Big Top Scooby-Doo! (2012) Movie Script

Like to thank the Academy...
...and all its members...
...and thank the little people!
Oh. No, no! Aah!
-Was that your mom?
-Dude, shut up.
-Did I hit it? I think I hit it.
-I don't think it matters much...
...unless you've got
silver bullets in that thing.
Also, you're right,
it did kind of look like my mom.
A whole week in Atlantic City.
This is gonna be the best vacation
since Pismo Beach.
Didn't we get attacked
by a demon clam there?
Okay, since Santa Fe.
Where we were chased
by those radioactive cactus monsters.
-Since Washington D.C.?
Hmm, Washington?
What happened there?
Hmm. Lincoln Memorial.
Oh, heh. Oh, yeah,
the Lincoln Memorial came to life...
...and tried to stomp on Scooby-Doo.
"Four score and:"
Calm down, guys. This is Atlantic City.
The fun capital of the world.
Nothing bad ever happens here.
Well, gangland shootouts.
Okay, yeah, obviously,
gangland shootouts.
But otherwise,
it's nothing but fun, fun, fun.
Beaches and shows and--
My favorite band.
Gang, we have to see them
while we're here.
Their lead singer, Wulfric,
is so awesome.
He does that one song that goes:
You think that's cool,
check this out.
A circus.
Remember how I explained to you
what "cool" means?
I love the circus.
You know, I took that
circus-arts class last summer.
We know.
I really could have mastered the trapeze
if I hadn't broken all those bones.
The trick is to not fall.
That's great, Fred,
but, like, not everyone loves the--
We gotta go see it tonight.
-Really? I think we'd rather--
-My treat.
-Maybe some other--
-I insist.
-But we don't--
-I'm glad that's settled.
You guys are gonna love it.
Hooray, the circus.
Well, they don't open
till tomorrow night.
-Let's get going.
-Hang on.
-I wanna see if there's anyone here.
-Wait, no. Like, they're closed.
I am not going into a dark circus.
Hey, the door's open.
Let's just have a little look around.
Okay, I am not staying
in a dark circus.
Look at this place.
Even the stuffed animals are scary.
Especially that. What is that, a clown?
Come on, guys.
On the creepy scale this place ranks
higher than a graveyard.
An old graveyard.
Higher than an old graveyard
in a swamp. On fire.
Hello? Anybody here?
Scoob..., I have a really bad feeling about--
Run, Scoob!
What are you doing here?
I'm sorry. But the door was open
and we just--
Open? But I'm sure I locked--
He is here.
-Come. We should stick together.
-But what--?
-He will not elude me this time.
The werewolf.
-The werewolf?
-The werewolf?
Yes. I think he is this way.
-Let's get out of here, Scoob.
Hey, it's a baboon.
Let me try.
Sorry, baboon dude.
I didn't mean to scare you.
You again? It's just that--
-There's nothing there.
-Yeah, guys, there's nothing--
-Nothing? Oh, heh. That's a relief.
If it was right behind us,
you'd say something, right?
I don't wanna look.
I looked.
This way.
Down here.
Slow down, Scoob.
Like, I think we lost him.
I think we lost everyone, Shaggy.
All I know is I don't wanna see
anything big and hairy.
Especially that, eh, Scoob?
-Let's see if we can find that werewolf.
-Find it?
I wanna run away from it... a terrified school girl.
Let's find it
so you'll know which way to run.
But-- You know,
that kind of makes sense.
This place sure is empty.
Ah! Just a...thingy.
You know, Scoob,
I think it went away.
I can handle it.
-That's vampires.
-Garlic. That's for vampires.
-Are you sure?
Because I really think--
Pretty sure.
I thought a little light might help.
It's gone for now.
Thank you.
I am Marius Brancusi,
owner of this circus.
How can I repay you?
Maybe first you should explain to us
what's going on here.
I inherited this circus
from my uncle last year...
...and I've been working to modernize it.
I've been making it more stylish...
...phasing out the animal acts,
giving it more of a theatrical flair.
Also I cleaned the toilets,
which has been a huge improvement.
All this has led to our latest show:
This is so fantastic.
Did I mention I love the circus?
Uh, several times, yes.
-But what about the werewolf?
-It's terrible.
