BHK Bhalla@Halla.Kom (2016) Movie Script

This city is very confusing.
One can't make out the
difference between day and night.
But still people are working hard
day and night to shine their luck.
Lot of people flock to this
city in search of their dreams.
Only few can fulfill them.
Actually, your success depends on
your efforts and your bad intentions.
Err, I mean your good intentions.
I can't say about others
but this is what I believe in.
Before passing away
my mom gave me a lot.
Like honesty,
hard work, self respect etc. etc.
And my dad gave me two-step brothers.
But I don't hold any grudge
against anyone neither my dad nor GOD.
Everyone is happy where ever they are.
And I am happy and content
away from everyone in this city.
I think such things
keep happening in life.
Ladies first.
- Your welcome!
Hi sir!
You're seven minutes late gentleman.
Seven minutes eighteen seconds sir.
Actually sir..
my watch stopped working.
When ones time is not favorable..
..even the watch can stop working
right on the day of the interview.
You are right sir.
- No thanks sir!
Oooh... I am Sorry.
Thank you.
I must say you have
a great sense of humor.
Boom, M.A, in political science.
..then business management. jobs in two
years and finally jobless.
Well no one can dare to
take his career so | ight | y..
...unless he has a sense
of humor like yours.
Sir, I have a request from you.
Could you please go through
my resume once again?
I don't think I've mentioned
anywhere thatl like being insulted.
Perhaps you do like
quitting jobs, right?
No sir, actually I just
resigned from three jobs.
Other two didn't like
me so they chucked me out.
Regarding the 6th job,
well we mutually hated each other.
And the last one, we were pretty much
happy with each other..
..but the company crashed.
So you never managed.. find any reason to stick
to the jobs you left yourself.
May be not.
So how can you assure me..
..that you won't find an excuse
to leave this job as well.
Don't you think sir that things
can be the other way round.
Or we both might start
disliking each other.
And what if your company crashes a...
Pooja was telling me
that you work in stocks.
Yes I still do the same
and in a loss of 2 lac Rs.
Look here young man..
...there is no harm in considering
yourself smart and intelligent.
..but we ought to achieve something
with this intelligence in life.
I've worked very hard to reach here.
Gracias 5.
One of India's top financial company.
It took me 30 odd years to make
Gracias 5 number one company in India.
And you are taunting someone of being
a loser who is not even 30 yet.
I don't care if you are a loser
even after thirty years from now.
But I am worried about my daughter.
And I can say without hesitation
that after meeting you..
.. | am even more worried now.
How much will you charge
to leave my daughter alone?
Well sir.. this is the
dialogue which all fathers say.. it a film or real life.
So lets come to the bottom line sir.
Ok Mr. Dha | | a..
- Bhalla.
- Yes. Pawan Bhalla.
Ya ya whatever Bhalla-Dhalla...
it all sounds the same.
So lets get to the
main point Mr Bha | | a.. daughter spends at least Rs.
50000 a month.
She has a car,
a house and she has bank balance.
And she has mother as well.
Get yourself an apartment
of your own by 13th in this city..
..Pooja will be yours forever.
In just two days?
lam talking about next
month's 13th Mr. Bhalla.
Kindly note down the date..
..or Lakhani's son is
coming from U.S.A on 14th..
..and returning back on 21st.
I'll arrange engagement and
the wedding in that one weeks time..
..and Pooja will be
leaving with him to U.S.A...
..and then I wonder how will
you manage to calculate your loss.
You are asking me to buy an apartment
of my own in just one month..
..and that too in a city like Mumbai.
Do you really think it's possible?
Everything is possible
for you Mr. Bhalla.
I've full faith in you.
A sharp witted man..
..with experience of 7
jobs in two years can do wonders.
lam sure owning an apartment
in one month is no big deal for you.
And listen. advice is that please don't
consider this task as some job..
...or I am afraid you are
going to quit this one as well.
Don't worry Mr Badlani,
it won't happen..
..whether its your wish or your fear.
"I've no idea.."
"..which path to follow to breath."
"I've forgotten
everything without you."
"Please come and
teach me how to live."
Please give him at least one chance.
What if it was your dad's company.
...would you have still
felt uncomfortable?
Now you are twisting things around.
"Please enter in my
life through my heart."
"Please come for me sometime."
"Please come."
"Please come my love."
"My bangles have stopped
tinkling without you."
Now how much we should wait for him..
..he reached nowhere in
his career even in five years.
I don't understand now is
our wedding and my job connected..
..every thing is going on
smoothly in my share market thing.
And things can get
a little bumpy in life.
Ever since you left college
life has been bumpy for you.
...and I feel that I don't
exist in your scheme of things.
"My life's void can't
be filled without you."
There is some problem
with your Pawan Dhalla.
Dad has been forcing
me to get married.
"Please come."
"Please come."
Please join dad's company.
It was very tough to convince him.
I don't want to lose you baby.
"Please come my love."
"Please come my love."
Mr. Khanna!
- Good evening Mr. Chintan.
Sorry... I...
No, no, Mr Khanna, why are you getting
confused? It's your apartment.
Oh rea | | y!!
I was running short of sugar
so I came here to get some.
I hope you have got it.
- Yes, yes. Thank you Mr Khanna.
Lovely Bhai (Brother).
Where were you Bhai?
We were missing you.
Oh actually my wife
was not letting me go.
She gave me this t-shirt to wear and
said "This is the best for me."
And many times
do I need to tell you..
..that don't ever
let Chintan come here.
Yes, Bhai.
- "Yes, Bhai."
How come you are not
seen in the gym these days?
And hey what's wrong with him?
lam going to quote a poem.
Oh yes, Bhai please do.
"When a father is getting worried..
..coz his daughter is
crossing the marriageable age."
"He damn cares about anything
Whether its said by ruffian or sage."
"Then who the hell are you and me."
Wow lovely Bhai that's awesome.
- I just rhymed the thought.
Hey Gagan just look at your friend
he can't even handle one girl..
..and now look at me,
I keep everyone happy.
I've told my wife that
I'll be back home soon..
..but won't go early.
because. can't enjoy
the same dish every day.
Hey you guys remember it.
Phone call.
- Shhhhhhhhh.
Yes sweetheart.
Have you reached for
that meeting of yours?
Yes sweetheart, I reached long back.
I'll be back home in 1 or 2 hours.
- Ok then I'll wait for you.
Oh no no no please don't wait for me.
I might get a little late.
- Why?
No, no, no, I won't be late.
I'll be home soon.
Ok bye.
- I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
You ought to do all this
if you are a family man.
Everyone does it.
Be it Manmohan or Chunnilal.
I can understand you saying
" | love you" to your wife..
..but I fail to understand
why are you so bloody scared of her.
How dare you?
Bhai actually what he meant was.
..why do every time your wife call,
you get so nervous?
Bhai, I apologies if I've annoyed you.
I am also totally sorry Bhai.
Come here.
Well I am not nervous
or scared of her.
It's just that she is my lucky charm.
Lady luck, lady luck.
I was a broke before
getting married to her.
But after marriage..'s her father's business,
which I am running.
I am king now. Got it?
She is here.
Ok you guys leave now.
I'll meet you tomorrow.
Pa rty is over.
- No in mood to go.
I said leave now.
See you tomorrow. Move, move.
Move, move.
Actually Mr. Khanna,
I need some sugar.
My wife is making a sweet pudding..
..more the sugar better
the pudding tastes.
Jugnu, please give him some sugar.
- Yes Bhai.
I am so sorry for the inconvenience
lam causing you Mr. Khanna.
Oh no no!
On the contrary you are bearing
all the inconvenience Mr. Secretary..
..that every time you have to
walk all the way for such tiny things.
You do one thing..
...please note down our phone number..
..and whenever you need
anything just send the message.
...we'll happily deliver
it at your doorstep.
Give him the whole box.
Here is your sugar.
Pudding will be ready in some time.
Please I insist you taste that.
Oh no no! Thank you so much.
No we are fine.
Actually what I was saying...
- Thank you. Good night.
Good Night.
- Good Night.
Bloody bastard!
- Bloody bastard!
Hey listen brother.
Let me make this clear
to you guys as well..
...lets not mix up
business and friendship.
..make sure both of you clear all
the due payments as soon as possible.
Yes Bhai, we'll clear all the dues.
Hang on a minute I
think he is here again.
Lovely Bhai (brother)?
- Oh please don't call me brother.. me only Lovely, Lovely Khanna.
Pinto Bhai has sent me.
Please come in.
You have arrived at the right address.
Please come in and you guys leave now.
I'll meet to tomorrow.
Do you love me or not?
Ofcourse, I love you.
Then why did you upset papa?
Can't you keep quite Pawan?
Same, I told him the same thing
but he got pissed.
Gagan, Will you please keep quite?
- Ok.
See Pooja...
- What do you want me to see..
..what do you want me to listen?
I've been trying my level best to make
your good impression in front of dad.
..and you've been spoiling everything
by throwing an attitude.
Just think before you speak Pooja.
If I can compromise my
self-respect and go there..
..what makes you think I would
be inclined to throw an attitude.
I think it's been your dad's childhood
dream to be able to insult me one day!
Why would my dad insult you!
What could be his problem with you?
His daughter has chosen a man who is
apparently way below his standard..
..isn't that a big enough problem?
Okay, okay!
So that is the end of the matter.
There is no point
discussing this chapter.
You haven't done anything
nor has dad.. who is left to be questioned? Me?
It's me who has insulted
both of you! Right?
There is a limit to everything Pooja!
Even I have had plans
for our marriage and future.
..and I want them to materialize.
..but not at the
cost of my self-respect.
He was just hell-bent
at proving in interview.
..that quitting jobs is my
second nature and I like losing.
Your dad cheated me
on the name of interview.
He doesn't want us to get married.
What rubbish is this?
Get an apartment of
my own in just a month.
It's not a joke to get
an apartment in just one month.
Don't you think it's joke or what.
You are absolutely right.
Papa fooled you today..
..and you know what I
am a fool past five years.
...believing that you
can do anything for me.
Actually... you know what Pawan,
the thing is.. both are right and
justified in your own ways.
The problem is with me.
lam at fault because
I am born to a rich father.
And I am at fault because
lam in love with you.
