Big Boys Gone Bananas!* (2011) Movie Script

We have a media that is corrupted by power,
mostly by corporate power.
To go after your film is just a little tiny part
of a big investment they're willing to make.
Dole is a company with deep deep pockets.
I'm sure they're hiring the very best.
I think it would be a little bit naive
if you think that you can take
a pop at a big multinational and
expect to walk away without some
sort of fight on your hands.
It was beyond belief to think that that
counld be done to a participant in a film festival.
I think that Dole succeded in planting doubt
about the credibility of the story.
As a Swedish director and editor.
I take freedom of speech for granted.
Now I know that freedom of speech
depends on what you want to say.
In 2009 I made a film about a
lawsuit in Los Angeles
where Nicaraguan banana workers
challenged Dole's use
of banned pesticides.
According to the workers,
the poison made them sterile,
and a host of other problems.
This is about the battle.
Hopefully, the penalty will
wake their conscience.
Workers have waited for their
rights for over a decade.
In November 2007, Los Angeles-based
Court of Justice handed down a
judgment :
Dole had acted deliberately wrong.
And was ordered to pay
a substantial fee.
Leading to the judgment,
I was hoping for better working
conditions in banana plantations.
The Dole case, however,
turned out to be was extremely frustrating.
Presentation of the film
was anything but easy.
In early May 2009 we were expecting
a premiere of the film "Bananas!"
One morning, a big package
arrived from the United States.
We published about the premiere on
our website a couple of days earlier.
Our film participated in the
Los Angeles Film Festival's
competition series.
We received a warning letter from Dole
Food Company law firm.
Dear Mr.
Gertten, Mrs. Jangaard, Mr. Simpson.
If we persisted, Dole would
challenge us in the court of law.
A number of blatantly false and
defamatory statements...
... facts concering our client,
Dole Food Company
Our company has only four employees.
Dole employs over 75000
people in 90 countries,
their turnover is over
seven billion dollars a year.
It's the world's largest
fruit company.
"The movie about Dole is based on deception"
"and the banana workers lied."
The tone of the letter was very
It was 200 pages of court documents
and newspaper clippings.
And they haven't even see the movie !
What is this thing?
We're attacked by the Dole?
We were sure that this was
just a misunderstanding.
When they will see the movie, all will be fine.
"We urge you to stop immediately."
"... false and defamatory
statementsabout our company"
"Otherwise, we will take legal action."
When the cease and desist letter came in
from Dole I was also mentioned.
And, I guess in come way,
I was kind of flattered.
It was, kind of, wow, ok, nice,
I'm on the radar of Dole, that's
really nice to see.
But my wife, really,
brought me back to reality,
and said
this is quite serious, you know,
we could lose the house, a lot
of thing could happen.
The same package was sent to the
festival's sponsors.
David, the press agent of The
Los Angeles Film Festival said
that if we want the film to be
included in the competition category,
we needed to keep it quiet.
The organizers felt pressured
We didn't get to talk to the press.
What happened was, Dole decided to go
after everybody so they could stop the film.
And so, in doing so, they threatened everybody.
They threatened me, they threatened the LA Film Festival,
by going to all of the major sponsors,
including the L.A. Times.
And I think it was important that we all had a united front,
as we started to step towards the screening at the film festival.
I wanted to tell the whole world, but
I didn't do it.
I didn't reveal everything when I was
interviewed on Swedish TV.
I didn't speak about the letter,
or about the fact that maybe we
won't be able to show the film.
I wrote a story about a documentary,
which competes int the
Los Angeles Film Festival.
A few days later I received an e-mail message.
A long e-mail message,
submitted by Dole's public
relations office in Washington.
They said the film is based on
errors and lies.
At the beginning I was scared.
My first reaction was fear.
The situation was very uncomfortable.
I made a small story for a small
local broadcaster.
How did Dole found about it?
Do they have eyes everywhere?
Then I got annoyed.
The message seemed to be
a hidden threat.
When I replied to the message,
I received a call from Dole's lawyer.
"I have made it very clear to this producer,
and to the L.A. Film festival."
"Given that, they're on notice as to the
absolute inaccurate basis on wich they built this film,"
"and they're going forward with it :
one, they're going to get sued,"
"and two, they're going to be exposed
to punitive damages"
I asked Carter what that
erroneous information was
that's the basis on which the film is built.
Then he tried to run over me and
continued to exert pressure.
I became annoyed.
But you haven't seen the film.
- The film is based on a sham, that's the point.
But have you seen the film?
- I already told you, no Charlotte.
We didn't tell about the threats to anyone.
Dole self- initiated media furore.
Is that, therefore, the front page of?
- Yes.
I told you yesterday that this will be
a big deal.
This is a los angeles business journal
home page.
Note Dole banana character.
The document creates Dole enemy hero,
While this is demonstrably forged a
lawsuit facts.
The author of the story has not even
seen the movie!
I wanted to tell the impact of
pesticides on workers,.
But the dole managed to divert
attention elsewhere.
Appeared in the new magazine articles
and blog posts.
Dole was the main target of attacks by
workers represented by juan dominguez.
He was made slippery Cuban born a
cheap lawyer,.
Which tightened the beloved American
Now, a naive Swedish film director
made ??a konnasta hero!
It means that the Film Festival
They admitted it directly.
The President said very clearly.
Not to see the film in the competition
Is it, therefore, that.
