Big Love (2023) Movie Script

[upbeat music playing]
[woman1] Baby, are you sure?
[man1] Yes, Mama.
- Ah. And I can't change your mind?
- No, Mama.
- Sweet heart.
- [man2] Mmh?
Oh-uh, would you like to talk about this?
I mean, your son...
[whispers] Help me out.
Yes, Papa?
It's a sheer waste spending time
doing something you'd rather not.
Exactly. Exactly.
And then I spent time
doing Law for you, mummy.
But now I want to do banking.
-Not fair at all. See,
-[cup clattering]
I don't see any reason why
you should start from the scratch.
The same thing you did when
you were doing uh... uh...
tattoos all over your body
and I was telling you,
[in Yoruba] Others have
very tiny tattoos on their body
but yours is as big as the map of Nigeria.
- [Mama in English] You're too stubborn!
- Mummy, leave my tattoos.
And it is not starting from the scratch.
[woman2 in Yoruba] Good morning.
[in English] I thought
normally we'll be upstairs.
[Mama in Yoruba] You're indeed early.
Uh, if you had watched
the TV or heard the radio,
then you'll know that there's traffic. Eh?
- I'm gonna rush off now.
- Eh? Excuse me, excuse me.
Eh, aah, there are too
many girlfriends now.
[in Yoruba] Your wives are too plenty
[in English] That you
can't even say hello to...
Is that how to say hello to your aunty?
- No, Aunty, I'm sorry.
- Give me sugar, man. Ah-uh!
- [in Yoruba] Thank you, my darling.
- [in English] You're my favorite aunty.
See, don't mind her.
All that tattoo business
she's talking about...
- see your aunty.
- [Mama in Yoruba] You guys, keep it up.
- [whispers] That's beautiful.
- Thanks, my darling.
[spluttering] Real... real... Really?
[in Yoruba] You, come back here! Adil!
[hailing] My biggest boss of all time!
[exclaims] Biggest boss!
[in English] 'Tion sir!
- [kisses]
- [mama laughs]
- Love you, Mama.
- [laughs, in English] I love you baby.
- [Aunty] Coffee for you?
- I will order it from Australia,
- they will bring you a box.
- Kafil wha... Kafil,
-what is wrong with you? Look at the
-[in Yoruba] It's just mere coffee.
way you're seated with
my husband like,
- [splutters] like... like...
- [in Yoruba] What are you saying?
[in English] He's our own husband.
The day he married you,
he married all of us, right?
Oh, and I've got good
gossip. [exclaims]
- [in Yoruba] I have gossip for you.
- Eh!
You remember those
people we were talking about?
- They are now in trouble.
- [in Yoruba] You don't mean it!
- Boss! You understand now.
- It's... You... Yeah.
[in Yoruba] Do you understand?
- Boss, you know how we do it.
- Girl,
- if you see...
- Yeah, I know.
- [in English] Don't be upset, Boss.
- I'm not upset.
- [Papa] Enjoy. My coffee!
- Darling, I'll see you shortly.
I'll order your coffee.
- [Papa] I've said my own.
- What happened?
[Adil] Who's Greg?
-Her boyfriend. What's
-Ooh! [chuckles]
Ooh? Don't do that
righteous thing with me.
Like you've never had a night
of drunkenness and just sex?
- But bro, you could have avoided this, easily.
- [cars honking]
All you had to do was just
use a rubber.
[scoffs] Like you use
rubber all the time.
[exhales] What are you going to do now?
- Nothing. I'm just gonna leave it.
- [disbelief] Nothing?
- Do you know who your mother is?
- Does she know who Lina is?
Look, you know
she wasn't going to keep the child,
- I convinced her into keeping it.
- Mm.
- Then your mum is talking about marriage.
- That girl just wants to disappear.
- She doesn't want any of this.
- But why though?
Because she's not ready!
And besides we don't
even like each other like that.
And then there's a Greg.
That's baby-daddy number...
boyfriend number two. Right?
- Baby... [chuckles] Baby-daddy. [laughs]
- Stop, I'm not jok... [chuckles]
I'm... I'm... This is something I'm...
This is my life now.
[bustling city sounds]
["Good Time" by Show Dem Camp playing]
[Adil] Alright,
make sure you update me, okay?
[Amir] Yeah sure.
And you let me know
when they post you to Jalingo.
[Adil chuckles] Jalingo.
[Adil grunts]
- [Amir] Wow, there are so many people.
- I know right.
- So, take it easy, uh?
- Wh... Adina?
Who's Adina again?
- Bro, focus.
- No, I know her.
Guy, focus!
- You don't know anybody here.
- No, I know her,
- trust me.
- You don't know her.
No, no, no, I actually know her.
Do you know why you're here?
You don't know her.
Your mum will take you back.
This plan will be ruined.
- See you later.
- Be safe, yeah.
Yeah, sure thing
["Good Time" song continues playing]
[lady] Next!
Hey, hey! Mr. blue on white,
go and find your seat.
Go and find your seat!
[comical music plays]
[indistinct chatter]
- Can you come sit here, so I'll sit there?
- Sure.
- Are you sure?
- Sure.
What's going on there?
- No, I was just gonna go...
- Go back to your seat.
[clears throat]
Good day, and welcome to Sterling.
[crowd clapping]
["Came for a good time" music playing]
[man3] Five, six, seven, go!
-One, two, three, four, and
-[upbeat music playing]
One, two, three, four, and
One, two, three and four.
Get yourself a partner,
get yourself a partner. Come on, let's go!
Let's go!
- [coach] Do we have a partner?
- Hey.
- Oh. Hi.
- [grunts]
- Adina, right?
- Yes Adio, yes.
Um, actually the name is Adil not Adio.
- [pants]
- [chuckles]
Are you serious?
I'm so sorry. I called you Adio
the entire time in school.
[coach]] Alright, thank you.
That's a wrap, that's a wrap. Thank you.
You know, I just thought
it was kind of cute
and I didn't want it to be
awkward so, I just... I just let it slide.
[chuckles] I'm... I'm so sorry.
- We barely spoke so I didn't... Yeah.
- No it's... It's fine.
- It's fine.
- It's been a while, it's been what?
It's been... [groans] Whew.
- It's been three years actually.
- Right.
And you're looking... good. Different.
No, no, I didn't mean that in
a bad... in a bad way or anything.
[timidly] I just mean like um... Yeah.
- Nice. Guess I'll see you around.
- Yeah, I don't know,
do you want to maybe
grab breakfast or something?
Yeah, sure.
- Yes?
- Yeah.
Okay, let's...
[Adina] Feels good
to finally see a familiar face.
You know, I feel the same way.
- So... Oh.
- [waiter] The orders
- Uh, thank you.
- Thank you.
- [phone vibrating]
- Phone. Yeah, it's okay.
Yeah, hello Lola.
Where... No.
I'm not in Lagos, where...
But you didn't tell me
that you were coming though.
Okay, I... I'll get on it.
Um, give me a second,
I need to make another call.
Pick up, pick up!
Mr. Prosper.
Uh, yes.
See, Lola is at the airport, I need you to
go pick her up and then take
her anywhere she wants to go.
Yes, I will sort it later.
Alright. Thank you.
- I'm so sorry about that.
- No, it's okay.
Um... yes, actually.
She was in Rwanda.
She went to do some film business but,
I had no idea
she was coming back. [chuckles]
Why don't you sound
like an excited boyfriend?
Let's say... let's just
say we're having issues.
- I saw that.
- I wanted you to.
[in Yoruba] Issues indeed.
No, no. Seriously, me and Lola
have what you call,
a... a complicated relationship.
What is that?
You know very well
that's another word for license to cheat.
No, I...
- [phone rings]
- Excuse me.
Uh-uh, boyfriend?
[Adina] Hi, honey.
[trainer] Please, read through
all your materials.
We'll discuss about it tomorrow.
- Good day.
- [students] Good day, sir.
Thank you sir.
[clears throat]
- Hi.
- Hello.
Um... I was wondering if you don't mind
being my partner for this project.
[scoffs] Can you put in the work?
Listen, I don't want a case
[in Pidgin] where I do all the work
and you benefit.
[in English] I really need this.
I need it too.
Okay, you know what, I... I...
I pledge to put in the work a 100%.
Actually a 1000%,
to make sure that we
complete this project, so help me God.
Alright fine.
Let's get to the flow chart then.