No Pooja please baby don't cry.
Please don't worry.
See, everything will be alright.
See we will get married in
the court quietly and peacefully.
I will handle everything baby.
No one will get to know.
Very good.
Very good.
So this was only left.
...involving court, police, lawyers.
De-fame in the society.
So what the hell you want me to do.
Do you want me to rob
for making house? Steal?
ls this what what you want?
Did I say this?
Did I say this to you Pawan?
Should I make some tea for you guys?
Baby, baby, baby. Pooja! Pooja! Pooja!
- Don't touch me. Let me go.
Dude you go and see an astrologer.
lam telling you...
Oh please I don't believe in all this.
My dear Consulting an astrologer can
only help you to get out of this mess.
Oh please save these filthy tricks
for someone else.
If you really want to help me,
give me an idea to get out of this.
Actually one thing
can surely be done bro.
No...but first I need you
to promise me something.
What is it?
I don't want you to get all
touchy about your self-respect.
Oh come on now shoot it.
- No, no, no, no, no way.
You ought to promise me first.
Ok done. Now tell me.
You should crack a fake deal..
..and get some one e | se's apartment
transferred to your name.
That's a crappy idea.
Actually... it's not a bad idea.
Yes sweetheart tell me.
- Have you reached office?
Oh yes. I did long back.
Why? Something important?
Why? Can't I call you
without anything important?
No, no, no... It's not that honey.
You can call anytime.
I was asking just like that.
Tell me Neelu.
Make sure you are back by 9 pm.
Then I'll tell you
something important.
Sweetheart I will be back by 8:45 pm.
My dear Neelu.
Ok bye darling I love you.
- Hmm love you.
Brother Let me handle.
- He's here.
ls it really hot or it's
just me who is feeling hot.
Yes Bhai, it's damn hot today.
Bhai, drink it quickly
or it'll get flat.
Wow brother,
what a beautiful painting!
You are truly a great artist.
Ok tell me now what is it?
Actually Lovely Bhai..
..we have come up with
a new plan for business.
So we thought to discuss it with you.
Ya ya sure go ahead and discuss.
Start business, make money...
..and give me back my money.
That's exactly what we
were also thinking lovely Bhai.
Yes Bhai.
- Please have a look at this.
What is this?
Please just go ahead
and have a look at it.
See I am a professionaL.
.. | read people's faces
and not such crap.
Tell me clearly what
is all this about?
Lovely Bhai, actually we are thinking
of opening a such restaurant. which every item will be 50-100
rupees lesser than every restaurant.
But by doing this we won't
be compromising on quality.
Yes Bhai,
everything would be so inexpensive.
..that the people will prefer eating in
our restaurant instead of their homes.
We have already asked
at least 500 people..
..they have confirmed that
they will eat in our restaurant.
Yes Bhai and it is going
to be first hotel in Asia..
..where people are
going queue up to eat.
This is our business plan Lovely Bhai.
Ok tell one something?
- What is it Bhai?
Did you ever fall from
the stairs in your childhood?
Did any of your teachers
hit you or knocked you on your head?
No, not at all, never.
Or a leather ball had hit
your head while playing cricket?
No Bhai never ever.
- No Bhai.
But why are you asking all this?
Actually I really want to know.. can such pathetic ideas come
to your brain and why?
Bhai why are you saying this?
What is wrong with our idea?
I know you guys inside out.
If you are left naked on a road..
You can't even manage
to buy an underwear for yourself.
How on earth you'll open a restaurant?
Who the hell will
give you money forthat?
Bhai we have a brilliant
scheme to sort that out.
..and we'll be able to
open the restaurant in no time.
Trust on us.
We can do it.
Ok then do it.
If you guys are so confident
then open it.
It's your idea, your restaurant.
I said all this since you
asked me what I felt about it. tell me
when are you opening it?
Tell me the date?
- Well. month he is getting married..
..then after 6 - 7 months
we'll open it.
Won't we?
- Of course yes.
His marriage plans
are already in deep shit.
How can you dream about
getting help from there?
No no please don't
worry about that Bhai.
I'll manage everything on that front.
- Okay.
We just need your blessings.
No, no, no, no way,
no blessings for you guys now.
He already owes me 75 thousand
and you owe me 80 thousand.
No Bhai we don't want your money.
- Then?
Bhai you do know
everything about case.
Yes I do. so?
So... I was thinking that...
Bhai you transfer your Kandiva | i's
apartment to his name.
Only in papers Bhai.
Only in papers.
Whose idea is this?
He was the one to come up with this
idea. His brain is sharper then mine.
Shut you up buggers.
lam the only one
you find to make fool.
I've been helping you in the past.
..that doesn't mean that
you will make a fool out of me.
Get the hell out of here.
Listen Bhai,
you are getting us all wrong.
I am getting everything crystal clear.
God has blessed me
with sharp brain too.
And I know you guys inside out.
Don't you dare to think
about my Kandivali flat.
I'll throw you guys from
the terrace of the same apartment.
Just the get the hell
out of here bloody buggers.
We also have come from
decent respectable families.
Shut up and get out.
Let's go.
- Move, move.
And listen make sure you clear
all your debts as soon as possible.
Yes Bhai.
- Yes Bhai.
Let's go.
Bloody frauds.
Tell me how is it?
It's very nice.
Have it first and then tell us.
You know Moti has
specially made it for you.
Oh really! Wow!
Let me taste it.
Wonderful Moti.
I told you sister,
he really cooks well.
It's fantastic.
You are a very good cook.
Ok sweetheart,
what was that important thing..
..for which you have
called me in the morning?
Actually they had to give up their
home so that a road could be built.. from now on both of them
will stay here permanently.
In fact you should give
him some work in your office.
He will get the hang of
every thing with in no time.
Moti is pretty smart.
- He is very smart.
Of course he is smart
that's why he has come straight here.
Errrr... I mean they both
will be staying here, right?
Of course,
they will stay here for few days.
..and then they will shift
in our Kandiva | i's flat.
..any which ways its lying vacant only.
What are you doing brother?
I'm trying to find a small
trace of shame on your face.
It's nowhere visible.
You've insulted us
both with your bogus idea..
.. | am just wondering if
you are feeling a little ashamed.
I wish I could put a statutory
warning on all alcohol bottles.
You dumbhead.
Can't you call before coming?
I am sorry brother in law.
- What sorry?
Cant you inform beforehand?
- What happened?
I am so sorry brother in law.
- Sorry, sorry, sorry.
What happened?
Sweetheart we can't give
them that Kahdivali flat..
..because it is already been sold out.
Sold out?
- Yes.
- Today.
Today itself I got the deal locked.
But what was the need to do that?
Actually I was running short
of some money for a new project. I decided to sell it off.
why are you looking at me like this?
You are not lying? Are you?
Why are you saying so sweetheart?
You know I am telling you the truth..
..and you know it very well
how much I love Moti.
We don't have any one apart from him
whom we can call our own.
Are you still suspecting me?
I swear over Moti's head
that flat is SOLD OUT.
Why are you not believing me?
I got the advance money from Mr.
Bhalla this morning.
- Err... Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla.
These are the people
who have bought our flat.
Very nice and well to do people.
Let me make a call to them
right now right here in front of you.
They consider me as an elder brother.
- Yes Bhai.
Yes Mr. Bhalla...
- Yes Bhai. Speak.
Please get the balance
amount by tomorrow.
Let's finish this off.
- Okay Bhai.
She stays in this same building.
Do you want me to get into trouble?
Ladies first.
How sweat! Thanks.
Bhai, all these cheques
are for 10 thousand each..
..we haven't mentioned any date yet..
...we will inform you as
soon as we arrange for the money.
..and then you can withdraw.
- And how soon will this happen?
Very soon Bhai.
- Pretty soon Bhai
See pals.
..whatever happened
with you guys yesterday.
..after you guys left
I felt bad about that.
.. | shouldn't have spoken
to you guys like that.
Yes Bhai.
- Come again?
Yes brother.
- What do you mean by yes?
When I am realising it on my own.. you think it's required for you
to open your silly mouth?
Sorry Bhai.
So finally all said and done... guys are my friends.
..if I wouldn't help
you in problem then who else.
So.. I are ready.
Thanks you so much Lovely Bhai.
- But, but, but...
I want a partnership in your
restaurant thing with you guys.
It's a solid idea I must say,
very solid idea.
What do you say?
Ok... done Bhai.
Let's get started.
Now this will be fun.
Ok Mr. Makkar.
Please have this Bhai.
- Tell us what how to proceed.
Well Mr.
Lovely, technically speaking.
...we need all the papers to
be formed under Mr. Sheila's name..
..since his marriage is a problem.
My marriage isn't a problem Mr. Makkar.
I am in love..
..and that's the reason
I am getting married.
..but unfortunately people
are creating problems.
Yes... thats the reason why we
are here, isn't it Lovely Bhai?
Bhai, I am planning to
make papers in such a way..
..that we can usurp Mr. Dha | | a's
ancestral dhaba for your safety.
No no my safety lies within Mr. Bhalla.
Safety... lies within me?
We | | ... | mean we'll
go technically about it..
...but papers need to be under
Mr. and Mrs. Sheila's name only.
But I am not yet married Lovely Bhai.
I know that very well.
But as they say that if
girlfriend's life is on stake...
..her lover will never dare
to cross the line of control.
Bravo!! Mr. Lovely.
Wow Lovely brother.
- Okay. Okay I got the drift.
But here is request Mr. Makkan.
...please make sure the papers
are full proof and solid.
What the crap is this!
Makkad.. Makkad..'s ourjob.
What are you saying?
- Listen Mr. Bha | | a..
...I've been working with Mr.
Lovely past twenty years now.
lam not a novice.
Oh okay, okay, okay.
Sorry, sorry Mr. Makkad. Thank you.
Thank you Bhai.
Thank you so much.
Oh forget thanking.
How on earth are you
going to explain Bad | ani..
..about this sudden
wealth and property?
Bhai share market can take
person from rags to riches.
But you will have to vacate the
flat after 10 days of your marriage.
Bhai share market can bring you
from riches to rags too.
You are bloody shrewd, Bhalla.
I hope you've not done
anything wrong, have you?
Oh come on Poop.
