Bhram: An Illusion (2008) Movie Script

I have been shouting
for the past three days!
I want this damn
bulb fixed right now!
One should surely have a
peg before the ramp right?
Bloody Dike! You
should work for Mani Khosla.
You're a royal bitch, Maxi.
I think that's all crap. Mani
Khosla's absolutely straight!
Hello! Aunt, Ram Charitamanas was
a long time ago over!
Now it's Ravan Charitamanas.
It isn't fitting.
Reduce the intake of beer.
Excuse me! I don't have
any crabs only protein.
What about all the calories
you get from your big J's?
You should know because
you're the expert on that.
Oh no! Nasty one has come!
Are you coming from a
sleep over, darling?
By the way, where is madam Antara?
She is making up or making out?
Tell me. I don't
tell anyone, I swear.
Except my three lakh readers.
Why don't you just
check all men's underwear?
That's the favorite place to be.
Hello honeys! Hello! Hello damsels!
Please hurry okay? The
show is about to start.
You're not left with much
time. Do you understand?
Yeah. Yeah, I know.
Sanjana wants fire on
the ramp! You know fire!
And we will give her the
Hello baby!
- Hi!
How you're doing?
- How are you?
Darling, even Ekta Kapoor will
not let you wear it so high !
Okay, baby.
Let it fall! Let it fall okay?
And where is I mean models?
Antara Antara
Did anyone see Antara?
Sujata! Antara!
Hello! Did any of you see Antara?
The show is to begin
in two minutes and
Sanjana will surely finish me.
Sujata, what makes you glare at me?
Is it that Antara
will come out of me?
(I'm-an ! Look for her girls!
Antara! Antara!
Where are you Antara?
It doesn't indulge
My heart doesn't get indulged.
It doesn't indulge
My heart doesn't get indulged.
I have no idea
what's wrong with it?
The heart keeps changing.
My eyes have
forgotten to fall asleep.
It doesn't indulge
My heart doesn't get indulged.
I have no idea
what's wrong with it?
Antara, my sweetheart!
Do have some concern for me too!
- Great!
You always kill someone
when you get on the stage.
You're so beautiful!
- Antara! - Antara!
Oh damn !
- Oh no!
Oh my God!
What happened, Antara?
Six years from today,
an upcoming star
of investment banking sector
The most reliable
name of the Indian
Financial Management today.
Our youngest achiever this evening!
The genius behind Midas Financial
The man with the
Midas touch himself!
Please welcome Mr. Devendra Rawal!
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
For the applause. For this honor.
That to be very honest
All this is not the
fructification of only my efforts.
This would've not been
possible without you.
And then there is
always that one force
Which is not behind you
It isn't even with you.
That which is inside you.
lam because he is.
Shantanu Rawal. My younger brother.
A thousands of
dreams can turn true
but only after the
death of a million others.
This life has taught me.
Hi, Pram. I'm going
out for a few days.
Some personal work here.
I'm on the 7.20
flight to Chandigarh.
I've mailed you the
File of Nirvana Agra.
Good morning, Mr. Rawal.
- Good morning.
Welcome, sir.
Good morning, ma'am. This way.
Good morning, sir.
Would you like to have a
soft drink, sir? - No.
Thumps up for me and cheer
up for my friend out here.
What's up!
- What are you doing here?
Playing football!
I thought you must be happy.
You alone could present
the marketing strategy
of the portfolio.
What do I do, dear! I
don't get thrilled on winning!
Till the time I
happen to see your face.
While losing.
Then see it now.
Dude, stop nonsense.
There's something called
misunderstanding in life.
- Of course.
Perhaps my whole life is
one big misunderstanding.
Ishaan, he's your brother.
That's why.
Did you tell him?
'How do I inform him
that a relationship
of 24 years would
perhaps get over in 24 hours.'
'I'll never feel like'
'I'm just going to
clear my conscience.'
Any luck?
Sir, there's some improvement
in the breathing pattern
but hemoglobin is very low.
It's hardly touching the lungs.
There'll be
hemoglobin if there's blood.
She is full of alcohol.
That's what she is.
It's like generalization.
They are all the bloody same.
Pink thongs, black lungs.
Seven lines of cocaine,
70 cups of stress
and severe allergy to
rest, seven days a week.
Over dose is like as if
it's a fashion statement.
Now listen to me very carefully.
- Yes, sir.
Next 24 hours, don't let
her out of your sight.
No visitors for her.
- Sir, there's no one.
As far as we know. But
There's a boy friend.
Probably the younger brother
of investment tycoon Rawal.
Even his phone is out of reach.
Ishan, what time does it take to go
to Chandigarh to Manali?
No idea.
Where will we begin from?
No idea.
Is there someone whom we can meet?
Any plan? Any strategy?
Where to we'll go?
Whom shall we meet? Anything man !
No idea!
Shaan, you've never
been to this place
nor you know anybody here.
Thirteen years ago! An ordinary day!
Prem, what difference does it make?
I'm not going to return
without knowing the truth.
Only your shadows
remain in my arms.
I even happen to
breath on your path.
Only your shadows
remain in my arms.
I even happen to
breath on your path.
You've any idea that
you're my destination.
That's it, angels.
' Hi!
How was your shoot?
- Great.
So where are we going for dinner?
- Dinner!
Well, I thought I'll just
be dropping you to home.
Do that too. But after the dinner.
Antara, you stay back baby.
Nidhi, I don't have too much time.
Yeah ! And to think that
There was a time when
there was never enough time.
Get me a drink at least.
Okay. Quick.
- Great.
I'll change in two minutes.
- Sure.
How many blow jobs
for these blow ups?
Poor these
Even we should have our
presence in these photos.
Like what does the whore do man?
Is it that she sings while at it?
Actually, she must be banging.
Hey handsome!
- Hi!
How are you?
So you've got time for me today?
I'll be back. - As I've got
the whole evening for you.
Naturally. In fact, why only
the evening but my whole life.
How many drinks have you had?
Champ, I'm serious.
I'm serious too. We
have already discussed it.
Can we please not go there again?
Can we go there? Common.
Hello everyone. Hi.
- Hi.
I'm Vishesh K Sharma.
- Sorry, I didn't get you.
Vishesh Sharma.
Want to dance?
I've heard a lot about you.
Only that Antara Tyagi
first blows the balloon.
Then KLP You know what I like talking
straight and I hate foreplay.
I think it's a waste of time.
I can give you a lot more
than what you can imagine.
There's no name or
job in the industry
that is impossible for me.
