Bhindi Baazaar Inc. (2011) Movie Script

'This is Bhindi Bazaar
and this is Malabar Hill.'
'The distance between
them is seven kilometers.'
'But it takes an entire
life to cover this distance.'
'It is not in anyone's hand
to be born in Bhindi Bazaar..
..but let me tell you one thing,
no one wants to die in Bhindi Bazaar.'
"Allah is the greatest."
Papa, give me 50 paisa,
I want to eat the ice candy.
"Allah is the greatest."
Papa! Papa!
- Yes?
Please give me 50 paisa, papa.
- To hell with you! Shut up!
I will give you a tight slap.
I don't have money
to consume poison..
..and he wants to eat ice candy.
- Yes?
Knock off the Knight.
Scoundrel! Get lost!
You got my knight killed.
Get lost.
[Tires Screeching]
Come along.
And this..
That's it.
- Only this much?
- Yes.
What about the tip which
the bank manager had given?
He fooled us.
It was wrong. That tip was wrong.
The victim had not
withdrawn but deposited it.
So his bank receipt
was found from his bag.
Hey, Mamu ! Mamu! Mamu!
Hey, no!
Leave my hand, Mamu!
Hey, leave it.
Hey, brothers!
- Kiddo!
Mamu! Mamu, please!
So you have played a big game.
- No, Mamu. No, Mamu.
No, Mamu, I am sorry.
Hey, Chatterjee. I am sorry.
Please tell him. No, no! No!
No! No, Mamu!
You can't fool your Mamu!
Idiot, why are you
watching this drama?
Is it your mother's wedding?
Come on!
- Oh, papa!
So you are that Tez ?
- Yes, sir.
Do you find the others slow?
What is your real name?
'Hey, hero, come here.'
'Will you become Chatterjee?'
- Yes, boss's right hand.'
'I am uncle Khatru.'
'And I am sister Banu.'
'He is uncle Rizwan.'
'This fool is Mota Bhai.'
'And this kid is Ram Balli.'
'Tell me, what will you become?'
- 'Me?
I will become Mamu!'
'Idiot, I am Mamu! Understood?'
'You become Chatterjee.'
'Our gang will be complete.'
'Buy ice-candy! Buy ice-candy.'
'Buy ice-candy.'
'Will you have ice-candy?'
'Buy ice-candy.'
'From where do you get
so much money?'
'Tell me.'
'Come along.'
'This week's tax.'
'Only this much? You
aren't working nowadays.'
'What are you doing?
What are you doing?'
'Boss, he too wants
to learn the work.'
'It is not a great
thing to fly a kite.'
'It is an art to compete
with the other kite flyers.'
'First you have to find that
kite which you want to dislocate.'
'Like that red one.'
'It is easier to dislocate
the one who flies the most high.'
'First give him freedom.'
'Give him freedom.'
'Then.. pick it in a jiffy!'
'He won't even realize when
his kite will be cut off.'
'You will learn if you practice.'
'When you have to pull back
and when to set it loose.'
'When you have to pick the pocket.'
'What is your name, son?'
'My mother had named me as Tabrez.'
'What did you say?
- Tabrez.'
'What does it mean?
- Tez .'
Do you know how to play chess?
- A little.
Come on, let's play a game.
Have a seat.
- Okay.
I have heard enough
about all of you.
Your art of flying
kites is very famous.
You and your companion, Fateh.
Hey, watch your step!
- Watch it!
Watch it, idiot. - Hey!
Watch it, idiot.
Hey, watch your step!
[Train Horn Sounding]
Hey, take it.
- Come on, give it.
Come on. Be careful. Hey?
Oh! Oh, no!
How many today?
"The pocket of wealthy."
"The life of poor..
..and the kite is cut off."
"It is cut off. It is cut off."
"It is cut off. It is cut off."
"It is cut off.
Yes, it is cut off."
"It is cut off."
The score is equal today.
Both of us have
picked 12 wallets each.
And yours?
Hey! So you say 12 wallets?
They were those two scoundrels.
They are born scoundrels.
They always have an eye on the
wealth, wife and land of others.
- Hey!
I had lost my temper
on seeing them.
Boss, tell us what has
to be done about them?
Hey, if you will cut all my nails,
how will I scratch?
Actually, father,
if they grow longer.. will have
a problem while scratching.
No. If they will grow longer,
I will get them trimmed again.
I swear by my mother, I really
enjoy scratching right now.
"This entire world is
a Chor Bazaar."
"Everyone has
their own weird rules."
"This entire world is
a Chor Bazaar."
