Bible Bees (2019) Movie Script

Another day is dawning
A new song on the air
A brand new hope is forming
Adventure take me there
It's a new day for me
I feel it in my bones
I feel alive, I am set free
It's a new day for me
I feel it in my bones
I feel alive, I am set free
It's a new day for me
And nothing in this
World will interfere
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
This is my year
[narrator] It's a beautiful
day in the country.
And little bees, Sunny
and Petal, are flying back
to their hive, after a fun day
collecting pollen.
Wow, Petal, we collected
so much yummy pollen today.
Queen Buttercup will
be so proud us, Sunny.
And here is Queen Buttercup.
She will be very proud indeed.
Sunny, Petal, there you are.
We discovered a new
clover field, Queen Buttercup
full of clover blossoms.
And have collected tons
of pollen for the hive.
Great job,
Sunny and Petal, everybody
in the hive just loves clover.
I know, right?
Who doesn't?
How did you ever find
the clover field, little ones?
Bailey, the dog,
told us about it.
Oh our good friend,
Bailey the dog.
Yes, Queen Buttercup.
You see, Bailey has
a very good sense of smell.
And when we asked him
if he could find a field
of clover for us, he said:
"Sure thing, little bees.
I can sniff out a great big
clover field for you and yours."
You will collect
enough sweet nectar
to keep your hive fed
all winter long."
That's such a wonderful
gesture, Sunny and Petal.
Bailey, the dog is
a very kind friend indeed.
I'm sure
you thanked him for showing
you the way to this field.
[narrator] Sunny and Petal,
realized they have not
thanked, Bailey, the dog,
for his amazing gift.
-No, Queen Buttercup.
-We forgot.
Sunny, Petal,
you know the importance
of being thankful, don't you?
Hum... we're not sure,
Queen Buttercup.
Why is it so important
to be thankful?
[chuckles] Sunny and Petal,
why don't you go
see our good friend,
Chomps, the field mouse?
I'm sure
he'll love to teach you two
about the importance
of being thankful.
We will, Queen Buttercup.
We'll go see Chomps right away.
Run along, little ones.
Sunny and Petal fly to see
Chomps, the field mouse
to learn why it's so
important to be thankful.
Hey, Chomps.
Hi, Chomps.
Hey, it's Sunny and Petal.
What brings you this way?
Bailey, the dog,
helped us find a field
of clover
using his sense of smell.
But we forgot to thank him.
We're not even sure why
it's so bad that we forgot.
Queen Buttercup said
you would explain to us
the importance
of saying thank you.
[chuckles] Well, Sunny
and Petal, if you'd like,
I'll tell you a story
that will show you why it's
so important to be thankful.
A story?
Yes, a beautiful story
from the Bible.
We would like that
very much, Chomps.
Alright then,
this is how the story goes.
[narrator] As Chomps
begins to tell the story,
little Sunny
and Petal listen in,
making sure they don't
miss a single word.
Once Jesus entered a village
where he was met by ten lepers.
The lepers called out,
"Jesus Master,
have mercy on us."
When Jesus saw the poor men,
he said to them: "Go and show
yourselves to the priests."
And as they went
they were cleansed.
Jesus helped them get well.
He did.
When one of the cured men
saw that he was healed,
he turned back, praising
God with a loud voice
and he fell
on his face at Jesus' feet
giving him thanks,
He was a Samaritan.
Then Jesus answered,
"Were not ten cleansed?
Where are the other nine?
Was no one
found to return and give praise
to God except this foreigner?"
Then he said to him:
"Rise and go your way,
your faith has made you well."
Wow, Chomps.
What a wonderful story.
Now, Sunny and Petal, which of
these men would you rather be?
The one who went their way
or the one who remembered
to turn around and
praise God for his help?
Ah, Chomps, we want to be
like the one who turned around.
The one who praised God.
I imagine so, little bees.
Then go on now
and behave like good
little bees, good little bees
who don't forget to give thanks
to their friends or to the Lord.
We will, Chomps, thank you.
Yes, thank you, Chomps.
Let's go see Bailey.
And thank him too.
Little bees, Sunny and Petal,
fly to see their friend,
Bailey, the dog.
Sunny and Petal.
We wanted to thank you
for helping us find
the field of clover today.
Because of you, we'll
collect enough pollen
to help feed our entire
hive all winter long.
You're very welcome,
little ones.
We also want to thank God
for helping us too.
Yeah, God gave us a great
friend like you, Bailey.
Who helped us
find the clover field.
That will
give us tons of pollen.
To make lots of honey.
To help feed the entire hive,
all winter long.
Oh yes, little ones,
God is always there for you.
Never forget
to give thanks to Him
for the blessings in your life.
We won't.
We promise.
We'll never forget
to give thanks to God.
And to all those in our life who
help us, like Queen Buttercup.
And Chomps, and you, Bailey.
That's a wonderful thing you
learned today, little ones.
And Speaking of help,
your thankfulness will
be rewarded, follow me.
Thanks to their friend,
Bailey, Sunny and Petal
have discovered
another secret field.
This time of alfalfa blossoms
and everybody knows
bees love alfalfa blossoms.
Well, Bailey, this is amazing.
Alfalfa blossoms.
That's right, little ones.
You see, I was napping
in the shade a little
while ago and the wind blew
a whiff of the sweetest smelling
blossoms I ever did smell.
You do have a great
sense of smell, Bailey.
[chuckle] Yes, I sure do.
-And you know what I thought?
I thought,
"As soon as I see my good pals,
Sunny and Petal again,
I'll tell
them about this field too."
-So after Chomps told us
that amazing Bible story.
That taught us the importance
of being thankful.
And we came to thank you.
It was the perfect time
to show you this field too.
Wow, so to be thankful
doesn't also feel great.
But in the end,
you will be rewarded too.
God always rewards those who
give thanks to Him, little ones.
Thank you, Bailey.
Yeah, thank you so much
for all your help.
Let's go back
to the hive, Petal.
Yeah, let's go tell
Queen Buttercup what
we've learned today.
Sunny and Petal returned to the hive to see Queen Buttercup,
and tell her all they've
learned about being thankful.
Sunny, Petal, you're back.
Yes, Queen Buttercup. We visited
Chomps, just like you said.
And he told us an amazing
story from the Bible.
On the importance
of being thankful.
