Bigfoot County (2012) Movie Script

913 have been reported
Bigfoot Sightings
In 25 years, more than any
In August 2009,
A DOCUMENTALIS He went to investigate
THE alleged sightings.
MAY 13, 2009
Walking walking here.
A person, animal or? ...
00: 00: 59.126 - 00: 01: 01.919
And I could see
00: 01: 07.925 - 00: 01: 11,095
Send someone!
The bastard
It is more than 2 meters.
You see now, sir?
Yes, I am seeing.
2. 3
00: 01: 23,816 - 00: 01: 24,816
It's here ...
What does the in your garden?
She's staring at me!
The following sequences
They were found in 2012.
Say hello to the camera.
This is my home,
whose comfort will leave
filming my documentary
about Bigfoot.
- Have you washed it?
- Yes.
3. 4
00: 02: 14.158 - 00: 02: 16.619
What a lovely couple.
How are you?
So happy that Santa Claus
We have jealousy.
Missing two weeks for the journey.
How are they?
- We're fine.
- Good.
In fact, very good.
My plan is to place the emergency call
of this man,
try to interview
to him and to the people,
and then we'll see what happens.
So-Good ...
to contact you called
4. 5
00: 02: 38.559 - 00: 02: 42.688
you'd have to get someone
I told you who he is.
And then, if he told you where to go,
then you acampar?as.
Would you like women?
But you are not going to use as bait.
Do not worry.
I promise you will ...
Whatever you need.
I want the film to be authentic
and real. So if you need
she stand there ...
shaking "bonbons" or something,
it is within 100 .
We are committed to.
- We will go.
- And we'll see.
- Yes.
- We see it ...
and running.
Siskiyou County,
where we will go,
they have seen
than anywhere else in the world.
The most recent report,
that says a Bigfoot
He attacked a dog,
It is the first aggressive sighting
known of Bigfoot.
So it's aggressive.
It is the first time that has passed
in the history of Bigfoot.
Usually they are pretty ... Boring.
They try to avoid
contact with humans,
just stay away,
but that's why I was intrigued,
I was thrilled
to want to do this.
I was not planning,
I was lucky with the sighting
I was that guy.
The most important folk legend
US is the Bigfoot.
It existed for over 200 years
and thousands of people around the world
They say they have seen.
I do not think that so many people
lying about it.
But no other name?
- Something like ...
- Sasquatch.
It is called Sasquatch in Canada,
Bigfoot in United States
and Europe is the Yeti
or Abominable Snowman.
- Then it's white.
- Yes, it is white.
Bigfoot is black
and Sasquatch is coffee.
Here we go to the race.
- Is not that.
- Racist.
- Let's make history.
- Yes.
- Remember that.
- History.
If you can shoot something ...
- And live.
- And live.
Just do not say that.
We will live.
But if you can film something so'd show
in the history books
and that would be sensational.
It is exciting
Why pursue.
- Yes Fabulous..
- I'm ready.
Then the camera
only we will follow.
L.A. AIRPOR It is in good shape.
That does not sound good.
Does it bother me because
it's right in my face?
Thanks, Stephon.
My grandmother used them
when I was a kid,
He said to bring good luck.
Your grandmother used leagues?
My favorite color is black.
Have you always used ...?
There are superstitious people.
Read Information card
located in the pocket
the seat in front of you.
Be sure to turn the functions
your phone ...
- And Bluetooth-
- Enough.
They can not be used in flight.
We are super excited.
We just landed.
Not bad flight
on a plane La Bamba.
She happy to sleep on your back.
Yes. It's going to wake up
when we see Bigfoot ...
At about wine, to carry me.
Or we know to call,
who die I wait to see.
Sure, go ahead.
I'm very excited.
Let's get to the carousel.
We did this trip
to shoot the man.
It is the main reason
why we came,
and perhaps to give
a walk in the woods.
But as I said before was coming
and it turns out that this gentleman
He saw Big Foot,
so that will ...
it is a best documentary.
If you are not do the best you can,
but if it is I think I can
do something special, so ...
Uh ... How strange.
You do not have your cell phone service?
Try again, maybe ...
What try again?
No, no service.
No service.
You have a bar?
- What company are you?
- Nothing.
Is that the statue?
- Damn, films that, man.
- Look.
I f?lmalo. You have to shoot it.
- Fuck.
- We got off?
Yes, Let's get off to film that.
Siskiyou County! We Arrived!
- Here we are.
- We did it.
