Big Kill (2018) Movie Script

Aw, hell.
What the hell took you so long?
I lost track of time!
Pinche gringo.
- Who's that? - General morales!
- Great. - We should be getting out of here!
Ah, shit.
- Run to my horse! - What? Hell, no!
You come and get it!
You selfish son of a bitch!
My horse is right up at that gate!
I don't know what you're doing behind that well!
Fine! Cover me!
Whoa, wait, wait.
Don't shoot me.
Why won't he quit?
Come on! Hyah! Hyah!
That's it. That's the border.
- That's Texas? - Yeah.
Come on. Hyah!
- We made it. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
He can't do that.
He can't do that!
Come on. Hey! Hyah!
What do you think?
They sure as hell won't follow us in there.
Yeah, come on.
Here, come here.
Take these. Tend to these horses.
That man must really hate you.
Me? I just stole his money.
You're the one that screwed his daughter.
We made love, Jake, and it was a beautiful thing.
Excuse me, gentlemen. You here for trade?
You'd better get your men together.
What for?
'Cause the Mexican army is heading right for you.
To your posts! To your posts, men!
This is the same shit that got us run out of fort worth.
That was as much your fault as it was mine.
Liar! Why can't you once just find a woman
that doesn't get me shot at?
They're not much fun.
Your move, general.
What the hell is going on here?
These men are fugitives from Mexico.
I'm here to take them back.
These men are thieves and cattle rustlers
and should be hung.
That's not true, sir.
All I did was screw his daughter.
Made love.
Now, hold on one moment. Who are you?
I am general morales of the Mexican army.
Well, general,
I'm colonel Granger of the United States cavalry,
and I really don't care
if one of these men screwed your horse.
- But seior... - Don't "but seior me, general.
You led Mexican soldiers across the border
into the United States.
That is an act of war.
Now, you turn around immediately
and take your men back to Mexico
or I'll have my men open fire.
I will take the gringos back with me.
Now, general. Leave now.
If you men ever come back into Mexico,
you will get dead.
Davy, take four men and make sure the general crosses the border.
Yes, sir.
Now, for you two.
We didn't mean to start a war.
We'll see about that.
Now, I can't imagine what you must've done
to make the Mexican army chase you across the border,
but I'll guess it was real stupid.
It wasn't the entire army, sir.
Gentlemen, there's only two kind of men that go to Mexico.
That's cattle rustlers or fugitives.
We were just there for an honest card game, sir.
- In Mexico? - Yes, sir.
To play cards?
Well, I think you two
should stay around here for a while,
until we sort things out.
Is there a saloon here?
It isn't necessarily what I would call a saloon,
but there's a place you can find whiskey.
That'll do.
Now, if you gentlemen will excuse me,
I have things to take care of.
Whoa, hup.
Driver: Hup.
Ah, here you are.
Thank you.
Um, excuse me? Does this town have a name?
I don't think it has a name. It's a cavalry outpost.
Is there a place I can get something to eat around here?
See that little shack over there?
You can get something resembling a meal.
Why don't you join me?
I'll let you buy me a drink.
- Travis Parker. - James Andrews.
It's nice to meet you, Jim.
Say, this is a...
Kind of an out of the way place.
What are you doing here?
I'm just passing through on my way to Arizona.
- Tombstone? - No, big kill.
Big kill?
- Never heard of it. - It's a mining town.
They found a mountain of silver there.
It's been booming ever since.
- Really? - My brother owns a saloon there.
Come on. I'll drink to that.
I raise ya.
I call.
Full house.
Three kings? Ha! I win again!
You ain't gonna try to win your money back?
Jim, this is Jake.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Jim is on his way to big kill, Arizona.
Never heard of it.
That's, uh, a mining town.
His brother owns a saloon there.
That so?
I don't know much about it,
except what he told me in a letter.
It's booming. Lots of people, saloons...
Even brothels.
That sounds like my kind of town.
We were... we were planning on heading that direction.
Perhaps we can ride with you.
Oh, I certainly wouldn't mind the company.
If you don't mind me saying, Jim,
I notice you ain't heeled.
I'm s o rry?
Means you don't carry a gun.
I don't have any use for one.
