Big Red (1962) Movie Script

Ladies and gentlemen,
in the centre ring,
Mr. Blake is now judging best in show.
Mesdames et messieurs, au centre,
Monsieur Blake juge
le meilleur chien de la parade.
- Fine dog, Monsieur.
- Yes. Buy him.
- How high can I go?
- Up to five.
- $500. I don't think...
- $5,000.
Quli, Monsieur.
Attends, attends.
Ne bouge pas.
Ne bouge pas.
Je veux te prendre.
Ne bouge pas.
Ah, ce n'est pas grave.
Hey, arrte!
Hey, reviens!
Hey. Hey!
How did he get out?
- Get him.
- Monsieur.
Matt! Patsy!
Come back here!
Le chien! Le chien!
- Ou est le chien, Monsieur?
- What?
Le chien rouge qui courait,
s'il vous plait.
Come on, mchant chien.
Pourquoi tu t'es sauv?
On t'attend dans ta cage.
Just where do you think
you're going with that dog?
Le chien s'est sauv
de la cage. Je 'emmene.
- Just a minute, laddie.
- S'il vous plait, Monsieur.
Emile, this boy doesn't speak English.
Find out what he's doing with Red.
Oh, I speak English, Monsieur.
- But, uh... But, uh...
- But, uh?
Quand ca va vite,
je cherche mes mots.
He says he does speak English,
but when events move rapidly,
he cannot find the right words.
Events are moving much too rapidly.
You weren't trying to
steal this dog, were you?
- Quoi?
- Steal. Voter.
Oh, no, Monsieur.
I was looking for le boss to ask for work.
Ahem. C'est...
C'est Monsieur qui est le boss.
I am Ren Jean-Paul Dumond.
I am a strong worker.
I do not get tired.
I have lived with my uncle
who trap the fox.
But now my uncle is dead,
so I must work.
I am learning to speak
English from a book.
And I like animals very much!
I see. And that's why you let
the dog out of his run, huh?
I did not let him out, Monsieur.
J'ai ouvert la cage parce que le chien
avait la patte prise dans la broche.
- La patte? Excuse me.
- Oui.
What did he say?
Red's paw was caught in the cage wire.
Which one?
- Laquelle?
- La patte gauche.
The left one, Monsieur.
- It is nothing, Monsieur.
- Good.
So, you want a job, huh?
Quli, Monsieur.
I am a strong worker. I do not get tired.
- I have lived with...
- My uncle who trap the fox.
And you're learning English from a book.
Quli, Monsieur.
Okay, son.
You've got a job.
- Merci, Monsieur le boss.
- Show him what to do, Emile.
- Monsieur.
- Come on, Red. Come on, boy.
Well, first thing you must do... put on your belt so
your trousers do not descend.
Quli, Monsieur.
"Sleep, slept, slept.
"I sleep, I slept,
I have slept.
This is the new bed where I sleep.
This is the window in the new room
where I sleep.
This is a chair.
This is a desk.
This is a floor.
This is a table.
Good morning, Mr Jones.
Good afternoon, Mrs Brown.
Good evening, Mr Smith.
"Did you walk to the railroad station?"
"Did he walk to the railroad station?"
"Did we walk to the railroad station?"
"Did you walk to the railroad station?"
"I am, you are, he is,
we are, you are, they are."
I am, you are, they are...
- N'est-ce pas?
- Good evening, Mr Emile.
- Thrse has fed you?
- Qui, Monsieur.
Your wife... Madame...
is a very fine cook.
Are you comfortable?
- Oh, oui, Monsieur.
- Good.
Because tomorrow,
you start working.
Come here.
All these here will be in your care.
To keep clean, to feed,
to tend when they are sick.
Quli, Monsieur.
But especially this one.
Do you know how much this dog is worth?
Combien vaut le chien?
- Oh, how much is cost.
- Oui.
That "how much" is $5,000.
- Vous voulez rire, huh?
- Mmm.
I do not make a joke.
One dog?
Come here.
- Do you know what a dog show is?
- Non, Monsieur.
Well, no matter.
I'll show you pictures in the morning.
Anyway, there is such a show
in New York City next month.
Now, if he wins this show,
he'll be the best dog in North America.
Perhaps in the whole world.
