Bheeshma Parvam (2022) Movie Script

It's good that you finally came
to meet Uncle Michael, Sis.
When the Portuguese came here, 500
families had converted into Christianity.
They were referred to as the Anjooties.
Anjooties who worked as fixers for the
British, Kings and the local politicians..
...eventually became the big wigs here.
Varkey became the man of the house,
some fifty years ago.
Varkey and his wife Annamma
had five children.
The eldest son, Paily married a
Muslim girl, Fatima.
Varkey and Annamma
were very font of her.
The second son is Mathai
Michael is the third one ..
The fourth one became a priest-
Fr. Simon.
Youngest one Susan, fell in love with a
Tamil Police officer and married him.
Paily was just as his father in every way
I've seen Paily and the Anjootty lads
in action at the bazar road.
Such a gusty guy he was,
but it didn't last long.
He was bumped off by the Kocheris,
another big crime family.
Varkey never got over it,
until his demise.
His second son Mathai was the one
who should have taken the reins.
But Michael had to get in to the act
as the elder brother was such a waster.
He stepped in and took control,
sacrificing a family of his own.
That was his word to his father,
it is heard.
If uncle Michael hears what you just
told me, sure, it would be done
What's it?
We need to meet Michael Sir, it's urgent.
He is in the middle of a family function.
Can you come back tomorrow, sis?
Son, we are coming from Chellanam..
He is too busy, I don't think
he could meet you today.
Brother Sivankutty,
They have been here since the dawn,
to meet uncle Michael.
Brother Sivankutty has come.
Open up... get in
Huh... James,
you are sharp on time, it seems.
Elections are round the corner, no?
Shouldn't I be sharp?
How are your eyes?
It's getting better.
Come on in.
Hey James..
Tell me sister.
Ask Nobi to go to the Bishop house
and give an application to the chancellor.
How could I recommend
with out an application?
He has already done that Is it?
No way...
Pennu is yet to come, right?
Susan has called,
she is on the way.
Mom..what's up?
Oh.. James..
You seem to be too busy to come around,
since your Delhi stint began.
Have you become a Delhiite?
Not at all..I come here
now and again.
That's how the politics goes,
for the people, no?
Do you still take Mullet fish
for your bosses in Delhi?
You are funny, as always
Well see.
Sis, where is brother Mathai?
He will be somewhere around.
Oh.. the plates, glasses, rice basin
and water jug..need anything else?
Where have you been all this time?
There is plenty of work here.
Sorry, it took a while..I'm here anyways
Then, get in on.
Hey little one..
Off you go.
Come in..
Sis, do you know them?
Meet the Bob n Rob of our college
Have you had soft drinks?
Their parents are in Dubai
They live in a flat here.
Guess who?
Why not? Sister Rasiya, Ajaz bro's wife.
Yes..have you met Mom?
Will do now.
What a shabby look, Jessy.
Why don't you wear something nice?
Isn't it an occasion?
This is enough, Mom..
Where has everybody gone?
No one is here, Where is Peter?
He must be around, Dad you go down stairs,
everybody will be there
Where are you going with this empty plate?
Don't want food, brother Paul?
You keep the plate warm..
I shall come later to have it.
You will be greeted with the hot
spatula if you come for it.
Fire up, man.. In-laws and
extras have landed downstairs.
Huh.. Man, it takes time to heat
I'd promised to clear the
accounts last week.
That Mani sir is so annoying, bro.
Tell him that it will take time
Told that many times already.
It's not him know that.
It will be out of hands,
if we don't clear it soon.
Cook something up and
shove it down his throat.
Weren't we caught doing the
same at the fish farm! is coming.
Oh..are you guys sitting back here?
Everybody has come downstairs.
Pour a stiff one for me.
Don't idle out here ..come down stairs
What is this?
Salt powder as accompaniment!
Here comes Susan, you go in
..See you in a while
Susan, couldn't you have come sooner
for a function at your own house?
It's not my fault, sister Moly.
I was ready by 8 in the morning.
Then you could have come on your own.
I'm not sure what benefit you
bring to us, as a top clergyman.
Brother, Chevalier order cannot be
conferred to anyone and everyone.
Not for anyone and everyone, I know.
Isn't it the highest order given to a
Catholic layman?
Why can't you consider
this layman for it?
Brother keep quite.. Haven't I told
you the reasons behind it?
The archdiocese is yet to send the
recommendation to Vatican.
Whom can we approach, now?
What ever it takes, I just want a plaque
on our gate reading Chevalier Mathai.
Is there anything the sitting MP can do?
Tease me not, brother.
Hey father, it's getting late.
Everyone including the Bishop is waiting.
What should I do? The Godfather is still
hearing out gospels from somebody.
He should not have entertained
them on a day like this.
Isn't he the saint who never
gives up on those who seek him?
My son Prince was studying for Pre-Degree
when his dad died of heart attack.
He was running his father's garage
along with his studies.
He did not even let me work
in the fisheries company.
He was studying at Cochin College
when Elsa and him fell in love.
One day he introduced her to me
as my daughter in law to be.
I took her as my own daughter, since then.
They were aristocratic Christians
who claimed to be..
...brahmins baptised by St. Thomas himself.
When they began searching
suitable matches for her...
...she eloped with him.
The very night her brothers came
and took him away..
...pretending that they wanted to talk
They burned him to death, sir.
I didn't even get to kiss him goodbye.
There was not much left as a body
Does Christ have any caste?
