Bheemla Nayak (2022) Movie Script

A morsel for Lord Mallanna
A morsel for Mother Earth.
Bears, birds, civets and the godly bull
You sent us the ferocious tiger
to guard us forever.
Trees, hills, winds and springs
overflowing with water.
You fed us and sent us off with honour
You picked up infants
and carried them in your arms.
Turning them into kings
You remain a solid fort.
The branches axed shall be dedicated to soil
The places won shall be surrendered to my land.
Mother Forest has shaped my character.
I shall be the protector in danger.
I shall be the protector
Watch the lion hunting down
a herd of charging bulls
As he tears open their chests
He is an elephant who flings the dusty hills
far twirling his trunk around them
He swings and sways now going amuck
Hey! A wayward fool got into a tiff with him
Hey! A wayward fool got into a tiff with him
Like fire from the flint.
He disturbed the valley deep in sweet sleep
The heart of the hamlet skipped a beat
The trees went ablaze with a hissing sound
The gushing stream soon dried up
The musical breeze came to a standstill
Whats up, Balaji?
Why did you accelerate?
We are in a tiger zone, Sir.
Tiger has downed a peg and is asleep.
Drive at leisure.
Ok, Sir.
Who is the shooter?
Who is the target?
Who is at the end of death in this hunt?
Hmm! What is this?
-This is my driving license, Sir.
This is the RC, Sir.
What is in that bag?
-These are my property papers, Sir.
Come on, Sir!
You have checked them only recently.
You want to do it again!
Last time we checked you.
Its their turn today.
Arent you all the same?
Cant you see?
We are police.
They are from the Excise.
Sorry, Sir.
What, Ramaswamy?
No give and take with him.
Ask him to open it up.
There is no Sunny Leone here.
These are all cement bags.
If we open them, we will be covered in dust.
Hey, get going!
Thank you, Sir.
Move it, move it!
Start the vehicle!
So, Ramaswamy!
I guess you came to an understanding.
Come on, brother.
Enough of your duty.
Lets go to the station and have tea.
Move the vehicles.
How come theres a vehicle at this hour?
Hey, stop that vehicle!
Lets check just this one.
Hey! Stop!
Here you go, Sir.
Where from?
From Hyderabad, Sir.
Where to?
Atakeswaram, Sir.
Why take this route so late in the night?
You could have taken the highway.
My boss likes the forest route, Sir.
Thats why.
Only the forest?
Or the goods too?
Sir, Sir, Sir!
Dont open the door.
Who made me fall?
Huh! Who?
Its me, loser.
It was me who pulled you.
So what?
Are you some Lord?
-Who is this guy?
Yes, I am a lord.
-I am a lord. Come!
If I hit you with the baton.
-Will you hit me? Ok!
-How dare you to hit a policeman?
Hey! Why are you roaming
in the night like this?
Move aside.
Hey! Why are you jumping on to me?
Sir, please dont hit, Sir.
-Dont leave him!
-Sir, please dont beat him, Sir.
Oh my!
I will break your legs!
So you hit me on my legs? Huh?
Hold on, jerk!
I know the right guy to tame you.
This guy is totally drunk.
He is bashing us up and
the excise men with no discretion.
Come fast, sir!
Tell them to let go,
my boss is on booze, Sir.
So, he gets drunk and hit the police!
He is bashing us up our men.
Sirplease, come fast, sir!
Sir! Sir!
Hey, what?
Who was that?
Who is there?
Who is it?
Who the heck are you?
I am Bheemla Nayak.
Sub-Inspector of Police.
Srisailam Tehsil, Hatkeswaram Mandal
Andhra Pradesh.
I dont remember the pin code.
Is it ok?
Where is the check post?
Hey, Balaji!
You never told me?
He seems drunk, Sir.
The drink has waned but not his ego.
Hey, Ramaswamy!
Take the phone from him.
-Hey! Give it to me!
Sudarshan! Why are you standing like a statue?
Get him into the vehicle.
Hey! Move!
Once you put on your uniform
lock your ego at home.
If you dont follow rules,
I will peel your skin.
Remove it.
Remove it!
A nuisance at midnight.
Who is it, Sir?
Some pompous guy.
He was a drunk creating nuisance.
So we thrashed him and nabbed him.
Sir, my boss is a retired sergeant.
Even the liquor was from quota.
You are my driver.
Dont beg some nobodies.
Return it.
You have disrobed me and beat me.
But we left your shirt on.
Wear your dhoti.
I have no shame.
I can come like this.
We do.
There are lady constables inside.
Wear it.
What did you say your name was?
Daniel Shekar.
Your name?
Bheemla Nayak
What are you waiting for?
For the tag line?
Not necessary.
Get dressed and come.
Bring him.
This is excise, Sir.
-Hey, move!
Am I in some queue?
Why do you push me?
This is ours, Sir.
Where is the cell?
Not necessary.
Sit there.
Wrong, Sir.
How can you let criminals
like me on the loose?
Put me in handcuffs and
place me in the cell.
Why do you provoke me? Sit!
Why did you arrest me?
One single bottle at the state border
and we make an arrest.
You are carrying a wine shop!
Do you expect us
to salute and felicitate you?
What do you mean by crossing the border?
I was going to Nallapatla.
It is in Telangana.
Nallapatla is in Telangana.
But the route you took is on the Andhra border.
Technically, you were crossing the border.
Sit down!
I didnt know there would be so much
technology, history and geography behind this.
There is so much law you dont seem to know.
Which is?
A man can carry three litres
of liquor in this state.
Here! You are carrying 30 litres of it.
As per AP Excise Act 1966 Section 34,
this is a punishable offence.
You assaulted an excise officer a while ago.
Section 50 A.
You manhandled an officer on duty.
IPC 353
Are you threatening me, huh?
Are you?
Hey, Ramaswamy!
Prepare the FIR!
Statement and remand report
should get ready in ten minutes.
This guy is very conceited.
Let us show him what we are.
Ok, Sir.
Go ahead and write the Bible and
the Bhagavadgita too.
Write it
Mention 50 A, B, C, Dwrite till Z!
Hey! Didnt he smash the light
of your excise jeep?
Yes, Sir.
Add PDP act also.
Take witness signatures
from the forest department.
Lets tighten the case against him.
Yo, Police!
For all the acts you book me under,
this is my reaction.
Seal all the bottles and make a quick list.
I dont drink tea except in hangovers.
Why do you offer him
when he is not interested?
Bring it here.
Thats mine.
Give it here.
This is no telephone exchange.
Once you are in the station,
we own the phones, call and everything.
Cant give it.
Tell me who is calling.
V V Vinayak
Film director, Sir?
The guy who sends Sumos flying?
Who is this guy?
He sounds like a villain.
He is dressed like a producer.
Cut the call, first.
I will.
Sir is in a shot.
He will call you once its done. Ok?
Hey! Give it here.
Hey! Sit down.
Sit down!
Do as you are told.
Sit down!
Sit down!
Look for heroines, Sir.
I willI will.
Brother got excited
at the mention of heroines.
Removing dhotis,
peeping into others phones-
These losers seem
more interested in others lives.
Ignore him, Sir.
You go ahead.
What is the noise there?
Ramaswamy is looking into his phone, Sir.
Ask him to stop dawdling
and make the FIR.
Bhatti Vikramarka.
Who is he, Sir?
-Congress Party Opposition Leader.
Man has a political touch too!
The man who built the airport?
Thats the guy.
Who is interested in these men, Sir?
Check if there is Keerthi Sureshs number.
Keerthi starts with K, right?
Koteswara Rao.
Kameswara Rao.
KTR personal
Look for more.
Make it fast.
I am on the job!
What happened?
What is it, bro!
Dont fret.
Thats not CMs number.
Its your IG-
Mr Chandan Rao Sirs.
One minute, Sir.
Ha, Nayak?
Tell me.
What is it? Tell me.
We have arrested someone
under Excise Act, Sir.
Anyway, change quickly and come home.
My daughters Mehendi function
is in full swing, Nayak!
