Big Brother (2018) Movie Script

Mr. chen, we have reviewed your resume.
You have seen a great deal of life,
but about your teaching experience...
Actually, I have never taught before.
We have a lot of troubled students in our school.
We need someone experienced.
I think our school is not suitable for you.
I could write you a reference letter.
Why don't you go try other schools?
Excuse me, principal lin.
Long hours, no allowance.
Extremely low pay.
Think carefully.
I will do the cleaning as well.
School starts at 8.
Don't be late on the first day of school.
Mr. chen.
Why would you like to be a teacher here?
See you on the first day of school.
Up all night again?
We are late! Brush up and get changed!
I'm almost done!
Hey, give it back.
Hey, still mad?
Save it.
Let's get going.
Uncle long.
My dad asked me to cash in these concert tickets.
What are you doing? Are you dealing?
Stand on the side!
What's in your bag? Open it.
There's nothing inside, sir
alright, run along now.
What are you looking at, over here.
Come, have breakfast.
Gotta get to school, I'll pass.
Don't forget the pocket money.
Hey, and don't mix it up.
The five hundred dollar note is for your brother.
Why is he getting more than I do?
He is a boy.
He needs it more than you.
Grandma, I'm heading out to school.
I fixed your shoes.
I told you it's fine.
The restaurant paid me yesterday, I'll get a new pair.
Pay the rent today.
Better hurry before someone bugs us.
Good morning, class.
Good morning, Ms. liang.
Fourteen, just enough.
Spacious and no need for class reduction.
A new school year starts. Be prepared to do mock papers everyday.
Keep in mind.
You all have only one goal for this year.
It is to Ace the dse.
School ends at three forty-five.
I have to be ready to go at three-thirty.
Punctuality is an important virtue to every secondary school student.
Good morning.
Good morning, class 6b.
Good morning.
Pay first.
I'll give you more msg.
You put the entire packet of msg in?
Do you know there's 1000 to 2000 milligram of sodium in every packet of msg?
Which exceeds the reference daily intake standards of the world health organization.
Meaning you will have high blood pressure from consuming too much sodium.
I suggest that you put at most one-third of it in only.
Eat up and put your things away.
What the hell...
You should tune the g string first and then the a string.
Yes, pitch perfect.
Good stuff.
You know about cars?
This is a great one, top speed of 307 kilometers per hour.
However, the speed limit in Hong Kong is 110 kilometers per hour.
Over 100,000 speeding tickets have already been issued by the police this year.
So, drive safely when you get your driving license in the future. Ok?
Are you done?
Stop bugging me, I'm gonna break the highest score!
Do you know the specific absorption rate of a mobile phone ranges from 0.27 to 0.58 w/kg?
I am using an anti-radiation screen protector.
Just the screen is not enough, you gotta wrap it around the entire phone.
If you have to use it, take a break every fifteen minutes.
Wake up.
Good morning.
Starting today, I am your class teacher and liberal studies teacher.
I am Henry chen.
I lived in the states for a while.
My Chinese name is chen xia.
Chen xia?
Chen is the surname.
Look, he's got a tattoo.
Chen xia?
This is my number.
Have been living abroad for too long. I can't even write Chinese properly.
Don't call me if it's not an emergency.
What is he writing?
- Hello? - Henry, save it.
What are you doing, sir?
Welcome to my class.
What is the new teacher's name? Mr. chen?
First day around and already looking for troubles.
Good that my phone case is water-proof.
Else, my phone should have been dead.
Dared to mess up my breakfast business...
We cannot just let it be. We have to do something.
Relax. He will be gone in one week.
Most of you didn't do well in the mock test today.
Write the model answers ten times.
There's no better way to memorize than writing it over and over again.
Got it?
Jenn got the highest score this time.
Ask her if there's anything that you don't understand.
Hey, he is checking jenn out! She's the beauty queen!
- Here... - Nice, dude.
Did he do anything bad with the photogragh?
Let's see
give me back.
What smell is this?
What a smell...
Of course it smells, look at all these trash here.
What are you saying?
Nowadays, the pressure is real for students who have low grades
so, they smoke their stress away here.
Let's see how their teacher's gonna save them this time.
Got it, I will report to their class teacher right away.
You think results are everything?
You gonna tell on us, Jake?
- Bob! Catch it! - Yes!
- Hey, what are you doing? - You want a fight?
You wanna fight?
It could get you expelled.
Don't set your filthy foot on basketball team premises again.
Let's practise.
Ok, let's practise...
Hey, it's your girl.
Run! Not walk!
Run! Cover up, cover up!
Oh... need to ask your mom to pick you up?
You got what you deserve, idiot.
Aren't you all cool?
Your fangirls better not see you like this.
You five come with me to the office and write the school rules ten times.
Penalty? For what?
What now? Do we do it for real? That's a lot...
I am not doing it. I still have to go to work later.
Hey, what can we do then?
Ms. liang, I'm done.
- Already? - Yup.
Alright then, hurry home.
Are you alright, Ms. liang?
I hope we didn't scare you, Ms. liang?
Don't stay behind for too long.
Goodbye, Ms. liang.
Chief huang,
it is our honor to have you here today for our school evaluation.