Ah, that's amazing, little ones.
And you'll never guess
what happened afterwards.
-[chuckle] What happened?
-We went back to see Bailey
to thank him
for showing us the clover field.
And when we got there,
he showed us a whole new
field of yummylicious
alfalfa blossoms.
That's wonderful,
Sunny and Petal.
I see that you've learned your
lesson about the importance
of being thankful and you were
rewarded for your kindness.
Yes, Queen Buttercup.
Our tummy will be full
of honey this winter.
But what's more important,
our heart will be
full of praise for God.
And that's
what matters the most.
Another day is dawning
A new song on the...
[narrator] With a heart full
of gratitude and love for God,
little Sunny and Petal
returned to collecting
sweet pollen for their hive.
Let's go, Petal.
Let's go, Sunny.
Petal, I can't think
of anyone better
to collect pollen with than you.
Same here, Sunny.
What could possibly be better
than doing what
you were born to do,
with your best friend
in the whole world by your side?
[chuckle] Nothing,
it's the bee's knees.
We're looking for a sign
And here is Queen Buttercup,
she will be very proud indeed.
Sunny, Petal,
I'm so glad you two are back.
We're glad to be back,
Queen Buttercup.
Yeah, it's not
easy flying around with all
this pollen in our bellies.
Great job, bees, but I need to
ask you to go back to the field.
Go back out, but why?
We collected
so much pollen today.
Right, if I eat anymore, I'm
afraid I might burst my stripes.
And then she'll be polka-dotted.
It's not that, my lovely bees,
is our old friend, Muffin.
-Is everything okay?
-I hope so.
Muffin got himself stuck in
a mud pit and can't get out.
Oh, no.
Muffin's huge, he could sink
like a stone in deep mud.
And he can't swim.
Like, at all.
This is terrible news.
What can we do to help, Queen?
We're just too little bees.
Firstly, it's so kind of you to
ask and offer your help, Petal.
Any creature
would be lucky to count
either of you as their friend.
Your hive-mate, Manny, is on
the scene making sure Muffin
keeps a foothold
and doesn't sink.
Sunny and Petal realized
their friend is in trouble
and they have to help
Muffin any way they can.
We won't let Muffin down, Queen.
Absolutely not.
We'll go find
the Manny right away
and make triple sure
Muffin doesn't drown.
Sunny, Petal,
you know the importance
of friendship, don't you?
We know,
we care about our friends.
Why is friendship
so important, Queen?
Friendship is the glue that
holds our world together, Petal.
And just as importantly,
it's a gift from God.
We'll do everything
in our power to help
our friend in need,
Queen Buttercup.
We'll go find Muffin
and Manny right away.
Fly high, little ones,
there's not a moment to spare.
[narrator] Sunny and Petal
fly to find Manny,
help their friend Muffin,
and learn why friendship
is so important.
We heard about Muffin,
is he okay?
Hey, Sunny, Petal.
Muffin's free from the mud
and he's okay.
I just came from getting
him some water,
for all this working his way
free, made him thirsty.
Ah, good to hear he's okay.
We came as fast as we could.
As fast
as our wings would carry us.
Wow, you
two bees sure are good friends
to a big old guy like Muffin.
And so are you, Manny.
You got here before anyone.
[chuckle] Well, I guess
you're right about that.
She sure is.
Friendship is so important
to our lives, yet it's one
of the easiest things to
overlook when things get busy.
Queen Buttercup was saying
the same thing earlier.
We're lucky to have her too,
Queen Buttercup's one smart bee.
But you know
some of the best lessons
we can learn on friendship
are found in the Bible.
Get out, can you tell us any?
Sure, let me tell you
a very beautiful thing
Jesus told his disciples.
[narrator] Sunny and Petal,
listen intently,
as Manny
recounts his favorite story
of friendship from the Bible.
Jesus said to his disciples:
"This is my commandment,
that you love one another
as I have loved you.
Greater love has no one
other than this,
that someone lay down
his life for his friends."
He said that?
Jesus is so caring
and full of love.
Yes, He loved His
disciples very much.
And even though they saw
Him as Master, He treated
them as beloved friends.
What else did Jesus
say to them, Manny?
Jesus told His beloved
disciples: "You are My friends
if you do as I command you."
Then he continued,
"No longer
do I call you servants,
for the servant, does not know
what his master is doing,
but I have called you friends.
For all that I've heard from my
Father, I've made known to you."
So Jesus treated His
disciples like friends
and not like servants, how come?
Well, because they
simply learned to listen
to Him and to His teachings.
They were able to quiet
their heart and simply listen.
In doing so, they learned
from Him the teaching
He received from God,
His Father.
In that way,
they knew what He knew.
And in His eyes,
they were as His friends.
It would be a great gift
to be taught God's teaching,
just like
the disciples were taught.
How can we become
Jesus' friends, Manny?
You simply listen to Jesus'
teachings and you do as He
commands you, which is to love
one another as He loves you.
Just as Jesus' capacity
for friendship and love
-knows no boundaries,
so it should be for you.
-But how do we do that?
Just the way you did when you
didn't hesitate to come
help a friend in trouble.
It didn't matter to you where
it was or what you had to do,
you based your decision
on compassion for that friend
and then
acted accordingly, and that's
what friendship is all about.
What a great story, Manny.
Yeah, thanks, Manny.
Let's go see Muffin
and make sure he's okay.
Right, let's go.
That's the spirit.
Follow me, I'll take you to him.
[narrator] Sunny and Petal
fly to visit with Muffin
to make sure he's okay.
We came as fast as we could.
Are you okay?
Sunny and Petal, what are you
bees doing all the way out here?
We heard you needed us.
And we're your friends.
I don't know what to say.
You don't have to say anything
to us, we want to help,
and see you safe,
just because we care about you.
Yeah, God gave us a great
friend in you, Muffin.
We're so different,
some animals might
wonder what little
bees have in common
with a big guy like you,
but we don't need
to be the same to be friends.
Right, what makes
us so different,
is part of what makes
us such good friends.
We appreciate you, Muffin.
And we want to be your friends
for a long time to come.
Yeah, we love you very much.
Wow, you guys, thanks.
-Don't mention it, big guy.
-Yeah, anytime.
But don't
make it a habit of getting
into this kind of trouble, okay?
For your own good.
