Bill Tilghman and the Outlaws (2019) Movie Script

Hell's train's coming down the track
I thought it was for me that's a fact
But the whistle kept a blowing
And that train kept a rolling
I hope like hell it
won't be coming back
Hell's train's coming
Lord, hell's train's coming
Hell's train's slowing with a sigh
I keep yelling, it's a lie
It wasn't me that robbed 'em
Mugged 'em up and shot 'em
Black smoke keeps belching at the sky
Hell's train's coming
Lord, hell's train's coming
Hell's train's coming
Hell's train's coming
Hell's train's coming
Hell's train's coming
Hell's train's coming
Lord, hell's train's coming
Hell's train's coming
Hell's train's coming
Hell's train's coming
Yeah, hell's train's coming
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
children of all ages.
Come one, come all to a
marvel of the modern world.
That's right, right in this
tent we have moving pictures.
See the world come to life on the screen
right in front of you.
Today we have "The Massacre
at Ellsburg Junction."
Come see the wild west back
when it was still wild.
William's boy.
Now that's a woman I could look up to.
Hell, Willie.
You look up to everything
except snakes, lizards
and fallin' drunks.
Come on ma'am, bring your little boy.
He is gonna love this.
Only two pennies gets
you right on in here.
Mister, sit down.
Get out of the way.
Mister (MUFFLED).
What in blue blazes do
you want Missus Tilghman?
Nothing, just don't curse.
Little ears.
Well just 'cause your
husband's the damn marshal,
don't mean you can boss me.
And as far as I'm concerned,
you and that little britches of yours,
can kiss my...
Please ma'am, we do not
tolerate such behavior.
Oh, Missus Tilghman.
You and your son please
stay for our next show.
I'll just leave sir.
Oh no no no, sometimes
circumstances cause, or make...
Please enjoy our show.
Pepper's out of control again.
Looks like he's done lost his rudder.
Yeah, well you ask me,
he needs his attitude adjusted.
WOMAN: Nice day.
Go on, get out of here, kid.
You're still the best
kisser in this whole town.
You kiss better sober.
Where'd you get them pants?
Your mama in the circus?
I sir am a director of moving pictures.
Well I don't see no cameras.
Indeed sir, I tell the
camera what to shoot.
Then you should be good
at tellin' the bartender
that I need some whiskey.
And good stuff, I ain't
used to drinkin' no rotgut.
Excuse me allow me to introduce myself.
Selig, Eagle Film Company.
This is Gulman, our director.
Now, my fine man,
we're having a little meeting here,
but as soon as we are done,
we would love to have you join us.
Yeah, and now I will direct you,
to be gone.
Well how about if I direct you to dance?
I said, dance.
Put it down.
Pepper, put it down.
I said put it down.
You draw that gun,
and you won't be runnin' upstairs
with Belle any time soon.
Gosh Marshal, I was just funnin'.
Now the name's Charles Tilghman,
but you can call me Chuck.
Little Mary.
Bat, Chuck,
get this bushwhacker
and his genius friends
out of my saloon.
Let 'em cool off for a day to two.
PEPPER: I ain't goin' to no jail.
Good call, not using
that pea-shooter of yours.
No sense anybody gettin'
hurt for no reason.
You must be Marshal Bill Tilghman,
the way you handled that situation.
Could be, who wants to know?
William Selig, Eagle Film Company.
Mister Selig.
It's what I said, Selig.
This is our director, Herr Gulman.
And this is Edith Hathaway,
our production supervisor.
I tell you if she doesn't like it,
it's out of the picture.
And this is my daughter, Melody,
fresh from Saint Mary's Seminary.
Hollywood land.
WILLIAM: Yes sir.
WILLIAM: Yes sir.
What do you want with me?
Mister Tilghman sir,
we have a proposition for you.
You know, I don't know why
you let Pepper just cause trouble,
all the time, and then what,
you got one, two days?
Just leave him in there.
Oh, okay.
Daddy, is that a knife?
You're gettin' pretty
good at that knife, Malachi,
but you best be real careful.
Yes sir, Marshal T.
Daddy, did you hear what Mom did?
Daddy Mom's been fighting again.
Heard she dropped a
cowpoke with one punch.
Come on.
Where's your mother?
In the barn with Victor.
Go on, make yourself useful.
You tell Mama we'll be in in a minute.