Ads, modeling,
films Anytime, anywhere
With anybody. Everything.
And in lieu of that?
What question to ask!
What are you? A virgin at an orgy?
I'll take everything
if I'm giving you all.
Have you ever loved someone?
Yes, why not. I
can love you tonight.
I can love you tomorrow.
And on, and on
What the hell is this!
There is no one in the
industry who wouldn't want
to see you in this condition.
On the contrary, I
don't like straight talks.
I think foreplay is
the beauty of life!
Oh! - I can give you
much more than you can expect.
Right now and right here!
You damn nasty woman ! You slut!
You don't know who I am!
Antara Tyagi, I'll get you in such
condition that you won't forget.
- Hi Sunita.
25, Siver spring, Lokhandwala.
- Who's this?
Catch me if you can?
- Hello. Hello.
You crazy woman ! You're
going to repent for all this!
Keep this passion
saved for your mother.
She'll be here in
ten minutes with full
neon lights and cameras.
You mad woman ! You psychotic slut!
You don't know who I am!
Good morning, baby.
I mean sister-in-law.
Just answer in yes or no!
- Okay.
Is the home food poisonous?
Thank you.
But actually you know, I'm
getting late for office.
Yes! As if it's not an office but
Mallika Sherawat's bedroom.
Good idea.
- Let your wife arrive!
Just you wait! - Sister-in-law,
that's why? - Just you wait!
That's why I won't get married.
As if we all are mad! We
are leading a married life!
A man needs company, dear!
A man needs only a body.
- Lots of them!
Well on that front or back,
you please don't worry.
Nathu, my protein shake.
By the way, where is big bother?
Big bother had to go early.
He's got no time for
anything in the world!
He doesn't have it
for me in particular.
I advise you to admonish him
once that you'll leave him.
Unless he takes you to
Paris for about one month.
Should do right?
- As if!
You think he'll be
able to leave office?
And if he does, will the
office do without him?
Remember how we had
celebrated the honeymoon?
In New York. In the conference hall!
- Then ! Go shopping!
Spend all his money. Buy
some diamonds! - Shopping!
Shaan, that's your
solution ! Shopping!
I want him all to myself! Help me!
Then baby! There's
only one solution.
You can have an affair.
Now there you are! You know
even I was thinking the same.
My tennis coach is kind of cute.
- Who! That duffer!
Baby, you have any idea of the thin
ck hair he has on his legs!
He is ugly!
- Really!
Okay. What do you think
of my Ballet instructor?
Admit he's kind of lean and abbey.
And he's also very grabby!
Remember that day, what
all positions he was
teaching Carlton with an excuse?
Dev stands a better chance than you !
You got it now!
- Well, that settles it!
There's no one meant
for me in the world.
I'm there right! Think about it.
Illicit! Secret! Sinful liaison
with your handsome brother-in-law!
Now you're hitting on me!
I like it. - Keep dreaming!
You're not tall, dark and
handsome like Dev. - I see!
So is he that wonderful!
In every department?
Well, he doesn't need to
drink protein shake like you do.
Well babe's, what do I do now?
If I was married to you,
even I wouldn't have
felt the need to drink all this.
- Get out!
Bye baby, I mean sister-in-law.
And dude, come back soon.
There's a party in the
evening for Aditi Sinha.
I'll come for sure but
who'll save me from Osama?
Shaan, one shouldn't
speak so regarding the boss.
- Bye.
Hey congratulations! We
are the first once again.
Yeah man. This guy
never used to get late!
Yes, dude. He's
ruining even our sex life.
Dear, what sex life
are you talking about?
What are you talking about!
- There she is.
Looks like he's
going to pick up boss.
Prasad, I learnt that you
had gone to boss last night?
What's going on, man?
- Yes Prasad.
Same hair, same walking style
Agreements are meant
to be honored, 'rash.
I'm not used to repeat things.
Yash. '(ash
Speak. No the phone wasn't
disconnected but I hung up.
As per the contract,
the portfolios should
reach here by 1 o'clock.
Yes, deliver and
do yourself a favor.
As Dev Rawal doesn't forget people
who stick to their promise.
Now do me a favor because
I'm damn tired of waiting.
Yash, what do I do?
Nobody wishes to
challenge me after the
bankruptcy of Visitek.
Okay sit down you guys.
To what extent you have reached?
Make it fast and in brief.
I don't have all day.
Sir - Sir, I just had
to show you the figures.
One minute.
Rawal. Yes Makhija, good morning.
Listen the ruble has
been floating forever.
They definitely have
some scheme in their mind
if not they would not
have resisted so long.
Yeah, yeah I know.
I think they are going
to announce some oil find.
Anyway this face
frank is looking good.
I'll buy 20 percent of it
and get the rest balanced.
The clients will get the
stability and the profit too.
Okay? Thanks.
Continue please.
- Yeah.
Sir, that's it.
That's all I wanted to
One minute. Hello, hold on please.
I think tonight will be better.
Okay? 10.30, sharp.
Now get out of my office.
Prem, you stay back. I have to give
you the operations file.
Shaan, you don't need to wait.
You may leave keeping
the file on my table
if you are done with your job.
Osama is happy today.
Thanks, bro.
- Catch you, Kido.
I'm a bad boy!
I'm a rude boy!
I'm a bad boy!
I'm a rude boy!
Come on and get
the heart indulged.
Lose your senses
drinking something.
Do something in zeal.
Come on and don't
restrain yourself.
Get lost in the happening.
Do something in enthusiasm.
Everybody say
Shake your abs hear
Put your hands on one another.
Shake your abs hear
Shake your abs hear
Put your hands on one another.
Shake your abs hear
Come and dance with me.
Listen to me as
the music plays on.
Come and dance with me.
Listen to me as
the music plays on.
I'm a bad boy!
I'm a rude boy!
I'm a bad boy!
I'm a rude boy!
We live every moment of
life with our own strength.
This world of ours is a
bit different from the rest.
Make your life and make it worth
that's what we got to do.
Keep the faith to what we do.
Make it all come true.
Come over and you too
display your strength.
Dude, don't panic that way.
Do something in enthusiasm.
Everybody say
Shake your abs hear
Put your hands on one another.
Shake your abs hear
Shake your abs hear
Put your hands on one another.
Oh no! What the hell!
I'm sorry.
Can I give you a lift? I hope
you've noticed it's raining.
Haven't I seen you somewhere?
Antara Tyagi right?
Ma'am, you were saying
something regarding Antara.
Oh yes! Antara Tyagi!
