superstar!
- Yes brother...
In Africa everyone
love Amitabh Bachchan!
I like Amitabh Bachchan...
I love, Amitabh Bachchan...
We all like Amitabh Bachchan...
whole India brother,
love Amitabh Bachchan...
Amitabh Bachchan...
Sing Amitabh Bachchan song!
No brother, very difficult brother...
I said sing!
Meera has the nicest dancing shoes...
But I dance without
my dancing shoes...
It's raining colours...
I'm drenched in red, yellow and green...
It's raining colours...
I'm drenched in red, yellow and green...
I'm just a poor boy...
With no men or means...
but god only save you...
That day Mikhael danced with us,
as if we were childhood friends.
He gave us back our money,
and we gave him
half the ship's rations...
But the biggest lesson we learnt was
that the solution to most
dangerous problems in the world is...
Love, of course...
and Bollywood film songs!
I bought Hind Ration Store,
and the whole
family was together once again.
Ma was happy;
Madam-sir was happy
that I was happy!
But Vilayati was over the moon...
Because he was the
proud first boy of our
neighborhood who had
married a white girl!
The 90s gave India 2 new superstars...
Shahrukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar.
But our real hero was
Dr. Manmohan Singh - our finance minister,
who liberalized and
globalized the economy.
We made progress in every field...
Many new
TV channels came to life...
One of them was Zee TV.
Because of her experience with news,
madam-sir landed a job there.
The partition of 1947, saw a huge
refugee displacement...
About 15 million people
crossed the border.
In most cases this was an unplanned
movement to save their own lives.
In the ensuing chaos, a
lot of families got separated...
And this sir,
forms the basis of 'me and my own'.
Sir, we plan to set
up temporary studios like
these on both sides
of the Wagah border...
Where people will narrate
their stories of getting separated.
We will broadcast this on
both sides of the border...
In the hope that maybe some people will
recognize their families. Their loved ones.
Kumud, your team has been making the
same presentation for the last 4 years...
Sir, a lot of people lost
their families during partition.
This show has the power to
unite them and to change many lives.
I think this show can be
a game changer for our channel...
Do you have a personal connection
involved with this show?
Something like that sir.
Okay! You are this channel's
creative director,
that goes without saying...
My only concerns are
the permissions at the border.
Sort them out and
we are good to go!
Thank you, sir.
Friends, today is a
historic day... you can see
the thousands who have
gathered at the Wagah border...
In the slightest hope that
they could look for the
families they lost in 1947
if they can just meet them once.
With the help from
governments of both nations,
Zee TV will make a small effort
over the next 3 months to bring
you stories of families separating...
And hopefully...
of these families reuniting.
Madam-sir is over there.
My will is steady,
my hope still strong,
anxious & dry, every tear in my eye...
This wait for you has been too long...
Will I find the one I seek?
Friends, I'm right now standing on
the no-man's land between
India and Pakistan.
It's a special day...
Because for the first time,
both government's have allowed
its people on to this no-man's land...
This is Salim Zaidi reporting
to you from the Pakistani side...
Of the Wagah border.
All the gathered here hope that
the people across the border...
Might have some of their own.
We hope through 'me and my own'
some families are reunited.
My door always lies ajar,
my eyes search wide & far...
Where are you? Where are you?
My door always lies ajar,
my eyes search wide & far...
Where are you? Where are you?
Friends, we welcome you to the 'me and
my own' studio at the Wagah border...
A similar studio operates
across the border in Pakistan.
In the next 3 months we will listen to tales
of separation caused by the partition.
Going live in 3... 2... 1...
Mr. Sawinder Singh...
our viewers want to hear your story.
We were attacked by rioters
near Lahore on our way to India...
And we ran and hid in the farms.
But in the morning...
I couldn't find
my oldest son - Harpal Singh.
I looked for him everywhere,
but I couldn't find him.
I kept screaming his name
"Harpal!" "Billu!" - "my son!"
But I couldn't find him.
Just couldn't...
I am Ravinder Kumar, from Delhi...
We used to live in Peshawar.
When the riots broke out, my
younger sister Kishori was in school.
Some kind souls of our neighborhood
smuggled us out of there,
but in the chaos, Kishori got lost.
We looked for her everywhere,
but I couldn't find her.
Where are you Kishori?!
The next person on 'me and
my own' is Bharat from Delhi...