Why don't you pick up a good Colt before we leave?
My talents are in business, Travis,
not killing.
He doesn't mean any disrespect, Jim,
but if we're traveling through this rough territory,
and if big kill is what you say it is,
it might be a good idea to have some protection along.
Doesn't mean you're gonna use it.
Isn't that what you two gentlemen are for?
Yeah, well, sometimes people
aren't always around when you need 'em.
- You ready? - Where's Travis?
Tying up some loose ends.
Amazing. In a place like this,
he's able to find the only attractive woman.
That guy could fall into a barrel of dicks
and come up with a tit in his mouth. Come on!
Mr. Logan, where the hell do you think you're going?
What's in Arizona?
We're starting a new life.
Is that so?
I thought I told you I wanted you to stay around.
These men are my guides, sir.
We're going to big kill.
I never heard of it,
but if you're going to Arizona alone,
I'd be very careful how I choose my guides.
If we meant you any harm, Jim, we wouldn't have told you to heel yourself.
Oh, I don't think they mean you any harm.
Harm just seems to follow these men.
They've only been here two days
and some of my men want to kill 'em already.
I don't imagine going to Arizona is going to change that.
I appreciate your concern, sir, but I think we'll be okay.
Good luck.
Having trouble with your horse, Jim?
Can't say I ride too many horses in Philadelphia.
You'll get used to it. Come on.
Hyah! Ha!
Ha. Ha.
- Up on the Ridge. - I see 'em.
- Jim: Who are they? - I don't know.
We could make a run for it, but...
Well, we could try west, but they'd cut us off.
We'd have to go east.
Why do we need to run at all?
It seems like the thing to do.
We don't have to run. Odds aren't that bad.
You still got that Colt we told you to buy?
It's in my saddle bag.
It ain't gonna do you much good in there.
At least look mean.
I don't understand. We haven't done anything wrong.
Is there something you're not telling me?
We ain't real liked in new Mexico.
Well, if it ain't Jake and Travis.
Howdy, Bob.
I didn't think you'd be stupid enough
to show your faces around here again.
You're looking real good, Sam.
Screw you, Travis.
- Reina. - Jake.
Chisholm's got a bounty out on you two.
Careful, Bob. Look at the odds.
Gentlemen, ma'am.
We don't want any trouble.
- And who are you? - Jim Andrews.
I'm an accountant from Philadelphia
on my way to big kill, Arizona.
Never heard of it.
Well, these men are my guides.
We're just passing through.
Your move, Bob.
Head straight to Arizona.
No side trips.
Especially you.
Don't worry. You have my word.
Mister, I don't know you,
so I don't know your word.
I'm gonna have a man go out
and round up the rest of this outfit,
just to make sure your word is good.
Thank you, sir.
Why don't you take your men from up on top of that Ridge?
I'm not gonna shoot you in the back, Jake.
Just the same.
Don't ever come back to new Mexico.
Come on, hup.
An accountant?
Well, I am.
There it is.
If this town is what Jim says it is,
maybe we stay here awhile.
I'm tired of running.
It's time I settled down, laid down some roots,
become an honorable citizen.
Let's not go that far.
What do you think, Jim?
It'll be good to see my brother.
To big kill.
All right, Jim.
Let's see about this town of yours.
Come on! Ha!
Ain't much of a boomtown.
That was rude.
That's it.
The easy lady.
I like the name.
Come on.
This is a nice place.
Is Grant here?
- Who? - Grant Andrews.
No, I don't know any Grant.
I thought he was the owner.
No, the mayor owns this place.
Told you I don't know any Grant.
Is the mayor around?
Went outta town on business.
Should be back in a few days.
How about whiskey? You ever heard of that?
You don't look like the whiskey type.
Says the beer drinker.
Especially this one.
I most definitely am the whiskey type.
Well, I'm proud of you, son.
Guess we're gonna have to pay for these.
Cover it?
Kind of expensive
for such a dead town, isn't it?
Maybe so.
Is there a place to stay around here?
Yeah, you got a hotel right down the street.
Should be plenty of rooms...
For all two of you.
How about our horses? Is there a stable around here?
Round back.
You know, you boys looking for some work,
you might need to talk to the preacher.
Must be a religious town.
