Bhoot Police (2021) Movie Script

There's bad energy here.
I can feel it.
Chiku, feelings are injurious
to health.
What happened to you?
They are here.
Please save my daughter, Guddi.
I'll feast on the tantric's blood!
You're all going to die!
She speaks in a man's voice.
She's possessed by her grandfather.
Ever since he died,
Guddi's been acting weird.
Don't worry.
We'll solve your problem.
Seems like a powerful spirit.
Where did she go?
Don't know.
Welcome, you cursed souls!
If you wish to live, run away!
Respects, Grandpa.
I am Vibhooti Vaidya.
And this is my brother,
Chiraunji Vaidya.
Exorcism specialist,
four-time gold medallist.
Respected Grandpa,
what is it you desire?
Why are you scaring your family?
Connect with me.
Connect with me.
Sprinkle holy water.
Get rid of Grandpa.
Begone, spirit. Begone, spirit.
Begone, spirit!
Let me go! Let me go!
Let me go, or I'll curse you
for good. Leave me.
-You can try. Don't feel shy.
Heel to my command, evil spirit,
or I will send you to hell.
-What if I possess you?
-Let's talk, Grandpa.
Ghosts are my friends, Grandpa.
Friends with benefits.
Leave me. Brother!
Don't touch me. I am celibate!
Get her off me, brother!
Don't worry. She is possessed
by Grandpa after all.
You can touch her.
-Stop calling your brother.
-Do you hear what you're saying?
Help me!
You shave every day, don't you?
I want your blood.
Don't be crazy, Grandpa.
-I'll fry your insides.
What are you doing, Grandpa?
-Get her off me.
-Handsome tantric.
Grandpa, no means no!
Listen here,
little miss drama queen.
You can act, indeed.
Can I have some water?
My family wants to marry me off,
but I want to continue studying.
She's so clever.
You should take lessons from her.
And your eyes?
And those footsteps up there?
She should be on our team.
Are you going to expose my scam?
We believe in new beginnings.
We help you,
and you help we, sister.
Now listen carefully.
Do you like Coke?
Jagranam. Bhaskaram.
Arogyam Setuyam.
Nightriderum, Sunrisurum
Go ahead, baba.
Grandpa's wish is that Guddi should
marry only after completing her PhD.
But, baba, her marriage--
If you refuse, you'll prepare
for her funeral.
Educate girls to save girls.
What are you waiting for?
Say we agree.
We accept, Grandpa. We accept.
We accept.
Grandpa, your wishes
will be fulfilled.
Go, Grandpa,
to your final resting place.
Grandpa's spirit juice.
You got what you wanted.
Now get up!
Where am I?
Mom, Dad, what was happening to me?
My child!
-My dear.
-Who are these people?
Uncle, what about GST?
As long as there is superstition,
our business will thrive.
And so will our sins.
Forgive us, Father,
for we have cheated again.
What do you mean?
If we are cheats,
what was the girl, a saint?
Didn't we solve her problem too?
But what about the other scams
we keep doing?
It's a very long list.
Chiku, don't insult my talents,
or I will curse you.
The food's making your brain fat.
What you call cheating,
I call making a living.
Even thieves make a living.
We're tantrics.
We're supposed to protect people.
We possess Father's blessings
and his holy book.
They are just embroidery designs.
You've been glued to it
ever since you were a kid.
Let see you read something from it.
It's a 5,000-year-old language.
One needs strict discipline
to decipher it.
And someday I will.
Like hell you will.
You won't stumble upon
some magical dictionary.
I have hit middle age
trying to explain to you
that this is just business.
There are no ghosts
or spirits in reality.
It's all superstition, my brother.
Believing without seeing
is superstition.
But rejecting what you can't see
is even worse. Don't forget.
You can be right
dozens of times, brother.
But I have to prove myself right
only once.
All I need is one real case.
You're so naive, Chiku.
This is why I love you so much.
Your son's spirit is
telling us his last wish.
He wants to be married!
The marriage was a success.
The spirit has attained salvation.
Immerse it immediately.
Welcome to
the Spirit Carnival 2021.
Whether ghosts, ghouls or destiny,
you'll find a solution
to every problem here.
Come one, come all, tell us your
problems and let us find a solution.
God bless. God bless.
God bless. God bless.
God bless. God bless.
Hail Mahakankal,
exorcise the spirit!
Go! Go! Go!
Goggle Baba, Space Baba, Bengali Baba,
Yoda Baba, tantric and Nath Panthi.
What service are you looking for?
Which baba do you want to meet?
Ullat Baba.
Ullat Baba? Very best choice.
Old Baba, I'll teach your sons
every lesson from A to Z.
Eyes open, chakra close.
Eyes close, chakra open.
You feel energy? Feel...
More feel.
Breathe energy. The energy of love.
Yes. Chakra is full open.
My dear Vibhooti and Chiraunji.
The world is an illusion,
and this book is your answer.
If you practice these spells
with dedication and hard work,
this book shall guide you.
Be fearless.
Be worthy of this power,
and tread with faith.
I shall always be by your side.
Where are you, Father?
Give me a sign.
My book!
God bless. God bless.
God bless. God bless.
My book!
My book. My book.
Is it yours?
Is it yours?
Yes, thank you.
Here you go.
Come, madam.
The key.
I found the key!
I found the dictionary!
Ullat Baba
was my dear departed father.
I am his son Goggle Baba.
Tell me, child,
what brings you here?
What is the difficulty?
-Goggle Baba--
-Stop. Got it!
-Bow to him.
-Got it!
Guruji, come with me.
You can make America great again.
No, Suzy, my country is needing me.
Found it! Found it!
Brother, I found the key.
Now I can decipher any spell.