'To know about that
particular day we had to
know about the size
of Antara's school bag
the color of her shoes,
Miss Jamaica's academic history
and the degrading road
condition of Calcutta.'
Do you have any idea of her family?
'I was very close to
Yashvardhan Tyagi's family.'
'I was going to
Calcutta that day. Forever.'
I didn't wish to go but I had to.'
like you Hanging in the air
Ma'am, it's even my birthday today.
Sister Nami too is to come.
I want you to
celebrate my birthday
and meet Nami as well.
Okay, darling. Come.
Sister Mendes did drop
me to the station. Yes.
Sister Mendes is no more.
Miss Jenace! Miss Jenace!
Actually we have
come to know about
what happened on the
birthday celebration.
I know somebody
who can help you.
Hello! Good morning! How are you !
O well! I'm fine.
Okay listen, there
are these two sweet
young boys over here.
They want some information on
Antara Tyagi.
- Yes.
Antara Tyagi. Remember that girl?
The one that won the
essay competition.
You'll have to go to sister Mendes.
What! But sister Mendes
Mendy, why don't you come
to my place this evening?
We'll have some tea. Oh yes, I
have knitted a sweater for you.
Let's go ahead. Let's go.
God! She's mad!
You know what.
Many royal people must
have attended that party.
The guest list must be a huge one.
We should ask those
people who had actually
gone to attend that party.
Like these Royalties,
aristocratic old creeks!
We should ask them!
Did you receive Antara's call?
No. I don't even know if
she even received my message.
You have regained consciousness?
You've got to wait for two
more days for observation.
And until then, not
a drag and not a sip.
Was there any call for me?
I'm sorry.
Give me also a chance to serve you.
Trust me you won't be disappointed.
Where do you think you can
go that easily! - Leave!
Hi, Nidhi.
- Nidhi! Who's Nidhi?
I'm Roshni.
- Roshni.
And I've been
watching you for a while.
I think you're very cute.
And I think you're very beautiful.
Can I buy you a drink?
It's free but let's go.
Hey Shaan, what's up! Hey Nidhi!
Hey Prem, meet Roshni. Beautiful?
- Roshni!
Kinky. Nice meeting ya.
So who you're today?
I'm Bose!
- D. K!
Bose D. K!
Hey Prem, what's up, dude? Nidhi!
- Carlton
That's Roshni.
Listen, listen
- Yeah.
Explain this to me.
All these people here
Wearing clothes worth in thousands
Tying Rubies and
Rolexes worth lakhs
They will drink here for an hour.
- Yes.
They will eat for
two hours and they
will keep dancing for hours.
And this is all for charity?
- That's right.
And at the end of it we are
going to auction you. Come.
You won't get much for him!
Smell something?
- Yeah drag!
- Prem, Carlton
I've two very large and very
important portfolios for you.
Yeah !
- Yeah !
- (I'm-an.
Please take very good care of them.
- Yeah !
Hi, handsome. Are you the lucky one?
Honey, shall we hit the dance floor?
The calmness in your eyes.
The passion in your breath.
Damsel, it makes my heart go wild.
It's the love when I see you.
It's the love when I touch you.
It's the love when I kiss you.
Damsel, damsel
What magic you've done on me?
You have even taken away my peace.
Whenever I happen to see you.
I crave for the closeness.
So many wishes have come up!
Everybody has begun to comment.
Damsel, you've done magic.
Damsel, damsel
There's someone here,
the prettiest of all.
But he too has got
no idea about it.
Her flair is like
some intoxication.
He's got on to my mind.
It's the love when I see you.
- See you.
It's the love when I touch you.
- Touch you.
It's the love when I kiss you.
Damsel, damsel
Damsel, damsel
Sorry, doctor. I disturbed you
on Sunday that too so early.
I just didn't know.
What else could I do?
There's nothing to worry by the way.
But I think your
friend's been through
some real physical trauma.
You see the mark there?
probably somebody has beaten her up
Maybe even drugs.
Along with alcohol.
That's why she's fainted.
I have taken the blood sample.
We'll come to a
conclusion by evening.
Ensure that she
doesn't get up from the bed.
For another 24 hours at least.
She'll however
regain her consciousness
in about a couple
of hours I presume.
Thank you, doctor.
- Welcome.
By the way, where
are her family members?
Not here. It's only me as of now.
Well, good-bye and good luck.
- Thank you.
Hey! Good morning.
I mean good afternoon.
Hey! Please don't
jump to any conclusions.
All this was done by Nidhi.
Remember Nidhi? The one
who was with me last night?
Anyway. You met with an accident.
You hit a lamppost.
I was passing by.
Thank God, I saw you.
Thank your God!
You have got a chance right?
- Excuse me!
Excuse me!
That girl can get
impressed and not me with the
decency that you are enacting.
- Hey, hey
Nidhi is my friend.
She's not a stupid girl.
Why didn't you take
me to the hospital
if you were that concerned?
Is it that your thoughts
stopped reaching the bedroom?
Anyway! I don't need a savior!
So please get out
of my house at once!
It's a good way to thank.
I know how to return kindness!
Hundred percent.
- You know too much.
Sure! At least about filthy,
frustrated men.
'It wasn't happening
for the first time.'
'And it was never for the last
time no matter how hard I try.'
'As there was a third party
too in it besides us two.'
Why won't you go, swindler?
What for this taxi is?
For you to bloody sit and shut?
Get lost!
Bloody hell!
Antara Tyagi is
having a lover's tiff.
Hi. Both of us keep
bumping on the way.
I think it's a good sign.
(I'm-an I'll drop you.
I promise these hands
won't shake for sure.
Shake it and then see.
I won't let you remain
capable of doing anything.
You should have a
knife with you. Why pistol?
You did open my purse.
Where could I find your keys then?
Don't look at me that lovingly.
I only had changed your clothes.
- It was all bathed in blood.
I had to change.
You ! How dare you?
You dare touch me!
This couldn't have been
possible without touching you.
Stop the car. Stop the car!
- Would you relax?
Just relax. Keep going. Just relax.
You have the damn guts
to talk to me like that
after taking
advantage of my weakness!
There's a big difference between
giving and taking advantage.
And anyway I enjoyed
when it's consensual.
Wipe it off.
At least I can see it today.
I've been seeing for
past chances that
you have a good excuse
to drain them away in rain.
Wipe it off!
Excuse me.
Hi Nidhi. Yeah.
I'll just land there.
No not today.
Maybe tomorrow yeah.
I'll call you okay. Bye.
Well, my dear, Antara.
Everything comes
with an expiry date.
It looses its sheen on its own
after a certain point of time.