That's a great
lesson in friendship
and an awesome thing
you've done today, bees,
just wanting to take
care of a big old guy like me,
without asking
anything in return.
Oh, ho, ho.
But I have a reward for you.
You do?
I sure do, follow me.
[narrator] Thanks to their
friend, Muffin,
Sunny and Petal have discovered another secret field,
with a sea
of colorful flowers
as far as their eyescan see,
just overflowing
with a yummy pollen.
Wow, Muffin this is amazing.
I've never seen so
many flowers in one place.
I had just found
this field on my morning
gallop and was headed back
to tell you all
where to find it
when I stepped in
that mud pit and got stuck.
In by coming to help you,
we ended up finding it anyway.
Funny how that works, huh?
God, works in mysterious ways.
Hey, it'll be dark soon,
let's collect as much
pollen as we can carry
and get back to the hive.
Right, Queen Buttercups
gonna be very happy.
Sunny and Petal returned to the hive to see Queen Buttercup
and tell her all they've
learned about friendship.
Sunny, Petal, you're back.
Yes, Queen Buttercup.
We found Muffin,
he was stuck in a mud pit,
but he's okay now.
[chuckle] Even though
he kind of did it on his own.
True but we lent lots
of support and made sure
he knew he had friends
he could count on.
Ah, that's amazing, little ones.
And you'll never guess
what happened afterwards.
[chuckle] What happened?
Muffin led us to
a place he was coming to
tell us about before
he slipped in the mud.
And when we got there,
he showed us a whole new field
of beautiful
pollen packed flowers.
That's wonderful,
Sunny and Petal.
I see that you've learned your
lesson about the importance
of friendship and you were
rewarded for your kindness.
Yes, Queen Buttercup.
Our tummies will be
full of honey this winter.
But what's more important,
our hearts will be
full of praise for God.
Without Him,
none of these wonderful
things would be possible.
And that's what matters most.
[narrator] With a heart full
of gratitude and love for God,
little Sunny and Petal,
head out for another
fun-filled adventure.
Here we go, Petal.
Let's go, Sunny.
[birds twittering]
[narrator] It's a beautiful
day in the country
and little bees,
Sunny and Petal, are
flying back to their hive
after a fun day distributing
pollen to hives in need.
Petal, we sure did pass out
lots of yummy honey
to local hives today.
Queen Buttercup
will be so proud of us, Sunny.
She'll praise us for
our good deeds, I'm sure.
[birds twittering]
[narrator] Lo and behold,
here's Queen Buttercup
waiting for the return
of her littlest ones.
Sunny, Petal, welcome back.
We distributed tons of pollen to
the surrounding hives
today, Queen Buttercup.
I feel like my little
wings might fall off.
And we got tons of pollen
for our hive also.
Great job, Sunny and Petal.
I'm sure the other bees
are so very thankful
for your generosity.
And we here at home appreciate
all your hard work too.
-Thanks, Queen.
-Don't mention it, collecting
pollen is what us bees do best.
It sounds like you collected
quite a bit. How in the world
did just find enough
pollen to feed
our neighboring hives?
Carlotta the cow, told us
about a brand new pasture
where amazing flowers grow.
Our good friend, Carlotta.
She came across is grazing
one morning and thought of us.
And when we saw it,
we realized there were
so many flowers
and so much pollen,
we just had to share and deliver
it to the other bees we know.
We could've just told them
where to find it,
but we were already there.
It didn't seem like a big
deal to collect for others.
Yeah, I mean worker bees
deserve to sleep in sometimes.
You have a point,
Sunny and Petal.
That's so nice of you both.
You two possess unbelievable
strength for such young bees.
Strength? I guess
it does take some muscles
to carry so much pollen.
Yeah, stomach muscles.
It really wasn't
that heavy, Queen.
That's not the strength
I'm referring to, Petal.
Like the Bible teaches us,
"Real strength
is found in serving,
not being served."
-Wow, really?
So by giving pollen away
instead of just taking pollen,
we got closer to God?
Indeed, Sunny
and I'm so proud of you both.
You've done such good today,
why don't you bees
take the rest of the day
to play and be joyful?
[narrator] Sunny and Petal
run into their friend, Rita,
the wisest frog
in all the woods.
Hi, Rita.
Long-time no see.
Yeah, how goes it, Rita?
I heard you got a new lily pad.
I did, it's floating well.
How are you bees doing?
-We're great.
-Yeah, we found a new pasture
this morning and distributed
pollen to all the neighboring
beehives free of charge.
Oh, wow, that was
so nice of you. I'm sure
those bees were very grateful.
They certainly were,
and surprised too.
I'll bet, it's not every day
that two little bees show up
at someone else's hive to
give away precious pollen.
It was pretty nice of us, huh?
Queen Buttercup told us,
because of our actions,
-we're very
strong little bees.
-We must be super-bees, Petal.
[chuckle] Well, now little ones,
you should be
careful of reveling
too much in pride.
Whatever do you mean, Rita?
Once, Jesus said
to his dinner host,
"When you give
a dinner or a supper,
do not invite your friends
or brothers or relatives
or rich neighbors,
for they will
invite you in return
and you will be repaid,
but when you give a feast,
invite the poor, the crippled,
the lame, and the blind,
then you will be blessed,
for they have
no way of repaying you.
And you will be rewarded when
the upright rise from the dead.
Do you know what Jesus meant?
I think he's saying
we should give from our hearts
because we want to, not because
we expect praise or reward
or getting something
in return for our generosity.
That's right, Petal.
And God,
would rather we be humble,
not proud about our
good deeds done in His name.
Exactly, Sunny.
To give,
it's a reward in itself.
We should do
something nice for Carlotta,
she showed us
the new pasture without
asking a thing in return.
Right, but what can
two tiny bees,
like us, do for
a big old cow like Carlotta?
Don't let her hear you
call her that, Sunny.
She's a girl, you know.
[chuckle] Keep up
the good work, bee friends,
I learned a lesson
from your kind deeds.
And I'll fit my pond
with lily pads for everyone,
then see
if any frogs would like to
come enjoy the water with me.
That's awesome, Rita.
Yeah, let us know how it goes.
Maybe we'll come relax
on one sometime
and bring Carlotta
to hang out on one of them.
[chuckle] Oh well, better find
a big lily pad for her then.
[chuckle] Bye, Rita.