"Everyone has
their own weird rules."
"We too live on our conditions."
"This is our principle. Oh, yeah!"
"Zip-zap-zoom! Eighty, ninety,
the total is hundred."
"Zip-zap-zoom! Eighty, ninety,
the total is hundred."
"There is a standstill on 100."
"The thief has escaped."
[Train Horn Sounding]
"Let the money go,
it will definitely go."
"It has never been
constant with anyone."
"We have just relieved
the burden of heavy pockets."
"When the money walks up to you."
"What problem does
your father have?"
"When the money walks up to you."
"What problem does
your father have?"
"Don't take needless tension."
"Zip-zap-zoom! Eighty, ninety,
the total is hundred."
"Zip-zap-zoom! Eighty, ninety,
the total is hundred."
"There is a standstill on 100."
"The thief has escaped."
To hell with it!
Firstly they wear a fake
chain and show an attitude.
After making so many efforts,
I realized that I have been fooled.
Did you realize it now?
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
What are you doing?
Take this shot.
Boss, I am striking a table shot.
If I will strike this piece,
the other will come here.
And this piece will come back here.
I will be able to win
the queen easily, brother.
Don't try strike
a triple-shot right now.
Oh, Fateh, let him play.
He plans to hit a triple shot.
He will get it. He will get it.
Strike. Strike. Strike.
They are instigating you.
It won't go. - No, it will go,
boss. - I am telling you.
Let him strike it, boss.
At least he has the guts
to strike a triple-shot.
You are scared to
take a single shot too.
Come on, get lost. Mind your
own business. - Look here, boss.
Watch my shot. - Listen.
I am telling you. - Look, brother..
it is going. It is going.
Here it goes.
To hell with it.
Oh, the striker is
small-sized, boss.
It doesn't fit in my fingers, boss.
- Did you see?
That's why I don't make
anyone my partner except Tez.
If I get a foolish partner,
think the game is lost.
Look, the game is finished!
You think so? Come on, show me.
Come on, strike the shot!
Hey, Kanjari!
Firstly that wretched girl has
stamped my foot with her heel..
..on the top of it, you
are kicking me too. - Look..
How I will get the queen now.
She is having a great time.
Mamu's sister-in-law.
She does more
shopping that sister Banu.
Is the game finished, boss?
Is the game over?
Why? You have lost so you are going?
You shouldn't stop the
person who is going.
She's a headache.
Kanjari, will you sit with me?
I have seen around
Kamatipura more than you.
If you will say double-meaning
dialogues I will slit it.
Oh, my, my!
Oh, my God!
My foot is bruised.
Because I have brought new sandals.
I will make the arrangement
for an ambulance.
There is no great difference
between life and chess.
You have to select
the moves in both to win.
But in life
you don't come to know..
..the difference between
white and black pawns.
Actually, Joglekar, what you said..
..has not gone down too well with me.
My kids..
They pick pockets.
They don't kill people.
- We are also talking about..
..picking pockets, Mamu.
Look Mamu, if the disease
doesn't spread in the market..
..there will be no
sale of our medicines.
And we have manufactured
lots of medicines in advance.
So if the disease
doesn't spread in the market..
..our entire stock will go to waste.
You people mean to say that.. would've already
emptied the pockets we pick.
So what will we get
by picking pockets?
You tell us.
How much commission do you want?
You want us to give you our prey.
And you'll give us
commission out of that.
Brother, you did not understand.
Forget it, Modi.
Come on, Mamu.
I asked for such a small favour.
And you refused it.
And Pandey is dying to do this.
Should I send some
refreshments or something?
Modi is leaving.
Look Mamu, this is not right.
You want me to drop you outside?
Alright, Mamu.
No problem if you
are not okay with it.
But do think about this once.
Tell me something about yourself.
What do I tell you?
Any girlfriend?
This means you have.
Ticket please.
What happened, ma'am?
My pass.. I had..
I have lost my purse somewhere.
Did you buy a ticket?
- I have a pass.
Ask the conductor.
You look like a girl
from a good family.
And you travel without a ticket.
Brother, she has bought a ticket.
I have seen it.
- You had bought a ticket.
But you were saying
that you have a pass.
Ma'am, look. You'll
have to pay a fine now.
Why don't you understand?
- Come on. Out with Rs.100.
I have lost my purse.
- Wait up, brother.
The pass and money was in that.
- Come on. Hurry up.
What happened?
- I guess my purse fell somewhere.
I had it when I left the hospital.
I did not quite understand
this move.
I made that just like that.
