Bigfoot (2018) Movie Script

- Ho ho ho ho ho ho.
Christmas is
approaching, everyone.
Is everything ready
for the big night?
- I'm going through the
checklist right now, Santa.
I want to make sure all is
ready and in tip top shape
for your night of
delivering presents to all.
- Pippin, I guarantee
this is going to be
the best Christmas ever.
I just got a souped up motor
on the old, trusty sleigh
and I'm going to be able
to travel at super speed.
- Whoa, Santa, I didn't
realize you were a speed freak!
- Are you kidding me?
600 miles an hour,
8000 feet altitude,
cloud dust in my face, the
Arctic negative 45 degree blasts
ruffling my beard?
You better believe
I'm a speed freak.
Ho ho ho
ho ho.
- Believe you me, I've seen
Santa pull crazy stunts
that would leave you
gasping for air.
- I believe it, Gargoph.
I'm just glad I'm not
part of this little annual
expedition, you guys.
- Have you changed the
oil on the sleigh, Pippin?
- Oil change, check.
- Installed the
catalytic converter?
- Catalytic converter
installed, check.
- Ah, time's-a-changing, guys.
Nobody needs reindeer anymore.
- Why are you still
around, Gargoph?
- For the adventure,
Pippin, for the adventure.
- I'm not the only
speed freak around here.
Gargoph is a daredevil like
I've never seen, I tell ya.
- You best believe it,
Santa, you best believe it.
- This is going to be our
best Christmas ever, guys.
- Oh yeah, adventure is
the word this year, baby.
- Adventure, check.
- Ho ho ho, an amazing
time awaits us.
Let's go to the sleigh, Gargoph.
We're off to deliver gifts to
all good children everywhere.
- Alright.
Christmas is officially on.
- The greatest of times.
- What could possibly go wrong?
- This year will be the
greatest year of all, Teddy.
It will be a Christmas
no one will ever forget.
- And no one will
ever forget it.
- Oh, goody, what is it, Arvid?
Are we going to ask
them for the winter?
I've always wanted
to visit Aspen.
I hear it is particularly
nifty this time of year.
- Quit your glazin', cookie.
We're not going to Aspen.
- Hey, my name is Baroff,
and I'm not a cookie.
I'm a gingerbread
man, if you please.
- Oh, shut it, cookie, you
interrupt me one more time and.
- And you'll be sorry.
- Aye, if you put it that
way, do go on, Master Arvid.
- This year it will
be a special time,
for it will be the time I
will ruin Christmas forever.
- Oh my, why would you do that?
- Because I hate Christmas,
why else?
- But why?
- Because I do, alright?
Stop asking me stupid
questions, you dumb cookie.
- Yeah, stop asking
him stupid questions,
he's about to get
to the good part.
- This year I have
finally gotten my hands
on the powerful Master Scroll
of the Naughty Children.
- The Master Scroll of
the Naughty Children?
But, but, but?
- You heard me right, cookie.
With the Master Scroll, I'll
be able to harness the power
of their bad deeds.
- That sounds dangerous.
- I will use this great
power to finally banish Santa
from his kingdom and rule the
North Pole once and for all.
- Sounds like the perfect
plan for an evil giant Yeti
such as yourself.
- Yes,
evil does suit me, doesn't it?
- Yes, Arvid.
- Death
to Christmas.
- Christmas will be ruined.
- But,
if I may, Arvid,
Santa is very powerful
and he'll never let
you ruin Christmas
and banish him from his home.
- With my newly found powers,
even Santa can not stop me.
- Are you sure?
He is Santa, after all.
- Ha ha, I'm not
afraid of Santa.
I will banish him to the
Land of Icicles and Thorns.
He'll never be able to return.
Do I need to remind you I
now possess the power of
the Master Scroll?
- No matter your power, Arvid,
Santa will always
be more powerful.
There's no way you
can defeat him.
- Oh, you think so,
cookie of little faith?
You will just have to be
shown just how powerful I am.
What about I send you
to the Land of Icicles
and Thorns first?
So you see I mean business.
- Oh no, Arvid, the Land of
Icicles and Thorns, it's scary
and full of creepy creatures.
And besides, it's so cold,
my glazing would
just freeze off.
I don't want to go
there, I protest.
- I might just have to
teach you a lesson, cookie.
- My name is Barloff,
and no, I won't go.
- Fine, but do tell,
who is the most powerful
creature of all the North Pole?
- Well, Santa is, of
course, I can not lie.
- What?
Would you care to repeat that?
- Santa is the most powerful.
- That does it.
Shamala tottleboo,
scrummy tottleboo,
disappear you measly
little piece of dough.
- No!
- Death
- Haldor, my trusty dragon.
What wild and crazy adventure
shall we take on today?
- Why must we always go on
these wild and crazy adventures,
Master Finn?
You know I'd rather stay
at the castle with my tail
up by the fire.
- Because we are
adventurers, Haldor.
We have a calling for it,
traveling to distant lands,
defeating evil foes,
that's what we do.
- Couldn't we just be
farmers, Master Finn?
Or even innkeepers?
Anything with a roof over
my head and a nice, cozy bed
to snuggle up in at night.
That would be more up my alley.
- Oh Haldor, don't
be a scaredy-Dragon.
You were born for adventure.
Besides, you come from a long
bloodline of mighty dragons.
It's in your genes.
You have adventure
written in your DNA.
- I think you mean rest and
relaxation are in my DNA.
- You were bred for adventure,
Haldor, believe you me.
- I was bred for milk and
cookies, believe me you.
- You just have to go on
a few more adventures,
you'll start to enjoy
it, I'm sure of it.
- Fine.
But how are we supposed to
find these adventures, anyway?
Adventures don't just fall
off trees like apples,
Master Finn.
- Don't you know, Haldor?
We don't have to go
looking for adventure.
Adventure will find us.
- I'd like to see that.
- I hear you two are
seeking adventure.
- That we are.
And who might you be?
- The name's Ajvar, and I
just overheard a mastermind
evil plan being put into action.
- Nope, that doesn't
sound like something
we'd want to be involved in.
Right, Master Finn?
- Wrong.
We're very interested in
hearing about this evil plan.
Please, go on.
- It was yesterday
on the morrow.
I was walking through
the frigid woods of
Latham Land on my way to the
North Pole to see my in-laws.
As I moseyed through
the snowy woods,
I heard some ruckus yonder.
I tip-toed towards the
noise and behold,
I saw amongst the snow-laden
trees a great, big,
monstrous Yeti.
- A Yeti?
- Wow, we definitely do no want
to get involved in this one,
Master Finn.
- Oh hush, you silly dragon.
Please, go on, Ajvar,
what happened next?
- Ah, you must know this
mean, old gorilla Yeti
is named Arvid.
He comes up with a million
evil plans, I tell you,
but, but, they never go his way.
It's pretty amusing
to watch, in fact.
But I digress.
Let me get back to the story.
I tip-toed towards the
ruckus and spotted
that mean ogre of a Yeti.
I decided to listen in to
what he was saying because,
well, his evil plans are
always truly ridiculous.
