Bigger (2018) Movie Script

[soft music plays]
[triumphant music]
[camera snaps]
[crowd cheers]
Have a seat.
Do you think those shoes
are appropriate for a funeral?
Well, they're black, Joe.
As are my pants and shirt.
- You're not working out?
- You know I'm not.
If you worked out,
you would dress better.
Put on a tie.
Better shoes.
Workouts build
Are you saying
I don't have self-respect?
I'm saying you dress
like someone
who has no respect
for their appearance.
Appearance isn't everything,
Joe. I'm a writer.
Let's hope you write
better than you look.
Well, Joe, I know you must
be devastated.
This must be very hard
for you.
My brother was my best friend
for more than 80 years.
He was nominated
for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Received the Order of Canada,
French Legion of Honor.
And he figured out that
Napoleon was poisoned.
All that genius, and he always
kept up with his workouts.
Joe, respectfully,
can we move on?
- I believe we should.
- Good.
Joe, I got to tell you,
I'm puzzled
by something.
I spent a month straight
at your house,
listening to you talk about
the right ratio
of egg whites to egg yolks.
Watching the damn
History Channel.
And then today,
today of all days,
the day of your brother's
you want to work.
Why is that?
Bennie's gone now.
That's why.
- Let's do this.
- Okay.
let's start
with your childhood.
You and Ben growing up
in the Jewish ghetto, Montreal.
Not "our" beginning.
Let's start with mine.
- [screaming]
- [doctor] Push! Push!
- God!
- [doctor] Push. Harder. Harder.
- Come, come.
- [groaning]
Harder. Harder.
Push, push.
- [gasps]
- [cries]
Oh, baby.
- [cries]
- What is this?
A penis.
This is not my baby.
- This is not my baby.
- Anna, please.
Give me my baby girl.
Give me my baby girl.
Give me my baby girl.
Give me my baby girl!
She was my mother,
and we were stuck together,
for better or for worse.
Some say that she was
just mean,
but she had a hard life.
She certainly wasn't making mine
any easier.
And then my brother Bennie
came along.
And having him on my side
changed everything for me.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [elephant trumpets]
[cheers and applause]
He's so strong.
[sobs softly]
What have you done?
Get here now.
Both of you!
Come here.
Turn around.
How dare you come
back to me so dirty.
- [belt slaps]
- [whimpering]
[grunts and sobs]
You still look good, Ben.
Better than a lot of our
friends still mulling around.
We did all right, Ben.
Pretty good tri's,
young man.
You do parallel
bar dips,
French presses
or barbell extensions?
I just fold and unfold a lot
of chairs here every day, sir.
Really? Interesting.
Show me.
You got pretty good
Imagine what
you'd look like
if your legs caught up
with your arms.
So you said you called
yourselves the "alley rats".
That's who we were.
We would do any job
we could find for a nickel.
We were like alley rats,
scampered from one dingy house
to another dingy house.
Alley rats.
[in French]
[boys grunting]
[boys laugh]
Where are you going?
Where is the rest?
Kids stole it.
You let them take it?
Look at me.
Look at me.
You let them take it?
Hey, I'm talking
to you.
I've got nothing to add.
Oh! Ugh!
I should toss you away
like this.
Get out of here.
Get out. Go.
They say if you are born
to the iron,
you know it
the first time you lift.
You want to try it?
What for?
This is how you get bigger.
Why would I want
to get bigger?
Because when you're big,
nobody puts their hands on you.
Why not take up boxing?
Because I'm tired
of getting hit.
[strains and grunts]
Good? I barely
did it once.
That's one more time than
you've ever done before, Bennie.
[spectators clap]
Your brother.
Look at your brother!
Anna, Joseph has worked
so hard for us, for this.
He won something.
He won something
for us!
This is embarrassing.
He spends his time lifting
a bunch of junk in the air
again and again
for bumps on his arms?
Don't say that.
If our son continues like this,
he will amount to nothing.
- No.
- And you want to encourage him!
No, no, I... that is not true.
Please, don't do this.
You know what Stella Vernieu
said to me in the market
last week?
She said, "I saw your son, Joe,
and he looked like Tarzan."
Oh, I tried.
It's not your fault, Pa.
No, you...
you keep it.
It's for you.
You take care
of your brother.
[car starts]
[wind whistling]
[laughter and indistinct
[laughter continuous]
- [boy 1] Go, go, go.
- [boy 2] Ready? Let's go.
[object dragging
and scraping]
[Joe grunting]
So big Joe
needs some help, huh?
So you're a funny man now
with the jokes.
- Come on, help me with this.
- Why do need an icebox?
So we don't have to keep food
in the snow to keep it cold.
- Come on, help me.
- [sighs]
That's good.
Get some exercise.
Yeah, at 3:00
in the morning.
[both muttering]
It's always a good time.
Never a bad time.
[clears throat]
I'm sorry.
I've been...
I've been watching you.
What are you drawing?
Oh, um...
the human figure.
- Do you mind if I...?
- Of course.
That is very impressive.
Has anyone
ever told you
that you have
a nice chin?
- Chin?
- Mm-hmm.
It comes to a perfect point
when you smile.
- Oh, thank you.
- You don't smoke, do you?
- No.
- No, no, I could tell.
You have beautiful skin,
and you smell very good too.
Oh, my. Thank you again,
I guess.
Would you like
to get some coffee?
- Now?
- Sure, now.
I... I don't get off
until 8:00.
What is your name,
by the way?
I'm Joe.
I'm Kathy.
I will wait outside.
- Okay.
- 8:00.
I'll see you then.
- [Kathy] Hi.
- [Joe] Hi.
Do you like to walk?
I love to walk.
All right.
I see you studying
at the library all the time.
Do you go
to the university?
No, no. You?
- No.
- No.
And I'm not studying.
I'm creating.
Creating what?
The path to a perfect
Looks like you've already
done that.
All right, what do you
do for fun?
Oh. Fun.
It's not a foreign word.
No, no, but...
no, I just told you.
So for fun,
you draw and write
about how to have
a nice physique?
Oh, no, no.
Not nice.
More powerful,
more beautiful.
The human body
is incredible.
And most people,
they do nothing with it.
They treat it like junk.
So that's your hobby?
The body?
Who has time for hobbies?
The body is
the ultimate machine.
You have the power
to make it perfect.
You have to work it right,
treat it right, feed it right.
Same as you would
a racehorse.
What? What's funny?
You eat the same
as a racehorse?
- No. Well...
- [laughs]
...maybe not exactly the same,
but probably as often.
Is that a smile?
The best I can do.
I've been told
I need practice.
Well, look at that.
Do I want you?
Oh, my
Do I, honey
'Deed I do
Do I love you?
Oh, my
Do I
Joe! Catch.
Honey, 'deed
I do
I'll get a coffee.
Have you been there before?
Can we get some water?
Come here.
Sit down.
You didn't fill out
your application completely.
Oh, I believe
that I did.
Religious affiliation.
Oh, um...
I didn't think
that one mattered.
You're not a Jew,
are you?
Murray's policy
is no Jews.
Oh, I did not know
about that policy.
All right,
I'm going to keep you,
but only because
you work as hard as three guys.
But I am going to list you down
here as Roman Catholic.
You can write down
anything you want
if it means I, you know,
come back tomorrow.
