Bidadari-Bidadari Surga (2012) Movie Script

Hundreds years ago, humans and tigers
live side by side harmoniously...
... in Mt Kendeng.
That place is prohibited.
You must not go there.
Humans and tigers live in their territory
without disturbing each other.
It's like their ancestors had made
that written agreement.
Until one day...
That's the pig!
Kill it!
The angry tiger asked the humans
to hand in the guy who killed its cub.
- A life for a life.
- I can't sacrifice him.
He didn't mean it.
Please forgive him.
- Just go. Please leave our village.
- No way!
Since that moment, humans and tigers
have fought against each other.
Humans started killing tigers.
Tigers fought back
by abducting human children.
Gosh, you! Lucky you,
I didn't get a heart attack.
How about the abducted children?
What happened to them?
They disappeared.
Nobody knew what happened to them.
That's why
the tigers in Mt Kendeng...
... are called puyang or grandpa.
Our people believe
they are the kids...
... who were abducted
and turned into tigers.
Yash, hurry perform wudu
before the time for Subuh prayer is over.
I'll take you to see otters
after you do your morning prayer. Go.
I said, do your morning prayer
and then study.
- But I'm already smart.
- You need to work hard.
It's the key of success.
How many times should I say that?
okay, Sis.
We'll study.
Look at Dali. Without being told to,
he always studies before Subuh prayer.
He's a professor.
He'll get bald soon.
Watch your mouth.
Just go and pray.
Have you performed wudu?
Where's the fun
of watching baby otters?
Watching tigers is more fun.
Yesterday, Ikanuri and I
saw a tiger in Mt Kendeng.
Right. And it has 6 cubs.
Very cute.
Real tigers?
Mom, we've got to go.
- Assalamu'alaikum.
- Wa'alaikum salam.
Come on, Professor.
Laisa! Take good care
of your brothers and sister.
Okay, Mom.
- Morning, Uncle Burhan.
- Morning.
- Morning, Uncle Burhan.
- Yeah.
Uncle, when the mangoes are ripe,
would you give me some?
I've planned to give some
to beautiful Yashinta.
- Thank you, Uncle.
- Okay, then. Let's run.
- Uncle, we have to go.
- Be careful. Don't run.
- Okay.
- Watch over your siblings.
Hey, slowly.
Ms Lainuri's sons and daughter
are beautiful. Like their father.
Well, except Laisa.
She's short and dark skinned.
Hey, slowly!
Go to school fast, or you'll be late.
After school, go straight home.
- We will.
- Don't play truant. Listen to me.
- Ikanuri. Wibisana.
- Come on, Laisa.
- Wait.
- Hey, stop. Stop.
Where are you going?
Laisa said, we must go to school.
We're going to work.
To get some money for mom.
Come on, Sir.
Professor, where are you going?
The school is over there.
I want to work, too.
- Are we close?
- No.
How far is it?
A five-or-ten-minute walk?
- Where is it?
- Psst.
- Laisa?
- What is it now?
Thank you.
You're pretty when you smile.
Too bad, you don't smile a lot.
I did it!
I made it!
What are you doing here?
You should be at school.
- I have a cold.
- But you're playing with water.
Come here!
You're a boy, Dali! What will you be
if you don't go to school?
A beetle collector?
A dammar gum tapper?
You want to eat bitter yam every year
when grasshoppers attack our fields?
Mom saves money little by little
so you can go to school.
What do you do in return?
You skip school!
You play around!
Go home!
Dali, are you sure about this?
This windmill will make electricity
to turn on this generator.
What if it doesn't work?
I will work.
- Who can guarantee that?
- No one.
When will we do something
about that rocks?
We've been doing rain-fed agriculture
for years.
What's wrong with trying?
Lais, where are Ikanuri
and Wibisana?
Where are they?
Everyone's here working.
But they're not here.
- They're humiliating us.
- Do you need them, Mom?
Hurry, Lais.
Find them.
I'll go and find them, Mom.
