Bilal: A New Breed of Hero (2015) Movie Script

Ah, ah, ah, ah.
Mm. Mm-mm.
Mother, who are they?
Keep your sister safe, Bilal.
Bilal. Are you all right?
- I am fine.
- Was it that dream again?
I was saving this for you.
a piece of it missing.
Well? I'm waiting.
Oh. Why, thank you,
my wonderful, amazing sister.
You are very welcome, my loving
brother. That is more like it.
- What can one dirham buy?
- Well, to start...
a blessing from
one of the gods.
Maybe one of them will bring you
something to stop your nightmares.
Where were these gods
when Mother needed them?
I will buy you something
sweet to eat instead.
- Ghufaira! Fetch water for the master.
- Move it!
I will get it.
Dates! Sweetest dates! Come over
here for your sweetest dates!
- Different colours, different prices.
- How much it is, then?
Would you like to taste one?
Idols for sale! Idols for sale!
They come in all
colours and shapes!
They make your
wishes come true!
Idols for fame,
idols for strength!
Idols for fertility.
Idols for beauty.
Ooh, I can see that you definitely
don't need an idol for beauty.
The idol needs you.
- Thank you.
- But for fertility... you want to bear a son, don't you?
With this, you can bear
- Ugh!
- Watch where you're going, boy!
The idols see all.
The idols... know all.
Stray not into the desert sands, lest
the harsh flames of wrath consume you.
Come! Enter!
Prove your faith with
wealth and gifts!
Appease the idols' anger...
or else.
Come, boy. Come!
You wish to be free of your
nightmares, don't you?
Take that coin
from your pocket.
No offering too small;
no wish... too big.
You can have...
whatever you desire.
I want this one!
The idols... see all.
- You missed!
- On purpose.
My arrows need worthy targets.
I wouldn't waste
them on a chicken.
But a deer...
Where would
we find a deer?
What?! Safwan,
what are you doing?
There's a deer.
A black one.
Over here, slave!
I said... come here.
Stop, slave! I command you!
The deer
thinks it's a lion.
Yeah. You better
watch out.
- You better watch out! - I was just kidding.
- Shut up! Now get her.
Let go
of me.
- Don't move.
- Don't.
Please don't.
Oh, Safwan. Looks like you got your deer...
in his tail!
- You will not harm her.
- How dare you give me an order?!
Teach this rat... a lesson.
Please forgive him,
Master Safwan.
Hey! What are you boys doing?
Oh, I didn't know it was you,
young Master Safwan. Apologies.
Are these slaves bothering you?
I'll thrash them if they are!
Come on. Let's go. Tell your father
I'll deliver his order today!
Did they hurt you? Oh.
I should have been here to protect you. I
will never let anyone hurt you ever again.
Step forward. Be generous.
Make your offer, and this prize
specimen shall be yours.
Do I hear a second
on that? Third?
Sold. Sold. Get this wretch out
of here. Bring up the next one.
This is the finest slave...
in my possession. He's clever.
He reads and writes.
He speaks 20 languages.
20, I say!
He even speaks to animals!
Oh, great Umayya, you can't ask for a better
servant on your trading missions. Oh, no.
Uh, that one
is not quite as clever...
but he is as strong as an ox.
- I'll take him.
- You will?
I mean... excellent choice!
He's a bit expensive, but I
know the gods have been generous to you,
my dearest Umayya.
Okba, one of these days, I'm going to
dip your tongue in a bowl of dry sand.
Have him delivered.
Ah! Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Ah, thank you!
Ah, blessed Umayya.
Oh, gracious, magnificent...
Your Honour, I have
the idols you ordered.
Should I bring them to your home,
or to the shop in the market?
What do you think?
- Uh...
- The market, you idiot.
And the next time you're
late, I won't pay.
A thousand pardons.
It won't happen again.
I was delayed; I had to come
to the aid of your son, Safwan.
- Hmm? What about Safwan?
- He was being assaulted by a slave boy.
- Which slave?
