Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 (2022) Movie Script

She is taking her!
Let go of me!
I will not leave until I seek revenge!
I will not leave!
Let's go, my dear.
-Whose bag is it?
Someone left it behind. Hey.
It's a bomb!
It doesn't belong to any of us.
I am telling you,
there's a bomb in it.
Oh, God!
We can't even get out of here.
Don't worry, Grandma.
-I've got your back.
-Back off!
This bag doesn't have a bomb in it.
-This bag belongs to a bombshell.
What is he saying?
-What's happened to him?
-Now watch me hug it.
-Thank you so much.
Thank you so so much.
Oh, come on.
You don't need to thank me, Reet.
How do you know my name?
Reet Rathore.
You are traveling to Chandigarh.
How do you know that?
I just know. I just know things.
You can call it sixth sense or
sixth sense.
No, I didn't read that.
-I really do have a sixth sense.
By the way, I am Ruhaan Randhawa.
I am traveling to Delhi via Chandigarh.
Thank you. Thanks a lot.
Watch out, Auntie!
Stalker much?
No, the phone--
Oh, so you want my phone number now!
-You are getting it all wrong.
-No, I got it right.
You think you stand a chance
because you helped me?
Reet, this phone--
To hell with your phone!
Are you a crackpot or what?
I am not a crackpot,
but your phone just cracked a "pop."
You left it back there.
Oh, shit!
Your family must be worried.
Here, talk to your sister-in-law.
How do you know about her?
Here, talk to her.
Hey, Reet. Where have you reached?
I just took the bus.
Show some excitement,
you are getting married.
Come on, sister-in-law!
Did you really just send
me here to become a doctor
so that you could get me
married to any stranger?
Reet, Sagar is a very nice boy.
Yes, and consider yourself lucky.
Oh, really? If he is so nice,
why don't you marry him instead?
Okay. I will if you don't show up.
Come soon.
Everyone is waiting for you.
You can get someone better than Sagar.
You still don't believe
that I have a sixth sense?!
Here you go then.
You are from Rajasthan.
Your father's name
is Thakur Vijender Singh.
You have been here for four years
studying MBBS at a medical college.
-I know, right?
You really do have a sixth sense.
That's amazing.
Can I also try?
You are Ruhaan Randhawa.
The only child of late business
tycoon Ratan Randhawa.
You are from Delhi.
Education from The Doon School.
Currently unemployed.
You too have a Facebook
account, you know?
This is where you got all
that information from, right?
My relationship status is single
on Facebook, you know?
The bus will stop here for 20 minutes.
I've been on the road
ever since my parents died.
I went to Gujarat
last month to fly a kite.
Before that, I went
to Banaras to have a paan.
You are mad.
This is how one should live life, Reet.
Just pack your bags
and go globe-trotting.
Live in the moment.
Tell me something, which is
the place that you liked the most here?
I spent the last four years traveling back
and forth between college and the hostel.
Well, my dad is quite strict.
He wasn't even ready to send me here.
He agreed only on the condition
that all I'd do here is study.
That's why I kept traveling back and forth
between college and the hostel.
Even if you mind, can I say something?
You are either too naive
or you think I am that.
The word that shall not be used.
It starts with a C.
Con man?
Never mind. You are naive.
Reet, now don't tell me
that you didn't even attend
the famous music festival here.
You didn't?!
I am not mad, you are mad.
Come on.
You have to attend
that festival with me.
Let's go!
The bus is leaving! Let's go!
Hurry up!
-Let's go.
-Come on!
this isn't the only bus
that goes to Chandigarh.
We will take the evening bus.
You'll have to wait at the airport
for a couple of hours anyway.
Let's utilize that time here instead.
You have wasted four years.
I am sure you can spare
four hours for yourself!
What do you say?
You take away all our sufferings
You are bountiful
Both, the rich and the poor
Are your supplicants
We have mixed a Hindi poetry
With English pop music
This song's got swag
With a touch of devotion to it
My lonely heart pleads
When will I find the dream girl I seek?
Help me find what I seek
O the one who sets
Everything right for her devotees
You have always been true to your words
Everyone, give a huge round
Of applause for this girl
Everyone, give a huge round
Of applause for this girl
Everyone, give a huge round
Of applause for this girl
Everyone, give a huge round
Of applause for this girl
Everyone, give a huge round
Of applause for this girl
You have always been true to your words
Some want hot bombshells
Some want selfie queens
I just want something
That grows gradually
I just want everlasting love
Someone with intoxicating eyes
Someone as beautiful as the moon
Introduce me to such a girl
O the one who changes
Everyone's fate for good
You have always been true to your words
Everyone, give a huge round
Of applause for this girl
Everyone, give a huge round
Of applause for this girl
You have always been true to your words
Why are you doing this?
Why are you doing this?
I have already lost my mind
Why are you making me
Lose my good intentions?
Your lovers are rowdies, it's true
Don't assume that I am fake too
I do rap and not Qawali
You are always true to your words
Everyone, give a huge round
Of applause for this girl
Everyone, give a huge round
Of applause for this girl
You are always true to your words
She isn't answering the phone.
Please tell us, sir.
We will tell you everything we know.
You should go and talk to them.
What is going on, sir?
The 02:30 p.m. bus en route
to Chandigarh met with an accident.
The bus fell down the gorge.
That's the bus we
were supposed to be on.
Thank God you didn't take that bus.
None of the passengers
on that bus survived.
Find it.
I can't hear you. Hello?
Hello, Trisha!
Trisha? I can hear you!
How did this happen, Sagar?
I used to pray to God every day that
your marriage with Reet gets called off
so that we could be together.
I never thought that this is how
God would answer my prayers.
Reet is gone because of me, Sagar.
It is not your fault.
at least, now, your sister can marry
your fianc.
-She cannot.
-Why not?
If I go home, Dad will
make sure that I get married.
For real?
Wedding invites have already been sent.
Everyone in the city knows that
I am supposed to get married to Sagar.
Changing the bride at the last minute
will ruin our reputation.
And my father can tolerate
anything but that.
He'll make sure that
I get married to Sagar.
So, what will you do now?
I will have to hide the fact from
my family that I am alive, Ruhaan.
Only then do they stand
a chance to get married.
So, according to your family,
you'll be dead forever?
I can tell them the truth
once they get married.
What about Hitler
I mean, your father?
You think he'll forgive you
once he learns the truth?
Perhaps not.
He might sever all ties with me.
But at least, my sister will be able
to settle down with the one she loves.
You are such a nice person.
I wonder what my family must be going
through after hearing about my death!