Come back, now, you hear?
You boys must be new in town.
- We are. - I'm digger.
I make pine boxes.
I am the last person
who will see your earthly remains.
How's business?
Been a little too slow for my liking.
You've been accused of stealing a horse, Andy.
Now's your opportunity to repent.
I didn't steal any horse.
The horse was found on your homestead, son.
Andy: I didn't do it.
You'll have a chance to prove your innocence.
Gentlemen, you must be the travelers that I heard about.
I'm the preacher.
No shit.
What's your business here?
Just passing through.
Well, you're welcome to rest up then,
resupply if you need.
Let's go see about that hotel.
Travis: Feeling better?
A hot bath does wonders for the soul.
You boys gonna clean up?
We did.
What's the plan, Jim?
I need to find out what happened to my brother.
Probably just up and left.
I figure I'll ask around a little bit.
Shouldn't take too long to find out where he went.
I don't want to stay here longer than we have to.
We don't seem very welcome.
We're used to that.
All right.
Let's go.
You boys are back.
Three whiskeys?
And a bottle.
Are you seeing what I'm seeing?
Yes, I am.
Doesn't it seem odd to you?
All the money being played in such a dead town?
Looks good to me.
- Excuse me, ma'am. - Yes?
I was wondering if you could help me.
Oh, honey, I'm retired.
But I would love to set you up with one of my ladies.
No, thank you. I'm looking for someone.
Maybe you've heard of him. Grant Andrews?
I don't know anyone named Grant.
He said if I was ever in big kill,
to come to the easy lady and ask for him.
Listen, I'd love to help you, but I...
What the hell was that?
She's perfect for you.
Woman: Fred, take care of that.
Is that normal for around here?
Just a situation.
Sometimes these things happen.
I don't think I caught your name.
Jim, you need to talk to the mayor.
I've heard that.
The mayor will be back in a couple of days.
He can help you find what you're looking for.
You boys have been a little remiss
with your devotions.
See you Sunday?
You, too?
- Yes, sir. - All right.
Yeah, I recognize 'em.
I know you.
That so?
You're Jake and Travis.
Who are you?
Johnny Kane.
Never heard of ya.
You two have got quite the reputation.
I hear you're real fast.
I'm just a sporting man.
I was in white oaks.
Two bullets in him before he ever cleared leather.
I was just lucky.
I don't think that man ever went for his gun.
Well, I guess he should have.
I call.
You two should get out of town...
Before you draw down on somebody who shoots back.
- Was that a threat? - Yeah.
I was just checking.
We're just passing through.
See to it you pass through quickly.
I'm tired of people running us out of town.
Yeah. Miss Olivia?
I'm gonna need another drink.
You keep some interesting company.
I could say the same about you.
Man, you really sound like our mayor.
I heard there was an incident.
He interrupted my bath.
Oh, no. Can't have that.
Allow me the pleasure to introduce
miss Felicia stiletto.
It's a pleasure.
You have no idea.
Felicia. Beautiful as always.
- Wow. Ahem. - Praise the lord.
You'll just be passing through.
Jim: Good morning.
You look nice.
Yeah, I know that outfit.
That man that came up to you last night, Johnny Kane.
You've never heard of him?
We heard of him.
Is he all talk?
No, he's a killer.
A good one.
Isn't there something strange about this town?
We just got here and they're already trying to run us out.
Sounds pretty normal to me.
Jim, we know people like this.
They're bad news.
I'd like to meet this mayor I've heard about.
He seems to run things.
Looks like the preacher's running things.
I need answers about my brother.
I don't think the preacher's the person to ask.
You're right about that.
Come on!
Jake, weren't those O'Reilly's boys?
You know them?
We had a run in with them up in deadwood.
Shall we have a look around?
Fine idea.
Can I help ya?
- Nice store. - Thank you.
You looking for anything in particular?
Not sure. I'm new in town.
New to town?
Heh, we don't get that too often anymore.
Except for the cowboys who come through here,
but you don't look like one of them.
No, I'm an accountant.
We definitely don't get any of them.
Name's Henry strong.
Henry, I'm Jim Andrews,
and these are my friends Jake and Travis.
Nice to met you, gentlemen.