We make some moves thoughtlessly.
And later on that move
proves to be costly.
You sing well.
Then why do you yell your
lungs out in the trains?
It is simple, brother.
People don't give money
for the song.
They give it to stop singing.
That means if your
pride is dear to you..
..then shell out money quietly.
Otherwise your ears and song,
both will be raped.
You have to do it, brother.
So, what do you have to do?
- Rape.
Darn her!
There is no point
in talking to her.
Come, Laado.
Hey! What are you doing?
Why do you have this purse?
Have you forgotten the first
principle of our business?
You should never
have the purse on you.
What the hell are you doing?
Try to understand.
I will whack you.
Do you want to get
your finger severed?
What are you doing?
There is Rs.460.50 in this.
I will give it.
What are you going to do with this?
What are you going to do with this?
What are you going to do?
Speak up. What are you going to do?
Speak up.
It is him. He was there again.
- In the bus?
Yes. In our bus.
Didn't you see?
- No.
Excuse me.
- He is behind us.
Have a look.
- Behind us, behind us.
What is the problem?
Is this your purse?
Well, I found it in the bus.
She didn't even say, 'Thank you'.
Are you done?
- Yes.
Good Lord! What happened?
Inform us before you get out.
Our plan gets ruined.
Explain it to this jackass.
Come on. Let us go. What
are you doing, brother?
Why don't you understand?
Get it?
Here you go. Chicken lollipop.
- Eat.
Jackass, you pick the pocket first.
Then you return it.
Are you stupid?
Okay. I'm off to have some kebabs.
Does anyone want it?
Yes. I do.
You're such a glutton.
I'll be right back.
- Where are you going?
Here you go, darling.
Brother, this is mind-blowing.
That was a big catch.
He was the guy who was
buying cigarettes, isn't it?
Yes. You saw that?
Yes. I did.
Who is Tej among you?
Sir, myself Tej.
And Phatte?
This is Fateh.
This is Kanjari.
And this is Khatru.
Give my regards to Mamu.
- Okay.
Mr. Khatru, where are you off to?
Come on, hold your ears.
And do five sit ups.
Let him go, sir.
No, no. His crime is not
that he picked my pocket.
He will ruin Mamu one day
if he errs in identifying people.
Four.. five.. six.
Come on, go.
Will you have something?
Can I get some sugarcane juice?
The bus is here. Come on.
- Add it to our account.
Come on. Move it. Move it.
Get in. Get in.
Come on. Come on.
Sorry. Sorry, brother. Sorry.
- Okay.
Outstanding. Rocking.
What happened?
Has it been picked or is it torn?
Darn it.
Sir, I guess someone
has picked my pocket.
I have a pass. Monthly pass.
You may ask the conductor
if you want.
I'd seen it. He had bought a ticket.
- What?
"The energy surging
within me is all your effect."
"But you're still oblivious."
"The energy surging
within me is all your effect."
"But you're still oblivious."
"A drab life is filled
with colours."
"Just as the hands shape
the wet mud."
"It may be little.."
"..but something has
changed somewhere."
"That is why everything looks new..
..even when I close my eyes."
"Feels like there is no one
else in this world except us."
"Come to me, my beloved."
I love you a lot.
Do you want me to put it down
for you?
Just hold on a minute.
Darn it.
Brother Sankat
Brother, watch your bag!
Catch him! Grab him! Catch him!
Darn you!
You dare come to our
neighbor and commit theft.
Whack him.
- You..
Beat him.
Whack him.
Beat him up.
- Beat him up.
Praise Allah.
Praise Allah.
Praise Allah.
All this is Sankat
Pandey's handy-work.
That scoundrel has
done this on purpose.
Otherwise no one
would dare touch Khatru.
What will you do if any of
his boys come into your area?
But Mamu..
"No. These things are
things of the past."
Darn it!
She is such a bad singer.
The real performance
will begin after 12.30.
You mean this.
"This is flowing water."
Listen, have you seen Sankat?
There he is.
This is our ladies special.
Her name is Gupti.
"This is intoxicating."
Come on, sit.
So. Want some?
Don't worry too much.
I have an old connection
with brother.
- Sir, let the hand be where it is.
If you take it any higher,
you will get a shock.
Are you threatening me?
You are threatening me.
He is a man.
- He is a man.
A man.
That is why his name is Gupti.
A mystery.
You mean.. eunuch?
All of you are absolute rascals.
You remember Patil's case.
Was that you?
Don't you understand?
Darn it!
Messed up my brains.
What happened, sir?
Is she acting smart?