For now.
Wait, Joe.
Another thing.
Sit down, sit.
These drawings that you've been
doing on your breaks,
these weird body pictures
that people are talking about...
what are you,
like a Michelangelo?
No, no. I wish.
You wish?
Michelangelo was a buggerer.
You're not a buggerer,
are you?
- No. No, I'm not.
- Good.
Because the only thing worse
than a Jew is a buggerer.
And the only thing
worse than a buggerer
is a Jew buggerer.
Got it, yeah.
Good thing I'm not
colored then, huh?
- You being a swellhead with me?
- No.
Just don't do your pictures
around here no more,
and don't bring them in
to work.
You got it?
I'm doing the sketches
because I'm putting
together a newsletter
about the human physique.
- About what?
- The physiques.
The art and science
of the body.
Just keep it to yourself.
All right.
Hey, Weider.
I got a pie that didn't
sell today.
You want it?
- Uh...
- Oh, come on.
It's a perk for being
a non-Jew.
Seriously, you can give it
to your wife or something.
Oh! Oh, shit.
That's my fault.
Oh, well. You can still
have it if you want it.
No. No, thank you.
"N-N-N-No, thank you."
Hey. Hey. Hey!
The only thing worse
than a bastard
is an anti-Semite bastard.
And I don't work
for Jew-hating bastards.
And you...
you need to exercise,
because you are a soft,
flabby man
with no muscle tone.
No strength at all.
If you had any
you'd find an activity for your
body and keep a proper diet.
You're welcome.
[door opens]
I don't know why we can't focus
on what we're doing here,
and work on your dreams
in our spare time.
We're doing terrific business.
Just look.
Did you hear me, Joe?
What is this?
Did you make this?
How you put something
like this together?
I saved up seven dollars.
Most of that I spent
to send out postcards
to people whose names
I got from the back of
- Strength and Health magazine.
- What for?
To get ideas and advice.
I want to have a magazine
devoted to those
- who build their bodies.
- You want to have
a magazine about muscles?
Does Bill Hauk know?
Bill Hauk's magazines
are about feats of strength
and weight-lifting.
Mine focuses on sculpting
the body, health and nutrition.
Look at the publishers' names
on my rack.
Bill Hauk. He has
all the great strongmen.
The big-name guys.
They all work for him.
My magazine is different.
It's just better,
Mr. Young.
It shows exercises
for everybody.
Who's going to buy it?
And what makes you think
that Bill Hauk's going to let
a young pisher like you
make a magazine that will
compete with his?
I have essays and pictures of
men training
specific muscle groups,
isolation therapy, weight gain.
Everything you need
to help yourself train.
People need to work
on their own bodies.
Boychick, you got
a lot of nerve picking names
from the muscle king's
So who's going to read
about all this?
Someday, everybody will.
I tell you what,
keep the first 20 copies
of the magazine for free.
Nothing wrong with free.
I'll bring back the rest.
Where are we
supposed to eat?
We can eat at the desk.
You mean what used to be
my dining table?
Yeah, yeah, it's perfect.
Everything fits.
Hey, Bennie,
what's the situation
with the strongman
here in Montreal?
Claude Regine.
He's in Bill Hauk's magazine.
I think he has
a contract with him.
What about the weight-lifting
king, Jerry George?
Called him already.
He's a partner of Hauk's.
What is this, a damn union?
Only one man is allowed
to publish his opinions
on building muscle?
Have you lost
your mind, Joe?
I want all of this stuff
out of here!
[door opens]
We're making a magazine, Kathy.
This is what we wanted.
"We"? What happened to the job
at Murray's, Joe?
I can better people's lives
by bringing fitness into it.
And you want me to serve
terrible food
for an anti-Semite?
Murray's isn't terrible food.
It's normal food
for normal people!
Normal people
who aren't obsessed
with having a tight tummy.
Well, someday,
because of our magazine,
those will be
the normal people.
This is pipe dreams
and a puff of smoke, Joe.
You sound like my mother.
Well, maybe she was
a realist.
Joe! Please, can we talk?
I can go and get
some coffee.
We'll talk outside.
she's a good girl.
Joe, you don't need to work
day and night on some magazine,
or your research,
or even lift weights for me.
I married you.
I love you just the way
you are.
That is the worst thing
you could ever say to me.
[Joe] Sad to say,
I didn't want to be loved
for the person I was.
I wanted to be loved for
the person I wanted to become.
I had big dreams.
I wanted to...
I wanted something bigger.
And so I knew...
you know, the marriage...
the marriage had to end.
The whole point of marriage
is that two people come together
and create
something special.
Strive for something...
a life that's worth living.
People who get together
and drop their dreams and hopes,
that just wasn't for me.
[men shouting indistinctly]
Three, two, one.
They told me I could not get
the great Claude Regine
to do Your Physique,
because he was under contract
with Bill Hauk.
Well, Bill ended my contract.
My doctor told me weight-lifting
is bad for me, Joe.
He said I could get
athlete's heart and die from it.
Your doctor says this?
Well, you can tell your doctor
that Joe Weider
said "nonsense".
He doesn't know
what he is talking about.
Three, two, one.
Bennie, we cannot allow
these people's ignorance
to make us look like
the bums. Mm-mm.
It's your turn, Joe.
Good. Sit still, please.
Three, two...
[camera clicks]
That's the one.
Of course it is.
[Bill] Who the hell you think
you're posing in front of?
Huh? I'm Bill Hauk,
damn it.
Is there any way that you could
look intense and manly
without looking like
you're taking a shit?
What, did you grow
a vagina last night?
I told you, you had
to man it up, intensify.
Now, come on. Show it to me.
Hey, Jerry.
What's this?
Copycats from Canada, huh?
They're interested in the size
and shape of muscles.
Ha! Poofters.
Muscles should be useful,
not for display.
This... this magazine is made
for faggots.
Come on, now.
They say it's for
Oh, yeah? Well, how about if
they try and build that, Jerry?
Good luck, faggots!
You know, I remember
this Weider kid.
Little guy bought a weight set
from me on layaway
when he was 13.
Wrote me a dozen letters.
Yeah, well, every kid
wrote to you, Jerry.
- You're a legend.
- Point, taken, William.
But this kid, I remember,
he was persistent.
Begged me to help him.
Paid me 15 cents a week,
on time.
Okay, okay.
So what, Jerry?
So maybe he should
be taken seriously.
Hey, Jerry,
what kind of name
is Weider anyway?
Sounds like a pig in heat.
You know? Right?
Weider, my ass.
Dr. Braddock
will see you now.
So, you didn't fill
out your paperwork?
That's because I'm not here
as a patient.
I came here to hire you as a
consultant for Weider Nutrition.
And what is
Weider Nutrition?
Uh, it's...
Weider Nutrition.
"An open letter
from your publisher.
Eating fatty foods
like french fries
is bad for your heart.
Sitting all day without
exercise is bad for your heart.
and daily exercise
is actually what your heart
needs to remain healthy.
We here at Weider Publications
live by this
and will challenge all those
that say building the body
is bad for you.
Sincerely, your publisher,
Joe Weider."
[door closes]
[car engine starts]
[vehicle drives away]
I enlisted.
I can't stand
on the sidelines any longer.
Bennie, you... you know
better than anyone
what's going on over there.