See you soon.
[narrator] Sunny and Petal fly back to see their friend, Carlotta the cow.
Hey, Carlotta.
Petal, Sunny, what brings
you guys back today?
We just wanted to
thank you for showing us
your new pasture
this morning.
Those were more flowers
than we've ever seen.
And our neighbor bees
were delighted by all
the pollen gifts we delivered.
Isn't that wonderful?
Now I'm happy
to have been of service, bees.
-We'd like to give you
a gift as well, Carlotta.
No one's ever given
me a gift before.
Well, we're about
to change all that.
[narrator] Much to
Carlotta's surprise,
Sunny and Petal have prepared
a little song for her.
-Okay, Petal, are you ready?
Oh, Carlotta, she's so nice
And she's so kind
She helped us find pollen
And she won't mind
If we fly off and don't say
thank you' or even please
Cause she's happy to give
That's how she is
Oh, you two have made a song
for me, thanks, you guys.
That was so beautiful.
You were so kind to us earlier,
we wanted to do something
nice for you too.
Oh, you shouldn't have,
all I did was
show you guys my pasture.
That's not all you did,
you gave us
a tremendous gift
and didn't
ask for a thing in return.
Yeah, and as a result,
we were able to share pollen
with each and
every bee around us.
That was all because
of your generosity.
You're so kind, Carlotta.
We love you so much.
What did I ever do to
have such giving friends?
You've always
been good to us, Carlotta,
kindness comes back around.
You guys come back
and see me again soon.
I'll be easy to find.
-Just look for a cow
with a big dreamy smile.
[narrator] Sunny and Petal
returned to the hive
to see Queen Buttercup and tell her all they've learned
about giving without
expecting nothing in return.
Sunny, Petal,
did you find Carlotta the cow?
We sure did, Queen.
And we gave her
a gift of a soooong.
Our own special song
we made just for her.
Oh my, I bet she was overjoyed.
She sure was.
The look
on her face was priceless.
And fulfilling
God's plan for us was even
more priceless, wasn't it?
Serving others
without being asked,
rewards our souls
in ways we never imagined.
See God created us
to be good to one another
and when we
exercise His plan, we feel
better about ourselves.
Wow, I understand.
Yeah, that's amazing.
God sure is great,
Queen Buttercup.
[chuckles] That He is,
Sunny, that He is.
-Let's go think of something
nice to do tomorrow.
I'm so proud of you, my little
bees, now get your rest.
I'm certain tomorrow will
be just as magical as today.
Praise God.
[narrator] With hearts full of
gratitude and love for God,
little Sunny and Petal
fly high to be of the best
service they can be.
Time to serve, Petal.
Let's go, Sunny.
[jolly music]
Today was such a fun day, Sunny,
I loved playing in the field.
It sure is a nice break
from collecting pollen,
I'll say that.
But we didn't get
a lot of pollen today,
do you think
Queen Buttercup will be upset
that we're
coming back empty-handed?
Hm, nah, we'll just
tell her there wasn't much
pollen to be found,
it's a windy day after all.
We'll say it just blew away
before we could snag any.
-Or, we could say it was too
windy to land on any flowers.
Then we'll make sure
to collect extra pollen
tomorrow, to make up for it.
[jolly music]
And here is Queen Buttercup,
the leader of the colony.
She rules the hive with
firm, but gentle wings.
Sunny, Petal,
what have you bees been up to?
Are you done collecting
pollen for the day?
Well, we had
a hard time, Queen Buttercup,
it's so windy out.
We could hardly land on a flower
petal to grab any pollen at all.
We'll make extra sure
we collect more pollen
tomorrow to make up for it.
My little bees,
our other workers informed me
that you were playing
in the field all day long.
I'm so disappointed
that you two decided
to lie to me about your day.
I think you two
are great little worker bees
and sometimes
even great worker bees
need a little time to play.
I would've understood
if you had told me the truth,
but now
I'm sad to see I can't always
trust what you tell me.
Oh, Queen Buttercup,
we're so sorry.
Yeah, we didn't mean
to lie, Queen, honest.
I know you didn't,
you two have always
been among
our colony's nicest bees.
I just don't know what
got into you this time.
You spent the day playing
and then lied about it.
I feel terrible.
So do I,
I didn't mean to let myself
and everyone around me down.
[crying] I didn't mean to hurt
anybody, Queen Buttercuuuup.
[crying] Me neither.
That's what dishonesty
and lying do, little bees,
they hurt us, as well as
the ones we try to deceive.
We understand that now.
I can see this makes
you feel terrible,
so I will forgive you two,
but I'd like it very much
if you got together with
your hive-mate, Lanny.
He can perhaps shed
some light on the power
of moral purity and
a clear conscience.
My little bees,
you feel badly for a reason.
If you're truly sorry, this
can be a lesson well learned.
We'll go right now, Queen.
Yes, we want to make it right.
Go on then, my Sunny and Petal.
I'll speak to you both
when you return.
[narrator] Sunny and Petal fly to meet up with Lanny, the bee,
to learn why moral purity
and a clear conscience
are so important.
Hi, Lanny, I don't know
if you've heard.
About you guys lying
to Queen Buttercup?
Yeah, I heard about it.
Oh great, now the whole hive
will think we can't be trusted.
Well, you did tell a lie.
But we didn't mean it.
We usually work hard every day.
It's not like
we lie all the time.
Yeah, we just started playing
and lost track of time.
And we didn't want the Queen
to think we were lazy.
But you were lazy.
I know but--
Wouldn't it have been better
to fess up and tell the truth?
Just say
that you made a mistake?
Remember that through God,
confession makes
all forgiveness possible,
for the Lord said: "Happy is
the man who follows not
the counsel of the wicked,
nor takes his stand
with sinners, nor sits
among the scoffers
but delights in
the law of the Lord.
And day and night
he meditates on it
for he is like a tree
planted by streams of water
which yields its fruit
in due season,
whose leaf never withers,
and all that he does prospers."
He said that?
Yes, but He also said:
"Not so the wicked.
They are like
the chaff driven by the wind
so the wicked shall
not rise up at the judgment,
nor sinners where
the righteous are gathered,
for the Lord directs
the way of the righteous
but the way of
the wicked leads to ruin."
God, said that?
Oh boy, we are in trouble.