He is ex-military.
How does it matter?
Anyway, you say he is retired.
He also knows lots of politicians, Sir.
And he has our IG Mr Chandan Raos
number in his phone.
Have youmade the FIR, Nayak?
-Its done, Sir.
Would you like some dots on your palm?
Someone is already doing it for me.
Carry on.
You have already made it?
After all, you found a few liquor bottles!
Why such a big mess over them, Nayak?
Please have some sweets, brother.
You know I am diabetic.
You are trying to tease me, Sister?
Thank you!
No, Sir.
If we dont do it,
he will make us do it.
Moreover, the forest department
and excise people were also there.
Of course, Nayak!
They would be there. What do they have to lose?
Anyway, you wrote the FIR. Is that it?
It was forced to.
I have written it, Sir.
Where is he now?
He is sitting on the bench outside, Sir.
Mister! I beg you.
Take him inside and
make him sit under the fan.
Hear me?
Nayak! Dont mess with him.
Keep him comfortable.
Do you understand what I say?
Sir! Sir!
Bring me Sirs phone and his drivers phone.
Ok, Sir.
No need of his.
He will unnecessarily wake up everyone.
Sir, you will be a bit comfortable.
Please come in and sit.
I am very comfortable
in this leather sofa, Sir.
Come in.
Be seated.
Just looking up my phone
warmed you up to me?
If I call one of them,
are you going to salute me?
Saluting is nothing new to the police.
A joint combing is usual for us, the police,
and the excise departments once a month.
We did the same thing today.
You were caught. Thats all.
Even if I was!
How could you arrest me?
Am I a smuggler?
Did I call you a smuggler?
But did you act normal?
You manhandled the constable
as soon as you saw him.
We will adjust.
But you manhandled even the Excise.
Why would they stay quiet?
They would bash you up!
You hit me too!
Not once but twice.
Consider it done by your elder brother.
You wake up someone with blows and
then want them to consider you a brother.
Anywaysuggest some hotel close by.
I must go get some sleep.
Make sure the case
is posted in the first hour.
I have to go out of town.
You cant go out of town for some time.
You are in prison for ten days.
You wont get a quick bail in this case.
Call up your lawyer.
Ten days?
I must stay in jail?
What the heck can you do
if I leave right now?
What can you do?
Do you realise whom you have arrested?
You want me to stay in jail for ten days!
I will demolish the station.
What do you think?
Why dont you speak?
What did you say?
What did you say?
Sit down.
Lets talk it out.
The liquor is not mine, brother.
I am taking it
to my cousins bachelors party.
Let me leave now.
Do you think I am the tiger from
the cow and the tiger story?
I am only a Sub-inspector.
Hmm? Ok.
Make a call.
You will find it difficult tomorrow
without a lawyer.
Is that final?
I was simply going to my place.
Why land me in this mess?
My head is splitting.
Have some water.
I dont want water, Sir.
I need a drink.
Can I have a drink, please?
Is this a police station or a bar?
But you have so many of my bottles here!
They are seized.
Rules dont approve.
You seized them yourself, Sir!
Whats wrong with giving me a couple of them?
You are suffocating me with rules, Sir!
Just a peg, Sir.
Look at the blood!
If the constable didnt hit me,
I wouldnt start a fight.
I have a pregnant wife.
My mother has cancer.
Fourth stage.
I dont even know
if she will survive till Christmas.
Just one drink, Sir.
I have a splitting headache, Sir.
Consider it medicine and give it to me, Sir.
Hey, Nayak!
Is everything comfortable there?
Everything is fine, Sir.
I made him sit inside
as you instructed me, Sir.
-Everything is fine, Sir.
-Sir! I am just asking for one peg, Sir!
What is that noise there?
Why is he shouting?
-Nothing important, Sir.
-I am asking for just one!
-He is looked after well.
-Please, Sir!
You have 20 bottles there, Sir.
You say everything is fine.
-But I can hear him shouting.
-Sir, Sir! Im dying here
-He is not shouting, Sir.
-Sir, shall I fall at your feet?
Please, Sir. I am begging you, Sir.
-Hey, what is this?
-My head is splitting, Sir.
Only one drink, Sir.
Please, Sir.
What is his problem?
Give him the hell he wants!
-Ok, Sir.
-Just one drink, Sir.
Theres no cool water. Is it ok?
He will drink what is available.
You carry on.
I seized them.
And now I open the seal.
If this gets out,
they will put me in the cell next to yours.
Pour a little more, Sir.
A little more.
Ask them to seal this.
Dont change the number.
Ok, Sir.
Take this one too.
You havent decided whom to call?
I am thinking about it.
I am fine with raw, Sir.
Thanks for the drink.
I dont need your thanks.
But how do you know the IG?
Do you want a transfer?
I am born and brought up here.
Why do I need it?
Otherwise, shall I try your suspension?
You are highly conceited.
Sir, Sir!
When is the medical test?
At 9.30 Sir.
Sirmy boss
Will come tomorrow.
Yes, Sir.
-Sir! Sir!
-Hey! Why are you coming?
You made him sit in the station
and poured him a drink?
Arent you ashamed?
You boast of fifteen years of service!
How can you blindly do what the CI says?
You could have refused!
We have been married for ten years.
Can I ever pull you up?
I eat what is served.
I take it when I am scolded.
Seniority changes nothing.
You bring everything back to me.
I dont like violence.
Sit here.
Lets have a congenial talk.
But, Suguna, you keep harping on drinks.
I even raised an FIR.
Are you aware?
The rogue will stay behind the bars
for two weeks.
Once he loses his freedom,
he will get his senses back.
When he steps out, he would say-
Mr Nayak!
You are the saviour who changed my life.
Give me a photograph of yours.
I will place it in my prayer room.
Tell him you will give him a picture
that includes your wife.
Oh, Madam!
They might be your friends, go!
I need hundred rupees.
Buy this and give it to me.
-Keep it there!
-Ho, ho! What is the matter?
Please take the child away.
Remove the leaves and all
and strain it into this.
What about money?
Just a hundred?
My job wont do for you.
I will have to start stealing.
You shouldnt buy from these people.
Nagaraju pays them a quarter
for a ten-rupee worth product.
How will they survive?
The forest department calls it smuggling.
I am helping.
Not smuggling.
I am quoting the law.
Why dont you understand?
No physical handling.
Let us discuss and sort it out.
When shall we discuss this?
I must go to the hospital.
Any special reason?
Work the nights twice a week.
Then I will have special reasons.
Ok! Fine. Dress up.
I will drop you at the station.
And from there?
You dont have to depend on your husband!
Walk happily on your own feet.
I will see who is going to stop you!
Good morning, Sir.
Where to?
For medical check-ups.
Your wife?
So your husband is a Gabbar Singh?
I heard about it at the station.
Do you know who I am?
Listen up, villagers!
I will be back.
Will be back for sure.
Nayak! Nayak!
Let it be. Let it go.
He doesnt know.
He is a youngster.
Is this the guy?
That you fixed a drink for
and said cheers?
I didnt drink.
I only poured him one.
Go to the hospital.
Never short of snapping.
Pull it down.
You should have seen me yesterday.
They removed it.
He is the son of Warangals former MP.
He was also a Central Minister.
Mr Jeevan Kumar?
Yes. His son.
How many days have you noted?
I noted seven days.
Since you told me
I made it two weeks.
Hey! What is this?
-What do you mean two weeks?
-Greetings, Sir.
Your father has called up.
In case you want something special
What do you mean by special?
He must have sent booze and cigarettes.
I dont need them.
I am on fast till Christmas.
Why the penance when you are
already in punishment, Danny?
Dear! How can you not eat
or drink for two weeks?
I must make sure
I wont forget what happened.
Where are you going?
For shopping, Sir.
Wedding shopping?
Yes, Sir.
-You are taking Suguna along?
Hey! Dont go by her words.
She wont let you speak.
Buy whatever you like. Ok?
What is it?
The forest contractor brought some guy
because he was blasting rocks.