..your dad is such a good human being.
lam sure you can learn much more
from him then just being a sceptic.
Please Pawan, I am not doubting you.
I am just...
- Listen baby listen, listen to me.
Pooja, we tend to
invest in relationships.
Only when we foresee
a bright future in them..
..but share market runs
on the reverse principle.
It's most lucrative to invest
when share market is in loss.
..and Khatana uncle was wise
enough to understand this trick.
So he bought shares through me..
which were running on
loss at that point of time..
..and this deal has
given me huge money.
That's it.
Thats's all baby.
lam sorry baby.
- It's, its okay.
Papa will be so happy
to know all this.
Errrr... no... please don't.
Don't tell your dad about it.
- Why?
Let me get the possession first.
I want to give him a surprise.
lam sure he will be
ecstatic by getting this news.
I don't believe this.
So I want to see his face
when he receives this news.
Please take your time to read it sir.. you can see Pooja
is owner of this property.
What a beautiful thought.
Now we need to look into
our wedding preparations.
..on | y 10 days are left.
You are the best.
I love you baby.
Please ask Mr. Lakhani to
look for some one else for his son.
I love you too baby.
Sir please let me know if you
need any kind of help from my side.
There is no difference between
a son and a son in law these days.
- Yes, sister.
Your brother in law
can't even dare to se | | ..
..a waste bottle
without my permission.
lam wondering how has
he sold off a 2 crore apartment.
That's what.
You have given lot of
freedom to brother in law.
He is a small kid who
needs to be controlled.
I mean he is not that smart
and intelligent businessman like you.
Am I right Panna?
- Yes.
Deal for the flat got fixed overnight.
And no one got a clue.
Any way how does it matter to me.
You can go and stay
at your mom's place.
I will manage to get refuge anywhere.
Either here or somewhere else.
If not somewhere else then here only.
Mr. La | wani..
- Yes Mr. Badlani.
I want know if Mr. Pawan Bha | | a.. the actual owner
of this property or not?
Please handle this
case with utmost secrecy.
As this matter is connected with my
daughter's well being and her future.
And you belong to similar community. know very well that the
information leak can spoil our image.
Sister, I am not your real brother.
I think that's the reason why brother
in law is treating me like this.
Had I been a real brother?
You are my cousin
but more than my real brother.
Mr. Badlani, looks like
papers are pretty strong.
Even before,
2g and Adarsh had strong papers.
..but ultimately they
were all proven as a hoax.
You both are not going anywhere.
You both will stay
in my Kandiva | i's flat.
But that is already sold out.
This is what your brother
in law is claiming.
Then? How will we
get to know about it?
You are talking to Lalwani
brothers & Associates Mr. Badlani.
We know where the problem is?
What do you mean?
I mean you go and find out
what is the truth behind this entire.
Find out if he is lying?
- Me.
Sister... he is very good
at doing such things.
I never watch any detective series
with him sitting next to me on TV.
He predicts the murderer
in the very first scene.
Panna be quite.
If what I am doubting
is proven right.
.. | am going to his take
his case left right and centre.
I want results within a week.
We don't need one week
to solve this case Mr. Badlani.
Our agent Tony D'costa
will crack it in 4 days.
Winters have bought snow storms.
..nothing is left anywhere
in the fields or gardens.
except for crows and naked trees.
Rosy enough.
Now stop it your acting.
This time I will
make a full proof plan.
Where were her Licenses kept?
Must be in her bag.
Yes Tony tell me.
Yes Babbu Bhai..
- Yes.
6,3,9 for Mumbai Laxmi
and 5 and 8 Mumbai gold..
..send hundred-hundred for all.
Oh God... you'll always
play with the wrong number.
Bet on reverse of 5, Zero..
it repeats very now and then.
Okay do one thing.
Add zero of 100 Rs.
and send me the tickets.
Tell me how much will
you clear from the balance?
Babbu Bhai,
you're always anxious.
Once I win.. will be the first person
with whom I will clear all my debts.
I swear by mother Mary.
Do you think theses
clothes are enough?
lam not going to spend my
whole life here, these are enough.
Hello sir.
Okay, you push the button.
Lift is here.
It's done sir,
give me 100 Rs.
Your whistle could put
me into problem you fool.
Thank you.
The one in blue t-shirt is Mr Bhalla.
- Okay.
Who was it?
Forget it. Come let's go.
But I heard someone was screaming.
who is it?
Oh my God! Now you people
have starting begging on doorsteps.
But look at you,
You're too dressed up for begging.. one is going to
give you anything like this.
Because every one is not as smart
as Chintan who can read faces.
Anyway now that you have
come all the way to beg..
..stay here, I'll get you something.
Oh please don't sing.
You guys have no music sense.
Hey uncle you speak a lot.
I need first-aid.
Let's start the task.
Hail James Bond 007 Moti.
Where has he gone?
You beggars have so
much attitude these days.
You don't even have the
patience to wait at one door.
Come here take this.
Go and have this
with your whole family.
Enjoy it's taste fullest.
And don't dare to
come this side again..
..or I will call the cops to
put you behind the bars, understand?
Ok now leave from here immediately.
Move now.
Get out from here.
Hello, hello, hello, hello.
Give it to me.
Who the hell are you?
Hey watch your tone.
Hello, Answer me. Hello.
No no Lovely Bhai, issue is..
..actually one imbecile
was calling again and again. I took you for him by mistake.
So now you can't make out the
difference between an imbecile and me.
Oh yes, you guys
have got the apartment who would be bigger imbecile than
me. - You are getting me all wrong.
Then what's the matter.
You bastards, this apartment
ownership is getting in your head.
Actually I couldn't able to see
your name and number properly..
..on phone's screen Bhai,
it wasn't my fault.
Get an eye check up done
if you can't see numbers.
Lovely Bhai one minute.
Please brother handle him.
- Hey you talk to him.
Where the hell are you Dhalla?
Pick up the phone, Hello, hello.
- Hello.
He is right Bhai. Actually we were
getting crank calls for sometime. he got confused and thought this
call must have been from the same guy.
Ok 0k... listen to me.
One of my 'PIECE' (Hooker)
is coming to meet me...
..ask her to wait for me.
Do offer her tea.
- Yes Bhai.
I am on my way,
will be reaching any minute now.
OK BhaL ne.
And listen tell that bugger friend of
yours not to drool over her, got it?
OK Bhai, I Will 'tell him.
Or I will cancel his
partnership in the restaurant.
OK Bhai, I Will 'tell him.
Bha | | a..
unmarried, but Mr.
& Mrs. Pawan Bha | | a..
.. | think here is the problem.
Excuse me ma'am!
Where do you want to go?
Please sign here.
Oh wow! Its lovely
Bhai's lucky day today.
You want to go to
lovely Bhai's apartment?
Lovely Bhai, who is this?
Please go ahead.
I will fill the rest for you.
Thank you so much.
Madam may I know
your good name please.
For entry purpose.
- Loveleen.
Good name.
lam here to...
- Lovely Bhai is about to come.
He just called, he is on his way.
- He is also talking about Lovely Bhai.
Who is this?
- Piece.
I mean its so peaceful
since you arrived now.
Good to see you.
We were waiting for you only.
How long you've been waiting for me?
Past 5 to 10 mins.
- Since past seven lifetime.
- Forget it.
Ok now tell me what
would you like to have?
No Thanks!
- Please have a seat.
Please come and have a seat.
- Sure.
Looks like you are
from a good family, Miss...
- Loveleen.
Miss Loveleen, looks like
you come from a good family.
How come you got into this profession?
Listen Mr...
- Pawan Bhalla.
Gagan Dhalla.
Nice meeting you.
See Mr. Bhalla and Dha | | a.. work is big or small.
Work is work.
Good thinking.
Very good thinking.
By the way what do
you guys do for a living?
We are...
- Nothing special.
Actually we are working
on a new business plan these days.
Yes. Right, right.
Hey get me some lemon soda.
Fried breakfast has taken
a toll on my digestion.
Yes Bhai.
What is all this?
Are you blind?
Can't you see these are sarees.
But why are you carrying
so many sarees with you?
I sell them.
So this is your side business.
- No, no, this is my main business.
Okay, okay, this is very good.
It means...
When will Lovely Bhai come?
- He'll reach any minute now.
By the way considering your age you
should not be interested in 'brothers'.
You have good sense of humour.
- And you are pretty intelligent.
..because you have an eye for people.
Are you praising yourself or me?
I am trying to praise
myself by praising you.
You are very funny.
- Thanks for compliment.
You are welcome.
Does he live here?
- Who?
Err... Lovely Bhai.
No no he doesn't lives here.
He just visits sometime
to run his important errands.
Important errands?
How long have you been
working in this line?
Today is my first day.
Ohh really!
Brother in law.
Oh my God!
Please you go and see.
Mind your self or lovely
Bhai will get you some day.
I think you are way superior for
this job. It doesn't go with your...
Lovely Bhai, where were you?
Would you like to have something?
Tea or coffee.
And you tell how are you doing?
Please do take something.
Lovely Bhai meet miss Loveleen.
And Ms. Loveleen meet Lovely Bhai.
Hi lovely Bhai.
- No no don't call me brother..
...please call me only Lovely.
Lovely Khanna.
Wow! What a coincidence.
Sounds like some body
has named their twins.
ls it networking?
Who's is she by the way?
This is your PIECE (Hooker) Bhai.
Please have a seat.
Don't keep standing.
You'll get tired. Please sit.
- Thanks.
Tell me what would you like to have.
Something cold or hot?
- Nothing sir. Thanks.
Actually we have to
meet a monthly target.
.. | can achieve that
if you guys help me.
Oh forget about others.
..first tell me how
much time do you have?
I have two to three hours sir.
Oh then nothing to worry.
I'll be enough to
meet your monthly target.
No, no Bhai,
she talking about her sarees.
To undo the saaree right?
Well I'm naughty enough to do that.
Don't worry.
No, no Bhai, you are not getting it..
..she runs a side business
of selling sarees.
It's not a side business Mr. Gagan.
This is my main business.
Yes, yes, yes
- One min.
No discussion on side business.
Lets come to the main
business point first.
Excuse me.
Yes... tell me.