That's my daughter Josie.
- Ma'am. - Nice to meet you.
If you don't mind me asking, Henry, what's...
What's happened to your town here?
Well, the mines flooded.
No railroad.
Folks pulled up stakes and left.
But you stayed.
Well, I can't leave my store.
My life savings are tied up in it.
We still have some business from the ranches in the area,
and those cowboys come through here a few times a week.
Cowboys, huh?
Don't ask.
They take their cattle to the slaughterhouse,
come in town, and spend the money.
What do you do with all the meat?
It seems like more than this town needs.
Don't know.
Covered wagons leave there in the middle of the night.
Ain't my business.
We know what they're doing.
Like I said, ain't none of our business.
Ours either. Shall we grace the easy lady?
- Please. - We met your preacher.
- He's not our preacher. - Henry: Josie.
Our preacher disappeared the same day he arrived.
That's enough.
Can I interest you in some of our supplies?
No. Thank you.
- I saw that. - What?
That look of love from across the room.
It's a beautiful thing.
I don't think so.
She seems out of place, that's all.
Join us at the easy lady?
No, I think I'm gonna walk around a little more.
Well, you know where we'll be.
I'll find a game, you find some whiskey.
Hey, kid!
What are you doing way over there? Come on!
We're gonna find you a woman, teach you some respect!
Come on! Whoo!
We need whiskey and women!
Gimme a bottle. Come on!
Hey, where your whores at?
I need one for the kid and two for me.
And give the kid the biggest woman you got.
I want his first experience
to be... special.
Go on, boy, take it down.
Today you become a man.
Whoo! It's good, ain't it?
For Christ's sake.
You give the best table in the house
to that big buck.
Hey! Boy!
Get outta my seat.
I said...
Get up from that table.
I'm sorry, sir.
Well, that's more like it.
Oh, no, no, no, no!
Who's the boy now, huh?
Who's the boy now?
Son of a bitch!
Where is he?
Kane: I hear there's gonna be a fight.
Johnny Kane.
At your service.
This son of a bitch murdered my friend.
You wanna die along with him?
I don't got a beef with you, Johnny.
Then drag that stinking corpse out of this town.
Unless you have other intentions.
I don't want to fight you.
Nobody ever wants to fight me.
I thought I was gonna get to kill someone today.
Unh! God!
You have to cock the hammer, son.
Don't worry, kid. You won't feel a thing.
I don't like him very much.
He seems to be quite fond of you.
What happened?
Seems the paying customers
decided this isn't the safest town.
So that leaves Travis and myself
to play cards with each other.
Go fish.
No, what happened with the fight?
One of O'Reilly's boys upset that very large black man
and it went from there.
You find anything out?
Sit down, Jim. Have a drink.
We've been thinking.
It might be about time we leave this town.
They kill people they don't like.
And they don't like us, Jim.
You expect me to leave?
Just forget about my brother?
No, but you can't do him much good dead.
Just get out of town for a little while.
Let 'em forget about us.
Maybe find your brother in the next town.
Maybe you're right.
The mayor's back.
Just trouble with some cowboys.
Tommy and the boys took care of it. It's okay.
Oh, I can see how they took care of it.
Where is the preacher?
- What are you doing here? - 1 got your letter.
That was two years ago.
I know. Things have been tough.
I heard. I'm sorry.
She was a good woman.
I'm glad you're here.
Grant, what's going on around here?
These your friends?
Yes, this is Jake and Travis.
Y'all hungry?
You're now with me, so anything you want in this town is yours.
Does that include the saloon?
I did say anything.
Thank you.
I guess they're not hungry.
Shall we take a walk?
I can't believe you're here. I never heard from you.
I know.
When Kate died, it was...
I decided there was nothing left for me in Philadelphia.
- So I came out here. - And here you are.
Here I am.
What you saw today was, unfortunately,
something that happens when I'm not around.
You said this place was booming.
You brought me out here to this?
That was two years ago.
Things have changed.
I can see that.
Business was booming.
And then the mines flooded and people lost everything.
Myself included.
And then someone walked into my place
and made me an offer that would save me.
Save you?
- What kind of offer? - Cattle.
Big kill gets a steady stream of cattle
that needs to be disposed of quietly.
