Bhimaa (2024) Movie Script

Lord of this Universe. Sri Mahavishnu's
6th incarnation is Parasurama .
Parasurama circled earth 21 times in Treta Yug and
the land he won after finishing all the evil...
He donated that land to
Kashyapa Prajapathi.
Later, the holy serpents and Gods
requested for a land for them also to live.
Parasurama threw his axe presented
by Lord Shiva, into the ocean.
He then made the ocean pull backwards
and made a wonderful land evolve there.
Minerals from the ocean further
enhanced the fertility of that land.
Rare medicinal plants not available
anywhere else, evolved in this forest.
Parasurama, one of the seven holy persons to live
eternally, opted that land as his place for penance.
That land is Parasurama Kshetra.
Another wonder seen by this land, is
the evolution of most powerful temple of
Lord Shiva, who is worshipped
by Parasurama.
-Were you scared?
Grandpa, do spirits exist?
-Do you believe in God?
Then, you must believe
even in devil.
Then why did the ghost come to
a temple where God resides?
That is a wonder. Wonder cant
be understood by thinking.
You know it, only by experiencing it.
Then why is such a wonderful
temple closed down?
This temple has a great history.
In the forest 3 yojanas(36-45 KM)
away from the roaring sea shore
Power incarnation of Lord Shiva
has evolved to safeguard us.
Goddess Ganga herself showers her
waters continuously on Lord Shiva,
who loves to be decorated.
These walls once resounded with
the prayers, sound of Conch
and praises to the Lord.
When someone dies suddenly at
an early age, their soul still stays
in this world until their
10th day ritual is completed.
They can fulfil their last wish
by then.
But, that wish must be righteous.
Fulfilling that should be written
in their fate.
When someone from the family
wholeheartedly worships before
the final ritual of the dead, spirit
of the dead possesses over them.
It then fulfils its final wish.
A son five decades ago to fulfil
his dead fathers final wish,
requested that Lord Shiva.
Then his fathers spirit
possessed over him.
And killed the maternal uncle,
who poisoned him.
People who saw that had
a shiver in their backs.
Those officials how went to investigate
heinous act found it beyond their imagination.
Head priest argued that the person
who did the murder was not
this son but spirit of father.
As the strong trust from ages
cant be ruled out
Officials decided to close down
the temple until the case is solved.
Though offerings and worships are
not carried out from then till now
Worship continues by flow water to Lord Shiva
hasnt stopped in this holy place..
Trust of the devotees hasnt
come down.
Its been so long since we came.
Why did he bring us by force?
One should come home or take people
to Police station to do an enquiry.
What does he think of us?
Who the hell is he?
You can be enquired right in
the Police station.
But there is no guarantee that
youd return home safe.
Sir, what did we do?
We are into petrol business legally.
Two tankers are loading
every time in the company.
Those two tankers are being
unloaded in your bunks.
But, how is a third tanker passing through
the check post with the same permit?
We are in no way linked to
that third tanker.
But if I tell about the person behind that,
I can never see my daughter again Sir.
Give me a written complaint. Ill give
you a guarantee that you return home.
Come out!
-Brother, we did a mistake.
-Please forgive us, sir.
Id have let this go if my smuggling,
business or something else was touched.
But those that tanker is my life.
Ill not leave anyone who messes
with those.
When someone messes with my
father, only his son should kill them.
One must know about this Rudra behind
him, before messing up with Bhavani.
-Madam, one tea!
-Please sit, Ill give.
I need one hour to go to
parlour, boss.
-Massage parlour?
Dear, can you please sit there?
Why does she look so cheap
at us?
-Will she give us tea?
-Lets have coffee then.
-Oh no!
-No use!
Brother, whats this?
Come, lets leave.
She maybe cleaning since
we are coming.
Be positive, especially when
you are negative.
I see!
-Shameless life!
-Aunty, one tea!
-No milk, dear!
Didnt the milk vendor come or
didnt the buffalo give milk?
You havent paid your debt,
dirty rascal.
You think this is your in laws house
to come and have tea, biscuits and all
without paying for so long, dirty idiot?
-Did I ever say like that, dear?
-You just said it, idiot.
-There is really no milk.
Sir, tea with full milk!
Please have it.
Why did she give to that old man?
-Here is hot samosa, have it.
-Thank you!
-Missing boy!
-Thats two months back paper, boss.
Your name shouldnt have been
Swarna Kamalam, but crazy flower.
-Call that number.
-Did your son go missing?
-Yes madam, but we got him back.
-Damn, dirty rascal!
Boss, it seems they found the kid.
-Oh yeah! Get the amount ready,
Ill visit the city. -What?
-Hi, Im one and only Satish.
-My name is also Satish.
But, he doesnt have a son like this.
If not, you should be visiting some
sexologist. Why did you come to me?
We are the sincere citizen
searching for your son.
Oh thank you, but we found him
within a week after he went missing.
-Then, why didnt you tell?
-For what?
You published it in paper when he went
missing and you should do the same
after finding him, right?
That is the basic ethics.
We are waking up early by 5 daily
and are searching for your son.
-Did you ask me and search?
-Oh, I see!
Many others are searching similar
to us. Shall I bring them all?
Oh, what should I do now?
-You know how much time and
money did our Boss invest? -Yes!
Forget time, it is not back once spent.
But, money comes back, right?
-It comes, right?
-Oh no!
-Dont you need it?
No, cross the door front and give it sir.
Money makes many! -Oh my!
Please adjust with this
fifty thousand.
-Take it, thats mine.
-Ill publish it in paper tomorrow that
I found my son. -Ok!
Matter has reached very fast.
How do you get such ideas, Boss?
-From the bottom
When theres fire in the botton,
ideas come automatically.
SLN bus coming to Anantapur
from Mangalur met with
a dreaded accident at
Anantapur ghat road.
All the passengers in the bus died on
the spot along with the driver and cleaner.
Family members are weeping
at the unidentifiable dead bodies
of their relative's kin at Anantapur
Victoria memorial hospital.
Bus owner Muniappa is kind enough
and is distributing a compensation of
ten lakhs to the family members
of the deceased.
-Not here, do that there.
-What to search, brother?
Search for an orphan body.
-Why orphan body, Boss?
-For you to beg. -What?
Number 14 and 15 are both orphan bodies.
Ok, number 14!
Relative of this body has been
for a tea or a smoke.
These idiots would even leave
the bodies, but not their bad habits.
-Give some time.
-Ok, brother!
-Your person?
-No -Go!
-He is your husband, cry.
-Oh no, husband! -Stop!
-Not like that, adjust the makeup!
-What did you do, husband?
-Oh no!
Did you lend him money?
Why are you weeping so much?
You continue.
We are in shock that
my brother died.
I too am on scotch. I had a quarter as
I was unable to bear this bad smell.
Do you have any doubt on me?
-No. -I have a doubt on you.
I mean, it is written FRAUD
on that T-shirt.
-This is Ford, idiot.
-It maybe FORD or whatever.
If he is your brother, can you say
where is the mole on his waist?
Is my brother Anushka to show waist
by wearing a sari? He wore a lungi.
In such a case, how do I say he
is your relative when you dont
say where are the moles?
It is not justified for you to talk
about moles when we are in
vain of my brothers death.
-Jackson, give money for his drink.
Oh no! Sir, my sister in law
is down, please write fast.
Yes, Ill write now and shell get up.
See, shell get up.
Yes, she is up.
You leave now.
Please take this ten lakhs
cheque, madam.
You cant buy my brothers life
with this dirty money, sir.
So, you dont want this?
I dont want, but my sister in law
needs it.
Shell buy a sewing machine
and take care of us all.
-Leave me, no.
-My sister in law, sir.
-Promise! Well take leave, sir.
-Hey! -What?
-Wholl take the body?
-Start it!
Oh no, husband!