Like... [snickers] right now?
Yeah, now.
Listen, I'm a philosopher
dabbling into banking business.
I have a lot of catching up to do.
- I'm also a lawyer dabbling into banking...
- [Adina] Let me even ask you a question,
[in Pidgin] why didn't you practice Law?
[in English] Are you sure
you went to Law school?
[chuckles] I went to Law school
and I graduated with a distinction but,
I'm just more interested
in banking right now.
[tuts] Okay.
Do you know how to? Because I'm at a loss.
It's actually not that complicated.
A flow chart visually displays
the sequence of activities and process...
["Romeo and Juliet"
by Johnny Drille playing]
So um, to answer
your first question, that's what it is...
["Romeo and Juliet" continues playing]
[laughing] Adil!
Sure. So the thing is
the Nigerian priority...
["Romeo and Juliet" music fades]
[students clapping]
-[Adil] So, she doesn't want me,
- and she doesn't want to let me go.
- [chuckles]
It's actually so crazy.
Sometimes she will now
break up with me,
and then tell me that she was just joking.
I am tired.
Have you spoken to her about it?
Several times.
Well, two things I'm going to tell you,
one is you are... very convenient for her.
- Mm-hmm.
- And number two is, you indulge her.
I agree. [splutters] Can you...
can you see, can you see my forehead?
- Can you see?
- What?
Can you see "Mr. Nice guy"
written on my forehead?
[in Pidgin] "Mr. Nice guy" will get
you nothing. I hope you know that?
- I do know that.
- [in English] Exactly.
So you need to set boundaries.
Cut off the things you have to cut off.
Except you're enjoying this
[in Pidgin] funny dance you both
are doing, because I don't understand.
[in Pidgin] I'm not actually
enjoying the funny dance.
- [phone ringing]
- [in English] Oh, sorry, let me get this.
Hello bro.
Slow down.
She... she did that? [exclaims]
Poor Lina.
[Adil scoffs again]
Oh yeah, no. I'm actually just
at the park, eating chicken with Adina.
- [soft sentimental music playing]
- Yes. No, stop [in pidgin] please.
[in English] Alright. Let me know
if there's any update.
Alright, chat later. Alright.
Your brother knows who I am?
Of course.
You are my partner here now.
[both chuckle awkwardly]
What? Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sorry.
It's just something my brother said.
About me?
No, about my mum.
Alright, you know what? Crazy story.
Do you want to hear it?
- Yeah.
- Okay, cool.
My brother Amir, has this girl Lina,
and they're kind of having a thing, hum!
Now, unplanned,
Lina gets pregnant.
Now, my mum overhears this conversation
and she's now breathing down both
of their necks to make things official.
- Okay, I'm yet to hear the crazy part.
- [both snickers]
That's because you don't know my family.
See, you don't understand. Lina didn't
want to have this baby in the first place.
It was my brother that
now convinced her to have it.
But my mum has
now gone to talk to Lina directly,
telling Lina that Lina
has to have the baby,
and they have to get married
and blah, blah, blah.
Because my mum is saying
her grandchild cannot
go to another man's house
and yaddy yaddy yah.
It's... it's a whole thing,
it's a whole thing.
[glass bottle drags on the table]
[smacks] No, nothing. I mean,
some have food but cannot eat. [giggles]
Some can eat but have no food. [chuckles]
There we go.
So what's your brother's
stand on all of this?
Mmm... He would do
whatever Lina wants. It's pretty easy.
And if you were
in his shoes what would you do?
If I was in his shoes?
[chuckles] It's pretty obvious now.
Why are you having unprotected sex
with someone that
you don't want to have a baby with?
I have to go make a call.
This your faceless boyfriend.
That has no name, I've not
even heard his voice before.
Mind your business.
[Adina] Pack up, let's go.
- I really like you Adina.
- [Adina sighs]
Pack up, let's go.
- [yells] I said I really like you!
- What is wrong with you?
Let's... Sorry.
Pepper. it's quite um...
- [people clapping]
- [Acoustic guitar tune playing]
["Bet You Were Waiting"
by Danachi playing]
[Adina exclaims]
[in Pidgin] If I knew
it was a dinner date,
[in English] I could have
dressed accordingly.
- Right on time.
- Hello.
How are you? Uh...
First of all you look beautiful,
and uh... I don't know
I just wanted to do something special.
- [snickers]
- [glass clinks]
- [Adil] Cheers.
- What have you done?
- As as how?
- Hmm-mmh!
As as what?
No, I haven't done anything. I just...
I just wanted to do something special.
[in Pidgin] Really?
Super story. [chuckles]
[snickers] Wait,
[splutters] what is what story?
[in Pidgin] Oh God please,
all these pampered children.
- [in English] I don't have time this night.
- Listen, I am not pampered.
Say it again.
- [in Pidgin] I... I'm not pampered.
- [in English] Exactly!
Please all you Ikoyi born and bred.
Someone that hears
you now will think that um,
me and you didn't go
to the same university.
- "Private University".
- Let's clear this up once and for all, mh!
You went to that Uni because
your parents have money.
I went there based off of a scholarship
that the masses decided to, you know,
donate to my life.
- Masses?
- Yeah [chuckles].
My mum's church members decided to sponsor
my education all the way down to Uni.
I mean, if I had good grades
of course so...
[splutters] Your... your... your dad?
My dad passed away when I was young.
My mum followed
her husband shortly after, so,
the church members
decided to be very good people.
God bless them.
I'm... I'm so sorry, I... I had no idea.
For nothing.
Well, I on the other hand have
been meaning to ask you a question.
Go ahead.
What are you doing here?
No, for real. [laughs]
Because your parents could call
anybody and put you anywhere.
Why? What are... What is it?
What are you looking for in this place?
I guess...
I guess I just realized that, you know,
it would meana lot more if I do it myself.
Oh God, rich people
problems. Mm.
[Adil] So you,
what about you?
What about me?
Well, I've been talking
about myself and...
you don't say much about yourself.
What do you wanna know?
Mm. [smacks lips]
[whispers] What do I wanna know,
what do I wanna know?
Yes. Your name Adina, what does it mean?
- [softly] Delicate.
- Mh!
It's Hebrew.
- Delicate.
- Mm-hm.
[soft music playing]
So, Delicate...
do you like me?
[thunder rumbling]
[rain drops falling]
[sensuous music playing]
[Vibrations" by Show Dem Camp playing]
[music fades out]
- [knock on door]
- [man 6] Guy!
[in Pidgin] Ah-ah. Guy,
guy, wake up. You'll be late.
- Mmh!
- Ah!
[in English] Must have been
a steamy dream, right?
- Guy, go away.
- Bad...
Bad boy!
Man, meet me outside
in ten minutes time.
Bad boy!
- [in Pidgin] What's up?
- I love you.
Ms. Ajibulu.
Alright, bye honey.
- Hi.
- Mm.
[chuckles] Not boyfriend.
But is there a boyfriend?
Should that bother you?
[chuckles] There's no boyfriend,
I'm kidding.
Did you want to eat something?
There's no boyfriend.
[in Pidgin] You can relax now.
[in English] I had such
a great time last night.
Just sitting here reliving the moment.
Maybe we should make new moments?
Mmh! Let's see if it rains.
I have to go, please.
I need to meet with the girls.
What am I supposed to do with myself?
I don't know. What do boys do?
[woman 5] I bet Adina
will be posted to Lagos or Abuja.
Why would you think that?
Because you and Adil are top ten.
I don't understand,
what if I want to be posted to Ibadan?
Ibadan? For what?
I don't understand,
what's wrong with Ibadan? [chuckles]
- [lady laughing]
- [man 7] Ibadan, Ibadan is...
Like, Ibadan is, I... I don't know.
-Ibadan is not Lagos, it's not Abuja,
-Its not.
- It's not even PH.
- Listen, Ibadan is not so bad.
- [phone ringing]
- You guys make it look as if it's one...
[students laughing]
Karen what's up?
[knock on door]
[dogs barking]
I'm coming!
[knocking persists]
- [door opening]
- Hi.
I brought wine.
- Aww. Thank you.
- You're welcome.
[sighs tiredly] I just sent in my essay.
You sound worried.
- No. Not really.
- Are you...
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
Because you shouldn't be.
I know all the work that you put in,
I know all the work that we put in. Okay?
- You should be expecting to get an A+++++.
- [chuckles]
Yeah, right. Thank you.
