Big Father, Small Father and Other Stories (2015) Movie Script

Vu, looks like your father's boat
is here again.
I won't be eating tonight.
- Welcome back.
- Hello.
Let me help you.
- My name's Huong.
- Mine is Mai.
Where's everybody?
My brother and Thang
went on an errand.
Vu's probably upstairs.
Vu, your dad's here!
He worked on his photos all night.
He's probably sleeping.
Let him sleep.
You and Huong make us something
to munch on. I'll stay here tonight, OK?
Mrs. Phung?
Who's out there?
Vu's father.
He brought Vu a camera.
Real nice.
Wow, lucky Vu...
I need Vu to come tomorrow to help me
with the books. Tell him for me.
I'm leaving.
Mrs. Phung!
Take these cakes.
Gifts from the countryside.
Let me taste first.
Have some jack fruit at least.
Forget him. More for us.
He's been skipping his meals lately?
Eats like a cat.
Doesn't take much to feed him.
Huong, bring me the canvas bag.
Vu, come take a look.
It's sticky.
You can't find that model in Saigon.
Mr. Sau, this camera is the real deal.
It's great!
Sure beats Vu's Zenith!
I paid cash for it
from a Cambodian.
See if you like it.
Or I can get another one.
Expensive, no, Dad?
That thing's worth two tons of rice.
- How much is that?
- You guys don't know, really?
You're asking us?
In Saigon, all we know is cooked rice.
I know.
These days, rice at the market
is 1.6 million a ton.
Freshly harvested rice is 1.2 million.
I just sold two tons
for exactly the same price.
Wow, you're holding a camera
worth 2.4 million.
Wish my father would come back to life
and buy me a Hawaiian guitar.
If dad were alive,
you'd be whipped for leaving school.
Want to be whipped?
You'll see!
You're poor
and you do expensive stuff.
That's nothing.
At Vu's school,
filmmaking students
spend 100 million on a film.
No kidding?
Lucky Vu's doing photography.
If he did film, I wouldn't have enough
if I sold my house.
But only film students
can get Saigon girls.
It's worth the money.
All you got
are your teeth and a dick!
Country girls
aren't good enough for you?
It depends.
Not all of them are ugly.
A girl like Huong, I'd go for her!
Want some?
I have my eye on you.
Huong's an orphan.
She's used to a hard life.
She'd never ask for much.
When Vu graduates,
they can get married.
What do you think?
That sounds good.
Don't ruin it for her.
Who knows when I'll graduate?
School ain't like being in the army!
Smile, everyone!
Take the cap off!
And he pretends to be
a photographer. Great!
I should be in the middle.
One, two, three.
No film.
You faked it well!
Get the film from your Zenith.
It's upstairs.
I'll buy you a film tomorrow.
- You said it.
- Just kidding.
You got money?
Vu, lend me your camera
to show off to girls tomorrow.
I'm leaving.
You have to hold the apple firmly.
Open your mouth
like you're biting into it.
Close your lips a little.
That's it.
Put your arm higher.
Look this way...
Fuck you!
You got me!
Sunshine in the afternoon
The boat's back at the dock
Looking South, the river ebbs and flows
Longing and love
My dear
How immense the wave
that pushes me away from shore
I've longed for the song
with the rhythm of oars
I'm going out to sea,
unbroken rhythm of oars
No matter the direction,
our oars will keep the same rhythm
Rising and retreating sea, loyal sea
Speak for me the sound of my longing
Dear sea
Love and longing
Across the distance
This afternoon, dear sea.
That's all for today.
We rehearse again on May 7.
This time, our ward
better get a prize.
Have some water.
I drank my sugar cane juice
but my voice's still hoarse.
Ladies, next time
each of you will get 12,000.
I almost forgot.
Here's this month's rent.
If you're tight, keep it,
I can wait.
No, I'll spend it.
Then next month I'll owe you double.
Inoculation for dogs:
245 out of a total of 450 in the ward.
Mosquito spray:
75 bottles from the 110 we received.