I cannot even go in front of them.
But you
Ruhaan, will you come with me?
Death, funeral, crying, and wailing?
Why are you getting me into this mess?
Look, Ruhaan, you are not
going back home anyway.
You plan to wander around.
So, why not go to Bhawanigarh with me!
Bhaw-- Bhawanigarh?
You can go to Gujarat to fly a kite,
you can go to Banaras to have a paan,
but you cannot go
to Rajasthan to help a girl?!
You know, our dal bati churma
is quite famous.
I've never had it.
Oh my, such a romantic place!
This is your house?!
Where are you going?
Don't go inside, everyone
will recognize you.
Stop! Someone will see you, Reet!
This used to be my home.
This is where I spent my childhood.
No one comes here anymore.
This is the safest place to hide.
Come on.
Even if you mind,
can I say something?
It's quite spooky.
That it is.
Villagers think it is haunted.
They say it is haunted
by Manjulika's spirit.
She used to sing,
"Oh, my beloved, listen."
Oh, look!
It's locked.
We can't go inside.
Let's leave. Come.
How did that happen?
It's old and rusty.
It must have fallen off.
And this?
It's quite windy out here.
Winds must have opened it. Let's go.
It's windy?
You are scared.
Scared? Who, me?
-Clack bat!
-What happened?
-A clack bat!
A black cat!
Let's go.
Come on, Ruhaan!
You're a modern guy, how can
you possibly believe in ghosts?
I don't believe in them.
They aren't trustworthy at all.
Whenever they see someone alive,
they kill them.
I think
Mika is in the lounge.
I mean Manjulika.
Oh my God, lights!
Villages are known for power cuts,
not sudden power surges.
Even in the unconscious
Only I remember you
What the--
Thakur Saab!
Thakur Saab!
A disaster!
A disaster!
Past has been unearthed!
Who had a birth?
She just died.
Priest, he said past
has been unearthed.
What are you doing?
What happened, Chote Pandit?
The doors of the old
manor were open, sir.
And the lights were turned on.
How did it open?
I have spent some of the most
beautiful moments of my life here.
You know-- Come here.
Dad used to push that swing for me.
Your dad is a swinger?
what if someone has
opened that door as well?
And this is where my sister-in-law
used to oil and massage my hair.
And my uncle and I used
to gambol over there.
What if someone rented it out by mistake?
Anyway, we'll learn
the truth soon enough.
You should have converted
it into a library, Thakur Saab.
Rajjo, Potlu, Auntie, Trisha
Ruhaan, how I wish we could
all stay in this house once again!
If anyone sees me, we'll be in trouble.
Hide here!
Nice. It's well-maintained.
Who has maintained this manor?
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
Thakur Saab, I have a more
important question to ask.
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
Keep quiet, deaf guy.
I am Ruhaan, Uncle. I mean Thakur Saab.
I didn't come here on my own.
Reet brought me here.
Reet is dead.
Did her ghost bring you here?
He is right.
Reet brought me here.
I mean her ghost brought me here.
Look, Uncle, I mean Thakur Saab,
I too wouldn't believe in me
if I were standing in your place.
But I am standing here, right?
I have a God's gift.
I can see dead people.
Oh, fish.
I am raised among ghosts. It's true.
In fact, instead of tring-tring, my house
phone rings like conjuring-conjuring.
What are you doing? Hey!
Why are you--
who is this sweet boy?
This mongoose-faced man
is a devil in disguise, Uncle!
He is a liar!
Is he your son?
This is the right time
to confess if you are lying.
Otherwise, irrespective of whether
you can see ghosts or not,
no one on the face of the earth
will be able to see you anymore.
Why would I lie?
That swing over there
you used to push it for Reet, right?
And sister-in-law,
you used to oil Reet's hair.
And you are her uncle.
You used to gambol with
her when she was young.
Does any outsider know these things?
-No, right?
How do I know about them?
Reet told me about them.
Reet's ghost told me about them.
Reet was our life.
I hope you are not playing
with our feelings.
I swear on my dead mother
Reet is here.
Look, she is standing over there
and looking at all of you with love.
No, not on your left,
on your right.
-Reet is here?!
Why didn't Reet bring you home?
Why did she bring you to this manor?
Right, brother?
Good question.
The answer
I see.
Oh okay.
Can you see her?
I can't see her.
Is she on our right or left?
Could you please dial it down a little?
Okay, I'll explain.
Reet is saying that
she loved this house.
And her last wish is
to stay in this house with her family.
If we manage to fulfill her last wish,
then that poor girl will get salvation.
But Father, what about Manjulika?
She is confined to that room.
If this is what Reet wishes for,
then so be it.
Listen up, everyone!
Our whole family will stay here.
Get this place cleaned up.
Come with us.
I'll join you in a second, sister-in-law.
Hey, you two, don't just
stand there staring at my face!
-Get lost!
-Show some respect!
No, Uncle, I am not talking to you.
I am talking to the two spirits
standing behind you.
Come on, off you go.
We'll discuss that at the new manor.
don't them to the new manor.
You should have your
discussion right here.
-Are you sure?
-See you tomorrow.
As you wish.
Ruhaan, you've solved
the whole problem.
If you can convince
everyone to stay here,
then you can certainly convince
them to get Sagar married to Trisha.
You have to forgive me, madam.
I am leaving.
-They will kill me if they see you here.
No. Please don't do this to me.
No one will see me here.
This manor has 15 corridors and 50 rooms.
I have many places to hide.
This manor is a labyrinth.
Hey, clean it properly!
-Hey, what are you doing?
-This has to be done today!
Work faster. Brother
will be here any minute.
What is going on, Gulshan?
Why is it taking them
so long to clean this floor?
-I'll get--
-I'll check upstairs.
I'll get this done. Work faster.
Look at the state of this place.
No one pays attention to it.
There are dried leaves on the floor.
No one cleans up--
No need to clean up this place!
You must be the first girl in the world
to relish the food served at her funeral.
It's very tasty.
I don't want my family to be sad.
-If you--
So, you want me to go downstairs
and put up another show?
-Truer words were never spoken,
a woman indeed doesn't leave
you alone even after she dies.
Then ask him.
Thakur Saab
she died at a very young age.
She was so young.
And she was unmarried.
Ma'am, you will have to offer her
weight in silver as a donation.
For the magic.
Ma'am, how much did Reet weigh?
Around 45 kilos.
How much?
Forty-five kilos.
Oh, no. That poor girl was dieting.
Bade Pandit, if only it had been
Thakur Saab instead of her
we would have become rich.