You're welcome.
Hey wait.
- [soft moan] Let me take you in.
- [soft chuckle]
I have a confession.
Okay. What is it?
Okay. [clears throat]
Here goes.
I have always liked you.
Right from university days.
I remember in my faculty,
there's this class
that you used to pass once a week
and then,
I remember the... Simpson's party,
second year, second semester.
- You were there?
- Yeah, I was there.
- Aww!
- I was just in one corner,
just... looking at you.
But I couldn't bring
myself to say anything.
Cause I thought that I wasn't your type.
And now? Are you?
You tell me, am I?
[both chuckle]
Hey, this human, I hope
you know that all of this
is just us fooling around though?
I do not fool around.
[softly] Yeah right.
Look, all of this will be over in
two weeks. Next week is posting.
-I like it, it's really good
But I don't want to ask for more.
- Adina, I don't...
- Sssh.
Just hold it.
[Adina] What are you doing?
- [Adil groans]
- [both chuckling]
[male student growling]
[in Pidgin] Look at it.
[in English] Alright Look,
- do you want to do mine?
- No.[laughing]
- Okay.
- No.
- Let's do it together.
- Ready? Alright that's fine.
One, two, go!
[paper rustling]
Oyo state!
[yells excitedly]
- I'm going home!
- Yeah.
- You?
- At least it's not Jalingo, I got Abuja.
[in Pidgin] Nice!
[laughs happily]
[in English] Oh my God,
I'm so happy I'm going back home.
Are you okay?
It's just...
It's just that you're gonna
be so far away from me.
Adil, come on.
- [phone ringing]
- Sorry.
Lola what is it?
Lola I have told you that I have a
girlfriend. Can you just let it go?
Me and you have been
broken up for months now.
Wha... what do you want from me?
Please! This is me being nice.
Do not call me again.
Why did you speak to her like that?
Baby, you're the one that told me
I should let her know how I feel,
that's what I just did.
Yeah, but I'm not your girlfriend.
[paper rustling]
Well, do you want to be?
How's that going to work out?
I'm all the way in Ibadan
and you're all the way in Abuja.
- How is that going to work?
- We can make it work, baby.
I mean, it's not that far.
I can come and see you every weekend.
And "your banking job"
will give you the luxury
of traveling every weekend. Really?
Why are you trying so hard
not to see the possibilities?
Because it's impossible, Adil.
Look, all of this,
is an escape from my reality.
And the more you keep asking for what I
can't give the more uncomfortable I feel.
- [heated] What are you running away from?
- From empty promises!
[angrily] From being shattered
and left to pick up the pieces by myself,
-that's what!
-But I will not do that.
You can't... [scoffs] You
don't know that.
[tense music playing]
Wait, is this... Is this why
you failed the project on purpose?
Because you want to go back to Ibadan.
You know, [splutters] it's... it's...
it's making sense to me now because
we worked tirelessly on this project.
We worked together!
And then I get an A, and you get a D. A D!
[Suspenseful tune playing]
What's in Ibadan that you're
desperately trying to get back to?
look at me. Are you... married?
No. [scoffs]
Look, Adil, just...
I have to go prepare my report.
But we're supposed
to do the report together.
- I changed my mind.
- What is...
[indistinct chatter]
[upbeat music plays]
- Adina Ajibulu.
- Yes sir.
-call me John. Alright um,
- I'll show you to your office.
- Okay sir.
The BM will speak to you in an hour.
Alright sir.
Welcome to your first day
of banking madness.
- Are you excited?
- Very.
Alright, this way.
Where are these drinks, please?
He's fine, he's in good hands.
I don't understand, [in Pidgin]
I'm not allowed to check the time?
- [in English] Thank you.
- Thank you.
That was quick.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
So, how is he?
- He who? [laughs]
- [in Yoruba] A he-goat. Answer me!
- He's fine.
- [in English] Okay.
[in Pidgin] He's started
talking about love.
[cheering excitedly]
Ah! Ah! That's good thing now.
Why are you frowning your face?
[in English] How is that a good thing?
Have you forgotten how I am?
[in Pidgin] Please allow me
stay on my own.
Zam Zam, it's been
two years, it's time to live.
This was the same advice
you gave that landed me where I am today.
Let me be.
Mm, but what if he transfers?
Have you worked in a bank before?
- No.
- Clearly not.
Transferring is like teleporting,
[in Pidgin] it rarely happens.
[Adil] Will I see you again?
I don't know.
[mimics] I don't know. I'm coming
to find you wherever you are.
[Adina sighs]
thank you.
For what?
For sharing yourself with me.
Ah-ah. Are you dying?
Uh? What?
[snickers] No, seriously, cause...
No! Oh my goodness.
I mean, this past few months have
been tolerable because of you and um,
I'm just showing appreciation. What?
A girl can't say thank you again?
- You're welcome.
- [Adina chuckles]
[soft kiss]
I'm gonna miss you so much.
Me too.
[exhales sharply]
[sighs] Wow.
[wistful music playing]
[Adina] We had one customer
come shut the whole place down.
[Adil in Pidgin] What happened?
Apparently she fell for some scammers
and her entire 51, 230 or some
funny amount of money wiped out.
[Adil in English] Did you help her?
[scoffs] Constance said it's a no-no.
And she has a point, she said it's greed
that makes them fall
for all these scammers.
I miss you, man.
Miss you too.
I guess there is
no leaving Abuja now, is there?
You know what? What if I get a transfer?
[in pidgin] Because of a woman, Mr. Boss!
Not just any woman, a woman I love.
Are you there? Adina?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm... I'm here.
Too much too soon.
Alright, I'll let you take it in.
I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Alright, I'll talk to you later.
[Adil blows a kiss]
[deep sigh]
- [pot creaking]
- [glass shattering]
[glass clatters]
what is this ruckus I hear
you had with your mother?
[Amir] For real dad, um...
I think that mum does too much.
And if I'm being honest,
I think you... you really allow her.
Like you allow her take too much control.
I mean, Lina never wanted this baby,
but then we convinced her to keep it.
But then mum is talking about marriage,
when we can just co-parent.
Lina is just my friend.
And before you go saying anything, yes,
it was one night of drunkenness. I accept.
[Papa] Then both of you know
nothing or have learned nothing from me.
I never argue
with your mother, it is pointless.
Do what you must,
do it your way,
but agree to do it her way.
For peace to reign.
Let us drink to your mother's
combustive love for all of us.
Cheers, pops.
who is the girl?
What girl?
[laughs gleefully]
[bustling city sounds]
- [phone ringing]
- [sighs]
is there a block of terrace on your close?
Oh, perfect.
I think I'm outside your house.
Stop playing,
[sentimental music playing]
Well done.
How did he find...
- [car door closes]
- [Adil] Where? Just here?
Don't move, I'll be right back, okay?
- Hey.
- [shyly] Hi.
- What are you wearing?
- [chuckles] Uh...
[boy] Mummy, mummy,
- [Adina] Hi.
- another one.
- Okay. Okay, honey.
- Oh!
- Hey soldier.
- I'm not a soldier, I'm a star.
You're a star? A superstar. A superstar!
- Wow, what are you guys doing?
- Um, we were just...
playing bands, you know...
- Can I come in?
- Yeah, sure.
[chain jiggling]
- Look at you, big boy.
- [boy whining]
What's your name?
[Adil] Wow.
I'm... I'm so sorry that
you had to go through all of that.
Is that... Is that why
you've been seemingly off?
[melancholic tune playing]
Adina, Jayden is a beautiful boy
and you did that all by yourself.
And it doesn't change anything,
- anything at...
- Adil.
[Adil] I've gotten my transfer.
I... I start at HQ on Monday.
- How?
- I... called in a few favors.
Your mum?
[exhales] See, Adina, being without you
was driving me crazy.
I... I really want to be with you.
I want to get to know Jayden as well.
I have loved you from
the very first day that I saw you
at the Simpson's party and
I haven't stopped loving you.
Adina let me love you now.
Let me be there for you.
[splutters] I... I...
I know that I am not perfect but,
I would do everything,
everything in my power
to make sure that I am...
there for you,
and I am there for Jayden and...
Adil, I...
I don't want someone who would...
who would come
into our lives and walk away.
[splutters] I... I... I won't walk away.
You can't tell. [sniffles]
For starters, your parents
won't approve of me.
Adina listen,
my parents will deal with it.
