Bhooloham (2015) Movie Script

'World over, football, cricket,
hockey, badminton, chess, carom...'
'...are sports well appreciated
But people still love to watch'
'...boxing as a sport in which
men stake their lives to fight!'
'For the past 100 years, boxing has
been part of Tamil Nadu's culture'
'Over to the person who has done
extensive research on boxing'
'Professor Chandrashekhar'
In 1931 Charles Buck,
a white man from England...
...was the 1st to train strong men
of Chennai to become boxers
These trained boxers then
split into different groups
Natural medicine master's lineage
Iron man Rasamanickam's family
...were 2 such clans
Even though all these
descendants co existed...
...most popular were Rasamanickam's
and Natural medicine master's clans
When British granted
freedom to India...
...presided by earl Jackson the Farewell Freedom
India boxing competition
...Rasamanickam clan and
Natural medicine clan fought
A boxer played a foul game
And the fight turned
into a major feud
If you are part of that rotten
Natural medicine master's clan...
...then you are
also my enemy
Iron man group is our enemy
for generations now and ever
From now on it is
permanent enmity
'After this, the fight for
the cup resulted in riots'
From 1948 -1990
when the riots happened...
...Rasamanickam's clan
won 20 times continuously
But in 1991-
Natural medicine master
is my famous ancestor
We were ashamed and angry
we had lost repeatedly
With the same fury on the day
Lord Shiva converged with Shakthi...
...Munusamy challenged his rival
from Natural medicine master's clan
According to our
boxing tradition...
...he swirled a chain
and called for a duel
I, Black Tiger Munusamy challenge
anyone from Rasamanickam's clan fight English or
Tamil boxing whichever
In Tamil boxing, you can
hit only on the face
In English boxing, you can hit
anywhere above the belly button
Our guru, after analyzing
the right rival for Munusamy...
...chose Mariappan
In order to protect
our clan's dignity...
...our whole area
supported Munusamy
The butcher gave
chicken and mutton
Sait (financier) got him
shoes and gloves
They were both
training at night... that they don't divulge
each other's techniques
Goddess Angalamma!
Only my father should win
For Munusamy to win
his son Boologham...
...took a vow, with austerity
during 'Mayana kollai' festival
More than the fighters, the sons
Boologham and Arumugam...
...rooted for their respective dads
Until the 7th round,
our man took the punches
The match took a turn
for the worse after that
Finally when Mariappan was announced
the winner, it was end of the world
After hearing about
Munusamy's death...
...we all went to Mariappan's area
and destroyed everything!
Commercial boxing held in
Tamil Nadu is no longer a sport
But an outlet for
violence and enmity
This court orders a ban on
boxing tournaments in our state
'Not wanting this traditional
sport to be wiped out totally...'
'...Independence Boxing
contest will be telecast'
' your Future Sports channel'
'Representing Tamil Nadu is Iron Man
Rasamanickam's heir Arumugam'
'And Boologham is the heir of
Natural medicine master's clan'
'They are the sons of
the boxers who fought...'
'...20 years ago which
culminated in riots'
'Arumugam is son of
Mariappan who won'
'This is Boologham,
son of boxer Munusamy...'
'...who committed suicide
after losing to Mariappan'
'This is Boologham's father-'
Hey, who gave you permission
to film my father's grave?
Will you trespass into my space
by showing it to the whole world?
That too wearing shoes
Turn off the camera
'The winner of this match has to box with
the current Indian champion, Guru Dayal'
'Indian champion has to
then face the World champion'
'Who is that world boxer?'
'Battling for power
boxing championship...'
...on your 'Future Sports channel'
In 5 years, this has to become
India's #1 channel, that's for sure!
One of the prominent channels
in the world, that's our goal
This tournament is
a toddler step to achieve it
But it is too local, sir
Already amateur boxing has
spread all over the world
But without
much viewership
This is not a show fight
like you're thinking
When boxing is conducted
anywhere in the world...
...1 opponent wants to knock out
the other to become the winner
Whereas here, the second
they enter the ring...
...Boologham, with a frenzy
wants to kill Arumugam
And Arumugam with the same
fury wants to kill Boologham
Because it's a family feud
A killer-rage!
We must turn this heated
killer rage into hard cash
But when we spoke
with the agencies...
...they claim the marketing
scope is very limited
Only local products get sponsors
They believe it's impossible to
approach multinational products
You're talking without
understanding the world market
Walmart itself has come to
our country to sell betel leaf!
Instead of selling
100 cars per day,...
...selling 1000000 shampoo
packets is more profitable
To take the sachet market
to the slum level...
...they are the heroes
For example, Tamil Nadu
has 15 million families
Among them, 10 million families
buy a bundle of spinach per day
1 bundle spinach
costs only Rs 5
But per day spinach
business is Rs 50 million
Per month Rs 1500 million
Yearly it is Rs 18000 million
So if you grab the business from
the old lady selling spinach...
...and sell it to a corporate,
calculate the profit you'll make!
Today, all huts can
afford television sets
So ditch the bungalows
and focus only on the huts
Get the most
from these huts
But it's not easy
to handle the goons
Right, it's not like
Tendulkar and Sania Mirza
We are not equipped for it
This can't be done by you
and me who are educated
We can't do it
even if we try
This can be carried out only
by those who understand them
And who move with them
This is Mr Thiruvengadam
He's our boxing coordinator
Thiruvengadam, tell us
how you intend handling...
...Arumugam and Boologham
Boologham and Arumugam are
decent and professional individuals
They both exercise daily for
6 hours and follow a strict diet
-I'm responsible for them
-Now we understand, sir
We'll start promotion
and marketing now
20 years ago Munusamy
Boologham's father...
...ashamed about losing
the match committed suicide
This fight will also be held on
the same Maha Sivarathri night
Spray water
Why did you spray water?
He only said if you sweat,
it will appeal more
You want sweat, right?
I belong to the working class
I believe in real sweat
Will you click
the photo properly?
He's not an actor
He'll split you into pieces
He worked out
So he's sweating
Why are you sweating
when you only gaped at him?
Come on, click
If he's little angry,
it'll be perfect
Boologham, he wants you to be
a little angry, to be realistic
Little more
Some more anger it seems
Boologham, think about
your opponent this Saturday
Why is he running
like he saw a ghost?
His name is
also Arumugam!
Change the background
to the strike of lightning
I want a volcanic eruption
Lion roaring
-Looks good, huh?
-Real good!
This is okay
I wanted a punch dialog
to deride Arumugam
Got any idea?
Anticipating your need,
I got an assistant director
Give it to him
In the film Aayirathil Oruvan... Nambiar's dialog
'I am a terrible person'
Actor MGR's rejoinder
'I can never be terrified'
This was written
by my grandfather
In the film Baasha
for Rajini sir...
...'if I say it once
holds good a 100 times'
This was written
by my father, sir
Next in the film Pokkiri
hero Vijay's dialog...
'Once I take a decision, even
I won't listen to my own words'
This punch was given
by my elder brother
Tell me a punch
for this first
If blood is sucked
a leech at play
If Boologham hits
a log of wood in sway
Come up with something
better, you wooden head
Mint, cilantro,
curry leaves bunch
Bet on Boologham's punch
I promise, you won't be
paid even a single rupee
Dude, no greens punch
Think of something else
Sir, I've got a punch
for actor Suriya
The best charity
is being steady
Fight against Boologham
find yourself in the cemetery
Is it really good?
Boologham, honestly it's good!
Suriya won't be upset, right?
We go to the same gym
Don't worry
He'll take care by giving
Arya's punch dialogs to Suriya
Make it real big
Separate the posters
into 10 posters each
Stick them in every
alley, nook and corner
Seeing it, Arumugam
must tremble in his shoes
Hey Boologham!
How's the multicolor poster?
It looks better
than his face!
I'll sponsor it
Ask them to do
a 6 sheet poster
They said 4 sheet
poster is enough
Trusting you, I've bravely
lent money for interest
But I haven't got
interest or principal
Let the fight
get over, Sait
I'll collect the entire
amount for you in 1 night!
If you say so, fine
Paste this in Wall tax Road
This in Amman koil street
And the rest-
Paste all the posters
in Arumugam's area
There shouldn't be any
space left in his house!
Wherever he looks,
he should only see my face!
Dispute should start
right from this poster
Get going
Pick it...pick it up
Look over there
They've entered our area and
stuck Boologham's poster everywhere
How did they enter?