Bhai, Moti is outside the door
and he is spying on you.
- What to do now?
Ok Mr Bhalla, please buy
some sarees for your wife.
I will for mine.
- What happened Bhai?
No excuse now, Mr. Bhalla.
Please sit down right away.
You ought to buy
sarees for your wife.
Come on miss Loveleen,
show us the sarees please.
Hey Jugnu.
- Yes brother.
Shoo him away.
- Yes Bhai.
Lift is stuck because somebody has put
in a chair to stop it from working.
Who did this?
- Where is the lift?
Yes, please see all this.
This is all hand made.
He just left Bhai.
He just left.
- You come inside.
This is the best color.
Their are only four such pieces.
Excuse me!
Can I use your washroom please?
Ohh! Sure sure sure...
this way this side.
Hey where are you going?
Let me help her find
way to the washroom.
Lovely Bhai, when did I get married?
I had to say that
for your own safety.
My wife suspects
this deal to be fake.. she had hired a
detective to investigate.
..and the detective is keeping
a watch on us from outside.
- Who is it?
There is one bloody bastard.
You guys do one thing,
pick all this stuff and go out.
..and you two go out and take a
walk have some tea and refreshments.
...meanwhile I'll get
done with this saree girl.
Jugnu where is my lemon soda?
Lovely Bhai, are you seriously
finding her attractive?
I mean what's wrong with you taste?
- What do you mean?
I mean she was herself telling
me that she works three shifts a day.
Bhai, a man like you deserves new
piece, you deserve a hot virgin chick.
But pinto was telling me
that she is new to all this..
...and it's her first day.
Oh Jugnu, a baker will always
say that his bread is fresh.. will the pimp about his.
But pinto..
- Oh he is lying.
He is making a fool of you.
Ok let me help you
with some numbers of pimps.
They'll provide you with some hotties.
Hey Jugnu.
-Yes Bhai.
Open the door.
- Yes Bhai.
ls this Lovely Bhai
Khanna's residence?
Yes it is. Tell me.
Mr. Pinto has sent me.
Yes he lives here, please come in.
Thank you.
Who is Lovely Bhai among of you?
One minute one minute.
Where are you going? You have
knocked on the correct address.
And hey what is this?
I never knew that you
also take service from Pinto.
No, no, no, no Bhai.
-Then what?
Actually her face resembles
a friend of mine.. I thought she is the same.
- Okay.
Isn't it Gagan?
- Yes.
But it's not her right?
- Yes Bhai.
Now everything is crystal clear.
No confusion left.
She is sales girl and
not your PIECE (hooker).
So I think we should let her go and
you can make this one stay instead.
No, no, no, no way.
lam not going to let her go.
You were telling me lot about
her colourful past sometime back.
Errr... I was saying that because...
Yes Bhai, he is right.
She is not this kinda girl.
Well, okay.
Come on, sit here.
Now you guys leave with your stuff.
Leave immediately.
- Lovely Bhai, just listen to...
Hey get me a lemon soda.
- Yes Bhai.
Here is another quote..
"Lovers have only one business.."
" love and to leave,
to love and to leave"
Hang on guys, hang on.
-What happened?
Why was this sales girl
asking for Lovely Bhai?
What? Was she asking about me?
- Then she is also here for me.
If pinto sent this girl
then whose that sales girl?
Open it up, let's check her bag.
Hey what are you doing guys?
It's ladies purse, bad manners.
One minute Lovely Bhai please.
Come on... check it.
Take everything out.
Lalwani brothers and associates.
Investigation officer.
Rosy D'costa.
I've taken everything in
my stride with my acting skills.
...full realistic acting.
You don't worry.
But sir, isn't it possible that Mr.
Bad | ani's daughter..
..has secretly married with Mr.
Bha | | a..
..and she is also involved
in this fraud, isn't it sir?
Rosy, Rosy, Rosy.
- Yes sir.
Had it been the case.
..then there was no need for
Bhalla to get into so much trouble.
..this flat issue would
not have been there.
Bhalla wouldn't make
all this nuisance.
You have a point sir.
So now just concentrate on this point.
Ok sir, ok sir, sir one more thing.
Hey what the hell is going on?
Who is she?
Bhai, she is not your piece,
this one is.
Then who is she?
- Detective
- Yes.
But why have you called
this detective here?
No no... we haven't called her.
She has been sent by Pooja's dad.
I don't think so... rather I think
she is working for Neelam bhabi.
Don't you remember,
Lovely Bhai was telling..
..that Neelam bhabi has hired
a detective to investigate.
But why was she
mentioning Bad | ani's name?
Isn't it possible that Badlani and
Neelam bhabi are going around?
Hey whats cooking between you guys?
Tell me clearly.
Be specific.
Actually Bhai, specific thing is
that Badlani is suspecting us..
..and the girl inside washroom
is sent by him to investigate.
Oh gosh, Bhai, you made me trapped.
..because you've called me a
married man in front of her.
That's okay. No big deal.
Marriage is in itself a trap only. its after or before.
Hey she is back.
- Come on come on come on.
This girl is big problem now.
Neither ask her to go
immediately nor welcome her.
Hey are you in your bedroom...
sit properly.
Don't make such kind of face.
Hey lets put everything
back in her back.
Put it back, put it back.
Put it back, Open it.
- Now how much should I open?
Lovely Bhai, you don't put your nose.
- Do it fast, open it.
Do it fast, open it, do it fast,
put it, it's done, leave now.
She is...
No, no, let me guess.
Let me guess.
Mrs... Mrs... Mrs. Pawan Bhalla?
No I am Rani...
and Mr. pinto has sent me.
Mr. Pinto?
Pinto is lovely Bhai's brother in law.
Meet Mrs. Lovely Khanna.
Actually she got mad at Lovely Bhai
and left to other's place out of anger.
So her brother Mr. pinto intervened
and asked her to cool down.
..and dart a fresh.
lam sorry Lovely Bhai.
- I am too sorry Lovely Bhai.
lam sorry Lovely Bhai.
- It's okay. It's okay.
I had to hide it from you
that she is coming back today.
But this is your flat right?
Of course it is mine.
No doubt about that.
Actually since Mrs. lovely left him.. Lovely Bhai was
feeling lonely at his place. he decide to
come and stay with me.
Don't you want to buy her a saree?
It'll make her happy.
Of course, of course, why not?
But first we want her
to make some tea for all of us.
Sister in law, it's been so long
we hadn't had tea of your hands.
Please make some tea for us.
Yes she makes amazing tea.
Lets go sister in law,
I will help you.
Lets make some fresh and hot tea.
Have tea later, everyone should
have this sweet pudding first.
Hey what's the going on here.
Why so many people in the house?
ls there some special occasion?
Yes it's Lovely Bhai's birthday today.
Oh Mr. Khanna...
what a pleasant surprise.
Happy birthday to you Mr. Khanna.
- Happy Birthday Lovely Bhai.
Don't call me Bhai.
Just call me Lovely, Lovely Khanna.
Happy Birthday Lovely Bhai.
Bhai (brother)!! Wife is
addressing her husband, brother.
Lovely Bhai,
Indian girls are so innocent.
..that if they spent few days
at their native place with brothers.
..they start addressing
their husband as a brother.
Actually she has four
brothers as siblings. she is in habit of saying
Bhai (brother) now and then.
Come on Gagan, stop blabbering..
..and go help bhabi make some tea.
Come on bhabi, I'll help you.
Hey but leave my hand.
- Yes, yes, why not.
Leave my hand.
Very good Mr.
Khanna, have you ordered for the cake?
Ask him he is the
one who knows everything.
Have you ordered for the cake?
Mr. Chintan we are
going out to celebrate.
.. | want to request you for something.
No need to be formal please.
I'll be more then happy to help you,
tell me what is it?
Please look after our
house while we are gone..
actually so many thefts
are going on these days.
Yes you are right.
- Got it?
Yes I got it.
- Yes he got it.
So come on now. Please come on.
- All the best, all the best Mr. Khanna.
Yes, thank you.
All the best.
Happy birthday to you Mr. Khanna.
Don't forget to save a piece
of cake for me. All the best.
Oh shit.
it's brother in law's birthday today.
Talk to sister.
- Hello sister.
Tell me is it brother
in law's birthday today?
Oh no his birthday comes once
in 4 years. It's on 29th feb.
But everybody here is busy
preparing for birthday party.
What? Birthday?
- Yes.
There are two good
looking girls here..
..and they have ordered
for a cake as well.
- Yes sister.
You stay there.
lam going to come there
to blow all the candles.
..from your brother in law's cake now.
Then he'll cut the cake.
Please hurry up sister..
.. | am fearing the cake is going to get
finished by the time we reach there.
Lets go.
Happy birthday to you brother in law.
Rani madam.
Rani madam.
Hey what are you guys up to?
Somebody is addressing me as wife
other one is addressing me as madam.
I can't take this silliness anymore,
come straight to the point..
..and call me by name.
- Okay.
Okay. Rani.
Let's get done with this tea thing first.
I'll explain you everything later.
One is supposed to make
tea and not get done with it.
But it's a way of speech.
We always say "Get done with
your drink and make the tea."
It's a way of speech a sort
of phrase Ms. Rani and its not wrong.
I've never ever heard of such a phrase.
- Well you are hearing it now.
I don't take shit from anyone,
go and get done with this yourself.
Okay, I take my words back.
Tea is always make not done with.
Please make some tea.
2000 bucks extra for this.
I've been promised
10 thousand by Mr. Pinto.
Of course you'll get 2000 extra
apart from those 10 grands.
So all you guys live here?
It's my house.
Why should everyone
live in this house?
It's not a lodge or a hotel.
Everyone lives in their own homes.
Where do you live chap?
- Ghatkoper.
I've own bungalow...
in Versova.
And Gagan has a flat in Vile Parle.
Excuse me.
What happened?
I won't do anything apart
from what I've been called for.
We'll not ask you to do that work.
We'll not ask you to do that work.
You just make some tea.
Hey have Lovely called me to...
Why are you shouting?
Have I been called by Lovely
Bhai to make only tea here?
This boy has achieved
so much in so little time...
..he has reached so high in life.
"Nobody will ever get you in a spat.
..this happens when you own a flat,
when you own a flat."