He is healthy as a horse.
We were preparing for a wedding
but we ended up having a funeral.
We will celebrate, sister-in-law.
We will have a wedding.
Trisha's wedding.
My first daughter just passed away.
How dare you talk about getting
my second daughter married!
-Tell him!
Thakur Saab, this is Reet's last wish.
But wasn't her last wish to stay here?
That was her first last wish.
This is her second last wish.
Tell me about it.
She has a list of wishes.
Look, Reet wants you to carry
on with the wedding as scheduled.
Get done with the henna
ceremony and the engagement,
and have the wedding
on the scheduled day.
The only difference
will be that Trisha will be the bride,
instead of Reet.
This girl?!
-Get her married?!
-What do you say, Trisha?
Would you like to fulfill
your dead sister's last wish?
If this is what Reet wants.
What do you say, Sumit?
-Right. Sagar?
I mean,
If it's taking you so long to think,
then maybe we should call it off.
-Yes, call it off.
-No. I mean,
we should fulfill Reet's last wish.
This is the youth of our country.
How selfless!
This is wrong!
This is absolutely wrong.
Yes, Thakur Saab,
it is wrong.
Reet? Why are you standing there?
Come and sit over here.
Why do you always
make her sit next to me?
Hang on a second. Kids shouldn't
interrupt when adults are talking.
But Thakur Saab--
I see.
Thakur Saab, Reet says that she
wants to be happy with all of you.
She doesn't want you all to be sad.
Once she is happy,
she will take the shortcut to heaven.
There's a shortcut to heaven?!
It's a phrase, elephant--
An elephant never forgets.
It's a phrase.
You need to decide whether poor Reet
gets to attend the wedding or not.
Trisha and Sagar will get married.
That's more like it, Thakur Saab.
One more thing,
her spirit is in peace
after hearing all this.
-So, cancel the donation drive.
Pack your stuff and leave.
Bade Pandit
he's a bigger rascal than you.
Omniscient, my foot!
Tell you what
he's a bigger rascal than us.
Hey, Ruhaan!
-Yes, Uncle?
-Does Reet talk about me?
She always talks about you.
-Look, there she is.
Right in front of you.
-She wants to swirl with you.
She has extended her hands.
Come on, hold her hands.
-A little to the right.
She is holding them.
-She is?!
-She is holding them.
-Time to swirl.
-She's holding my hands.
-Oh, yes!
-Swirl. Yes, swirl.
-Are you having fun?
Oh, Reet, my child, how are you?
Are you enjoying yourself?
Thank you so much, Ruhaan.
You know, I have been dieting
for two months for the wedding.
I had even purchased
an expensive dress for it.
I thought the dress would go to waste.
But another wedding will take
place here, all thanks to Reet.
She is over here.
I wish I could hug you.
You can.
I don't just talk to spirits.
Spirits can possess my body as well.
Shit, why did I say that!
It was a secret.
Reet can be in two places
at one time?!
Come, give me a tight hug.
You have never been
so affectionate toward me.
It's not just you.
I am feeling affectionate toward
all the females in the family.
I will meet everyone one by one.
What is it, kiddo?
Reet, you remember her?
It's Granny.
She too wants to give you a tight hug.
Come, give me a hug.
You're going to join me in heaven
in a couple of days anyway.
-Let's hug over there, okay?
I am not going anywhere
until I complete a century.
Come, give me a hug.
It feels good, doesn't it?
Someone liked getting cozy with Rajjo.
She is the only attractive
thing in this haunted manor.
Let this poor guy have some fun.
Don't you feel ashamed of
taking advantage of her emotions?
I do.
That's why I am thinking
of making her my wife.
My wife's sister.
Your sister, my wife's sister.
Ruhaan, I'll--
How come?
Ruhaan, there's something
we need to tell Reet.
That you two love each other, right?
She knows. She is smart.
-She knows everything.
-She knows?!
-How does she know?
The call
The phone call?
I mean since yesterday.
You see, I am talking to a Bengali spirit,
so I've gained a Bengali accent.
Reet knows everything about you two
since the time she died yesterday.
She says she is very
happy for you two.
She says there is nothing more
important for her than your happiness.
Okay, now, get out.
Thank you.
What are you doing here?
I don't know, sister-in-law.
Listen to me very carefully, Ruhaan.
Come what may,
you should never go
anywhere close to this room.
You may have spoken to many spirits
but Manjulika
Manjulika is different, Ruhaan.
Let's go.
Triple role?
One, two, three?
-What is it?
-What is it?
I was enjoying a nice breakfast
when I spotted you under it.
Why is your picture
in the newspaper?
What is this?
What does this mean, obi--
They have published my picture
because I can talk to spirits.
What about the others then?
Some of them are garlanded.
I had helped these spirits
communicate with their family.
How nice! You are quite famous!
Who is he?
The village chief.
What does he want from me?
My mother wants to meet you.
-She wants to felicitate you.
They have kept a party in your honor.
Oh, there's a party?
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
Let's go meet your mother, Chief.
How are you, Grandma?
What is wrong with her?
Since when?
For the last 80 years.
What is her age?
She is around 80, son.
So, she had it since childhood?!
She's a fighter.
They should make a documentary
on you, Grandma.
You know, they can
cure cancer these days.
Hey, Grandma.
Priest, does she too have
a weak connection like you?
No, her connection is broken.
There is no network.
What do you mean?
She just passed away.
Why did you call me here?
To talk to her spirit.
You are omniscient.
Talk to her.
She was very stingy, Mr. Ruhaan.
She hid all our ancestral gold
and kicked the bucket.
We cannot talk to her dead body.
Call her spirit and ask where
she has hidden the gold.
-I cannot do it just like that.
-He is right.
He will need to cast spells
and chant mantras, sir.
Let them communicate in private.
Pay your respect and leave.
Let bygones be bygones.
Take your time, son.
I am fasting to ensure we pull this off.
I have kept a monkey
under that old hag's chair.
When the monkey laughs, Ruhaan will cry.
He found the gold!
He found the gold!
My gold! Good job, Mr. Ruhaan!
Wow! Give it to me!
I got my gold back.
He found the gold.
It's a miracle!
He is not Ruhaan.
He is Rooh Baba.
Everyone, repeat after me.
-Hail Rooh Baba!
-Hail Rooh Baba!
-Hail Rooh Baba!
-Hail Rooh Baba!
-Hail Rooh Baba!
-Hail Rooh Baba!
One selfie, please.
Say it loudly.
-Hail Rooh Baba!