Isn't it the same Bible
we all read?
What they did was against the
will of God, wasn't it?
They're a cold-blooded bunch,
my dad and my brothers.
It was them who killed Prince.
They will get away with
the murder charges.
We have run out of money
fighting the case.
Even our house is in hock.
They tried hard to take me to
I am scared, sir..they are
capable of doing anything
I won't go anywhere
leaving her behind.
My girl...
Sivankutty, do you know what the slang
cotton-scutching means here in Kochi?
It's an age old method of fending boats to
prevent damage while berthing at the jetty.
Way before the fenders made of
tyre and rubber came in..
Raw cotton rolls would be
hammered on to the wood.. that there is no line left between
the cotton layer and the wood.
You got me?
Understood, brother.
We will take up this case
from where they stopped
Jesus used a whip to drive out
those who sold things at the temple.
But no whip will be enough for these
aristocrats baptised by St. Thomas.
Sivankutty, drop them home.
Everybody is on the wait downstairs
How about cutting the cake?
Let him come down first.
Mom is making it a habit, throwing
innuendos at everyone.
I don't have to put up with this,
I have better things to do as an MP
I am leaving..
Don't do that.
He is the God here, how can
we say anything?
Isn't it you guys who made him God?
Here comes the..
Hey sister Sabayi... how are you?
Have you had a drink or two?
Nobi's job at the school is ready.
Thanks a lot, son.
Happy birthday to you
Why are you standing out here?
Fati, come here.
Ajaz, get a chair for her
- Yes.. Can you come here?
You sit here ..
I'm with mom..
That's alright..
Fati, you sit here.
A moment please It's Sivankutty
I'll be right back.
Father, sons and brothers -
everybody is present.
So, it should be one helluva
cotton-scutching, a smooth one.
No injuries, mind it.
They should be able to walk
...and should appear handsome
when produced in the court.
As a Sabarimala pilgrim, you stay out
of it, Don't provoke Lord Ayyappa.
Only supervision, got me?
Hmm... Hail Lord Ayyappa.
Go on..
Idiot, don't hit on the face
Do you know who I am?
Do you know about my family?
Whom are you messing with?
If you mess with me, I'll burn you
and your fuel station down.
Whom do you think you are?
Here it is OK..
My PG class is from 9 to 4
I know..
It will be tough for Mom to look after
the kid along with the chores.
Dear Rasi, you don't know my mom.
When Mom came as a bride, there were
about 20 members in the Anjootty family.
She looked after them all by herself.
You may go to your class.
Mom will handle this with ease.
Have a the salt enough?
It's on the lower side
That means it is more than OK
Smells good..the mango
needs to be cooked a little more
What the hell was in his mind, Ajas?
How is the guy he hit doing?
All good. They are not pressing charges
We've settled it with some money.
I have the respect of that family
...which is unchanged till date.
They did respect your dad as well.
So, we have that responsibility
What's for rice today, mom?
Fry or curry?
You seem serious
Uncle Michael had called..
He wants to meet you.
Now it seems even better, isn't it?
Do you need to check on Mom daily?
Aren't we here to look after her?
Just wanted to see her.
No issues, I was just thinking
about your inconvenience
Where is the baby?
He is fast asleep.
Hey aunty.. Come on in, I'll make some tea.
No dear, we just had tea.
How long have I been telling you
to come live with us?
There is enough and more
space in this house.
Isn't this yours as well?
It's not a big deal granny,
Aren't we just a call away?
Your dad also said the same
to me when he moved out.
Arh... he went too soon.
Oh..Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
grant eternal rest unto the departed.
He is waiting for you.
We will be right back..
Oh, Fati, you've come as well!
Fati, you go downstairs
I need to talk to him, alone.
Come, sit here.
Bro.. I have done everything I can
Uncle Michael, it was not my fault..
That loser hit our boy, accusing
him for the rising fuel price.
I just lost it, then..
It's true that I had a crack at him
I didn't think of the consequences.
I will be careful from now onwards
Trust me, this won't happen again.
What nonsense are you talking about?
By the way, what's your plan?
Are you thinking of doing something
that you are trained for?
Hotel management is not a
promising career here, uncle.
My pals and I are planning
to open a cafe at Fort Kochi.
A ferry cafe..
We are looking for a suitable spot.
How about our ware house
in Kalvathy, Mattanchery?
Will it be suitable for your cafe?
- Which one, the peeling shed?
- That'll be awesome.
The tourists coming to Fort Kochi
will definitely visit Mattanchery too.
Hmm.. I shall tell Mani sir
You may get the keys from him.
- Have your tea.
I knew that I won't get it.
Hey, Fr. Simon.. Praised be.
- So be it..
Heard your songs in the
Prakashavani cassette..
It was awesome, I loved it.
Everybody says so..
Father, you had taken out a
loan for that song..
The repayment has not started yet.
So, this is what you have
been buttering me for!
Do not stretch far ..Anjootty Varkey
is my father too.
Why would you tell me this?
I do what he asks me to do.
Haven't you heard him? We are answerable
even to the workers.
Brother..I am talking to you.
These guys are roaming around
here all the time, heh!
Michael, there is a bad news.
I am not going to get the Chevalier order.
That's good.
The priests were making fun of
our relationship with Fatima's family.
We lost it to Stanley
of Kurishinkal family.
I tried all the tricks for him,
However, we can't blame them.
How can they confer the Chevalier order
to a family having ties with Muslims?