The mangoes are ripe already, right?
- Laisa is here. Let's go down. Hurry!
- Wait. My foot is stuck.
Wibisana! Ikanuri!
What are you doing up there?
- We're counting Uncle Burhan's mangoes.
- Get down here!
We're poor, but none in our family
has become a thief.
What are you going to be later?
If mom knows about it, she'll be angry.
- Go home now! Go home!
- No way!
- You're not our big sister!
- What do you mean?
We know the truth.
You're not our real big sister.
You're different from us.
You're dark, we're fair.
- You have big wavy hair. You're plain!
- Stop. Stop it.
We won't obey you again.
You're not our big sister.
Laisa, where have you been?
Where are Ikanuri and Wibisana?
I met them.
They said, they would go home.
What if they go into the woods
and then they get lost?
- What's going on?
- Ikanuri and Wibisana are gone.
Oh, dear God.
We'll get back here in an hour.
If we don't find them,
we'll go into the woods. Okay?
Let's go.
- Ma'am, please take care of my mom.
- All right.
Laisa, where are you going?
Dali, stay home.
Take care of mom and Yashinta.
I'm going with you.
Wherever you go tonight,
I have to keep you company.
She's not our big sister.
Why should we tell mom?
We'd better leave
than being punished.
Let's get a job in the city.
We'll pass through Mt Kendeng's peak.
It's only 8 kilometers from here.
But where's the peak?
We've been walking around.
I'm tired.
I'm scared.
- People say, the tigers...
- Shut up, Wibi.
This way!
- What is it, Lais?
- They were here.
Don't eat them!
Dali, take them away from here.
Tell mom,
I'm not coming back.
- Ikanuri, Wibisana, hurry.
- Lais, don't go.
Oh, dear God.
Don't cry.
Hurry! Run! Run!
Laisa! Come on!!
- Run!
- Come on!, Laisa!
- Wibisana! Ikanuri!
- Run, Dali!
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
How about you, guys?
Are you okay?
You don't study...
... and you don't work hard
for mom.
And definitely not for me.
You study and work hard
for a better future.
I've got new teachers at school.
They're doing Student Study Service.
They're all nice.
Yash, don't talk too much.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
Get some drink, Honey.
Come on, Honey.
- Kids, have a drink first. Lais, drink.
- Yes, Mom.
Mom, Uncle Burhan looked for you.
I told him you couldn't come...
- ... because Yash is ill.
- She's getting hotter, Lais.
Oh, my God.
Wait a sec, Mom. I'll get fresh water.
You go to sleep.
Mom, you'd better go to sleep.
Let me take care of Yash.
You're tired.
- Wake me up if she gets worse.
- I will.
What's wrong, Lais?
- Oh, my God.
- Take care of her.
Call Uncle Burhan.
Oh, my God.
- Mom!
- Laisa.
Come in.
Come in.
I met students from medicine faculty
who's doing Student Study Service.
Please help, Doctor.
Please help my daughter.
Dear, God.
Please give me strength.
Yash needs my help.
The air out here
is still very fresh.
It's like the air
when it's winter.
If only they wanna make a breakthrough.
Having a strawberry farm, for example.
Strawberries can grow well in this kind
of soil and air. And they cost more.
What kind of fruit is strawberry?
I've never heard it myself.
But Lais forced me to grow it.
It's an expensive kind of fruit, Uncle.
It's really in demand in the city.
Lais, you've never grown strawberries.
What if you fail?
We'll have no money for
Dali's school fee.
Growing strawberries is easy.
That's what I heard.
- Who told you?
- No one.
At least it's better than growing corns.
It's itchy.
We will make it, Mom.
They're all dead, Laisa.
Not all of them, right, Dali?
We've got some strawberries left?
They're all rotten.
Mom told you to go home.
Actually, I don't want
to go to school.
So, don't be sad.
I prefer helping mom
working in the field.
I can learn everywhere.
It's okay
if I can't go to school.
Besides, I'm bored.
- I'm...
- Shut up, Dali.