Bye Missus T.
Becky I sat a place
for you at the table.
Oh, why thank you Missus T.
I would love that.
Well I know that I
should have known better,
you one-eyed grouch.
I couldn't help myself.
He was just goin' on and
on like he always does.
It's just so hard not to just take him...
I don't know what happened.
Okay, I do know what happened.
It was that troublemaker, Will Pepper,
he was just going on and on,
cussing in the flicker tent,
and then I just couldn't take
it anymore, so just, pow.
He went down.
I feel awful.
I know you're the Marshal,
and I look like a common
fightin' in the streets.
You just gotta stop hoppin' folks.
You're gettin' a reputation.
I'm hungry.
Think you can hold a fork with this hand?
I'll do just fine with this one.
Go on, git.
Thanks for listenin'.
Don't be so grouchy next time.
Malachi, how's your daddy doing?
Fine ma'am, he's working late as usual.
That's the reason your dad's
the best gunsmith around,
because he works at it.
Now boys you remember that.
That's a good lesson.
Because your daddy, Malachi,
does not sit around all day
twiddlin' his life away.
No sir, he actually works
at a respectable craft,
and everybody is proud to
own a Woody Jeffries gun,
because there just ain't none better.
Now Mama, Malachi does work all his days
at his daddy's shop,
and Tench is apprenticing at the livery,
and he goes to school.
So can they take a little
time to eat dinner?
I guess so, but when I was young,
nobody worked as hard
as we did, comin' up.
Could we get on with it
before the food gets too cold to eat?
I guess so.
BILL: Chuck.
Aw Pa, you know I'm no
good at giving the blessings.
Thank you Lord, for the food,
and please Lord,
help Mama be more tolerant of
those she doesn't understand.
And Lord Jesus,
help this old woman to remind these boys,
she is the one that cooks the food
they puts in their smart little mouths.
That's a good point, Mama.
Boys, don't mess with the cook.
Ain't that right, Frankie?
Right Pop, never mess with the cook.
Feel like dryin' some dishes?
What's wrong, you okay?
I had an interesting proposition today.
Kind of my own flicker experience.
If you were at the show,
I didn't see you there.
No, down at the saloon.
Some folks from California,
they want to put me on the screen.
There's not a big enough one out there.
It's true.
This Hollywood fellow
wants Bat, Bear, and me,
to make a picture show about outlaws.
The thing is, they want us.
Not play actors, us.
Wait, you're serious?
And Zoe, they want to
use real outlaws, too.
This bull goose named Selig,
he said the people back east
are clamoring for the real
thing, not make believe.
Now he knows Tom Osborne
at the territorial prison.
He said we could get out a
few prominent hard cases,
have them rob the bank,
there'll be this big shootout,
and we'll lock 'em up.
And would you believe it's only gonna take
two weeks to make this thing happen.
Sound like a good way
to get yourself shot.
No no, no real bullets.
And the prisoners, they
will always be under guard.
Bill, this sounds like
you're actually considering this nonsense.
The dime novels are everywhere
making outlaws into heroes.
Scoundrels, murderers, and
thieves is all they are,
but to the folks back
east, they're heroes.
This could be an opportunity to show 'em
what it used to be like.
Oh my.
That's more money than you've
made in the past five years.
Bat and the boys'll get
a good payday as well.
What do you think?
I think I'm gonna say yes,
before they come to their senses.
All right then.
Incredible, magnificent,
Miss Hathaway look at this.
It's like a light canvas,
just waiting for art.
William, we've called
our entire population in,
and selected a few of our
more stellar residents
for you to choose from.
They're not pretty but,
we've spiffied them up for the occasion.
And I guarantee, they will
be on their best behavior.
What's wrong, preacher man?
Some men are born great,
some men achieve greatness,
and some have it thrust upon them.
Murphy, call in your dogs.
All you dopes get in line.
Gentlemen, Marshal Tilghman
and these Hollywood flicker
men are here for a reason,
and it's not because they want
to look at your pretty faces.
No, they want to put eight
of you fine aristocrats
in a moving picture.
You'll be 10 feet tall on the big screen,
and live forever.
Now, Mister Tilghman has arrested
many of you over the years.
And it looks like he's gonna
get the chance to do it again.
In our moving picture,
you're gonna pretend to rob a bank.