I know, which is why
I had to enlist.
I'd never be able
to forgive myself, Joe.
Oh, my brother.
Oh, my brother, you...
you meshuggener bastard.
We have important
work here.
No, you have
important work here.
Oh, no, no.
I'm coming with you.
Joe, they just told me
the authorities
would never allow you
to join up.
What are you talking about?
They want you to keep
putting out the magazines.
For what?
The country needs strong,
young men Joe,
and you show the guys how
to get fit and ready to fight.
You're training
our troops.
You're already
in the fight.
What if we agreed to do
instructional seminars together?
You're doing your duty.
Now let me do mine, over there.
Well, look at you.
All grown up, huh?
I'm serious, Joe.
Yeah, so am I.
Come on.
You... you watch your butt,
- I will.
- If you don't come back,
I'm going to have to go over
there and find you, understand?
I'll be back.
[traffic ambience]
[car horns honk]
[indistinct chatter]
Mr. Hawkins
will see you now.
Have a seat.
Becky, hit me.
[clears throat]
[lighter scratches]
You Weider Publications?
Yes, sir, yes.
Young, but very focused.
Yeah. Becky, two Scotches.
- Yes, Mr. Hawkins.
- [Hawkins] You like Scotch, Joe?
I don't...
I don't drink.
- It's poison.
- What's that?
Don't partake,
but thank you.
I am glad that you asked
to see me, though, Mr. Hawkins,
because my publication
is real news, sir.
And with the war on,
both Canadian
and American troops
are really getting
inspired by my magazine.
Importance of health and fitness
is critical for
their development.
No longer will the benefits
of weight-lifting,
nutrition for all,
including women,
be overlooked.
- And we want to...
- Okay, take a breath, Joe.
I'm sorry, but one last thing
I do have to tell you...
- Sweet Jesus, son.
- Yes.
- Take a break.
- I'm sorry. Yes, sir.
- Okay?
- Yes, sir.
Joe, you're here because
I like your magazine.
I read the article
on athlete's heart.
No, no, there's no such thing
as "athlete's heart".
- I agree, Joe.
- Okay.
And soldiers out there have been
reading it too,
and it's raised morale.
And that's why
I want to tell you,
you found a real
distributor in us.
We're the biggest
and the best, Joe.
And we want to publish
your magazine.
- Joe, stay with me.
- Yes, yes. Yes, sir.
Yeah, yeah. We're going to take
your magazine globally.
Fifty thousand copies
a month.
Headquarters in New Jersey,
close to our
New York office.
Kid, welcome to
the big-time.
- Ice!
- Um, thank...
- Becky!
- Thank you. Thank you, sir.
Yeah. What do you think
of the good old U.S.A.?
Exciting, right?
Is that a smile?
You call that a smile?
- I'm not very good at it.
- You'd better get good at it,
because this is just
the beginning, Joe.
I've taken the liberty to
draw up a little contract here.
I just need you to sign it,
and then we'll be on our way.
There you go, buddy.
There you go.
Well... well, this...
this certainly is a dream
come true, sir,
It is a dream come true.
I love making dreams come true.
Sign your name on there.
Yes, but I'm going to need
a $5,000 advance.
And a New Jersey office
is nice,
but Los Angels,
in particular, Hollywood,
would be much better.
I'm offering you
the whole golden calf, Joe,
and you want to negotiate
with me?
Well, I do have some other
projects that need funding.
Weider Weights
in particular.
And the physiques are just
better in Los Angeles.
Better than in New Jersey?
Are there better physiques
in Los Angeles than New Jersey?
Of course there are.
It's got movie stars
and suntanned bodies.
Everything that dreams
are made of.
Dreams that I can sell
better than anybody.
You sell 50,000 copies
a month for a year, Joe,
and I'll build you
a headquarters on the moon.
Yes, yes, I accept
that challenge.
- And the $5,000?
- Yeah, that's crazy.
I was thinking
more like... that.
Oh, no, no.
It must be 5,000.
5,000 minimum.
Can I move seats,
because the sun is in my eyes.
Very, very bright.
Thank you. I'm sorry.
You're relentless, Joe.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes.
Hey, whoa!
Joe, hi. Just the man
I'm looking for.
Do you prefer the 3x5's
or the 5x7's of Reg Park?
Oh, you know me, Kate.
The bigger the better,
especially when it comes
to Reg Park.
Will you be at the Regine photo
shoot later this afternoon?
No. No, I'll be
at Modell's Sporting Goods
in Manhattan
this afternoon.
But please make sure that Claude
is in the green trunks
- and have Tony shave his abs.
- You got it.
Thank you.
One... one second.
Dolph, up.
Leg... leg up. Yeah.
And better. Much better.
Oh, help me out, Dolph.
Give me a flex. Give me a flex.
Thank you. Good, good.
Well done, Dolph.
Well done.
Tony, about this afternoon...
You want Regine
in the green string trunks,
and you want me
to shave his abs.
What are you,
a mind-reader?
No, I heard you tell Kate
in the hallway.
Oh, well, you have phenomenal
hearing then, very good.
Very good.
Acoustics echo.
Wow. Weider.
"I, Joe Weider,
predict that civilization
will speed up in every phase,
and that the stresses
and strains on mankind
will continue to increase.
Because of this,
I predict that
the resulting increase
in mental and physical illness
will force the world
to recognize the importance
of systemic exercise
and physical activities."
Fancies himself
a prophet, eh?
"I predict that bodybuilding
will become the chief form
of systemic exercise
and physical activity.
It will become a necessary
habit for all athletes
who wish to keep their bodies
functioning at their best."
He sure is
a lyrical fella.
His magazine is filled
with this garbage.
And, of course,
advertisements for his weights.
And you believe that this
dirty, little Jew
is selling dumbbells
and barbells now, hmm?
Are you trying to be me?
He's trying to be me,
and I'm not going
to tolerate it!
I created an illustration.
It better be good.
That's... that's youse
and that's him.
That's me?
All right, you put that
in the next issue.
Okay? You know what?
You put it in every issue.
Ma'am, ma'am?
Weider Weights
are on special today.
Take a look at this
"before and after".
What's the secret?
Just what he's doing here.
That is all.
Anyone can do it.
Weider Weights come
with a set of instructions
and a list of 10
of my favorite exercises.
These exercises will tone
and shape your body,
which will in turn
free your spirit,
which will in turn
free your mind
and give you
a new passion for life.
Oh. It will do all that,
will it?
Con man.
What? Con man?
No, no.
I see you still have
the touch.
Bennie, Bennie, Bennie.
- [grunts]
- Ah, put me down.
- Good to see you.
- Got a gift for you, from Egypt.
- It's a hat.
- Yeah.
- It's a nice hat.
- It's yours.
I went by your fancy
new offices.
They said you were here.
Regine was doing
a shoot in a G-string.
I have to say,
his abs looked amazing.
What are you doing
to these guys?
Our new offices, Bennie.
And we now have
so many new techniques
for training every muscle
in the body.
We've made training a system,
a science.
And it never hurts to show
as much muscle as possible.
We have female readers,
as well as certain males
who appreciate
the more revealing
photographic arts.
Fans are fans.
Joe, how'd you get these
manufactured so quickly?
Well, I used the advance we got
from American News Company,
as well as an additional
few thousand
from our Physique salary.