Well, here's always a way
to get things right in
the eyes of God, little ones.
-There is?
-Why don't you guys go see our
old friend the gentle Daffodil?
I bet he'll have some kind
of words of advice for you.
Up, up and away.
[narrator] Sunny and Petal
fly to see their good friend,
Daffodil, the bull.
Hey, Daffodil.
How's it mooing?
It's mooooing okay, little bees.
Long-time no see.
Long time.
Daffodil, we have
done something bad
and Lanny sent us
to talk with you.
Yeah, he hopes you can help
us get right with God.
Oh-oh, sure, what's going on?
Well, Sunny and I,
we kind of... um--
We blew off our
pollen collecting duties
and then lied about it
to Queen Buttercup.
Geeze, you make us sound so bad.
We were bad, Petal,
I can see that now.
Oh my, I always thought
you two were good little bees.
See, our reputation
is going to be mud from now on.
Well, that isn't
necessarily so, Petal.
While Sunny's right,
what you two did was wrong,
the great thing
about our faith is that God,
in His infinite wisdom,
Even for two lying bees who
don't deserve a second chance?
[laughing] Oh, Petal.
In God's eyes
we all deserve and get
a second chance if we want one.
"God blesses
the home of him who does right."
So it says in the Bible.
Surely, He scoffs
at the scoffers,
but to the modest,
He ever shows favor.
Now why don't
you bees follow me?
I have something
I think you'd like to see.
[narrator] As a result
of their genuine sorrow
and regret
for the mistake they made,
Daffodil and Bull
leads the little bees to a pollen packed field of flowers.
Here you go, bees.
This field has been
untouched all week.
These flowers should be
chock full of yummy pollen.
No way, can we take some?
You can take
all that you can carry.
I can clearly see
that you two regret
the choice you made earlier
and that your
dishonest actions are
weighing heavily
on your little wings.
Yes, they do.
Well, don't worry little bees,
God forgives you
and he welcomes your honesty.
Oh, Daffodil,
we can't thank you enough.
We'll be honest
and upstanding from now on.
Always in His name.
That's a promise.
I feel so relieved.
-I'll tell you, Petal,
this beats lying anytime.
-Sure does.
Lying feels grummy, but having
a clear conscience feels great.
Sunny and Petal returned to the hive to see Queen Buttercup
and tell her all
they've learned about
moral purity
and clear consciences.
Well, did you learn anything
valuable today, my sweet bees?
We sure did, Queen Buttercup.
We learned that moral purity
and a clean conscience
are both more
important than we know.
They're the best way
to honor ourselves,
our loved ones, and God.
Sunny, Petal,
I'm so proud of you two.
You've shown you
can learn from your mistakes
and be better
bees because of them.
We understand now, Queen,
and we won't make
the same mistake again.
-Oh, and we have a little
surprise for the hive.
-A surprise?
Yes, after we
told Daffodil what we did
and how sorry we were
about it, he led us to
a flower field full of pollen.
-We collected our pollen for
the day and then some.
-How wonderful.
See the blessed things
that can occur when
we follow the Lord's plan.
We do, Queen.
We'll never stray again, Queen.
We love you and we love God too.
-You can count on us.
-Oh, my lovely little bees.
You've made me very proud
today, very proud indeed.
[jolly music]
Buzzing full of gratitude
with love for God,
little Sunny and Petal
head out with clear
consciousness and pure hearts.
Oh, I feel great, Petal.
So do I, Sunny.
Praise God.
[narrator] It's a warm and
sunny day in the country
and little bees Sunny
and Petal are flying back
to their brand new beehive
after a forest fire
destroyed their old one.
Sunny, we did it.
All of us bees
banded together today
and built ourselves
a brand new hive.
Bee power!
No nasty old forest fire can
keep our colony down, Petal.
Us bees will always rise.
Go, Bee Team [laughs].
[narrator] And here is
the famous Queen Buttercup.
Her colony has seen
peril more than once
during her ten years as leader,
but just like always,
she guides her bees
through troubles
with faith and grace.
Hi, Queen Buttercup.
-Hey, Queen.
-Sunny, Petal, I want to commend
you on a job well done today.
I'm so, so proud of you
my little hard workers.
Praise be to God
that we're blessed
with young bees
as reliable as you two.
[laughs] Flattery will
get you everywhere, Queen.
No need to thank us.
We're honored to serve you,
our Queen and God, our creator.
Oh, my wonderful, little ones
you should think about
teaching a Sunday class
in the new hive
for even littler ones,
they could learn
a thing or two
from your
resilience and resolve.
Hmm, maybe we will.
It'll be a privilege
to help guide small bees.
Yeah, and we could give
them lots of homework
to keep them occupied.
[laughs] Now, now, Sunny,
let's not get carried away.
You've learned a very
important lesson today.
With the unfortunate
loss of our old hive,
we could have
given up and scattered
our colony to the wind,
but we didn't.
No way.
We love our colony.
We all do, Petal, but love
sometimes is not enough for
creatures to bounce back
from misfortune and failure.
Sometimes faith and
perseverance are required
to regain what we had
before our hardship.
I see.
We had faith that we could
keep our colony together
and we persevered in building
our new home quickly.
And now we're stronger
than we were before the fire.
Exactly and part of exercising
strength is helping
others who've been
subjected to misfortune.
Our friend Butterbean
is also having difficulty
as his barn burned
in the forest fire.
Oh no, we need to check on him.
Yeah, we need to find him
and make sure he's okay.
That's the spirit.
Godspeed, my little ones.
I look forward to hearing how
Butterbean handled his bad luck.
[narrator] Sunny and Petal
fly to meet up with Hoothoot
who can lead then
to Butterbean's barn.
Hoothoot, did you hear
about Butterbean?
I did.
Have you spoken to him?
Is he okay?
He's feeling down right now,
but his faith is strong.
Well, faith is half the battle.
Let's go see him.
Maybe we can help his mindset.
Or maybe
we can help him rebuild.
Us bees never quit.
Go, Bee Team [laughs].
I'm sure Butterbean
will be happy to see you two.
But how do we find him,
Easy, just follow the sun all
the way to Marsh-Marsh pond,
then take a sharp right and
voil, you'll find Butterbean.
That's his favorite spot.
That's where he goes to relax.
Alright, let's go.
Sunny and Petal beat their
little wings ever so quickly
to go see their good
friend Butterbean the pig.