I thought tonight, while all my employees
are having a night on the town...
...I might find some clues
about the beast.
I'm certain the werewolf must be someone
who's part of the circus.
You mean, in disguise?
Perhaps it is not a disguise.
You understand that I'm saying
it might be a real werewolf, right?
-It's just that I expected a bigger reaction.
I was being so dramatic
and did I show you my pectoral muscles?
Moving on.
All right. For the last few months, the
creature has plagued us wherever we go.
It has scared off many of my artists.
And in every city we visit,
it has stolen jewelry.
And I thought my accent was thick.
Anyway, it's very strange.
Why would a werewolf want jewels?
Like, maybe he's a lady werewolf.
Because, um, you know,
girls like pretty things to have.
It was just a thought.
I think I remember a case like this
in 18th century Bavaria.
-May I use your computer?
MARIUS: Of course.
Bavaria, werewolf.
Oh, here it is. It was in Ingolstadt.
A werewolf known as "Hans"
collected certain gemstones...
...and used them to increase his power.
Normally, a werewolf
only becomes a wolf at the full moon.
But with the right combination of jewels...
...Hans was able to change from man to wolf
at any time.
He and the werewolves he created
terrorized lngolstadt for decades.
MARIUS: Created?
Anyone who is bitten by a werewolf
and lives turns into a werewolf.
Apparently, the Ingolstadt werewolves
claimed hundreds of victims...
...before being driven out
by Maximilian lll.
Wow, you guys are lucky
you didn't get bitten.
Yeah, like, we....
Everybody get back.
He's turning into a werewolf.
Some friends. I need the Heimlich
and you're reaching for the silver bullets.
You get that?
Silver bullets for werewolves...
...garlic for vampires,
the Heimlich for Shaggy.
Who are you people?
How do you know
so much about werewolves?
We solve mysteries.
It's kind of a hobby.
A hobby? Stamp collecting is a hobby.
Solving mysteries is-- Wait.
Maybe you could help me
investigate this werewolf.
Yes. And we could pose
as circus performers.
Sure, why not?
Of course, it will be very dangerous.
-And there's the "Why not." See you.
-We have to do it, Shaggy.
-For the good of the circus.
-Forget it.
For the safety of the public.
No way.
For all the cotton candy you can eat?
Count me out.
Hey, and, uh, churros too?
-And churros.
-Like, dude, heh, I'm in.
Yeah, me too.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
MARIUS: Well, if you're going to pass
for circus artists...'s going to take a little work.
So do any of you have circus skills?
I took a circus-arts class last summer.
Why am I not surprised?
And what did you learn?
I worked out on the trapeze a bit, but, uh,
I ended up breaking a lot of bones.
You seem to have healed well.
What? Oh, not my bones.
I was supposed to catch this guy
and, uh, I dropped him.
Onto someone.
And they both fell into some other people.
-That's terr--
-Who hit the tent support...
...which tipped the popcorn cart,
which set fire to the audience risers...
...which collapsed with 48 people
sitting on them.
-Well, I'm sure it wasn't your fault.
-No, it was.
But I did learn a valuable lesson
about the trapeze.
-Which was?
-Don't drop people.
Oh, and don't fall.
Yes, those are kind of the basics.
How would you like a junior,
second-assistant, backup trapeze position?
-It would be an honor, sir.
-You are a strange fellow.
But I admire your neckwear.
Anyone else have any talents
that might apply?
When I was a kid
I used to do a little motorcycle act.
Really? It takes years of practice to--
It went like this.
Right, that'll do.
I've phased animal acts out of my circus,
but I could make an exception.
-Your friend here seems very well-trained.
-Oh, he is.
-Like, please, please, please.
Good boy.
Uh, just for the sake of tradition,
maybe you should do the tricks.
That's probably a good idea...
...because Scooby-Doo
does more circus-y stuff than me.
Show him, Scoob.
You taught him all this?
He tried, but, like, I just can't get it.
-Poor baby.
If you're afraid,
I could put you on the churro cart.
-No, no. I can do it.
-Do what?
I don't know. Something.
There are still a few acts I could use.
-How about knife-throwing?
Hmm. The only thing that's left
is the human comet.
-That doesn't sound so bad.
-You get shot out of a cannon.