They've just pasted it
The glue is still wet!
Hey Tamizh, they've pasted
his face all over the town
Hey! There's a vehicle
outside our house
Hey! Arumugam's men
are here...escape
Don't get caught
Start your bike
This side
Keep going
They are closing in
Arumugam, Boologham's men
have stuck his posters here
They've stuck posters
throughout our area
We shouldn't
leave him alone
He's scared to
face me in the ring
So this is his gimmick
We'll show our strength
in the ring, not here
Listen, he and his men came
to our door steps today
What's the guarantee, tomorrow
they won't step into the house?
His father used to act
smart in this same way
Then we just have to
show him who is stronger
This is sports
No rowdiness here
He's right, let's not
create any problems
Let's go
Go...go home
Hey, all this won't work
We'll handle Boologham
the way he should be!
-Hey...get up
Today is Saturday
Master will pour different oils
down our throats and nostrils
Let's scoot
before it's too late
"Good day, namaste, namaskar
To all siddha doctors bonjour"
"To this natural medicine daily
we owe our strength, you see"
"White turmeric, Veldt grape, pepper
long pepper and dry ginger powder"
"One look at the brew, what a fuss
You rolled and created a ruckus!"
"Ice house Babu's slinking trick
Grab his throat pour the tonic"
"Show off Balu is on the run
Give him a dose, extra one"
"Long pepper in hot water
Gargle to feel better"
"Shalom, greetings, aloha
To traditional healers hola"
"To this concoction daily
we owe our power, duly"
"Rub salt to a wound, add fuel to fire
Like piercing a spear on to a blister"
"Add slaked lime to the eye infected
All 9 orifices of body now affected"
"If drenched in a downpour
body temperature rises higher"
"If not back to 37 degrees C
fear will sweep in speedily"
"If tablets taken mistakenly
mouth will froth to R.I.P"
"Trust natural medicine totally
To be like Hercules truly"
"Tom, Dick, Annadorai, yov!
Open your mouth some more"
"Master is a master at torture
His mixture makes many a rupture"
"Our fate, we're destined to suffer
That's why in liquor we shower"
"Konnichiwa, ni hao, asalam alaikkum
To all medicine men, vanakkam"
"To this home made mixture
we owe our strength, mister!"
"To man sex is an urging need
Score, or else it's a shame indeed"
"There's a long list of aphrodisiac
Doubtful...ask master, he's no quack"
"Drumstick seed to exalt our need
To breed a brood, marsh barbel seed"
"Master, pamper us with your drugs
We'd love to plunge without shrugs"
"Shall we pair up within the ring?
In this game we're now the king"
He is the one!
Girls like us will fall for
stars Hritik Roshan, Sharukh
Or cricket players
Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh
But you're saying
Kasimedu and Vyasarpadi
And claim he has
a boxer lineage
I can't express
my love in words
Boologham is a real hero
He'll become more
famous as a sports man...
...than the film stars and
cricketers you listed!
Dancing Boologham
Sindhu, where were you?
Got yourself tattooed?
-Come to eat
Take everything
to the college
Don't stop
anywhere en route
-Is this 'kurma'?
-Yes, bro
How will 2 tubs of gravy
be enough for 100 parottas?
Those college students drink
2 tubs of gravy for 2 parottas!
He claims it isn't
enough, dear?
Bro, he's lying
through his teeth
My friend says he sells the 'kurma'
on the way and mixes water instead
Dai, get going
Why, yellow color?
Today is Thursday, right?
Aalayamani has
specified only yellow
-Black underwear is okay?
-You need to ask him
In future come
earlier to eat
I'm late to college
daily, thanks to you!
Did you get yourself
tattooed again today?
Show me
You guess right
Then I'll show you
Until now, 8 times
I've guessed it right
Not even once
have you shown it
This won't work
Hey! For me to look at my face,
do I need your permission?
Did you ask me before
getting tattooed?
I'll take a look
at it myself...quiet
Let go of me
Hey, I can see only the gloves
Where's the remaining body?
On your back too?
And down under, huh?!
-Sindhu, what's that noise?
-We're talking, brother-in-law
He's asking as if
he doesn't know
Why are you acting pricey?
When your bro isn't here
I'll peel you head to toe
-Then you'll toe the line
-Why wait? Marry me now
Admire my tattos
night and day
Golden mascot of
Rasamanickam's clan
Lion, who will
win Boologham
My dear boxing fans
Our candidate Arumugam
is Chennai's Mohammad Ali
Boologham is the mouse to be
sacrificed in the ring easily
Boologham is a broken
plastic bucket
With Arumugamam as his opponent
to the graveyard he'll get a ticket
Go fast...go fast
Hey, stop that auto
Turn, this way
Go left, grab him
He's driving fast
Make him turn this way
If you hit me
you had it!
Tear the poster
Break the mike
Stop it
Don't break
the microphone
They entered my area
and derided me!
Until they cross this area,
they must keep praising me
Boologham, I have a doubt
Arumugam is out
Mangoes, Banganapalli,
Malgova, Rumani
If he fights in the ring,
he's a sleazebag pig
Repeat after me
If cell phone rings, it is a call
If Boologham hits it's your funeral
That sounds neat
Repeat it
If cell phone rings-
Announce it in this mike
Give him the mike
You go inside
Do you want to
be told specially!
Keep praising me
till you cross this area
If cell phone rings, it is a call
If Boologham hits
it's your funeral
If cell phone rings, it is a call
If Boologham hits it's your funeral
If cell phone rings, it is a call
If Boologham hits
it's your funeral
If you're from Natural medicine
clan, are you the cat's whiskers?
If you consider yourself
man enough, don't run
Boologham gave Arumugam's boys
a bitter taste of their own medicine
Arumugam's boys
are coming after us
Let's go and get them
Arumugam's men are
beating up our Aalayam
Boologham's men are here
Take your hands off me
Let's take him
to Boologham
He's just a small fry
Only if I smash Arumugam,
these pipsqueaks will pipe down
Auto...get in
Hey, if Arumugam
is a legitimate son...
...ask him to be ready
"If Boologham hits, it's a knock out
Don't fight, you'll lose without a doubt"
"You can't take his punch,
even in 1 round"
"In Chennai his name
echoes in every ground"
He says he can't wait
till the end of the contest
He wants to confront you
in the middle of the road
If you're a legitimate heir
he wants you to wait here
If I give him an inch
he's taking a yard!
I'll defeat him
in his own ground
"With his left, right, lower, upper punch
rib and slap, he'll pounce and plunge"
"To Boologham's dance
if you're in non-sync stance"
"His punches in boxing
will send you bouncing"
"He's champion of state, nation
and of international reputation"
Hey, why should TV chaps
conduct this fight?
Let's sort out
our enmity now
Doesn't matter where we go,
you'll get knocked out
Your area has to see the bravery
of Natural medicine master's clan
Tie the ring
All of you gather
Be entertained seeing Arumugam
taking the beating of his life!
Goddess Angalama, in this ring...
...Arumugam will be
your sacred offering
I belong to the clan
that has won 20 times
Let's see who wins today
Follow me
Catch both the scoundrels
Under the pretext of training boxers
are you encouraging rowdyism?
As if men from our department
don't come to the gym to be trained?
Sir, are we sticking
posters only now?
It's an age old practice
Hey, I thought I'll introduce you
to TV channels and make you big
You're humiliating me
Won't you control yourselves?
Every now and then I get you
money on interest for you
I send you as
bouncers to hotels
I send you as
body guards for VIPs
You are being respected
as a boxer thanks to me
Listen to me
Channel guys have selected
totally 200 boxers from Tamil Nadu
I was the one who
recommended these 2 guys
But if you both continue
to behave this way...
...I'll inform them and choose
someone else, be warned
Thank God, you put
these goons behind bars
Or else they'd have hit
each other out in the open
Trusting these 2 chaps, a channel
is investing millions on a tournament
As soon as you announced
the tournament...
...placing bets, taking bribes,
sticking posters, real pain!
Even now there are
4 or 5 cases inside
In future whatever happens,
I take full responsibility
The channel is well connected
If you want to be promoted,
I'll talk to them
I'll be much obliged, sir
Whenever you need
to put them behind bars...