That it is presented in a special
presentation, or not at all?
So, he said.
- It is all about?
That 's right.
And the response time is five minutes.
Film Festival was informed that the
matter has been discussed a lot.
The best way to proceed would be to
remove the film competition series.
We have been driven into a corner,
when we have to decide quickly.
Do we want to participate in the film
festival in the first place or not.
Dole's lawyers have used us,.
Since we have not found a movie out
If we withdraw now, because we can not
race series,.
Dole looks a winner, and I do not want
I became angry indeed.
What an insult!
We have been working hard.
This thing could destroy the film.
I think the film speaks clearly for
So it is easy to defend.
In this respect it is not a concern.
We do not know if I can no longer
other than to cancel the participation
Prevents dolea summoning you to court.
Dole to draw a clear line as
Most likely, you will be given a
challenge, when you come to Los
I would be surprised that that
If I stay in Sweden, the film would be
But if you suggest a movie in Los
Up to Dole would be forced to admit
that it is fair and balanced.
If the dole, however, sue me, I wanted
everything on film.
So we hired Los Angeles for the film
Hi, I'm Dave, and this is Jason.
I have an expensive law firm had just
received a victory in court.
Now, the added sulfur found.
That dominguez was probably guilty of
Were based on anonymous testimony,.
That no supplier had not been able to
What if as soon as premiered a
Based on the central delusion?
Fredrik Gertten documents show.
Third world people,.
By multinational corporations exploit.
The problem is in the fact that Juan
Dominguez and a group of Nicaraguan,
Among whom were lawyers, began a
project that.
They want to play a role in dolesta.
- Right.
Either you have seen the movie?
- To admit that I have not.
Justice was denied access to public
dominguez statements.
Thus, the press constantly demanded of
Why can not I change the movie now
that dominguez has unveiled a fraud.
I replied that the court proceedings
were still pending,.
I do not believe the allegations.
Juan Dominguez has not sprayed
insecticide on the workers.
Still, he made ??a villain now, which
is infuriating.
Dole went as well as you, movies that
Tom's attack.
Everything became personal.
It was no longer just a movie, only
the target was you.
Dole took the heat off of themselves
and CNY to you and your movie.
The film is detrimental to Dole,.
Since the law of the company's general
manager admitted directly to the
Did not it ever occur to the
aloittaisitte dbcp: the use of N,.
Until you were sure of the safety of?
Instead, you waited evidence of its
- Yes came from.
At the beginning of the festival we
still do not know.
The prospectus of film.
We were invited to an emergency
Dole had sent a new letter.
This way?
- Come after me.
We heard that the organizers could no
longer defend the film.
I'll call you a spokesman.
This is absurd.
The meeting just ended.
The fact is.
That the organizers are afraid of such
a big court case.
That the entire organization would be
in danger because of it.
For us, it was suggested that we could
put parts of the movie.
The organizers are trying to gloss
over the situation by suggesting,.
That we could gather together the
money for it,.
Of returning the movie on the
operating table, would you describe
And would you do next year version,
which should be a handsome reception.
This year, with a secluded ourselves
by showing only clips.
Available options were not in the
movie in terms of cost.
We could show the film next year and
bring it to the distributor.
Or to just now breaking up and have
the opportunity to debate.
Pr-side view, see it,.
That it would have told us to be
afraid of difficulties Dole.
It is insane that the world's largest
Can not be shown as a movie.
Two weeks ago, the movie was good
enough, and now.
What is this?
- Intimidation tactics.
Dole sent the first letters of the
festival organizers,.
But they had not abandoned the movie.
Then the Swedish ambassador, but the
organizers held their ground.
Although solicitors withdrew.
And the Swedish Consulate withdrew
their support,.
The organizers intend to ever put to
Now the dole has become more severe
the inputs, and the organizers for
getting scared.
Organizers have said the last word.
According to them, the film screenings
are these two.
After this, none of the distribution
company is not afraid to touch the
Now we need to decide how much risk
you want to take tomorrow.
After all, just like you are in danger
of being taken to court.
We decided to continue the fight.
We do not know yet, shown in the film.
Organizers constantly changing
And the situation gets more and more
Venue changes to the suburbs.
- UCLA's campus, far away from
There is no bus transportation.
I hope viewers will still be.
Or maybe not.
- This makes the situation really
This is insane, bart.
Bart is still trying to negotiate with
the organizers.
The film must be routed competition
In addition, prior to the presentation
should be read Dole's vision of the
If we do not agree to the terms, the
film's not going to.
Two hours before the world premiere.
The film will be shown.
I just spoke with Down's.
He said that the film will be shown.
Yay, we are involved in!
Dawn said that handled this one.
At 17 05 - But there we are!
The organizers consider before the
show floor, and I agreed to it.
They will consider more precise
These go.
Now we need to iron the shirt.
Dawn said that the organizers are
standing behind us.
I replied that we must remain united.
This is a sad situation,.
But still a pretty good movie, and
this hot topic.
The most important goal he had, that
the film is shown.
I got a call just before the final
text of entry into the theater.
The organizers had bowed to pressure
And right now, said that the banana
workers lied.
The organizers of the letter is
Among them, the main character is a
They have chosen the side, period.
Controversial points in only three.
Is not compatible with the tone now.
They say the movie based on
- True.
It is a version of the Dole.
I tried not to read this, because I
knew I get angry.
Is that michael carter?
He is.