Can we go back to the knife-throwing?
I have to get everyone prepared.
-Meet me back here in the morning.
-Check. What time?
Five o'clock.
There's no 5:00 in the morning.
Is there?
I have a bad feeling about this.
I wonder if we should use code names
while we're undercover.
I could be Dominic St. Chinard...'er-do-well son of a New England
shipping magnate who--
Finally, you're here. Come on.
You have to meet
your fellow circus artistes.
Any one of whom could be
a bloodthirsty monster.
Whitney Doubleday.
He's our animal trainer.
Like, what happened, Scoob?
Oh, terribly sorry.
Thirty minutes every day.
Marvelous for the lower back.
Whitney Doubleday, animal trainer.
Good boy.
Whitney Doubleday, animal trainer.
Good boy.
Sorry, after 40 years
of handing out treats...'s become a habit.
Oh, thanks.
Uh, Shaggy Rogers,
I'm also an animal train--
-Um, I guess I'm more of an animal partner.
-Yeah. Partners.
Well, I suppose if you're a team,
that's different.
I thought it was odd
that Marius hired you.
You see, he eliminated
all the trained animals from the circus.
Really? Huh. Well, you must be angry
and embittered and seeking revenge.
Ha, ha. Not at all. I was retiring anyway.
The public doesn't want
trained animals anymore.
Too many stories
about abusive training techniques.
Of course, I never hurt any of my animals.
Right, Leoni?
But there are a few bad apples out there.
No, I'm afraid my kind of act
is a thing of the past.
Hey, um, have you ever trained,
I don't know...
...for instance,
just off the top of my head, um, wolves?
No, no one works with wolves.
They're too unpredictable.
I'd have better luck
trying to train a hurricane.
So if you're not in the show,
why are you and your animals here?
Well, we're just along for the ride.
I'm transporting them to a sanctuary
in California that's agreed to take them.
I think I'll miss my baboons the most.
So much like people,
don't you think?
Huh? Oh.
I don't really see any resemblance.
I always use Spanish commands.
The animals are less likely to hear shouts
from the audience and get confused.
Wow, Scoob.
-Think we could do something like that?
Well, it's unusual, I'll give them that.
Velma, meet Archambault, our strongman.
You'll be working with him.
Don't be afraid,
big hairy man is not werewolf.
You heard about werewolf?
Terrible, terrible.
Very bad for circus, oui?
-Um, what are you--?
Ah. Archambault forget,
you are new to the circus.
Please, you should step on the hand.
-Step on the hand.
Trust Archambault.
Archambault is not fake
like some strongmans, eh?
Archambault is genuine article.
Strongest man in Quebec, eh?
-But why--?
-Is part of act.
I carry you to cannon.
Then you climb in, I pull lever,
boom, boom, land in net, oui?
-Um, I guess.
-Good. We do some practicing.
Make sure you shouldn't break head.
Human comet, fire!
I think I tensed up.
Those are the people
I'll be performing with?
Not performing. You're junior,
second-assistant, backup trapeze.
That means you stand by the net.
-And do what?
-As little as possible.
If someone falls,
you help them out of the net.
Oliverio. Lena. This is Fred.
Oliverio is very jealous,
so don't look at Lena.
But don't look like you're not looking
at her, because that makes her flirty.
Wait, what?
Ah, the new net boy.
-Something is wrong with your neck?
-No, um....
Maybe his cute little scarf is too tight.
Come by my trailer later
and I loosen it for you, yeah?
Listen to me, net boy.
You stay away from Lena...
...or I pop your head off like a bottle cap.
Nice to meet you. I'm Fred.
You'll be with the clowns.
-Ooh, clowns are fun.
-Fun like a root canal.
In there.
Gotta go.
Um, hello?
This is easy for you to say. "Hello."
North Americans...
...always so cheerful. "Hello."
Well, maybe I don't feel like hello.
-Are you one of the clowns?
-No. I am an actor.
I have merely undertaken
the role of a clown.
That is a clown.
No. You do not laugh at this honky-horn.
It is low comedy, undignified.
-I'm Daphne Blake.
-Yes, yes, the motorcycle girl. Marius said.
-The buffoon here is Sisko.
-Pleased to meet you.
-And I am Schmatko.