- They called him Bilal. He had your son on the ground.
But I, I pulled him off. Ha!
Saved him from a thrashing.
Enough. Take these idols to my
stall at once, or forget the deal.
Yes, sir. Of course.
Right away.
Pick it up.
I said... pick it up.
Whose apple is this?
Whose is it?
- Yours, sir. Yours.
- And what is the difference between you and this apple?
No difference, sir.
Don't you forget it again.
Take him out to the
courtyard... and whip him.
- Move!
- Argh!
No matter what you do...
a master breeds a master...
and a slave breeds a slave.
Father, I hope you are going to
teach him a lesson he'll never-
How could you let
a slave beat you?
Bilal's lying, Father! The slave,
he's lying! He did not beat-
You made me look like a fool.
Stop it. Stop it, I say!
He isn't crying. You shouldn't be crying either.
I don't care what happened... don't ever
let a slave embarrass me in public again.
Mother... what kind
of man was my father?
Your father was a great man.
What do you want to be
when you grow up, Bilal?
- Hmm.
- A farmer?
Or maybe a merchant that
makes a lot of money?
Huh. I want to be
a great warrior!
And that's
what you will be...
a great warrior...
with a beautiful voice.
And I want to ride
on a big horse.
- And I will fight enemies and protect you and Ghufaira.
- That's very honourable, Bilal.
But remember, a sword and a horse
cannot make you a great man.
- They can't?
- No.
Being a great man means
living without chains.
Huh. Chains?
No, no. The ones you can't see.
The ones... in here.
- Inside me?
- Mm-hm.
Being a warrior...
won't make you a great man...
if you are chained to
anger and vengeance.
Superstition and fear are chains
too, and there are others.
To be a great man...
you have to break
free of them all.
But how do I do that?
I can't see inside me.
I can.
And I see the heart of a great man, Bilal.
You'll find the way.
Guidance will come.
You'll see.
No chains will hold you.
No chains.
You were wrong, Mother.
I am a slave.
And I will always be in chains.
Why did they have to whip you?
You didn't do anything!
It does not matter. Master Umayya
can do whatever he wants with us.
look at what I found.
I know you didn't mean to lose this. You
can still use it to make an offering.
I heard the priest say big blessings
can come from small gifts.
I don't need it. I'm never
gonna hope for anything again.
I am a slave, and no god in the
market has the power to change that!
All right. I'll keep it.
And I won't spend it either.
It's yours. I'll keep it safe for
you until you ask for it back.
Very funny.
Oh! Whoa!
The way you fly off that
horse amazes me every single time.
It never gets old!
only been twice.
Ugh! Today.
I, on the other hand...
- never miss.
- You just love to show off, don't you, Saad?
- Besides, you have all the time and money to practise.
- Hmm.
You need more than money to
be the best at what you do.
- You need a great deal of determination.
- Ha. Right.
So your determination
is to hunt fruit?
I have to get back. Believe me, you
do not want to upset Master Umayya.
Tell me something, Bilal... why don't you
just start riding and keep on going?
- Across those dunes to wherever they may lead.
- And find my palace?
More likely I'd find it only
to end up working in it.
See you later, apple hunter.
Here. For your troubles.
Till next time, my friend.
Please, just
a little bit of coin.
Just a little food.
Some coins. Please.
- Please, some coins.
- Out of the way, child!
Please, I have no food.
- No.
- Argh!
You do not want to do that.
But I'm so hungry.
Take this.
You're so kind.
You would rather pay from your own pocket
than to see this god lose its wealth?
I wanted to spare
the boy a beating.
Ah. Then you care more for
a beggar boy than an idol?
Don't you believe the
promises of the priests?
My apologies, sir. I am just
a slave and know no better.
Don't you?
Or do you?
You're no priest. You're...
the lord of merchants...
- Al-Siddiq.
- Indeed.
Are you kneeling because
you thought I was a priest?
Or was it my question
that frightened you?
Get up, son. Do not be afraid.
No, sir.
I am not frightened.
- You seem amused.
