Bheemante Vazhi (2021) Movie Script

Come sit.
First, bean sprouts.
Come on, eat it.
Uff, you'll be damned, Appa!
Just give him some rice
and leftover beef curry.
You keep quiet, we're on a diet.
Mm... diet!
Blessy chechi!
-Hey Superman!
Eat, my dear Jack
and then I'll give you an oil bath.
Oh, mother!
Is Sanju ettan still sleeping, Amma?
Ah... who knows!
I can hear a concert!
Joby chetta...
Fix the motor or I'll set Jack on you.
Please don't, Blessy!
Just two more days.
And I'll fix it!
Who's there?
[In Tamil] I'm Sankaran Thampi.
[In Tamil] What brings you here?
Tell me the password, Sankaran Thampi.
Just tell me the password.
That's the password, 'why'.
Get up!
What do you want?
Annamalai University.
MSW application.
Why? You already have a job, no?
I want to serve the world!
Annamalai University...
Bheeman etta...
Smelling good...
Will you come by this afternoon?
I've to go to office.
You could've just brought
this when you were free.
Need to apply by 11:00 o'clock.
You've to apply by 11:00 o'clock, huh?!
Then why don't we....
Listen... I've got work to do.
You think I only come here for this?
You do whatever you want.
I need to go out and buy some stuff.
Ah... but...
Spoiled the mood!
Annamalai, it seems...
Listen, buy some bones for Chicoo.
I keep forgetting we have a dog
until you ask me to buy bones.
-I'm also coming.
-Okay, come.
Why don't you bring Shari
and the kids back home?
Why fight and keep grudges?
My dear Shantha chechi!
I ride an auto rickshaw
from morning till evening.
And without wasting a penny,
I hand over the money to her.
And what?
I drink two small pegs at night.
Have I ever created a drunken ruckus?
Have I? Huh?
No, right?
-That you haven't.
-Now let's go, Bheeman.
Come by 10 o'clock, okay?
-Need to take Dad to the treasury.
Come near Oothampally by 10, I'll take you.
-Don't forget, okay?
-No, no.
That's good, I can see Oothampally too.
-Sole fish, prawns, mackerel...
Fish for sale!
Can't come tomorrow, that's why.
Okay, chechi.
What have you got?
Prawns and sole fish.
Ah... half kilo prawns--
No, no, prawns cause heat.
No need.
Oh, then give half a kilo
sole fish at home.
-Will do.
-Hey, wait, wait.
Then give half a kilo prawns
to my house too.
You just said prawns cause heat?
That's only for me.
Dad and mom have no issues.
Ugh... such a...
Watch out.
-Take that.
-Ah, yes.
Go... go...
Ah, yes.
Keep going...
Go on!
'Oothampally Kostheppu'
Do you want a peg?
Can't drink now. Got a ride.
Have a small one, man.
Don't want.
Fine, if you don't want.
Varghese ettan is waiting for you.
-Okay, tell him I'm coming.
-Come fast!
You said you didn't want?
Ah, just going with the flow.
Varghese ettan...
Let's go?
Just tell him I had come.
Still not up?
-Don't wake him up.
-It's okay.
He's tired, let him sleep.
Look who's come.
Your childhood friend, Varghese ettan.
Open your eyes, Daddy.
Oh... it's you, Varghese...
-My dear Varghese...
Look at my condition now...
Who knows what or how
your condition will be...
O Dear God!
Please protect!
Let's go?
Then come.
Varghese ettan...
Is there any other place
you need to go after the treasury?
Varghese ettan!
Varghese ettan?!
In Loving Memory of
Varghese Kurlanjeri (79 years)
Praise be to Jesus Christ.
Look at Daddy's childhood friend
just lying there.
Wonder when Daddy will get a chance?
What's it, man?
Hey Bheeman, I was shot
and killed half an hour back.
My flight lands at 10:30, ok?
Killed so soon? You said you had
three days of shooting left?
Oh, man! Ten scenes back, they shot
and killed the hero's brother
and in the very next scene, me!
Pick me up, ok?
-I'll come.-Stop ogling at her.
Instead go and buy a few beers.
Let me see...
You'll see?!
Uff... Okay, I will.
[In Telugu]
Now that's how you should say it!
Shush! Someone's coming!
Shush, shush! Sit down!
What happened?
Why are you standing here?
Ah, Maharshi!
It was you.
I was telling this girl
to be careful cos this place is
full of poisonous creatures.
She got really scared, man.
It's time for the prayers.
Anyway, you'll be here, no?
So, I'll leave.
Be careful, ok.
What good is this voice for...
if not to sing thy praises...
O dear Lord...
Oh, my!
Amma! What happened?
My leg...
No... I'm not able to...
-It's hurting a lot.
-It's okay...
Just lean on this wall.
I'll be right back.
Paul etta!
Paul etta! PAUL ETTA!
What happened?
-Watch the step!
-Bring the umbrella.
Hold the umbrella.
Be careful, slowly...
Here, this way.
-Come this way.
-No, can't go that way.
-Let's go this way.
-Isn't that risky?
We'll take her over the wall.
There's no other way. Come!
-Watch that side.
Hold on.
Against that wall...
-Right here...
-Watch out.
-Put it there.
-Yes, right here.
-You go over first.
-Careful, son.
Dasan, you also jump.
I can't, my son...
-Hold that umbrella still.
-Jump, Dasan!
-Don't worry, Shantha chechi.
-We're with you...
-Cannot bear the pain...
-Oh, no! Ouch...
Lift up. Hold that side, Dasan.
-Slowly, my child...
-Should I hold?
Now let's jump to the other side.
Jump over, Appa. We'll hold it.
Come this side.
-Holding, right?
-Yes, yes!
-Hold on!
-Oh, no. Be careful, slowly...
Hold it forward.
-Hold. Hold.
-Hold right there.
-Oh, my leg! My leg!
-Come, come.
-I'm coming.
-Hold the umbrella properly.
I'll hold the torch light.
-Son, go slow.
-We're going slow.
-My leg hurts.
-Stop crying, chechi.
What a dreadful path!
Impossible to even go through!
Don't worry, Shantha chechi,
we're near the car.
-We're here.
-Someone go that side.
-Ouch! My leg is hitting.
-I'm holding here.
-Watch out.
We're here, Shantha chechi.
-Did you open the door?
-Yes, I did.
Shine the torch over here.
Rony, you also go.
-Both of you go that side.
-Rony, hold me.
-Rony chechi, help her inside.
Start the car, Manilal!
Please don't cry, Shantha chechi.
We'll soon be at the hospital.
It's hurting so bad.
-Quick, start the car.
-Get going!
Will they discharge her today?
It's only been two days, Bheeman.
Can't leave you alone even in a hospital.
Get lost.
By the way,
are you seriously getting married?
Of course.
Who's going to take care
of me in old age?
So, what is it that you want me to do?
Remember Jo's uncle?
That is, my groom!
Jo's uncle, who was all
like, our way is too narrow
for a car, truck and airplane to
reach our house!
He had pissed off Appa so much
that it completely screwed up
my marriage proposal!
That same groom!
Oh, is it?
So now uncle has no problem or what?
Jo said he'll handle that.
Jo is really interested...
So am I....
So, when is this Jo-mon coming?
Next week!
He's on leave only for a few days.
So... you've to somehow convince
Appa and make this happen.
Watch your step.
-Hey Bheeman!
-How's your mother now?
-She's okay now.
I didn't know about it
until the next morning.
You know how it is with us!
By 8:00 o'clock we're done
with the rosary and dinner.
And straight to bed.
-Hold me, carefully.
