Bhola Shankar (2023) Movie Script

Excuse me!
Have you seen my daughter?
-No, madam.
She was right here!
Where could she have gone?
-Madam! I can't find my daughter.
It was me who called you.
They live in our colony.
It's their daughter who is missing.
-Yes, sir!
-My daughter, sir. She is seventeen.
She has been missing for three hours, sir.
-Do you have her photograph?
A girl is missing
from Howrah Bridge. Over!
Another girl is reported missing
near Howrah Bridge, sir.
Lodge a complaint
with Kalighat Police Station.
-Okay? Hurry up!
-Yes, sir!
-Come on.
-Yes, sir.
Kidnappings are wreaking havoc in Kolkata.
Kidnappings are increasing day by day.
So far, 63 girls have gone missing.
So many girls have been kidnapped
that parents are unwilling
to let their daughters go out.
What is their modus operandi?
Not a single arrest
has been made so far, sir.
No leads,
no informer, no clue!
Okay, sir.
I will take care of that.
Sir, with so many girls being kidnapped,
why are you turning a blind eye?
What are the police doing, sir?
The Home Minister
has taken this kidnapping issue seriously.
They have appointed a special officer.
We'll take care of it!
Don't worry.
Hello, Charles!
-I have important information for you.
-Tell me.
My wife wants diamonds.
Send me the quotation.
I will make the payment.
Expect a raid tomorrow.
Most welcome.
-Search every container.
-Okay, sir.
-You go there!
Someone has given you
the wrong information, sir.
This port is under my control, sir.
There is nothing suspicious here.
When someone inquires about our business,
we receive their biodata instantly
within the next minute.
Why do officers like you risk their lives?
Is it for the medals
that the government gives?
I am willing to take any kind of risk
to apprehend criminals like you.
You are exploiting girls for business!
No, it's not just a business!
It's an empire!
No one can touch it!
Mother Kali is watching you from above.
I might die, but another will arise!
But to challenge us
an ordinary person won't be enough.
You'll need a gangster, a monster,
a bigger destroyer than me.
If such a being exists on this planet,
go and ask Mother Kali to send him!
Hail Mother Kali!
-Hey, Brother-in-law!
You mentioned a brother was coming
from Hyderabad.
Did you clear out the tenants?
Where is he?
Brother Shankar
has already arrived in Kolkata!
Mother Goddess and my brother
have come together.
Okay, okay.
What are they saying?
They consider you a God for saving
their children in the nick of time.
I did nothing.
It's all thanks
to the grace of Mother Goddess.
Commence the worship.
Carry on, carry on.
Begin the worship.
-Brother, he is my brother-in-law
-Come. Please, come.
Brother, where is your younger sister?
Sister there she is
This brother and sister duo exudes energy!
You've won everyone's hearts
as soon as you stepped in, Dada Shankar.
Certainly, my brother cares
for everyone's well-being
But he's no rowdy or dada.
He's Brother Shankar.
That's what my sister meant, Mahaa.
In Bengali, dada means brother.
Oh, really?
Then my brother is a dada to everyone.
This building is mine.
You'll be living upstairs.
This is a two-bedroom apartment.
-Two-bedroom, did you say?
-Yes! A bed here and another there!
-A two-bedroom!
-What about the living room?
Place a sofa, and you have a living room.
Put a stove there,
and it becomes a kitchen, right?
Very clever!
This is Kolkata.
That's how things are here.
Brother! Look at the Howrah Bridge view!
Oh, that's nice.
Do you like the house?
-Very much.
It's a two-bedroom house!
Great! So, you're fond of the house.
I am glad.
-Our pigeons will be here.
-Peacocks over here.
Squirrels and rabbits over there.
Squirrels and rabbits?
-What about the leopard?
-What? A leopard?!
Let's keep it at the doorstep.
Have you brought along a zoo
from Hyderabad?
This is a residential complex,
not meant for animals.
Hey, come here.
Were you talking about paintings?
-Yes, my sister painted them all.
-Hey, hold them.
-When she paints, images come to life.
They said Kolkata
has the best university for Masters.
So, my brother has brought her here
for admission.
But the seat isn't confirmed.
I must try again tomorrow.
The seat isn't confirmed yet?
No problem.
Mother Kali will take care of everything.
By the way, your parents?
No mom, no dad.
-My brother is everything to me.
-Sir, the job is done.
Brother, the money.
-Here, give it to them.
-The rent is ten thousand.
-I'll pay it.
-Let's go!
-The advance is twenty thousand.
I'll pay that too.
Rent should be paid by the fifth.
-I'll pay it on the first.
-Give it to me then.
This is for my sister's tuition fee.
If you want this, I need to find a job.
What skills do you have?
My brother can drive.
He has a heavy vehicle license.
You should find him a job.
You're well-acquainted with the owner
of the Bengali Taxi Company, right?
-Arrange a driver's job for him.
-Yes, Brother-in-law.
My brother-in-law recommends him
for the house and my wife for his job.
What can I do?
I'll secure the job for him!
I would like to meet Madam.
Madam is in a meeting.
Please wait.
-Okay, you can go ahead.
-Thank you.
Mr. Mukherjee, please make sure
all arrangements are made.
-You can go now, sir.
-Okay, madam.
And send me the details
-of the art exhibition, please.
-Yeah, sure.
-Namaste, madam.
-Good morning, madam!
Yes? Tell me.
Madam! I'm seeking your help
with my sister's admission.
It's already been two months
since the academic year started.
You are too late.
Madam, if you're interested,
she's a talented artist.
Please take a look, madam.
Just moments ago, my sister painted this.
Isn't it impressive, madam?
Very talented.
If I may,
can I say something?
You bear a resemblance to Sharmila Tagore.
Looks like Sharmila Tagore is impressed.
Seat guaranteed.
But how can we admit her
in the middle of the year?
I think we'll take her as a special case.
She has got very good marks too.
-We will give your sister admission.
-Thank you, ma'am.
Why are they all lined up?
Are they expecting some VIPs?
The head of this taxi company.
-Oh! He's the one giving me a job, right?
-Yes, and we're quite close.
Here he comes.
If he reached such a high position
at a young age,
he must have worked very hard.
Indeed, he worked extremely hard
to woo the owner's daughter.
He initially worked as a driver.
That gentleman was the actual owner.
He asked this guy
to drop his daughter at college.
But this fellow made her fall in love.
The owner had no option
but to marry his daughter off.
This guy took the company
along with the girl.
So, this guy became
the driver of the girl's life,
while his father-in-law
became the driver of the car.
You're absolutely right!
-Impressive artist!
-I wonder what his name is.
-Mr. Bamsi!
How many times have I told you?
It's not Bamsi, it's Mr. Vamsi!
Mr. Bamsi!
These Bengalis can't seem
to pronounce anything other than "b."
Damn it!
Say whatever you want!
My baby!
Why did you leave without waking me up?
You were in a deep sleep,
looking peaceful.
I didn't want to disturb you.
I am missing your morning hug, baby.
I'll make sure
to give you a tight hug in the evening.
Are you standing in the sun, baby?
You might get a tan.
Dad, hold the umbrella for him.
Thank you, baby.
You're so caring.
-I love you!
-Greetings, sir.
Love you too, baby!
Shut up!
Why are you bothering me
while I'm on the phone with my baby?
-Shouldn't you have some basic sense?
-I should.
-Who is it, baby?
-Sorry, baby.
Someone wants a selfie.
-You know how fans
-I am nervous, brother.
-I'm here for you. Come.
-Bye, baby.
Namaste, Mr. Vamsi.
Music to my ears.
For the first time in Kolkata,
someone called me by my name correctly.
Everyone usually says,
"Bamsi sir, Bamsi sir!"
Learn from him.
That's why I love Telugu people.
Remember I mentioned
someone was coming from Hyderabad?
I meant for a job. This is the guy.
What's your name, little brother?
Elder brother!
Younger brother!
Elder brother!
Younger brother!
Elder brother!
Younger brother!
Elder brother!
Younger brother!
You're the first
to call me "little brother," brother.
And you're the first
to address me as "elder brother," brother!
-This bond goes beyond this lifetime.
-Younger brother!
It's not going to end now.
He's Shankar, sir.
A true embodiment of the Telugu spirit.
Have a seat.
You look so innocent and gentle.
-Drivers have to be rough and tough.
-That's true.
Look at my hand, how rough it is.
Oh, no!
It's as rough as a handsaw!
Your handshake could cut my hand!
He used to drive until recently.
That's why.
Go and clean the car.
Brother, I don't drink.
For drivers, drinking is a crime.
-For owners, not drinking is just cruelty.
How is my ideology?
your wife is on the phone.
She's not my wife, bro. She's like Wi-Fi.
She's all around me, sapping my energy!
She sends me juice but drains me down.
A bloody vampire of the century
Did you get the juice, baby?
Yes, baby.
I'm having it now. See.
I'm in an interview
for our business expansion.
I will call you later, okay?
-Bye, baby!
-So, where were we?
-Right here.
I mean in the interview.
Are you ready for the rapid-fire round?
Yes brother.
You have a passenger
who's in a hurry to catch a flight.