That's what they are asking
Simon, don't you stop shitting
with your gospel preaching tongue?
Let me be clear for one last time,
for both of your information..
Fati is the eldest daughter-in -law
of this family.
She was brother Paily's wife
when he died.
Brother Ali was with me when I went to
jail, finishing those who killed my brother.
Our parents made a well-considered
decision to marry Fati off to him.
Both of them are our brothers
who lived and died for this family.
It's on you that Fati and family moved out.
She looked after our parents
way better than you guys do.
No priest or pastor has any
rights or power here...
...more than Fati and her children.
This is not my decision either,
but our late father's.
If things are to change,
I will have to die.
You can try finishing me off.
But..It is up to me to decide
when I will die.
Do you understand, Fr. Simon..heh...?
Always have something
like this on hand
Brother, let's have breakfast.
Let's have some porridge
Aren't you coming, Father?
- You go, let me visit mom first
Don't you have anything
else than this steam cake?
Poridge is there...
- Give it to your husband.
Could you please take those goddamn
glasses off? What an ugly...
Paul, people go light-sensitive
after the cataract surgery.
What's your problem in me wearing these?
I am comfortable.
Sure you are.. Then don't take it off,
Wear it at the time.
Yes, I am gonna make it permanent
It'll be wonderful.
Oh..steam cake it is!
Better to have porridge, then.
Get me some of it...
Not that..the egg curry.
Hey..Paul, all good?
Father Simon, have some
steam cake and egg curry.
Get a plate dear..
There must be fish molly and beef stew
waiting for him at the parish house.
He might not like these
egg curry and steam cake.
So..don't waste your time here,
you may please go.
I'm not having, sister, off I go.
Jessy you are a commerce graduate, right?
- Yes, why did you ask, uncle Michael?
Mani sir is looking for an assistant.
Hope you are up for it, so that the
salary will stay with in the family.
Besides, we can have an
eye on the accounts too.
Shall I say yes to him?
Do you have any issues?
- What issues? Nothing, uncle Michael
Dad, is it him who makes
decisions about my wife?
Didn't you say OK when you were asked? wonder, typical of you!
Come with me..
Mom, serve him some more.
That was rude, what's wrong in
Fr.Simon having breakfast here?
What a pity!
Isn't he your younger brother?
He must have felt bad for sure.
You won't open your mouth
when it matters
- Brother.
Tell me sis, what's the problem?
Martin is yet to be back
home since yesterday.
Where has he gone?
He's been held by some navy men
at some workshop, say the Policemen.
They won't allow outsiders there.
He had called me a little while back.
Asked whether you could go there
Don't think bad of me, brother..
I do not have any other option.
I don't have anyone else to tell.
Don't cry..Let me see
- Yes.
Gather the boys, leave Ajas out.
- OK, brother
Oh.. Are you having tea from here?
Come on, let's have the rest at home,
Who are you?
What do you want?
Bro, this is a different territory.
Even the local Police
won't enter here.
Sounds like you are
from some alien space.
Who told you that I am local?
If you make me one, this garage
will become a mourning house.
He was caught with our captain's
wife right beneath her bed.
If you are so particular..
Let his wife come and kneel down,
says the Captain.
He was under the bed, not her , right?
- Peter, language...
Sivankutty, wait outside with Able
I'll call.
About kneeling down...
As she was raised by Varkey and Annamma
of Anjootty family...
...that's not an option.
If you want I will do that..
Let me take him home and
come back to kneel down.
Then you try that..
Hey nephews..
...there will be three at a time,
for each for us.
You know that I'd get you out of any
hell hole, if she cried.
If at all she cries again for you,
it will be at your wake, mind it
I am done being humiliated
in front of the kids and my family.
Please don't put me through this again.
Aren't you ashamed?
Don't we have two grown up kids?
Do you care about the
girl growing up in this house?
My brother is not too far
Shall I call him again?
I will live the way I feel like,
if you don't like it, you can leave.
Then I would like to see that.
Look, don't make me stoop low.
How much lower could you stoop?
Do you want to see?
Yes, I do
Would your old man come to polish this?
Why do you stare at me?
If you mess with me, with your new
master Michael's support...
I will drown you in the kitchen well..
Hey..Peter..son, have your breakfast.
Oh God..he hasn't eaten a thing.
She must have said some thing to hurt him
Hello, Molly sis
Alice, don't you've works in the clinic?
Today is Sunday, sister.. Remove those
glasses and have a look around.
I came with mom's medicines.
Oh..your sugar candy pills.
Is your Homeo even a medicine?
Michael told me that
he has made mutton biriyani.
Why do you let people loose-lip?
Don't you have anything to eat there?
Will anything be a match for the
biriyani Michael cooks for me?
Anyway, your glasses are awesome.
Thank you, no mention please
Good that you bring this
sugar pills now and again.
Is it?
All my ailments go away
with your medicine.
Aren't you meeting him?
Is that even a question, mom?
See you mom Alright.
Mmm..Molly seems to be not
impressed with my visit.
Even I am not, let alone Molly.
What was that?
Nothing, you take a seat.
Tell me how this biriyani tastes.
Hmm.. Is it dum biriyani?
It was the initial plan,
then I got slothful.
Made it in the
whistles were enough for the meat.
Open cooking for another eight-
nine minutes after adding the rice.
Biriyani is ready, sloth biriyani
How is Susan?
The same decade -old confusion,
her condition is pathetic.
The same road I walked
some years back.