Do you want help?
-No need.
Listen Bheeman...
Now she is really a Bheeman's mother.
Come and help your father, Spider-Man!
This one is with sugar.
It took us 20 minutes to get here
from Oothampally.
I'm so exhausted, my child!
The people here should realise
the need for a decent public road!
Not once have I heard
even Bheeman raise this issue.
What can I say?
If you and the municipality put your heads
together, it will happen.
If you also help, I'll make sure a car
passes through this way
before the election!
If we try together--
-Ah, ah! Started!
-Look it has started.
MAN [ON TV]: Rip open my chest
and you can see if I have a heart or not.
And whos in that heart.
Come on, pour one, man.
And it was pouring rain...
There was no need for all of us
to go to the hospital.
So, I asked her to get
into the car and go.
I rushed back and then
the two of us sat guard over here.
Pour one, man.
[In Telugu] Mr. Gulan!
There were six pegs in one pint.
You had two and I had two.
He had one and he had the other one.
And now it's over.
-It's over. Now flip your glass.
-Why is that?
-Isn't it time for you to come home?
Since when have I been calling you?
Give him a corner and he will
settle there forever! Get down!
Come, get down.
Why don't you wear this dress in Hyderabad?
Who's going to see you in this countryside?
His bloody pint!
Come on, now!
-He's kidding man. It looks cool!
-Jack, do I smell of alcohol?
-Looks super, no?
-Don't you feel hot?
[In Telugu] Pada!
I mean, let's go.
I'll drop him and come back!
Next time we'll have an even
grander meet up, ok?
-Sure, man.
-Pada fast, man!
Come on, you piece of garbage!
What's the name of your new movie?
-[In Telugu] Gundello Touchastha!
-What a meaningful name!
Okay, then.
Where did you run off to
in the middle of a discussion?
I was giving them company.
All of us desperately need that road.
If you just go out there,
talk to everyone and convince them,
I'll deal with the municipality.
Okay, then.
-Hey Bheeman.
Do you've a small peg left?
It wasn't even sufficient for me.
-Not even a little?
-Not even a single drop!
Shucks, tonight's sleep is ruined!
If only we had a road wide enough
for a vehicle to pass through...
Your dad wouldn't have died so early.
I always think about that.
Amma, stop being melodramatic
like your serials!
Put your hands on my shoulder.
Be careful...
-Oh, God...
Go and sleep, son.
The guy who couldn't walk four metres
from Oothampally to my house
needn't marry my daughter.
Give me that.
But the guy didn't complain
about the way, no?
It was that decorative piece of an uncle.
Just let it go!
Doesn't matter if he came
for decoration or for business
he gobbled up 12 rice balls in one go!
I told her then itself,
that man was up to no good.
The groom will take care of all that.
He's really interested.
Why be stubborn?
I said the same thing.
-Only son and no liabilities.
And if the groom has no complaints,
what's our problem?
That's what!
This is hardly a problem.
And about the road,
it'll be immediately sorted!
Huh? How are you going to do that?
This Sunday, there's a meeting with
all the residents who use this way.
Our ward Councillor,
Reetha chechi will be there.
Gulan chettan, chechi and Jack
should definitely be there.
I don't think he'll come.
I'll try talking to him,
if he agrees I'll bring.
Okay, then.
Bheeman, start.
This is our location map.
The siphon is around here.
This yellow line represents the path
that needs to be widened.
And it leads right to the river.
The two plots you see next to the siphon,
the first one belongs to Kostheppu
and the second to Dr. Simon.
Widening this path
is of no benefit to either of them.
So, let's deal with them later.
That's enough.
Situated in the corner of Dr. Simon's plot,
in around two cents is Seetha's house.
Next to that Anju's judo centre,
Joby chettan's house,
Varghese ettan's house,
my house, etc...
Anju and Seetha are not here right now.
We'll speak to them later.
I think Reetha chechi
will speak to Anju today, right?
Yes, today itself.
Simply fishing for trouble.
Bheeman, we've been living here
for so many years.
You need just five minutes
to reach the siphon.
Chechi, a road is our necessity.
And if we don't come to an understanding,
this discussion will end
right here, right now!
Moreover, it takes five minutes
as long as you're healthy.
You've to use this same path
when you're old and helpless.
Not like you'll always
be healthy and live forever.
There are people here who want this road!
Tell us, what's the next plan of action?
Ah, yes, that's what I'm coming to...
Besides handing over the land,
we'll be collecting 25000 rupees each
from every family in Sneha Nagar.
And that's for rebuilding
the walls we tear down.
Seetha will lose half her house,
when she gives up her land.
So it's our duty to rebuild
a small and safe house for Seetha.
Of course, we must!
We also need that money
to rebuild the siphon.
25000 rupees as well?! What for?
We're already giving away the land.
The municipality should do the rest.
Isn't that how it is?
All of you need to sign a deed,
that is, a consent letter for the new road.
Only then, can the municipality
take this over.
Now even if the municipality takes over,
Bheeman is talking about the
surplus money required.
What a great plan, Bheeman!
Apart from giving up land,
you except these poor people
to pay 25000 rupees?!
That's amazing!
How can we afford 25000 rupees
besides giving up the land, Bheeman?
You'll all have at least
one sovereign gold at home, right?
Don't sell, pawn it.
-You'll at least get 25000 rupees, right?
-Of course.
If you spend that 25000,
as the road widens, your property value
will increase as well.
Increase by how much?
Kostheppu's property is valued
at five lakh rupees.
And ours?!
Can we even get 50000 rupees?
Will Seetha be okay with
demolishing her house?
Have to convince her.
So, I've to give land from both sides
and pay 25000 on top of that?
Not going to happen.
Not happening, Bheeman! No chance!
No need.
-You don't need to pay, Joby chetta.
People who bear a big loss needn't pay.
Whoa! That means Joby is okay!
A big round of applause!
Let me say... wait...
That's exactly what you said.
Now we need to deal with Kostheppu.
We'll have to sweat it out
to acquire his land.
We'll also be in stitches
from all the laughing!
Then let's not waste any time.
Let's go and ask him right away!
Exactly, so let us all,
under Joby chettan's leadership,
go to Kostheppu's house
and solve everything! Come on!
Exactly. Get up. Please.
-That's the spirit.
-I didn't mean...
-Not like that...
-Come on, walk.
Listen Bheeman, I'm not coming.
Why not?
That jerk can't talk
without staring at my chest!
It drives me nuts!
You guys carry on.
Ah, okay then.
-We'll go talk to him and come.
-Yeah, that's enough.
Come on!
You guys came all the way here
just to say this?
[In unison] Yes!
You need some land close to the siphon.
Enough for a vehicle to pass through.
-You can have it!
Too bad, too bad!
Hey, Mani...
Didn't I tell you this about 12 years back?
And you said, Dr. Simon won't give,
this guy won't give,
that guy won't give!
Now you're all here asking me for land!
Not like that, Kostheppu etta.
After the meeting, we thought,
we'll graciously start from your house.
Then you guys graciously start!
Also, don't you need to speak to Anju?
Reetha chechi will handle it.
A new road is obviously a good thing.
But, need to discuss it at home.
The house belongs to Amma and chettan too.
Then why don't we meet
in JP's house at 10 a.m.?
Yeah, sure.
Your neighbours are planning to
widen the road.
It seems, they need some of your land.
Not just some land, we'll need
the verandah of your house too.
We'll also see to it that,
it is neatly rebuilt for you.
-Okay, then.
[In Telugu] How dare you come to MY house
and beat MY people up, you bloody!
I'll kill you and everyone
you love and care about!
