Bihter: A Forbidden Passion (2023) Movie Script

Every wedding has a break-up in it.
Some from home, some from freedom.
For me, this day...
Here, the seaside mansion where I was born
and grew up which is old and damp,
and since my father's death, our money
has become very scarce.
My sister, Peyker.
She's having her first child.
She married Nihat, the man she loved.
Maybe because she had no chance
of being accepted
by the men she wanted to be loved by.
Good news. God bless you.
My mum, Mrs Firdevs.
Today she's a grandmother
and waves goodbye to her long-lost youth.
Mama! Come quickly, the baby's arrived!
Mr Adnan is here.
-He'd like to see you when you're ready.
-What a surprise.
Bihter! Our baby has been born
blessed with fortune.
Mr Adnan has come to visit!
There's got to be something in it for him,
otherwise he wouldn't have bothered.
That's Mr Adnan for you.
Adnan's the name... mum's favourite prey.
Mr Adnan, we are honoured
by your presence.
-Nihat, congratulations.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Serve him something.
Ah, did you inform Mrs Firdevs?
I'll do it.
Mr Adnan? Are you serious?
He's here to congratulate us
on the grandson.
But your body is aching,
so you should rest.
Don't be impudent, Bihter.
Get down there.
If he tries to leave before I get there,
stop him.
I'll ask him to stay for dinner.
Doesn't grandma want to see
her grandson first?
Aren't you curious about him?
Bihter, please don't let Mr Adnan hear you
calling me grandmama. Alright?
Mrs Firdevs.
Today she refuses to be a grandmother
as she's always refused to be a mother.
The comfortable and privileged life
of my grandfather was passed on to us.
My father's name wasn't mentioned much.
In society he was mostly known
as Mrs Firdevs's husband.
He died that way.
We, the women of Mr Melih's family,
have the style and fame of my grandfather.
Clothes are not important,
it's how you wear them that matters.
Before my father died, people would rush
to bring fashion magazines to our house.
Naturally all that stopped,
once the money dried up.
What a short visit this has been.
We couldn't even offer you tea.
Not the right day to stay too long.
But at least now you know my intentions.
Oh, Mr Adnan, are you leaving?
Mother would like you to stay for dinner.
Ah! I've caught you before you leave.
Mr Adnan, won't you stay
and have dinner with us?
Mrs Firdevs.
You are too kind and so chic as well.
Celebrate this wonderful day
with your family.
I have to get back to my children.
I take that as a promise
for another time then.
We would be honoured to welcome you back.
Congratulations for your grandson.
Why are you laughing?
Just tell us!
I can't stand your grinning.
I'm aching all over.
So come on.
...will be a bride.
Mr Adnan wants to marry her.
Your life's secure, Bihter.
Well, everyone's life here is saved.
You'll be the mistress
of that beautiful mansion.
I never expected that from Mr Adnan.
How dare he!
He's got two children
and he's far too old.
It's absurd.
Mum's dreams about becoming the lady
of that great mansion went down the drain.
She loses her daughter to the man
she wanted for herself.
This is outrageous. I mean, really?
Is he looking for a nanny for his kids?
Well, I didn't expect my sister
to support this marriage.
After all, she could only find a man
who was willing to live
in his wife's family house.
What are you saying, huh?
Mr Adnan wants to marry Bihter.
Do you know what that means?
That means jackpot.
Well, of course, the only one who approves
this marriage is dear brother-in-law.
And of course, it's no surprise
that he wants to benefit
from Mr Adnan's wealth and power.
What matters is what you want.
What do you say my dear?
Mr Adnan...
My exit ticket.
-Put that down just here.
-Yes, Madam.
-The rest in the living room.
-Be careful.
Among all this wealth,
such tat is rubbish.
Your tea, Miss Bihter.
You will please address her as "Madam".
Of course, Mr Adnan.
Bihter...'ve done a lot in this short time.
Oh, Adnan.
Adnan, I'm so excited.
I'm so looking forward
to seeing your children.
Do you think they'll like this new look?
Will they love me?
I was worried at first as well,
but I asked Mademoiselle for help...
...and how could anyone not love you,
look at you.
Mr Adnan! The children are home.
My boy!
Welcome home.
Am I meant to call you Mummy?
Mummy, or sister, anything you want dear,
you can call me Bihter if you'd like.
"Bihter" would be disrespectful.
And I already have a sister.
I never knew my mum.
-Can I call her "mummy", Papa?
-Of course.
Go inside, the place has changed.
I hope you like it.
-How are you?
-I'm fine.
Hello, Miss Bihter, congratulations.
Thank you Nihal, dear.
Please call me Bihter.
Mademoiselle de Courton.
The children's second mother.
She literally raised them. She's precious.
Thank you so much Mr Adnan.
Nice to meet you, Miss Bihter.
At last I meet this elegant lady.
Adnan has spoken a lot about you.
Have you changed...
My mother chose all the furniture
in this room.
Where have they gone?
Not thrown away?
Of course not.
Your mother's memories are all here.
Bihter just wanted some new things.
We can have another look if you'd like.
No, thank you.
You didn't ask my opinion
before you made these changes.
I wanted it to be a surprise.
I'm sorry if I messed up.
Everything's new, I love it!
Now I know who is who.
A toast to our new life.
To Bihter, and also to my children's
return home.
Bon apptit.
I can't believe this,
I missed you so much!
You've got really heavy,
what have you been eating?
Where have you been Behll?
We quite forgot your face.
I wanted to give you some space.
Spare me your nonsense and meet my wife.
Bihter, my nephew Behll. I mentioned him.
He's been part of this house
since high school.
What a wonderful marriage, Aunt.
-Nice to meet you.
-Thank you, Behll.
It seems that you've made
some nice changes in this house.
Quite the modern touch.
Mr Behll, won't you say hello to me?
Are you jealous, little titch?
-Come here.
-Don't ruin my hair!
-I'll thank you to avoid hand contact.
You can't kiss me any time you want,
you know?
Is that so?
Mademoiselle de Courton.
Good evening.
Welcome, Behll.
So, a toast to our new family member.
My uncle's precious wife Bihter,
if you will allow me.
-I think we'll hear this a lot tonight.
So many memories in this house
I want to save with you.