-Ha-ha-ha. Schmatko.
-What a great clown name.
-It is not a clown name.
I am Svyatopolk Stanislavevich Schmatko.
Sisko, that is a clown name.
Schmatko is a name of great dignity.
Once I toured the Soviet Union
performing the classics.
-Chekov. Pushkin. Turgenev.
You know Bulgakov?
At last, a person of culture.
Sisko, we must show this cultured lady
our new routine.
And begin.
So? What you think, eh?
The umbrella represents intolerance.
Sure, I got that.
-Is funny, yes?
-Yeah, ha, ha, funny.
I like this motorcycle girl.
Okay. I go to make smoothie.
Who wants smoothie?
-One strawberry. Motorcycle girl?
-Oh, no thanks.
Fine, suture yourself.
Back in a littles.
So the circus is a little different
than I'd always imagined.
-How so?
-It's full of crazy people.
Oliverio threatened to pop my head off.
I don't know
if your werewolf is real or not...
...but if you're looking for someone
with a grudge against the circus...
...there are plenty of suspects.
Schmatko has a lot of bitterness
about being a clown.
Archambault seems nice,
but he sure looks like a werewolf.
Like, that Doubleday guy says
he doesn't mind losing his job...
-...but I don't know.
-I know, I know.
-And there's one more suspect.
SHAGGY: Wulfsmoon?
No way.
They've been performing in every town
where the werewolf has appeared.
Oh, so you're gonna blame them.
Just because they were there...
...and the lead singer
claims to be a werewolf.
-You couldn't have mentioned this earlier?
But it's just for publicity. I mean, heh,
he also says he's from Sweden.
-And he isn't?
-Duh. Of course not.
Sweden's just a made-up place,
like fairyland or Australia.
I bet you think kangaroos are real too.
-Sweden. Ha, ha. Duh.
Has he been kicked
in the head or something?
Not yet.
Like, all this speculationing
is making me hungry, Scoob.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Guys, we are heading
for the legendary Cap'n Fatty's Rib Ranch...
...home of the
more-than-all-you-can-eat special.
You eat as much as you can,
then they force dessert...
-...down your throat with a spatula.
-My kind of place.
Anyone care to join us?
We'll catch up with you.
-Okay, bye.
-Just be back in time for the show.
I mean, seriously.
Like by a mule, kicked?
After this, Scoob, we will have visited
almost all of the greatest rib joints... America.
All that's left is that one where the ribs
come with a coupon for free heart surgery.
-What's it called?
-The rib reaper.
Yeah, the rib reaper.
Someday, Scooby-Doo. Some....
Okay, when I say run, I want you to--
I didn't say it. Aah!
Like, how did it get in there so fast?
I don't know.
Shaggy and Scooby.
What's going on?
Guys, I think we hit something.
There's two.
-And that one, I think it's Schmatko.
-I beg your pardon?
Schmatko, the clown.
I recognize his costume.
Schmatko, it's me. Motorcycle girl.
He doesn't sound very friendly.
Actually he wasn't all that friendly
even before he turned into a werewolf.
DAPHNE: This way.
SHAGGY: No, this way.
They're after the girls.
We gotta do something.
It's time to take out the trash.
Dang. They're fast.
What's that?
I'm gonna guess it's Daphne and Velma
pounding on the manhole cover... just buried under a ton of garbage.
DAPHNE: Get us out of here.
VELMA: We're in the sewer.
Well, guess we better start digging.
Oh, this is worse than when the sword
swallower go the hiccups.
Did he leave a note?
What about on the fridge?
Did you look on the fridge?
Of course I don't think you're stupid, I--
Don't you think I know that?
Thank goodness you're here.
Schmatko's missing. Sisko hasn't seen him
since 6 a.m.
-He's a werewolf.
We just got chased by two werewolves,
and one was wearing Schmatko's clothes.
They broke into the museum
and stole an emerald necklace.
He's collecting jewels.
And he's making more werewolves.
It's just like in lngolstadt.
I know this is bad, but we've got a show
to do in half an hour.
Nothing is impossible.
-Daphne, you'll stand in for Schmatko.
-I'm doing what now?
We'll need to fill some time.
Fred, can you walk a tight rope?
Of course, I maybe can.