You must go to school.
Whatever happens,
You must go to school.
You're the smartest one.
I'll go to school next year.
But on one condition.
You must keep growing strawberries.
I believe in you.
- So, the soil is well manured?
- Yeah, Laisa.
Where's the poly bag?
Dali, they're starting to grow bigger.
We should water them accurately, Laisa.
They're much bigger now.
Yep. We'll bring the fruits
with the bags.
That way,
they won't get easily rotten.
Laisa, I've passed
the entrance test!
- Mom, look.
- Gosh. Thank, God.
I'm more relaxed now.
I just need to wait
for you to grow up.
Yay! Laisa will get married first.
I'll be the maid of honor.
- What's this?
- Don't look.
Lais, come here.
- Pass the snacks around, okay?
- Okay.
- Would you like some snacks?
- The girl next to Dali is so pretty.
- Is she Dali's girlfriend?
- Yes.
- Why don't they get married?
- I don't know.
He probably won't get married
before you do.
Uncle Burhan, the 70-year-old man,
has found his soul mate.
What about you?
You need to hurry, Lais.
Think about your brothers and sister.
Excuse me.
- Be careful, Cie. You may fall down.
- I've come here often, Dali.
I know the rocks here
like the back of my hand.
- It's been 7 years.
- Time flies, doesn't it?
Are you sorry, Cie?
It's like our relationship
is getting nowhere.
I'm not sorry, Dali.
As long as I know
where and how long I should wait.
I can't promise you anything, Cie.
I can't get married
before Laisa gets married.
I'm so sorry.
Why are you so quiet?
- Assalamu'alaikum.
- Wa'alaikum salam.
I looked for you at your office,
but you're not there.
I told you
I'm taking a leave today, didn't I?
- What's wrong?
- She probably misses you, Dali.
Come on, tie the knot immediately.
So you don't have to be sepa...
Cut it out.
See, Dali?
- Don't make Cie Hui wait too long.
- What are you saying?
You're serious about her, right?
Marry her then.
When will we go to her house
to propose her?
- It's not that.
- Next month. It's a good month.
I don't think so, Lais.
But why?
We're just friends.
Yeah, right.
We're just friends.
Excuse me.
Go after her.
Please wait.
My marriage will be arranged soon, Dali.
I'm 26 years old, Dali.
My dad wants me
to get married soon.
- Something's wrong, Cie?
- Nope.
I came here to say goodbye.
What do you mean
by that?
I'm getting married.
I won't be able to come here
as I used to.
But how about you and Dali?
Dali has mentioned it, right?
We're just friends.
- I probably expect too much of him.
- No, Cie.
Dali can't do that to you.
Dali, are you serious
about Cie Hui or not?
- Dali!
- It's okay if he can't make up his mind.
I know. You don't want to get married
ahead of me.
But you must not do that.
You're 28 years old.
Don't wait for me.
- I won't get married before you do.
- It won't be necessary, Dali!
Listen to me.
What are you thinking?
You're afraid people will talk about me?
Don't worry about that.
- I'm okay with that.
- No, you're not.
You pretend like everything's okay.
You've sacrificed for us.
You quit school. You work so hard.
And what do you say?
You're okay, right?
I can't see you do that anymore.
Don't push me to get married.
No one pushes you, Dali.
But if you're so stubborn,
you're going to lose her for good!
- I won't!
- Don't argue with me!
I just can't!
If he can't marry me, it's okay.
Don't force him to.
I've got to go.
Dal, please attend my wedding party.
I'm sorry, Lais.
I'm so stubborn.
Are you angry with me?
You're too big
to be beaten, Dali.
Have you ever thought about it?
Thought about what?
Your age.
Sure, I've thought about it.
Every woman must have given it
some thoughts.
I'm not young anymore, Dali.
What can I do now?
Aren't you afraid
of being lonely?
Living your life alone?
Are you going to leave me alone, Dali?
If you get married,
I'll never be alone.
Because I have you,
Cie Hui...