Birth control rings:
86 among 150 assigned.
Men's sterilization:
10 cases assigned...
none done.
Same as last month.
I don't know what to do
for the men's sterilization.
I even tried bribing them,
but nobody went.
Now they're terrified
and hide when I come.
The ward will lose its grade,
and I'll be in trouble.
Any man can do it?
No, only those
who already have children.
They get 500,000.
How do they do it?
Not much to it.
They lie down. The doctor ties
the tubes in their testicles.
It's as quick as killing a chicken.
Doesn't hurt,
you can go drinking right after.
No need to cut it all off?
God, of course not!
That'd be a different matter.
Nothing is really cut off.
- Thang, are you here for dinner?
- Yes.
- Can you wash my shirts?
- Yes.
Did you put them all in the basin?
What do you think?
Not very good. They're blurred.
It's not my fault.
Of course it is.
You moved at the end.
I couldn't even breathe
or scratch myself. It's no good?
No. Next time you have
to stand still for 20 seconds.
You're wasting my money.
Let's see. I've got things to do.
Can I come to the club tonight?
I'd like to take some photos.
There's nothing interesting there.
Oh yes,
I'll introduce you to young Van.
Who's Van?
One more time.
Two, three.
Each year...
Each year when summer comes,
so much sadness in my heart
The last syllable was right.
Ninety days full of love
- No.
- Go on.
Blossoms on the flame tree,
red as the blood in my heart...
You're making it
a little painful on the ear,
but I'll teach you.
Thanks, brother!
You sing.
You can't play.
Try it and see.
Ask the lady what she thinks.
Please try to bear
the awful sound she's making.
The poor girl.
Goodbye, my dear friend
We're each on our way tonight
I'll remember this forever
We each will carry our sadness
Sleeping with the longing
on a single pillow
Who can know this sorrow?
He who has ever picked a flower
Will understand this longing
Tomorrow we're each on our way
We've lost the moment with each other
So long, the end's here
Cicada songs are even worse
than my sadness
Will you still remember my love?
Where is the road
where our shadows stretched?
The afternoons when we used to meet
Are now water under the bridge
So long...
Who's this one?
Not the same age as the last one.
This is Van.
Vu is like my little brother.
Bring me a hot pot.
And an extra bowl.
Get Mai over here.
We're working!
Vu's green.
Someone's got to teach him a few things.
You ruined
my little brother's camera.
You know him?
I thought he was some reporter.
I hit him a little hard.
I'm sorry.
Forget it.
Cook some noodles for me.
You're not going to class?
I found a camera
like your father's.
He won't know you broke his.
My Zenith is fine.
That piece of junk
takes blurred photos.
Come on!
I don't want it.
I know where you got the money.
My God, how can you wear that
to a hospital?
Who's going first?
They'll call your name.
Is this Nokia 2110 yours?
Who did you steal it from?
Fuck. I would if I could.
I had to buy it.
Ain't that a bitch?
My name is on the card.
I'm friends with rich people!
You're funny!
I don't believe it.
Rich, my ass.
I borrowed the money.
- What?
- Who from?
Who's stupid enough
to lend money to you?
Mrs. Phung, the landlady.
Mrs. Phung?
She's so mean.
I bet he had
to do stuff with her
to get money from her.
Vu, listen.
I got my ball tubes tied.
I told you.
Money doesn't fall from the sky
on your stupid head.
You're stupid, not me.
He's so reckless.
But how come she let you do it?
You don't have any kids.
On the paper she gave me,
I have two kids.
At the hospital, I dropped my pants
and the doctor cut it.
Only took 30 minutes.
It's like an ant bite.
I just took the 500,000
and cleared off.
After that, she asked me
to find her other guys with no money.
It's terrible!
I brought her 3. She loaned me
2 million to buy the Nokia.
If it's that easy,
why don't all the guys do it?
Yeah, why?
Apparently you get
this high-pitched voice
and you lose your hair,
like a woman.
But that's not fucking true at all.
