Big Bad Wolves (2013) Movie Script

I don't like the looks of this.
What do you want from me?
- Where's the girl?
- What?
What girl? What are
you talking about?
- Is the rumor about you two true?
- Which one?
Yeah, there are lots of
rumors. Be more specific.
That you play dirty?
- Oh, that? That's...
- True.
Wait, I don't know what
you're talking about.
This is some kind of mistake
or misunderstanding. Let go!
You're going too far!
Do I need to remind you
what our mission is?
Surveillance only!
No engaging in physical
contact with the suspect!
- We didn't engage him.
- He engaged us.
See? He can't stop
bumping into our fists.
- It's Tsvika.
- Don't answer.
Micki, you've got to
put an end to this.
As much as I hate to admit it,
I agree with Beavis and Butt-head.
- But Tsvika will fry us for this.
- Not if we bring him the girl.
Besides, the bastard
has already seen us.
You really think he'll
lead us to the girl?
One last chance,
where's the girl?
- I really don't know.
- What if he really doesn't know?
He knows, he knows.
Yes, Tsvika.
Why isn't anyone answering me?
We've been kind of busy here.
- Are you still on his tail?
- Kind of.
- What do you mean ' kind of '?
- Long story.
He ran into us with his bike,
so we're questioning him.
- Questioning him?
- Yes, questioning him.
Wait, are you questioning him or
"questioning-questioning" him?
- "Questioning-questioning" him!
- Are you nuts?
We have no case besides a girl
who thinks she saw him!
Tell that
to the three stooges here.
Listen carefully, Rami.
You're the responsible adult,
so stop fooling around.
Clean him up, take him home,
walk him to his front dour,
- and kiss him goodnight. Is that clear?
- Clear.
Turn right, and then left.
A right turn.
Where are we going? That's
not the address we've gotten.
Why do you have my address?
It's my parents' address.
Rami, you're making a
mistake. Believe me, it's him.
Give me one hour with him,
I'll make him sing.
- I'll do it in 30 minutes.
- In 15, with a cigarette break.
there's been an unfortunate
mistake. We're really sorry.
Speak for yourself.
Don't mind him.
Listen to me.
We're really sorry and hope you
won't tell anyone about it, okay?
I won't. I promise.
Of course he won't talk.
He did it.
I only have
two $50 shekel bills.
How much do you have?
You heard me.
You too, give me
everything you've gotten.
- No way! Don't go along with it.
- Tsvika's orders.
Why don't you just give
him a gun?
Calm down.
No one asked you to chip in.
Okay, this is for the bicycle.
No need, it's okay.
- Did you hear him? It's okay.
- It's fine. Take the money.
- Arik, how are you?
- Come in, Micki.
So, is daddy teaching you
how to be a cop?
It's "bring your child to work" day.
He's a tough one, your son.
Let's get down to business.
Look, if this is
about the suspect.
Believe me, I had no choice.
My clad is speaking now.
- Cute.
- Arik.
I want you to pay close attention
to the following conversation.
I call it the yellow-card
Like in soccer, dad?
Just like in soccer, son.
Tsvika, this isn't
very dignified.
And what you did was dignified?
Yeah, what you did
was dignified?
- Arik, don't disturb daddy at work.
- Sorry, daddy.
Now listen carefully, Micki.
Because of your mess-up,
our suspect was released...
- and released without talking.
- It's him. You know it's him.
All I know is that you
disobeyed a direct order...
Cover your ears, sweetie.
And that your actions could cost
that pretty little girl her head.
And if that happens, there'll
be nothing to stop me
from kicking your ass
to the traffic department.
Kicking your ass
to the traffic department!
Is that clear?
- I'm in a meeting.
- I know, I'm sorry.
This call just came in.
You should hear the tape.
Go on, play it.
Police department,
how may I help you?
I heard you're
looking for a little girl.
Excuse me?
I can tell you
where you can find her.
You'd better come here.
That pervert became confident,
staged a whole production.
Tsvika is coming.
The commander got off his
high horse? That can't be good.
Micki, you're done here.
- Tsvika.
- Did you hear me?
Report tomorrow to Nissim
in the traffic department.
- You can't throw me off this case.
- It's Rami's case now.
He couldn't find
a body in a morgue!
Nothing personal.