I want to love and be loved.
There isn't much happiness left.
Dear friend...
Hello! May I join you?
-We've nearly done, Madam Bihter.
I hope you enjoy it...
...but don't compromise
the flower of your soul.
Be sure of the heart or you--
You're a big young girl now.
Why don't we both go into town
and get some nice new clothes
made for you?
What do you say?
Your clothes are for children.
Let's finish our lesson first, please.
One day won't hurt, Mademoiselle.
Nihal, what do you say?
Shall we get you some clothes made?
I'd love that.
You don't mind, do you Mademoiselle?
I'll always be your tiny, little Nihal.
Bihter, would you tell my dad please?
Put me down!
Let me go Behll, please!
You're acting like a child with a child,
Mr Behll.
Come on, Blent.
Oh, my Lord!
He is absolutely wet through.
He'll be fine.
What are you doing?
Are all the ladies gathered
for lessons then, huh?
Dry your sweat first.
Well, I don't want you to faint
from jealousy
but today we're getting long
skirts made for me.
Men will queue at our door for your hand.
Don't mock me.
Don't be upset, Nihal.
If you're big enough to wear long skirts,
you must be mature enough for that.
Alright, I will tell Beir
to get the car ready.
Today, me and my daughter
are going shopping.
Your hankie.
I don't want it, it's dirty.
When Papa said he was going
to marry you...
...I didn't want that.
I didn't know that you'd spoken about it.
I wanted him to have my approval.
I thought that when you came
he wouldn't love me like he used to.
I could never take your place.
Nor would I ever want to.
Nihal dear, I want to be
your very best friend.
-I am sorry.
-It's alright, darling.
-I am very tired.
-Hugging you is really good.
-I'm not always like this, you know.
-Shh... you don't have to explain.
You are so beautiful.
Then the worry of not being good enough
for you, is a distraction.
Don't forget your syrup.
Drink it. Sleep tight.
It's our first anniversary.
For a year now I've been in this tender,
compassionate soft sleep.
I'm trying so hard to be his wife.
I don't like the sound of that cough.
It's the change of season.
I always cough then.
Alright then, I'll take the boats out.
Don't dawdle, they'll be waiting. Come on.
Since Nihal got her long skirts,
she has been obsessed with makeup.
She's a young girl. She loves all that.
At last, she's coming.
If you are ready, allow me to introduce
the beautiful Madam Nihal.
Wait a minute.
Who is this slender little lady?
I just simply don't recognise her.
I haven't worn a long skirt
in a long time.
I still can't get used to it.
Dear aunt.
Your wonderful style affects
every aspect of our lives.
-How do I look?
-My dear, you're chic every day.
Come on, let's get going.
The real skill is to walk in that dress.
Walking is a very delicate art.
It displays the elegance of a woman but..., it's just not working.
It's not working.
Well, if you all keep staring at me,
I'll never get it.
This is an elegant art form
that has been perfected by Bihter.
Thank you very much.
I don't have time for your compliments.
-So are we going or what?
-We mustn't keep Mrs Firdevs waiting.
Did you invite all of them?
I wanted the whole family.
Your mother should be at your first
anniversary supper.
Nihal stop stirring.
Come on everyone, the boats are waiting.
I thought it would be just us.
It's too late now. Let's go.
Sir, if you're tired I can take it
from here.
Oh no, I miss this.
Just because Mr Behll took the lead,
doesn't mean I'll throw away the oars.
...I thought that you'd be pleased.
It's our first anniversary, Adnan.
In that time we've hardly
ever eaten together alone.
I didn't think I'd eat akire's
chicken rolls today.
I thought you'd want to see
your mother and family.
If I want to see them, I'll go and visit.
I'm sorry.
Let's go this way.
Nihat dear, Peyker, Feridun.
Come on, Peyker.
-Peyker, dear.
-Hello, Nihat.
Stay there mummy. Don't hurt your knees.
They'll get it all ready.
When I'm out in the country like this,
I seem to get an irrepressible urge
to go off for a run.
You can run and I can chase.
You may be good at running
but I have endless patience in the chase.
Then what?
Then I grab you by the arms.
If it were in my nature to be caught,
you'd have grabbed me already.
They're coming now, Beir!
Be careful, young sir.
Slow down! Come back.
Are we just going to sit like this
all afternoon?
Don't be sulky, please.
I don't feel any intimacy at all
with anyone right now.
I feel alone.
Don't say that. You have me!
Come, let's go.
Please excuse me, careful.
Thank you.
There you go.
Nihal, your new look suits you so well.
You really are quite the young lady.
Thank you, Mrs Firdevs.
I'm not at my healthiest these days.
And you don't come and see me often.
So Behll, what are you up to?
Well, your little daughter
has brought sunlight into our lives.
And modernity too, look at Nihal.
She's become a young lady.
Thank you, Behll.
I never thought my marriage with Bihter
would be so good for my soul.
Loving her softens my heart.
If only his heart was the only thing
that softens.
Thank you very much my darling
but I'm embarrassed now,
let's talk about something else.
Did you get Bihter a present?
Oh, I'm sure Mr Adnan's
got something wonderful for Bihter.
I was planning to give it to her tonight,
but since you raise the subject...
Mademoiselle, can we go for a walk please?
It's so hot I can't eat any more.
-Can I come, too?
-Yes. I don't want you getting bored.
Adnan, I wasn't expecting anything.
Oh, this has nothing to do
with expectation, Bihter.
Just drop it mother, would you?
Or maybe we shouldn't drop it.
This is a family heirloom.
Bihter will wear it so well, I'm sure.
You really have such class, Mr Adnan.
Sadly it doesn't match Bihter's beauty.
Thank you so much.
Feridun is your spitting image.
The way he looks, his nose, his chin.
It's like an artist put together all your
best features to create a masterpiece.
There's one thing about you,
I can't figure out.
It makes me want to do some crazy stuff.
Someone might hear us--
No one can. It's just the two of us.
I saw and heard, and it bothers me.
I didn't marry my husband to cheat on him.
So you're saying you don't want me?
I don't want you.
Come on.
Just a little kiss. No one will see.
Behll, please.
Let's say, if no one could see us...
...would you offer me
this beautiful woman?