I did it last month.
I still have my hair and my voice.
You still have armpit hair?
Maybe you'll change
in a couple of months.
Is your voice still deep?
I've never seen you use a cell phone.
All of a sudden, you buy one.
I didn't buy it for myself.
It's so my girlfriend
can show off.
You're poor and an idiot.
She's the only one
at the factory with a cell.
She went crazy.
Now I can bang her anytime.
Whenever I want.
Last week, we fucked so much,
we fell asleep. The high tide woke us.
The phone was in the water.
I brought it back to the store.
It took a week.
What if you want kids?
We love each other enough.
Kids would only get in the way.
We work all day long.
At night, we fuck a few times
before falling asleep.
And when you're old?
I don't know.
Maybe we'll do it just twice.
If you can do that, we bow to you,
Superman and Superwoman.
So I'm Superman!
Go back to your work.
Stop sitting there and bullshitting.
OK, you guys have fun.
I'm gonna sell some candies.
Buy some candies, ma'am?
Help me out, buy some candies,
sweeten your mouth.
Candies, sir?
If I go on,
I'll just forget the words.
Did you sell anything?
We still have twenty.
That's not bad.
Bring what's left to the guys upstairs.
They don't like candy.
You have them.
- I'm sick of it.
- Oh, great!
- You have to make them buy.
- What should I do? Yell?
My brother!
Save my brother!
Vu! This way!
It's cool here!
So, we lost them. Now what?
Why did they beat you up
so bad, Tung?
I owe them two months' money.
Before I talked to Binh Boong,
they gave me shit.
Why do you mess with him?
That guy's dangerous.
How come you owe him money?
I was saving up
to buy an electric guitar.
Now I'm screwed.
You got a guitar,
but they won't let you do the gig.
What will you live on?
What can I do?
I have no money left.
You never have any money.
We've got to go away
for a while.
Let's go to my dad's house.
- Not a bad idea.
- My dad will be thrilled.
Why did you get beaten up so badly?
Why are you all dressed up?
I wanted Vu to take photos
of the kids for fun, Dad.
Who told you photos are for fun?
Dad, Vu doesn't come often.
Let the kids have some photos taken.
They're all dressed up anyway.
Leave the kids here
and go cook something.
Hey, kids!
I brought some fish.
Can I do anything?
Would this float
if I threw it into the water?
Let me borrow it.
Who did that?
Let me borrow it.
You told him to do it, right?
You told him to throw it in?
I didn't throw it in.
Who did it? You?
No, he did.
- Who?
- Him.
No, him.
Who took the phone?
Who took it?
It wasn't. I didn't.
He's too young.
You did it, didn't you?
He unplugged it and threw it.
- Where was it?
- Over there.
He threw it.
Not me, not me.
Why did you throw his phone?
How many times have I told you?
You're so stubborn!
Is that what you want?
To be whipped?
What are you doing?
Go home!
Your father said to come eat.
I can't see too well.
Come get the splinter out for Vu.
Hey, Thang disappeared last night.
Maybe he snuck into Huong's room
and dry-humped him.
Thang, where were you?
Does it hurt?
The "lich" is this black thing.
What's black?
Does it look like your thing?
It looks like an eel,
but it's darker. You see?
As it's darker,
it's called "lich", like "lick".
- It's not the same.
- This is a river snake.
How can it be a river snake?
Here they call
water snakes "lich".
No, they're different.
Are you a scientist?
Drink up.
There are mosquitoes everywhere.
Did you get bitten, Vu?
They're eating me alive.
With your thick skin?
- They only bite my ass.
- 'Cause you have no armpit hair.
Is that true?
That's the first time I heard that.
You don't know
he has no armpit hair?
Hairless cunt!
Pour us a drink.
Having no armpit hair...
it's hard to find a husband.
When you're done,
go take a shower.
Where was he?
So thoughtful.
This is really good stuff.
You make it yourself?
My dad made it.
Mr. Sau...
Make me a vat
so I can sell it in Saigon.