I was 8 years old...
14th August 1947...
We were at Mirpur train station...
I was carrying my sister Gudiya
on my back while
trying to climb to
the roof of the train...
Suddenly... there was a commotion and.
Gudiya's hand
slipped out of my hand...
Gudiya fell down on the platform...
And my Pa
got down
to look for her,
but the train took off...
Since that day... Ma and I
are waiting for them to come back...
Lonely, I drift aimless;
Come back, ease my pain.
Show me how do I bear this
unbearable world again.
I pray for some news of you... of joy
but prayer too is a failing ploy...
I keep looking back,
to see what I've become...
I find myself, lost...
where have I come?
Will you ever know?
Will you ever come?
Dear friends, it's a special
moment on 'me and my own'...
We could see a family reuniting
with each other because of this show...
Some stories from across the border
have come in touch with our tales...
Today, on our show we will bring
these stories face
to face with each other.
Sir, please look in that camera...
Is your name Harpal Singh?
Sir, I don't remember my real name...
I just remember.
When I was running through the fields
someone was calling me 'Billu!'
Billu? Are you still
fond of mango pickle?
I love it.
Am I your son?
I'm sorry my son...
I couldn't find you that day!
Are you my Kishori?
Yes brother... I'm your Kishori.
You remember what I called
you when I pulled your cheeks?
My heart is always full;
Tears aplenty, laughs handful,
where are you? Where are you?
My heart is always full;
Tears aplenty, laughs handful,
where are you? Where are you?
Why did you never go
to Pakistan to look for Pa?
I was scared...
What if I didn't find him?
At least the hope of my promise
has given Ma and me
the strength to go on.
It took a lot of courage
to even come here...
someone from Pakistan is saying
his son's name is Bharat...
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Bharat! This could be your father!
We are going live...
One second. Sit here.
- Saurabh!
- Ya!
Viewers, another small hope has
been rekindled on our show today...
Someone from Pakistan has contacted
us, who believes Bharat is his son.
Ma! Junior! Come here fast!
Sir, please look in that camera...
Did you live in Mirpur?
Is your name Bharat Singh?
It's Bharat...
And my Pa's name is Gautam.
Your name isn't Bharat Singh?
Are you not my Bharat?
Why won't someone call my Bharat?
I'm sure you will meet your son.
All of this was a bloody time waste.
It's been more than
a month and a half.
They seem to have found everyone...
Except my father.
Eat your food Bharat...
it'll get cold.
I'm not hungry.
Pack your stuff...
We'll go back tomorrow.
Starving yourself is
not going to bring Pa back...
How long will you not eat?
Bharat, we are doing
everything we can.
It's been 48 years since
you separated from him.
God knows where... and how he is?
Whether he will be able
to come back here...
He must be at least 80?
That too if he's still alive! No?
You're my friend...
Stay in your limits.
You know what your problem is Bharat?
You don't value who you have,
the ones who are standing by you.
You've spent your
entire life waiting...
And god only knows
if that wait will ever end.
Asking me to stay in my limits!
Come, let's eat.
I'm not hungry Bharat.
Starving yourself is not
going to bring my Pa back.
You are the only one
who gets me Vilayati.
We have just been contacted
by a lady in London...
My sister's name is Gudiya.
I don't know my real name...
My Ma & Pa adopted me
from an orphanage in Mirpur...
And then we came to London.
They named me Meher.
Were you...
Did you stay in Mirpur?
I don't know.
I just remember
we were running to catch the train
and my brother
was holding my hand tight.
Before we got separated
my brother said.
Gudiya... this isn't a carnival, okay?
Don't you let go of my hand.
Don't you let go of my hand!
Don't you let go of my hand!
Gudiya has a mole behind her ear!
You have a mole.
He found his sister...
Why did you let go of my hand brother?
I'm sorry Gudiya, I'm sorry!
I tried but.
I couldn't hold on to you...
Where's my Ma?
I want to meet her.
Your Ma is alive Gudiya...
she's alive!
Bharat has found his sister!
He's found her!
He's found her!
Life is so crazy...
Kept looking for Pa,
but god reunited me with my Gudiya.
And the credit for this
goes entirely to madam-sir!
My Ma was my superhero.
For the first time
in 48 years I saw tears in her eyes.
She never cried all these
years so her children don't lose hope.