Which spell do I read first?
Is there a spell here
on how to disappear?
Read it and disappear.
I am leaving.
And presto, begone!
For good!
For good?
Chiku, wait!
Move, you drunkard.
Why are you always hanging
outside our tent?
Look, you're twitching again.
It's not a twitch.
There's bad energy around.
There is no energy around!
This is your frustration.
It's time to break
your vow of celibacy.
You don't deserve
our father's knowledge.
I have been following
our father's teachings.
How to scam people.
You have lost your mind.
Out of my way.
Chiku, wait.
Fine, leave
your helpless brother alone.
Forget all the things
I ever did for you. Forget them.
I was only this young
when you arrived.
Our mother died
as soon as you arrived!
Then Father left us
a few years later.
I spent days starving
so you could eat.
Survived on bananas
so you can have bread!
Last time, it was peanuts.
Focus on the emotions, will you?
I have no one in this world.
No one to support me in my old age.
Get lost!
Poor, helpless me--
Fine, I'm not going.
I changed my plans.
No wife or son...
I changed my plans.
I am not going. Now get up.
Poor restless spirit... Poor--
I am not leaving. Now get up.
Chiku! Chiku.
I'll do anything you want,
just name it.
Will you turn over a new leaf?
We'll strive to be real tantrics,
just like our father.
Jai Hind, sir.
-Go? You just said don't go.
What's the matter, brother?
Why are we hiding? What's wrong?
Inspector Chedilal.
He's followed us all the way here.
What do you expect
when you cheat people?
I am not the only one
cheating people.
Pack our things
and meet me at the van.
I'll take him for a spin.
Hey, Chedi, how are you?
Sorry, don't mind.
Stop, you charlatan!
Hey, mister!
I only travel in AC taxis, child.
I see.
Wait a minute. There's your van.
I have no vehicle.
I'm the baba who sold his Maruti
long year back.
But it says here
"Ullat Baba and Sons."
My father was a great tantric.
People use his name
to run their shady businesses.
Bloody frauds!
May they die and turn into ghosts.
Goggle, you fraud.
How dare you cheat people?
What rude behaviour is this?
We are the original
Ullat Baba and Sons, madam.
He's a fraud.
If I get enraged,
and I open my third eye,
then it will cause
great destruction.
This was the only
customised goggles I had.
Now you broke it.
How will I do business now?
If you try to misuse
my father's name again,
I'll gouge your remaining eyes out.
Remember that!
You two sons are the real
embarrassment to your father.
Bunch of useless frauds.
-They are responsible for Baba's death--
-Shut up!
What did you say?
-Wait a minute. Listen to me.
Boys, attack!
The Tantric Association
will hear about this!
Here comes another one.
No, he's my brother, Vibhooti.
Chiku, get in the van!
She's come looking for our father.
It seems like a real case.
Very good. Very good.
Get her in too.
Yes, please. Come on.
Don't doubt us.
You touched my father's book
with your lucky hands.
There must be
some kind of connection.
Have faith.
Chiku, Chedi's right behind us!
What the...
Sir, I know where they are headed.
They're going to Dharamshala.
Are they wanted for murder?
I forgot to introduce myself.
Myself Chiraunji,
and that's my brother, Vibhooti.
How to do, madam?
So, why were you looking
for my father?
What's the case?
27 years ago, your father came
to our estate and solved our problem.
My father brought him there.
And I'm taking you two there now.
Honestly, I don't know
where to begin.
It may sound a little strange.
Nothing is strange for us, madam.
Please begin.
We own tea estates
near Dharamshala...
Near Dharamshala...
We own tea estates near Dharamshala.
Silawar Estate.
We produced the best tea
in the country.
My dad was really proud of it.
But everything changed
after his death.
My sister returned from London,
and together we began
managing the estate.
Our factory has been incurring losses
for a long time.
You own a factory.
Please continue.
The tea estates are useless
without the workers.
And, for the past two weeks,
my workers have been afraid.
What's happening?
Why is everyone leaving?
Everyone wants to be home
before nightfall, ma'am.
There is no ghost here.
You make them understand.
If it's about the salary,
I promise it won't be late this time.
What good is money
without life, ma'am?
-See you tomorrow.
Who's there?
Who's there?
I barely managed to get home.
But it was definitely
something supernatural.
There's a Kichkandi in my estate.
Kich what?
Take over the wheels, brother.
I think Father mentioned something
about it in his book, Ms. Maya.
Your father was the one
who drove her away 27 years ago.
I don't know how she returned.
She dwells in the mountains.
A stubborn and dangerous spirit.
Don't worry, madam.
We know these spirits well.
They are real drama queens.
Hungry for attention.
We'll have to perform
the Naked Spirit ritual.
Yes, that's the best option.
We'll all have to strip.
Full nude.
Sorry, I misread it.
It's Blood Spirit ritual.
We'll have to perform
the Blood Spirit ritual.
To destroy the Kichkandi!
Look how passionate he is.
Don't worry. We'll get
rid of this Kachkundi for you.
Advance is Rs. 51,000.
Food, travel, lodging at your cost.
No, no.
We will not charge any fee, madam.
This is our father's case
from long ago.
We assure you good
after-sales service for free.
-There was a cat on the road.
Ma'am is back!
Come on.
Hello, ma'am.
Hello, hello.
What were you doing?
These are our worker's children.
Their village is just up ahead,
-and our estate is beyond that.
-Very good.
-What were you playing?
It's quite late.
Don't play out here at night.
There are wild animals here.
-Come on, go home. Bye.
-Bye. Bye.
Shonku, Shonku, Shonku.
Shonku. Good boy.
You're such a good boy.
My grandfather bought
this place in 1942.