-Hail Rooh Baba!
Hail Rooh Baba!
These frivolous clothes
don't suit you, Baba.
So, I want you to accept this garb
as a gift from all the villagers.
-Hail Rooh Baba!
-Hail Rooh Baba!
Don't think too hard.
Just accept it as an offering and eat it.
Baba Rooh Baba!
Baba Rooh Baba!
Baba Rooh Baba!
Baba Rooh Baba!
Baba Rooh Baba!
Baba Rooh Baba!
Baba Rooh Baba!
-Hail Rooh Baba!
-Hail Rooh Baba!
Baba Rooh Baba!
-Hail Rooh Baba!
-Hail Rooh Baba!
Baba Rooh Baba!
Rooh Baba, please talk
to our father's spirit and tell us.
Neither of you will get the house.
The house will go to
the animal welfare department.
Uncle Chitramal is saying that
you two fight like dogs and cats.
So, it is better if the house is
transferred over to the animals.
-Don't say that, Rooh Baba!
-We are brothers.
-He's right.
-We will share the house, Rooh Baba.
God bless you, Rooh Baba.
Baba Rooh Baba!
Everything will be fine.
-We'll get you married.
-Everything will be fine.
What are you doing?
Putting up a poster.
Adding poster to injury?!
Unashamed, unabashed,
unkind, unemployed brat!
Baba Rooh Baba!
Baba Rooh Baba!
Baba Rooh Baba!
Where are you hiding, Reet?
Come to Uncle.
Hey, Potlu. Call him.
Everything will be alright.
Write it down.
I spoke to Gandhiji just yesterday.
We are good friends.
Rooh Baba, you have helped
everyone in the village,
but you are yet to communicate
with my wife Kalawati.
Hey, go away!
Always following me for no reason!
I cannot help you communicate
with Kalawati.
Because her soul has reincarnated.
She is back?!
Where is she, Rooh Baba?
She is always following you.
She is standing right behind you.
This donkey is my wife?!
She was as dumb as a donkey
in her previous life as well
to have married a dumbo like you.
Try to recognize her.
She is looking at you
with so much affection.
She has the same eyes and lips.
She has to be Kallo.
They left.
They left.
Yes, tell me?
Oh, come on, Commissioner.
Rooh Baba will help you
communicate with your dead mother
after he helps the minister communicate
with his dead mother-in-law.
He's busy.
Got anything to say now?
What should I say?
Even with the free services,
you guys are expensive.
Buzz off, donkey!
-Whom did you call donkey?
-Your dog.
-Everything will be fine.
-Hail Rooh Baba!
-Hail Rooh Baba!
-Hail Rooh Baba!
Baba Rooh Baba
Good days will come, ma'am.
Good days will come.
In fact, good days are already here.
Did he run away?
Where is he?
She is alive!
-Reet is alive!
There you go.
You lost your better half yet again.
You lost your queen.
I saw her!
Someone's all grown up now, Thakur Saab.
Shut up!
I saw Reet.
You must have seen
someone else, Potlu.
No, she was there.
She is alive.
Thakur Saab Reet is alive.
Reet is alive?!
I mean children are a form of God
and that has been proven today.
Children, dogs,
and puppies can see spirits.
I've heard about dogs
being able to see them.
They have a clear conscience.
Are you a swine, Potlu?
Are you sure, Potlu?
I so want to lift him.
But alas, he is quite heavy.
Does God really dwell in me?
Don't you believe me?
Come, let me prove it to you.
Come with me.
Look down.
I am going to throw you down now,
but nothing will happen to you.
You will bounce right back.
-Listen, you little menace!
Do you know what I will do to you
if you ever see Reet again?
What will you do?
I will lock you in that room.
There you will get to see your aunt.
And what will she say?
"Oh, my beloved, listen."
I don't want to listen.
I won't see Reet.
I didn't see her earlier either.
Calm down.
Okay, come.
Come on.
Here's your Manjulika.
You get scared for no reason.
Oh, yeah?
Everyone believes that
there is a ghost in that room.
I am always worried about
what will happen if anyone sees you.
When I step outside
to clear my mind,
villagers drag me to the graveyard
to talk to the dead.
I really feel like leaving
this place for good.
Fine, you can leave.
I am really leaving, Reet.
Yes, I understand.
How long can we continue
with this drama anyway!
I will have to come in front of everyone
once Sagar and Trisha get married.
I understand.
I will pack my bag and leave then.
-Are you sure I should leave?
-I am sure.
It's a final goodbye.
Take care.
You are such a liar.
Your words don't match your thoughts.
It is not your fault.
Our relationship began with a lie.
What lie?
The lie that you are dead.
The lie that I can
communicate with spirits.
Let's do one thing.
Let's tell each other some
more lies before I leave.
What do you mean?
Give me your hand.
Not like this. Flip it over.
Now, repeat after me.
We solemnly swear
We solemnly swear
-that whatever we say
-that whatever we say
-will be a complete lie,
-will be a complete lie,
-and nothing
-and nothing
-but a lie.
-but a lie.
I am not at all scared of Manjulika.
I too am sure that
Manjulika's ghost exists.
I am starting to hate you.
I don't like you at all.
I don't want to spend
another second with you.
I too want you to leave right now.
I have never seen a girl uglier
than you in my life.
If you hate me so much, then just say it.
I hate you.
I hate you too.
My behavior
Why has it changed ever since I met you?
I am surprised
Your presence
Why does it keep me awake all night?
I spend all night tossing and turning
It feels like we are walking on clouds
Why can't we walk on the ground anymore?
-Are we high on life?
-Are we high on life?
-Are we high on life?
-Are we high on life?
I didn't know
There would ever come
A day I would fall in love
But that was before
I met you
I desire
Nothing much
All I want is all your free time
I am going crazy
My heart is feeling restless
Why can't I resolve this problem?
-Are we high on life?
-Are we high on life?
-Are we high on life?
-Are we high on life?
Rajasthan is famous for three things.
camels, and now, Rooh Baba.
You know your black Rooh Baba garb?
-Looks too good on you.
Come on, Uncle.
That is the only black
thing that is good.
All the other black things
are associated with bad things.
Black magic.
-Black magic?
That's what Manjulika used to do.
I've been hearing about Manjulika
ever since I got here.
-Who is she?
-Right here.
She's trapped right here.
Careful there, Uncle.
Be careful.
She has taken over
the entire third floor.
-She has made the property rates fall--
-Careful, Uncle,
or you'll fall right into her lap.
No, I don't need to fear
when I have you next to me.
You can talk to spirits.