He looks innocent, Sir.
Forest contractor?
No, Sir.
The guy who blasted the rocks.
How can you call a rock blaster innocent?
You are so nave!
Who stole the gun powder?
Its me, Sir.
What makes you so proud then?
-I am not proud of that, Sir.
I have two daughters, Sir.
I have a son.
What is there to be proud of?
I am sending them
to engineering college, Sir.
You should be proud of that.
-What do you say, Ramaswamy?
But you look quite young.
Do you have a daughter who is doing Engineering?
I was married very young, Sir.
He must have had children immediately, Sir!
Did he steal gun powder or not?
Ask him about that, Sir.
He wont get it from the ration shops.
Thats why he must have stolen it.
What is your name?
Sebastian, Sir.
I have two grown-up daughters, Sir.
You said that already.
They should at least have a bathroom, Sir.
The bank refused to give loans without foundation, Sir.
They would.
I need some stones
to lay the foundation, Sir.
You have a point.
Thats why I blasted it, Sir.
I am not scared to go to jail, Sir.
This contractor and his men
are worse than dogs, Sir.
Just give me word that my daughters
would be safe, Sir.
I will go in right now
and sit in the cell, Sir.
I dont trust any of them, Sir.
Except you.
I am touched.
-B Ramaswamy! Please note.
Note down that the case is under investigation
and deep research is going on.
Ok, Sir.
You go home.
What is this, Sir?
How can you send him home against rules?
Against rules?
Do you think this station makes a culprit
sit inside and serve him drinks?
Srisailam Tehsil, Reserve Forest, 2nd Division
Police Station working under Bheemla Nayak!
The most experienced Sub-Inspector of Police
of the whole Division!
Thats the spirit, boys!
Hey! I warn you!
Stay another minute and
I will break your bones. Scoot!
-So, Sebastian!
Are the stones sufficient?
No, Sir.
Do you want more?
Yes, Sir.
Pick up some gun powder.
Thank you, Sir.
Just a little.
Hey, Papi!
No one is doing it.
At least you do it, man!
This is
is anyway missing.
Show it to him.
What is it?
Bail papers.
I got them from the High Court yesterday.
They asked me to sign here every Monday.
Where is the register?
Go out straight and take left.
Is the register kept in a tea shop?
Go a little further.
Dont tell me you lost it!
You will find the grocery shop on the right.
Yes, it belongs to Subbaiah.
You can get Venkatrama & Cos
Telugu calendar there.
Look it up and you will easily
find out that today is a Friday.
You dont have to come so far.
I indeed drink.
But not so much that I cant tell
Friday from Monday.
I have some work on Monday.
Something urgent?
In that case, dont come!
We will come there and arrest you on Tuesday.
After that, you wont even
have to come and sign.
The SI has cracked a joke.
Not just him.
God, Himself has cracked a joke on us.
Your uniform makes you so arrogant!
You act high and mighty.
I remove my uniform
before going home every day.
I dont wear it four days a month
when it is at the laundry.
Come when you are free.
We will settle it.
He acts like a logo for ego!
I am the synonym for revenge.
If I cant do it,
I will join hands and do it.
Most noble, merciful Lord!
Salutations and praise to your holy name.
Lord! Keep your children
under your protection.
On this day of Christmas
As your child Jeevan Kumar
is praying for his son, Daniel,
please keep your divine hands
on your child.
Keep them on the wife
you have given your son.
This is the gift of Jesus.
Since you gave such a gift to your daughter
my Father, please support these kids,
and bless them with your divine hands.
We ask you this in the name of Jesus, Lord!
God bless you.
Thank you, Father.
Thank you, Father.
What is the situation?
I am fasting.
Have some.
-I said no.
-Have some.
When he meddles with us,
he is the one who shouldnt be able to eat.
Why should you fast?
Why make this an issue?
Consider this a nightmare and forget it.
Is he sleeping?
To consider this a nightmare?
Dont talk as if you are
in our living room.
This is the jail visiting room.
Calm down.
I will be out in five days.
Dont cry.
Are you done?
We lost the previous elections.
We will still get the road contract.
Because I dont consider myself an Ex-MP.
And I wont.
Dont feel you made a mistake
and he caught you.
Think that no matter what you do,
he wont be able to stop you.
Find the change.
Merry Christmas!
Srisailam Taluks Simhadripuram
SI Bheemla Nayak is selected
for the Presidents Distinguished Service
Medal for last year.
With fifteen years of experience,
this SI always takes the initiative
in helping the tribal people,
in the Forest Division,
says the police department.
Not there or here
Not the domain of the rich
Near the hillock with horse water
In the Thanda by the Alugu stream
There is a fig tree
Right under the fig tree
A mother is having labour pains
There was no sun and yet it wasnt night
As soon as the morning star appeared
Arrived the tiger cub
The tiger cub arrived
In the Nallamala Taluk
Mother was Meerabai
Father was Somalagandu
Father was Somalagandu
Grandfather was Bahaddur
Great Grandpa Veera Nayak
Named the cub Bheemla Nayak
Bheemla Nayak!
Bheeemla Nayak!
His tremendous fire
may it stay ablaze
If he sets the khaki uniform aside
he is a goon himself
He is a fireball looking
cool on the outside
Touch him and your skin
will peel for sure
A neatly pressed shirt
A never bow down attitude
Settles the score peeling your skin
His punches will surely
break your bones
Bheem Bheem Bheem Bheem
Bheemla Nayak
He plays music on your head with his baton
Bheem Bheem Bheem Bheem
Bheemla Nayak
He is the devotee of duty that evokes fear
When he styles his hair
Its like a lion shaking its mane
When he folds his sleeves
Its like tigers roaring in the arena
When he tightens his shoelace
Its like a call for the hunt
Bheeemla Nayak!
Bheeemla Nayak!
Anybody is a blade of grass before him
If they act smart,
they break their backbone
In fighting, he is a brand in himself
Whoever tastes his punches
becomes a past tense
He walks on a straight path
He speaks the right word
His temperament is hot
His power has no gate
His nameplate
Bheem Bheem Bheem Bheem
Bheemla Nayak
He plays music on your head with his baton
Bheem Bheem Bheem Bheem
Bheemla Nayak
He is the devotee of duty that evokes fear
His uniform is spicy as Guntur chilly
Act funny and you will taste the spice
His baton is like a lava explosion
It loses its cool when it sees a crime
He claims no holiday on Saturday and Sunday
Round the clock, the pistol is his companion
Bheeeemla Nayak!
Bheeemala Nayak!
How long?
Do you take this for a hotel?
Jail and bail involve many conditions
and signatures.
One signature here!
Sign twice a week at the station!
When will he go home?
Until he comes out,
just keep nodding.
After some time
to modify the bail conditions
Ok, Sir.
We will file a petition requesting
modifications in the bail conditions.
Thats all.
-Hey, Danny!
-Its in our hands.
What is this?
He made a strong report.
We took a clear picture.
If it gets out, he is done for.
I know.
What is it?
Come here.
Did you file an FIR against a cop on this app?
You liked it?
You liked it, right?
That is Danny!
The lion is out of the cage.
It's out in the wild now.
Lets go and watch the breaking news.
Did you get it now?
-Got it?
[We need to know the plan]
S I Bheemla Nayak opens a bar
in the Station itself.
The Sub-Inspector who was selected
for Presidents Medal.
was supplying liquor out of a sealed bottle
in Simhadripuram police station itself.
There is also a lady constable assisting him.
The ACP office is not available for response.
In the entire episode,
the only thing missing was soda.
Caught in the act, no one is picking up
the phone at the station.
Srisailam MLA responds
on the incident saying-
The District ASP, however, responded
over the phone and said,
Whoever is responsible for this
incident will face the consequences.
What is the role of Lady Constable, Harini?
The investigation is on.
Have the police got used to bribes there?
Is this an addiction that cant be stopped?
Who is going to answer?
Rules exist only for preaching to the public.
They are above rules.
They are dedicated to corruption.
This is how they behave.