Butterbean, we're so sorry
to hear about your barn.
We lost our hive.
But we rebuilt and now our
hive is bigger and better.
Oh, that's nice.
I'm happy for you, guys.
Hey, Butterbean,
don't be so sad.
It's not so bad.
You still have your health
and we're still your friends.
And God still loves you.
For sure. We can always
count on Him, no matter what.
Through good times and bad.
Especially bad.
So I hear.
I love my barn,
it was all I had.
Oh, come on, Butterbean.
Cheer up buddy, it isn't so
bad that it can't be fixed.
Petal's right, Butterbean.
Overcoming great difficulties
is but one
of the gifts God has given us.
And with faith in Him,
we can find the strength needed
to bounce back after
failure or misfortune.
How so?
We can tell you
a story, Butterbean.
I think it will explain what
we mean much better than two
little bees like us ever
could with all our buzzing.
What do you say?
Oh well, alright.
Once upon a time, a great fire
destroyed all of Jerusalem.
Oh no!
Unfortunately, yes.
So deciding to rebuild
the city's great wall,
God's people were widely
ridiculed and disparaged,
but after 52 days,
the new wall was finished.
Nations around the world
watched in awe and fear
for they knew
the power of God had a hand
in Jerusalem's rebuilding.
In time, through God's grace,
Jerusalem was restored
to a place even greater
than its former glory.
Then the singers
sang loudly and the people
offered many sacrifices
that day and rejoiced
for God had given them
great cause for joy.
The women and children
rejoiced too
so that the cries of joy at
Jerusalem were heard far away.
Double wow, I'm inspired.
Now that's
how we handle failure.
But then how can
I rebuild my barn?
I'm just one pig, one lonely,
roly-poly, chubby little pig.
Hey, don't talk about yourself
like that, Butterbean.
We are all
perfect in God's eyes.
He made us for a reason
and we possess all the tools
we need for our own success.
Why don't we
go find the materials
to rebuild, Butterbean?
There's no sense
standing around crying
about things that happened.
Springing into action
will make you feel better
and it's also the best way to
honor God's investment in us.
Okay, if you think so.
[jolly music]
[narrator] Butterbean goes
along with Sunny and Petal
in an effort to
feel better about things.
It doesn't happen right away,
but when it does,
he starts feeling
better and better.
Alright, Butterbean,
you can collect some timber
and we will glue it together
using some of our bee wax.
-We're going to build
a cute little barn for you.
-We will?
Yes, having faith and working
hard towards your goal
helps you achieve anything
you set your mind to.
It sure does and when we
use the gifts He's given us,
God smiles on us too.
-You know, guys, I can see now
everything is going to be okay.
And maybe it can be
an even better barn than
your old one, like our hive.
We lost everything,
rolled with the punches,
and rolled up our sleeves,
and came back even stronger.
Sometimes God lets things happen
for a reason, Butterbean.
And while it may not
be apparent at that time,
there's a valuable
lesson waiting for us.
You know I think you bees
are right, maybe this new barn
will be better for me
and all the other pigs too.
By my calculations, the square
footage of some of the timber
I saw lying around is three
times the size of my old place.
You'll have
more room to stretch out
and you'll be able
to house more of your buddies.
I do love company, yay.
Thanks for
stopping by, you guys.
I don't know what
I'd have done without you,
I was really down in the dumps.
Which isn't a bad place
for a pig to be generally.
A different kind of dumps.
Got you.
[narrator] Sunny and
Petal returned to the hive
to see Queen Buttercup
and tell her all they've learned about dealing with adversity.
Hi, Queen.
Petal, Sunny,
you're back so soon.
How did it go?
Wonderfully, Queen.
We helped Butterbean
build a brand new barn
and it's bigger
than his last one.
It was great.
22 new pigs came to check it out
and they all fit inside.
22? That's so nice.
I bet they're over the moon.
No, those are cows that
jump over the moon, Queen.
We also learned quite
a bit about dealing
with life
surprises and failures.
Really? Do tell.
Well, Jerusalem wasn't
built in a day,
but it was
destroyed in a day
and with everyone's dedication,
vigilance, and hard work,
the citizens went to work
and rebuilt the city.
And It was
even better than before.
Life might knock us
down a time or two
but God has instilled
in each one of us
the strength and
knowledge to pick
ourselves up and keep going.
And It's in those
challenging times
that we learn more
about ourselves and Him.
Making us stronger
and better prepared.
And wiser.
[laughs] I'm so, so proud of
you, Sunny and Petal, as always.
[jolly music]
[narrator] Full of gratitude
and love for God,
little Sunny and Petal
go forth ready for anything
the day holds in store.
Let's fly.
Success is great,
but failure is not scary, Petal.
No shame in our game, Sunny.
[narrator] It's another
great day in the country
and little bees
Sunny and Petal
are flying back to their hive
after helping
other worker bees
build their own hive.
Sunny, it feels so good
to help other bees.
With our
population numbers still
declining all over the world,
us bees need
all the help we can get.
That's true, Petal
and it doesn't take much
to help others
and have a positive effect.
Just say you'll do it
and keep your word.
I know, right?
Come on, let's see
what the Queen's up to today.
[jolly music]
[narrator] Don't look now,
it's Queen Buttercup,
the widely
loved and revered leader
of Sunny and Petal's hive.
Hey, Queen Buttercup,
how are things?
Honestly, they've
been better, Sunny.
Oh no, what's wrong, my Queen?
It's Cluckity Cluck,
she promised Bailey
she'd play with him today.
You know
how they both like to run.
Anyway, she hasn't been around
and poor Bailey is very upset.
What do you think happened?
Is Cluckity sick?
No, she's fine
as far as I know, Petal.
Huh, why do you think she would
leave old Bailey in the lurch?
I think she just forgot, Sunny.
That sure seems inconsiderate.
Yeah, sounds like Bailey
had his heart set on it.
He did, Petal, he really did.
Alas, it didn't happen.
Maybe she's on her way.
She ran late or something.
The day is almost over now.
It'll be dark soon
and the chickens will settle
into their coops
for the night. Oh well.
Maybe we can find
Cluckity Cluck, Queen.
We'll get to the bottom
of this and see what happened.
Maybe Bailey can still get
some good playing in
today after all.