Finally we are here!
Yes. You have to shake hands.
Shake hands
the Bigfoot himself.
Hi, Mom!
We are living our dreams
I will ask marriage
eggs under Bigfoot.
- What do you want?
- Water.
Good. And you?
Whatever ... Something to eat.
Some dried meat.
- Good.
- I do not give jerky.
No more jerky.
A deodorant.
You do not like that smell?
That stuff sucks.
It was an accident.
I suck, I'm tired of smell.
What is this town sucks.
Yes, I can not even ...
How are you? They got lost?
- No.
- Not at all.
What do you do with that camera?
Filming ...
It's a nice place.
Why not turn off?
It does not work.
Up windows, please.
Heaven. What happens to those people?
Yes, that was balls.
Very good.
Did you see his appearance?
What about your teeth?
The truth did not see his appearance,
because I could not see past
his black teeth.
They stared us to leave.
And they smelled as if they had not bathed
in 6 months or more.
- I'm not exaggerating.
- OMG!
And he is CREATING his shirt, yuck.
- Neither the look.
- Let's go.
Look, not even note
we approach.
I'll be surprised.
Friend, here are two.
That's great.
Well, this is
our charming cottage.
Plane will go.
You should not see,
because I am the future brother.
Are you sleeping again?
It is dormid?sima.
It has been a long journey,
but we have to ...
go to town to walk,
maybe talk to some people.
I want to ask who is
the man called emergencies.
- Do me a favor.
- Which?
I know you will not,
but when interviewing people
We not insist on something
I can make them angry.
- I know you will not, but ...
- How am I going to insist?
I know you and I know you will say
"Big Foot".
"Have you seen Bigfoot?"
Maybe these people do not want ...
These people are very direct,
That's for sure.
Do you think something like
could exist in this area?
Well ... There ...
There are noises in the forest
not explained.
I ... I've heard them and heard
others talk about them.
Some of these noises ...
They are very rare.
You can not explain that ...
At least we
we can not explain,
and it is something that we live
here in remote areas.
The sun sets at 8:00 and 8:30.
7:00 or 7:30,
if you're in the woods, you're screwed.
It's dark and you're not going to walk
from side to side.
If you grab the night there,
better sit
and stay where you are.
You do not want to walk around there.
Did you miss people
in those woods?
Not that I know of.
If they were lost,
perhaps grabbed the drug cartel.
What's with that?
Mexican planting pot.
You do not want to run into them,
You may not return.
Are there people who sows speck here?
What do you people do here?
2. 3. 4
00: 12: 03.665 - 00: 12: 07.336
It is the main source of income
the Siskiyou County.
I heard marijuana plant here.
How do you know where that is
in the forest?
You'll walk.
You should go for a walk,
and if you see a plantation ...
you long there, because otherwise
they could kill with one stone.
What do you think could eat
one Bigfoot?
Goats are tasty.
Also the chicken.
I came for a couple of months
I saw the news ...
and a guy said a Bigfoot
he had halved his dog.
- Really?
- It was in this county.
- In this county?
- Yes, so I came.
Have you heard anything about that?
No, I had never heard.
He halved his dog.
People tell me that has dogs
trained to hunt bears and stuff.
Out, and suddenly the dogs run
to get into the van
or under it and begin to whine.
They hear screams, someone
They throw stones and all that.
It seems that dogs do not feel
comfortable with those things
and there must be a reason for it.
I do not see it.
I see a cougar so.
Or a bear.
A Bigfoot?
I say ...
you know.
If something happens around here ...
anyone here know before
in fact happen, man.
So it is.
And it was probably a cougar
which halved the dog.
He said it was Bigfoot.
What are you smoking? I want.
Nape heard
a Bigfoot attack ...
to animals or humans ...
in my life.
How does this story make you feel?
- If true.
- I think that's a lie.
I do not believe that Bigfoot
He had halved that dog.
Do you know who it was,
or something about that story?
I ... I do not wanna talk about it.
- A jar.
- Look!
Land of Bigfoot.
I think I need coffee
after this trip.
Coffee, quickly.
Uuuuu, Bigfoot.
It's scary.
A glass of Earth Bigfoot.
- My tequila.
- You have to buy it.
- I could put my tequila in my coffee.
- Good idea.
I want to find a man
it is supposed to be called emergencies,
saying Bigfoot
He split his dog.
Have you heard anything about that?
I asked him
10 or 15 people
and nobody knew
what were we talking about.