Why did you meddle with the police, Danny?
Hey, shut up, man!
If you miss a single day for signature,
they will lock you up.
Are you the one who was arrested
two weeks ago?
Do you also sign on Mondays?
Monday and Friday.
By Gods grace, it is only Monday for us.
No problem.
Lets go in your car every Monday.
On Fridays, you can go alone
and be free in your car.
Petrol can be saved.
For whom?
When ten thousand string bombs are going
off there, why discuss with this sparkler?
Because you need a sparkler
to set off a bomb, Sir.
Nagaraju is the name of the sparkler.
I am the factory for the ten thousand one.
Daniel Shekar.
Oh, my!
You made such a big achievement
and why do you leave so early?
-Whatever you want to drink in my bar today-
-Sir wants to offer it for free.
Why free?
As if they are short of money!
I was going to say the more they drink,
they more it makes us happy.
Before I could say that-
Eryou are
Drinks shall be later.
First, let me watch him getting arrested live.
Oh, my!
We must never miss such programs.
I am joining you.
How will you join?
We are already five here.
Let us adjust like a family, Sir.
Whats in it?
They say I am going to lose my job, Sister.
Why would you?
What wrong have you done?
The grooms family asked her
not to quit the job after the wedding.
I dont know
how the poor girl will face them.
Forget them.
First plan how to take to task
the guy who shot the video.
He has such a huge following!
Its not one hassle with Nayak.
Getting the women jobs,
pensions for the old,
distributing blankets in winter
and lemon juice in summer
oh, no! Not one! He does a lot.
This is the impact of those service programs.
Brother Nagaraju!
Come on! Come on!
You have done a great job, brother.
Gods grace!
I mean yours!
We shouldnt leave such a big gallery free.
Let us make a speech.
Why get into all this?
Hey, quiet!
Brothers! Help me!
We are here for you.
Make use of us.
There you go.
Listen up, villagers!
You too!
Did you see it?
-This guy is acting too big.
-When you arrest whomever you want,
would everyone sit in the jail
reading books?
Someone like me would even shoot a film.
Danny Entertainment Production Number 1!
Hey! Super!
Once more!
You should have revealed
the title simultaneously.
Maybe he named it in this gap.
I spoke to the DSP.
Your enquiry takes time.
Its not safe for you to stay here.
Go to your village.
If some loser made a mistake,
why should she run away?
Not me.
-DSP Sir has asked her to go.
-Why should the DSP say it?
Listen to me, Suguna.
-Hear me out!
-What I am trying to say-
-She wont go anywhere.
Suguna! We are not scared.
We are only being cautious.
Sir is right.
Do as he says.
Have you got money?
Give her some.
I am talking to you!
Drop her and come.
Thats the girl.
The angel who gave water
as soon as I asked.
She even felt bad it wasnt cold.
Even I am feeling very bad
that you are getting suspended.
But what can we do?
Collateral damage.
When two kings are at war,
lots of soldiers die.
-Right, Nagaraju?
Not on the ground.
Spit on his face!
People are boiling with rage.
I can even get an acrid smell
here and there.
Your fans are waiting for you here.
If allowed, they seem ready to put up
your posters and make a hundred days events!
You must come!
Will they let him keep his uniform or not?
If he is a man of conscience,
he will give it up.
What are you planning to do?
The village is one kilometre long, Sir.
Beyond that, its only the woods.
If I shoot him point-blank
and throw him in the bushes-
it will take ten days to find his body.
You can investigate the case.
I can watch the news on TV.
If we do that what is the difference between
the Nayak 15years ago and the Nayak now?
Fear, Sir.
That Nayak was never afraid, Sir.
But now
Since you asked me to make him comfortable,
I fixed him a drink, Sir.
I asked the girl to remove the seal.
Now I got her job removed.
As soon as I saw his contact list,
I called you up, Sir.
Thats the difference, Sir.
-No other difference.
Look at him, Sir.
Just look at what he is doing out there!
He is having fun! Damn it!
On rogues like this one, Sir!
Rules, regulations, courtesy, kindness
nothing works, Sir!
Shoot them at sight!
Or beat them to pulp and
drag them on the road!
These rogues deserve only such treatment.
When he told me his wife was pregnant-
Sorry, Sir.
Sorry, Sir.
Can you wait till I drop my wife home?
-Or will you arrest me right now?
You go ahead.
I will come myself.
Carry on. Please.
Ok, Sir.
Sorry, Sir.
Go on.
Suguna! Lets go.
Hey, Nayak!
You had removed my dhoti.
I thought they would remove your pants!
Let him die, Nayak!
Let him die!
Beat him up!
Wait, wait!
Move back!
Move back!
You didnt find the stones to build a house
but you got enough to break a head!
Who will educate your daughter
if you land in jail?
Who will guard your house?
Its enough I am suspended.
Go away!
No one else needs to get arrested.
You arrested me in the middle of the night.
And me?
I pulled you out of the station
in broad daylight.
Tell me now.
Who is the man? You or me?
Proud of you, Danny!
Do you hear that?
You may be Nayak but
I am the Chief of villains.
Cant you hear?
He said he was a hero the other day.
Today he became a villain.
He has no clarity.
What instructions is your wife giving you?
-Sir, leave it at that.
-Hey, quiet!
You beat up those who came for you.
For my sake, give him a tight slap.
Just one!
He knows perfectly how it feels
when I hit.
They know very well my range of hitting.
Need I prove it?
I have to be on remand for a week.
Dont get into a tiff with
Nagaraju and Danny.
Can you hear?
Mr Kodandaram is waiting outside.
Wont you have coffee?
The kick you get in imagination,
you dont get it in reality.
-Right, Nagaraju?
At Nayaks arrest, I expected a crazy visual
of handcuffs and slogans.
Correct, Sir.
Sure, there is not as much violence
as we imagined.
Either because of age or responsibility
He has mellowed down.
He has.
It is fine till now.
Check what is happening.
I will call you back.
Hey, hey, hey!
Stop! Stop!
Hey...hey...stop it!
Stop them! Stop them!
They are drunk and you bash them up!
What is this ruckus? Huh?
You dont serve meals to your husbands.
You dont greet men.
What lives you lead!
At least you do it!
-Greetings, Sir.
This girls husband
Its two days since he came home.
Go to the police station.
How can you solve such cases in a bar?
He is right here.
Have you become an astrologer now?
Go ahead.
Look for him.
Go ahead.
Look around.
What is this, Sir?
You scold her and she slaps me!
When did she ever have logic?
Some guy died drinking cheap liquor.
But she filed a case against me!
This is safe.
More than Danny taking the video,
I think he is affected
by our clapping for it.
What, Nagaraju?
What is the problem?
Are you serving drinks for free?
Ah! Actually
How come these people are targeting you?
Who needs rogues from outside?
We already have them here.
Hey! What are you blabbering?
Nayaks wife is not Nayaks better half.
She is double the Nayak.
-Talk rubbish and I will skin you.
What is this, Nagaraju?
Does only your village have a check post?
No check post for her mouth?
Sir, her name is Suguna.
Only her name denotes good behaviour.
What else can I say?
Worst behaviour.
I can see.
[Old Telugu movie song playing]
Let us wait for some time.
Please listen, lets not get into a fight.
-Hey! I have been waiting for an hour here.
Some guy has been waiting for a lifetime!
Head Constable, Mr Sudarshan!
Register, please!
Mr Danny!
Anyone who comes here,
cant be sent away so quickly.
He might go out and start another problem.
And so-
We make him sit here
until he runs out of energy.
When he has sweated it out and gets tired,
then we let him go.
Thats what you call policemans poetry.
You wont understand.
Pass the register.
What is it?
Tell me!
You got me Dosa again.
Shall I get you Puran poli?
He hasnt stopped crying since you left.
He wont let me do anything.
I am going crazy!
Dont feel bad, Madam.
Dont spare Danny once you are out.
Will see.
Dont say you will see.
Promise me.
Hey, Suguna?
Are you crazy?
Its the law when I am this side.