-Hey, I need
-Ten Lakhs, yay!
-Wow! -Pour, brother!
Boss, kebab
Brother, theres some bonding
in between us.
Otherwise, why would you get
ten lakhs to this small batch?
I will do anytthing for you,
come what may.
But, I dont know who you are.
Im having drinks in a pain that Im
unable to do anything for you.
Id have done if I could.
I really wouldve done.
Mother promise, Id have done.
Jackson, hey!
Will there be tigers here?
-Hey, who is it rascal?
-Hey Boss, shut up.
Hey Lord, a girl approaches
mother when she is angry.
She approaches her father
when she is in a trouble.
My husband is a loyal Police officer.
They say he died in an accident.
They said even his body is
not found.
Whenever I remember my husbands
smile, my tears arent stopping.
Youve taken away my only
Either you take an incarnation
or send your power,
you got to do justice to your child.
If your existence is true, you come
in some form to save the virtue.
One who comes, will come
for sure.
But the one coming even by
mocking the death
The person cleansing the evil
and winning hearts
He will come riding a bull like that
Lord Shiva descending from Kailasa.
He will definitely come.
Who is that guy coming like
Lord Shiva riding a bull?
He doesnt look to me like Shiva.
I think a drama artist has come
wearing a khaki shirt.
Hey Shikari, give him some money
and send him away.
-Hail to Lord Shiva!
-Oh no!
Oh no!
This is the VIP darshan.
Did you see Lord Shiva, idiot?
Yes, my Lord!
Hey, will he be a God just by hitting
one fellow? Go guys, beat him up.
Oh no! No, I said you not to
hit me, right?
Not here.
Look there, rascal.
Not the God, but Police!
Correct answer!
A Police?
A gift voucher for you
from Kalamandir!
Im not giving that.
But, Im giving you an offer.
-An offer?
-An offer to hit the Police.
-Ill hit!
-Ill hit!
Hey guys, whats that excitement
like stray pigs? There are rules.
-You can punch me as many times
the count of letters in your name. -Ok!
But if you miss
I get the chance to punch you
for just once.
No case, no lockup!
Disappointment if you delay,
guy losing the chance is a fool.
He is Malli. Just two letters
and two punches.
Mandapeta Malli! Theres no goon
without his area name as prefix.
It is six letters, right?
Do you know it all, sir?
You shut up and you go on.
See, I will never miss.
Oh no, I will never miss.
Is this a hand or a 1000 Volt
transformer, sir?
Estimate the voltage based on
the damage.
He is Sri. He has no area name too.
Just one letter and one punch.
Srinivasa Ramanuja Parabrahma
Yadav, as per the ration card!
Lucky guy, he gets 15 punches.
-Oh no!
-Yuck! Hes there, rascal.
Wow! Underground water wouldve
pumped up if you pressed a bit more, sir.
My dear devotee, water pumped up
from his underground and thats enough.
Hey, that is not a cuss word.
Bonita in Spanish means
beautiful woman.
Oh, thank you!
-Tea please!
Sugar exists right in the smile.
Why more?
Come on, dear.
You have great following in ladies.
No more names now and it is
the game directly. Hey
Where is that Bhavani idiot, who
feels like a macho in this village?
His boss is here, wont he come
and meet?
-Whats that expression? Did I beat
him up already? -Yes!
-Beware in hide and seek,
where is the fool? -Here!
-Is he Bhavani?
-I swear. Mother promise!
Hey my devotee, is it you?
I expected you to be wild,
dominating in the forest.
But you look like a seedless raisin.
Tell me the truth.
-Are you Bhavani?
-Yes! -Yuck!
Whats this?
Should I smash you?
Your heart would slip into your
shorts if I just sneeze aloud.
-What do you know about my
problem, Sattipandu? -Im Bhavani.
Sattipandu, why are you in a hurry
without listening to me completely?
Look Sattipandu, I am being transferred
from every place Im posted
by finishing the game just with in
half or one day.
Thus when I requested the Commissioner,
he sent me here by giving a great hope
that you are a monster and
this case will take time.
But when I came down here,
game is over just within an hour.
If Commissioner gets to know about
this, hell immediately transfer me.
I havent even opened
the zip yet.
I mean, my bag zip.
You misunderstood, right? Naughty!
-Oh no! Sattipandu, give some idea
for me to stay back here. -Idea?
-Idea, idea.
-Yes, I got it.
-An idea! What if you get
a heart attack now? -Oh no
-What if that comes after
one month? -Thank God!
-Thank you.
See, impact comes down a bit
when you keep pain in buffering.
Sattipandu, Ill give you an offer.
I wont arrest you now. Ill be in this
village for one month on vacation.
You watch daily soaps, go for
shopping, attend marriages or
functions with your family, or get
into telling fairy tales with
your grandchildren for this
one month.
But, a small change!
The Prince will not come
riding a horse now.
Say, he will come riding a bull.
If you disturb me while Im on
Ill hit you irrespective of
the occasion you are at.
-Just shut up!
You must come voluntarily and
get into the lockup in one month.
You will come and rest.
Thank you for your hospitality.
-Oh no!
Sir, why did you come here
instead of coming to the station?
Why did you come?
-I came to garland you.
-Then, go on!
We dont get it, sir.
-Why are you here?
-To play the band.
Go on then.
-Dont we have cheer girls?
-Cheer girls? -Yes!
Sir, your expectations are high
and our budget is low.
Adjust with Chintamani for now.
-Which Mani?
-The Mani behind!
Oh, you are that Mani?
Come, Mani!
Why did you stop?
You beat us up after asking all our
names. Dont you say your name?
I wrote a song myself about me,
to suit such situations.
As per the request of audience,
my title song!
All the rights are reserved by me.
Play the band in the narrow
streets, dude
Boss, here comes
Mr cool, Bhimaa
Which type or you,
mass or temper?
This Bhimaa is the mix of
vigour and temper
Be silent, hes the branding
for violence
Hes the burning rampage and
youre finished if you trouble
Don't ask for his background,
he is in the fore ground
Bhimaa arrived here
by confusing that Lord Brahma
Not a quarter, drink water.
Hes the monster and
a fully loaded gun version
Hes the ferocious demon
being silent
Hell pick and end all
the bad people
He is so super as a friend
Whatever is the danger,
he faces it from front
Hes with great mercy like
the God
Though so many states and
regions oppose
This stubborn man doesnt
listen even when said no
Play the band in the narrow
streets, dude
Boss, here comes
Mr cool, Bhimaa
Which type or you,
mass or temper?
This Bhimaa is the mix of
vigour and temper
Be silent, hes the branding
for violence
Hes the burning rampage and
youre finished if you trouble
Don't ask for his background,
he is in the fore ground
Bhimaa arrived here
by confusing that Lord Brahma
Sir, what are you doing?
It is an illegal bunk, shut it.
Sir, are you a Police or a Rowdy?
No doubt, a Rowdy Police!
Daddy! It seems, some new SI idiot
came home and overacted.
Ill break that rascals back and
make him salute you every day.
You know how important is
that job you left for, right?
You first finish that and
then come home.
My revenge will burn fiercely
and turn into a rage by then.
Lets burn him in that fire
once you are back.
You can use your influence and
get that Bhimaa transferred
in just one minute, right?
He himself said, he got used
to transfers.
What pain will he feel if I too
do the same?
Once my Rudra is back, I too will
insult him in front of everyone in
this village like he did to me and make
him fall on my feet asking me to forgive.
Let him overact till then.
Mike testing 1, 2, 3
Will he start a singing
program now?
My dear brothers and sisters!
I think none would listen if you
say sisters, being so handsome sir.
Correct man, ok wait!
Old man sitting at the corner!
Quarter Pandu soon transforming
into a photo over the wall!
Beautiful Kanta and Kantarao
eying on her!
Please listen to me.
My name is Bhimaa.
Where is your mace?