Would you? Oh my noble
little bees, I know it would
mean so much to Bailey.
We're on it.
Away we go.
[narrator] Sunny and Petal fly double-time to find Bailey the dog,
who's still smarting
from his ignored play date.
Hi, Bailey.
Hey, Bailey,
how goes it, buddy?
Uh, not great.
It's been a lousy day.
How are you, guys?
We were good until
Queen Buttercup told us
about your play date
with Cluckity Cluck.
-Ooo, what play date?
-We heard.
I bet there's a good reason
it didn't happen, though.
Maybe Cluckity Cluck got sick.
Or slept in.
With the way Reggie the rooster
crows every morning, I doubt it.
He's loud enough
to wake up a stone.
Well, maybe she laid an egg.
Or three.
Or maybe she just forgot
about me. [sighs]
Oh, Bailey,
I'm sure there's a simple
reason Cluckity no-showed.
We're just sure of it.
It doesn't matter. I guess
I'll just get ready for bed.
I'm getting tired anyway
of waiting around
all day for nothing.
Hey, let's give Cluckity
the benefit of the doubt, huh?
Remember that time our foot
got stuck in the ivy branches?
Or the time
she thought she could fly and
got stuck in that big oak tree?
When she was afraid to jump?
Or that time she tripped over
the duck eggs and broke them?
The ducks were so mad, but
then we gave her some bee wax
so she could stick
them back together again.
You, guys, [chuckles] thanks
for trying to cheer me up,
but it's just
disappointing, that's all.
You think you know someone
and then something
like this happens.
I know dogs and chickens
aren't supposed to have
a lot in common anyway,
but Cluckity
has been a good friend.
I guess she just doesn't
feel the same way.
Hey, Bailey, before you
turn in for the night,
what do you say we find Cluckity
and see what's going on?
No, she obviously
doesn't want to see me.
-I'm just a dog after all.
-Oh come on, Bailey.
You're our friend. We love you
and we're sure Cluckity loves
you too just as much as we do.
-I don't know.
-Will you wait up for us?
Maybe we'll discover a reason
that'll make you feel better.
Yeah, we don't want
to see you go to sleep
so bummed out, buddy.
Oh, okay.
We'll be back soon, Bailey.
Wait up for us.
[narrator] Sunny and Petal
fly out to see Cluckity Cluck
and ask what happened
to her plans with Bailey.
Sunny, Petal, hey, guys.
It's kind of late in the day
for you to be out, isn't it?
Glad you noticed,
Cluckity Cluck.
-We're here for a friend.
-Oh yeah? Who's your friend?
-Bailey the dog.
-Really? I haven't seen him in a
dog's age, we need to catch up.
Whenever I go up there
we play like crazy.
Funny you mentioned that,
Cluckity, because we heard
you were supposed
to go out and play today.
Today? No, we talked
about playing on Thursday.
Cluck, today is Thursday.
What? No way?
Time in the coop just flies.
I missed out on a play date?
I bet Bailey is so upset.
Is he okay?
Oh I feel terrible.
I promised. What can I do?
How about you come back with us
and apologize to Bailey?
Okay, that's the least I can do.
Alright, let's go.
[narrator] Sunny and Petal
lead Cluckity Cluck
to Bailey the dog to make
sure things are set straight
for these two great friends.
Hi, Bailey, how are you, buddy?
Hi, Cluckity Cluck.
I want to apologize for skipping
out on our playdate today,
I forgot what day it was.
Oh, I was looking forward to it.
I thought you didn't want
to be my friend anymore.
What? Bailey, no.
I cherish our friendship,
I would never.
Oh, I mess up everything,
I'm just a dumb chicken.
Hey, don't say that,
Cluckity, you're my friend.
You still want to be my friend
after I left you high and dry?
Sure I do, I'm a dog,
we are loyal to the end.
Oh, Bailey, I don't deserve you.
Hey, you want to play tomorrow?
Wait, that's Friday, right?
Yes, I do.
Well, Petal, it looks like
our work is done here.
It sure does, Sunny.
Come on, it will be dark soon.
I want to grab
a pollen snack before bed.
[jolly music]
Sunny and Petal returned to the hive to see Queen Buttercup
and tell her all
about what they've learned
about keeping promises we make.
Queen Buttercup,
you're still awake.
I am indeed, Petal.
I wanted to see how
it went for you two out there.
Were you able to
find Cluckity Cluck?
We sure were.
-And it's all fixed, Queen,
no hard feelings.
-Cluckity forgot
what day it was.
She what?
I swear that chicken
would forget her own beak
if it wasn't attached.
We definitely learned
one thing though,
it's important to keep
the promises we make.
Yeah, for ourselves,
our friends, and God,
who keeps track
of everything we do
and every choice we make.
That's right, Petal.
The Bible tells us that God
promised the old man Abraham
more descendants than
there are stars in the sky,
and he kept his promise.
God leads by example.
God keeps his promises
and so should we.
That's right, Sunny.
Well, right now,
I plan to keep my promise
to grab a pollen snack
before bed.
Is that so, young lady?
[narrator] With souls brimming
with faith and love for God,
little Sunny and Petal set out to spread His word far and wide.
Praise God, Petal.
Always and forever, Sunny.
What a great day
it's been, Sunny.
And it's only getting started.
You got that right, Petal
and there's no one I'd
rather spend it with than you.
Thanks, buddy.
And here is the leader
of the hive, Queen Buttercup.
Despite Sunny and Petal's
day of adventuring,
she has
a mission waiting for them.
Sunny, Petal,
I'm glad you're back.
We have a dilemma.
What's that?
Like a rash?
No, it's not a rash, Sunny.
A dilemma is
as a situation
in which a
difficult decision must be made.
Oh no, what's
going on, Queen Buttercup?
Well, Chomps
the mouse has made Felipo
the elephant feel terrible.
I think poor Felipo
could use some friendly
cheer if you two don't mind.
Oh my, thanks for
thinking of us, Queen.
Are you kidding?
You two bees are the cheeriest
we have here in the hive.
You can bring rays of
sunshine to the rainiest day.
We should be magicians.
Magicians for God.
I wonder if that pays well.
I'm sure it would pay your soul
just fine, Sunny, but right now,
what we need most
is to cheer Filippo up.
We're on it, Queen.
Yeah, you can count on us.