Unless it's wine or sex. Excuse me.
Hi Dev. Yeah I'll just land there.
At the office?
I'm coming. Bye.
You must've a fun job.
Well, if statistical
analysis with financial profiling
and reconfiguration
is fun then It's fun.
Was that Greek?
Maybe I'm a geek.
I work in a financial institution.
Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.
I love figures and numbers.
They interest me.
But it appears quite
difficult that you do. ls it?
How hard is it to give a hard on?
Less attire with more make up.
Five hours in front of the mirror.
And then five minutes on the ramp.
Right from the lashes to
the smile. Its all, fake.
Why do you have to do it then?
Maybe I'm, fake too.
Take ca re.
'Antara was even
more unpredictable
than the showers in Mumbai.'
'After bringing the city
to a standstill for hours
that smiling
sun rays for five minutes'
'As if nothing had happened.'
'A new face every time.'
'And every time a new
quality of that face.'
'I no longer had crave to
know her had diminished.'
'It was but passion.'
So many books! You read those?
- Why?
Only fashion magazines can
be found at a movie's place?
Not necessarily.
They say, 'Models are dumb',
but I don't subscribe to that.
I think they are really intelligent.
Look at you !
Beautiful, intelligent
Read all these books.
Surviving in this big bad city.
Where are your parents?
Were alive once! First it
was mother, then sister
And then it was father.
Within months of each other.
I lost my parents too.
I was only of three when
I don't remember anything of them.
Yes I have a photograph of theirs.
Four by six inch of my childhood.
But my brother Dev
left no stone unturned.
He's ten years elder to me.
But he grew up so
fast because of me.
God likes you.
Everything looks so
clean and washed up right?
As if it wasn't
dirty at the first place.
I wish life too like the rains
You know Antara, I find
it hard to believe that
a beautiful girl like
you can be so cynical.
Beauty is skin deep
but life is a beach.
It goes all the way through.
The sooner you
understand this, the better.
You know Antara, the
time leaps forward.
And to go back is not only painful.
It's even wrong.
Saint Shatanu.
Yeah ! Cheers to that.
Can I ask something?
Have you ever listened to
your heart all your life?
Have you ever done
something what you wish to?
For yourself?
Why not? Like right now.
Making breakfast.
How do you like your eggs?
Fried or fertilized.
Hey, hey No killing. Just a joke.
Just a joke.
- What is this?
Your pick up line?
Maybe for you.
But for me, it's the
nicest conversation
I've had with a stranger.
What do you do in your free time?
What do you really want to know?
- If I have a boyfriend?
An ex-boyfriend? How
many ex-boyfriends?
Or if I'm still a virgin?
Are you?
The man's brain lies
in between his legs.
The only time that he thinks
is when a woman touches him.
It's really sad that
you've met the wrong men.
Well We get only that sort.
Those are made for us.
Bastards get whores and vice-versa.
If you knew all about my past
You wouldn't be able to
deal with it. Would you?
If I'm not the first one
in your life It's okay.
But I do want to be
the last one for sure.
No idea what you are like.
Whatever you are like.
I'm all yours.
I came to know about
you and I crave to get you.
I'm all yours.
I agree that there was nothing
brewing between us till date.
I have to I have to for sure
Friend, all yours from today on.
No idea what you are like.
Whatever you are like.
I'm all yours.
I came to know about you
and I crave to get you.
I'm all yours.
I agree that there was nothing
brewing between us till date.
I have to I have to for sure
Friend, all yours from today on.
I won't even ask this from you
How were the
nights that you spent?
Just watch, we both henceforth
The nights will all be new.
I won't even ask this from you
How were the
nights that you spent?
Just watch, we both henceforth
The nights will all be new.
The days will be new
DO not count the moments.
That you spent without me.
Beloved, I won't let
your eyes get ever wet.
Forget all the worries.
I agree that there was nothing
brewing between us till date.
I have to I have to for sure
Friend, all yours from today on.
Yashvardhan Tyagi!
I knew him right
since I was just of five.
He was a friend of mine. A crony!
From the dynasty of Kumaon.
Yash had his own style.
You must've gone there on
31st October? - Of course
That was the only best
celebration of the year.
The birthday of Antara every year.
I used to go every year. I had
gone to attend that year too.
In 1993, when Antara was
to become ten years old.
Namrata Namrata was
returning from France
once and for all.
After completing her
fashion designing course of hers.
She returned in a manner
that she never got back again.
What after all did happen?
Whatever it was, it
was very unfortunate.
I remember! The evening of
31st October! - Mr. Kunwar.
- It's call from the minister.
Yes. Hello.
Yes, minister.
As you shall order.
Right, greetings.
I'm sorry. The minister
has called me immediately.
We can meet again if
you so wish. Excuse me.
'And once again The
discussion ended untimely.'
Get up! (I'm-an !
- Bro.
Have you played a one sided game?
- Get up.
Be like a man.
What happened? What's the matter?
Looks like you're lost somewhere.
I met someone.
Dev, don't eat that omelet!
You're supposed to be
watching your cholesterol!
Mr. Chaudhary, how
many times do I have to
tell you that it's
only egg white for Mr. Dev?
Will somebody
please remind him again?
As if there's
someone in this house
who cares for me even a little!
Sister-in-law, even I
didn't know it for sure.
How could I tell you then?
I mean she's cute.
She's got nice eyes.
And I didn't realize that
I'll fall in love with her!
So then how did you realize?
No idea You know
I felt something.
- Yeah !
- Here!
Yeah, yeah we know.
Sister-in-law, Dev,
look. I'm in love with her.
You know the happiness of you
two holds importance for me.
That's enough
Enough of sweet talking.
He's become an expert at it.
(I'm-an Dev!
Okay look. It's you
who's got to marry.
Even Osama is
happy if you are happy.
What's the matter?
Even Osama is happy!
Alright. Bring her at
the party in the evening.
There's a party in the evening!
No, no. Why would a party
be hosted today evening?
What day is it today!
It's the company's anniversary.
- God!
Dev, we have been
planning this for weeks!
But that There's that
achievers awards function too!
And you guys have to be there.
- Obviously.
You're getting the award!
Of course we'll be there.
You saw Again somebody
didn't inform me - I
I'm really sorry but now it's okay.
Dev, I'm so proud of you.
- Thanks.
As usual, show yourself up
for two minutes in the party.
Then you are free to
go to the function.
It's a nice thing.
I can spend sometime with your
supermodel with this excuse.
Maybe we can exchange notes.
- Never, never.
Hey! Nothing doing of that sort.