Dole lawyer michael carter alaisineen
its premiere.
It is this gang has put pressure on us
Six weeks to withdraw the proposal.
Docs Film Festival.
The story is told almost always
something controversial subject,.
As for war crimes, or corporate
Document authors seek unto bad things.
I've seen a lot of documentaries,.
But this explosive premiere I have not
Is it?
The fun that you have submitted your
Welcome to the Los Angeles 15 Film
I am the dawn hudson, independent film
Welcome to watch bananas!
It offers independent film in Los
Angeles Film Festival.
Both the director of Frederick the
Gertten that comes here.
Want me to call me?
I'll read this later.
- Read it first.
We talked about this.
- No, read it first.
Do not presenting the movie?
- Yes, but please read it first.
So I was told.
I have rarely seen anything so
Gettoonsa document was isolated
All sets are excluded.
It seems as if the audience were
When we read the text, which denies
the whole document.
I felt ashamed indeed.
Los Angeles, the film industry and
film festival on.
It was totally incomprehensible,.
That the festival attendees were
treated that way.
You need to know,.
That the film 's credibility is called
into question.
Judge cites the decision, in
That seen in the movie bound by the
oath of the witnesses.
Lying and submitted false employment
and health information.
This movie is not being told.
Therefore, it is clear that the
reality of the movie.
Does not correspond to the reality
seen in the courtroom.
We do not want to have to go right,.
So the movie will be shown outside the
category of the competition.
This study, as a responsible
documentary created.
And where it is not formed.
Organizers said the practice.
Eye-catching movie as a precedent.
Among them, the movie was not true and
they do not believe in leaders.
The public is warned that it sees just
Why should such a movie even presented
The situation was strange.
I heard later near the organizers of
the borrower,.
That they really feared.
The organization in charge.
Fear of being right, and the collapse
of its economy.
Challenge for the right to be touched
by them personally.
They decided to defend their jobs
instead of Frederick.
And now I present to you The director
Fredrik Gertten.
Hello everyone, and sorry for this
This has been a special time.
And a unique experience in my life.
I believe in democracy and freedom of
I believe that a society can exist a
balance between the various sounds.
Also, independent films are needed.
I like to talk after the movie.
Of life and the complexity of
As well as the truth, in the courtroom
as the movie when making.
Make yourself comfortable and enjoy.
Discharge the organizers of the speech
was a lousy thing.
It works just like the dole wanted,.
So created a gap between the
organizers and film -makers.
Practices connected to the discharge
And the subsequent panel discussion
with colleagues and legal counsel.
Seem to perpetrators.
They seem to be props, which would
ensure that,.
That have not been attacked by the
The organizers action feels really
They made a pariah of the director,
not dolesta.
The festival is almost over, and we
have not been a challenge.
Had all been plain intimidation?
Just before the trip home.
I heard Dole brought the organizers of
the court's decision,.
That the organizers had to give up on
All my film of the correspondence, and
other materials.
It seems that this is not over yet.
I returned to Sweden in early July.
I was quite tired out of Los Angeles
One night I search the web for
children with a suitable holiday.
Then I received a call from Los
A journalist asked me for my comments,
Since the dole had been summoned you
to court.
That's what we were afraid of, had now
taken place.
I called Bart, Margaret, publicist and
legal counsel.
We began our first move to consider.
I am quite surprised to bring an
Likewise, the selected law firm,.
Known as the defenders of freedom of
I was at the computer three in the
Then only the first phones and went to
Dole Foods to sue the Swedish
filmmaker's right,.
As this film shows the company a
twisted light.
Malm in the director Fredrik Gertten
has been summoned to court.
I think the movie bananas!
Based on exploitation.
We have raised our actions,.
As Gertten the film is clearly the
company and employees libelous.
Claims have been three.
Me, and Frederick the wg film has been
summoned separately.
Why is all this?
What Dole's strategy is?
Meko do we Dole target?
Or is there something else behind
We have become a part of our own in
our film.
The film appeared in the forces trying
to zap us now.
Have you thought to go against any?
It is impossible.
Dole calls for the film and its
website to destruction,.
And for me, the ban never to talk
about it.
Of course, I wonder how far this can
lead to.
My family asked, can we lose our
I said, of course, that we can not,
even though I did not know it for
It is really strange,.
Thats a huge fruit company to sue a
small Swedish firm to court.
It does not make sense.
So it has become.
How does it feel?
Dole wants to prevent the presentation
of the film.
We want to present it.
How does the movie now?
- The Swedish premiere of 9 10,
Do you believe it?
- Yes.
The challenge was on the shoulders of
us toil nights through and through.
We could not perform any other film
Fortunately, the insurance policy
covers the legal proceedings,.
So the matter is handled by top
I'm Dole just send us threatening
I would have thought to take their
story justice.
I never thought it would come to this.
I think they make it so, as it is for
them a good public relations move.
The film is part of Dole's much larger
Dole wants to get rid of billions of
dollars in court cases.
Those who are waiting for it because
of the use of poison.
So this is a low-cost investment Dole.
Your movie attack on another is a
small investment in.
Compared to the billions of dollars in
Dole intends to use this a lot of
It is an expensive law firm, and a lot
of lawyers.
It makes it all possible.
This is an investment in a larger
That's it.
- This is depressing, I know.
My mood to go to a roller coaster
Mostly I'm in a good mood,.
But things continued contemplation
absorbs the forces.