And that is what Monsieur Haggin
wants more than any one thing.
- Tu comprends?
- Qui, Monsieur.
Be sure that you do,
because this is very important.
Well, you go to bed now.
Our day begins at 6:00.
Bonsoir, Monsieur.
Dors bien.
Good night, Mr. Jones.
Good night, Mrs. Brown.
It is an honour to sleep in
the same room with such a dog.
Good night, Mr Smith.
Ah. Voila.
- Emile!
- Qui, Monsieur?
- Bring out Red, will you, please?
- Coming, Monsieur.
Monsieur wishes Big Red.
Here you are.
Go! Go outside.
- Quickly! Outside.
- Oui, Monsieur.
No, no!
Not that way!
I am sorry, Monsieur.
The boy did not know.
It's all right.
Well, let's get to work, huh?
Come on.
Thanks, Emile.
Now be tough on him.
That Westminster show isn't so far off.
Yes, Monsieur, I will be all the
tough judges rolled into one.
Red, stay.
Ready, Monsieur?
Begin, Monsieur.
Red, heel.
The head.
Head up.
Head up.
Non! Parlez-lui avec
douceur et il va faire...
...tout ce que vous voudrez.
What did he say?
Nothing, Monsieur.
The boy does not understand these things.
- Go back inside and work.
- Just a minute, son.
Come here.
- Pas de baisers.
- Think you can handle the dog better?
- Non, non, Monsieur.
- Then what did you say?
I said, Monsieur,
perhaps if...
if Monsieur would speak to the dog...
- avec douceur.
- Huh?
With gentleness, Monsieur.
With gentleness, Monsieur.
That is all I said.
I see.
Love conquers all, eh?
Look, son, a dog is an animal.
He's governed by conditioned reflexes.
Dogs are not people.
They don't have human reactions,
and the only way to handle them
is with a firm voice and a tight lead.
We'll try again tomorrow.
Thank you.
One does not speak out to Monsieur?
Unless one wishes to join
the ranks of the unemployed.
Well. Here.
Take him for a run in the fields. Uh...
but do not, under any circumstances,
let him off the lead.
- Qui, Monsieur.
- Go.
- Oh, Ren.
- Qui, Monsieur?
The next time Monsieur calls,
the front door, if you please.
Quli, Monsieur.
Whoa! Hey!
Pas trop vite, pas trop vite.
and yet you cannot even walk
as Monsieur Le Boss wishes.
Bien sur. It should not be
difficile for a dog like you
a dog of such worth.
Come. We will try.
Droit. Heel.
Come here.
You want to be a hunting dog, eh?
To be useful and work
with Monsieur Le Boss, no?
In that case,
there is much to learn.
One does not become
a hunting dog overnight.
No, Red!
Come back.
Come on.
Now... stay!
The rabbit, no.
The pheasant, yes.
Tu comprends?
There. Thank you for the
feathers, Thrse.
Mmm. lt is, uh...
It is, uh, magnifique, Thrse.
I agree.
- You will have a bowl of soup.
- No, thank you.
How can one put flesh on your bones
when all the time you are running,
running with that big red dog?
- It is the red dog, no?
- Oui.
And this, I suppose,
has to do with him somehow?
Oui. This is called the lure.
I will not ask what that means.
I'm too busy.
It is for hunting, you see?
To teach him.
And he is waiting
for me to begin.
It will take only five minutes
to eat a bowl of soup.
There is nothing I would like better,
Thrse, but...
Oh, go.
As La Rochefoucauld has said,
when a man has something on his mind,
he wants nothing in his stomach.
It is very fine soup, Thrse.
Go and run with the big red dog.
I will save the soup 'til you come back.
All right, all right.
Enough running for today.
Now, I have something to show you.
This is a bird.
All right, this is not a bird.
But for you, it is a bird.
Now, the bird will always
be hidden in a bush.
Comme ca.
But you will not know in which bush.
So, you smell the air.
You have it.
Now, you advance slowly.
And point.
Ah. I give up with you.
You will never be a hunting dog.
Go. Go walk around in dog shows
for the rest of your life.
But don't come to me for help.
Al right.
I accept your apology.
We will try again tomorrow.
Now, we go home.
Mon amour perdu
Ou es-tu?