- Your Honour, what do you know about fear?
I have seen enough of it
in the eyes of the people.
Enough to understand
what makes slaves of the many.
A woman is afraid she will bear a girl. She
pays an offering and begs the idols to fix it.
A rich man fears poverty.
He shares a little of his money with the gods and
promises more if they help him stay wealthy.
An old man fears death, so he
pays a priest for deliverance.
This fear compels them to
seek refuge in these gods...
gods of greed, of injustice...
with hope that all of their
problems will go away.
Surely this sacred structure was not
built to house all of this corruption.
It was built so that all mankind
could stand together as equals...
and follow the one creator.
- Except for slaves.
- Son, no one is born a slave.
You were free once,
were you not?
I was.
Once. A long time ago.
Devils raided my village...
destroyed my home.
They took me and Ghufaira...
- my sister.
- What about your...?
She still talks to me.
Sir, all this talk
of equality...
is wishful thinking.
It holds no meaning to me,
so save your speech for a man who can
afford this... thing you are selling.
Young man, life is more
generous than you may think.
- I am not here to sell anything.
- It may be, sir,
but not for slaves.
My master is expecting these.
- I must return.
- Whom do you serve?
Master Umayya,
the greatest man in the city.
- And what is your name, son?
- Bilal.
Bilal. I saw greatness in the
hand that saved that boy today.
And remember, great men are those who have
the will to choose their own destiny.
Hurry up! Move it! Right now.
Good job, sir.
- Sir?
- Master Safwan! Master Safwan!
Master Safwan, your
father summons you.
How many times do
I have to remind you?
Kneel when you come
before me, slave.
Hmm. Few are born to rule;
others to serve.
You do not look good on your
knees, brother. Get up, my friend!
You need to see what I got for the
feast tonight. You will love it!
Where is he?
- You are late.
- You remember my sister, Ghufaira?
My lady. I am Soheib,
- first-rate slave and blacksmith extraordinaire.
- Yes, a funny man.
Where were you?
It's almost time for the feast.
They will whip you
if you are late.
Nowhere. The master told
me to fetch Safwan.
Did he harm you?
I would have turned this Safwan into a sack
of potatoes if I'd only gotten there sooner.
That princess. He and that
little goon who follows him.
You must remain strong, Bilal.
They are only as strong as the fear they
put inside of us. We must never give in.
- All right. Back to work.
- Behold... special delivery to your master from my master.
That's very shiny.
- Mm. Nice work, Soheib.
- Yes. It's my finest one yet.
This Al Siddiq...
I cannot believe.
This man goes about the city speaking
against the gods. Every day. Every day!
How many following,
I do not know.
You leave too much exposed.
You rely too much on luck.
Luck favours the bold.
Perhaps. But are you willing
to risk it in the real world?
- You ask as if you don't know me.
- I ask...
because I see a threat looming.
You are truly obsessed
with this nonsense.
This 'nonsense' can strike
you where you stand, Umayya!
Let's make an example
out of them,
a reminder to those who
dare stand against us!
After all, we have
a business to take care of.
Abu Al-Hakam, as always, you have managed
to ruin my evening with your concerns.
Bilal! Come, sing for us.
- Let's lighten the mood.
- Ah, yes!
I have heard my slaves speaking
of this one's voice.
Let's hear it!
Distant shadows,
mountains and trees.
Here I stand
as she shelters me.
Distant shadows,
as dark as night.
The sky cries to us all
as it sends down its tears.
Here I stand
as she shelters me.
Distant shadows.
Mother, please hide.
They draw so near.
All these shadows.
Why are they so close?
As the sky sends down...
its... tears.
Look, he cries!
Hold on to your mother, slave!
Sing one more song for us!
- Sinners.
- Blasphemers.
- What are you looking at? - Ugh!
- Eyes down, slave!
You quench your thirst from the waters
that our gods have provided you.
Yet what do you offer
in return, huh? Nothing!
Today you repent your
sins to me, traitors.
No! Soheib!
Let him go!