And your kids.
I'll never be lonely.
Thanks for everything.
I want to go after Cie Hui.
Hurry, Dali.
Lais, what took Dali so long?
I'm worried, too, Mom.
Did he have a chance to meet Cie?
Or Cie had already gone?
Mom, that's Dali.
Dali, do you get her back?
How about Cie Hui?
She's gone, Lais.
You got pranked!
Cie Hui.
- Ma'am.
- Cie Hui.
- Morning, Honey.
- Morning.
- Here, have some breakfast.
- Okay.
- Here you are.
- Okay, Honey.
Why are you editing Laisa's picture?
- Akbar.
- Hey, Bro.
- My sister says hello.
- Don't flatter me.
She won't be interested.
I'm a widower with 2 kids.
Not a biggie.
Introduce me to your sister.
Here you are.
I've been single
for quite a long time.
You're almost 40.
Why don't you have her?
I'll find someone else.
Hey, Bro.
I'm thinking
of continuing my study, Dali.
I'll be there.
You shouldn't choose a soul
mate based on the look,...
... but based on the heart.
Does she have a beautiful heart?
Is she beautiful inside?
That's the real beauty.
Wa'alaikum salam.
- Hi, Safri.
- Hello?
Do you remember me?
I'm Dalimunte.
I was your junior at school.
I remember.
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
I've heard a lot about you.
You're a professor now.
Yeah, right.
I'm sorry, I couldn't come to...
All this...
As far as you can see...
It's all grown by my sister.
Dear, good God.
It's so vast.
- Are you serious about finding a wife?
- If God permits.
I've been looking for someone
after my wife passed away.
Dear, good God.
I meant, it just popped my mind
that I need to give a sermon tomorrow.
Thank, God.
That's Lais.
- Lais.
- Mom, Uncle.
Lais, come here.
Uncle Burhan came here with a good news.
Someone wants to propose to you.
A widower from Kampung Atas.
He's not young.
But he knows all of you.
Though you don't know him.
- When can he come to propose to her?
- It depends on your mom.
If you agree to that,
I'll go to Kampung Atas tonight.
- What do you think, Lainuri?
- Yeah.
- It's a good idea.
- Let's just do this.
I couldn't believe mom would agree
with this arranged marriage.
He hasn't met that man, right?
Uncle Burhan knows him.
You need to meet him first.
Why does it look like...
I'm rushing myself
to get married?
You have done a lot to our family.
And to this village.
But no one has appreciated you.
You're not an item for sale
that's being offered here and there. No.
They have a good intention
at heart, Yash.
They're helping me
to find a soul mate.
Is that what you want?
If you don't want it,
why do you keep quiet?
Don't you have your own picture
of a perfect man?
What I want
is to make my family happy.
To make mom happy.
It's enough.
You'd better get down there.
Mom must be looking for you.
- Hello, Run.
- Hello.
- My fiance is so beautiful.
- Be patient, Run.
- She's not your fiance.
- How can I be patient. She's so pretty.
- Wait a minute.
- She's not your fiance.
Burhan, you told me you're marrying me
with Lainuri's daughter?
That's right.
But you're marrying Laisa.
Lainuri's oldest daughter.
Get real, Burhan.
Would a handsome man like me...
... wants to marry an ugly girl like her?
Even my maid's daughter is prettier.
Don't insult her! You're an old man.
You're about to die.
She just graduated.
Don't dream of marrying her!
Look who's talking!
You're 20 years older than your wife.
You're the one about to die.
- Don't point your finger at me!
- You did it first.
I told her not to hang out
with wild animals too often.
I'm afraid she forgets
how to interact with humans.
I don't mind
hanging out with wild animals.
They're more sincere
than humans.
Virus, bacteria
and other severe illnesses...
... are from wild animals.
So what?
They might bring all of those,
but they're not the villains.
I didn't say that.
You might be this stubborn...
... because you love those animals.
Goughsky got a point there.
You love them too much.
Yash, this is Goughsky.