You need to drive him fast.
He is panicking.
Just then,
your phone starts ringing non-stop.
What will you do?
I'll drop the passenger at his destination
-and call back the number
Hey, good-for-nothing, loser, idler!
Scoundrel! Useless!
How many times do I need to tell you?
Don't you know I was driving?
-And I'll use all the bad words I know.
Whose number is it, brother?
-Sorry, brother.
-It's okay.
Brother, sorry, brother.
Please forgive me.
It's okay.
I like your brutal honesty.
You are selected.
Thanks, brother.
-This vampire is calling me again
-Brother, your wife
-Talk to her. Talk, man!
-No, no!
You just called me. You deserve a punch
-Did you finish the interview, darling?
-Yeah! He is selected.
You want to see the dynamic personality?
Here you go!
Greetings, brother.
Thanks a lot, sister.
If she called you "brother,"
you're really lucky, man.
You're right, brother.
The key
Take the key and start the car, brother.
Thank you, sister.
Thank you.
Okay, baby. Bye.
-How can he be so naive?
-I know.
Oh, God! How will he survive in Kolkata?
Okay, do one thing.
I'll send you my photo on WhatsApp.
If you face any trouble,
look at it for confidence. Okay?
But if things get worse,
you can show it to the other guy.
He will get scared.
Thanks, brother.
Oh, no. No handshakes.
The handsaw will cut through me.
See you, sir!
Oh, God
This baby
Hello, Mahaa!
I've just started my duty.
Congrats, brother!
May your first passenger be the best one.
Hello! Senior!
Where are you?
It's time for the court.
My car broke down. I'm on my way.
I thought only her timing was bad.
But her luck is bad too.
Hey, taxi!
It's your first day today, right?
-Alright, take the trip.
-Thank you, brother.
Bansal Court.
-Drive quickly.
-Okay, ma'am!
-Is the witness ready?
-Ready, Senior.
We must win this case no matter what.
-Prepare the witness thoroughly.
I am coming.
-Okay, Senior!
Are you Telugu, madam?
-Drive faster, please.
-Come, Senior. Let's go, Senior.
-Is the proxy witness ready?
-Ready, Senior.
-Oh, madam! My money! Madam
There's no parking here.
It's over there.
Will the judge believe it?
He looks so innocent
that innocence itself will be surprised.
-Get moving!
Judging by his enthusiasm,
I feel confident we'll win the case.
Madam! We're going to win, right, madam?
Brother Ketan! I am the most popular
criminal lawyer.
My name itself carries "law."
It also carries "loss."
Hey, didn't you tell him about me?
If I did,
we wouldn't be handling this case.
-Where is the witness?!
-Over there!
Good night. Good morning.
You said he was enthusiastic!
Why is he swaying?
He's active only when he's drunk, Senior.
He's the perfect witness.
Yes! I am the witness. On duty.
Give me a drink,
and the body regains its balance.
And I'll make a steady statement.
How can this drunkard be a witness?
Do you have any common sense?
Why would we be working for you if we did?
This witness
-Where is he?
-The honorable judge is here!
I think you've
become quite fair lately.
Yes, sir.
Why wouldn't you when you're holding
the umbrella for yourself?
Hold it properly!
-Good morning, sir.
Is your case also scheduled
for a hearing today?
-Yes, sir! It's my fiftieth case.
-Please, sir, bless me.
So, this is your fiftieth case?
You're the only lawyer
to lose all your cases.
An unbreakable record!
Stop it!
Don't prolong at least this case.
Close it immediately.
-Hey! Follow me.
-Yes, Senior?
Due to your inefficiency,
I am losing my influence.
Do you have any?
How can we find a witness on the spot?
You didn't pay me the fare.
It's 250 rupees.
Madam! Give me my money.
You're my first ride today.
I will give you, dear.
I will.
I will give you an incredible character.
I want my money.
Why are you talking about a character?
You must stand as a witness in court.
Oh, no!
Leave me out of these court matters.
Give me my money. I'll go my way.
Look at them just once.
If you don't stand as a witness,
they will lose their case.
Let them.
How am I concerned?
Give me my money.
I want to leave.
If they lose,
the family will end up on the street.
Unable to bear the humiliation,
he'll commit suicide.
Losing her husband, this poor woman
will find a rope
and hang herself from a tree.
Would you like that?
Do you have a heart?
Imagine the horrifying incident
that will happen.
It's heartbreaking even to imagine.
Tell me, what should I do?
Simple. Save this family.
If it's to save a family
I'm ready to do anything.
What is your name, dear?
Do you know any acting?
Such things
Are you familiar with stage dramas, etc.?
Did you receive any applause
or whistles while performing in them?
Such things for me
No problem.
There's a natural ease in your body
and grace in your face.
I will encourage you.
I'll make you a big star. Watch.
If I try films, do you think I'll succeed?
No doubt. You'll rise
to heights beyond anyone's reach.
Act just once.
-You'll remain number one for decades.
Oh my!
Just repeat what I tell you in court.
I don't know Bengali.
Oh, my God!
You've just missed the chance
of becoming a star.
Missed it by a whisker. A whisker.
So what?
The law can't see. You can't speak.
What did you say your name was?
He's a natural!
He fully embodied the character.
Very sharp.
You have a bright future ahead.
You're fantastic.
When I make this hand gesture
in the court,
shake your head.
When I move my pen like this,
nod your head.
-That's all.
-Let's rehearse.
Can't you see it by just looking at him?
He's a one-take artist!
My Lord!
To establish that they have
falsely accused my innocent client,
Shankar, who is non-verbal,
-is the witness.
He's surpassing Ram Charan's
performance in Rangasthalam.
-Your Honor! He is a--
-Objection, Your Honor!
No objections, none. Sit down!
After reviewing all the case details
and the evidence provided by Shankar,
who is non-verbal,
the court concludes that
the accused Ketan Agarwal is innocent.
Displaying exceptional presence
of mind during the argument
and saving an innocent man,
the court commends Lasya.
-Yes, Mahaa!
Tell me, dear.
I'm out for some work.
Brother, my class is over.
Shall I take the tram?
No, dear. Stay right there.
-I'll come to pick you up.
-Okay, Brother.
Okay, dear.
Continue, dear. Why did you stop?
Go on.
After all, you are non-verbal.
Dear, is it just speaking?
Or do you also sing?
Let me know if you can sing.
Let's shift from the courtroom
to a movie set.
Lasya, you and I can dance.
Look at that head shake!
-Shut up!
-Sorry! I
-How dare you deceive the court!
Using your 50th case as an excuse,
you attempted to trick me!
-For three long years
you are suspended!
-Greetings, brother.
Brother Shankar!
Today is Durga Puja in the colony.
Mahaa is doing it.
You must join us.
-You must sing and dance!
-Move your body, oh, move it
Move your body, oh, move it
Move it, move it, move it, and dance
Oh, Mister Gentleman! Move and dance!
Move it, move it, move it, and dance
Oh, Mister Gentleman! Move and dance!
Have fun and enjoy your life
Embrace it, my friend, wherever you reside
Be happy always before bidding farewell
Beat the drums with force
Let joy know no bounds
Beat the drums with force
Let joy know no boundaries
Have fun and enjoy your life
Though your eyes might be black and white
Paint your dreams
With vibrant hues, my dear
Beat the drums with force
Let joy know no boundaries
Beat the drums with force
Let joy know no boundaries
Life is a safari of lions
And you're the hunter
Leap forth and ride on
The path you tread
Is marked by speed bumps
But smile
For you're the Ferrari speeding ahead
-Hey, step into the chariot of bliss
-A chariot of bliss
-And take a celebratory procession around
-A celebratory procession around
Life is a colorful Holi
And each moment a Diwali
Be ignited with a blazing fire
Beat the drums with force
Let joy know no boundaries
Beat the drums with force
Let joy know no boundaries
Have fun and enjoy your life
Have fun and enjoy your life
Thank you!
-Yes, Mahaa?
Brother, my classes are finished.
Are you coming to pick me up?
I have a passenger in the car.
Should I take a tram then?
Do you speak Telugu?
-Yes, sir.
My sister is studying at a college nearby.
-If you don't mind, can I
Thank you, sir!
Dear, I'll come to pick you up.
-Stay right there.
Thank you, sir.
Sir, you came from abroad.
What do you do?
-I'm a pilot in Dubai.
Oh, so you're also a driver like me.
Once you take off,
you can travel far in the air.
No traffic, signals,
or speed breakers like us.
Hurry up, dear.
One minute
Sir! This is my sister, Maha Lakshmi.
Hi! Shrikar.
I made this for quick drawing.
It's been chosen for the competition!
It's really good.
Are you an artist?
A great artist, as you can see.
Look at this one.
Thank you!
It's fantastic!
Thank you!
Dear, he forgot this.
Give it to him.
Excuse me!
You forgot your bag.
You're welcome.
Hi, Mom!
How are you?
We've shortlisted four matches for you.
Simply choose one from them.
We're planning a grand wedding in a month.
I've already made my choice.
-Your choice is our choice.
-That's right, Dad!
How come your daughter's lawyer gown
is hanging on the wall?
Hit him!