...get their signatures
and release them
Bro, we'll return
the money within 2 days
Ask them to return the auto
There's no one in the store
Brother has gone
up to Koyambedu
-Look after the store
-Okay, I'll be here
In future, due has
to be paid by the 5th
Otherwise I'll confiscate the auto
Take the auto
from the go down
Thanks, Sait
Hey, why did you
close the shutter?
When your bro isn't around
didn't I tell you I'll peel you?
You got caught, dear
-Let go of me
-I won't
Just a minute
Shouldn't hit me
-Look at this, superb
-Bro is back
-Bro is here
Now come and touch me
Why are you pointing
that knife at me now?
Hey, watch out
Don't play with it
Leave me
Listen to me
I won't listen to you
Are you stripping me?
Wait, I'll get you
Hey, wait for me
Don't...go away
Will you open or shall I
break open the door?
However long it takes,
I' won't go without seeing
Okay, stay away
I'll open the door
and show you
Now you're talking!
They were both
at loggerheads
Instead of shooting it
you are lamenting here
What hype!
You missed
a great trailer
Sorry, sir, it was
most unexpected
Get them dressed
in boxing gear
And arrange
a press meet
-Why press meet, sir?
-That's the point
Ask them 5 questions
to irritate them
If they fight, get
10 guys to stop them
If not, arrange 10 guys
to provoke them
What happened to
the foreign boxer matter?
We spoke to the agency
Any boxer from
a foreign country...
...we need to spend
minimum Rs 150 million
Estimate for this
project is 5000 million
So no harm if we pay
a boxer 150 million
I want the history of
all the boxers on my table
Can we conduct an SMS contest
in USA to 'guess the boxer'?
Do that
Also...we need glamour
for this program
Like in cricket,
organize cheer girls
It would be great, if you can
rope in sought after heroines
See how aggressive Boologham
is even in a practice session
Why this murderous rage?
Let's hear what his master
Mr Rathnam has to say
This killer rage is the ingredient
which will make him win
When you hit, blood should
splatter on the opponent's face
Sir, are you following
this diet for the contest?
I don't know about
all that, ask her
Boologham, come here
Channel has prepared an agreement
for the match you're preparing for
For participating
in this contest...'ll be paid Rs 100000
If you win it will be doubled
Next, wherever you go,
whatever you do... has to be only
with our permission
Why all these conditions?
How will people like us
understand any of this?
Just let me know
where I should sign
Boologham, hold on
-Don't sign
Now you can, Boologham
Had I not come in time...'d have signed
your death warrant
Whenever I sign, I'll be
Lord of Death for Arumugam
Don't be too sure
Arumugam is in the same
murderous rage to kill you
He says you are
a good-for-nothing lout
First get his signature
He might run away
from this town
My dear, think
before you sign
How can you hesitate, Arumgam?
Boologham claims you might
run away for fear of losing
He wanted me to get
your signature first
Here you are having
second thoughts
-Wait, dear
'Family feud for 100 years'
'Arumugam's victorious wave'
'Boologham's revenge-rage'
'Who is Mr Strong
in Tamil Nadu?'
'Inside the ring,
a death-duel'
I invite Arumugam of Iron Man
Rasamanickam clan to the stage
Next I invite onto the stage...
...Natural medicine master
clan's Dancing Boologham
You rock!
Friends from the press and media
can ask questions to the boxers
Arumugam, it seems
the custom in your clan is... use stones inside
the gloves to punch?
Before the match begins,
referee will check the gloves
Boologham, if the opponent
is close to winning... seems your clan will stop
the game by ringing the bell?
It can't be done, sir
A timer stands in the ring
He'll ring the bell
after 3 minutes
Are you scared you may
lose to Boologham?
I'm a boxer
Boologham is a fighter
A fighter cannot
beat a boxer
Are you implying I'm not
a boxer but a rowdy?
The boxing blood runs
in my veins for generations
Reporters, both the boxers
will now pose as friends
Bro, stand there
Please go
In the bazaar you can get soap
and hair brush by threatening
But same tactics
won't work for this cup
This fight is not
for a mere trophy
It is for my father's dignity
Let's fight it out here
Boologham, what are you doing?
Press is watching you
Behave decently
Not in this local manner
Hey, how dare you
insult me on stage?!
Your death will be
in the ring for sure
I'll kill him today
I won't spare you
Tomorrow if you don't
come to fight me...
...I'll barge into
your house, mind you!
You hit my teacher
I'll not leave you alone
Your death is in the ring
Better get the hearse,
funeral items ready
Be quiet
What's the difference
between him and us?
Listen everybody
At 10:00 a.m today...
Boologham is taking
a vow at the cemetery... sacrifice Arumagam
as offering to the Goddess
"On new moon day, in the cemetery
watch Boologham ravage his enemy"
"His family feud to end, in utter fury
he'll show his true color in all its glory"
"He'll damage nerves nastily
He can crush bones to bits easily"
"He'll yank his intestines with vigor
He'll drink blood like a blood sucker"
"Today on track
Time to payback"
"In the graveyard, on new moon day
watch Boologham plunder his prey"
"Goddess gave you the challenge
your enemy for you to avenge"
"As Kali, Neeli and Sooli
She embraced you warmly"
"Don't come near me"
"You'll be sacrificed surely"
"Folk and funeral drums appeased"
"Hasn't Your anger decreased?"
"Rooster, goat,liquor, cigars too"
"Are these offerings
not enough for you?"
"Disgraced feeling
not disappearing"
"Let your father's dream
be in your heart too"
"Now my boy, make it come true"
"This is future-story
to become history"
"Goddess Angali
Protect me"
"Goddess who dances nonstop
on vales, dales and hill-top"
"Open Your eyes
and galvanize"
"With a death knell yell
You destroy men evil"
"We'll burn camphor
as thanks giving offer"
"Only you can finish decisively
what's in your mind definitely"
"Take the spear in your hand
Pierce it into the brave man"
"Don't be kind or meek"
"He's known for his evil streak"
"Give him a whipping
with beads of fear dripping"
"Spear and slice him into two
Wear the garland of victory due"
"Goddess Angali...Parvathi"
"The ever powerful Shakthi!"
-I'm Stella
-I know
Why did you come here?
Until now the 2 groups
got into the ring to win
But you are stepping in
only to kill my husband
I must win
Arumugam has to die
Wanting to kill is
not a goal, Boologham
-It's fury
-Yes, it is
Fury fuelled by people deriding me
as a loser's son for 20 years
My father-in-law defeated
your father in boxing
Do you want to kill
my husband for this?
You won't be killing
only one man
You'll be destroying
a whole family
Stella, go now
I'm keeping quiet
because you are a woman
Beg your husband
not to fight with me?
Because you've been orphaned
do you want to orphan a family?
It was your family
which made me an orphan
He's sending his wife to
plead for him, shameless!
You think I'll change my mind
hearing your soulful cry for help? a boxer
Don't be a killer
Shut up
Leave right now
Sir, there's only 1 hour
left for the match to begin
But business hasn't
been finalized as yet
This whole fight
is for business only
Until it is finalized
the match can't begin
That's it, ask them to
postpone it by an hour
I'll say Boologham
will surely win
He'll of course root
only for Arumugam
Natural for any coach to
want his student to win
Cut the intro
Telecast commercials now
Ask Swetha to talk to me
-Tell me, sir
-What is this interview?
What are you doing
with those old men?
You must talk to youngsters
That's the pulse for warm up
Boologham's fiance,
Sindhu is here
Let's talk to her
Tell us, madam
Who will rock today?
Boologham or Arumugam?
National champion
Guru Dayal has finally arrived!
We welcome you, Mr Guru Dayal
Who do you think will win today?
Whoever wins, he won't
be an equal match to me
Boologham looks half baked
and a little over enthusiastic
But Arumugam is calmer
So I think Arumugam will win
Switch off the TV
"Vyasarpadi, Kasimedu, Royapuram
Boologham will win, be calm"
"In the ring he'll stretch a hearse
To Tyson he has a strong resemblance"
To wish both our boxers
let's welcome Mr Guru Dayal
Hi Boologham
Am I half-baked?!
Am I over enthusiastic?
You won't
go back alive!
You and your
sissy hair style!
Boologham, calm down
Being the Indian champion
makes him a Top Cat, huh?!