It is a male and not a female.
Oh gosh!
Jackass, want some now.
Darn you!
You have loads of attitude,
don't you?
Rascal, I will do away
with that attitude right now.
Just watch.
Suck it.
Come on.
Excuse me.
Where can I find Champak?
- Yes.
She is asking about Khatru.
What are you doing here?
Did someone beat you up?
- Let's get out of here.
See. This is what
you call a sly guy.
Yes, no one could even imagine..
..that Khatru could have
a girlfriend as well. - Yes.
What do you think?
Is everyone like you?
Cater to your own needs.
Don't drive me crazy.
She's been speaking
too much these days.
Someday I will kill you.
- Go ahead.
Brother Fateh, brother Tej.
Brother Fateh, brother Tej.
Brother Fateh, brother Tej.
Brother Fateh.
Those men of Shankar Pandey.
I just saw them at the bus stop.
Come on.
Move aside.
You are intelligent.
If you had killed one then
two of yours would've died.
Two of yours would've died as well.
Then why didn't you?
I didn't see this one.
To hell.
They escaped from our clutches.
They escaped.
Explain to him.
We can take care of
them anytime we want.
We can beat them even
in their area.
Don't try to act too smart.
Just a minute.
Don't try to mess my brains.
I will beat you right here.
What happened?
We kept standing
there like cowards.
And those scoundrels
humiliated us and left.
The rascal has turned coward
because of his girlfriend.
This isn't about a girl.
They came prepared and
we were unarmed. - Yes.
Yes, that's why you were scared.
That's why you were scared.
Do you see him?
Take a look at him.
They beat him up so badly.
Take a look.
Forget it.
I am destined to get beaten up.
Whether it's the public,
the police or someone else.
What difference does it make?
See you.
- Bye.
Call me. Okay.
How are you?
Catch him.
Catch him.
Catch him.
Catch him.
- Stop.
Stop there.
Hello, Mamu.
Say hello, he is my teacher.
Once there was Dronacharya
but he is superior to him.
Severing fingers was fine,
Mamu, but severing the hand..
Look, Kacchi.
That was an accident.
You know that as well.
- I do.
I know everything.
The truth is, Mamu..
..that your boys
aren't in your control.
And my boys aren't
under my control either.
So we should retire. Isn't it?
Why get ourselves
defamed towards the end?
Forget it, Mamu.
Who are you trying to explain?
Let's go.
Brother, it's because
you were there.
Otherwise I would have
killed that rascal right there.
Did I tie up your hands?
You speak too much.
Did you see that boy
how he came forward?
None of you had the guts.. come forward and
give him a tight slap.
Just give the orders.
I will go and kill them right now.
Look. Look at this rascal.
He doesn't know the difference..
..between a slap and a gun.
- What do you mean, brother?
Those scoundrels have left
Kake in a pretty terrible state.
What are you saying!
So what will you do?
We will kill two for one of us.
You will kill two.
Won't they kill four for those two?
They will at least kill one.
Who will be that one?
Are you willing?
Are you willing?
Brother is right.
This isn't the time to get
in a mess.
Joglekar was here..
..he was saying, "We have to start
working together".
If you get in this mess then
our work will get stalled.
Shall I serve some more?
What's this?
You don't cook that well anymore.
I am going to drop ma'am.
Shammi doesn't cook well these days.
He still cooks like
he always used to.
You are used to eating
at hotels these days.
Sister, I will
quickly go and come back..
..or else the parlour
will close down.
- Bye.
Seems like she is having
an affair with someone.
Mamu's sister-in-law.
She sets out every
evening all decked up.
I will be right back.
She goes to the parlour.
Beauty parlour.
To learn the work.
- I see. You know everything.
Hi. Did you have to wait too long?
It's so hot, isn't it, Chatterjee.
The section is hot too.
The elections are
coming up after 15 days.
We have received a list
from higher officials..
..which contains
the names of people..
..we should arrest
before the elections.
Take it away.
You know the locker number,
don't you?
You will have to
take a 15 day holiday.
It will be better for you.
No, for us.
The A/C in the Panvel
farmhouse needs to be repaired.
You also need to install a new one.
It will be much better if
you send a mechanic from here.
Send it.
Who will manage the work here?
Why? Chatterjee is there.
Rizwanu is there.
Aren't you taking Rizwanu along?
- No.
But it would've been better..
..if you would have
taken Rizwanu along.
Who will look after you here?
Meaning? I am not
coming along with you?
So who will look after you there?
Shabana is there.
Shabana will go along.
I have informed her.