That driver has taken
my most cherished lawyer's coat.
There's something fishy about him.
-I'll uncover it. I will!
-You won't do it.
Keep hitting.
Wow! What fantastic news you bring
as soon as I arrive!
Hey, Senior looks better as a bouncer
than a lawyer.
Bubbly Bouncer.
Good to see you,
my jobless and useless sister!
Lately, brainless too.
-Quite obvious.
-Shut up!
Please, don't disturb her.
Ma'am is in revenge mode.
When she sees a yellow car,
she gets frustrated,
as if she has caught yellow fever.
Hey! I got you a watch as a gift.
Wear this. Your time will turn good.
Are you trying to insult me
by calling my time bad?
-Bad time!
-These two are also suspended, right?
-Hey, Shrikar! Stop!
How could you break
such a valuable watch?
-Mom, look at her. Dad, stop her.
-Hey, wait!
-You deserved the suspension.
Ever since childhood,
you've been my true enemy.
-Yes! You're my bad luck!
You're the embodiment of bad luck!
They have great self-awareness.
I will show him.
I'll show the taxi driver what I am.
Good evening, everyone.
There's a significant reason
for gathering all the taxi drivers
and rickshaw drivers of the city here.
Women trafficking, extortion, kidnapping,
and drug-related activities in Kolkata
have escalated
to become the top concern in Asia.
This operation is masterminded
by an international mafia.
These three individuals
are the linchpins of this operation.
Meet Bretlee,
the youngest sibling among them.
His role involves selecting,
abducting, and trafficking girls.
Next is Charles, the second brother,
responsible for transporting
these kidnapped girls
from India to foreign nations.
Lastly, we have Alexander,
the head of the gang.
His whereabouts are shrouded in mystery,
emerging only when necessary.
His purview includes trading
and international dealings.
They are all notorious mafia.
I have identified 20 individuals
with links to this operation.
While our police force
can't cover the entire city,
you, as drivers,
are like CCTV cameras on the move.
If you spot any of these individuals,
call me immediately on my direct line.
Your information will remain confidential,
and you will also receive
a monetary reward for your assistance.
When we're doing something good,
do we really need money and rewards?
The moment we spot them,
you'll be informed promptly.
I appreciate you.
-Why should we get involved?
-Police department
Don't object.
Young girls are being kidnapped daily.
There are more missing person posters
in this city than movie posters.
Hello! It's the mafia.
Very dangerous criminals.
Do we really need
to do social service now?
Brother, no matter what you say,
I don't hesitate
when someone needs my help.
Who are they, brother?
Why have they stopped us?
Should I get out?
No need, brother.
Your picture is enough.
They should tremble.
Okay. Come quickly.
Oh, it's lawyer madam.
Were you chasing me to give me change?
What a transformation in you!
You could've used Google Pay
to send me the money!
How innocent he pretends to be!
I have lost my career because of you.
I am not here to give you money,
but to see your end!
What did I do, madam?
Wow! What a performance!
It's because of your acting that I'm out
here on the road instead of the court.
I am going to kill you.
You can't do anything to me.
Look at this.
Look at my elder brother!
Who's this guy?
He looks like a monkey in glasses!
-Elder brother!
-Younger brother!
See, brother.
These guys are threatening me!
If you want to save your life
and have any desire to live,
hand him over and leave.
No way!
Look at how rough my brother's hand is,
like a handsaw.
He will rough you up.
Go ahead, touch him.
It'll cut right through.
To touch my younger brother,
you'll have to get past me first.
Who do you think he is?
You think he's just a taxi driver
in my company?
No, no, no!
He's my younger brother!
-Elder brother!
-Younger brother!
-Big brother!
-Younger brother!
-Hey! Bad timing!
One's mental, the other's sentimental.
You may need a bunch of weapons
to intimidate me.
Stupid kids!
Let me bring out my bazooka.
Is this a photo shoot?
That's it.
These photos and videos serve
as my visual evidence.
I'll tag judges from Sessions Court,
High Court, and Supreme Court
on Twitter with these images
and post them on Instagram.
With the hashtag
It'll go viral on social media, brother.
-I will see your end.
-Come on. Let's see.
Come on. Let's see.
-I won't spare you.
-Do whatever you want.
-Get lost, joker!
-Get out from my motherland!
Get out from his motherland!
-I am Lasya!
-Hey, go away!
She's threatening us.
Do you think she'll really do it?
Don't worry, my younger brother.
Your elder brother is your savior.
As long as I'm here,
no harm will come to you in the city.
I won't allow it.
Thank you, brother.
Oh, no. It will cut me.
But brother
I'll do something that you'll remember
for a lifetime, and thus repay you.
What is your name?
Maha Lakshmi.
-And yours?
What now?
You came to my college.
You came to my colony.
And now, even to the temple!
Hey! I thought it was just me.
So, you've been following me too, right?
I mean, you saw me, right?
I thought pilots fly in the air,
not roam the streets.
Roam the streets?!
Do you know how hard I work?
Why don't you pay me
a little attention, Mahaa?
Miss Maha Lakshmi!
I want to talk to you.
Can't you wait for a while?
What is this, sir?
You're educated.
You have a great job.
Don't you know it's wrong
to chase after girls?
Oh, please don't mistake me
for an eve-teaser.
My mother is a doctor
and my father is a realtor.
I also have a sister.
I came to India to get married,
but when I saw your sister,
I gave up all thoughts of matchmaking.
I really like Mahaa.
I liked her at first sight.
Did you tell Mahaa this?
I mean, that's
If you truly like her,
confess to her boldly.
Whether a girl accepts or rejects,
respect her decision.
This is a major breakthrough
for Kolkata Police.
For the first time, we've tracked down the
criminals involved in women trafficking.
We've eliminated four gangsters.
Three abducted girls have been rescued.
How did the department manage this, sir?
Thanks to the right person
with the right information.
Who provided the information, sir?
One among you. A common man.
If every citizen takes
on the same level of responsibility,
we can eliminate
these criminals in no time.
-Sir! Sir
-Hey, Chotu!
Who's the informer?
Big Brother is furious.
-I'm coming to Kolkata tomorrow.
-There is no need.
I'll handle it.
Our undercover police team is
on the job of identifying the informer.
Within 48 hours,
I want to hear news
of the informer's demise.
Come on, come on
I am your love!
Oh, no!
Where are you?
Shall we go for dinner?
Oh, sorry, baby.
I have a business meeting, dear.
-Is my dad accompanying you?
I'm going in your favorite brother's car.
-Namaste, sister.
Brother, please take care of Bamsi.
Hey, watch where you're going!
Be careful, brother!
Don't forget to eat, baby.
You forget everything when you're at work.
Have your dinner
and get to bed early, baby. I'll be late.
Missing you, baby.
Love you!
Bye, baby!
My mood is completely spoiled!
Why don't you take your wife
out for dinner with you?
Her mouse-like face irritates me.
Hey, stop!
-I have an important meeting.
-What do you want me to do?
-Park the car and come.
-Hey, younger brother!
Look at you, dressed up and dancing!
This is a private party.
Want to have fun?
We have got fun.
Want love?
We have got love.
Want romance?
We have got romance.
Look here!
That's the point.
I can't believe this, brother.
You better believe it, brother.
Behind every husband who pampers his wife,
there's a hidden affair.
Don't be shocked! And by the way,
my "mouse" calls me every five minutes.
Handle her.
Juice, my friend.
Come on!
Let's go, baby.
Come on.
Twist and turn.
Twist and turn.
Is this a hip or a hippopotamus?
Why do you look like my mouse-like wife?
Because I am high!
You keep saying you're "busy".
Is this your business?!
If you mess with me, you'll be
Want fun?
We have got fun!
We have got fun!
Want love?
We have got love!
We have got love!
Want romance?
-Oh, God!
-How dare you cheat my daughter!
Until now, I have only shown
my bhalobashi side to Bamsi.
She means love, right?
Yes, loser!
I will show him the outcome
when I reveal my other side!
We have got fun!
Want love?
We have got love!
Are you in pain?
If not pain,
do you expect me to feel pleasure?
Give me a hand.
No, brother. It's a handsaw.
It will cut through me.
No handsaw, no crowbar.
Stop joking.
How did the house mice
get here all of a sudden?
-It was me, brother.
She was worried about you.
So, I went live.
-Live? Is this the IPL?
She called me her brother
with all her heart.
Which brother would tolerate
his sister being mistreated, brother?
If she calls you her brother,
you'll dig me a grave?
Not like that
-Hey, sister
My sister.
Hello? Brother, where are you?
I am on my way, dear.
I am done here.
Not you. I am done.
The informer was a taxi driver.
He is standing opposite Prinsep Ghat.
Bring me the guy.
When someone rats on us,
the entire city of Kolkata must witness
how horrible the death would be.
Hang a board saying
"Police Informer" on his neck
and suspend his dead body
from Howrah Bridge.
Sure, brother.
You enjoy.
We will finish the job.
Weren't you dead?
How did you get here?
Hey! Kill him!
Hey! Who are you?
You are not a driver.
Who are you? CBI?
Undercover cop?
Undercover killer!
Who has sent you?