So why does your skin burn
every time I touch it?
Come on, just a kiss.
It must be because you're annoying me.
Behll has got a story to tell you,
ask him over.
What's happening to me?
Oh, you scared me.
-You didn't go to bed?
-I didn't, no.
-You're on fire.
-I am now, yes.
-Shall I close the window?
-No, keep it open.
I want to be alone though. It's too hot.
-Are you alright?
-I'm fine.
-I just want to be by myself, Adnan.
Adnan, did you take your syrup?
Adnan, don't do this.
-Just look outside.
-Stop it, please!
And I dreamt of being Adnan's wife.
Is Bihter angry because her mother
is moving in?
She doesn't know yet.
I'm not sure if it is right
to make this a surprise.
Her mother is ill.
That damp house isn't good for her,
she can stay here for some time.
I'm going and Mrs Firdevs is coming.
Blent dear, don't say that.
I'm already sad.
It's just for school, not for ever.
You're taking Blent from me.
You're acting like a spoiled child.
We clearly started celebrating
your maturity too early.
Shut up and look after
your precious auntie.
-I pity the poor sick woman.
-That's enough!
I can't breathe in this house anymore!
Why am I hearing about
my mother's arrival from the maid?
Blent, come on.
No need to leave us alone!
I've already been left out of it.
Right, Adnan? Please explain?
Your mother is sick, the damp
isn't good for her rheumatism.
I suggested she stay here for a while.
-Without asking me.
-For a short time, Bihter.
You don't know what she's like.
Bihter has a point uncle.
Mrs Firdevs cheated on her husband
and caused his death.
Despite this you married her daughter
and put your name at risk.
Now you're bringing that woman here--
Behll, enough!
Bihter is my wife.
How dare you insult my wife's mother?
All that was long ago.
It's almost night, Katina.
Are you not finished yet?
Almost done Mrs Firdevs.
Just a few more things.
Do you need anything?
So, where is everyone?
They obviously knew I was coming.
Then that grumpy faced peasant
opened the door.
These people don't know
about manners, I suppose.
She hasn't left her room
because she is sick.
The nanny and children
have been studying all day.
And Mr Adnan has been in his workshop.
He said that he was going into town.
Good girl. We'll keep our ears wide open.
We'll get all the gossip from the cook
and the other staff too.
Don't worry, Madam.
Thank you so much for taking me with you.
Bring me some nice Turkish coffee.
To hear my mother moving around
That suffocates me even more.
Having her watching me and listening
to my every breath will kill me.
It's about time I lived my life, right?
What are you doing up at this hour?
Something happened to my uncle?
I asked you to bring me some
sweets from town a while ago.
Did you get me some?
You crave sweets in the middle
of the night?
I think I've got some. Let me check.
I wonder where they are.
Why didn't you give them to me?
Must have slipped my mind.
They're here somewhere, wait.
You can't even find yourself in this room.
I don't want anyone touching my stuff,
so I tidy the room myself.
I wonder what kind of private
things you have.
Naughty magazines under the bed, right?
You smell delicious.
This must be a dream.
It's not a dream, it's real.
-Oh, Bihter your body is burning.
-Oh, yes.
You've got a temperature,
why have you ignored it?
My mother coming and the picnic,
it was all just a bit too much.
Let me rest a while, I'll be fine.
I'll send up some food.
If you don't feel better,
I'll call the doctor.
This quilt's making you hot.
-I'm coming, Madam.
What is this now?
Bihter isn't coming down to breakfast
because I'm here?
She didn't even leave her room
to say welcome.
I can't understand it.
She has a fever.
She's not strong enough
to leave her room, believe me.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
That's odd.
She never got ill in our damp
seaside house.
Good morning.
Mrs Firdevs...
-Thank you Behll, dear.
I was actually feeling
a little bit heartbroken.
It's good to see you.
Mrs Firdevs?
Behll? Will you look at me?
You look so pale this morning.
Are you unwell, too?
No I'm fine, thank you.
I also slept well.
Nowadays the weather is so unpredictable.
We should be careful.
Papa, will you be joining my lesson today?
I need to look after Bihter, dear.
We may need to call a doctor.
We used to do the translations together.
Someone's rather jealous
of her father I believe.
That's absurd.
Oh, I'm just teasing,
please don't be offended.
Anyway, I'd better go and check on Bihter.
You seem to be feeling much better,
Mrs Firdevs?
Taking the stairs on your own like that?
Don't worry dear, I am quite well.
But if Behll can hold my arm
and keep me company, I can climb
the stairs more easily.
With pleasure. Please.
We'll get used to each other in time.
Bihter, dear?
-You're so kind Behll dear. Thank you.
-Don't mention it.
I was starting to get offended.
Turns out you're in a bad mood.
I needn't have worried.
Let's check your temperature.
The world doesn't revolve around you,
Mrs Firdevs.
Oh I don't know, maybe it does.
I'll make you some nice soup.
The food here won't help you get better
for sure.
The kitchen really needs some
improvements, Bihter. Huh?
All that old-fashioned food,
for God's sake.
Don't you ever complain about it to them?
You've only just arrived and already
complaining about the food.
Don't worry, I won't be here forever.
However, I can stay if it is necessary
in some other circumstances.
What are you implying?
What do you mean?
I'm not in the mood for word games.
I don't know, in your absence Behll
can live here,
none of my business.
But now that you're married, I don't think
it's right that he stays here.
Not right at all.
He's got a reputation as a flirt.
I don't think it's appropriate
for a young man to live
with his uncle's wife.
It's not fair on Mr Adnan.
What are you saying?
-You're being ridiculous.
-Wait a minute.
People like to gossip.
If they see you two together
who knows what they might be thinking.
It's the same for Nihal, too.
You're the most malicious person I know.
I can't believe you, Bihter.
Your anger at me blinds you completely.
You married a man
who wasn't even on the list.
Then when you join his family...
Bihter, darling...
do you think your face
can hide the sadness in you?
Just look at yourself.
I love my husband.
Just keep your nonsense to yourself.
Alright then. So be it.
I'll go downstairs and make you some soup.
Come on pull yourself together.
Show some effort.
Welcome to our lives, Mrs Firdevs.