Tak chi secondary school cannot measure up to the other elite schools in the district,
but we have a long history.
If the education bureau could Grant us more funding,
I'm sure we can do much better.
Another word for historical is obsolete.
Obsolete means only to be eliminated in the end, right?
Here he comes...
Everyone have your camera on!
Who came up with this crappy idea to prank me?
If you want to skip my class,
it is easy.
Just answer my three questions correctly
and I will let you go.
Don't bluff, Mr. chen.
I don't like bluffing.
I knew a few students in my class smoke at school.
Jack, give me a pack of cigarettes.
Relax, I am not going to punish you.
My first question.
Do you know what are the chemical constituents of cigarettes?
You didn't raise your hand.
Carbon monoxide.
Correct. You may leave now.
Of course.
Can I really go?
Just go!
You guys enjoy class, bye!
I wanna go too...
Yeah... no class for me.
I wanna go too...
You are only excused from this class.
Be back on time when the class's over.
Anyone else wants to go early?
Chief, let's continue in the meeting room.
Second question.
The second question is, can anyone tell me
what are the parts of a cigarette?
I know!
Br... Bruce
tobacco filler, cigarette paper and filter.
That's right.
Correct. A cigarette is made up of three parts,
cigarette paper, tobacco filler and the filter.
What's special about the filter?
It must be cotton.
A filter is hollow.
Not entirely correct.
It is also made of tobacco.
There are weird little holes on the filter.
How is it weird?
- How do I know? - Found it.
According to Wikipedia,
the small holes on the filter draw in fresh air
to reduce the amount of harmful substances, like nicotine inhaled.
It doesn't say weird on it.
Are you lying to us?
I am not lying, it's the tobacconists lying.
Please show us how do you smoke a cigarette.
You can sit down.
Just now, in the demonstration,
Jack clamped onto these small holes with two fingers.
Clamping on the filter will allow less air get in,
this way the nicotine intake will be different from what it says on the box.
You will then be addicted.
When you are addicted, you will continue to pay for cigarettes.
What if we continue to pay for them?
Do you know the annual profits of the
top six tobacconists in the world is 35 billion us dollars?
That much? Really?
Data tells us that
every cigarette you smoke
deducts fourteen minutes from you lifespan.
Smokers fear no death.
Dying is fine, everyone will die one day.
However, there's nothing worse than dying and not knowing why, right?
You jump from science to economy to philosophy...
It's hard for us to follow.
You are a liberal studies teacher, aren't you?
I think you are liberating our minds too far.
That's not what I meant to,
I am training you to think critically,
to have your own judgement so that you won't be fooled.
The more knowledgeable you are,
the more analytical you become.
Knowledge is power.
Knowledge is power
I am not asking you to know everything.
I just want you all to have the ability to judge.
What a chance!
In these few years,
almost none of your students got admitted to any universities.
The enrollment in the past two years were severely insufficient,
less than fifty in total.
According to the education bureau standards,
if the enrollment situation persists next year,
we will terminate the funding.
Meaning, the closure of your school.
Chief huang,
by any chance we could settle this at the discretion of the bureau?
Good luck
Ok, that's it for today. Dismiss.
Just a reminder,
before you go, I need all my cigarettes back.
I don't care if you smoke outside,
but we are on school premises.
I hope all of you will show some respect for that.
I am taking this away.
Hey, over here, got seats here.
You really love coke?
Bottles? It's slippery.
Watch where you're going. Stop playing while you walk.
- What are you doing? - You wanna fight?
- You want a fight? - Don't you touch her!
Hit me! What...
Shut up!
Didn't your parents teach you not to fight in public when you were little?
Oh, right.
I forgot some of you don't even have parents.
Shut up!
What did you just say?
Stop it.
I have borne with you for long.
There's no need for discussion.
The five students in your class who took part in the fight are getting expelled.
Stop it.
Stop it!
Stop fighting!
Stop it!
Hey... stop.
You! Stop it!
He said I don't have a mother.
That's right, you don't even have a mother.
Say it again if you dare!
Calm down! Stop!
I don't care whose fault it is.
Fighting is in no way right.
I don't want anymore nonsense.
Tell me, we all took part in the fight today.
Why are we the only ones getting expelled?
It is because the world is unfair like that!
Are you done?
Are you throwing a fit?
You are so cool.
If you think the world isn't fair,
starting from now, you should do your best in this class and in this school,
let everyone know you are better than that.
Let's go, Ms. liang.
Here are five letters of repentance.
The school is giving you all one last chance, think about it.
I'll leave them here.
Everyone gets back to class,
aren't you tired of all the standing?
Come on...
Let's go back to class.
Let's resume class.
Ms. liang,
taking too much instant noodles are no good for your health.
Thank you.
Mr. chen,
you should take a look if you have time.
Thank you.
My name is faiyaz ahan. You can call me Gordon.
My hometown is Karachi, Pakistan.
But I was born in Hong Kong, so I'm a hongkonger.
Ever since I was little, I like singing.
I remember competing in singing contests when I was a kid.
People burst out laughing every time I sing.
I thought...
Why doing so?
It turns out, my Chinese is so good, they think it doesn't match my skin tone.
Everyone thinks I am different.
Some even consider us terrorists because of our skin tone.