Finish this fight first
Take care of him later
Stop getting angry
for nothing
Finish him in this fight
Otherwise I'll kill him
in the next fight
I won't leave the ring
until he dies
-I'll take care of it
-We'll deal with him
Sir, it's getting late
These 20 companies
have been finalized
If you sign this
we can start
Two people want
naming rights
They want to buy it cheap
So don't settle it now
Let them sweat it out
Come and get me
don't be tensed
Be alert
Punch him
Death punch!
Oh my God!
You wretched fellow!
May you rot in hell
You killed my husband
You will die
in this same ring
You'll never prosper
Someone will come
to get you for sure
In this same ring
you'll die at his hands
Arumugam, just now your son
took a sacred vow for you to win
But I've lost you forever
Keep him under observation
He might have
trouble breathing
He has been hit real hard
He is critical
I can't believe
just a punch did this
Blood has drained in the vein
from the neck to the brain
So all his organs are
shutting down one by one
He can't even
move his hands
We'll treat him
with medicine
Otherwise, we'll go for
surgery immediately, okay?
Cash please, sir
Looks like we'll need a lot of
money to get Arumugam treated
We better hustle our 'cuts'
as much as we can today
Stop! We won't be
able to save Arumugam
Before Arumugam dies
we must kill Boologham
Follow me
Future Sports channel's
Independent boxing cup...
...tournament's auction
is about to commence
The naming rights
auction begins now
First bid is 5 million
Followed by 10 million
Murmur chips 15 million
Come one and all
Eggs and chicken
This victory is an ode
to our blood line
Revel and rejoice
IBC Naming Rights goes to
Imperipure food from America
He's not here
Let's go
Master, so long we digested
your home made mixtures
Your turn now to gulp our
English medicine down, master
This is no big deal
Boologham will clash
with the white man
And win the world cup
Then you host a party
I'll drink a full bottle
Where's Boologham?
Where is he?
He's the reason
for this victory
-Where is he?
-We don't know, sir
You're having a bash
without him
Bring him here
Let's go and find him
'Details of those who bid for the winner
Boologham in the IBC contest by FSC'
Brand ambassador
-Where's Boologham?
-Sir, I've been searching for him
His phone is switched off
So what?
Go in person
and bring him
Who are you?
What do you want?
We'r looking for
our friend Boologham
He is one of us
-Where's Boologham?
-We are also looking for him
My foot! Where is he?
This is damn serious
He's not even at the party
hosted by the TV channel
Where is he?
The auction is
half way through
We need his signature
No one's here
Get up
Where's Boologham?
How will I know
where anyone is?!
Master, it looks like
Boologham has come here
Start the vehicle
They're all drunk
Arumugam's men are
looking for Boologham... our area
to kill him
What is this?
I've decided not to
box again, master
I stayed a bachelor just to
make you a famous boxer
I'm living to make
your dream come true
You wanted me to be
a famous boxer one day
But today I became
a heartless murderer
You're shaping up boxers
Boxers are creating orphans
Those orphans are
growing up to become killers
What you did today
was not murder
It was a knockout
Same punch outside the ring,
would've been termed murder
Both are the same, master
We deal with outside conflict
inside the ring unashamed
And vice versa
without a conscience
I don't know who started this
but let it end with me
You came to kill me, right?
Kill me
What do I do with
the money you won?
Should I donate it to the temple
or throw it in the trash can?
Keep it
Use this money
And somehow
save Arumugam
Take it
Forgive me
Thiruvengadam, has Boologham
agreed to a match of 8 rounds?
Sir...I don't think he'll come
on stage even for the 1st round
What are you blabbering?
He feels bad for what
he did to Arumugam
He has sworn in a temple
that he'll never fight again
Is he kidding?
We've sold rights for 5 billion
Who will answer the sponsors?
If this fight doesn't happen...
...I'll have to close
down the channel
Let's file a case against him
and claim damages
He isn't worth 10 paisa
Money pours in for the act
Not for the monkey!
I think he's putting up
a drama for more money
Even as an ordinary man, he was
least inclined towards money
Now he's taken
a sacred vow
Money can't lure him
-Who does he hang out with?
-He has a few rowdy friends
His girl friend
That Malayalee girl
And then master
-Who will he listen to?
-What's his weakness?
-His stubbornness
Then do something
Send him more sacred beads
and saffron dhotis
Go to the press about
his vow before he does
Midway, Boologham took
a sacred vow to defeat Dayal
'For 48 days, I'm on a vow
so that my family deity...'
'...Angalamman favors me
as All India champion'
...swears Boologham
Even if we convince the press,
I'm not sure he'll fight, sir
Be sure
Believe it!
Do you think I'll run
behind Boologham...
...singing hymns
because he's a seer now?
If he's a scumbag
I can be a sleazebag
If he's a boxer with gloves
I'm a boxer without gloves
For the bumpkins who
applied soap nut powder...
...I've rubbed shampoo
that was unsold in the shops
Is he trying to
take me for a ride?
This match will happen
as I planned it
Start a new fight between
Boologham and Dayal
Keep making
promos for this fight
If I incur any loss,
I will kill Boologham
Who the hell are you?
Is this the way
to load a rice bag?
I'm new
I'm just learning
Why did you hit me?
You can't lift rice bags
in this market again
Who are you to tell me?
Why are you
both fighting?
Am I fighting?
He's giving me a job
and I'm working
Are they paying you and
giving you All India publicity... lift rice bags?
You can't do this anymore
You can only
box with Dayal
Who said so?
He did
Close Chettiyar's shop
Who are you?
Why are you
hitting me?
Boologham, you hit me on stage
and created such a drama
And here you're pretending
to be a hard working simpleton
I won't go back to North India
without punching your face
If that's what you want
hit me right here, Dayal
What's the big deal?
What I did was wrong
Forgive me
Whole of Tamil Nadu
saw you hit me on stage
Whole of India should
see me punch you on stage
That's why
I'm letting you go
This is for all your ears
I closed down Chettiyar's shop
because this guy was given a job
Nobody can give
Boologham a job here
Not even 10 rupees
as a coolie!
I'll close down the whole market
the moment I hear of this
Start the jeep
'Defeated his enemy
in just one punch'
'Slapped Indian champion in
just 1 shot and made him flounder'
'The North Indian
who aches for revenge'
'The South Indian who takes
a sacred vow for success'
'Who is the strongest
boxer in India?'
'Don't miss it
on your FSC channel'
'24th August'
It's not safe
for you to stay here
You'll be hassled constantly
by Dayal and the channel
Go and stay in our college canteen
It's in the outskirts of Chennai
It's a calm place
You don't need
to do anything
Just sit at
the cash counter
Who's disturbing us?
Aunt and saint
are hand in hand!
He's Bhoopathi
Undergrad student
Real rowdy
Has political power too
The entire college
is terrified of him
College sports day is coming
so we are re-opening the canteen
There aren't enough hands
So we've recruited him
He makes the best fritters
Sarath, we don't have to go out
to buy side dish anymore
This saint will do it
Saint, what's your name?
Not Boogolam as in geography
Boogambam the earth quake
Not Boogambam
but fireworks
Not fireworks
but damp squib Bhusss!
From now on
your name is Bhusss
Where do such weirdos
land up from!
Which wine shop
shall we go to, dude?
As if there's shortage
of wine shops!
Dude, super hot chick
at the bar last night
Will do, she is
in my 'things to do'!
Dude, I've seen this
saint guy somewhere
I think he's a boxer
He's on TV too
Eashwar, parotta hasn't been
delivered as yet, call and find out
He's busy cleaning tea glasses
and you are glorifying him
Let's needle him
and find out
Come here
You need anything else?
Are you a boxer?
You're on TV it seems
No...that's what
everyone thinks
Where did you
work before this?
I had a flower shop
in a temple in Royapuram
Sindhu wanted an extra hand
because of sports day-
Come, sir
Clean this up quick and serve
Why are you teasing him?
I swear
I saw him on TV
What is this?
You're sitting and cleaning
dirty glasses and wiping tables
I feel so bad
when I see this
Why did you come here?
He's a manager in
an advertising company
He wants you to act
in a medicine commercial
Yes, sir
All you have to do is
wear gloves, strike a pose
And say 'The reason for
my power is this medicine'
Secret of my power is only
the natural medicine... master gave me
Not your medicine
I don't box anymore
You don't need to
You just need to act
I won't wear gloves
even for fun
Please leave
No one here
knows I'm a boxer
Please go
We'll talk later
Such a big promotion and
I can't believe he said no
His mind is
a little screwed up
Hey oldie!
