Bhoot (2003) Movie Script

This way
"No dearth of flats, sir. You don't
like this, I'll show you one there"
Never trust the rain in Bombay.
It always catches you by surprise
When you are through
with weather analysis...
"tell me where next.
- Don't you worry, sir"
"If not this, I'll show you another.
This was just in case you liked it"
That's a nice building
Do you have a flat there?
There is one
"What are you hiding it for?
- Come, have a look"
It's a duplex
The previous occupants left it.
You can keep it if you like
That's the kitchen
It's a handy loft
How do you like the bedroom?
- This is what I call house
I'll take it
if the rent is reasonable
Rent is not an issue sir
But what?
"The thing is, a lady who used
to stay here... "
fell off the balcony
and died
From here?
- Yes.
But why?
- Who knows
Some say she was mad
Others believe it was a suicide.
Hope you are not superstitious?
In every house around the world
somebody or the other dies
What has the poor house
got to do with it
Who is the owner?
- Mr Thakkar
Lives next door. He's also
the secretary of this building
Hello Mr Thakkar.
Meet Mr Vishal
He wants to rent your flat
I've told him about
Manjeet's death
He has no problem
You'll enjoy your stay here
Where are you off to?
Mind your tongue
- Who are you?
Never seen you before.
- We've come to stay in 1201
Not here...
that way
People who lived before us left it.
Keep it if you want
And that's the kitchen
Do you like it?
I'm the maid
Used to work here before
Who told you about us?
Mr Thakkar
"All right, come from tomorrow"
She seems a little...
The lift doesn't work
"No, I'd just
gone to the market"
What's it?
- The lift is working again
Why didn't you ring the bell?
- The door was open
What do you want?
It's the society bill
Why didn't you give me downstairs?
- I forgot
Okay. Go now
And don't you ever enter
without ringing the bell
But why didn't you tell me before?
- Forget it now. I've warned him
He shouldn't forget he's a watchman.
Like this he can be quite a nuisance
These days where do you
get good people for work?
"But Mr Thakkar, that does not
mean we tolerate this nonsense"
You're right
But the thing is...
after Manjeet's death
"he became a witness in the case,
and then... "
Who's this Manjeet?
Swati doesn't know
A woman jumped off
this flat and died
And you didn't even think
it important to inform me
"Why make a mountain out of a molehill?
- Is this something trivial, Vishal?"
"Swati, just because a women died
here, should we leave this house?"
Every other house has deaths. That
doesn't make people leave their homes
How can you believe in
such superstitious nonsense?
And what reason did I have to
hide this from you?
Only because I wanted you to be
as happy about the house as I was
Still if you feel that
I should have told you...
then I'm sorry
But am I not right?
Even Manjeet's ghost
would have agreed with me
Somebody is there inside
I don't know but
there is somebody
Nobody here
Must have got knocked off
by the wind
But what if that women...
What women?
I was sitting here
watching the TV
And then for a moment
I thought I saw a woman...
standing here
right behind me
What do you mean by you thought?
I mean she was there
"But when I turned,
she wasn't there"
"What are you saying, Swati?"
"And anyway, what are you
doing here at this time?"
I couldn't sleep...
so I thought I'd watch TV
for a while
Then you must have fallen
asleep watching the TV
And this noise must
have woken you up
"All right, sorry. But you were
a sight to behold last night"
"I know, but there is
no need to make fun of me"
"Salaam, sir"
So what do you want to watch?
- I...
I want to watch
'Straight From The Heart'
I'm tired of watching
these stupid romantic films
I'm also tired of
your idiotic action films
Let's go for
Spiderman today
"And next time we'll straight away
watch "Straight from the heart"
"What's straightaway Straight from...?
- Come on, aren't they all the same?"
I'm through with
the day's work
"Memsaab, I'm through
with the day's work"
Weren't you
thinking about Manjeet?
"Please, can you
forget her for me?"
Where were you going?
Were you sleepwalking?
that woman
What woman?
I told you yesterday
Now don't tell me that
you dreamt of her again
Let's go now
I've never walked
in my sleep
"If I had, I would
have known"
Well that's okay. There is
nothing much to worry about
"Of course, there is"
"For god sake, sleepwalking
is not common cold"
Maybe you were tired. That does
not mean you walk in your sleep
"Swati, don't let this thing
get to your head"
Just forget about it
Coconut water?