That is what is meant, undermining
your confidence.
You will be trying to watch out for
what you say.
The aim is to get you and others to
That large companies attacked worth to
As touching the hot potato gets
himself into the fire.
Do not go by the feeling.
My situation was, of course, easier,
Since I do not have a challenge,.
But I still wanted to participate in
my part.
Surely we have friends.
I was worried and I tried my best to
I found in the United States and
kanadastakin suppliers,.
Which I hoped to infectious matter.
I sent them all the material, but they
are not enthusiastic about.
Did you find fault in the way I
presented the matter?
Did not I make it clear enough?
What else can you do as a newspaper to
provide facts?
I have been a foreign correspondent.
Korea, Chile and South Africa.
I learned then to respect American
Now, I figured, why do they tell the
story of Dole's point of view only.
Why do not they dig deeper?
Most surprising was the media when
How you were seen as a charlatan and
dole rights defenders.
The supplier should not swallow the
story without checking.
Americans on the supplier is a
shocking bit of curiosity.
They are not sufficiently skeptical.
These suppliers have failed in their
By making the case directly to the
press release.
It is even more embarrasing than the
festival activities.
Media has the power to corrupt,
especially in the corporate world
It is a business owned and funded by
Media, advertising, financial and
corporate influence are fully working
The fact is that the media is much
more inclined to.
To leave the issue aside, if anybody
That the writing will only ridicule.
The company says they deny everything
And iskevns the media attacked the
I know the big companies, which have
threatened to hack advertising.
The Wall Street Journal or the New
York Times,.
Because they do not like their style.
Investigative journalism does not go
far as it was before.
Journalism itself is threatened.
Journalism is a sacred thing.
It is the only fish that is mentioned
in the constitution.
Freedom of the press is guaranteed
constitutional Appendices.
Journalism still does not work in the
public interest.
Shooting the messenger is a common
The most striking example is the year
When Chiquita's home in the Cincinnati
Enquirer published.
Published a history of the company
include the unveiling of a great
It was discovered by exploitation of
the workers, allegations of drug
Pollution of the environment, no
matter what, and all based on facts.
Chiquita, however, had a strong back,
when it was discovered,.
That one of its journalists had hacked
into the message system.
The Enquirer denied then the whole
series of articles,.
A little bit like Film banned you.
Reporters were fired,.
And the NY Times, Chiquita oversaw the
delivery of the decade.
The magazine also paid Chiquita less
than 15 million dollars.
Write a story about it does not exist,
For the Cincinnati Enquirer agreed to
destroy it completely.
We downloaded it, however, the overall
So here it is.
A little later it was destroyed.
The case of an American journalist
focus areas in our shameful.
Very few people would dispute the
veracity of the story, except for
Thing would have won the Pulitzer,
So is then fermented.
We ask for forgiveness Chiquita.
Cincinnati journalists say about the
same story as me.
Their careers were destroyed.
I was greeted by Chiquita akin bigger
In Finland, our case got a lot of
Sweden dolella not have the same power
of the press,.
So here in a big American company is
the Swedish director's bouquet.
The fact that a large American
multi-national company.
Suing a small Swedish film-maker,.
Aroused my curiosity, because this is
a David and Goliath battle.
Following the publication of the story
only took an hour or two,.
So I got an email the office of public
It was asked if I would like to
communicate with Dole attorney.
It seems, therefore, be read across
the pond in the back of Swedish.
They had found time for a little story
time in a small on-line journal.
I called the sender, and soon I was
already in contact with legal counsel.
Then I started to think about how
strange was,.
To be contacted by a public relations
Sending e-mail and I'll call you and
we are very friendly.
They held the phone to me at this Los
Angeles huippujuristille.
This person called and spoke to
exactly half an hour.
Realized well that the customer had
paid him half an hour.
Then I realized how hard the pressure
of the Dole.
It is investing big money in order to
maintain you properly.
I do not think I'm the only supplier
that we have been contacted.
Good Bernt!
I am writing on behalf of Dole Food
Fredrik Gertten the film is revealed
to be a lie.
The film portrays Juan Dominguez hero.
In fact, he has an extensive fraud in
the back of the brain.
If you write more about, please feel
free to contact me.
Dole to invest big money for this
The public relations office to contact
suppliers around the world.
Gibraltar is a washington prominent
public relations offices.
It is located in the heart of the city
close to the White House.
It is difficult to know what makes a
gibraltar or who those customers are,
Since it does not need to tell it.
John Procter worked for the Coalition
Provisional Authority in Iraq,.
With the United States set up after
the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.
He has been creating strategies to
sell the war in Iraq.
Part of the strategy was to attack the
anti-war attack.
And blacken their reputation.
Did you look at any of the washington
significant public relations agency,
In the teeming former politicians,
civil servants and the CIA people,.
And now more and more suppliers.
It is easier to manage a bad
conscience than a bad reputation.
After working for 16 years in the
Financial Times.
I was lured into a number of other
suppliers like public relations
So I changed the camp.
Now I speak on behalf of businesses,
Which is taken before the hostility.
It's no wonder that there is talk of
going to the side of evil.
We live in a time.
That leading companies are extremely
accurate reputations.
They know that for decades built a
Can be destroyed in an instant.
So when a company feels threatened,.
It is trying to divert attention from
the real story.
Provides a pile of alternative good
Or it may be trying to discredit
It is, therefore, tells reporters how
its reputation threatens to.