Please. No notes exchange.
- Relax, dude.
Your secrets are safe with me.
- Yeah sure.
What! Yes! - By the way,
it's her birthday today.
And I'm really nervous.
But you know what! You
guys will love her! - O yeah !
'We were together for
the last time on that day.'
'Perhaps our
laughter got ill-omened!'
'Sweetheart, pity the book.'
'It'll fall in love if you
look at it in this way.'
Shaan. Shaan. Oops!
'Darling, pity this heart.'
'It'll break to pieces
if you walk like that.'
Shaan ! Please come out!
'Darling, have pity on the roses.'
'Give them the
opportunity to throw tantrums too.'
'Sweetheart, pity the lovelorn.'
'Give us the opportunity
too so that we may test you.'
Shaan, where are you?
Please come out.
In your palm.
Okay. Here it is!
I just don't know what to say!
Don't say anything!
Happy birthday, darling.
Papa used to throw this
grand lavish parties - Hey!
Stop it, Antara .
Don't try to find your
past in the present.
You trust me? Then
shut your eyes. (I'm-an.
Keep your eyes shut.
Now open your eyes.
Will you marry me?
We are just going
around circle's man
right from the
time we have arrived.
Prem, what should we
do then? You tell me.
Nobody is able to
let us know anything.
Or it's like he
doesn't wish to disclose.
Why, man? Why would he
not like to disclose?
Nobody is stopping us I guess?
What do you intend to say?
That Inspector Ratra?
Hi. Greetings to you. I'm
Shantanu Rawal speaking.
Don't you think our
life somewhat is similar?
As if the Almighty has written
our story with the same pen.
Only the characters
are a little different.
You have to take care of yourself.
Dev was for me! All the while!
Whether I needed him or I didn't.
financially In every possible way.
He bought each moment with
each penny Of coziness.
And to earn that each penny,
he earned several moments.
Of coziness.
That's why I like my brother.
He's like a God.
So you're finally
meeting my family tonight?
Hardly yeah.
- Why?
I have a show tonight.
I had told you yesterday!
- Oh no! I forgot!
Sister-in-law is going to kill us!
Even Dev and I are to
leave in half an hour.
We have to go for the
young achievers awards.
And there you're, darling!
- Hey babes.
And this is
- As if - Hi.
You don't have to introduce.
Were you to come with someone else?
Come here.
How lovely to finally meet you !
- Nice to meet you too.
And I have to say, even
sexier in person. - Yes.
There's only one problem now.
I just can't understand
what you found in this idiot!
I see! Thank you,
sister-in-law. This big fraud!
I'm telling the truth after all!
- Don't believe her.
Anyway Antara!
Sunita this Antara and
Antara I guess you know Sunita?
Of course. Who doesn't know
her? You see her everywhere.
So! What's on the
top's class, Sunita?
Obviously you darling.
He's just refused to budge.
And especially after that
little tally show that
happened at Lokhandwala.
It's nice! This experience
will really do well to you.
But make sure you
mention your name
for sure the
next time you call me.
You know, even
Sunita can keep a secret.
Don't cross the line, Sunita.
Antara is a very special guest.
And in fact will soon be family.
I don't think I need
to tell you on how
to behave with a family.
Just because you are a
friend doesn't mean
you can take advantage of that.
Yes but no friends
at work really! Okay?
Sir, he was a nuisance.
An absolute one at that!
The time itself was a bad one.
I was a constable then.
My very first case
And in fact the most irritating one.
She had returned that very day.
Namrata Tyagi. Somewhere
from abroad. All alone!
Everybody used to think so.
There was someone with her for sure.
Here they are.
Dev, common ! Look who's here!
Finally, I meet the hunter
who has tamed my little tiger.
O my God! I nearly forgot!
It's your birthday!
Yeah. - Happy birthday,
darling. - It's her birthday.
It's her birthday.
Happy birthday, Kiddu,
and welcome to the family.
'Happy birthday, Kiddu.'
'Happy birthday, Kiddu.'
Who's lnder?
Antara He's Dev. He's my brother.
Who's lnder?
I don't know what
she's talking about.
He raped and killed my sister!
Antara, he
- He is lnder!
He raped and killed my sister!
Antara You're mistaken.
- I have no idea of this.
- He's murdered sister Nami.
- He's raped and killed my sister!
I have myself seen him!
Anu, you are mistaken. Anu
- Ask him!
Anu, just relax
- Why did you have to do it!
- Anu just
He's the one!
- I don't know what she is up to!
Control yourself!
It was you that
visited Manali ten years ago!
Antara, you're mistaken
- He's the one!
Nami's murderer! I've
seen him for myself!
Antara! Antara!
- You bloody murderer!
Anu - Just live me! - Stop
her please! - I said leave me!
Shut up, Antara!
- Take her away!
- I have seen him for myself!
What are you doing!
- Just leave me!
He raped my sister!
- Anu !
You killed her!
- Anu
Let's go!
- You son of a wretch !
Anu, let's leave!
- You leave me!
Let's leave!
- Shaan !
He's the one!
- She is completely crazy!
Whom I could not
erase from my memory!
Just leave me!
Dev, is it true?
- Of course, not!
Of course not!
What then !
A young couple! They won't
sit idle together for sure!
lnder had her and
the fate had lnder.
I had gone to arrest him.
That scoundrel! He ran away
from there like an animal!
How do you speak! You
please speak with respect!
What the hell is going on, man !
Why? ls he your brother?
- Yadav.
He was lucky I mean
that of brother lnder.
Yashardhan Tyagi didn't
let the post-mortem happen.
- What then?
You have come from the print press!
So come and click few
photos of mine! I'm photogenic.
Common, go ahead.
- Dear, click soon.
Would you spend the
whole night right here?
What do you want? Sorry, sir.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Alright, sir.
Manali time! You said so right?
- Yes, sir.
Any ID card? Let me see.
Yes, sir.
Yadav, please see them off.
Sir, but we haven't finished yet.
(I'm-an. Get moving from here.
It'll be a third degree if I
loose my temper. Get moving.
I'd have bashed him up
right there if he wasn't a cop.
Damn moron ! You
shouldn't have stopped me, man !
You shouldn't have
stopped me, man !
Prem, did you
hear to what he said?
No investigation done.
No autopsy done!
No any kind of confession ! No proof!
You understand what it means?
Man, Dev can be innocent.
Dear, what about Antara's statement!
She was just a kid often years.
And she had a
hyperactive imagination.
Remember what Sheila
Dennice said about her?
She always used to write stories.