You should ask her what she wants.
What do you want?
-Let's go and ask her.
-Let's go.
-Coming to get you, Manju!
-Let's go.
Watch your step.
I will put an end
to Manjulika's story today.
-Just tell me
if I should go inside
and bash her up or bring her out.
Bring her out, son. Bring her out.
It will make me happy.
I will give her a tight slap.
Who started the cooler?
Let's shut it down.
It shut down.
Who is it?
What are you doing?
Sorry, Thakur Saab.
Have you two lost your mind?
I'd told you not to come here.
The spirit behind this door
is no ordinary spirit, Ruhaan.
It's Manjulika who can do black magic.
Many years ago
my father was called here from Kolkata
to manage the accounts.
My twin sister, Manjulika,
and I came with him.
I am yours
I am solely yours
Oh, my beloved, listen
My desires will
Forever remain in the breeze
My father was a maestro
of dance and music.
Very good. It's a miracle.
Manju would feel jealous
whenever Dad showed affection
toward me or praised me.
I didn't realize when her
jealously turned into hatred.
Let there be eternal peace.
What have you been doing here?
What are you doing?
You are driving me mad!
It will ruin everything!
We looked the same
but had completely
opposite personalities.
Dad thought she would
eventually fall back in line.
What we didn't know
was that Manjulika's insanity
was growing with passing time.
She preferred a different world.
She was interested in
black magic, dark spells,
and the dark world of the Aghoris.
Manju loved Kunwar very much.
She had started loving him.
-I am so sorry.
Beloved, even after death
I will love you
In restlessness
My heart will seek you
Your voice plays in my heart
Your desires can be seen in my heart
Your voice can be heard in
The clinking of my bangles
This separation always brings us closer
-Oh, my beloved!
-Oh, my beloved!
-I am yours
-I am yours
-I am solely yours
-I am solely yours
-I am yours
-I am yours
My son, Kunwar, likes your daughter.
If you don't mind, I would like her
to be my daughter-in-law.
Thank you very much.
It will be a privilege.
What are you doing?
We are related now.
What are you doing?
I'd told you to stop all this.
You want to use black magic
to kill your sister?
Why didn't you die before
thinking about killing her!
You should have never been born!
I wish God had given me
just one daughter.
I will not spare you.
I will not spare you!
It's a good thing that Anjulika
doesn't do black magic.
Otherwise, you would have said,
"Anjulika is so good at doing black magic.
Manjulika, you should
learn something from her."
You always scolded me.
You never loved me. Why?
But I love you a lot, Dad.
I love you so much.
And I will do as you say.
You wished that you had
just one daughter, right?
Now onward, you will
have just one daughter.
I promise.
Manjulika, what are you doing?
Manjulika, you--
Manjulika! What are you doing?
Manjulika, stop it!
I killed my sister.
I killed her.
But death didn't stop Manjulika.
We called an exorcist before
Manjulika's spirit could hurt anyone else.
Manjulika is enduring the punishment
for her sins in that room.
Call it our bad luck
or Manjulika's curse,
but we have lost eight
family members since then.
did you get them drunk
and take them to that room?
Keep quiet.
would you still like to meet Manjulika?
No, sister-in-law. I am not interested
in talking to such a disgusting woman.
Not interested.
I got to step out after so many days.
Such a relief!
I even made you try
the famous dal bati churma.
Now, do you finally believe
that Manjulika doesn't exist?
Can we talk about something
other than ghosts for a change?
-Let's go. Let's get out of here.
-Let's go.
Next time, we will ride a camel, okay?
Reet is alive.
He is not Rooh Baba, he is Liar Baba!
She is not Kalawati. She is a donkey.
I am such an idiot.
I'd come to ask him if Nathu's dog
is my deceased mother as
she always tries to bite me.
I won't spare you, Rooh Baba.
I'll go and inform the idiot
I mean Bade Pandit!
Bade Pandit!
-Our time will come!
-Our time will come!
-Our time will come!
-Our time will come!
-Our time will come!
-Our time will come!
Thakur Saab!
Thakur Saab!
-Thakur Saab! Thakur Sa--
-He's over here.
What is it, priest?
-What's all this commotion about?
Bangladesh won the hockey match.
They won by 5-6.
He is asking me for the score.
Shut up, deaf guy.
-We have news for you.
-Breaking news.
What is the news?
He is not a sage.
I have checked his horoscope.
-He is lying.
Thakur Saab, your daughter,
Reet, is alive.
I swear on Goddess Bhawani!
Then, who was playing with me before?
I saw her.
You can break my legs if I am lying.
And if he is telling the truth, then
Ruhaan gets the same punishment.
-Break his legs.
Priest, if you are telling the truth,
then I won't break his legs
I will behead him.
He promised.
how can you doubt Ruhaan?
He has nothing to fear
if he hasn't done anything wrong.
Let them assure themselves.
Search each and every room in the manor.
Sure, you can frisk me.
-Search the manor.
-Search the manor.
-Search every courtyard and corridor!
-We will!
-We will!
Search every nook and corner!
-We will!
-We will!
Look for her everywhere!
-We will!
-We will!
We will find her!
-We will!
-We will!
Find her, my beloved
-My beloved.
-My beloved.
Find her, my beloved
-My beloved.
-My beloved.
Reet, run!
Calm down. It's okay.
-No, let's go this way.
-Let's go.
Search there!
Did you find her?
-Not yet.
-Not yet.
Did you find her?
-Not yet.
-Not yet.
Today, we will find her anyhow.
Let's go.
Check upstairs!
Let's go.
Thakur Saab.
Look over there!
There isn't anyone down here.
Search upstairs.
Don't worry, we will find her.
Listen up, everybody.
Let's go upstairs.
You have nothing to fear
as long as I am with you.
Follow me!
We will find her.
What is this?
May Lord save us from evil!
You don't need to fear anyone.
Follow me. Let's go upstairs.
Look for her over there!
Check every nook and corner!
Today, Ruhaan will be beheaded!
Listen up, everyone!
-Search upstairs.
-Go, look up.
-Let's go.
Now, there is just one way to escape them.
-No one will search this room.
Don't worry.
What about Manjulika?
She is just a myth.
Just like our story,
her story is also a lie.
-Let's go. We have no other option.
-No, Reet. Reet.
-Check upstairs as well!
-Open the door, Ruhaan.
-Ruhaan will be beheaded today.
Hurry up.
We searched the entire manor, Thakur Saab.
The three of us went right,
and the others went left.
On the left, we saw--
Enough of these complex equations, priest!