If I go the other side, it gets tough...
For him.
Sir, food!
What about that?
Hey! I didnt mean that. Phone!
-Get it quickly.
-I am getting it, Sir.
How is mom?
She is alright.
How are you?
What do you mean ha?
Are you fine or not?
I dont like it here.
Who likes it?
We have to adjust.
If you are here at this time,
I will adjust in every way.
Please come home, husband.
Do you think
I am at a five-star hotel on a picnic?
I am sleeping in a lodge and
signing at the station every day.
And you want me to come home!
If you want to, you can do something
and come home, husband.
What do you mean?
I will talk to you later.
I will call you back!
Sir, would you like to eat?
You made a nice film!
What is the title?
Bheemla Nayak-Brandy Waterhuh?
Oh, dear!
Why did you have to mess with the police?
They look very humble on the outside.
Once you go in, you never know
how they will use the baton!
Here! Call the CI.
Come on!
-Greetings, Sir.
Our boy
I only have a daughter, Sir.
I dont have a son.
He is in a bad mood.
I will put on the speaker.
Listen to the speech.
No speech, uncle.
I am forced to stay there because
of having to sign twice a week.
When will I go home?
How about signing for six months and leaving?
Or shall I send the Register home?
See that?
This is how he provokes me!
If I stay there I will kill
at least a constable!
Is this a party that you come
and leave with a cake?
Come and touch them.
You will know.
We will dump you in jail for 7 years.
Yeah, dump me.
I will see how you would do that.
Hey, hey! Oh, Kodandram!
What is this?
It is done and let us forget the issue.
Now think about how to move ahead.
There is nothing we can do, Sir.
Shall I tell you something?
Get the signatures done for two weeks.
Let us talk about bail later.
What do you say?
Dont play the video in the SPs office.
We will manage it later.
Thats not enough, Sir.
What is this, Kodandaram?
Your daughter is getting married in a month!
Your wife is expecting.
Why mess up now?
Take it easy!
As you say, Sir.
Hold on!
It could be solved with an apology.
You stretched it to bail.
It is all your fathers training.
Dont repeat this to your father.
He will pounce on me
When is the enquiry in the SPs office?
Its tomorrow. But-
We spoke to the MLA, right?
Your promise to that guy carries value?
Go and submit the evidence.
The issue becomes big for no reason
When big people are messed with,
the issue becomes big.
He is floating among the stars
because of the stars on his shoulder.
Make him lose his uniform
and he will come down.
You should ask the boy to slow down.
-Instead, why do you provoke him, Sir?
-Hey, quiet!
For the diesel.
Get the wheels checked before you leave.
The roads are bumpy.
Subordinates tell us a million things.
We shouldnt pay heed.
The police guy should know.
That he should never stop a car
with a fancy number.
That he should check
before writing an FIR.
Whenever someone asked me
how many kids I had,
I would say one boy.
Should I change it now or what?
To one girl?
Please dont cry.
I would lose
even the little impression I have.
How does his impression matter?
In case he wants to see mother-in-law
She has her husband to look after her.
A man is needed to look after this house.
His address is missing.
Go and get him. Go!
-Morning, Danny!
I was waiting for you.
Am I late?
-Wedding arrangements are going on at home.
-Why did you come, then?
This is your last signature.
I wanted to be with you.
Thank you! Come.
-Greetings, Sir.
-Go and order tea.
-Hello! Morning!
I never thought this will be
finished so smooth.
Same here, Sir.
Did you get a call from the SPs office?
Hmm. I got it.
You will get it.
You will get it twice or thrice.
Dont answer it.
-Where is it? Here?
I hope there is no further problem?
What problem would be there?
Somehow I dont find it correct, Sir.
Which one?
I mean-
Serving liquor in an alcohol-free zone.
That too by an SI.
Right in the police station.
From a sealed bottle.
Its a severe crime, Sir.
Very shameful.
Why did this rogue turn the tables?
Where is the phone?
Which phone?
The phone with the video!
Every phone has videos.
Hey! Search his car!
I will see how he will leave the station
before we recover the phone.
Look through everything.
Back seat!
Look in the boot!
You wont find it.
No matter how well you search,
you wont find it.
Where is the phone?
Where is the phone?
Not to delay signatures,
I sent it to SPs office.
Did you send it?
Way back!
Long back!
Give me a cigarette.
Thank you.
A bullet missing from your gun
becomes a case.
A bullet found in me becomes a case.
Police can only write an FIR, Sir.
You wrote it.
A judge can only remand.
I was sent.
Now you have to pluck my hair.
Until the bail conditions are modified,
I will stay in this very village.
I will keep asking for hearings.
The case keeps going on.
Until you retire.
Until I become an MP.
You can collect the belongings later.
Lets go first.
The other villages need Dannys blessings.
Lets go give them.
Start the vehicle.
Who is the lady constable?
Harini, Sir.
Let us include the girl too.
The case will get diluted.
They only lose their increment
and promotion, right?
We cant help more than that.
What do you say, Kodandaram?
I think that should be fine, Sir.
-But Nayak
-Sorry, Sir.
Please dont make the girl an accomplice.
She is not at fault, Sir.
She only followed my instructions.
I take the entire responsibility, Sir.
Nayak! One minute.
Sir is saying something.
Let him finish it.
Sorry, Sir.
Please continue.
This is a clear cut case of dismissal.
I cant do anything else.
I am ok, Sir.
Its ok with me, Sir.
In two days you have
Disciplinary Committee hearing.
I will send the orders.
I think we are done.
Kodandaram! You may leave.
Jai Hind, Sir.
Why are you so stubborn, Nayak?
Why cant you just bow your head
in front of him?
A criminals head is heavy, Sir.
It has to hang low.
A soldiers head is strong, Sir.
It should be held high.
A policemans head is a responsibility, Sir.
It must be straight.
If I do as you say, the order would
change, Sir. And I can never do it.
Dont worry at all.
You wont lose your job.
I spoke to the officials also.
Take care.
At least take responsibility for her, Sir.
Dont let her down.
Is Nayak suspended?
Did they tear up his shirt?
Did they pull down his pants?
Give me some good news
thats music to my ears.
Free booze today for all the constables.
Lets play havoc.
Hey, Nagaraju!
Confirm your last line.
Why is there a cross talk?
Someone like you should not
be suspended, Nayak.
I wont let it happen.
You consider this suspension, Sir.
I call it freedom.
Hey, Malli!
Mr Nayak is suspended.
Our Bheemla will take charge!
Mr Nagaraju! Greetings!
Greegrgreeegreetings, Sir.
Why serve drinks to a policeman?
Let a policeman fix a drink for you.
Drink and pass out.
What is he doing, Sir?
Mr Nagaraju! Hearty congratulations!
Your Diwali is here early.
Why a festival now?
Waste of money.
How can you call it a waste?
Everything is not free like your temper.
It costs a bit.
Hey! Hey, hey!
Someonesend someone.
What about you guys?
Do you want to take the risk for whisky?
If you want to survive, get out of here.
Hey! Huh!
Hey! What is wrong with you?
He is not here to eat.
He is here to fight.
Go on!
Hey! You
Brother! I quit my job, brother!
Great! I thought so!
Why do you want to quit on a festival day?
Take leave.
Do you want to smoke?
Matchbox will do.
Light this one.
The wick is too short, brother.
Is Nagarajus temerity longer than this?
Light it.
What if it explodes, brother?
The wick only burns, man!
Thats all.
But this one explodes.
Happy Deepavali, Mr Nagaraju!
Oh, no!
I will skin you alive, rogue!