Wonder what he drank?!
I'll end you! ARGH!
Jack is a gentleman or
he would've slapped you so hard
that you wouldn't be
able to open your mouth!
His stupid white pants!
My God, is this what
you're going to perform over there?
Stay there only. Dont come back.
At least we won't
have to endure it!
Get lost, man.
Listen, you were great! It was awesome!
-Why, man?!
-You keep quiet!
What's the name of the character?
Bekkina Kanna Rajendra!
Which means?
'Cat-eyed Rajendran'.
There's no need to laugh so much.
You took up this road issue to boost
your dowry from 10 to 20 lakhs, no?
Instead, work for your money, man!
Who is he to mock me?
Hey Bheeman?
-Was that your plan?
-He's kidding...
25 lakhs! No compromise on that!
Am I not worth it?
Only son.
-Only got my mother.
-15 cents land and a house.
A road wide enough for a car to pass.
I get 38,000 rupees in hand every month
after all the deductions.
-Not to mention,
a fine, handsome and
all in all, a decent guy!
Let's have a separate discussion
about the 'decent' bit.
For now, carry on.
-Hmph! Decent, handsome...
-That's also correct.
Drink, Rajendra.
I had, pour the next one.
Give it.
These electronic items are getting ruined
cos of voltage fluctuations.
You know?
And not cos you don't know
how to wind a motor.
No, not that...
I told Reetha madam...
to collect everyone's signature
and take a request to KSEB.
To apply for a transformer.
And did they give?
Oh... If we ask...
Reetha Councillor won't give, no...
I've heard Reetha gives...
You'll hear all sorts of things!
Someone's on a rampage.
What's up, man?
Chettayi, partition that plot
on the riverbank. I want my share.
Why, man?
I found a place near Julie's house.
I'm moving there.
You want to move there
or move into Julie's house?
You don't need to know that!
If you help me sell that property,
I'll give you half the money as commission.
Daddy is on his deathbed, man.
Im sure you can take care of that.
What?! Kill Daddy?
What are you saying?
Just take it easy, man.
Wait until Daddy becomes Amen, man!
I need to think about it.
What's there to think about?
It's going to benefit her as well.
I talk about other things
that is of benefit.
Does she listen?
You've nothing to say about that, Amma?
Shabari's mother is older than me.
Someone needs to look after her, no?
He was the only son.
It has been two or three years
since that, no?
Why is she still staying there?
People will think that
I'm the one not letting her come home.
Wrestling and playing
with all the kids in town...
Staying in someone else's house...
What's the need for all that?
That's her husband's house.
Don't talk rubbish.
Anju's independent and supporting herself.
No one in this town thinks bad of you, JP.
Amma, can we give that land or not?
Make a decision.
I don't want to get in the way.
Do what you want.
Say that with a smile, JP.
-Stand close, Appa... Amma...
Wait, wait. Let me set the chain right.
-Hi Blessy.
Look here, son.
Jojo will come to the church.
This is enough now.
-Joby chetta!
-Enough, enough.
-Will take the rest after we get there.
-It's time to leave.
Time is ticking.
Jack, walk in front.
Will Jack bite?
Mind the thorny bush.
Yeah, just like that.
-Watch your step.
-The bus and vehicles are ready, no?
Everything is ready, Paul Etta!
Keep walking.
Hey Bheeman.
Ask everyone to come fast. Time is ticking.
I'll be right back.
-Could you make way?
-Oh, oh!
Do you've cancer
in your throat, Kostheppu?
That's our Councillor! Our Councillor!
Listen Bheeman.
Clear out the path up to the Doctor's.
When he comes, let him see
that work has been happening.
He needs to give 3-4 cents of land, no?
He'll come only after a month.
We thought to start then.
Just start right away!
-Will see.
-When he comes, it'll be all neat!
-Kostheppu Etta, start the car.
Everyone, get in! It's late.
Start the car, man!
Get in, chetta.
Into any one of those vehicles.
Come on.
Into that vehicle, chetta!
The one in front.
Kids on the lap, not on the seat!
I'll be right back.
Get in, get in!
Shall I go?
-All the best.
-Thank you.
What is your problem now?
Maharshi, why are women like this?
Like what?
I mean...
How are they able to deal with us
so emotionlessly?
But, were you in love with her?
Hey... no...
When you both were fooling around,
weren't you happy?
Of course, super happy.
What about her?
She was happy too.
You don't have any problem
cos she got married, no?
What problem!
Then who's got a problem here?
Get lost, Bheeman!
Simply, wasting time...
Your road widening plan is
an awful lot of work.
From whatever you've said,
there are three main stages to complete.
One is to get the consent letter
signed from everyone.
That means the deed.
Next, since the land is
next to the railway track,
we need an NOC from the Railways.
Then, there's the Water Authority's
canal and siphon where the road begins.
So, you'll also have to deal
with the Water Authority as well.
Instead of all this,
it's better you sell that house
and move away.
You need a decent road to sell
the house and make profit, right?
Aha! Like that!
Now the cat is out of the bag!
No idea about the cats!
I only take on what I can!
-You tell me this...
Is there anything else required for this?
Don't you have enough tasks already?
You'll get confused if I tell you more.
Come, walk.
What happened to Chicoo?
What's left to happen to her?
-I can't handle her wailing anymore.
-Stop it, girl!
But she doesn't wail anymore.
At least, wait for the medicine to kick in.
You guys don't know anything about dogs!
No medicine can help this dog anymore!
Give me 500 rupees.
I'll take care of this dog.
-Give him.
-Come on, hand it over.
I've seen so many dogs like this.
Okay. I'll see you after everything then.
-Come on, walk.
-Paul, take care of her, okay?
Sure, it's just a matter of a day.
Go and stand in that wet area.
Now that it's wet, let this be here.
You don't watch this, dear.
Come inside.
Go play inside.
O Jesus, please don't misunderstand.
This is my livelihood.
Is there no power?
You don't go there now.
If Gulan chettan sees you,
it'll be a problem.
What happened?
Chicoo didn't die
from the electrocution, right?
Gulan chettan went and bought
half a kilo of meat and mixed poison in it.
Jack who has been eating only
vegetarian food for the past two years,
ate that entire meat!
Oh, my!
Jack's gone...
Jack is gone!
my Jack is gone!
Where did you get
that wretched dog of yours?!
But Bheeman...
Why didn't Chicoo get electrocuted?
I told that...
magic dog!
But still... my Jack...
I had so many hopes...
It's a curse!
A curse from all the dogs I've killed.
Can you shut up and go to sleep?
I'm happy that dog got to eat at least
two pieces of meat before dying!
Stop wailing and go to sleep.
-It's us, chechi.
Sanju, dear...
What's it, Amma?
They're from the Railways.
Give them some water to drink.
-And... give them some pickle too.
Okay, will do.
Do you know them from before?
They've been working
on this track for a month.
They come here to have their lunch. Why?
Chicoo... Here...
Hey, I'll give this and come.
Excuse me.
-You're her son, right?
-Ah, yes.
Haven't seen you around before.
I leave in the morning
and only come back at night.
-Oh, okay.
-I'm Sanjeev.
I'm the Zonal Manager at Biotry.
-Okay, umm... hi... I'm...
I'm Kinari from Bidar, Karnataka,
Railway Engineer.
That's awesome!
I've been looking for a Railway Engineer.
Okay... What for?
We need an NOC from the Railways
for widening this path.
So, for that...
[In Kannada] Oh, is it?
-That's... That's easy.
-Oh, okay.
Shall I give your number?
Ah, yes.
-I mean, shall I give you my number?
You can say it. I'll memorise.