I'll talk to him
and convince him
Give me 2 days-
Get me that ash tray
-I didn't come here to work
-Then...came to study?
You don't look
like a student?
Neither do you look like
you came here to study!
Whom are you
trying to hit?
-Let him go
-Hit him
I'll kill you
right here
Why are you causing
a problem, master?
I told you to leave
Take him, sir
I'll apologize
on his behalf
We didn't study and
so we ended up as rowdies
You are educated and
behaving like rowdies
I'll kill you
Bhoopathi, you became
Bhusss now, damp squib!
Get out...out
Close the shutters
Who's Bhusss?
Hey Tamizh!
Why are you here?
You are already here?
It seems someone caused
a problem for Bhoopathi
Boologham's here, no?
Why did you call us?
'Let's take a look at
Boologham's practice session'
Let's look at how Dayal
is preparing himself... face Boologham
Hey! What's the issue?
You can tell me directly
if you have any problem
Govind, open the shutters
If you think Boologham will win
the semi finals of IBC...
...SMS to IBC 5454
How is Arumugam?
Is he walking?
He's not improving one bit
He deteriorating further
Twice a week he needs
shock treatment
That's 50,000
They wanted us to hit
some chap called Bhusss
...for 50,000 bucks
That's why we came
I'm that Bhusss!
If I'd known this earlier,
I'd have let you beat me
And you could've
taken that money!
He's better off dead
than struggling like this
Friendship tugs our heart
We'll do our best till we can
In the end we'll just bury him
Why are you
talking like this?
Aren't we here
to pitch in?
I'm here
I'll save him
You guys leave now
I'll come with the money
Adyar and Besant Nagar
are your areas, Rahul
Stick posters here properly
Ambedkar bridge and
Mylapore is yours
Don't leave
a single spot
Sir, 1 moment
I need to talk to Dayal
-Where are you from?
-A R C College, Pottheri
Why do you
want to see him?
I need to talk
about Boologham
You're seeing Stella again now
after Arumugam has been hurt
If she says anything,
don't get angry
I won't mind at all
Come, Boologham
You gave us money to save
his life though you hit him
But I was mad at them for taking
the money and not your head!
Forgive me
I didn't understand
your good heart
Don't cry, ma
Come in
What, Boologham?
You could've killed me
in 1 shot on the stage
Why make me
suffer like this?
Left fightin-
You changed from
boxer to saint, no?
He doesn't like that
He wants you to
fight till the finals
You haven't left yet?
We need to put
the oxygen cylinder
Clean the room
The next patient has come
The doctor will yell at us
Why are you
asking them to leave?
They haven't paid yet
They have been
asked to leave
Ask them to pay
You can't get treated
at hospitals like this
One day's treatment
costs Rs 25,000
They can't pay even that
Where will they get
5 lakhs for surgery?
Here's 50,000
Pay it now
I'll get you the balance
within 2 days
Let him go ahead
with the surgery
-Tell me, Boologham
-I need 1 lakh urgently
I'd appeciate it
if you can lend me the cash
How can you be
so dense, Boologham?
I don't run a business
to do favors!
Leave, Boologham
Hindering business hours
Not as if we don't
want to help
You don't understand
the Union's situation
Give him 5,000
Don't even worry
I'll sacrifice my life
to save Arumugam
I won this in 1960 and
got the medal from MGR
Sell this and give Arumugam
whatever you get from it
Why didn't you
tell me yesterday?
I placed all my money
on a bet on you
Placed a bet?
So many place bets on
the next Prime Minister
Will I not bet on
my friend Boologham?
Take my car
4 installments due
Refinance, pay the dues and take
the rest for Arumugam's surgery
From 4 lakhs you need to pay
40,000 to clear 4 months' due
12,000 for documentation
You'll get 348000 in hand
Why are you breaking it?
Why did you
break the glass?
I told you no one
should help this fellow
In spite of my warning
how dare you lend him money
Darasingh asked us
to take the car
I'll talk
to the financier
I'm his henchman
You can't leave this town
without fighting me
I won't spare you
wherever you may hide
Your screams should be
heard all the way in Bombay
What's the problem here?
I'm trying to sort it out
amicably but they're fighting
I know about you
only too well
You and your friends
are responsible...
...for Arumugam's
critical condition
I'm arresting you on
an 'attempt to murder' case
What is this?
I'll myself come
in 2 days, sir
Listen to me, sir
You leave now
I've asked for
a conditional bail
The magistrate will give it
But you have to sign
in the local station
I am granting you
conditional bail
You can't leave Chennai
You must sign every day
Sir, I work in Pottheri
near Chengalpet
To come all the way-
Do I have to listen to you?
Okay, fine
Sign at Tambaram station
I don't want to buy trouble
with you signing once a week
Come daily
and sign
It's almost time to pay
for Arumugam's surgery
What will you do?
You have no choice
Put on gloves and pose
I'll get you 5 lakhs
Okay, master
But don't call him anywhere
Ask them to come
to college and shoot it
I need to be paid
before the shoot
I'll get an auto and
come as soon as I can
What is it?
The hospital wants
the money immediately
Otherwise, we have
to get discharged
You'll get the cash now
What is it?
Those people to shoot
the commercial aren't here
Stella is waiting
They must be
in college by now
Take the money
and do what they say
Will they give
the money first?
They've agreed
Don't worry
Hello, sir
He's our director
What should I do?
Wear this dress and wait
I'll get everything
organized and call
Here, sir
Is the stage ready?
Check if the boards are
fixed for the background
You go and get ready
I'll be with you now
I'll get you
the money now
Sir, the shot is ready
Come, sir
Shankar, take sir and-
Sir, I asked for the money
I'll give it to you
-Give him Rs 500000
-Full amount?
We already agreed
upon this amount
-Give it
-Okay, sir
Here, take it immediately
and prepare for the surgery
I'll come in the evening
You'll be okay going alone?
I'll take care of it
Be careful
with the cash
What should I do?
Hold this bottle
Act like you're punching
To knock out your enemy
80 Not Out capsules
Sir, brighter!
Give the money to me
Let me go
Hey! Come here
Grab her
Boologham is coming
Get up
-My money...!
-Take care of her
Come to the ground
He saw us
Come fast
Don't get caught
He's here
Split up
Give it to me
Give it here
Ram, catch
He's coming
Here...take, run
Move aside
Give it to me
Siva, take it
Let go
Over here
He has come
Throw it here
Get the arena ready
Fix the hooks
Tighten it
Hey, Sindhu
Boologham and Dayalan
are fighting in the ground
Knock him out
Dayal, here take it
Hit him proper
Hit him in the head
Come on
Let's see who wins
Only 1 of us
should live
Come and hit me
You witnessed
a furious face-off
Before we find out
the Indian champion...
...a small commercial break
Even though Boologham
knocked out Guru Dayal...
...Dayal has more points
and hence he is the winner
What is happening here?
Where is my money?
I don't know all that
They asked me to get
in the ring and hit you
Your master
'What is happening here?
Where is my money?'
'I don't know all that'
'They asked me to get
in the ring and hit you'
'Your master'
I regarded you
as my father
I never thought
you'd betray me!
Is this why you took me
under your care?
You might as well have
poisoned me that day-
"In the year 1960..."
"Near St George Fort
in our Chennai city"
"Born in a family, really poor"
"Became a famous boxing teacher"
"Why did he impulsively..."
"...end his life suddenly?"
"Sir...Rathnam master,
our dear guide..."
"...whom did you call
just before you died?"
"The garland we bought scented
Farewell to your life you executed"
"The garland we bought floral
Now decorates your funeral"
"You trained me as boxer
Like dad and son we were, master"
"Why make us stick, your
obituary poster all over?"
"True to his name, a gem, Rathnam master
Hand in glove with us, our problem solver"
"The garland we bought in grief
to pay our respects, dear chief"
Is it enough if we pay our
respects by just garlanding him?
Don't we need to
ask for justice?
Why are you
barging in here?
You gave the TV fellows
V.I.P treatment
You found them a man to fight
And now they killed our master
Be patient
It's not like we won't
ask for justice at all
We won't let you take the body
without you settling our grouse
Don't let them in
All of you be quiet, please
Rathnam is the senior
member of our union
Let's pay him our respects first
Then we can all ask for justice
Go and garland him
Move aside
You go first
"In the market in Thiruvallikeni
when you stride with dignity..."