The truth is, our family set foot in Hong Kong since my grandpa's generation.
Your culture is part of who we are.
I want to become a canto-pop singer in the future,
and people will accept me for who I am.
I am Gladys, my Chinese name is wang denan.
From my name,
you could guess how eager my dad would like to have a son.
But, it's all good.
My brother was born five years later.
To dad, it was better than winning the lottery.
He always said he loves us the same,
in fact he loves only my brother.
I grew up hating myself for being a girl.
I started to wear my hair short ages ago.
Not a person in this family
cared about my feelings.
They don't even know what I like.
They thought I like stuff toys and playing house.
In fact, I like cars the most.
My dream is to become
a formula one racer.
My name is Chris.
When I was eight,
my mother went away with a man with a golden watch...
Is mommy never coming back?
You two, shut up!
I don't have a family anymore from that day onwards.
However, I found somewhere way more interesting.
A place where you can start all over again when you lose,
unlike the cruel reality.
All roads can lead to Rome.
I can be a world champion here.
My name is Bruce.
Obviously, Chris and I are twins.
Wake up! Go get me liquor!
I will go get them for you.
But I was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
I have difficulties concentrating.
Erm... and with my crazy alcoholic father,
making a mess at home everyday.
All you know is gaming... let's go.
Apart from the housing issue,
I still have to take care of my brother, how am I supposed to study?
Give it a break, it's time to eat.
Go get liquor for me.
What are you waiting for?
No matter how hard it is, I will study hard and earn more money.
I will then move out with my brother
and break free from my alcoholic father.
For Jack and the other kids,
the fact that they got into a fight is a problem,
but it doesn't mean we have to give up on them.
If we teachers are to give up on these students,
aren't they more geared to giving up on themselves.
Each year, the education bureau
evaluates the banding of a school
according to the results of its students.
If we want to keep the school running,
we need more students like Jake
to score good in the public examinations.
If only twenty percent of the students in Hong Kong get admitted,
what about the other eighty?
Do we give them up?
The majority serving the minority?
We, educators,
are not here to teach students how to take examintions.
Rather, we should be enlightening them to take their own paths.
Nowadays, education is all about scoring high and getting into elite schools.
The students are pressured,
so am I.
Must we drift along with this ridiculous social norm?
I think if we are to educate,
we must have our own beliefs.
All are educable. All can be successful.
This is our school motto.
Did you say you can come work earlier if you need not go to school?
You had everyone waiting.
Get to work!
Here... more tea.
Alright... over there.
Come on... hit me from the left.
- Left! - Dodge!
Boss zhang,
you really can fight.
- You are flattering me. - You can be a boxing champion.
Take a seat...
Boss zhang, you are born to be a boxer.
You are flattering me.
Look at this.
This piece of land is good for developing luxury houses.
There is a tak chi secondary school here,
you know where it is?
I think so.
So you know.
The school will be scuttled by the government by the end of the year.
After that, we could acquire the land and develop it.
However, there's a lot of small shops around.
For all those ownerships... And messy trivia,
you know how to deal with them, right?
I won't disappoint you, boss.
Hey, one more.
Game on!
Go... go...
You've won!
Congrats, boss zhang.
Will come and drink again next time.
Of course. Be careful...
Remember to practise at the boxing gym tomorrow at 9.
Bye, see you tomorrow.
Got a light?
Dared to steal from my boss?
Dared to steal from my boss?
Crawl along!
Keep moving!
Did your mum ever told you not to steal?
Kill me if you dare!
A tough one, huh?
What's your name?
It's none of your business. Stupid!
Jack, student of tak chi secondary school.
Why don't you study at school and do serving tables here?
You can always come to me if you want to make money.
This, you can have as many as you wish in the future.
- Bro. Long. - What is it?
Here are the concert tickets, count them yourself.
We lined up whole night for them.
I am looking for Gordon.
Are you his mother?
I'm his teacher.
Oh, really?
Where is he?
I think he is outside?
He's outside? Ok, I go look for him.
- Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you, sir.
Missing one ticket.
That's not possible...
- You punk! - No! What are you looking for?
What is this?
I want to go too.
You want to go?
Do you know what is the price for one of these now?
Help me go get him, bro. Long.
What the hell!
Hey, Gordon.
Mr. chen?
I was looking for you.
Help me, Mr. chen!
Mr. chen. It's not looking good.
Excuse me.
Mr. chen, what are you doing?
- I'll have to borrow this. - They are here!
- I will return it later. - Help, Mr. chen!
Stand behind me...
What is it...
What happened?
You little rascal, ganging up with an outsider against your dad?
Your dad?
I'm sorry... it's a misunderstanding.
Just for a scalper ticket?
I stole it just because I wanted to hear the music live.
Have you thought of singing on stage?
I hate singing on stage.
Stage fright?
Why would 1? I sing better than the pros nowadays.
- For real? Don't bluff. - For real.
- Admit it... - You aren't scared?
- No way I will be scared. - Then sing, right here.
Stop messing with me...
Watch me.
I'll show you.
If I can do it, you can do it.
Come on.
Excuse me. Let me sing for a while, may 1?
Three, two, one. Go.
"Look over here, the girl across me."
"Look over here. Look over here."
