Bigil (2019) Movie Script

'Don't raze our college to the ground'
'Don't raze our college to the ground'
'Don't raze our college to the ground'
'Don't erase our identity'
'Don't destroy
Don't demolish'
'Don't delete our identity'
[shouting slogans]
Why are you bringing a minister
by the rear entrance?
Situation isn't looking good
If you talk, it will be better
'Then why are you here?'
'Don't nab
Don't grab'
'Don't snatch our rights'
'Gems of Next Gen'
For more than 150 years
This building has stood
the test of time
It is no longer sturdy enough
to be used for any purpose
According to P-
Give that paper
PWD has announced last year
'Lying through his teeth!'
Due to lack of adequate amenities
for your academic studies
We will build a college for you
very near Chennai, in Arakkonam
Located 60 km from the city
Arakkonam is near Chennai, huh?
'Silence Silence'
You'll get bashed up
You will be provided with
all the facilities, that's all
We know all that
Shut up and go
Clear this space
Don't block the air
'Get out...get out'
'I'll give 15 minutes'
'I don't know how or what you'll do'
'Not a single student should be here'
Sir, our department
has a bad name already
Fine, then add this too
'National media is here to report'
'Students are protesting silently'
'How can we evict them, sir?'
You also decently send
few anti-social elements in here
'Start a protest
to quell this rising'
'How can you be scared of them?'
- Students, sir
- Then punish them
'Punch them to a paste'
Their intestines should tremble
in fear to protest once more
Make sure no one steps out
My police force will handle the rest
- Hey Gopi
- Bro?
'Get our boys disguised as cops
and rip apart those who ridiculed me'
'Okay, bro'
How do they work with all this?
Hey! They will kill us
if we stand here any longer
All of you, run to Michael bro's area
Don't stand here
'I will not fail Thee nor forsake Thee'
[overlap of agitated voices]
'Run...make it fast'
Go left
Turn right
This place you have reached extremely safe and secure
For the next 10 minutes... will be a blast of fireworks
Hey! Come on, boys
"If you get snared, dead meat forever
If you get caught, chicken on a platter"
"If you get hurt badly
stick a band-aid gladly"
"If nabbed in my area, buddy
'Koththu parotta' you will be"
"Or wait a bit, mister
Shall I bring my brother?"
Hey! Having a dig at me?
Where are they?
So you didn't get the lyrics?
If you didn't get it
fight is the only solution
Bro, please wait
'Let me try negotiating'
If it still doesn't work...
...then you enter in your own style
What? Is it a fancy dress competition?
You're clad in 'Pub G' uniform?
Doesn't suit any of you!
Look at your face covered with beard!
Hey! Lower your tone
- Do you know whose area this is?
- Whose area?
- CM's area
- Look at him
Don't we know CM's area?
Comedy, huh?
Note it down
This is Captain Michael's area!
Who is Michael?
Call him here
"Murderous rage
Fast & furious image"
"Vivacious vitality
Innate intensity"
Happy Diwali 'nanba'!
'Donald, put those glasses on him'
'- He'll rock
- Shut up!'
Michael, this will have repercussions
Look how he's showing off
pulling the words out of my mouth!
Look at his face
Like a stuffed atom bomb!
Get lost! Let's take an oil-bath
Release the students from under your wing
They have messed up with the police
Did they manhandle the police?
Then we must pack them off
- Anand anna
- At your service
Dear students, get ready to leave
Let us have a blast
Sir, 1st year students
Michael, are these students?
Then are you all policemen?
Well and truly caught!
Okay, we are not policemen
Who are you?
Huh?! Teacher
- Give it to them good
- Guide and guru of our area
Correct, little one
Twinkle, uncle, super star!
Hey! How come you're here?
I fell for the 5000 bucks payment
Didn't know it was your area
See you, bro
Move aside
Teaching him a lesson won't work
Straight hit, punishment!
What do you intend doing, uh?
"Vivacious vitality
Innate intensity"
Bro, this is an ancient method
It will work out, Donald
Is it so, Rock?
Minimum guarantee
'Whom should we start from?'
An eager-beaver will come
running in earnest
Start with him
True to his prediction!
Michael, you hit him
with a plastic pot?
No wonder hardly any dent
Take this brass pot
Hit him with this
Thanks, akka
"Murderous rage
Fast & furious image"
"Vivacious vitality
Innate intensity"
"Fan-atic fury
Mono maniac flurry"
'Bash them'
Leader, there is a group
out there to ruin your reputation
They've posted in your Facebook account
you ordered them to demolish the college
In my account?
I know you are not to blame
Your bloody admin's handiwork, right?
1st dismiss him
He's out to ruin you
On top of it, he dubs
your video and uploads it
Who will watch that gory sight?
And you look indecent
Leader, take a look at your students
Look at them
They are lying, claiming you sent
dummy police to bash them up
- Michael...?
- Why are you getting tense now?
I know you inside out
I'll read it and
reel it out to them
You are fine with it, right?
All okay only
Students, our leader has promised
not to demolish the college
He will cancel this order today
He will draft a new Govt order
Chief, if only you raise your hand now
You will be people's favorite
Lift...lift your hand
and show your solidarity
Wave your hand, chief
I can see you're crying inside
but try to smile outside
What to do?
All related to image
All weapons slipping
all at once, ragging, huh?
They dropped it deliberately
Keep it in safe custody
There are bigwigs here
They might get hurt
Bring that garland
If you don't pass that order
in 10 minutes...
...I'll come to your house tomorrow
with another garland as a wreath!
But you won't be alive to see it
Garland him
"Dogged in word and deed"
Tell me, Papabommai!
Students who came to your area
hasn't returned home
- Sent them long ago
- By auto?
"Children and common people'
'Vijay 63 plane has landed in our own area'
'Color grandma who came to welcome'
'Saro grandma who made sure
the passengers were safe and secure'
'This journey was fan-atically fantastic'
'Why is no one alighting from this plane?'
"Aiyaiyo! Whom are you clashing with?"
"Whom are you pitting your wits?"
"Whom did you buy trouble from, boys?"
"If he knows you raised your voice
you'll get a fistful; no choice"
"Till he appears on the scene
few pipsqueaks as Smart Alecks seen"
"If he wakes up and springs into action
this Deepavali is our special celebration"
"Residing in my heart's treasury"
"Cache of fanatic fury"
"So what if I'm a local resident truly
I should show off my pizzazz duly"
"In my heart is a frenzy, beware
Only for my people's welfare"
"So what if I'm a common man truly
I should show off my glamor & grace duly"
"Yes, we'll be dirty as can be
1-track mind tenacity"
"Dark; black is beautiful indeed
Dogged in word and deed"
"We'll be united forever
Frenetic fervor"
"With such a huge fan following
what else can be my blessing?"
"I will be your rowdy-king
In my area always protecting"
"You are in no way inferior
Stand proud of your high-caliber"
"You're my friend forever"
"Heaped in my heart's atrium
For my troops over-enthusiasm"
"So what if I'm a common man?
I should show off with elan"
"I bought a fish so tasty"
"For my lovely Surangani"
"I bought a silvery fish for my Surangani"
"But my idol will always be
one and only Thalapathy"
"I bought fresh fish for my girl Surangani"
"But my leader rocks, my Thalapathy"
My love so lovely"
"My girlfriend sunny
My nectarous honey"
"I bought a tasty fish
for my fiancee to relish"
"Surangani may be lovely
but my idol is Thalapathy"
"I know a game my limbs love to play
I have a drum that beats a tattoo to sway"
"This land loves me
Who else can it be?"
"My pranks are infectious irresistibly"
"If I raise my voice a little
my people will rush to show their mettle"
"Money will go for a toss and scuttle"
"You are my life and everything
I am your world always enriching"
"Talk of the town are we, kith & kin
Friend, you are my treasured palanquin"
"Niece of mine, 'aelaelalo'
Naya paisa, a new hello"
"So what if I'm a local boy
I'll flaunt my attitude with joy"
"Oh yes, we will be dirty
With obsessive intensity"
"Black is beautiful, so are we
Brow to toe fervent and fiery"
"Stick together
with excessive fervor"
"When an army of fans walk the talk
what more can this general ask?"
"I will be your rowdy-king true
in my area always guarding you"
"You are not inferior to anyone
Stand strong and tall in unison"
"My constant companion"
"My heart beats with fervid fanfare
I care only for my people I swear"
"What if I'm a common man really
I will swagger around stylishly"
"Fantastic effervescence"
"Fan-atic fan moments"
to the maximum"
"Our Goddess Mariyamma"
"Love, so sublime
Solid soulmate of mine"
[song from '96']
Go away
What do you want?
- Where have you kept the rose powder?
- I don't understand
Where is the rose powder?
I'll punch you
Oh! Don't
I saw it
I'll punch your intestines!
What if he wakes up?
- Uncle...!
- What, queen?
Queen Mary
Where are you leaving
without informing uncle?
My mother asked me
not to tell you, go
Pint sized crackers acting sassy!
- Old hag!
- What?
Come here
It is inauspicious to ask
where one is going, grandson
Then where will you return from?
Where are you all off to?
Lourdes's child is possessed it seems
He is always calling out
his grandfather's name
I'll visit him just once and come
Our old lady seems to be
full of spirits as she lies to me
Something amiss!
- Elizabeth
- What do you want?
What's up with you?
Where are you going?
Our Siluva's grandma passed away
That's why to revel-
We are going for her funeral
Is that why you layered
your face with make-up like this?
Just a little bit of face pack
You won't approve
When I cry at the funeral
it will be washed away with my tears
Let's go, grandma
Why lament when you are
attending an auspicious event?
Don't blabber
Hey, Donald!
You are all dressed up too
I thought all that dance
would have tired you
I figured you'll get up after lunch
But you are recharged now
Not that, bro
We are attending Angel's wedding
How can Angel get married
without our presence?
She wishes to get married
only in our absence
Shouldn't be mean
I'll come with you
- Asirvatham
- Father
You have spoken to Angel clearly, right?
I'm willing to perform
even 10 weddings in your family
But don't make me perform
the same wedding 10 times!
I spoke to her crystal clear, Father
Praise the Lord!