I know who could do that.
- Not seriously?
- Yes.
I think it's here
passing this curve.
What do you think?
If we look, what will you say?
I do not know if he is that man.
First of all I will start talking
with the,
being friendly.
I felt a blow to the head.
- No we attract more-
- Was ...?
I did not do that.
No we attract more attention
than necessary.
- Is the?
- I think so.
I'll see if he is.
- Stay here.
- Agree.
It does not look very happy, friend.
I do not know if I should do that.
- Shit.
- Stephon!
I think you should go for it.
I am not under the car.
- Stephon, get in the car.
- Get in the car!
Wait, guys.
it's okay. He was a little ...
He thought I was in the press
and he was removed from the roll,
- But there's no problem.
- He had an ax.
He's fine,
I gave her space and all that.
No anger.
It will not do anything.
Hi, whats up friend?
He's my ...
He is my brother Davee,
and his girlfriend, Shy.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- I'm Travis.
How are you, Travis?
Come on.
Just I wanted to make
that they are not in the press.
- Everything is fine.
- We are not of the press,
I promise.
Where I can put this?
Where you go to be more comfortable.
Hence there is a stone.
A concrete block.
You want to sit?
Yes. Is that OK?
- Yes.
- Well,
I ... I filmed.
. Stay you here.
Faith is powerful.
Religions sometimes not ...
you get them all.
3. 4. 5
00: 18: 04.818 - 00: 18: 08.072
There are, you know, the perfect shoe.
But when you find it,
you accept and are part of it,
and it takes
and makes you a better person.
I've seen it.
I have witnessed his strength,
of its power.
His eyes
the bottom of my soul.
How were your eyes?
Large, red ...
I looked directly.
I was there.
He looked into my eyes
when I was praying,
trying to find a signal.
He turned and walked away.
Theo gave chase.
We follow, we follow
and we follow.
They must have been several miles.
And we got a runner,
Y ...
the ...
The dog continued.
I stopped, I could not follow ...
and I told Theo:
"Come, come, come back."
Theo finally ran back
as if frightened
And ... We were here ...
some days after,
and returned, he loaded the dog
and he broke it in two.
- Oh Lord.
- What he halved?
To the half.
In front of me, she broke in half.
They can not go. It is haunted.
They can not go.
There's something about that corridor.
When you get to that road ...
it is ... In the region
the Marble Mountains.
?Bigfoot is in those mountains?
I'd love to go into the woods with you,
be there one day ...
to see what happens
and how is this area.
I had never been here,
so I do not know where to go.
You've been here five years,
and obviously knows the area
better than me.
Come tomorrow.
- Come tomorrow.
- Perfect.
- With pleasure.
- Go away.
I think they're crap.
But as you want,
I came to support you.
What do you mean, fuck?
Let her brother.
- That came ...
- I understand.
- To talk to this guy.
- I already know it.
Leave her in the car, fuck.
Leave her in the car!
it's okay.
It's just ... I do not want to push me
in religion.
How do we talk about ...?
- A dog and Bigfoot a-
- Would you shut the door?
Before I change my mind.
Suddenly we are
in a Bible school.
Do not exploit,
stay out of religion.
Well, since you are so friends
and I have understood
which it is a documentary-
You know why we came.
You told me apoyabas.
That's right, a thousand percent,
and we both agree.
Know that this type
it would be something different.
"Something different" is one thing.
Demented is another.
He left with an ax in his hand.
Did you see around you?
Did you see?
Some had axes
8 different sizes.
I saw machetes, hammers ...
Hey, he lives in a forest.
People live differently here.
- I think ...
- With all those animals?
I think there are rare sacrifices there.
I think you need to calm down
and we have to sleep.
It has been a long journey. The three ...
we are tired.
Tomorrow will be a new damn day,
we will see the type
and see what happens.
What are you doing?
- Dammit!
- What are you doing?
What the hell are you doing?
- What are you doing?
- I thought I heard something.
Just kidding?
It's 5:00 in the morning,
4:00, 3:00 in the morning.
You scared me, dammit!
Go to sleep. go to sleep ...
please have a heavy day tomorrow.
For the love of God.
We must rise.
Already we made us one hours later.
She is old, I swear.
We are in the forest
and you want to fix the hair.
Already you list, my love?
I can not stand being late
and she knows it.
- It is unprofessional.
- You know what? ?Dont professional?
- It is.
- I told you to wake me up at 9:30.
- At least you could ...