I can do it. Believe in yourself.
You can do it as well. Come on!
"Look over here. Look over here."
"Don't be scared by the way I look."
"I look to the left, look to the right, look up and look down."
"I found every girl complicated."
"I think and rethink. I guess and I guess it again."
"Girls have strange thoughts on their minds."
"Strange... come on..."
There is no more beer. One of you go get it for me!
Do it yourself.
What did you just say?
You go ahead!
Go buy it yourself.
I worked so hard to raise you guys.
You can't even do something easy as this for me?
You work two days a week at most!
When were you ever sober?
Are you getting beer for me or not?
No! Don't you see I am doing my homework?
Homework your ass.
Don't you come back!
Mr. guan...
Mr. guan...
I am the class teacher of your sons.
What's up? Got queries on your assignment?
You know this one?
The answer is 27x-y=35.
Why are you so dumb?
You are the smart one, come over to teach me.
- I don't understand this one. - X+35=28
how about this one?
Dumb... that's all you ever said...
- You are so done... - Help me, dad!
Are you interrupting your brother's studies again?
- these are yours. - What is this?
Do you know putting make up on is how a girl shows respect to the others?
Come to lunch with me tomorrow.
Lunch? I have school tomorrow!
Boss zhu wants you to meet with his son.
There's no problem to know a new friend, right?
Treat it as accompanying dad to a business meeting.
That's medieval. I'm not going.
Since when you have a say.
It's all set.
Alright... stop arguing with your dad.
I can't read your mind.
You don't study well.
Don't you see?
You could be married into a good family right after graduation.
How many girls dream of that and now you say you don't want it?
Dad, perhaps Gladys still wants to continue her studies?
Would she be admitted by any university?
Mind your own business
and study hard.
Ace the entrance examination next week.
All I want is for you to study in Boston.
Work hard!
Do you know how to do with the make-up, Gladys?
Can try it...
Your sister snuck out again?
You got full marks in mathematics.
Are you confident about another full score?
What is this?
Gladys was practising how to put on make-up.
Mr. chen?
Gladys, got you finally.
What are you doing?
What's with it? I'm just driving my dad's car around in the parking lot.
First, you broke the law.
Second, you don't have a driving license.
Third, I guess your father does not know about this,
does he?
I just really want to drive.
You want to drive, right? No problem.
Are you ready? You are up next.
Of course. Aren't you racing with me?
Someone will, but it's not gonna be me.
Then who?
It's you?
I am here to race with you.
If you won,
if you lose,
you will finish school and then get married.
No more complications.
Then there's not a chance I am getting married.
Ready, go!
Go... go... go... yeah...
Go... yeah!
Good race!
Keep your words.
What words?
You really think you are so great?
You were just driving around in circles.
I still haven't said a word about your stealing my car
and drive it out of the parking lot.
We will talk when you can drive on the roads.
No problem.
You brat, are you done?
Do you know how serious I am about driving?
It is never just for fun.
You told me to drive on the roads, I am just doing as you said.
Am I wrong again?
Do you know how dangerous it is?
So you are finally caring about me.
I am worried about the car. If you ruin it, it will cost me a fortune.
Just leave me alone!
Hey! Stop!
Gladys... Gladys...
I didn't mean to scold you.
I was just eager to tell you,
but you thought I was telling you off.
I am not.
I really do love you, Gladys...
I care so much about you.
Answer me! Where are you?
Please don't blame your dad.
I was just eager to tell you, I wasn't meant to tell you off.
I care too much about you.
Or, why would I run all the way after you?
Sweetheart, get out please.
Who are you crying your heart out for?
You... you are not under the car?
Thank god...
What is it? Are you ok?
It hurts.
You sure had a rough fall.
Stop messing around! It's dangerous...
I know...
I am worried about you.
- I am fine... - Does it hurt?
That bad?
Everybody ok? All good?
All good.
Actually it doesn't matter who wins or who loses.
You two are family.
Yea. You lost! Stop controlling me.
Alright... do whatever you want.
What a mess!
I'll treat this as... a challenge for us.
Was it really a challenge?
This is a challenge.
You'd have to pay for it.
I'll pay for you if you don't have credit cards with you.
Thanks, Mr. chen. I'll leave my dad to you.
I'll get going now.
Bye! Take a cab back please.
You little brat! Hey!
Hey, aren't you her dad? Go! Go after her!
Hey, Bruce...
He's gone.
Come up and get changed!
Ok, you wait for me.
Hurry up then!
Is Mr. chen messing with us?
We are the only ones in the entire campus reporter program visiting...
Those... rehabilitated offenders?
Excuse me, we are from tak chi secondary school.
Tak chi secondary school...
- Mr. chen has everything set for you guys. - Thank you.
You better buy me lunch... buffet lunch.
Mr. guan is waiting inside.
He recently joined our sobriety program.
You guys just go ahead and talk to him.
Take your time.
Morning, Mr. guan.
Good morning...
Did you prepare the questions for today?
Nope... no one asked me to prepare.
I got one.
May I know who is in your family, Mr. guan?
I have two sons.
I have been divorced for more than ten years.
Was it because of your drinking problem?
I started drinking because
my wife was having an affair.
I drink to get drunk.