I'm a single mother, you said it yourself.
That's what I thought. [exhales deeply]
- Guess I'll see you at work on Monday.
- Wha... what...
["Made for You" by Bany W playing]
[music continues playing]
[shouting] Ow, my hand!
[music fades out]
[Adina] I can't do forever with you, Adil.
- Why not?
- Because you can't give that to me.
Especially not with your mother's
stance on my type of situation.
Adina, my mother is not the problem.
[Adina] I never said she was.
Then what is?
I don't want you to have
to choose between me or your family.
- But I do not mind.
- Exactly, I do.
And that will be very wicked
of me to watch you do that.
[both exhale deeply]
[Adil sighs]
I got this for Junior...
- Um, his...
- I miss him.
His name is Jayden,
not Junior. He's nobody's junior.
Okay, I'm sorry. I didn't... I didn't mean
to hurt... didn't mean any offense.
[sighs] I miss the Adina
from training camp.
I don't know where she is,
but it would be so nice to have her back.
Training camp was an escape, Adil.
And this is reality.
Get used to it.
Thank you for the gift.
[car door shuts]
[exhales slowly]
- [tapping]
- [sighs]
- Good afternoon!
- Hello here!
[in Yoruba] Good afternoon.
[Kafil in English] Hey,
she's pretty. [laughs]
- Adina?
- Yes ma.
[in Yoruba] She's such a good girl, right?
- She says "yes ma".
- [laughs excitedly]
We are so sorry. We are very sorry.
[in Yoruba] We are sorry.
Those children are badly behaved.
[in English] We didn't know,
but we can come in, right?
- Can we come inside? Yes now.
- Eh? Please.
- [laughing]
- Of course.
Oh! Oh my goodness, this is so good.
- Aah, very nice place.
- [giggling] This is so good.
I said it. I was wondering
why the sudden transfer to Ibadan.
- Hmm!
- He didn't say.
Uh, Adina, where is he?
I'm sorry ma, where is who?
[excited squealing] My little champion!
[in Yoruba] Here's our child.
- Oh...
- Sit down, sit down.
My boy.
- Oh look at you, so cute.
- [whispers] Relax, relax.
- [Mama laughs]
- [chuckles nervously]
[mama kisses Jayden]
[in English] Um, how old is he?
Um, he's three years old.
He's three years old,
he's going to be four soon.
[yells] Three years Adil?!
- [angrily] Shame on you!
- [Kafil] Hmm.
Um, Adina darling, uh, you see um,
I don't know what it is
with the boys of nowadays.
- [sneers]
- You can imagine,
- Amir the other day...
- Ah. [disagrees]
Um... [chuckles falsely] Nevermind.
[Mama] So, why didn't
you reach out to him?
[both spluttering]
Mama, what... what
actually happened was that um...
[nervously] You... We were together
and then we... we... we lost contact
but uh, thankfully, we were able to meet
again at training camp and here we are.
[Kafil] We don't understand the story.
That's how he's been
telling it, but you know, this Adil,
- he's a very wonderful boy, I mean...
- I'm glad
you agree with the kind of man I raised.
- [Kafil in Yoruba] Right?
- [chuckles]
- [in English] The question now is...
- No, the question is,
do you know who I am?
Oh, I am your nana. Say "Nana".
- [softly] Nana.
- Nana!
- Call me Nana two. Say it.
- Nana two.
[laughing happily]
Good boy.
Adina darling, um,
Adil told me you named him Jayden.
- Yes ma.
- [Mama] Oh, I like it.
[laughs] Jayden.
[in Yoruba] What happened to names
like "Ishola, Ayinla Ade, Ishola Ade"?
- [Kafil in English] We'll change the name.
- [Mama] Um, my champ,
- [Kafil chuckles]
- now tell me, what's your favorite color?
Um, ma, [clears throat]
- may I speak to Adil privately?
- Why not?
Go ahead. We didn't
come to see both of you.
[scoffs] You... We didn't come to see...
We came to see our son.
Catching up on my son. No, sit,
you have to stay with Nana today.
- No, baby, let's...
- Let's go.
- [Mama] Okay, come on sit. Sit here.
- Adil...
- [in Yoruba] Let him sit here.
- [Kafil] Ishola!
- [Mama] Sit here.
- [Kafil] Your name is now Ishola.
Prince of wealth. The Prince of
a wealthy and prestigious man.
- [Kafil] What is the meaning of Jayden?
- [in English] I like, I like the name.
- You like Jayden.
- No, it's fine.
- What the fuck?!
- Baby listen, I can explain, okay?
You better start
from the top right the fuck now.
[exhales] Okay so, my aunt
and my mum they're like twins.
- I told her but I didn't expect them...
- Adil, Adil, Adil,
you are not answering
the question I fucking asked you!
Okay no, please promise me
that you won't freak out.
Right. Okay, so I may have told them that
Jayden's my son, but I didn't expect them
to come with me all the way to Ibadan.
And they're in my house,
with my son! [yells] My son!
- Stop shouting!
- [whispered yelling] Why, why, why?!
- Because I love you.
- I don't give a flying fuck!
Go in there, get your mother and your
aunty out of my house, right this minute.
What am I supposed to do?
I'm supposed to tell them to leave?
I can't... I can't tell them
that I lied after they came with me all
-the way to Ibadan No, wait! Listen,
-It's fine, I'll do it.
- wait. Hey, hey, Adi...
- Adil, stop it!
[Kafil singing] ...Happy
- [Mama] Sssh.
- When skies are grey
You never know dear
[both] how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away
Thank you darling.
[whispering] Um,
may I take him in?
- Yeah, sure.
- [Mama] Uh, okay.
No, no, it's fine. I... I can take him.
[Mama] Oh, he's just
like his father. [laughing]
[door creaking]
Yeah, good boy.
[blows kiss, exhales] He's so cute.
Oh my God. Oh, thank you. Um...
How long have you stayed here?
Um, since Jayden was a baby.
Oh please come. [in Yoruba] Come and sit.
[in English] How have you coped?
I'm sure it must have been tough.
- Um, I manage.
- Oh!
You don't have to anymore, okay?
I am here, we are here.
I'm sure we're gonna do right by you.
Now tell me the truth.
I want you to tell me the truth.
Did my son deny this boy?
Who? No!
No ma. He's not... Um, he...
[splutters] Well, um, ma he...
he just found out about... about him.
I thought I raised
that boy better than that.
You know what? Let bygones be bygones, mm?
I want us to start on a new slate.
He also mentioned
that um, you're an orphan.
Oh, sorry about that.
But mum is here now.
And I'm sure dad
cannot wait to see you too.
Can you come around like, next week?
- Please say yes. I'll send a car.
- Uh, ma,
ma, I um, I would
really love to come but I'm sorry,
- I... I... I'm sure I'll be working.
- On Sunday?
I'm sure you know...
You're not... you don't work on Sundays.
Ooh! [laughs] That settles it.
Oh, ah, I can't wait to tell
the rest of the family about this news.
I'm sure they'll be so excited.
I'm going to have a fine Sunday lunch
where I'm going
to introduce Jayden to them.
- Oh, they will love him.
- Oh.
[laughs] Finally,
some good news after Amir.
- [Adil] This is a good thing.
- For who? For you?
No, this is a good thing for us.
Why this big lie?
Because I love you, alright?
I love you, Adina
And if you ask me why I might
not be able to tell you why exactly,
but I know that I do not want to do
this thing called life without you
because... you complete me.
You don't even know me.
[Adil] What else is there to know?
I... I know that you like to bite your
fingers nails when you're getting nervous,
[splutters] I... I... I know that...
I know that you have a beautiful
birthmark underneath your left breast,
I know that you act
all macho but deep down inside
is a softie who likes to hug,
and who likes romantic comedies
and who likes ice-cream, and,
and what's most important is that
I know that you just want to be happy.
So let me.
. Let me do that for you.
Because it fulfills me.
Seeing you happy makes me so happy,
oh my God. [takes deep breath]
[Adina exhales deeply]
I like you, Adil. I...
I like you a lot Ad...
Gosh, this superhero thing
is so cute but, I'm afraid.
- Afraid of what?
- Look, I want us to be together.
I really do,
but not like this. Not with this lie.
Baby, wake up and
smell the coffee, he's not coming back.
He doesn't want anything to do with you.
He doesn't want
anything to do with Jayden.
Why can't this... lie just protect you?