Another idiot asked just like you and
I shoved it into his shorts.
-Say if you need it and Ill bring it.
-Im giving an offer to you all.
-Oh no, offer?
If any of your items are stolen
from now on, come and give
a complaint in the Police station.
Well lose money again, if
we come to the Police station.
We will not believe in Police.
Fine, you dont believe and
continue licking the lemon.
All the rest, come to Police station and
take the value of your stolen items in cash.
-Will you pay in cash if we lose
any item? -Yes!
What? We pull money from the
customers who give us the complaint.
-Why does he say to pay in return?
Will you give money if anything is
lost, sir?
I cant give back if your wife
has eloped, man.
-I, myself will not give a complaint
if she is gone. -This is correct.
Wont I push you in lockup if
you give a complaint?
If any idiot gives a false complaint,
Ill park a rusted rod in his cellar.
This offer will be on from today
until Im here in your village.
Dont be disappointed by delaying
and the guy losing this will be a fool.
When we come here and give
a complaint saying something
is stolen, you pay money
it seems, sir?
-Mr Rao!
-Customer is here, come on.
-Why is he talking like us?
Please tell me, sir.
My purse is stolen in 12B bus
at Geetha Nagar road, sir.
-Pick pocket?
-Yes sir!
No mercy at all, to these
dirty thieves. Damn!
-It is for you.
-I understood!
-Mr old boy!
-How much was there in the purse?
-Ten thousand, sir.
-Just ten thousand?
-Yes sir!
-Mr Rao!
-Write ten thousand five hundred.
-We got to buy a new purse for
old boy, right? -Thank you, sir.
-Please write, sir.
-Im writing, sir.
Write a new purse also, sir.
-Im writing that too, sir.
-Ok, sir.
Oh no, I forgot.
-Oh no!
Everyone is waiting for your entry.
Ill beat you up if you come in
slow motion as I said entry.
Say Boss!
Do the settlement to this old boy
with your golden hand.
Look old boy, you dont worry
at all. Here, take this.
This is the profit.
-Rao sir, call all your people and ask
them to give an autograph. -Why?
Why? Boss, tell him once.
As a witness that settlement
is done, Mr Rao.
Oh, fine! Then, we will sign.
Mr Rao! Thanks for signing voluntarily
to pay 15,500 next week with interest
for the 10,500 youve taken
from me.
-Sir, why should we pay this?
-What is this, sir?
Will you pay if a mechanic
doesnt repair?
Will you pay if a Doctor
doesnt treat?
Then why should a Police not
doing his job, get his salary paid?
Dont you have any shame?
Of course, youd have let that gone.
You treat people coming to
give a complaint as customers?
We dont need to favour them,
but we should do our job well.
It is after all a pick pocket
case, sir.
Pick pocket! Pick pocket!
When a middleclass person works
hard for the entire month and
takes his salary and if that is
lost in pickpocketing
When he stands with empty pocket
unable to pay his milk bill,
current bill, medical bill and
water bill
You know how that feels?
When hes unable to pay the debt
taken and the lender is insulting
the ladies in his family,
his head is down in shame.
You know how it feels?
You say that is after all.
It is not a big case when the rich
or a bank gets looted and
petty case when the poor is robbed.
We shouldnt provide them service
based on the crime size, Mr Rao.
Public service is a serious duty.
That too, police service is
a damn serious responsibility.
Middleclass man is half dead
right when he gets robbed.
Taking a bribe from such a guy is
like collecting coins over a corpse.
You get salaries only if you have
an interest in finding the lost items
and the guy stealing those.
Or else, Ill make you pay
that value along with interest.
-Did you understand?
-Yes, we understood sir.
Rao Sir, robbery in B12 route
means it is by that Ranga idiot.
-Ill go and bring him urgently. Hold this
old man here till then. -Ok!
Sir, please be right here and
Im back soon.
Sir, you too be right here.
Please dont go, sir.
-Oh, are you here? -I said, will send
the commission in the evening, right?
Not the commission, rascal!
Our new SI has given us a mission impossible.
Where did you keep that purse
you stole from B12 bus?
It is in my shorts.
Oh no! Not this one, but the one
I put aside for washing.
Tell that first. I dont understand what
Im taking in this hurry. Go and get that.
-In how many busses did you loot
all these? -Just one bus!
-Just one bus?
You are no ordinary guy.
Whats this?
How did you steel this nose ring?
Middy babe and Bermuda boy were into
deep chatting and I stole it in that mess.
You are a great thief, man.
Where is my purse?
-This has money and it must be that.
-Yes, that is the one.
Thank God, I got it.
-Fine, I got it. Thanks, Im leaving.
What if someone else comes
again to give a complaint?
Hey, I need this entire bunch.
Please, man!
-Just this one bunch, right?
-Just one?
How many more bunches
do you have?
-Sir! -What?
-My lungis!
Ill get them cleanly washed
and starched, you rascal.
Sir, Im back. Im here, sir.
Im here.
Entire Alibaba treasure opened up
with just one complaint, sir.
Oh no, purse!
Here is your purse, sir.
Sir, here is the ten thousand.
-Here, sir! Brother, paper!
-I heard. Here, Im tearing it.
-Sir, I lost my slippers at the temple.
-One thousand or two?
You stop it, man. Well put in
our efforts for his slippers.
Hey, put that table outside.
If he says the amount, that man
will pull from our pockets.
-Stop! -If you wish to give
complaint, you dont need to come in.
You can give it right here.
Were always at your service.
Wow Sir, you set right everyone
with your brains. What a brain?
I havent yet used it, man.
-I'm in the vacation mood.
Brother, special tea for you.
-What are you studying, kiddo?
No facilities in the Government school
and I dont have enough money
to study in private school.
Im an orphan, brother. I got to
keep selling tea and lead my life.
-Hey Rama, get two teas.
-Coming, brother.
-Hey, whats your name?
-See you, brother.
-Hey, wait!
-What did you say?
-See you, brother!
Hey, call me as brother
at least for once.
-Call me brother for once.
I know, you will not call me.
-Call once again.
You will call me as brother
someday, by yourself.
I will not call, even at my death.
-Rao Sir!
-Find it.
Ok, sir! Oh no!
-What are you seeing?
-Grandpa, I need an information.
-Grandpa? -Hand is shaking
like a phone in vibration mode.
Are you young?
-Correct! What do you need?
-I need the best Rowdy in this city.
People come here to give complaints on
Rowdies and why are you here for Rowdies?
-I must give my complaint to a Rowdy.
Rowdies fix a deal when we go on
any work to them.
Sincerity exists for sure in
their work.
But if we go to Police, we need to pay
some money while giving the complaint.
And we got to pay some more
while following it up.
Theres neither a clarity that
job is done and no fixed rate too.
Youve pulled out all the strings
from the Khaki shirt. Super!
Im like that.
Theres no filter to my mouth.
-I get that.
-Say, who is the best Rowdy here?
Theres just one Rowdy in this area.
Everyone has left taking voluntary
retirement after he arrived.
-Who is that?
-The one and only licensed Rowdy!
-My name is Vidya.
-It is so cute.
-What? -Oh no!
-The name!
I look very beautiful, right?
Hey, it is a compliment and
not a complaint.
No, a guy named Romeo is
following me by saying to marry me.
By mistake, did you say him ok?
-Damn, no way!
I have not said ok to him.
But that guy is threatening to pour
acid on me if I dont accept.
Ill pour that in his pants.
Pour it, but I first need
a body guard.
You need a guard for your body?
-What? -Hes the macho
and God for this entire place.
Are you his personal orchestra?
Youve been beating it from
so far in his support.
-That is our duty.
-Did you listen to it?
It is visible, right?
You got to say your rate.
You shouldnt keep asking repeatedly.
-For what?
-She is asking to be a body guard, sir.
Oh, no need of any amount
for that.
