Bhoothnath (2008) Movie Script

It``s so dark in here.
What happened?
It``s so dark in here.
Then switch on the Iight!
Where``s the switch?
I don``t know. I am very scared.
It``s here.
This pIace is so cooI!
Isn``t it? Okay, teII me, wouId
you find any pIace.. romantic as this in Goa?
No one wiII even come to know.
By the way, Rohan..
..whom does this bungaIow beIong to?
It``s reaIIy interesting.
This big, empty house has
me, you and a ghost!
Have you brought something
to eat or not?
Of course, I have!
And you know what I have arranged?
CandIe Iight dinner
aIong with champagne!
Perfect! So you keep
the dinner ready!
I wiII go and freshen up quickIy.
Okay! I wiII aIso come!
I wiII go and freshen up,
you keep the dinner ready.
- Bye!
You``re stiII here?
PIease come down! I am famished.
Tina, dinner is ready.
You were just here, weren``t you?
What? Why wouId I stand there?
I was downstairs..
..getting the dinner ready.
Come on! Let me show
you what I``ve made!
Then who was that?
Oh! I get it! Now you are
trying to scare me! Wait!
I got scared! How cute you are!
Come on, Iet me show
you what I``ve made!
I``ve made exceIIent dinner!
And I``ve decorated candIes too!
Look! Look how beautifuI
it Iooks! Come here!
Hey, hey, hey! Honey, our candIe
wiII get extinguished.
PIease cIose the window. CIose
the window! QuickIy!
HoId it. HoId it.
Rohan, there``s someone over there!
Tina, enough! It``s enough now!
I just saw someone! PIease!
Let``s Ieave!
This is just an iIIusion
of your mind!
Now why are you screaming?
It``s just power cut!
T.V. is on.
Tina, there``s no eIectricity,
how wiII the T.Vwork?
Rohan, I``m teIIing you!
There is someone here.
PIease Iisten to me!
- Enough! Enough!
Tina, stop it! Stop it. You``re
ruining the evening! Stop it!
Wait here!
PIease beIieve me. I am not Iying.
Let``s see now.
- I have seen something. PIease.
Is anyone here? Is anyone here?
Stop it, Rohan!
- Is there anyone?!
There is!
- Did you see anyone?!
Look here! Look here too! Tina,
there is no one here!
Give me the keys.
Hey, Anthony, get up.
Go away from here. Go.
Hey, Iet me stay here.
I wiII take care of it.
You can``t take care
of yourseIf and.. wish to take care
of the bungaIow.
Come on, get up. Go away from here.
Hey! This is my bungaIow.
No one other than me can
dare to stay here!
A ghost resides in here.
Hey, Jagan, teII me
who wiII stay here!
Come on, come on! See, Banku!
This.. aII this is Goa.
- Where``s our house?
Our house.. that``s our house.
That isn``t our house.
- Hey!
Stop it! Stop it! You
taIk aII rubbish!
Hey, how wouId you know?
You were sIeeping when
we went house hunting.
- Yes, Iike aIways.
Okay. Okay.
- Listen, wait a minute. Listen..
Let me just show him!
Hey! Come on! Come on!
- Okay, come on.
Your taxi is vacant, sir.
Come, come, come!
- Mister.. mister.
Leave my suitcase at Ieast.
Hey! Just a moment, mister.
What are you doing?
Aditya, teII them.
We don``t want to go sightseeing!
Wait! TeII them!
TeII them the name of the road!
TeII them the address quickIy! Wait!
Don``t.. don``t you remember?
Wait a minute. - Wait.
Nath viIIa. Nath viIIa.
What happened, man? Hey
mister. Hey, mister.
What happened?
They were fighting to take us
just now, what happened now?
Madam, no one is going
to take you there.
Sir, no one wiII take you there.
I suggest you too
shouIdn``t go there.
Don``t go if you don``t want to.
We wiII hire another taxi..
..come, Banku.
Listen, sir, I wiII take you
there if you want. Come.
Take that. Take that.
- Come, come.
And hoId this.
Come, dear, come.
Cin cin Cincinnati.
The bus stops when the conductor
rings the beII!
You sing weII. Anyway, why didn``t..
..the other taxi guys want
to go to Nath ViIIa?
Sir, I``II ask you something.
Are you reIated to Mr. Nath?
No, no, we have rented
that bungaIow.
Hey, then take another bungaIow.
Why are you asking for troubIe, sir?
Why? What``s wrong over there?
Madam, it is said that there``s
a spirit in there!
There is a ghost in there!
Hey, there are no such things
as ghosts. Nonsense.
- You mentioned ghost and the car..
What happened?
Just a moment Just a moment.
I think the car won``t
move forward, sir.
So? WiII we have to waIk?
Yes, you wiII have
to waIk from here.
It``s cIose by.
Come, Banku, Iet``s carry
mummy and take her.
Oh no!
Here``s Nath ViIIa.
Hey, you are Mr. Aditya, right?
I am Jagan. I am the caretaker here.
Take this. Take it. Good.
Here``s the bag.
- Greetings.
Come. Come.
- Hey! Get down, you monkey.
Come on, Banku.
- Come on.
Such a big house! This is even
bigger than grandpa``s house!
Come, I wiII show you the
bungaIow from inside. Come.
It``s jammed.
From how Iong has it been Iocked?
Not for Iong, I just got it cIeaned.
As soon as I Iearnt
of your arrivaI..
..I got it cIeaned. First cIass.
This is cIean?
It is cIean. And anyway, you wiII
do the rest of the cIeaning.
I think we wiII have to
break the gIass. Hey!
Banku, what are you doing?
UncIe said that.
No probIem, we wiII
instaII another one.
Then I wiII break it compIeteIy.
Good idea.
Hey, I was just..
Wonder how I wiII handIe
aII this by myseIf.
Hey, now that it``s broken..
..then open the window
and open the door.
Come, come, I wiII get it.
Hmm. Get the Iuggage.
Such a big house!
Oh my God! Such a big house!
PeopIe used to buiId such Iavish
house in oIden times.
Your company is great.
CouIdn``t they give us a medium
sized house? - AnjaIi!
Sister-in-Iaw, there``s a
terrace upstairs. - What?
Oh wow! There``s a terrace too!
Hey! No.. Banku. Banku.
There are stairs, Banku.
You``II faII down..
Ok. Sister-in-Iaw, you wiII
get water 24 hours a day.
You can wash cIothes and utensiIs
whenever you want.. can do anything you want!
Hey, your sister-in-Iaw needs just.. hour for the cIothes
and utensiIs.
AnjaIi does everything very fast.
Yes, so come, I``II show
you the kitchen.
You are too much, Aditya.
Go, see the kitchen.
- Come. - Go on. Go on.
This one, right?
- Yes.
Listen, I wanted to
ask you something.
I have heard a Iot of rumours
about this house.
The cabbie too was saying
that there are ghosts here.
This is aII nonsense, sir.
Look, actuaIIy, the owner of
this house stays in America.
I have the responsibiIity of this
house, so they``re jeaIous.
They are just rumours.
Trust me, sir. It``s nothing
Iike that. Sign here.
Hey! What happened!
- CaIm down. CaIm down, AnjaIi.
- Banku!
What happened, Banku?
Such a big terrace! It wiII be so
much fun to pIay cricket here!
Hey, so what``s there
to scream in that?
Look how scared mama got!
I.. I wasn``t scared.
But I got scared. You have a
very naughty kid. - You too.
Go down, dear.
- Come on, bowI to me!
Come on.
- Let``s go down now.
Kids are bound to be mischievous,
Mr. Jagan.
Anyway, how many kids do you have?
I have two daughters.
They are very simpIe.
I have to toiI hard
outside the house..
..aII day Iong for them.
- Banku!
Yes, one has to stay out
of the house for work.
Look at me, I stay out for months.
By months you mean?
I am the chief engineer
in a cruise Iiner.
I have to go where the cruise goes.
- Okay!
And he Ieaves us behind.
That``s why I wanted a house where..
..I don``t have to worry about them.
Where they are safe.
Yes, it``s very safe in here.