He has helped us do
many researches.
Just like you.
- Hello, I'm Goughsky.
- Yashinta.
Can I call her Stone Head?
'Cos she's so stubborn.
Starting from tomorrow,
he's going to work with you guys.
Can you say that in Bahasa?
Okay, then.
I'll speak in Bahasa.
- Thank you.
- Okay, fine.
Good morning.
Good morning, Ms Stone Head.
- My name is Yashinta.
- I see.
But you responded to us
when I called you Stone Head.
I think I'll call you Ms Stone Head.
There were a young man and woman
who quarreled all the time.
- But in the end, they got married.
- Hey! What are you talking about?
See you.
Hey. What brings you here
so early?
- I've got something to talk about.
- Oh, please take a seat.
I heard from our friends...
... that you're helping your sister
find a soul mate. Is that true?
What did they tell you?
My sister is going 40.
And she hasn't got married.
Maybe because she's not too... pretty.
- Do you have a picture of her?
- I do.
Here you go.
Well, she's not as pretty
as a celebrity, Dal.
But I'm sure
she's beautiful at heart.
Exactly like I need.
You want to arrange
someone's marriage?
Whose marriage?
- Aren't you...
- Yeah, I've got a wife.
But I'm looking for the second wife.
- The second wife?
- Mom, not so loud.
Lais might hear you.
Are you sure, Dali?
You want to make your sister
a second wife?
Well, if it's for the best.
Dharma is a good person.
I know him so well.
Whom are you going
to introduce me to this time, Dali?
My friend.
His name's Dharma.
I'm sure he's the right one.
He's 40 years old.
He's religious.
You want to meet him, don't you?
Has he seen my picture?
He'd better see it first.
I don't want him to come
all the way here and make some effort...
... and then he gets disappointed.
He's seen your picture.
Lais, come here.
Dharma is here.
Put on your head dress nicely.
Put it on nicely.
Mom, don't hope too much.
Or you'll be disappointed.
Lais, I'll always be hopeful.
Not only will you get married soon.
I'll always hope for your happiness.
- Assalamu'alaikum.
- Wa'alaikum salam.
Mom, Lais,
this is Dharma.
I'm Dharma.
This is Lais.
- I'm leaving you for a minute.
- Okay, Mom.
I've seen what you've done
to your strawberry farm.
Thank you.
The thing is you have put it there.
Then add it up. Everybody, listen.
Add it up a little
and put it in a colder place.
Let me see the report.
And when you water it,
don't forget...
Don't forget to water that part
of the farm. Okay? Thanks.
I'm sorry.
Instead of keeping you company,
I got busy here.
It's okay, Lais.
You're needed here
to run this farm.
You don't have to be doing nothing
and accompany me.
But you don't have to be here
accompanying me.
It's such a scorching sun.
You'll get burnt like me.
To me...
You're as beautiful
as what you have done to this farm.
I'm sorry
I can't company you longer.
I must go home now.
But if it's okay,
I'd like to come back here and see you.
Okay, please do.
Bye now.
Do you really have to go home now?
I mean...
Well, just forget it.
I still have tons to do.
- Is there anything else I can do?
- Yes, please help me with this one.
How's Laisa?
She's nice.
Does she like you?
We just met once, Din.
It's hard to say.
What's wrong?
I should have found you
a beautiful woman.
To be your wife.
- I'm sorry.
- Din, I told you.
I don't want to marry anyone else.
I can accept you
whoever you are.
Whether you can give me children
or not,...
... it's fine with me.
Well, that's it. If this marriage
will hurt you, I won't do it.
But I want you
to have children.
Though I have to share you...
... with another woman.
- Lais, please cut the carrots.
- Okay, Mom.
Don't cut the shallots.
Cut the carrots.
Okay, Mom.
A supermarket in the city
wants to work with us, Ma'am.
But they want to see some sample first.
Okay, I agree.
- What time is it?
- It's 3:20.
- Do you have an appointment?
- Nope.
- When will we send them?