Did you find Reet?
You seem to be a little wet
behind the ears.
Under these circumstances,
just dump it out!
So, you should ask, "Did you find her?"
You will get us killed.
Just shut up and stand here.
Where's Chote Pandit?
He ran away.
Tell me, did you find Reet?
I am deaf.
-He is talking to you.
Thakur Saab,
we searched the entire manor,
except for Manjulika's room.
I think
Reet is hiding there.
Thakur Saab is smart.
Do you also think that?
Do you really think anyone would make
the mistake of opening that room?
Forgive us for doubting you, Ruhaan.
It's okay, sister-in-law.
Thakur Saab,
weren't you talking about
beheading someone,
chopping off someone's legs,
or something?
-He was talking about it.
-Yeah, wasn't he?
-How does he plan to do it?
Using a saw.
So, where's the saw?
At home.
Go, get it.
-Go, get it.
Stop, you fool!
We already have a dagger and a sword here.
But women these days always want more.
You are lucky to be that, Thakur Saab!
Let's go.
I should have gone to Bigg Boss instead,
where you, at least,
get paid for being humiliated.
Yes. Bless us, God.
I am yours
I am solely yours
I am yours
My desires will forever remain
In the breeze
It will stay alive
Even after being destroyed
I am yours
I am solely yours
I am yours
I am Manjulika!
It is not my fault, Ms. Manju.
Please, forgive me.
I came to this room by mistake, sister.
It is not my fault.
Please forgive me. Please.
I told you there is no ghost here.
Manjulika doesn't exist.
There is a limit to joking around.
Oh, come on.
I am sorry. Sorry.
You are crazy.
These clothes were lying there,
so I thought I should play a prank on you.
I don't understand your pranks.
By the way, you look quite cute
when you are scared.
Wash your face.
You look just as scary as Manjulika.
There is no one out there. Let's go.
The boy goes jumping to the fair
But returns with
A punctured tire of his cycle
Is Reet upset over something?
-She is breaking things around the house.
-She's breaking things?!
-What just happened?
She is here now.
What was that?
What are you doing, Reet?
Are you crazy?
Put those things down.
Why are you disrupting the celebrations?
Stop this nonsense!
Thakur Saab, at least,
don't scold ghosts.
I know what is wrong.
What is wrong?
We doubted you two yesterday.
That's why Reet is upset.
That's why. Right.
-For such a small thing?
Reet, my child, forgive us. We are sorry.
Come on, let's hold hands and swirl.
You will feel better.
Don't worry.
I will cajole her in no time.
Slow down, dear.
Don't go so fast, Reet! Slow down!
Reet, I said slow down! Reet!
-That hurts.
Are you alright?
Who plays like that?
It seems like she is quite angry.
Ask Reet not to be so upset over this.
I am doing that, Granny.
please don't be so upset.
Please calm down.
Stop it, will you?
I mean, according to what I have read
about ghosts, this has to be Reet.
If that is Reet, then how can we see her?
That's because your heart too
is clean just like his.
-What is it?
Look at your granny.
-Yes, everyone can see her.
That's Reet. Everyone can see her.
Doesn't it look like she's
gained some weight?
Who would bother maintaining
their weight after dying!
That is true.
Hey, where did she go?
Where did she disappear?
She got upset because we called her fat.
She was already in a bad mood.
I'll go cajole her.
Get out of my way! The show's over!
Did Manjulika take her away?
Forget Manjulika,
I feel like you will kill me first.
Where is my bag?
Why do you start packing
your bags over trivial matters?
Let's run away.
Ruhaan we're Thakurs.
We never run away from trouble.
And we're Randhawas.
We flee at the first sign of trouble.
We cannot leave.
We set Manjulika free.
Everyone's life is in
danger because of us.
And you know what the worst part is?
No one knows that she has been set free.
Okay, fine, you can leave if you want to.
I am not leaving.
Why did I have to fall for a Thakur?
I should have fallen for a Gupta
or an Agarwal's daughter instead.
My mother was right.
Wives do start looking like witches
after a couple of years.
You do look like one.
In the flesh.
You do have something witchy about you.
She is indeed a witch.
But look, Ruhaan managed
to turn my witchy wife into a donkey.
Don't stand there in your birthday suit,
-Go inside!
-I am not your husband.
Go away.
-Leave that donkey alone.
We have finally managed to fool Ruhaan.
Didn't you see how scared he was?
He is dying of cold?!
He was scared!
We have to scare him.
We need to confirm whether Reet
is alive or Ruhaan is simply lying.
No, priest,
you are amazing.
I just walked backward.
You are the one who made things fly.
Like a Hollywood hero!
I made things fly?
-He did?
I thought you were
behind that amazing feat.
-Why would Mohanlal be here?
-He said amazing feat.
Which police?
What's amazing is that Ruhaan
thinks Manjulika has been set free.
You got it all wrong.
Ruhaan thinks Manjulika
has been set free.
Priest, it's time for some cow urine.
-Let's go.
-She thinks he made things fly.
He cannot fly a thing.
I didn't make anything fly.
Then, who made those things fly?
Is Manjulika really back?
What happened?
Where is Reet?
There she is. She's sitting
on the sofa there, look.
I know that Reet is alive.
The priest was telling the truth.
You were hiding Reet in Manjulika's room.
Where is she?
He was lying, sister-in-law.
Both, Chote Pandit and Bade Pandit,
keep spinning tales.
Don't believe them.
Reet isn't here.
What is going on, Reet?
Why did you lie?
I'll tell you everything.
Then, all of you thought
that he could talk to spirits.
What else could I do, sister-in-law?
I had to do this for Trisha.
You know what happened
because of that, don't you?
Manjulika has been set free.
She attacked me!
For 18 years,
I kept thinking
of ways to kill you
once I get out of there.
But not so easily.
Not so easily.
you too have been trapped
in that body for 18 years.
let me set you free.
My dearest sister Anjulika,
Kunwar is showing some movement
after all these years.
Aren't you happy?
I will leave him for now.
I will kill all your family
members one by one.
You will suffer.
You will cry.
But you won't be able to save anyone.
And in the end,
you will meet your end.
What should we do now?
This is an irremediable disaster!
She has been trapped
in that room for 18 years.
You have no idea how angry
and vindictive she must be feeling.
That banshee must have
become even more powerful now.
It won't be easy
to recapture her.
There has to be a solution, Baba.
Spirits are at their weakest
during a lunar eclipse.
We can recapture her when that happens.
Why do all banshees have
to be connected to lunar eclipses?