Ha ha!
I thought to myself, I'm
going to have a big laugh
at this silly Yeti's
expense, ha ha,
trying to ruin Christmas
yet again, but.
- But?
- But?
- No!
- Death
- That is just awful, we
must warn Santa immediately.
- I hear Santa has
already taken off
for his Christmas
night present drop.
You're never going to
catch up with him in time.
- But certainly he can
not have gotten too far?
- So you say, but I present
to you that Santa is no longer
making use of riendeers
to pull his sleigh.
- He's not?
- No way.
He just got himself
a souped up sleigh.
He leaves everybody in the
dust with that machine.
- Whoa.
- You'll never
catch up with him,
not in time to warn him
of Arvid's evil plan.
- Never fear, Ajvar.
I have here the fastest dragon
in the Northern Hemisphere.
Haldor, introduce yourself.
- Must I?
- Ha ha ha ha, don't
be bashful, Haldor.
Tell him how fast you are.
- Yup, it's true,
my name is Haldor.
I come from a long line of
the fastest, strongest and,
I might add, cutest dragons
this side of the Equator.
- Oh, my apologies,
mighty Haldor.
I didn't realize it was you.
Your family's speed and agility
are the stuff of legends.
- Yes, my family's.
Well thank you.
- And so is his big, fat belly.
- Hey.
- I jest, Haldor, but
enough joking around.
It's time to step up to the
action and go find Santa.
- A warm fireplace and a
hot cocoa completely out
of the question then?
- Let's go, you goofball.
Bid us good luck Ajvar.
And good luck to all
of the North Pole.
- Good luck to us all.
- Loving this sleigh, Santa.
- Ho ho ho, we can
confidently say, Gargoph,
this sleigh
Ho ho ho ho ho!
- Yup, you are
correctamundo, Santa.
This is the life, I tell you.
Too bad Christmas is
only once a year.
- Alas, Gargoph, alas.
It's because it's only once
a year that it is so special.
- What do you say we make
Christmas a year-long holiday?
- Ho ho ho, don't
be greedy, Gargoph.
Learn to enjoy this special
day when it comes around.
Besides, what would
we do with Hallowe'en
if it were Christmas every day?
- Meh, Hallowe'en Schmallowe'en.
Christmas all the way.
I'd rather get gifts
than candy all day long.
But maybe that's me.
- Ho ho ho, Gargoph
always a hoot.
Glad you stuck around when
my other reindeer retired
to the Green Forest
of Elk Woods.
- And give up all
this fun with you?
No way, bro, this is the life.
I get to sit back on the
sleigh and kick it with Santa.
I ain't going nowhere.
- Ho ho ho, that's my Gargoph.
Always a bag of laughter.
- Yes, Santa?
- How about we take
this baby for a spin?
- I'm all about
that, dear Santa.
Let's speed things up.
- Let's race those
clouds over there.
- Yeah, let's.
- Ho ho ho ho ho.
- Woo hoo hoo!
- We have to find Santa, Haldor.
We've got to warn him of
Arvid the Yeti's evil plan.
- What I truly long for
is sitting by a sizzling fire
and have a delicious cup
of cocoa and marshmallows
with a dollop of whipped cream.
I'm sure Santa can fend
for himself, Master Finn.
I mean, he is Santa after all.
- We must take Arvid's threats
very seriously, Haldor.
I've heard of the legend
of the Master Scroll.
It's truly very, very powerful.
- How powerful is powerful?
- So powerful that
Christmas might not be
the only thing in danger here.
Whoever wields the Master
Scroll can harness enough power
to take over the entire world.
- Whoa, that is powerful.
- You betcha, that's
why we must make haste.
Come on, Haldor, use
your powerful wings
to get us there as
fast as lightening.
- Hold on tight, Master Finn.
Your wish is my command.
- Woo
Let's go.
- Teddy, the Master Scroll
of the Naughty Children
has led us to this
ancient temple.
- Death
- Yes, Teddy, that's
why we are here.
By reciting this ancient verse,
we will banish Santa from
our world and trap him
in the Land of
Icicles and Thorns.
- Death to Christmas.
- Shamala tottleboo,
scrummy tottleboo,
mahakaha ranja!
Scuttleboo mighty Master Scroll,
banish Santa from this world.
- Hey, it's Santa.
- Finally!
My wings are about to fall off.
I'm gonna need a vacay
after this, Master Finn.
- Santa, thank
goodness we found you.
- Thank goodness, indeed.
Now maybe I can go
and sit by the fire.
My wings are frozen stiff
from all this adventuring.
- What's the matter, young man?
What's this
hullabaloo all about?
- Yeah, who are you?
And how dare you
interrupt Santa's work?
We're off to deliver gifts
to all the good
children of Earth.
Make way!
- But Santa, we're
here to warn you.
You must give us
council at once.
- Warn me?
Warn me about what?
- An evil plan is being
concocted against you, Santa.
Somebody wants to banish
you from this world forever
and ruin Christmas for all.
- Ho ho ho.
And who is this foolish
foe who might dare
come up with such
a silly scheme?
- Arvid the Yeti.
- Ho ho ho,
Arvid the Yeti you say?
He's been up to no good
since Christmas was invented.
What's it been now?
- Seven million years?
- Yeah, more or less.
You see, Arvid
hates Christmas, and he will
not let it rest until he
ruins it for everybody else.
- He's been trying to
ruin Christmas forever.
He keeps trying and trying.
You've gotta give it to
him for never giving up.
- Well you see, he's
been so bad for so long,
he was the very first
name on my Naughty List.
In fact, he made the Naughty
List for every single
Christmas that ever existed
since then, which means.
- Which means.
- The poor schlop
has never, ever
received one single
Christmas gift.
- In all the Christmases ever?
- Ever.
- Oh my, poor schlop, indeed.
- I don't envy him at all.
- Nobody as naughty as Arvid
deserves any presents at all,
right Santa?
- Ho ho ho, well, to
tell you the truth,
I'm thinking of maybe
surprising Arvid this Christmas
with his very first gift
in all the Christmases ever.
- But Santa, Arvid
means you harm.
- Ho ho ho, Arvid is harmless.
He's a fluffy, goofy Yeti,
and that's all he is.
- That's not what
we heard, Santa.
- Yeah, we heard otherwise.
- We heard he has come in
the possession of great,
evil powers.
- Yeah, Santa and he plans
to use them against you.
- To ban you to the Land of
Icicles and Thorns forever.
- Foolish Yeti, really?
Doesn't he realize by now
Santa can not be defeated?
No way, dude,
- Unless?
- Unless?
- Unless he was able
to get his hand on
the Master Scroll of
the Naughty Children.
It's the only way
to defeat Santa.
- He has come in possession
of exactly that scroll, Santa.
- The, the Master Scroll
of the Naughty Children?
That's impossible.
- But it is possible, Santa.
That's exactly what we're
trying to warn you about.
- Yeah, Arvid the Yeti
has come in possession
of the Master Scroll
and he.
- Plans to use it to
banish you to the
Land of Icicles and Thorns
from whence you can not return.