- Ugh! Argh!
- No! - Get this one!
Whip him!
- Look, it's him!
- It's the lion.
- It is Hamza.
- Look out. It's the lion!
- Ugh!
- Hamza! You've arrived just in time.
Look at these dogs, these sinners!
They must be disciplined, and so does-
Aargh! Argh!
- Argh!
- And so does who, coward?
You call yourselves men? You're a disgrace
to Makkah and to your forefathers.
Since when were these
waters not free for all?
And know this... I only see God
through the actions of men.
Your savagery today uncovered
the true colour of your belief.
- So fight me!
- Or get out of my sight.
- Hamza. - Bless you, mighty Hamza.
- Bless you! Thank you.
You arrived just in
time, old friend.
Al Siddiq.
It has been too long.
Come. We have much
to talk about.
Come on, Bilal.
Help me get him up.
My people, take as much as you need from
the Zamzam well. No soldier will stop you.
Do you believe change
will come, even for us?
Mother believed so.
Why are you asking?
Hmm. This morning...
I went to see him again.
And who could this be?
There are no young thieves
to save out here.
Sir, what did you mean before?
That we choose?
Are you offering to buy me?
- Would you like me to?
- Well, you seem like a better master than the one I serve now.
Believe it or not, Bilal,
your master is a slave himself.
And who is his master?
Greed... the worst of them all.
Are you saying that
no one is ever free?
- I am not.
- Then how will I...
ever be free?
Only you can enslave
yourself, Bilal.
I... I apologise.
I've never been treated with such
kindness before, and I still...
I don't understand why
a noble like you would want...
to help someone like me.
Is there something you expect
me to do in return?
You see, Bilal, this man once
guided me when I was truly lost,
a great and noble man who spreads
the message of equality.
I have chosen to do the
same, so here we stand.
And who knows, Bilal? Perhaps one day, you
will inspire the hearts of many as well.
Me? How can I do that?
Come. Sit.
You sought me out to talk to
me, didn't you? Let's talk.
So... our mother was right.
Yes. She was.
It always seemed that way.
She was always so very wise.
A toast to my son, Safwan.
He had the business sense to make
a killing on those little idols.
Now he can afford to
host his first feast.
To his health!
Are you still sulking because
you passed up a good deal?
I told you these portable
idols would sell.
It may be the last money
any of us ever make.
What are you talking about? There's
a fortune in these little idols.
You should have heard the priests
hawking them today in the market.
You were not there later.
- There was a dispute, and the people listened.
- A dispute?
Who created this dispute?
Wolves from the new movement.
Their reputation is spreading
like wildfire across the city.
Oh, not this business again. If you tell
me there's an army coming, I'll worry.
What about their talk of freedom?
Do you worry about that?
- What are you talking about?
- They say we are preying on the people's desperation.
They say that a real god would
never ask for a man's fortune.
What happens to our business
if this message takes hold?
And how long do you think the other
merchants will tolerate such a message?
They will soon be laughed out of town, or someone
will strike a deal with them. You'll see.
Look around.
There is only one god,
and it is money. That is the
true faith of this city.
Well, these days, not all our
merchants are worshipping the idols.
Where is that lazy one who
used to sell idols in sacks?
He joined the movement
the other day.
And what about the lord
of merchants? Where is he?
Oh, joined them too,
a long time ago.
Abu Al-Hakam
is right.
People still buy my date idols, but I think
they're eating them for dessert!
Are there any other
traitors in my house?!
Stand and reveal yourselves!
Maybe you should
ask your slave.
What? What are you
talking about?
Why don't you tell my father
about your new-found friend?
You must be mistaken.
There are no traitors in
my household. Right, Bilal?
Speak up. Safwan has accused you of something.
What do you have to say for yourself?
I said speak up, slave! You
have my permission to talk!
We are... all...
born... equals.
We breathe the same air.
We bleed the same colour.
And we'll die...
and be buried...
beneath the same ground.
I believe...
I am as free a man...
as you are.
Free? Equal?