- Oh.
- Micki, did you hear me?
It's Rami's case now.
You can go.
He's the last person
I need now.
- Who is that?
- The girl's father.
Don't let him through.
What's he doing
at the murder scene?
He served with the chief
of police in Lebanon.
That doesn't mean he can do
whatever he wants.
- Is everything okay, superstar?
- It doesn't fit.
Shauli says
you need extra-large.
Don't worry, I'll give
you a celebrity discount.
- What's the deal?
- Come look.
Four thousand hits in two days.
If that isn't stardom, what is?
What the hell?
Does anyone here
know about this?
By this weekend, everyone will.
- Can you help me out with this?
- There isn't a thing Shauli can't do.
- But on one condition.
- Whatever Shauli wants.
That you ask nicely...
- and without the phone book.
- Very funny.
Shauli will make sure
it's gone by tonight.
Psst! Psst!
Dana, could I have
the note, please?
The note.
I've warned you about
passing notes, haven't I?
Could you not read it, please? It
has nothing to do with the exam.
Oh, I get it.
It's a love note.
Don't get me wrong.
At your age I also
passed notes in class...
but not during an exam.
Is that clear'?
Go on, kids.
Finish your exams.
Girl murderer!
Pedophile son of a bitch!
Can I come in?
- Sure, Meir. Come in.
- Thanks.
How can I help you?
You look a little pale.
Is everything okay?
I'm trying
to go over some exams
before the kids return
for the next period.
How are the grades so far?
Excellent. Excellent.
I always liked Bible studies.
Can I take a look?
Uh... I haven't gone
through all of them.
May I?
Is this the only one,
or are there more?
I thought only the parents were
poisoned, but the students are too.
The parents?
You know how many
phone calls I got
because of that YouTube clip?
I'm sorry, Dror.
The parents have
put me in a corner.
Do what you have to do.
You know it doesn't
make me think any less of you.
I know, Meir.
I understand.
It's only temporary.
I'm sure it'll blow over soon.
- Hello?
- Daddy?
Hey, Shani, my baby!
So how's the new phone?
Does it work okay?
It's the best gift ever!
That's great. Listen,
sweetie. Two things...
Take this phone with you everywhere
and call me if anything happens, okay?
- Is that daddy on the phone?
- Shani?
- Let me talk to him.
- But I'm talking!
That's really good parenting.
Who buys a 10-year-old
a cellphone?
It's good in case
of emergencies.
I'll decide
what's good for her.
I don't have time
for this, okay?
Good, then we agree.
And don't forget
- to pick her up on Wednesday.
- Okay, I won't forget.
Look at this.
He just arrived
and is going out already?
Who helps old ladies
these days?
Eti, tell me you've got something for me.
I've got exactly
what you're looking for.
When can I see it?
Now, if you want.
What's the address?
- I'll text you the details.
- You're an angel.
Just know it's a hellhole.
It's hours away.
A hellhole is good.
Did I nail it or what?
You nailed it!
If you ask me,
this is a serious dump.
I don't get why anyone
would want to live here.
- Eti.
- Sorry.
You're right.
The first rule of real estate
is never to judge
your client's taste.
But the interior
looks like a palace.
Shall we go in?
You said you needed
quiet to write.
I think this
is as quiet as it gets.
It's practically
a graveyard here.
- And the basement?
- The basement?
Wouldn't you rather
check out the bedroom first?
- Eti.
- The basement, the basement.
Big basement,
just like you asked for.
Shall we test it?
What do you mean
by "test it?"
I'll go upstairs,
and I want you to scream.
- Scream?
- Yes.
As loud as you can.
I don't get it.
My son will be playing
his drums here.
I want to make sure
it won't disturb my writing.
I get it. You freaked me out
for a sec.
So I'll go upstairs, you count
to ten and start yelling.
The things you'll do
for a commission.
- You can stop now.
- You frightened me half to death.
- Sorry.
- Well, what do you think?
I think I'll take it.
You'll also like the price.
It's surrounded by Arab villages,
so it's really cheap.
Shall we go?
What are you doing here?
Still living
with your parents, huh?
My parents are dead.
I thought
you only killed children.
You're not allowed to be here.
It's true what
they say about small dogs...
That they only bark?
This one likes to bite.
This isn't over.