Ou es-tu?
Je te cherche en vain
Tu m'as quitt
- Que t'ai-je donc fais?
- Que t'ai-je donc fais?
Mon amour perdu
Oh, Ren, that song is so beautiful.
And sad.
It makes me happy sometimes to be sad.
Yes. But now, we will be gay.
Okay, Ren?
Un, deux, trots, quatre.
Dum, dum, dum diddly-diddly dum, dum
Di-diddly diddly-da da-dum
Enough! Enough of that noise.
I can hear nothing of the music.
It is the spoons that is the music.
You hear that, boy?
My husband of many talents speaks.
Well, without the spoons, what is he?
A very fine young man who
plays an excellent harmonica.
Well, I'm a very fine older
man who plays superb spoons.
Un, deux.
Dum diddle lum diddly-diddly dum, dum
I will settle this.
Oh, no, no. Please, go right ahead, Ren.
It sounded fine.
- It was nothing, Monsieur.
- We were disturbing Monsieur.
No, of course not.
I was just taking a little walk.
- Red isn't in his kennel.
- He is here, Monsieur.
Huh? Oh.
Oh, yes, yes.
- Well, you see...
- It was my idea. I suggested...
No, no, no, wait.
Hold it, hold it, hold it.
It's perfectly all right.
I was just wondering where he was.
It is my fault to bring the dog, Monsieur.
He was, uh... s'ennuyait.
- Uh...
- He was lonely, Monsieur.
- Ah. Ah, yes.
- Oui. He was lonely.
I asked to bring him up here, Monsieur.
I will take him back.
Come on, Red.
Come on, Red. Thrse,
perhaps Monsieur would like a cup of...
- Coffee.
- Coffee.
- No, don't bother, Thrse.
- Oh, no bother, Monsieur.
I was just thinking of
having one for myself.
Well, thank you very much.
You're very kind.
So, uh,
the dog was lonely, huh?
Quli, Monsieur.
I think the music was good for Big Red.
- Oh. Improved his coat, huh?
- Perhaps.
Has not Montaigne said,
the happiness inside cannot
help but show on the outside?
I guarantee Montaigne never said
anything as foolish as that.
It is never foolish,
Monsieur, to speak of happiness.
I think it is a good thing that the
boy and the dog have each other.
One should never be alone,
even when one has...
great wealth,
big house...
- Now, Thrse...
- I was just about to say, Monsieur,
that one must forget
that which has passed.
- One must go forward.
- You know, this is awfully good coffee.
Quli, Monsieur.
What good are all the riches of the world?
- Threse.
- Qui, Monsieur?
You know something?
I should have gotten rid of you five
years ago, before you learned to cook.
Slow down. Red! Slow down!
Red, wait! I have lost my boot.
Red! Come back here. Red!
Red, qu'est-ce que c'est?
Red, you...
It was my fault, Monsieur.
I am sorry.
If Monsieur wishes, I will quit le job.
I will not ask the full week of pay.
This would not be fair.
Never quit le job, son.
Just tell 'em you're unhappy
and ask for twice the money.
- You take the front. I'll take the rear.
- Qui, Monsieur.
- This is no good for his coat, huh?
- That's right.
- It will spoil the showing?
- Huh? The show?
No, no, he'll be all right by show time.
But, uh, from now on,
let's be careful, huh?
You see, son,
he's not like our other dogs.
This dog is what is called a bench dog.
Well, that means that, uh,
that his kind aren't used for
any practical purposes any more.
Yeah. Well, now,
once, his kind were great hunters.
But they're so good to look at
that the hunting points were bred out.
I guess you might say that they've
lost their most important point:
the sense of responsibility.
And yet Red is still of such great value?
Yeah. And if he wins
best in show next month,
he'll be worth $10,000.
Got something here I want you to see.
Look at that.
How do you like her?
- She is beautiful, Monsieur.
- She's for him.
To start the Wintapi Kennels when
he wins best in show at Westminster.
Not too bad, huh?
Where is this cabin of your
uncle where you used to live?
North. Twenty, twenty-five miles.
- Oh, up in the big pines.
- Yes.
I used to hunt up there.
That's pretty rough country.
Where did you go to school?
You never went to school?
But you can read and write.
Quli, Monsieur.