One of the notorious Swedish
Which represents deceit conferred by a
Supplier of the exclusive right, and
all the necessary background
As long as the story notes into
This is a los angeles business journal
home page.
Note Dole banana.
The document makes the Dole enemy
Although this is a fabricated facts.
The author has not even seen the
The most important thing is to get its
own version of the public first.
And to surround it with adhesive
It may be other suppliers to see the
same point of view.
If I get frederick is the bad guy, the
story of the first leaves,.
And I get to talk to people about my
story will live on.
Swedish documentary filmmaker went to
And made ??a film of pesticide effects
on health workers.
Thing just was not true.
For the men had a lawyer to recruit.
This lawyer was something
hampaankolossa dolea against.
So he recruited employees to lie,.
That they had lost their health.
Documentaries in the fraud was
revealed by the film is completed.
He still wants to make films.
- Of course, he is an artist.
My advice is.
That he might want to add the movie
dolea satisfactory period,.
Where the recruiter will be revealed
That's a great solution.
Why not contact supervisor.
I'm not saying that your version would
have been enough column space.
On the other side is only improved
relations with the leaves as you,.
And the public relations office would
be stupid not to use the relationship
I realize the huge machinery of
fighting against.
Which uses a strategy of intimidation,
Media Control, public relations
gimmicks and the Ugly extracts.
Lobbying and public relations agencies
offer a wide range of services.
One form of service is.
Sneak the experts opinion articles in
Public relations agencies are working
special letter to the editor writers.
Then, from think tanks or universities
looking for someone.
Which is enough for the name, and he
will sign a thing.
Finally, the article introduced
through the newspaper.
I was able to hit a bonanza.
It's not pretty to pursue a career
What is of interest to the media,.
And then to turn against it.
Here it is.
UCLA's media legislation, the head
I was surprised to actually David
Ginsburg 's opinion to the
Ginsburg is a member of the Copyright
Which I chair, before yourself.
Members are primarily of the defense
Representing the filmmakers just such
a dispute cases.
Why not, therefore, sought the opinion
of him?
Ginsburg has made a summary of the
Where is he actually agrees with Dole
's view.
Movie perspectives falsehood.
One piece is startling.
Ginsburg compares the document.
After the Second World War propaganda
A classic example for this movie is.
He, therefore, refers to your movie.
It is the Nazi anti-Semitic movie der
ewige jude.
Ginsburg, therefore, to combine your
movie propaganda film,.
Who tried to justify the Holocaust.
In one scene shown first swarm of rats
in sewers,.
And since then, a number of Jews in a
congested street.
This is a Judas - like madness!
Ginsburg was enlisted by offering
words of my mouth and the payment in
your hand.
Because he is known as a defender of
His words carry weight when he bites
one of their own.
This is really depressing.
Money talks, and apparently also on
the internet.
I noticed that the dole had bought my
name on Google.
When I did a search by my name, next
to the fire Dole ad.
Facts and dolesta dbcp to.
Even the movie trailer link next to
the Dole.
Online articles appeared after the
aggressive comments.
Can fake grass-roots online comments
when you buy?
It is clear that the strategic
communications of people.
Appearing in the virtual world of
bogus identities.
In order to draw attention to the
questions you want.
Company may hire dozens of people to
present the brand supporters.
Such an artificial grass-roots
Called the astroturffaukseksi, which
is against the rules.
As the authors are not really excited
about this.
And may not be aware of it, just keeps
saying mechanical opinions,.
Things really aware of the often
recognize us quickly.
Strategic communication, now people
are hired,.
With no traditional communications
They come from intelligence services,
the field of psychology companies.
Or human behavior intended to modify
the fields,.
Which have so far worked in silence.
Communications is beginning to blur
For these people provide different
from traditional solutions.
For example, black painted man trying
to be the case.
Look for ways to drive a wedge between
him and his support network between.
You as a producer you respond to the
veracity of the film.
One way to assess the sustainability
of the battle in.
It is to examine his financial
The second is to look at his situation
in life.
Is there alcoholism or intense stress?
It is important to assess the
opponent's forces.
Is the skeletons in your closet?
Has he done this before?
Do you need this time private
detective services.
Or perhaps a phone or e-mail hackers?
These services are bought and sold
With hundreds of millions of dollars
of the company will keep its
A few million worth investing in a
Gertten bananas!
Spread lies.
The arguments prove the reality of the
Financial situation indicates that wg
film is desperate.
It is a little naive to think.
That the attack on the multinational
Lead to some sort of confrontation.
I do not have connections to Dole,.
But I am opposed to such Gertten
instructors publicity stunts.
Dole spends millions of brand
Then you're going to stain it.
What do you think about the following?
You as a producer you respond to the
veracity of the film.
Good luck with firm financial matters!
The letter was addressed to me,.
But really it was intended to
In particular, it contained anger.
I'm mostly shawls, when I did not
understand well, you own.
I would not have to worry if I would
just discard Frederick.
Frederick said that they can pull out
of this, if I want to.
Yes, he would do on my own.
How are you, Margaret?
- Well, how about yourself?
Alan adapted to be back in Los Angeles
at the time.
How could I look at myself in the eye
if I were to leave the ship now?
I just can not do that.
We did a movie together and we will
continue together until the end.
Lincoln, whether the counterparty
reply to you.
Nothing dangerous or unexpected?
No, it's just an action play.