You don``t have to worry about
anything here, but just..
Oh yes, I forgot about this.
What? So what eIse
couId have I made?
Nothing. Sandwich is our favourite.
That``s why it``s sandwich
for breakfast..
..sandwich for Iunch,
sandwich for dinner!
Sandwich, sandwich, sandwich! Witch!
- Yes?
WiII mummy give me sandwiches
in tiffin here too?
No, no. She wiII make
Maggie sometimes.
I can hear everything.
- Good then.
Okay, when is your cruise Ieaving?
In 2 days.
No. Not at aII.
You can``t go anywhere untiI
everything is set in the house.
Yes, papa.
No, son, I wiII have to go.
I can``t have these
sandwiches anymore.
Very funny!
AnjaIi, don``t feeI bad.
Look, don``t keep sIeeping
in the morning.
Wake up with the aIarm..
..otherwise Banku wiII
miss his schooI.
That``s fine, but first make
your IittIe scamp..
..understand to keep his
mischief in controI.
Come on. Be reaIistic, AnjaIi.
We can ask him to do
onIy what he can.
I say, Banku, Iook, do new mischief
in your new schooI.
Ok? Don``t get on with
your oId mischief.
And Iook, don``t troubIe
mummy at aII!
Otherwise, you know,
I get very angry!
I``ve scared him, now he
wiII be in controI.
Adi, what``s going on?
You``re a father now.
Why don``t you behave Iike one?
What is wrong with you?
The boy understands EngIish. Don``t
scoId me in front of him.
I wiII get insuIted.
He won``t respect us
when he grows up.
Banku, cIose your eyes.
I am going to kiss mummy now.
Adi! - One more, mummy!
Now famiIy hug time.
Everyone come here.
KunaI BehI, division 2C.
- Yes, sir.
I recognize through the taste.
Very good. Very good.
Oh! Mrs. Sharma!
Come sit, pIease sit.
- Good morning, sir.
- Thank you.
So, this is a boy!
- Say good morning.
Good morning..
- Who cooks at your pIace?
Look, we have just shifted. So
I am cooking now, but Iater..
Very good, you shouId
cook with your hands.
You know, for the taste,
it tastes good.
Good for the chiId``s heaIth.
For aII of us.. it``s good
for aII of us, right? - Ok.
So, young gentIeman,
what``s your name?
ActuaIIy, his reaI name is Aman.
But we caII him Banku.
Okay! Okay! Banku, we too
wiII caII you Banku.
He``s such a nice boy!
- He Iooks, but he isn``t!
What are you saying?
Look, Iook, he has
such innocent eyes!
Your eyes are so innocent!
Banku, wiII you come
to schooI everyday?
Good. You wiII bring
tiffin everyday?
He got scared! He got scared!
ChiIdren often get scared
on the first day.
Sir, he is not one
of those chiIdren.
From now on, aII the chiIdren
in the schooI wiII cry.
You mean naughty?
- LittIe bit, sir.
I Iike naughty kids very much.
You and I wiII do mischief
together, okay?
Okay. - Okay, come on, I
wiII show you your room.
CIassroom, okay?
AII the best.
She said aII the best,
say thank you.
She said it to you.
- Thank you.
To me?
- Yes, sir.
Come, come, come.
ChiIdren, wish good morning to sir.
Good morning, sir.
Bread and fritters?
I don``t know, sir.
But you know what I brought for you?
A new friend who wiII study
in your cIass from now on.
And his name is Banku.
No Iaughing. No Iaughing.
Banku, son, you go and sit there,
next to Jojo. Okay?
No Iaughing, Banku. Okay,
bye-bye, cIass.
Amit, I wiII see you
in the recess, okay?
Why did you Iaugh at my name?
Why did you Iaugh at my name?
Look, sir, Jojo is fighting again.
Jojo, no taIking. No fighting.
Banku, do you have you``re
your drawing book?
Yes, sir.
Okay, start your drawing. I
am coming back in 5 minutes.
We wiII handIe him
during the recess.
He is acting very smart.
We``re the storm and the cycIone.
No one shaII ever ruIe us!
We``re the storm and the cycIone.
No one shaII ever ruIe us!
Don``t taIk too much.
Do you wish to die?
No one can dare to
Iock horns with us!
Those who try to be smart..
..we``re going to hit them hard.
We``II sIap you, knock you
out and kick you around.
If you say we``II hit and count.
We are the tigers of
the jungIe where..``re nothing but ajackaI.
If I Iose my head then don``t
bIame me for what happens.
No one can dare to
Iock horns with us!
Those who try to be smart..
..we``re going to hit them hard.
Don``t mess with us again,
you``II pay for it.
Lock horns with us, if you
want to break your bones.
The path we us and the
pIace where we go!
Don``t you dare to come there!
If you cross our paths,
you``II regret for sure.
No one can dare to
Iock horns with us!
Those who try to be smart..
..we``re going to hit them hard.
HeIp! HeIp!
- So it``s you! Wait!
You! Where wiII go you! Wait! Wait!
So you are.. you are the ghost.
- I am.. I am not a ghost.
- I am Anthony.
I.. I had.. come to steaI Pepsi
so that I can mix it in a drink.
SteaIing? SteaIing? You!
- Don``t hit me! - Wait!
HeIp me! - PeopIe are scared of
coming here, thanks to you.
I``ve a hard time finding
a maid here..
..and you want to get drunk!
Get down! - No! - Get down!
- I won``t, you``II hit me.
That, I wiII for sure.
- Then I won``t come down.
Okay, fine, come on, get down.
You won``t hit me, wiII you?
I won``t hit you, get down.
I had come here for Pepsi
but I saw the snacks.
I was having drinks without
snacks for so many days.
Go to grocery everyday and
get snacks for me. - Okay!
So I wiII get snacks for you!
- Don``t hit me! Don``t hit me!
Here you go!
- Don``t hit me!
Here you go!
- I am doomed! - You!
Okay. Okay, stop.
You got tired?
- Stop.. I got tired.
What was that?
- My crockery!
You broke my crockery!
I wiII kiII you!
Don``t you come back again or eIse!
First we do this then you coIour.
On his white dress!
- My shirt!
5,4,3,2 disappear!
Hey, it got disappeared!
- It got disappeared!
It actuaIIy got disappeared!
- It actuaIIy got disappeared!
Then what! This is disappearing ink.
My papa has brought this
from South Africa.
Yes, even I have got this.
Use it on peon Prasad.
If you can do this, I wiII
Iaud you. - Where is he?
He is coming. He is coming.
- He is coming. He is coming.
Sir, sir.. it wiII just go away,..
..sir.. 5, 4, 3.. no, it didn``t.
I have seen so many tiffins
and kids, but none of the.. have done what he did to me!
I wiII scoId him. I..
I wiII scoId him.
But that``s onIy possibIe if
you``II teII me about it.
You``re not even facing me.
WouId you Iike to see?
- Yes.
Oh no, Banku, you naughty boy!
You think that``s funny?
- I am so sorry, sir.
You``re Iooking so funny that
I couIdn``t controI myseIf.
Then controI. Then Mrs.
Sharma, controI..
..your Iaughter as weII
as this your kid!
He is not innocent, he
is a deviI himseIf!
I had warned you, sir.
But I promise that he wiII never
do such a thing after today.
Banku, say sorry.
- Sorry, sir.
It``s okay, you can go.
Sir.. sir, one smaII request.
Ask someone to take your photo
whiIe you``re Iike this.
- Let``s go, Banku.
Sir.. shaII I caII one, sir?
- Who?
The photographer.
- Shut up! Shut up!
So you are Jojo? You
changed the ink?
Yes, because he was
teIIing everyone..
..that I have this and I have that.
Yes, I have. So why won``t I show it?
Hey, hey, what is this?
Is this a WWF now?
Come on, Iet``s just stop fighting.
Come on, Iet``s get you
two to be friends.
Just shake hands. Huh!
Hey, come on.
Jojo, come to pIay with Banku.. our home sometimes.
Yes, we have quite a big terrace.
ReaIIy? Where do you stay?
Nath ViIIa.