Grandpa, didnt I say therell be
no clarity with Police?
Sir, madam is already fixed.
Why do you hurt her feelings?
-Five thousand, madam!
-Oh no!
Five thousand, dont I get
any discount?
This is not Kalamandir, madam.
-Here is 500 as advance.
-What is this, Mr Rao?
This is an advance for me, sir.
You advance now.
Sir, jeep is... not ready. Tire just got
punctured and you go on the bike, sir.
Youve kept the orchestra
everywhere in your station, right?
-No, in the entire village.
-Fine, move now.
-Excuse me!
-Your number
-I wont give.
You are my security and
you must come only when I ask.
-Ill call you myself.
-Oh, ok!
If you get a opportunity
you will advance.
I need to find that opportunity, right?
Look, how is she shaking?
-Babu Rao!
-No sir, Kutumba Rao.
-Ok, Babu Rao!
Oh, madam!
Shes working here as a
part time teacher.
She is also doing PhD in Botany
along with that.
She is a strict teacher and
a good student.
Oh no!
You should be going around
trees and bushes at this age.
Why is this PhD on trees at
this age, my cutie?
Ok sir!
Lets see.
Ive been waiting just for you.
Youre playing a ball game
with the world, sir.
-Orchestra is a bit loud, Mr Rao.
-Ok sir!
-Is security there?
-He is here. Security!
-Hey! -Sir!
-Madams phone.
-Hey security!
-Yes! -That Romeo is standing in side of
my school corridor holding the acid bottle.
Ask him to stay right there. Ill see
his end. Im coming right away.
-Come on boys!
-Boys, come on!
Oh no, Police!
I wont leave you.
-I wont get caught.
-Guys, catch him. Hes escaping.
-Hey, stop idiot.
-I wont stop.
-True love, sir! Leave me.
-Hey, stop idiot.
Why are you overacting like adding spices
worth a hundred for a food worth ten?
Sorry Vidya, we missed him.
-I already knew youd miss.
I got a doubt you cant catch him,
when you stopped the Jeep and ran.
-Fine, shall I drop you?
-No need.
He went that way, right?
Ill go this way.
You are trying to take advantage
by finding a chance.
When did you take advantage, sir?
-I didnt take. She is trying to give it.
You caught Romeo and
why did you lie he escaped?
See now, dude!
Idiot, you can follow a girl.
Every man does that.
Even a male animal tries very hard
to impress the female,
but never threatens to kill it.
We got to threaten, sir.
Otherwise, they dont listen.
This is also a part of true love.
Correct dude, we got to threaten.
Or else, they dont listen.
Thank you sir, you understood
it very well. Love you, thank you!
-Hey, pour it on him.
-Oh no, what sir?
-Oh no, acid?
Come on, pour it!
Sir, I thought hed pee in pants and
why does he say to pour it instead?
-Give it here, once.
-Here, sir. -Give it.
-You pour it, sir.
-What to pour, idiot?
-Why are you like this, idiot?
-Will you really pour it now?
-Sir, no please!
-No sir, hell die.
This idiot mixed drinking soda in
baking soda.
Oh no, this idiot looks
very cunning sir.
Give me his mobile.
-What did you save Vidyas name as?
-Vidya, my love!
Vidya idiot, will you have
security round the clock?
Ill come to your hostel tonight
and pour acid on you.
Its wrong, sir. Its a crime, sir.
-Whats wrong? We can cook,
only when the pan heats up right?
-Hey security!
-Its heated up, sir.
-Oh, it is very fast.
-No, Vidya!
-Why is he screaming?
Romeo messaged saying to come to
the hostel and pour acid. Come fast!
-From when are the Police so handsome?
-You idiot!
-Im ready even to get arrested.
I think he is a virgin. -Oh no!
Sir, what is a virgin?
-Are you from Telugu medium?
-Yes, sir!
-It means a good person.
-Then, I too am a virgin sir.
-Hey, shut up! -If not as much
as I am, you too are a bit virgin, brother.
-Shut up! Soldiers!
-Enter the dragon!
Hey, not my side.
That side!
-Hey, will you directly come
into the room? -Yeah!
-This is a ladies hostel,
cant you see? -Is it? Really?
-Who are you?
-Where should you be?
-At the gate!
Mosquitoes might bite if he is out.
Poor guy will have to scratch.
-Youd scratch if he comes in.
-No, listen to me.
-Move now. Move!
-Oh no!
-My Lord, she is coming on to us.
-No,no... -Sir!
-Hey, dont sleep. -How can
I sleep after watching all this?
He takes advantage whenever
there is a chance.
I think pan is over heated and
the food got roasted.
Sir, when we are so virgin,
why is madam not at all virgin?
Idiot, do you know the meaning
of virgin or not?
-Madam, you go in and sir will be
in rounds right here. -Yes!
-Hey Bhattu!
-My Lord!
You will feel very happy if
they are sent in, right?
-Do you have any objection if Im in
their room in five minutes? -Impossible!
-You know, what a great man said?
-What did he say?
-Impossible or my foot!
-Oh no!
Baking soda with drinking soda!
Oh no!
Sara, Acid! Run!
-Hey, what are you doing?
-Im killing the mosquitoes.
He threw acid inside the room.
What are you sitting there and doing?
-Who am I?
-Where should I be?
-At the gate!
Thats why I told, Ill take
great care if Im close by.
Ask him to come in.
-My Lord!
-Whats she saying?
-Shes asking you to come in, Lord.
-Oh no!
-You fools, pan isnt over heated.
When tiger cooks the tiger rice,
it will be always nice.
-He didnt understand, explain.
Im flat thinking it is some magic
Was that a pleasure when
the Lord created you?
Maybe your colour is to be
asked to look beautiful
Are there comparisons in
any language to say about you?
Im flat thinking it is some magic
Was that a pleasure when
the Lord created you?
Is it true Im with you?
Is this a boon to me?
Ego, don't come for a while
Hey Stop, Stop, Stop!
-Where are you going?
Im going to see Ravindra Varma garu,
the great Ayurveda wizard.
Im working on my research there.
-Oh, is he your Guru!
-Hes more than Guru, a father figure to me.
"You own my complete life"
"You changed my hesitation
into a song"
-Hey Rama!
-Take these new clothes.
-Why, brother?
-Tomorrow is my birthday. -Why new
clothes for me on your birthday, brother?
Im flat thinking it is some magic
-Its all right. -Thanks, brother.
Was that a pleasure when
the Lord created you?
When did they reopen
this school, grandpa?
A Police man came here like a God
to wipe out poor children's problems.
He is Bhimaa.
Come fast, madam.
-Say something.
-You say it.
I love you!
No problem, it'll be down.
Will my babys fever come down
by taking this medicine, madam?
Why did you delay so much?
We came in the night, madam.
They said master wasnt there.
Dont you know? Master will not
meet anyone after Sunset.
-He doesnt even give treatment.
It is a great sin to cut the plants
after Sunset.
-No problem, take this.
Itll be down. -Drink!
-Guru ji?
Very rare plant!
It has great medicinal values.
We can save many lives using
this plant.
Namaste Guruji!
Medicine is equivalent to God!
May all be good!
You are the reason for us to be
so happy, master.
My babys health didnt get better
though we visited so many hospitals
and spent lots of money.
My baby lived with your treatment.
You are a God to us.
This is not my greatness.
It is the greatness of this land.
Sanjivini medicine which can reward life to
the dead person is grown in this land of India.
Dont we get a medicine for
these diseases?
Master, they say plants with great
medicinal values exist in Himalayas.
Do you bring these from there?
Not just the Himalayas! Even this
land you are standing on is great.
One among the seven eternal
beings is Parasurama.
This is the land where
Parasurama lived.
Plants growing here have great
medicinal values.
They have the power to cure
any disease.
We may even find Sanjivini, by
searching with a stubborn will power.