Oh. And are we selling
a lot of them?
No. Not yet.
But we will.
[Ben] Yeah, well,
it's too much too fast.
You're sinking every dime
into other Weider enterprises.
Some is money
we haven't even made yet.
And tell me, exactly,
what are these other
Well, we're publishing
another magazine.
Dr. Braddock and I have been
working on some formulas
for vitamins, anti-aging pills,
protein powders.
Oh, and the gym equipment,
The gym equipment,
because someday, you know,
we're going to open
our own gym.
Joe, how are we going
to do all this?
That's going to spread us
way too thin.
Bennie, no, we have more
than 50,000 readers every month,
and all of our advertising
is free.
Come on, look.
All free, huh?
Yeah, 50,000 readers,
with nothing in reserve. Why?
Because you're throwing our
profits right back out there.
What if one of these
other enterprises
needs more time or, in fact,
simply fails?
We'll go under.
It's basic economics.
Joe, are you
listening to me,
or has Betty the pin-up's gaze
put a spell on you?
Of course.
Of course, I'm listening.
You, suddenly you're
a financial wizard, huh?
I studied whilst
I was away, Joe.
If you insist on expanding
this aggressively,
then we're going to leave
ourselves exposed.
Nonsense. Nonsense, no.
Strike while the iron is hot.
That's what we'll do.
- Joe.
- [Joe] Mm, what?
You're going to want
to see this.
He writes a lot of trash
about you in this issue.
- You know he's a Nazi.
- That's not proven, Joe.
- You can't write it.
- No, that bastard
is a renowned anti-Semite.
Ask Claude, Reg, Jack LaLanne.
They all know it.
You can't print it, Joe.
Now I'm forced to use
valuable space in our magazine
to defend against his lies,
space that could be used
for constructive
weight-training advice.
What, does he not care
about health and fitness?
He cares about his power
and money, Joe.
He sees us infringing
on his empire and he's worried.
He knows the Weider methods
work better,
so he tries to pull us down
any way he can.
We will show him just how well
our methods work.
Our bodybuilders will crush his
at Mr. Universe.
I need to walk.
[announcer] Here we are,
ladies and gentlemen.
The candidates
for Mr. Universe.
Mr. Weider,
may I have a word
with you, please?
What, now? No, no.
We are watching
this incredible show.
Come on,
you should join us.
A chief representative
of the Amateur Athletic Union,
I am afraid I am forced
to disqualify
your contestants
from any weight-lifting
and bodybuilding events
in the United States,
unless you withdraw.
Now, if you would please
leave the stage.
- On what grounds?
- What are you people trying to pull?
Your sanction
will be withdrawn.
- Under whose authority?
- The AAU Weightlifting Committee
in the United States,
from the highest level.
Look, these men
work for you.
They're paid
by your magazine.
they are not amateurs.
No, no, they are paid
as fitness models
and experts on training.
The AAU controls
all amateur sports
in North America,
Mr. Weider.
So, if you'd like to participate
in a sporting event,
I suggest you adhere
to our rules and regulations.
You, you're a hypocrite
and a liar.
You gave us a sanction,
and now you let Hauk
take it away.
Look, there's no
going around us.
Either you work with us
or there's nothing.
Well, what if our contestants
denounce the AAU completely?
Then you would never
be able to compete
in one of our competitions
ever again.
But they would be allowed
to compete in their own.
I implore you gentlemen,
don't listen to the Weiders.
They do not have your best
interest in mind.
You are the one trying to take
away what is rightfully theirs.
They do not need the AAU.
- You... you screw them anyway.
- Yeah.
You take this away and you'll
find yourself in court.
- We don't need the AAU.
- [Joe] These men will agree
to never participate in another
AAU-sanctioned event.
That what you want?
From now on, they will compete
only in...
IFBB-sanctioned events,
and that will be
the end of this.
What the hell is the IFBB?
International Federation
of Bodybuilders.
I've never heard of any IFBB.
Are you nuts?
Are you?
Because the IFBB not only has
the best bodybuilders in
the world, these men right here,
but we will attract
every man worth his salt,
Because what you and Bill Hauk
do not realize is...
all these men want is to compete
against the very best.
- Damn right.
- [Joe] We are here.
They are here.
The champion bodybuilders
people came to see.
We are the IFBB.
We came to compete, Harry.
You take this away,
I'll make you regret it.
Fine, this competition
will go on.
We will discuss rules
and regulations with you...
with the IFBB,
at a later time.
Good luck.
[audience applauding]
I wonder when he'll figure out
there is no organization
called the IFBB.
He won't.
We just created it.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the winner of Mr. Universe...
Reg Park!
[audience cheers]
Let's hear it for Reg.
- Congratulations, Mr. Weider.
- Thank you.
- It's all thanks to you, Joe.
- We're going to up your protein.
- 200 grams a day.
- Do you ever stop?
No, I do not.
- Well done.
- Gravy, Joe.
Well done.
Hey, you know what
your problem is?
You think that what you do
is a sport.
You know what I think?
No, and I do not care.
Because I don't think
that you think, Bill.
Your mind is like your magazine:
fixed in cement.
That was a good one.
Okay, well, congrats.
[both grunt]
I create impeccable men.
I teach greatness.
You... you just got lucky today,
didn't you?
What the hell
is going on here?
Oh, it seems your brother
just had a little accident.
I think you should
probably tell him
that it's time
to settle down.
- [grunts]
- Joe! Joe!
We've already beaten
this bum.
Let's not snatch defeat
from the jaws of victory, huh?
- [Ben] Come on.
- [Joe] I need a doctor.
[speaking indistinctly]
Oh, I'm packing my grip
And I'm leaving today
'Cause I'm taking a trip
California way
I'm going to settle down
And never more roam
And make
The San Fernando Valley
My home
How can Hollywood
help us?
Oh, Bennie, come on.
It's beautiful here.
It's always warm.
Always sunny.
The people, they care about
how they look.
They don't cover themselves up
in sweaters and coats.
They don't have to.
Well, I'm told
the California crowd,
they don't welcome
And our business
is doing so well.
They need us.
They need us
and they'll love us.
Well, if you say so.
And make
The San Fernando Valley
My home
And make
The San Fernando Valley...
I'm sorry, Mr. Weider,
but I'm just
completely lost here.
You and your partner,
Mr. Nasium,
will have to educate me.
Mr. Nasium?
Who... who is Mr. Nasium?
That's what I want to know,
and why hasn't he joined us?
There is no Mr. Nasium.
- You said Mr. Nasium.
- No, no, I did not.
Mr. Weider,
you mentioned a "Jim Nasium"
several times on the phone.
Jim Nas...
Gymnasium is not the person.
- It's a place.
- It's a place?
The place of business
we were talking about?
- Ah, I see.
- Yes. "Gym" for short.
Well, these "gyms" are not
what we invest in.
Well, Mr. Hochberg,
I'd be happy to show you one.
In fact, if you
approve this loan,
we will train you
for free.
- We could change your life.
- I don't want my life changed.
I like my life.
What goes on
in these gymnasiums?
Exercise, Mr. Hochberg.
What are people paying for
then, exactly?
Have you heard
of weight-lifting,
jumping rope, barbells?
Why would anyone...
a normal person...
pay to go to a strange place
like that?