Archambault can do cowboy routine.
-Not the cowboy routine.
-Why you no like cowboy routine?
Is best superb. I can make it
space cowboy for this "Celestia" thing.
Fine, do it.
With that we should be okay.
As long as Shaggy and Scooby
go over well.
Come on, everyone get into costume.
It's showtime, folks.
What's that smell?
-We were in the sewer.
-And we were digging through garbage.
You Americans really know how to party.
-Everyone ready?
Great. I'm going to start the show.
Ladies and gentlemen.
With the finest talent
from five continents...
...the Brancusi Circus presents, "Celestia."
Do it again. They love it.
Heh. I fell.
Nice working with you.
I am the space cowboy, oui?
But in Quebec,
cowboy don't do things the easy way.
Is best superb, oui?
You see what I mean?
It makes people uncomfortable.
Ladies and gentlemen...
...may I present Scooby and Shaggy?
Hello, Atlantic City.
I give you Scooby-Doo.
Thank you, thank you.
Oh, I'm Shaggy, his, uh, trainer.
Shaggy! Shaggy! Shaggy!
But what about me?
Shaggy! Shaggy! Shaggy!
That went well.
You're up, human comet.
I can't do this.
-Don't worry. You are going to be fine.
-You think so?
Eh, fifty-fifty.
Aah! Werewolves.
Well, that's a relief.
Those costumes are awesome.
Like, don't bite us.
I don't wanna be a werewolf.
And I'm already a dog.
Get away, shoo. Go chase a cat.
There has to be something we can do.
Usually I drop a net on....
Ooh, that's a big net.
No bitey. I am not a chew toy.
Shaggy. Scooby.
Lead them over this way.
Like, I'll try.
-Got them.
MARIUS: Come on.
They have to be here.
Apparently not.
Very strange.
How could they just disappear like that?
Maybe, but where would they hide
the forklift?
Why did they attack?
They weren't stealing jewels.
They went right for Shaggy
and Scooby.
-You think they were trying to scare us off?
-It could be.
How do you, like, stop this thing?
That's one way.
Everybody out.
Follow the ushers.
-Werewolves. What a great idea.
MARIUS: Unbelievable.
-What's that?
Is it the werewolves?
No, I don't think so.
There were critics in the audience
last night.
There are circus critics?
These are the most incredible reviews
I've ever seen.
They all assumed the werewolves
were part of the show.
And look at this:
They're calling Shaggy
the greatest circus artist since Felix Adler.
-I'm so excited.
And I would be so much more excited
if I had any idea who Felix Adler was.
That's great, Shaggy.
-Way to go.
What about me?
Listen. "The performance
young Shaggy Rogers...
...gets from his trained dog, Scabby--"
"--is so remarkable, one might almost
believe the animal has a mind of its own."
I do.
-It's true, he does.
-Yeah, that was a little harsh.
This is fantastic.
Excuse me, I have to show these around.
Looks like we're a hit, huh?
ARCHAMBAULT: You have heard?
The newses are loving the show.
We sell many tickets now, eh?
You all be sure
to come to breakfast today, okay?
Archambault is going to make
his famous crepes. Aha.
Kitchen trailer key.
Breakfast be ready soon.
ARCHAMBAULT: Excusez-moi...
-...Archambault put it back on shelf.
-Wait a second.
This is a book about
the lngolstadt werewolves.
But I thought Marius
had never heard about them.
That's what he said.
Like, maybe he just bought
that book yesterday?
It was printed in Estonia in 1853.
You really think Marius
could have found this in just a day?
What you are saying?
Marius is werewolf?
But last night he was with us
when the werewolves attacked.
He still might be one of them.
Maybe he can change...
...whenever he wants, like in lngolstadt.
Someone has circled all the jewels
that Hans supposedly collected.
They're the same ones our werewolf
has stolen except one.
It says it's a "carbonado."
What's a "carnow"?
-Carbonado. Beats me.
-Carbonado, very puzzlement, oui?
Okay, time to make the crepes.
Breakfast in one hour.
I'm not gonna last an hour.
Hey, is Cap'n Fatty's Rib Ranch
open for breakfast?
-Then let's head on out, Scabby. Ha, ha.
Shaggy Rogers.
Like, do I know you?
"A star is born."