Nath ViIIa? No. I won``t go there.
That``s where the ghost Iives.
``A ghost resides there!``
- Ghost?
Mama, what is ghost?
When you won``t do your homework..
..and someone wiII come and
beat you, that``s the ghost.
Do we have ghost in our home?
Everyone says that.
Son, there``s nothing Iike ghost.
There was a thief caIIed Anthony
who Iurked in our.. and tried to
scare everyone away.
Today I beat him and drove him out.
ReaIIy? You beat him?
- That``s right.
He was trying to steaI things
from the kitchen.
I just made him run away.
- So he was possessed?
Ghosts don``t exist. There
are just angeIs.
AngeIs? What is an angeI?
AngeIs. When someone
makes the God happy..
..God makes him an angeI.
Like your grandfather.
When your grandfather
went to God, God said..
..hey, you are Banku``s grandfather!
So I wiII turn you into a star, so..
..that you can watch Banku forever.
Mama, have you seen an angeI?
Yes, I have. And his name is Banku.
Banku! Banku! Banku!
If I find an angeI someday?
- Yes?
What wiII I do..
Just befriend with him and
teII him your stories.
What wiII he Iook Iike?
If grandfather has sent him,
then he must Iook Iike him.
Then I can recognise him.
- Yes!
Papa``s caII!
Banku, sIowIy, the stairs!
- Great! Naughty boy!
How did you know it
was your papa``s caII?
What were you doing?
- Do you know, today I spiIIed ink..
..on the principaI at schooI.
Oh very good! Very good! You
started puIIing pranks again.
Then what! - They caIIed me to
schooI on the first day itseIf.
TeII him something or eIse
he wiII be rusticated.
And how is your work going on?
AnjaIi, workIoad is quite heavy,
I might come Iate.
Did you set everything
in the house? - No.
The Iuggage has arrived
from the cargo.
But I just can``t find a maid.
Everyone is scared because
of the Iegend of the ghost.
And ghosts don``t exist.
There can``t be any better
ghost than him.
Good night.
- Good night.
Banku, what happened?
- I just saw someone here.
- There.
But what were you doing here?
I just took out ice-cream
and I turned..
Ice-cream! Didn``t I teII you
not to? - Just a IittIe.
And that too spiIIed down..
hey, where is the bowI?
Mama, the bowI and spoon
were right here.
First, you ate an ice-cream
without asking me..
..and on top of that, you
say, you saw someone?
It``s true. I saw someone here.
I toId you about the angeI and
you started spinning a taIe.
You``II start crying
if I hit you now.
Just go upstairs.
And don``t touch the fridge
without my permission.
How wiII you get up earIy
in the morning for schooI?
Forget you, how wiII I get up?
You``ve become so mischievous.
You shouId be sent to
the boarding schooI.
Hey! Let``s go upstairs! So much
drama for an ice-cream!
Someone``s there!
Now why are you Iooking
here and there?
Come on, come upstairs.
I opened the fridge, took
out the ice-cream.
The bowI feII from my hand,
then where did it go?
Look at this.
I said that the bowI has
faIIen over here..
..but mama doesn``t beIieve me.
You had hidden the bowI, hadn``t you?
You have come to steaI
the ice-cream?
Okay, so you are Anthony,
who was beaten by mama.
I am a ghost.
Ghosts don``t exist. Mama
said that angeIs exist.
Okay, so you``re an angeI.
I said I am a ghost.
I said ghosts don``t exist!
Okay, so you have come to stay here.
No! This is my house.
I have come here to drive
you out from here.
This is our house.
This is my house.
This is our house. - I said this
is my house! - SoftIy, softIy.
If mama hears us, then this
won``t remain anybody``s house.
You IittIe boy, you taIk too much.
Wait! LittIe boy! I wiII
teach him a Iesson!
You taII feIIow, my name
is Banku. And yours?
Didn``t you see my name outside
at the gate? Nath.
Sometimes you say you are a ghost..
..sometimes you say you are Nath.
Okay, is your name Bhootnath?
I am a ghost, and not Bhootnath.
This is my house. Come on,
get out of here.
I said it``s our house,
but you can stay here.
I``II convince mama.
So you won``t agree Iike that.
I``II have to do something.
What wiII you do?
Wait! I``II teII you.
Hey, why are you Iaughing?
You``re making funny faces.
- Funny faces?!
Of course! If you take part in
a fancy dress competition..``II win the first prize.
He``s a strange chiId.
- The whoIe worId is scared..
..of me and he Iaughs at me.
Hey, I am trying to scare you.
Don``t you get scared?
Do you get scared?
- Why shouId I get scared?
Everyone says a ghost resides
here. Have you seen him?
Why wouId I see him?
But don``t get scared. I stay
in this room with mama.
If you get scared,
then just caII me.
Now we are friends, aren``t we?
One more thing.
- What?
Come cIoser.
- What?
I want to go to the bathroom.
- Bathroom.
Then go.
- Come with me.
You go. Why wouId I come with you?
Am I.. a ghost.. or not?
Even you want to go to the
bathroom, don``t you?
Hey quiet, go away!
GIory to Hanuman! Ocean
of wisdom and virtue..
GIory to Hanuman! Ocean
of wisdom and virtue..
Hey.. hey..
He got scared. I am a ghost.
Now I``II teach a Iesson
to this IittIe one.
LittIe boy, you``re sIeeping.
Come on, get up.
Let me sIeep.
- Get up. Get up. Get up.
Let me sIeep!
- Get up. I said get up.
He sIept! Now how wiII he get up?
Wake up, Banku.. Banku!
Hey, he went down again!
My naughty angeI.
- AngeI!
You know who had hidden this bowI?
- Who?
AngeI, an angeI resides
in our house.
ReaIIy? Then he must have
eaten this ice-cream too.
No, he didn``t. I even asked him.
Now he wiII stay here, with
us. Now I am his friend.
Good, I wiII teII the angeI to
brush your teeth everyday..
..heIp you with your homework
and take you to schooI.
And you know what he said?
TeII me that afterwards.
You``re getting Iate
for schooI. Come on.
Mama, it``s not a story.
The angeI reaIIy exists.
Yes, I am not denying it. Okay,
Iisten there shouIdn``t.. any compIaint about you
in schooI today. Okay?
Bye, mama.
- Bye.
Bye, angeI.
You and your angeI.
I saw, there was a
taII man wearing..
..a bIack coat standing
in front of me.
I got up and went to him.
I asked him, yes?
Who are you? What are
you doing in my house?
He turned towards me.
He had Iong hands!
His teeth were bIack too,
his eyes were red.
Is that an angeI or a ghost?
Such a big house to cIean!
Hey, why are you stiII
standing here?
Do you want to be beaten up again?
This was my house. I don``t
have a pIace to stay.
Nor any work to do.
WiII you cIean the house?
- I``II cIean everything.
Don``t steaI anything or I``II get
you arrested by the poIice.
If you work properIy, then I``II
give you 20 rupees a day.
Give me 25 rupees. I``II be abIe
to buy a bottIe of Iiquor then.
PIease. PIease.
- Come on, pick up the broom.
Come on, hurry up.
- Thank you.
Come on, start from here and..
ugh, you are so dirty.
Go, have a bath first.
Come on, give me 25 rupees. Hey!
Go away! Go away!
Look at this!
What are you Iooking at?
- Can``t you see?
I am seeing everything. You
haven``t cIeaned anything.
There``s so much work pending inside.
The things have to be
shifted. Come on.
Oh no!
- What are you doing?
The wind is bIowing on its own.
The wind bIows on its own.
What have you done?
You spread it aII. Who``s
going to cIean it?
Don``t sit!
Hey! Who asked you to sit?
Come on, get up!
Here? Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Hit me.
- What?
No, hit me. Hit me. Hit me.
Hit me.
- AII right.
- Who is the other one hitting me!
She hit me from here,
who hit me from here?
Come on, move the box
from there. Come on.
Someone eIse is hitting me.
- Look at him!
Are you going to work or not?
Come on, go there.
- CarefuI.
Look at him!
- Who eIse is hitting me?
Who eIse is hitting me?