Hi, it's me.
I know, I see
your name on the display.
Yeah, you're right.
What do you want, Dror?
I want to see you girls.
But I don't want to see you.
Anat, I didn't do anything.
I can't deal
with this right now.
At least let me see Tali.
Today is her birthday.
It's too soon, Dror.
I bought her
the bicycle she wanted.
Tie it to the fence tonight.
She'll see it in the morning.
By then
it won't be her birthday.
Dror, I have to hang up.
Come in.
Where's the kid?
Did you send him
to the traffic department too?
You're in no position
to be joking around. Sit.
What now?
Yes, Tsvika.
We've been kind of busy here.
Kind of.
You really screwed me over
with your blooper video.
Son of a bitch.
Who's a son of a bitch?
The bastard who promised
to take it off.
It's out there, Micki.
And it makes us look bad.
Real bad.
The police already have
a bad reputation. Now this?
Listen, the guys upstairs
are pressuring me.
Oh, I see where
this talk is going.
It's only temporary,
until this fiasco blows over.
Tomorrow another clip
will go viral.
That's how it is
these days on the net.
You're a star
for a split second.
- Let's just hope he won't sue.
- He won't.
- How do you know?
- I just do.
- Seriously, Micki.
- Look, it's only a matter of time
until this clip
ends up on the news.
The only way to prevent
the shit that's coming our way...
is by proving the little prick
is guilty. Do you understand?
Why are you asking me?
You're not a cop anymore.
You're a civilian.
Civilians can do
whatever they want...
As long as they
don't get caught.
Start digging.
You're making a mistake.
Dig, dig.
Did I ask you to stop digging?
Are you going to shoot me now?
Listen carefully.
I know that at this point
you'll confess to everything
I tell you to...
so let's just stick
to the facts.
I already have the bodies.
I want you to tell me
where the heads are.
What heads?
I'm asking you
for the last time.
Where did you hide them?
I have no idea!
You're insane!
- You have to stop this insanity!
- I'll stop
once you tell me
where they are.
Are you going to help me
with him?
Are you from his department?
Are you kidding?
I'm from Internal Affairs.
I hope you put an end
to this saga.
So do I.
You can get in the car.
Once again, thank you.
Before I let you go...
I must ask you...
not to try anything funny,
and not to shout.
Not because I have a gun...
and not because where we are
no one would hear you anyway...
but because we're adults...
and adults don't shout,
they talk.
Nod your head
if you understand.
Are you out of your mind?!
I thought we had
an understanding.
- Do you know who I am?
- I know who you are.
I think you've forgotten
who I am.
- Have we met?
- Not formally.
We met once in an abandoned
Sorry, I'm bad with faces.
I'll help you remember.
You were standing
over my daughter's body.
One could even say
you put her there.
Don't be scared.
I have no interest in you.
You're only here
because you got in my way.
And as I see it...
- you owe me.
- I owe you?
- According to the chaos theory.
- Chaos what?
Don't they teach you anything
at the police academy?
All it takes is for a butterfly
to flutter its wings...
I'll explain it in a way
that even a detective in the
Israeli police can understand.
If you hadn't beaten
the bastard...
he wouldn't have been released
and killed my daughter.
Why do you think
I kidnapped the bastard?
I saw what you did.
You're always interrupting.
I actually feel
I'm making progress.
You'd never get him
to talk anyway.
- Maniacs aren't afraid of guns.
- No? What then?
Maniacs are afraid of maniacs.
As I see it,
there are three options here.
One, I let you go...
but now you know too much,
and you might try and stop me.
Which leads me to option two.
I finish you off right now,
and frame you for all the shit
that's about to go down
with the smurf downstairs.
But you're a cop.
I don't want to break
my mother's heart.
So that brings me
to option three...
which seems like
the best option for both of us.
- I make you an accomplice.
- You want to kill him?
I want to know where he
buried my daughter's head.
If, as fate would have it,
he dies in the process...
from blood loss
or oxygen deficiency...
you won't see me shed a tear.
What's your decision?
I'm with you,
but only until he talks.
Good enough for me.
- Should we discuss strategy?
- Strategy?
You know, good cop, bad cop?
- There's no room for good cops.
- No problem.
Bad cop, bad cop.
Do you want me to do anything?
Follow my lead.