She always tried to
entice him from the beginning.
I brought her here from
the village.. give me a helping hand.
But she wants to
share my husband as well.
Seeing the comfort
and leisure here..
..spoiled her intentions.
Sister will see us.
Leave me.
Leave me.
- Sister.
He.. he..
- What?
What happened to him?
He suffered a heart attack and he..
People suffer four heart attacks..
..and yet they survive.
But Mamu..
I know.
I know too.
I heard that the big
boss has called you.
This is an inside information.
You will be the new Mamu.
- No. Thanks.
This is the best part of this game.
When the minister dies.. ordinary pawn
becomes a minister.
But the king who they
fight for, never dies.
They don't fight for the king.
They fight for the kingdom.
You know what it means?
See this. Isn't it cool?
But do we need this?
It's a certificate to
prove that now I am a Don.
Father gave it to me.
From today onwards,
I am the don of this area, buddy.
It's me. Got it?
The game's not over yet.
And he was terribly scared.
It was a great sight.
He turned completely pale.
He came into the middle..
- Come on. Come on.
Brother sent a gift.
He said we should now forget..
..the old fights and move on
and make a new.. - It's alright.
No need to explain it to him.
He is smart.
Too smart.
Okay, then,
I shall make a move now.
Dubey, I have moved
out since 30 years.
And you are still stuck here?
Wait a minute,
buddy. Finish your share.
Where are you going?
- I will have it some other time.
This place is like home
to me. I'll keep coming.
And say 'Thank you' to Pandey.
Will you have it?
Have a bit.
- Get lost.
What nuisance is this!
- I am causing nuisance?
I am the don of this place.
You got it? Don.
- Yes.
Don, my foot!
They could never dare to
look into Mamu's eyes.
And now there's no trace of
fear in them in front of you.
Leave it.
Hey, it's him who came to me.
Chote, there's no gain fighting.
We have fought a lot.
Now we need to do some work.
We need to make millions.
We need to buy a flat
in Malabar Hill. Duplex.
And then we will say
'bye-bye' to this Chor Bazaar.
So you have become the Mamu.. you want to
become daddy. Big daddy.
You got it right.
- Shall I go?
O gosh!
I forgot that you were there inside.
I'm coming.
She wants to talk to me
about something in private.
You are my darling.
Okay, I'll meet you later. Okay?
- Bye.
Why are you late?
She's nice.
Yes, it's the same girl.
You.. Now you go. Go.
Hey, I feel scared.
Look.. Okay. Okay, I am going.
What happened?
Nitin's friend who said
he will get us the passes..
..has ditched us
at the last moment.
So it means your Nitin ditched us.
- Yes.
Let's go. Back to pavilion.
Come on, let's try at least once.
- No.
Someone may have two extra tickets.
- We won't get them.
We may get..
- No. - Let's try. Please. Please.
Please. Listen.
Come, let's go back.
Let's give it a try.
We may get extra tickets.
Please say 'yes'.
- Forget it.
We shall go back and give it a try.
Excuse me!
- What? What is the use?
Look at the time.
We are not gonna get it.
- Excuse me!
Hi! Excuse me!
I have two extra tickets.
Do you want them?
Take it.
Thank you.
- It's okay.
Come on.
Come on.
Sit here. What's the big deal!
Come on.
You are set.
Matter is set.
Look at her. - When a girl turns
around for you, the matter is set.
It's set.
How did you..
If you inject them in a crowd..
..they won't even notice it
and our job will be done.
And after that?
After that, my foot. After that..
Why should we care?
If each of our guys
give it to ten people.
Our quota will be completed.
What happened?
Why are you so tense?
What if someone dies?
Why would anyone die?
Those who die will
never buy medicines.
Our Moti..
He is there to sell medicines.
He is not selling shrouds there.
And what if someone
doesn't have money.. buy the medicine and dies?
So what? Have you ever
thought of this before?
What happened to you?
Okay, do you remember
the school kid..
..whose wallet you picked?
Sorry, buddy.
- It's okay.
We thought he must be
carrying school fees in his wallet.
He was going to attend some exam.
There was his entry ticket
or something in it, right?
Hall ticket.
- Yes, hall ticket.
That idiot hanged
himself to death.
Buddy, when we pick
someone's pocket..
..we don't know what is there in it.
Some keep their ration
money in it, some keep..
..liquor money in it, some
keep their medicine money..
We are rogues.
It's none of our business.
If we keep thinking
about all these things..
..then we will have to start
begging alms for survival..
..and we won't get that as well.
When we fly kites..