- I had to repack.
- How are you?
- Good.
Sorry I'm late.
Well, it's not a good start.
It's my fault.
- Women.
- Yes.
Let's pray for a moment.
- Bow your heads.
- Good heavens.
You want ... You want my brother
Also do?
Well, if a believer.
Perhaps you want to be at this time.
Could you just shoot?
You know what?
My eyes are closed.
"And Jabaz called the God of Israel, saying:
'You really bless me
and you agrandar?s my territory,
May your hand be with me
and protect me from evil
to not cause pain. '
And God granted him what he requested. "
The Father, the Son ...
Holy water.
Ceo I ...
you're good.
- Well, let's go.
- Amen.
What the fuck do, eh?
She will be a problem.
It will not be.
I have my sunglasses.
Too bad. Aguantate.
So we should have
packed last night.
You found your glasses?
No. Are Davee.
They do not even get me.
Selfishness, brother.
He brought them over the head.
- Now his eyes ...
- His eyes are brown.
Look, you can not open my eyes.
His eyes are brown. Yes you can.
I poetry.
Do you like poetry?
- It does to me.
- Yes.
- Definitely.
- Travis, be good for my documentary.
Otherwise, we would be walking alone.
It would be good to read a couple of things
in the path
before reaching the place
which we spoke.
I got this for years.
- My poem.
- A poem?
Everyone should have a poem.
It is ... Is the Bible?
No. Only I keep it there.
It is called "Live my life".
"I live my life
in increasing orbits
on the things of the world.
We may never reach the ultimate
but that will be my attempt.
I have gone round
about God
And around
of the ancient towers.
I've been around for a thousand years
and still I do not know if I'm a storm,
a hawk or a beautiful song. "
It was written in 1899.
Who wrote it?
- What is this?
- This?
It's to mark our way
not to lose.
He read it in a book.
Do they read fairy tales?
Hansel and Gretel "?
They threw crumbs,
which was silly, because people
or animals ate them.
- This is tape.
- You do not trust me?
- It's not about that.
- No Yes ...
trust, but I want to make sure
we know exactly where we're going.
I know how to get back.
We return.
The suit case,
we did not know
if we would find.
Put the tape. Only one piece.
The pick,
not leave trash.
- It's okay?
- Yes.
Can I have the tape shove them?
What are you doing?
We explained that we will put
- To find the way back.
- A was not enough?
It makes every 100-300 meters.
They may arrive morning.
- I can ask you something?
- What?
Why can question
our methods ...?
But when I question,
my brother and my girlfriend bother me
for having questioned?
I just want to learn ...
Do not judge ...
because the rod that midas
you will be measured.
It sounds good.
- What does it mean?
- Means that no judge.
Who's in charge here?
Shut up.
You had to mess with
your damn righteousness.
The Lord is in His holy temple.
The Lord's throne is in heaven.
His eyes behold,
His gaze examines humankind.
Is this a documentary
about Bigfoot
or a goddamn prayer meeting?
Why not ...?
Why do not you let me
be the cameraman?
Let me shoot and you
continue their nonsense with ...
This way.
See? Come on ...
north, so good.
And she's leaving tape
on the road, that's good.
I know exactly where we're going.
At least maybe get
a pretty bride.
Shit. Wait, I'm bleeding.
- Really?
- Yeah. Damn.
Well, let's go.
- Damn!
- What happened?
Come on.
Are we closer?
Fuck, I pushed.
I only helped a little.
It's a little more open.
Is this clear?
Very small pines.
- Hey I ...
- 21.
Before proceeding,
I found it there.
What about this?
- Where?
- There, beside the canvas.
There is no other well.
It is a. 410.
- Hunting quail.
- Is it a rifle?
- Yes a. 410.
- It is a rifle.
A little shotgun.
I had one. 410.
We entered 7 km
in the forest.
- Hunters, marihuanos.
- Marihuanos?
I do not want to go ahead,
I worry me get me
in the field of someone or something.
They do not ... No, no.
That's over there ...
to the south.
That's the bad part.
Let north.
Why is that a bad area?
There are farms speck.
- So come on-
- No, we're not going over there.
- But there's weed.
- Yes. We're going for here.
- Damn! Dammit!
- Are you okay?
- Can not be.
- OMG.
- Shit.
- Fuck. Motherfucker.
Shit, fuck.
Hey, you know where the hell
It is leading us?
- You have to fuck.
- What did you do?
What did you do?
Oh Lord.