Are you okay?
Shall we begin?
Here we go.
Don't you have a phone book?
It works better
with a phone book.
We're not at that point yet.
I thought I'd read The Dwarf,
a children's story, first.
Oh, sorry.
Didn't mean to interrupt.
This fairytale was written
by the Israeli police...
based on true events.
And like any fairytale...
ours also begins with a wolf.
The wolf is you, by the way.
Our wolf is no different
from the other wolves...
except for his height, maybe.
And like
all the other wolves...
he also likes
to surprise little girls.
But our cruel son of a bitch
doesn't just swallow them.
As the pictures show...
our wolf had a method.
He'd kidnap the girls and stuff
them with candy and cakes.
But alas...
the cakes
contained sedatives...
and so the little girls
would fall into a deep sleep.
Once asleep...
he would shove his penis
into every hole of their bodies.
Now, before I go on,
I must ask you.
What's the matter? You couldn't
handle one little girl
so you had to sedate her first?
Are you insane?
You're not normal.
It wasn't me.
It wasn't me!
You have to stop him!
Sorry, but I'd like to know
how the story ends.
Where was I?
He sedated the little girls.
- Bravo.
- Thanks.
So after violating
every hole in their bodies...
he'd wait until they woke up...
and then their
real nightmare began.
The sick maniac would take
the little angels' hands...
and break all
their fingers, one by one.
The poor girls would
faint from the pain.
And what did
the sadist do then?
Wait for them to wake up?
Have you read this story?
Do you want to take over?
What? No, you're doing
a great job.
When they'd regain
he'd take off
their shoes and socks...
and rip their toenails
off their delicate feet.
I'll be dammed if I know what
he did with all those nails.
The dwarf must have
a collection.
you take souvenirs, huh?
I guess you have a jar of nails
above your refrigerator, huh?
- We'll get to that.
- Sorry.
- I got carried away.
- It's okay, we're almost done.
After the girls recovered from
what he'd done to their toes...
and only
after they'd recovered...
he'd saw off their heads
with a rusty saw.
The saw was so rusty
that in some cases
he'd switch to a less rusty saw
to complete the task.
Two of those girls were fully
awake when he sawed their necks.
But he left the sickest surprise
for their parents...
when he hid their
daughters' pretty heads.
One cf those girls
was my daughter...
and as I see it...
you have two options...
to die like the scum
that you are...
or to die after you
redeem yourself.
I can only imagine...
what you're going through...
and what something like this
could do to a father.
Are you being condescending?
Is he being condescending?
There was a hint
of condescension.
Listen carefully, shorty.
I'm going to do to you...
all the things you did
to those poor girls...
finger by finger,
toenail by toenail...
until your head
rolls onto the floor.
I'm willing to give you
a quicker death.
That's why my Glock is here.
Under one condition...
that you tell me where
you buried my daughter's head.
I don't know where
your daughter's head is buried.
I didn't do it.
All those things you read...
that's not me.
- You have to believe me.
- Sorry, I'm a non-believer.
- No!
- We'll start with the fingers.
Do you want to go first?
What's going on?
Don't you want
to stuff him first?
Say what?
You said you'd
do exactly what he did.
- Are you stalling?
- Of course not.
I thought we'd do it
in the same order.
Did I say we'd do it
in the same order?
If we do, we'd have to violate
every hole in his body.
Are you into that?
I didn't think so.
Let's just say we've made
some modifications.
Some changes,
to give us all a break.
Speaking of "break..."
do you want to break
his finger first...
or should I start?
Let's flip a coin.
I'll be heads, you'll be tails.
I hate when that happens.
- Found it.
- Great. What does it say?
I go first.
Don't you want to use
one of the tools here?
- No, I'll manage.
- Oh, I see.
You're the type
who likes the feel of skin.
If there's something you want
to tell us, now is the time.
I'm counting to three.
Two and a half.
Is this gonna take much longer?
Should I bring a sleeping bag?
If you can't
look in his eyes...
I suggest you stand behind him.
No! No!
No! No!
My turn.
It's my mom.
I have to take the call,
otherwise she goes crazy.
You can continue without me,
but leave me some, okay?
I'm not a hog.
wait a sec,
there's no signal here.
When did you plan on telling me?
- Tell you what?
- That you're moving out.