- Ho ho ho, you surely
jest, that's not possible.
- Um,
where did he go?
- Where are we, Gargoph?
- This ain't the North
Pole anymore, Santa,
if I may express
my humble opinion.
- There's no way out.
There's no way out of
here, we're doomed.
And, and
it's so cold.
- Hey, it's the Gingerbread Man.
- Alas, my name is Barloff.
I must get out of
this horrible place.
I don't think I can
stand it much longer.
It's, it's so, so cold.
- But where in the world are we?
- Welcome to the Land of
Icicles and Thorns, fellas.
A land so inhospitable,
so frigid, so gloomy,
nobody who lives here can
ever possibly be happy.
- Ugh, sounds dreary
just thinking about it.
- We can not stay here.
We need to get back
to the North Pole
and deliver the gifts to
all the good children.
- There's no way back.
- Whatever do you mean, Barloff?
- I mean there's no way back.
Once banished to the Land
of Icicles and Thorns,
one can not find
his way back home.
He is forever doomed to
roam this lugubrious land.
- But, but, it, it can not be.
- Oh, but it is!
No one can return from the
Land of Icicles and Thorns,
even you, Santa.
That is, unless.
- Unless?
- Unless the King of the
Woods grants your request.
- The King of the Woods?
- He's an ancient being,
the ruler of this land.
He decides who comes
and goes from his realm.
- Well he help us leave then?
- Are you kidding me?
No way.
He will not allow
anyone to leave
The Land of Icicles and Thorns,
it's just the way it is.
- Well, he must.
This is an emergency.
If Arvid shuts down Christmas,
all the children of Earth
will go without presents,
and that would be.
- Catastrophic!
- Indeed,
absolutely disastrous.
- We can not have it.
- It would be the end of
Christmas as we know it.
- The children will never forget
the year Santa didn't come.
- They will never
believe in Santa again.
- Oh no, that would
be horrible indeed.
What shall the both of you do?
- I must see the King
of the Woods at once.
Where can I find him?
- All I know is the King
of the Woods resides in the
Enchanted Woods of the
Land of Icicles and Thorns.
- We must head there right away,
find the King of the Woods
and demand he sends us
back to the North Pole at once.
- Yeah.
- Well, good luck
with that, fellas.
I've heard the King of the
Woods is quite an ornery guy.
I wouldn't want to meet him.
I hope he has mercy on you.
- Oh no, what happened?
- Where did Santa go?
- We didn't make it in time.
- This means?
- Arvid's evil plan has worked.
- Do you think Arvid
really sent Santa
to the Land of
Icicles and Thorns?
- I'm afraid so Haldor,
my trusty friend.
We better do
something, and fast.
Without Santa Christmas is,
well, it's just not Christmas.
- How about we go see
Glooby, the snowman?
He'll know what to do.
- Yes, Glooby knows more
about Santa and Christmas
than anybody else.
He'll know what to do, although.
- Although?
- Although in order
to see Glooby,
we must enter the land
of Flakewood Hollows.
I hear all sorts of scary
stories about those parts.
- Maybe we should leave
this mission to some
real adventurers.
We should let the professionals
take care of this.
- Nonsense, off we go Haldor.
On our way to see Glooby.
Forge ahead, my trusty dragon,
to the land of
Flakewood Hollows.
- My plan has worked!
Santa has been banished forever.
Let me relish the moment, Teddy.
- A fine
- With Santa out of the way,
we can travel to his castle
and take over.
We'll run Christmas
and this year,
the naughty children
will have their revenge.
- Death to Christmas.
- That's right.
We will make sure that the
naughty children will receive
all the gifts while
the good ones
will not receive a single one.
- Death
- We will turn this
holiday upside down
and Santa Claus will only be
remembered as being a chubby,
jolly old fool.
- How are we going
to get there, Arvid?
Santa's castle is so
high up in the mountains.
- We shall take the
evil Mont Gofier of ice.
It will take us
there in no time.
- Yeah.
Death to
- Glooby, you must help us,
something terrible has happened.
- Who is seeking my help?
- I'm Finn, and this here
is my trusty dragon, Haldor.
- Well, nice to meet you two.
You look in a huff, seems
like you need help fast.
- We do, Glooby,
believe you me, we do.
- Yeah, we need your help stat.
- My help?
What can I do for you?
- Something awful has happened.
An evil Yeti named
Arvid has cursed Santa
to the Land of
Icicles and Thorns.
- We saw Santa disappear
in front of our very eyes.
He was there, in a
moment, huff, he was gone.
- What says you?
Arvid has banished Santa to
the Land of Icicles and Thorns?
- That's right.
- It's a most distressing
turn of events.
- But that,
that means that Arvid has been
able to get his very hands
on the Master Scroll of
the Naughty Children.
Oh, say it isn't so.
- Oh, but it is, Glooby.
- That is a dangerous
state of affairs.
- We intend to find
Santa and return him
to the North Pole in
time to save Christmas.
- You don't say?
I see you're accompanied
by a mighty dragon.
- Well, I don't
know about mighty.
- A fine dragon, indeed.
Having a fine steed such
as this mighty dragon
could make one cocky, but
you must know that anyone who
owns the Master Scroll
will never be stopped.
His power is just too great.
- That does it, I'm
going back home.
- If Arvid has taken
possession of the scroll,
he now has the power
to banish anyone
to the Land of Icicles
and Thorns at any time.
A land whence from no
one can ever return.
- Oh my, I sure don't
want to end up there.
So cold.
- I suggest you
forget about Santa
and save yourselves,
for Santa is doomed.
I foresee dark times ahead.
- We should listen to
Glooby, Master Finn.
Let's take a hasty retreat
while we still can.
- But we have to have Santa.
There must be
something we can do.
- Santa will never return.
The only thing left for you
to do is try and stop Arvid
before he takes
control of Christmas
and ruins it for us all.
- Stop, who goes there?
- It is I, Santa Claus,
and my trusty Gargoff.
- Hey.
- And who are you?
- I'm Filipo, and
you are on my land.
You must pay a hefty
toll if you want to pass
through these woods.
- Say, that's not very
giving of you, Filipo.
Don't you know who I am?
- No, I don't, and I don't care.
Okay, fine, I do care.
I'm quite interested in
knowing who you are, actually.
Why, with a beard like that,
I've never seen the like of you
before around these parts.
And your buddy,
too, goofy, indeed.
Who are you?
- I
- And I'm Gargoph.
- Santa?
I've never heard of a Santa,
nor of any Gargoph before.
Pay the toll at once, or
suffer the consequences.
- Instead of giving foolish lip,
why don't you point us in the
direction of the residence
of the King of the
Woods, my dear ogre?
- King of the Woods?
Why would he want to see you?
He's a very busy king.
- We need to get out of here
and back to the North Pole
and save Christmas.
- You silly pair, I demand
you pay the toll immediately,
before the King of the
Woods does away with you.
This is your last chance.
- Ho ho, well, I see I can
not solve this the easy way.
I'm going to have to use
my Santa powers on you.