Wild Tiger
Got into a tussle
Grab right
Beat hard
Hold the sword
Wield it sharp
The heart starts racing
The ox goes frantic
Gala gala gala gala gala gala gala
Gala gala gala gala gala gala gala
Gala gala gala gala gala gala gala
Gala gala gala gala gala gala gala
Gala gala gala gala gala gala gala
Gala gala gala gala gala gala gala
Gala gala gala gala gala gala gala
Gala gala gala gala gala gala gala
Wild Tiger
Got into a tussle
Grab right
Beat hard
Promise on the Lord
who Stood on the ten hooded snakes
He lifted the hill like an umbrella
to shield from the rain of thunderbolts
He made the bulls bite the dust
by raining blows on them
He made the wrestler fly through the air
when he was challenged
Wild Tiger
Got into a tussle
Grab right
Beat hard
Hold the sword
Wield it sharp
Gala gala gala gala gala gala gala
Gala gala gala gala gala gala gala
Gala gala gala gala gala gala gala
Gala gala gala gala gala gala gala
Gala gala gala gala gala gala gala
Gala gala gala gala gala gala gala
Gala gala gala gala gala gala gala
Gala gala gala gala gala gala gala
Wild Tiger
Got into a tussle
Grab right
Beat hard
Hold the sword
Wield it sharp
Bheelma Nayak!
Bheelma Nayak!
Bheelma Nayak!
Who would stop wherever you want?
You attacked him only to threaten me, right?
If I want to threaten someone,
I simply warn them.
I beat only if I feel like it.
Blasting buildings would only
make noise, Nayak.
It wont frighten a military man like me.
You only saw me carrying bottles
under my quota.
I have killed many on the border.
You have no idea.
I have given up the uniform.
I became traditional wearing dhotis.
What to do?
For you, the uniform is strength.
For me, it is a hindrance.
Thats why I gave it up.
I can do anything now.
An SI on suspension-
An employee who lost his job.
It hurts.
Quite natural.
Hey, Danny!
Ghazini Muhammad was defeated 17 times.
Do you know the name of the man
who defeated him?
At least do you know
why the vanquished is remembered more?
Because he is not afraid of war.
He is not bothered about winning or losing.
I am also the same to same.
Uproot me.
I will shoot up.
Crush me.
I will rise.
Remove me.
I will come back.
I will give you a war you cannot stop.
Sir, you said when kings are at war,
soldiers die.
Why did we die?
He lighted a wick.
And we got burnt.
I dont wish this even on my enemy.
Wheelchair for a broken finger?
Should I break my leg to use this?
Tell me.
What, Nagaraju?
Arent you dead yet?
His body doesnt cooperate with him
and my age doesnt with me.
You must excuse.
Cooperate with the lawyer,
thats enough.
We will file a case on Nayak.
Why? To become an extraterrestrial creature like him?
Hey! Why are you so scared?
Huh? I am not scared.
You call this intelligence.
Its a big shop and
so it took fifteen minutes.
My house is only 500 sq yards, Sir.
He will destroy it in five minutes.
So you are not going to do anything?
If you can do something,
I dont mind watching. -Hey!
What else should I do?
I already got him suspended.
Send his wife to jail.
I will be happy to witness that.
We both have a problem.
Why do you drag ladies into it?
Shameless fellow!
Why not? When she and I had a problem,
didnt she slap Papi?
Why look for logic, Sir?
Follow the emotion.
Please. Dont say anything.
Follow the emotion.
What do I have to do with this rogue?
My boss has finally spoken the right thing.
Hello, Uncle!
I heard he is suspended?
Why do you still sound dull?
Nothing like that.
Without even touching him,
it seems we can prove his wife a smuggler.
We heard Nagaraju tell Danny.
I wanted to inform you.
Send me her details.
I will look into it.
Ok, Uncle.
-Who are you talking to?
-Well send it!
They are laying out plots in Shadnagar.
Its about the sites in Shadnagar, Danny.
If you discussed such productive things,
you would have been successful by now.
Lets go.
The cuckoo on a melody palanquin
I wonder why she is not here yet
I lost my job, Madam.
My husband lost it too.
I heard you sent Nagaraju
Diwali sweets?
The whole village is talking about it.
You are lucky he didnt file a case, Nayak.
Is he not dead?
Why, Nayak?
Wasnt he inside when you set the explosion?
You should have checked.
Made for each other.
Go and get me some coffee. Please?
Have it from elsewhere.
If I move from here,
you will frighten him and convince him.
Does he know fear?
You should have seen him
when he demolished Nagarajus bar.
The dust went as far as SPs office.
I should have been there.
No problem, dear.
Nagaraju still has a house.
Both of you can go together
for blasting it as if for a wedding.
What is this, Nayak?
Are you doing this for Danny?
Sir, I will thrash Danny.
But I havent decided how.
This was meant exclusively for Nagaraju!
This village is so intoxicated
that the sound has to be this loud.
Otherwise, the influence doesnt go.
It doesnt.
So, you want to go back to the old school?
You have decided?
Is that it?
Your job, your wife, your family
You are not bothered about any of these.
Because I left my job,
I went so far.
Because she is here,
I let it go with that.
There are rules for everything.
You cant overstep like this.
You wanted him to sit in the room
instead of cell that night.
-What happened to the rules then, Sir?
-You asked the right question.
Shut up, both of you.
Thats one atom bomb.
Dont move around with a matchbox.
Sir! When did we follow rules
in Dannys case, Sir?
We flouted all rules from the moment
we arrested him, Sir.
We didnt confiscate his phone.
We didnt seize his car.
We didnt arrest his driver.
Not one or two
We kept making lots of minor mistakes, Sir.
From today,
I will make only major mistakes, Sir.
Only major mistakes.
Nagaraju first provoked him.
Now he is dead scared.
But you are caught in the web, Sir.
Let us somehow leave, Sir.
If we leave now, it would look
as if we are scared of Nayak.
But if we leave after hurting him?
It would look good even if we compromised.
Why are they here at this hour?
Dont worry.
Even if you do, dont show it.
What, CI? Looking for booze?
I handed over everything to you.
We are now local.
Check if you want.
Seize the car and
take the driver into custody.
Oye! Is it a new case?
-No. Old one.
-Come here!
The vehicle carrying liquor
and the driver of the vehicle-
Neither should walk free.
HeyThats the rule.
-Dont provoke me.
Dont let them take me, Sir.
Do something and stop this arrest, Sir.
Take him away.
Dont worry, Balaji!
I am here.
You will be here. Thats all.
And you will keep watching.
You cant even pluck a hair.
Crazy fellow!
Mr Jeevan!
Come. Please sit.
How come you are here?
Coffee or tea?
I have a few doubts.
I want clarification.
Sure. Tell me, Sir.
If someone wants to buy goods
from the tribal area-
He has to be a tribal person too.
They must have a license.
If they are neither and still sell goods,
what do you call it, Sir?
It comes under smuggling, Sir.
Nayaks wife...
Sells raw honey, silk thread
and everything except red sandalwood.
What you say is true.
But her intention is-
It is a strict area where you can get
arrested over a few liquor bottles, Sir.
Such people are caught immediately.
Issue an arrest warrant.
I will show them.
Mr Jeevan! Let us discuss it.
Please sit down, Sir.
They made my son stand on the road, Sir.
I cant sit.
I am not asking you to send the Register home
because my son finds it difficult, Sir.
They are following rules
and I am asking you the same.
Not as an MP who won the seat twice.
As an ordinary citizen.
File the case.
They will act as per the rules.
You do what you have to do
outside the rules.
Hello, Nayak!
I tried my best, Nayak.
-It didnt happen.
We just received a lookout notice
for Suguna from the SPs office.
I think you should start.
Along with Suguna.
Dont be proud that the light
you spread feels cool, O moon!
Burning her skin, the sunlight
has given you the glow, my Moon!
As the sun sinks into the dusk
dont celebrate it as your victory, O moon!
Like torch lit by a blazing fire
he will rise again in the morning, my Moon!
Making the crickets call,
dont feel you have roared, O Moon!
If you hear the thunder of the clouds,
you will be alarmed and shrink, my Moon!
Dont play silly games
with Mother Nature, O Moon!
To destroy you, the whitethorn
will pick up my weapons, my Moon!
Come. Take the bag.
Swamy! How are you?
You know him, right?
I guess this is the first time?
My father taught everyone
in this hamlet how to read.
He taught me how to live.
All fine?