I bought it.
Eat up.
When you next visit us in the city...
I'll treat you
to some foreign alcohol.
You'll see how the girls
shake their asses.
Don't talk so much. Just eat.
He's going for it.
He's on his home turf.
Bottoms up on this round.
- He's doing it again.
- Crazy!
It's not like Vu.
This is between us.
- Drink up.
- Down in one!
Come on.
He's fallen over...
Mr. Sau is a nice guy.
Whatever you do, make my son
a man before dawn.
Thang still owes us two million.
Do we supply him?
If you owe me money,
I add interest, OK?
Meet me tonight
like last time for the delivery.
And how come
you're sweating so much?
Stay like that.
Don't shower before coming over.
Sometimes I wish I was you.
So I could love Thang normally.
What's not normal?
If you love him, just do it with Thang.
Doesn't it hurt the first time?
It hurts, but it's good.
You know.
What about your first time, Vu?
With whom?
With Thang. Who else?
I want to try.
But I can only do it when I'm drunk.
Get drunk then!
I feel awful afterward.
I lose my self-respect.
You have a seed stuck.
I'll get it out for you.
Which dust will I become
To rise again some day
This destiny of dust
Floating under the glare of the sun
Which dust will I become
To become only dust yet again
Wonderful dust
What is this unceasing rhythmic sound?
Khanh Ly!
Which lifeless trees stand in the forest
Rising from the bottom of the abyss
With the first call
Dusty fate
An ink stain erased in a flash
Duy Khanh!
How many years as a human
One afternoon,
hair suddenly gone white like ash
From above, dead leaves fall
A life meets its end in one day
OK, play something more fun.
Ever since they broke his leg,
Binh Boong's gone mad.
He loves me.
He kept me over there for three hours.
They probably broke his ears too,
to love your shit singing.
You're terrible.
You're the one who's deaf.
I sing damn good,
and none of you like my voice.
I do.
Bullshit. All you do
is make fun of my talent.
I nearly cry
when you sing "A Father's Love."
Binh Boong also had tears
in his eyes with that song.
Vu, can I borrow it?
Pass me one.
I'm a salted-egg superman.
Take a good photo.
Two, three...
Do you believe in my sister's talent?
Come in.
Hey Van. Some foreigners
are waiting outside for you.
Don't come in.
Let me change first.
What're you looking at?
What're you doing here,
sweating like a pig?
I'm hot.
Want a drink?
Go home
if you don't want a drink.
The police closed
our drinking joint.
I'm free, let's have dinner.
I'm busy.
What's wrong?
I'll wait for you.
When you're done, we can go.
I'm not that hungry now.
I said I'm busy.
Don't wait for me.
Wow, so deep.
Yes, we like it deep.
And a beer for Van!
I like your style.
I think he wants some air!
So, you don't pay your debts?
I'll teach you.
I'll beat the shit out of you.
Why did Binh Boong beat you up so bad?
Not too cold?
Can you make me a certificate?
What're you talking about?
You don't have kids. I can't.
Like you did for Cuong.
You know about that?
But Cuong's different.
Like me,
he's nothing but dust.
What good would it be to have kids?
You have good genes.
You should pass them on,
for our nation's honor.
I'm not as honorable as you think.
This is so weird.
Let's get out of here.
I'll find another way for us
to get out of Saigon.
Where will you find the money?
I'll go first.
You'll see it's nothing.
I'm going outside for a smoke.
Nguyen Dinh Vu.
Place of birth?
Tien Giang.
25 years old
and already 2 children?
Is it your first operation?
Have you got any allergies?
No contagious diseases?
No contagious diseases?
Did you come with family?
Read this carefully, then sign there.
One day, crossing a market
I felt childish joy
Seeing all those graves
I think my own life
Holds nothing new
I've lived a life of indifference
My heart sometimes closes up
I kneel down next to my wounds
Because you bore a modest prayer
Which cast me on the other side
Because you bore a modest prayer
Which cast me
on the other side