And Mister Tilghman and his men
are gonna pretend to arrest you.
Pardon the interruption
there, your honor,
but what do we get out of this?
Exceptin' the pleasure of
Tilghman's sorry company.
Well the seven or eight men we choose,
will be put up in the
finest hotel in Fort Bowers,
and you will dine on steak and apple pie.
Every night our budget allows
for two whiskeys and one good cigar.
And if you have a woman, well.
And what's to keep us
from havin' a fine meal,
and a good cigar,
and then beatin' boots out of town?
Good question.
The warden has also agreed
to loan us some of his best guards.
Anyone tryin' to escape,
But for two weeks gentlemen,
you will be in tall cotton.
Look, if you're not interested,
I get it.
Step back.
All right, we'll move amongst you,
we'll pick our eight men.
You're lookin' old.
Beats not lookin' old, I guess.
I wasted time, now time wastes me.
Still takin' a shine to Shakespeare.
All the world's a stage,
and all the women and men like to play.
Great Caesar's Ghost.
That's Cole Younger, in the flesh.
He's got to be in the picture.
Guaranteed trouble.
People will line up to see the man
who was shot 17 times in
Northfield, Minnesota.
What's wrong with him?
He wound up on the
wrong side of the law.
Nobody'll pay to see him.
Mister Tilghman.
I never thought I'd see
you after the trial.
I told it like it was.
Your testimony left me
to rot in this hell hole.
Nothing would satisfy me more
than to have you rot with me.
You gut-shot an old man.
He was cheating at cards.
He was drunk.
He deserved it.
You deserve it, and
that's why you're here.
You took away my freedom,
Tilghman, I want it back.
They should have hung ya.
Tell me Bill, how is
young Missus Tilghman?
Zoe is it?
Hear tell she's pleasing.
Oh, temper Bill.
Idle threats don't become
a man of your stature.
You're right, what's
the point of idle threats?
Don't you ever speak of my wife again.
Circumstances have me at a bit
of a disadvantage, Marshal,
but perhaps fate will afford
us another opportunity.
Circumstance be damned,
let's finish this.
Now take it back.
All right, all right.
Let me go.
Big Joe.
Is that Bear?
In the flesh.
Thought he'd be dead by now.
Yeah well, he came
close once or twice but,
he saw Jesus, but he sent him back.
I saw Jesus once.
Joe, you want to be
in this moving flicker?
You know I saw a moving picture once,
with Miss Lillian Gish,
she paraded around like a ballerina.
I was never more in love with a woman.
I think I saw that down in New Orleans.
That's where I saw Jesus, like Bear.
Yeah, down in New Orleans.
Okay BT.
Yeah, I'll be in your moving picture,
as long as my brother can do it too.
See, if we was on a screen together,
it'd be like a walk in heaven.
Sounds dumb.
I don't know.
Makes sense to me.
Where's your brother?
Beats me.
If you're Big Joe,
is there a Little Joe?
His mother's watching him.
He's got his condition.
This Chicken Man, what's wrong with him?
Sad case.
Kid got on the wrong side of the law.
I hear a pardon's coming
down the road any day now.
Then nobody would pay to see him.
What about Murphy?
WARDEN: Murphy and his henchmen
have been the bane of my
existence for six months.
They go, or no one goes.
Please tell Mister Murphy
that we sure would appreciate
him and his friends
in our picture.
Okay gentlemen,
they have made their decision.
I'm sorry we can't take all of you,
but if the picture makes a profit,
we'll be back.
And before we announce our selected cast,
we are elated to announce
that the celebrated Frank James
has agreed to appear in our picture show.
You didn't tell me you hired James.
You know Frank and Cole
road together, right?
That news did reach California.
Sure it did.
Their reunion will be legendary.
And dangerous.
What are you pondering, Cole?
The turns life takes.
What like robbin' a bank one day,
then play acting the next?
Now they're gonna pretend to arrest us,
for pretending to rob a bank.
We all become what we pretend to be.
Is that so?
You ever pretend, Cole?
I never pretended to
do a thing in my life.
I noticed a change in your countenance.
You're obsessed readin'
that book constantly.
You think it's gonna
capture all your demons?
Let me tell you how this is gonna go.
No man gets out of this life alive.
It's like your little novel says,
ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Yeah, I just been thinkin' Murphy,
there's gotta be a better way.