Yes, Mahaa! Tell me, dear.
Brother, where are you?
It's midnight.
Why aren't you home?
Are you still on duty?
A VIP passenger
has kept me waiting, dear.
Send him quickly, brother.
It's already late.
Now that you have told me,
I will send him right away.
Who has sent you?
I don't get sent, idiot!
I have come looking for you.
I'm not going to spare you,
or the one above you,
or the one above him!
I haven't seen
such a brutal murder in my life.
The footprints of 33 people, including
your brother's, have been matched.
Only one footprint isn't matching.
He must be the killer.
Damn it!
Yes, Brother.
Where is Chotu?
He is not answering my call.
He is resting.
He's not feeling well.
He's going overboard with the powder.
Ask him to reduce it.
I will take care of him.
Who was the guy?
Who has done this?!
He destroyed the ship's CCTV footage,
hard disk, servers, and everything.
Just one guy walked in
and killed all your men.
How can he kill 33 people at a time?!
Could it be the doing of the rival gang?
They don't have the guts!
So, could it be a contract killer?
The killer didn't plan this.
He killed them with vengeance.
He killed them with rancor!
He's a cut-throat cruel guy!
That is where he hanged your brother.
No evidence.
Who is the killer?!
If my gut feeling is right,
I am his next target.
Only after I kill him,
I will inform my big brother
of Chotu's death.
When did the cruise ship reach here?
A week ago.
One of them must have definitely
captured the murder on this ship.
I want that footage!
There! Brother Shankar is here.
they are
We are Shrikar's parents.
Oh! Namaste.
Please sit.
Their son likes Mahaa.
They have come
to discuss a potential alliance.
My son feels Mahaa came into his life
because of your taxi ride.
We also like Maha Lakshmi in every way.
We have come to request your sister's hand
in marriage for our son.
Actually she is still studying.
Wedding right now
She is going to college as your sister.
After the wedding, she will go to college
as our daughter-in-law. That's all.
I'm fine with that.
But my sister's opinion
is very important to me.
Oh, that's my son.
To know the result.
I am talking to him.
Stay online.
He is nervous.
Dear, do you like my son?
My brother's opinion is my opinion.
My sister's opinion is my opinion.
This is not going to be resolved now.
One of you needs to speak up, Shankar.
Both of them are in favor.
That's good!
Let's fix an auspicious hour
and plan the engagement.
My love is a success!
Sister! My love story is a success!
It's time to party!
Your love is a success,
but my career is destroyed!
Here's the CCTV footage.
Zoom in.
We got a clue.
The killer received a phone call
at 12:15 a.m.
He spoke for almost a minute.
If we trace the call to the cell tower
in that area at that specific time,
we can catch him.
Thank you, sir.
For giving your consent.
Who can change destiny?
Come in, please.
My life is ruined.
-Namaste, sir.
-Namaste, sir.
Are they greeting me or him?
Stay right here and clean the car!
Don't come inside during the function.
-What about food?
-Hey, eat somewhere.
-Mr. Bamsi!
-Mr. Bamsi!
-Hey, get lost!
It's not Bamsi. It's Vamsi.
Great choice.
You are so beautiful.
Thank you.
I am Lasya.
I can be your half-husband.
Don't try to exert your "sister-in-law"
authority over my daughter-in-law.
-Oh, well.
Usually, girls experience pressure
from their in-laws,
but I'm dealing with pressure
from my maternal home!
I can't tolerate him for even a minute.
He is my biggest enemy.
Let me know if you don't get along
after the wedding.
I am a popular lawyer.
I can get you a divorce in no time.
What's wrong with you?
We're in the middle of her engagement.
Why are you talking about divorce?
Why did you raise her like this, Dad?
It's a good thing you said that now.
Don't try it in front of her brother.
That's it.
Why is there so much talk
about your brother?
I hear more about your brother than you.
But where is your brother?
He's your brother-in-law by relation.
Where is my brother-in-law?
It's time for the auspicious moment.
Call Mr. Shankar.
I will call my brother-in-law.
-Mr. Brother-in-law! Mr. Brother-in-law!
-Over there in green kurta.
-Brother! Engagement rings, brother.
-Got them. Let me see.
Mr. Brother-in-law!
It's you?
You could have used Google Pay to pay me.
You didn't have to fall in my arms.
What are you doing here?
I have a family function going on here.
I also have a family function happening.
It's my brother's engagement.
My sister's engagement too.
Maha Lakshmi?
Stop it! Stop it!
This engagement isn't going to happen.
What's wrong, dear? What's happened?
He is the one responsible
for my suspension.
-You mean
-I can't see, brother.
-The non-verbal witness?
Taxi driver?
Look at that face!
So innocent!
All an act.
A big actor.
But how can we have
an alliance with my enemy?
No! Go.
Tell them you don't want it.
Without even knowing who we are,
you've helped our family a lot.
-Thank you.
The first ride you talked about
Okay. It's getting late
for the engagement. Exchange your rings.
Ignore her. Please come.
Everyone has united against me.
Come on, Senior!
I think humiliation
is in your horoscope every day.
So, partner!
He went to court with you
and killed your career.
He's entered this event
and separated you from your family.
Now, when it comes to me,
it's even worse.
Don't leave him.
Think wildly.
Do it boldly.
Until now,
-you've only seen the lawyer in Lasya.
From now on,
I'll show you the criminal in me.
Brother, I think one of them
has killed Brother Chota.
Hey, Mahaa!
Would you like to go for lunch?
Should I call my brother?
-Hello, love birds!
why is it always about your brother?
Why don't you forget him just for once?
Forget us and enjoy the ferry.
I have booked this for you.
How do you have so much positivity?
Go on. Take a ride!
Go! Enjoy!
-Thank you.
-Sister, thank you!
What, Senior?
You're personally seeing them off!
Shankar made me a driver.
He made you a broker.
Hey! What next?
Honeymoon, kids
-Christening, weaning ceremony
-Schools, colleges
What a productive plan!
I didn't send them to have fun.
To take revenge.
Someone has kidnapped your sister.
-Someone is abducting her.
-What did you say?!
They are wearing masks!
-They're putting her in a van!
-In a van!
Oh my! We don't know
where your sister's been taken.
Where could she have gone?
She is right in front of me!
I can see her.
-Near Howrah Bridge.
-I am coming.
Millennium Park!
If you come to Millennium Park,
we can catch them there.
Can you come quickly?
Please, hurry.
-I'm on my way.
-Please, hurry!
And save Mahaa, please!
Mahaa might go missing.
Don't delay. Please!
Who took her?
Did you see them?
-I did.
-Which way? What was the number?
-Which way did they go?
-They kidnapped her here.
They put her in the van right here.
-Which way?
-They must have gone this way.
Brother, I was just about to call you.
My sister
over there.
See? Were you panicking
because your sister was kidnapped?
Did your heart stop?
This is what I wanted.
Mess with Lasya,
and this is what you get.
This is only the beginning.
-You'll see more in the future.
-Shut up!
My sister means everything to me.
I can't imagine my life without her.
If something happens to her
Don't ever play such pranks.
What? I think the plan has backfired.
The scene is set.
A genuine Telugu green pepper macho man
A handsome hunk, incredibly hot and spicy
Invading my dreams
And stirring my maiden heart
He asks
Girl, what is the matter?
A sweet-looking, delicate darling
Your glamour makes me naughty
Wow, wow! Whistles of mischief
And it's a Eureka moment when I see you
How can you be so glamorous, my beauty
Turning my heart over
And etching your image like a tattoo
You've worked magic, altering my thoughts
Milky beauty! You are my sweetie!
Let's you and I have a dating party
Hey, you slyly stole my heart, you naughty
Let's you and I have a dating party
You've stormed into my heart valiantly
Bringing a hurricane
That swept me off my feet
Oh, you bring along
Countless colorful dreams
Adding my name to yours
The fire in your breath
Is enough to elevate me
Its warmth could melt
The European snow mountains
A simple snap of your fingers
Can shake my youth
Let the arrows of your glances
Gently land like butterflies
Milky beauty! You are my sweetie!
Let's you and I have a dating party
Hey, you've stolen my heart, you naughty
Let's you and I have a dating party
The tower has been activated.
Yes! I have hacked the mobile network!
Call Mr. Charles.
We have traced
the killer's mobile network, sir.
If he receives a call
and it lasts for three minutes,
we can lock his exact location.
Let's do it!
This is boring, Mahaa.
Let's do some ladies' shopping.
When are you going shopping?
My brother knows what I want.
He'll shop for me.
We want to go shopping too. Call him up.
Sir! Call activated.
Come on!
Come on! Answer the call!
Sir, the call is connected.
Where are you?
Even my sister-in-law needs to shop.
Tell us your location.
I'll join you for shopping.
Can you share your live location?
Over there.
Hey! How much time?
The call needs to continue
for two more minutes, sir.
We can lock the location.
I am dying to kill you.
Dying to kill you.
One more minute, sir.
Thirty more seconds, sir.
-We got it, sir.
-Hey, lock the GPS.
GPS locked, sir.
-Send the location to everyone.
-Okay, sir!
Bring that person to me.
Where is he now?