Why? Why not?
[chuckles] My mum even says that...
Jayden looks like her late brother.
[soft chuckle]
Listen baby, we're doing this.
I mean, I...
I guess, I could jump a gutter for you
now that you've swam an ocean for me.
[sentimental music playing]
[Mama] If you see him,
he looks so much like Adil, oh my God.
[in Yoruba] He's a spitting image of Adil!
- [in English] He looks so much like him.
- [in Yoruba] You haven't seen what I saw.
- They are here!
- [squeals] Oh my God!
- [in Yoruba] Hurry up and welcome them in.
- My champ is here!
- Oh my goodness, I can't wait!
- [man talks indistinctively]
[squealing] Oh! Look at my baby!
[kisses] Oh baby, I love you.
Hello, angel.
How are you doing? You look so pretty.
Good to see you.
[uplifting Afro beats music playing]
[music fades out]
We are H-A-P-P-Y
we know we are we are sure we are
- You're gonna be so excited to see...
- [Jayden] My toys!
We are H-A... All of these are yours, baby.
Hmm, okay?
Aah, you like that.
- Oh, this is Jayden's room. [chuckles]
- [softly] Thank you ma.
Oh no, it's fine. It's fine, darling.
Please sit down
Okay, so let's see.
- Wow! Thank you, Nana!
- Did you say thank you to Nana?
- Give Nana a hug.
- [Mama] You are welcome, darling.
[Mama] This is a motorcar!
- [in Yoruba] I want him to laugh.
- For carrying mortar.
You'll use it to carry mortar
[pensive music playing]
- Hey.
- Hey.
Talk to me.
[inhales] You know I keep wondering,
will they have loved him this much
if they actually knew
that he's not theirs?
Listen, they love him, Adina,
and they love you.
I get that but, look, don't get me wrong,
I'm enjoying every bit of this
but I'm also setting myself up
for when shit hits the fan.
Babe, can you do me a favor? Alright?
Can you just allow us enjoy today
and face the music tomorrow?
Can we do that?
- Yeah?
- I guess.
- Yes?
- Yes.
Now come, dance with me.
- Oh my God, Adil.
- You spin once, you spin twice...
- You're not that good of a dancer.
- and then bring it right here.
- Oh my God. [laughs]
- Hey,
just enjoy the moment.
- Right. [yelps] Okay, okay. Alright.
- [chuckles] Wait.
- No.
- [both laughing]
- I love you so much.
- I love you too.
[exhales] Good morning.
- Adina.
- Sir.
Please, join me.
[sighs] Tea?
- [splutters] Um, I... I... I don't mind.
- You'll like it, it's really nice.
[cup clatters]
[Papa sighs]
- That will do.
- [Papa] Are you sure?
Yes. Yeah.
- Here you are.
- Thank you very much.
So, banking, something
you've always wanted to do?
not really sir.
- I...
- Not sir,
Papa is fine.
I'm sorry.
Not exactly, Papa.
So what would you rather do then?
Ah, advertising.
I have some good friends
I can make a call across to.
[flustered] Ah... Uh, sir,
um... sorry Mr... Papa, I...
I really wouldn't want to bother you.
I'm barely four months in the banking
industry. I think I'll adjust just fine.
A good friend once said,
"One finds fulfillment
doing what one loves." Adina.
Life is too short to spend
time doing what you'd rather not.
Yes sir, um, yes, Papa.
So, I'll make that call?
- Yes Papa.
- Good.
- Your tea.
- Oh!
[Mama] Is there another shade of blue?
Look Kareema, I just got
off the phone with him,
he says he needs an account.
Well, he needs us to bring
him a very juicy account
to be able to facilitate his transfer.
Ah-ah. But the move
to Ibadan didn't cost us anything.
Eh, this is Lagos. [scoffs]
It's scratch my back and I scratch yours.
[in Yoruba] Okay, who do we know?
[in English] Who do we know?
Are you sure?
He's the only one that
has this kind of money
and that we have access to.
If he takes the money from that high-rise,
all the rent there
and put it in that account for us,
it'll be more than enough now.
He likes you, he will do it.
I haven't spoken to him in
a long time, like,
I don't even call him.
You have to speak to him then.
I'm... I'm not available.
- [Kareema] Oh, please.
- I cannot speak to him. It's your...
Mm-mm, I'm not doing it.
I've done the best that I can.
The rest is up to you.
You now have to call him.
He likes you, he will listen to you.
[in Yoruba] Don't shake your head.
Don't give me that face, okay?
[in English] After this transferring,
I'm not doing another one.
Because Lade's father isn't
the easiest to talk to, he's stubborn.
- Thank you, Mama.
- [Kareema scoffs]
Don't thank me yet,
we're going there together.
- [Kalif] Tell him.
- Mhh!
[Adil] What if he doesn't agree?
[in Yoruba] What is that?
He's my ex-husband,
I know him. He will say yes.
[Kafil] You know,
he likes to feel important.
Like we need him. So we'll use him.
What is the crazy man using his money for?
He used your aunty too all these years,
Let's use him.
[in Yoruba] He will do it. Nonsense man.
[in English] He'll do it, don't worry.
Oh okay. [in Yoruba] Thank you.
[lady] No way!
[Adina giggles] It was like a movie.
- So you're moving?
- Ah, yep.
[in English] Month end
and I'm starting a new job.
[exclaims] And his family,
they don't mind that you have a kid?
- No!
- [exclaims]
Wow. Zam Zam, I'm happy for you.
I'm happy for you.
But what about that nincompoop,
has he said anything? Any update?
Last text he sent me he called me a bitch.
- [in Pidgin] No!
- Yeah.
He's mad. What nonsense?
[in English] Ugh! Well, look at you now.
You have a man
and his family that really loves you.
- Yeah.
- [exclaims]
[tuts] Well, are you gonna marry him?
- [in Yoruba] Meaning? Calm down.
- [in Yoruba] Yes, meaning?
- [in English] Stop jumping. Calm down.
- Simple question, yes or no.
See, we've almost
passed where we're going. [giggles]
- [in Pidgin] Ma, how are you?
- [exclaims]
[in Yoruba] Fair aunty,
good afternoon, ma.
- Give me tomatoes and pepper for 3000.
- 3000, okay.
- [in Yoruba] Add chili pepper.
- [in Yoruba] I will.
- [Kafil in Yoruba] I don't like this one.
- [in English] But this is fine.
- It will pop on your skin.
- [Kareema] Exactly.
No. This one is dull. [scoffs]
- Very dull.
- [in Yoruba] With the way
- it's bright like this?
- Good evening, Ma. Good evening mummy.
- Oh, Adina.
- Adina-dina.
- [in English] How are you? Come, come.
- [teasing] Come here now. Ah-ah.
Uh, Jayden is not around.
Papa took him to see
Captain Jimi's new horse.
Oh, okay. That's nice.
I'll be upstairs.
[in Yoruba] Come, come.
Ah-ah, come here, darling.
Is it a long day at work or long night?
You know what, it is my 55th this weekend.
Oh! Congratulations ma.
Adil didn't mention.
Oh, ah, don't worry.
So, we're trying to pick the fabric.
This, this or this one?
What do you think?
Um, I think all three of them are nice.
[in Yoruba] What does that mean?
[in English] We're here to pick.
[in English] You should pick one.
Which one is your favorite?
Um, I... I think I'll pick this one.
Aah! My daughter has picked and that's it.
So we stay with this one.
We're picking this one.
Um, you have a tailor
or should I call Asabi to fix you up?
I don't mind trying Asabi ma.
- [Kareema] Oh, good.
- Yes ma.
But if you ask me, why buy a horse
when you can feed a 100 hungry children?
Uh, sometimes, there's
nothing wrong with splurging.
- [in Yoruba] We ourselves buy gold.
- [exclaims] On a horse?
- There's nothing wrong with it.
- [in Yoruba] That's not good.
[exclaims] Adina?
[in Yoruba] Sharp girl, she's gone.
She knows
once we start like this, we won't stop.
- [exclaims]
- I think this is fine enough.
[in Yoruba] We can add that to it if
- [in English] this one is not enough.
- Yes, this one too.
I think we should just take it slow.
[sighs] Adina,
Jayden is going on four,
it seems like perfect timing to me.
What is, what is the issue?
- Adil, are you dying?
- No.
No because, what's the rush?