My bloody knee, my ankle ...
Heavens, it's very swollen.
Do not move.
Do not move!
Do you see anything?
What is?
Did you hear that?
There is water below.
Something is splashing.
We've been here almost five hours.
They do not hear that noise?
Obviously not.
Do you really hear something
when you were there?
- Yes.
- Really?
I swear.
I heard it. I heard something like a "uuu".
You guys. They not heard?
I heard nothing,
but we were far behind
and I had just fallen,
so I heard branches breaking.
So I ran like crazy
- To seek the guidance.
- I saw that.
The place to camp.
- What?
- It is here.
Are we There Yet?
It is the beginning of the corridor.
It is the place to camp.
- Does the camp site?
- Yes.
What is that?
The corridor.
What can we so down?
You will see.
Are we going to take up there?
Are we going to take up there?
You want to do?
What do you want to do?
No. I'm gonna talk to him.
But what do they do?
What does?
He is praying.
Go talk to him, Shy.
Ask how far
He plans to take.
it's useless.
What's up?
I can not go any further.
- What?
- I can not go any further.
I can not go any further.
- You go.
- Wait, wait.
- I can not go.
- What ...?
I can not go.
- Travis!
- Let me go.
- Listen, he said ...
- Let me go.
You can not leave us here.
Is he sick?
Is it something religious,
or it has to do with Bigfoot?
It's sick or something.
Need to drink water?
Wait, we're not going
stay here.
Wait! We're with you.
What you are on that road?
I do not know. Search and find.
Search and find.
They want to see it? You'll see.
Are we in danger here?
Fear knocked on the door and opened faith.
there was no one.
I have to go.
Are you serious?
Are we going to let go?
it's over.
We do not know how to get back.
Do you think there's something down there?
I could not breathe.
- Was he acting?
- I could not breathe!
- That was very strange.
- No, he was hyperventilating.
It seemed strange from the beginning.
I told the guy
I did not know where he was going.
I felt I was looking for
someone constantly.
Now I feel that brought us here,
He made a scene
and we're fucked anyway.
We do not know return,
- We are in the middle of nowhere ...
- We can come back.
Shy stopped the tape and have been
going north.
You have to go back and go south.
We may return, but do not want ...
We can not return at night.
Why do not we do this?
and in the morning
let's see what's there.
We further 800 meters.
If we see something, we see something.
If not, we're out of here.
But I'm sick.
I can not walk 7 hours.
We all damn day
in this forest.
- Wake up, I heard something.
- What?
I heard something.
Oh Lord.
I'll go see.
Come on, I want to go see.
I do not know.
Why do we go to him?
I want to see what it is.
They are stones.
This is crazy.
Do you think it's the damn Travis?
No, I do not think it
Travis accursed!
No, it's the kind of the Bible.
F?lmalo, dammit.
Click Travis.
We brought the boondocks.
These are run.
Come on ...
Shut up, dammit.
Oh Lord!
It's a fucking stone.
Shit! Fuck you, Travis!
Let's go back to the store.
Come to the store. Dammit!
Click stupid shit.
Fuck Where is the shop?
Give me your hand. Take my hand.
They see nothing.
I have the damned ...
We are lost.
We not found the shop, dammit.
Come here.
What the hell's going on?
- What do you want?
- What's up?
Fuck. This damn ...
Damn, man. It scared us ...
Is the stones?
Come here.
- What?
- Come here.
Come here.
Who the fuck you talking about?
Stay away, friend.
You come here.
- Me?
- Yes.
Shy, go fuck.
I want to talk.
Look, it's not ...
Leave her alone, dammit.
This is private property.
Come here.
Can not you tell from there?
What right have
to get to this property?
- We ...
- What right, see?
Come here. Come here now!
- Come here!
- Go.
We had no idea.
We do not know where ...
Stay here.
Which? Does the muscular?
Are you sleeping with both?
We're not doing anything.
My brother is filming a documentary.
We are lost, fuck.
We just want to go home.
We try to find
a monster or something.
we are not ...
We are lost.
That look for?
- Nothing.
- Oh yeah?
Someone brought us here.
I mean, is this necessary?
On knees.
Come on, please, fuck.
- Get on your knees ...
- Do it, Shy.
Shut up, Davee!
It has a fucking gun!
Heed, Shy!
I will not fuck here.
Do not fuck this skinny.
- I do not want.
- We Go ...
Get out of my property.
We did not know it was yours.
That we,
get out of your property.