She used to stay
in some other world.
maybe she might have seen something
She cooked up the rest of it.
But unconsciously. An illusion.
That she to be true.
You know BD, the more I think
of it the more I'm convinced.
Man, you only tell me.
Dev's photographs keep getting
published in every couple of days.
How come she hasn't recognized it?
Man, but we need proof.
Nothing can be done without that.
For both that is Antara and Dev.
I mean if Antara's
suffered for ten years
Dev's suffered for even more.
I now get those two years
When I was alone at the hostel!
Where was Dev?
He was probably in hiding.
He told me that he
couldn't come to India
as he was working in a ship.
Everything seems to be
falling in place now.
Let's go, BD.
Stop acting as if
nothing has happened.
Am I married to a
rapist and a murderer?
I deserve to know God damn it!
Look at me. How
long can you evade me?
I'm so sick of you !
I'm sick of trying
and I'm sick of crying!
What for? What for, Dev?
Space, privacy freedom
I've give you all
more than your share!
Dev, then why this with me? Why?
Vinni, I haven't done anything.
A lie wouldn't turn to
truth asking again and again !
As if Dev, I've just begun to ask.
If not, it's a condition
that I have to keep shut
if I've got to
stay with you right?
That's what I've
done right from day one.
And you know why!
Because I believed in our love.
And I still want to, Dev.
Maybe not your time, maybe
not your love for sure
but your truth belongs
to me as well I suppose.
Please speak up, Dev!
The man with whom
I spent six years
ls he a bloody criminal?
Yes I'm a criminal!
There was a damn crime to even
believe that I had a family!
You might have spent
these years with me.
But I have lived with you.
Dev, what for me!
- Vinni, what do I do?
I have already told you.
Do I have to take a bloody lie
detector test to satisfy you?
The truth will satisfy me, Dev!
Just say once that it's all a lie.
What difference does it
make when you have decided?
My brother is hell
bent on proving me guilty!
My wife has taken me as a criminal.
All for some damn stranger!
A bloody nobody!
What about all this! All my
diligence! Nothing with that!
Everything that I have
done for both of you !
Nothing with all that!
Thank you, Dev.
You've always done a
favor to me. Isn't it?
You did a favor marrying me!
You did a favor
calling me your wife!
Even if it was love
That too was a favor.
Dev, then what's it that you gave?
We share the same house!
We share the same bloody bed.
How come we don't share each other?
No idea as to what has
caused this loneliness.
The dreams have gone sour
No idea why
She's got upset with me.
The disloyal outsiders.
No idea why those
intimate times got lost.
No idea why?
No idea as to what has
caused this loneliness.
The dreams have gone sour
No idea why
She's got upset with me.
The disloyal outsiders.
No idea why those
intimate times got lost.
No idea why?
Slowly, the whole
world seems a stranger
the known and unknown
love story of the heart
appears to be stranger.
Slowly, it looks like
someone special has got upset
with me even the heart
and relation has got broke.
No idea why?
O my heart, come and let's
get drenched in this rain.
Let no one see the
tears coming out.
Yes, a little of joys in the eyes.
There's even a little of
sadness that resides secretly.
The rain water slowly gel
and tell the story of gloom
it doesn't look so hopefully.
Slowly, it looks like
someone special has got upset
with me even the heart
and relation has got broke.
No idea as to what has
caused this loneliness.
The dreams have gone sour
No idea why
She's got upset with me.
The disloyal outsiders.
No idea why those
intimate times got lost.
No idea why?
No idea as to what has
caused this loneliness.
The dreams have gone sour
No idea why
She's got upset with me.
The disloyal outsiders.
No idea why those
intimate times got lost.
No idea why?
I was Yashvardhan
Tyagi's official photographer.
Portraits, family albums
It's only me that has shot every
function at Tyagi mansion.
He used to say that he didn't
feel the need of anyone else.
That means you
must've been to that last
party of 1993, I guess?
Yes but what makes you
enquire about all this?
Well it's a
- Actually
We are writing a book.
What rocked the royalty?
Oh That's a very
interesting title.
And it's a sure shot way
to make royalties. Money!
And yes!
This story of yours is incomplete
without this episode.
'Yes I did go there on that day.'
'And everything was as
usual grand, elaborate
and sophisticated.'
Happy birthday, Kiddu.
- Thank you !
Baby, one more! Just one more!
- No! One more! - No!
Please! No! No!
- No!
Let it be please. If she
doesn't like it. You talk to me.
Are you going to marry my sister?
That's right. Baby!
- lnder!
Come. Father is calling you.
Right now!
- (I'm-an ! He's my; father!
And he's a nice guy.
Don't worry. Come.
Then I saw something that
I had never seen before.
How dare you ! You
little scum of the earth !
I know people like you very well.
I didn't say anything
over there as I didn't
feel like upsetting my daughter.
But now you listen
to me and listen well.
Maybe by some miracle
You and Namrata studied
in the very same college.
But in your personal life,
don't be stupid enough
to think that
you can be her equal.
Do you know what
happened after that?
I'm told that boy, on that
very night with Namrata
I have got to get photos clicked.
- Yes, yes
Excuse me. -You please be
seated and have some soft drinks.
Kishore. - Yes, sir. Get
two soft drinks. - Okay, sir.
Please relax. I'll be right back.
Can I Can I see the pictures
- Yes of course.
Go ahead. Go ahead.
- Thank you.
What are they doing, dude?
- I know man ! What the hell!
Oh damn !
I'm leaving.
Where would you go?
Maybe Delhi. To Jaideep's house.
Till the time some
decision takes place.
Jaideep's house or is it to him!
Dev, you have lost
the right to ask this.
I do know that it's
a very important
day for your business.
And believe me I I
really didn't want to do this.
What can I say?
I think my timing's just lousy.
Probably he's being
clicked for the first time today!
That damn swine
attacked from behind!
You did a good job calling us.
We'll now trace him out.
You may leave.
Alright. Thank you.
Please give me a
call if you need me.
It's an order from the
top order that they
shouldn't get any information.
Ashwini completed 21st
That Indian market deserves to see.
They should come up
with some certain
opportunities that
doesn't only benefit Midas
but to every working Indian.
It doesn't matter if he's
earning rs. 10 or ten crore.
Brian Mr: Millan of
Grand equity London
has decided to join
hands with Midas financial.
In a new strategic
alliance of 500 million pounds.
Welcome to India, Brian.
The first ever financial
market giant of India.
Thank you. Thank you.
We'll be going to Mr.
Sathe's party later. - Oh yes.