To look good
and to feel good.
You think real people,
will pay good money
to go to a place
to pick up weights
and sweat together?
And open themselves up
to athlete's heart
- and heart attacks.
- Mr. Hochberg,
athlete's heart
is not real.
As you strengthen
your muscles,
you also strengthen the most
important muscle of your body:
the heart.
It brings more oxygen
to the blood,
which goes to your brain.
Allows them to think
more clearly.
Gyms are the future.
They're good for people.
They're good for the body
for the mind and the spirit.
People, if they choose
to exercise,
can play sports, box, row.
Any number of vigorous
One thing they do not need
is a public sweathouse
with heavy weights in it.
No, but... but... but...
but this is Hollywood.
Yes, it is.
You can always take your ideas
back up to New York.
Evidently, up there,
the banks are run by lunatics,
if they would fund an idea
like this.
Those are bad for you.
I got this. I got it.
Joe Weider.
Thanks for making trek in,
Jack, it's good to see you.
Good to see you.
My God, what an oasis
you have here, huh?
- Oh, yeah.
- Is it always busy like this?
It just keeps getting bigger
and bigger, thanks to you.
I cannot believe
you're here.
Thank you for all this.
It's all because of you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Can you believe
that people still don't
even know what a gym is?
Hey, guys, look who it is.
It's the one and only
Joe Weider.
Joe Weider,
the real deal.
- It is so great to meet you.
- Yes, yes. You know,
sometime I'd like
to do a story on you guys,
on the streamlined
West Coast physique.
- That would be out of sight.
- Keep up the good work.
Good job, guys.
Jack, how in the world
did you get a bank
to help you buy
all this equipment?
I didn't. There's no way
they would lend me the money.
They all think
we're loonies.
You know, I learned that
the hard way.
Come on, why are you
even thinking
about building another gym
in the first place?
And don't be so hasty.
I'm your friend.
I'm not Bill Hauk.
I have all of your work.
I have your weights.
I have your magazines.
You have too much
on your plate.
Oh, my.
Oh, you didn't hear a single
word that I just said, did you?
Jack, is that
who I think it is?
Well, if you think
that's Betty Brosmer, then yeah.
She is so much more
beautiful in person, Jack.
You have to introduce me.
Come on, why would I introduce
a palooka like you
to the most beautiful woman
in the entire world?
- It doesn't make any sense.
- I see your point.
I see your point, but please.
Anything... anything helpful.
Okay, well, don't open
a gym here then.
- What?
- If you don't start a gym,
then I'll introduce you
to her.
Fine. Fine, yes. Deal.
But when you introduce us,
you tell her I'm your mentor.
- My mentor?
- Mm-hmm.
You're a publisher
from New York.
Isn't that good enough?
You're right, a simple
introduction will be fine.
- [camera snaps]
- [cameraman] Okay.
How about a little
more shoulder?
- [camera snaps]
- Even more playful.
- [camera snaps]
- Perfect.
Take a break, doll.
- Hi, Betty.
- Lonnie, what a nice surprise.
Yes, I came down with a magazine
publisher, Joe Weider,
who wants you
for a photo shoot.
Weider. Weider.
That name sounds familiar.
You met him a few months back
with Jack LaLanne.
He's got those muscle and
exercise magazines and pulps.
Of course. I remember you.
Jack LaLanne's friend.
Yes, yes, we met at the gym.
I remember you mentioning your
fondness for philosophy and art.
You have an excellent memory,
And you also said you love
A Farewell to Arms
and Fats Waller's piano.
Yes. I certainly do.
Joe, about the photo shoot
you'd like Betty to do.
Oh, yeah, no,
not "like". Need.
I need Betty for the cover
of my newest magazine,
American Manhood.
- [laughs]
- Look at that smile. Incredible.
Betty, you will make my magazine
fly right off the stands,
all over the world.
You put women on the cover
of your muscle magazines?
Well... Well, we do as of now,
Miss Brosmer, yes.
I'd like to put you on the cover
with the great Earl Clark.
Who's Earl Clark?
He is Mr. Universe.
Would you prefer
Reg Park?
Who's Reg Park?
Reg Park?
Well, he is also Mr. Universe.
I'm sorry, I don't follow your
muscle competitions so closely.
What about a cover
with Tony Curtis?
- Who is Tony Curtis?
- [laughs]
Well, he's an actor,
Mr. Weider.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
A woman like you
has too fine a physique
to share the cover
with an actor.
All those guys are either
too scrawny or too flabby.
And you would only
make them look worse.
No, you need to be on the cover
with a real bodybuilder.
Betty's time is not cheap, Joe.
I'll pay her 15% more
than she is being paid today.
Why, thank you.
I look forward to working
with whomever you decide.
[camera snaps]
- [cameraman] Good.
- Can I get more oil, please?
Just a little bit more
right here.
And for Betty too.
Betty too.
And... wait, hold on.
everything's smooth.
Perfect. No streaks.
No streaks.
There we go.
- Very nice.
- Good? Great.
Maybe a leg up.
A little sexy. Yes.
[camera snaps]
And, why not?
- There we go.
- [laughs]
[camera snaps]
Can we dance?
Would you like to dance?
- [laughs]
- You want to dance?
- Yes.
- Mm-hmm.
[clears throat]
[camera snaps]
I'd like a break.
A little break.
- How do you feel?
- I feel great.
- You look beautiful.
- Are you happy?
Very nice. Love it.
The outfit is gorgeous.
With your eyes, the hair,
- Perfect.
- Wonderful.
Perfect. Let's take a walk.
You want to take a walk?
- Sure. Yeah.
- Let's take a walk. Come on.
Say, fella...
- you mind standing up?
- What?
Your transverse abdominus.
- Beautiful stuff.
- What?
A sculptor couldn't make
a more defined V-cut.
- [man] Whoa, hey, I'm not queer.
- [Joe] No, neither am I.
It's my business.
How hard are your abdominals?
I don't know what that is.
Your stomach muscles.
The bumps.
I guess they're pretty hard.
You mind flexing
your lowers?
I don't really like this.
I'm a publisher
for a muscle magazine.
Please, I just want to see.
Wow. Bravo.
Really, really nice.
Nice work. How do you suppose
you got those?
- Surfing, I guess.
- Uh-huh.
Would you mind?
I'd like to see that.
Would you mind?
Would you show me?
- In the sand right here?
- Yeah. That's fine.
Just take it slow.
Come here. Come on.
- Hey! What?
- [laughs]
Oh, really?
Think that's funny?
- [laughing]
- Is that funny?
Try that one next, okay?
- [laughs]
- We're fine, we're fine.
All right.
Are we fine?
Here we go.
[Betty squeals excitedly]
[soft panting]
How do you feel about
doing a risqu cover
with Leroy Colbert?
Who is Leroy Colbert?
He's the next
Mr. Universe.
He's the only man in the world
with 21-inch arms.
And he's a colored guy.
Why does that matter?
That he's got
21-inch arms?
That he's a colored guy.
Oh, well, there's never been
a colored bodybuilder
on the cover of
a muscle magazine before.
We would be the first.
And I want you to hang
from one of those massive biceps
right on the cover.
Well, if the point of it
is to be the first
to show a colored man's muscular
body on the cover of a magazine,
well, then,
let that be the point.