Our family's been running
tea estates out here ever since.
You'll be staying
at the guest house.
I'll get the keys.
Bravo, bro!
This is actually a real case.
This is a five-star hotel.
We're not here on vacation.
We're here to work.
Yes, that is important.
Work hard.
I'll soak up the sun
on the swing here,
work out on this lawn,
and have breakfast
over there.
And we'll get fired by lunchtime.
Here you go.
Where did you find
these two ulti babas?
"Ullat Baba."
Yeah, same thing.
Kanu, please.
Let's not do this again.
That's Kanika, my sister.
And these are Ullat Baba's sons,
Vibhooti and Chiraunji.
They are here to help us.
Help us? Or themselves?
Kanu, please.
Your sister is quite rude, madam.
I am sorry. Actually, she--
You will pay
for this disrespectful behaviour.
Rs. 21,000 in cash.
Or we leave.
Good riddance!
Fine, I accept.
Then we stay.
My God.
How can we pay?
Hasn't my sister told you
we're bankrupt?
Penniless, poor, no money.
We're not here
to earn money, madam.
Fine! Then you are
basically free of cost.
Not even death
is free of cost, madam.
You are much pettier
than your house might suggest.
Do not presume to know everything.
But that is what I am here for.
I can see all that is hidden.
And when you realize
just how much I can see,
it will blow your mind.
Madame, detox day today.
Give me that, Hari.
Greetings, baba!
Thousand greetings to you!
God bless. God bless.
Myself Hari Kumar.
General manager of Silawar Estate.
You may not believe this,
but I've heard stories
about you since I was a kid.
Thanks to yoga you seem
to not have aged at all.
Madame, I must say
Ullat Baba is too ageless.
Mister, you're mistaking
the son for the father.
Ullat Baba and Sons.
-I apologise, baba.
-It's all right.
Madam, the villagers have been waiting
since morning to meet Ullat Baba.
Lazy lumps will grab any excuse
to shirk work.
-Tell them to push off.
-Okay, madam.
-Wait, Hari.
-Yes, madam.
-Come with me, you two.
Please, this way.
Hari, where are you going?
Baba will give a speech.
Feed milk to Shonku. Go.
Okay, madame.
They are here.
Baba is smart and good-looking.
-Hello, madam.
-Hello. Hello.
I promised I will
only return with baba.
-Here they are.
No need to be scared.
They will help us.
People of Silawar,
your days of despair are over.
Your guardians Ullat Baba and sons
have arrived.
There are no spirits
we haven't exorcised.
Let me introduce you
to Chiraunji baba.
Exorcism specialist,
four... five-time gold medallist.
Baba has won an award.
Five times.
Settle down. Settle down.
Now it's our responsibility to rid
this village of the Kichkandi.
And our real gold medal
will be to complete this job.
we've dealt with
more powerful spirits in our life.
And this is an ordinary Kichkandi.
Kichkandi! Kichkandi!
Oh, no.
Show yourself if you dare!
Stop overdoing it, brother.
Let's see you enter her house!
Or kill him!
Or possess her!
This is Vibhooti,
and this is an open challenge.
My brother means to say
that we're completely prepared.
And we'll control this spirit.
You can all go home and rest.
-Let's go.
-Yes, go home, but...
hold each other's hand.
Soon it will be nightfall.
-Hurry up.
-I'm hurrying up.
Come on, run.
Wait inside.
I'll be back in a flash.
How often have I told you
to eat a light dinner.
Can't you wait until morning?
It's not my fault.
Why did you cook
such delicious mutton?
Wait inside.
I'll be back in a flash.
Are you going
to leave me alone here?
What if she possesses me?
Then say a little prayer,
and let's go.
Hurry up.
Watch where you're going.
Look where you're going.
Keep walking.
Wait outside.
-Or will you come inside?
-No, I'm fine.
-Hurry up.
-Don't take too long.
How's the pressure?
-Lata sweetheart.
Sing something.
This is very scary for me.
Don't be stupid.
What if she hears us?
Please, sweetheart.
It's so scary
that I am constipated.
This is no time to request a song.
Please, sweetheart, sing a song.
Okay, fine.
You've got a death wish today.
-Hurry up.
-Fine, I am singing.
Everyone's singing
Everyone's elated
Why are we so quiet?
Strike a chord in my heart
Why are we so silent?
Sing with me
Come to me
Is it coming?
It's coming.
It's coming. Keep singing.
Come to me
Lata dear, why did you stop?
Lata sweetie?
My dear?
Darling, my dear?
Why aren't you singing?
Forgive us.
Forgive us, Kichkandi.
Forgive us.
Forgive us.
Forgive us.
Forgive us. Forgive us.
Forgive us.
I stand in solidarity
with my people.
When will superstitions end
in my country?
Wake up. Get back to your jobs.
Earn some money.
Let's break the shackles
of superstition! Go on!
#goosebumps, madame.
Welcome, disaster babas.
Speak your minds.
I am with you.
It's horrible, baba.
You've made Kichkandi furious.
-She will kill us all.
Who saw Kichkandi?
It was you. You challenged her.
Now she's here.
Look at his condition.
He's turned completely pale.
Stay back. We won't be impressed
by your sweet talks anymore.
-You go, Lata!
Calm down. Calm down, please.
Give baba a chance to speak.
O naive villagers, who would
know a spirit better than a tantric?
And who would know how to
take advantage of your innocence?
Enough, please.
These babas are here to help us.
But, madam, Ullat Baba
solved our problem immediately.
These people seem hopeless.
Nepotism has ruined this country.
I think they are
not sons of Ullat Baba.
-Right, right...
-Who said that?
Who said that?
We're the original Vaidyas.
The seventh generation
of the Kaal Bhairav tantric clan.