..sometimes its thread
kills pigeons.
We shouldn't take it too seriously.
Cut it. Eat it. Have fun.
This is Bhindi Bazaar.
Kill it. Eat it. Forget it.
Got it? Let's go.
"Commit a sin."
"Don't keep an account of it."
"In the city of naked faces.."
"..don't put on a mask."
Actually this flu is
spread all over the world.
This didn't
originate from our country.
When it was first identified
in Australia, our country started.. make an anti-dose
for this virus.
"In the city of naked faces.."
"..don't put on a mask."
"Let them trade humans."
"Let their consciences stay asleep."
"Let them trade humans."
"Let their consciences
stay asleep."
"Turn into a rogue
holding your head high."
"Turn into a rogue
holding your head high."
You know this flu is
spreading very fast.
Especially those
travelling by train or bus..
..are most vulnerable to it.
This virus spreads
easily in crowded places.
And what you need to do
is to take precaution.
That's why we have
made three types of masks.
Local. Economy. And executive.
Till now more than 300
cases of flu cases..
..have been identified from
different corners of the city.
The speed at which
this virus is spreading.. seems the government will
soon declare it an epidemic.
"Whenever there is
a test for greed."
You killed Mamu?
No, I didn't kill him. - "Whenever
there is a test for greed."
Then who killed him? Sankat?
"Then there will be
a display of this."
"Some will die on the paper."
"Some will die on the paper."
"And there will be possibility
of turning into humans."
"Turn into a rogue,
holding your head high."
"Turn into a rogue,
holding your head high."
"Turn into a rogue,
holding your head high."
"Turn into a rogue,
holding your head high."
I had to become a don.
You know, it's my
childhood dream to become a don.
By killing the don?
This is Chor Bazaar.
Darn Chor Bazaar.
Got it? Not municipal office..
..or some other
government office, okay?
"Rogue!" - One don dies and
another one takes his place.
Don't worry, dude. Have fun.
Shall I tell you something?
Total nakedness is no fun either.
What do you think?
Fateh could've killed Mamu?
No. I know Fateh has killed Mamu.
So what do you say?
Mamu is going to Panvel tomorrow.
And his sister-in-law
will also be with him.
Why don't you do this job?
No. I can't do this.
You send your man to do it.
Then the sister-in-law
will also have to be killed.
No, no.
I will take care of her.
He's fallen for her.
So on whose side were you?
Fateh's or Mamu?
I was on my side.
As you know the people suffering
from this illness is..
..increasing by the way.
A bit harder.
Hey, give it to me. Give it to me.
- Hey, shut up!
How many bottles are left with us?
Our bottles are over. Fateh's
bottles are also over probably.
He was asking for money yesterday.
Okay, give it to him.
Hey, this side..
He was asking for a huge amount.
- How much? - Ten million.
Ten million?
- He thinks he owns this place?
Just hold it once.
Touch it. Touch it.
Works as smooth as silk.
How much is it?
25 lakhs.
Full and final.
Will Pandya stuff his backside
with the remaining amount?
You scoundrel! How dare you..
Your brother Pandya
is a son of a witch.
Tell him that
if he wants to work with me..
..he has to deal straight.
Or else I will thrust
a bamboo in his backside..
..and take it
out through his mouth.
What will you tell him?
I got it.
Tell me what you will say.
Thrust a bamboo in his backside..
..and take it
out through his mouth.
Tell him Mamu said so.
Who said?
Come on.
It was great fun.
Hey, I have some work.
I'll meet you later. Bye.
- Ok, bye-bye.
- Hi.
Happy birthday.
Who told you that
it's my birthday today?
Actually I know it's bad manners..
..but that day in the bus
I heard your conversation.
I see. So that's the reason.
You heard only half
the conversation.
It's not my birthday,
but it's my friend's birthday.
We brought her here
to give her a treat.
Then my return gift is cancelled.
Return gift?
- Yes, I brought a gift for you..
..and I thought you will also,
may be, in return.. you know..
What happened?
- Oh! Someone picked my pocket.
What happened?
Sorry for the language.
Someone picked my pocket.
Don't be sorry.
That's how these rogues are.
Your abuses won't
have any effect on them.
Tomorrow morning we have
to go to the graveyard.
Keep it in mind.
And you the next morning..
That is the day after tomorrow..
..get a ticket to Baneras.
We will have to do at least this
much for the peace of his soul.
And what about that Fateh?
What is the day tomorrow?
- Friday.
Good. He goes to the mosque
to offer prayers, doesn't he?
There will be lot of people.