Okay! 9 6
-9 6...
-3 3
-9 6 3 3
-9 8
-9 8
-9 7
-9 7
-1 1
1 1...
-Thank you.
Keep an attested copy of Varghese's
death certificate along with that.
-It's there, right?
-All there.
It's there.
Is it Krishnadas's turn to sign?
What a hot!
Close my eyes
With your image in my mind
No matter which way I take
It will be the right way
Close my eyes
With your image in my mind
No matter which way I take
It will be the right way
Let us not follow directions
Let us not wait
for the light to lead us
Let us not waste time
plucking out thorns from our feet
Miles to go through the wilderness
With a head full of arrogance
Let us not carry any more load
I walk this way to gather
the perfect white lilies for you
-What's it?
-There's a problem.
Gulan is all dark...
It will be the right way
My heart is not letting me...
I cannot give away the land he's buried in.
Gulan chetta...
Everything will be okay. Come.
Close my eyes
With your image in my mind
No matter which way I take
It will be the right way
I will bring you wild flowers
To adorn your beautiful tresses
The one who makes my heart glow
You could ask me for anything
Forthwith, I will go
I set out to fulfil
the wishes of my beloved,
Who dares stop me?
Hes dusky, hes strong
Get to know him better, hes all heart
Lock horns with him,
hes a ball of fire
Win him over with love,
hell be your loyal friend
To pour down rain in the land of dreams
O misty clouds nestled in the sky,
Come with me
I thought we could meet
to talk about that NOC?
Can you come to my office around 3 o'clock?
Yeah, okay. Thank you.
Close my eyes
With your image in my mind
No matter which way I take
It will be the right way
Give me 100 bucks.
100 bucks is peanuts for Dasan.
Bheeman, come on!
How many times have I told you
not to drink and drive?
Against the frightening darkness
I will garner diamonds
guarded by serpents
The one who desires my victory
Wait by your door for me
I am the son of Vayu
Unbeatable in strength
Mightiest on the battlefield
Yet, detached from worldly pleasures
Fearless in the face of death
A triumphant warrior
Ready to fight till my last breath
O Queen of the great lands
The one who sounds like sweet music
The one with the body of a Goddess
I will win you back
Oh, no!
This will be a problem.
We need the correct NOC.
Otherwise, the Railways might file a case.
Don't worry about it.
Let's go straight to the Division Office.
I'll also come.
-Yeah, sure.
Close my eyes
With your image in my mind
What's up, Bheeman?
Tired of climbing the stairs, yet?
Can't you see, Johnson?
We're going down the stairs.
Close my eyes
With your image in my mind
No matter which way I take
It will be the right way
Let us not follow directions
Let us not wait
for the light to lead us
Let us not waste time
plucking out thorns from our feet
Miles to go through the wilderness
With a head full of arrogance
Let us not carry any more load
I walk this way to gather
the perfect white lilies for you
Mr. Maharshi...
What's your opinion on Kannada women?
Women everywhere are amazing.
That railway engineer...
She's good, Bheeman.
She is pretty.
How did you figure out?
I figured it when you left Kerala border.
You're not a romantic person.
Why this sudden interest?!
What is going on?
No emotions,
only sports!
Dr. Simon has reached.
He had called me, said we'll meet.
And you are telling me this now?
Would it have made any difference
if told you an hour back?!
You and Reetha go see him tomorrow
or the day after.
And show a little more interest
in the road, okay?
Are you serious?!
How can I ask?
The doctor should be okay
to give away so much land, no?
That too for free!
What is the way now?
There's a way...
You, along with...
a seemingly innocent looking guy
and an extremely decent gentleman
should go and ask him.
You might just get it.
I am ready.
Innocent guy is also ready...
But... gentleman?
Ha! You might need to think
long and hard about that one!
Who's a gentleman around here?
Ah, I've no clue!
Who knows!
Thomas, who in this town is a gentleman?
As far as I knew,
the one and only gentleman in this town...
was my Jack!
But he's gone!
No one in this town thinks
of you as a gentleman, eh?
Dude, he's definitely a gentleman.
But we're looking for another gentleman.
-Another gentleman?
-Yes, another gentleman...
Oh, understood, understood...
Manjali Tarseus is a gentleman.
I know it's for a good cause.
But Sanju...
And if I ask, it's not like he can deny.
But it shouldn't look like
I'm exploiting our friendship.
Oh, chetta, please don't say that.
When there's a problem
concerning our people
who else can we turn to,
but you, Tarseus chettan.
You're right about that.
A road is a sign of hope and progress.
We shall see.
By the way, Bheeman...
Got the gentleman alright.
Who's the innocent guy?
While we're inside
and I'm talking with him,
don't interfere, okay?
They're from abroad, no.
Might not like it.
Okay, then.
Now even if they don't invite you in,
just remain outside.
I'll deal with everything.
You could've shaved.
I had told him.
Still... you should've shaved at least.
What, man!
You should've only rung once.
Come back here.
What the--
Manjali Tarseus?
Ah... yes!
You camel cow dung!
Multicoloured fungus!
You sweat from a baboon's balls!
Get out!
His father chopped off the first
coconut tree that my father ever planted
just cos it was
slightly leaning into their property!
Get out!
You and you!
Follow me!
Sanju! How are you?
Yeah... all good Doctor.
Krishnadas, what's up, man?
So far, so... good!
I like this one! Shall I get you a drink?
[In unison] Of course!
How's mom?
All good, Doctor.
Boys! To love and peace!
[In unison] To love and peace!
-Bottoms up!
You've come to ask
for land for the road, right?
No can do.
Please go home.
Let's go.
What just happened here?!
I don't know, man!
-Oh, no...
Tarseus chetta...
What happened?
If word of what happened here gets out...
Manjali Tarseus will kill himself.
What's this Tarseus chetta?
Who will we tell?
-[In unison] Of course!
-You also keep.
Mother promise!
Button up.
I am the way, the truth and the life.
That is what our Lord Jesus Christ said.
How can we,
who are proud to be disciples of Christ,
block the way to God
and to our brothers and sisters?
There's no need to tell anyone
about the importance of a way.
Not possible, Father.
A lot of people
have cheated my dad and me.
It won't happen anymore.
But this is not the same, Simon.
Father... Have I not done
everything you've asked of me?
Just let this go.
If I don't give up the land,
they'll take over, it seems!
We'll see about that.
What if you were misled by someone?
What if someone has misled you?
You don't waste time thinking too much.
Ask that Councillor Reetha to go
and talk to him.
Come on, Maharshi.
If that was the case, Reetha chechi
would've done it before itself.
It's not late yet.
You just tell Reetha to go and ask.
It will work.
It'll work, Bheeman.
If you, Tarseus and the Father
couldn't get it done,
how do you think I can, Bheeman?
My dear chechi, stop being so dark!
We did all this hard work
so that this will happen
while you're the Councillor.
You've spoken fair words.
But in this case,
the doctor stands to lose 20 lakhs.
I've a feeling it's that Kostheppu
who's screwing us over.
You know he's a jerk, right?
He'll keep playing even nastier games!
Anyway, I'll try speaking to the doctor.
But don't have a lot of hope.
Chechi! You just go and it'll be done!
-Enough, Bheeman!
-Well alright then.
If we clear the path
up to the walls of your house,
then you'll be more convinced.
-Hello, Reetha!
We would never tear it down
without your permission.
That's just people trying to mislead you.
Don't believe all that, Doctor.
How's the political work going on?
It's okay. Going good.
Okay. You carry on.
Oh, my dear Reetha! It has been so long!
Stop it! Let go off my hand! She'll see!