Today, after meeting Gudiya,
one half of all her wishes had come true.
With the other half
of meeting Pa forever incomplete...
Ma left us for a better place.
Uncle Keemat also
left us 6 months later...
Now I became the eldest of the house.
The train is here. Bring out the cake!
The train is here. Bring out the cake!
What's under that?!
Mr. Bharat, wish you a happy birthday!
The signal is down,
the train won't stop...
Let's cut the cake fast!
Blow the candles! Blow them!
Happy birthday to you!!!
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Ya Vilayati?
Bharat, where are you?
I'm at the store...
That Gulati has called for an association
meeting in the morning regarding the mall.
He's bad-mouthing you...
What else do you expect
with such a foul mouth?
Right on cue!
Did Gulati send you?
If you ever set eyes on my shop,
I'll bury you alive punk!
In accordance with the
by-laws of this association
we will vote to decide if this market
should turn into a mall.
And the decision of this
vote will be binding on everyone.
What's wrong Gulati?
Cat got your tongue?
You look a little pale...
Don't you want to tell everyone...
That you tried to get me beaten up!
Yes I did!
I sent those men to beat you!
I can't watch my children starving...
And neither can any of them!
Everyone who wants a mall,
raise your hands!
Come on now!
Look at this...
This is the wind of change Mr. Bharat,
how will you stop it?
You can't stand
in the way of everyone else's future.
Long live Old Delhi
Traders Association!
- Long live... long live!
- Loudly! Everyone!!!
Long live... long live!
- Long live... long live!
- Just a second...
But this land is yours...
And yet you will be
the builder's tenants?!
Does that make sense to you?
Build a mall... by all means!
But don't let these foreigners
and builders make it...
You and your association
will make that mall.
Excuse me! What are you saying?
Foreign investors are here...
Shut up you!
Why? Why will I shut up?
Sit down quietly,
or I'll rake up a case and get you thrown
in jail for a non-bailable offence!
How dare you bloody
attack my family member?
I'll kick your bloody skull in!
- Too much?
- Ya.
- So tell me friends...
- Calm down, he's a lawyer.
You want to be owners of your shops?
Or tenants?
Everyone who wants to be owners,
put your hands up.
He's right.
I think he's totally right.
- Why are you raising your hand?
- Have faith in me.
Still too much brother-in-law?
No. For once you
are just about enough.
Say with me...
Long live Old Delhi
Traders Association!
Long live... long live!
Long live Old Delhi
Traders Association!
Long live... long live!
Pa... they are demolishing the shop.
They want to make a mall.
It's the new India. A new Bharat.
I'm outdated now.
But that doesn't bother me...
I'm angry because I kept my promise...
I looked after this shop for years,
just because of your words.
"I'll come to Hind Ration Store."
You made a fool of me Pa.
I can no longer stand
in the way of others' future
because of this promise.
I just hope and pray
that you are happy...
Wherever you are.
Hind Ration Store.
I'll see you there, with Gudiya.
I'll meet you there.
You think I didn't keep my promise?
I was always with you...
I knew I wasn't going to make it
when I got off the train.
What could a father do Bharat?
I couldn't live with myself
if I left Gudiya behind...
Every child is as dear to a father...
You know why I named you Bharat?
Nations are built by people,
and people are known by
the families they belong to...
And you kept this
whole family together.
I'm proud of you my child!
This entire nation
lives in you Bharat.
Too much time has passed Bharat...
You need to let go off me...
Right now, in this very shop.
And free yourself of my promise...
Of me.
Alive, you beat inside me...
And in you, I live and die.
Like a phoenix I will rise,
to break these chains and fly.
Hope is the strongest
power in the world...
And this is what keeps us all alive.
Wherever father may be,
he will remain alive within me.
And I believe that our paths
will surely cross one day.
Alive, you beat inside me...
And in you, I live and die.
Since I have troubled
madam-sir the most...
I love you, madam-sir...
Bharat if you're going
to propose marriage again,
let me stop you right there!
It was my decision to live
with you without getting married,
so don't worry about it.
Anyway, it's 2010 Mr. Bharat...
People don't frown at unwed
lovers living together anymore.
So, you don't want to get married?
Yes meaning? You want to or you don't?
You think you are too smart, no?!
Okay, okay...
If you are insisting so
much... I guess.