- Send what, Ma'am?
Strawberries. You said, a supermarket
in the city wants to work with us.
Yeah, we're sending some samples first.
- What time is it?
- It's 3:21.
By the way,
if you want to see the samples,...
... they're at the packaging section.
I'll ask Sony to prepare it for you.
Oh, okay.
So, if you want to see the samples
we're sending them, I can ask Sony...
... to prepare them for you.
It's up to you
how many kilos you want send them.
'Cos we have such a great harvest.
- You want to see some strawberries?
- Sure.
- You haven't taken a rest yet?
- Nope. We've got strawberries here.
- Really?
- And over there.
- Are they the same kind?
- Yep. These are big, and those are small.
They're all as sweet as you?
You're amazing, Lais.
By the way...
What's wrong?
Let's pick strawberries there.
Okay, let's go.
A long time ago,
when I was chased by the tigers,...
... I ran here.
When Dali couldn't go to school...
... due to the poor harvest,...
... I isolated myself here.
There are so many memories
have taken place here.
If this place could talk,...
... it would talk much about you, Lais.
It's too bad
that I can't talk to this place.
There are so many things
I'd like to ask about you.
What would you ask about me?
Will I be one of the memories
you keep here?
I don't know.
How come?
Because this is the first time...
You're the first man
who's been so kind to me.
I have to pinch my arm...
... to convince myself
it's not a dream.
You want to ask Lais to marry you?
So fast?
What are we waiting for?
She's ready for Dharma now.
Isn't it too soon?
Dali, you must remember
that your sister is not young.
The older she is,
the riskier for her...
... to get pregnant.
I'll talk to mom and Uncle Burhan
I'll prepare everything I need
to propose to her.
Let me do it. I've bought things for her.
I hope she likes them.
There's another thing
that's more important.
How will you tell Lais...
... that you're married?
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
If it's okay with you,...
... I'd like to propose to you.
But if there's another woman...
What do you mean by that?
I don't understand.
You want to propose to me.
But there's another woman.
You've met another woman
after you met me? Or...
Lais, that's not what I mean.
Who's that woman?
She's my wife.
So you're married.
Then why did you all this?
Loyalty is the foundation
of a marriage.
You shouldn't have done this.
Don't hurt your wife.
I'm not betraying my wife.
She asked me to marry you.
She can't get pregnant,
so I...
Don't think that I like doing all this.
But I have to do this!
I'm sorry you have to be
with an ugly woman like me!
That's not what I mean.
I really love my wife.
I never think of marrying another woman
even though she can't give me children.
But my wife...
She decided
that I needed to marry someone else.
She convinced me
to talk to Dali.
Dali knew about this plan?
Your mom, too.
My wife is behind this plan.
She even picked you
to be my wife.
Of course, she would pick me.
'Cos I'm out of her league.
What do you mean?
In this whole wide world,...
... no woman would sincerely share
her husband with another woman.
No woman would do that.
She can say that it's okay.
But she must be worried...
... that someday, her husband can love
and leave her for that woman.
Except if that woman is nothing
compared to her.
If you're wife agrees to do this,
that's because she knows...
- You wouldn't leave her for me!
- Laisa, don't blame her!
You said, no woman would share
her husband with another woman.
I believe this plan has hurt her, too.
I don't want to hurt my wife.
But you want to hurt me?
I knew
that you would come here.
Laisa, I'm so sorry.
Everything you said
was true.
I thought
about my wife's feelings too much.
I was too afraid
of hurting her.
That I forgot
that I've hurt you.
please forgive me.
I'd better leave, Ma'am.
Please tell Laisa that I'm so sorry.
- Assalamu'alaikum.
- Wa'alaikum salam.
No woman...
... would sincerely share her husband
with another woman.
The woman
who could do such a thing...
... is willing to sacrifice her peace
for the man she loves.
I should learn from your wife...
... how to sacrifice myself...
... for the people I love.
... I'd love to marry you.
To be your second wife.
Why do you want
to be a second wife?