Could you tell us how, please?
- They ...
- Put the gun down!
okay okay.
- Fuck.
- Five minutes,
or maybe I fuck this skinny whore.
- We go.
- Yes.
- We're out of here.
- What direction?
We do not know where we are!
- D?ganos-
- Hey.
Look at me
and do not go where I go.
Five minutes.
Come on, get out of here.
Shy, we gotta go.
go Go.
Let's go. Pack store!
Get the damn store here.
Take it and let's go.
We have five minutes
to get out of here.
Let's get out of here.
Take the store.
Everything outside the property such.
Take the damn store and let's go.
go Go. We have to go.
- Let's go.
- I'm coming!
Let's go from here!
We have to get out of here!
Davee, what the hell do we do?
Davee, what the hell do we do?
You think you're safe here?
What's already out of your property?
I think so, we are half an hour from ...
We walk half an hour.
We should be fine.
Calm down ...
I say we stay here
and the moment when the sun rises,
we took.
Good. It's okay.
What is that?
What the hell is that?
Wait wait.
Hey, what the hell was that?
- I do not know.
- I'll go see.
No, no.
I want to see what it is.
Let me see what it is.
Do you remember the last time
we saw it was?
- No.
- I have to go see.
- Stay, listen.
- Wait.
- Please.
- Do not go, Stephon.
It's safer here.
I feel safer here.
Can we stay here
until morning?
What the hell is that?
I do not know ... Let's stay here.
I'm going.
I'll see what it is. You ....
We'll go with you. We'll all go.
If he goes, we go.
Come on, Shy. Come on.
Have they stopped?
- Run!
- What the hell was that thing?
- To the store!
- Oh Lord!
- To the store!
- Heavens! Fast!
- Let's go! Oh Lord!
- To the store!
What shit
What the hell was that?
- Shy, come out!
- Run!
Run, my love! Faster!
Run faster!
What was it? What was it?
Something is out there.
We all saw it, right?
What was it?
Oh Lord.
All our things. Everything.
- Look.
- We stayed ...
without anything.
Awesome, fuck.
It is destroyed.
Where the hell is ...?
- Everything.
- Where is the bag? And the food?
- Whose is this bag?
- It's mine.
It is Shy. Where is mine?
- I see my bag anywhere.
- Oh Lord!
And he was all there. Everything.
Fuck. Davee, where yours is?
- All it is gone.
- Nothing remains!
Bag Shy is here.
I had food and you, the compass.
Everything disappeared.
All fucking.
We not even know where we are.
But we have your yellow tape, right?
Did you put on trees?
- Shy.
- What?
- Did you put ...?
- Yes Yes.
Good. That's fine.
As I said before,
We were going north
and we had difficulties,
but we have to go south.
Do you know where is the south without a compass?
Yes, by the sun.
We can not stay another night.
We do not have anything.
Hear! Look!
Look! No tape here.
Thank God dammit.
We'll be fine.
We find it, there it is.
Follow the river
and to the tape, and we'll be fine.
Thanks God.
Now you become religious?
I am returning very religious.
We're good guys.
- Here it is.
- All right, fuck.
- I have more tape.
- You saw this?
- I'm reading the tape as a menu.
- Yes, dammit.
- Meat, lobster, shrimp ...
- Hamburgers.
- Cold beer.
- Chips.
I think even below says whiskey.
I think it says tequila!
Glasses of tequila. Many cups.
OMG. Just kidding?
There is no tape, tape.
Congratulations to the Queen of the tape.
You See? There's the tape.
Just follow south
and we'll be fine.
Can I have some water?
Thank You.
I'm in love with my tape.
I think we'll be back
before nightfall.
You sure you put tape
every 90 meters?
Yes, I did.
I feel that we have walked 30 minutes
and I have not seen tape.
Maybe we
in the wrong direction.
No, we are still going south.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, totally.
Look, there is no tape!
- There it is.
- Thanks God.
You See? We said fine.
Really? Thank you thank you.
Oh Lord! Boys!
- What's up?
- What?
Oh Lord!
No no no no.
We are totally screwed!
Who did this?
Why are we stopping?
We have to keep walking.
Are you kidding?
- What does that mean?
- We're going south.
We are following
Stephon shadow.
If your shadow is in front of you
means you are going south?
It is south. I know where I'm going.
Do you think known something?
- Anything.
- Everything looks the same.
What the hell is that?
I see some goats.
I do not know if you should cry.
What the fuck is that?