Priests and Bishop have come from Parry's
Don't humiliate me in front of them
Don't worry, Father
- Jesus is there for us
- He is there at all times
But I should be there!
Are you okay?
Check if the groom has arrived
Move aside
God help me
Michael, I've borrowed money
from Axis Bank with 5 % interest
I'm conducting this wedding
for the 6th time
- Kindly leave, I beg you
- How is that possible?
When inviting you beg us to come
When we come
you ask us to go
I invited only your sister and not you
It was written '& family'
What does that mean?
That's a good point
You got caught, moron!
I just wrote it in a flow
Don't take it to heart
Be magnanimous
and please leave
Stop playing the fool
Who is bringing 'biriyani'?
Moideen Bhai from Periyamedu
He is our friend
His turkey 'biriyani'
will be a Thanks giving treat!
He cooked for my grandma's funeral too
How can you talk of a funeral at a wedding?
It depends on the function in my house
No bride for my brother
That's why he mentioned funeral
Wait, akka
- I'll taste very little 'biriyani'
- Come when called, man
I'll bless your daughter
and leave, is that fine?
It will be a big blessing
if you leave now, Michael
Please go, Michael
Shall I dismantle the canopy?
Who is that?
My baby-ma wanted the canopy dismantled
the moment we drove in here
'Asirvatham, didn't you say so?'
Listen, my dear
You there!
Photographer says he will take snaps
only if the balance amount is paid
Find out what he wants
Our entire city knows
this wedding is cancelled
Jesus, why are you testing me?
Yov! Move aside
My dear son-in-law
- My dear mother-in-law
- Please come in
Geetha, get a chair for our son-in-law
Hey! What's wrong with you?
Tom, Rick and Harry
get married in this city!
But you are still a bachelor, Michael
Sorry, da
So many people we know
and don't know die
But not you
Get lost!
They all look like mountain cows
I have slaughtered only 8 goats
She's in a white sari this time?
Isn't she shining more than usual?
Don't turn that side
Don't look from the corner of your eye!
I said don't look!
Thank you for this gathering
Are you John, willing to marry Angel?
Agree...agree...I agree, Father
- He's desperate!
- Why so many 'agree'?
Be patient
You'll be rewarded
Jesus, at least this time
she should marry him
Are you Angel, willing to marry John?
Looking for your dad?
Get lost!
I, Angel
Want Michael to be my-
Oh dear! What happened?
Jesus Christ!
Wait, let me talk to her
Father, my chest is paining
Shall I try talking to my daughter?
'Father is bugged now'
What are you thinking of yourself?
Every time I come here
you play the fool with me
Where is that Michael?
He is here, Father
Shut the door
'Rock, you may slip
Watch your bald head!'
"Love, I thought of you
I sang a song true"
Is she the least bit upset
her wedding was cancelled?
Happily painting the town red!
- Hello, akka
- Why is she carrying a tiffin box?
Michael, heard you came away
without tasting the 'biriyani'?
Are you crying?
Chee, of course not
Wipe the sweat from your eyes!
I swear-
Why didn't you get married, huh?
Why did you come for the wedding?
I came to feast on
Moideen's 'biriyani'
- What say you?
- Yes, bro
Forget that
Why did you stop the wedding?
Every time my father fixes the wedding,
you come and stand right in front
Even if I leave home with a purpose
when I see you, my heart purrs you see!
And that Father asks me if I'm ready
to marry John when you are right there
Won't my guilt-ridden heart miss a beat?
Hey! Cheater cocks!
I know very well how you and
your father will plan, my dear
Every time you invite the whole city
and claim you'll only marry me?
Is that a check-mate on me?
Let me tell you now
Hereafter I won't attend your wedding
- You won't come
- No, di
- Are you sure?
- 100%
Find a groom tomorrow
I won't come
I can't get married
at the blink of an eye
My dad has to apply for a fresh loan
Invite everyone again
He has to check Moideen's availability
Know how much work is involved?
Try coming to my house
to invite me again
- You'll get it from me then
- Fine, I won't come
Before it gets cold, eat 'biriyani'
Cha! Take it back
Aiyaiyo! 'Biriyani', bro
Holy Grill
This empty
Cheating family!
Wretched femal-
What kind of prank is this?
6th time, same scene, same place
Don't we know the outcome?
Hey Crabber, get me that
Okay, sister
Get that tiffin box
I'll kick it
I know you'll put up your price!
Eat, sweetheart
Donaldy, don't finish all the meat
Leave some for him
Hey, take it with you
I'm telling you to take it bac-
- Bye
- Hey...!
I'm telling you to take it back
- Is it mutton or chicken?
- I'll check now
She forgot the 'raita'
Rock, take the cycle
and bring that too
Hello, coach
Basha Bhai
- How are you?
- Doing great, bro
This is our Tamil Nadu team, bro
She's Vembu
This is-
- Vanakkam, sir
- Mari
How do you know all of us here?
He has told me so much
about all of you
- Dheena
- Bro?
Escort all the girls to
my place safe and sound
- Bro
- Tell me
They go to Delhi by train
the day after tomorrow
Be with them until then
and take good care of them
I'll go out for a while with bro
Come along
How is Angel akka, bro?
Preparing and cancelling her wedding
Bro, don't tell me
you attended her wedding!
Chee chee! I didn't go
to witness her wedding
- Thought as much
- Went to feast on 'biriyani'
It was out of this world!
Bro, clinch that '96' deal
I'm not even sure of
my own life, don't joke
Don't know when
and who will kill me
Don't stop...go
Bro, who the hell are they?
'Don't turn the wiper'
- Kathir
- Bro?
Stay inside
Don't get down
I knew it!
If a chicken is trapped
slit its neck at once, Michael
- Come on, da
- Okay, fist to fist
Take him with you
Let's scoot, da
I might change my mind
and finish him off!
We'll deal with him later, let's go
Go...go on, I say
Gave them all a fright of their lives
Let's go, Kathir
Michael, he's safe now
Nothing to worry
Spinal injury is slightly critical
Rusted will take
at least 1 year for him to be mobile
I'm sorry about it
No, doctor, he has to-
He has to be in Delhi
day after tomorrow
He's the coach of Tamil Nadu
Women's Football team
National selection match is
being held this month, doctor
It's a miracle he is alive
You're behaving like a kid
and harping about a match!
We can be positive
But practically whatever has
to happen will happen, right?
Doctor, I am-
Michael, we are giving him the utmost care
We'll be shifting him
to Intensive Care very soon
I'll see him tomorrow, okay?
Who are you, sir?
Who the heck are you?
What has a rowdy got
to do with a sportsman?
Only after we visited your area
we realized you are a don-
That blow was meant for you, sir
Our Kathir sir got caught instead
Are you happy now, sir?
We don't come from affluent families, sir
I don't have a mother
My grandma does household chores
in a few houses to educate me
Her father is a cobbler
Her mother is a fishmonger
Those 6 girls crying non stop
They lost everything
in the tsunami calamity
When we are at a loss
for the next meal you know how much
the word 'dream' means to us?
Kathir sir gave us food and clothing
He made us believe we can do
He has brought us so close
to make our dreams come true
He isn't just our coach, sir
He means the world to us
Our whole world!
You didn't ruin his life alone
You erased all our dreams
Kindly leave this place, sir
Or it will take a nasty turn
Go now
Hey! Subramani sir
Look what happened to Kathir sir
Why get so stressed?
If not now, we can go next year
- Sir...!
- That's all, right?
Patient Kathir is conscious now
He's drowsy, be quick
Don't tire him too much
You are in a highly emotional state
I'll go in first
Don't worry
We can handle it
Thank your stars you are alive
Why worry about match and what not!
This is a very important match
We have to participate, sir
We'll go, not to worry
I'll somehow find a substitute
'And send him along'
'First think of yourself'
I've informed your family
It's a great team, sir
With the right coach
...they will definitely bring back the cup
I understand
Where do I go and find someone
equal to you in caliber?
He has to understand the game
in 10 days and train the girls
Where will I find such a wizard
who will bring home the cup for us?
- I know of such a wizard, sir
- Who is it?
Bigil of Presidency College
'Welcome to the semi finals today of
Abdul Kalam Football Tournament 2012'
'In our 'singara' Chennai'
'Tamil Nadu vs Punjab
in our home ground'
'Tamilians will rule'
'For the 1st time we are seeing
a player with a fanatic fan club'
'Bigil deserves all the accolades
because he is such a star player'
'This faith in his prowess'
'...makes entire Tamil Nadu watch
this match with intense eagerness'
'Golden chance for Jagdeep'
'Soooper save by Anbu
Tamil Nadu's goal keeper'
'Will they score a goal?'
'A definite chance for a!'
What is happening here, Raman?
'With this goal Tamil Nadu
is leading 3-0'
'Another chance for Punjab
Spectacular shot'
'Another brilliant save from Anbu again'
'Tamil Nadu team is leading with 3 goals'
'Punjab is yearning to score
a goal at least in this half'
'But Tamil Nadu team is dominating'
'That is goal #4 for Tamil Nadu'
'Hat-trick for Bigil'
'And the Man of the Match
goes to our captain Bigil'
"Let life take its own course
For better or worse"
"In darkness let justice immerse"
"Don't hedge or hesitate anyway
Justice will win come what may"
"Your leader will always save you
Don't be disheartened, dude"
Bro, they are acting
too smart for their boots
'13 killings just this week'
'8 of our boys were victims'
They are using your silence
as an excuse to be smart-alecky!
I think we should bring
Ravuthar to mediate this deal
Shall I ask him
to come to our area?
You drive to their area
Shall I call our boys?
[song from 'Panathottam']
No need
You want to go alone?
We are in for a soooper scene today
"Play your game; show off your art"
"Fight for justice with goodness in heart"
"Let life take its own course
For better or worse"
"In darkness let justice immerse"
"Don't hedge or hesitate anyway
Justice will win come what may"
"Your leader will always save you
Don't be disheartened, dude"
'Grace of Lord Muniswara'
Hey! This top dog is caught all by himself
They are trapped in a bunch
Shall we finish him off?
'Let Alex come'
Isn't that protocol?
You won't miss this time, right?
Not a chance in hell
Let's do it!