"...even the unruliest rowdy
saluted you ever so readily"
"With your sportsman quota
without complaint, even an iota"
"...for the student lot
many Govt. jobs you got"
Pour for me too
I blabbered
in a drunken stupor
Forgive me, boss
"But none can hold a match to you
in skills you made us muscle into"
What have you
come here for?
Please understand
We aren't from that channel
"Hand and glove with us,
our peacemaker-boss"
Use this money for
the funeral expenses
Union money
Write down accounts
"The garland we got now rests
on you as a wreath, God bless"
"The boy you took in as your own
is plaiting your hearse forlorn"
Cutting bamboo for the ritual
He's preparing for the funeral
"For the last journey restful
a palanquin festooned colorful"
"Stifling his sobs painfully
he decorates painstakingly"
"Bathed, garlanded, scented
Turmeric and vermilion anointed"
"One rupee coin superstitiously
on your forehead as travel fee"
"Erected a stage for all to see
Connected a mike for audibility"
"Boologham asked me, dutifully
to sing in praise of you beautifully"
"Debit and credit eventually
in this game ruled by destiny"
"If we add, subtract, divide or multiply
the numbers don't comply or justify"
"Without kith or kin and family
he lived a solitary life voluntarily"
"Who will continue this tradition?"
"Boologham must occupy his position"
We are from the boxing union
to meet the channel owner
Do you have
an appointment?
Otherwise leave
without making a fuss
Will you open the door
or shall I climb over?
You'll make money using us
and you won't let us in, huh?
Come out
What is this?
Didn't I tell you if you
mess with Boologham...
...we'll be in a soup
To avoid this commotion
we should've paid them
Won't you quieten down?
Ask just 4 of them
to come inside
Sir, there's a problem
People from the union have
come in Boologham's defense
...and creating a scene here
Why are you calling me?
By the time
I arrive...
...not a single soul
should be there
What we say here goes
If Boologham suddenly
decides not to fight...
...will our CEO camp
outside his house?
It's a boxer's right
to fight or not
It's our right
to decide who wins
Even in TV serials if an actor
refuses to co-operate...
...we change the story
and kill his character
As if we will spare him?
Forget your reel life serials
You've killed
a teacher in real life!
Change the decision
as per boxing rules
We can't change our decision
You can go to court if you want
Why go to the court?
As per the agreement, union
and channel are in this together
Go inside, sir
We won't go
without an answer
What audacity to
disobey our orders?
How dare you
hit our boss!
You are using your union as excuse
and behaving like rowdies here
Why did you come here?
Don't push us
Get inside
(general commotion)
You're calling me
for silly reasons
Sir, today we must declare
the results for the SMS poll...
...on which international
boxer is coming to India
What is the public opinion?
We've got 5 lakh entries
for this contest
3 lakhs voted for Vladimir
1 lakh voted for Alexander
Close to 10,000 people
have even voted for...
...Mike Tyson and
Mohamed Ali!
A school boy Balaji has voted
for a banned American boxer...
...called Stephen George
That boy is mistaken, sir
No...that boy has
selected correctly
Even I selected George
George will play his 1st match
after the ban is lifted in India
Sir, he's a psycho
He'll do anything to win
Weren't you scared
when I selected him?
This is sensation
Vladimir or Alexander will
limit it to just another fight
But this
I expected a death
in this tournament
It didn't happen
in the first 2 matches
But in this match
we shouldn't miss it
Mr George is waiting
on a conference call
'World heavy weight champion
George is coming to India'
'End of this month, he will be
participating in the IBC contest'
'So far Steven George has
killed 6 boxers in the ring'
'In the boxing match in Cuba...'
'...since he flouted rules
and killed a boxer in the ring'
'...he was banned
from boxing for a year'
'Since this is his first match
after the ban, it has created...'
'...a huge stir and interest amongst
boxing fans all over the world'
Your Honor, boxing is
causing violent tendencies... young minds these days
For an independent channel
to benefit monetarily...
...this is channelizing
as a dangerous trend
So I call for a stay
in the IBC championship
'Today's shocking headlines'
'Will Dayal and George
be allowed to box or not?'
'The doubt has risen due to the stay
filed by lawyer Natarajan in the court'
'Let us ask Dr Chandrasekhar
if George is mentally afflicted'
Tell me, sir
Yes, it's a mental illness
Usually boxers fight
with fury in a match
But George will attack
with the same fury...
...even his own man
in a practice session
He was even arrested once for
raping his wife while on drugs
Even rehab-
I can't fight that animal
Is this why
they made me win?
Doctors have certified George
as being in a sound state of mind
So the court permits this match
to be played as scheduled
Sir, I'm Dayal speaking
I must go to Mumbai urgently
Why this sudden trip?
There's still 10 days
for the next fight, sir
I'll go and see my wife
and son before that
Have you booked a flight
ticket or shall I?
I've booked it myself
The CEO?
Is your wife there?
Are you shocked?
I knew you'd want to
see your wife and son
If you plan on leaving
before this fight is over...
...I'll bury you alive
with your family
Aren't you aware of
Boologham's chapter?
'Tamil Nadu Boxers Union'
Look how this girl
has been tortured
We have to take
action immediately
We can't spare
this TV fellow
Pass a resolution
to stop this fight
Write down the resolution
Since Guru Dayal
has been forced to...
...fight this match
against his wishes
...we unanimously condone
this fight and do not sanction it
All in favor
raise your hands
-We accept
-We agree
I do not accept
Don't stop the fight
I'll go back to boxing
Is it your whims and fancy
to go in and out of the ring?
What's the use of
this union then?
Are you brainless?
Your master died
because you lost that fight
That's not the reason
for my master's death
This is the letter
he wrote before he died
Read it
'When you stopped fighting...'
'...the channel owner
sent for me specifically'
'I went to meet him'
-Come in, welcome
-Good day, sir
Can you wait outside?
Thank you for coming
as soon as I called
I've seen many
capable men
But even if I sift and sieve
Boologham is a rare breed
I want to make him
an International boxer
And start an academy
I need you
as the coach
Ask Boologham to fight
I've spoken to him many times
He just won't listen to me
Then listen to this, I will
suggest an advertisement
We'll make him act in it
And turn that into a fight
and make him win
Struggling for so long to
hone his skills is no big deal
Your next step is
what will make history
Don't stop his story
from becoming history
We're all Tamilians
We must fend
for each other
No, sir
That will end up
as betrayal
He thinks of me
as his father
What are you saying?
Will any father turn
his son into a sage?
You don't care for him
as much as even I do?
If you want to be true to
your role as father and teacher...
...then make him
wear his gloves
'I agreed to their plan in order
to make you a renowned boxer'
You've declared
Boologham as the loser
I'll make whomever
I want a hero or a zero
Raising my hopes
you betrayed me, sir
Who asked you
to trust me?
I'm a business man
I found you to be a nitwit
and I utilized you
You have a natural medicine lineage
and you are supposedly the master
Look here, I do
world wide business
Business signed on just air
How egoistic will I be
if I can mint money out of air?
You said I betrayed him?
The shoe is on your foot!
As a father and a master,
you are the backstabber
Get lost
'Boologham, like he said
I couldn't look at you as a loser'
'Neither could I live
as a backstabber'
Within our boxing clan, today
we'll fight and make up tomorrow
I had a family feud
with Arumugam
He wanted to kill me
And I wanted to kill him
There was some
honesty in our enmity
This random TV fellow
barged in and used me
He lined his pocket
and made me lose
I now understand
who the real enemy is
We should fight this enemy you want to put
your life at stake for this?
This isn't a fight
It's a revolution
How many punches
we'd have given and got?
He's turned each
punch into currency
We must get cash back for
every punch given and taken
Deepak snatched away
our bread and butter
All of us should
teach him a lesson
Don't think of
stopping this fight
Let it happen
It's pay back time
How will you?
Channel wants Dayal
and George to fight
I'll take care of that
I'll make George insist on
fighting me instead of Dayal
He's talking
through his hat
Don't agree
to his crazy plan
I'm not young enough, I'd get
into the ring if only I was
What are you saying?
You might as well
fight Tyson himself
Rather than this psycho
Isn't this disgusting?
No one in India has the guts to
face him, only that's disgusting
This fight is risky
But it must happen
And we must support
Boologham in this mission
Whoever agrees,
please raise your hand
We agree
We accept
(unanimous vote)
Boologham, you've taken a decision
emotionally to fight against George? was a calm
well thought decision
When have you ever
taken a decision calmly?