You can wait outside
In medical terms sleepwalking
is called somnambulism
It's the result of a
severe emotional trauma
I think the news of Manjeet's
death has disturbed her a lot
But there's nothing to worry
It's easily curable
by medication
The doctor said that
you've lost it
Ask Hiren bhai
to start the proceedings
Can't we do it tomorrow?
- Why don't you go?
I just remember the maid
leaving after work
I don't even
remember sleeping
What do you mean
you don't remember sleeping?
How can you sleepwalk
without sleeping?
Everything will be all right
How did I
reach that house?
You remember
a few days back...
we were speaking
about that open door
maybe that remained
in your head
And... can one ever make
sense of one's dreams?
I hope nothing is
happening to me
No. Nothing is
happening to you
Remember what the
doctor told you?
Take a pill and go to sleep
and everything will be all right
Everything will be fine
One can stab
One can shoot
But what is the need to wring
someone's neck like this to kill?
What it takes to twist the neck
completely like this...
do you have any idea?
I want to know
everything about him
"When did he join work, when did you
see him the first time"
When was he seen last
Do you stay
alone in this house?
About the incident...
have to talk...
"You had a tiff
with the deceased, I hear"
"He misbehaved with my wife,
she reprimanded him"
Where's your wife?
- What's the need? I'm telling you
Just wanted to check
for any clues
She's sleeping
It's a murder case.
Wake her up
She isn't feeling well
What happened?
"Manjeet Khosla
used to live in this house, right?"
What... Manjeet?
"Manjeet is here, Vishal?"
I think we'll need to consult
a psychiatrist
Dr Rajan would be right
Oh! He's here?
Dr. Rajan's daughter
has blood cancer
"She is admitted in this hospital,
won't survive too long"
I'm feeling very scared
"There's no need to be scared,
my child. You'll be all right"
You are lying
I'm going to die
Don't talk like this
"I'm feeling very scared, Papa"
"Dr Shyam, wants to meet you
if possible"
I'll be back
Sorry to trouble
you at this time
This is Mr Vishal
"Doctor, something
is happening to my wife"
Listen! I know that
you see Manjeet
Don't think that I don't
trust you because I'm a doctor.
"You can sense her,
I can't"
That's why I need to
know more about her
Is she with us?
Madam is unwell.
Don't wake her up
She's also hallucinating
Is it common?
- No...
"but that doesn't mean,
it does not happen"
The knowledge about the dead girl
has affected her deeply
I'm sure that's the trigger
Is your wife...?
You're in the
share market too...?
No. I'm a Psychiatrist
"My wife often tells me,
that I need a psychiatrist"
What happened to Memsaab?
Go, get some tea"
I'm feeling very scared
Dr Rajan here
"Sorry doctor, your
daughter is no more"
I'm coming
"What's all this, doctor?"
I've given her an injection
to put her to sleep
This is a
Psychological disorder
"Don't be stupid, doctor
What is psychological about it?"
Can't you see what's happening here?
Is it humanly possible?
I can understand your view
"You know, I have
a personal problem"
I know I shouldn't
do it to you
But I have to leave immediately
"At least, I'm glad she doesn't
have to bear the pain anymore"
Vishal had called
"I told him about your daughter.
If you want, he can refer... "
"to some other Psychiatrist.
- No, no... no need"
I'll take care of it
When I was examining Swati...
she was behaving strange
Laughing... growling
and what not
I've seen these things
before in my practice
But maybe because of the
circumstances with Swati...
for a minute I felt...
as if my own daughter Priya
was speaking to me.
I know it's a strange coincidence.
But at that moment...
Did you tell Vishal...
that his wife suffers from
Multiple Personality disorder?
It's the first time I hear
It was sad to hear
about your daughter
"Shyam, I'll take leave"
Can a person with MPD...
pose threat to
someone's life?
"In some cases, yes"
"I have to leave, inspector"
What's your opinion?
- About?
About Vishal's wife
I don't discuss
my cases with anyone
Even I don't do that
It's Manjeet's spirit!