Eti's mom told me.
She found you the house
you were looking for.
You know things have been bad
between Tzipie and me since...
Your generation,
you split up over everything!
Mom, it's not over everything!
at a time like this...
you're supposed to support
each other, not split up.
In our day it wasn't like that.
Marriage was forever.
If you have something to say,
now's the time.
You have to stop this insanity.
You must believe me.
It might look like
I'm enjoying this
and maybe I am in a way...
but believe me, I'd be happy
to stop breaking your fingers.
Now, would you please
start talking?
Talking about what?
- I really didn't do it.
- They say it gets much easier
after the second finger.
Wait, wait!
What's the point
of all this? Huh?
If you torture someone
long enough...
he'll confess to anything.
What if I didn't do it?
What if you're making
a horrible mistake?
Do you really want
to lose your job?
I already did, thanks to you.
Wait a sec.
Listen to me.
If you continue this...
there's no going back.
I have a daughter of my own.
Why would I do that?
You're a clad too, aren't you?
If you're a dad too, then you
know what I'm talking about.
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
I'm talking about
how everything
changes when you become a dad.
The first time they...
smile at you.
That moment you swear
you won't let anyone hurt them.
I just want to go home
to my little girl.
Mom, we've been talking for five
minutes. I need to get going.
I want to see your new home.
Your dad and I are coming over.
This isn't a good time.
I'm... a bit sick.
Sick? And who's
taking care of you?
- I'm 45. I don't need a nanny.
- Yoram!
Your son is sick.
We're going over right now.
- Give me the address.
- I'm not giving you the address.
- I'll ask Eti's mom to tell me.
- It's near an Arab village.
It's a dangerous drive at
night. You're not coming.
- You're not giving me the address?
- No!
Just so you know,
you broke my heart.
- Mom!
- Now I'm angry. Goodbye.
Where were we?
I see you didn't make
much progress.
I figured I'd let
his adrenaline level go down...
so that he feels the pain
all over again.
You should've been a doctor.
Unlike you, I feel
we've lost precious time.
But it's okay.
I know how we can
make up for lost time.
What are you doing?
- Aren't we going overboard?
- Say what?
You two were talking
when I was upstairs.
He must've gotten you thinking.
He's good.
You're good.
What, are you going
to kill me now too?
It would be stupid of me to
kill the cop that kidnapped...
abused and executed
the prime suspect.
- I'm not stupid.
- Okay.
This isn't funny.
Put the gun down.
Get some rest.
Now I'm ready to hear
what you have to tell me.
You look angry.
Are you angry?
Please, you have to stop this.
I have a daughter of my own.
So what?
Am I supposed to feel sympathy?
Is that haw you softened
sleeping beauty over here?
By speaking
about your daughter?
I'm a dad too.
Why would I do this
to a little girl?
I really don't know.
Perhaps you can enlighten me.
Why would a father
do something like this
to someone else's daughter?
It was her birthday yesterday.
I'm sure it was very exciting.
I bet you had balloons
and lit candles.
Was there a cake too?
I'm sure you didn't put the
secret ingredient in that cake.
Or do you like to touch
your own daughter too?
Shut your mouth.
Or do you have rules?
You only touch
other people's daughters.
I never touched your daughter.
You may continue.
It's the cake.
I'll be right back.
We'll let you cool off a bit.
No! No! No!
Now you wake him up.
Suppose you break loose...
what's your next step?
Untie me!
It won't happen.
Peace be upon you.
Upon you be peace.
Could you roll me one?
Take mine.
I'll roll another one.
Thank you very much.
Is that it?
I just wanted one drag.
My wife doesn't let me.
Your wife, huh?
- Well, goodbye.
- Goodbye.
I put one candle. At our age,
many candles would be impolite.
Want to blow it out?
You don't have to.
I'll do it. Make a wish.
Did you make a wish?
Don't tell me.
Would you look at that?
We never get a break.
God damn it.
- What are you doing here?
- Ask your mom.
As soon as she heard you're
sick, she made some soup.
- Can I come in?
- Sure.
Come in, come in.
You have a stove?
- Can I be honest, son?
- Always.
Your mom thinks
you're losing it.
She's worried for nothing.
I'm starting
to think she's right.
You left your home,
moved to a hellhole.