We decided to respond by striking
We challenge the right of Dole.
The limitation of the right to freedom
of expression through the story.
We wished us a favorable decision as
soon as possible.
Here, frederick Gertten Sweden.
I have some exciting news.
Is Lincoln 's New?
He is in fact the law to take care of
Hi, Richard.
Fredrik here in Sweden. - Hey!
Dole gave me a call.
She was the assistant Michael Carter.
Carter wants to come to Sweden to meet
with me.
Carter is Dole's lawyer.
It was he who praised the leaves of
the dole will challenge us to court.
That's interesting.
Perhaps the dole trying to buy you
before you raise the action.
What is the price?
- I do not know.
It is a difficult question.
The agreement is likely to mean a ban
on the film distribution.
Dole is most important to prevent the
presentation of the film.
- It is clear.
Keep in mind that their lawyer was not
allowed to speak with you.
Without my permission, and entomology.
I was wondering why carter wanted to
come and see me.
He would offer reconciliation?
Stop the dole brutality?
Someone days to get the carter was in
the local newspaper website,.
And his message was very clear.
He loses the case.
I wrote a story sydsvenskaniin.
Then I got an email, which offered a
Dole's lawyer, Michael Carter.
Ol late in the evening.
I waited for his plane landing in Los
So she can get the phone.
I called him and we talked for about
40 minutes.
He was really nice and I like Swedish,
As had been working at Securitas.
He felt the Swedish culture and knew
how little Swedish.
He said the decision to bring an
action to have been difficult,.
For he knew it would bring bad
He still can not just stand by.
The company's reputation for black
Carter's view, a broad - leaf
scribbling turns against you.
He said the time directly, you do not
have opportunities,.
And the fact that the dole was
Provides Gertten fight, but I know he
The supplier, it was delicious quote.
Take a look at how the challenge has
brought him publicity.
Now he is on TV and all over the
Gertten does not help the matter by
doing so.
He urges people to boycott the Dole
I was hoping to finish his senses, but
it is not the case.
Instead, he's going to fight back.
Tapelkoon ago.
A few days later I found a blog
Local blogger had been following our
He told how he ordered a fast food
place fruit salad.
The blog has no ads and earn money
with it.
I'm only interested in politics.
At the time when the document was
I went to a nerd with a friend of the
Computer Shops on a discovery tour.
We got hungry and decided to go to
It is a Swedish company, and the
burgers are good.
I ordered a fruit salad instead of
I picked up the package in my hand and
saw that it said dole.
I was like, what the hell is that?
I said, cashier girl, I do not want to
eat I products.
However, I took a cell phone picture
of the jar.
At home I wrote a message to Max.
I asked how environmentally conscious
profiled max.
Can not sell something as unethical as
I am a fruit salad.
Alfonso referred to the film, and the
right thing.
I was not aware of the whole thing, so
I study it online.
I also asked the marketing people do
not look into it.
During this time, a few other customer
asked us the same thing.
We studied the case, and it does not
feel good to us.
We asked for an explanation dolelta,
But the Swedish market pushed the
issue for Americans,.
And they, in turn, will never be
We decided to simply stop selling the
product immediately.
Max's communications manager said to
They talked, and I finished with the
Pan got the answer on my website,.
And I attached the picture of fruit
salad and a ban on the mark.
That's what it is, then the circus
In the morning, then played a
Even though we were not informed of
this matter in any way.
He told me that he has read the blog
of our decision.
I answered his questions, and I
thought about it after that.
Couple of hours to get the phone rang
Reporters from all over the Swedish
began to strum.
Large newspapers took up the story.
Suddenly we were in the financial
section of the cultural pages instead
And the financial pages lies the
Then I came across a block trade in
The parliamentary representative
Luciano Astudillo.
He had read about the battle and asked
if he could be of help.
I said that would be great to look
like a movie parliamentary
Luciano is a social democrat,.
So I called the Moderates.
And I suggested to him the same thing.
Good morning!
You look stylish.
- Good that even one of us.
Dole and Frederick the dispute between
the Gertten began,.
When the film was chosen Gertten.
Los Angeles Film Festival's
competition series in June.
It is, however, closed tenders,.
When the dole threatened the
organizers the right to visit.
The film was still,.
And in July the director and the
company have the right to challenge.
Now, therefore, the film shows the
Reichstag representatives.
Why do film sets, Luciano Astudillo?
Basically, it is the right of authors
to describe the events.
We would like to support the
filmmakers right here.
It's about freedom of speech.
- Yes.
When politics and economics will be
Freedom of speech must be it, too.
We should have the right to document
important events.
What if the dole to be successful in
their intentions?
How it would have a devastating impact
on the whole world,.
If the film-makers or suppliers would
not be able to describe the events?
How can we no longer require anyone
held accountable?
We will consider with my colleagues
Astudillo, what we could do.
For us, it was quite clear,.
That if the film can not be produced
anywhere in the world,.
It is presented here.
What movie presentation here mean to
I am on the day of the state and the
representatives of the initiative
extremely proud of.
It says that the Swedish freedom of
speech is an important issue.
It's great that it can foster this
I have not been to the state before
the day in the house.
At first I was excited, but then I was
afraid of being disappointed,.
If you came here only a few
journalists and politicians.
I saw you on TV.
- 's Great that you could come.
Nice to see you again.
This is Margarete, which has also
received the challenge.
The participants, however, was a
lovely lot!