I aim to find it.
I ain't like you.
I got a wife and kids back in a holler.
When I leave this place,
I want to find us some peace.
You'd be a fool to think
you'd find it in that book.
Redemption awaits for those who seek it.
Let me be clear with you, Joe.
Redemption is not at all what I seek.
Let's go, Cherokee.
All seems to be going
well with our wild bunch.
You know, if we had a few
more of our desparados,
we would have had our dirty dozen.
If you add any more, I quit.
And just call 'em outlaws,
'cause that's all they are.
Nothin' more, and sure
as certain, nothin' less.
I think we just named our picture.
Bill Tilghman and the Outlaws.
Get up, get up there.
Get up there.
Here comes the old
medicine show, right now.
Bill Tilghman, have you lost your mind?
Yep, the legendary Bill Tilghman,
escorting convicts in to town.
What's this world coming to?
Well, Marshal Tilghman.
This is something indeed.
Reverend Lowe, indeed.
Well would you look at that?
Cole Younger.
Marshal, dagnabbit Marshal.
You gotta let me out of here.
Why that's Cole Younger.
And him and I are like that.
Oh, I seriously doubt that.
Oh all right.
Go ahead and let all three of them out.
They're smellin' up the place, anyway.
you're gonna be filming,
even on Sundays.
It's not my idea.
Everybody works for somebody.
I'll be holding services anyway.
It may just be me and my maker,
but I'll be spreading his word.
Sorry I won't be able to spread it
to the likes of these desperadoes.
The wife tells me the Grange
is planning some sort of celebration,
to welcome Mister Selig
and his movie crew.
Charity warrants that we
extend that invitation
to include our prisoners.
I hadn't heard.
More good news.
Things just get better don't they?
All right gentlemen.
Come on in, gentlemen.
One at a time.
You know the drill.
It's gonna be sentimental,
it's gonna be gorgeous.
We have to find a way to work that in.
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day.
I would challenge you
to a battle of wits,
but I see you are unarmed.
Make sure that we keep track of that.
Hey, hey Mister Younger.
Remember me?
Well well well,
the great Will Pepper.
Been a long time.
Yeah, I used to ride with you.
Yes, yes you did,
for almost five full days as I remember.
Well, I'm friends with Frank James now.
Well ain't that somethin' extra?
Will, you make sure to meet up with me
in the next day or two,
and we'll relive old times.
Yes sir, Mister Younger.
Cole, sir.
And thus, do I make my fool my purse.
Cole Younger.
Alice Thompson.
The beautiful Alice.
You wooed and warned me.
For you, Mister Younger.
And this
pungent relic
remains behind for the last time
you graced me with your presence.
Big Joe,
I would like to introduce
you to Alice Thompson.
She is the former owner
of the premier social club in Sweetwater.
My pleasure mister?
WOMAN: Come on, come on!
Hell no, where's my good-for-nothin'...
Come on, come on.
You ain't carryin' nothin',
are you Miss Darling?
Oh hell no.
I'm just here to see my
good-for-nothin' son.
Where is he?
Will you come on?
That's better.
Little Joe!
Oh this is gonna be one fun night.
Gentlemen, gentlemen, ladies.
We hope you've been enjoying
Fort Bowers' hospitality.
Mister Gulman and I
ask for your undivided attention, please.
We'd like to introduce the
esteemed Mayor of Fort Bowers,
Jonathan Gray.
Good morning.
I know you folks ain't
used to many surprises.
But before Mister Selig
puts you to work tomorrow,
the fine folks of Fort Bowers
have drummed up a special this evening.
But I need your word of honor,
that you're going to be
on your best behavior.
Why, you are powerful pretty, ma'am.
The sun rises and the sun sets
and there ain't nothin'
prettier than you, my Juliet.
That is Shakespeare.
No it's not.
No it's not.
I guess I'll never be a Cole Younger.
And my name's not Juliet.
But I do thank you for the compliment.
Making rounds, help us pass the time,
when you're in prison.
I imagine so, John.
How do you know my name?
It's my job.
Sweetheart, we need you
to take some (MUFFLED).
Excuse us.
Hey, what's your name?
MELODY: Melody.
MELODY: Melody.
Rum and sugar, be a
fault, God bless the wicked.
FRANK: The infamous Cole Younger.