Pardon me, but... a hellhole
surrounded by Arabs.
Does that sound normal to you?
I just wanted to get away.
Are you trying
to kill your mother?
- Of course not, dad.
- Because you're killing her.
No, I'm not!
Are you bleeding?
- What?
- Bleeding, bleeding.
Look at your lovely shirt.
I was painting something
downstairs in the basement.
While you're sick?
But why red?
- Red is for girls.
- Dad.
Whatever. I don't get
your generation anyway.
I think the soup is ready.
Come, let's have
something to eat.
Nothing beats mom's soup,
right, Gidin'ka?
What was that, Gidi?
On top of Arabs,
you have rats here too?
- Forget it. it's nothing.
- Nothing?
You've got one hell of
a rat there.
Okay, I'll go check it out.
- Should I come with you?
- There's no need.
I think I can manage.
Don't be a wise guy!
Finish your soup, daddy.
My dad came to visit.
I suggest you keep it down.
Nod your head
if you understand.
Do you understand?
How about you?
Do you understand?
What's going on, Gidi?
You almost killed me, dad.
- What's going on here?
- It's nothing.
Go upstairs.
I'm not going upstairs until
you tell me what's going on!
I think that's all of them.
You've lost it.
Dad, go upstairs.
I'll tell you everything.
I don't understand you.
I don't expect you
to understand.
You're throwing your life away.
What life, dad?
Mika is dead.
I know.
But your mom is still alive.
This will kill her.
It's not too late
to back down, son.
I'm going through
with this, dad.
- Gidi, please.
- You know why Tzipie left me?
I'm not getting involved.
Some things are between
a man and his wife.
I was supposed to pick Mika up
the clay he took her from me...
but I forgot.
You know why I forgot?
Because I was
with my secretary.
And while she was giving me a
blowjob, Tzipie called to say...
that they called from school...
because I forgot
to pick up Michaela.
Now do you get it, dad?
I put Mika...
- his hands.
- Don't say that.
No father should have
to bury his child.
But if I'm already being
punished for my bad deeds...
and I've clone plenty
in my time...
then at least I'll take
that son of a bitch with me.
But not before
he tells me where...
he buried the head
of my daughter.
Your granddaughter.
I owe that to Tzipie.
No mother should have to
bury a headless daughter.
Is there no way
to talk you out of this?
No, daddy.
Not this time.
Psst. Hey. Hey.
Can you hear me?
Next time he asks you where his
daughter's head is, answer him.
- But I don't know.
- That's not the point!
We're dealing with a nutcase.
Just name a place,
buy us some time.
Got it?
Just don't tell him right away.
Take some pain first.
Take some pain first?
Yes, for a bit, so that he
doesn't get suspicious.
And then tell him.
So what's the plan?
- What?
- I want to help.
- What do you mean "help?"
- I gather he's not talking.
Come on, dad.
Go home to mom.
I'm not leaving until he talks.
Then tell mom
you're sleeping over.
The bastard won't be
talking any time soon.
Have you done
the fire test yet?
"Fire test?"
They don't teach you anything
in the army these days, huh?
If there's one thing I learned
while serving in the army...
is that, much like animals...
what scares people
the most is fire.
Fire, you say.
I need a blowtorch.
So you're the son of a bitch
who killed my granddaughter.
What kind of monster
would do such a thing?
What are you doing?
Patience. You'll know
everything soon enough.
Gidin'ka, will I have
to wait much longer?
Sorry, it took me
a while to find it.
- Dad, what are you doing?
- Defrosting the meat.
That's great,
but that's the wrong meat.
That's the cop.
- That's the pedophile.
- Ah.
How could I confuse the two?
It never used to
happen to me. it's age.
It does terrible things
to the mind.
Your mind is fine, dad.
I can understand
your confusion.
- You're just saying that.
- No, I can really understand.
He looks more like
a pedophile than him.
This one looks like
he couldn't hurt a fly.
That's why he hurts
little girls.
What are you doing?
I hear you're not
talking to my son.
I told him I didn't do it.
Now I'm telling you the same.
Could you talk to him?
Calm him down?
You have my word
that I'll talk to him...
but first I want you
to answer one question.
Look at me.
If I knew something, don't you
think I'd tell him by now?
But just to be
on the safe side...