You're a cattle rustler.
I do not rustle cattle.
We provide a service,
and we make a profit in that process.
I can't believe you're involved in this.
They're going to do it anyways.
Jimmy, I know what it is you're thinking.
I came all the way out here from Philadelphia.
When I get here, I see people being gunned down in the streets.
And then I come to find out that it's my own brother who's behind it all.
You have no idea what I'm thinking.
Don't you dare speak to me that way.
You were not here when the town went bust.
You did not have to look families in their faces
when they lost everything.
You don't know what that feels like.
It doesn't make it right.
I'm not saying that it's right.
I'm not saying that I like it.
I'm saying that I did whatever I had to do to survive,
to help other families in ths town survive.
Bad things happen, like today. I don't like it.
But there are good people here.
And I have a plan to turn it all around.
To make us respectable again.
No, you crossed that line.
And you took our good family name with it.
I am still your older brother.
Forgive me.
I am tired.
And hungry. And could use a drink.
Please won't you join me?
I'll catch up with you later.
I haven't seen you in years.
The hotel makes a wonderful lamb.
I'm not hungry.
I'm gonna take a walk.
I'll see you there later.
It is good to see you.
I am glad you're here.
- Hi. - Josie.
What can I do for you?
I don't know.
This seems like the only sane place in town.
I've never experienced violence like this.
How do you get used to it?
I don't.
I hope I never do.
Can I get you something? Some water?
No. No, thank you.
You don't fit in this town.
Oh, I disagree.
I fit perfectly.
It's the others who don't fit.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to insult you.
Oh, you didn't insult me. No, I know what you meant.
I don't want to bother you.
You're no bother.
You're welcome here any time, Jim.
Have a good afternoon, Josie.
Thank you.
Don't anger him.
Preacher wants to see you.
We're busy.
He's expecting you in the church.
We could use some hail Marys.
Please, come in.
You're all coiled up.
Gotta to be calm, boys.
I wouldn't defile a house of the lord.
Now, you mind removing your hats in my church?
There we go.
Thank you, gentlemen, for coming to see me.
You're welcome.
This how you live your life?
Just gambling from town to town until they run you off?
Well, I want you two men in my flock.
And I guarantee your lives
will be more enriched
than playing cards.
We like playing cards.
Allow me a retort.
In your current situation,
I wouldn't be so quick to decline such a generous offer.
We'll think about it.
Think carefully.
Peace be with you.
I'll take two.
Bet you think you're such a smart and fancy lad,
and I'll bow to you like milord.
But if'n you do,
your head's full of them sweet tea mice.
I don't know what you said, but thank you.
I'll take one.
Man: Pick it up.
Pick it up!
I call.
You're betting on a blind.
All right, then.
Full house.
Pick it up.
A two!
A two.
You're such a shite card player.
Look it, your man can't even beat a white goat.
You should probably sit down now.
I don't think so.
I think I'll keep playing.
I need a new horse.
Hey, look at me while I'm fuckin' ya.
What'd you do that for?
Perhaps we should play marbles.
We could play go fish.
Maybe I can win at go fish.
Aren't you gonna do something about it?
You did laugh at the man.
You two are making fast friends.
You saying you're our friend, preacher?
How'd it go?
I'm assuming you spoke into the other ear?
You won't have any more trouble in springville.
You left him alive?
Unfortunately, yes.
I did play with him a little.
Better to instill fear than create a martyr.
I need a bath.
By all means.
- She does good work. - Mm.
There's something I gotta do.
What are you doing here?
Trying to be graceful.
You're interrupting my bath.
Oh, I can see that.
Have you met our town preacher?
I have.
Quite the man of the cloth.
One should administer justice and offer salvation as well.
Depends on how you see the world.
Well, I see the world for what it is,
not what I wish it could be.
Well, I'm glad you two are becoming fast friends.
Not for long. Jim's just passing through, isn't that right?
Well, I'm hoping that I can get him to stay a little longer.
You know, I have some friends back east
that might be very interested in what's going on around here.
I would tread lightly, son.
This ain't the east.
Johnny Kane. Slow movements.
Well, look who grew a sack.
Grant: Enough.
He isn't to be touched.