- Your,
your what?
Don't make me laugh,
you puny, fat man.
I am much more
powerful than you.
- That isn't very nice.
With all the power of
the Land of the North,
sammy goodit,
malish, himblah, jolit,
You are now the nicest
ogre that ever lived.
- Hey,
I suddenly feel mighty nice.
I feel like a spring
flower after the rain.
Like a chick that just popped
from an egg on Easter Day.
- Oh, goody.
I used my power of nice to turn
you into a jolly good ogre.
- My, what pretty, luscious
beard you have, Santa.
- Why, Filipo, thank you
for the kind compliment.
- Eh, Gargoph, what
mighty antlers you have
on your handsome head.
- Why thank you, dear Filipo.
- Hey,
it's not half as bad to be nice.
I think I'm going to get
used to this in no time.
Please, my lords, right
this way is the road to the
residence of the
King of the Woods.
- That's more like it.
- Surely he'd love to help
you two kind gentlemen
with your trouble.
Of course, most
who go to see him
never return.
- What?
That doesn't sound like
someone we wanna see.
- Don't you fret, Gargoph,
I'm here to make sure
nothing happens to Christmas.
Thank you, Filipo, enjoy
your new life as a kind ogre.
- I certainly will, my kind sir.
From this day henceforth,
I'll be known as Filipo,
the courteous ogre.
Anyone who needs a helping
hand, a flower plucked,
a goblet filled, a lawn mowed,
Filipo will be there.
- Whoa, that is very nice.
- Let's plow on, trusty Gargoph.
On to the residence of
the King of the Woods,
and good day to you,
Filipo the Courteous Ogre.
- How in the world are
we going to make it
all the way to Santa's kingdom
and stop the powerful Arvid
from destroying Christmas?
- It certainly sounds like
a job for someone else.
- So long as Arvid maintains
control over the Master Scroll,
we can not stop him.
- There must be
somebody who can help
us, Master Finn.
- Wait, I got it.
- Got what?
- Got who will help
us get Santa back
and defeat Arvid the ogre.
- And who might that be?
- The All Knowing Sage
of the Gray Rock.
- Of course,
the All Knowing Sage of the
Gray Rock, he will help us.
- Of course, he's the
last of his kind.
A hybrid warrior-giant
breed descendant to the
warriors of the land of Houn.
If anyone can give us the
skills to defeat Arvid,
it will be the All Knowing
Sage of the Gray Rock.
- I feel a little
better already.
- Your confidence
is back, Haldor?
- I wouldn't go that far.
But I do feel a tad bit
of comfort in knowing the
All Knowing Sage of the
Gray Rock will help us.
Let's go see him at once.
- We're going to fly
to Santa's castle
and take it over.
- Death to Christmas!
- There is still a
barrier in the way
to take over Christmas and
ruin it once and for all.
Somebody we must get rid of
before we can enact our plan.
- Who is the fool,
Master Arvid?
- That would be Pippin,
the high elf of Christmas.
- Pippin?
He doesn't stand a
chance against you,
now that you have the
power of the Master Scroll.
- He will not.
Let's make sure he
doesn't stand in our way.
I'll give him an ultimatum,
obey me, or follow his master
to the Land of
Icicles and Thorns.
- Well said, Arvid.
Death to Christmas.
- We're making great
time, Gargoph,
thanks to my souped up sleigh.
- That's awesome, Santa.
Let's put the pedal
to the metal.
- We might be able to save
Christmas after all, Gargoph.
- I knew we would.
Nothing can get in our way now.
- Where do you two
think you're going?
- We're going to see the
King of the Woods, make way.
- He will not
- He must see us at once,
we are here on an urgent matter.
- I'm the great
and I don't have to obey anyone.
- I'm Santa, and this here is
my pal Gargoph, the reindeer.
- Wait, what?
You mean the real
I love
My name
is Glob
and I never thought I'd
meet Santa in the flesh.
- Ho ho ho ho, well
here I am indeed.
- I collect all
your greatest hits.
I have all
the CDs.
we don't experience
much joy
around here.
- Why ever not?
- Such dark times in this land.
Haven't seen anybody
smile or laugh,
or even snicker
in ages.
- What has happened to make
this land so dreary, Glob?
- Since the King of
the Woods had a fallout
with his adored son, the
Crown Prince of the Woods,
can see him.
And we are all
in a constant
state of
- Fear?
- Yes.
We never know what the King
is going
to do next.
And he's very powerful.
You see power
and a dark heart
is the most dangerous
combination of all.
- Perhaps we can help.
Maybe we can talk to
the King of the Woods
and set things straight.
- Maybe we shouldn't
get involved
in a powerful king's
affairs, Santa.
- There, there, there,
trusty Gargoph.
Once the King knows
of our predicament,
he will surely help us
get home in no time flat.
- Get home?
No one
ever left this realm
in ten
million years.
It's just
- Ten million years?
- I will speak to
your King at once,
and I will convince him
to let us get back
to the North Pole or
my name is not Santa.
Now, take us to your King!
- Let's find the All Knowing
Sage of the Gray Rock.
- How about we find an warm inn,
down a warm glass of milk,
stretch out in a warm
place for the night?
We can continue the
search tomorrow,
after a hearty breakfast.
What do you say, Master Finn?
I'd love some wood-smoked
sausage links right about now.
- No, Haldor, we're here to
find the All Knowing Sage.
Let's keep our mind on
the business at hand.
You'll have all the
time in the world
to stretch out and rest after
we've helped save Christmas.
- Oh, fine.
Let's find the sage.
- Where do you
think he could be?
- I hear you're looking for the
All Knowing Sage
of the Gray Rock?
- We are.
Would you know where
we can find him?
- Ha!
What makes you think
the Sage will see you?
- He won't?
Goody, let's turn right around.
I could use a hot meal.
- He must see us!
We need his insight on a
matter of great importance.
Will you please point the way?
- My name is Raleigh,
and the Sage
is my
And I tell you
he will not see you.
- Why not?
- Because you're not
worthy, of course.
He only will see those who
are worthy of his council.
- How would he know
we are worthy?
- You would be able to answer
a philosophical question
for which there is no answer.
Only then you would be
worthy of the Sage.
- How could one answer a
question that has no answer?
- There you go, as I was saying,
you couldn't.
Therefore, he will not see you.
- Wait just a minute,
I think I know
how to answer a question for
which there is no answer.
- You,
you do?
- Sure, ask away.
- Very well,
in order to see the Sage,
you must answer this.
What is the origin
of truth?
- Go ahead, Haldor, answer him.
- What?
You're not going to
answer the question?
- No, I'm not.
- Why
- Because a question
like that has no answer,
therefore the best way
to answer it is in
complete silence
and so,
I have chosen not to
answer it with words.
- I'm thoroughly impressed,
oh mighty dragon.
You're smarter than your
beastly form betrays.
- Thank you,
I think.
- I will reveal to you
the whereabouts of my master.
You can now go see him.
- Thank you,
thank you, thank you so much.
- My master dwells
by the Enchanted Ferns.
Not too far from here.