We've documents
of all our ancestors.
Who wants to see them?
Do you want to see them?
Lata, what's that one thing
you're an expert in?
The thing no one can do
better than you.
What's special about you?
Mutton sekuwa.
No one can make it better than me.
Isn't that right?
Did I ask whether you add
oil first or water?
No, you didn't.
Then you've no right
to ask how we do our job.
Let us do our job our way.
Let the leaves grow in the estate.
Not in your minds.
We challenged the Kichkandi
and she came.
You shouldn't be mourning,
but you should be happy.
If we can summon her,
can't we drive her away?
Repeat after me.
-Go, Kichkandi!
-Go, Kichkandi!
-Go, Kichkandi!
-Go, Kichkandi!
-Go, Kichkandi!
-Go, Kichkandi!
-Go, Kichkandi!
-Kichkandi, go!
-Kichkandi, go!
-Kichkandi, go!
-Go, Kichkandi!
-Go, Kichkandi!
-Go, Kichkandi!
-Go, Kichkandi!
-Go, Kichkandi!
-Go, Kichkandi!
Bless you.
Bless you.
Don't touch me.
Dark energy.
Bless you.
Bless you.
Bless you. Bless you.
Bless you. Bless you.
See, everyone's happy
and back to work.
I have a strong feeling everything
will return to normal soon.
What will you pay them for salary?
Baba's blessings.
We can turn this around, Kanu.
Provided you drop
this negative approach.
I am being practical, Maya.
Let's sell everything
and move to London.
I have a strong base there.
We'll open
an exclusive bar in Soho.
We'll have the best music,
the best cocktails.
Really hot bouncers.
And Long Island iced tea.
That way you can still follow
your passion for tea.
You just don't get it.
This estate is Papa's legacy.
Fine. We'll name our bar
after Papa.
Kulbhushan Bar?
No, no, no, I take that back.
Sorry, Papa.
You know what?
Focus on your blogging or whatever.
And leave me
and this factory alone.
-Thank you so much for your support.
No, no, thanks for your support.
"No, no, thanks for your support."
"Hard at work."
Don't be scared.
Tell baba what you saw.
She had silky hair.
Her sari was torn everywhere.
Anything else?
And she was spewing
lightning from her mouth.
From her mouth.
You tell them. Tell them.
She looked scary.
She had long iron nails.
She looked like the mummy.
Mummy? Whose mummy?
Baba, she meant the Egyptian mummy.
-Covered in strips.
-That's what we saw.
-Exactly this one.
-Covered in strips.
Have you seen it too?
-Have you seen the Kich--
-Baba, where's the time?
I'm the general manager
of the estate.
I generally do
all the work around here.
Madame's shopping, her shooting,
factory, Shonku, make-up.
Her make-up comes
specially from London.
Look at this pretty little plant.
It's tea.
How much do you spend on one
cup of tea at an overpriced cafe?
A lot?
But our own homegrown tea
we completely disregard.
Sorry, madam, for photobombing you.
You don't look like you feel cold.
And you don't look
like a tantric to me.
Why are you wasting your time?
Do your job. Get rid of the ghost.
That's what we're doing.
The Kichkandi can possess anyone.
I am protecting you. Z+ security.
I don't believe in ghosts
or spirits.
I don't need your security.
Think again.
Ghosts fancy single women.
Do you know
what "fancy" means, madam?
I do. Very well.
And I also know
how to kick on it too.
We're tenacious, madam.
We'll take all your kicks
without complaint.
I saw her on the tree.
She was singing aloud.
Are you not afraid of ghosts?
You're a brave girl, sweetie.
Go play with your friends.
Are you deaf-mute?
My name's Vibhooti.
What's your name?
Pine nuts?
Tree? Leaves? Seeds?
Cow dung?
Titli [butterfly].
This was Chiku's favourite game.
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
Catch a tiger by the toe
If he hollers, let him go
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
Hello. Ullat Baba and Sons.
Hello, this is the queen of Kangra.
My husband's been
possessed by a witch.
Please help us.
Please, pretty please.
Of course, we'll help.
But, currently,
we don't have dates, madam.
Just tell us wherever you are.
Give me your exact address.
I'll throw my husband in the back
of our Mercedes and bring him over.
Oh, no.
Excuse me.
Listen, Chedi, these tricks
won't work on a pro like me.
Listen, you charlatan.
The snake can't escape
the eagle for too long.
If your father was Ullat,
then I'm a bullet.
I am in Dharamshala.
Then go meet the Dalai Lama.
We're busy.
What are you doing here?
Hello, Maya.
Looking at my father's picture.
That's my father.
I miss him.
The last time I saw him
I was only five.
He called me,
made me sit beside him,
and gave me this book.
He said, "Keep it with you.
"It will always guide you."
I was so young and naive,
I said, "Is this a torch
that will guide me?"
He smiled just like you
and said, "You got that right."
He wasn't there
when I got up in the morning.
-Keep it.
-No, Maya, please.
No, please...
-Are you sure?
Thank you, Maya.
Wait, I am coming.
Any luck?
I talked to the villagers, but
they are all making wild guesses.
No one told me anything solid.
Do you know anyone
from when Father was here?
Wait a minute.
How could I forget?
He was there
when your father came here.
He's lives in a monastery up ahead.
You must meet him.
Mr. Santu, we're Vibhooti
and Chiraunji.
Sons of Ullat Baba.
We need your help.
30 years ago, my wife, Manju,
and I came here from Manali to work.
The owner had warned us...
that the jungle
on the other side of the estate
is haunted by a Kichkandi
for a 100 years.
No one goes there.
One day all the women from
the village returned from work,
except for Manju.