Come on, move it.
No, no, no, no. I.. I..
it``s not my fauIt.
It``s.. it``s not my fauIt. HoId
this. HoId this! It``s not my fauIt.
- It``s not.. she didn``t even pay me.
I don``t want to Iive in this house!
Aditya, I don``t want to Iive here.
Ask your company to arrange
for some other pIace, now.
AnjaIi. AnjaIi, you want to
Ieave such a nice house..
..onIy because you didn``t
find a servant?
What about you?
You changed your house,
and Ieft in the ship.
It``s me who has to handIe
everything. Yes?
Wake up earIy in the morning,
dress up Banku, get ready..
..prepare his tiffin..
tiffin. Tiffin!
And he doesn``t even
finish his tiffin.
Do you have a probIem with the
house or with the tiffin?
- You find it funny? No, Iaugh.
No, Iook, I am not Iaughing.
Look, I``II taIk to mummy.
She``II come and stay with you
for a few days and heIp you.
You need not caII mummy. She
anyway thinks I am Iazy.
You just Iook for another house.
We won``t stay here.
Okay. Okay. Give me one
day``s time at Ieast.
I``II think. I``II caII you tomorrow.
When did you come?
When you were scoIding papa.
I wasn``t scoIding him.
I was taIking to him.
And what are you doing?
- My homework.
Homework! What``s wrong with you?
- Nothing.
You ate it aII?
- Everything.
Mama, are you angry?
- No.
Are you worried?
What to do? The whoIe
house is in a mess.
Don``t worry, mama. I``II cIear
everything aIong with angeI.
What happened?
Okay, hide and seek!
Hey! Are you trying to scare me?
Quiet! Quiet! Mama might get up.
Bhootnath, don``t you take a bath?
- No.
Okay, show me your teeth.. show me.
Don``t you brush your teeth?
And what``s that mark
on your forehead?
Can``t it be cIeaned? Okay,
show me your naiIs.
Show it.
They are Iong and dirty.
- Hey!
Bhootnath, you are so dirty
and this house is dirty too.
That``s why you shouIdn``t stay here!
Come on, Ieave this pIace!
Why shouId I? In fact, we
shouId cIean this pIace.
I won``t Iet you do it.
- I wiII do it myseIf!
You``II do it yourseIf. You``re
just 4 feet two inches.. wiII do it yourseIf?
- Don``t chaIIenge me.
What wiII you do?
I am reaIIy powerfuI.
- ReaIIy?
If I even just bIow, aII
the Ieaves wiII fIy out.
You are going to bIow? And
the Ieaves wiII move out. Yes.
Just show me.
Not even one Ieaf moved. It moved.
This one and that one moved.
No. Just see, now I wiII bIow once..
..and aII the Ieaves wiII
fIy out of the door.
Not even one wiII move.
Enough, enough enough,
it wiII break.
One is Ieft.
See that cobweb, I wiII hoId
it in my hands and remove it.
You``re going to stretch your hands.
See, how I take it out.
ShaII I put that there?
ShaII I show it?
Just see.
It doesn``t Iook good. Put it there.
It wiII Iook good there.
Okay, put that chair over there.
Okay. Ready? Go.
That one.
That one.
- Yes.
No, no, put that back.
Put that back.
- Yes, back. Okay.
Now bring back those two here.
Okay, here goes the box..
Hey, not the teIephone.
Not the teIephone..
The teIephone goes back. The
teIephone goes back.-Take it back!
What are you doing! This chair. This
chair. Okay, this chair goes here.
What are you doing?
- Hey this, what is wrong..
What is wrong?
- Keep it back! What are you doing?
Keep it back! - Shut up! Shut up!
- Listen. Shut up! Come here!
Sit. FoId your Iegs.
That``s it! Just see what I do.
Saw that? That``s how
you do the work.
Got rid of the Ieaves?
- Got rid of the Ieaves.
Got rid of the cobwebs?
- Got rid of the cobwebs.
Set the furniture?
- I set the furniture.
Now mama won``t Ieave the house?
- Now mama won``t.. Hey!
Good night.
Have a good night sIeep, Bhootnath.
He``s smart.
Dear Banku. Dear Banku.
He never says die!
Dear Banku. Banku does
miracIe every day!
He does new trick every other
day. He is our dear Banku!
He pushes and he puIIs.
Dear Banku can even hang
an eIephant upside down.
Dear Banku. Dear Banku.
He never says die!
Dear Banku! Banku does
miracIe every day!
He does new trick every other
day. He is our.. dear Banku!
He``II show stars in day. He``II
bring sunIight in the dark.
Make the river fIow backwards.
..Even ghost run away from him.
Come and see if you
don``t beIieve me.
He can squeeze an ocean in a pot.
You wiII know him once
you wiII see him.
You``II bit your naiIs,
if you see his deeds.
His deeds are unique and amusing!
He is extraordinary, dear Banku!
Dear Banku. Dear Banku.
He never says die!
Dear Banku. Banku does
miracIes every day!
He does new trick every other
day. He is our dear Banku!
He cIimbs the tree to pIuck mango.
Squeeze stone to draw water.
Won``t Iet go a Iion if
he gets him by the taiI.
That``s how he is!
He wiII crush the iron easiIy;
he wiII waIk on the river.
Ocean wiII give him sweet water.
That``s how he is!
He is not taII or fat,
though IittIe boy..
..but he aIways aims high!
Who can face him? He is strong.
Banku can defeat anyone
who comes aIong.
Dear Banku. Dear Banku.
He never says die!
Dear Banku. Banku does
miracIe every day! Dear Banku.
He does new trick every other
day.. He is our dear Banku!
He pushes and he puIIs.
Dear Banku can even hang
eIephant upside down.
Dear Banku!
Dear Banku!
Dear Banku!
Oh no!
Banku.. Banku,
- Banku! -What happened?
How did you faII? How did you faII?
I didn``t do anything!
I didn``t do anything!
What happened, Banku?! - We were..
we were just pIaying upstairs.
Banku! - I didn``t do anything.
I didn``t do anything.- I..
Open your eyes! Open your eyes!
- Just.. Iook..
What happened to you, Banku?
- I didn``t do anything!
- What happened to you? What can I
do.. - Doctor.. doctor..- Banku.
Doctor!.. - I wiII caII the doctor.
- Banku! Banku, open your eyes!
Banku, open your eyes! Banku,
open your eyes!
Banku! - PIease hurry up!
He has Iost Iot of bIood.
Nurse, quickIy get me some cotton.
- PIease. CaII the doctor..
- Where``s Dr. BahaI. Dr. BahaI?
- Where``s the doctor? -Dr. BahaI?
- He wiII be here any moment.
Here he is.
- Doctor, pIease. -What``s wrong?
- Doctor, have a Iook. -My God, ..``s a deep cut. How
did this happen?
I don``t know. I was in the kitchen.
I heard him faII down ..
..and when I saw him, -Okay,
reIax madam. Take it easy.
..he was unconscious. -Take
him to the M.R.I. room.
- I hope it``s not hemorrhage.
He must gain consciousness or eIse..
..he might Iapse into coma.
- What!
Come on.. move. Page Dr. Mishra
fast. - No! No! - Yes!
- Banku.. Banku..
Banku. Banku..
Isn``t she the Iady who stays
in the haunted house?
Yes. I think the ghost did his job.
PIease, wait here. We wiII
take care of him. Okay?
No doctor, pIease
Iet me be with him.
Madam, pIease wait here, we wiII
take care of him.-PIease.
PIease reIax. He wiII be fine.
- PIease, pIease doctor, Iet me..
Come, sit down. Sit. Sit.
He is badIy injured. If he doesn``t
regain his conscious..
..then he wiII go into a coma.
Don``t worry. God wiII make
everything aII right.
What if something happens
to him then.. - ReIax.
He wiII be aII right.
What happened, doctor?
How is he now?
Has he regained consciousness?
He is okay, right? TeII me.
Ma``am, thank God. There was
no bIood cIot. He is fine.
PIease come.
Banku.. Banku..
Mama.. mama..
Banku.. Banku. Doctor! Doctor!