My uncle taught me.
Also, we had several books.
There was geography,
the arithmetic...
Well, that's all very fine,
but it's not school.
You know that school is very
important, don't you?
Quli, Monsieur.
School is most important.
But for me now,
it is necessary to work...
and make my way in the world.
Well, you won't get very far
without an education.
- If you want to be a success...
- A success?
Yes, uh...
Well, uh...
- You know, make a lot of money.
- Oh, money.
That's what you want, isn't it?
Quli, Monsieur,
but most of all,
I want to be useful.
That, I think, is the first thing.
Yeah, I guess that is the first thing.
'Morning, Spence.
- Mr Haggin.
- It's good of you to come up.
Emile, you know Mr Blake,
Montreal Kennel Club.
My handler, Emile Fornet.
- Emile.
- Monsieur.
Emile, bring out Red, will you?
- We're going to get an expert opinion.
- Monsieur.
Spence, I've got a real problem.
You know I plan to show Red
at the Westminster next month.
Well, I don't know, but, uh,
he seems uncontrollable.
Just doesn't want to perform any more.
That's funny,
an old trooper like Red.
Yeah. Well, you'll see for yourself.
Thank you, Emile.
Red, heel.
Head up.
Red, heel.
Come here, Red.
- The boy takes care of him, doesn't he?
- Yes.
- You know what I think?
- I'm beginning to think the same thing.
- Qui, Monsieur?
- Walk him.
Quli, Monsieur.
Faster, Ren.
That's it, all right.
Yeah, I should have known.
All right, Ren.
Red is coming up to the
main house to stay with me
'til we leave for the dog show.
I don't want Ren to see him for
any reason whatsoever. Understand?
Quli, Monsieur.
- Do you understand?
- Qui, Monsieur.
- You'll stay for lunch, Spence?
- Thank you.
It happens that way sometimes.
They get attached to one person.
Well, we'll have our lunch too, huh?
Thrse's good onion soup.
Come on.
Pourquoi, Emile?
Why does Red go to the house?
Because Monsieur wishes.
Come on.
But... pourquoi?
A quoi bon?
Because that big,
foolish dog likes you too much.
He does not obey Monsieur.
And if he does not obey Monsieur,
he cannot win the show.
And if he does not win the show,
Monsieur will sell him.
That is pourquoi.
Sell him?
Oh, no!
Oh, no?
Oh, yes.
like that.
Well, come on.
Thrse has blueberries too. Come on.
- Fini, Monsieur?
- Huh?
Oh, yes. Yes, thank you, Thrse.
It was delicious.
There you are, Mademoiselle.
You are now in your own home.
Chez vous.
If you wish for service,
you have only to ring.
- Here.
- Ah. Regarde.
soon to be Madame, we hope...
Mollie O'Day,
permettez-moi de vous presenter
Monsieur Ren Jean-Paul Dumond.
Monsieur Dumond,
Mademoiselle Mollie O'Day.
Ahh, she's quite a dog, huh?
Mmm, with this one for Big Red,
the Wintapi Kennel will be
the best in the world, huh?
Qu'est-ce que tu as?
What is the good of all
this talk of kennel?
You said yourself if Big Red loses
the showing, Monsieur will sell him.
Then where's the kennel?
Yes. But Monsieur Haggin
is not a man who loses, Ren.
They are not judging Monsieur Haggin.
Ah, Big Red will win.
I have confidence.
- Emile?
- Huh?
It is tomorrow they go to New York, no?
Would it be permitted to see him tonight?
Just to say goodbye?
For two minutes, perhaps?
For no minutes.
Red is now content,
and he will remain so.
when you have rested,
there will be something to eat.
Hello, Big Red.
Comment ca va?
No, I cannot come in, Red.
It is not permitted.
Red, you will be good in the show
for Monsieur and... pour moi?
S'il vous plait, Red.
S'il vous plait.
Au revoir.
What is it?
It's Red.
Red, come here. Red!
- Put him to sleep.
- No! No, Monsieur!
Ren, I don't want to hear any more.
Do not kill him, Monsieur.
It was all simply...
Je vais prendre soin.
You knew this dog's value, and you
were told not to come to the house.
Oui, Monsieur. It is my fault.
I have already said so.