The infamous guest, Cole Younger.
Frank James.
No, I haven't touched a
drop since Northfield.
Yeah, that was a while ago.
Frank James, haberdasher.
Time heals all wounds.
Not all, Cole.
I guess so, whence the grave.
Frank James.
I hear tell Frank James
is gonna be joining
the less-fortunate
amongst us, to rob a bank.
It's entertainment, Cole, entertainment.
That's all it is.
Oh yeah, I can be very entertaining.
Thank you, thank you.
Ladies and gentleman,
welcome on this historic occasion.
The times have been hard for
many of us here in Fort Bowers.
I hear you all's Bill
Tilghman's oldest boy.
And what are you yappin' on about?
You talk like your daddy.
You ain't got no badge.
Pay no attention to him.
Straight up, junior.
You get a punch, I get a punch.
We'll flip to see who goes first.
Don't be a fool.
- You think that I'm...
- Relax.
...gonna stand here and watch you
do your (MUMBLES).
It's just good, clean fun.
To growth.
This is only gonna
hurt for a little while.
Now, are you gonna talk me to death?
Or are you gonna tighten up
those britches and fight?
Why you arrogant little piss-ant.
Mister Masterson.
Can I interest you in a cigar?
You two aren't celebrating.
Too old, I reckon.
I may be old, but I am
still strong and lusty.
BAT: Rusty?
Did you say, rusty?
There was a time Mister Masterson.
How about I will have a cigar,
if you will join me in a drink.
And what would we be
drinkin' to, Mister Masterson?
To a long, peaceful life.
Well sir, that I will drink to.
Been thinking,
how did you two good souls
crawl into so many dark holes?
Maybe a couple of young men, brothers,
were ridin' back to Missouri,
from the States War.
They get home,
and the new order has
given their farm to a Yank.
That's okay.
Carpetbagger offered 'em a job,
on their own farm, sloppin' hogs.
Same thing in town, too.
Sweep my floors, Reb.
Thin out this platoon, Reb.
Hell, couldn't vote, couldn't
even preach in a church.
Well, you preach it.
You're missing the point, Masterson.
It's not that I wanted to.
It's that I couldn't.
Maybe these fellas
could think that the bankers
and the carpetbaggers
took all their money,
deserved to be got after.
For example,
you are talking metaphorically,
aren't you there, Frank?
You're not saying that
we were robbin' anybody?
Still if some of those land-robbers
and carpetbaggers took a bullet.
For example.
What are you, his lawyer?
Who could say who's the bad guy here?
For example.
I mean they're just trying to get back
what these people took from 'em.
To brighter days, gentlemen.
May all our dark holes
be filled with light.
Yes, to that I will drink.
Well Bat, I'm gonna pass on that drink
because I kind of like
having a little darkness with my light.
I guess we're just more comfortable
living with our shadows, Bat.
Well hell,
I'll drink to that then.
- Come on.
- Get him.
Young Missus Tilghman,
I like your authority.
I dub thee Zoe, Queen of Clubs.
And I
a mere knave, at your service.
You are an animal, Mister Murphy.
That's why you're in a cage.
And you are so penetrating.
It's a shame you have to
live in the shadow of a man.
BT will kill you for this.
Yes well, on that very matter,
will you look at what I have here?
You are a saloon-keeper's wife.
You know what they call
this little old player here, don't you?
The suicide king.
And he
leaves a widow queen,
to tend to the orphan.
Oh, the touch of a woman,
it had been too long.
Go play on someone else, Murphy.
I am merely servicing you
with an advance courtesy,
about this game is going
to be played, my queen.
Time to leave the table.
Oh and why
would I do that?
Break it up boys!
Don't even think about it.
Come on.
Yes man, we have one, four, six.
Eight, 10.
Oh shut up.
You deserve it.
Somethin' wrong?
It's just Murphy, he's
acting the fool again.
No, leave him be, please.
Let's just go home.
All right.
MAN: Move along gentlemen.
MAN: Hey, where's your Alice?
No tellin'.
MURPHY: I sure did rattle
Tilghman's woman tonight.
COLE: I'll find you
facedown in a ditch somewhere.
MURPHY: Maybe so,
and Tilghman'll bleedin'
in the mud with me.
COLE: Murphy, back off.
MURPHY: What for?
Never mind, must back off.