Wow...that's brilliant.
- Wow... Lovely Bhai. Amazing.
Wow this is quite
commendable I must say.
You are so young to own a huge flat
of your own in a city like Mumbai.
And that too with full payment.
No finance issues.
Not headache of EMI.
Don't tell me.
- Yeah I am telling you.
OK he me how much
have paid for this at?
Hello... what is you up to ma'am?
Hope you are not
intending get me raided.
Oh no... I was asking just like that.
No, the way you were scrutinising
everything regarding the flat. sounded like
an income tax officer..
- Or?
..a detective.
What is this Mr. Pawan!
Why are you resembling
me with such characters?
He is like that only.
He used to resemble
anyone with such characters.
Sometimes he feels
someone is detective.
sometimes bhabhi (Sister in Law)..
Sometimes ass...
- Here it is Bhai.
Oh yes, Give it.
You bully everyone.
But where is one who bullies you,
I can't see her.
- Your lady luck.
Oh that's the only
thing I yearn for now.
What do you mean?
I mean I am not married yet.
But Mr. Lovely was saying you to buy
a saree for your wife a while back?
How come?
Yes, yes.
Actually in a way I
am married and not married.
I did not get you.
Actually the thing is that currently
we are in a live in relationship..
..and we are planning
to get married soon.
And once they are married,
there will be a restaurant.
Isn't it Pawan?
- Yeah sure.
Excuse me.
- Sure.
Please have it.
- No no later.
Wow.. you guys are planning
to open a restaurant.
Yes, yes we are.
- And I am a partner in this project.
We all are partners. aren't we?
- Oh, 0k.
Yes we are, we all are partners.
- Congrats.
Now she ought to buy few sarees.
Oh, yes.. yes.
- Of course she will buy.. why not?
She ought to.
- Where is she?
Where is she?
- Tell me. Tell.
She has gone to get some veggies.
- Oh.
She has gone to get some veggies.
Actually today Lovely
Bhai's happy birthday.
So she said that she wants
to cook something special today.
No problem Mr.
Bhalla, I will wait than..
.. | am sure,
she will like the sarees.
Of course she will like the sarees.
But I've no idea what
time she'll get back.
I like this one.
How am I looking?
Very nice.
-Very nice.
You look like a queen.
-Very nice.
You look amazing.
You look like a queen.
Thank you..
how much is it for?
Only five thousand!
lam just looking like queen,
but I am not queen.
Please tell me reasonable price.
Ok, 4,500.!-
- 4000x-
OK, as you say bhabhl. Done.
~ Thank you.
Pay her.
- But | ..
You can deduct it from my money.
Deduct it from my money?
What does this mean?
What is this Bhai.
Please pay.
You can deduct it from
her pocket money later.
Think of it as your birthday gift.
Please pay for it.
- Yes, yes.
Please pay for it.
- Ok, 0k.
I assure you she will look
very beautiful in that saree.
Please take it.
- Thank you.
Though Mrs. Lovely isn't a queen
but Lovely Bhai is real king by heart.
Bhai, Bhabhi.
What happened brother, have some
patience, bhabi is changing inside.
Neelam bhabi is here.
Neelam!!! Here.
Scoundrel Moti.. Run!
Move. Lets go, lets go.
Hurry up, hurry UP-
One minute.
lam not here, I was never here.
I never came here.
Got it, sure Lovely Bhai.
Hey Mr. Pawan,
where are you heading to?
- Where are you going?
- Where will we go? It's our home.
Why should we go?
Ya, I don't need to go anywhere.
It's my flat.
- Yes.
Let's go by lift.
- Yes, let's go.
But what if Neelam babhi
is also coming by lift.
Hey don't confuse me now,
let's move.
- Yes, sister.
You stay outside.
But sister,
they are cutting the cake inside.
..and he is really fond of cakes.
I'll bring out the cake to eat.
You stay outside.
What if your brother
in law tries to seek out.
I will catch him.
- Very good!
Bhai, it's so difficult climbing down the
stairs is, what if you had to climb up.
How dare you!
What's going on?
What happened to Lovely Bhai?
How come he left suddenly?
Oh.. actually lovely Bhai's sister in
law is coming here suddenly, that's why.
But why is he running away from her..
they don't get along or what?
No, no actually.
..his sister in law thinks
that he is her husband.
What, but why?
Actually the thing is that.
Lovely Bhai had a twin brother.
What was his name?
Babli Bhai!!
Babli Bhai!
- Correct.
You know what happened then.
- What?
Poor Babli Bhai died in an accident.
..and his wife got so
shocked at his sudden death..
..that she started assuming
Lovely Bhai as her husband.
- Yes.
But what was the need
to run away like this? Tell me?
Tell her, tell her.
She doesn't want him to celebrate
his birthday in this flat.
Ya. ya I am telling her.
Actually Babli Bhai died in this very
flat on Lovely Bhai's birthday itself.
But this flat belongs to you,
isn't it?
Yes it's mine now.
Earlier it was his flat,
now it's mine.
His means. whose?
Oh God, she has arrived.
How do I look?
Panna, you check that
side I will check this side.
Ok, didi (sister).
God has been so unkind to her.
Till date whenever
she comes in this flat.
..she straight away goes in
the bathroom where Babli Bhai died.
And she is in such a huge shock that.
..she can't even recognise
her own sister in law.
Very sad.
But who is that accompanying her?
- Okay.
Didi, Didi.
Yes, yes please come.
He is not here.
Yes sweetheart, tell me.
Where are you?
lam in your heart sweetheart,
where else I can be.
Oh stop it..
just tell me where are you?
Sweetheart I am on my way.
Will reach home in sometime.
Why? What happened?
ls everything alright?
Everything is fine.
I'll talk to you later.
Banarsi? (Fabrids
quality of Indian Saree)
Yes it's pure banarsi.
And I've given it to ma'am
at a very reasonable rate too.
Do you have another piece?
- No ma'am.
This one was the last piece. sorry.
- Yes it's all finished now.
Let's go.
But I do have a lot more variety.
Just have a look once.
- Show me.
Yes sister, will get some.
You please try this one.
Very good.
Very nice.
So cute.
This color looks good on you.
Thank you.
- Your welcome, ma'am.
Thank you 11 .
~ Your wekzome {L.
Please come, this way.
- Open the gate.
- Thank you.
Good pair.
Let's go.
These are looking nice,
aren't they?
Yes they do look nice.
Whom have you seen go inside?
I did saw brother in law going in,
who else.
So where is he now?
He must be inside only, isn't he?
He is not inside.
What are you saying?
He must have gone downstairs.
But you didn't see
him going downstairs.
Were you blindfolded or what?
Why are you not believing me!!!
- Sister.
- I swear to God didi. I swear on Panna.
Ok, you talk to this
man who lives in 704.
He wishes brother
in law happy birthday.
You have already sold four and you are
still saying that it's a tight situation?
We suppose to meet the target of
selling 15 sarees per month Mr. Pawan.
If your wife will
also buy some, then...
Hey I just told you, we are in..
Live-in relationship. I know that.
But Mr. Gagan, you should ask someone
who is a soul breadwinner of a family.
...someone who has to feed
four members of the family.
..that how important it is
to meet a monthly target in sales?
Someone who has an alcoholic
father to look after..
..that how important it is
to meet a monthly target in sales?
Someone whose house budget goes for
a toss every time the budget rises..
Mask one's heart and soul..
..that how important it is
to meet monthly target of sales?
Nom no please don't cry.
- Thanks, Gagan.
Whom do you want?
- Hello uncle.
Hey you are still here?
And who are these people?
My family.
She is my sister and she is my wife.
Oh so you have come
with the whole family now.
It's not that uncle please listen to me.
- No, no, no, no.
I don't want to listen
to anything now.
I've already given you enough.
Listen, now if I ever
catch you here again..
...I will call the police
and will put you and your family.
..behind the bar, understand.
Will put you and your
family behind the bars.
Now get the hell out of here.
Get out.
- Please uncle, listen to me.
Hey uncle why don't you listen,
this is wrong.
They all are partner in this scam.
Oh, I am really cursing my
stars now that you are my brother.
Moti, you please do one thing.
- Yes, sister.
Please for god sake dot do anything,
you are good for nothing.
Sister, I can assure you
he can never make a mistake.
Oh really? Well I got that
assurance the day he married YOU.
Oh no sister, please don't say that.
Give me one last chance please.
Just one last chance.
I will find out everything.
Please, please,
please, just one last chance.
Don't worry,
I will also buy one saree.
I'll help you meet the target.
No, no.
You don't have to buy it.
- Why?
Do you want to buy for your wife?
No no I am still a bachelor.
Oh nice, so you can
buy when you get married.
OK, I'll wait if insist.
OK, 0k, 0k.
I will buy one.
No you don't need to buy it as well.
- Why?
It'll be better if we let
your wife come and choose herself.
Yes sure, sure.
But Ms. Loveleen I just told you
thatl am into live-in relationship.
Ya I know you are
into live-in relationship.
..but please Mr. Gagan.
- Come on dude.
Why don't you call her
and ask her where is she.
She might like and can
pick up two or three sarees.
..and in that way we can
be a little help to her also.
Isn't it?
Hold on, let me call her for you.
It's ringing, talk to her.
Hello... yes Gagan tell me.
Hello darling,
it's me this side Pawan.
Where are you?
- I am at home at rehearsal.
Why? Where are you?
Oh no! No! Oh my god!
Oh no, no, no you stay put,
lam coming there.
Hey let's go, we have rush.
- What happened?
Petrol prices are going
to get very high from tonight.
Pooja is at the petrol pump right now.
She heard it in news.
So she is suggesting that
we should get our tanks full.
Ok I will also come with you guys.
I will show her the
sarees in the mean time.
- No no please, please Loveleen ji.
If Pooja will see us together,
she'll get it all wrong,
She suspects a lot.
She is very orthodox.
What about my target Mr. Sagan.
Ya ya, it will.
- Don't worry I will buy one more.
No, no, no, no.
You have already bought nice saree.
So you also please leave now.
But Mr. Pawan I've to
sell 15 to meet my monthly tar.
I know, I know Ms. Lovleen.
I know everything.
...but your company isn't insisting
you to sell 15 sarees in one house.