You tell me!
I came to talk to you about the road.
If you just agree, then we'll have a road.
They're good people.
Fine. But one thing.
If they tear down the wall,
they need to build a new one.
-Amma is alone here, she needs to be safe.
Now tell me, when are we meeting?
We'll meet! You'll be here, right!
Have some snacks.
What do you feel when you see Reetha?
Remember that choir singer
from your church in Alappuzha?
I get the same feeling you get
when you see him.
Those guys have cleared the path
and almost reached our property.
You do one thing.
Go there and tell them to stop the work.
Eh? What are you saying?
You only gave up the land for free, no?
When you do something,
it should benefit both,
the people and us.
What I did then was for their benefit.
What I'm going to do now
is for our benefit.
You go and tactfully ask them...
to stop the work. Go on!
Go on, man.
Why can't you just give it?
That land is simply lying there unused.
There are many things in this house
that are simply lying unused.
Doesn't mean that I'll allow people
to come and use it as they please.
What a trashy-looking brick.
It's second hand, second quality.
That's why.
Is it tilted?
Listen up, stop the work!
Stop, stop!
-Stop the work?
-What do you mean?
Don't waste your money doing all this work.
We had asked your brother, he was okay.
He'll say all sorts of things.
Just go and ask him.
This is Dr. Simon's property.
We had assured him that
we would rebuild the wall.
So let that work continue.
No need to make them stop working.
I'll speak to your brother.
I meant not to get into our property
after you're done here.
Yes, my lord!
What, man!
-Don't mind that.
-Keep working, guys.
Kostheppu asks for all your forgiveness.
I wanted to do something
good for our people
but look who all have arrived!
Brother-in-law, brother and the sisters!
They're saying this property
belongs to them too!
Which is true!
But is there "yours and mine" between us?
And this won't get into their thick skulls!
Everyone has signed the deed
and we've also rebuilt Doctor's wall.
How can you talk like this now?
Bheeman, I can understand
what you're saying.
But what can I do?
Even Daddy, who's on his deathbed said
let those guys keep walking
the same way they used to.
We'll decide if we should walk or run.
We've no intention
of giving away the land right now.
So that's clear, right?
You may leave now.
What sort of behaviour is this,
Kostheppu Etta?
What do you want us to say, Sanjeev?
A cent over there costs five lakhs.
How can you ask us
to give away 1.5 cents for free?
There are certain formalities, right?
Don't you see, Bheeman?
This is the state of affairs here!
What can I do, Bheeman?
You guys only tell!
Let's go.
He did a complete u-turn!
That was just great! I liked it!
You know this Kostheppu
is a first-class miser!
What about that Casper?
He's just like that old geezer!
Both are from the same bunch,
how different can they be?
That geezer inside, in the throes of death,
he's even more rotten.
Everything's screwed up, Bheeman!
What to do now?
[In Sanskrit]
Place the middle finger on the lips.
Go to sleep, go to sleep!
You carry on. I'll come.
Babloos Anto uncle.
What's the name of your crow?
What's it?
Why are you taking out your
frustration at Kostheppu on me?
Just eat that coconut, Amma.
Let me tell you something.
That morning, on the day I fell down,
do you remember going for Member Johnson's
niece's marriage fixing?
Kostheppu's nephew is marrying that girl!
Kostheppu brought the marriage proposal.
What should I do for that?
You idiot!
You talk to Member Johnson about the road.
If he says, Kostheppu cannot refuse.
Won't it be a problem,
if Reetha chechi gets to know?
I don't know about all that.
This Reetha holds a post only
cos of women's reservation.
After six months,
I would be the Councillor.
But you were hasty.
When Reetha is the Councillor,
that road work shouldn't be completed.
That's all, isn't it?
Leave that, Bheeman.
If Kostheppu agrees,
Reetha knows how to take it forward.
Let the election get over.
The thing is,
everybody knows that
the problem is Kostheppu.
If you get involved and settle this matter,
things will move forward
under your guidance.
I don't think Kostheppu will agree
unless you pay.
My dear chetta!
He said he'd give us that land for free.
How can we pay him now?
You were the Councillor
here for around 20 years, right?
You know our situation very well.
Because it's Kostheppu we're dealing with,
I cannot guarantee
anything about the money.
Still let's do one thing,
in the evening,
we'll have a sit down with him.
Don't call Reetha, okay?
I won't.
-Alright, then.
Where's Amma?
I think she's taking a shower.
You're alone today?
Yes, today it's my day off.
Mudde?! What's that?
Ragi mudde (Finger millet balls).
-Mutton curry!
Kannada special!
I brought this for Amma.
Only for Amma? What about me?
[In Kannada] It's for you too.
Then give...
[Speaks in Kannada]
Don't chew!
I'll be right back.
I need to speak with you!
You get down!
What the hell did you do?
I'm talking to you seriously
and you're making faces at me?
-Nah, ah, no.
Did you go and see Johnson today?
-Yes, I did.
Don't be so rigid, chechi.
I will be!
Then you should've fallen
on his feet first!
Why did you've to make me look like a fool?
What are you saying, chechi?!
Are we trying to make a road
or boost credibility?
I've not spent a second of my life
anywhere for credibility!
I don't have the time for that either!
My dear Reetha chechi...
This road will be completed
under your councillorship itself!
And by then,
all these petty ego issues will be gone!
As soon as we get Kostheppu's property,
we'll cover up
the reconstructed siphon with a slab.
And then we'll have a path!
Then the municipality can take over
and tar it!
Until then, Johnson is just our bridge.
Two cents of land, each 4.5 feet long.
That's all we need.
So, calculate the rate per square feet.
How much will you give?
Casper, people are not acquiring this land
for real estate business.
It's for a road.
please consider that when you talk.
What's the point in just me talking,
Look here, can we discuss
and give you a figure?
Five lakh rupees. Possible?
Oh, no!
There won't be that kind of money to give.
There won't be, right? Then leave it.
We're not interested in giving the land.
What you are saying is not fair.
They trusted your word
and started the work.
Take that into consideration
and put a price, Kostheppu.
What can I say now, Bheeman?
Or else...
Do one thing, I don't want my share.
You pay...
...four lakhs.
-Four?! That's not possible.
-What say?
There's no need for a debate here.
Let's fix it at three.
Three is not possible, man!
Daddy will scream at us!
These are our people,
you'll need to see them everyday.
We've fixed it at three.
Three, okay, Bheeman?
Kostheppu, just agree, man!
-Three lakhs?!
-Just listen to me.
What's this, Bheeman?
Kostheppu ettan, here's one lakh rupees.
Consider this as an advance
and please agree!
If Kostheppu ettan gives you his word,
it's final!
We're with you!
Let things go on.
This will only bring good to you
and your family, Kostheppu.
-Do whatever you want!
-Come on, brother!
Listen up.
You try to pay up the rest
within 4-5 days, okay?
I cannot guarantee if these guys
will change their mind!
So, we'll take leave then.
Okay, then.
You should've at least messaged
on our WhatsApp group about paying him.
You fix a deal for three lakhs rupees
and then call for a meeting?!
We also know how to get a road
by giving money.
Have you paid everyone
who's given their land? No, right?
-Then how can you justify paying Kostheppu?
What are you saying, chetta?
How's that road going to benefit Kostheppu?
This is our necessity.
Unless Kostheppu gives us the land,
we can never construct a road!
Do you know that, chetta?
This was my only option to ensure
he wouldn't back out.
If we wait even for a single day,
he may back out.
The problem here isn't
about paying Kostheppu.
If we need to raise more money,
people here cannot afford it.