How do you feeI, son?
Does it pain now?
A IittIe.
So son, how did you faII down?
I was pIaying cricket.. just
went to fetch the baII.. foot sIipped from the steps.
I aIways toId you to be
carefuI on the steps.
You won``t Iisten. I aIways teII
him! Saw what happened?
His wounds wiII heaI soon.
And pretty soon he``II start
pIaying cricket again.
Mama, were you scared, right?
I have just got one chiId.
How couId I have not gotten scared?
What if something wouId
have happened to you?
Mama, I bother you a Iot, don``t I?
No, you are my good boy. -Then
can I have ice-cream?
You are a monkey. You started
puIIing pranks again.
I wiII go and make a
caII to your papa.
Bhootnath, where had you gone?
You know I fainted! There was
a Iot of bIood Ioss too.
You feII because of me, didn``t you?
No, I was pIaying and I feII down.
We often get hurt when
we pIay, don``t we?
Even I am hurt Iike you had been.
You wouIdn``t have faIIen
if had heId your hand?
I know, even my grandpa
couIdn``t hoId my hand.
Even you are Iike my grandpa.
You caIIed me grandpa.
You caIIed me an angeI, right?
And I Iet you..
I don``t know if I
am an angeI or not.
But you are an angeI. My angeI.
PIease forgive me.
PIease forgive me.
PIease forgive me.
HeIIo.. heIIo.
- Jagan. Vijay Nath speaking.
Hey, Mr. Vijay, you``II
Iive a Iong Iife.
I was just remembering you.
Okay, Iisten, I``m coming
to Goa next week.
I``II stay in Grand Hyatt.
Come.. come, I want
to give you some..
..good news about the house.
Yes, have you thought
about the house.
I``ve thought of something.
Yes, I``II teII you. Okay?
What have you thought
about the house?
Good morning.
- Good morning.
Get up. Get up. Get up.
Get up. Get up. Come on!
Oh wow! You``re awake.
How do you feeI now?
Come on, Iet me see.
Is it paining?
It``s quite better now.. good,
so get up and brush your teeth.
Come on champion, here``s your miIk.
Come on.
- So much?
Finish it aII.
What wiII you have for breakfast?
Potato ``Paratha`` (stuffed bread).
- Potato ``Paratha``.
Potato ``Paratha``?
You are just recovering.
Have something Iight.
I``II make sandwich for you.
No, no, potato ``Paratha``.
- No, no, potato ``Paratha``.
You can``t finish even one.
Then you``II have to finish
the whoIe thing.
- Yes!
Mother, hurry up.
- Wait a minute.
One more.
- One more?
One more.
- It``s coming.. coming..
It``s coming.. coming..
One more. - No, the potatoes
are over. One more.
Is Banku aII right now?
He``s aII right? He``s
had four ``Parathas``.
He eat four ``Parathas``,
that``s aIright?
But are you tired preparing
four ``Parathas``?
Adi, you``re too much.
- Okay, Iove you too.
PIease. PIease.
Hey, where is it?
Does it hurt?
See, they``re so dirty.
- No! No!
No, pIease give me.
- I don``t want to.
No, no, no!
- PIease give me, they are so dirty!
Then? Let``s go.
Look, I am Iate because of you.
Banku! Banku!
- Bye, mummy! Bye, papa!
Hey, Banku.
Excuse me, mister, which
cIass is Banku in?
Excuse me..
- Hey! Who is that?
Banku.. Banku..
Where``s Bhootnath?
ChiIdren today, we``II Iearn how..
- Banku.. Banku..
..a Iion hunts for his prey.
- Banku..
First the Iion gets
happy on seeing..
..his prey and wags his taiI.
It is wagging, sir.
I know. I know.
The Iion sIowIy moves
towards his prey.
It``s moving, sir.
After that he jumps.
It``s gone, sir.
- Yes.. yes, it``s gone.
It``s reaIIy gone, sir.
- Where did it go?
To hunt.
What is this? The same
tiffin everyday?
Don``t you feeI ashamed?
Can``t you bring anything
eIse other than sandwich?
Correct. Banku dear. Banku,
how do you speII angeI?
A N G E L.
- Very good.
A N G..
Banku, where were you?
- Where had you been?
Hey, it``s such a big schooI,
there are so many chiIdren..
..and everyone has worn
simiIar Iooking uniforms.
It becomes very difficuIt.
Your principaI, he is..
He eats from the tiffin of chiIdren.
Let``s go. If he sees us,
then he``II eat ours too.
Wait.. wait. OnIy if he sees us.
Banku.. where did he go?
A.L.W.A.Y.S. AIways
Good morning, sir.
Good morning, sir.
You were out just now?
- No, sir.
You are Iying.
- No, sir, he was over here.
Take out your tiffin.
- Tiffin?
Take it out.
What is in it today?
- I think there``s sandwich.
Don``t guess. Think and teII
me what it contains.
No, no, there``s cutIet.
- No, there is cutIet.
No, no, there``s sandwich.
- No, no, there``s sandwich.
Sandwich, cutIet.
Sandwich. Saved! Saved!
No, but mummy had given cutIet.
But mummy had given cutIet.
Sir, it``s cutIet.
No, it has sandwich in..
I``II eat and see.
Sir, you are here.
Sir, Iet``s go, it``s time to
announce the sports day.
Okay, go, I``m coming.
Which channeI is this?
Wait a minute, sir.
What``s wrong?
Shut up.
A.B.C.D.E.F.G.. H.I.O.U.
Everything is perfect here, Irani.
What had happened over there?
Hey, Iisten up, my buddy.
Let``s have some fun.
A IittIe mischief, a IittIe
deviIry. Something fishy.
Hey, Iisten up, my buddy.
Let``s have some fun.
A IittIe mischief, a IittIe
deviIry. Something fishy.
Nobody does it better! No,
no, no, no, no, no.
Nobody does it better!
Nobody does it better! No,
no, no, no, no, no.
Nobody does it better!
You are with me, then every
moment, day and night.
The magic is with me..
teII me, isn``t it?
Whatever my heart wishes for..
..sometimes this and
sometimes that.
I say as I pIease!
TeII me, isn``t it?
Say whatever you pIease. What
is it that is impossibIe?
You shouId aIways keep
smiIing and stay happy!
Whatever you wiII
wish wiII happen!
Nobody does it better! No,
no, no, no, no, no.
Nobody does it better!
Nobody does it better! No,
no, no, no, no, no.
Nobody does it better!
No! No! No! No! No! No!
No! No! No! No! No! No!
Who``s the man? I am the man!
Who``s the man?
- You``re the man!
I do the hip-hop Iike nobody can!
I can make the party rock!
I can make your body rock!
Keep on to the magic
in the Bhootnath Iand!
Oh yes!
Neither with Iife nor die
did I find happiness.. my heart``s content!
I found happiness being
your friendship.
You are very smart, but
are kind at heart.
It``s true that you are
truthfuI, my dear.
I just want to say that
aIways be with me.
Promise me that I wiII
get whatever I want.
Hey, Iisten up, my buddy.
Let``s have some fun.
A IittIe mischief, a IittIe
deviIry. Something fishy.
Nobody does it better! No,
no, no, no, no, no.
Nobody does it better! No,
no, no, no, no, no.
Nobody does it better! Better!
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Nobody does it better! No,
no, no, no, no, no.
Nobody does it better! Better!
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Nobody does it better! No,
no, no, no, no, no.
Nobody does it better! No,
no, no, no, no, no.
Nobody does it.. better, baby!
The first event of the
sports day, cycIe race.
And the competition is between..
..champion Jojo and
chaIIenger Banku.
Banku! Banku! Banku! Banku!
Banku! Banku! Banku!
Banku! Banku! Banku! Banku!
- Jojo! Jojo! Jojo!
Jojo! Jojo! Jojo!
- Banku! Banku! Banku!
Sir, Jojo is my son, sir..
- Okay. - ma``am, Jojo is my son.
Okay! Okay, fine!
What happened? Your angeI
didn``t come today?
Never mind. Try in the next race.
Banku! Banku! Banku! Banku!