I hate these words. Umayya, this one woke
up on the wrong side of the ground today.
Free?! Equals, huh?!
Oh, everyone! Look here!
We are both equals!
You once slapped my face because I
let a slave make a fool of you.
What are you going
to do now, Father?
a great man begins...
with taking off your chains.
Quickly, slave! Move it!
- Ugh!
- Bind him!
Renounce your claim. Renounce!
Crush his spirit.
Let him rot inside the cage.
No water, no food.
He'll come around.
Bilal, hang in there.
I will bring help.
I see the heart
of a great man, Bilal.
Renounce your claim!
No one is to touch this slave. Umayya's
orders. Renounce your claim, slave!
I will... not.
are you all right?
You must
remain strong, Bilal.
A master
breeds a master
and a slave breeds a slave.
A great warrior!
All humanity
is a single nation.
are you all right?
For those who look outside...
only dream.
Guidance will
come. You'll see.
And what is the
difference between you...
- Renounce your claims. - ...and this apple?
- Renounce!
Kneel when you
come before me, slave.
And those
who look within...
are awakened.
And when
you are awakened,
your story will race out of
this desert across the world...
...where great men are tested.
Prepare yourself, Bilal.
Being a great man
means living without chains.
Bilal. Are you awake?
You're braver than I thought.
I take credit for that.
It comes from watching me
all these years, I'm sure.
Why don't you just die?
It took guts to reveal
yourself like that.
But sadly, you still
think like a slave.
I'll get you back on track
with a little secret.
See, I never believed
in these gods.
No, no, no, no, I'm not a fool.
The truth is we are
both slaves, Bilal.
The difference between us is
I worship whatever empowers me.
worship something that will destroy you.
A free man would have sought out
the profit in this situation.
For example, a free man might offer
to spy on his master's enemies.
He might realise the advantage in that.
Do you understand what I'm saying, Bilal?
Get him some water.
Should I take off these chains?
- What do you say, Bilal?
- My chains...
are already off.
That's funny,
because I see them.
- Or does your invisible god make other things invisible too?
- I'm talking about the chains...
- in here.
- Stop talking in riddles.
Do you know how much trouble you're in?
I could have you killed right now.
It doesn't matter
what you do to me.
And there's nothing
you can give me.
I am... already free.
And what about your sister?
Is she free too? So, are you going
to consider my proposition or not?
You wanted a horse.
I will give you two,
and I will provide both you
and your sister a home.
Accept his offer.
- Where is the slave?
- Bring him out here!
- Bring him!
- Bring him out!
This is why you are
a slave while I am rich;
you don't recognise when you have
been given an opportunity. Too bad.
Then... kill me.
- I'm not going to kill you.
- Yet you might still die.
Your time has come.
No. Bilal!
Tell me, slave...
who are you calling to?
Is he stronger than I am?
Is he stronger than my gods?
For with their power and
mine, I can have you killed
- or set free. - Release him!
- This...
- is my god.
- You can't do this!
Do you want it to
come to your aid?
Accept, and I will ask it
to absolve you of your sins.
- I've already offered a fair price for him.
- Very fair.
Then what is the reason
for bringing him out here?
Crush him!
If you injure him, then he is of no
value to me and the deal is off.
- We'll see.
- This slave has been charged
with the most heinous
of crimes.
He stands against his masters.
For this offence,
he will be punished.
Have mercy! Please! Please!
No! You will kill him!
He will die, Safwan!
Please, no!
Feel that... slave?
Give up, Bilal.
You can end this.
Cry for forgiveness
and accept us as your
real masters...
and these as your true gods.
How many gods are there?
Can you count, slave?
One. Only...
It can't be.
- You are a fool!
- I...
No, no. Bilal!
Please! Stop! He will die!
I will double the offer.
I think you've lost
your head for business.
Sold! Remove the stone.
I would have given
all I own for him.
- For a slave?
- No.
For a brother.
Don't tell me that this new movement
makes slaves and nobles brothers.
Can you
believe it?