- I've told you many times, right?
- Yeah, I know that.
But why would you?
Like there's no other man.
What if there's no other man?
I'm just kidding.
But you're right.
If you don't want me to get married,
I'll cancel it.
That's impossible.
I'll just tell Dharma...
... that I can't disappoint
my dearest little sister.
Well, it's okay.
But your joke...
It's not funny.
Threatening to cancel the wedding.
What you say
is what you wish, Laisa.
Thank you, Sir.
- Hi, how are you?
- I'm fine. Please...
Sir, thank you.
- Yeah, Honey?
- Honey.
I just got back from seeing a doctor.
He said, I'm...
I'm pregnant.
Thank, God.
Thank, God.
But Honey...
What about the wedding?
you must marry her.
But you're...
You've asked her to marry you.
Don't hurt her, please?
It must have hurt her...
... to accept your proposal.
I called you
to tell you the good news.
Not to ask you
to cancel the wedding.
Please follow after me.
I've accepted
to marry Laisa binti Zainudin...
... with a prayer dress
for the dowry, paid cash.
I'm sorry,
I can't do this.
You can't do that!
You're humiliating us!
I'm so sorry, Dali.
Please forgive me.
My wife is pregnant now.
Is that why you're canceling
your marriage with Laisa?
What do you think of Laisa?
- I'm truly sorry.
- That won't solve anything!
You've humiliated us
in front of the villagers.
You've insulted Laisa.
You've disgraced our family.
- You should be ashamed of yourself!
- That's enough, Wibi!
A marriage should start
without anyone forcing it.
Why should we care
about what people say?
I'm fine.
You should support his decision.
Not to have a second wife.
Please go, Dharma.
My best regards
to your wife.
And to your child.
I'm fine, Yash.
Please go.
- Jogar.
- Morning, Ma'am.
- So? How's everything?
- Fine, Ma'am.
- Good. Let's get ready.
- Okay.
Let me see that.
When you pick strawberries,
be careful. Like this one.
Watch what you pick.
- Jogar.
- Yes, Ma'am?
- How's the field there?
- Oh, it's good.
- Okay, then. Great.
- Ma'am?
- That field over there? Good?
- Good.
- How about that field there?
- Auntie.
- Intan. What is it?
- Carry me.
Carry you up?
You're much heavier now.
- Are you sick?
- No. I'm just old.
You're big now.
I can't carry you.
Lais, are you sick?
Oh, my God.
What's wrong with you?
- Dali! Dali!
- No. Don't!
Not so loud, Mom.
Everyone will hear you.
They have to hear me.
You're sick.
- Let Dali take you to the hospital.
- No, don't!
Tomorrow is Ikanuri
and Wibisana's engagement party.
What if I have to go to the hospital?
Dear, God, Lais.
You're sick, Honey.
- I'll cancel it if that's necessary.
- No! Don't cancel it.
Look at me.
I'm fine.
I promise
I'll go see a doctor.
But promise me
that you won't tell anyone about this.
I'll throw you away, okay?
Ikanuri. Where's Laisa?
She hasn't returned from the market.
How come?
The market closes in the afternoon, right?
Come on.
I'll throw you away.
Where are you going?
Be careful.
You'll fall.
What did the doctor say?
Don't worry, Mom.
Medical treatment has developed a lot.
There's no disease that can't be cured.
Beside that,
the doctors in the city are smart.
You haven't answered my question.
What illness
are you suffering from?
Lais, what's your illness?
Lung cancer, Mom.
- Oh, no.
- Mom, don't worry.
It's a stage 1 cancer.
It can be cured.
I'll get a treatment.
But please promise me.
Please don't tell the others.
I'm fine.
Intan's so full of energy.
Well, she's a kid.
I hope she'll grow out of it. Exhausted.
Where's Yashinta?
She said, her flight was delayed.
- But they're on the way here.
- They? Yash is with someone?
Yeah, right.
I just realized it myself.
When I asked her, she said,
they're on the way here.