But please, let me
take care of him, Monsieur.
Go ahead, Emile.
No, you cannot do this!
- You don't want him to suffer, do you?
- Non, Monsieur.
Neither do I.
I think it is better if
you go to the kitchen, huh?
Was it so bad, a boy who wanted
to say goodbye to a dog?
Oh, but I have forgotten.
He disobeyed Monsieur.
And this is terrible.
In all of history, no boy
has ever disobeyed a man.
Even one he respect and admire.
He didn't respect and admire
anybody except the dog.
Oh, but, Monsieur...
- I don't want to talk about it, Thrse.
- Very well, Monsieur.
I know Monsieur does not like
to show what he feel.
For as Descartes has said, to
wear the heart on the sleeve...
Thrse, it's over and done with.
Quli, Monsieur.
Have Emile varnish over those claw marks.
I'd like it done this morning.
Good morning.
Comment ca va?
Not too good, huh?
Well, breakfast will
make you feel better.
This is the cabin of my uncle.
You will stay here 'til you get well.
We have everything here.
Everything we need.
Even this.
Well, the appetite has returned, huh?
Now, we will try something.
C'est ca.
C'est ca.
Do not feel badly.
Your muscles are stiff and sore.
We will fix that.
That's it.
Come on, Red.
One more step.
It is all right.
It is all right!
In no time, you will be
running like the wind!
Come on.
Come on, Red.
Ah, that's a boy.
Come on. Give me that stick.
Hey, stop that!
Hello, Molly, old girl.
Who let you out?
They think you needed
a little exercise, huh?
when I finish here,
we'll take a little turn around the fie...
Wait a minute.
You're not Molly.
Red, for the love of Mike,
where did you come from?
He was staying with me, Monsieur.
At the cabin of my uncle.
Well, Ren,
I'm glad to see you back.
You did a fine job with this dog.
He was practically dead.
What did you do?
I took care of him, Monsieur.
Now, I return him to you.
Well, uh, I guess I can't thank
you with a lot of idle talk.
Tell you what.
You take him down to the kennel.
Tell Emile you're back,
and I'll tell Thrse you're hungry.
No, thank you, Monsieur.
I am not hungry.
Then we'll both go down.
Let Emile see this.
He'll never believe it.
You're as good as new, old boy.
He'll take that New York show next year.
- No, Monsieur.
- Huh?
Well, he's still valuable for stud.
Guess we can't have everything, can we?
Never quit le job.
Sometime it is necessary, Monsieur.
Not necessary at all.
- Emile needs help, and you want work.
- Monsieur.
I think it would be better
if I find other work.
Well, I can't force you to work here.
However, I feel I owe you something.
You owe me nothing, Monsieur.
Go back, Red. You must stay
with Monsieur. Go back.
Go back!
Come on, Red.
Yes, that's right, Jim.
I'm shipping both dogs this morning.
Just sell them for me.
Oh, Jim, Molly's having Red's
pups in a couple of weeks.
So keep one if you like and sell the rest.
No, no.
I don't think so.
Yeah. All right. See what you
can do and call me. Thank you.
No comments, Thrse.
What is to comment?
Monsieur sells the dogs.
- Thank you.
- A dog, a goat, a cat.
What is the difference?
- After all, a dog is only an animal.
- Threse.
And if the dogs remind
one of a certain person,
that is unfortunate.
The dog is a closed subject.
Quli, Monsieur.
There are many closed subjects
in this house. I know that.
I'm coming. I'm coming.
Ah, there.
That is better, no?
Oh, my.
What good is the water here
if you are there?
I'I fix it.
What kind of a lock is this?
Is made to close,
but not to open. Oh, I'll get it.
Ha, it's coming.
Qu'est-ce qui arrive?
Wait for me. I'll be back.
Oh, no, not again.
Monsieur Le Moose,
Madame La Moose. Allez.
No, this is not the same one.
Try the whistle once more, Victor.
She is the same one,
and I have made my last whistle.
It is up to you.
This is a thing without dignity.
You should not ask me to do it.
She's holding up the entire
schedule of the railroad.
- What if our passengers should see?
- Edouard.
Should one be ashamed
of a most remarkable talent?
When a moose is a moose,
that is one thing.
But when a man is a moose...