Meaning the Kichkandi
had possessed her.
That night Manju killed two people
and ran towards the jungle.
Then Ullat Baba arrived.
Baba finally managed to trap
Manju inside a powerful holy circle.
Heed to the tantric's command,
Leave Manju's body.
O Kichkandi,
return to your mortal remains.
Finally, Baba managed to exorcise
the Kichkandi from Manju's body
and trap her in a pot.
And Baba said as long as
the Kichkandi stays trapped,
we'll be safe.
He saved Silawar,
but he couldn't save my Manju.
Run away.
Save your lives.
She is death incarnate.
You cannot win against her.
We'll definitely try.
We'll get to the root
of the story, uncle.
Are you prepared
to lose everything?
Go lift the gate.
I did it the last time.
Father had trapped the Kichkandi.
Now his ritual
has been interrupted.
We should go look for that tree.
I'll slap you.
This is no time
to go look for the tree.
Why? Are you scared?
Scared my foot!
Come on then.
Let's get to the root
of this story.
Show us the way, Father.
Show us the way, Father.
Our father is not Google Maps
to show the way.
You won't see a damn thing
at night.
Let's come back in the morning.
Why don't you admit
that you're scared?
It's the only wise thing to do.
We're tantrics, not Shikari Shambu.
What if we get attacked
by some wild animal...
Are you okay?
-Hear that?
Hear what?
Isn't it weird?
It's so silent out here.
This is where our father
performed the ritual.
The pot must be in here.
Hold this.
Chiku! What are you doing?
Looking for the pot.
Found it.
Found it.
Yes, found it.
But the pot is still intact.
If the Kichkandi is still inside...
then who is scaring the people?
Maybe it's her aunt.
Hello. Is Ms. Kichu at home?
Don't mock Father's work, okay.
-Enough of this "real ghost" drama.
-Give it back.
-Let's find out
whether our father was even real,
or a fake.
Give it back, brother.
Stop. I said give it back.
Give it back...
Look at me, Chiku.
I am the Kichkandi.
That's enough, brother.
Give it back.
Kichu. Chiku.
Chiku, I am getting a feeling.
Even I am getting a feeling,
Feelings are injurious to health.
You're very naive, Chiku.
Did you really believe Father
trapped a Kichkandi in this pot?
You fool,
there is no Kichkandi in this pot,
or outside.
-But what, Chiku?
-What about Manju?
-Shut up.
Father took advantage
of that crazy woman
and screwed with people's minds.
Why this...
Oh, no!
You made me miss the finale
of Naagin.
Now I'll have to watch the repeat.
Much ado about nothing.
I'm aware of my crimes,
and I'll even give my life
to atone for them.
The serpent has arrived to save
the good and eradicate evil.
What are you looking at?
Do you want to talk?
Okay, let's talk.
Go on.
I know you wouldn't say anything.
But today I'll talk
and you'll listen.
Who's accountable for the crap
you filled in Chiku's mind?
Poor thing won't stop praising you
even for a minute.
"Father this, Father that."
He thinks you're a superhero.
There's no connection between us.
And now it doesn't even matter.
But Chiku's your good son.
He talks to you every day.
Please tell him the truth.
Otherwise, he'll be
heartbroken someday.
Then I'll never forgive you for it.
How will you tell him anything?
It's lights out for you.
Shonku, where did get this?
Where did you get it?
Give it here.
Give it here. Give...
Bad boy, Shonku.
When a body
isn't cremated ritually,
the spirit latches on to the remains
and turns into a Kichkandi.
She turns into a Kichkandi.
Father actually trapped her, and now
you've set her free by breaking...
Why can't you
ever be serious, brother?
Hey, Shonku!
I couldn't understand
what she was saying.
But whatever it was,
it was under the bed.
That's their favourite spot.
This is your expert?
Maya baby, it was Shonku.
Thank you for your concern, Kanu.
I am not able to explain,
but, Chiraunji,
can you check it out once?
Trust me.
I am getting that feeling again.
This time it's much stronger.
I can feel my blood boiling.
It's only hormones.
How many times do I tell you?
You and your biology lessons.
She's got style, I tell you.
We're screwed.
Maya said
her dog brought it here.
Every little thing excites you.
Look closely,
it's remains of Kichkandi,
which you tossed away
in the jungle.
What are you looking at?
You're the reason that Kichkandi
entered this house.
If it's all my fault,
then who is to blame for what was
happening in Silawar before we arrived.
-Use some logic.
I listened to you once,
but not this time.
I must chant
the purification spell.
Quietly stand in a corner.
Not a word.
And you should learn
how to talk to your elders first.
Being taller
doesn't mean you talk back.
I want silence.
Pin-drop silence.
"Silence. Pin-drop silence."
Is the purification done?
Can we leave now?
I have tied an enchanted doll
at the front door, Maya.
And also chanted
the purification mantra in your room.
So cute.
Did you hear, Maya?
Thanks to baba's doll,
now we can sleep peacefully.
If you still feel scared,
then we brothers can sleep inside
to protect you sisters.
And who will protect us from you?
Don't be afraid, Maya.
Tomorrow is the night
of the full moon.
Our powers will increase,
and the Kichkandi
will be powerless.
We'll perform the Blood Spirit
ritual to trap her.
It's the ritual our father
performed 27 years ago.
I'll only show my face
after getting rid of the Kichkandi.
I promise.
Why did you make a commitment?
It was the right thing to do.
Are we really going to perform
a ritual tomorrow?
I thought we'll let this drama
continue, make a strong bill.
But you seem eager.
This time
we'll perform the real deal.
Fine, I won't stop you.
In fact, you can sacrifice my life.
You can trap my spirit when I turn
into one and claim me as the Kichkandi.