They sent Blent away on purpose.
Now you're going away as well.
I'll just be away for a short visit
and return.
I haven't been back to France
for such a long time, dearest.
To make Miss Bihter happy,
all the people around her are sent away.
I thought you'd be getting along well.
What's happening?
Bihter doesn't like people.
She loves no one other than herself.
But you can see that her smiles are fake,
can't you?
She sent Blent away and now you're going.
I'm leaving willingly.
Don't tell me you've finished?
We have just finished.
-Nihal just play one tune for me.
-I don't want to Behll, leave me alone.
Come on, let's go and get some fresh air
in the garden.
I'll send two cups of tea.
Let's go!
...everyone's going.
Sometimes you're here, and then not.
Am I supposed to be alone
in this big house?
You have to keep up with the times.
Survival means you need to move on.
Even when you're parted
from the people who love you.
Do you have a secret reading
habit other than politics?
Shall I snoop round your room?
Come here.
How love cures every sorrow.
Nihal will forget all her sadness
with Behll.
Your tea, Mrs Firdevs.
Would you like anything, Miss Bihter?
It's "Madam".
How many times do I have to tell you
how to address me?
I'm sorry.
Bring coffee to the garden.
What are you two doing?
Nihal, darling... are you alright?
Everything good? How are you?
Looks like you're better?
Yes, I made myself sick for no reason.
I'm fine.
Glad to hear that.
I must be off.
-Where are you going?
-To town my dear.
Can I come with you?
I promised my friends
but I could take you tomorrow.
Bihter could come, too.
Could I?
Who knows which girl
you'll be seeing today.
Don't be jealous.
Blue suits you.
-Your coffee, Madam.
-I changed my mind, I don't want it.
Who is it?
-I finished early, my dear.
-My darling.
Great to see you in good health again.
Nihal's not good.
Let's go to town tonight.
We can drink, eat and have fun.
We never did our anniversary properly.
I'll stay with Nihal.
Mademoiselle has left.
-I understand.
-Don't be sad.
But if you want, I can win your heart.
I don't want it now. Not now.
You're so beautiful.
Your skin, your smell.
There's something about you today.
Undo it.
Come on...
lie down.
Nihal came to my mind.
Was it all a dream, Behll?
-Bihter, everyone's downstairs.
-Was it a dream?
Yes. We had a bad dream, Bihter.
You regret it.
You stink.
I'm just another of your one-night stands.
Let go of me!
-That's not it.
-Then what is it?
Bihter, I don't understand you.
You said you were sick and stayed in bed.
I thought you regretted it.
I tried to stay away,
I didn't know what to do.
How could I forget those moments?
Whenever I close my eyes I remember them.
When you pass by...
...I clench my teeth to avoid your scent.
Why did you come to my room that night?
What did you want from me, Bihter?
Let's just say, I want to burn.
That's why I came.
How about you?
Will you burn with me, again?
You and I are the same, Behll.
How can you be so brave?
So reckless.
What if my uncle goes back to your room?
No one will be surprised
if we're found out.
"Oh Mrs Firdevs's daughter", they'll say.
They'd stain me with that in a second.
If anyone found out about us,
we could just leave.
Are you serious?
I would go anywhere with you.
If we're found out we can leave.
Starting a new one before my face is done?
It's really not that easy
to complete a face, my lady.
You're changing.
I'll only give it to you
when I'm happy with it.
I haven't shelved it.
I'm going to town today
with Bihter and Behll.
That's nice. Bihter wanted that too.
You could come along too?
I'll work.
Is there a problem between you two?
Sometimes you sleep here.
No, we're fine.
When I work, sometimes sleep catches me.
I'm ageing.
What's that supposed to mean?
You're not old, don't say that.
Good morning.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
Bihter, dear. You look glamorous.
I've been home for days.
We're going out, that's why I dressed up.
But Peyker and Nihat are coming today.
-Uh huh?
-You don't want to see them?
I didn't know. I promised Nihal.
It's alright with me Bihter,
we can go later.
There's no need for that.
Peyker's not a stranger.
Where are you going?
To town.
Are you going with them Behll?
I'll have the pleasure of accompanying
these two beauties.
If it wasn't for these aches
I'd be right on your tail.
-The car's ready, Madam.
-We're coming Beir.
Ah, welcome!
Oh! Feridun.
You're so cute. Look at those cheeks!
-I see him more grown every time.
-I wish you could see him more.
-Behll, hello. Are you well?
Mum has just told me a minute ago.
I didn't know you were coming.
I'd promised Nihal we'd go into town.
Nihal's been lonely since Blent
and Mademoiselle left.
Is Mr Adnan not going with you?
Could we say hello?
Adnan's working. We're going with Behll.
I don't think Mr Nihat can ease
Adnan's work.
Ah, ah! Behll!
What? It's a family joke.
Don't let young men like Behll
get close to you. You know?
He might get the wrong impression.
Don't worry.
Both of us swore to be loyal
to our husbands.
As your sister, I'm just warning you.
-Have a wonderful day!
-You too.
I am not offended by any of the sneaky
looks I'm getting in the mirror.
On the contrary, I want them deep
inside me.
Go easy! There are other places
I want to show you.
I'm so glad we came. I was suffocating.
Let's go out more, don't be suffocated.
-Bihter... the washroom?
-Just there on the left.
I want it to be nighttime now, Bihter.
I need to feel your skin.
If we could, right away.
I'll try to come.
Don't try, do it.
Calm down, we're being watched.
I wish you'd just stay.
Where have you been?
We thought you'd bought the whole town.
-Hello, Papa...
...I got myself some lovely new clothes.
They're being made up now.
-You won't recognise me.
Why don't you want to be recognised?
No, actually,
whatever they make for me,
everyone knows me
because I am Adnan Bey's daughter.
Mr Adnan Bey.
How these young people talk nowadays.
Well, that wasn't the town
I'm so used to going to.
We've been everywhere discovering
Bihter's hidden boutiques.
Worth it though, right?
I'm very happy.
Being with the two most beautiful girls
in Istanbul
must have been rather a treat for you.
Although I heard
that Turkish girls, don't really
interest you much?
So Behll is a topic of gossip?
Just false rumours, uncle.