Everything is just moving
too fast. First, you came,
then I met your family,
now we live together as a couple
and all of a sudden
we just want a baby? Chill.
Too fast. Really?
[tense music playing]
- Listen Adil, I...
- No, it's fine.
- Babe.
- Jayden!
- Hold up!
- Adil!
[tense music continues playing]
[footsteps approaching]
- [door creaks]
- Hey.
I'm sorry, okay?
Listen Adina, I just had
a really busy day and I just wanna rest.
I'll bathe you.
- Okay.
- Alright um, I'll get that.
Go first.
[sensual music playing]
It's been three days.
I don't want to fight.
And I don't wanna choke you.
Why do you love me?
I feel like...
if I have a reason to love you
then maybe I... I might stop.
- Stop?
- Stop loving you.
Do you?
Do you...?
Mine is pale
in comparison to yours.
But hey,
I'm not used to this.
I'm not used to this... big love.
- Big love.
- Mm-hmm.
I like that.
You see, Papa used to say
that when someone loves you big,
the person will go through any means
to show you how much they love you.
Adina, I love you big.
And I'll do anything, anything.
I love you Adil.
And I'm grateful for the gift of you.
[live band music playing]
[music fades out]
[Kareema] I mean it's not fair
that everybody is looking at us.
Is that's how they behave?
- [Kafil speaking in Yoruba]
- [Adil] Hmm!
My favorite aunty in the world!
[Kafil in Yoruba] My love. Look here,
[in English] Adil, it's about time you
make an honest woman out of this woman.
[in Yoruba] Look here Adina,
don't let him deceive you.
- [Kareema in Yoruba] Let her know.
- [in English] You're not just a baby-mama.
- Mm-hmm.
- He's working on it, ma.
[Kafil] He's working on it
or you're making excuses for him?
- [Adina] Uh, no.
- Aunty, I was expecting to see Lade here.
[Kafil scoffs] Lade?
I don't hold my breath
because of that one.
[in Yoruba] Lade, that boy. [hisses]
Lade is Aunty's son.
Oh, nice.
[in English] He has some
businesses, restaurants
and uh, Air BnB. [in Yoruba]
But uh, he's not useful.
[Kareema] Oh my goodness,
where's my grandson?
- [Adina] Um, he...
- Ladies and gentlemen,
may I have your attention please.
Adina, Adina!
Adil has something to tell you.
Oh! Oh.
- Adil [clears throat]
- [whispers] What are you doing? [chuckles]
- [Kareem] What?
- [Kalif exclaims]
- What? Really?
- [laughs]
- [Adina] Oh my God. Oh my God.
- [Kareema] Oh my God.
-[Adil] Adina,
-Oh my God.
Adina I... I had a whole speech
written out
- Oh my God!
- but then I threw it out because
there's nothing I wrote in there
that I haven't said to you before.
[Kareema] Look at that. Look at that.
Please say yes.
- Just say yes!
- Say yes.
- [in Yoruba] Say you've heard. Yes.
- Adina...
- [people echoing] Yes.
- [Kareema laughing]
[Amir] Is it a yes?
[people] Yes!
- [Adil] Adina! Adina!
- [softly] Yes?
- [yells] Yes!
- [Kafil] Yes!
- [Amir] My man!
- [people clapping]
- [Kareema] Thank you so much.
- My man.
[Kareema in Yoruba] Congratulations.
[Kafil] Omolade. Omolade Ishola.
[joyfully] My son is here!
- [Kareema] Ishola Ade.
- [Kafil screams]
Aww, why didn't
you tell me you were coming?
- Mummy, it's a surprise.
- [in Yoruba] That's what you always do!
- It's a surprise.
- What type of surprise?
[in Yoruba] My darling, don't mind her.
How are you darling?
[Lade] I'm fine, thank you. [laughs]
[in English] It's so good to see you.
- Lade, Lade.
- My man!
- [excitedly] What's going on?
- Congratulations, darling.
- [Adil] What's going on?
- [in Pidgin] How are you?
- [Lade] It's been a minute bro.
- See you man! Eh?
- What's going on?
- Ah-ah. Big man!
I've seen you've come in this town.
- [Kareema yells] Jayden! Jayden!
- [Adil] Lade, meet my wife, Adina.
Oh yeah, I walked in on it.
Congratulations. Welcome to the family.
Adina, this is my son.
- We were just talking about him.
- Adina! That's a lovely name.
[in Yoruba] That how you behave.
You just be pulling different surprises.
- [Lade] I got nothing but love for you.
- [Kafil scoffs]
- [Lade] You know now.
- [Kafil squeals] Lade!
- [Lade] Sweet mummy!
- Uh-uh!
[music continues]
Now, eh... since they've uh, now proposed,
it's now time
to start talking about the wedding.
- Oh yes.
- Like a... December, Christmas wedding.
- Uh-uh, I agree with you.
- [in Yoruba] Right?
- [Kafil] About 2000 people.
- [Kareema] I'll suggest...
[Kareema in Yoruba] That's too much,
what are we celebrating?
[Kafil] What do you think? Adina.
- [Kafil] Adina!
- Ma?
Huh, it's your wedding
we're talking about.
We need your input.
- Mm?
- Hm.
[in English] Are you okay, baby?
Yea Adina, are you...
are you sure you're okay?
[flustered] Yes, yes, yes ma,
I'm... I'm fine ma.
- Wait, have we met before?
- [Kafil in Yoruba] Where?
[Kafil hisses] Where? Where?
- [Kareema in Yoruba] Ishola has started.
- [Kafil in English] I trust Adina.
She's not one
of those useless girls you carry around.
Um, Adina, let's go find Adil.
Jayden, honey, lets go find daddy.
- [Lade laughs mockingly]
- [in Yoruba] Daddy indeed.
[snickers, in English] Are you sure
that's the daddy?
- Omolade!
- Ishola, will you stop being stupid?
Aunty, I know Adina, that's a unique name.
I mean, I've been receiving
texts from her harassing me
that I am the father of a child that
now is suddenly the child of my cousin?
Lade stop this nonsense,
it's not funny now.
- [Lade] Bro, I am serious.
- [exclaims]
[Lade] I mean,
I met her a couple of years back,
we had sex... [snickers]
You know what I'm saying.
And next thing three months later
she's telling me she's pregnant for me.
I mean, who wanna
have a baby by me? I mean...
- [in Yoruba] Shut your mouth.
- [in Yoruba] Shut up your dirty mouth!
[in English] What's all that?
Alright, continue.
[chuckles] You see, the... the thing is,
I know that it's not my child
because we had safe sex.
And then now the child belongs to Adil.
- [Kafil exclaims]
- [Kareema in Yoruba] Is it true?
[Kareem stuttering]
- [Kareema] Somebody explain it to me.
- [in Yoruba] You these children.
- [in English] What does it sound like?
- I don't understand.
- Um... Adina.
- Adina.
[splutters] I... I don't know what he's...
[clears throat] I don't know
what he's talking about ma.
[mimics Adina] You don't... you don't...
you don't know what he's talking about?
Ah, you know. You know!
Look Adina, it looks to me like you
know what he's talking about, because...
- [Adil] What's good?
- The... Good?
[in Yoruba] There's nothing good.
There's nothing good happening here.
Everything is bad.
Everything has turned on its head.
[in English] I think
Adina's been lying to you.
[Kareema] She lied to all of us!
Mama now, come on like, What's going on?
I warned you about this.
Warned me about what, baby?
- Adina!
- [yells] I fucking warned you about this!
[Adina panting loudly]
[Kafil in Yoruba] The worst has happened.
[Adil] What have you guys done? Come on.
[irked] I literally just left here.
What's happening?
[Kareema in Yoruba] This is what
happened. [splutters]
Look, brother see, the child is... his.
- [exclaims]
- And she told you it was yours.
[in Yoruba] I'm in pain.
[Amir] That's what we just found out now.
- [Kafil in Yoruba] That's how she said it.
- [Kareema] What's funny about this?
- Lade?
- Hmm!
- Hey, hey, hey!
- [Kareema] Yes! No! Yes!
[Adil] Are you mad?
[heatedly] What have you done?
What have you done?!
[Kareema] Yes he did it!
[angrily] What did you say?
Leave me alone!
[yells] Stop this nonsense now!
[sternly] I don't care what
brought about this nonsense,
but barbaric behavior
will not be tolerated in this home!
- [knock on door]
- [Adil] Adina, please can we talk?