Is it true, master?
This is impossible for
the human beings.
A great person specially born for
this cause must come for this task.
-Namaste sir, my name is
You are the new SI coming to
this village.
I heard you are doing great works
immediately after arriving here.
-I wanted to see once.
You saw me, right?
Are you happy now?
Bhimaa, I have a small request.
An ancient temple in our village
is closed down from five decades.
Ive been waiting for you.
Weve been trying from so many
years to get that opened.
They told, some cases are
pending in the court.
A temple without worship is like
the baby without mothers lap.
Were unable to witness the temple barren
like this, it instead had to glow in charm.
Will you help in getting it opened?
That Bhimaa is disturbing us
a lot, brother.
Bhimaa closed down all our business
just in few days after he arrived here.
If it goes the same way, I feel hell
get to know even about our tankers.
-Can we send tanker?
-Yes, you can.
If we bring in our batch from forest,
theyll finish that Bhimaa.
You just say yes for once, brother.
-Give that register.
Give that.
Give me that phone.
Give that torch.
Brother, it seems Bhimaa came
to the check post.
Sir, permit for those two vehicles!
Sir, shall I let them go?
Hey, let them go.
Sir, you are silent even after
knowing Bhavani is doing all this.
Are you waiting for Rudra, sir?
There is some other person
behind these two.
Why did you ask me to stop
here, sir?
Ive a small work. You go to
the station and Ill come there.
Brother, Ravinder Varma asked for
Bhimaa's help in reopening the temple .
-Ask Tandava to finish the work fast.
-What happened?
That truck driver is not answering
the phone, brother.
What are you talking, idiot?
Brother, he is not answering
the calls at all.
What happened to tanker, idiot?
Sir, accident it seems!
We got a call from the control room.
Ambulance driver is not answering the call.
Ill go and bring him.
You both go with Sir.
Sir, both the driver and cleaner
are dead.
Oh no!
(Child crying)
-(Child crying)
-Brother, come fast.
Hey, Ambulance driver fell down
after getting drunk.
Vehicle is struck in sand
at Sivaiah Jalar.
Sir, it seems Ambulance tire is
stuck in sand at Sivaiah Jalar.
These will not leave us.
Many more will come soon.
Sir, there is a shortcut to
beach road thorigh this forest.
But, how do we go taking
all these children with us, sir?
Brother, will we die?
Dont be scared.
Even that death should fear today
by seeing your courage.
Even that God of death cant touch
you when this Bhimaa is with you.
This is my word.
Brother, we cannot stop him
anymore. You have to enter now.
(Hanuman chalisa)
(Praises to Lord Shiva)
Hey Lord Shiva, I just wish
to be in your shadow
Hey kind Lord Shiva,
we just need your protection
You just reside in the heart
Hey Lord, bless us
"We seek your mercy, hey Lord"
Holy is the Lords name
Holy is the Lords appearance
Holy is the Lords name
Holy is the Lords appearance
What about you, son?
God will give you himself.
Who knows what he gives?
Ask for once and see, that God
himself might come to you.
-What will he come tome?
-Hey, did you get what I asked?
Idiot, why did you bring
less coconuts?
Uncle, he always gave
six for a hundred, but gave just
five now by increasing the price.
Why couldnt you ask him
He looked angrily, when I
tried asking.
I felt my head is important than
the coconuts and
came back running from there.
Priest post you have support to get,
went to that idiotic Siddanthi
as you kept silent for everything.
Everyone would take advantage
of you, if you be cool like this.
They are breaking and eating even if we
are hard like the coconut, uncle.
Hey idiot, put those
50 coconuts in this bag.
There are just 5 coconuts,
right uncle?
Just 5, but Ive written 50 here.
Oh God, are you swallowing Gods money
by chatting 45 and writing as 50 coconuts?
To hell with you! Is that God
any foody to swallow 50 coconuts?
We are writing it so, to fulfil
our hunger. Thats it.
Do we need so many for our
hunger, uncle?
Im saving all this for my huddle wife.
-Who is it, uncle?
Oh God!
She is mother of Pari, right?
You chicken head, what did
our Chanakya say?
It is not important if the girl is
first hand or second hand.
That great man said it is not important
first or second but
as long as she doesnt betray us.
Did Chanakya say this really?
You fool! people will only believe if we say
Chanakya said it, for anything we want to say.
This is the silence from
going speechless
Why did the look turn that side?
This is the silence from
going speechless
Is she aware that you are in
love with her?
Why would she let go a handsome
man like me if she knows?
-I didnt tell.
-Why, are you scared?
You fool, it is not enough just to get
a cow. We also need grass to feed it.
Im accumulating the same.
There is no use now after your
age is over, uncle.
Age doesnt matter. Youth blossoms
when you are in love.
-Our time is over here.
-For what, love?
For the account! We need to
urgently go to the school.
Children, silence!
Arent you frustrated when
children are making so much noise?
Why dont you ask them to
stop that noise?
If not now when can children
make noise ?
Once they grow old, even their
faces will go frustrated like yours.
Thus, dont try to control them.
They turn into donkeys if we
dont control at all.
These arent donkeys.
But are Gods.
Thus elders say God exists
in children.
Sir, this God pinched me.
You too are a God, right?
You too pinch back.
What can I do in between, when
two Gods pinch each other?
Rama, oh no!
Oh God!
Hey Rama! What is this?
Dont you have at least 10% liking on me,
from what you show on those kids?
I told I love you so many times
to you.
Did you say I love you to me
at least for once?
Oh no, Pari!
When will you pick me up?
Bring down your weight a bit
and Ill try.
Oh my, Rama cracked a joke.
When will you take me away
from my home?
Are you really a man?
What are you talking, Pari? I was going into
mens toilet as a kid. Why is that doubt?
A man shouldnt pee himself, but
should make the opposite people pee.
Pari, our idiot is daily taking all
the students here to pee right?
Hey you, dirty idiot!
No Pari, dont you talk to me like that. I'd have
been in the place of your father. I just missed it.
See, he is in love with my mother even
at this age of receiving pension.
Then, why cant you love?
-Oh no Pari, how can I love
your mother? -Oh no, Rama!
Oh God, I cant bear with his jokes.
Instead of loving a coward like you,
better myself elope you someday.
It is wrong Pari, you are engaged to
our priests son Bhattachari, right?
When my dad threatened to hang himself,
I put my finger in that ring being scared.
Only you have the right over me.
This fool doesnt have right even
on his attire. He let goes when
someone snatches that with
a feeling not to get into a fight.
Is it so? Will you let go if someone
snatches me away?
I and your attire are the same
for you?
Oh no, Bhattachari is watching.
Hey Rama!
How many times do I tell you
not to mess with Pari?
Engagement means, she is
half married.
Im half husband to Pari now.
Idiot, I feel like husband though
her mom is fully married.
-Oh no!
Hey Sarangi, look at him.
-You look like a bull and you fear about
these squirrels? -A squirrel?
Hey Pari, how did you fall in love
with such a coward?
Do I replay and show how I
fell in love with him?
-Youll die in jealous.
-Did you go so far, Pari?
No, I went so close.
-Pari, how could you get so careless?
Come, idiot. -Get lost!
Hey Rama! Ill see your end.
-Come, Pari!
Let anybody marry me.
But, Ill come back to you.
I love you, Rama.
-Why is her mom not like her?
- I love you, Rama.
Rama, we shouldnt give so much
lenience to kids. We are after all
I was posted there day before and
am again posted there. No idea what to do.
I too am posted there tomorrow.
Let's go together.
-Namaste, sir!
To hell with these night duties!
Why do you fear? It wont happen
so every time. Come!
In! Out!
In! Out!
-Yeah! -Why is this priest
wining all the time at playing cards?
Is it written in constitution that
a priests son shouldnt play cards?
No, but run now. Police is coming.
Run, guys.