He is in our own area, sir.
He's approaching our building, sir.
He's in our elevator, sir!
Let's catch him!
We thought we were hunting,
but he's coming to hunt us.
Where is he?!
Lock the door!
Kill him!
Tell me, Alexander.
Who the hell are you?
I hold as much importance in your life
as your parents do.
What on earth
are you talking about?
With one slight difference.
You were brought into this world by them.
You'll leave this world because of me.
Who are you?
Can you hear the cries
of your guy's death?
Bretley's death is my visiting card.
This guy's death is my invitation card.
For you, your gang, your network,
and your entire mafia, I am the one
who will present the end card!
You terrify me when I look at you.
You are a murderer.
A brutal killer.
You killed them all!
I killed them all!
Not just them.
I've taken lives in the past,
and I'll kill more people in the future.
I won't let my brother
marry the sister of a killer!
If that's your only objection
I'll have you know
she isn't even my sister!
She's not your sister?
That's true! Mahaa isn't my sister!
Brother Bhola!
Brother Bhola!
-Brother Bhola!
-Hey, what happened, bro?
What are all these bruises?
Has someone hit you?
You know a new SI has taken charge, right?
He acted too clever and raided
Jitthu's cricket betting den, brother.
Jitthu is thrashing
all my friends, brother.
I have somehow escaped, brother.
Brother, please call Brother Bhola.
When the public has a problem,
they run to the cops.
-But when the cops have a problem?
-They run to Brother Bhola.
This is my world
My home, my abode
This is my world
What's your job here?
This is my world, my home, my abode
Hey! Who changed the song?
If you change the song, he will
pull out your nerves and play the Veena.
That's right!
When met with paths of thorns
We spread buds on them
Brother, please be kind.
I beg you. Please. Call him.
Do you think he is God to grant boons
as soon as you bow to him?
I have two lakhs recovered in the raid.
Please take it, brother.
-Please call Brother Bhola.
-Hey, check.
-Brother Bhola!
-This is fine.
But who is going to pay the BST?
B? Isn't it GST?
-Hey, it's BST!
Bhola Shankar Tax!
-Full and final settlement!
-Okay, brother.
We will collect funds
and pay you, brother.
Please, brother.
Call Brother Bhola.
Brother Bhola!
Deal okay!
One, two, three!
Look, here he comes
Search all through the state
Not one dare come face to face
Blazing, raging, Bhola
Blazing, raging, Bhola
Blazing, raging, Bhola
Blazing, raging, Bhola
What a dramatic entrance he pulled off!
He stirred up a cloud of dust!
Oh my!
Hey, Bhola!
Why did you come here?
To entertain you all.
Come on! My love
Ram Pyari.
Did it hurt?
It thrilled me.
You are so romantic, brother.
Hey, Bhola! What is this?
This is my area.
My domain!
My territory!
This is my world, my home, my abode
This is my world
What's your job here?
This is my world
-My home, my abode
-I am speaking, and why is he singing?
My younger brother's song.
A great one, right?
It's a killer song.
Puppy I thought I'd see a little pup.
How did you end up so tall,
like a chimney?
True, brother. I doubt he could
even be reached with a ladder!
-So tall!
-Hey, Puppy!
Thrash them!
-Mega mass is our man
-Blazing, raging, Bhola
-Thump, boom, bang!
-How was that smack?
-He is a ball of fire
-Blazing, raging, Bhola
Shivering, quivering, chattering
Aren't your hearts pounding?
Blazing, raging, Bhola
Blazing, raging, Bhola
Blazing, raging, Bhola
Blazing, raging, Bhola
He reduced your puppy to dregs.
Hey, Bhola!
This is my area!
One blow and your jaws will break.
Don't talk like a fool dividing states!
The state may have been divided.
But all people are mine.
All areas are mine.
I have no limits.
And no borders.
-Hey, Bhola!
-Tell me!
Don't come at me.
I have the mafia backing me.
Hey, half-wit!
You may have the mafia behind you.
But I have the entire world behind me.
If I come in,
your entry and exit will make no sense.
Brother is trying to say
your back and front will be damaged.
Hey, Bhola! What are you doing?
I am going to bend you, curve you,
tear you apart, and make you dance.
Psyched, he is savage
Blazing, raging, Bhola
In a fight, it's a rampage
Blazing, raging, Bhola
Together, both bring high voltage
Blazing, raging, Bhola
Whoever faces him gets damaged
Psyched, he is savage
Blazing, raging, Bhola
In a fight, it's a rampage
Blazing, raging, Bhola
Together, both bring high voltage
Blazing, raging, Bhola
Whoever faces him gets damaged
Hey, move it!
Bhola! I won't spare you!
Don't mess with me!
You'll find your eyeballs in your hand.
Swaying style, shattering swag
Euphoria is my area
-Hey, Bhola mania
-Bhola, Bhola, Bhola!
-Hey, Bhola mania
-Bhola, Bhola, Bhola!
Cut the extras, drop the cholesterol
Anyone could get smacked on the ear
-Hey, Bhola mania
-Bhola, Bhola, Bhola!
Hot, hot Irani tea
One sip, and energy surges
One Osmani biscuit ignites a fire
Thud, thud goes the heart
And the firebrand is the emoji
Touch me and get skinned
One and only very cool Bhola
Come on!
Bhola, Bhola, Bhola!
Once I step in
It's a switch on for a grand show
Bhola, Bhola, Bhola!
My entry is a deadly extravaganza
Bhola Shankar!
Hail Bhola Shankar!
Whatever task you choose to undertake
Do it with excellence
Raise your flag to the highest peak
Hey, crackling
Sputtering fireworks are my firing
Hey, hissing, whooshing bullets
Are my warning
In an instant, my deals are done
In my business, I hold the top rating
Swaying style, shattering swag
Euphoria is my area
-Hey, Bhola mania
-Bhola, Bhola, Bhola!
-Hey, Bhola mania
-Bhola, Bhola, Bhola!
Take a deep breath
And blow the whistle of romance
Inspiring you to have a blast
The fiery youth
You and I have no time and rhyme
Like an engaging charmer
Come on, my Bhola
It's a deadly funfair
With one snap of my fingers
It ignites a mind-blowing frenzy
When I dance in my style
Where's the fun in being too perfect?
How is a little deviation a defect?
Unless the heart is happy
How does the day go by?
Who's going to halt our enjoyment?
One and only very cool Bhola
Come on!
Bhola, Bhola, Bhola!
Once I step in
It's a switch on for a grand show
Bhola, Bhola, Bhola!
My entry is a deadly extravaganza
Hail Bhola Shankar!
Bhola Shankar!
Hail Bhola Shankar!
Hey, Bhola!
How dare you send me to jail!
Hey, let's go!
Excuse me!
What happened to you?
Hey, girl!
-Don't get involved. Go!
-Go away from here!
Help! Please, help me!
Hey! Brother Bhola! What happened?
He's a notorious gangster. It's risky.
-Get away from here. Stay away.
Hey, Jitthu! You fought very unfairly.
You're losing a lot of blood.
Someone stabbed you.
Girl, it's not the first time
I've been backstabbed.
-Go. Go away.
Go! Go away!
Please help!
Please call the doctor.
-What happened?
-It is urgent.
He was stabbed.
Please call the doctor immediately.
It's a police case.
First, file a police complaint.
Then we'll admit him.
Oh my! He's losing a lot of blood.
Any delay will cost him his life.
Please, sister, please.
Please admit him in any way possible.
What is he to you?
He is my
My brother.
-Please! Start the treatment.
She says he's her brother.
He's losing too much blood!
Take him to the emergency room!
Thank you.
Thank you so much, sister.
-I will inform the doctor.
-Okay, madam.
You'll be fine. We're in the hospital.
Nothing will happen to you.
Your brother needs O+ blood immediately.
I am also O+.
I'll donate mine.
Let's go!
You brought him just in time
and saved your brother's life.
We've moved him to the ward.
You can visit him.
-Thank you, sister.
Your brother is out of danger now.
He'll be discharged tomorrow.
You were here the whole night.
Go home and come back.
You have magic in your hands, Aunty!
I just can't stop eating.
No hurry. Eat in peace.
Once you're done,
-I'll pack the rest and send it.
You're taking advantage of my friendship!
Aunty is my friend too.
Don't eat so quickly. It won't digest.
It's okay, Aunty!
Enough with your eating.
It's time for college. Let's go.
Let's go!
If the doctor doesn't agree,
we'll show them what we can do.
What, doctor?
How are you?
Greetings, sir.
If you sign the sale agreement,
we can plan the house registration.
I have already told you.
This house
I am not selling the house, sir!
Who are you?!
What's this?!
Who are they?
We told you.
We're building a large shopping mall here,
worth 200 crores.
Your house can serve
as a perfect parking space.
You'll also get money if you sell it.
It's not about that.
This is our ancestral home.
It's a memory of my parents.
Comply, and you'll receive money.
you'll face a bulldozer one night.
You'll lose your life
along with the house.
Don't blame me later.
Hey! The house should be ours
within a week.
Let's go to the police
and file a complaint.
It's not the police station
we should go to.