I'll ask one more time.
the blowtorch.
Are you going
to tell me where you...
buried my granddaughter's head?
I really don't know.
You smell that, Gidin'ka?
It smells like a barbeque.
You have no idea how much
I've missed that smell.
His mom turned
me into a vegetarian...
because cf my high cholesterol.
Oh, I could go on all night!
I remember you loved
hot clogs as a kid.
- Do you still like hot dogs?
- Who doesn't?
No! No,
I'll talk! I'll talk!
I told you, Gidin'ka.
When it comes to the balls,
everyone talks.
The girl...
She's buried
in a derelict greenhouse...
five hundred yards behind
the school...
where the new wing
is being built...
in the southern corner...
right underneath a fan.
Where there's a will,
there's a way.
I think I earned you today.
Gidin'ka, don't tell
your mother about this, okay?
It'll be our little secret.
You're full
of surprises today, huh?
I need you to watch over
these two until I get back.
You can trust me.
My wife.
- Hello, Malka!
- Hello.
Can you hear me?
- Do you know what time it is?
- I do, I do.
Why didn't you call
to say you'd be late?
I was busy with our son.
How's he feeling?
Did you have soup?
We did.
It was delicious.
So what are youndoing there?
Are you smoking again?
Of course not.
Did you take your pill?
- I forgot.
- Of course you did!
If I'm not there
to remind you, who will?
Take it now and eat
something solid beforehand.
Okay, Malka. Okay.
Otherwise you'll
have gas all night.
Well, I'm going to sleep.
Be quiet when you come to bed.
I promise, Malka.
Good night.
I'll be as quiet as a cricket.
Something solid.
Where will
I find something solid?
This place is like
a student dorm.
Cake with frosting!
Not bad.
Not bad at all.
Hope you're not mad at me
for not offering you some.
I have to eat some solid food
before taking my pill.
Never cuff a cop.
Come on, untie me.
No, in your condition
you'd only slow me down.
But I did what you asked me to do,
I bought us some time. Untie me.
Listen, I'm going to get help.
I'll be right back.
Don't leave me
with this lunatic!
He won't find anything there.
He'll come back and slaughter me!
You have to help me.
Why did you stop?
I have to know.
To know what?
- Look me in the eye.
- You can't be serious.
He'll be back any minute now.
- Did you do it?
- I didn't do a thing.
Untie me!
If you don't release me now,
you're making a big mistake.
You'll regret it
for the rest of your life.
Good evening.
Why do you Jews always think
that we all want to kill you?
No, not at all, but...
you know how it is.
Yes, unfortunately I do.
Yeah. Say...
you wouldn't have
a cellphone, would you?
Why not?
Because we're primitive?
- No, why do you say that?
- Isn't that what you think?
Nut at all. If anybody's
primitive here, it's us.
You people have the right idea.
- May I?
- Yes, sure.
Thank you.
An iPhone, huh?
- 4S.
- Nice. Thanks.
You're a life saver.
- Tsvika's office.
- Who is it? Rona?
- Efrat.
- It's Micki. Put Tsvika on the phone.
He's been looking
everywhere for you.
That's why I called.
Put him on.
Do you know how long
I've been looking for you?
- Listen, Tsvika.
- No, Micki, you listen!
- Your wife is here. She's hysterical.
- What?
Is it Micki?
Give me the phone.
- Micki, where is she?
- Where's who?
Your daughter! She's not
answering her cellphone...
- ...and you're not answering yours.
- She's not answering?
Not since you picked her up
from ballet class.
I thought those days
were behind us.
Do you hear me?
Is everything okay?
Don't worry.
I'll do it quickly.
It's a little rusty,
but it'll do the job.
No, no, no!
Enough, son.
That's enough.
- Stop right there.
- What have you done?
You're insane!
I don't think that will help.
He mustn't die! Get me
something to stop the bleeding!
Gidi, I suggest you run quickly,
before the police get here.
Are you people listening to me?
Where did you hide my daughter?
Your daughter?
Please, tell me where she is.
What did you do with her?
What do we do?
Get a piece of paper!
Some paper and a pen.
Gidi, bring something.
- Tsvika.
- Yes?
- We're done here.
- Did you find anything?
No, we didn't find anything.
- Wrap it up, then.
- Yes, I'm leaving.