It seems to me that I would
only undermine that, Joe.
Well, I have to say
that you are 100% right.
And I was wrong.
You don't hear that often,
I know.
- What? What?
- [laughs]
Did you just say
that I was right?
Mm-hmm. Maybe.
I might have.
Can we talk
about something else?
Like what?
Anything else.
All right.
Let's talk about
our lovemaking then.
You have such
precise movements.
Perfectly timed.
Powerful hip thrusts.
It's got to be
the glute raises.
And we should really do a piece
on that for women,
because our readers
would definitely benefit.
You're so stupid, Joe.
- You don't have a clue.
- What?
- Where are you going?
- Home.
- No, you can't go.
- Why can't I go?
Well, because you don't
have your car,
and because I need you.
I don't think you need me, Joe.
You need subjects
for your readers to admire
and learn from.
Well, then you are the one
who is clueless.
- You have no idea.
- I don't.
Because you don't share
anything about you,
about your family,
about Canada,
what you really feel.
I don't like to talk
about my childhood, Betty.
- You know that.
- Give me something.
What is your happiest
Tell me you happiest memory
of you growing up.
My happiest memory?
Why? For what?
Because I want to know.
I am not just a thing
or a shape
that you can just have.
I don't even know
what that means.
I'm right here.
I just want you to talk to me.
I need to know
who you really are, Joe.
Who am I? I'm just...
I'm me, I'm Joe.
- The guy who's crazy about you.
- Give me something!
Something! Anything!
Your first day of school.
That was a happy memory,
Where did you sit?
Was there a window?
Did you look outside?
What did you see?
I... I don't know.
I don't know. I...
Maybe there's something
wrong with me.
I... I can't remember
before I started writing
for the magazine.
I'll start.
I had an aunt
in San Francisco
who collected
these antiques.
China, glass and wood.
And she would display
her favorites,
just so,
behind glass.
Once, when I was a little girl,
I stayed with her.
And she saw me staring
at these beautiful,
beautiful glass figurines.
My aunt,
she opened the glass
and she let me hold
my favorites.
I felt this power,
like I had never
felt before.
Like I had held something
truly important
for the very first time.
That's a happy memory, Joe.
Yeah, no, I...
I... I don't...
got nothing like that.
What about your birthdays?
Your favorite
birthday cake?
We never celebrated
Never had a birthday cake.
Betty, please, please, I...
I don't have
a happiest memory,
and I never had
a birthday cake,
and if I ever opened a glass
door then take out a figurine,
my mother probably
would have made me eat one
to make damn sure
I never did it again.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Look, I don't want you
to think...
that I'm strange, or...
You're the strangest man
I've ever met, Joe.
And you should know...
I'm falling madly in love
with you.
[bells tolling distantly]
Sweet Jesus.
Career suicide.
I wonder what my friends down
south are saying about Weedy
and his new dark,
oiled-up friend.
Down there they'd lynch
them both.
That kike.
What do you think, Jerry?
Oh, it's good to be king.
There's three articles in here
that were featured in one
of our publications first.
And then, of course,
there's this.
And this.
[Kate] You know Lucky Strike and
Miller have contacted us too.
I mean, with all our
new magazines sucking money,
it's hard to make
our profit margins.
Did Bennie tell you
to say that?
Margins pay all our salaries,
And alcohol and cigarettes
kill people.
They go against everything
we stand for and believe in.
Yeah, I'm not so sure
it's that black and white.
There are people
who like to exercise
and also have
an occasional drink.
Even a smoke.
It's 1957, Joe. It's...
It's the modern world.
No, it's not.
The modern world is what
we sell in our magazine.
A world of vitamins,
protein shakes,
vegetable juice,
Now I need a drink.
Well, then have a protein shake.
I'm going to need
a martini.
You know, if the day comes where
the world is getting together
over a protein shake,
I do believe
that I will be long dead.
Ah, yes, Barton,
from all the liquor
and the cigarettes.
Hey, the Weider way
is the honest way.
We practice what we preach.
I like that.
Write that down.
That will be on the next cover.
She's a sharp gal. I told you.
You know,
I'm a sharp gal, too, Joe.
And, unfortunately, we will need
some of those sinful ads,
or there will be no way
to deliver
our prophet's message
at all.
Leave the anti-body ads
to Bill Hauk.
We're in the health
What's next?
[phone ringing]
Betty, can you get that?
Hello, Mr. Hawkins.
Just a moment.
Hello, Roy.
How's the weather
in New York?
Oh, the bitter cold
is not comforting,
but I'm sorry to say, Joe,
it's the least
of my problems.
I'm finished, Joe.
American News is bankrupt.
Call his writers.
See who needs
a paying job.
I want them all, Jerry.
all of them.
You've got new competition.
Screw that bastard,
It's mine, Joe.
I'm sorry.
I got kids to feed.
Katie's coming with me as well.
[breathing heavily]
The one who should have
left first.
Me? Why in the world
would I leave?
Because I'm broke.
No, no, no.
Not broke, no.
A million dollars in debt.
A new kind
of millionaire.
The regular ones are boring,
Joe, believe me.
any pretty gal can find herself
a rich man, Joe.
This gal?
This gal needs more.
You're not the only big dreamer
that needs to build something.
Hey. You're stuck with me.
Betty, how...
how would you like
to get stuck, like, officially?
For good?
Make me the richest
broke man in the world?
Richer or poorer, yes?
Wait, wait, wait, was that yes
a "yes" or was that a question?
I thought you'd never ask.
[cheers and applause]
In all the world.
In all the world.
[cameras snap]
Please don't stop.
Wait a sec, stop.
Now these
are Hauk men.
[all cheer]
Now, their builds are merely
by-products of their strength,
not the other way around.
These world-class athletes seek
my experience, little old me.
While other so-called trainers
are busy
putting loincloths
on greased-up Negroes.
You think I'm kidding,
don't you?
I deal in champions,
while my competitor deals
in Negro homo smut.
[Jimmy] The Weider brothers say
that the IFBB
is looking to make bodybuilding
an Olympic event.
[Bill] Do they say that?
Is that right?
Hmm, well, I believe that
they're focused
on filing for bankruptcy
right now,
because they and their
disgusting magazines are done.
[Bronson] Joe Weider says
he's boycotting the AAU
and this competition.
What you say about that?
Weedy is not here, because he
doesn't dare to show his face.
Okay? That, and also,
he can't afford a ticket.
- [laughter]
- I don't think any of us here
believe in this so-called
federation of his
and his little
blonde bombshell.
- I mean, honestly...
- Can I print that?
You don't have to.
I'll do it myself.
- [laughter]
- I shall call the piece,
"Where, oh, where is Weedy?"
His name is Joe Weider,
and I'm here in his place,
you lowlife son of a bitch.
Well, well,
lookit who we have here.
It's little Weedy.
What's the problem?
Would you rather
that I call him...
the Jew?
[all gasp]
- What did you say?
- [Bill] Why all the gasps?
He is J-E-W.
Joseph Edward Weider.
Isn't that right?
Get off!
Hey, I got him.
Let him go. Let him go.
- Get off me! Get off me!
- Come here.
Why you got to go
and destroy all the fun, Jerry?
These Jews are so sensitive
these days, aren't they?
Get off me!
What are you,
trying to get yourself killed?