"Scared of only your mind you should be"
"Mix self-dignity into your body"
"Till you have enough to survive daily"
" every moment happily"
"Face either defeat or victory
to record in history"
"This or that, make your choice
Only then you can rejoice"
"Let life take its own course
For better or worse"
"In darkness let justice im...immerse"
"Don't hedge or hesitate anyway
Justice will win come what may"
"Your leader will always save you
Don't lose hope, dude"
Start the car, Puli
"Let life take its own course
For better or worse"
"You need a ball to play football, I say"
"Bro's header scores a goal any which way"
You're holding it like a new-born baby
Why can't I hold it for some time?
- Look there
- Where?
'Jane Bond, eh!'
I must watch this fight
from the front seat
10 bucks ticket, eh?
Let's go to the balcony
Hey! Drumstick-face, come here
Careful, watch your step!
Move...move aside
'You are teasing her
right from Tambaram!'
Come here
She would've shared her phone #
if you had just signalled with your eyes
Instead you made her cry!
- You would've given your phone #, right?
- Yes
- Good people
- Good generation!
- Brainless, eh?
- Don't know where this nation is heading
- Give him 1 tight slap
- You go, dear
Share your # with everyone!
Hey! How dare you glare at-
Why is this fight turning
into a damp squib?
You lost our cup now?
Fireworks added to the damp squib
Hey lawyer, give me a hand
Cup's ear
My ears!
Like God's offerings in a temple
each of them is getting a knock-knock
'Our cup is like our Rock's head!'
Aiyo! Poor thing
Done and dusted!
You can go now
You and your jinxed mouth!
Your friends, huh?
You'll get it-
Run now
[indistinct chatter]
Yes, cup
Why is it dented?
We got this cup defeating 6 teams
and you dare ask why it is dented?
You had better get my cup in shape-
I'll give it in a shop
and remove the dents?
Remove the de...dents?
I want the same cup
How is that possible, boss?
- I'll throttle your throat
- Boss, wait
Shall I give it tomorrow at 10:00 a.m?
It's already 6:00 p.m
My folks will be expecting me
I can take it to the shop
only tomorrow morning
I must look for an identical cup
I have to get the cash ready, okay?
Okay, you'll give me the cup
tomorrow at 10:00 a.m, right?
See youuu!
Hey 'kingini mingini'!
My ID!
Give me the cup and take this
'I'm at Parry's corner
Fix an auto, I'll join you'
Angel Asirvatham
What a stroke of luck!
You flipped for the girl, huh?
- Everyone is waiting in our area
- Why?
We have the cup
Our house is house-full
Oh my God!
Michael, are you covering the cup
to shut out the envious eyes?
Cup looks magnificent
even when under wraps
My eyes will squinch
in its brightness
Wait, I'll get my coolers
We are in a soup!
- Wait...stop...stop
- For what?
I've vowed to take my last breath
only after I see this cup with my own eyes
And you're taking it away
without even showing it to us
You won't go back on your vow, right?
You won't change your mind?
Give that to me
- Dai!
- Give it to me
'Take a good look'
Had your fill?
Now go to your grave!
Hey! Cremate this lady somewhere
Susai, I must change my glasses
This new cup looks dented to me
How strange!
- Aiyaiyaa!
- Don't poke my nose
What's wrong?
What, son?
Today's match
We won, pa
Want to booze with me?
No, pa
Try saying you want to!
I'll tear you to tatters
I'll just ask you
for the heck of it
Whe...when you say 'no'
your father gets a kick, son
Come, sit down
It's alright, pa
Don't make a fuss
I remember I was 12 years old
My father asked me this same question
I said 'yes' and guzzled it down
Till date I can't quit
Totally addicted
When I was 16, he handed
a knife in my hands
They clasp a knife
to commit a crime
We grasp the same knife
to prevent any crime
'But to an outsider's eyes'
Both of us loo...look row...rowdies of the worst kind!
Let all this be buried with me, Bigil
You are something else
...are in a totally different level
Different route, my boy
I was told kids will reform
if a school is built in our area
We built a temple and a church
But nothing happened
You gave that ball to those kids
That was the mo...moment
thi...things started to change
Boys roaming in the beach with knives
I heard they are 24x7 in the ground now
These youngsters don't have
time for fights, Michael
They are busy with
tournaments and matches
Whom do we owe this to?
Thanks to me Rayappan?
Or you Michael?
One and only BIGIL!
That echoing sound
Bigil is their hero
They want to play like Bigil
Appear on er...TV like Bigil
'Earn a name like Bigil'
Don't stop here, Bigil
You have to play for India
The whole world should
know your roots
Only then the world will
look up to our little slum
Holding you...your hand
...each and every person
in our area will emerge a victor
Wherever the crime scene may be
...the cops nab only the boys
from our area all the time
That has to change, son
Ho...holding a kni...knife
...won't define our destiny
Only because of your game...
...our identity is sure to
change completely
Your father believes this
I believe it too, pa
You aren't playing for yourself, Bigil
Your effort is to elevate our community
Look how your game like a celebration, eh?
This cru...crucial, Bigil
Don't forsake it
For sure, pa
Okay then
You go relax, I'll keep talking nonstop
- Have practice tomorrow morning?
- Yes, pa
Okay, rest up
- My dear son
- Appa?
Come, hug me
Angel Asirvatham
Only today I found this ID card
in the railway station
I don't know how it fell down
Not too long ago
Only today, pa
- She looks good
- Good, right?
- Good choice
- Thanks, pa
I'll let her know
He has found his soul mate!
'What I'm trying to say is'
Look here, jinxed female!
Spit it out, Mr Chalk!
It exists but it isn't present
Dialog in S.J. Surya's film
That is called illusion
"Enthusiasm overkill
Steadfast strong will"
"Zest potent
Zip zap moment"
Hey Principal bro
Did our boys go this way?
For example we are in the 3rd floor
Suppose all of a sudden you see a bike
whizzing fast and stopping here
That is called illusion
- Correct!
- Got it?
- Asirvatham
- Pardon?
Angel Asirvatham
You are...?
- We are cousins
- Impossible!
Hey, I'll fold you into 4
and stuff you in my pocket
Call her
Angel Asirvatham
Angel Asirvatham
Sorry, sir
I nodded off to sleep
Who are they?
I have never set eyes on them
Professor, only you can save me from them
Listen, dead skeleton is hanging there
and the live skeleton is teaching here
'Don't you recognize us?'
'If you are not honest'
I pull this, his bones will break
- What?
- 'Please tell them'
- I know them
- 'Then come out'
Where is my cup?
Where is the cup you smashed
on a bashing spree?
Michael, why is she digging into
this small a bag for such a big cup?
Showing off her magic tricks to YOU?!
'She thinks you're a baby'
- What is this, di?
- Cup!
Oh! Sorry
Ask her to shut her trap and go
Now it is correct, right?
I ask you for a cup and
you show me a dollhouse set
Where is my cup?
- Forget it
- I got only this
Kindly adjust
Wait, I'll make her understand
This is college
- I know
- Good
People come and go here
We are trying to behave decently
What we need is...
...our cup
You are a student
We are rowdies
Give it, please
- Did you get it?
- I did
[song from 'Naanum Rowdy Dhaan']
- Bro?
- What?
If you tell me which shop
you bought the cup from...
...I'll buy it from the same place
Can you check if there is a duplicate?
Hey Donald, will you wait 14 years
if I kill her and go behind bars?!
Finish her off, I will fix
the right lawyer to bail you out
Hey! Waitees
Just 5 days...10 days
You'll get the cup
in 10 days, okay?
'If it doesn't, your father
won't get back home'
'I haven't seen anyone
sway and swing like this!'
- 10 days, right?
- 10 days confirmed, boss
Take your time to give the cup
But until then give me company!
1 minute, boss
'Bro is hooking up with Angel
in style and leaving?'
Don't be a dumbbell
Shoe is on the other foot!
"I wish to live for your sake only"
"I inhale the scent of your soul daily"
"When I pleat my saree daily
thoughts of you dominate me totally"
"Wanting to talk to you, 100 years at least
Resting my head on your shoulder please"
"I will sleep in peace"
"Only for you"
"My love so true"
"I wish to live only for you"
"I inhale your breath, I do"
"Any song I hear I remember you alone"
"My thoughts twirl around you 24x7"
"I exist only till you sleep at night"
"I start breathing again in delight
Only when I hear you in the morning light"
"Am I blessed with the boon to carry you?
Will your image fall on me as a shadow?"
"Don't kill me slowly
by your side glance, my lovely"
"I wish to live for your sake only"
"I inhale the scent of your soul daily"
"I wish to live for your sake only"
"When I pleat my saree neatly
thoughts of you greet me sweetly"
"Wanting to talk for 100 years at least
Resting my head on you I'll sleep in peace"
"Only for you
My handsome beau"
"I wish to live only for you"
"I inhale your breath, I do"
"I inhale the scent of your soul anew"
Bro, it is getting late
5 minutes, Kathir
We can go
'What is this? Police cars
are coming into our area'
An important meeting is
scheduled in the Collector's office
Minister has come
They want you to attend
Collector's office, right?
Okay, I'll come
No, Rayappan
They asked me to bring you along
You go ahead
I'll follow
- Come along
- Take your hands off him
Bigil, go inside
- Appa
What, huh?
My son is getting ready
to play an important match
Let him leave
I'll come
Yo...u lea...ave now
What, da?
Why are you losing your cool?
He is a policeman
I'm a rowdy
That is how he'll treat me
Why are you butting in?
The moment he laid his hand on me,
the way you raised your voice
Immediately I felt
this sharp jo...jolt
My stomach somersa...ulted
Don't get into this, Bigil
It takes only a second
Whether a man turns good or bad
You are a sportsman
Play your match
Win the cup
I'll handle all this
but your match-
Only you can do it
Do you get it?
You can go to Delhi only if
you win this match, right?
Yes, pa
You should concentrate only in
your match, not anything else
Godspeed, son
Cu...cup is crucial, Bigil
'You are watching the finals of
Abdul Kalam Football Tournament'
'In beautiful Chennai'
'You know how important this is'
'National selector Mr Sharma is here'
All the best
That is your name, right?