You're the man, huh?
Let's go again.
I don't think I can.
Ooh! Whoa, there.
I said, let's go again.
You can go out the same way you came in.
What in the hell?
Isn't that the man from new Mexico?
What's he doing here?
I do not know.
I will see you later.
Yes, you will.
Miss Olivia.
- Good morning. - Morning.
How you feeling?
My head hurts.
You should eat some eggs.
That will help.
You recognize that horse?
Bob Pearson.
If you gentlemen will excuse me,
I have someplace to be.
Where you gotta be?
Jim's got a girl.
Oh. The saloon.
Josie from the dry goods store.
Oh, hell.
What's that supposed to mean?
That's how it always starts with this one,
and then I end up getting shot at.
I don't plan on getting shot at.
Never do.
Almost never.
I'll see you gentlemen later.
We're gonna get shot at.
Can you do this?
I understand I've been summoned to the honorable presence
of our mayor.
Have a seat.
Can I get you a drink? A cigar?
I wanted to make sure that we were on the same page.
Does that matter?
Well, yes, I think it does.
You take care of the order.
I handle the business side of things.
Thank you for the clarification.
The way you're taking care of order
is interfering with the business.
This is how we do business.
Better not be wasting my time with any more with this.
I want to make some changes.
- Turn this town around. - We turned it around.
I want to make it respectable.
- Respectable? - Mm.
The meeting with the railroad people went exceptionally well.
I believe they're gonna choose us as their town.
Why, you don't say.
Well, we've still gotta...
Deal with springville.
They keep making the hard sell, too.
But if we can get the railroad...
I wouldn't worry about springville.
What did you do?
I sent Felicia to pay a little visit
to their mayor.
- Christ. - Watch your tongue.
This is not how we get things done.
Oh, to the contrary,
this is exactly how we get things done.
He's alive, mayor. Don't worry about that.
You can keep this one off your little conscience.
What will it take for you to stand down?
I won't.
I kneel to only one.
How much?
Wealth is worthless on the day of the wrath.
Your services are no longer needed.
Cain Rose up against Abel.
Well, excuse me, mayor.
I have some souls to save.
So what I was saying is that up in San Francisco,
we ever make it that far west,
they got these places called department stores.
They sell clothes... Get you new duds,
you've been in those clothes for, like...
Should I be looking for a fight, Bob?
I'm not here for you, Jake.
I thought you never heard about this town.
I was just checking on your... intentions.
And what are yours?
There's already enough to watch out for here.
Reckon so.
All right, then.
All right.
See, Bob could use himself a new coat.
I always liked reina.
See, what I'm saying is,
you know, in those department stores...
Mr. strong.
Nice flowers.
Those for me?
No, they are for Josie.
I thought you might be coming by.
We have a house next door. You can find her there.
- Thank you. - I should probably let you know
that you I keep a shotgun behind the counter.
I'll be keeping my eye on you, too.
- I would expect so. - Go on.
And, Jim, call me Henry.
Okay, Henry.
= oh, hi, Jim. - Hi.
I'm sorry to barge in on you like this.
No, it's okay. I was just cleaning up.
I don't mean to bother you.
I... I just wanted to give you these.
Oh, that is so sweet. Thank you.
I can't tell you the last time someone brought me flowers.
Well, I don't know how often you get to smile in this town.
I thought they might make you smile.
They are lovely. Thank you.
I'll leave you.
Um, Josie...
I have to ask,
why are you here?
Where else would I go?
When my mother died, my father refused to give up.
I came back here to help.
I couldn't leave him here alone.
No, of course not.
He has everything in this place,
including her.
The town isn't bad,
just some of the people.
Well, enjoy the flowers.
I will. Thank you.
Can I take you someplace later?
Yes. I'd like that.
May I ask what happened to you?
I do believe that I have found the woman of my dreams.
I've heard this before.
Jim, how's the new girlfriend?
- What new girlfriend? - Jim is sweet on that
cute little redhead down at the dry goods store.
Bought her flowers and everything.
Yeah, she is a great girl.
You two would make a fine couple.
I never said anything about being a couple.
I like talking to her.
See there?
All the more reason for you to stay.
What you said the other day,
do you really think you can fix this town?