Have you got the house cleaned?
Dont be thrilled by the stars
around you, O Moon!
On your path to your final journey,
not a shadow will follow you, my Moon!
Drinking down the darkness,
dont dance in ecstasy, O Moon!
Dont forget that the New Moon
is not far behind, my Moon!
With your stubborn attitude,
dont move away from yourself, O Moon!
The world existed before you
and shall exist after you, my Moon!
I heard Mr Nayak is suspended?
Not the times for good people, brother.
He gave me fifty thousand when I was in need.
When I went to return it,
he wasnt there.
How much is it?
Forty rupees.
They are at the Thanda near Simhadrigudem.
Mr Nayak may not be there.
His wife would be there.
Go and give the money to her.
Hey, did they give you the money?
What happened, dear?
Suguna, tell me what is it?
Its not your wife.
We could carry 50 gms of the phone.
We got your 50 kg wife as well.
Dont mess with Danny Sir.
Come to a compromise.
Otherwise, your wife will land
in the mortuary next time.
And you will get the call from the hospital.
What are you staring at?
Get me the key!
Hey, Danny!
Hey, Danny!
Come out, you wretch!
Go! Go, man! Go, go, go!
Do you think I cant come in if you lock it up?
I am coming, you rogues!
Where is Danny?
I dont know.
Tell me! Damn you!
Dont you know?
Dont you?
I dont know.
Dont know.
You dont know.
Find out, you wretch!
Hey, hey, hey! Crazy fellow!
Hey! Stop!
You wastrel!
Where is Danny?
Where is he?
Hey! Open the door!
Hey, Danny! Come out!
Where is Danny? Where is he?
Where is your Danny?
Where is he?
Where is he, you wretch?
Where is he?
Where is he?
Tell me, rogue!
Why doesnt this lock open?
You locked it then.
Open it now.
-Open it! Open it!
Open it! Open it!
Where is Danny?
Hey, hey, hey!
Where are you running?
Come, come!
Wastrels! How dare you go near my wife!
How dare you?
You trouble my wife.
You trouble my child!
You trouble my wife.
You trouble my child!
Where are you running?
Come, come.
Do you think you can escape locking the door?
Hey! Where is he?
Do you know where Danny is?
Where is Danny?
Give me the stick.
Give it here, damn it!
What is it? Huh?
Did you come to threaten me?
Hey, who is this guy, man?
He keeps thrashing someone
or the other wherever I am.
Who are they all?
Why is he beating them?
No idea.
Stop the car.
Don't beat sir!
So you sent them!
Come. Danny. I am waiting for you. Come.
This fellow
Hey! Nayak! What is the ruckus about?
-How dare you touch my family!
This is Nayak here, man!
-Nayak! Bheemla Nayak?
-Please help! Hes going to kill us!
Hey, Danny!
Danny! Uncle sent me, Danny!
I have nothing to do with this.
This is your dads setting.
Is the payment your moms?
Hey! Dont involve my mother.
You are so angry for taking your moms name.
How angry should I be
for troubling my sons mom?
Why involve ladies?
Have you no shame?
If they have done something wrong,
can you make it right by beating them?
Do you think you are still the police?
Do I look like a policeman to you?
Do I look like a policeman to you?
Do you think only you can light it?
I can too.
Do you want to see
how I can blast lighting it?
What is your drama? I have been watching you.
-Come. I will show you more drama.
I am coming. Wait.
Bheemla Naik here.
You wretch!
-Hey, stop it!
Nayak! Please leave him!
You wretch!
Start the car!
Come! You wretch!
Nayak! Stop it!
Nayak, please!
For God's sake, Nayak, please!
Nayak, one minute!
Listen to me, Suguna is safe!
Suguna is safe!
Your son is safe.
Go and take care of them.
I will take care of these people.
They are fine, Nayak.
Please. Listen to me.
If you dont find them safe,
come and take my head, Nayak!
Please go.
Listen to me, Nayak.
Trust me. Go.
Its ok.
Go ahead. I will take care.
Rogue! Remember!
I will not spare you.
What do you mean you will remember?
Are you watching a film?
Go and arrest him!
Hey! come!
-Even them!
Get in!
Do you think his screaming scares me?
I can scream louder than him.
Who is he?
Has he dropped from above?
After all SI!
You might have managed constables at the
signals and police at the check posts.
But dont think all police are the same.
First of allNayak
Nayak is not a policeman.
Like reining in a wild animal,
we have put the uniform on an extremist
and put him under control.
You have robbed him of that uniform.
Have you heard of Kokkili Devara?
They must know.
Many in this village know the name
and the story behind it.
But no one talks about it.
It's like a sacred oath.
He held your hand a while ago, remember?
It is as good as death holding you.
Your blood will stop in your veins;
your blood pressure will increase; will go breathless and die!
That is Nayaks technique.
So just be careful.
(Animal Sounds)
The CI spun a fine story, didnt he?
Kokkili God!
Sacred oath!
Is Nayak so powerful?
Fifteen years ago,
there used to be a
forest contractor here.
He set up a check post outside this hamlet.
Since then,
...he would Turn every tree into the timber.
Treat every person like a labourer.
Size up any girl he spots by inches.
One morning-
They abducted three girls
from the Erra Tanda.
Kids are right before our eyes.
But there was nothing we could do!
Chief made an entry then
Teacher Somalaiahs son,
stepped into the hamlet after ten years.
As soon as he got out of the bus,
he crossed the post.
I saw the forest on fire.
I saw a tiger pounce.
But what I witnessed that day
was entirely different, Sir.
It was never seen before.
Like setting Lanka on fire
and handing over Mother Sita,
he rescued our daughters
and handed them over to us.
Freed from demons captivity?
The curtains of cruelty
What about the Contractor?
Is he the lord who tore them apart?
Ahwith that motor vehicle
Did he give him a lift?
Forest is not just a mother
to tolerate whatever you do.
She is a Goddess.
If she opens her eyes,
every branch becomes a bow.
Every leaf turns into an arrow.
Every tree gets to war.
Even birds turn into cannons.
Even a blade of grass
turns into an axe and rises.
It beheads the man
who stands in the way.
We consider a tree a mother
for giving us fruits.
What do we call someone who grants life?
We called him God.
We tied a rope to the same tree.
We applied vermilion on the same hand.
We built a temple at the same spot.
Not to forget in future,
we celebrated the same day.
Long ago during the times of my
grandfather and great grandfather
Kokkili Devara lived in those hills.
Whenever the herd went astray
or the cattle went berserk
or a blood-thirsty tiger appeared
he would come to protect.
We named our Chief after him.
Careful, Sir.
Keep it.
Shyam called me.
I asked you to take up a job.
You joined the Army and
went to the end of the country.
I asked you to get married.
You went to the end of the village
and married a tribal girl.
Are you at least good at handling issues?
You sent your cousins to custody.
Some call him God there
and some a wild animal
Should I bow to him or cage him?
Tell me. What should I do?
You should have taken a hundred
more men and abducted his wife.
When your issue is with the SI,
why do you drag women into it?
I am talking to you.
To stop Nayak, you need his wife.
But to tell your son,
you dont need your daughter-in-law.
You can yield to the SP.
My husband shouldnt yield to the SI.
If you bow your head,
its like bowing in the church.
If we do it,
its like losing in a court.
You should have taken MLA Sirs advice
and refrained from giving the video.
You keep on blabbering!
Scold her! Scold her!
Tell her how to speak to me!
You are pregnant.
Sit and talk.
Dont strain yourself unnecessarily.
Sit down.
The poor are always good.
The police are always sincere.
You are all in a make-believe dream.
When you wake up,
you wont be able to bear the truth.
It is ok even if I lose.
Dont wield the sword
that is in my hand, Dad.
There is no winning
in fighting and hacking.
It is in admitting your mistake.
Also in withdrawing.
Did you think he will come running
as soon as you suggested compromise?
There is no scope of even negotiation
for what you had done.
I let you in because you are my boy.
Its not that, Uncle. Actually-
Your father is an MP!