When I am drunk, I don't want to sober myself up.
Who knows I would be drunk for more than ten years.
More than ten years? How about your sons?
They don't have a care in me.
It's you not caring about them,
or it's them not caring about you, Mr. guan?
I don't know.
You don't know? How could you say you are their father?
I know if I do not quit drinking,
I will regret it my entire life.
I have lost so much already.
I don't want to lose my two sons as well.
What would you like to say to your sons then?
We don't talk.
I don't know how to communicate with them.
Initially, I plan
to wait till they grow up, and
explain to them about their mother's departure.
The truth is we don't even talk now.
If I have a chance,
I want to tell them
that I really love them
and that I am sorry.
I am sorry, kids.
I really am.
Coffee, here you go.
Hey, give this to boss, be smart...
Boss Kane.
It doesn't hurt. Again!
You are super, boss!
Next song.
Got it.
Nocturnes by chopin.
Where's yours?
I don't drink coffee.
Getting used to not going to school?
It's ok.
When I was at your age,
I was a total idiot.
How is that possible?
Until I understood one thing
and became who I am now.
Do you know what is it?
The fist - must be ruthless!
Come here.
We hired this MMA champion for the competition tomorrow night.
I am the broker. Everyone is betting on him.
I have already collected the money.
I told him to lose the competition.
He said no.
You are smart enough to know what to do, right?
Take this.
What is it? Does it kill?
Not that easily.
Americans use this in wars.
It's mydocalm.
If he takes this, worst case is that he will be paralysed for a while.
You won't understand anyway.
Here. Try it on at home, it won't hurt...
When this job's done,
your time will come.
- Who are you looking for? - Hello.
I am Jack's class teacher.
Are you his grandma?
Yes. You are?
You can call me Mr. chen.
Mr. chen. Come on in,
take a seat.
- Do you mind sitting on the bed? - Not at all.
Take a seat...
What are you doing, grandma?
Just a little handicraft,
white orchids...
This is a lot of work.
I know nothing.
Can get a bit of side money from doing this to make ends meet...
You and Jack have been living here for a long time.
Oh, yes.
It has been many years, we have had no luck with public housing...
Jack and his parents were new immigrants.
Then, a traffic accident
took both his parents' lives.
However, Jack is a good kid, and smart too.
You know, look at this,
teachers always have good words for him.
He hasn't got a lot of friends.
You can see from all these photos,
it's just us two.
He usually goes to work after school.
Does he have a part-time job these days?
He used to work at a Chinese restaurant every night,
but he started working at a boxing gym lately.
He doesn't want me to work too hard.
And my health isn't so good.
I am really worried about him.
Oh, right. What brings you here?
Did something happen at school?
What is it?
I came here today...
On behalf of the school, to give you his scholarship.
What a good kid he is!
Thank you, Mr. chen.
Don't thank me. Jack is a great kid.
Yes, he is.
- I am so proud of him. - Let me help.
That's not what a teacher should do.
I am good at doing this too.
Am I doing it right?
That's right.
You'd better get the champagne ready for tonight.
Cheers, third round.
Hey, first round.
I'm gonna make you some money.
More power... come on!
How does that feel?
Hi! Champ!
Just playing with you, thank you for that.
Got you right? Good boy.
Hey, what's this?
- Boss Kane! - Shut up!
What now! Since when you got a say?
Shut up!
Say nothing.
Drink it...
Let me out!
Shut up!
Ladies and gents
let's get ready to rumble.
Let's make easy money.
First round bro., alright?
Gentlemen, sorry for interrupting,
I'm looking for my student, a young man called Jack.
He is about this height, 16 years old.
Hey man, the locker room is full.
You should not even be here.
If I were you,
I'll turn around and get the hell out of here.
Look guys,
I don't want any troubles.
I'm just here, looking for my student, and bring him home.
That's some very expensive shit.
That nearly cost me and my mate some million bucks tonight.
Mr. chen... I'm here... help... Mr. chen...
You're going home.
Anymore? Come and get some!
Take it easy.
You felt that? Huh?
Like a game, ain't?
First round.
What did I tell you? First round!
Call an ambulance!
He told me to drug him, it wasn't me, sir.
You said it's not you.
- It really wasn't me! - Then tell me who was it?
It was this little shit and his teacher.
You really are a teacher?
This wound looks like...
It's from a bullet?
Didn't know teaching is so dangerous nowadays.
He made me do it, sir. It really wasn't me!
- He even hosted a bet. - Sir...
Think before you speak!
Why would I drug him? I am the biggest victim here.
Just the fixtures in my locker room costed me hundreds of thousands.
You want to pursue legal actions?
Come with me to the station and we will do a detailed statement-taking.
Alright. Let's file an investigation and clear this whole thing up.
No need...
No need, my fault, my fault...
You guys are so busy and he still has school.
I'll let it slip.
Sir, can we go now, sir?
- Bro, give him back his ID. - Copy that.
- Thank you, sir. - Let's go.
He really was holding a bet, sir!
You go first.
You are not eighteen yet.
Go back to the station with me, we will find someone to bail you out.
My grandma is my only family.
I can't let her know about this, sir!
- I don't want her to be worried... - I will bail him out, sir.
Who are you?