Why don't you ask her to
walk out of it?
There should be a limit for
I think it is high time for her
to give up on that marriage.
There is a difference between
you and her.
Your's was a golden cross
your family imposed upon you.
Her's, a wooden cross
of her own choice.
As far as I know she regrets it now.
Mmm..your sloth biriyani is excellent
Why are we entering by the rear side?
Come on, Steffi.. Does the side matter?
What we need is to get in.
How is the place? My brother and I own it.
Seems like abandoned, you
guys don't look after this property?
Actually Steffi..
Brother and I had some
amazing plans for this place.
Some stupid old geezers in
the family did not get it.
So we have put it on hold
for the time being.
Come with me, will show you the rest.
Just follow me..
The lock gets stuck at times
Come on in
No matter how stupid those geezers may be,
what a fortune they've amassed!
We too had elders...
...who simply sat and farted the
whole life, eating tapioca and yam.
Don't knock me down like this, dear.
Leave it.. are not going to
Kottayam today, right?
We could stay here..I have brought
chilled beer.
Huh.. Shall I open?
I will can hold
your chilled one in your hand.
- Hey..
In Europe there are many pubs and
restaurants in old buildings like this.
As if you lived in Europe.
The only problem will be deciding
what to do with the extra space.
If we step up, we can start by Christmas
with a show by the band, 13 AD.
Sure we can..
Who let you in?
Why are you here?
I have the permission of
who ever concerned.
Better you guys clear off
before my brother gets to know.
Why should I go?
Uncle Michael gave me the keys?
Where did you get it? Let me ask him.
Not only him, ask your dad who
got run over by the locals
We are starting a cafe here,
Uncle Michael has allowed.
What cafe?
You are not going to start nothing.
You sniff around him, don't you
dare come to me when you get the boot.
Come with me..
Please come, Steffi..
What a lousy costume!
Did you select this?
No sir.
Then who did, the director?
No sir, the producer did.
Is he around?
He is in the next room.
It's OK, if the character demands,
isn't it?
...or else there won't be
any character left to play.
Come in..
Hmm... sorry.
Hurry up.
Is the hero ready?
Getting ready, sir..
He is doing make-up.
Hell with his make up, ask him
to get ready, now

OK ready, take..roll sound.
Rolling, sir Roll camera.
When sensual flower blossoms
Lake of passion be your bosom
Thirst longs for a wine-like pleasure
Give me the first taste of thrill
Carved lips.. Dionysian bed
Hot blazing joy of lust
When is your union?
What kind of steps are these?
There are better ones to come.
Where did you get this choreographer?
Stop..stop the sound.
Stop the sound.
I will show you a step.
Ahem... stand like this.
Got me?
The curve should be perfect
..try it.
That's it.
Bend it a little more.
Give it a try.
Ahem.. Who made you the director?
Now, see what happens ..

When sensual flower blossoms
When sensual flower blossoms

You sit here watching boobs and butts
That ware house's gone out the window.
Uncle Michael gave it to Ami
to start a cafe or so.
They've been there ..
Seems like we are done.
Made real suckers of us What?
We are screwed.. That's it.
Give me the microphone Pack up.
Step aside, you..
Pack everything up
How did it go? How is the place?
It's an excellent spot bro,
nothing to think of.
Then let's talk to uncle Michael
Paul was there.
He got a little worked up.
Did you make a scene?
A thin one.
Let me be clear, Ami. Get in to this only
if you could set aside your aggression.
You should be aware that
uncle Michael gave you the keys.
Brother, I did not do anything,
they were also there.
Ami did not do anything,
it was brother Paul who started it.
That's not the issue, son
I know his temper.
Business is no child's play.
Please try to be a little better, Ami.
They used to run the warehouse
in Mattanchery, right, Michael?
Before passing it on to Ami, It was
proper for you to have a word with them.
They are slightly disappointed
about that, so am I.
Can't say they were running it,
brother, they were ruining it.
It was closed three and
a half years back.
I gave the key to Mani sir,
as it was rusting here.
Now coming to the propriety you said..
Mani sir will give you an account of that
In the last three years, Peter and Paul's
prawn farm, seafood company, and boats..
...have incurred a total loss of
Rs. 24 million for the family business.
They are yet to settle the accounts of the
film shooting, despite repeated reminders.
Not even my dad had asked me
for account statements, mind you
Peter, please don't ..
He will ask anyone to settle the bills,
even if it's his own father or yours.
That's my instruction.
You know, Ajas started with one.
Now he has five super markets.
A major chunk of our family business comes
from their super markets and fuel pumps.
That is why I handed over the warehouse
to them.. You can't be jealous of that.
Your sheets have only debit column,
no credit column at all.
So, you may please go on with
your feckless life.
Please don't try to help with
the family business.
You may leave.
Brother, I am doing this to
keep this ship afloat.
Please try to talk them some
sense if you have some time..
I am not wary about telling
anybody anything.
I don't understand why you
keep mum, when he talks.
He is your younger brother, not dad..
Isn't it?
If at all he fs with me again,
he will see my real face
The camera is booked for five days, right?
What are you talking about? foot!
Lost your tongue or what,
on seeing your uncle?
Did you pee your pants?
Oh.. You always fly high on liquid courage.
Listen.. I've seen that Michael you
guys have never seen or known of.
The Michael who came from the law school
when brother Paily was murdered.
After the funeral he, along with Ali
barged in to their house.