After this match,
they won't chant it
In just 5 minutes
I'll make this entire crowd
...go still as a statue!
Enjoy the final 5 minutes of your fame
Do you think I'm arrogant?
Arrogance from being champion
for the past 8 years!
Success will mask your eyes
Only failure will teach you lessons
We should always play to win
Not to defeat the opponent
You'll learn it eventually!
'Who will get the cup?
Manipur or Tamil Nadu?'
'We will wait and watch'
This is your last warning
In your fighting spree the last 3 months
13 people have been affected
Like to comment?
We are the affected party, sir
Ask the culprit, sir
They started and we finished it
What do you say, Ravuthar?
'Attack on the right side for Manipur'
'And Manipur draws the 1st-'
He is committing a mistake, sir
To stop him from committing that crime...
...we have to count...counteract
Police will question an offender
Do people have implicit faith?
If yes, then why do they
ask us to protect them?
Just because you to do your job,
we are forced to act on your behalf
I'm staying away from all this out of
my own will, not because I can't
Don't unnecessarily drag me into this
You will face the repercussions
If I decide to get into the arena won't be a sil...silent entry
What do you say, minister?
'That's a goal'
They have pickled us to pieces!
2 - 0!!
Just 2 - 0, da
You are playing to prevent his goal
Play to score a goal!
Can any other team defeat us
in our own soil?
Enough of watching them play
Let us show them our game
'In the 2nd half our Tamil Nadu team
is starting with a new adrenalin rush'
'Goals are needed in this half'
'What a fabulous goal by Bigil!'
'I don't have to reveal
the architect of this comeback'
His name is Bigil
And you know it only too well
Rayappan, what are you saying finally?
I don't need post, money or power, sir
I just need peace for my people
I want to usher them
to the next level
I don't care who comes
in between to stop my mission
Whoever the intruder
he is answerable to me
- All is well!
- Hey...!!
I'm talking to you and
you have the gall to leave?
Sit down, I say
Bloody fellow!
How old are you?
Spewing cuss words on elders
Didn't your father tell you
not to use such words?
- Huh?
- Don't!
Not right!
Rayappan is old
You thought if you advise him
he will toe the line?
What do you want now?
All this should be wrapped up
in the next 7 days, right?
- What day is it today?
- Monday
I'll wrap it up by next Monday
Every...loose end
I'll tie it up
Well done, my buddy
What a fantastic game!
- Totally international standard
- Thank you, sir
Proud to have you in our national team
In this season alone...
- I believe you scored 28 goals?
- Yes, sir
Not just as a player
...but your captainship was very mature
If all goes well...
...plenty of possibilities
for you to lead the Indian team
But let's see what the selection
committee has in mind
'Exam in 3 months, bro'
I am attending coaching classes
I'll definitely pass, bro
What, buddy?
They tricked us
Our names aren't even on the list
You can't be serious?
- None of our names?
- Forget us, bro
He claimed you may be selected as captain
and your name isn't even in the list
Bigil, what happened?
Nothing, pa
- Appa
- Wait, let's talk it over
Kathir, what's the problem?
He's asking you, tell him
National team's list has been released
But without our names
- Your name, huh?
- Not even Bigil anna's name
- Pccht! Dai!
- How did they miss out your name?
He said you may even be
selected as captain
Only Bigil bro has hit
maximum goals this season
Imagine national team without his name
when he has set a new record
This State selectors
have some hidden agenda
I'll find out from the Federation
and I'll tell you, leave it to me
- You'll handle it?
- I'll take care, pa
It will be sorted out, son?
I can deal with this
Leave it to me, pa
No, my dear son, all this should not be
de...layed, we must handle it immediately
Get the car
- Start the car
- All of you get in
Dha dha dha!
I'm not coming as Rayappan
But as Michael's father
Get your bike, dear
- Vanakkam
- Greetings
Please come
Take a seat
I am Rayappan
Michael's father
I know
Tell me
My son's name isn't on the selection list
Yes, it isn't included
He's a good player
You know it yourself
He's an extraordinary player
I was the one who told him
He'll be the next captain for India
Then why, sir-
No, then why is his name not in the list?
Selection committee doesn't
see it that way, Rayappan
Everything was right
When we checked the background
...we found a minor hassle
in the police report
Your criminal record is the reason
he was not taken in the team
How is it connected with this, sir?
There isn't a single case against him
They didn't think that far
Suppose your son is selected
for our National team
The entire team will travel in a bus
If some random man wants
to wreak his revenge on you
...attacks your son
He won't be the only person
who will be affected adversely
All the players travelling in that bus
They don't want to take such a risk
I am deeply disappointed
What to do?
You tell me
He's different, sir
My profession and his career
have no connection whatsoever
All he knows is only football, sir
He's 100% qualified player, sir
Don't ruin his life
using me as a reason
Forget everything else, sir
Shouldn't you respect his skill, sir?
So many children of thi...thi...thieves
have become police officers
Children of habitual drunkards
have become doctors of repute
The son of an ordinary shoemaker
Wasn't he elected as
President of America, sir?
Sons are no longer
like their fathers, sir
You have to take my word on this, sir
If you make up your mind
this is possible
This golden opportunity
you will be giving him
Not only for him
So many who look up to him
and want to become like him all of them, sir
Sorry, sir, I can't help this stam-
It's okay
Please, sir
- My dearest son
- Pa
- Done
- Really, pa?
I spoke to him, he seems
to have a heart of gold
Yes, pa
The 'profession' I am in
is the main culprit
'I explained to him politely
you're in no way connected with it'
Chairman sir understood
All your names will be on the list
as early as tomorrow
- Happy now?
- Awesome
Dha dha dha!
Hug me, da
What should come to you in all fairness
will definitely find its way to you
Thanks, pa
[humming a song]
If there's no space
keep your bags in the loo
Grandma, I'll come back with the cup
May God be with you, grandson
- Bigil
- Appa
You shouldn't just go
and come back
Every place you go
should echo your name
Splinter them to pieces
and come back victoriously
Lifelong they should never forget
your game, what do you say?
We can beat them hands down
Now 4 of you have been chosen
I should send off multiples of 4
in the future like this
- We'll do it, pa
- If we stand here we can't do anything
- Let's board the train
- Okay, we'll take leave, pa
Dha dha dha chee!
God bless you
Bye bye, pa
- Hey Bigil
- Pa?
You won't be here
anyway for 15 days
That ID card must have
come to the station
- Pa!
- Where?
That girl pretending to wave goodbye
to the stationary train over there
- Holding a red umbrella
- Good lord!
Donald! Bring that Mary Poppins
with the red umbrella
Kokila with an umbrella!
- He's calling you
- Michael's father will see me
He is the one calling you
I won't come
Just come with me
- Go in front
- Welcome
Angel Asirvatham
- Doctor, huh?
- No, pa
Are you the daughter of Asirvatham
who supplies water cans?
Yes, he'll increase
7 bucks per can
Let my son win the cup
I'll come and talk to your father
What do you say, da?
Appa, can I hug you just once?
Go ahead, son
Thanks, pa
Appa, if you won't misunderstand
...shall I hug this girl
in front of you just once?
Green signal!
- Thanks, pa
- Your father is here
Bro, if you won't get me wrong
just once even I will-
He was impudent
and you're hitting me!
See you, pa
Dha dha dha, listen
Where are you taking her?
Sorry, pa, bye
My dear daughter-in-law, come here
Enough, get in
- Get in
- See you
Bye bye
- Bigil
- Pa?
Cup is crucial, Bigil
Cup is cruc-
Don't, Bigil
"O Time keeper! Defender of my destiny"
"Where are you taking me?"
"The king is sliding down defenselessly"
"With hands tied haplessly
you're watching helplessly"
"Is my life's reason for my birth
leaving me all alone on earth?"
"Is the brave sword, eternal champion
dying in a blaze of glory out in the open"
"Come back to me"
"Get up with your vision and vitality"
"Come back to me"
"Get up with your boundless energy"
"My life can't function without you"
"I want your voice as my eternal echo"
"Come back to me somehow"
"In a crowd without perpetuity"
"Your name will be imprinted for posterity"
"Bounce back into my life"
"Crossing hurdles of strife"
"Without you in this world by my side
where will I go, how will I survive?"
"Father, come back"
"Come, we can counter-attack"
"Come back to me"
"I want you in my life for eternity"
'Hug me, son'
Hug me, pa
Appa, hug me please
I want you to hug me, pa
"When a mountain gets razed to the ground
another mountain unfolds on its own"
"In a jungle where a leopard ruled
Another one filled its shoes unschooled"
"Am I the king, by necessity jostled?"
If only he had boarded
that train on that day
His life would have been totally different
We went to Delhi without him
But we couldn't achieve much
We didn't know the politics involved in it
as much as we knew to play the game, sir
They sent us back home in just 1 week
So we took up
whatever job we could get
Then one day Michael anna called me
He wanted to meet me
Form a club, da
Football club
Youngsters who are struggling
'Those who are talented
but still deprived of opportunities'
Boys, girls, children
Anyone who dreams big
Whoever they are
Train them
They didn't let any of us in, right?
'We'll train 100 players and send'
'Train with absolute confidence
Let me see who can stop us'
We have to regain what we lost
This team was handpicked
and formed with utmost care
'Each and every girl in this team
was selected only by Bigil anna'
'The food the girls ate
The clothes they wore'
'School fees
Sports kit'
'He was the one who gave them all this too'
But he made me promise not one of them
should know he was behind this, sir
Dreams of these girls
don't belong only to them
It is Bigil's dream too
'That's why I'm telling you this'
Only he can make this dream come true
Alright, my boy
Thank you for confiding in me
We don't know what is in his mind
- Let me go
- Wait, Guna
In what way did Kathir harm you?
What did Kathir do to you?
- Michael
- Bro, let go
I'll handle this
He was absconding for a long time
For the next 6 months, let him
count bars in Tihar or Bihar
'He will tuck his tail in'
'Come, scumbag!'
How can I-
It won't be the same
In whichever railway station
you lost your dream 7 years ago that same venue, 15 girls are
waiting with that same dream now
Waiting for someone to give them a hand
Don't miss this train, bro
Did you count our bags?