A ladies' man is different from going out
with two beautiful women like them.
I wonder what people were saying?
One of them is your aunt and the other's...
...actually my dear, Nihal here
is not a close relative of yours,
If you go out together more than once
then people will start talking.
Oh for the love of God.
But I don't know.
Are we always to succumb
to other peoples' opinions?
What were they saying, Mrs Firdevs?
We are family.
-Bihter, it's bedtime.
-Yes, come on dear.
I hope I didn't offend anyone.
Is that why you're leaving?
Obviously that was a joke.
Goodnight, Behll.
My mother suspects something.
She's trying to get you and Nihal
together, can you see that?
Oh, come on Bihter.
She's obviously joking.
You wouldn't believe what she can do
when she wants to.
Beir is watching us.
How do you know that?
I'm only watching you,
I don't see anything else.
My mother cheated on my father
and after his death we inherited
these suspicions.
Come on Behll, don't pretend
this is news to you.
I heard that but it doesn't matter.
Is that why you didn't make a move
on my sister, even though you fancied her?
I got to know Peyker through you.
I had always heard that Mr Melih
had two beautiful granddaughters.
And she was already married
when I met her.
If she wasn't married,
you would have had your fun with her.
You wouldn't have presented her to Adnan
as you wife-to-be, would you?
But what did your uncle do?
Made the other daughter
the lady of the house.
He surprised everyone.
Is this really what you want
to talk about in bed with me?
Alright, since everyone's watching us,
we should be a bit cautious.
Behll, you said if we got caught we'd go.
Bihter, there's a time for everything.
And what are we waiting for?
Do you think I wouldn't want
to just pack up and leave?
Do you know how terrible it feels
to spend another night without you?
To know that you go to someone else's bed?
You don't know.
I need to go.
You shouldn't have come
in the first place.
Because you'll always have to go.
-You'll always have to go.
You brought it up.
What are you saying?
You come here...
...take what you want from me.
Now you'll go to sleep
on my uncle's pillow,
tenderly stroking his hair.
Uncle, I don't understand why you're not
more active in this political vacuum?
I mean, look at this.
People without even half your business,
power and respect,
are taking a chance on this.
Not for me, Behll.
But you know better than I do.
When things get to a more
serious stage, I'll support you.
For now I observe and I'm a good listener.
There's something about you these days.
You don't go out like you used to.
Is there something you're not telling me?
No uncle, it's the tension
of these changing times.
The resistance against the Hat Revolution.
The events in Fatih, Erzerum, Rize
and Maras have taken away nightlife's fun.
But I'll go out tonight,
I feel suffocated.
Oh, is Mr Behll suffocated?
Are you going out on the pull?
Don't be hard on him.
I'd better go.
Nihal and Mrs Firdevs asked me to buy
a few things.
Do you want anything, Bihter?
Just sweets. I always need sweets.
There's something I need
your opinion about.
What do you think about Mrs Firdevs's idea
of matching Nihal and Behll?
Extremely comical!
Don't you find that funny?
Well I can see that Behll
has little interest in Nihal
and she wouldn't want it either but...
Nihal's so alone Bihter.
Because she's lonely
we need to marry her off?
You had long skirts made for her
and made her feel like a woman.
Now she wants to be loved
like an adult, not a child.
Oh, Adnan, this is so silly. You amaze me.
I don't blame you though.
This is not your fault.
I know this is my mother's poison.
Why are you so against this?
You get on well with Behll.
Is there something you're not telling me?
While he's going off to the whores
in town for fear of my love,
my job here is marriage guidance.
Oh, thank you very much.
Darling, if Nihal would like
to get married one day,
I'll be at her side with you.
I am amazed that my mother
is no longer an invalid in this household,
but has decided to be a matchmaker.
This has got to stop.
-Stay out of this!
Mrs Firdevs... what beautiful weather.
You should take your aching body outside.
Are you feeling well enough
to go back home, huh?
Aren't you bored with trying
to stir up mischief?
Why do you want to send me away?
You keep looking away,
what are you hiding?
Don't you realise
that you're much worse than me?
-Do you take me as a sinner like yourself?
-Maybe you should stop resisting, Bihter.
I can see the way that he looks at you.
You really don't seem to ever
understand me.
I'm trying to protect you.
What the hell are you talking about?
Out! Get outside right away.
I don't want you in my house.
You've had a lovely holiday
but now it's over.
That's enough! Get out--
Bihter, what's going on?
You frightened me.
It's nothing Nihal.
Go back to your studies.
Why are you brushing her off?
Nihal's a young lady now.
She needs to know about things,
doesn't she?
Bihter and I were talking about you.
-What's that supposed to mean?
-Mum, enough.
What then?
You seem to think that Nihal
is too young to marry.
What do you mean, Mrs Firdevs?
My mother's being ridiculous,
just ignore her.
Nihal is far too young.
Just don't poison her.
You may immediately panic about getting
married once you've reached a certain age.
But I have no desire to marry.
Oh, Nihal dear...
you're so naive, so innocent.
Behll must be careful not to scare you.
Or maybe I misread it,
-Behll's interested in you.
-Please, can we drop this?
I agree with that.
Bihter loves you like a daughter.
She just can't find a partner for you
right now.
Being so alone is just awful, really.
If only you knew.
Don't be fooled by the crowd
in this house, my dear one.
What will you do when everyone
goes their own way, Nihal?
Will you live with your father and Bihter
for the rest of your life?
I'd say, don't turn it down
if it's on offer.
I'm really not sure how many houses
we own in Istanbul,
but you're obviously in a better position
to know than I am.
When I find one that is suitable
then I'll stay there.
Excuse me.
Everyone in this house is watching me.
Oh my dear Mademoiselle de Courton,
how long this journey has been.
If you only knew how much I need you
and the wisdom you could give me.
I didn't see Adnan as a husband,
but as a ticket to salvation.
I was hoping that this marriage would
save me from being Mrs Firdevs's daughter.
Now it's killing me in every way.
My favourite part is coming.
Here you are.
...Beir, look!
Ah, that'll be Mister Blent, Madam.
-I'll greet him.
-Ah, very well.
Bring my Blent to me, right away.
Blent is here auntie, the ferry's coming.
Let's see, God willing.