-Oh, yeah.
-Oh, no.
Hey, everybody.
We got a celebrity in the place.
Shaggy, from that "Celestia" show.
-Oh, my gosh, we saw you last night.
-You were so awesome.
How'd you teach it all those tricks?
-Um, you know, the usual way.
-He's dreamy.
-He's dreamy.
-Right this way, Mr. Rogers.
-Would you ladies care to join me?
Huh? Hey.
Order anything you want, sir.
It's on the house.
And I'll bring a bone for your dog.
A bone?
So tell me more about how great I am.
"Scabby." Hmph.
-Care to explain this?
-Well, it's a book.
You see, they print words
on sheets of paper, bind them together--
It's a book about
the lngolstadt werewolves.
We found it in your office.
And what, that makes me a werewolf?
My office is usually unlocked.
Anyone could have planted it there.
Mr. Brancusi?
Oh, over here, Mr. Flaxman.
It's Phil, heh.
Call me Phil, everyone calls me Phil,
even my kids call me Phil. Heh.
Come into my office please, Phil.
If you'll excuse me,
I have some business to discuss.
And then I said,
"So tell me more about how great I am."
Who wants to get
the superstar another hoagie?
-Oh, I'll get you one.
-No, me.
-Me, I'll do it.
-Me first.
-I want a hoagie.
-Don't worry, Scoob.
Now that I'm a superstar,
I won't forget the little people.
I mean, dogs.
Little puppies....
Ah. People.
Pooples. Whatever.
Are you ready to rock?
You understand that by "rock"
I mean, "Watch a dog do tricks," right?
Then behold my creation.
Scooby, no.
Don't leave me, buddy.
Don't leave!
Scoob. Scooby.
Scoob. Scooby?
Dude, can I borrow your shades?
Chillax. I was just asking.
No. Oh, good, you're still a dog.
And you're still a jerk.
What do you mean,
you won't do the show tonight?
You heard me.
-Oh, come on, Scoob.
Would you do it for a Scooby Snack?
Would you do it for two Scooby Snacks?
-Forget it.
There's 342 pounds
of Scooby Snacks here.
You happy now?
Ha, ha. Happy now.
I don't know
what you just talked him into doing...
...but he must've really
not wanted to do it.
Thank you, Phil.
We'll see you at tonight's show.
Oh, I wouldn't miss it.
Guess what.
That man just bought out
all the seats for tonight's performance.
We're doing a private show
for the Wulfsmoon guy.
Wulfric Von Rydingsvard?
Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh!
Oh, my gosh!
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.
Is he going to be all right?
As all right as he ever is.
I am not a werewolf.
-I really don't think it's him, Velma.
-We'll see. Okay, so I found out...
...what a carbonado is.
It's also known as a black diamond.
Thanks, Shaggy.
Deaf in this ear now.
Black diamond. Black diamond.
-Wulfric. Wulfric. Wulfric.
Shaggy. How about a verb?
Wears! Wears! Wears!
Let's see, if we put them together...
...Wulfric wears black diamond?
Well, I guess we know
what the werewolves' next target is.
And this time, we'll be ready.
-We're not ready.
-It's okay, calm down.
Calm down?
We can't find Archambault.
And look at his trailer.
There's obviously been a struggle here.
I hate to say it, but it looks like
the werewolf has struck again.
-Where is she?
Where is my Lena? You two are planning
to run off together, aren't you?
What? No.
-Don't lie to me.
-Oliverio, stop.
Lena could have been
taken by the werewolf.
Ha. Net boy is the only wolf I see.
I hope Oliverio isn't too upset, Fred.
Because you're going to be doing
the trapeze with him tonight.
We can do this. We can.
We just need to get through this show...
...then we can find out what happened
to everyone. All right.
I'll take over most of Archambault's act.
Velma, that means
I'll be helping you into the cannon.
The cannon?
They're here.
There's Wulfric.
He looks shorter in person.
Okay. Here we go.
There's just one thing
you have to remember--
Yes? Marius?
Oh. Like, not him too.
Sisko is right. The show must go on.
But what if the werewolves show up?
I'm counting on it.
We've got a little surprise
in store for them.
The circus is a metaphor for society,
don't you think?
Only instead of, like, rich people
and poor people, there's other things.