There's a rowdy boss
who can handle rascals like them.
A body hanging in the air means
only one thing. The rowdy boss is at work!
Brother, piping hot masala tea.
Thanks, man.
This is Bhola.
He looks dashing, doesn't he?
I told you I took someone to the hospital
and saved him by giving my blood, right?
That's him.
Great then.
Consider our job done for free.
Let's go and tell him.
What kind of help is it when you announce
it to him and expect something in return?
We're not telling him that.
You're right. Come, let's talk to him.
Wait a minute!
What's the issue?
Look here.
-Someone needs to be warned.
-Fifty thousand.
-Brother Bhola!
Did you bring money?
-Boss, we have customers.
-Do we?
Female customers, boss.
-Please, come and have a seat, madam.
-Please, sit.
-What do you need?
They want a murder.
Are you ready? Get lost!
Go away.
Nothing, sir. Actually
If there's nothing, what's the point?
No, there is
-If there is go ahead and speak.
-Mr. Bhola,
some builders put up a complex
next to my house.
They want our house for its parking,
and they've been threatening us.
You must do something and save us.
Alright. Brother gets the whole picture.
Pay some advance first.
-Make the payment, madam.
-Pay it.
I have twenty-five thousand.
Once the job is done, the rest
Mr. Bhola!
Tell me, madam!
Is there a special discount for ladies?
Always for ladies.
But not for swindlers like you.
Very shiny! Keep it.
Now it is even.
Move along!
The job will be done, right?
-You are asking me?
-Hey! How dare you!
-What do you think of him?
-It will be done. The job will be done.
-Namaste, sir.
Hey, what's this?
Plants all over the house.
Is this a house or a forest?
-It's naturopathy, son.
-Nature-based treatment.
A hospital?
Then where are the medicines?
Every plant is a medicine.
Hey, this is a plant hospital.
We heard hospitals for bones.
What's this plant hospital?
All they know is eating biryani.
No brains at all. Idiots! Go!
Let me show you around the house.
My father practices medicine here.
Hey! Supplies!
Hey, doctor! Let's party!
Hey, doctor!
What brand is this?
It's not that kind of supply, dear.
This is our medicine.
It's herbal oil.
It's good for your health.
Would you like to try a bit?
We have our own supplies.
Would you like to try it?
-Bring out the supplies.
-Oh, God! Save us.
Dear, please take them.
Please, come.
Hey! I can smell a great aroma.
-Yes, brother.
-It's a non-stop party from now.
Hey! It smells really nice.
Snacks and savories.
My mother is making them.
Mom, come.
Hey, munchies for the party.
-Look at all these fritters.
-We can finish it all.
This is our Swamy.
-Hey, stop right there.
Don't be afraid.
He doesn't bite.
Hey I wasn't scared.
This guy pushed me and stepped forward.
Swamy! Greet them.
God! Why are they here again?
Son! Those ruffians are back.
-Hey, come on.
-Mr. Bhola!
-Yes, madam?
That way.
Any direction, I'm ready.
Come on!
I'm going to knock their heads off!
-Where are they?
-Here, brother. Over here.
Why is Brother Bhola here?
Hey, hand it to me.
Brother, do it.
Not glasses.
I meant the gun.
Take it, brother!
Hey, gun! Does it work?
-Hey! What are you talking about?
-Brother, move to the right.
Oh, no!
Hey! Loser!
Greetings, sir.
From today,
this house is Bhola's territory!
If anyone eyes this house again,
it's not the headlights that will break.
It's your heads!
Get lost!
-Get going!
-Step back.
-How was that?
-Right on, brother.
Let me get some lemon rice
and porridge for the boys.
Sure. Please, get it.
It's God's will.
-Sir! These people have brought Bhola.
-Who is he calling?
I cannot handle this.
You have to deal with it.
Builder Narsingh.
Tell me!
Bhola, this is Builder Narsingh.
I know. Tell me.
I want that house.
Leave immediately.
How can I do that?
I have taken an advance.
The deal is done.
How much was the deal?
One lakh.
I will pay you ten lakhs, Bhola.
Come again?
I will give you ten lakhs, Bhola.
Get them to vacate the house.
Oh! Send the money.
I will take care of the rest.
You will get your ten lakhs
in ten minutes.
-Doctor uncle!
-He's here.
Doctor uncle!
I was just talking to God about you.
There is a reason for everything, son.
You have come and saved this house.
What happened, dear?
What a gentleman you are, uncle!
You're quite the gentleman too.
Yes, uncle.
I'm a true gentleman.
He's not that great.
He charged you.
-What's this?
-Hey, return the money to uncle.
-Count it.
-What about my nose ring?
-Here, take this.
-Take it.
-Mr. Bhola!
-Tell me, madam.
I never thought you were so kind!
Why formalities between us?
-How kind you are
Get his signature acknowledging
that we've returned his money.
-Okay, bother.
-Please sign.
Yes. I will do it.
What's the big deal?
We do things the corporate way.
-Proper documentation is essential.
-I am doing it.
Nothing, uncle.
Just to avoid income tax issues.
-Oh! Don't invite them.
Carry on.
Are the house documents in order?
Yes! We have them in the chest,
right, Dad? Show him.
Why wouldn't we show them
to such nice people?
-Examine them carefully.
-Here you go, son.
Hand them over, uncle.
Check them. Is everything clear?
Uncle, as if we doubt you?
Everything is perfect, uncle.
-Should I put them back?
-Uncle, let me keep them.
-He will take care of it, uncle.
-Nice person!
-You're all good boys.
-Yes, uncle.
-I don't know, but
-Good boys.
Son, the key.
-It's the key to the chest.
-Uncle, he's not going anywhere.
Didn't you say we are all
Yeah, I know.
That we are good boys.
Oh, God!
-It's itchy.
-Long live
What happened?
Did you bless me, uncle?
-You bent down, so I blessed you.
-It's okay, uncle.
Total of ten lakhs.
A house worth four crores.
He settled for a measly ten lakhs.
He gave us a pittance
and snatched a fortune, brother.
What do you mean?
The house is worth four crores.
He paid us only ten lakhs.
-Hey, PA!
-Get Narsingh on the call.
-I already have, brother.
Yes, Bhola!
-Did you receive the payment?
-Yes, I received the advance.
When will you send the balance?
What do you mean by advance?
I sent you all ten.
This house is worth four crores.
My deal is always fifty-fifty.
Let's settle at one crore.
The ten lakhs you sent is my BST.
Send the remaining one crore.
The house will be yours.
-Doctor uncle!
-Coming, son.
I am just making sure
the porridge is ready.
To give you something sweet.
Hey, uncle!
Let me share the good news.
-Come and have a seat.
-What is it?
-Come, uncle!
Nothing, uncle.
When will you vacate this house?
Why would I vacate the house?
Hey, come on, uncle.
Hey! Help him understand.
You signed a sale agreement
in our brother's name
-Stop it.
-Five minutes ago. Look.
What's this agreement?
When did I sign it, dear?!
Are you going to stab me?
No, uncle.
I am eating an apple.
Drop all this and vacate the house.
Why is he asking me to vacate?
This is my house, right?
How can he leave the house right now?
Uncle, take ten days and then vacate.
I thought you were a good person.
No, uncle.
I am a bloody rogue.
-I don't believe you.
-You have to.
I won't believe you.
You must. I will stab you.
He seems ready to really kill me.
Bhola! Are you going to kill him?
Hey, trying to act smart?
-I will bloody kill you first!
-No. Don't.
He got the house transferred to him.
-Oh no!
-I did exactly that!
-Hey! This will be our den for a few days.
Okay, brother!
-Get all our supplies and luggage.
-Okay, brother!
From tonight, it's going to be a blast.
O wine, my dear wine
You have become my life
Come on!
O wine, my dear wine
-You have become my life
-They are defiling the house.
Only when you're with me, my wine
The whole world rocks, my wine
-Only when you're with me, my wine
-Come on
The whole world rocks, my wine
When I don't drink you, my wine!
Our lives go berserk, O wine
They are downing multiple glasses.
Maybe all the goons drink like this.
O wine, my dear wine
O wine--
Hey! Stop it!
What happened, brother?
Why are you getting emotional, brother?
-What's the matter, brother?
When I got drunk, that great lady
You're getting hiccups, brother.
Have some water. You'll feel better.
-I don't want plain water.
-Drink it neat, brother.
-Drink it neat!
-That I'm okay with.
-Bottoms up, brother.
-Yes. You'll let it all out.
-Now, tell me!
-Hey, speak, my friend.
I'm going to. I am.
If I'm getting drunk and singing in joy,
the reason is
that great lady.
That night you all got drunk
and left, remember?
I was walking home alone.
That Jitthu came at me with a knife
and stabbed me from behind.
There was a pool of blood.
It was raining.
No one
no one bothered about me.
But that girl
I don't know who she is.
I don't know where she lives.
She took me to the hospital.
Gave me her blood
and saved my life.
My angel!
He's talking about you!
-I got it, brother.
She gave you her blood, saved you,
and left for heaven.
-Hey! What are you saying?!
She's an angel who descended
from above to save my life.
-That great lady
-She lives somewhere here.