It's great that so many people have
come to the site.
This is about freedom of speech, which
is a global issue.
Freedom of speech is always under
attack, every moment, everywhere in
the world.
Therefore, in such cases as clear as
day to respond.
It is a Democratic politician's most
important tasks.
It is said that the films are at their
best movie theater,.
But it is great to be able to film the
Swedish Parliament House.
I am extremely proud of this and I
really hope.
That the output signal from sweden.
I can also be reached on the other
side of the world.
The idea of freedom of speech is that
it belongs to everyone.
It is one of the bad guys.
It belongs to those who want to
eliminate freedom of speech.
In Sweden, the freedom of expression
is a very ancient origins of the law.
Already in 1766 a law was passed.
Speech, thought and opinion, freedom
of the formation.
We will continue to Machete attacks.
We have eaten them hard, and they
Now sharpen a large machete, which
becomes sharper,.
And they know it.
How do I go from here?
How to proceed in your case?
As well as they do now, we will buy
new actions.
This is a war, and war is long.
It must be very patient.
The hall was dark, and perhaps a
But the popcorn missing,.
When the bananas!
Were presented today at the Swedish
Parliament House.
Piittaako dole day, however, the state
representatives thoughts?
The film was made in Europe and mainly
in a Swedish -based resources.
It is outrageous that other countries
lack of freedom of speech.
Take on the elements to justice.
It is important that in addition to
signing the petition.
We will ensure the dissemination of
the film in Sweden, and we will be
presenting it.
I hope as many joins in the appeal,.
By the mats and I have waited for
today set in motion.
We hope as many parliamentary
representative signature.
We call it dolea to abandon the
Gertten support to the right than the
After the show, we got the support of
all parties.
Almost all parliamentary
representatives signed the petition,
Where dolea required to give up the
In the worst case, such a generated
global model,.
Where governments, companies or people
to challenge the critics right.
We do not want the kind of development
to Swedish.
Dole's public relations office was
activated further.
It took me to contact each of the
interviewees ry in the supplier.
And approached the letter of
parliamentary representatives.
What do you think you received a
It would have made me most,.
If it would have cleared things up,
which is accused of dolea movie.
At first, the letters did frighten and
provoke people,.
But when they found out the other
receiving the same,.
The atmosphere changed.
The letters started to become a joke.
Can I have a copy of the letter?
- Without a doubt.
Who has signed?
- Michael carter dole States.
The courier brought it a few days ago.
It is said that the dole strongly
supports freedom of expression,.
And the rest of the letter is
frederick Gertten slander.
Authors chose to ignore the truth,
misrepresent the film.
Dole's campaign reacted aggressive
In politics, it is always better to
tell my argument.
Like black paint other.
Gertten is to defend freedom of
Maybe we can get this thing a comma
after the letter dolelta.
Yesterday I found my own e-mail box.
Dolea should hear to understand, and
the film tell the truth.
Since the spring touring bananas!
Today the Swedish premiere.
- Need we say more?
We know how they tried to stop the
presentation in Los Angeles.
It has got a huge amount of advance
It has been seen in Parliament House
and discussed.
It spreads surprisingly many copies
So viewers can have a lot already in
It is a decent thriller lawyers, a bit
like Philadelphia.
How many of you let the sun?
- Four.
It is a very good documentary.
Week day the state of the house after
the show is a Swedish premiere.
We get a tremendous amount of support.
We do not know any more how to react
But this is a great moment for us,
which we enjoyed really.
Most of the text messages read simply
Good Luck!
Keep up the fight!
Karin Gothenburg by asking the
countries in which the film is shown.
Does it present in the United States?
- We do not know yet.
We will not allow themselves to be
intimidated Dole,.
But the journey is just beginning, and
we do not know how it will end.
What would be the worst outcome?
I have decided not to waste any energy
pondering it.
It's what dole wants us to do.
Now it is better to present the film,
viewers meet and talk about the issue.
Thus, we all dolelta we ask : what the
heck are you doing?
All of a sudden people are talking
about the banana workers' treatment.
And freedom of expression.
Shopping customers complained that
they did not want Dole bananas.
Bananas are among the sales of
So the stores held her meetings.
They feel the pressure on his neck.
We follow the discussion from day to
The issue received new dimensions in
July of action.
The transaction is dolelta
negotiations with the proceedings.
We asked the dole europea to come to
the meeting.
Let you know about our customers a
huge reaction.
And the fact that we do not accept
claims by victims.
Finally, pressure was on and I will
Me and my new friend of a politician
We called the major food chains to
meet the Reichstag to the house.
Two hours prior to the meeting,
reporters began to strum.
Dole had given up the action.
Dole today announced suddenly.
Withdrew its action against Frederick
the Gertten.
David defeated Goliath.
The banana giant Dole discontinued the
proceedings against Frederick the
Dole cancels the action against the
This is fantastic.
Although we are only a small Swedish
And the dole is a billion-dollar
American company,.
We have been able to tell what is
right and what is wrong.
We are delighted with this, but the
air is still a lot of questions.
We have not yet talked with the
We have only seen the Dole press
We played the Dole representative.
Swedish reactions and a strong concern
for really touched us.
We felt it was important to tell the
That we respect the freedom of
This is the way it looks.
It was fantastic to see how the movie
will be supported.
The same is unlikely to happen in
I was encouraged to follow it far from
And at the same time frustrating to
know that if the same would happen
Things could be subject to change.