So true, so true. Isn't it true?
It's starting.
Ladies and gentlemen.
With the finest talent
from 10 continents...
I thought there were only
seven continents.
Well, they're discovering
new ones all the time.
...I present the Brancusi Circus.
And now, Oliverio and Fred.
Does that safety net look okay to you?
No. Maybe the junior, second-assistant,
backup trapeze artist forgot to check it.
Oh, heh, that's me, isn't it?
Yes. I guess you'd better hope
I don't drop you, eh?
MAN 1:
-You caught me.
-Of course.
If I don't, you think anyone
ever gonna hire me again?
MAN 2:
Well done.
Get it? Huh?
The umbrella represents intolerance.
PHIL: Hmm, ha, ha.
Yeah, oh, yeah. Ha, ha. I get it.
Hello, Wulfric Von Rydingsvard.
Where? Where--? Oh, right.
I give you, Shaggy.
-And his performing dog.
-The guy in the dog suit is fantastic.
-That's a real dog.
Phil, you fall for anything.
I bet you believe in kangaroos.
They're here. Go.
Now, this is what I've been waiting for.
Hello, wolfy-wolf-wolfy.
Sorry, Schmatko. We'll get you
back to normal, if that's really you.
Oh, not good.
Ow! That's a Titanium chain.
Thanks so much for your help, everyone.
Phil, you're the only one
who stood by my side.
I always said you were like a son to me,
A wealthy, Swedish son
with a tenuous grip on reality.
Good dog, good doggy,
don't bite Freddy now.
So the affair goes on even now
that she's a werewolf, eh?
-You're crazy.
-Crazy in love.
Come back to me, Lena.
I don't care if you're a dog.
Bite me and we shall stalk the night
together, two wolves in love.
Heh. You two obviously have some stuff
to work out, so I'll just be, uh....
At least I don't have to do
the cannon thing.
Hey, I'm sorry I didn't introduce you.
But you can't stay mad--
Ha. I knew you still cared.
-I'm coming, Scoob.
Like, leave my friend alone. Huh?
Red fur?
What the...?
They're gone.
Shaggy. They're baboons.
Baboons? Baboons.
Oh, man, what was that command
he used? Domingo.
They're the trained baboons.
Which means Doubleday
must be behind this.
Stop him.
Oh, no.
Fred. Fire.
-Are you sure?
-Do it.
Way to go, Velma.
Oh, yeah. Best human comet ever.
-Ow! That was glued on, you know.
-It's Doubleday, all right.
Get back. You won't take us that easy.
-What did you do?
Just tranquilizer gun Doubleday keep
around in case of problem with animals.
-What are those ropes?
-Archambault tied up.
But Archambault break ropes.
Such thick ropes.
-It take hours.
-Where were you?
In storage shed, back there.
-You okay?
-Who did this?
Did you catch him? What's going on?
It was Doubleday.
We've already called the police.
This would have never happened
at the Minsk conservatory.
MARIUS: How is he?
-This is strong stuff.
He could be out for hours, days even.
Where did my amulet go?
DETECTIVE: I've got men searching for it,
and all the other stolen jewels.
If we don't find them, we can get
the information from Doubleday.
My circus is supposed to be
in Philadelphia tomorrow.
Will that be a problem?
No. If we need you, we'll contact you.
You were the best thing in the show,
my friend, and that dog costume is brilliant.
Dog costume?
Thanks again for all your help.
Are you sure
I can't give you anything?
We did some major box office.
This thing is crammed with cash.
No, thanks.
We're just glad we could help.
Well, any time you want to see the circus,
it's on the house.
And all the churros you can eat.
And maybe I could do
the high-wire again, huh?
Uh, let's think about
whether that's probably maybe best, um....
Anyway, um, goodbye.
Archambault say goodbye also.
Goodbye, Archambault.
Thanks for everything.
Okay. I hope they find all those jewels.
Especially that black diamond,
it seemed very nice, oui?
-Hey, motorcycle girl.
I guess Sisko told you I could never get
your umbrella routine right.
No, he say umbrella routine
was funny for first time ever.
Oh, uh....
No, no, is good.
This finally make me decide
clowning is not for me.
So now I go to New York
to pursue my true love, theater.