I know I can.
I've been talking to people from the railroad.
They don't have a line that runs through this region.
Now we've made a lot of money, and I plan on offsetting
the cost of their track.
I think they're gonna say yes.
And now that you're here,
we can do it together.
And you boys, well, you're welcome to stay
and see the rebirth of this town, hmm?
Much obliged. - mm-hmm.
What about the preacher?
Well, I am sure that we can work something out.
The future.
Jake: The future.
- Ah, man. - Howdy, Jake.
You care to join me?
Gentlemen, uh,
miss Olivia needs my... Needs my attention.
Grant: Hmm.
- We should go now, sir. - Hmm.
You boys enjoy the rest of the day.
- I know that Jake will. - Cowboy.
Nobody runs me out of my town.
It's beautiful.
Yes, it is.
What brings you all the way out to big kill?
- My brother. - Besides that.
I had nowhere else to go.
I lost my wife in childbirth.
- I'm sorry. - Yes.
To my surprise, the sun still rises and sets.
I came out of a fog
and I realized I was
already on my way here.
So this is it?
This is your final destination?
I find that hard to believe.
Why is that?
You're a big city person.
This is not a big city.
You may not know me as well as you think.
There could be things that keep me around.
What kind of things?
The sunset's pretty nice.
Just the sunset, huh?
This is not what I wanted.
But betrayal...
Is a sin.
Look at me.
This is gonna hurt, mayor.
This is gonna hurt bad now.
Hold on.
Please. Please don't do this.
Show the mayor around town.
Man: Yah!
Why? Why did you challenge me?
You're not a bad man.
You're not a bad man. You're just weak.
And the meek shall not inherit the earth in my town.
String him up.
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.
The view was amazing. Thank you.
Yes, it was.
Even in a town like this, there's beauty somewhere.
I knew that the first time I saw you.
Well, I better be getting back.
Have a good night, Josie.
Good night, Jim.
Grant, no!
- Help! - Shit.
- Help! - Oh!
Hey, give him to me.
Cut him down! Get her out of here.
No! No!
Man: Get her out of here, come on!
Get up!
- Get up! Get up! - Get out of here!
- Come on, we're sitting ducks! - Come on, Jim! Come on.
- Come on, Jim! - Jim, come on, we gotta go.
Come on, Jim! Come on, come on!
- I got him. - Come on!
Go! Jim!
- Come on. - Henry! Let's go!
I will take care of him.
It's okay.
It's my job.
You pacing around is making me nervous.
Good. You know how I feel.
I don't like being in here.
It's like... like a duck trap.
We'll bury your brother at daybreak.
Then we'll ride out of here like hell.
Make sure you get something to eat, Jim.
There's not gonna be any time after the burial.
We're gonna ride hard to the next town.
You sure you need more?
It's cold.
If it's clear, I'm gonna...
I'm gonna check on digger.
How the hell did you get in here?
I ain't here to fight.
Then why'd you come?
To tell you I don't agree
with that was done to your brother.
It wasn't right.
Thank you.
I can help you get out of town,
but we must leave now.
Travis: You work for the preacher.
Why don't I kill you right now?
I work for him, but I ain't no butcher.
I still have honor.
All right.
What the hell's he doing here?
I'm not here as your enemy.
Well, you as sure hell ain't a friend.
Please hurry.
They'll be coming for you soon.
And I'm sorry.
What'd you find out?
Digger will be by at daybreak.
We'll take him to boot hill.
You trust him?
No. No, I don't.
I told him if I smell a crawfish,
I'd shoot him on sight.
So we wait.
We'll stay with you...
Till the funeral.
J amazing j
j grace j
j how sweet j
j the sound j
j that saved j
j a wretch j
j like me j
jl once j
j was lost j
you want me presiding over the funeral?
J but now j
j I'm found j
j was blind j
guess not.
J but now j
jl see j
j 'twas grace j
j that taught j
j my heart j
j to fear j
j and grace j
j my fears j
j relieved j
- j how precious did j - I'm so sorry.
J that grace appear j
Travis: Let's go.
J the hour j - come on, Jim.
J first j
j believed j
Jake, we're riding out of here.
I suggest you do the same.