Baba, he means, when
is the next lunar eclipse?
After three days.
Three days?
Couldn't you wait for three days
to enter Manjulika's room?
We would have sent her back right away.
I am not worried about myself, Baba.
-But my family--
-That's enough!
I will keep chanting protective mantras
nonstop for three days.
She won't be able to go anywhere
near you or your family.
She won't be able to do anything.
Anything at all!
Potlu! Is someone coming?
Go faster, Reet!
This is fun!
Reet, I too want to fly like him.
Is your sage fake like the other sages?
He was making tall claims.
He said Manjulika won't be able
to come anywhere close to us.
But here, she is playing with the kid!
She isn't playing with him,
she is playing with our fears.
Come here.
Ruhaan, we no longer
need you for intermediation.
Reet starts playing with us
on her own now. Look over there.
That is not Reet, Uncle.
Then who is it?
-Manjulika has been set free!
-Hey, stop!
He is drunk.
He is just kidding.
-You want to go tell him everything?
What will you tell him?
That she came out because of you?
Because of me? What do you mean?
Of course, because of you.
Who got drunk and told me
to open the door?
Who asked me to remove the trident?
I did
-but now, she'd better not hurt my child!
Go easy, Dad. Manjulika can hear you.
Oh, can she? Good for her.
Let her hear me.
I haven't said anything wrong.
Ms. Manjulika, please don't hurt Potlu.
Aunt Manjulika, kids should not
spend all their time playing.
I still have a lot of homework to do.
I don't want to fail school.
Please put me down.
Come down. Come down, my boy.
She let him go. Thank you.
She let him go.
She must be tired of holding him up.
It was just a dream. Thank God.
What the--
Sister-in-law, what are you doing here?
Uncle is missing, Ruhaan.
We can't find him.
Did Manjulika
I wonder where he is!
I think we will have
to inform brother about it.
Mom, I think Dad was taken by Manju--
Manju. Right. Uncle was
talking to a girl called Manju.
I heard them.
-They were planning a rendezvous.
I am so worried about him, and he is busy
being a spoiled man-about-town.
He can go to hell for all I care.
-No, Mom. He--
-Where are you going?
Look for him over there, sister-in-law.
I'll take care of him. Come on.
Did Manjulika adopt a dog?
I guess, but her dog doesn't bite.
Why are you making me take the lead?
Because he is your father.
You will have to be
the one to make the sacrifice.
What is wrong?
Why are you snoring like that?
Uncle, why are you sleeping
on Manjulika's bed?
She will possess you.
This is the last place Manjulika
would want to be.
She spent 18 years
trapped in here, stupid.
-Eighteen years.
So, a prisoner will never want
to go back to his prison cell.
Uncle, sister-in-law has already
made a plan with the exorcist.
You have no reason to fear.
She has never done anything right.
I don't trust her plans.
I am not getting out of here.
Come on, Uncle.
Do as you please. I am leaving.
You're leaving your father all alone?
what was that?
Hurry up and leave from here.
What have I done!
-Rooh Baba.
You talk to spirits so easily,
but it is so difficult
to convince you to talk to them.
-Hail Rooh Baba.
-Namaste, Baba.
-Yeah, whatever!
-Rooh Baba.
Stop it.
We cannot get rid of our problem,
but you mother--
-Your mother's spirit.
You've brought me here to communicate
with your mother's spirit, right?
-Yes, Rooh Baba.
-Wait, I will.
your mother is relaxing on that tree.
I'll go talk to her.
After you passed away,
your husband started drinking every day.
You should ask him
to let go of his drinking habit.
Don't let go.
Hold on tight.
Remember, if I fall, you'll be dead.
You are a ghost.
You can walk on any surface.
That's what I am doing.
Do you know how difficult this is?
You have gained weight.
You should take keto.
Keep going.
Sister-in-law, pretend to be Manjulika
and scare Ruhaan,
so that he is forced to tell the truth.
Damn you! You broke my back!
You need to seek revenge
from Ruhaan, not me.
Behind you.
What? I too fell with you.
Look behind you, deaf guy.
Look behind you.
Oh, God.
He's behind me.
Rascals! You three have
been scaring everyone
by pretending to be Manjulika?
It was them. I was just a helping hand.
He is talking to you.
Greetings, priest.
Let's skip the formalities
and get straight to the point.
-May I?
-He's hitting my husband!
He's hitting a priest!
He is doomed to go to hell.
You will get cursed
for hitting my husband!
You will never get married!
-You will never have an heir!
-Stand straight.
I'm going to kick you.
Your spirit will keep wandering around!
-All the--
-Shut up.
I get possessed by Goddess!
What are you doing?
Why you--
Please help!
You are not real.
You are just a figment of my imagination.
-Oh, Lord.
-No one is good.
-Your wife is crying.
-Because her husband was thrashed.
Go, get her.
Tell her she needs to go home.
She had left food on the stove.
Yes. We were served
burnt food yesterday as well.
She also needs to make rotis.
Oh, my!
Oh, no!
Let's go home, sister-in-law.
You need to check on
the food you'd kept on the stove.
Can you please make
some curry for me tomorrow?
My head is spinning--
Oh, God!
What happened?
Your sister-in-law refused
to come with you, didn't she?
She is not my sister-in-law.
Don't you have house keys?
She is not my sister-in-law.
What did you say to your brother-in-law?
It's quite common for people
like us to get thrashed like that.
Hey, Lajjo.
Do not tell your family
that I got thrashed.
Everyone gets a beating
at least once in their lifetime,
it's just that no one reveals it.
don't get upset over it.
Go, make some curry.
Have you consumed cannabis, Lajjo?
A camel somewhere wants water.
Last night was quite eventful, sister.
He was out of control.
Meenu's mother is pregnant again?!
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
She is a doctor, bonehead!
She is a bloody doctor!
-She is a doctor!
-Hey, priest!
Watch out. Have you turned blind too?
Come this way.
Where to?
Over there.
What's over there?
-A ghost?
Hey, you two!
-Who could be scarier than you guys!
-She is!
-She is!
Actually, it is my fault.
-I thrashed you two but not her.
Come on, let's go and thrash her as well.
-Come with me.
-Come on!
Fine, I'll go bash her up then.
Let's go, hurry up.
Let's run away from the village.
Even if you mind, can I ask you something?
Why do you hide your face?
What have you done that
you need to hide your face?
Actually, you are full of cliches.
Black clothes, white face,
and hair covering the face.
How can you be Manjulika?
Donald Trump's tweets
and a witch's feet are always crooked.
Oh, damn.