Hey, Stephon,
What is it that is hanging there?
- Fuck.
- What fuck is that?
It's a damn chicken.
Hey, this is not usual.
And there are stones there.
Also around goats.
And now, those sticks form an X.
What does that mean?
It's like ...
As if they had been left here ...
Why they are tied?
What do you mean?
They form a circle.
This is not right.
Is there blood in that suit?
- Yes.
- Is that blood?
And there's a candle.
See? See?
It's that son of a bitch, Travis.
is the. You remember?
What I said when we got?
He had many animals,
- You remember?
- Yes.
What was the first thing I said?
Sheep for slaughter, right?
That's. This is the work of that type.
- It is work that bastard.
- Do you think this is yours?
I do not know. Let me see ...
chickens, goats.
Weird shit ...
Find a Bible.
Oh Lord.
Are you serious, dammit?
- It's getting dark.
- It's fresh blood.
- It's cool.
- Stephon! Let's go!
Turn the camera off!
You See? This make.
- Standing stones and candles.
- Turn it off!
Turn the camera off!
Stephon! Do not you see that?
- Let's go!
- Turn it off!
- You are happy?
- Really!
- You are happy?
- It's okay.
- Please.
- Turn it off!
Let's go.
From now on, I guide.
Let's go. Come.
Hurry, Shy.
Now I am in charge, thanks.
I'm in charge.
Stephon, fuck.
Follow me. you can follow me
or do what you want with your camera.
Let's go. To hell with this.
I ignored all damn day.
it's over.
What the fuck is that?
Davee, is the same sound last night.
- We have ... Fuck.
- What are we going to do?
I do not know, I do not know. Damn!
Where did?
This is not good.
It is everywhere.
Everywhere around us.
Everywhere, dammit.
I do not know where they are.
- We have to go.
- They can hear everything.
- Come On.
- We must continue.
We have to walk faster.
We walk faster.
Careful where you step.
Be careful.
Run Run Run!
Run faster!
Shy, where are you?
Run! Run!
Run, woman! Run!
Run Run Run!
I'll turn off the light.
Oh Lord.
Did you see how many there were?
- Yes.
- Fuck.
Completely surround us.
Oh my God, Stephon.
Oh Lord.
Oh Lord.
I am very afraid.
The lost, dammit.
I hope he's not dead.
We have to move on.
Are we going to find?
Yes. We have to.
This is ... This is what we have left.
What do we have?
We have water.
Deodorant ...
a little water ...
toilet paper.
Hell, let's look for my girlfriend.
What is that?
What is that?
What the fuck?
It is tape.
Just kidding?
Is joke, fuck?
Good heavens, it's a damn ...
What the fuck is that?
Someone was definitely here.
Bastards bastards!
What do you think is?
I think Travis joined
all friends cursed.
Do you remember I asked
if he had friends?
And what did he say?
Who does not have friends?
That guy. I do not know.
In the camp ...
He had chickens, goats.
Travis had chickens and goats.
Travis was religious.
I'm sick of this shit,
of this game.
I've had enough of your nonsense.
I want to get my girlfriend,
I want to go home,
I want out of here.
I see a path.
- Shit.
- Oh, fuck.
Damn, just climb.
This does not make head nor tail.
Is it a way for firefighters?
How long is this path?
Maybe a ranger comes.
In a perfect world,
topar?amos we think someone.
Hopefully it
somebody suitable.
I think that is a way for firefighters,
so I think something
You must pass through here.
Someone has to.
We find out who,
and I hope it's someone good.
- You know what?
- What?
Let's see if there echo.
But the truth, she's ...
I respect more than any woman
besides Mom.
It is the only one that has liked you
of all
which you have presented me.
That means a lot to me.
Obviously, regardless
what I do in life ...
I mean, even if you are younger ...
Always ...
I've always admired
Why my crazy adventures?
Your crazy adventures.
You always had dreams.
You know what sucks?
The truth,
all I thought I was going to do ...
It is what you said you will do.
Go home and take care
the family business.
And in a way
you will never understand,
I envy fully
for having the guts to go
and pursue your dreams.
I feel like I've never done that.
I hate that feeling of fullness.
You always want more.
You want to find ...
You want to do, and do it.
And somehow it gives me jealous
and that makes me love you even more
as a brother. You understand me?
Let's do it.
Let's get out of here.
I promise.
What do we have here?
- Finally, dammit.
- Dinner.
Finally, dammit.
Thank God.