Adina please can we talk?
Adil, please just leave me alone. Please.
[Adil] Please!
[somber music playing]
[Adil] Okay, I understand.
I'll be at Amir's.
[Adina] Thank you. [sobs]
[Adil] I love you.
[somber music playing]
[Amir] Yo bro, what's up?
[Kareema] Oh, finally.
- [Kareema sighs]
- [in Yoruba] What's good?
Are you okay?
[loudly] Are you okay?
She left. She's gone.
[Amir] Salami saw her
drive out this morning.
[Kareema and Kafil exclaim]
Drove out to where?
Where did she go with my grandson?
[Lade] No. No, no, mummy please,
I am no baby's daddy.
[in Yoruba] What's this talk
about "with my grandson"?
- So if you're not the father, who is he?
- [exclaims]
- Who is?
- [in English] Ka... Hello, Kafil, Kafil,
[in Yoruba] where's all this
coming from? Just yesterday,
- you're already saying "your grandson".
- [Kareema] I'm not saying anything!
- [Kareema] How is he your grandson?
- [Kafil] Because we should
-think about the fact that
-[Kareema exclaims]
- he is... I accept. Adil also said it.
- We don't have to think about it!
- [yelling] And stop saying...
- [Kafil in Yoruba] I don't understand.
- [raises voice] Adil!
- [Kareema yells] Stop acting like this!
[tuts] Sorry, honey.
From the top.
I lied.
[Kareem] Hmm?
[Adil] I'm sorry.
[nervously] I, I... I love her,
and I... I wanted us to be together.
Listen, Adina never
wanted to be part of this.
She was worried and...
she was afraid that her status
would not sit well with the family and...
so I... I chose to lie, Papa.
[spluttering] To... to protect her.
She didn't want any part of this.
She didn't even go... go with the story.
She never wanted to go
along with it or whatever but I...
I forced her and I... I pleaded
and I begged and I had no idea
the... the LD that she talked
about would... would be Lade here.
[in Pidgin] Bro, please, please.
I beg you in the name of God,
- [in English] the child is not mine!
- [Kafil] How do you know?
I ain't no baby's daddy, mum.
- Did she not say it to you?
- Oh my goodness.
Why does he look like you then?
- [in Yoruba] The child is not mine!
- Is he a child that he will not know?
- Is he a child that he will not know?
- [in Yoruba] How is it not your child?
- [in English] Did she not say? Eh?
- [Kareema] But Kafil, why are you
- forcing that child on him?
- Why does he...
- [loudly] Why are you forcing it on him?
- [in Yoruba] I'm not forcing anything.
[in Yoruba] Between yesterday and today
- [in English] What are you forcing him?
- I'm not forcing anything, Kareema.
- Think about it, eh...
- Mummy,
I'm not consenting
to anything until a DNA test is done.
- It is well with you.
- Then we will do it!
We will do the DNA test, eh...
- Adil!
- Papa.
You did an honorable thing.
[Kareema exclaims, in Yoruba] My husband,
uh, please, don't even go there.
[yells] Ah, no!
[exclaims] He colluded
with that girl to deceive us.
He lied to us!
And now you're saying he did
honorable. Honorable what?
[shouting] You have not done
anything honorable at all!
With... with what you have done.
Perhaps if you let me
finish, my beloved wife.
- [in Yoruba] Right!
- [meekly] I'm sorry, honey.
- I don't know what's tickling your body.
- [Papa] Adil,
who is the father of the child?
[nervously] She said...
she said the dad's name is LD.
But that doesn't mean that it's Lade now.
That doesn't mean that it's Lade that...
[Kafil] How many LD's do you know?
How many LD's do you know?
- Amir, Eh? You know now, Amir.
- [Kareema exclaims]
How many years now that
you guys have been calling him LD.
- [in Yoruba] He's the one.
- Mummy, what is it?
This child is not mine!
- [yells in Yoruba] Exactly! Exactly!
- Shut up!
[angrily] What do you mean?
What do you mean he's not yours?
[in Yoruba] We're talking seriously
and you're deflecting foolishly.
- Mummy, I'm not the baby's daddy!
- [yells] Wait! I... He's not!
[in English] You're not
the baby's what? We'll do it!
- [Kareema] Kafil, Kafil!
- [Kafil] We'll do the DNA.
- [Kafil in Yoruba] That's your business.
- You always covet what others have!
- [in English] If you put it this way...
- Something is wrong with your mother.
Let me tell you something,
if you take it this way,
if you take it this way,
that boy is still our son.
- [Kafil] Shouldn't we do the right thing?
- Mummy,
the boy is not mine.
- He better not be!
- [Kafil] How do you know!
It better not be. Because of the
insults and the drama that you brought...
that you brought to me because of...
[splutters] because of your presence.
Adil, look, you're pissed. I get it.
- You don't get nothing.
- Bro, I do!
- And it's not my fault!
- Bro you don't
Hate the game!
You can't hate me for for this.
Right now, she might be somewhere else
trying to pin the child on
another gullible guy out there.
[sternly] Adil, you will behave yourself!
Daddy you should be
talking to Lade about this.
[Kareema] No, you will not
talk to my husband like that.
You dare not, okay?
You don't talk to my husband like that.
[in Yoruba] You dare not talk
to my husband like that. Do you hear me?
Do you know why I lied?
I lied because of you, mummy.
[raises voice] I lied because of you!
We all know how you are
when it comes to single mothers.
We all know how messy,
how messy it was for aunty Kafil.
[in Yoruba] Thank you my darling.
Thank you my darling.
[dramatic] That's how she behaves.
I'll overcome! I'll be saved from you,
from you, Kareema, by God's grace.
[Adil splutters] All I wanted,
all... all I... all I... [exhales]
[sobs] all I was hoping for was that,
by... by some small chance,
by some small miracle,
you guys will just accept her
as... as a family and love her
the... half of the way I love her but...
- What we always want.
- Adil,
I would have accepted her.
I would have
accepted her, regardless. Yes.
- Really mummy?
- Why not?
You'll accept her? That means
I don't need to marry Lina then.
- [in Yoruba] Are you mad?
- [sneers]
- But you...
- [in English] Will you shut your mouth!
- [in Yoruba] Have you lost your mind?
- [in Yoruba] You see.
- [Kareema in English] Are you mad?
- [Amir] But you just said...
[Kalif in Yoruba] Are you going
- [Kareema] If you don't shut that mouth!
- to beat us all, Kareema?
- [Kareema] I'll beat you with my shoe!
- [Kafil yells] Will you beat all of us?!
- [yells] I can fight everybody over this.
- [in Yoruba] Try to listen when
- If not for his foolish wandering.
- others speak. What's the meaning of this?
You're actually so annoying!
Every time in this life
that you've come back into this family,
- it's been for disaster or something else.
- Eh-eh?
[Adil] Where did you come from?
- [Kareema] The moment I saw him...
- You might as well go back to Turkey then!
- [Adil] Get out, man! Don't speak to me!
- [Lade] Shut up, bro!
- [commotion]
- Oh my goodness! What's this now?
What is it?
- [in Yoruba] What is it again?
- Honey, can I see it?
[Kareema] Sweetheart please, I'd like to...
[in Yoruba] Ah-ah! Between yesterday and
today. Just yest... Ah-ah!
Just yesterday!
[Kafil in Yoruba] Look at our life on the
Look at our life on the street.
[in English] You see!
You see our life on the street!
- You see what you've done.
- [Papa] Adil!
- No, you see what you've done, right?
- Amir!
- [Kareem] Hey!
- Wait!
- Stop! Stop!
- [Kareema and Kafil yelling]
[Kafil in Yoruba] They have started again!
Oh my children.
You these boys, stop this nonsense!
[in Yoruba] Biggest boss!
Adina, honestly, I think
that you need some time away
to clear this mess.
I wouldn't, you know, subscribe
to you liaising with clients at this time,
to avoid... unwarranted distractions.
[pensive music playing]
[Kafil] Mh-mh!
[tuts] To say
I am disappointed in you, Omolade,
ah, [tuts] it is an understatement.
- Mom...
- [in Yoruba] What do you have to say?
You mean you have something to say?
[in English] You have...
You actually have an explanation?
Ah! That girl sent you a message
the minute she knew she was pregnant.
[in Yoruba] Please,
what did you go to school for?
[in English] You're educated,
in this day and age.