It does.
Easy. Easy.
Bilal, talk to me.
His sister.
- I'll pay the same for her.
- You're asking the wrong person.
I gave her to Safwan as a gift.
I won't sell her... not even for your whole business.
- Take her. - No!
- What is the meaning of this?
- Unhand her!
- Stop.
- Bilal!
- Ghufaira.
I will forever be grateful,
for you have saved my life.
To save one life, my
brother, is like saving all humanity.
So, how does it feel to walk the streets of Makkah
- as a free man?
- It feels good just to be walking.
Where's Soheib?
With Hamza and the lord of merchants.
They wait for us at the gate.
Word of your defiance
makes its way through all the city.
Umayya and his slave masters will
come for you, Bilal. We must leave.
- Where will we go?
- To a great city, one that welcomes us with open arms.
Attractive, isn't it?
Man crafted the blade to hunt and
provide food for his family.
These days, men use it to break each other.
Hmm. Its true purpose and value...
- has been lost.
- Will you teach me how to fight?
Why? You think if you had wielded a weapon,
the outcome might have been in your favour?
Or do you seek to take what
you desire with a sword?
Remember, I can only
show you how to use it.
But you alone must
decide where...
and when.
Violence does not always
solve disputes.
Do not allow yourself to be lured
into a battle you can avoid.
- When do we start?
- As soon as you put back the sword and pick up that stick.
All right.
Let's try some sparring.
- Show me what you've got, rookie.
- Ha. After you, apple hunter.
Turn, Bilal. Duck.
Now parry. As we practised,
Bilal. As we practised.
Argh! Ugh!
Ha. Beat you again.
Get up.
Let's spar when you
cool down, Bilal.
strike in anger.
We will free her, Bilal.
Do not lose hope.
He who conquers his
anger is strong.
He who forgives when having the power
to seek revenge will witness glory.
I promise... I will try harder.
Promise me to train this.
True strength is in the mind, Bilal, not
in the weapon. And that is Hamza's secret.
One day, you will discover
your own secret.
It's Bilal!
- Come with me! - Hey.
- We will take you to your home!
Wait. Let go.
Where are you taking me?
watch me build a home.
Watch us build a house where
we can gather to spread hope...
hope to inspire
the hearts of men.
He asks that you
call out to them...
Master Bilal.
From here,
I will call them.
Show me.
Show me how your voice
will inspire...
how it will be raised
to speak for justice...
and equality.
What I feared is happening, Umayya.
They're growing in strength and numbers.
- Are we to stand here and do nothing?
- He is right, Father.
When a slave defies his master,
the world turns upside down.
Kill them. Kill them all.
Kill them.
We will begin here.
Tonight. Assemble a great army to crush
each and every place that shelters them.
Let it start with
our own households.
Root them all out...
and kill them.
Kill them all.
- Towards the gate!
- Hamza is back with more refugees.
Magnificent horse, Bilal. It followed
us on our way back. Do you know him?
I do.
We are old friends.
He was once owned by Umayya.
Hmm. Seems he has escaped his oppression
as well. Take good care of him.
The old man brings
news from Makkah!
The persecution...
grows worse every day.
We have lost so much. But we
were lucky. We have escaped.
The ones who remain, I fear,
may soon lose their lives.
A message for you,
from the son of Umayya.
- Where is Bilal?
- He's over there, by that...
My child.
- Where are the rest of you?
- We are the only ones left.
Take 'em outside.
Follow me.
Please! Have mercy!
A slave! Get him!
Grab him! You've made a grave
mistake coming back here, boy.
Get him up!
Where is your god now?
- Ghufaira.
- Proceed.
Time to meet your god.
I'm not leaving without
you. Hurry.
I knew I would find you here.
I have no words that can
make you feel better.
I can only ask that you keep your
mind clear and your heart true.
And rest assured, God will
always be there for you, Bilal.
I have made this for you.
When you decide to use it, remember not to
allow the blade to dictate your choices.
O Lord, all praise
and glory belong to you.