Two of them ended up floating in the
backwaters of Kochi, before next dawn.
I still remember him standing in front of
our dad, blood soaked, after taking revenge.
You won't have opened your mouth,
had you seen that version of him
Ain't uncle Michael ditched you?
Aren't you ashamed?
He didn't ditch me.. His situation
was like that.
I was ready to wait until he
was released from the prison.
He said no Why?
He did not want another Fatima
there at Anjootty family, what else?
My bad that I asked .. Heh...!
You don't know your grandma,
she was not the same back then.
That's how that tragedy, your dad
came in to my life.
Not just a tragedy, but a disaster.
What a timing!
What movie are you watching?
Oh God.. Guns and fire all over.
Why don't you buy one of these?
Ten seconds, job done.
What an advice!
Uncle Michael is already fearsome
Nobody even dares to rag me at college.
Now with a gun, it won't be any better.
That's because of their love and
respect for him, isn't it good?
Oh.. I don't think it's
love and respect
This is your fourth cigarette.
Then let's round it off with a fifth one.
Brother Mathai has gone blind
of the affection for his boys.
Even the poison they give,
would taste pastry for him.
My dad didn't greet me with a garland, when
I became a murderer instead of a lawyer.
Since then I haven't seen him
smiling until his death.
Grace was right..
Nobody has love or respect for me,
it's only fear they have.
The fear I created from my
fear of losing the family.
Is there anything new?
Nothing, the same stuff only.
There is a special story on James.
- A vote bank in the dark he in?
- Yes, get in.
Things don't appear to be
going so well in Delhi, Michael.
When madam was alive, I used to buy
fresh mullet fish from Kumbalangi...
...and catch the morning flight to Delhi.
Any thing was possible over a
fish curry lunch back then.
There was nothing to worry as long as
mullet was available in our back waters.
Now the situation has changed.
Her son and his foreign wife
are no mullet fans...
I tried many dishes with mullet,
but they want salmon.
How can we get salmon here in
Kochi back waters?
You cut the crap, James
Michael, elections are round the corner,
I am worried.
There are almost ten thousand votes
across three colonies here.
The colonies situated in
your family property.
I will be safe if you step in for me,
just a word, that will do.
You may please assure me those votes.
Dear James..
You might have fed your Delhi masters
with mullet from Kochi.
But the people of Kochi gained
nothing by electing you.
They are well aware of this, so even if I
support you, it won't work this time.
It's different matter whether
I'd step in for you or not
Michael, please don't give up on me at
this point, I don't have any other option
James, there is a saying...
'Doomed are those who don't learn
from their own mistakes'
We the people have been doomed for
the last two three terms.
This time we Kochiites want to
make things right.
So, don't waste you time and...
...find some where else
to cook your lentils.
Off you go..
James, shall I serve lunch?
We have roasted prawns and lentils.
Hell with the lentil.
Why are you idling here?
Don't you have any where to go?
Uncle, we have already lost it
We are told not to do any business.
He is with them now.
Soon we will have to submit bills
for even the drinking water.
We are fed up of this
step motherly treatment., you too got the boot.
Only a mother could understand
her children's worries.
There is no use telling their dad.
I lost my peace of mind
watching them suffer in solitude.
So, everybody wants the
same thing-peace of mind.
We have hit rock bottom, uncle.
Don't get too worked up,
let's find a way around
Keep this..
You keep on practicing.
So, what's up James.
Heard you are winding up your studio,
Prakashavani, is it true?
Not shining brightly anyways,
the studio is running at loss.
Anyone we approach for a loan will ask,
"Why don't you take it from your own home?"
Then, what's going on here?
Thought of releasing one final
cassette before winding up...
The last supper The title rocks.
There you are,
let's go to the parish house.
Have you met Michael?
Will he help?
He not only won't but
probably will torpedo us as well.
Father, now the church is my only resort.
We can issue a pastoral letter
by the Bishop, if you want.
But I don't think it'd work this time.
If I utter your name in the church,
the people won't even spare me.
Those losers will heed to Michael only.
You need me only for donations
and to hush up your sexpeditions.
You may play Pontius Pilate
when I am in need.
What nonsense are you talking, James?
Don't you know the situation?
I can't even have a meal
from my own house.
I just met Peter and Paul,
they look very down in the mouth.
Who is not?
Fr. Simon..
What about doing a death knell?
It's far beyond our capabilities.
We cannot do that, but
the Kocheri crew can.
All we need to do is to sit back and watch.
The Kocheri couple is well past the
expiration date, How could they do it?
Not them?
Then whom are you talking about?
When Michael took out
the Kocheri brothers..
...the elder one Madhavan's wife Rema was
seven months pregnant with their son.
After giving birth she moved to Bombay
so that the baby won't be raised here.
But, when the boy came
here for vacations...
He'd been thoroughly brainwashed
by his grand parents.
Now he has become one of the biggest
perps in Bombay, it's heard.
As in pervert?
You always think dirty,
Perp as in perpetrator, the villain.
Have you heard of the D-company?
Do you know who Bada Rajan
and Chota Rajan are?
Our guy is Bada Rajan,
Rajan Madhavan Nair.
The antichrist of St. Michael
Brother Pillai, do you remember me?
Oh..James the dog of Anjooty
How can I forget you?
So you haven't forgotten..
Dogs are said to be thankful animals.
Elections must be round the corner, right?
No.. I think both of our goals
have been aligned now.
Don't beat around the bush
Cut the chase, man.