- Vembu, what happened?
- Berth confirmed, let's go
Akka, a new coach is coming
it seems, but no sign of him
How do we play a match
without a coach?
We'll think of that later
Pick up your bags
Here, Pandi
Hey! What's up?
Let us board the train
Won't someone come at the last minute
like our savior and save us, akka?
In your dreams, get in
Association said they would
send us a coach
Hopes crashed, huh?
'Why are you still waiting?'
'Only the God you pray to should
wear a coat and come as our coach'
Hey Vembu
Can't believe?
How can a rowdy be our coach?
'Cup is crucial, Bigil'
'Bring back the cup!'
"Bigil will blow the whistle"
'Kabadi kabadi kabadi'
I am Nessi, Tamil Nadu team manager
Where is your team?
'How strange?'
'They usually travel freebie'
'But they've been promoted freely'
Hi sir, I'm Michael Rayappan
Tamil Nadu team coach
Hey coach!
Sign, please
Come here
Come here, man
They boarded the train
in Chennai without a coach
But if they alight with a coach now
On the way in Nagpur
...did they pick a black plum vendor
and suit him up as coach?
Sir, is there any team official?
Hey moron! I am here
already as team manager
Plus our coach is here too
Just adjust, man
Team officials are here
Call them
- Hey! Hurry up
- 'Almost there'
- What is this?
- Apple watch, sir
I don't appreciate such advancement
Sorry, sir
I won't use it again
Come soon-
Who are these Avengers?
They resemble Iron man, Hulk, Thanos
I got it, this is your end game
- Sir, busiyo?
- Physiotherapist, huh?
We don't have any such person
We lie face down and
massage each other!
'How did she come here?'
- Are all the doors locked?
- Bolted, Father
- Michael isn't around, right?
- He is not even in town, Father
- How crude!
- Keep quiet
Thanks to the gathering
You Angel, are you willing to marry John?
I, Angel-
- Father, your phone is ringing
- Thank you, child
How dare you take me for a royal ride?
Michael wants to talk to you
She is Angel, our team's physiotherapist
Okay, sign please
What are the Federation members thinking?
They bring in a rowdy
and claim he's our coach!
Until that chap leaves
I refuse to play this match
- What, 'ka?
- Why be so stubborn?
Even we can't bear to see
someone else in Kathir sir's place
The same anger you have
is bottled up within us too
According to our Federation rules...
...we cannot play a match
without a coach
Let go, Vembu
So many days you know
we've played without shoes
We've gone to bed hungry
This situation is also similar
Vembu, we will bundle up our anger
Focus on the match and ace it
We will win this cup
And hand it with pride to Kathir sir
Okay, Mari?
Agreed, Pandi?
- Kani?
- Okay, 'ka
I'm ready
- I am ready
- I'm ready too
Why are you playing this toss game
of 'Saa-boo-3' so late at night, huh?
You have to be up
and alert at 5:00 a.m
What do you have to do
after you win this cup?
Only our wedding
You're winning the cup in 2 months
and then you marry me, okay?
Fat hopes!
Those girls don't even know the real me
I must make them understand who I am
Make them play the match, win the cup
Okay, forget it
At least tell me why
you brought me here?
To be romantic, huh?
With you?
If this team has to win,
then I have to be here
If I have to win
I need you!
Pah! Mass!
Punch line, I swear!
After 7 long years I'm hearing
a love dialog from you
Come closer
- Michael...?
- Go inside
'Get him'
'Don't let him escape'
- What happened, bro?
- Wait, I'm bringing him
'Come on...get him'
'Don't leave anyone behind'
'I will handle it, bro'
'You go, bro'
- Okay, all of you go inside
- 'I will get him'
Mr Michael
This academy has its own dignity
and a great history
There was a terror attack last night
If a bullet had been fired on a player would have hit the national news
He and his team should be
immediately expelled from the academy
Sir, if you think I did something wrong
disqualify me and expel me
How can those girls be penalised?
They have shed a lot of sweat
and tears to reach this place
Give me whatever punishment you want
Allow them to play, please
If you utter one more word
I'll ban you for lifetime
Now sign and get out
Excuse me, gentlemen
- Sir...!
- Please sit down
All of you know him
only as Michael Rayappan
Only I know...
...about Bigil
He is the pride of our nation
Our country's one of
the finest football player!
After so many years
He's back
Instead of welcoming him with open arms are expelling him!
There was a shoot out yesterday
Put a commission
File an FIR
Let the police hold an inquiry
And then I will take a decision
Sorry, sir
- Bigil
- Sir?
You have an important
match tomorrow, right?
I'll deal with this
You leave now
- Good luck
- See you
'Vanakkam and welcome'
' this Senior Women's National
Football Championship 2019'
'In the 1st match, Tamil Nadu is competing
against the seasoned players of Manipur'
Do you remember me, Bigil?
Clear as crystal, my friend
April 4th
An unforgettable match in my life
That was the last match I lost
- Unforgettable match for me too
- Why?
Was that the last match you won?
That was the last match I played!
Bigil, for others this match is...
Tamil Nadu vs Manipur
As far as I'm concerned
It is between Samar
And Bigil
All the best!
'Tamil Nadu is playing against Manipur
which has won the championship 18 times'
Come on, girls
Mad or what?
Why did you pass it over there?
Why did you come here?
Okay...okay, Mari
It's okay, relax
'Tamil Nadu coach is trying to pacify them
but looks like it is a heated argument'
'Manipur team is playing with
strong coordination on one side'
'But it is disappointing to see
Tamil Nadu team lacking coordination'
'Manipur goal keeper has made
a full length dive and saved beautifully'
'Manipur has played the 1st half
exceedingly well'
'2-0 is big advantage to Manipur'
'This will be a huge
challenge for Tamil Nadu'
'We have to see how
they play in the 2nd half'
'We have to wait and watch
if Tamil Nadu will recover lost ground'
'We should see if Manipur
strikes gold in the gap in between'
Don't let her hit
'This is a stupendous victory for Manipur'
'Manipur fans are drenched
in the rain of jubilation'
Sorry, Bigil
Hard luck
You know if you lose
1 more match... have to pack your bags and go home
I think it's your 1st time in Delhi?
Be a tourist and then go
'1st match, your team was
completely out of form'
'Easy win for Manipur'
'Do you feel bad
you've lost so easily?'
If we had a good coach, we would
have certainly won this match
I think the Federation is watching
If they help us, we'll somehow
win the remaining matches
Thank you
'This team will bring home
the cup for sure'
'In what way is a rowdy
connected to a sportsman, sir?'
'Cup is crucial, Bigil'
'If we had a good coach, we would
have certainly won this match'
What happened, Michael?
Lost only 1 match
Why should you lose heart and resign?
I'm not leaving because they lost, sir
I'm leaving only because
I don't want them to lose even more
Chatterjee, a friend from West Bengal
...will take charge tomorrow
Thank you, sir
For all the favors you extended to me
Thank you
Why did you come here?
These are the fellows
who targeted us in the hostel
Not here, let's go out
and talk, sorry, sir
No, it has to be brought
out in the open only here
'Only that will be correct'
Do you know who sent them there?
Why, sir?
'Your criminal record is the reason
he was not taken in the team'
They don't want to take such a risk
'My profession and his career
have no connection whatsoever'
That means...
...the reason I gave you isn't convincing
Excuse me
Rayappan, according to you
Football is a mere sport
As far as we are concerned
it's a business!
Sports means
'When a person represents
National team once...'
...whether he or she wins or loses,
they are eligible for a Govt job
It is a secure job
Railways, Customs, Airport
'Politicians, ministers, businessmen'
For big shots like them is a pride for their children
to even feature in the national team
They are willing to grease our palms
to any extent, sky is the limit
If I should bring your son
into the team... much will you pay?
I won't even give you 10 paise!
'Sky is the limit for me too'
'If I stoop so low' means I'm tarnishing
my own son's talent
He is extremely talented
He will shine
I'll take care
You can't take care of anything
superseding me
I'm also a player, sir
Our knowledge of football is zero
But the way I play my game
...will be fan-atical!
All is well, sir
- My dear son
- Appa
Bigil, stop at Ravuthar's shop
I told him I'll drop by
in the morning, I forgot
Okay, pa
You go, I'll make my way home
Let's go
Acting over-smart!
I would have finished you
in your own place
You spoke as if the whole world
was spinning under your feet?
In the next half hour
saw how your life changed?
That's why I allowed you to boast
And this is my toast!
If you act smart I can be smarter!
I swear! You let your ton...gue run!
Ravuthar, bring the document
Accept you wanted a bribe
to take my son in the team
Sign it
I'll lose my job
But if you don't sign, you'll die
Is that okay?
There are 1000 ways to come up
for people with money
But for poor people to climb the ladder
there are only 1 or 2 avenues like sports
You get your hands dirty in that too?
Not only my son
Names of all the talented players should
be on that list before 10:00 a.m tomorrow
If not...
...this document will go
where it should reach!
Hey! Sh...Sharma
Don't take this lightly
thinking you'll only lose your job
I'll finish you off
in a totally different level
Chee! Get lost
Money earned by aiming
at someone's sorrow
It will never help
in times of danger!
Walk out in your underwear
His son will come to Delhi
I'll draw my claws then
I'll disgrace him to death over there
You are here now
It's my turn to be quits
You want to resign?
Go ahead
The balance account
...I can settle with your team
My father did a damn good job
of disgracing you
That too in a loo, huh?
Mass appeal!
I thought it may be quite boring
to suit up and act as the coach
Only when a villain enters, it becomes
a different ball game altogether
Let the girls play in the ground
Shall we begin our game
outside, my dear man?
I'll be with the girls
And win the cup
After that I'll close your chapter
I'm out of touch with football
for the past 4 or 5 years
But my lined-up blows
are in a soooper flow!
Just because you are here and
in power, if you play dirty games
I can play better than you
Do you get it?
He got scared stiff
just hearing me speak
You have only seen Rayappan's moves
But you haven't seen
Michael Rayappan back in the groove
Simply earth-shattering!