- Good to know.
Come on, Haldor,
let's make haste.
- Before you go.
- What is it?
- Just remember that the
Great Sage will not answer
your questions directly.
- He won't?
- No way.
You have to be able to
hear the message
his words,
only so you will be
steered the right way.
you will be
- Thank you for
everything, Raleigh.
We will remember your words.
- Why have you come to see me?
Answer at once.
I demand to know who
is disturbing my peace
and for what need?
- Oh, great All Knowing
Sage, we need your help to.
- I know, I know, I'm after all,
the All Knowing Sage
of the Gray Rock.
I already know why
you two are here.
I was just asking
to amuse myself,
and waste some of your time.
- But All Knowing Sage,
time is quite precious,
and if you know why we're here.
- My son,
if you move too fast,
you might not see what's
directly in front of you.
Sometimes haste is your
biggest enemy.
You must learn to slow down
and see the truth right
in front of your eyes.
- Whatever do you
mean, oh great Sage?
- It will take much
more than speed
to accomplish what you wish.
- It will?
- Yes,
it also takes perfect strategy
and a keen sense of
knowing yourself.
- Wow.
That blew my little
dragon mind right open.
- Pray, do illuminate us.
We need you to give us
guidance to defeat Arvid.
He's much too powerful for us.
- And what would you like
for me to give you, pray?
What could you give enough
power to defeat Arvid?
- A magic spell?
A super power?
- I could use a
hot cocoa and a warm
bubble bath myself.
- Don't you see,
my young friend?
see a solution for a problem
you don't fully understand.
- What?
- We're talking about
the Master List
of the Naughty Children.
No potion,
no spell,
no abracadabra
will ever help you
defeat its power.
- Oh,
- But then?
- However,
do not feel
defeated, my friends.
The power of the Master Scroll
can be reversed
and all the evil
that has been done
set right.
- How would we do that?
- You have traveled far
and wide in your quest,
and you forgot the great power
of your best friend.
- You mean?
- Yes,
the power of the dragon.
- You mean, Haldor?
What can Haldor do?
- Yeah, what can I do?
- I must tell you
about the legend
of the Master List of
the Naughty Children.
Perhaps you will
better understand.
- Yes, All Knowing Sage.
- Do you even know
who created the
Master Scroll anyway?
- No, Great Sage.
Who created it?
- The scroll first came to be
by the hands
of Dark
- Dark Santa?
- Indeed,
he's the polar opposite of Santa
in every way.
- A reverse
How is that possible?
- The night when Santa
came into the world,
another just like him was born.
His identical twin
in every aspect,
but the exact opposite of Santa.
A dark mirror image of
Santa, if you will.
An evil
- Oh my, tell us all about it.
- As Santa complied the Master
List of the Nice Children
in the North Pole, at the
same time in the South Pole,
Dark Santa was
at work
creating the Master List
of the Naughty Children.
- No way!
- By the time Santa
found out about
the Master List of the Naughty
Children, it was too late
to stop his evil twin.
The scroll was
already created.
Thankfully, Santa was able
to write in a provision.
- A provision?
- Yes.
Before the scroll's
power went into effect,
Santa in all his great wisdom,
added one caveat.
- Well, what is it?
- The Master Scroll
may be burned
and its power destroyed
only by
the breath of a mighty dragon.
- I'm sure with a
little prompting,
I could get my
trusty friend Haldor
to breathe fire
upon that scroll.
Isn't that right, Haldor?
- Hey, don't look at me.
I can't breathe fire.
I'm not one of those dragons.
But if anyone needs some
cuddling, I'm at your service.
- Come on, Haldor.
The destiny of Christmas
may depend on us.
- Hmm.
Fire ain't really my thing.
It's too darn hot.
I get heartburn, bad.
No, thanks.
- You have to be brave, Haldor.
It's time for you to
step up and be the dragon
we all know you can be.
- That's quite a bit of pressure
y'all are putting on me here.
- Well, what are we waiting for?
We have to fly to Santa's
castle and find Arvid.
We must destroy that scroll.
- Good luck, and may the
strength of your dragon
ancestors be with you
on this noble quest.
- Let's go get 'em.
- Oh boy.
I better get my Pepto ready.
- I think this is where
the King of the Woods
resides, Santa.
- Let's find the King at once.
- Let's.
Where do you think he could be?
- I say,
who goes there?
- I'm Santa Claus, and this here
is my trusty reindeer
pal, Gargoph.
- Yeah, we're looking for
the King of the Woods.
- Well, you have found him then.
Now, what do you want?
I don't take kindly to
visitors these days.
Make it quick or I shall
dispatch you at once.
- Here is our case, sire.
We've been banished from
our world by the evil Yeti
named Arvid.
- Yeah, we need to get back
at once or the children
will not get their
presents tonight.
- We need your help
to save Christmas.
- Well, what is this
Christmas you speak of?
- Why, Christmas is the most
important day of the year.
It's a time of
giving and kindness.
- Everybody is having a
wonderful, yule good time.
- Children play in the snow.
- Dad strings up
colorful lights.
- Mom makes delicious
dinner for all.
- There's laughter.
- There are games.
- Children build snowmen.
- And the eggnog
sure is delicious.
- How could you not
love Christmas?
- It's the best
time of the year.
You need to send
us back at once,
or Christmas will
be ruined forever.
- Are you fools?
You think I care
about your Christmas?
I have greater problems
of my own
than your foolish
little holiday.
- We don't have time
for disagreements.
I will use my Power of Nice
to turn you into a kind,
old king.
With all the power of
the Land of the North,
hambalash jolit,
me ev deh,
you are now the nicest
king that ever lived!
- And what is your silly
trick supposed to achieve,
goofy old man?
I'm the King of the
Woods, your puny tricks
don't work with me.
- Uh oh.
- I have an idea.
Mighty King, Sir.
We heard you've
been having trouble
with your beloved son,
the Crown Prince.
Perhaps we could
be of assistance?
- My son?
What do you know about my son?
- News travels fast around here.
- How could you
possibly help, anyway?
- Just try me, you might
be surprised what the
power of Santa's
kindness can do.
- My son
has grown
irresponsible of his
duties as Crown Prince.
- Well, being a prince
can not be an easy job.
- Regardless,
he was born to rule
this kingdom and
he has to abide by his destiny.
I've tried everything to
get him to listen but,
upon my last attempt
ran away.
- Why did he run away?
- The dolt has decided
to join a caravan
of gypsy fairies and
travel the land
as a commoner tree stick,
and ignore his royal duties.
It can not stand.
- Whoa, the Crown
Prince of the Woods
wants to be a common tree stick?
- Can you believe
the foolish dolt?
- Fear not, gracious king.
If you'll allow me and
my trusty Gargoph
to seek out your son and
return him to your charge
a changed stick, I will prove
to you that we are worthy
of being sent back to our world.
- Very well, and so it may be.
If you can find my son
and return him home
a changed stick ready to
take on his princely duties,
I shall send you back
to your land at once.
You have my word as king.
- We shall.
- Last I heard,
his gypsy caravan
was headed to the
Island of Skulls.