There are some problems
inside the Anjooty family.
If we do something now
everything will come down crashing.
What could two incapacitated
oldies do to bring them down?
As per rumors, I know at least one
secret of most of the households here.
So, I know about 30-year old
secret weapon in Bombay.
It's time to launch him.
If he comes in now, we are ready to
give the necessary ground support.
What the hell are you on about?
It's been some time now.
Either talk loudly or come close to me.
I can't hear a word
He says it's time for Rajan boy
to get in to the act.
It's time for Rajan to come from Bombay.
Is it?
OK..Got it.
For whom are these?
For his father and uncle.
Have you tasted the food
served for the departed?
If their souls have been freed they
will come and have it happily with us.
Whenever I do this for my Madhavan
and Sudevan, I taste them after..
Each and every dish... the taste won't be
gone, as they have not touched it.
They are still roaming around here.
Granny, before I go back to Bombay
we will do this ritual once again.
This time no dish will
remain untasted by them
Why don't you eat?
He speaks Hindi!
Have it...
Do we need to open?
Do it.
Have your seat.
Uncle Michael, he is my friend
from Bombay..
They are the managing directors of
Rajan & Rajan associates.
If we can shift the people of
Santom colony to somewhere else.
We can build a five star hotel there.
A joint venture with us holding
the majority of the shares.
We are not building any star hotel
displacing those people in the colony.
Haven't I told you in no uncertain terms
not to engage in any business?
This is not for us, the offer is for you
to be the managing partner.
We will be there for you
as helping hands
The kid is from Kocheri family.
Who are you at the Kocheri family, son?
I am the grand son of Iravi Pillai.
Father's name?
I am Rajan Madhavan Nair,
son of late Madhavan.
He didn't die, he was murdered, wasn't he?
Guess, that's a case I've
already disposed of.
If you've come to settle that score,
these dummies won't suit
If this was about some revenge,
I would have come where ever you wanted.
Uncle, I don't have to come
here just for revenge.
Could've sent some one from Bombay with
500 bucks and a lower class train ticket.
You don't know us.. You should
ask around in Bombay.
You could have asked you
father about me ..
alas, now it's not possible.
That might not be possible, but I've known
you since I was in my mother's womb.
From about the seventh month..
Heard the rest of your stories
from my grandparents.
Now you tell me, how can we
collaborate in business?
Piss off, now.. Haven't you heard him?
Sivankutty, they are from Bombay
You need to say it in Hindi.
Get lost..
See you..
Go, talk to him..
We are extremely sorry, Rajan.
It's absolutely fine, Peter.
We have more business to do

Far yet so close, just like the sky..
So high afar,
or so near my soul..
..When the fire of passion blazes..
You are the desire
of a raining night...
Which could be sensed with out
even an embrace
Stayed like mist, I came as sunlight
thought of perishing in a breath
as we couldn't split or merge
you are the dream with flamboyant
color fell into my heart

In a night blazing with grief
In the shores of surfing waves
In the pathways of dawn
You are the only one to hark back to
who came with a wine filled soul
this flame stays alive even in rain
in this night sans shores your
memories can't find oblivion

Far yet so close, just like the sky..
So high afar, or so near my soul..
..When the fire of passion blazes..
We are those leaves which float
with the tide of time
Bro, have a tea..get energised.
- With your tea!
Bro, is there any connection
between Tata and Bata?
No wonder you get beaten up
from everywhere..
Ami bro, tea...?
No, thanks, Jaison ..are you OK?
- I'm good, bro.
Can I take you car tomorrow?
Planning a trip to Athirappilly.
You want to go for a trip, don't you?
- What's the matter bro?
Do you think everyone else is a fool?
I am talking about you and Rachael.
Actually I was about to tell you.
This could go real bad, Ami..Aren't they
known to us from the childhood?
We have past that stage, bro..
We can talk it through.
If at all it goes wrong, Mom and I
won't be backing you, I swear.
Meet you at home, bro.
Haven't you slept?
You seem too stressed out,
What's going on with you?
Ami says he and Rachael are a thing.
They don't have to be concerned, but we do.
What's wrong in it? Isn't she a good girl?
I like her.
Let them marry, they would
make an awesome couple.
Can you please
shut your mouth, Rasi?
I'm going insane; Don't play
naive with me now.
You are getting worked up for nothing
What if everything works fine?
Come on, have some sleep
Have you been waiting for long?
No brother, I have just come
Take a seat.
Ajas bro, it's our well
thought out decision.
Dear, Have you thought of the consequences
when your family finds out?
I cannot live with out him, brother.
Do Able and aunty know about this?
It won't be easy when Mom and
others get to know about us.
Emotional blackmail will be a sure thing.
Hope somebody understands us.
I am sure that uncle Michael will.
Else we have Alice aunty to convince them.
Then there's my father... who cares?
What about eloping?
You didn't believe us,
now see for yourself.
Didn't I forewarn you not to
sniff around him?
Come here..
Get off my hand, Paul.
If you dare bringing shame to the family,
by going out with a Muslim.
I know what to do.
As if you don't bring any
shame to the family.
I know how to live my life and
the last thing I want is advice from you.
Hey Rachael, don't shut the door.
Open the door, Rachael.
Open the door,
This is our family matter,
you step away.
They are also part of this family
You family might be in the church.
So, what's this discussion all about?
Uncle Michael, Ami and I are in love
for long.
We will live together, no matter what.
Is it true?