There are still four
days left in this month.
You'll surely be able
to meet your target.
Please try and knock
at some other doors now.
- One minute, one minute.
what happened?
Mobile please.
- Ah.
- Give me the mobile phone.
- Ya.
You don't worry.
lam with you.
No no. - I will come with you
to sell these sarees.
No, No. It's 0k.
No, no it's not 0k.
I can't see you in so much stress.
Come on,
let's meet this target together.
Come on, please don't worry at all now.
- Hey!
Pawan, you don't bother now.
- Gagan, what are you doing?
Come on, come let s go.
Gagan, listen to me.
Please come.
Hhhhhhhh oh my god?
Who is this?
Hey who are you? Move.
Move from here.
May god bless you.
May he showers his blessings on you.
How did the watchman let you in.
Here keep this and move now.
Let's go by the lift.
Lift is that way, to your right.
Come I'll help you, please come.
Are you totally blind or what?
Not totally.
But I look smart in these goggles.
Don't wear the goggles,
then you can see clearly.
How do I look?
Where did you get this saree from?
Have you been stealing openly.
- Hey hey! That's my phone.
Pooja, hello, yes Pooja.
Where are you? Who picked up the call?
where are you darling?
Baby who picked up the call?
Sweetheart I'll tell you when we meet.
You tell me first where are you?
I told you I am rehearsing at home.
Ok. I am, I'm coming. I am coming.
Why did you answer my phone?
It was ringing so I picked it.
We have same phone and
rigntones so what can I do.
Take this saree off.
Take out the money first.
"How much my heart yearns for you."
"You have no idea."
"My eyes are full of love for you."
"Please recognise my love."
Brother it's a golden chance. can buy expensive
sarees at throw away prices.
But this saree is worth 2000..
Why are you selling
it for four thousand ?
But ma'am,
we are also offering discount.
- No, I don't need it.
How much?
Sorry I am tired.
How many times I need
to say that you I don't want.
I was thinking of getting
the flat renovate... architect,
she took the call by mistake.
But why was she taking your calls.
Oh come on baby.
I was in the wash room,
I left my phone on the table..
..and she picked it up by mistake.
" | am telling you truth by heart."
" | am all yours forever."
" | am ready to give up
my life for you."
"Please look at me once with love."
"Oh beautiful darling."
"Oh beautiful darling."
"Oh beautiful darling."
"Oh beautiful darling."
You shouldn't have given up so early.
You could have met
your monthly target.
..if you had agreed to
give a little more discount.
discount, discount, discount.
How much discount should I give.
I've already reduced
the price so much.
lam at my wits end now.
I don't know how I will
meet my monthly target.
How I am going to run my kitchen?
Don't worry! We'll meet the target.
Don't stress yourself,
we'll figure out something.
What to do? What?
We can't do anything even if we keep
on roaming around like this whole day.
And that friend of yours could have
easily helped a little but he will not.
No, no don't worry,
I'll see to it that he helps you out.
I'll myself talk to Pooja
directly if he doesn't.
You don't worry.
lam with you.
"A new love is taking
birth between us."
"And its God's wish."
"Our love is divine.
My only wish and only hope."
"ls that we shall be together."
"That we shall never apart."
Let's have a peg..
I mean tea together.
Why not.
Lets meet tomorrow.
We'll ask Pooja to treat us with tea.. can convince her regarding
sarees and we can also have tea together.
Will you convince here
to buy sarees, please?
Of course, why not.
"I want to live with
your love in my life."
" | don't wish for anything else."
" | am ready to give
up my life for you."
"Please look at me once with love."
"Oh beautiful darling."
"Oh beautiful darling."
Hey don't you know
that she is a detective.
And she is after me.
- No brother.
She takes this detective
thing as a side business.
Mainly she sells sarees.
Don't get confused.
lam surely going
to get into trouble.
..given your horniness.
lam not horny this time.
This is love at first sight.
True love.
This true love of your turns
into a fake one every two months.
No no. Its different this time.
So what do you want?
Do you want me to go to Rosy's place.
..acting as your father and
ask her hand for marriage for you?
No, no you can leave
that to my father.
I just want you to call Pooja here.
No way.
Don't you drag Pooja
in all this mess of yours.
She loves me for my self respect.
What if she comes to know about
all this fagade, all these lies..
..then it will spoil my self respect.
Sude, why are you ruining
my love life for your benefit?
Hey Sagan.
Here take your t-shirt back.
You settle your love life.
Live your love life king size.
I'll be fine.
I'll be the same as usual.
You stay happy with Pooja.
Get your hand off me.
You say, I am horniness.
Sagan, Sagan, Sagan.
Please don't take all
this to your heart, dear.
Do you think I don't get
what all you feel for Rosy?
She is too risky & expensive dude.
She was asking 2000
Rs extra just to make tea.
We'll be in pits if we
ask her to play Pooja now.
Lets try and get
someone else to do this.
Whom should we try?
Have you left any one since college?
Shalini, Namrata, Jigna..
And that landlord's daughter Rittu.
You have been after there
lives with your famous horniness.
Why are you calling
me horny again and again?
Have you gone mad or what?
Go and get your horoscope
checked by some astrologer.
Enough! Now just handle this
matter of yours with Rosy on your own.
She has left from here Mr. Pawan.
Whom are you calling?
Yes, tell me.
Why have you shifted suddenly?
I don't want my decent neighbour
to come knocking at my door as a customer.
How much money will I get?
Whatever you charge per night
we'll give a bit a more then that.
I charge on hourly bases,
not on day night bases, got it?
Shut your mouth if
you want Rosy in your life.
- Who is this?
Hey this is my phone.
Hello, baby.
Who picked the phone? Where are you?
I am with the dress designer.
Dress designer?
Yes, I am here to give my
measurements for my wedding suit.
She has got the same phone
set as mine so she took it by mistake.
Ok.. and where will
you be going from here?
I'll be going home, why?
No no, just like that.
Ok bye.
I Love Pooja a lot. If you please.
I've a condition.
- What?
I'll be posing as your
wife there for one day.
I don't want anyone
to cross limits with me.
What limits?
You just keep shut up, please.
I promise.
No one will dare to cross limits.
I promise.
What about that fat man?
- He rarely comes there.
..and he always calls before coming.
Yes but you guys have already
declared me as his wife.
Mr. Babbu, I am telling you truth.
I had kept the ticket here only.
I swear to mother Mary.
Shut up! Don't you dare
drag mother Mary in this.
I respect her from
the bottom of my heart.
What the hell are you doing here?
Enough now.
I can't take another dramatic shit
from you, start counting your days Tony.
No, no, no Mr.
Babbu, it's not a drama.
lam telling the truth Mr. Babbu.
I had bought tickets from my sister's
money which I have stolen from her.
She must have checked my pockets
in odder to take her money back..
..and must have found the
tickets as they were in my pocket.
Where is she?
Where is SHE?
I've come to find
a clue brother in law.
Sister suspects you
to be having an affair.
I tried convincing her
against it but she was adamant.
I tried my level best
to make her understand that. are a decent
guy and can't betray her.
But you don't worry.
I will somehow convince her..
..and will manage to erase
all the doubts from her mind.
Phone is ringing.
Why are you looking at me like that?
I was thinking that there
are very few people in this world..
..who are not only crooks
but they do look like crooks too.
Give me the Goggle.
Phone is ringing, Mr.
Babbu. Phone is ringing.
She has disconnected the phone.
I am 100 percent sure now, tickets
are with her only. Its confirmed.
Hold it.
No, but you are not just a crook..
You are a pathetic loser..
..who has nowhere to go to.
The froth will go..
...please drink it fast.
- Yes.
You are absolutely
right brother in law..
...I'm a pathetic loser,
who has nowhere to go to..
..but tell me what am I suppose to do?
No, you tell me what
am I suppose to do with you?
Please do whatever one is suppose
to do with his brother in law.
Ok, you work for me.
Bhai, Dhalla called me.
He wanted to get Rani's
address through pinto.
- I gave him.
Dha | | a's call...
Take out the car we
are leaving for Kandiwali.
It's confirmed Mr. Babbu..
You will not tell me the truth simply,
you are lying, you are lying.
Tell me where is the tickets.
You have to clear my debts...
Barge in...
How do these people know?
Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla,
flat number 703, Satyam tower.
What does your sister
actually do? Tell.
Oh there was no need to do all this.
A real homemaker never
let guests go empty stomach.
But she is just coming for the tea.
Yes but courtesy demands that
we should offer her food as well.
We won't ask her.
Who is playing a home maker,
me or you?
Dude, she is too much to handle.
I won't let them
go without eating now.
She is here.
She is here.
Veil come on put on the veil.
- Yes, yes.
who is it?
Can't see anyone.
- Open it and see.
I've run out of gas.
needed to boil the milk.
Hey listen, listen.
- Mr. Chintan, where are you going?
Hello, Bhabhi ji.
Hello brother.
Just want to boil this milk.
- Yes. why not.
Mr. Chintan, are you asking
permission or giving order?
Mr. Bhalla, how can I give
order to someone else's house?
Then you have to ask permission
on the door, isn't it?
Sorry, I will be careful
by the next time.
What do you mean by the next time.. should book
your gas on right time.
Yes, this is also right.
- What do you mean by this is also right?
Will do it.
What do you mean by will do it?
I mean, I will book my gas
on right time by the next time.
Sister in law today you
are making so much of food..
..whose birthday today?
- Mine.
Oh wow, Happy birthday, is Mr.
Khanna coming?
He has gone in funeral.
Who died?
- His wife.
Very sad. Very sad.
Mr. Chintan milk has boiled over.
ls it done?
- Yes, it is done.
So soon.
lam surprised.
It's hot; please don't burn your hand.
Are you intending to make
sweet pudding? Please move.
It boiled over pretty soon.
We heated it on high flame,
thats why.
Come Mr. Chintan.
Hi, lovely Bhai (Brother).
..hey how come you are here again.
Have you bought a
flat in this society?
Hey, he is with me.
Very sad Mr. Khanna..
very sad.
Very sad?
Please don't worry.. can't go against
destiny Mr. Khanna.
Mr. Khanna, things will get better.
Mr. Khanna please try and
keep your mind pressure free.