It may cause riots.
These riots I tell you..
are quite bad.
And the best part
about the riots is that.. never know who kills whom.
Let's go.
Who was he?
Why did he spare you? Who was he?
Your lover? Your lover..
You are right, father.
You never know who
kills whom in the riots.
Take out the gun.
- I didn't bring the gun, brother.
Kill them.
You.. How dare you!
There's nothing left
for sister here anymore.
We have relatives in Dhaka.
She will be happy there.
I say Sankat is behind all this.
Bhaiyyaji gave him such
a thrashing..
He won't dare to look
this way again.
I say you lost one man
and they lost one man.
It's even.
I say let's not make
matters worse now.
And Bhaiyyaji personally wants to..
..make a compromise with you.
Tell Bhaiyya that if
he wants a settlement..
..he has to come here.
What are you saying!
No, I mean..
To be honest they are
scared of coming here.
They won't come here.
- And we won't go there.
It's fine.
Let's meet at a neutral spot..
..which is neither
yours nor his bastion.
What do you say?
No need to worry too much.
I will also be there.
There will be no trouble.
I assure you.
Where's all..
What's going on over here?
Where are my clothes?
There's not even one pair
of clothes in the closet.
What are you doing?
There are two dresses outside.
Two dresses will be enough
for you till tomorrow evening.
Am I right?
There's your train tomorrow evening.
I have made all the arrangements.
Your train ticket is also confirmed.
And Rizwan is also coming with you.
The thing is that he is
missing his village very much.
That's why.
Sister, you don't worry about me.
Here I will..
..manage everything.
Here. Have it.
Pandey had called me.
- Where?
To the same place
where he called you.
- Take a guess.
What are you saying!
Cheers to Pandey!
So.. How are you, Fateh?
Call me Mamu.
I see.
Or else?
Or else you will spend a
few days in the hospital.
Why? - I will kick you so hard,
that it will take you at least.. week to take my
leg out of your backside.
One of those two pieces
will be gone.
You are a big idiot.
When I can kill Mamu,
you are just a kid for me.
As they say however
old you may become.. can never become
older than your daddy.
Look, you have only
three options left now.
You want me to shoot you?
Or you want Sankat to shoot you?
Or do you want to be
shot by your best friend?
So what do you say?
What can I say?
I am not giving you
those options as well.
Hey, I don't want any nuisance here.
Throw your guns away. Come on.
Jadhav, you too.
Why are you here?
- You are with them?
No, I came here on duty.
Then why are you giving me headache?
You are in Narcotics
(department), right?
- Then get lost from here.
I got a tip. Pandey has
got a huge consignment.
Jadhav, give that
idiot a piece of your mind.
Do I look like a drugs-dealer?
You don't look like one.
But after shootout no one
can say with certainty..
..what you used to sell. Am I right?
- You.. - You..
If you shoot at a policeman.. can't escape an encounter,
my friend.
I didn't see this knight.
You play well.
My father used to say..
The one who sees the game..
..from outside,
he has a better view..
..of both the pieces and the moves.
That's why I always looked
at the game from outside.
And slowly I understood each
and every move.
Fateh. Fateh, open the door. Fateh.
Fateh, open the door. Fateh!
She's dead.
How did it..
I told her that Sankat
Pandey had died and she..
If Sankat Pandey died why did she..
You didn't know this?
- No. - Sankat and she..
Hi! I hope you didn't
have to wait for too long.
You are my sweetheart.
My sweetheart.
I can wait for you all my life.
Okay, tell me something, how
can you stay in that hellhole?
How does it matter whether I stay
in a hellhole or in a stable?
It doesn't matter?
I.. I knew something was
going on between them..
..but I didn't know that
she would kill herself.
Leave me.
No. No.
Leave me.
You are very upset?
We shouldn't be talking
bad about the deceased..
..but she was a witch.
I'm happy she's dead.
Tell me something.
Can you die for me?
Give me a try.
You are no less either.
- You are quite spicy.
- Oh!
I couldn't give you your gift.
- Gift?
Birthday gift.
- Oh come on!
I told you that it
was not my birthday.
But I bought it for you.
So here it is.
What is it?
Open it after I leave.
If you like it, you can
give me a return gift.
But I don't even know your name.
Even I don't know your name.
But your name..
My bus is here.
Okay, listen, tell me your name..
Hello! - Open it after I leave.
- What's your name?
After I leave.
You know when a piece is
left with the king all alone..
..he is called mad.
Without any support
he can kill anyone.
My only piece left is bishop.
Mad bishop.