We were waiting for her exams to be
over to tell everyone.
We didn't want to startle
you guys, uncle Michael.
Do you have anything to say, Fati?
I had once stood here like this.
Mom and Dad lavished me
with affection, then
...and that will be my answer
to you as well.
What about you?
I have nothing against anyone's love.
What I have to say is to Rachael.
This is entirely your choice.
But my daughter should not
have the same fate as me.
What ill-fate have you suffered, heh?
There is no need for a family meeting
to decide my daughter's future.
Hey, keep your voice in check,
Mom is inside.
You and my sister too had stood
in front of our Dad like this..
Do you remember what he said,
Mr. Martin Rajadurai?
'We need to stand with those who
have taken that decision to live together'
That was our family's decision
and it still stands.
What kind of a family is this, where the
uncle fs with anything and everything?
As her father, I will make
decisions about my daughter's life.
Calm down, brother in law.
You are right, uncle.
He is the one who takes decisions on
my wife and my dad's wife.
How the hell is he interfering
in everybody's matters?
This is exactly what I am
asking for a while in this family.
As per your grandad's will, Michael is
the custodian of the entire property.
He decides who gets it, and that
makes him powerful.
My foot.. You don't have the guts,
that's all.
Your dad should have done this
when his old man made his will
Michael became this gnome
because your dad didn't have the guts.
Those guys are all over there already,
If Ami marries Rachael, that would be it.
Then you guys can file a pauper suit
and enroll as official beggars.
You are right, it was my fault to marry
your sister and make these two sons.
What? You don't have anything to say?
Oh..What am I supposed to say?
Ain't I the one who was given over
to the church?
Don't waste your time for this round table,
If you have any idea, spit it out.
Or else I will do things my way.
Uncle, if you have our back
we know what to do
Peter, you can count me in for anything
in this matter.
Uncle, come with me
What are you gonna do, Peter?
Dad, you keep mum, as always The
Kocheri crew will take care of the rest.
Let's go.
See you then.
You guys eat beef right?
No beef, only onion curry
Onion curry!
Hi brother..
Our uncle, T V James, the MP.
Nice to meet you, sir Hi..
So..politics, law enforcement, religion...
You have that lethal combination, Peter.
You can do any
crazy shanytime, period
But the problem is that,
we can't be in the play.
We can arrange anything behind the scene.
Don't worry about that, you just
sit back and relax.
We will play upfront
Majeed was the right hand man of Varkey.
Majeed's son Ali was with him
when Michael came here that day.
Had not Ali blocked Sudevan's
hack on Michael...
He would have dropped dead here itself.
Now Michael is flanked by Ali's sons.
Take out one of them,
he will fall eventually.
What are you talking about?
About drowning them in the backwaters
if you drown them in the back waters,
the body might not wash up on shore.
That should not happen...
He should get to see the body.

Shores brighten up in this sky
We are reaching an unseen world
Stories go endless like
the depth of the sea
no one cries here
no one will stop your smiles
no bitterness from any past woes
a new lease of life it is
and this is your paradise ...paradise

when the heart fills with desire
we all are alike in this world
this world's all the same,
for you and me
let them sing as long as they can
let them dance until they tires
let them be one as soon as they can
this earth has it in it
and that's your paradise... paradise

no one cries here
no one will stop your smiles
no bitterness from any past woes
a new lease of life it is
and this is your paradise ...paradise



Ajas bro did a stunner.
Haven't seen him this happy since long.
We was so much worried about us
Ami, don't go..listen to me
Stop, you..
Who the hell..
Peter... you..
Come on..have this.
We need to drink it totally
won't you?
Aren't you hungry?
Rasi, can you get me some water?
You've been drinking a lot of water.
I am feeling so nervous.. Don't know why.
Ami has not come yet!
He will come, Mom.
Seems he has come
Its Rahim Come on in, son..
Where is Ami?
Take the baby.
What is the matter?
Where is Ami?
Ami was attacked.
Means what?
- Somebody...
He's gone, brother..
He has gone nowhere, mom..
Do you remember when dad bought
bicycles for both of you?
He never rode his bicycle, he always
wanted to ride pillion with you.
I used to ask him who he
wanted to be when grew up.
He would always say that
he wants to become you.
You were his hero..
Where the hell are you going?
Has anyone ever asked
you this question?
Stop there, you..
Tell me where you are going.
Utter another word, I will thrash you
I won't even think you are my father.
Don't make me do that.
How does it go?
They were outsiders.
They rented the car from
Pinto of Porkkinkoodu.
The night before Ami was killed..
...Peter and Paul were seen with
Pinto at Seagull bar.
Ajas.. I ..
Ajas ..let me talk...
Get off...
They fingered my boy for Rajan Kocheri,
I am told.
What made you create a scene
here based on some hearsay?
You are not sure, right?
You may go, Ajas.
When my dad died, I did
whatever you said..
Don't ask me to do the same again,
Uncle Michael.
You leave, I say.
I have heard many things
about brother Ali's accident.
When Ajas lost it then, it was me and Fati
who got him under control.
If at all he loses control again,
nobody could stop him.
If there is any fact in what he said,
he will finish you.
If he could not, I will do it..
You can start preparing the invitee list
for the memorial service of your sons
What has he done?
Was he alone?
I can't even sit, Father.
He is Ali's offspring,
he would have done even worse.
One hell of a crazy dude he is.
Don't worry.
How could you tell us not to worry?