I think he has strained
his brain a lot.
Hey, guys.
If you are done paying
the condolences.
...lets go back to our flat.
But we are already in our flat Bhai.
Yes, yes. Please leave now.
- Very sad Mr. Khanna. Very sad.
Don't go inside,
carry something from here only.
What is all this?
- Hey where do think you are coming?
Lovely Bhai,
how come you are here at this time?
Why? should I have
taken an appointment?
No Bhai, it's not that.
So why are you questioning
me like a boss.
Oh no Bhai, I asked just like that. got me all wrong, you are the
boss and the actual owner of this flat..
..just having name on
paper won't make me an owner..
..if you want I can leave
right now with my stuff.
Yes, tell me one thing..
..why did you let this
Chintan fellow come inside..
..haven't I warned you against it?
Oh Bhai, this Chintan rings the
door bell and then just evaporates.
He barged in this time because
he wanted to boil the milk.
But why was he consoling
me and saying me very sad-very sad..
..everything will be all right.
What have you guys told him?
He was asking about
your where abouts Bhai.
So Gagan lied to him that you have
gone for your brother in law's funeral.
Chintan is a big fool.
OK dude, come on now.
You also wear your goggles and leave.
Yes please leave now.
- Come on come on move out of here.
Hey stop it.
He is the one you've lied about,
my brother in law.
And tell me where is she?
The one for whom I bought a saree..
...well it's time for her
to pay back for that favour.
Bhai, we have no idea
regarding her where abouts.
Then why were you
asking for her address?
We wanted it for you Lovely Bhai.
Oh really? For me?
We went to take your
money back from her.
Yes, yes.
We asked her to either pay
back the money or give the saree.
And then?
She didn't give us anything.
You should have made
love with her to pay back.
How could we Bhai?
We are already under your heavy debts.
We wouldn't have been
able to pay you back.
Wow, you guys are getting smarter.
Who is inside?
No one Bhai, there is no one at all.
You sit here comfortably.
Wait a minute.
We are not lying, Lovely Bhai.
- No one is inside.
Oh, we are screwed.
who is this?
This is Pooja, she just..
- Pooja!!!
Rosy is suppose to come today,
wasn't she?
Why Rosy is coming again?
Bhai, she wanted to
sell some sarees to Pooja.
Why is she insisting on selling
all the sarees in this house only?
Have all the girls in this
city stopped wearing sarees?
Bhai, actually its month end
and she needs to meet the target.
Hey she is a detective.
..what would month
end and targets bother her?
You dumbs,
I hope she is not suspecting us.
Bhai we are not that dumb
that can't guess these things.
No, no. I think Bhai is right.
Perhaps Rosy is suspecting us..
..that's the reason why she
is insisting so much on meeting Pooja.
Yes, it's all your fault,
I did tried to stop you...
..but you never listen to anyone.
- Oh, shut up.
And why is she wearing a veil?
This will make her
even more suspicious.
Take it off, take it off.
No.. no, Bhai.
In fact Rosy will be impressed to see how
cultured she is like typical Indian woman.
Ya.. ya.. ya.
Oh Dudes, there you go again.
No one likes an Indian woman
covered full..
..everyone is looking for a wife
who is bold and beautiful.
Wow lovely Bhai.
- Wow.
Very nice.
-Thank you.
Its brilliant.
And Rosy is not her
would be mother in law..
..she doesn't need to impress her..
Take it off.
- No no.
Bhai, no please,
everything will get spoil.
What's wrong?
lam going to get some water.
Here is the water.
Brother in law,
should we take off the veil?
Oh shut up, man.
Get a side, hey.
She is here.
She has arrived.
Who has arrived?
- Rosy, Rosy.
She is here.
She is here.
She is here.
Come on, lets settle down fast.
Hey let me sit here.
Why are you sitting? Stand up.
Hey, what is this? Nonsense.
Mr. brother in law...
you please go and sit there...
..that girl will be sitting here.
All set?
All set!
Hi, Welcome Home Loveleen.
Come, come, come.
Happy Birthday brother.
Excuse me.
Happy birthday brother.
Happy birthday.
Sorry Mr Khanna..
..very sorry to hear about bhabi ji.
May God give her rest in peace.
Oh my God! What happened to her?
I was shocked when Mr. Bhalla
and Mr Dhalla told me about it..
..but you don't worry.
We all are with you.
But tell me how did this happen.
It was a heart attack.
Oho, very sad.. very sad.
Oh, but she looked absolutely fine,
how did this happen suddenly?
Heart attack can change
the course of the things suddenly.
Which stroke has attacked you Mr.
What stroke are you
talking about Mr. Khanna?
You must have got suffered
a stroke that's why.. have actually spent
money and got me this bouquet.
Oh I got this from society's
account Mr. Khanna.
Oh, ok.. okl see.
-Yes, yes.
Hey you... you are here again.
Oh Mr. Khanna why did you have him in?
You shouldn't have... anyway thats 0k...
...please give him something
and then tell this beggar to leave.
Yes he looks like that beggar.
He resembles him, but he
is lovely Bhai's brother in law.
Oh this is all so confusing.
Ok tell me have you
guys ordered for cake yet?
So Mr Bhalla on account
of your birthday... will get a cake from
the society. Wait and watch.
Excuse me.
He is mad.
Pawan please ask bhabi to
make all of us a nice cup of tea.
Oh yes why not.
Why are you all standing?
Jugnu, sit down and have tea with us.
Sweetheart, listen.
Yes, tell me.
Hey aren't you going
get tea for all your guests?
Ya, ya why not.
But food is also ready,
should I lay the table first?
OK, 0k so what do you guys
want to have rst food or tea?
Everyone is asking for tea,
so first tea.
Ok darling tea first.
Ok but I won't let
anybody go without eating.
OK, 0k.
But please get us all tea first.
Bhabi ji.
- Yes sister.
Why are wearing a veil?
Take it off.
Aren't you feeling hot?
No no, not at all.
What happened?
This morning an astrologer
was telling on TV that.
..since some planets
are at unfavourable position.
..its must for people of
her star sign to wear a veil.
Isn't it, Gagan?
Otherwise either husband
or wife will die.
What's your star sign Pooja?
- Oh Libra is..
You thinking about your wife.
Aren't you?
Yes, yes.
She must have not put the veil.
That's the reason why
she is not amongst us today.
my wife is a Piscean.
Panna is an Aquarius.
lam a Gemini... and you?
OK, 0k, 0k.
I think everybody
is safe here besides me.
Pooja, please go inside and make tea.
Pooja ma'am.
- Yes, sister.
We can have tea later.
Please buy a saree first.
Yes of course,
we'll take the saree.
You please go inside and make tea,
meanwhile we'll buy saree for you.
I will choose saree myself.
Hey don't you trust my choice?
Oh please let her choose it herself.
Women choose their clothes themselves.
- Nooo!
You go and make tea.
Go inside and make tea, ok?
Excuse me.
Please come inside for a moment.
Go on.
Excuse me.
Husband wife matters are just
like tea, it boils in the same way.
lam sorry.
Don't you dare to scream
at me again, got it?
I apologise.
I am really really sorry,
sorry please.
Ok now, please make everyone
a nice cup of tea. Please.
First you learn to talk nicely.
Hey you've totally
sunk in the role of a wife.
Your sinking is certain
if I don't sink.
Mention not.
Ok I'll make tea for everyone now.. go and choose sarees for me.
What? What is it now? Go.
Do you want to say something?
No.. Nothing.
Jugnu, see who's on this?
Pooja! Hey Pooja.
Welcome, welcome welcome welcome.
Come, come, come.
Gagan look who is here.
Pooja is here.
Good Poop that you are here.
Ms. Loveleen will be
able to meet her target now..
..isn't it, Gagan?
- Pooja.. but.
This is Pooja Ms. Loveleen.
She is our childhood friend.
Oh 0k, 0k.
Pooja meet Lovely Bhai.
Only Lovely. Lovely Khanna. Hi.
This is Jugnu.. Jugnu Bhai's P.A.
- Hello.
Oh this is lovely
Bhai's brother in law.
lam Moti Bagga.
And she is ms Lovleen.
- She sells sarees door to door.. and best.
But who is buying sarees in here?
- Who wants to buy?
Who wants to buy?
Sister in law.
- Five minutes more.
Sister in law?
She is making tea inside.
- on!
And now I am thinking of
buying a saree for you also.
Of course you will also
have to buy a saree now.
Thanks. but I don't need any.
Buy one at least,
you can buy it for your wedding day.
I've already bought for that day..
..when are you getting married?
- Next week.
Then you ought to buy one.
I just told you I don't need it.
Just try it once..
it'll look very nice on you.
Will you please shut up Mr. Lovely.
I just told you I don't need it.
Will you please come inside for a moment.
- Ya, ya.
Lovely Bhai.. Lovely Bhai.
lam so so sorry.
I apologise on her behalf..
I am so sorry Bhai, very sorry.
There was no need to react like that..
I was just praising her.
Yes, yes Bhai.
She misunderstood your emotion.
So, is it my fault?
No, no Bhai.. you are not at fault at all.
Please calm down, please calm down.
I'll just make her understand her.
Hey listen.
- Yes.
I don't want her
to understand anything.
Tell her to apologise to me,
tell her to feel sorry or I will..
No, no, no.
Please lovely Bhai. Please
don't worry, I'll just tell her.
Will you please shut up.
Take off your clothes.
Please, let it go Bhai.
She is innocent. She didn't mean it
at all. Let it go, please calm down.
Look who is on the door?
Hey what are you looking at..
open the damn door.
What the hell you are doing here?
First you tell me,
do you have my tickets?
No, I don't have.
- Don't lie to me.
Tony go home.. I'll talk to you later.
Will talk but first
give me back my tickets.
Don't you get it..
I just told you I don't have it.
You are lying again.
Excuse me, brother.
Why aren't you believing her..
...she has made it clear to you
that she doesn't have your tickets.
Please go and buy another ticket.
Or you are going to miss your train.
Its not a train ticket, brother.
Ok then you'll miss
your flight mister.
Hey, mind your own business.
Its a lottery ticket.
You sell lotteries too?
No, I don't.
- Please have tea.
lam warning you.