Especially a man of your age.
- Louis, please.
- Edouard, the railroad waits.
En avant. Marche.
All right. I will do it.
Ah. I should have known
I'd find you here.
So, the grass is more
green in this place, huh?
Alors. We go home now, Madame.
Madame, you are trespassing on the
private property of Monsieur Le Boss.
This is not permitted.
That's all right, Ren.
- Good morning, Monsieur.
- Good morning.
- Your cow, Ren?
- Uh, no, Monsieur.
She belongs to the farm
of Monsieur Mereau,
where I am working.
- I will bring her home.
- Oh, uh, Ren, how's it been going?
It goes well enough, Monsieur.
Shh. Come.
- Go on, get! Come on.
- Thank you.
- Monsieur?
- Yes.
How is he, Monsieur?
Is he well, Big Red?
Red, uh, ran away, Ren.
Over a week ago.
With Molly.
They were being shipped
to Montreal for sale
and got out of the baggage car.
Up in the Laurentians,
near Mount Tuledeleau.
Who went to look for them, Monsieur?
I notified the forest rangers,
but I don't think there's
much of a chance...
Someone must look for them.
Ren, two kennel-bred dogs
wouldn't last a week in that wild country.
Red is different, Monsieur.
Believe me,
I'm as sorry as you are.
I can understand, Monsieur.
It is too bad to lose all that money.
One could lose a thousand elephants
in those woods and not find them again.
Two thousand elephants.
My uncle has taught me
how to follow the tracks
of the fox and the wolf.
- A dog is no difference.
- Impossible.
- It has rained since.
- There will still be signs.
Sometimes a piece of fur on a twig.
Or the grass will lie down on the field
where they have gone through.
Of course, when I was your age,
I never heard of that word either.
We arrive at the place.
Boone chance.
I hope you find the red dog and his lady.
Merci, Monsieur.
But do not be too hopeful.
Red, I thought you were a wolf!
You old wolf-o!
I go to find you,
and it is you who finds me!
Now, let me take a look at you.
Ah, ce n'est pas bien.
You are nothing but bones!
But I have something for you.
Here, eat.
Well, eat. It is for you.
Smoked meat from the farm
of Monsieur Mereau.
Red, come! Red!
So, this is a better place to eat, eh?
Molly! So that is why you took the meat.
For her.
Qu'est-ce qu'on a ici?
Ah, Madame.
Ca c'est tres bien.
Monsieur Papa, congratulations.
Your first-born!
But I do not think it will be the last.
Stand back, Red.
A father is only in the way.
Good morning, Madame.
So you are awake, eh?
The family is well, I hope.
I went for this.
Now we have everything we need.
Bonjour, P'tit Rouge.
Comment ca va?
But breakfast is over here.
With your permission, Madame,
I have named this one, P'tit Rouge.
Little Red.
Bon appetit.
And when you are big enough to travel,
we will all go home.
But that will be a while.
You and I will hunt, eh, Big Red,
and bring them good things to eat.
He is tired, that one.
You would think he had the family.
My mother used to say about my father,
I can only remember her a little,
but she used to say always
that the man rests after
the woman has done the work.
Good morning, Madame.
How are you? I wish you'd eat
your breakfast elsewhere.
Come on here.
Come on.
Over here, Monsieur Mereau.
You found her,
that daughter of a thousand devils.
So, that's how she got in.
This is not a very strong gate,
Mr. Haggin.
I'm terribly sorry, Monsieur Mereau.
You were lucky to catch her.
She was eating my bush.
- Your bush?
- Yeah.
I don't like the look of that bush.
Tu peux t'empoisonner.
Might poison her.
To say nothing of spoiling her milk.
I'd say that she's in
better shape than my bush.
Well, if she is poisoned,
it's possible I'll have to take steps.
In our province,
both the rich and the poor
are equal before the law.
Well, I'm very glad to hear that,
Monsieur Mereau.
- Monsieur Mereau?
- Yeah.
I thought the young boy Ren
was tending the cow for you.
That young Ren Jean-Paul Dumond.
He is no longer in my employ,
Monsieur Haggin.
But, Monsieur...
He's no longer in my employ
for the simple reason
that he has not come
to work for two weeks now.
Perhaps he has gone to
that cabin of his uncle
to sit all day and play the harmonica.