"Fan-atic fury
Mono maniac flurry"
- Nessi, ball
- 'Yes, sir'
Hello, we told you not to come
Weren't you humiliated enough?
Get out now
A bet match between us, okay?
Not singles
1 vs 11
You 11 girls
And me all by myself
I'll score 3 goals
It's enough if you score just 1 goal
If you win, I'll leave not only
this ground, but I'll go back home
In case I win... will have to do
only what I say after that
Vembu, are you scared?
Pandiyamma, ready?
"For my team over-enthusiasm"
"Fanaticism to the maximum"
Mari, take it
Jenny, don't lose it
"Eagerness with a fiery fervor"
1 more chance
Last chance
Look there
A white crow flies over there
Fall for his trick!
Come...come...come on!
"Maniacal forever"
"Fan-atical moments"
Training starts at 5:00 a.m tomorrow
- Coach won't agree
- He's here
Good morning, coach
- Good morning, coach
- I can't hear!
- Good morning, coach
- Not loud enough
- Good morning, coach
Good morning, coach
Good morning, coach
Good morning, coach
Good morning, coach
I can't hear
- Good morning, coach
- That's better
Can any of you tell me the score
in yesterday's 1st match?
Manipur 3 and we scored 0, coach
Reason for this defeat?
Whose mistake?
Mari and Shobi didn't
man mark in the center
The ball will be missed
What do you expect, coach?
Coach, wing back Nivedha also
allowed the ball inside
'Swathi didn't cover the striker'
She cut her striker
and scored the goal
Coach, I was man blocked
Thendral was in shooting range
So I passed the ball to her
She could have shot it herself
I didn't expect her to pass it to me
Coach, defence is not in shape
So I couldn't see the ball
That is their mistake
- You all played very well, right?
- Yes, coach
Let's start the session
You have to hit the ball
in any of the 4 targets here
If any one of you misses it... must run 10 straights
You must run from this goal-line to
the opposite goal line 10 times, got it?
Yes, coach
Running 10 times isn't for
only the person who missed it
Entire team
Is that clear?
Is - that - clear?
- Yes, coach
- Ready?
10 straights
10 straights
10 straights
Thendral, I can't do this, hit it
You missed the 1st 4 kicks
Scored goals with all the subsequent kicks
How is it, captain?
No, coach
Team ran 40 straights already
If I miss, the entire team has to run
Tough deal, coach
When you played only for yourself,
you couldn't do it
But when you played for the team,
you were able to do it
That is the team spirit, you idiot!
Don't play for the name
on the back of your t-shirt!
Play for your homeland
etched in your heart
Every goal you score is
...not your individual glory
It is team effort
Goal of your audience
who is supporting you
Our State's goal
Now tell me who was responsible
for losing to Manipur?
- We were only responsible, coach
- I can't hear
All of us, coach
- Loudly
End of session, disperse
- Nessi...!
- Coach
What will you do after 10:00 p.m?
Like everyone I'll booze and sleep
Come to my room
Group studies, huh?
Hey madcap!
What is this?
Like the film 'Ghajini'
You've stuck Sticky notes
all over the place
How did you reach that height?
You've even scribbled
on all the walls
Tell me
This is our players' squad
for our next match
Why are those 2 places alone empty?
Anitha, Gayatri
Are they new players?
Bringing them over?
Key players who have been playing
for this team for the past 3 years
To be even more clear
Like Virat Kohli and Dhoni
of our Indian Cricket team
Then why didn't they come to Delhi?
The same problem faced by
every woman who wants to achieve
We will both go
to Chennai and find out
Until I'm back
Do I have to coach this team?
It's enough if you don't disturb them
I called just to inform you
You mean
'Zip my lips
Don't let words slip'
It's alright
My husband's classmates
- Vanakkam
- Good morning
Your uncle is bathing
Ask him to come down soon
Okay, 'chithi'
Chithi, your husband is here
Sorry, I don't really remember you
Which batch are you?
I kind of lied to get into your house
I am not your schoolmate
Then you are-
I am Michael
Tamil Nadu Women's Football team coach
What do you want?
Your wife is a football player
Are you aware of that?
She said so once long ago
Apparently she played in
the State level or District level
Hockey or volleyball?
She is Tamil Nadu State team's
Key player!
Our team is now in Delhi
for National Championship
A player like Gayatri extremely essential for our team now
I understand what you're asking of me
But I don't know how
you think it is reasonable
Sir, if your wife
...dressed in the shortest of shorts
runs in front of 1000 ogling eyes
Will you be able to accept it, huh?
We belong to an orthodox family
We are highly respected
in our neighborhood
My akka, busy making rice fritters
has passed her IAS exam
But she's a stay at home mother
My sister-in-law doesn't work
We think there is no need whatsoever
for our ladies to be sent to work, sir
But you on the other hand
...want our womenfolk to run in the grounds
clad in shorts for the world to watch!
Do you think I'm wrong?
Give it some thought
- I'll take this
- Take it
Gayatri, I want coffee
Make it strong
May I know where you're working, sir?
Automobile engineer in TVS
Was that your ardent dream?
Yes, I scored 97%
I topped my batch in II Isn't your father
a successful businessman?
Why didn't you follow
in his footsteps?
That is my father's business
This is my passion
See, I don't wish to be
seen as Bala's son
What I achieve as Sudarshan
is what matters!
Correct, sir
Presenting yourself as Bala's son
If you feel it's true
you lose your individuality
Introducing herself as Sudarshan's wife
Gayatri may lose her identity
Didn't that occur to you, sir?
Is passion only male specific?
Shouldn't it apply to women?
That too, is it completely
inapplicable to married women?
If you think a man's duty is to only buy
jasmine, sari, jewelry for his wife
I'm so sorry, sir
One who finds out her cherished dream
and helps her realize it
He is the perfect husband
You are quite the 'engineer'!
You have a State player and IAS officer
to cook and do all the chores for you
This isn't a mere flight ticket
This is the entry ticket
for your wife's dream to come true
You decide what you want to do, sir
You can't run from this
Neither can you hide
Gayatri is watching
It's 3 months since I myself saw Anitha
April 7th
She left saying she was going
for her match practice
- Bye, ma
- Bye
'Selvi, Minnoli
Shoot it to Minnoli'
Why is he hounding you?
What's his problem?
Shall I ask him what he wants?
Wait, let me find out
Do you get what I am saying?
I'm not the girl you think I am
How many times should I explain?
I've been following you
for the past 2 years
You're acting so pricey!
I love you with all my heart
Why the hell don't you understand, di?
Don't think you can call me 'di' with
over familiarity and scant respect!
One can profess her love
only if she likes that person?
I'm begging you
Please don't disturb me
Football is my breath
That is my dream
That is my only life
I don't intend thinking of anything else
What the hell, di?!
All this temerity because you look good?!
Let me see how you follow
your dream with this face!
"Women in every walk of life
Mother, sister, daughter, friend, wife"
"Women world over
My kith and kin forever"
"Girl child...girl...lady...woman
This is the female biological evolution"
"Every female gender in every nation"
"Of those who tarnish a woman's dignity"
"We took a vow to burn in entirety
this senseless stupidity"
"Though today we continue in essence
to fan the flames of foolishness"
"We burn only the women with boorishness"
"Into the man's world we were thrown
sans any stance of our own"
"We were created solely to utter
words of silence in soulless surrender"
"Freedom unlimited more or less"
"Only up to the second the sun sets"
It's all my fault, if I hadn't butted in
this wouldn't have happened
"Girl child...girl...lady...woman
This is the female biological evolution"
"Women in every walk of life
Mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, wife"
"If my mind had been shaped like my breast"
"Male fraternity will give due respect
only then to my mind's intellect"
"In a patriarchal society wherein
rivers are named after women"
I don't wish to see anyone, get out!
"O' soul, embrace patience
This too will pass in every sense"
She shut herself in solitude that day
I'll keep her food under the door
She will eat if she's hungry
Otherwise not even that
I'll push the newspaper under the door
You know the football news
in the Sports section?
She'll cut only that
Only by that I know
she's still breathing
She decided not to show
her face to this world
I've lost all hopes
I'll get my daughter back
I have no clue what to do
Can I try and talk to Anitha?
By all means
please go ahead
'If your voice can tap
her heart beyond that door'
'I will only be too happy'
My name is Michael
I'm now the coach for your team
I would like to share
an inspiring story with you
Will you listen?
This is the story of a fetus
In the 1st trimester
in her mother's womb
The fetus didn't develop properly
The doctor asked the mother
if she would opt for an abortion?
Her mother refused
40 weeks
She delivered the baby
carrying her full term
At least by 2 years
all babies will walk but-
That child took her 1st step
when she was 5 years old!
Her family wondered if she would ever walk?
She played football
when she was 8 years old
Juniors' level national champion
when she was 15 years old
At 16, she played
in the Under 18
When she turned 18
another major accident
Doctors said she can walk
only with the help of a stick lifelong
She rubbished doctors' expert opinions
She came back to the ground
in just 6 months
She was selected in the State team
What was declared as Achilles' heel
she changed it into her strongest point
Miracles didn't happen
in her life just like that
She made it happen!
Now that girl
She is 21 years old
As usual
She now faces
yet another challenge
Do you know whose story this is, dear?
If you come out now
you are not an individual
You are an identity!
If you win it is a victory for
all those girls stifled and suppressed
Show this world you are
a woman of substance once more
A face for talent, skill
and self confidence
Not necessary, dear
This flight ticket for you
I'm placing it here
5:00 p.m today
I'll be waiting for you
Anitha, angry?
No, sir
'I don't buy that'
I feel you have bottled up
accumulated anger inside you
No, sir, nothing of that sort
I'm fine
- Dheena
- Anna?
Turn left
Sir, we have to go straight
to go to the airport
We'll go, dear
Don't worry
Sir, why are we here?
I'll tell you, dear
Bro, let me go, please
'Please ask him to let me go'
What are you scared of? Why?
Face it
Face it
I'm not your coach now
I am your brother
Just tell me how
he should be punished
Whatever you say
...your anna will oblige
Now this very second
we can close his chapter
All the embittered fury
festering in your heart
Trash everything along with him
Come with me only as a player!
Tell me now
What shall we do with him?