That's the reality, Bheeman.
If it's about Seetha,
Reetha chechi, municipality
and I will somehow complete it.
So, for the time being,
let things go according to Bheeman's way!
-Oh, okay.
Alright, then.
Let's see how that goes!
What's your problem?
Do you come here regularly?
No, I was told it'll be lit up
all around the temple today.
That's why I came.
You're in Mallu style today,
all draped up in sari!
[In Kannada] Is it looking good?
Mmm... sexy!
Thank you!
Bheeman, can I ask you something?
Do you've a pub here?
Uh, oh!
That's yet to be discovered in Kerala.
Research is underway.
We only have local bars.
Okay. Are ladies allowed?
It's not legally banned or anything.
To pray.
Come on, Bheeman!
To have a beer!
I've decided to get married.
Hey... listen!
Why no reaction?
Don't you want to know who it is?
Who's it?
I don't know if you know him, Doctor.
That local toxicologist, Velayudhan...
The lady who
jumped in front of the train and died?
Her daughter?
Is it love?
Nothing like that Doctor. I'm alone.
She's also alone.
I mean we can build a family together.
Shes a storm, shes a fire
The woman in the wind is a burning fire
Shes a storm, shes a fire
The woman in the wind is a burning fire
She is fiery, she is fearless
Theres a fire in her
She is free-spirited
The woman in the wind,
We didn't order this.
shes a storm!
Enjoy it!
She is such a fine beauty
Shes got red lips
that beckons sweet kisses
Our Maharshi is going to marry Seetha.
Eh?! Oh, wow!
A wild tree blooming in full glory
You naughty beardo!
She is wild, she is crazy!
She is free-spirited
Shes a storm, shes a fire
The woman in the wind, shes a storm!
Shes the fire of my desires
She is enchanting
She was born a mighty princess
A darling princess
Who set my heart on fire
That spread through my body
like wildfire
The fire within me
burns fiercely in you
The fire within you
burns fiercely in me
You are mine
I am yours
What's your real name?
Together, we burn like raging fires!
Together, we burn like raging fires!
Together, we burn like raging fires!
Shes a storm, shes a fire
The woman in the wind is a burning fire
Shes a storm, shes a fire
The woman in the wind is a burning fire
She is fiery, she is fearless
Theres a fire in her
She is free-spirited
Theres a fire in her
She is free-spirited
What gives you...
the biggest...
Sex with...
For me...
it's sex with love.
Will you marry me?
I'm gonna leave.
-When did you land?
-Early this morning.
Hold this.
No self-control, huh?
None at all!
-Yes, come on.
Have you eaten?
Not yet.
-[In Tamil] What, man?
News around town is that
something's cooking
between you and a railway engineer.
What's happening?
Tell me, man!
didn't work out.
Took a different route, eh?
Took a different route.
I didn't quite realise it...
Darling... let me tell you one thing.
Love is a connection.
And when one person feels it
and the other doesn't...
that's a bit painful.
Not a bit...
It's extremely painful.
Ah! What's up, dear?
On your scooter, I see!
Can you teach Kostheppu as well?
Judo, Judo!
We'll lower the siphon to the road level.
Then, the size of the siphon
will reduce, no?
No, we'll increase the depth accordingly.
Okay, I see.
Hey Bheeman!
Who's that, man? Friend, eh?
Ah, yes.
Uff! Lawyer, eh?
Dear, I've got some cases coming up.
I'll come to your office.
-Alright, continue with your work.
-Yeah, okay.
A character as you can see!
That filthy look on his face
clearly shows that
he's going to get a stay order.
There's something called a caveat.
You keep one ready.
What's that?
That means, if you file a caveat,
only after hearing
the defendant's argument,
that is, only after hearing your argument,
can the court grant a stay order.
Otherwise, if you get a stay order
in between the work, it'll be difficult.
Also, a caveat is only valid for 3 months.
Which means, we'll be in trouble,
if we don't finish the work in 3 months.
Let's avoid any trouble
and get that caveat.
-Smart boy.
That Bheeman is only book-smart,
but has no common sense.
He's not smart enough to fool you.
He's pestering, that's all.
If they lower the siphon,
the Irrigation Department won't allow
unless they widen it.
So Bheeman will come crawling back to me.
-Joby, you fool!
It can only be widened if there's
enough space for six people to set foot.
Wow, you smarty pants!
That'll put Bheeman in a fix!
And Kostheppu is going to demand
one lakh rupees per foot!
You're unbelievable!
If the siphon is not built to
a good width when it is lowered,
you'll not get a single drop of water
in your fields in the summer.
Your farming will be ruined!
All of us know that you've taken
three lakh rupees and went along with it.
Oho! Is that so!
When so many farmers are getting affected,
shouldn't I come and inform?
Or you'll say, Kostheppu didn't warn us!
Did you pay the whole amount
for Kostheppu's land?
Yes, I did.
People are complaining
that when the siphon is rebuild,
the water won't flow properly towards
the western side of the canal.
The siphon will be built as per the plan
from the Irrigation Department.
I think we'll receive the plan in two days.
Go to the Irrigation Department
and get some clarity on its technicality.
If you want, I can also come.
No, it's okay. I'll see.
-Listen, Bheeman.
There's a small issue.
What's it?
They're saying if you want to
lower the siphon, you'll need to widen it.
How's that possible?
If you widen it to one side,
it's the Railways!
And to the other side,
Kostheppu's property!
Kostheppu's going to screw us.
What are we going to do now?
Let's have a...
Both the siphons work
should be completed in one day.
How can we do that?
Need to complete the foundry work, right?
No need. We'll do how much ever we can.
We'll finish as much as possible.
How? If you even put a spade in that field,
Kostheppu will get to know.
You know what?
Johnson's niece and Kostheppu's nephew's
engagement is on this coming Sunday.
In that case,
we'll get a day to get the work done.
Chechi, it'll be hard to get
workers on a Sunday.
I'll bring the workers!
If so,
we'll do the work on that day itself!
Where's your phone?
I called you so many times!
Look what's happening!
His bloody work!
What is he doing?!
How dare you step into my property
and do this bullshit?!
We all know
who's the real bullshitter here!
didn't I tell you before this won't work?
Get the hell out of our property!
Get lost, you stupid pest!
Don't need to overreact, Kostheppu!
We've only dug where
the Irrigation Department had asked us to.
Then whose permission did you take
before digging my property, huh?!
Who took it, huh?!
[Swearing continues]
Got it, you morons!
Hey, hey!
It's not yet time to exchange blows!
Think before you do that!
Kostheppu etta,
we came over a few times
this morning to get your permission.
We kept trying both your phones
and couldn't get through.
Ask him over there!
You were also trying, no?
-Did you call?!
-No, I didn't!
We only left this morning.
Not one week back!
Don't act clever, Bheeman!
There's pressure from the Irrigation
Department to finish this in a week.
And when everything
was set up this morning,
we couldn't find the two of you!
Kostheppu etta,
it's only a matter of two feet land!
You can just build around this, no?
Your plan is great...
but you picked the wrong guy to mess with!
You could only find this day
to do all this?
Leave this as it is!
If someone dares to step into my property
again without my permission,
you'll see Kostheppu's true colours!
Come on, man!
Get lost, man!
Can we make some adjustment
in the widening of the siphon?
What are you saying?
If the water doesn't flow properly,
it'll be an even bigger problem.
If you don't mind,
can I tell you something?
Let's make the siphon the same as before.
Johnson will be Councillor
after the elections.
By then Kostheppu will calm down.
He also won't have any objections.
You're saying, we should wait
for Kostheppu's benevolence?