Don't talk about dying, brother.
What else do I do?
When there is no real Kichkandi,
are you going to manufacture
a real one from your backside?
This ritual will be a big flop,
and we'll end up with a jack squat.
GDP's already down.
-You'll ruin our business--
-I'm in charge of this case.
We'll perform the ritual tomorrow.
According to Father's methods.
You won't interfere,
and that's final.
Good night.
I wonder where I went wrong
in raising you.
I'll tell you some other day.
Now let me practise.
Greetings, Kichkandi.
Go away.
Thank you, Shahrukh bro.
Good evening, Ms. Kichu.
-Mr. Manager.
-Hello, baba.
Why are you scaring your madam
dressed as Stree?
And there was lightning
coming from her mouth.
She was singing aloud.
She looked like the mummy.
There's a Kichkandi in my estate.
Sorry, baba,
I only did what madame asked.
I must admit,
manager, you've got passion.
Thank you.
Anything for my madame.
-Welcome, madame.
What's the emergency?
Why you're not at the house
scaring Maya?
Salutations from
one cunning mind to another.
I gave you one job,
but you couldn't do that either.
Sorry, madame,
but it's not my fault.
Baba is wise. He's too good.
-Shut up!
-It's not his fault.
We see what others don't see.
I told you.
Come to the point
and tell me what you want.
I want to be a part of your plan.
You want to sell this property,
don't you?
I'll help you.
Fee... Rs. 2 million only.
Rs. 2 million.
I'll give you Rs. 101.
We can always bargain later.
But I have a question.
You live like a princess,
yet you're so greedy.
Mind you, baba,
my madame is not greedy.
Do you know
how much money she owes?
-What do you want?
Can't she go shopping in London?
-Or gamble in Vegas?
-Or party in Europe?
What do you expect her to do?
-Sell tea in Palampur?
-Shut up!
-Shut up and sit over there now!
-But, madame...
Look, princess,
I can help you achieve
what you
and your clown here couldn't.
I'll scare everyone
out of their wits,
and Maya will come up
to you and personally say...
"Sister, sell the property now."
Where's the camphor?
What are you doing, brother?
Preparing for tonight's ritual.
The what?
To what do I owe
this sudden transformation?
I am cursing myself.
Last night, I had a long discussion
with myself.
-Suddenly, I had a feeling--
-What's your angle in all this?
It's the right angle, Chiku.
Your life depends
on only two things.
Money and lust.
So, what is it this time?
This time
it's for the tantric knowledge.
Then swear on me.
Brother, I knew you will
mend your ways someday.
I knew you'll quit being a fraud,
a liar, lowlife, useless,
imposter, pervert.
I understand your emotion.
This is why I love you so much.
Thank you, brother.
Come on, let's prepare for the ritual.
Together we'll fight
against the Kichkandi.
-Will play.
-Will blow up.
-Will fly.
One pill won't help.
He's big and strong.
You've been taking notice.
Why? Are you jealous?
Jealous? Me?
No, no. He's quite innocent.
Chiku isn't your type.
Really? And you are.
I'm a global lover.
All type is my type.
I am way out of your league.
It's always fun to hit on something
out of one's league, madam.
The yoghurt.
Feed him.
Remember when we were still kids
and you would go for your exams.
I would feed you yoghurt
for good luck.
You're going to perform
such a big ritual.
Have some.
It's too sweet.
The entire village is gathering around
to watch the ritual.
I summon thee, fire.
I summon thee, fire and water.
Brother, I feel dizzy.
It's the performance pressure.
Come on, baba,
continue with the ritual.
Beware! The Kichkandi's around.
Dark energy!
Dark energy!
Dark energy!
What's wrong with baba?
Chiraunji baba!
Chiraunji baba!
No! Kichkandi killed my brother!
-Hari, now, now, now, go, go, go.
-Okay, madame.
Chiraunji baba.
Chiraunji baba!
She's done it.
The Kichkandi killed my brother.
Baba is dead.
This spirit is very dangerous.
If you want to save your lives,
then leave Silawar.
Kanu. Kanu...
Sushil, hurry up. Hurry up.
Come on. Load everything quickly.
Hurry up, hurry up.
When is he coming, Hari?
Any minute, madame.
-It's getting late.
-Very late.
Hurry up and pay my fee, princess.
It's going to be trouble
when Chiku wakes up.
You seem to be in a hurry.
I thought tonight
we'll watch Naagin together.
I wish.
But right now
I only wish to see the cash.
I understand.
Hari, get the money from the safe.
What safe, madame?
The safe in the other office, Hari.
Of course, madame.
I won't take Rs. 2,000 notes,
They may become worthless
at any time.
We could've watched
at least one episode together.
We could've watched
the entire season together.
But brother before any other.
What is it with men and me?
Why can't I ever find true love?
Don't be upset, princess.
Give that here.
But I--
I am not watching
your private photos.
-Just saving my number.
We'll continue the affair.
"Special Friend."
Here you go.
Zoom me whenever you miss me.
You can't get this personal touch
on Zoom.
Which other office, madame?
Hari, you're good for nothing.
Vibhu, wait here.
I'll go get the cash.
It's not wise to challenge
someone more cunning than you.
Let's not mix love and affection
with business.
-Hurry up and pay my money or--
-Or else?
Or else I'll tell everyone
how you cheated your sister.
Oh, really?
And what did you do
with your brother?
What did you mix in the yoghurt?
Sleeping pills
to make him fall asleep.
Then Hari could scare
the villagers--
Shut up.
I know what I did.
Why are you...
Chiku, listen to me.
Calm down.
Take a deep breath.
Not so deep.
You know what, meditate.
Whatever I did was for your sake.