Upon you we rely...
in both hardship and ease.
These fools band together
to overthrow us.
I will lead the attack at the front.
You must watch over the city.
They threaten our
control, our power.
Do not disappoint me.
us from all evil.
For there is no
might, nor power,
- except with you. Amen.
- Ameen!
You must be joking.
Most unfortunate.
- Look at their strength.
- They are too many.
Stand strong, men.
Have faith.
Send three of our best in. First, we destroy
their morale, then we finish them...
one by one.
Whatever happens, don't come
for us. Stand your ground.
- Hmm. - Make way for Ali.
- Make way for Ali.
I'm going to enjoy this.
Take them down!
- Charge!
- Slay them all!
Come on, Hamza. Move!
- Archers!
- Archers!
- No!
- Always trust the lion.
- Fire!
- Fire!
Where did that come from?
I learned... from the best.
He's too strong!
We are brothers
killing brothers.
Put an end to this.
Be the better man.
You're not my brother, boy!
Show me what you've got!
Is this how you
treat your master?
Let this be the day I finally
put you out of your misery!
Not today, Umayya.
It's time for you
to join your sister.
- The ruler of Makkah has fallen!
- Umayya is no more.
We must
prepare for battle! Death to them all!
There will be victories...
victories of the mind and of the soul...
...victories that break the
chains which bind mankind...
You did well, little brother.
...victories that
unite us as one.
Yet this enemy
will not surrender.
It will plan.
It will linger in the darkness...
...waiting for the opportunity
to strike for our heart.
There will be victories.
And there will be losses...
that break our hearts.
Hate not, my brothers...
for hate...
is a terrible thing.
War... awaits us.
May the light prevail.
Is this how you express
your faith, Bilal?
Be finished with this.
Why did you kill her?
Answer me.
Your answer...
is right outside the window.
Your faith says a man is
judged by his actions.
And what truer way to measure a
man than through what he gives?
So there she is...
my single act of morality.
Don't let it be your last.
Give way! Give way! He's
about to call out to Makkah!
What do you want to
be when you grow up, Bilal?
Oh, oh.
Oh, oh.
I was runnin'
away from myself.
Had a barrel
inside of my head.
I was lyin' awake in my bed,
thinking 'bout all
the things that you said.
But now I'm stronger.
I'm so much stronger.
No more running,
not any longer.
And now I'm stronger,
and finally I can say
that I'm not afraid, yeah.
I'm gonna break the silence,
cut like a laser
through the dark.
I'm gonna light a fire,
cos I'm not afraid, no.
I'm gonna fight the giants.
There are no chains
around my heart.
I'm gonna light a fire,
cos I'm not afraid.
I'm a warrior.
Oh, mama, I'm not afraid.
I'm a warrior.
Oh, mama, don't be afraid.
I'm not afraid.
Wish that you could
be here with me now.
I've overcome
the demons inside.
I keep hearing your
voice late at night,
telling me,
'Gotta fight for your right.'
But now I'm stronger.
I'm so much stronger.
No more running,
not any longer.
Now I'm stronger,
and finally I can say
that I'm not afraid. Yeah.
I'm gonna break the silence,
cut like a laser
through the dark.
I'm gonna light a fire,
cos I'm not afraid.
I'm a warrior.
Oh, mama, I'm not afraid.
I'm a warrior.
Oh, mama, don't be afraid.
I'm a warrior.
Oh, mama, I'm not afraid.
I'm a warrior.
Oh, mama, don't be afraid.
No, they can't hold me down.
Seen it rising
up from the ground.
No, they can't hold me down.
Seen it rising
up from the ground.
Can't hold me down.
No, no, oh.
Can't hold me down.
No, no, oh.
Can't hold me down.
No, no, oh.
Can't hold me down.
I'm a warrior.
Oh, mama, I'm not afraid.
I'm a warrior.
Oh, mama, don't be afraid.
I'm a warrior.
Oh, mama, I'm not afraid.
I'm a warrior.
Oh, mama, don't be afraid.