These are ...
they are rich.
- I like red or not?
- No.
They are better than the store.
What barbarian.
What the hell was that?
What fucking?
What the hell is that?
A shot.
My God, can not be.
Will it never end?
Davee, crouch.
Get down, damn.
Run Run.
I am very ...
Damn, I'm so ...
Why do not they come for us?
Here we are, Shy!
No, no. Davee, duck!
Get down! Get down, dammit!
Come On!
What the hell are you doing? Damn!
Ala Fuck these motherfuckers.
I see nothing out there.
Surely they see us.
You think she's alive, right?
I have to believe it.
Makes you wonder ...
Do you think we did something wrong?
It is rare. Suddenly you think of all
what you've done in your life
that is not right ...
at a time of crisis.
As they return to see all ...
since you were a child until now.
You try to see if something
maybe you had been ...
do differently ...
for perhaps not having reached
this situation.
She wanted to do this
because I knew it would make me happy.
And look how everything went.
I think tomorrow will be a good day.
I think we're going to find good.
I also believe it.
I know you believe.
it's her. I know it's her.
it's her.
I see nothing.
Nothing here, brother.
- Why are they doing this?
- I do not know, dammit.
I do not know. I see nothing. Fuck.
It was her. You heard her, Stephon.
Back to the tent.
We return. We have to-
We have to do something.
We can not stand idly.
What do you want me to do?
Tell me what to do.
We light a campfire.
You know where we are.
- Yes, the mieda!
- We do not hide.
- Fuck!
- We can not.
What does it matter?
At this point, who cares?
I did not take.
Stay here, okay?
I'll start a fire.
Who gives a shit?
Do not go here.
- Where am I going to go?
- Look, just ...
Where do I shit go?
OMG ...
please ...
please ...
Shy let's okay.
Please do not let him hurt.
Please let it end
this nightmare.
Please let Stephon, I,
all we come home safely.
Davee, where are you?
Oh Lord.
this ...
Davee! I am going!
Fuck. Davee!
OMG ...
My God, my God.
Oh, fuck.
Come On!
Now what are we gonna do?
- Dumbass.
- Yes, muscular.
- Ah, burly.
- Deposit is the bastard.
You dont have anything. Nothing!
He has gel in his hair.
What do you think, eh?
- Motherfucker.
- Why come here?
We have been here all ...
Well, you're in trouble, right?
I told them to get the hell out of my property.
This is your fault!
We do not have many women here.
We do not ...
a boy like you ...
You live with that skinny bitch.
It's not fair!
You know what I do?
Do it, Donnie.
- I'll take my knife ...
- Show him.
And I'll cut your face.
You I'm going to cut ...
I'm going to ...
you I'll show ...
- Yes! Come On!
- Before you make love and fuck!
- Easy, boy.
- I liked that.
- Puta.
- I liked that.
Now he will have his turn.
I think this
you'll learn a few things.
So give her case.
You can find the perfect spot.
Do you remember me?
I met in the city.
Yes, bitch!
Stop him!
It is twisting!
This they did
A long time ago,
Come On!
Yes! You like it?
You fuck, motherfucker!
It is not as strong.
Now it's not so hard!
- Muscular.
- Get used to this.
Come on, do you like?
- You finished?
- Did you finish, Kyle?
- I think it's over.
- Wait.
- I have not finished.
- Good.
I have it.
- Motherfucker.
- Stupid bitch!
I turn it over. Motherfucker.
What did you think, bitch?
A I liked. And you?
You can not fool me.
This is no time to pretend.
You saw the light, damn bitch.
I look at it.
Wait wait!
- 3, 2, 1.
- Here it goes.
And still alive!
It is green this year.
Do you think we
good harvest?
Yes, an excellent harvest.
Thanks to the rain.
Here I have evidence.
Better, because my damn ...
unemployment is over.
No, I depend on that money.
Yes, we will come.
And we have cause
a fire to ...
- Let's do it.
- That damn helicopter ...
Oh, fuck.
Good Morning!
Did you hear that?
Hello boy.
Come here!
- Get it out.
- Oh, fuck.
- He fell.
- Wait.
- Come On.
- Wait.
Is heavy bastard.
it's heavy.
Yes, it's a big boy
big and strong.
Big and strong.
It is no longer strong.
I grab it.
We'll make a movie star.
Fucking idiot.
- We'll make a movie star.
- So it is.
Then we see, bully.
No brings clock or anything.
Not a penny.