That's great, Schmatko.
I'm sure you'll be a huge success.
Of course, Sisko will miss me terribly...
...but a man has got to be doing
what it is that a man has got to be doing.
Do svidaniya, all. Goodbye.
I thought he'd never leave. Cheers.
Well, another case solved.
I don't know.
Something's still bugging me.
Yeah, I miss the part where the bad guy
says he would've gotten away with it...
-...if it hadn't been for us.
Archambault said "black diamond."
But the last he heard,
that gem was a carbonado.
-And do you remember...
-...what Doubleday said?
-You won't take us that easy.
He said "us."
Archambault caught Doubleday...
...after he tranquilized him.
He could have the black diamond.
And Archambault said he broke his ropes,
but that rope hadn't been broken.
The ends looked like they'd been cut.
And the book.
Archambault was the one
who knocked it off the shelf.
I'll bet he planted it there.
It all adds up.
Archambault was in on it.
We've got to catch that train.
-Come on, come on.
-I'm going as fast as I can.
Uh-oh. Look.
We gotta get on that train somehow.
What? What are you looking at?
Shaggy, how far can you jump?
Oh, no. Oh, no. No, no, no. No. No!
Come on, guys,
jump so I can get up there.
How did we get talked into this,
How can you still be mad?
I said I was sorry.
Too late, Daphne.
-I guess it's just us, Scoob.
Boy, he really can hold a grudge.
Tell Archambault where is key
or Archambault get angry.
This isn't angry?
-We gotta stop him.
Scooby-Doo, like, dude, I'm sorry.
You're the best friend a guy could have,
and you're the best circus performer too.
That's right.
Won't you please forgive me,
old buddy, old pal? Heh.
Oh, maybe.
I know it was wrong
to treat you like a trained animal.
I was a complete--
Trained animals.
FRED: Hey.
DAPHNE: Stop please.
FRED: Slow down. Stop.
VELMA: Stop that train.
Ah, it's so nice to see young folks
taking an interest in the railroads.
Hey, animals. We need your help.
Allow me.
Scooby speaks baboon? Who knew?
Ha. Best superb.
Archambault just wants to say he has
enjoyed doing the business with you. Huh?
Ha, ha. Archambault never punch
a horse before. Could be fun.
Sleepy time for the monkeys.
Huh? What?
Where are the darts?
Don't worry, I got them right here.
No! Bad monkeys!
Like, what do we do now?
Hello, peoples.
Come back here, dog and hippie.
Archambault won't hurt you much.
Did he just call me a hippie?
-Well, duh.
-Thanks, buddy.
-Anytime, pal.
Archambault not built
for the long jump.
Scoob. I got an idea.
Follow me.
-Good work, Shaggy.
-You too, Scoob.
This guy is tough.
I think those tranquilizers
are starting to wear off already.
MARIUS: Apparently, Archambault
and Doubleday were both angry...
...when my uncle left me the circus.
I understand it.
They worked for him for years...
...then suddenly his nephew comes in
and wants to change everything.
And then, when Archambault saw
that Doubleday was caught...
...he double-crossed him,
hoping to buy himself enough time... make off with the jewels
and the box-office money.
And Archambault would have
get away with it...
...if it don't be for the young peoples
and the nosy dog, there.
Oh. I do like to hear that.
Guess that wraps it up.
I got your call.
Hey, that's a train. Choo-choo!
Mr., uh, Wulfric, sir?
Um, hi. Ha, ha.
Uh, we caught Doubleday's accomplice...
...and, uh, he had this in his pocket.
Brilliant. Just brilliant.
That one's my second favorite.
I really gotta thank you.
And I have to thank you again.
-Is there anything I can do for you?
-They won't take money, I tried that.
Well, there must be something, right?
Hmm. Maybe there is.
Like, man, this is the best. Heh.
-Right, buddy?
-You said it, amigo.
Hello, Cleveland.
We're in Atlantic City.
Hello, you guys.
-Are you ready to rock?
ALL: Yes!
Well, I need a minute.
Mystery Inc., Mystery Inc.
They helped me out a lot, I think
Mystery Inc., Mystery Inc.
They helped me out a lot, I think
There's a dog named Scooby
And some other guys
And I said I'd write them a song
But I forgot to