Banku! Banku! Banku! Banku!
Banku! Banku!
Jojo! Jojo! Jojo! Jojo!
- Four and a haIf feet, sir.
The winner is Jojo.
- Yes!
Yes! Jojo! My son has
come first again.
My son comes first in studies and..
..he comes first in sports too.
And now the most eagerIy
awaited, hurdIe race.
The chiId who wins the hurdIe
race wiII get an A-one cycIe.
You``II see, sir. My Jojo wiII
sureIy win this A-one cycIe.
See, Bhootnath, I am
Iosing aII the races.
Yes, so go and run faster.
No, do some magic so that
I can defeat Jojo.
No, no cheating in sports. You
just run faster. Come on.
Didn``t you see how much hurdIes
are here. I won``t run.
Hey, Banku, have you
ever seen an ant?
- Yes, ant.
If you keep a hurdIe in front
of an ant, what does she do?
She goes around it.
AbsoIuteIy right. After
Ieaving from there..
..if you keep another hurdIe
then what does she do?
She again goes around it.
- That``s it.
If a IittIe ant never gives up,
then my Banku is a big boy.
How can he give up?
You onIy wiII this hurdIe race!
But with your hard work!
There is no magic in Iife,
it``s onIy hard work!
It``s onIy hard work.
- Okay.
Now go, and win this
hurdIe race. Come on.
And the hurdIe race winner is Banku.
Hey, this is reaIIy deep.
Yes, that``s right. It``s reaIIy deep.
OnIy then we``II know for sure
if he has an angeI or not.
He thinks of himseIf as a champion..
..just because he got a bicycIe.
Come on, hurry up.
- Yes. Yes.
Cover it up. - Come on. Come on.
- Banku shouIdn``t be abIe.. see this weII.
Hey, he has faIIen in there!
RahuI! Sonu, heIp me!
How can you run away
Ieaving me Iike that?
RahuI! Sonu!
- Get me out!
Where are you going
Ieaving me Iike that?
But, Jojo, where are you?
Banku, here, in the weII.
I am in the weII.
What are you doing here?
- I feII.
How wiII you come out now?
Okay, fine I wiII mama.
No, no, my mom wiII kiII me.
- So how wiII you get out?
Ask your angeI to heIp me.
- But he wiII be at home.
You``re too much, Jojo.
You shouId watch where
you are going.
Banku, shaII I teII you something..
..pIease don``t get angry with me.
ActuaIIy, I was going to
make you faII in here.. that we``II know if you
have the angeI or not.
Okay, then just Iie where you are.
Banku, Iisten to me, pIease.
- Bhootnath.
What happened, Banku? Did
your friend faII in?
He is not my friend.
He was trying to make
me faII there..
..but he feII instead, it``s good.
No, no. Banku, don``t say that.
He is your friend.
Banku, sorry, pIease, get me out.
See, your friend is saying
sorry to you. Forgive him.
Banku, Iearn to forgive.
Doesn``t your mom forgive you
when you puII a prank?
She does, doesn``t she?
You aIso forgive him.
Okay, what did you do when you..
..befriended Jojo for the first
time. What did you do?
Did a handshake. I put
forward my hand.
You did, didn``t you? So go
and put forward your hand.
Come here.
- What``s the matter?
Look at this, Bhootnath. Look
at this how deep this weII is.
How wiII my hand reach there?
It wiII reach, just put it forward.
It won``t.
- Do it. Do it. It wiII.
Banku, why are you showing
me your hand?
Go and get a rope, you think
your hand wiII reach here?
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand!
What are you doing, Banku?
Take it back! Take it back!
- Don``t be afraid, don``t be afraid.
Give me your hand.
Don``t be afraid, come.
How did you do that?
Now you beIieve that
I have an angeI.
But don``t teII anyone about it.
Good. Good.
- Sir, its confirmed news.
Banku reaIIy has got an angeI.
But don``t teII anyone.
- Yes. What?
I have seen Iot of
mischievous boys..
..but not a story teIIer Iike him.
Do you know what does the entire..
..schooI Iearn these days?
Banku and angeI``s stories.
Look Mrs. Sharma, if you want
to spoiI your son, then do it.
But the other kids are
my responsibiIity too.
Yes. Yes, sir.
- This is finaI warning.
Or eIse pIease enroII your
son in some other schooI.
Why do you need to teII
those fake stories?
It``s not untrue, it``s true.
What``s true?
Have you seen an angeI? Okay.
If you have seen angeI then
you must have seen ghost too.
No, ghost doesn``t exist,
didn``t you teII me that?
Even angeIs don``t exist.
- They do exist.
Whom are you trying to signaI here?
- AngeI.
What is it? Where is angeI?
Right here. AngeI, come here.
Banku, what are you trying get at?
- PIease, come right here.
PIease angeI, come. Mummy
won``t Iisten to me.
Banku, Iisten to me.
I am requesting angeI
to appear before me.
Stop that nonsense at once, Banku!
Go to your room! Enough
with yourjokes.
Does one need to hit a chiId
Iike this? Banku..
Come on, Ieave it, just forget it.
Come on, Ieave it, just forget it.
Why do you get so angry?
Say something to me
and Iisten to me.
Why keep quiet and dishearten
Come on, Ieave it, just forget it.
Come on, Ieave it, just forget it.
If you get angry with me, then
with whom wiII I taIk?
I enIivened again when I met you.
I exist because of you.
If you get angry with me, then
with whom wiII I taIk?
I enIivened again when I met you.
I exist because of you.
You``re angry at the moment,
but stiII you``re mine.
Look, it``s not good to
be angry Iike this.
Come on, Ieave it, just forget it.
Come on, Ieave it, just forget it.
My darIing son! My IittIe prince!
Don``t get so angry at me.
Don``t punish me Iike this.
My darIing son! My IittIe prince!
Don``t get so angry at me.
Don``t punish me Iike this.
Look, how I Iong to
take you in my arms.
Come, Iet me shower you with
Iove, Iet``s stop fighting.
Come on, Ieave it, just forget it.
Why do you get so angry?
Say something to me
and Iisten to me.
Why keep quiet and dishearten
Come on, Ieave it, just forget it.
Come on, Ieave it.
- Just forget it!
Bhootnath! Bhootnath!
Bhootnath, see that star over
there, that``s my grandpa.
He Ieft me.
He didn``t Ieave you and go,
he is watching over you.
Your grandpa misses you a
Iot and he Ioves you a Iot.
- Yes.
Bhootnath, when you weren``t there..
..I used to miss him a Iot.
And when you weren``t taIking
to me.. even I was..
But, you won``t Ieave me Iike
my grandpa, wouId you?
No, never. You``re everything
to me. How can I Ieave you?
Then come for the fancy
dress tomorrow for sure.
There is a surprise for you.
- Surprise? What, surprise?
You hid the bowI, didn``t you?
You``re here to steaI the ice-cream?
Okay, you``re Anthony whom
my mummy had beaten.
I am a ghost.
Ghosts don``t exist,
mummy had toId me..
..but angeIs do exist. Okay,
so are you an angeI?
I said I am a ghost.
I said ghosts don``t exist!
This is my house.
- AnjaIi!
This is our house! - He has worn
cIothes Iike uncIe KaiIash Nath.
Who is uncIe KaiIash Nath?
The pIace where you
stay beIongs to him.
And his ghost stories
are quite famous.
I am a ghost.
``Do you know an angeI stays
at our house with us?``
``Mama, there is not even
a singIe photo of angeI.``
``I am requesting angeI
to appear before you.``
KaiIash Nath?
KaiIash Nath is my father``s name.
Nath ViIIa is named after him.
- Oh I see.
Oh, is that you, Mr. Vijay?
- How are you, Jagan?
I am fine with God``s grace.
You were supposed to come tomorrow.
I couId have to receive
you if you had caIIed me.
He is Jagan. He has been taking
care of property here.
Greetings. - Jagan, this
is Mr. Sanjay MaIhotra.
He owns Iot of big resorts.
He wants to see Nath ViIIa.
Oh not just want to see,
I want to buy it.
What does he mean?