Let's go Petal, up, up and away!
[narrator] Sunny and Petal fly
to find their friend Filippo
and see why
Chomps made him feel bad.
There he is. Hey, big guy,
how's your trunk swinging?
It's not.
How are you, guys?
Oh, Filippo, what's wrong?
Chomps said something mean to
me, it made me feel pretty bad.
I thought we were friends.
You are friends, Filippo.
Sometimes friends
say things off the cuff
or off the trunk if you will.
Yeah, I bet Chomps
didn't mean it, whatever it was.
I bet he didn't even think
it'd make you feel bad.
He said I was a big, dumb,
floppy-eared slowpoke.
Well, That's kind of
hard to misunderstand.
Yeah, that's a tough one.
I feel bad just hearing it.
See? I don't know what
I did to deserve that.
Well, I kind of do.
What do you mean, Filippo?
I accidentally
stepped on Chomps tail while
we were walking in the field.
-I'm a lot bigger than him,
so it kind of hurt.
But you didn't mean it, Filippo.
-It was an accident.
I'd never hurt a friend
on purpose, much less Chomps.
We've always gotten along great.
And that's no small feat
for a mouse and an elephant.
Chomps does have small "feet",
doesn't he?
[chuckles] Don't tell him that
though, he's sensitive about it.
There's no telling
what he'd say back.
Why don't you go talk
to Chomps, Filippo?
He can't stay upset forever.
I bet he comes around.
Oh, I'm afraid to.
He didn't want to talk
at all the way he stormed off.
But it's been a little while.
I bet Petal's right and he's
calmed down a lot since then.
Won't you guys go and see him?
Maybe he'll come around
if you talk to him.
Let's go.
[jolly music]
[narrator] Sunny and Petal
fly to find Chomps,
who's still sorely from
having his tail stepped on.
Hi, Chomps, how's it going?
It's been better.
That big head, goofball
Filippo squashed my tail.
Hmm, your tail
looks fine to me, Chomps.
Try smashing it with an elephant
foot, see how it feels.
Oh, Chomps, I know that
couldn't have felt very good,
but Filippo didn't mean it.
Hrr puff... Cheese balls.
She's right, Chomps and we heard
what you said to Filippo.
It made him feel terrible.
Good, he should feel terrible
after what he did to me.
But it was an accident.
He still
wants to be your friend.
He should have thought of that
before he squashed my tail.
Oh boy, Chomps,
is there no way you can
find it in you
to forgive poor Filippo?
No, no, and no!
Alright, Chomps,
let me tell you a story
that might change your mind.
Once upon a time Peter
came to see Jesus and said,
"Master, how often am I
to let my brother wrong me
and forgive him?
Seven times?"
Jesus said to him:
"I tell you, not 7 times,
but 70 times 7."
Wait, 70 times 7?
That's 490 times, ouch.
You want me to let Filippo
stomp on my tail 490 times?
No, Chomps, but God does
since forgiveness
of our brothers and sisters
is one of His strong mandates.
And using tongues for good
as opposed to making
those around us
feel bad is another.
I don't want to go against
God's teachings,
I just want Filippo to
feel bad about what he did.
But Wanting
to make Filippo feel bad
does go against God, Chomps.
Yeah, it's one thing
to get crabby
because someone
unintentionally hurt us,
but it's another thing
to attack them because of it.
our words can hurt much
worse than a foot on a tail.
And Filippo's hurting, Chomps.
He misses
his friend and feels really
bad about what happened today.
You might think
about forgiving him.
After all, isn't it
better to have a good friend
who isn't perfect...
None of us are.
...than a perfect enemy?
Mmm, oh okay, you're right.
I don't want to defy God
or lose my friend.
Can we go apologize to Filippo?
Sunny and Petal join Chomps
who's tail feels
much better, mind you
to see Filippo and
apologize for his harsh words.
Hey, Filippo, we brought
someone to see you.
You might
remember this little guy.
Hi, big fella.
Chomps, how's your tail?
Oh, it's fine, Filippo.
-I'm a resilient mouse.
-That's good.
I'm glad to see you're okay.
You're a good friend, Filippo.
I don't want to lose you
over a silly mistake
like stepping on my tail
[sarcastic chuckle].
Really, I missed you,
your big lug.
I missed you too, Chomps.
Well, Petal, looks like
our work is done here.
No, Sunny, looks like
God's work is done here.
Hear, hear!
[jolly music]
Sunny and Petal return to the hive to see Queen Buttercup
and tell her all
they've learned about
the power of our words
for good or bad.
Sunny, Petal, how did it go?
Were you able to find Filippo?
We sure were, Queen,
and Chomps too.
Yeah, and they made up.
They're the best
of friends again.
Praise be. You two
are my little miracle workers.
We just try our best
to serve God to the best
of our abee-lity.
Oh boy, you're such
a goofball sometimes, Sunny.
Now, now, Petal, remember
what you've learned today
about the power of words.
Oh yeah, sorry, Sunny.
Well, my little ones,
you can rest assured
God is very proud of you.
You both serve His will
so dutifully
and you make our hive
a wonderful place to live.
Our pleasure, Queen.
Anytime we're needed
by anyone, we'll be there.
Hmm, we sound like superheroes.
We should come up with a name.
Bee Squad?
Hmm, what about Bee Team?
Go, Bee Team!
-I got one, how about BibleBees?
-Love it.
Oh, guys whatever your
superhero names,
you'll always be
little Sunny and Petal to me.
-Oh, Queen Buttercup.
-We're so happy
you're our queen.
We love you so much.
I love you too, little ones.
Go on now, time to catch
the last of the sun's rays
and collect a little more
pollen before the day is over.
Yes, ma'am.
[narrator] With hearts full
of gratitude and love for God,
little Sunny and Petal
fly out to collect
sweet pollen for their hive.
Time to fly, Petal.
Soar high, Sunny.
Another day is dawning
A new song on the air
A brand new hope is forming
Adventure take me there
It's a new day for me
I feel it in my bones,
I feel alive I am set free
It's a new day for me
And nothing in this world
Will interfere
This is my year
I've been watching
Closely now
I've been looking for a sign
And I can feel inside of me
That this season is by
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Feel so good to feel alive
The sun upon my face
I tell you this
Will be the year
That I will find my place
So look out world
'Cause here I come
I'm coming for you fast