- If it isn't Jerry George.
- Hey, you're better than that.
That lowlife son of a bitch
crossed the line, you know it.
And to think my brother and I used
to look up to you when we were kids.
I sold your brother
his first weight set.
And me too.
And now you stand
with this pig anti-Semite,
basking in his glory.
Shame on you.
Hey, wait, Ben. Wait a second.
Look, maybe Hauk's right.
Maybe there's Hauk men
and there's Weider men.
But I am not a Hauk man.
No, you're his puppet.
You watch your mouth
if you want to keep your teeth.
- [scoffs]
- The truth is,
I would rather
be a Weider man.
I admire you
and your brother.
Hauk's an embarrassment,
and he's outdated,
and so is his branch
of the damn AAU.
We have nothing
to offer you.
Oh, but you do.
I want to make bodybuilding
stand on its own,
take its rightful place
as a legitimate sport.
In order for that to happen,
you need to make the IFBB
stand for something.
Give it an official standing.
I've traveled all over
the world getting signatures...
There'll be time for that.
Look, right now,
focus on your stature
in the bodybuilding community.
And you and Joe need to mount
a serious challenge to Hauk.
The IFBB can win.
It will win.
Nobody cares about this sport
more than my brother and I.
You do that,
then you can
count on me to help.
Welcome back,
Fancy man,
ride in the back now, huh?
You look good. You look good.
Don't worry,
we'll get your bags.
Come on.
It will be
a cold day in hell
if they think they can
snatch away what we've built.
I've missed you too,
We'll get another
That will be easy
when the IFBB is recognized
as the governing body
of our sport,
with the only democratically
elected governing council.
What's the plan?
We make Mr. Universe
look penny ante.
We reach out to every
bodybuilder we know
and we ask them to join us
in building the largest, fairest
and most globally recognized
bodybuilding contest in history.
Jerry George has agreed
to travel the world
and bring in talent
from everywhere.
You reach out
to the bodybuilders,
get them in
the Weider program,
and I'll get their countries
to join the IFBB later.
I have not lost sight
of the bigger picture, Joe.
I'm going to get us
into the Olympics.
Bodybuilding is essential
to nation building.
And this competition
is essential to bodybuilding.
Since when are you
the idea man, hmm?
You know, you... you're supposed
to be the realist.
Yeah, well,
some guys have it all.
- Oh.
- We have to be married to this.
You were always
right about that.
Well, Bennie,
I am married.
Not now, Joe.
- What?
- I'm serious. Cut the crap.
We got a lot of work to do.
[Jerry] Never thought I'd see
Joe Weider drinking a beer.
Only for very special occasions,
and tonight: special occasion.
Larry, I have to say,
you really wowed them
with those guns
at Mr. Universe.
[Larry] Well, I have
to thank you for that.
I actually used the Weider
arm method from your magazine.
Mm, yes, but the real
question is,
where do you go from here.
Because, you know, once you're
Mr. Universe, you're done.
Well, I have given that
some thought, Joe.
And I think I have to get out
of competitive bodybuilding.
I just hope I can still
do some work modeling.
- Well, that is a damn shame.
- [Larry] What is?
[Joe] After you become Mr. Universe,
you cannot go any higher.
You get punished
for your greatness.
But what if I told you
the IFBB is creating
a world professional
bodybuilding championship
you can compete as many times
as you want, defend your title.
I'd say, where do I sign up?
So, what's this competition
going to called?
Well, we're working
on that.
What about Mr. Olympia?
Olympia. That's...
that's perfect.
Betty you're full
of surprises.
How'd you come up
with that?
[all laugh]
Well, I would love
to be Mr. Olympia.
Mr. Olympia.
Thank God he didn't order
a Schlitz.
[cheers and applause]
Nowhere to run to, baby
Nowhere to hide
Got nowhere to run to, baby
[car horn honks]
Nowhere to hide
It's not love
I'm running from
It's the heartbreak
I know will come
[Joe] To the first
of many Mr. Olympias.
- [man] Hear, hear.
- [Joe] Cheers.
That was one hell
of a show tonight, huh, Bill?
I got to say,
the Weiders put together
the grandest
competition yet.
What did you say to me?
Oh, did you miss it?
Got nowhere to run, baby
Nowhere to hide
I know you're no good
For me
[police sirens wailing]
[whistles blowing]
[indistinct shouting]
Sir, this is Ben Weider,
president of the IFBB
and Mr. Olympia.
If I could have
a moment of your time,
I'd like to bring something
to your attention.
Well, I'm glad you asked.
Bodybuilding belongs
in the Olympics.
Yes, sir,
we think it does.
No, I agree.
You cannot see yellow
clearly on red.
- Do you not know that?
- I'll fix it, Mr. Weider.
And reverse-print
the title.
It needs to be white on a dark
background so it pops.
Your color schemes
are awful today.
- It's just a mistake, Joe.
- I don't have time for mistakes.
- It needs to be perfect.
- Yes, Mr. Weider.
Hello, Jerry.
How was the world tour?
Some exciting
new talent out there.
I'll tell you about it.
So many impressive hopefuls
I lost count.
Let's see.
Let's see some of these bodies.
What are we...?
Hmm, that's good, that's good.
Wait, hold on.
Who... who is this?
Arnold Schwarz... Schwarz...
I couldn't pronounce
his last name if you paid me.
Everyone in the gym
calls him the Oak.
There's another photo of him
at the end.
My God. Betty, look.
Look at his face.
Pure determination.
What a specimen.
Where's he from?
Do you see it? See the look?
- Fire in his eyes. The steel.
- I saw it in person.
See, that is what the tough guys
in the movies should look like,
- you ask me.
- Are you kidding me?
- His biceps would fill a screen.
- Nonsense.
Hold on.
Look at that. Go.
Tell Molly to book us
two plane tickets
to Austria right now.
Will do. Oh, and Joe?
- Hauk passed on him.
- Even better.
Oh, my God.
We found him.
[Joe] Hello, Arnold?
My name is Joe Weider.
I know.
I read the books.
- Yes, those are my magazines.
- That is my federation.
- I've seen your picture.
And I have pictures of you.
Come look.
It's me.
Who made it?
I did.
I've been drawing it
my entire life.
How would you like to be
the face of bodybuilding?
I want to compete
in Mr. Olympia.
You train with me,
you will win Mr. Olympia.
I want to win
Mr. Olympia.
Only once?
If you're going to win,
we're going to need to catch
those legs up to that chest.
It's too big. The States
is all about proportion.
You must get bigger.
Do you have
a power squatter here?
No, no, no.
I do wine barrels.
Wine barrels?
That's creative,
but we can do better.
Much better.
That's not bad,
I like that.
I made it.
Go on.
I'll wait for you.
- [grunts]
- Good. Rack it.
Not bad, huh?
I read your articles.
You used to compete.
Mm-hmm, when I was younger.
But after my shoulder, no.
What happened?
Bill Hauk happened.
Long story.
He said to me
that I'm useless
and that Americans never
would get past my ugly face.
That sounds like Hauk.
Come on.
Use some of that anger, huh?
Come on.
Yes, that... that is how a man
channels his anger.
- Come on.
- [grunts]
Let's go. Two more.
- One more. One more.
- [grunting]
One more. Last one.
Come on.
- Rack it.
- [yells]
Good. Good.