With the mayor gone,
this place is gonna get dangerous real fast.
You can pass through new Mexico.
- I won't stop you. - Thanks, Bob.
Just in case you need it.
Travis: Thanks.
Get it back to me when you get back to new Mexico.
You boys watch your backs.
Let's go. Hyah!
What do you think?
I think they're coming for us.
Me, too.
I'll check the horses. Get him ready to ride.
1 will.
Jesus, Jim, couldn't you get a bigger gun?
If I'm lucky enough to hit someone,
I want it to count.
They're coming for us.
We gotta get out of here.
You're not going anywhere, are you?
They're gonna kill you, Jim.
I know.
Horses are ready.
Jim, that can't be all we have.
You said we might run into trouble.
I was right.
There's no sign of 'em.
We can get away clean if we go now.
I'm not going.
You stay here, they'll kill you.
I know.
I can't talk you out of this, can I?
Let me guess.
I'm staying here with Jim.
Well, good luck.
- Fine. - Fine!
I'm tired of getting run out of every town we go to.
People running us off like dogs.
So you wanna pick this shithole to make your stand?
- That's right. - That's just great.
We're always running away.
And notice we're still alive.
It's time to make a stand for something,
and I'm making that stand here with Jim.
Oh, for Christ's sake.
He's gonna get killed without us.
He's gonna get killed with us!
Why do we have to go down with him?
Because it's the right thing to do!
Oh, to hell with the right thing to do.
The right thing to do is stay alive!
He's our friend.
You're gonna die with him.
What now?
We wait.
What took you so long?
I lost track of time.
Why the hell do you care about what happens to this town?
I want to finish what my brother started.
He's all I had left.
Then let's take the fight to them.
It's hard to miss with this.
I'd like to pay a visit to the slaughterhouse.
Everybody get out!
Man: What the hell is going on?
You better have a damn good reason for being here.
I said get out.
If you're gonna point that at someone,
make sure you can pull the trigger.
Burn it.
Finish this, Johnny.
When the shooting starts,
empty both barrels into the nearest man
and get the hell away.
I thought you would be halfway to Mexico by now.
We didn't have much luck in Mexico.
You don't have much luck here.
Suppose not.
It's your move, Johnny Kane.
What'd you do that for?
I can't help it. It's who I am.
Oh, baby.
It's just a little rough love.
You got grit, Jim.
I'll give you that.
Your services are no longer needed.
I heard that before.
Any last confessions?
My soul's at peace.
Is yours?
Preacher: Shoot him!
Shoot him with...
The gun under your skirt I gave you.
Shoot him.
The hell happened to you?
She stabbed me, Jake.
I think you'd be used to that by now.
- Just get it out. - All right.
That hurt?
Shut up and do it.
On three.
- Okay. - Yeah.
He killed the preacher.
How the hell did he do that?
I don't know.
Probably the same way we've been alive all these years.
- Just lucky, I guess. - Let's get a drink.
Jake: I guess it's on the house, right?
Travis: Yeah.
Where's Jake?
Tying up some loose ends.
I'm gonna miss you.
Saying good-bye?
Gonna be a long ride.
- Travis: Sure was. - Three whiskeys.
I thought you two wanted to settle down someplace.
All this got me thinking about my own brother.
Thought I better check in.
Besides, we better get out of here
before you get yourself a real preacher.
Turn this into a respectable town, right?
Well, that's the plan.
There may be others out there.
I'll take care of them. Legally.
I still have friends back east.
You have friends out here, too.
Thank you.
You're always welcome here.
You really think this town is gonna survive?
I got in touch with the railroad.
They're gonna come here and take a look around.
I think we'll be all right.
Yeah, I think you'll be just fine.
Thank you for everything.
Miss Josie.
Came to say good-bye.
You take care of Jim now.
- I will. - He's a wild one.
You two try to stay out of trouble.
- We always try to. - Jim?
You gonna run the saloon now?
The madam's gonna run it.
I'm thinking about running for mayor.
You know there's gonna be more trouble.
I suspect.
You're gonna need some help with that.
I suspect.
Hopefully you can find some.
We'll be around.
Miss Olivia. Henry.
You boys take care.
Hyah! Hyah!