I've other things to do.
Okay, bye then.
Widen the road or do whatever you want!
When running a centre like this,
isn't it your responsibility to inform
the parents of such inconveniences.
I had sent a message, Venu sir.
You've seen it too.
Please let it go.
You convey these things via message?!
No, I had called you as well.
A kid who came to Anju's class
fell into that pit.
Oh, no! And?
His leg broke and it's plastered.
They're his family. Quite a scene!
Please listen to me, Venu sir. I--
We trust you to take care of the kids.
That's why we send them here!
And now that trust is lost!
You said this would be
repaired in two days, no?
Now, you find a solution for this!
Stop shouting at her
and talk to him instead!
This wasn't dug to plant a tree!
There's a procedure for everything.
Chetta, this was an accident.
It wasn't intentional.
Kindly understand and please leave.
Very sorry.
Come on.
The bloody road and a bloody pit!
You could have at least claimed
hospital expenses!
Sorry... I...
didn't expect something like this...
We'll get everything fixed soon.
I will...
For time being, we'll put
a stronger plank over here.
It's okay.
Anyway, I'm not going to conduct
any classes for the next two weeks.
-So, it's fine.
Oh, dear Bheeman!
Unless you build a wall around that pit,
there's no point in constructing
a bridge or laying planks.
It'll collapse again!
And people will fall into it again!
Kostheppu is just saying.
After all, it's your road, your problem!
Are you busy?
No, tell me.
My work here is done.
I'm leaving on Sunday.
I won't be here anymore.
-Is it a transfer?
I had come home to say bye.
But you weren't there.
Where to?
See you...
This is not what you said about that
Kannada girl before.
What did I say?
You said, it was sports only,
games only and stuff.
There's no change in that.
Then let her go.
What's troubling you?
You tried but it didn't work out.
Don't have to feel bad about it.
Let it go.
That's what I don't understand...
Can you tell that I'm sad?
That's because...
you're in love.
-Is that Joby?
-Yes, chechi.
-What happened?
Is he home?
No, he has gone out.
What's it?
That pit is just lying there
mouth wide open!
Someone might trip
and fall into it again in the dark.
We're suffering the consequences
of a decision your son took
without consulting us!
Do you know that?
Listen up, Joby.
If you've something to say,
come back when Bheeman is here.
And talk to him!
Why come to his house at night
and tell his mother?
Go and come back when he's here.
I'm not stupid enough to
chase after him and talk about this.
Listen, Shantha chechi...
Tell your son when he's back,
to find a solution for this.
Some people might tell you this in private.
I'm someone who says it openly!
-Yeah, sure.
-What's he saying?!
I've been walking on this way
since I was born.
It your impulsiveness
that made it such a mess!
There's no point in glaring at me,
I'm only stating the facts.
Everyone knows who you are barking for!
Get the hell out of here!
But Sanju, he has a point, no?
You recklessly dug up that pit.
You yourself decided to buy the land
without consulting any of us.
And even took commission.
And when Kostheppu talked logic,
it's pissing you off!
How dare you talk rubbish!
I'll kill you!
Come back, son, enough!
-Let me go!
They're all dirt!
You don't soil your hands!
Sell that land for whatever
price you can get
and move to the town, man!
Bloody crook Kostheppu and that moron Joby!
You came here decked up
in suit and sunglasses to say this.
Don't quote your
Telugu movie dialogues here.
I'm being realistic.
We were born and raised here.
Sell it and go where, huh?
We're not going anywhere.
In that case,
when you're up against Kostheppu,
you need to play nastier games than him.
Can you do that?
We've tried Sama (talk),Dana (compensate) and Bheda (trickery).
It's time to change to the fourth gear.
[In Sanskrit] Arise, awake...
and stop not till the goal is reached.
Whatever the hell!
Yes, Bheeman.
When is the inauguration of your road?
Johnson chetta...
You are the wise guy, no...
Big shot game maker.
What's your plan?
I've no plans.
Looks like Reetha chechi has given up.
The siphon should be restored
to its previous state
or the water will get blocked
and affect farming.
We need to fill in that pit
and make it walkable.
Or, we need that road.
Johnson chetta, why don't you make a plan?
Who's going to pay me?
Oh, Kostheppu,
you want money for that too!
I'll give you that money.
Bheeman, just explain everything to him.
If Johnson chettan
should get credit for the road,
the elections must get over.
That'll take two months.
Won't the siphon remain open until then?
So what?
The Irrigation Department won't allow that.
I'll take care of that.
What about the people?
We'll have to put a plank over the pit
so that they can walk.
So, put a plank.
A stronger one if needed.
No more accidents like the other day.
And to avoid any accidents,
we need to build a wall around the pit.
Let me tell you both something.
If you dare build the siphon
into my property...
I won't allow it!
I'm telling you right away!
You need to come and make this
dispute at the workplace.
He'll stop the work at that very second.
And then, we'll sit down
for another meeting like this.
A few such disputes and meetings
and by then the election will be over.
And then we can get the work done whenever.
Also, one more thing.
You'll both have to agree, okay?
We'll name this road,
'Athi Kuntham Avaraan Road'.
Is that okay?
Eh?! What Athi?!
What Kuntham?!
Who's that now?
That's Dr. Simon's father's name.
Then why can't you put my Daddy's name?
But your daddy isn't dead, right?
But Daddy will die, right.
Or let's call it,
'Oothampally Kostheppu Road'.
Or just 'Oothampally Road' is fine.
What a classy name, right!
Yes, and real classy people too.
So, everything's okay, then.
Okay. bye.
And you were relying on Reetha
for such a small matter, Bheeman!
That's all it takes.
Kostheppu is no outsider.
Thanks to your support, it went well.
I quit!
What's it, chettayi?
He had sent me a love letter, no?
Some Caveat or Kaveri?
When does that expire?
That ends on Wednesday.
And then?
The lawyer said as soon as
the court opens, we can get a stay.
Don't forget to move that forward.
I'll take care of it.
His bloody 'Athi Kuntham Avarachan Road'!
You were waiting for a chance
to get into my property and do the work!
Take your workers and better leave at once!
We're only doing what we discussed
with Johnson chettan yesterday.
And what you did
is what you told Johnson, huh?
Yes, that's all!
Then what the hell is this?!
Who asked you to cover this?!
This is not your property,
then what's your problem?
It's not yours either!
I'll smash everything into pieces!
Once the work is done, how long will it
take to cover this with a slab, huh?
You thought I was an idiot!
What the hell do you want now?
I asked you to stack up
some rocks around it
but instead you concreted it!
I know how to file a case
and block everyone's way!
You guys can walk when Kostheppu decides!
What's happening here?
Just great!
-Work was going so well.
-This is just sad.
Maybe they didn't use enough cement.
It's all destroyed.
-How could they do this?
-Definitely someone who's against the road!
It'll be hard to redo this.
It's completely broken.
This is what happens
when you try to finish it one day.
What's up, Joby?
Everyone's in full attendance this morning!
What's this, man?
Did an elephant walk over it?
Oh, is that so?
What's it, Dasan?
You walked the elephant
and now you're mocking us?!
Are you here to talk
drunken shit in the morning?
So, what he said is the issue?
Yesterday, it was you who said
you would smash everything.
Who else would do this?
Get lost, man!
As if my job is masonry,
that's what I do, no!
Bheeman knows everything.
Ask him!
-Can't let this go so easily!
-Look at him go!
Listen, so you broke it after all, eh?
Get lost, you son of a dog!
I only told them to restart the work, no!
And you'll only come
and smash it at midnight!
At midnight,
I was at your house smashing it!