- We're on our way,
King of the Woods.
We haven't much time.
We must make haste before Arvid
destroys Christmas forever.
- You know, Santa, I'm
beginning to suspect
Arvid might not be
the only one set on destroying
our Christmas holiday.
- I believe you're right.
I'm afraid darker forces
are at play here,
my trusty Gargoph.
- But who might it be?
- We're almost at
Santa's castle.
Soon the North
Pole will be ours.
- You betcha.
Death to Christmas
and long live
the naughty children.
- We're almost there, Haldor.
- You know, Master Finn,
I'm not looking forward
to this adventure
at all whatsoever.
- Why ever not, Haldor?
You were born a dragon,
you're built for adventure.
- You're asking too
much of me, Master Finn.
There's no way I'm gonna
be able to breathe fire.
I've never done it
and I don't think
I can start now.
- Sure you can, Haldor.
- Nope.
I open my mouth and the
only thing that comes out is
bad breath, no fire.
- Well, we're not gonna
burn that mighty scroll
with your bad breath.
- I'd say.
Let's turn right around
and find a warm inn
to put my tail up by the fire.
- Absolutely not, Haldor,
you're gonna face your fears,
breathe fire and save Christmas.
The future of the entire
world depends on you!
- Oh no.
This is more than I can handle.
Where did I put my Pepto?
- I seem to spot the Island
of Skulls over yonder.
- We must find the caravan
of gypsies at once.
- Oh ho ho, look over there.
It's a kindly pixie.
Let's go ask if he's
seen the Crown Prince.
- Let's go!
- Ahoy there, kindly pixie.
My name is Santa
and this here is.
- Gargoph, the
Christmas reindeer.
Of course, I know who you are.
I'm Marzipan the Pixie.
- Ho ho ho, well then.
You will be so kind as to
help us on our mission.
- A mission?
I love missions.
What's this mission about?
- It's about finding the
Crown Prince of the Woods.
- He's run away with
a caravan of gypsies
and we must find him and return
him to the kingdom at once.
- Ah,
the Crown Prince of the Woods.
I've seen him around these
parts and to think of it,
I know where he went.
- Wherever did he go?
- I'd love to let you
in on the secret, but
I will not.
- Oh, why ever not?
- Because I never reveal
anything unless the seeker
can find the answer to three
of my riddles.
- Riddles?
- How cool, I love
a good riddle.
Go for it, Marzipan,
I'm sure we can solve it
in a wag of a reindeer's tail.
- Very well, if you think
you can solve my riddles,
I will tell them to you.
But, I must warn you, if
you don't solve my riddles
in a timely manner, I will
be forced to turn you both
into bog frogs
and from the look of the
last two fellas I turned into
bog frogs, it's not a
pleasant experience.
- Whoa.
- Go ahead, Marzipan.
I'm not afraid of your riddles.
I'm going to solve
them without a hitch.
- You seem pretty
sure of yourself.
Well, alright, then.
Are you ready?
- Ready, Freddy.
- Very well, here goes
riddle number one.
What do elves
learn in school?
- Whoa, what do elves
learn in school?
- I know it.
- You think so?
I must warn you, Santa,
that if you give me the
wrong answer, I will immediately
turn you into a bog frog.
Life stinks in the bog, ew,
but if you insist on playing,
answer the riddle at once.
- They learn the elf-abet.
Ho ho ho.
- Wow, great answer, Santa.
That's a funny one.
I'm sure Pippin would
have just loved that.
- Well, you have answered
the riddle correctly, Santa.
- We're ready for the
next riddle, Marzipan.
- Yeah, go for it.
I'm feeling more and more
confident by the minute.
- What do you call a kitty cat
lounging on the beach
at Christmas time?
- I know this!
- Oh yeah, what is it?
- It's a
Sandy Claws,
ho ho ho, get it?
The kitty's claws are
sandy, ho ho ho,
ho ho ho,
ho ho ho.
- Very well, I see you
are a clever one, Santa.
But you might very well be
spending the rest of your life
in the bog after
the next riddle.
This should be the
hardest one yet.
- Oh, I'm ready
for it, Marzipan.
I'm keen on finding the prince.
Let us have the last riddle.
- What do you get when
you cross an apple
with a Christmas tree?
- Whoa, that is a
tough one, Santa.
I think we might be
in trouble this time.
- Never fear, Gargoph,
I have the answer
ready for this one.
- Really?
What is it?
- The answer is a pineapple.
Ho ho ho,
ho ho ho,
ho ho ho.
- Very well, you've
answered all the riddles.
I guess you will not be
turned into bog frogs.
as I have a great time
turning fellas into bog frogs.
- We have answered your
three riddles, Marzipan.
Now, will you help us find
the Crown Prince of the Woods
as you promised?
- A pixie's promise
is written in stone.
I will tell you where
you can find him.
Now listen closely.
- We're all ears.
- Deep in the jungle of
the Island of Skulls,
you will find the Crown Prince.
But you must hurry, for he is
planning to leave the island
this fortnight, and you
will never catch him again.
- Keep your eyes
peeled, Gargoph.
Marzipan said the Crown
Prince should be around here.
- We better find him soon.
If he leaves the island,
we might miss our
opportunity to escape
the Land of Icicles and Thorns.
We'll be stuck here forever
and Christmas will be ruined.
- There, there Gargoph,
I think I spot a stick
amongst the sticks.
I believe that particular
stick might be the prince
we are seeking.
- Hawkeyed Santa,
that's a great catch,
all I see is sticks.
- Well that's because
he is a stick,
and that's how I know
we've found him.
Let's go talk to him at once.
Ho ho ho ho,
hello there.
Aren't you the Crown
Prince of the Woods?
- How do you know who I am?
- Because we have been sent
by your father, the king,
to fetch you.
- He demands your presence
back at the kingdom in haste.
- Never, I'm nothing
like my father
and I don't belong ruling the
Land of Icicles and Thorns.
I long to be free.
A free stick in the woods,
just like any other stick.
Look around you.
See all these sticks?
- I do, indeed.
- Well, they're free to
be a stick, aren't they?
Why can't I ever be free, too?
- The boy has a point, Santa.
- But you are not just
any ordinary stick.
You are a prince.
- I don't care.
I'm leaving tonight to
join an all-stick band,
and we'll be touring the
world and bring music
and entertainment to all.
- That does sound like a
heap of a good time
to be had, prince.
Sure beats ruling a kingdom.
- Prince, instead
of running away
from your responsibilities,
why don't you bring
your all-stick band and
your music to your kingdom?
I'm sure your father
would be very proud.
- That does sound like
a great idea, Santa.
Why didn't I think of that?
- So, what do you say?
Will you return with
us to your kingdom
and bring your music with you?
- No!
My father will never
be proud of me.
Nothing I do is ever
good enough for him.
You see, last year I joined
an acrobatic act and,
and he frowned upon it.
You know what he said?
- What?
- He said a Crown
Prince of his kingdom
has no business
playing in the woods.
- Your responsibilities
are to yourself and
those you serve.