Just once
I'll face him and get back
Don't...don't, bro
Let me go
Let me go, please, bro
Don't, anna
Let me go
Don't do this
Please don't
To showcase talent,
skill and self confidence
A face is not necessary
I intend playing football
only with this game
When you could ruin a girl's life
and roam around carefree
Why should I cover my face?
I don't need this mask any longer
Do you watch football?
Start watching from now on!
"Women world over!"
"My kith & kin of the female gender"
"Your scars as tail leave a confident trail
With temerity in every step you travel"
"Come out of your den
Roar to awaken everyone"
To show the world we can achieve
against all odds and adversities the pinnacle of punishment we can
mete out to those who wanted to destroy us
Go, get them, girl!
"Lion-queen bold
Girl with guts and grit, behold!"
"Entire male clan will salute you & uphold"
"To settle his debt of gratitude
in the womb, every man will cherish you"
"Bow your head once I request"
"Only so that he can see and reflect
Your lioness face he will respect"
"Climb to the topmost rung of the ladder
With courage in your heart, shine to soar"
"As a mere female, those who ridiculed you
will eat their words 1 day; it's due"
"They will place you on a pedestal
Hold your head high, girl!"
"Your role as mother, sister, wife
Your drops of sweat, tears and strife"
"Will douse the throes of fire
in your life's sphere"
"With a spring walk ahead
Let fear not scare you instead"
"Don't even give it a thought
when the world says you cannot"
"Don't join any clan or community
waiting to drown you in waves of pity"
"So what if you face again and again
world's worst pangs of pain"
"O fire's wing, you were blessed at birth
To bear the pain; deliver babies to earth"
"Like the phoenix, rise from the ash
We will rock the world in a flash"
"Come, rise to shine, from your torment"
"Fiery wings of fire from confinement"
"We will merge with the dreams you aspire
And ensure they don't fall into mud & mire"
"Climb to the topmost rung of the ladder
With valor in your heart, rise higher"
"Those who mocked you as a mere female
for sure one day will throw in the towel"
"Hold your head high, my dear girl"
"Your scars may alter but don't despair"
"Your dawn is very near
when your woes will disappear"
"For you yourself to realize"
Godspeed, dear
"The sun in you will rise"
"Your true potential within you
you will understand new"
"Girls should be seen and not heard
Archaic proverb; break that mould"
"You will play for your nation
Embrace dawn's rays with devotion"
Thank you, sir
I should be the one
to thank you, Sudarshan
It is said there's a woman
behind every successful man
But behind every successful woman
Definitely stands a man
with his head held high!
That too, behind a successful married woman
Stands a proud husband for sure!
"Lion-queen bold
Girl with guts and grit, behold!"
"Entire male clan will salute you & uphold"
"In the womb, every man will cherish you
To settle his debt of gratitude"
"Bow your head once I request"
"Only so that he can see and reflect
Your lioness face he will respect"
"Climb to the topmost rung of the ladder
Fortitude in your heart, shine to soar"
"As a mere girl, those who ridiculed you
will eat their words 1 day; it's over-due"
"They will throw in the towel
Hold your head high, girl!"
"Wait...and watch"
"Your role as mother, sister, wife
Your drops of sweat, tears and strife"
"Will douse the throes of fire
in your life's sphere"
"Without fearing fear
With spunk as your spear"
"With a spring walk ahead
Let fear not scare you instead"
- Good morning, girls
- Good morning, coach
What's the plan, Nessi?
Plan is to follow
whatever you say to the Why are the cops here?
Are we going with full protection?
Who is Michael Rayappan?
Get into the jeep
'What happened?'
There was a shoot-out?
ADGP wants to see you
Sir, the match is about to
commence in half an hour
It ends at 1:00 p.m
I'll be there by myself
Are you dictating my schedule?
The girls are-
Shut up!
I just have to drag you
Sir, 1 second
Angel, I've jotted the game plan here
I'll be back
'In the Senior Women's National
Football Championship'
Tamil Nadu is facing
a 'do or die' situation
The rest of you are substitutes, okay?
Akka, what about our names?
Er...I'm so sorry
Your names aren't listed
Didn't you bring us
all the way here to play?
Your name isn't in the game plan
Michael has given me
[indistinct chatter]
What, man?
Think you're a hard core rowdy?
They claim you're a don?!
Do you know the spelling of 'don'?
Sir, why did you bring me here?
I'm missing a very important match, sir
Are you playing?
No, right?
You're just a spectator
Just sit and watch
what is in store for you
Sir, you cannot arrest a person
without a proper reason
At least let me know the reason
I have been summoned here
I can put you behind bars for obstructing
the chief minister's convoy
Reason not good enough?
See the police jeep parked here?
I'll foist a case on you for sneaking
a bomb in it and resorting to violence
This isn't reason enough...?
I'll claim you grabbed my gun and
aimed at head constable Patel's head
Attempt to murder
Happy with my reasons?
Or should I come up with more?
Yes, sir, right here
Hello, Bigil
Match is about to commence
You're sitting in the station
with no sense of responsibility, huh?
'This is Sharma's sketch, da'
Not just for you
'I've planned 2 'sketches'
specially for 2 of your players too'
'I pity your girls'
They will snap like twigs
'You have a cup of tea and relax'
Who we are is not important
Only what we are capable of
creates an impact
90 minutes
Lips zipped!
Patel Bhaaaai!
What is the time?
Am I the timer?
Look at the wall
Game over Tamil Nadu
Can it survive if it makes an enemy, huh?!
'Obstruction in CM's convoy'
'Security, sound high alert'
What's going on?
'Clear it up'
'Delhi chief minister's convoy heading
towards the Parliament was hit at 10 a.m'
' an unidentified car'
What is the time?
15 minutes over, right?
'I didn't notice the timer'
Praise be to Lord Shiva as Bholenath
'In his hand?'
Pattu 'beta'
What is the time now?
Sir...sir, I have a wife and children
You can please leave, sir
Sir...sir, if you have any other
good enough a reason, please tell me
- I'll be happy to oblige!
- Nothing else, sir
Please leave, sir
You have a match to attend
Yes, sir
Dai, they have no other reason it seems
Is that so, bro?
Okay, let's go
"1-track mind tenacity
Intent intensity"
What was your opening punch line?
'Who we are is not important'
'Only what we are capable of
creates an impact'
This dialog suits me, right?
Yes, sir
I'll keep it as my trademark!
"Undiluted perseverance
Devoted persistence"
"My football is my foot's ball and chain"
"I shook all that try defendin' my aim"
"I hook balls and score, stay out my lane"
"And I cook all that try
to extinguish my flame"
'Looks like Vembu is badly hurt'
'But the referee has asked her to plan on'
"I kick harder than Maradona"
"Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo"
"I get messier than Messi
Don't test me, I guess he"
"Just defies physics,
you'll wanna bless me"
"Competition my religion,
I gotta upgrade divisions"
"I can't afford intermissions"
"We are gonna have to work together
and just overcome the obstacles"
"That coming in the way of all our goals"
'Even the spectators know
this is a foul, they are furious'
'At least now will our referee
accept this is foul?'
'Even this isn't a foul?'
'If not this, I really don't know
what will be declared as foul'
'Tamil Nadu players are
questioning the referee'
'Oh no! Come on
Yellow card for this?'
'This is definitely unfair'
'1st half ends with many
questions swinging in mid-air'
Breathe out
'Even if he whizzes in
Mission Impossible speed'
Match ends in 50 minutes
'Impossible to reach by then'
I miss him
"Bigil, beyond reproach"
"Bigil the conscious coach"
Haryana has brought in
11 'Dangal' players, Michael
They are hitting everything but the ball
That owl eyed referee is having fun
whistling away to glory
I cannot toilet this
Sorry, tolerate this
He's giving our players
yellow cards unfairly
'Look at those 2 girls
like buffaloes over there'
Their behavior is atrocious
Aiyo! She has broken Minnoli's leg
Fall like dominoes!
She can't continue with the game
I cracked it!
Aren't you thinking of
bringing in Anitha and Gayatri?
Our audience is anticipating the same!
If you make them play now
this scene is something else
- Pandiyamma!
- Pandiyamma, huh?
Tell me, sir
Come on...come on
'If 'fury' mode Pandiyamma
Knock out flat Haryana'
How strange is that
Referee is frozen in mid air!
In a 'cycle-gap' on the sly
you nailed him, Michael
'So far we've seen many players
injured in this match'
'But our Pandiyamma has kicked
our referee like a ball!'
"Single-minded stout-heartedness"
'Anyway back to the scoreboard
2-0 and Haryana is leading'
'So our Tamil Nadu team'
'Let us watch what direction
the match will take now'
'We are all waiting with bated breath'
'Fantastic goal!'
'We are watching an astounding come-back'
'Tamil Nadu is trailing behind
with a difference of 1 goal'
'Thendral has an amazing corner chance'
'Will Tamil Nadu equalize the count?'
'It is a beautiful chance for Mari'
'What is happening here?
It's a missed-pass'
- Gayatri
- Coach
'We must watch how Tamil Nadu
will handle this pressure again'
'And another substitution'
'Equalizer for Tamil Nadu'
'3-3 and the game has
got an extra kick now'
'New strategies are bringing
many changes in the game'
Next nail in their coffin
'Anitha has been sent in
to replace Anandi'
'Don't know about these tactics
but they've worked out in their favor'
'Let us see what will
happen through Anitha'
'Let me see how you follow
your dream with this face!'
'A face for talent, skill
and self confidence'
'Not necessary, dear'
'If you win it is a victory for
all those girls stifled and suppressed'
'Show this world you are
a woman of substance once more'
'And that's the winning goal'
'Least expected by anyone, Tamil Nadu
has made an awesome come-back'
'What a sensational victory it is!'
'This kind of victory has infused
new hope into the team'
'After inflicting a crushing defeat
on Rajasthan, Delhi and other teams'
'Tamil Nadu team has reached the Finals'
"Bigil, our one and only idol"
"Bigil loved by all heart and soul"
"Bigil, a man with talents many"
"Loved by all, he wrote his own destiny"
Hey! Sooper, di
You'll be a mother soon
Why are you crying then?
My career is over
Are you mad or what?