I would be happy to
meet your lovely wife.
Well Vinita won't be coming.
She has a cousin down and
She's going to be occupied.
Your brother's away.
Your wife's busy.
Hell of a time to be alone, mate.
What is this sleazy gossip
monger like you doing here?
The sleaziest gossip is
to be found amongst the
most respectable
businessmen like you.
You know what I am
talking about, Mr. Rawal?
On special correspondence for INX.
Our new publication for Delhi-ites.
You always claim
that your brother is
the life and soul of Midas.
But I can see him no where.
Shantanu Rawal and Prem Mathur are
on a very important
business assignment.
Outside Bombay.
I have come to learn
something else about it.
There's a problem
between you and him.
Over that supermodel Antara Tyagi.
Isn't it?
Sunita, I really don't
like repeating myself.
It's a business announcement.
It'd be better if we
discussed business.
Prasad, take the lady to bar.
I think she needs a drink.
Thanks. I'll help myself.
What's up! Harassed!
Crazy woman.
- They are all!
Excuse me I need to make a call.
Hello! - Jaideep, I'm Dev speaking.
Hand over the phone to Vinita.
He phone is switched off.
Dev, she's done it purposely.
Jaideep Jaideep, just shut up!
Damn !
What you think is not the
fact. You too know that.
Fact You'll let me know?
What's truth and what not!
The one that knows only to cheat.
Antara, I never cheated on anyone.
But maybe It's your
nature to live in illusion.
lnder, what illusion?
My sister is dead.
My father's passed away.
And you are still alive!
Antara, life itself is an illusion.
It plays trick on you
every passing moment.
And sometimes, the
only way to deal with it
is to make a deal with it.
I can't live without Shantanu
and he can't so without you.
You'll have to tell him that
it's all your imagination
all that you have
said to him till date.
I make you believe that you
can be a part of his life.
And very soon
you'll be a family too.
You are a bastard! Do you
really think I'll do that!
You'll have to.
- Are you threatening me!
I don't threaten,
Antara. I only warn.
Shantanu is my strength.
He's my weakness even.
I have lost enough.
To achieve all this.
I have lost a world.
To make this one.
I won't let it go now.
Anything. Anybody.
At any cost. Not even
at the cost of life.
You speak of life!
It'll take less than
a second to smash
your brains over the walls!
Who would you kill?
Who would you kill? Tell me!
You would have been dead by now
if it wasn't for you
were Shantanu's brother.
Out! Out of here!
Get out! Before I change my mind!
I'll be right back in ten minutes.
You'll keep sitting here but.
You're not allowed
to get off the car.
It's not at all
allowed to cross the road.
What about meeting
with lnder? Allowed?
Aunt knows everything!
Don't worry.
- Bye. I'll be back. - Bye.
It's been nearly seven
years since Pinewood club
became Palm Inn resort.
Yes, but something did happen here.
In 93, on 31st Oct Thank you.
With Yashwardhan's daughter.
Yashwardhan Tyagi.
They were the royal family here.
I don't know anything about it, sir.
When I came here Palm
Inn res-art's construction
was going on.
Nearly seven years ago.
Can we meet the owner of
this place? - Sure, sir.
But the owners have changed, sir.
Seven years ago.
- Then can we get any contact
of the previous owner?
Or is that also lost,
seven years ago?
Sir, I am so sorry.
Bheemji Bhai has expired.
We don't know where his
family shifted to after that.
Nearly seven years ago.
If you will excuse me, sir,
I've some urgent work to finish.
Sorry once again.
Damn it.
What's up, buddy?
Any problem?
- Hey, who are you?
Why are you chasing us?
Hey, stop!
Stop there.
You - Leave me. Leave
me. - What do you want?
Tell me what you want.
- I'll tell you. I'll tell you, sir.
I heard Yashwardhan Tyagi's
name, sir. I heard his name.
So So
- I know him, sir. We all know him.
Those days we used to
call him 'Dada Saheb'.
'We' means who?
- We means we the workers
and Mr. Bheemji Bhai's family.
I was a driver at
Bheemji Bhai's place.
And Bheemji Bhai and Mr.
Yash are childhood friends.
And Bheemji Bhai's daughter Indu
Indu and Namrata were friends.
What else do you know about them?
- Listen
Cut the crap and tell
us clearly or else
That night Miss. Namrata came here
to the Pinewood
Club to meet Mr. lnder.
You know lnder?
Not so well, but I know
there was something between
Mr. lnder and Miss. Namrata.
That night Mr. lnder
came to stay here
with Miss. Namrata and
they booked a room as well.
- What then ! They were trapped.
Who trapped them? - Who else
will trap them! Affluence.
These affluent people!
Their affluence trapped them.
Miss. Namrata's death
was an accident, sir.
Mr. lnder was innocent.
He hadn't done anything.
They accused Mr.
lnder of that crime.
What was the accusation?
- Murder, sir.
Till date there was not even a
single investigation of that case.
Mr. lnder did the right
thing by running away from here.
He did the right thing.
Why didn't you tell this
to anyone for so many years?
I was scared, sir. I
was very scared of them.
I had a small family, sir.
- Everyone has a family.
Some families
survive and some don't.
Everything was about to
end slowly, gradually
to make a new beginning.
- How are you?
Does it matter!
- Please don't say that, Anu.
You have completely
forgotten me, Shaan.
No phone calls, nothing
Note? What note?
Did you get the answers
of all the questions
with the note of three lines?
You will have to give
me some of your time.
You will have to come here.
When you will see it on your own
when you will hear it on
your own you would understand it.
What is there to understand, Shaan?
Everything is pretty clear.
Sometimes what we see is
not what it really is.
Till today you have been
living in an illusion.
Give reality a chance.
Just one chance. Please.
One moment please.
Hi, Kiddo!
- Hi, Dev!
You know, I don't
know how I doubted
my own identity.
- It's ok, dear.
I am sorry, Dev. I
am very sorry, Dev.
Relax, Kiddo. Those who
doubt even their own identity
can never be fooled in life.
Working with Midas
has done you good.
And Antara? Did she agree?
- She will agree, Dev.
It's It's just her illusion.
Something she thought she saw.
You told her all this?
- No, but I called her here.
Why? Why didn't you come here?
I wanted her to
decide it on her own.
She has been through a lot, Dev.
And also, it's better to
end something unpleasant
at a place where it started.
If she would hear it
from the people she know
I am sure she would be convinced.
Sister-in-law is also coming.
Can you too come here?
I will be there. I
will see you soon.
Where have you been?