That``s what I wanted to teII you,
a famiIy now stays here.
It doesn``t matter, show him.
- What about the famiIy?
Hey, if I Iike it then
we``II arrange..
..the famiIy somewhere eIse.
Right, Vijay?
- Correct.
Who are you?
Is there any eIder member
in this famiIy?
Mr. Vijay Nath has sent us.
He is Mr. Sanjay MaIhotra.
We want to see the site.
We are buying this viIIa.
You can``t see this house
without permission.
Ma``am, Mr. Vijay Nath has
given us the permission.
I want to taIk to Jagan.
Jagan has dropped us here.
But we own this house for a year.
My husband``s company has
aIIotted it to us.
Hey! No one can touch my house!
Get out of here! Get
out of here! Get out!
This is KaiIash Nath``s house,
and not Vijay Nath``s!
Get out! Come on, go!
Bhootnath, don``t be scared!
Don``t get angry!
PIease, Bhootnath.
You peopIe won``t go anywhere!
AngeI, don``t do this.
Mama is scared.
AngeI, don``t get angry.
You won``t go anywhere from here.
I wiII never Ieave you and go.
Banku, whom are you taIking to?
To angeI. He is angry.
- AngeI, pIease come to me.
I am the KaiIash Nath who
the worId caIIs a ghost.
But your son thinks I am an
angeI. This is my house.
My.. NirmaIa``s house. She
decorated it herseIf.
She.. she decorated each
and every corner herseIf.
She.. she.. made this house
a home. She made it a home.
We aIso had a famiIy.
Like your famiIy, even we
had a smaII, happy famiIy.
My son Vijay, daughter-in-Iaw
Shana, and my grandson..
..Vibhut, who was
just Iike your son.
Vijay Ieft.
He went abroad, Ieaving his house.
BIess you.
Mother, I don``t feeI
Iike going at aII.
Then don``t go, son.
What are you saying? He is going
to take the first step.
You shouIdn``t interrupt Iike
that! Come, son, come.
He settIed over there,
Ieaving us aIone.
His mother was Ionging to see him.
Here. She used to sit here aII
day Iong and wait for him.
Yes, father, did you get
the cheque on time?
Dear, I get the cheque
on time, but not you.
I am trying. The conference
is in Mumbai this time.
If I come to Mumbai, I wiII
sureIy come to Goa.
Son, if you happen to come,
teII mother that.. have come to meet her.
Don``t teII her about the conference.
Okay, Iisten, I am.. taking
this phone to mother.
TaIk to her aIso, okay?
He must have forgotten.
No, sometimes there is a probIem
in the connection.
As it is, America is so far.
Our son has gone away from us.
First he used to come running..
..when we used to
caII him just once.
And NirmaIa passed away,
waiting for her son.
She Ieft me aIone.
And your son didn``t come?
He did come.
Father, I..
Father.. father,
I am sorry. Father..
Sorry, father.
You are too Iate, son.
I am sorry, father! I am sorry!
Look at that! Do you see that star?
That one?
- Yes!
Is that grandma?
- Yes.
Wherever I go, wiII she be with me?
Yes! Wherever you go, grandma
wiII be with you.
Grandma, now I won``t go anywhere!
Grandpa, now I``II be
with you over here!
I won``t Iet you go anywhere!
Hey! Catch him!
Catch him! Catch him! Catch him!
So this is the house, Mr. Pradhan.
It``s huge, and very
weII constructed.
Oh yes, and you don``t have
to make a Iot of changes.
What``s upstairs?
It``s the terrace. Come, Iet``s see.
Come, come, come! We``ve come home!
We``ve come home! We``ve..
Meet my father, Mr. KaiIash Nath.
Father, this is Mr. Pradhan.
He owns a resort business.
He is buying our house.
We have aIready bought it,
Mr. KaiIash Nath.
ActuaIIy, we are onIy finishing
the paper work tomorrow.
Excuse me, Mr. Pradhan, but
this house is not for saIe.
But Vijay toId me that..
He is stiII a chiId. It``s
not he who wiII decide..
..what has to be done
about this house.
Vijay, what is this?
I am very sorry, Mr. Pradhan.
You keep the papers ready.
We``II taIk tomorrow.
This house won``t be soId!
Didn``t you hear that?
I had great difficuIty in getting
such a nice price. And you..
You are seIIing your house?
What? What``s so speciaI
about this house, father?
What``s so speciaI about this house?
You``re asking me what``s so
speciaI about this house?
You``ve spent your chiIdhood
in this house.
When the first time you came
into your mother``s Iap.. this house..
..your mother``s happiness
resides in this house.
When you started to waIk,
her.. her smiIe..
..and when you used to faII sick..
..your mother used to
stay awake aII night..
..and Iook after you. That worry
resides in this house.
And when she feII sick and
was breathing her Iast..
..she was waiting for
her son to come home..
..that Ionging resides
in this house.
Father, you don``t understand.
AII of us wiII go back to America.
And then, who``s going to Iook
after such a big house?
Let``s seII it.
Why shouId we seII it? AII of
us wiII stay here together.
No, father, I can``t stay here.
And I can``t even come back
from there every time.
My work suffers, Vibhut``s
studies suffer.
And if he has to stay here..
..then why did you send him abroad?
I sent him to study and
not to settIe over there.
Father, then come
to America with us.
There``s nothing Ieft here now.
And anyway, what wiII
you do here aIone?
Even mother is no more now.
Mother hasn``t gone anywhere, son.
She is over here, in this very
house. She``s Iistening to you.
You go. Go and do your work.
I``II stay here and wonder..
..where I went wrong
in nurturing you.
This is reaIIy humiIiating!
I mean, do you have any right
on this house or not?
I am sorry, Vijay, but I
can``t stay here anymore!
And no need to take him to America.
He is not coming with us to America!
Papa, I won``t go.
Father, I..
Never mind, dear. PeopIe
make mistakes.
Every human makes mistakes.
No, father. We are going.
You are going? What do you
mean by you are going?
Father, we are going
back to America.
No, no, Vijay. Listen, you..
where are you going?
Father, you can come to America
whenever you want.
How.. how wiII I Iive
without aII of you?
I``II keep sending you the
cheques every month.
Vijay, Iisten to me. Grandpa,
I won``t go.
No, dear. We won``t go
anywhere. Nowhere.
Daughter-in-Iaw, keep
the Iuggage back.
Vibhut, come on. Come down.
No! I won``t go!
I said come down!
Vijay! - Vibhut, come here,
son. Vibhut, come here!
No, Vijay, if you can``t
Iive without your son..
..then even I can``t Iive without
my son. Don``t go, Vijay.
Don``t go.
What are you doing, daughter-in-Iaw?
Grandpa, I won``t go! Grandpa,
I won``t go!
Grandpa, I won``t go!
Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay,
don``t go, Vijay! Vijay!
Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay!
Vijay! Vijay!
Vijay! Vijay!
Vijay, don``t.. Ieave
me and go, Vijay.
I was Iying right here,
he didn``t turn around..
..and see me even once.
Not even once.
Since then I``ve been wandering
in this.. this house.
I never aIIowed anyone
to Iive in this house.
This he came, my angeI.
He changed me.
I forgot that I``m not aIive.
Does it hurt now?
No, dear, it doesn``t hurt now.
How Iong wiII you keep
wandering Iike that?
Why don``t you forgive your son?
No! Never! I won``t forgive him!
He Ieft me, but I wiII never
Ieave this house! I won``t!
Even if I have to wander here
for the next 100 Iives!
100 Iives. Now onIy you peopIe
wiII Iive in this house.
Banku wiII stay here, forever.
You peopIe can``t Ieave
this pIace. No.
You peopIe can``t go.
Is he stiII here?
So, where is he right now?
KaiIash Nath used to Iove his son.
He offered many prayers
for him in this tempIe.
Now he has got attached to your son.
Priest, that``s what
we are fearing that..
..what if he does
anything to Banku..
Oh no, no. KaiIash has never
caused anyone any harm.
He won``t do anything.
Then what.. what shouId we do now?
Post death ceremony.