Brother, what will you do
if you find the girl?
Don't call her just a girl.
She is a great lady.
-Great lady.
-Great lady.
If I find the great lady
I will give her my money
and this building. Everything.
Give it away, brother.
He's not giving it to you
because he doesn't know it's you.
Mahaa, he's ready
to give the documents back.
-Be quiet. Don't stop me.
-O wine, my dear wine
-You have become my life
-Mr. Bhola!
Why are you out of breath?
Do you want to drink?
Who do you think gave you blood
and saved you?
-Was it you?
-Not me.
That great lady who donated blood to you
and saved you is Maha Lakshmi.
Will you return the documents?
Why didn't you tell me this before?
I have told you now.
Give them back.
I will!
Both of you
Let me crush you both with this solid rock
-and turn you into pulp.
-Don't, brother. They are ladies, brother.
Get lost!
-Oh my!
-No, brother.
They overheard us,
and now look at their performance!
-Planning to seize the house?
-Hey, leave them, dude.
-Great actresses!
-Yes, brother!
I will smash you.
-So cunning! Oh, my!
-Leave it, brother.
O wine, my dear wine
-What happened?
He seems to have no pity.
Whatever happens,
will be for our own good.
Everything happens at God's command.
Our love and affection
can influence anyone.
We would rather let Bhola stay here than
lose lives at the hands of the builder.
Don't worry. Carry on.
-Hey, Singareni!
Why did you start this early morning?
-Yes, brother.
-Let me also have one.
Brother that's
Brother! Why did you waste it?
-What was that? It was so bitter!
-It's a concoction, brother.
It cleanses your digestive system.
It's good for heavy drinkers like us.
Doctor uncle told me.
-Told what?
-It hitexes the body.
It's not hitex. It's detox.
The same.
-Brother, would you like to have some?
-You have it.
Drink it up.
Hey! What's with you, Lobo?
Why are you posing like a statue
at the junction?
-Hey, dude! Move aside.
-But why?
The picture will be spoiled.
Hey, what is this?
You want to pose around now?
-Stop posing! Get lost!
-Lobo! Don't move.
-I will somehow steal the key.
-Hey! What's wrong with you?
I will get the documents
from the chest.
I will show them my talent.
Mr. Bhola!
Mr. Bhola!
-You saw it.
You saw it.
I saw it.
Otherwise, I will lose the count.
The count
I wasn't talking about your counting.
I was talking about your looks.
You saw my waist.
What? Me?
And your waist?
No, not at all.
I didn't see it.
Don't say "uh, uh" so innocently.
I saw you seeing it.
I actually tried.
But I couldn't find it.
Still, it was wrong to see.
Fine, I saw.
The eyes are a part of your body.
The nose is a part of your body.
The waist is also a part of your body.
It's not wrong to see them.
How is looking at the waist wrong?
Mr. Bhola!
I didn't like you looking at my waist.
It was visible, so I saw it.
I am hurt.
As the girl smiled slightly
Boys have lost their minds.
What is this?
Get lost!
Don't act smart!
-Have some more.
-It's delicious.
I want popadam.
-What happened?
-They are too affectionate, brother.
-It's delicious.
-They are killing me with love.
What is this, brother?
Good morning, brother.
What is happening?
Why are you dressed like a priest?
I have become a
disciple of Master, brother.
This is more peaceful
than your business.
Mad fellow!
Why don't you also consider it?
It feels good.
-You bloody
-Oh, God! Don't.
My God!
There is no room for violence here.
Along with your dress,
your diction has also changed.
-Oh, God!
It's me, brother. Chitti Muthyam.
What is this?
Why do you look like a pig in the mud?
This is not mud, brother.
This is Multani soil.
The doctor said
it makes dark skin fair.
He is full of tips like this.
Does a buffalo rolling in mud come out
as a white cow?
-Let's go.
-I am busy. I cannot come.
What keeps you so busy?
Aunty said
she will teach me how to make snacks.
-I want to learn.
-Chitti Muthyam,
-Coming, Aunty. Bye.
-Come here, son.
What is the doctor giving them?
Everyone is acting strange.
On this Shivaratri,
let us remember
-Lord Shiva and say, "Hail Shankara!"
-Hail Shankara!
Hail Shankara!
Hail Shankara!
Please, carry on, son.
Where is it? I can't find it.
What are you looking for?
I sent the documents to the builder.
-But I want them.
-Do you?
-Come out.
You will hit me.
No, I won't.
-Will you give it to me?
-I will skin you, you bloody
Acting smart!
Hey! What is this? Get up!
Mr. Bhola!
My future depends
on those documents.
I need them
to secure a loan for my studies.
To hell with your studies!
You must vacate the house by tomorrow.
Get going.
-Go, move!
-Actually, It's not that
-I am trying to say
-Hey! Move.
Bhola! I got the documents.
But they should be signed
by the doctor's daughter as well.
Get her signature
and then collect your money.
I will get it right now.
Get the one crore ready.
Hey, uncle!
Where is your daughter?
She went to college, son.
Pack your things.
You must vacate the house this evening.
Let's go.
Hey, hey! Who are you?
Let go!
Take her there!
-Yes, Chotu?
-Two buses.
Hyderabad to Kolkata.
Organized it like a college tour.
Crores of currency.
Be careful at the checkpoint.
They have kidnapped us for trafficking.
I will clear those two buses at customs
and send them on a cruise.
No problem.
All set.
Good to go for sale.
We will never see our families again.
It's going to be hell
for the rest of our lives.
There. That's him.
He is coming.
He will give us an injection now.
-Hey, quiet!
-No, please!
-Not even God can save you now.
Go and check.
Who the heck are you?
A lion on a stroll, buddy.
Hey, I think he's here for the girl.
If something goes wrong,
everything will be exposed.
Kill him!
Speak up! Tell me!
Who is your boss?
Where does he live?
Brother, I don't know anyone.
They all live in Kolkata.
Where are you running? Hey!
Come, son.
I always believed it wasn't for money
or property that you entered our lives.
I was right.
I don't have a son.
But by saving so many girls
along with my daughter,
you've become their brother.
You've become Lord Rama
for so many families.
I keep saying, "God's will.
Everything happens for a reason."
What could be a bigger reason
than this for you to arrive?
You were born with a purpose, son.
-I didn't
-It's not that, son.
God has sent you for us.
Stay blessed forever,
with our years added to yours.
Thank you.
Welcome, Bhola! Welcome!
Your one crore is ready.
Why have you come alone?
Where is the girl?
I need her signature.
She is not going to come.
She is not going to sign.
Give me those papers.
Are you trying to mess with me?
Hey! Go, get the girl.
I will see who can stop me.
Don't interfere with that house.
They are my people.
What were you doing?!
Where is the hard disk?!
It has all our details.
Damn it!
Get the lamp.
-Why is he barking? Check.
-Go, be with Mahaa. She is alone.
Who are you?
-Who are all of you?
-Who is it?
You mother
-Mahaa! Leave!
-Mahaa, leave!
Brother, she has the hard disk.
Don't let her get away.
Go, get the hard disk.
Give it!
Please wait here.
Sir, what is the patient's name?
Maha Lakshmi.
How are you related to her?
He's her brother.
When he was fighting
for his life the other day,
she brought him in time,
donated her blood, and saved him.
-Give me these medicines.
-Okay, sister.
Your sister will be fine.
I guess you are Maha Lakshmi's brother.
We have operated
on all her abdominal wounds.
We tried our best.
But the head injury
is the major issue.
We don't have the proper equipment
to treat her here.
No surgeons either.
Rush her to a super specialty hospital.
She needs a neurosurgeon immediately.
Be careful.
Brother, sign here.
-Pay the bill.
-Okay, brother.
-Please, come.
The patient has emerged from a coma,
she has completely lost her memory
of the past.
She doesn't even recall her parents.
She remembers nothing of her life.
She is like a blank paper now.
Whatever you choose
to tell her from now on
will become her past.
-So, doctor--
-The patient is getting a panic attack.
Who are they?
-Don't panic. Relax.
-I'm unable to recognize them.
-Relax. You will be okay.
Doctor! Who are they?
I can't recall anything.
He is
He is
-Please come.
-I know him.
He is
Who is he?
I know him.
Of course, I am your brother, dear.
Brother, don't leave me alone.
I am afraid.
Why should you be afraid?
I am right here.
Brother, don't leave me.
Don't leave me.
I am scared.
Don't be afraid.
I am right here.
Brother, don't leave me alone.
I will never leave you, dear.
Maha Lakshmi has no memory
of her past whatsoever.
She believes
her parents died in an accident,
and I am her biological brother.
I have no one else,
and Mahaa has become my world.
She doesn't know me as the rowdy Bhola.
She recognizes me
only as her caring brother, Shankar.
I could have
taken care of her in Hyderabad,
with the intent of putting an end
to the mafia responsible for her condition
and dismantling the gangs
that treat girls as commodities for sale,
I have come to Kolkata.
I'm eliminating
the city's most wanted criminals.
I was concerned that Mahaa would be alone
if something happened
to me in the process.
That's when your brother
fell in love with her,
leading to this wedding.