Now your hands may not be running.. smoothly as they once did.
- Look there.
One. Two. Three. Four. Five.
Six. Seven. Eight.
Six. Seven. Eight.
Surprising. Today we are equal.
Today we are not equal.
How come?
Today I won.
Why did you do this?
Because I too wanted to
be Mamu since childhood..
..but you were never
concerned about it.
Will you become Chatterjee?
- Chatterjee? - Yes.
I will become Mamu. Mamu.
No one wants to stay in Chor Bazaar.
I too want to make my life.
I want to become Mamu.
Enough of Chor Bazaar now.
One Mamu dies and
another one takes his place.
Idiot. He's got bidis
One day he will go down
and he'll take us along.
Where is your friend?
You see what I am reduced to here?
Kanjari (a nomadic tribe).
I look like a maid.
So tell me.
Following a kite we went
that side of the tracks.
Katta also reached there.
Fateh didn't have his gun.
Is he dead?
Tell me.
Is he dead?
You left him alone there? You..
Kajri, look..
He called you his friend, didn't he?
- Kajri. Kajri.
Listen to me.
- Enough. Enough.
He too had killed Mamu.
Check and mate.
Good game.
My game went for a toss
ever since your knight..
..killed my castle.
The game turned upside down.
It was an on the spur
of the moment move..
..but it worked out very well.
It was not an on the
spur of the moment move.
It was a preplanned move.
So what do you want now?
Dubey? - If Dubey dies
Fateh will be in trouble.
They will go after Fateh and Fateh..
Fateh won't spare them either.
It's simple. It'll be done.
- Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I knew you could do at
least this much for Mamu.
I am not doing this for Mamu.
And nor for you.
How would one feel if someone's..
..six year old
daughter dies due to flu?
Your six year old daughter died?
Did I say that?
Come on.
To win one game you
killed all the other pieces.
Someone has said 'it's
just a game after all'.
He must've said that after he lost.
Because you play only to win.
And I won.
It was fun playing with you.
Shall we play one more game?
One game is enough to
understand one's style of play.
If I play another game I will lose.
If you understand that,
then it's good.
Or else..
Dubey. Sankat. Pandey. Bhujang.
Jadhav. And Fateh.
He's the one who got
each one of them killed.
It's Tej.
There's no piece on this
mat which can beat him.
Not just of one place..
..but I have made him the
Mamu of both the places.
Mamu of both the areas. You got it?
We have made it.
We have made it big.
Hey, look ahead. Look ahead.
Come for the checkup on time.
Don't forget it,
because it's very important.
I know it. I will come.
- I know it.
You know everything,
but you always come late.
Do remember what I said.
Come for the checkup. Okay?
Hey, this is.. This is a real one?
Yes. It may be.
- What are you saying!
It's because of everyone's curses.
- Okay, listen to me.
Must be because of people's curses.
- He has picked many pockets.
Have you informed his family?
Yes, sir, we have informed them.
They will be here any time.
- They will all die in this way.
Do we have a patient named Tej?
The accident case?
- Ward no. 6, bed no. 4.
You stay here. I'll come.
It's you?
You are Tej?
Sir, my brother lost his wallet.
Okay, what was there in it?
Sir, his I-card and
200-300 rupees, sir.
Okay, I have filed the complaint.
- No, sir.
You don't get it. Sir, his
whole year will go waste.
I have filed the complaint. If we
get the wallet we'll let you know.
You may go now.
- Sir. Sir.
Go now, madam.
These days the pickpockets
are creating a lot of problems.
Whose areas was it?
- Malabar Hills. Tej's area, sir.
He was..
He was..
He was my brother.
"How helplessness feels.."
"..I knew it just now."
"I wonder where life
has taken me to."
"There are so many
things left incomplete."
"There are so many
things I couldn't tell you."
"I got love.."
"..when my life ended."
'Now I understood it
doesn't make any difference..'
'..after death if it's Malabar
Hill or it's Bhindi Bazaar.'
"Like a palace made
of delicate glass.."
"..all our dreams were shattered."
"Like a palace made
of delicate glass.."
"..all our dreams were shattered."
"There's nothing left anymore."
"Everything's destroyed."
"Land, sky and everything
is destroyed of my world."
"There are so many
things left incomplete."
"There are so many
things I couldn't tell you."
"The moments I captured
in my eyes are fading."
"Those beautiful
memories are vanishing."
"The moments I captured
in my eyes are fading."
"Those beautiful
memories are vanishing."
"They are restless."
"They fight me."
"I never knew
I would face such a day."