Do not fear your
father's disappointment,
show him you can be yourself
and also rule the kingdom
and he will be pleased,
I can promise you that.
- You really think so?
- Santa doesn't think so,
he knows
- It's true, Santa is
never wrong about anything.
I mean, he is Santa.
Remember the time you told
Pippin he had mismatched socks?
You were absolutely right.
- What do you say, Prince?
Won't you give it a shot?
- Alas, I shall return.
I'll give my father
this one chance.
- Ho ho ho, you will
not regret it, Prince.
- Since you two have
been so helpful,
what can I do for you in return?
- If we don't get back
to the North Pole stat,
we might not be able
to save Christmas.
- Alas, good prince, we must
return to our world soon.
We need your father
to help us escape
the Land of Icicles and Thorns
and let us go back home.
- Oh no.
My father's not let anyone out
of the Land of Icicles and
Thorns in a million years.
But don't worry, I'll
be by your side.
Let's return to the kingdom of
my father and save Christmas.
- Now we will storm the
castle's gates and force Pippin,
the high elf, to carry
out our orders.
- Death
- I'm here to bring
you bad tidings,
my pointy-eared little friend.
- What have you done with Santa?
- You'll see for
yourself soon enough
when I banish you to the
Land of Icicles and Thorns,
you will join your
precious Santa.
- But there's no way back
from the Land of
Icicles and Thorns!
- Precisely, and now I will
enact the final part of my plan.
- What are you intending
to do, Arvid?
- I will unleash all the
deeds of the naughty children
upon the land and all of
Christmas will be taken over
by all the naughty children.
They will finally rise and
wreak havoc upon the Earth!
- Oh no!
- The naughty will rise
and the nice will fall.
- Death to Christmas.
- It is now time
to enact my plan.
You will have a front row
seat to the end of Christmas,
my goofy little friend.
- No, please do not go
forth with your plan.
Christmas is so
important to so many.
I know you, Arvid, I've
known you for years.
Sure, you haven't been
the nicest of Yetis,
but you have a good
heart, I know you do.
- Ha ha, you know me so little.
- Something else is
behind this, isn't it?
Something more
- Son I'm,
I'm so glad you have returned.
- I have returned father,
and I do want to help you
rule the forest and keep peace
among your people, but
I need to do it my way.
- And which way is that,
my son?
- I wanna be able to
express my creativity
as well as carry out
my princely duties.
- You don't say?
What kind of creative endeavor
are you interested in this time?
- I wanna be part of an
all-stick musical band.
- Hmm.
- Cross your fingers, Gargoph.
That's a tall order.
- Oh boy, here we go.
We might never see the
North Pole again.
- Alas, my son.
Now I see
I have wronged you.
Not letting you pursue your
interests was not right and,
and I apologize.
- Really, father?
To me?
- Yes, the way I
treated you was unfair
and hurtful.
Will you forgive me?
- Well, of course, father.
Of course I forgive you.
Will you forgive me
for my disobedience?
- I'm so happy
you're back, my son.
I'm ready to forgive anything.
Besides, I must confess
that when I was your age,
I too wanted to join
an all-stick band.
But my father, the
king, didn't approve.
- Father!
I did not know that.
- It is true, my son, and,
and I'll tell you what,
I'm not gonna make the same
mistake my father made.
I love you, son,
and I'll allow you
to bring your music
and talent to the kingdom.
- Whoa, that was unexpected.
- From this day on,
I will join you,
and make stick music with you.
Together we will keep
this kingdom dancing
to the beat of our sticks.
- Really?
That's gonna be awesome.
- And that, Gargoph, is
the power of being nice.
I was just sitting
up in my tree
In my tree, in my tree
I saw a beautiful face
was looking up at me
Up at me
- I can't thank you
enough, Santa.
You've done a
wonderful thing here,
reuniting me with my son and
bringing together our common
love for stick music.
You have brought peace to
our kingdom and for that
I'm forever thankful.
- Whoa,
- Thank you, sire.
- I'm at your service.
Whatever you wish
will be granted.
- Ho ho, well we don't
mean to skip on good party,
but if we don't get back
to the North Pole soon,
we risk losing our
holiday forever.
- Then you must make haste.
I will personally open the
portal into your dimension
and return you to
your home at once.
Thank you again for all.
- Ho ho, don't mention
it, I'm Santa
and gifts is what I give.
- That's right,
that's Santa for you.
- Well said, my friends.
You have made
my day.
- We're ready to go, but we
will never forget our time here.
You have a fine kingdom, sire.
- Yeah, it was fun.
I wouldn't do it
again, but it was fun.
- Ha ha ha ha,
you silly elf!
You think I have a good heart?
Then watch as I banish you
forever to the land of.
- Stop it right there, Arvid.
- And who are you to stop me?
- I'm Finn, and I'm here with
the bravest of brave dragons.
So fierce, all run
upon his entrance.
The mighty and powerful Haldor.
Fear him, for he has the
power of the breath of fire.
- Well,
maybe he's over-hyping it
a little, I'm just Haldor,
you know, the dragon.
I like my warm cocoa by the
fire and a good bubble bath
every once in a while.
I do love my ducky
and I never take a
bath without it.
- Enough, you fools.
I don't even know what
either of you dolts
are talking about.
I'm about to take
over the North Pole
and destroy Christmas.
I have no time for you two.
Away with you!
- Ha ha ha.
I think they speak
of the one caveat
in the Master Scroll.
- What, what is it?
- The Master Scroll of the
Naughty Children may be burned
and its power destroyed by
breath of a mighty dragon.
- Exactly, we're here
to do just that.
- Ha ha ha ha ha ha,
you've gotta be kidding me.
is the mighty dragon?
Come on, he looks like a scaredy
one to me.
He can not be the
dragon of legend.
- Yeah, no way.
He looks puny, scared
and frankly, ready to
have an ulcer to me.
No way can he spew fire.
- Oh yeah, well, the mighty
Haldor might just prove
both of you wrong.
Go ahead, Haldor, burn
the scroll into ashes.
- Well,
maybe now it's an awkward
time to bring this up,
Master Finn,
but I really don't
know how to spew fire.
- Whatever do you mean?
You're born with the
ability to breath fire,
you're a dragon.
Now stop this nonsense
and just do it.
Let's save Santa.
- Yeah,
go ahead,
show us
your mighty fire breath,
goofy dragon.
- Yeah, go for it.
I got the marshmallow ready.
- Oh boy, I'm really
put on the spot here.
Let's see.
I shall huff and
and puff
Any fire?
Did I get any out, Master Finn?
- Enough of this, all of
you are forever banished
to the Land of
Icicles and Thorns.
- Yeah, really,
enough of this foolishness,
send them away at once Arvid.
- What?
send these fine fellas
to such a terrible place?
No way, I could never
do something like that.
- What do you mean?
Send them away, I tell
you, send them away now.
- I,
I can't.
- Why not?
- I suppose Pippin was right,
I'm just a good Yeti
at heart, Teddy.
- A good guy?
You banished Santa Claus
to a dark and dreary kingdom.