You fought Arumugam
because of your family feud
When he was hurt and
admitted in the hospital... went into
sacred dress mode!
This fight with George
is also an emotional trigger
I agree with everything
you've said before this
But I made this decision
clear headed and calm
This isn't like any of
your previous fights
This is very risky
What do you mean?
Think I can't defeat him?
I didn't say so
You could win
George could lose
George could win
and you cou-
Are you predicting
my defeat?
Listen to me
I didn't come here
to discuss this
Then what are
you trying to say?
All this while I was a mere
spectator when you boxed
I want to watch your fight
against George as your wife
I'm asking you to marry me
before you fight George
Why all of a sudden?
Let the match get over
Then I'll marry you
-Why are you postponing it?
-Why are you hurrying it?!
You must win as
Sindhu's husband
Are you scared
I'll lose?
Or that I'll die?
You are scared
George will kill me
If you win or lose
it has to be as my husband
Even if you die in the ring,
I must be your widow
Make me your wife
You love me too much
That's why you're scared
to marry me before the match
The same fear
runs in your veins
I agree
I'm scared
But you aren't scared?
Then marry me
When do we get married?
Garland him
We'll hold a press meet later
Ask your questions then
George...down down!
Ask them to move
Constantly bothering us
Move it!
'Mister White fellow
why land here now?'
'1 punch from Boologham
you'll froth in your mouth'
What is this?
So embarrassing
What pains I take
to promote this sport
They'll stoop to any
level for money, huh?
Boxer George has
landed from America
I need to talk to him
Someone called
Boologham is on the line
-He wants to talk to George
-Cut the call right now
No one should talk to him
Other than the room boy
Press, fans, nobody!
Hey! Get inside
Why are they running?
Wait, I'll come
Boologham waiting there
Wear this boxing shoe
Boologham waiting
Here, trousers
Go over there
Here's the mouthguard
He's waiting
in that street
Go that side
I didn't get
my omelet
Come, Hollywood
Boologham fights
against men only
Not with women
Wear the gloves and
enter the ring as a man
You've met your match
Think you can scare us
with your gun-throat?!
You won't be able
to take our punches
Future channel which was
telecasting only in Asia so far...
...will telecast its programs
in 47 countries in Europe
And 107 countries
all over the world
Our own satellite, direct
uplink and a separate server
Future of the people
lies in our hands
The following companies
sponsored the boxers' attire
Sponsors for
drinks are...
They have joined us to telecast
our IBC match in their countries
Get legal rights for us
to telecast their programs... our channel as well
In another year, I should be
1 of the top 10 millionaires
Why did you leave Cuba
and Brazil to come here?
What is your opinion of India?
Why burn this with such fury
and show your dissent?
I'm challenging
George to a fight
But these TV chaps
didn't allow me to see him
But you lost
against Dayal
You are journalists
You'll play fair, right?
Ask even this white chap
about boxing rules
Channel judged it right
Only Dayal is qualified to
fight George as per our rules
Because of this screwed up
eligibility, India doesn't win...
...even a bronze medal
in Asian games or Olympics
Come to our area
You'll know how many
Tendulkars and Dhonis...
...Mohammad Ali
and Tysons exist
If George isn't ready
to fight against you...
...what will you do?
George will fight some chap
who isn't even qualified
And then go around the world
saying he beat an Indian hollow
I won't accept it
I'll see how he leaves
India without fighting me
When the whole world
is scared to death of him...
...why do you want
to fight him?
Why should I be
scared of him?
He should be
terrified of me
He's a boxer
for his livelihood
I'm a boxer
by lineage
Don't ask
any more questions
Put that down
and stamp it
Beat the drums
Dance on it
George, answer us
This man-
George says he'll only
fight with Boologham
Get another
agreement from him
Sir, if you sudde-
Do as I tell you
Boologham, there are no longer
2 boxing clans in Tamil Nadu
Only one
Tamil bloodline
We must all get together
and kick out the foreigner
And also chase
the local fraudster
You rocked
the press meet
The news is all about you
So sad your master
isn't alive to see it
Here, just sign it
Hey! Squealer
Are you the owner?
Ask the owner to come
Boologham, Mr Deepak
is a business tycoon
How can you expect him
to step into this slum?
He'll make money off us
But he won't come
into our area, huh?
If he wants to
conduct the match...
...ask him to come
to our union office
Get lost
Thank God, my coolers
covered my tears!
Sir, it was a free channel so long
and now you want it to be a paid one?
How can the public afford it?
They can't be without
watching our channel
They'll pay for it
So go and grab
the money from them
So not fair and he changes
his mind like his shirts
We've even rented out
the parking lot in the auditorium
The tickets are printed
Good...sell it at all the malls
like Spencers, Landmark, Skywalk
Car and 2 wheeler parking lots
have been auctioned, sir
Cycle parking
has been given to-
-The contracts are ready?
-Only need your signature, sir
Got Boologham's signature?
What happened?
Boologham wants the agreement
signed at his place instead of here
That's nothing
to worry about
I think he feels sentimental
about signing near a temple-
He says he'll sign it
at the boxing union
What does it matter...
...if it is signed in a temple
or at the boxing union
Work is worship
It'll be history
even if we sign there
-Yes, sir
-What time?
-Now is fine
-Or any time
We have to go at exactly
the time he specifies
Or Mr Boologham
will be angry
And you'll also feel bad
Good day to you all
Read out the agreement
If Mr Boologham
wants any changes...
...correct it, retype
and get his signature
Give him the advance and
it'll be a job well done
Agreement for the boxing match
conducted by Future Sports Channel
This agreement between
1st party S.P Deepak Shah...
...and 2nd party Mr Boologham
residing at 6, Sivashakthi-
We know our own address
Who asked you for all that?
Read the terms
Clause 1, Boologham has to
participate for the next 3 years...
...on behalf of the channel
in all programs whenever called
Clause 2, Boologham must drink...
...only what is served
by us in the premises
Without our permission, under
no circumstance whatsoever... he allowed to
change his appearance
He has to acquire a NOC from
the first party even to shave
What agreement is this?
Downright degrading conditions
I'll 1st fight this match
You can't lease me out
for 3 years like a slave
And I can't drink
whatever you want me to
My master has taught us
what to drink after each round
We can even accept
he'll fight only once, sir
But we just can't agree
about the drinks clause, sir
With so many leading
soft drinks manufacturers...
...we've auctioned and signed
agreements worth 1300 million, sir
Those drinks are like
bathroom cleaning acid
And I should drink that?
You'll make me
apply some cream
And vouch
I've become fair!
Why should I be fair?
I'm dark and
so are my people
Rub it on
a buffalo's back...
...for a month to see
if it becomes fair
You'll make me endorse alcohol
and cigarette commercials
I can't do all that
You seem to be speaking
like MGR all of a sudden?
You're acting like Nambiar
the ever popular villain?
I'm asking you to
hygienically drink cola
You're insisting on
some home-made brew
I lose Rs 1300 million
because of you
The channel is giving you
2 million to take part in this
To stake our life in a fight,
this offer is peanuts!
Ask them to add just
one more 0 to that
That's 20 million
Boologham, are you
asking me this...
...with your status
and senses intact?
Deepak, I'm talking to you...
...only after knowing
my situation and yours
I know how many boxers and
their wives you contacted!
You even spoke to
the Army Boxing club
No one from the Army
came forward...
...knowing George
is a psycho
And here you are
pleading with me now
With an intent to cheat, you are
taking advantage of my plight...
...quoting a rate beyond
your eligibility
History of a family feud
handed over for 100 years
Duel of death
inside a ring!
Will the son avenge
his father's death?
Will he sustain his glory?
With petty stuff like
who is whose son...'ll make commercials
to fill up your bank lockers
And you'll grab money from
the public to watch that trash
You'll get Arumugam
kicked out and kill my master
I'm asking for what I deserve
for all this exploitation
What Arumugam
rightfully deserves
And for my fight
against George as well
And it's bare minimum
because we are not strangers
Sir, he doesn't know math
He might just keep
increasing the zeroes
This won't work, boss
Boologham, why are you angry?
You get tensed and we'll al-
You say anything
and I'll kick your butt
Ask him to talk
Type out what he wants
Who are we giving it to?