Dalai Lama says hello.
Come on, sir.
Go catch some wanted criminal.
You'll get a medal for it.
Why this rude treatment
with us ordinary people?
I am looking for justice,
not reward.
You'll pay for your father's sins.
Did you hear?
What did our father do, sir?
What did he do?
I was only 12 years old
when your father got me married.
To a goat.
All this for a goat.
For seven years in a row,
he made me marry a goat
in front of the entire village.
He said
evil spirits were after me.
He said, whenever I feel scared,
I should bleat like a goat.
He made a spectacle out of me.
That's how people laughed at me.
I became a laughing stock
for the people.
A statue of shame.
Father saved your life.
There must be some kind
of curse on you.
Be quiet!
He didn't save my life.
He ruined it.
Sir, what charge
will you arrest us for?
Animal husbandry?
We'll be out
in a couple of months. Sorry.
No arrest, only justice.
Straight encounter.
I'll shoot you two
when I see a sweet spot.
Let's talk, sir.
Father must have had a reason
for what he did.
There was a curse on your life--
What are you doing?
He's still alive.
Let's get out of here.
Bye, Dhanno.
Let's catch a train.
Catch whatever you want.
I'm going back to the estate.
Stop bugging me now, Chiraunji.
Even a blind guy
would've realised by now
that ghosts are not real!
Ghosts or not,
I'll never be like you.
I won't let my humanity die.
I'm going back to tell Maya the truth.
Then just admit
you're crazy about the girl.
Stop this drama of humanity.
And stop pretending
to be my brother.
You always did what you wanted
since we were kids.
You're the tamer,
and I'm your monkey.
You say get up, you say sit down.
You say sing,
you say dance, do this, do that!
You've never carried out any
responsibility of an older brother,
only used me!
Today we go our separate ways.
I wish you had said this
25 years ago,
and I wouldn't have
wasted my life on you.
Father left nothing for us
except a torn book and underwear.
I was only 10 years old!
Even I dreamt of catching spirits,
do you hear?
But by the time I turned 11,
life taught me some valuable lessons!
Yes, I'm a bastard!
But don't call me irresponsible!
I relieve you
from your responsibility.
Thank you very much.
Try living without your brother.
We'll see!
Ungrateful boy!
I want this estate sold in a week.
-Enough of this horror show.
-Yes, madame.
Haven't the workers left yet?
Let's go take a look.
Isn't that Maya madam?
What is she doing?
I think it's come
as a big shock to her.
Don't worry. I'll handle her.
Maya, we are gonna have
so much fun in London.
Maya, stop overreacting now
and look at me.
I should've never come
to this damned place.
Sweetie, what are you doing here
at this hour?
Are you leaving Silawar
with your family?
Got separated?
No, this is no time to play.
Do you know
how to get to the station?
Come with me.
I'll reunite you with your family
at the station.
This is why I say love, affection,
family are all illusions.
There's only one reality.
We are all going
to die alone eventually.
You're still very young.
You have a long life ahead of you.
Do you have any siblings?
No? Very good. Very good.
I have a kid brother, Chiku.
I raised and fed him,
and now he calls me irresponsible.
I guess
he feels a lot of pressure.
I won't let him do it.
Think about your father.
You'll be meeting him soon.
What are you doing, sir?
Lower the gun.
Don't shoot.
You might hit the child.
Child? What child?
This one, sir.
Her name is Titli.
Say hello to uncle.
What are you doing?
Killing you.
What's happening?
What is it? Oh, no!
What are you doing?
"Dear Lord,
save me from evil spirits."
"Dear Lord,
save me from evil spirits."
Chiku! Chiku, wait!
Bloody drunkard. Why do you
always hang outside our tent?
Look, you're twitching again.
It's not a twitch.
There's bad energy around.
There's no energy around!
Hurry up, or we'll miss the bus.
-Don't look around. Look ahead.
Baba's turned into a ghost!
Baba's turned
into a ghost too! Run!
Vinod, Lata!
What's happening, Father?
You said I should have faith,
and that's what I did!
Was it all a lie?
Say something! Give me an answer!
Give me a sign,
or else I'll tear this book!
Give me a sign,
or else I'll tear this book.
Give me a sign...
Give me a sign, Father.
-Give me a sign...
You were right!
You were right, Chiku.
Ghosts are real.
I apologise. I beg you.
Don't leave me alone.
What new drama is this?
Leave me alone.
It's true, brother.
You're the antenna that senses ghosts,
and I'm the X-ray.
I saw it with my own eyes.
Kichkandi... in the jungle.
I swear on our father.
Another lie.
I'll die if I'm lying.
Every time you get that feeling,
those twitches,
I see a bloody ghost.
I've been seeing them all my life.
Now I finally understand
the connection, Chiku.
Grandpa, the dog, the drunkard...
I see dead people!
This... This one...
You are twitching again.
That means...
It's just my hormones, brother.
No, my child.
This means there's a--
Hello, police.
Please don't disconnect the call.
-I can't wait till morning.
-Come right now.
-Please stop her, madame. Please...
-Shut up, Hari. I'm on the phone.
-It's the real Kichkandi.
Listen to me, please.
Oh, my God!
Madam Kichkandi, I have
no idea about what you're saying.
No idea!
Anybody there?
What am I going to do?
Shut up.
She will come back.
-Get in.
Shut up and get in here.
Who did this
to your beautiful face?
Shut up!
-Who did this?
-Maya did.
She's possessed.
She took Hari.
I was pretending,
but this is a real Kichkandi.
-Is this your fault?
Now you must save my sister.
Do a replay of Father's ritual.
It's not a concert
we can do again.
Kichkandi is now inside Maya.
Her life is in danger.