- You said only two more.
- I know. I lied.
Arnold, I am training you
to be the best in the world.
Nothing less.
Are we on the same page?
Joe, I'll give you my best.
Steep mountain to climb,
but we will get there together.
Twenty seconds.
Jack, meet the Oak.
Arnold, Jack LaLanne.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
Wow. American gyms
really are the best.
Yeah? You like my place?
Yeah. Let's party.
I think you found
another new species.
[cheers and applause]
I'm listed as the favorite
to win Olympia,
and then this happens.
Can you get me as big as him?
Frank, you're an Aston Martin.
Like James Bond drives.
But him...
he is more Mack truck.
You're a good sport, Frank.
I don't have a choice, Joe.
That guy's incredible.
- [chair cracks]
- Oh! Arnold.
- [Betty laughs]
- Are you all right?
Sure. I didn't mean
to break the damn chair.
That's my favorite chair.
Betty, you know how much
I love that chair.
we need to talk.
[Hebrew chanting]
[Joe] All my life,
people asked me what drove me?
It wasn't until she died
I realized...
she did.
What the child needs
and doesn't get,
he searches for
his whole life.
As it turns out...
Arnold had needs too,
and he was searching also.
[Arnold grunting]
Come on.
Come on, you can do it.
Come on.
Five more.
The other guy,
he just did two more.
Come on.
Come on, last one.
One more.
Good. Rack it.
Keep the arms up.
[indistinct chatter]
Arnold, I want you to do one
important thing for me tonight.
All right?
Have fun.
Do what you do best.
You make them laugh
and they'll love you.
Why, hello, Joe.
[Joe] I apologize.
I do not believe
we allow convicts backstage.
Well, I trained
Sergio here.
He is sanctioned,
and he is competing here today.
Well, you can still wait outside
like everybody else.
Another low blow
from Joe Schmo, huh?
Have you even taken a look
at this Cuban god?
His waist is actually
smaller than his thighs.
He's just going to wipe
the floor with your guy.
So there you go.
Maybe I'll let him
wipe my ass.
Get a good seat.
Look at you.
It seems you've made
some progress
in spite of Weedy here.
I knew you had it in you.
Break a leg, Arnold.
Maybe I'll break
your jaw instead.
You show them what you got.
Well, I believe that you handled
that quite well.
You might have a future
in the pictures.
Nobody understands me.
I believe that Hauk
understood you loud and clear.
Hmm? Come on. Pump.
[Betty] Why, yes, I did
create the title "Mr. Olympia"
a few years ago, actually,
when we were just all
sitting around...
[clearing throat]
Mrs. Weedy,
don't you look nice.
Would you like to join me
in the winner's section?
You do create strong
competitors, Mr. Hauk.
- Thank you.
- But to create
an impeccable man,
it takes dignity and grace.
Qualities you know
nothing about.
Good luck.
As we were saying.
[inhales and exhales]
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the premiere event
in men's bodybuilding.
Good luck.
The IFBB Mr. Olympia.
Remember, have fun
and make them laugh.
Go on.
Here they are, the best
bodybuilders in the world.
[commentator 1] What do you think
they're looking for out there this year?
[commentator 2] They're looking
for three things.
Mass, symmetry, and they're
looking for definition.
And it looks like we've got
all three of those
in spades tonight.
These physiques are among
the best we've ever seen.
They sure are.
I tell you what,
these are not just bodybuilders,
they're artists.
They have been working all year,
carving, sculpting their
physiques just for this moment.
[commentator 2] Human sculptures
like we've never seen before.
These should be in the halls
of every museum, everywhere.
This is what Joe Weider has
been picturing his entire life.
I can turn
Your gray sky blue
I can make it rain
Whenever I want it to
[commentator 1]
This contest really comes down
to Sergio and Arnold.
From a single grain of sand
I can make a ship sail...
[commentator 2] Is it just me,
or does Arnold look like
he's actually having fun
on that stage?
I mean, this is big time.
This is for the title
or Mr. Olympia,
and Arnold has turned this
into his own playground.
I mean, he's mocking Sergio
on stage.
[commentator 1]
This in incredible.
We've never seen
anything like this.
I can't get next
To you, babe
I can't get next to you
[commentator 2]
All right,
it looks like the boys are done
with their pose now.
Arnold leaning over
and telling Sergio something.
It looks like they're ready
to call it a day.
Sergio is making his way
off the stage.
Arnold making his way...
wait a minute.
Arnold is not making his way
off the stage.
Arnold turned around
and came back.
He is playing to the crowd.
He's starting to hit poses.
[all cheering]
The crowd is going
absolutely crazy.
He is whipping them up
into a frenzy.
We have never, ever seen
anything like this onstage.
Arnold just completely pulling
the wool over Sergio's eyes.
The crowd is absolutely nuts
at this point.
And here comes Sergio.
[commentator 1] Tell you this right
now: he does not look too happy.
Your winner,
and your 1970
Mr. Olympia...
Arnold Schwarzenegger.
[crowd cheers]
[commentator 1]
And that's it.
Arnold Schwarzenegger,
your new Mr. Olympia.
We have a new champion.
I don't think Joe could be
any happier right now.
What a long road getting here.
[commentator 2]
All their hard work,
all their determination.
They took a chance,
and it's really
paying off.
I think we'll all be hearing
a lot from the new champ,
Arnold Schwarzenegger.
So, Hercules,
who are they going to get?
- Yul Brynner?
- You're the only one
who understands
my English, Joe.
Look, nobody cares
about your accent.
Have you heard mine?
Just say the lines
the way you want.
You're making him
more nervous, Joe.
- What?
- I cannot act.
- Then don't act.
- Just be yourself, Arnold.
You told them I was a German
Shakespearian actor.
- I'm so screwed.
- Arnold, Arnold, it's Hollywood.
Nobody knows whether you've
done Shakespeare in the Park,
or your own damn garage.
Just give a good flex,
nice smile, we'll all be fine.
I'm freaking out!
[fabric rips]
[Joe] You ripped it.
You ripped the jacket.
He did.
He did. All right.
Can we fix that?
We need a whole new...
[shuts ignition off]
What do you think?
Well, I love it.
No, it's silly. It's weird.
We should get rid of it.
It's not silly.
I think it's perfect.
It's perfectly you.
What? What is it?
Do you remember you once asked
me about my happiest memory?
And now I have one.
The first time that I saw you
at Jack LaLanne's gym.
Thank you.
Thank you for showing me
how it feels
to be so deeply loved.
You've always deserved it.
My love.
[Joe] So many old friends
and wonderful faces here today.
My brother Ben would have
enjoyed this reunion.
The history of what we did
together is a great story.
But no matter how many times
I tell it,
it'll never tell
the entire tale.
We were two poor kids
chasing big dreams.
There is simply no Joe Weider
without Ben Weider.
We didn't start out
to change the world.
Oddly, that's exactly
what we did, Bennie.
People often called us
"Brothers of Iron".
More importantly
we were brothers in life.
I'll see you soon, Ben.
And when we reunite up there,
we will be looking down
on all of you,
making sure that you do every
last rep of every damn set...
[laughter] that you can get
the very best
out of your bodies,
and get the best
out of your lives.
Believe me,
I will be watching you.
Of this,
you can be sure.
[dramatic music]