I recognise her voice
Doctors are no good in it
Only someone who knows all this
can help
"Hurry up, sir.
Before it's too late"
Death takes us
to the vast expanse...
of darkness
that surrounds us
And in the little flicker
of the light of our lives...
we become oblivious to
it's reality
I'm not professing...
that we can know all that lies
in the depths of this darkness
But by accepting it's existence we can
take a step towards understanding it
Someone's come to see you
My name is Vishal
I think
my wife...
is possessed
What's the name?
- Whose?
I'm sorry
I had to leave
You must have heard
about my daughter
Swati is a complicated
case of MPD
I wanted some tests done on her.
Let's take her for them
She's come to help me out
"Doctor, maybe after all...
it's not just a disease"
You mean to say...
"she is a witch doctor,
some kind of medium... "
You are an educated man
How can you believe
in such nonsense?
She's suffering from a mental ailment.
- This is not a mental ailment
Don't try to teach me. Not everybody
is a fool to listen to you
There's no need to be rude.
I've called her here
What kind of madness is this?
Can't you see? Your wife needs
urgent medical care
Medicine is not the answer.
- Shut up and don't interfere
Enough doctor
You have my phone number
I need Manjeet's mother's address
Why do you need Manjeet's
mother's address?
Some of her stuff is
lying in the house...
that we want to return
Mr Thakkar said you'd
probably know her address
"Yes, I know a lot"
But not what
I want to know
I didn't get it
Neither did I
"Keshu, get the file"
Your wife...
she's still not recovered
Who are you?
How did you get in?
- We've come to talk about Manjeet
Your daughter
My daughter
But my daughter is dead
She's come back
Come here quickly
There's some problem with
Vishal's wife. Make it fast
I lied to you
I need your help
in a murder case
A gruesome murder
I need your help for the right
treatment for Vishal's wife
How's Swati?
She's fine
We don't need you for the
treatment anymore
Mr Thakkar's son
"Sanjay! You?
- Dad, you look fine"
What's wrong with me?
Somebody called me to
say that you were unwell
Who called you to say that
I was unwell?
"Something's wrong with Swati, we'll
have to take her to the hospital"
Our new tenants...
- Please hurry up
"Come on, son"
Do you recognize her?
The same Manjeet who used to
stay here with her son
It's her
The same girl who you desired
And when you couldn't get her...
The same girl who while trying
to get away from you...
The same girl for getting away
with whose murder...
you had to
buy out the watchman
And this watchman
told the police...
that Manjeet in her fit of madness
killed herself and her son
You don't recall?
Are you guys mad?
I don't understand
what you are trying to say
I don't get it
What's happening?
How did you get in?
- The door was open
That doesn't mean you
barge in like this
And didn't I tell you we
don't need you anymore?
"I need to talk to you. Come on.
- Listen, right now I'm... "
I hope all that's not true
What's happening to you?
Say something
What was she saying?
Was she speaking the truth?
"Mr Vishal, your wife
suffers from MPD"
She's killed the watchman too
"Vishal, I know how dangerous a patient
can be in case of such a disorder"
You love her a lot
"And you are doing all this
for her, I know"
But why don't you get it that
she needs treatment in an asylum
before she...
My wife does not have any
mental disorders
She is... possessed
by a spirit
"Vishal, think rationally"
That witch doctor...
has clouded your reason
I'm surprised that
an educated man like you...
can believe in such
superstitious nonsense
I beg of you
Please give me some time
This matter is about to get
over soon. Give me some more time
Where is Swati?
You think
Manjeet will let Sanjay go?
The police think Swati is mad
If Manjeet harms Sanjay
they'd put the blame on Swati
I'll just tranquilize her
She can be quite
dangerous in this state
"I told you, she is not
a mental patient"
Why don't you understand?
"Stop it, Manjeet"
Don't punish Swati
for what Sanjay has done to you
"Inspector, Manjeet did
not commit suicide"
Tell them
"Speak, Sanjay"
Speak up
"Yes, I killed her.
It was me"
"I really love you, my child"
But this is not
your world
You came here for revenge
and you've got it
Now let these people
live their lives
"Leave them alone, child"
Law has limitations
It will only
sentence you to death
I really wish you get
a punishment much worse