Yeah, right!
Master, are you leaving?
First find a solution for this and then go!
You wronged your own people
with this wickedness!
Remember that!
What wickedness did I do, huh?
Did you see me break that slab?
If I had seen,
I would've slapped you then and there!
-Aha! Come on, slap me!
-I will.
Come on, try slapping Kostheppu!
You go and ask Bheeman!
He knows everything!
I'm right here.
Aha! You're just chilling there
and watching a movie, huh?!
Come and explain everything, man!
What should I say?
Yesterday, it was you who came
and said you'll smash everything.
Still, Kostheppu etta...
I didn't think you would stoop so low.
Aha, is that how it is!
Then go and file a case, man!
Kostheppu has better things to do!
Come back, Kostheppu etta!
Wait up! Give us an answer!
Kostheppu etta!
Hey Johnson!
-Come here, man!
-I'm sure he broke it!
Wait, let me speak.
Yesterday, you, Bheeman and I
decided everything together, no?
Then explain it to them, man!
That's not the issue here.
Who broke that siphon?
Was it you, Kostheppu?
-Johnson chetta!
You don't know what
Kostheppu is capable of!
-Where's he going?
-Aha! I'll show you!
The man's crazy!
Who the hell wants to mess with Kostheppu?
Shameless dogs!
-What are you doing?
-Kostheppu etta!
Come on, man!
Come on, man!
Try messing with Kostheppu!
Did you hear what they're saying, Casper?
Don't get carried away!
Step back.
Tarseus ettan!
Good that you came.
They're trying to crucify me
for something I didn't do!
What's this?
Put it down.
Listen to me, put it down.
Is this how you deal with things?
After all, you're from a noble family!
What a malicious thing to do
to these poor people?
I just don't understand.
What don't you understand, huh?!
If you talk nonsense, I'll smash your face!
You'll smash...
He'll smash, only he can smash!
You know...
I saw this guy and this man
smash that slab into pieces
with my own two eyes.
How dare you say such things!
Hey Tarseus!
Are you drunk early in the morning?!
Now accuse me of being drunk!
Listen, everyone here knows me very well.
But what did you do?
You said you'd help make this road
for about 20 families
and took three lakh rupees!
And you're just torturing them!
How could you do this, Kostheppu?!
Are you for real? I just don't understand!
By the way,
what were you doing there at midnight?
-What were you doing there?
-Come on, tell.
Stop fumbling. Come on, tell.
Valid question.
Fair enough.
That is...
The guy who was bringing a parcel
my brother sent from Qatar,
lost his way, reached that
primary school and called me.
I didn't wanna trouble the chap
so late at night, so I rushed here.
You see Kostheppu, there's a God!
You big fat lying phony gentleman!
-I'll burn you to the ground!
-Go on, do it.
-Hey Casper!
-Get off me!
You can burn me, but before that...
Just a minute.
All of you just come with me.
I'll show you the proof, come.
-For what crap?!
Let's see what it is.
-What's this?
-You see.
The brothers used these things
to smash that slab!
Stop with your nasty lies!
So, were these things
getting baptised in here?
Only the people without a decent path
to walk on will know the pain.
What are you going to get
by being so selfish?
How many more years do we have left?
Hey Kostheppu!
For God's sake, just stop!
Tarseus will always voice the truth
of what he saw anywhere.
Please, make way.
For the time being,
let's take a step back.
Then call for a meeting
and say you'll sell the land
for a reasonable price.
Better to play it safe right now, Casper.
They were accusing us
of something we did not do!
I will not let this go!
That Tarseus!
No need, man!
-Let me go, chettayi!
-Sit down!
You go and talk to them.
Let's have a meeting on Thursday.
Only after lunch.
You don't talk about the money now.
I'll do that.
Exactly. That's what...
This is a good approach.
I'll go and speak to them.
Won't the stay order be ready
on Thursday morning?
We need to make sure
if Kostheppu alone is responsible
for this current crisis.
Because when Bheeman and I
spoke to him the day before yesterday,
he was completely okay
with the work being done.
But Tarseus ettan saw Kostheppu
and his brother breaking the slab.
Tarseus ettan would never say
he saw something he did not.
He would never do that!
Our problem right now isn't
if Tarseus lied or not.
What do we need now?
What we need is a road.
Kostheppu has agreed
for a meeting on Thursday.
At that meeting,
I'll settle this issue about the road!
This is my word!
Why are you so quiet, Bheeman?
Do you've anything else to say about this?
No chetta, I've nothing else to say.
I'm okay with whatever decision
the association takes.
How can you say that, Bheeman?
It was you who took the effort
to get this road to this stage.
And now you say this!
There's no problem, Gulan ettan!
I've had enough.
Now Johnson chettan
will take care of everything.
I'll be there to support you
in every way.
So, carry on.
Why would he say something like that?
Johnson chetta, did he say we can have
the meeting on Thursday?
So, now do you know who broke the siphon?
Now I know...
-Hello Roy chetta.
-Yes, Bheeman...
I've spoken to the SI about it.
They won't come anywhere
near that area at least till 12 o'clock.
It'll be finished by then, no?
-It won't take that long.
-Goodnight, comrade.
I'm off, Bheeman.
I've shown Louis the place.
He'll reach in the morning itself.
Oh, no! Daddy!
Let me go.
I won't spare any of you, you bloody dogs!
How dare you get on my property!
-Stop this madness!
-Back off!
Put down that machete!
Stop creating a scene, Kostheppu etta!
What are you doing?!
Don't be stupid.
Step back, Maharshi!
It's not what you think. It's intentional.
Just listen!
They're doing this on purpose.
Listen to me.
We need to predict
the climax of a possible fight.
Louis and his guys who are laying the slab
will beat you up.
You guys keep working.
Ignore them!
Then the party workers.
Roy chettan is a geek,
so he might not beat you up.
But his men will.
Then, Bheeman and his team.
There will be at least
one round of beating!
Then, the construction workers.
They'll definitely beat you up!
They might even slash your head
with their spade!
All we have is a rusty machete!
They've got JCB and stuff!
If you cross them,
they'll beat the shit out of you!
How many are ready
to fight from our side?
Hardly three people...
If at all, any...
-No need for a fist fight.
-Then be sure to get beaten up!
Play it smart or you'll be beaten to death.
I'm telling you!
That idiot is up to something, okay!
What's he going to do?
-Get in!
I said get in!
Oh, no, Nancy chechi!
Back off everyone!
Now cover the pit!
Cover the pit, man!
You dare mess with Kostheppu, huh!
Nobody dare come close! Step away!
What do I tell this maniac!
Come on, cover the pit, man!
You thought you're the only smart-ass here?
I dare you to lay a finger on it!
And then, I'll show you
what the case will turn into!
Do you wanna cover it?!
Bloody Councillor!
What the hell are you doing, Kostheppu?
Shut the hell up!
Didn't I tell you that we cannot trust him?
-And you only said...
-Just calm down.
Amma, get her out.
His bloody meetings!
Listen to me, Kostheppu etta.
Hold our hand, Nancy chechi...
You old hag, step away from there!
Get away, you...
How dare you!
Oh... my... Daddy...!
Where's he off to?
Oh, my mother!
Shall I cover the pit now?
Beat all of them to a pulp, man!
Hey! At least give one beating and go, man!
Best I leave...
Uh, oh...
Dasan, don't!
No need!
What's up, Dasan!
Okay, Dasan!
Oh, mother!
If my Daddy comes to know of this!
He won't spare any of you!
Watch that side.
Keep going...
Hold that side.
Be careful...
That's right.
'In his final resting place'