It's not impossible, you know.
You haven't seen him for two weeks?
I have my work to do,
Mr. Haggin. Goodbye.
And if this cow gets away again,
I'll have a good idea where to
place full responsibility, sir.
Good day, sir.
Ah. Up with the birds this morning, huh?
And preparing to fly away.
Ah. But before you leave me forever,
can I have my breakfast, please?
You should travel to Paris.
La Comdie-Francaise
is missing a great talent.
What's this?
For Monsieur?
Who else?
Monsieur's going into the
woods to hunt at this hour?
What would he find to hunt?
Deer season is not open.
One medium-size boy, if he's lucky.
One medium-size boy.
Do we know some other medium-size boy?
But yesterday Monsieur said he was
closing Wintapi to travel to Europe.
That was yesterday.
When I came down, Monsieur stands
there where you are standing...
- I am sitting.
- You are sitting.
So, he stands there where you are sitting.
Please, don't spoil the story.
He stands there,
and then out of nowhere,
he says, "The boy has left the farm
of Mereau. No one knows where he is."
"I am going to the cabin of the boy
to see what has happened.
To the boy's cabin?
Did I not say just that?
To the boy's cabin.
- So I said, "Monsieur..."
- I do not understand people.
- So I said...
- Yesterday he was closing Wintapi...
So I said, "Monsieur..."
I said, "Monsieur, I am very worried
that no one knows where Ren has gone."
"Perhaps he lies helpless in the forest
with a terrible sickness."
- You didn't say that?
- In French.
Well, I will get my things
and I will go with Monsieur.
You will go nowhere.
But it is many miles to the boy's cabin.
This is a journey of the emotions.
There is no room for two.
Take this to Monsieur.
Vite! Vite!
All right. Don't make so much noise.
We will soon be there.
It is a good thing too, Molly.
I think your family is increasing
one pound with each step I make.
Hey, hey.
Take it easy, Mike. Take it easy.
What's the matter?
Just your imagination, as I thought.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on, boy.
Mike! Steady, boy!
Steady, Mike, steady!
Red has seen something.
Well, he is going hunting again.
It is too bad.
Red likes so much to hunt,
but he never catches anything.
Come here, boy.
Come on, boy.
Good old Red.
Red, fetch the rifle.
Fetch it, Red.
No, Red. Let him alone.
Red, don't push him!
Watch out! Red!
Pretty good shot, Ren.
Monsieur's all right?
Monsieur may be all right if you
can get this rock off his foot.
Quli, Monsieur.
Say, that's quite a family.
Molly did herself proud, huh?
Oh, oui.
I will try to be careful, Monsieur.
Monsieur will appreciate that.
Ah, thank you.
You know, Ren,
I was wrong about him, about Red.
I said he was irresponsible,
but he was ready to get himself
killed for me. Ouch!
Pardon, Monsieur.
Now, we'll try this.
there is something I wish to say.
Save it.
Monsieur, I have been thinking.
I have made many mistakes, Monsieur,
and those mistakes were
by my own foolishness.
I have caused Monsieur much trouble.
Forget it, son.
It's all over and done with. Fini.
- Fini?
- Yes, fini.
Does Monsieur...
Would Monsieur want me
in his employ again, perhaps?
No, Monsieur would not want you
in his employ again, perhaps.
- Qui, Monsieur?
- You're going to school.
You'll live with me at Wintapi,
and then you'll go to school.
- Oh, no, Monsieur.
- Don't you "oh, no" me.
I figured the whole thing out
while I was riding up here.
I'll probably have to help you with
your lessons until you catch up.
Monsieur, I could not accept
such a generous offer.
Look, son, let's cut this horsing around.
I came up here because
I was worried about you.
- About me?
- Yes, you.
Now, you don't have to accept this deal,
but at least let's talk about it sensibly.
What is a "deal," Monsieur?
Well, uh, a deal is a...
A deal's an arrangement
where both parties benefit.
Both parties?
Both parties.
- You need an education, and I... What?
- Monsieur.
You are right about this,
uh, "horsing around.
There is nothing I would like
better in the whole world
than to stay with you at Wintapi
and go to school.
Get our pups and let's go home.
You tell me if I lean too heavily.