I am his class teacher.
It's okay.
If you want your grandma to be happy,
you should study hard.
It is always the hardest for the elders.
Mr. chen.
Is it too late to mend what I have done wrong?
School starts at 8, don't be late.
Got it!
By the way, why are you so great in everything?
I am nothing compared to your granny.
I can't even make that cart go. Go and help her.
I'm going now.
Let me help you, grandma.
What are you doing here?
What happened to your face?
It's nothing... l tripped.
Why are you so careless? I'll fix you up later...
A secondary school teacher barged into the locker room
and fought the MMA champion to a draw!
According to our sources, the teacher was once a us marine.
Impressive, eh? There's more...
There are reports saying, he is a graduate from tak chi secondary school.
Who is he?
Isn't he...
Henry chen.
Mr. chen... is it really Mr. chen?
So he was a marine, that's why he fights so good.
A soldier teaching... that's a first.
He is also a graduate from our school.
I wonder if anyone knows how he was like when he was a student.
For sure, I remember.
He was a naughty kid.
He was not at school much and if he was he would get himself into huge troubles.
Look, he was the one who broke the nose of the principal's statue.
That year,
he singlehandedly ruined the graduation ceremony.
What are you doing, Henry?
Henry! You again?
Henry! See me in the principal's office!
Ouch... my hand...
Quickly! Get him to the medic!
Mr. chen?
He was one of the naughtiest in the school.
For a period of time, I didn't see him around anymore.
It turned out that he was expelled.
I'm sorry, Henry
has been expelled by the school.
Forget it, principal. He is a bad kid, no one can change that.
His mum died young and his father ran away.
As his auntie, I am doing everything I can.
I am even taking him with me to the states.
What are you looking at, tough guy? You want some?
You're nothing but trouble.
This is a recommendation letter to the military school for Henry.
I suggest Henry to go study at a military school in the states.
Only until he learns to obey rules,
he wouldn't be taking the right path.
You should be grateful that the principal persuaded Kane's parents
not to report to the police.
Else, I would never be able to bring you to the states.
Let's go.
Go be a good boy in the states.
You can do it.
I heard he went to study at the military school the principal recommended
Could die at any given moment.
Why did he quit and
come back to teach?
Someone said,
war breeds peace
for the flourishment of the next generation.
Yet, all I see
was endless inhuman destruction.
My daughter is not with me.
Where is she?
She's still in the war zone.
Just go... go... I'll find her.
Some people struggle to live,
but the cruelest thing is
no matter how hard you try,
you see countless of lives sacrificed for nothing.
What is the meaning of life?
I decided to make time for myself and
to rediscover this world.
It was a long journey of wandering,
I travelled back to the east from the west.
Along the way, I had a feeling that an eagle was following me around.
I looked at the eagle.
No matter how far or high it goes.
It will always go back to where it started to breed its next generation.
I now understand,
the person who wanted me to depart from where I began,
was not because he gave up on me,
he just wished for me to find my own way.
Have you thought of coming back to teach
and look after your juniors?
Good morning.
Mr. chen.
Good morning, principal.
Mr. chen?
Good morning.
Mr. chen, let's take a selfie.
Make sure I look good.
If you don't hand in your assignment now, you are giving me detention.
- Mr. chen. - Good morning... Ben sir.
Didn't know you could fight, Mr. chen.
Breakfast's on me.
I know what you gonna say, sure, you can pay for lunch.
In you go, time for class.
If you like Mr. chen so much, you may join him in class 6b.
Good morning, class.
Stand up.
Good morning.
It has been a few days we didn't meet, let's begin with some revision.
Morning, big brother.
Sit down... and let's begin class.
Who put an apple here?
Pulling pranks on your teacher again?
- Is it poisoned? - Mr. chen.
That's from me. Bye!
What? Teachers can't eat apples?
Anyone knows?
I know... I got it... me...
That's incorrect. Last chance... say it...
that's correct.
Next question.
Mr chen.
I haven't even asked.
No, Mr. chen. I have to pee.
Be quick with it.
Let's continue.
The mock examination is just around the corner.
Are you ready for it yet?
You may come to me anytime if you have any questions.
It's always not working.
Mr. chen.
You hit it too hard. There's an extra bottle.
For you.
Thank you.
May I have a copy of your teaching notes?
I'll treat you dinner.
My notes are not on past papers.
I'm not looking for past papers.
Actually, I want to get to know my students more
and make the classes more interesting for them.
Ok. Then you decide what we are eating.
Go home...
Bye, Mr. chen.
Have you guys ever thought about
what you want to study if you get into a university?
That will be mechanical engineering for sure.
I want to fix all the luxurious cars in the world.
For me? Of course, it will be music.
In order to code my own game,
I am studying computer science.
You are stupid!
Why aren't you saying anything?
I want to be a teacher.
I said I want to be a teacher, is there a problem?
You? Save it.
No way! Take a look of yourself!
I am not dreaming as big.
I want to get into a good business school,
learn how to do business and make a lot of money.
That ain't easy,
you have to score two 5s minimum in the dse.
Say who?
You think I am like you guys?
What did you just say?
Mr. li...
I'm sorry, ok? My bad...
Can I have some smart drugs?
Smart drugs?