Mahaa should remain oblivious to her past
and my mission.
Also, this wedding must take place.
Don't stop it. Please.
Mahaa is fortunate
to have a brother like you.
The wedding will take place
as you envisioned.
Thank you.
By arriving here at this hour,
sir, you're endangering everyone.
I can risk this job for money
but I won't jeopardize my life.
I can no longer work with you.
What about you?
One of your men
is barely clinging to life.
I'm overseeing his treatment covertly
at your own location.
Once he awakens from his coma,
we'll identify the killer.
This is the guy.
Doctor, what's his status?
His condition is very critical.
-His chances of survival are minimal.
-He must survive!
You need to save two lives.
His and yours!
I want that assassin!
Why is everyone so somber?
Where is the enthusiasm?
Where is the energy?
kick off the musical celebration!
Brother, come on! Please.
-Master, let's begin!
DJ, start the music!
Beat the drums, play the rhythm
Wow! Hey, sing a lively song
Whistle out and watch
Let your dance break all barriers today
Match the tempo and embrace the beat
Jump, groove, shake it up
Bring the roof down
Jam Jam Jajjanaka
Let's dance the whole night
Jam Jam Jajjanaka
Let's dance the whole night
Jam Jam Jajjanaka
Let's dance the whole night
Jam Jam Jajjanaka
Let's dance the whole night
Brothers, I need some change.
Alter the rhythm and play another song.
Hey, Narsapalli
In Narsapalli gorge, Gangadhari
I met a rustic girl, Gangadhari
In Narsapalli gorge, Gangadhari
I met a rustic girl, Gangadhari
I met her, Gangadhari
I met her, Gangadhari
For the words
Of the rustic girl, Gangadhari
The macho man took the lead, Gangadhari
In the Narsapalli gorge, Gangadhari
I liked the boss of mass, Gangadhari
When I liked the boss of mass, Gangadhari
I surrendered my heart to him, Gangadhari
Open your heart, dance away to glory
Spread the essence
Of your mischief all around
This is a thrill
From mind-numbing intoxication
Stretch the bow of your pleasure
Come on, shake it until it echoes
Ko, ko, ko, play it up
Celebrate a thousand times
Hey, ko, ko, ko, use it up
Time never comes back
Come on!
Jam Jam Jajjanaka
Let's dance the whole night
Jam Jam Jajjanaka
Let's dance the whole night
Jam Jam Jajjanaka
Let's dance the whole night
Jam Jam Jajjanaka
Let's dance the whole night
Sir, he is regaining consciousness,
but his pulse is dropping.
We don't know how long he will survive.
We don't know how long he will last.
What should we do, sir?
We immediately need a forensic artist!
Get the sketch of the killer done
while he's still alive.
Go, get the artist for me now!
Sir, it's quite risky to involve an artist
from my department.
Victoria Arts College is nearby.
I will arrange for one from there.
-Go! Quickly bring in an artist!
-Okay, sir!
Sir, an Adromin injection
might help him last for an hour.
-Actually, that's
-Excuse me, ma'am!
Sorry. Ma'am!
My wedding invitation.
-Oh! Congratulations, Maha Lakshmi.
-Thank you!
-He is a crime branch inspector.
They urgently need a sketch artist.
Can you please help them?
Please, madam.
It's a medical emergency.
-Okay, ma'am!
-Thank you, ma'am. Come.
One minute.
Mahaa! I'm at the college. Where are you?
Brother, the Principal has sent me with
Khalighat SI to create a forensic sketch.
Oh! Fine, dear.
I will come and pick you up.
Share your location.
Brother, sure.
It's him!
It's him!
It's him!
-Is he the one?
-It's him!
-Look! Take a proper look.
-It's him!
-It's him!
-Take a look.
-Take a good look. Tell me. Is this him?
-He is the one!
Sir, he's dead!
Oh no! He's mistaken.
This is my brother.
-This is
Hey! He is a taxi driver, right?
-Taxi driver?
I was just talking to my brother
So, in the confusion,
I ended up sketching his features.
It was a mistake.
Sorry! I will redraw it.
Taxi driver?
-It was unintentional.
-Your brother?
-Brother! Your brother?
No problem.
-It's not that--
-It's okay. He is coming, right?
-He is coming!
-He is coming.
-But it's not him.
-No problem.
-It was a mistake.
-It's okay! Relax.
Have a seat.
-Something is amiss.
-It's okay! Relax.
-We'll take care.
-The sketch ended up looking like him.
He didn't give me a clear description.
Please hear me out, sir!
Please, sir!
Your brother is coming, right?
He's coming, sir!
-What happened?
-I made an error.
What do you mean by error?
What happened, dear?
After I spoke with you on the phone,
I was thinking about you
and unintentionally drew your sketch
instead of the criminal's. That's all!
What is this, sir?
-I told you.
It was a mistake.
My brother is innocent.
-Leave my brother. Please.
Put it down.
Shankar, take her and go.
Okay, thank you, sir.
-Let's go, dear.
-I unintentionally drew it, brother.
-Let's go!
Let's go quickly, dear.
Sorry, sir.
He threatened to kill my family, sir.
-Sorry, sir.
Mahaa, don't tell anyone what happened.
Stay relaxed.
-Where are they?
-There they are.
Here. They are all here.
Welcome, Miss Maha Lakshmi.
We have been waiting
for your jewelry shopping.
-Carry on, dear. I'll join you. Go ahead.
-Come, dear! Come!
-Let's go!
-Bye, sir!
What happened?
You look worried.
Alex is in Kolkata.
He has identified me.
There could be an attack
on me at any moment.
Keep Mahaa safe.
Certainly. Mahaa will be fine.
But why not involve the police?
Tell me.
You just rescued your sister
right in front of me.
Now, I've abducted her
right under your nose. Check.
-Check if Mahaa is with your brother.
Come to my warehouse.
Shrikar, where is Mahaa?
Someone took her,
saying her brother was calling for her.
Shankar! Shankar, what happened?
Who was on the phone?
Where are you going?
Tell me, Shankar!
Where is Mahaa?
What happened to Mahaa?
Mahaa will be fine.
Whether I return or not,
Mahaa will definitely come back.
-She will marry your brother.
Where is my sister?
Tell me!
Tell me!
I killed her.
Just a lie about your sister's death,
and you are so agitated!
But you actually killed my brother.
How do you think I would feel?!
You made my own man point a gun at me
and took your sister.
But now your sister is with me.
Do you know
who brought your sister to me?
You brought your sister here.
In your taxi.
Get her out.
My brothers, my gang, my business
you destroyed everything for your sister.
But now I will restart my business
with your sister.
No one will be able to trace
who she was sold to.
Kill him!
-Dear, where are you calling from?
-I don't know!
Where are you now?
I am in a car. In the trunk.
Dear, can you look outside?
Let me try.
Yes, I can see.
See, dear.
You will come across some landmarks.
Notice them and keep telling me.
-Biswa Bangla Gate.
-I am coming, dear.
I am coming.
Tell me. What else can you see?
Eden Gardens
Brother, I can see Eden Gardens.
I am coming exactly the same way.
I am now on Howrah Bridge.
I am coming that way, dear.
-Tell me, dear.
I think the car has stopped.
I think it has stopped in traffic.
-I am close.
I am coming, dear.
Mahaa! What else can you see, dear?
I can see an overbridge.
A green one.
I have found it.
I am getting on the bridge.
I am on the bridge.
Dear, can you see me?
I just raised my hand. Can you see me?
Brother, I can see you.
Forward or backward?
Which way are you looking?
you'll find a box near the hazard light.
Please open it.
Can you see lots of wires?
-You will find a joint, dear. Cut it.
I am not able to.
Quickly, dear.
Brother, I'm not able to cut it.
Dear, the signal will change
at any moment. Fast.
Cut it, dear.
The light is off.
I have found your car, dear.
I saw you.
I am coming.
Brother, come fast!
I see.
-Are you ready to die for your sister?
Were you planning
to present the end card to me?
I am about to present the end card
to both of you now.
If your sister boards a ship in this port,
no one knows which country she will go to
or who she will live with.
Once this car reaches
the other side of the road,
not only you,
no one can save your sister!
She's leaving. Look.
Are you going to save her?
Will you save her, or will Mother Kali?
Hail Mother Kali!
Hail Mother Kali!
Hail Mother Kali!
Hail Mother Kali!
Finish him!
Hara Hara Hara Shankara!
Fearless through every nerve
Hara Hara Hara Shankara!
Fearless through every nerve
Be a sword, O merciful
And swing away!
Bestower of order in all three worlds!
Hara Hara Hara
Hara Hara Hara
Hara Hara Hara
Hara Hara Hara
Hara Hara Hara Shankara!
Fearless through every nerve
Hara Hara Hara Shankara!
Fearless through every nerve
Be a sword, O merciful
And swing away!
Bestower of order in all three worlds
-Sways the entire cosmos
As Bhola's garland of vengeance
The annihilation continues
Eliminating the demons
Let's go, dear.
The women trafficking mafia is finished.
We found the largest database.
Girls from many countries have been saved.
They are returning to their parents.
Who achieved this, sir?
The public calls the killer a god.