You put an end to Christmas.
You've been naughty and
you know what happens
to those who are naughty.
- Oh, that doesn't matter,
I'm used to it by now.
It doesn't bother me one bit.
I can live without presents
and be just as happy.
- Doesn't matter?
you are
happy without presents?
- Yeah, Christmas
isn't about presents.
Christmas is about love,
Christmas is about giving,
Christmas is about sharing.
- What in the world has
gotten into you, anyway?
All of a sudden you're
acting way too congenial.
If I didn't know you,
Arvid, I would suspect
that's not you at
all, but somebody
entirely different.
- Why?
Am I so different when I'm nice?
Can't you love me
the same, Teddy?
- Nice?
Wait a minute, this can
only be the work of, of.
- Ho ho ho,
ho ho ho.
That's right, little
teddy bear, Santa is back.
- And so is Gargoph.
- As if anyone cares
about Gargoph.
- Plenty of folks
care about Gargoph.
I got fans everywhere.
- Santa, so happy to see you.
You wouldn't believe
what these folks
were expecting of me.
They wanted me to
burn the Master Scroll
with fire
from my mouth.
Could you imagine the heartburn?
- Santa, you're back, but how?
- Ha, my dear Finn, it's
a long story alright.
- Fraught with
perils and dangers.
- And strange beings
from a land far away.
- And singing sticks and
dancing gingerbread men.
- And riddles.
- And pixies.
- An adventure, alright,
but that's for another time.
Now, I'm here to set things
straight in my kingdom
and save Christmas
once and for all.
- How did you ever make it back?
Nobody who is ever
banished to the
Land of Icicles and
Thorns ever returns.
- I am back, and that's
all that matters.
And now I have turned
our naughty Yeti
back into his kinder self
and maybe added one more
dash of nice, just
for good measure.
- Aw, thank you, Santa.
I know I haven't
always been good,
but I promise from this day
forth, I will be the best,
kindest Yeti around.
There will not be
another kinder than me
in the whole kingdom
of the North Pole.
- Relieved to hear that, Arvid.
- I'm proud of you, Arvid.
Nice beats naughty any time.
- And you get presents,
which is always a plus.
- Now it's time we get this
Christmas back on track.
- You are
too late, Santa.
I have already started to
release the naughty children
upon the world.
They will ruin this
Christmas with their deeds,
and the next Christmas,
and the next Christmas,
and the next.
Try to stop me.
Death to Christmas.
- Hey, who are you, anyway?
You seem to be pulling
the strings here,
and you have all the bad
intentions in the world.
- Yeah, very disagreeable
little fellow indeed.
Who are you and why
are you so interested
in ruining Christmas?
- Yeah, why do you want to
turn this holiday upside down?
- Christmas is a
terrible holiday.
I hate it.
hate it.
- But why?
- Allow me to tell you why,
and I'll do it by revealing
the true identity
of Teddy.
- His
true identity?
Well, whatever do you mean?
- You're looking
at none other than
Dark Santa.
- Dark Santa?
- That's right, my evil
twin from the South Pole
has taken residence
inside this cute, harmless
little teddy bear, and he's
using it to manipulate Arvid.
Turn his naughty into downright
evil in a foolish attempt
to turn Christmas upside down.
A teddy bear that's so.
- Evil.
- Well, I guess
the cat is
out of the bag.
- More like the Dark Santa
is out of the teddy bear.
- That's right,
Dark Santa,
and this time I
will finish my plan
to destroy Christmas and
forever this day will be a day
for naughty children
and naughty elves
and naughty everything.
They will rule
the kingdom and
turn this holiday
- Not so fast, Teddy.
Don't you remember the caveat?
- The caveat?
- Yes, the caveat.
- We've been through
this already.
You need a great, giant
beast that can breathe fire
and forever burn the
scroll into nonexistence.
- You are mistaken,
my dear evil brother.
Nowhere does the caveat
talk about fire.
In fact, I will recite
it from memory.
Listen carefully.
It states
the Master Scroll may be
burned and its power destroyed
only by the breath
of a mighty dragon.
- It says breath, it says
a great beast's breath.
Doesn't say anything about fire.
- Exactly.
- It doesn't?
Well if that's about breath,
I got that in spades.
- Now, Haldor, let him have it.
- Yes, Haldor, do it!
Breath upon the Master
Scroll at once.
You must destroy it.
- Yeah, Haldor, you're the
only one who can do it.
- Oh, shut up, all of you.
I don't have time for this.
I'm going to
destroy Christmas
once and for all.
Just you watch me and see.
by the powers bestowed upon me
by the Master Scroll
of the Naughty Children,
I declare
this holiday ruined!
- Now, Haldor!
Now or never.
- Here goes nothing.
- What do you think
you're doing?
You can not.
- Ew.
That stinks.
- That really stinks.
It stinks terribly.
- Look, Haldor, your
terrible breath
is disintegrating the scroll.
- No.
No way, no,
this can not be.
Death to Christmas.
Death to.
- Ho ho, that was all
you needed, Haldor,
just to believe in yourself.
- And your awfully bad breath.
- You're right, Santa,
my terrible breath
did save the day.
- And now, my dear brother,
it's time you take a trip
to the Land of Icicles
and Thorns yourself.
Who knows,
you might learn a thing or two
from the kind beings
of that land.
I hope you love stick music.
- No, no way, not there, Santa.
Don't send me to
that awful place.
- Ho ho ho.
And now we all need to work
together to save Christmas.
We're on a time crunch if
we want to deliver the gifts
to the good children in time.
- Yeah, we're cutting
it very close, Santa.
Not sure we can make it.
There's much to do
in very little time.
- If anyone can do it, we can.
- That's right, Haldor,
we can do it together.
- Christmas is
back on, everyone.
You hear that?
Christmas is back on.
- Let's get some
gifts delivered.
- Yeah, Haldor and I
can cover the North.
- And Gargoph and I
will cover the South.
- Together we will deliver
all the gifts in time
and save Christmas.
- Let's get on with it,
the kids are waiting.
- Well, Santa, that
certainly was an incredible
Christmas adventure.
- All the gifts have
been delivered on time
and the good children
will all find their
Christmas gifts as they
rise on the morrow.
- And it will be the
best Christmas ever.
- You got that right, Finn.
- Where will you two go next?
- Wherever there is fun.
- Well, wherever
there is danger.
- Wherever someone
needs our help.
- Finn and Haldor will
brave whatever it takes
to save the day.
- Haldor is a whole
new dragon now.
Mighty and proud.
- Yeah, I'm a fierce dragon.
No fire, sure,
but a really bad breath
ready when needed.
- That's wonderful, you two.
- Surely
before we embark on
any new adventures,
we might stop at some inn
and have ourselves a tall
cup of steaming cocoa
and marshmallows?
Put our feet up by the fire?
And all around chill
out a little?
- Yeah, Haldor, I'm with you,
after this adventure we
all need a little R and R.
- Ho ho ho,
ho ho ho.
Eggnog is on me.
Ho ho ho ho,
Merry Christmas, everyone.