Have you thought of
any plan to stop Antara?
lam warning you she
shouldn't reach Shaan
before I reach there.
Did you get me?
What not have I done
to hide the truth !
lam I am telling
you I can do anything.
Are you listening? Prem.
lam leaving Mumbai right now.
I want you to handle this,
ok? Prem, can you hear me?
Will you go Manali?
- Yes, madam. Please get in.
Don't worry, I am Shaan's friend.
And I am his brother.
Let's not create a scene HOW.
Let's go.
Enough is enough, Antara.
You just have to
sort out this mess now.
Make a compromise or else
one of us will have to die.
And it's not going to be me.
- If anything happens to me
Shaan will - That's
why I am giving you a chance.
Tell Shaan that whatever
you thought was wrong
and stop me from doing
something drastically wrong.
You are really a big fool, lnder.
Your brother reads my face.
He reads my body.
He reads my mind.
You think he won't be able
to understand that I am lying?
Then you just have to
add dwell, sweetheart.
If not for me, then
at least for Shaan.
Why did you stop the car?
Hey, Kiddo!
Missed you so much, Kiddo.
Look whom I brought with me.
We said sorry to each
other on our way here.
She realizes her mistake.
And now we can all be
one big happy family.
What happened? Some problem?
Thanks, buddy. I
forgot it in your room.
I was in a hurry. Thanks.
I called him on his phone
and called him to the airport.
You made one more call.
And I received that phone call.
What are you saying! Which
phone call? - Stop lying, Dev.
Devendra Rawal, the corporate icon
who is on the top of
the world at the moment
We all looked up to you, Dev.
Whether it was your wife, or me
But you turned out to be
completely opposite of that.
I didn't know you would
stoop to such a level
To have a photographer killed
and to have my
friend go against me
I thought you were my friend, Prem.
What! What did you say!
You thought I was your friend?
What the heck am I
doing here, Shaan !
What the heck am I doing here!
Shaan, whatever I did I
did it as a true friend.
Because I know, Shaan, how
much your brother loves you !
How much he cares for you !
That's why I did all this for him.
For your welfare.
For the betterment of your family.
And you
You You are accusing me of
You know what
Get lost!
Shaan, Antara has agreed.
She has agreed that she was wrong.
If you don't believe
me you can ask her.
Just ask her.
Antara, tell him the truth.
Yes, Shaan, Dev is right.
It was all my illusion.
I can read your face, your mind
I can read your body.
Don't lie to me.
Anu, don't lie to me.
How longer will you lie, Dev!
And whom else will you force to lie?
Once Just once had you
treated me as your own
and told me the truth
I would've hidden all
your pain in my heart.
What is family for!
Listen, Vinni
- But it's too late now.
Everything's over,
everything's broken and scattered.
All I can see is
blood all over here.
Don't know how many people's blood
your hands are drenched with.
Why? Why did you do such a thing?
She used to love you so much.
I too used to love her, God dammit.
I too used to love her.
I loved her too.
That's the reason I
went to your father
to talk about our wedding.
Nammi said that he
is very understanding.
He is very nice.
But he was just rich.
Papa, he is lnder.
What! Rubbish !
Would you have still loved Namrata
if she wasn't
Yashwardhan Tyagi's daughter?
If I see you near my
daughter again I will kill you.
'I fell in my own eyes.'
'And at that time only
Namrata could've soothed me.'
lnder, what happened?
- I am going back to the place
where I deserve to be.
- What does that mean?
What happened? - Thanks a
lot for reminding me my status.
It would've been far
better if you had done that
before starting this relationship.
Your father was right.
He was right.
What can lnder give
Yashwardhan Tyadi's daughter?
Just love.
Just love?
And what the heck is that!
lnder, daddy must
not have meant that.
Listen, I'm sure there
must be some misunderstanding.
- Perhaps he's just being
a little protective
about me. That's all.
You don't know what he said!
- Ok. Ok.
Then what shall we do?
Ok, let's elope.
Are you serious? Ok, let's elope.
I will keep you happy. I'll
do everything. Everything.
You'll be happy with me.
- Are you crazy!
lnder, you are too drunk.
lnder, how can I go
against my father!
Then what do you want from me?
What do you want from me?
Just one last time?
Is that what you want?
lnder. lnder, what's wrong
with you ! Will you stop it!
Is this what you want!
lnder, please. Please,
lnder. Don't do this.
Please, lnder.
lnder, don't do this.
Sister, open the door.
Sister, open the door.
Sister, open the door.
- Don't touch me.
Nammi, stop.
Namrata, watch out.
Oh God!
Namrata. Nammi. Nammi.
Namrata. Namrata.
I hadn't done
anything intentionally.
It was an accident.
Just an accident.
I loved her.
I really loved her.
O God! How much I loved her!
It was a big mistake,
and I hid it from you
because I loved you.
I didn't want to lose you.
I lost a lot.
My love, my soul, my peace
I died every single moment.
I died after Namrata's death.
Just for you I did all this.
I lived for you.
I just wanted you to be happy.
I had to do whatever I did.
Because I wanted us to be a family.
I wanted us to have a life together.
Is that so bad? - You need
to pay for every sin, Dev
even if you had
committed it unintentionally.
And that's what your punishment is.
Please, Vinni. Please,
- I can't live with a murderer.
Let's go, Antara .
Shaan. Shaan.
How dare you walk
away from me like this!
You can't leave me in
this way. You just can't.
You can't leave me.
You are my brother. My kid brother.
I love you. I love you.
Please don't leave me. Please.
What have I done wrong!
Talk to me, God dammit.
You don't have to pay for your sins.
That's what you thought and
that's your biggest crime
and that was
your biggest illusion.
That punishment
won't be enough, Vinni.
That won't be enough.
Don't know why, I am alone
with broken dreams.
Don't know why
she is angry with me.
Stranger, betrayer.
Don't know why all the
moments of love vanished.
Don't know why, I am alone
with broken dreams.
Don't know why
she is angry with me.
Stranger, betrayer.
Don't know why all the
moments of love vanished.
Don't know why?
Slowly the world became stranger.
The story of love
seems known to me.
Somebody turned their
way slowly from me.
My heart broke and
our relationship too.
Don't know why?
The whom I believed
to be mine
She has tormented me.
Why my dream broke in my eyes
like glass.
My lovely dreams slowly
turned into nightmares.
My heart broke and
our relationship too.
Don't know why?
lam all alone
with broken dreams.
Don't know why she is angry
with me. Stranger, betrayer.
Don't know why all the
moments of love vanished.
Don't know why?