So she tells you
she's pregnant, have a DNA test.
[in Yoruba] That's it!
[in English] You find out. She's
yours, she's not. We would've moved on.
Eh? You now sent
the girl derogatory messages.
[in Yoruba] What is it?
[in English] Because she got
pregnant for you? You slept with her!
Did you not?!
Why do you think that girl
kept those messages you sent her?
Why do you think she did?
For accountability.
[in Yoruba] You defintely forgot,
she is somebody's child.
She also is somebody's child.
[in Yoruba] The same way
I birthed you, someone birthed her.
[in English] You should know better.
[in Yoruba] Or you've forgotten?
[in English] You know.
You know. You were there.
You saw how your father treated me.
The things he said about me,
the things he said to me,
Eh? Though, some of them were my fault,
[in Yoruba] but he's a madman. I served
him madness the same measure he did me.
[in English] But you know better!
What did Adina do to you?
Eh? What did she do to you?
[in Yoruba] You arrived.
You came, you came to surprise us,
now made a mockery of everybody.
Eh? You came,
instead of you to call Kareema
or call me and tell me
or even call Adil, your cousin,
you did nothing of such.
You now made a spectacle of her birthday.
[in Yoruba] You made Kareema
speak to me with disrespect! Eh!
[in English] What is wrong with you?
But I tell you one thing,
[in Yoruba] right on this ground
I'm standing, you will fix it!
[in English] You will fix it! You will be
that man that I raised you to be!
[in Yoruba] Nonsense!
I trained you well,
yet you refuse to be well behaved.
But the baby is still not mine.
[bustling city sounds]
[Adina] Is that...
Are you serious?
You're kidding.
[sighs] Alright.
Are you kidding me?
- [Adina's friend] Hey.
- Hi.
[gate creaks]
- How have you been?
- Good.
Good, um... You?
Sorry to hear about that.
- Adina, listen...
- It's over.
No, Adina listen, he says that
Jayden isn't his until he sees
- a DNA test and that...
- Well, Jayden is mine.
Jayden is my child.
And even if a DNA
proves him to be the biological father,
he would never have access to my child.
And if your family
thinks they would fight me,
I will die on the line
fighting for my baby.
Let LD know that he's never
gonna have access to my baby, okay?
- Adina...
- He's mine, not yours, not his
and that's exactly
how it's going to be so respect that!
- Adina, please.
- Look... [sighs]
I'm very thankful
for everything, I'm so grateful but I...
I just... I can't do this anymore.
I... I can't. I'm sorry.
- Please.
- Good luck with finding the love
that you deserve but it's...
it's just not with me.
- But wait, please.
- Don't do this, please, just move.
- Adina, please.
- Move.
[Adil] I'm tired.
I'm tired of chasing,
I'm tired of...
Guy, I'm tired of everything, I'm done.
Okay? I'm done.
- But you love this girl.
- That is exactly the problem.
That is what got her
into this mess in the first place.
I love her too much, and I have given
and given and gone way over and beyond.
It has blown back
in my face and it's over.
- Look...
- Amir, she was very clear.
She said she was done, and I concur.
It's done.
- Bro, you can't say...
- [raises voice] Bro!
[in Pidgin] It's not your place
to tell me what to do. Please..
[somber music playing]
[Adina's friend] So, have you decided yet?
[exhales] Next week.
HR says to move back in.
I found a place also.
Does he ask after him?
[chuckles] Always.
- He thinks he traveled for work.
- [in Pidgin] Wow.
[phone rings]
Uh-uh! Uh-uh!
I won't stand for that. You
will not ignore his father's call. Pick.
- Zam Zam, pick the phone, what is it?
- Okay. Calm down.
[sighs deeply]
Hello sir. [clears throat]
Not Papa, just sir?
Hello Papa.
Are you okay?
Yes, Papa.
Is it okay to visit Jayden?
Yes, yes Papa, it... it is.
Thank you.
Adina, I'm sorry about everything
and I understand if you need space.
But your home is here with us.
No pressure.
[sobs] Thank you. [clears throat]
[sighs] Thank you, Papa.
[tuts, in Pidgin] God please,
[in English] give me in-laws like this.
Because if I'm to go by Ovie's siblings,
I shouldn't even be marrying
into that family, you know as well.
[in Yoruba] What is it? What did I say?
Zam Zam, what happened?
[in English] Jay, are you okay?
Are you hungry?
[sighs] Let me eat chin-chin.
[in Yoruba] Have you started recording?
Great. Okay. That's good.
[in English] Um...
Adina darling um,
we acted brash,
and we want to apologize for...
um, our... on how our actions
have affected you psychologically,
emotionally, your reputation and career.
[co-workers] Aww.
[Kafil] And sorry, and
the people who started this uh,
uh, gossip and... and rumor,
[exclaims] they have
started paying for it.
- Say something.
- [in Yoruba] Wasn't because of you?
You better speak up right now.
[in English] I'm, I'm... I'm really sorry.
I'm really very sorry.
- Yes.
- [in Yoruba] Is that all?
- Say something else.
- [jittery] I'm sorry I acted
uh, immaturely and uh... improperly.
- I'm so sorry.
- Yes, yes.
[slaps him] Mh!
- Continue now.
- Adina doesn't deserve this please.
We are really sorry, we miss you.
Please come back home.
-[in Yoruba] Don't be angry my darling,
So sorry, we did not know.
Is it still recording?
[Kareem and Kalif laughs]
[Jayden] Hey siri, call Adil.
[wistful music playing]
[phone ringing]
Hey! Jayden, how are you, big man?
I'm fine.
[Jayden] I miss you, daddy.
[sighs] I miss you too,
I miss you too. Where's Mama?
She's sleeping.
When will you come to school?
[Adil] School? What's happening?
Father's day.
Jayden, you're going
to have to ask your mum.
But will you come?
I'll... I'll try. I'll try.
Are you sure?
[exhales] Okay, I promise.
I love you, Papa. Bye!
I love you too, little man.
[sighs deeply]
- Then go after him.
- I can't.
[Adina's friend scoffs]
Aren't you the one that said that
this guy has swam several oceans for you.
But just to swim in a backyard
swimming pool, you don't want to.
Zam Zam, I'm serious.
You love this guy.
You're clearly miserable without him
So all this posturing that you're doing,
[in Yoruba] I don't understand it.
[in English] Go after your man.
- Hi!
- [Adil] Hello?
Um... It's Adina.
Yeah, okay so,
Jayden has this um,
father's day thing in school
and he would love for you to come.
Um... I don't think it's a good idea.
Oh. Okay.
- Yes. Bye.
- Alright. Thank you.
[somber music playing]
[whimpers, in shaky breathes]
Okay. [exhales loudly]
[crowd cheering]
[cheering continues]
[indistinct chatter]
[Jayden] Mom!
- [Adina] You did amazing!
- [laughs the kisses]
Well done, baby. Let's go. Let's go.
Alright. Jump down.
- [Jayden excitedly] Papa!
- Oh!
- [exuberantly] Hey! How are you?
- I'm fine
You did good, my champion,
and I got this for you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I... I didn't think you were gonna come.
Um, thank you
for coming. It means so much to me.
Um, to Jayden and... and to me.
It meant so much to me as well.
Uh, I'm... I'm gonna, go now.
Oh, you just... Okay.
- Honey, let's go.
- Alright.
Bye Jayden.
- This way mom.
- Baby... Uh, no, no, this way.
[Jayden] A chocolate. See. Mummy see.
Can I remove the package?
Can I remove this?
Um, let's go baby. Get the bag.
[wistful music playing]
[Kalif] We'll paint it. It want water.
[indistinct chatter]
[whispering] Guys! Come no!
[perplexed] Ah-ah.
What is going on, guys?
- Jayden, come, come!
- "Ask me again you fool".
- What, wait. "Ask me again to marry you".
- [footsteps approaching]
Um... Adil,
I don't know that
I could handle your... big love,
[shakily] but... but I know
that I love you and...
I'm willing to love you big.
So, if you could please,
- ask me to marry you...
- Of course, I'll marry you.
- [music fades in]
- [family laughing]
- My man!
- [Kareema] That's a yes!
[clapping and cheering]
- So, is that a yes?
- Yes.
So, whose child is he?
- Eh-eh?
- Yes!
[family cheering]
["KU LO SA" by Oxlade playing]
Subtitle translation by: Anu Akiyode