Only to our Boologham sir
Read the next clause
All proceeds and
profits from telecast..., promotions
...internet, Youtube,
Facebook, cell phone games, posters, stickers
and profit through these applications
...will go to Mr Deepak
and his successive heirs
To his descendants
It'll belong to his heirs
and their bloodline
And their successive heirs
till the end of time!
While Boologham and
his family must be happy...
...sucking an ice lollipop
stuck in their mouths forever
1st of all this deal is
not between you and me
Agreement is between
the Union and the channel
This fight and its video
rights belong to our Union
The profit should go
to our Union as well
You can telecast
this fight only once
After that it is not
the channel's property
But belongs to the Union
Re-telecast or highlights
will be decided by us
Oh no...sir
Sir, please...sir!
He's a moron
But we'll only
suffer huge loss, sir
Whatever the loss
we must conduct this match
Don't force him to stay
Let him leave if he wants
If his channel doesn't telecast
there are 20 others in queue
How will you telecast it?
This is our baby
Then you go and
fight with George
Only if George and I fight
you can even telecast this match
And show it to the world
to become a millionaire
The fight is ours
Only the TV to
telecast is yours
Quote a fair price
and take it gladly
Don't think you can gobble up
the whole gourmet meal!
I'm the man
who rescued you
You were a scumbag fighting
in the streets not worth a rupee
I staged you in a ring as a boxer
made you world famous on TV
And you have the gall to stand
in front of me and dictate terms?
Who asked you to
make me famous?
You could have made
your own son famous
Which millionaire
makes his son a boxer?
Our fathers resorted
to physical labor...
...shedding their blood,
sweat and tears for us
And we stake our lives
to fight as boxers
You'll hand our pain on a platter
and walk away with your gain
If I'm a scumbag,
you're a sleazebag!
(babble of voices)
If anyone utters a single
word against me here...'ll get bruised
black and blue!
It shouldn't be a paid channel
The public should watch it free
And no tickets
should be sold
Plus only an international
referee should be in the ring
If you agree
to all this, fine
Or else tata,
bye bye, see you
Just add in the agreement,
in case you die in the ring,...
...the name of the person
who can claim your body
I'll sign it right away
Union will take care of that
You can give
my body to them
-I have an idea
-What is it?
You really want
a wide reach, right?
Yes, Deepak
If the reach is extensive
sky is the limit for expenses
To make it reach
all over India in 1 day
I have a sensational idea
I want this match
to be sensational
So I've decided to
make it a fight till death
He'll kill him in the 1st round
He's so goddamn mad at him
The frenzy I am in now
I'll kill him right away
His death should also
serve as business for me
I want to get back
what I lost from him
All those who sponsored trusting me
should get the promotion they deserve
Even if it's a foul hit
He has already been banned for
a whole year for playing foul
If he does it again, that's it
His career goes for a toss
How many matches
can he play in a lifetime?
-How much will he earn?
-500 million
He can make million
in the market as a model
-How much?
-2000 million
I will pay you
that 2000 million
Try to kill him
in 3 rounds
Otherwise, in the 4th round
you commit a foul and kill him
Is that okay?
They say India is
a poor country
But you're offering
a king's ransom?!
India is poor
But the market is big
Arumugam, see you after
your surgery 100 % fit
Boologham, don't write me off...
...because you are
fighting a foreigner
After my surgery, you and I
have a score to settle
This is an age old practice
If you tie sand bags
to your legs...
...and jump around,
you'll dodge faster
Let master give you
traditional training
Through scientific training
we can program anyone to win
Our team can program you
to beat George
George has
fought 42 times
He has won all 42 times
12 knockouts
And 6 of those were
in the ring corner
So never get stuck
in the ring corner
4 knockouts were
in the 3rd round
8 knockouts were
in the 4th round
So be on your guard
in the 3rd and 4th rounds
1, 2
Boologham, practice
with black gloves
The fight is at night
If it's white gloves,
punch will be seen
But black is
harder to spot
Keep your body straight
Don't loosen up
Keep your body stiff
Floyd Mayweather used to
dance the salsa with his wife... improve his footwork
Let's workout that way
"Love explored in all ways
Savored in life always"
"Be intoxicated to wine and dine
Till 'enough' exceeds the line"
"Let's garnish variety daily
Pair up new to make it spicy"
"Come and ignite my inner fire
Let's spark our hearts with desire"
Hit this doll
Sensors in your hand will
detect the force of your punches
And will be displayed
on the computer
That must be
200 pounds, my dear
You can't knockout George with
this power even in the 12th round
Give your best shot
Not enough
No, try harder
Power hasn't increased
Punch faster
Not enough!
How can I increase power
by hitting a silly doll?
Don't think your power
didn't increase...
...even though
you hit so hard
In just 5 seconds
you've punched 26 times
That means you can
punch 5 hits per second
That speed is
your greatest power
"Be blessed by our bro
He dances like a pro"
"Accept he is cheetah
of whole of south India"
"By the jungle
grazes a goat single..."
"Only if we slaughter
it will be our dinner"
"I can scratch or growl
I can stealthily prowl"
"Be blessed by our bro
He dances like a pro"
"Accept he is cheetah
for whole of south India"
If Boologham dies in this corner
then this product should focus
Push it in
Whichever angle he falls in,
cover a product behind him
There are 8 cameras
on the whole
Not 1 product
should be missed
If it misses then along with
the announcement of his death...
...product also
should be focused
'Future Sports channel welcomes
the viewers of the final round...'
'...of the International
Boxing Championship'
Don't get tensed
He's trying to rattle you
Be calm
You get in there
and 'in fight'
You start on
the offensive mode
don't get up
Till the count of 8
Steady yourself
and then stand up
If you get hit
1 more time...'ll be
'knock out'
In this round
just miss his punches
His stamina will decrease
And he'll lose energy
Even if you can
hit him, don't
Maintain your distance
You've snatched away
his stamina in the 2nd round
Best example of the saying
'giving him a run for his money'
Boologham, don't get hit
I'm able to
take his punches
Get out!
He's playing foul
Stop the game, Boologham
Is this the way to play
if he knows he'll lose?
We can't let this go
Surrender that white pig to us
We know what to do with him
Take a deep breath
and exhale
You survived because
of your abdomen guard
Come what may, he wants to
defeat you by playing foul
Let us stop the fight
-He has played foul
-We'll teach him a lesson
Stop it!
Even if you want to fight,
the people won't let you
Listen to me, Boologham
I'll address the public
Calm down
Calm down
For my sake be calm
for just 1 hour
I can still beat
this white chap
Go back to your seats
Boologham, listen to me
Keep hitting his rib cage
When his ribs break
he won't be able to breathe
It'll hurt him
when he breathes
His power will decrease
Best way to
knock him out
Boologham, break his ribs
by locking him in a corner
and get me
My Goddess will protect me
500 smses free
for this punch
This is Boologham's
full talk time offer
1 commercial break
after this punch
You brought him
to his knees
Just 3 more minutes
to put him to rest
What do we gain
by this enmity?
Why are we sacrificing our lives
by beating each other senseless?
You don't know?
Do you all know?
Just because I beat you
does it make an Indian...
...the strongest man
in the world?
Or if you win... the strongest man
in the world an American?
The strongest are the ones
who mint money out of us
You and I aren't boxers
We are salesmen who pile up
these products on consumers' heads
This isn't a boxing ring
It's a marketing gimmick
Do you realize now
the power of marketing?
Money kills, it betrays
and it confesses too!
Stoop to any level
See for yourself
Are any of these
products what we make?
All foreign goods
Trade is international
It crosses borders into
our slums to exploit us
But if we go across the sea border
to fish then we get shot down
All the countries
will just watch
Can't our country with so much
tradition and tecnology make...
...a soda to drink
and a soap to use?
Advertisements are
tools to brainwash us
Don't trust anything
Be suspicious
If there's community clash
at the end of your street... suspicious of who is
making a profit behind it
If there's a religious riot
in your city, be suspicious
Profit line runs
through that too
When 2 nations are at war
look for the hidden agenda
Even that will be
a tool by business men
Don't be fooled
from now on
There has to be a change
It has to be today
It has to be now
Deepak Shah who resorted to
murder in this boxing contest...
...and his employees
who were his accomplices
...were arrested
by the police
Indian Govt banned Future Sports
Channel from telecasting forever
In this Independent
boxing championship... one has won or lost
All 4 of us
are winners