If I repeat Father's ritual, then
she may suffer the same fate as Manju.
Don't take Maya for a weakling.
New-age women are strong.
-Woman power.
-What is wrong with you?
But if we don't perform the ritual,
the Kichkandi will kill Maya.
It's me, Chiraunji.
Bloody Kichkandi, show yourself!
Oh, my God!
Come on, read the spell.
There you are.
Very good. Safe and sound.
There's a ghost out there.
It's safer to stay inside.
-No going back.
Only forward.
Going up?
Where are you?
O spirit, I am the son-in-law
of the great God Naigamesh.
I request you to let me go.
Glory to Ullat Baba!
Glory to Ullat Baba!
I finally understood what he meant.
Glory to Ullat Baba!
Baba was an awesome tantric.
this is worse than it looks.
Maya is completely possessed.
Final stage.
I feel... Brother!
Maya... I'm Chiraunji.
Remember? Chiraunji.
I'll read one spell
and fix everything.
Give me a hand, will you?
This one, next page. One second.
Hey, Kichu!
Don't touch my Chiku.
Kichu, go.
Oh, my God.
Somebody help us.
Maya, Maya, please stand up.
Maya, please.
You're my princess, Maya.
My little princess.
No! So sorry, so sorry.
Vibhooti, do something, you idiot!
-Mayu, Mayu.
Stop it, Maya! Enough!
Maya, sisters often fight.
That doesn't mean
you become a witch.
Come on, throw the bitch witch out.
Where the hell are you?
She's got me hanging in mid-air.
Recite the spell.
Coming, wait just a minute.
Brother's dying. Do something.
What can I do without the book?
Have some faith.
Take a chance, you fool.
Maya! Oh, my God!
Maya, are you okay?
Maya. Hello, are you there?
Kichkandi juice!
Chiku, the towel.
Mayu, I am so sorry.
I'm so sorry, Mayu.
Chiku, you're more awesome
than our father.
Got rid of the Kichkandi
without any of the frills.
I didn't get rid of her,
but Maya's safe now.
What do you mean
you didn't get rid of her?
Where is she?
She's inside me.
-What happened?
-Have you lost your mind?
No, brother.
I recited the Stanantrit spell.
It was the spirit transfer spell.
Spirit transfer spell.
The Kichkandi left Maya's body,
and now she's inside me.
And I'm a tantric.
I can control her.
Don't worry. I'll be fine.
What's happening now?
But this is normal.
-What's happening to me?
Oh, my God. Get up. Get up.
Get up.
Why is this creepy creeper
coming out of my mouth?
I mistakenly stuck her inside you.
I will shove a stick
up your behind.
Don't get mad, brother.
You said take a chance.
-So, I took a chance.
-Get her out!
Brother... Vibhooti...
No, I'm the only one left now.
-Come on.
-My brother--
Bloody amateurs.
I cannot leave my brother alone.
No, Chiraunji, it's too dangerous.
-Take her away from here. Go.
-Yes, he's right.
Come on, Maya.
Let's get out of here.
Come on, Maya.
What the hell was that?
Oh, my God. It's Hari.
Wake up, Hari. Wake up.
-Hari, wake up.
-No, no, let me stay unconscious.
Wake up, Hari! Get up.
Madam Kichkandi.
She is only madam now,
not Kichkandi.
Vibhooti is the Kichkandi now.
Baba Kichkandi.
Kanu... I just remembered.
I was burning,
and there was a tree and...
Okay, that's great. Let's go.
The window's open.
Hari, help me.
Listen to me, brother.
You're a tantric.
Fight back.
Forgive me, Chiku,
but I don't have an option.
Listen to me, brother...
Listen to me, brother.
Fight back, brother.
She doesn't want to harm anyone.
She's in pain herself.
Help her, Chiraunji.
Let me understand your pain.
I can feel your pain.
I can feel your pain.
Come, Titli.
Hide in there, Titli.
I'll come back for you.
O butterfly
Which direction do you go?
Go, hide there.
Vibhooti knows Titli.
He does.
She's here.
Mother, where are you?
She's here.
Call out to her.
She will come.
She will recognise her mother.
Finish what you started. Call her.
O butterfly
Which direction do you go?
Are you going left
Or are you going right?
They are leaving, Chiku.
Are you okay?
You helped mother and daughter
attain salvation.
We did, Chiku.
We did it together.
Glory to Ullat Baba!
Glory to Ullat Baba!
Glory to Vibhooti and Chiraunji!
I am an ordinary policeman.
You guys are
the ghost police!
Ghost police!
Ghost police!
Here comes Bhoot Police
It's a duel between two eyes
There's nothing evil about it
It's a duel between two eyes
There's nothing evil about it
I lost everything
You intoxicate me
As I immersed myself in your eyes
Destructive love
Destructive love
Life's in peril
Your love's robbed me clean
Destructive love
There's no way out
Your love's robbed me clean
Destructive love
My love's dangerous
Your heart won't know
This love's filled
With joy and pain
Fix your eyes on me
And listen clearly
My love's filled
With loyalty and betrayal
I am totally floored by you
Believe me when I say
I'm completely immersed
In your love
Destructive love
My heart knows
And also believes
Down the path of love
One loses and gains
It sets you free
It dooms you for life
Love's not easy
But it's also not difficult
Don't chase after the storm
Wait at the shore
Don't lose yourself
In the depths of love
Destructive love
Destructive love
There's no way out
Your love's robbed me clean
Destructive love
Here comes Bhoot Police
Hello, Bhoot Police Private Ltd.
at your service.
How can we help you?
Vampire too?
No need to worry.
First things first, book three
business class tickets for Scotland.
Yes. I'll text you
the remaining package.
Glory to Ullat Baba.