These pastries smell delicious.
You must be tired.
No dear.
And your room is now all ready.
I hope you'll stay a long time.
Come on auntie.
This is what I ran away from.
From what?
I can see that Mrs Firdevs's lousy jokes
have reached your ears.
I had them made for Blent.
-Brides aren't supposed to eat that much.
For the love of God.
Well, let there be love, that's right.
Beir? Where is Blent?
-He didn't get off the ship.
-He'll probably come tomorrow.
Perhaps he'll go straight to the house.
Maybe not as thrilling as seeing Blent
but here I am.
Ah, you little rascal you,
you stopped calling me.
Well, I'm here now, auntie.
Well, don't just stand there, take a seat.
I've got to go back tonight, auntie.
If it's alright, I'd like to take
Nihal on a tour of the island.
While you're here, why don't you stay
for a couple of nights?
I promise for another time.
I've things to do.
Would it be alright if we borrowed
your coach?
Quite fine. Beir will take you.
In fact, Beir knows this island much
better than the normal coachmen.
You bad boy you, ah!
Have a nice trip.
Auntie, don't get your hopes up,
nothing's going to happen.
Just go for a walk and see what happens.
Where are we going, Behll?
I feel like I'm in a dream sitting
in a coach next to you.
You're mistaken, we're not a couple.
Maybe we should go back.
On the contrary, it's great.
Let's keep going.
Mrs Firdevs's words the other day
confused everybody so much.
Crazy, right Behll?
I'm starting to think that it's not crazy.
I think that you're a bit tired
with your life.
Are you looking for a change?
It's like you've been offered a toy
and you're reaching out for it.
A lovely new toy.
Not true.
You are something to hide
among the most delicate flowers.
A few months ago we were ragging around
and I was messing with your hair.
I don't see you like that anymore.
Admit it you're confused too,
otherwise why'd you come to the island?
You need this, right?
It's like I can sense all your pain.
You're so in need of being loved.
If there is a heart that loves you
amid this loneliness...
...say yes to it.
Maybe that would change us both Nihal.
If you mix honey with egg yolk
and smear it on your face,
it fights the wrinkles.
And listen, the night before
you use that mixture,
put some okra seeds in water,
then drink it in the morning.
I find it helps me a lot.
Ah, the rascal.
Where have you been?
Good morning.
My friends and I rented a room in Asmali.
I couldn't leave them.
Have a glass of water, Bihter.
We missed you, Behll.
There's no one left in the house.
We're stuck in this empty place.
-Nihal said Blent would be here.
-Where did you see Nihal?
-On the island.
I didn't know you went there?
How nice that you went to visit Nihal.
Good for you.
So when's our girl coming back?
She's coming back today with Beir.
I just went there on a whim.
While I've been in agony and pain,
hugging his scarf to my chest...
...he visits Nihal on a whim.
Well it happens a lot.
I've noticed that.
I may be pregnant.
I could have called the doctor
had I known sooner.
Darling, it's just a couple of days
past my period,
I didn't want to cause a fuss.
Don't worry at all.
Will you bless me with that news again?
We'll be waiting for your good news,
my dear.
Congratulations, uncle.
If you'll excuse me, I must get some rest.
Are you sure?
-Where are you going?
-I've been feeling nauseous all day.
Have you totally lost your mind, Bihter?
Can't you see that joke
could cause a disaster?
Do you realise what a disaster
this marriage would be?
I've been waiting for you.
I missed you so much.
I've been waiting but did you think of me?
-Be quiet!
-Did you miss me? You kept me burning.
But you came back for Nihal.
For a marriage that will guarantee
you an entry into politics.
Adnan's daughter will guarantee you votes.
Adnan's little girl Nihal, all yours!
Bihter... Bihter...
You said we'd be together.
Didn't you say that? Huh?
I love you.
But you need to understand
why I need this marriage.
You really love me?
I wish I didn't...
but I've never loved anyone like this.
Bihter, just go now.
Please, just go.
Oh, I've missed you so much!
Is my sister going to marry Behll,
is that true?
Who's making this up? That's not true.
Everyone should know that there won't be
such a marriage.
Mr Adnan? Do you have a moment?
Please, come in.
Oh dear, these days sleep escapes me.
So are you creating your splendid works
in here?
Lovely room. First time I've seen it.
I'm usually alone. No one comes by here.
I won't stay long.
Nihal is back, I saw her car.
Good news.
I would imagine that she's made
a decision by now.
But being her father,
she may hesitate to tell you her decision,
because she's scared
that you might disapprove.
Mrs Firdevs, this marriage idea... brought it up in the first place.
Where did you get such an idea?
I don't think Nihal is much interested
in the idea, really.
-Merci. Maybe it will help me sleep.
To be absolutely honest Mr Adnan,
about this whole marriage business,
I can't be totally accurate about Nihal.
But Behll... he definitely wants
to marry Nihal.
I'm sure of it.
As you know, he went all the way
to the island for her.
If you don't speak openly
about this marriage, Mr Adnan,
these two youngsters won't bring it up.
And why are you so eager for this,
when Bihter is so reluctant?
Ah, well of course, I have a number
of reasons.
Listen, first things first,
I think Nihal and Behll are a couple
that will dazzle with all
their possibilities
and their love for each other.
For high society too.
I say this, because I know a thing
or two about high society.
Besides, this marriage will boost
Behll's hopes of going into politics.
It will even guarantee it.
The second reason is...
after all I am a mother, Mr Adnan,
Bihter has to be my concern.
How is Bihter involved?
-Allow me to speak plainly.
You know, at first, I never approved
of your marriage with my daughter.
I'm sure that you know why.
Do you think that our marriage
is a mistake?
Despite this crowded house,
Bihter has ended up really alone.
It's impossible not to see this.
I don't know if you're aware of it,
but you are her husband.
You didn't even throw an age appropriate
party for her.
If Nihal and Behll get married...
maybe your focus would only be Bihter.
Then, in order to keep
your marriage alive,
such a ridiculous lie
about having a baby...
...wouldn't be necessary.
A lie about a baby?
It's painful.
In order to gain your attention
for a few moments,
she came up with a lie about a baby.
Can't you see how absolutely
desperate she is?