When theyre all running away
seeing me, why didnt you run?
Dont you fear about me?
I make others run, but Bhimaa
doesnt run by seeing someone.
How egoistic are you, rascal?
I dont know how much, but a machine
to measure that isnt invented yet.
You dirty kid, come here.
Come on!
You rascal, come here.
Come on!
Idiot, I won't leave you.
Don't cry, Rama.
Today is Paris birthday.
I saved one rupee with difficulty
to buy something for her.
That dirty rascal Bhimaa stole
my one rupee.
Hey look, Bhimaa is coming.
-Why are you crying?
-You stole my one rupee.
Who the hell are you?
-Im Mr Shankara Bhagavathulus
son Rama. -Shut up!
You are Bhimaas younger brother Raama,
means more valuable than Bhimaa.
You must give a valuable gift
to Pari. Take these ten rupees.
Oh no, ten rupees?
Call me as brother and Ill give.
-Leave me, Ill call.
-Will you really call me?
Ill really call you.
Leave me.
-Will you call me for sure?
-Ill surely call, leave me.
Come on, run!
-Call me as brother.
-Get lost!
Youll someday call me as brother
and ask me to come.
I'll never call you as brother.
-Buy me a peppermint Rama.
-Lets buy bangles first.
Give me a dozen bangles.
Idiot, you pushed me there and
are now buying bangles here?
-You play cards at this age, idiot?
-No sir, please!
Priest sir, your son is arrested.
SI sir called you to the station.
What have you done, Bhimaa rascal?
If something happens to Raama
I will kill you.
Sir, please forgive me.
Rama hasnt done the wrong.
It was Bhimaa.
-Listen to me. -I brought
that idiot to apologise, sir.
Our constable manhandled the kid
by mistake. You must forgive us.
You first be seated.
-Who hit you?
-Get lost, idiot.
Im always into troubles because
of you. I dont like you. Get lost.
Hey, stop!
Hey, stop dude.
See, he is a demon.
He is born to me by mistake.
No idea what was my sin to
have a curse like him?
God hasnt given you a curse, sir.
It is a boon.
-A boon?
-Yes sir!
Ramaa knows the tradition and
he will serve God.
But Bhimaa has the courage, sir.
He can serve people if we can mould him.
No sir, he is born to me wrongly.
Put him in jail.
Sir, if you have no objection
can I adopt Bhimaa?
Do as you wish.
Ill do his final rites, today itself.
I just have only one son, Ramaa.
You are dead to me.
Lets go, Ramaa.
-Hey Rama, call me brother once.
-Get lost.
-Will you be a Police?
-Will you give me the gun?
What happened, dear?
His memories are haunting me as curses,
though he's not in front of my eyes.
No idea what sin I committed in previous
births, I'm now born as Bhimaa's brother.
Hey Bhimaa, for these memories
to vanish from me...
Either I must die,
or he should die.
Hey, they threw down some body.
Jump, guys.
Hey, it is Bhimaa brother!
Bhimaa brother!
Bhimaa brother!
You saved me by risking your lives.
Ill always be indebted to you.
We are indebted to you, sir.
Yes sir! We gave up even hunting,
with a fear once that
thieves and goons may come
and harm our families.
Attacks stopped after you arrived.
This whole village changed, sir.
We too are able to go hunting
in sea by leaving our families.
You are a boon to us from God, Sir.
Why are you sitting alone here, brother?
Here is your special tea, brother.
-Call me as brother once again.
Why do you feel so happy when
you are called as brother?
-What is your name, kiddo?
Ramaa, dont be sad as your father
passed away. Im here for you.
-Whichever problem you are into, Ill be
there for you. -Hey Pari, what is this?
-Get up!
-Dad! -How many times do I tell
you not to be with this dirty fellow?
-Idiot, your dad was proud of being
the main priest. -No sir!
-He supressed me in that profession.
-No sir!
-Now, youre trying to snatch
my daughter. -No sir!
If you look at her or be with
her again, Ill finish you rascal.
-You move now. Come on!
-You hit my brother, idiot?
-Oh no!
Not just my daughter,
I wont let you touch temple door too.
Go through this for being born as
brother to Bhimaa idiot. Come on!
Hey Rama, what happened?
Hey stop! Why do you have
so much anger on me?
Why are you haunting me?
Whatever I do, is to keep you happy.
My life is completely ruined
because of your aggressive nature.
-Hey Rama!
You know the curse I got?
It is to be born with your features.
If you come in front of me or try to talk
with me again, I will end my own life.
This is my promise on that Lord Shiva.
Call me as brother for once and
Ill go away.
Hey, get lost.
-Call me as brother once again.
Bhimaa, what is this?
What happened, Bhimaa?
Garala Suchi Mukham, most
dangerous war technique used
by the sea pirates from
the olden days!
Poison is shattered and showed
no effect as you fell in the sea water.
You came back alive though
poisoned and thrown in the sea.
Yours is not any ordinary fate.
You have the fate of deciding
your own death.
-Brother, you are safe right?
-Im fine, dear.
Brother, we dont know who our
parents are.
We dont have a place or name
of our own.
They scold us when we
approach someone.
They beat us when we feel
hungry and ask for food.
When you saved us and took us
close, we felt a lot to cry brother.
We feel very courageous by
calling you brother.
Where are all the other children?
Kids have sensitive hearts.
Poor kids have undergone great
mental stress fearing their death.
We could save these kids.
No idea how many more kids are
still there, whom we couldnt save.
Rascal, it wouldnt take even a minute
to punch you and put to sleep.
You play with the childrens
lives, rascal?
Hey Bhimaa, what children? Playing with
their lives, what are you talking now?
Youre safe as theres no proof.
But the day I get a proof,
Ill squeeze you to death, rascal.
You are after all an SI.
Whats your ego?
It will not take a minute for me to
use my power and get your dress off.
Do it, rascal.
Do it if you are so powerful.
You think I go silent if seniors say
and bend when I get suspended?
This shirt is just to control
the beast in me.
Once that is off, Ill strip you
and beat up.
You are still alive as Im silent.
If I bring in my entire force
Do it, rascal.
Why delay?
Bring in at a high rate or from
the neighbouring state.
Once I start slashing, even the graveyard
in this village will not be enough, rascal.
Hey Bhavani, vacation time is over.
Im giving you one final offer.
Ill kill you after showing hell to you and
your son, which you showed to those kids.
No case and no charge sheet!
Damn! He has no time sense at all.
Bloody idiot!
Hey Rama!
Hey Rama idiot, stop.
Why do you leave when Im calling?
Oh God!
Dont you have the power to
Stop, when the girl loving you
is getting married in a week?
It is not enough that a man has
the moustache.
He also should have some courage.
She said something like
peeing and all, the day before.
You dont give different meanings
to a man daily and confuse me.
Leave me alone, Pari.
Is it? I left my entire family and
came with all my jewellery,
why do you ask me to leave?
-Come on, say. Say it!
Come Rama, lets elope and
start a new life.
Present life itself is ruined and
will he have a new life again?
His life will get ruined, if he is by your
side and keep taking dips in the pond.
This crazy fool will get clever
only by eloping with him and
show him the outside world.
Outside world, Pari? I know no
other place than this village.
Oh God, you dont need to know.
Its enough that the bus driver
knows the way.
You just show some courage
and lets go now.
Is courage any sweet curd rice
to prepare, for him to know?
He didnt have that from the childhood
and how will this fool get it now?
Yup! As Im here now!
Who is this fellow?
Who are you idiot, came like
a clove in the sweet?
Im neither a clove in sweet or cardamom
in idly. Im their childhood friend.
-Rama, didnt you recognise
my face? -Who is this idiot?
Was that you, I broke the knee caps
while stealing coconut from the temple?
Its him! Yes, him!
Damn, Im their childhood friend.
You too didnt recognise me, Pari?