You don't know these boys of Kochi.
Didn't you say you'd take care of it?
Look at how he's beaten them to a pulp.
Rachael has not come back
home after his death.
Now mom and son have also left.
I don't have any doubt or confusion.
It was my Ami who's gone.
Everybody knows who all are behind this.
Whoever it may be, I want that
score settled, uncle Michael.
I was angry that they hid it from me, but..
I'd not thought of killing him
in wildest of my dreams.
They were saying that if they'd Dad's
support, the Kocheries' d take care of it.
After that, brothers Peter and Paul
left our house with uncle James.
James sir..
If brother Michael gets wind of this,
even the leaning cross can't save us.
What are you thinking?
I put up with this,
only because of these kids.
Once he laid hand on me saying that
it was the Kocheries who helped him... a graft case when dad and brother
Paily bro refused to interfere.
When Paily bro found out,
he beat the crap out of him.
Brother Paily was on the way back,
after that punch-up when he was murdered.
I won't be surprised if Martin had a role
in the murders of brothers Paily and Ali.
Bro, I'm not sure if it's appropriate
to add this to it...
That day, Ali and I returned together
from Rameswarm..
After dropping me home, he was on the
way to meet Martin.
That was when he met with
the accident..
Had you voiced your concerns before
our brothers were buried..
...we could have kept the
body count to one, inside the family.
Now the count would go up.
James, that sounds like the death knell.
Who is your real problem, Ajas or Michael?
Do you have a cigarette?
Bastards, if you dare fing with me,
I swear by the leaning cross..
I'll cut up and throw you to the dogs.
Leave then, let's go brother..
Hands off me..
Who's Alice?
He's calling you.
How many days have it been?
Don't worry, I'll live
He is not finished yet.
Seems, they have some hints.
I'd told you in no uncertain terms that
this is beyond our capabilities, James.
Then you were dying to taste
the Bombay duck.
Look brother, if he gets out of that
hospital, we are done.
Would you please shut up, Paul?
He will take time to
get discharged.
Mean while, we have to be
careful about the cases.
You may shift Susan and kids
to somewhere.
They are not going to
come with me.
I will take care of them.
Talk to brother David, ask him
to send the boys-Yes.
Both of you are wanted there.
Where are they, Susan and kids?
They went back by noon
when Alice sis came.
That call is for you, sister.
Sis..are you safe there?
Yes we are, how are you now?
I am alright.
I was there for you whenever
you called up, until now.
It will remain that way for ever,
got me?
I am taking back the cross you are bearing
Ajas will do it for me ..
This is the real manifesto of James
which nobody knows of.
Let his voters know about what he's
made by feeding his masters with mullet.
The same people who voted him
will have him roasted.
Uncle Michael gave this.
Have your seats
That would be enough to put
you away for ten years, the least.
Uncle Michael says that the central
agencies will have a blast with these.
Hell with you and your uncle Michael
Get lost..
Isn't he on his last legs?
You think, he can put me away for years,
I will be out in less than a week.
Yes, he told that too..
So, we will be waiting here
when you come back.
Alright then, see you.
I have heard people saying
many things about Simon.
For the sake of our family,
I've been hoping it's not true.
I am stopping my prayers for him.
Both of you go and meet
that girl and her mother.
Reassure them that we will
run the case against Fr.Simon.
Let him get de-frocked and
spend some prison time.
If he gives us gyp even after, we
can read the office of the dead
Fr. Simon threatened to
kill us if we talked.
That's why we kept mum.
Nobody will touch you, this is
uncle Michael's word.
Peter and Paul are not two persons but one.
Both are spoilt brats, one reckless
and the other arrogant, with little sense.
They couldn't have gone far.
Won't even try to flee,
as they will be penniless.
Nab them, no matter where they hide.
I will call you back ..ahem..
This is our family matter,
you stay back here.
This time uncle Michael won't come
to rescue you.
You are not going to survive today.
It's uncle Michael's order.
That's for you.
You are being spared of his benevolence.
You may go to Rameswaram,
take your dad and mom with you.
You can live there running
our fisheries company.
Never come back to Kochi,
not even for the carnival.
Where can we meet Rajan boy of Kocheri?
Boys from Bombay have arrived
I will be there in half hour.
Al right, come..
Don't be shocked..This's his order
from Bombay.
Says, there should be only
one Rajan in Bombay.
I expected a little more decency from
Michael of Anjootty.
I was always a step ahead of you.
You chose the wrong time and place,
as you always do.
You could have heeded your mother's
advice and settled there.
I didn't want to take the blame for
killing the father and the son as well.
But, this is not my game, I wouldn't have
come here to watch this either.
But I wanted an assurance,
for Ami and Sivankutty.
Let's go.
I really feel sorry for you. At this age
you could be playing with grand kids.
Here we can't say whatever happened
was happened for good..
...nor do the things that
are going to happen.
You may just pray to God for
a good death, the least.
I will be coming with a wreath.
Nothing, I was asking him to do something
good. You can also try..
We're not staying for the tea.
What did he say?
Our parents poured kerosene on themselves
when they arrived to evict us.
Everyone was watching while
they burnt to death.
They did not even allow
us to bury them there.
When our parents sleep six feet under,
all of them are living happily.
It hurts, brother..
I want to put them to sleep..
Once upon a time a brother had said...
'Give me a place to stand,
I will move the whole earth'
So, first of all you need a place
to stand.. Then we will move it.
We will take up this case
from where they stopped