Who said you can't play
after having a baby?
How is it possible, akka?
Serena Williams is # 1
tennis player in the world
She won the Australian Open Tennis
when she was 2 months pregnant!
Mary Kom is world champion in boxing
Only after she had her 3rd baby
she won the gold medal in Asian games
Having a baby and bringing it up... even more tough
than playing football!
If you can do that
all this is child's play!
But don't tell our coach
If he gets to know
...I know for sure
he won't let me play
I want to play the finals
Coach has taken so much trouble
All that sweat
shouldn't go waste
You don't want Michael
to know, that's all?
Let's go
Michael, please come here
- What?
- Give me a minute please
Vembu and Thendral are missing
How can that be?
They must be here
Just look around
Bro, I've searched everywhere
They are nowhere to be seen
What are you saying?
How long have they been missing?
Half an hour, bro
Vembu's boyfriend Ashok
is working in an IT company
She went just to meet him
- Did you call him?
- I believe he left long ago
These 2 girls haven't returned
Don't know what has happened
Relax...they must be
visiting some other friend
They will come
Don't worry
Hey! Go and find them
Listen, in half an hour, Vembu and
Thendral should be back here
We'll bring them
wherever they are!
Nothing...this too will pass
They have infused drug into Vembu
- Keep hitting her cheeks
- Why?
If she becomes unconscious,
she'll slip into coma
Her blood should have
constant adrenalin rush
Keep tapping real hard
Open your eyes, Vembu
Michael, cocaine was infused forcibly
by intravenous route
Other than that evidence of any physical assault
'She will recover within 3 to 4 hours'
But the problem is...
...she won't be able to pass the dope test!
'She can't play the match tomorrow'
To prevent Vembu from playing
this must have been Sharma's work
'Don't know what has
happened to Thendral'
Nessi, stay with Vembu here
Angel, go to the hostel and
ensure all the girls are safe
I'll be back with Thendral
Listen, I'll keep up my word
Didn't I promise you?
If you come, I'll let her go?
I'll oblige
Hey! Let her go
Likewise I have promised someone else
I believe she is a great player
You'll win if she plays it seems
Sharma wanted me to infuse
cocaine into her body too
As far as I am concerned
1 stone 2 mangoes!
Get up
Come...come...come on
Are you getting heady?
My stuff only
On cloud 99, huh?
Drug her and pack her off
Tie a stone and throw him to the sharks
'Don't do that, bro'
Please don't, bro
Anna, let me go
'If she becomes unconscious,
she'll slip into coma'
'Her blood should have
constant adrenalin rush'
'Keep hitting her cheeks'
Bro, let me go
Anna, please don't do this to me
A father dying in front of
his son is inhuman, da
I don't wish to give your son
such a cruel nightmare
Before I could brandish my knife
...didn't you notice,
your son dropped his books?
If I kill you right now
...his life will be centered
only on seeking revenge and killing me
Enough, man
I'm sparing your life
only because of him
Try to reform and lead a better life
- Daddy
- You're fine
Don't worry
I'm fine, son
'Final game has begun with
whistles renting the air'
'I am Arun Venugopal
With me is Anandhi Iyappan'
'Not just 1 Bigil'
'11 Bigils will be playing'
How can I miss it?
Come on
Let's go, team
Come on, girls
Girls, come on...come on
Selvi, Anitha, Thavamani
Others substitute
You are not in this game
Coach, please
No, dear, instead of
behaving like a coach...
...I'm thinking like your brother
Definitely I can't allow you to play
'This tackle is in a dangerous position'
'We should see now if this free kick
is dangerous for Tamil Nadu'
'Shot, ball in mid-air'
'1st goal for Manipur'
'It is called 'Against the run of play'
in football parlance'
'Though Tamil Nadu started aggressively
1st goal was scored by Manipur'
'That is their 2nd goal'
'Manipur 2 nil up'
'Tamil Nadu on the back foot'
Where are you passing-
Shoot here-
'Anandi has got the ball
Will this kick turn into a goal?'
'Goal! It's a win'
Why didn't you kick the ball in front?
How will you get a better chance?
'They have done it again!'
'Manipur proves its prowess
as champion again and again'
'Game is slipping from the hands
of Tamil Nadu gradually'
Absolutely no chance
This world would have never seen
such a game or a team like this
Oh my God!
11 dim-witted ducks!
Are you players?
I really want to know
Aren't you ashamed
to call yourself so?
Are you cleaning the ground
with your wonderful feet?
Don't kick the ball too hard
It might hurt the ball!
All of you are scared
Scared stiff of those pipsqueak players
Don't know how to pass or defend
What...why are you staring?
That is it
We have to pack our bags and go
Ask Minnoli's father to find her a groom
Thendral, go
Thendral, I believe there is a
PT teacher's job vacant ...go
That's what you want, right? waste
Where is Pandiyamma?
Oh! Aiyaiyo!
Please eat
You need your fuel
No, coach
Good-for-nothing glutton
You know to make a beeline
to the dining room, right?
But to run in the ground
is such an Herculean task, huh?
If I ask you to run,
you roll around!
What is it?
Coach, please don't talk like that
Know to stuff yourself?
Shouldn't you prove you have stuff!
Coach, please don't talk like that
I see my father in you
Coach, don't
That's what I'll say
I'll repeat it 1000 times
What will you do?
Hey, show this anger
on the ground, don't act here
You...only you!
Always deride me
I'm also a girl, right?
'What if I score a goal!'
Why were you so mean?
I've just sparked a match
For the next 40 minutes
girls will be flare up like fire!
Roly-poly fatso!
Roly-poly fatso!
'Manipur was leading 3-0
Tamil Nadu is giving as good as it gets'
'Game is now getting spiced up'
'Thendral has moved deftly
Can she go forward and score a goal?'
'Good movement in the right flank'
'Will Anitha get
this cross from Thendral?'
2 - 3, Tamil Nadu is slowly
regaining its lost position
'Only 1 minute left for the match to end'
'Look at me'
'Don't play for the name
on the back of your t-shirt!'
'Play for your homeland
etched in your heart'
'Every goal you score is'
'...not your individual glory
It is team effort'
'It is the goal of your audience
who is supporting you'
'Our State's goal'
"Phoenix! Come, this instant
rise to shine, from your torment"
"Wings of fire, rise from the ash
We will rock the world in a flash"
'As both teams are 3-3
despite the extra time given'
'...we have to go in for penalty?'
Definitely, penalty shoot out
will be very interesting
Both teams will get
5 opportunities each to score a goal
'Winner of the penalty shoot
will be the champion'
'It's a goal'
'1st penalty kick of Tamil Nadu coming up'
'And Minnoli-'
'For the 2nd penalty kick
Hemam, captain of Manipur team'
'Anitha scored a goal confidently'
'The entire stadium is frozen in time
How will the next second surprise us?'
'Manipur's chance to score a goal
Yumnam strikes'
'And that's a goal'
'Tamil Nadu's chance
High pressure opportunity'
'Manipur! Manipur!!'
'The match is still very much alive'
Tamil Nadu captain Thendral
throughout this tournament'
Come on, Thendral
'She has played in a superb manner'
'Sensational save!'
'Golden opportunity for Tamil Nadu'
'If they convert this last penalty
they can hug their trophy happily'
'You got a husband who holds you
on a golden platter'
'What other dream can you aspire for?'
Everyone should praise you
as the best daughter-in-law
That'll be your biggest medal!
'Games are meant for men to win'
'Women rule only the kitchen'
'See what you can achieve
within these 4 walls'
The baby I'm carrying
...won't kill my dreams
Neither will she die
'Gayatri! Gayatri!!'
'Cup is cru...cial, Bigil'
"We gathered our stamina intent"
"Was it for this moment?"
"Scars are the reason body and soul"
"Shoulders that stood as their goal"
"With love unconditional
carried the burden on the whole"
"We played to win
giving our best from within"
"Oh...oh...these seconds precious"
"Oh...oh joyful burst of fireworks"
"All that pain for this gain"
"Diamond teardrops as rain"
"Jubilant tears of joy remain"
Sorry, coach
I can't hear you!
- Sorry, coach
- I still can't hear you
"A spider's painful efforts pay
as a web of victory on this day?"
"Is it the yarn that weaves into shape
with weft and warp as cloth to drape?"
My girls
Won the cup
"Who will wear medals shining bright?"
"Is it the mud they kicked day and night?"
"Oh...oh...these seconds precious"
"Oh...oh joyful burst of fireworks"
"All that pain well worth this gain"
"Diamond teardrops as rain"
"Jubilant tears of joy sustain"
subtitled by rekhs
assisted by harini
Congratulations, Bigil
The cup you missed,
you won it with your girls, eh?
Yes, sir
I very badly wanted you
to watch it in person
Are you serious?
You may have won the cup
But you can never defeat me
My business has octopus tentacles
Sports is one of them too
'India is only an outlet
for us to line our pockets'
There are so many beautiful places
in this world to spend all that money
'If I take another 6 steps
I reach Security check'
If I cross that,
my life will be different
'No one can do anything to me'
Not only that, Bigil
'I will complain your players won
because of dope'
'I will grab this cup from you tomorrow'
Challenge, hmmm?
Excuse me, sir
Is this your bag?
What is this?
'What, Sharmaji?'
Are they questioning you
about those packets?
'Big C Big C'
You infused it to my girls, right?
'Same item'
Do you know what is the punishment
for cocaine in that country?
'They will strip you naked
in the middle of the road'
In front of the entire town, you will be
whipped 500 times below your hip
After that for 6 months
till your scars heal
'They will confine you
to a jail just like a loo'
'And hang you in the 7th month'
Are they still allowing you
to talk to me?
Excuse me, sir
Give me your phone
This will be your last call
in your lifetime
'After this permanently'
Sharma is not reachable!
'Hey! Don't jump on my foot'
Jump over the wire
This place had sticks and knives
Look how it has changed now
Ages since we resorted to violence
Only if we were on our toes!
My son...
...wants to learn football from you
Will you teach him?
Or will you harbor old grudges?
Whom do you want to become?
Ronaldo or Messi?
"Bigil, one and only"
Welcome aboard, my little friend!