Who? Srinivasa Sharma?
Vishwanatha Sastry?
-Satish, yes!
He looked so bad like a dark
tamarind seed, right?
He looks the same bad now,
though he is gained some colour.
It is wrong to hold a man and
do body shaming like this.
Pari, do you remember us eating
peanut snacks sitting in the last bench
while master was teaching at
the school.
-Yes, he told it correctly.
-Every mischievous student does the same.
Pari, I feel this idiot is cheating us.
He has no similarities to that Satish.
Do you still doubt me, Pari?
You remember, I complained about
him being coward in the childhood?
Yes Satish!
You changed so much.
Yes, but you havent changed at all.
You look the same beautiful. Staffed nose fellow!
But Rama is still the same coward.
You cant still be like that, Rama.
You got to show courage, and jump Rama.
What to jump, when theres
a pet on the other side?
Ive got nothing right at my
native place and will have to beg
if I go to some other village.
Yup! Friendship isnt dirt,
but friendship means the humans.
When Im here,
will I let you beg Rama?
Will you beg instead of them?
My foot! I meant, I will get their
marriage done and get him a post as
priest in a big temple.
Who knows if he gets a priest job
or dump us suddenly.
Agree, Rama!
You can enter the temple, marry me
and also make me pregnant.
Pari is fast at everything from
-Her mom isnt so.
-Her dad is so, right?
-Hey Rama!
-Pari, what are those dirty deeds?
-Ill get you both married.
-Go on!
-She is your responsibility now.
-Hey Pari, move. Come here.
-Ask! Pull her.
-Arent you ashamed of eloping
from home? -She is not.
Didnt I say not to be with
this idiot from childhood?
Youve been saying.
Will you marry him and live by
cleaning the temple steps?
That will be the future.
Look, his brother and father
were so very egoistic.
Thus, God turned him
fit for nothing.
Ill get you married to this
Bhattachari tomorrow morning
and get you locked in his house.
-Bless me, father in law.
-Move now!
-Marriage wont take place if
you are here. -Hey Rama!
-Tell me, Pari.
-Tomorrow is my wedding.
If you dont come and take me
tonight, Ill drink poison and die.
You are to eat with me at our wedding,
but you will have to do my final rites then.
What will you do now?
If theres anyone who loves me
in this world, thats just Pari.
-Ill do anything for her, uncle.
-Thats the power of love, Rama.
Just tighten your dress and
jump into the arena.
If I had shown the same courage
then, Id have been in
your father in laws place now.
Call more silently, poor mosquitoes
might get disturbed.
Damn! You must make a call, idiot.
Fine, call.
(Reciting a sloka)
Who is it?
Uncle, Im Paris friend Poori.
-Are you Paris friend?
-Yes, uncle.
You idiot, Rama is the only
friend of Pari.
You shouldve called from
an STD booth.
-Your number is displayed here,
you fool. -Oh no!
Call on the landline.
Hello, who is it?
(Song playing)
Who is it?
Please talk.
Why dont you answer when
shes asking, Sarangi?
Who is that?
Doesnt she at least know theres
a person named Sarangi?
Hey Sarangi idiot, is it you
giving me a blank call daily?
Are you flirting with aunties,
you donkey? Cut the call now.
Idiot, why are you doing these dirty
deeds now instead of doing in the youth?
Love is in no way related to the age.
It is linked only with the mileage.
Such quotations are looked up
only in old age, like you.
What have you done being in
young age?
Let me know what should I do now.
Uncle and aunty will be in the hall
and you go from back side.
-Through kitchen!
-Ok! -Come!
I too waited to see you
displaying this courage.
Uncle, be careful!
Well go now.
You called me uncle from childhood,
though we have no blood relation.
I feel sad now when you are
leaving, dear.
Fine, get in.
-Take care!
-Arent you coming?
Ill be here accompanying
my Mandaram.
May you get incoming calls soon!
-May that happen!
-Stop giving missed calls.
-Where are you taking us?
-Were going to a safe place.
To a close relative of yours!
All my relatives left me as a kid.
Who is that relative I dont know?
Oh no, he says safe place right?
You be quiet.
What are you waiting for?
Change the gear and drive.
-Thats the matter.
-Bye Sarangi! Go on!
Pari, where did he go?
There is some powerful temple
in this village, it seems.
He left to make arrangements
for our marriage there.
He forgot even his phone in
that hurry.
Pari, we came to this new village
believing in this idiot as you hurried us.
-Think once if were doing the right
thing or not. -Rama!
Why dont answer the call though
I called you so many times, Boss?
Police came to know that we cheated
that SLN bus owner and took ten lakhs.
They are all searching for us.
We escaped. You go underground.
Fine, boss! Be careful! See you.
Who are you, idiot? Youre doing all
this to steal our jewellery, right?
Rama, Im your friend Satish.
Tell him, Pari.
Dont lie. You know it is a grave
sin to cheat a pure Brahmin.
You do such a brutal thing
for money?
Yes! I agree that I once lived
just for money.
But for the first time,
Im doing this with humanity.
Youve cheated us and again
saying some cock and bull stories.
I havent cheated you, Rama.
I brought you to those related
to you.
I have none in this world.
But you are his world.
Whom are you talking about?
It is not about him, right?
Yes, it is about that Bhimaa...
Who lost love from his childhood
and who is treated as God by
hundreds of people!
I brought you, as the work he
wanted to do is possible
in this whole planet, just by you.
Sir, the children you saved
are orphans.
They have no any identity and
thus complaint wasnt filed.
When we tracked this cell phone
you gave, we came to know
it belongs to Bhavanis aide.
He had called Tandavs men.
Tandav is the right hand man
of Bhavani.
Any person crossing the tides to catch him
hasnt returned with head over the body.
He is a demon in the human
form, sir.
He transports anything ranging
from spices to girls.
We didnt get the permission for
a raid due to his political connections.
Tandava brought a few foreigners by
force and put them on Rudras boat.
It seems, Rudra is coming to
the village in two days.
Hey Bhimaa, come out. You overacted
a lot all these days, as I wasnt here.
Ive killed her husband.
Manliness is not in defaming
a woman, but it lies in upholding her.
God created the woman as a man
cannot tolerate delivery pains.
Thus, we shouldnt give them
any pain.
If we give more suffering to the mother
earth bearing us, result is an earth quake.
-Hey, push everybody in.
-Why, it is a waste of food.
-Hey! -I understood, sir.
Ill take everyone to hospital.
-Take Nandini home safely.
-Yes, sir!
Tell your wretched headman that
his son is safe with me.
Why did you bring me here?
Oh no!
-Oh no!
-Bhimaa, what happened?
-My shirt is torn.
-Remove that shirt first.
Hey, what are you saying?
You shouldnt be in a torn shirt.
No problem if it is torn.
Leave it.
That is a bad omen, Bhimaa.
-I dont believe it. -Im saying
it is bad omen. Remove that shirt.
Theyd think Im a mad fellow,
if I remove my shirt and stand.
-I dont even have another shirt.
-Ill bring something, wait. -Vidya!
Huh, why is this so?
This isnt good.
Yes, perfect!
Wear this.
-Fine, turn that side.
-Huh! Ok!
What boss, you are into a good
romantic mood?
But, Im still in tension.
Then, Ill tell you a story to
change your mood.
-Is it? -Yes!
-Tell me.
-Sky is the boy, like me.
The earth is a girl, like you.
As the both were in pain for
never being able to meet,
God couldnt see that and
created that sea.
Sky and the sea always are seen
together when we see from far.
Thus, I brought you here.
Sir is saying great romantic stories.
Not just saying, similar to how
that sky hugs around the earth,
I too will hug you tight forever.
-I have a small wish. -What?
-You must sleep on my chest.
Then, you shouldnt listen to
anything else other than
my heartbeat and the sound
of this sea.