Have you got a prescription?
Don't forget it next time.
Thank you.
Everybody, examination begins now.
This is indeed a mock examination.
Your results are not the focus here.
What's important for you guys is to keep it up.
Mr. chen.
My score should be 49.
How come I got a 50?
Jack's actual score is 49.
I gave him one extra Mark.
On the passage by Mr. yin haiguang...
"The meaning of life"
he didn't choose a, b, c or d. He added an option e.
He wrote,
"grow from making mistakes".
I think his answer deserves some encouragement.
Give me five.
What score you got?
About the same as you guys.
That is?
Yea, why? We are best friends.
- What is it? - Whatever, forget it.
What's your score?
About the same as you guys...
If your result is unsatisfactory, do it better next time.
Starting today,
I will be giving you tutorials after school.
Thank you, Mr. chen.
You really are not going to school?
I don't feel well. Call in sick for me.
Alright. I'll go now, bye.
What is it?
Nothing, go to school now.
How is he, doctor?
The patient is out of danger now,
but he had an overdose of the psychiatric drug, ritalin.
Therefore, he is still in a coma.
We will have to give him some more time.
There's another case of attempted student suicide.
I am sorry, Mr. ma.
Actually, I don't think it is the best for the board
to make a decision promptly,
just because the media is stretching the truth.
Transferring is not something that could be done right away.
Mr. chen didn't intend for this to happen... hello?
I am confident about the professional ethics
of every single one of our teachers.
I hereby ask the fellow media to allow some space for our school,
to tackle the incident.
The student suicide rate is on the rise again,
the public has pointed the finger at the Hong Kong education system.
Many people are criticizing the Hong Kong education system,
in fact the education bureau employs a regular mechanism.
We constantly seek advice from the public.
Relative adjustments are made after data collection.
For tak chi secondary school's student suicide incident,
I believe it is an individual case.
Initial investigation reveals that
the teaching methods of the student's teacher
could be related to the student's suicide attempt.
An internal hearing with the teacher involved will be held,
in hope of unveiling the causes of the problem.
Mr. chen,
this hearing
is to reevaluate your qualifications as a teacher.
There has been numerous occasions where you did not teach according to the curriculum.
Your teaching methods are in great difference
with the principles of education of the bureau.
Recently, the media had a coverage on your participation in a gang fight.
As a teacher,
you failed even to discipline yourself,
how can you teach your students?
You have only taught for one year
and you already got a student attempting to commit suicide.
How will you explain that?
No. I have no explanation for that.
I don't think we should waste time
discussing whether I'm a qualified teacher or not.
There are 19 cases in 2014.
33 cases in 2015.
In 2016,
another 23 cases in the first eight months.
There are so many students committing suicide in Hong Kong each year.
Is it the problem of the students,
the parents or the teachers?
Or it is our education system?
Shouldn't we spend time talking about
how we could prevent something like this from happening again?
Take a look at question 3 on page 67, it is easier to understand than question 2...
Mr. chen is back...
Mr. chen.
Where are you guys going? The class isn't over yet.
Excuse me...
Mr. chen...
Where is Mr. chen?
Where is Mr. chen?
Mr. chen's gone.
After the incident,
do you think he could still stay?
Mr. chen...
Mr. chen... don't go...
Mr. chen... come back...
Get back to class.
Mr. chen... please don't go...
Don't go...
Don't go... Mr. chen...
Remember, you can do it.
Don't... go after him!
Mr. chen... don't go...
He can tame even these punks,
but still lost his job in the end.
Was that even worth it?
Mr. chen...
What shall we do to bring Mr. chen back?
The world is saying Mr. Chen is a bad teacher
and that he is not a good influence.
What you guys need to do is to prove to the world that,
Mr. chen is a good teacher.
Do your best in the dse, that's the best you could do to repay him.
We teachers will take care of the rest.
There is no need for you guys to be worried.
Just focus on your studies.
Don't let the others look down on you guys.
Please don't go...
Say no more, it won't help. Let's go.
Please hang on for a moment... Listen to me.
Would you guys listen to me please?
I am not hoping this parent-teacher meeting
will change your minds,
but I have the responsibility in
clearing the name of all the teachers and students at or went to tak chi.
Shut up! Let's go...
Don't go...
You are doing bad to our children... We are dropping out.
Listen... listen to me...
What is this?
as the principal of tak chi secondary school,
I am greatly responsible
for what is happening now.
I am asking you to spend just a little time
to listen what Ms. liang has to say about our vision.
If after listening,
you are still not having any faith in tak chi,
I, Patrick lin,
will cease from working in the education sector.
You better keep your words.
I guess we could trust principal lin...
Now you can all see
this chart which shows the principles
of education of tak chi secondary school in the coming years,
with students' virtues and morality as the core.
We will be giving them all-round supervision,
including their assignment, attitude and behaviour,
we will try our best to provide them with guidance.
If we teachers are to give up on these students,
aren't they more geared to giving up on themselves.
If we are to educate, we must have our own beliefs.
All are educable. All can be successful.
This is our school motto.
If you got any questions about english, ask me all you need.
I won't ask you even if I got any. You are a pe teacher.
I like teaching pe because I like finishing work on time.