Ok lets do one thing
lets have tea first.
..then we'll discuss
regarding the tickets.
Please pass me the water.
Come on, give me the ticket.
- Get a side.
How many times should I tell
you don't have.. don't you get it.
Lets go out and talk.
You go home from here.
Nice. - Fine, come. - You have got on
nerves since mom and dad died.
Don't drag mom dad in this.
- Hey guys, how do we look?
Oh wow.. wow.
- Pooja you are looking beautiful.
- Super.
Number one.
Pawan who are all these people?
Who are you?
Babbu Khan.
U mesh Shukla.
Tony Decosta.
What's going on?
What going on?
Pawn ji these people
have come to meet me.
Tony finish your tea and
take these people away from here.
Give me the tickets.
- I don't have your tickets.
Enough now.
Stop it.
I've been watching. Hold it.
I've been watching this
drama past half an hour.
Do you think its funny.
Which button to push for opening it?
- Second one.
I won't let anybody move an
inch from here till get my tickets.
Come on sister, hand me the tickets.
Or I'll kill everyone.
Shut up you.
Enough of your tantrums.
Get out of here now.
Come on Jugnu show them the door.
- Put your knife down.
Listen Mr..
- Lovely Bhai.
Look Mr lovely
- Bhai.
Lovely Bhai.
See Mr. Lovely Bhaiji..
This Sala (brother in Law) has
been gambling with lottery tickets.
..and is now under my debt.
past seven months.
What the hell Moti..
you have started gambling now.
| .. | ...
This is not the brother in law.
Of course he is the brother in law.
No no.. he is not the brother in law.
He looks like a beggar
but he is my brother in law.
Oh Mr Lovelyji Bhai,
lam not taking about this guy.
lam talking about this fellow.
He is the one who is under
debt by playing lottery and now.
Now? - Now that he has won
a lottery he is telling me..
..that he doesn't have the tickets any
more and that his sister has taken them.
We don't want to bother you Mr. lovely
Bhai. We have nothing to do with you.
Please tell sister to give
us the tickets and we'll leave.
Why don't you give them their
tickets. what is the problem?
- Mr Lovely please stay out of it.
Its my personal matter.
Tony please take these guys with you..
...I've come here for secret mission.
- Madam please try and understand.
After all these years finally
he has won Rs. 3 lakh as prize money.
3 lakh.
We need clear our debts with
this money please give us the tickets.
Who will be returning my money?
What money?
The one you steal from
either my purse or my almirah.
I have stolen any money,
in fact you owe me money.
What money?
You've been using my name in
all your so called secret missions.
..don't you think you owe me big time,
for using my name.
Just shut up and get
the hell out of here.
Give me the tickets and I will leave.
I don't have them, don't you get it.
- You.
Hold it for me Babbu Bhai.
Don't you dare touch my purse.
Gagan ji, Pawan ji please help me.
Call the police.
Hey stop it,
what the hell are you doing.
Whats going on here Pawan?
Call the police.
Yes, yes. But.
I think we can handle the situation
without calling the police, Baby.
What is this? What is this?
Who is she?
Whose sister in law is she?
You rascals you are biting
the hand that has fed you.
Mrs Lovely Khanna.. but...
She is not Mrs Khanna,
she is a bloody whore.
Who got her here?
Your Bhalla. Who else.
Oh so this is your architect,
your dress designer.
So you wanted to have fun with
her before getting married, right?
No, Poop.
Pooja, Pooja, Pooja, Pooja.
Enough of this drama now.
Come on leave from here.
But Mr Pawn, isn't it your house?
What is she talking about?
Mr. Lovely please ask
her to give me the tickets.
This dumbo is just
cares about his tickets.
Give the tickets.
Rosy.. l, actually...
Madam, you'll have to give
the tickets. Come what may.
Pick it up.
Come on move now, get out.
Come on pick it up, get out.
Enough now.
What are you guys waiting for.
Do you want me to make a special
announcement for you guys on loud speaker.
One two three, testing.
Get out.
Hey where are you heading to.. can't leave just like that.
I've paid in advance for you.
Let her go, Lovely Bhai.
Oh ho, 0k. Hey dude.
Make your friend understand.
No lovely Bhai, she has come
here acting as my wife for one day.
And I have promised her
that nothing will happen to her.
Please let her go.
Are you listening to what he is saying
Moti, he is asking me to let her go.
First of you leave from here,
don't try to act smart with me.
Sweet heart. you...
I mean how come you are here.
Whats going on here?
ls she your wife?
ls she your wife?
lam asking forthe last time now...
Who is she?
She is my friend,
a very close friend of mine.
Oh so why didn't you say it earlier?
And whys she crying?
Actually she had a little
tiff with her husband today.. she is upset.
Yes sweetheart. Thats what
I was trying to tell her that.
..its pretty normal for couples to fight
even we used to fight at times, right?
Well, let me tell you.
We are going fight now.
Come one everyone leave now.
Go out.
First of all tell me why
did you lie about selling the flat?
Don't look at him, he is my brother
first and then your brother in law.
Ok sweet heart let me tell the truth.
Dad has been forcing
me to get married.
Please join my dad's company.
Get yourself an apartment
of your own by 13th.
Pooja will be yours forever.
Bhai, why don't you transfer your
apartment in Kandivali to his name.
I am ready.
I too have a heart sweet heart and
this heart of mine knows how to love.
You know it very well
how much I love you.
So thats the reason
why I did all this.
Do you still think that by helping
two lovers I have done a wrong thing?
I am telling you the absolute truth,
sweet heart.
He is telling you the truth sister, I got
to know about all this when I came here,
I can't break your
home just to get this flat.
He is telling you the
absolutely truth, trust me.
I swear on you.
Khanna saab,
its Mr Sheila's birthday today.
Happy birthday cake lets all
cut it together let all have fun.
Where is everybody?
They have left.
Neelam bhabi..
Lovely Bhai's wife.
But today morning she..
"Every moments I spent,
spent with your name all the time."
"Whatever I did, I did just for you."
"I accept that I made a mistake."
"But please forgive me."
"Be kind to forgive
and come back my Love."
" | don't wish for anything else."
" | just want you and nothing else."
" | am ready to give
up my life for you."
"Please look at me once with love."
"Oh beautiful darling."
"Oh beautiful darling."
"Oh beautiful darling."
"Oh beautiful darling."
What are you doing here?
Will you speak up?
Actually I came here to say.. I...
I love you.
Please get lost. I am getting
married soon, I'm engaged.
Please see,
if you can you adjust a bit!!
Ya. Hello Mr. Lalwani.
Mr Badlani.
Tony Decosta has
given his final report.
Pawan Bhalla is the
real owner of that flat.
Our investigation is competed.
Please clear the balance payments now.
You have saved my home Bhalla.
I can never repay
you for what you've done.
You can stay in my flat, get married.
But we'll stick to our old deal..' | | have to leave
the apartment after 10 day.
Then we'll start
with our own restaurant.
Of course that too is
the part of our old deal.
Oh please don't behave
like a Romeo now.
You need realise the
importance of this situation. need to make
hay while the sunshine.
Even Rosy has given
statement in your favour.
Everything is going
according to the plan.
Don't spoil everything now.
Hello son, Badlani here.
lam sorry son.
Please come to my house tomorrow at 7.
Yes sir.
Don't call me sir, call me papa.
Who brought Rani in the house?
I got her.
lam telling you the truth.
If my brother in law
didn't present there.
..then I would have never let this
confusion happen between you guys.
lam sorry.
I am really very sorry, Baby.
Ohh, its ok.. its ok baby.
We all make mistakes.
Thats 0k.
Ladies and gentleman,
life is like a race.
...and today I'm fortunate enough
to have found such a guy for my daughter..
..who will be always
hold her hand in this race.
Friends let me introduce
to my son in law, Mr. Pawan Bhalla.
Baby, baby Pooja please careful.
Please baby.
Please listen to me
I don't want to hear anything,
you cheater, you fraud.
How will I face papa.
Papa was right about you,
there is problem with you.
I did gave an option
to go for a court marriage..
..but you and your dad was adamant.
I couldn't have let you
go out of life just like that.
I love you baby.
So you mean its all my and
my dad's fault. I will kill you.
I'll get hurt.
I will kill you.
- What are you doing?
Dear, I'll suggest you to come out
of this share market thing my friend.
Look for a properjob
and get settled in life.
No way. Can't afford
to go for a plain job.
I need to start a business of my own.
Give me some good idea.
Hey you go and show
your horoscope to someone.
Don't talk about horoscope shit.
Shake your brain
and give me a good idea.
Hey Sagan.
I've just got an idea.
- Really? What is it?
I think I should enter your cafe.
What are you up to.
I'm thinking of applying
for a loan on your cafe.
..and then planning to open
a restaurant with that loan money.
Don't talk rubbish.
I don't want your stupid ideas.
Just keep them to yourself.
And now please leave.
Hey you are freaking out unnecessarily.
There is nothing to be scared of..
I am just asking you for the papers,
we'll open restaurant.
..and our lives will be smooth.
Please keep me out of this plan,
lam happy with my small cafe.
Listen to me please Gagan...
Its a fool proof idea.
- Now please go home.
Will talk tomorrow,
you are too drunk to talk now.
Hey I am talking
with my full conscious.
Listen to me.
Didn't I trust you with your idea.
Come one you ought
to have faith in my idea.
What are you trying to do.. you want to punish
me by selling of my caf.
"You jumped in the battlefield."
"With your sword. And impressed
everyone with your antics."
"You jumped in the battlefield."
"With your sword. And impressed
everyone with your antics."
"But tell me something.
Why did you jump into trouble?"
"if you had no guts.
Why did you jump into trouble?"
"if you had no guts.
Why did you jump into trouble?"
Hey, please smile
otherwise I will not go.
Have I done overacting?
Sorry Rakesh.
"The world was at your feet."
"And you were building
castles in the air."
"But then you got kicked in the ass."
ls he crazy or what?
"Now the plane of
your hope has crashed."
"And you have bought
shame upon yourself."
"Its time to open your eyes."
I forgot to keep knife
with me in this shot.
Hey, hey, hey, don't get excited.
You have plenty of dialogues.
"Why did you jump into trouble?"