I can't witness this anymore.
Mr Adnan...
I hope you'll fulfil
your husbandly duties.
Please do, so the dear young girl
doesn't make some terrible mistakes.
Behll didn't come to take me,
so I'm going to take him.
-You sure my uncle's in his workshop?
-Never mind that.
I've missed you so much.
You seem thoughtful.
I thought you liked it dark.
Darkness leads to mistakes.
Your Nihal has returned,
you can find light in her.
Just like you talked her into marriage,
you should now talk her out of it.
Please, before this escalates higher.
I can't change my mind, Bihter.
-You said you loved me, today.
-I love you, Bihter.
Can't you see the love in my eyes?
But I love Nihal in a different way.
You love Nihal.
You love Nihal.
Bihter, why are you laughing to yourself?
What is it?
Are you trying to get my attention?
Or are you trying to scare me?
Go crazy if you want. Go on!
Listen, this marriage will protect us.
No one will suspect us, do you get me?
I don't want to hide behind a glass
that would protect us,
I want to break that glass
and shatter it into pieces.
You were a dream, Bihter.
A dream that would be known only to us.
You want everyone to know
but that would kill Nihal.
I love Nihal.
Not like the fire that I feel for you... could never be.
Please understand if I'm not loved
by Nihal, this sin is going to kill me.
I can't sleep with a tart every night
just to wash you out of my mind, Bihter.
Whenever you wanted anything
you came to me
then went back to my uncle's bed?
There are marks on your body
that I didn't make.
We haven't committed a sin.
We fell in love, but what did you do?
You sought love with whores,
and now you seek it with Nihal.
This is painful for me.
Is this painful for you? Is that right?
There is anger that you hide
behind your eyes.
You think that is pain and you embrace it,
but ambition makes you stumble.
Because only you know pain, is that right?
Only Bihter can have losses in this life.
You made love with me not for love
but for adventure.
When I didn't run after you,
you went crazy.
When I gave up, you got ambitious.
It's over, Bihter.
Stop acting like a mad woman, please.
I'm not mad.
I am Bihter.
I am not a dream.
I am real.
Good morning.
-What's going on Bihter?
-I came to chat with my mother.
What's wrong with you?
Have you been drinking?
-What is this now?
-What do you think?
Here, want some?
Have you no shame?
What if someone sees you like this?
Look at you. You are drunk.
I am not drunk.
When I look in your eyes...
I'm more like you than dad.
My greatest fear.
When I look into your eyes, I see that...
...whether you want it or not,
you are my daughter.
Tonight, I've come here for the first time
to ask your help.
They are not going to marry.
You'll ruin this marriage
as you started it.
It will not happen!
What the hell are you doing,
are you out of your mind?
Everyone's eyes are on us.
Everyone's been watching me for years!
All those maids and the chauffeur.
All looking at me and talking about me.
I'll fire them all!
Stop shouting, be quiet.
Now you'll turn them against you
and attract more attention.
You will stop this marriage.
Why? I see so many good reasons
to make this marriage work.
And I see no reason at all to stop it.
Give me that, enough!
Enough of the spoilt brat.
You put it in everyone's mind.
You came to this house out of vengeance.
Because Adnan chose me. He chose me!
Pull yourself together.
What is it, Bihter?
Did you fall in love with
that pathetic man?
Yes. I did.
At last.
I can't ignore your training.
But I didn't know that love would
start a riot in my body.
For a few days' pleasure,
look what you've done to yourself.
Is it worth it for a man like Behll?
Is it really worth losing all this?
Look at me, look me in the eye.
Darling you're Adnan's wife.
Are you with me?
You know what that means.
You must understand.
I'm Bihter...
...only Bihter.
I'm begging you, stop that marriage.
I'm dying, don't you get it?
-Blent and I did this together.
-That's right!
Remember when the children wouldn't leave
the kitchen, Mademoiselle?
Making pies and cakes with akire Baci.
I wanted to ask you about that.
Why did akire leave the house?
I fired her.
From now on anyone who disrespects me
gets their marching orders.
That's not very nice, Bihter.
What kind of disrespectful act
got her fired?
Nihal it was obvious she had to go really,
because she was slow
and she couldn't keep up
with all the changes I wanted to make--
We haven't completely decided yet.
We'll talk again.
-Have some of this.
-I don't want any.
There's something else that we would like
to share with you Papa.
Actually, I know that you all know,
and that you're expecting me to answer.
Basically, hoping that you would approve,
I've proposed to Nihal.
I said "yes" to Behll, Papa.
We'd like your approval.
Oh God, now I feel that
this is really my fault.
I planted this idea in your heads.
Why are you making it sound
like a crime, Mrs Firdevs?
Dearest Nihal, you're so inexperienced.
Getting married isn't something
you rush into, is it?
-Maybe you should take more time.
-I love Nihal.
I want to share my life with Nihal.
So much we want to experience together.
Now I think I might throw up.
I have no doubt you'll take care
of my daughter.
Are we engaged now?
If you're this choked up
about the engagement,
how will the wedding be?
Congratulations, Nihal.
If you allow us, we want to marry
on the island.
It's a special place for us.
Poor Beir is very ill.
I want to take him to the island at once.
The weather there is good for him.
Did you see the doctor, Bihter?
In case you were having a baby?
I guess since you're drinking so much,
it's not good news.
Let's just say I was premature.
Anyway, now that you're leaving
the mansion,
we are going to have some
fun times together, aren't we?
Please, Bihter there are children here.
Children? They just got engaged.
Besides, Behll knows
all the wicked night spots.
I'm sure Behll will stop being
a ladies' man once he gets married.
That's all in the past.
When I decided to marry Nihal
I stopped doing it.
I did lots of things in the past
that I wish I hadn't done.
Nihal will be a new spring for me.
I don't want to remember
anything from before.
Not anything?
Bihter? Are you alright?
Whatever I do, it's no different
from drowning.
You don't usually drink in the daytime.
I had a couple of glasses,
are you going to report me?
You probably don't want to talk
about the baby thing,
but I would like one.
Nihal and Behll are back,
Beir has got worse.
We'll make the wedding date earlier.
What's the rush?
Why delay it, the wedding dress
is almost ready.
Beir would love to see Nihal as a bride.