Nothing other than this cool sea breeze
and my warm breathe should touch you.
None other than those stars
should see us.
-That guy is watching us.
-Namaste Sir!
-Who are you, idiot?
-Oh no, Bhimaa!
-Why are you scared?
-Did you steal anything?
No, sir.
Everyone is scared of Police, sir.
What is that?
-A plant, sir!
-Show it.
Mother plant!
Mother plant?
-Where are you taking it?
-To Mr Ravindra Varma!
-Oh, to the master?
-Fine, go!
-This is a very rare plant.
-Where did you get it?
-This plant is found only in this forest.
Thus, I traced the place where
insects named salabhas land on
the no moon day and got these.
It is the time for master to
prepare medicine. Ill go.
-Did master ask you to come at
this time? -Yes, madam.
Fine! Come Vidya!
Master doesn't meet anybody
after Sunset, right?
-Wait, Ill just be back.
-Fine, I too will come.
No, you stay back.
Rudra is here, right? Ill just be back.
Listen to me.
Where are you going?
Wait, Ill just be back.
-Fine, come back fast.
Does this temple have an entry
even from the back side?
Does this work?
Will she come back to life?
If youd have known about me, you
wouldnt have asked this question.
Ayurveda is that great?
Ayurveda is great of course.
But Ravindra Varma is greater.
If you do chemical changes to
the mother plant,
the base to all medicinal plants
A medicine with the qualities of
Sanjivini mentioned in Charaka Samhita,
which can cure even the death,
can be prepared.
This is the great medicine, which only
this Ravindra Varma can prepare.
-But, why children?
-Children have the tender bodies.
They are less adulterated, possess
high immunity and are pure in form.
Thus, the outcome will be great.
Go on!
-Come on, lift guys!
Hey, if you take even one step ahead,
shell face a horrible death.
If I pierce half inch in, her blood
gets frozen and
the tiny nerves will be splattered.
Then not the water,
but blood rolls out from the eyes.
Unable to bear that pain, she herself
would request me to kill her.
No power in this world can
save her.
Do you know the value of
a life, idiot?
As I know the value of life, Im inventing
a great medicine that gives life.
You are not giving life.
You are killing the innocent people.
Will the great elephant stop walking,
as ants die coming under its feet?
Many weak lives as these are lost
while Im advancing towards my goal.
Let them be gone.
You are not any great elephant.
You are a fool with arrogance.
This is not foolishness.
It is my knowledge.
Ill prepare Sanjivini and
win over death.
Ill bring this world to my feet.
This Ravindra Varma is
the future God.
God doesnt kill demons like this
for selfish reasons.
No God can give life to the dead.
Im a greater wizard than that God.
Mad idiot, what a wizard are you?
You are a mental patient.
Yes rascal, we are the patients.
You know what our medicine is?
As I can get eternity along with
money, I put in so many efforts.
Will you come and stop at
a time when I could get Billions?
I know youll kill them,
if I take a step ahead.
You too know Id kill you, if I
take another step ahead after that.
Leave Vidya and the kids.
Ill take one step back.
-Not enough!
-What do you need?
Your life!
If my life is useful to save these,
take it.
No Bhimaa!
No brother!
Hey Ravindra Varma!
If one more life is gone
Or if one more drop of blood
from Vidya falls on the ground
You rascal, Ill come back again.
Beat me, idiot!
This body should be found.
Both are dead in an accident.
Create it.
I have a small wish.
You must sleep on my chest.
Then, you shouldnt listen to
anything else other than
my heartbeat and the sound
of this sea.
Nothing other than this cool sea breeze
and my warm breathe should touch you.
None other than those stars
should see us.
Hey, an accident!
None would know if we throw
these bodies into that
burning bus and our job is done.
SLN bus coming to Anantapur
from Mangalore met with
a dreadful accident at
Anantapur ghat road.
Number 14, an orphan body!
Is Bhimaa dead?
Bhimaa is dead.
I came to know about
your brother's greatness that day.
I asked his sprit to possess my body
to take revenge, in order to
fulfill his goal. But
if I have to possess on any body,
he must be a person of my own family.
A guy born along with me is required.
Even though my body is ruined...
my blood is still flowing
in another guy.
My replica is still alive to take
my revenge.
It is Ramaa my younger brother.
Before my 10th day ritual is done,
Rama must remove the holy
rudraksh necklace from his neck
with his own hands
in the powerful Shiva temple
at Mahendragiri.
He should wholeheartedly
welcome my soul into his body.
You have to make him do that.
No, don't hit!
Is he still alive?
No, dont hit.
This is not him.
Yes! He is not Bhimaa,
but his brother Rama.
How many days more will it
take to prepare Sanjivini?
You fool, poison arrived first even
when sea was churned for elixir.
It takes time for us to get
the elixir we need.
Hey, first kill these two and
throw them in sea.
We did experiments on kids so far.
Lets now do on these both.
Throw all of them after that,
in the sea.
Im not asking to call in a fear
of losing life.
Im asking with a wish to
save lives.
Just for once
Remove that rudraksh necklace
for once and call Bhimaa.
Hed be somewhere around here
waiting for your call.
Your brothers blood seeped
into this same ground.
One thing is true, Rama.
What they are doing is brutality
by killing those children.
But being silent even when theres
a chance to save, is a sin.
It is a sin, which even your blood
cant cleanse.
-Look there.
That kid is calling you as brother.
Not as Rama, but as Bhimaa.
You say Bhima is a monster, right?
When it is the killing time,
even God kills like a monster.
It is a monster if killed for ego
and a God when killed for virtue.
You decide it now.
Is the hatred you grew on Bhimaa is great
or the confidence those kids grew is great.
Bhimaa, that relation brings
you anger.
Get lost!
You hate even to listen to
that name.
But now, that name is
the shield for us.
That name is the weapon
punishing these.
-Hey Rama, call me once as brother.
-Get lost!
The one who was born In bruguvamsa
Born in Sravana nakshatra (star)!
Born in Vasishta kula gotra!
Son of Sankara Bhagavathula!
I, named Ramachandra!
Whole heartedly!
Am calling with love!
My brother Bhimaa!
Greed, unsatisfied even after
having the Kingdom!
Ego overtaking the virtue!
Every time these show up!
The roaring axe comes to life.
I got a good because of
your cruelty.
For the first time my brother
Rama called me as brother.
Yeah, my heart is full of joy.
Ill present you with a celebration
for this happiness you presented me.
Ill present you the celebration
of death.
This is an eightfold capture.
I killed so many innocent kids
Dont I know how many spirits would
be waiting to take a revenge on me?
Demons, spirits or the ghosts
cant cross this protection shield.
Im the God to be in future.
It is not possible for you to
face me.
Whenever and wherever
the virtue
is offended, hey son of Bharatha!
And the injustice rises high!
My arrival is affirmative.
Will the God arrive?
What ages are you in?
Will he come like Lord Vishnu
who arrived in Gajendra Moksha?
Will he come like Lord Narasimha
coming out by breaking the pillar
when Prahlada called?
Will he come like Lord Shiva,
who came for Markandeya?
Call for him, lets see how
he comes. Call for him.
That Ravanasura who tried lifting
Lord Shiva along with Kailasa!
was easily captured by
Kartaveeryarjuna in his finger snap!
Parasurama who chopped such great
Kartaveeryarjuna into pieces, will arrive.
Sanjivini was found to Anjaneya
for the good of this world.
But will never come into the habds
of a mean guy like you.
You can just find your death in
my hands.
You were proud saying to be future God
and to bring the world to your feet.
Ill split open your nerves and show
you the hell before you die.
Though born from the same womb,
we both never took the same path.
I misunderstood your love
because of my ignorance.
Please, forgive me.
I wish to relive the moments
we missed from the childhood.
Oh no! Oh no!
-Rama, you got a baby boy.
-Is it?
What will you name him?