When you face a really severe
Familiar with ease himself small.
Then the need for friends.
They have received.
I have been supported by the very
How much is the toll on the forces?
We got our first letter dolelta 8 May.
It's been more than five months.
During this time, I do not have any
days off.
Does this work in the future?
- I do not think so.
I was afraid that if we would lose,.
Nor are the other would not dare
anymore to explore large companies.
Therefore, it was important to win
this thing.
Profit is a good sign for people who
want to make movies.
Dolessa may be calculated incorrectly.
Their technique might have to bite
very well.
newspapers with a.
But in Scandinavia it had the opposite
There's viewed with suspicion the
American company,.
That the use of such methods.
Now I feel a lot better to be a film
The film will tour the world, and so I
I know, however, that the war with
Dole's not over yet.
Charity Gala attendees glittering on
the red carpet,.
When ex - President Gorbachev and
activist Bob Geldof.
Welcome you.
This is happening only in Berlin.
This is the ninth Cinema for Peace
Although Leonardo DiCaprio girl
friends gets a lot of attention,.
Gala, focus on films such as bananas!.
The film after seeing the Germans
should ask their retailers.
How their own banana or tomato is
The banana company tried to stop
displaying this document,.
That should startle the consumers.
What were celebrated as winners, but
it seems wrong.
The film was presented in Europe, but
not in the United States.
Dole was smartly giving up the action
Before the court decision.
This meant that the dole was able to
challenge us again.
That in turn means the risk,.
Which is why the film did not get the
insurance distribution.
The only way to get it was to win the
dole distribution law.
What to Los Angeles are you?
Here is as sunny as ever.
All want to know how the morning went.
The morning was all in all a
The judge has referred a case to 24.6.
Until now.
- As he has done.
In the background is I guess the idea
When the application has been
withdrawn, so what's errand no longer
I told that to us it makes a lot of
As the situation to prevent the
dissemination of the film.
For us it is important that the matter
can no longer bring a new action.
Judge Dow replied only,.
Perhaps, that the parties should talk
about reconciliation.
The fact is that the story is no
longer in your power.
We do not have a choice.
Dole has reached its destination, and
shut your mouth.
God, this will never end.
I imagined this to be over.
Even if you win the case,.
Dole appeal to a higher court.
That would mean at least a year of
additional delay.
Dole could also pay for warranties,.
In which case it does not have to pay
court costs immediately.
Although we would win in June,.
This thing is not over yet for a long
All right.
In general, I admire very much the
legal system,.
But today does not seem to like it.
Also in June the hearing was canceled.
Plagued has been going on for over a
In late August, michael carter asked
us to abandon the action.
He is ready to come to Sweden to
negotiate an agreement,.
If you just cut a movie a few points.
These guys do not ever give up.
They do not give up, even know that
they are wrong.
This thing is not over yet for a long
In two recent reading dole made ??it
It does not agree to compensation.
No one knows when this will end the
Half years, Lincoln has become like a
brother to me.
Here is your thing.
So all of this, so that I could make
Here are the juttuusi Statements.
Self- defense of the law is not a
cheap thing.
Two months later, on my way to the
film festival.
On the same day lincoln face Dole in
court in Los Angeles.
This is the moment we've been waiting
I was really excited.
Initial Decision is exactly the way I
It is a point that sums up everything
Watching a movie is not supported by
Dole 's arguments about it.
That's what we have experienced.
The judge ruled Edelman couple of
times to the sidelines,.
Thats what movie are you talking
Edelmann just went on and on,.
Until the judge said that, now, this
should suffice.
The filmmakers won a libel case
brought by Dole.
Dole was ordered to pay for freedom of
speech 200 story $ 000.
Dole 200 $ 000 contribution to the
film story.
I did not think I could read the legal
text with a smile,.
But this is a complete victory for us.
The big boys are gone.
Now we can present the film in the
United States.
At least I hope, because those guys
can not ever be sure.
Lincoln wrote a few days later :
Fredrik and Margarita, sit firmly for
Dole gave me a call today.
The caller was not a lawyer, but the
financial department.
He made only one question: where the
money is sent.
It's over.
Dole did not choose the verdict.
We won.
Dole's action is based on allegations
that the juan dominguez was a fraud
and a traitor.
In March 2011, California Bar
Association set aside the doubts
connected to Dominguez.
I returned to Nicaragua to show the
film for the workers.
Dole had spent millions to silence
this story.
These stories of poverty and injustice
I have to tell you again and again.
It was very good to me, and can you
guess why?
Because it told the truth, and the
truth can never be silenced.
Gibraltar associates.
- Can I get John Proctor.
Just a second, I connect.
This guy took us to every Swedish
Who interviewed me, I'm under attack.
Hey, John!
Here, frederick Gertten, bananas! -
Good morning.
How are you?
- Very good.
I would like to film this evening here
in Washington.
I read it in the Washington Post.
You are welcome to take a look at it
if you can.
Thank you for the invitation, but I
have agreed to relocate.
I read all of the articles of course,
if it is written in the press.
Tell me you'll meet me now that I'm
I beg your pardon?
Tell me you'll meet me now that I'm
That's a big deal.
Here, the distances are so short.
- True.
I do not know.
I do not know what we were talking
about really.
I appreciate very much indeed for this
call and the offer.
I will get back to you.
- Done so.
And good luck tonight.
- Thank you.