Today, I like tutoring you guys more.
As an english literature major, I am confident that I can help you guys get through the dse.
This is grammatically wrong.
That is "the" question.
It's not "a". Scratch that.
Excuse me...
Alright, together.
To be or not to be.
That is the question.
To be or not to be. That is the question.
Brevity is the soul of wit.
Brevity is the soul of wit.
If the students at tak chi get breakthrough results in the dse,
the school is likely to gain more attention
and to save itself from the danger of being shut down.
You heard that?
We cannot delay the project anymore.
Boss... are you ok?
Relax. I will handle this.
I'll be watching then.
I would deal with tak chi even if you don't ask.
Big wei.
Get Henry chen's number for me.
You are back?
Have you seen Mr. chen?
He said one o'clock.
Where is he...
There's no one on campus.
Don't know where has chen gone?
Where are the others?
In the classroom.
He is not downstairs either.
Let's wait inside the classroom.
How is it? Have you found him?
No. We've looked everywhere.
What can we do now? The examination is starting soon.
How about we head over to take the examination first?
L... I'm afraid we won't make it.
Right... we are going to miss it.
Let's get going.
Let's wait for a while.
Yes, Mr. chen is always on time.
We'll message him again.
Five minutes, that's the maximum.
You have all got my message, right?
No examination for you guys today! Happy?
What are you looking at?
Hey. Don't smoke on school premises.
Go! Be quick!
Go! Go! Go! Are you taking a walk?
Hand over your phones...
- Give it to me... - Be careful!
Hey! What do you want?
It's time for us to take our examination.
Hey. If you don't let us out, we will call the police.
Call the police?
With what?
Then what do you say we do, bro.?
Wait. Do we have a choice?
Wait? Till when?
We will miss the examination.
I'll go fight them.
Are you serious?
Just joking.
No smoking on school premises.
It's Mr. chen!
Yeah... Mr. chen...
Is everybody ok?
Be careful!
Now I'm going to teach you the last lesson.
Go ahead!
Wow! Cool!
Are you guys not taking the exam?
Go now!
Your admission form!
Go to hell!
Take this!
Go to hell!
Are you done?
Come on, break my other hand too.
It won't be the first time you do it here.
What is it? Don't you know me?
Ouch... my hand...
The taekwando first runner-up for the year is Kane luo.
The taekwando champion for the year is Henry chen.
Henry chen?
Apart from his taekwando first runner-up, Kane
is also the piano contest champion.
I told you to spend less time on the piano and practise boxing more.
You are a shame.
What are you looking at? Look at your hands.
Do you think you can still compete?
You don't call the shots at tak chi secondary school.
You ruined my dream.
I will ruin yours.
You like teaching, don't you?
Now let me teach you.
In this world, money is everything, and
it's all about power. No one plays nice in reality.
Actually, I have been looking for you.
I know I owe you an apology.
I am sorry.
I really like playing piano...
Listening and integrated skills examination begins now.
The following track is yin haiguang's
"the meaning of life."
Hu shi once said,
"without dreams,
is it not an ample life."
Now, you all have aspirations,
yet, it could all change once you have stepped into the real world.
You will then go your own ways,
reality will strike you in all different aspects.
All these will cause you to hide away your sublime dreams.
It is how reality challenges our morals,
our idealities,
the sincerity of our pursuit for the truth, good and beauty.
It's all the same around the globe.
Whether we will make it through or not
depends on this exact moment.
It's time for our challenge now.
What's the rush?
We are getting our own place?
This is great...
We are finally moving!
It's him! Freeze!
I have a question for you.
I know nothing, sir.
Tell me when will your new song be available on your channel?
The whole station likes your singing.
Really? Thank you, sir.
I will go to do the recording now.
- Good... go ahead! - Thank you!
What is this?
It's yours.
What are you looking at?
We will go hand in the application after breakfast.
This is your car.
You are only driving it after getting your license.
Thanks, dad.
Oh no... stop it...
You are making my face so messy.
You are having your university interview later.
I have to work and can't be there with you.
Don't go on an empty stomach. You can do it.
Dad, I promise you,
next year, I will get into a university too.
Of course you will.
Chief huang.
Principal, have you been waiting long?
Not at all...
Are they keeping the funding to our school
the same for the next school year?
I am sorry to inform you that
the education bureau has rejected your application.
Is there something we could do to change the bureau's decision on...
The education bureau is taking
tak chi secondary school's case at its discretion.
You guys will have an additonal 20 percent of funding next year,
fix your air-conditioning and restrooms.
It gets me sweating every time.
Do it quick.
School will start in September, can do?
Understood. I will!
Good morning, class.
Ms. liang, mock papers again?
We already have those.
These are the application forms for extracurricular activities.
Besides examinations, I am hoping you guys
could identify your interests in other areas,
and take part in some extracurricular activities, ok?
Morning, Ben sir.
What did you just call me? Starting today, I am the Dean of discipline.
If you guys don't behave well this year,
I will go on and on with you guys.
Giving tutorials at school from dusk to dawn.
Here's an advice from me,
since all the air-conditioning at the school has been fixed,
you are reminded to put on enough clothes or bring along a jacket to school.
Stay warm and don't catch cold, ok?
Welcome to my class.