No, no.
Your domain is not here.
Get going!
You have to do something.
What should I do?
And why should I?
(Clearing throat)
Are you serious?
If you are serious, I will somehow
make you appear before the judge.
But you have to beg
Bheemla Nayaks pardon.
Why do you glare?
You can afford to be arrogant
only when in power.
When you dont have it,
stay grounded.
Tell me, Sir.
What happened to the issue of Nayaks wife?
Our men are on the same job, Sir.
You are not able to catch
the mother of a two-year-old
in a forest that has a radius
not more than 20 km.
Why do you say you are trying as if
she is a bigger smuggler than Veerappan?
We dont send photos
for the election campaign.
We go ourselves.
SPs dont join combing operations, Sir.
Only SIs do.
But this time, I will join for your sake.
How fondly he looks at his wife!
Its their wedding day.
Any husband would do that.
Watch him after ten years.
He will be looking elsewhere just like me.
Did you bring me here
because I interfere a lot?
Or was there a notice for me?
Lord Rama! Its not like that.
I know.
Even Lord Rama talked about
one arrow and one wife,
but left her in the jungle.
She was innocent.
So she stayed back in the jungle.
You will skin me alive.
Why would I take such risks?
Am I a shrew?
Not always.
Only now and then.
Police request the residents of the hamlet!
Everyone listen to this announcement, please!
None of you needs to be scared.
We are here to arrest Nayaks wife, Suguna.
Please cooperate with us in her arrest.
We will leave after her arrest.
None of you should run, please!
Stay wherever you are!
This hamlet is surrounded by the police.
Please surrender!
You cannot escape!
Please surrender so that
the others dont face danger.
Please surrender!
You cannot escape!
Where is Suguna?
Where is she?
If I must confine to my duty,
I will have to arrest you also, Nayak.
Dont stretch it so far.
Did they arrest your wife?
The Department seems to work quite fast.
Where is your son?
He is not at home.
Call him up.
Make a call!
Do it!
Its not your Dad.
Its your boss!
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, if something happens
to any of them there, I warn you!
I will hunt you down and kill you!
Wherever you might be.
What did you say?
I will hunt you down and kill you
wherever you might be.
Why go elsewhere?
Let me kill him and sit right here. Come.
If you have my Dad,
I have your son.
If you start there,
I will finish it here.
Shall we start killing?
Shall we?
Shall we kill one another?
Touch and see, wastrel!
Touch and see.
But you're not the kind of guy who would kill
my cancer-riddled mother or my pregnant wife.
I am not the kind of guy who would kill
kids to take revenge on adults.
I have an offer for you.
Erra Thanda-
Its neither in Andhra nor in Telangana.
There are no rules.
Police wont stop.
Death is the only full stop.
Lets fight it out there.
Why is he here?
Whatever you have to do
to make Danny win-
Just do it.
History is always written by the victor.
Once we win, we can correct the mistakes
and rewrite it the way we want.
Tempers dont dissipate down here
God has nothing to say from above
Piercing swords have no mercy
Caught in the fire, nothing remains
I say this for your good
dont lock horns with him
I say this for your good
dont lock horns with him
The deep, thick forest on the edge
should not be caught in roaring fire
I fed you on fresh honey
I served you fresh stream water
and deers milk
I made you swing on the prop roots
and helped you stand tall
I gave you a great life;
dont land yourself in muck
I say this for your good
dont lock horns with him
The deep, thick forest on the edge
should not be caught in roaring fire
Are you dead or alive?
You came to see me instead of your son.
I like it.
The core in you is just like me.
An animal.
Lets see who is going to win.
Sir! Please do something, Sir.
It was you who opened the door
and made him fall.
It was also you who removed his dhoti
and made him stand in his underwear.
If you ask me to do something,
What can I do now?
I can do nothing.
Either of them will die.
Thats for sure.
We will arrest the other one
and take him.
But its your hands
that will get blood-stained.
Hey, where are you, man?
Hey, hey!
Not on them.
If you have the guts,
come on to me!
Residents of the village!
When someone asks you about
your native place,
dont say Chintalapalli or Maredumilli.
Like Kurukshetra, decide on
some name like Dannykshetra
Bheemlas Head or Nayaks Blood
Something like that.
Hey, Nayak!
God saves everyone.
When you are the god
Who will save you?
This is a very wrong concept.
Do you want to die a second time?
He looks like Lord Mallanna coming down
the hill to walk among people!
Blood red eyes!
Body full of soil!
An arrow poised!
A life targeted!
The drink has slithered down his throat.
He will now demonstrate
a ferocious dance of anger!
Do it, my Lord!
Today no one will stop you unless
Mother herself comes down.
Do it, Lord!
Do it, Lord!
Get up, wretch! Get up!
You kept talking about Bheemlas head!
Do you have the guts
to strike my head off?
Do you know what they
would call this hamlet from tomorrow?
Bheemlas Support
Nayaks Garland
Rising Thanda
Hoisted Flag!
You wretch!
-Wait, Madam.
Get up, brute! Get up!
-He is killing him!
-I will see your end today.
Do you try to nail me from behind?
Do you think Nayak is a wall?
He is a fort!
He is a strong fort!
Let him go!
Brother! Listen to me.
Hey, shut up!
Who are you?
You said you will become a shield in danger.
I am in danger, brother.
I am in danger.
I am in danger!
You saved my life.
Will you take that life away now?
Will you take it away?
You said you will help in difficulties.
How can you get angry, brother?
How can you get angry?
Dear! Its you!
Mother Nature shaped my character.
I will be your guard in danger.
I will be your guard
I will be your guard in danger
I will be your guard in danger
Is this your husband?
Is this your husband, dear?
Fool! Instead of using MLAs and MPs,
had you told me about my sister,
I would have left you!
I couldnt keep my word, dear.
Forgive me.
Overlook this one mistake, dear.
Overlook this one mistake, dear.
Take him and go.
Forgive me for this one mistake.
Take him.
My brother.
You mentioned some brother
saving you in the forest.
Is he the one?
Just like a brother,
he returned you to me.
What are you going to do?
Did Danny stab you, Nayak?
No, Sir.
I wasnt paying attention
in the market, Sir.
A nail went through, Sir.
A nail?
A nail.
How did the nail pierce through
two places?
I didnt pay attention twice, Sir.
I mean
He is a bit reckless, Sir.
-Just a little, Sir.
I am an alcoholic, Sir.
I cannot sleep except on alcohol.
I was the one who said that day
I would die if I didnt have a drink.
You fall asleep when you drink.
But do you die when you dont drink?
I told him that, Sir.
What did he do in response?
He was impressed by my performance
and served me a peg, Sir.
You had it and then kidnapped his son?
No, Sir.
When my wife got arrested,
he looked after my son like a mother, Sir.
One night.
Only one night, Sir.
Gem of a person, Sir.
Sir, I looked after the boy the whole night
when his mother was not around, Sir.
You are so kind!
-When they carry kids, they call it abduction.
-Yes sir!
But you increased the flash and shot a video.
How did you manage that?
I think I mistook the video button
for a call and pressed it, Sir.
How long have I been a judge here?
20 years, Sir.
Twenty years!
When you talk to me,
use a little discretion.
He does that very often, Sir.
It happened a couple of times with me, Sir.
Yes, sir!
Even I have opened the camera mistaking it
for call button several times.
You people are outrageous.
You wear neatly pressed clothes
and lie straight to my face.
Are you aware of it?
Your belief is what matters, Sir.
He is a kid, Sir.
He is just a kid, Sir.
He is kidsfather, Sir?
Every loser who comes to me
acts like a kid.
What to do?
I dont want to set my eyes on you.
Leave now.
Get up!
Telangana Police!
Sir has asked me to come.
IG Sir?
The one above him.
Then what is the work with this Sir?
I thought its better to meet
all the big shots in the city.
Big is an illusion, boss.
Daniel Shekar.
Bheemla Nayak.
The last time I said it was in intoxication.
Last time I said it with arrogance.