And they would arrive soon.
Yash. Yashinta.
Oh, my God.
- Everyone, this is Goughsky.
- I'm Goughsky.
This must be the famous Laisa.
I'm Goughsky.
You said, he's a smart-ass, right?
I might be a smart-ass to her.
Because I call her Stone Head.
- She's stubborn.
- Cut it out. You're tired, right?
Just stay outside.
I'll get some snacks.
I really miss you, too.
Let's take a picture.
One, two, three.
It may be too soon.
But I need to know.
Are you serious
about Yashinta, Goughsky?
I'm serious, Laisa.
But I don't really know
about Yashinta.
If you're serious about her,...
... what are you waiting for?
I'm sorry.
I don't mean to rush you.
But I'm afraid
I don't have much time.
What are you trying to say?
I'm afraid
Yashinta is too busy working...
... and forgot to find her soul mate.
Why are you so quiet?
You were talking about me, right?
I want to tell you something.
I was 6 when my parents died
in a snowstorm.
I've never had a family.
But here,
I'm happy.
I want to learn
to have a family with you, Yash.
Lais, please allow me
to be a part of the family.
Yash, what's wrong with you?
- What's going on?
- How could you propose to me...
... when Ikanuri Dan Wibisana
are about to get married?
They're about to marry ahead of Laisa.
How could I do that, too?
I'm sorry
I didn't tell you earlier.
But I don't think
Laisa minds.
She doesn't mind,
but I do.
I'm sorry, Yash.
I wasn't being empathetic.
Let go of me.
You'd better leave, Goughsky.
I wanna be alone.
I'll go home tomorrow afternoon.
I wanna see how the eagles are doing.
Your condition is getting worse, Lais.
Please let me call your brothers
and sister to come home. Okay?
I don't want to bother them, Mom.
- They'll get angry if I...
- I'm fine, Mom.
If you're fine,...
... you won't be coughing up blood, Lais.
- I'll inform them.
- Mom...
Please don't tell them.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome
the youngest physics professor...
... in this country.
Professor Dalimunte.
Thank you for the flattering introduction.
I hope she has checked
that I'm the youngest professor.
I don't want to snitch a title
that belongs to someone else.
There he is.
- We'll be picked up, right?
- They said so.
If not, we're gonna get lost
in another country.
Let me contact them.
First of all...
Excuse me for a second.
"Please go home, my children."
"For the first and the last time,
your big sister needs you."
Oh, no.
I'm sorry.
I really have to go.
Excuse us.
Laisa, Ikanuri is bothering me.
He doesn't want to study.
No, Laisa.
We're studying, aren't we?
- Yeah, we're studying.
- They're lying.
Two times two equals four.
Three times three equals nine.
Are you okay?
Hi, Honey.
You're not our big sister!
We know the truth.
You're not our real big sister.
You're different from us.
You're dark, we're fair.
You're plain! Plain! Plain!
The men in this family must not cry.
You're a big sister
who never cries.
I don't have any reason to cry.
I've got a beautiful life.
Laisa, I'm so sorry.
Please forgive me.
Why are you all crying?
You make your children scared.
No, it's like a party.
Let's have a party.
- Intan, you wanna have a party?
- Come on. Come on.
Lais, why are you crying?
I'm crying...
... because my life
has been so beautiful, Mom.
- Who wants some cake?
- Come on. Who wants cake?
- Me.
- Me, too.
- Mom.
- Yash.
- Mom?
- Honey. Oh, my God.
When you were little,
you didn't use to cry.
Apparently when you're grown up,...
... you're crybabies.
Auntie, you're not ashamed
of crying in front of your boyfriend?
Definitely not.
I've accepted
to marry Yashinta binti Haini...
... with a prayer dress
as a dowry, paid cash.
It's legit.
In heaven, there are angels
with bright eyes.
And with blinking eyelids
like beautiful wings.
They're kind
and very stunning.
But I'm still prettier than they are.
That's impossible.
Bye! Bye!