And why? So he'll die faster?
Everybody's so tied up with themselves
they can't see Beir's love for Nihal.
Will you please snap out of it Bihter.
Come on.
Let them marry.
What will you do?
Will you try and stop them?
Look, no words will change their mind.
Attracting more attention would
really be our doom.
Bihter, don't you mind people talking
about you behind your back?
I'll end up with all those people,
-Peyker, even Feridun--
-Did you care about us?
You're stuck in your past.
Stop taking it out on me, Bihter.
Admit it you've lost.
Don't ruin your life for this.
So when Nihal gets married,
you can go back to France,
and display your terrific hats
in your hometown.
I'm not planning to go back to France.
I love Istanbul.
My hats go well in this city too,
Miss Bihter.
How strange that I didn't warn you...
About what?
Bihter is my name, and it's Madam Bihter,
like the rest of the staff.
Alright, Madam.
That is fine, if it will make you happier
in these awful days for you.
Bihter, dear.
What do you think of my wedding dress?
From the first shop you took me to.
Not really my style.
It's a matter of taste, I suppose.
Are you jealous, Mademoiselle?
Feeling stuck on the shelf?
-Nihal, it's alright.
It's not alright. It's far from alright.
I thought you wanted what was good for me.
But what is the real reason
you're so against this marriage?
Nihal dear, why are you shouting now?
-What's going on?
-Come on Mrs Firdevs, you can talk.
What happened that changed your mind too?
You wanted me to get married--
Nihal, I was joking with Mademoiselle.
I'm happy for you!
-Oh really?
I'm sorry but your joke sounded
totally inappropriate to me.
If Mademoiselle wanted to get married,
then she'd marry whoever she wanted.
She has no family to feel ashamed of.
Or some damp seaside mansion
with serious debts to pay.
She didn't marry someone she didn't love
or give in to her ambitions.
I can hear you from outside,
what's going on?
You're supposed to be the happy bride,
what is it?
Behll, go! Don't see the wedding dress.
Pull yourselves together.
What is your problem?
What can't you share in this big house?
Mr Adnan is quite right.
At a wedding this happens between
every mother and daughter.
I mean, you should have seen,
the fights we had.
I don't want any fights in this house.
You may be used to it, but I'm not.
Now it's us and them.
Nihal darling, I really am sorry.
I'm aware that this is your day.
-I never meant to spoil it.
-No not to me.
Apologise to Mademoiselle.
Alright, enough.
Attend to your work.
Seeing the dress before the wedding
brings bad luck.
Don't run!
You can't see the dress yet.
-Tonight, I will come to your room.
Bihter, they'll see. What are you doing?
Alright, we'll talk.
Just be calm among people, please.
He cares what people say,
so he's throwing his own funeral party.
People will talk, yes they will,
but we'll live with it.
Maybe there will be havoc tonight.
We might have the guts to leave,
and maybe Nihal will really die,
and we will live.
Behll, you're being stupid.
Behll open this door.
Listen tomorrow will be too late
for everything. Behll...
...Behll, please open it,
we'll just talk.
You're burning your fingers and ours.
Behll please open this door.
Open this door!
Behll, please open it, we'll just talk.
Come on get dressed.
Come on.
Mr Adnan will be here now.
Mum, I can't do this.
Darling, this is the first time
you've fallen in love.
This is it.
In time you will find out how love
comes and goes.
Come on, get yourself together.
Behll comes here right away
or I will tell Adnan everything!
Well don't go talking nonsense again.
Don't you hear what I say?
This is not going to end well, Bihter.
I tell you they will kill us this time.
"Oh they'll kill us this time!"
Mum, he's not talking to me,
-he's running from me.
-So what?
That means there's nothing left to say.
-I'm going to tell Adnan everything.
-Stop, Bihter!
Wait in this room.
I'll get Behll to talk to you
but don't do anything mad.
Alright? Do you hear me?
Alright my beautiful, get dressed.
Wow the lot of them.
And you will show them all,
who has the power.
What is power?
To live in a big house?
To have the most expensive necklace?
To run after the one you love?
Isn't this power?
To be brave enough to face death?
"They could kill us".
Has my brother-in-law got time
to play a game with me?
Sorry Blent, I've got to get dressed.
Alright. Then I'll go and play
hide and seek with Beir.
That'll be fun.
What is it, Blent?
Bihter is going to confess everything.
Please go and talk to her, Behll.
Convince her. Do something.
What do you mean?
Now is not the time to be a coward.
I'm not stupid, I know everything.
Is it true?
Will you confess, Bihter?
Is it true? You want Nihal dead?
Your only fear in the house
is seeing Nihal dead.
Your only fear.
My beautiful Nihal. She is now complete.
Beir, shouldn't you be in bed?
Why are you up?
Bihter's going to confess to Papa.
Why did she want to see Behll
in her room to talk?
Confess what Blent, dear?
Mr Behll and Miss Bihter
have been having an affair.
For months... at nighttime.
Why can't you accept
that it's over, Bihter!
It's easy and fits so well.
You'll solve it by marrying Nihal today.
And here you'll torture me
by watching your happiness.
Behll, I so wanted to trust you.
You'll ruin us all.
So that you can kill me?
I died many times, but how could that
compete with Nihal's death?
-Papa. My sister's fainted!
We've killed Nihal. Did you hear?
Only Nihal?
What are you doing?
Bihter, where did you find that?
What are you doing?
Bihter don't be stupid, put that down.
Listen my uncle is coming.
Everything has been revealed.
Everyone knows everything.
Bihter, we'll go away,
just as I promised you.
Wow, you're following your heart now,
are you?
Grown balls, when busted.
Put that gun down.
We will get out of here.
What is going on?
You won't leave me, will you?
I'll be back.
I want to take revenge
with my beautiful dead body.
-He's in the boat!
This is my story.
I have the power to tell it
and the guts to live.
Neither Firdevs's daughter,
nor Adnan's wife.
I am Bihter.
I'm not mad, I am not a dream. I am real.
I won't die in the dark.
I will not keep living in this cemetery.
I see no reason to hide myself
away from people.
My love's running away in a boat,
but here I stand with my blood,
my life, my sins,
and I'm going nowhere.