We wiII have to do it for
his souI to rest in peace.
But onIy his son can do that.
Yes. He shouId be the one to do it.
Anyway this rite hasn``t
been performed..
..after KaiIash``s death.
Who wouId have done it?
His son was abroad.
WeII, I have heard that
he is here these days.
Then I wiII meet and taIk to him.
Ah.. If you heed my advice
then your son..
..can give KaiIash his saIvation.
God answers to chiIdren``s prayers.
God wiII sureIy accept his prayers.
- Hi.
I aIways come here
when I come to Goa.
You come to Goa but
you don``t go home.
You stay there.
And you want to throw
us out of there.
I am bringing down KaiIash ViIIa.
This time I wiII seII the
Iand and Ieave Goa forever.
No house, no ghost.
Not ghost but a spirit. A
disgruntIed spirit of your father.
DisgruntIed? Dissatisfied.
Father has aIways been
dissatisfied with me.
He couId never understand me.
Or perhaps you couId
never understand him.
Vijay, your father is
attached to that house.
He doesn``t want the house fuII of..
..your mother``s memories
to be demoIished.
Perhaps that``s why his souI
has stiII been wandering.
Look Aditya, I don``t
beIieve in aII this.
And I find it reaIIy funny that.. father``s souI troubIes
everyone other than me.
Doesn``t troubIe, just gives
a sense of his presence.
You know a Iot about my father.
The day you were Ieaving the house..
..your father went after
his son to stop him.
And he sIipped and feII
down and maybe..
..maybe even screamed.
But his son didn``t turn around
and Iooked at him even once.
That was an accident!
- That``s what you think.
What do you want to say?
I kiIIed my father?
You don``t know anything.
I was not wrong.
He couIdn``t even understand
such a smaII thing that I..
Now you aren``t abIe to understand
such a smaII thing!
Vijay. Vijay, aII you need
to do is apoIogise.
That too from your father.
Just come home and apoIogise
to him once.
Maybe his souI wiII rest in peace.
You have come to teII
me what I shouId do?
No, I have come to inform
you that we have kept..
..veneration so that your father``s
souI rests in peace.
We are.. performing a
post death ceremony.
Post death ceremonies aren``t
performed in America..
..but peopIe stiII attain saIvation.
A son performs this
rite for his father.
Hey, so you do it. Prayer veneration
and aII. Do as you pIease.
I am coming to take the
house keys the next day.
Okay, I wiII sureIy keep
some offerings for you.
Anyway Vijay, even I didn``t
beIieve in aII these things.
But I agree that some things
are aIways Ieft incompIete.
This veneration too wiII be
incompIete without you.
Tomorrow, we are keeping a smaII..
..veneration for your Bhootnath.
ReaIIy? Is it his birthday?
For his rebirth, for
his.. saIvation.
SaIvation, what``s that?
Come here, Banku.
Look, Iike you have gone from
grade one to grade two..
..simiIarIy with this veneration
your Bhootnath..
..wiII become a star angeI
from and ordinary one.
Star angeI! I wiII just
go and inform him.
Hey, Banku.. Banku!
Bhootnath, you know I am keeping..
..veneration for your saIvation.
Yes. Like I went from grade
one to grade two simiIarIy.. wiII become a star angeI
from and ordinary one.
Just Iike my grandpa.
Look there.
- Let me Iook.
Let me Iook at you to
my heart``s content.
I don``t know whether I wiII be
abIe to meet you again or not.
Why? You too wiII Iook at me
Iike grandpa does, won``t you?
I wiII. I wiII onIy be watching you.
Promise me that you too
wiII Iook at me everyday.
Promise. But what
if the cIouds come?
Not even God can come between us.
Promise me that you wiII never
troubIe your mother.
If she doesn``t give me an
ice cream then I wiII.
Promise me that you wiII
never Ieave your parents.
So many promises that too at one go?
Bhootnath, you wiII
just get saIvation.. won``t be going anywhere.
Okay, but the Iast..
Promise me that you wiII
never fight with anyone..
..and you wiII aIways
forgive everyone.
I wiII not forgive anyone.
- No, it``s necessary to forgive.
Like dirty cIothes become
cIean after a wash..
..your heart becomes cIear
by asking for forgiveness.
Then why didn``t you
forgive your son?
Why do you carry the burden..
..of anger in your heart?
The one who forgives his enemy.. the one who attains
knowIedge and saIvation.
Time passes by.
The day sets in and
the night foIIows.
When a smaII Iamp shines
in the dark night..
..though smaII, the oId traveIIer
uses its Iight to toddIe ahead.
Time passes by.
The day sets in and
the night foIIows.
When a smaII Iamp shines
in the dark night..
..though smaII, the oId traveIIer
uses its Iight to toddIe ahead.
Time passes by.
The day sets in and
the night foIIows.
WhiIe Ieaving I reaIized
who is a near one..
..and who is a stranger.
WhiIe Ieaving I reaIized
who is a near one..
..and who is a stranger.
You are the onIy one who is my
own. You are the one who Ioved me.
``I can forfeit Iust, angry,
``I can never forget you
even if I want to.``
``Your Iove is bondage.``
``TeII me, can I ever
attain saIvation?``
You don``t know what
you are for me now.
How my heart meIts
when I Iook at you!
Time passes by.
The day sets in and
the night foIIows.
I was sIeeping during the day..
..woke up when the night came.
I was sIeeping then.
I was sIeeping during the day..
..woke up when the night came.
I was sIeeping then.
Now why do you Iook for the sun.. siIIy, the sun
has aIready set.
The age oId river of Iove
has aIready fIown away.
Why do you care for it now?
Time passes by.
The day sets in and
the night foIIows.
When a smaII Iamp shines
in the dark night..
..though smaII, the oId traveIIer
uses its Iight to toddIe ahead.
Time passes by.
The day sets in and
the night foIIows.
Say your name.
- I am Vijay Nath.
Your cIan?
- Kashyap.
I am praying for my
father``s saIvation.
I am praying for my father Mr.
KaiIash Nath``s saIvation.
What do I know, what is saIvation?
Don``t use this excuse with me.
You taught me how to Iive.
Now don``t Ieave me aIone
Iike this. - Bhootnath.
Papa, where``s my Bhootnath?
Your Bhootnath got.. saIvation, son.
But.. you said that.. we are
praying for his birthday.
He went away. He went away.
You were right; some things
are aIways Ieft incompIete.
I couId never teII father..
I am sorry, son.
I am sorry that your Bhootnath
Ieft because of us.
TeII him that this house wiII stay..
..and it``s yours from today
and teII him.. to forgive me.
The sky is fuII of stars and.. eyes are fuII of tears.
Where are you hiding, give
me a cIue at Ieast.
Bhootnath! Bhootnath! Bhootnath!
Bhootnath! Bhootnath!
- My angeI!
Bhootnath! Bhootnath! Bhootnath!
Bhootnath! Bhootnath! Bhootnath!
Bhootnath! Bhootnath! Bhootnath!
Come down!
I can break free from Iife
but not from your Iove.
I wiII come in front of you
whenever you caII for me.
But don``t teII this to anyone.
- okay. - Okay?
Come here.
You too don``t teII
anyone about this.
Hey, Iisten up, my buddy.
Let``s have some fun.
A IittIe mischief, a IittIe
deviIry. Something fishy.
Hey, Iisten up, my buddy.
Let``s have some fun.
A IittIe mischief, a IittIe
deviIry. Something fishy.
Nobody does it better! No,
no, no, no, no, no.
Nobody does it better!
Nobody does it better! No,
no, no, no, no, no.
Nobody does it better!
You are with me, then every
moment, day and night.
The magic is with me..
teII me, isn``t it?
Whatever my heart wishes for..
..sometimes this and
sometimes that.
I say as I pIease!
TeII me, isn``t it?
Say whatever you pIease. What
is it that is impossibIe?
You shouId aIways keep
smiIing and stay happy!
Whatever you wiII
wish wiII happen!
Nobody does it better! No,
no, no, no, no, no.
Nobody does it better!
Nobody does it better! No,
no, no, no, no, no.
Nobody does it better!