Oh, God!
Did someone fall somewhere?
I think I heard something.
-Greetings, sister-in-law.
Why does Mr. Kunwar always sit like that?
Because Manjulika paid him a visit.
Oh, God!
Greetings, Thakur Saab.
Oh, wow!
There's the picture-perfect family!
Greetings, priest. What brings you here?
We are here because we are leaving.
What do you mean?
-We are leaving this village.
What happened?
Looks like they don't know
that Manjulika has been set free.
They will get to know when
she comes and slaps them.
Why should we bother telling them?
Stop whispering to each other.
Let's just get to the point.
Thakur Saab, you owe us some money
for the ritual we had performed.
You owe us 64 rupees.
You came here for 64 rupees?!
Yes, please.
-Give it to me.
The old hag gave me exactly 64 rupees.
Everyone, go get some rest.
We have a wedding to attend tomorrow.
-Right, we too will get going now.
-We too will get going now.
-Good night.
-Good night.
Love is such a rare
commodity these days.
-Brother! Hey!
-Come on--
They are made of brass.
Should we steal them?
No. Why would we steal brass articles?
-Can't you see those silver utensils?
We could've stolen a few more things
if you had brought a bigger bag.
We've kept a sack
out there. Let's get that.
Forget the sack and get one
of the many trunks instead.
-Right. Quickly, go get one.
-Let's go.
-Oh, God!
-What was that!
Oh, no!
-What is going on?
-Oh, Lord!
Another power cut?
-Will it be safe to step out now?
-What if we bump into her once again?
-They are making an announcement.
-is eight hours late.
Our train is eight hours late.
Oh, God.
-We will leave at dawn.
Let's sleep on the sofa.
-Excuse me? Can we have a lamp, please?
-Let's go.
We were just stealing a few things.
It would be convenient.
I am yours
I am solely yours
I am yours
I am yours
I am solely yours
I am yours
My desires
Will forever remain in the breeze
It will stay alive
Even after being destroyed
Your tunes are immersed
In my breath
My life is nothing
Without you
Your tunes are immersed
In my breath
My life is nothing
Without you
Your voice plays in my heart
Your desires can be seen in my heart
You are the only thing
I ever think about
The moment of separation
Is very difficult
Oh, my beloved!
Yes, sister-in-law?
Why were you singing that song?
I just felt like singing it.
I love this song.
You know Bengali?
Very little.
Are you alright?
Absolutely fine.
-How about you?
it's quite late.
You should go to bed.
Good night.
What is wrong?
You guys are strange.
Why have you decorated
the house with flowers?
There is a wedding tomorrow.
A wedding?
How can there be a wedding tomorrow
if someone is going to die here today?
She is going to die.
I will kill her.
Didn't you tell everyone
that I have been set free?
What is this nonsense?
Have you lost your mind?
You won't be spared this time!
I will not spare you!
I am Manjulika!
She is back!
-She is back!
Hey, stop! Open the door!
Oh, God!
She is back!
What are you staring at
with your eyes wide open?
Manjulika, my child, my Bengali
is just as good as my French.
So, if you could translate that
I want your blood!
He is talking to you.
Sister, I have a vitamin deficiency.
Both of them suffer from diabetes.
Full diabetes.
Total useless.
Uncle is as fit as a fiddle.
Uncle is trying to escape.
Reet is here!
She is here to save us!
Hey, Manjulika!
Yes. Actually, no.
Only Manjulika.
Look who is here to fight you!
If you are a ghost, then we
too have a ghost of our own.
Uncle, please hear me out.
We don't have time for that, dear.
Now, actions must
speak louder than words.
-Reet, quickly take over my body.
Possess my body.
-She made Potlu fly.
-I'll make her fly.
-Uncle! I am alive!
I am alive.
Since when?
From the beginning.
Ms. Manjulika?
Look at the kids of this generation!
Just look at them!
They make mistakes,
and elders have to bear
the consequences of their mistakes.
It's not fair!
No! Don't, Ms. Manju!
Oh, God!
After so many years,
my time has finally come.
There was anger in my heart.
There was a fire.
Now is the time.
I've waited for so long.
Now is the time for revenge.
Now is the time.
everywhere, there will only be blood.
This fire will be doused.
we need to get
the exorcist here at any cost.
Only he can save us now.
Hey. Tell me if I can
be of any help to you.
I am no stranger to you.
You want to get the exorcist here?
Where are you, Baba?
Is he dead?
He is gone.
Your savior is dead.
Now what?
Ruhaan! Please, Ruhaan!
She is my sister-in-law!
Ruhaan, I know that you can hear me.
Ruhaan, control yourself!
You can defeat Manjulika.
Please fight her!
Fight her, damn it!
Please, Ruhaan. Please, don't.
Ruhaan, please.
Take another step, Anjulika,
and I'll slit Reet's throat!
or Manjulika?
Leave if you wish to live.
And take Reet with you.
Why did you save me?
Why did you save me?
Thakur Saab
she is not Anjulika. She is Manjulika.
Your daughter-in-law has
been dead for 18 years now.
Manjulika! What are you doing?
Manjulika, stop it!
Brother had found out the truth,
but before he could tell anyone else
Sister-in-law, why didn't you
do anything after being set free?
Kill me.
Come on, kill me.
But what will you tell everyone?
That the one who has been showering
them with her love for 18 years,
the one who has taken such
good care of them is Manjulika?
And you, the one who cruelly
killed me, is Anjulika?
Who will believe you?
They will hate you even more.
No one will ever learn the truth, Anju.
You'll get your revenge if you kill me
but you won't get your family back.
Go away. Let me sleep.
Bloody devil!
Ruined all my efforts!
Hey, gimpy!
Why did you choose her over me?
We had the same face.
Everything was the same.
Then why?
She was very lucky.
That's why I stole
her destiny from her.
I spent so many years as Anjulika.
While she
haunted this house.
No one even realized it.
Oh, no!
What am I saying?
No, some people did realize it.
I sent them
to heaven.
Oh, no.
I am bleeding.
Father, please don't be upset with Reet.
The truth wouldn't have
come out if she hadn't lied.
Sorry, Dad.
You understood my pain
when no one else could.
Thanks to you, I got a chance
to meet my family today.
Thank you.
you don't need to thank me.
I am Rooh Baba.
It is my job to help spirits
communicate with their family.
You know that, don't you?
Open the door!
Get me out of here!
I said get me out of here!
All of you should leave now.
The conversation between
us sisters is incomplete.
Yes. Let's leave.
Anju, please forgive me.
I am your sister.