You'll ruin everything.
Cole Younger, you are up to something.
Not here, Murphy.
Come on, come on Cole.
As long as Tilghman's mine,
I want in, whatever it is.
There are more things
in heaven and Earth,
than dreamt of in all your philosophies.
So back off.
Age cannot whither her,
nor customs fail her infinite variety.
You know, all the time
we've been together,
I've never believed a word you've said.
But I sure love hearing them.
Seems that neither one
of us could shed the other.
Seems so.
I quit trying to make sense of it.
I just show up and do
your biddin' and leave,
never knowin' when I'll
lay eyes on you again.
Months, years,
There's no reason to leave now.
I think it best.
Look, we could always just...
Not this time, Cole.
It don't feel right.
Another year, and you'd be a free man.
Yet something tells me you're
gonna throw it all away.
I couldn't stand by and watch.
I've been promised parole before.
Oh Alice, I grew up close
to the heart of nature,
in the forest, in the
saddle, always on the move.
To imprison me, is like
cagin' a wild bird.
Goodbye Cole.
I did what you asked me to.
Set 'em up
Knock 'em down
Raise your glass to one last round
Wonderin' what went wrong
It's just too much to hang on
Set 'em up, knock 'em down
Lonely fool, lovin' you
I guess my best wasn't good enough
For you to be true now
What's this broken heart to do
Lonely fool, lovin' you
So set 'em up
And knock 'em down
Raise your glass to one last round
Wonderin' what went wrong
It's just too much to hang on
Set 'em up and knock 'em down
I cannot tell you how excited I am
to get this project underway.
And since for all of you,
this is your first experience
with moving pictures,
I'm gonna take a moment
and explain just a little bit
about how this process works.
It is art like no other.
We start with nothing,
and then we...
In two weeks, we will
have a picture show
that will excite thousands.
Right now you are being
fitted for costumes,
and outside our crew's
already hard at work
determining where to set up the cameras.
And I know you already
have met Mister Ojala,
he is our armor.
I wanted to use real ammunition, but.
Oh Mister Gulman,
we're gonna have to set up for blanks.
It's my job to avoid any
accidents in the set.
Nobody in the set or off the set,
with exception of the guards,
is gonna carry live ammo.
Ojala, can I see one of
those blank cartridges?
They make a big boom, and
then there's smoke everywhere.
WILLIAM: Thank you,
thank you Mister Ojala.
Now, Mister Gulman is going to give you
a brief summary of the action.
Pay close attention.
It's a beautiful spring morning.
The trees are in bloom, birds are singing,
children are playing in the street.
Mister Gulman, remember,
we are talking to the actors
now, not the audience.
Of course.
Our desperadoes, the scourge of the west,
their dark hearts filled
with malicious intent.
Yes, thank you, thank
you, Mister Gulman,
thank you for that.
All right now, our
longest and largest scene
is going to be with our
antagonists, that's you.
You're going to be staged
in three different areas,
on here, and Miss Hathaway
will discuss more of that tomorrow.
Now, one of the difficulties
in making a moving picture,
is that we often shoot out of sequence.
So, we're gonna start with the
most difficult scenes first,
and that's going to be the robbery itself.
For two days we're going
to rehearse the robbery,
and then on the third day
we'll roll the cameras.
Remember to stay where we put you.
That is your mark.
If you move,
you will ruin the composition of my shot.
Film my friends,
is forever.
And no matter what the
fates bring our way,
Bill Tilghman and the
Outlaws, will be our legacy.
Now, time to get to work.
Damn, I never do get used
to seeing that mess of scars.
Ancient ghosts continue to haunt.
11 from Northfield alone.
That wasn't our best adventure, Frank.
MURPHY: Yet here you
stand, body and soul.
Well, at least I'll look good
while Tilghman humiliates me
in front of the rest of the world.
The upside is though,
he might be able to make
me look 20 years younger.
It's too late for guys like us.
Perhaps, but perhaps it's not too late
to set it right.
Set what right, Cole?
Northfield, Minnesota.
There ain't no settin' that right, Cole.
The minute we hauled out of that bank,
we didn't have a chance.
I mean you've still got
the scars to prove it.
It cost us dearly.
I gotta set it right, Frank,
and this might be my last chance.
And the upside, is gettin' to knock
that self-righteous Bill
Tilghman off his high horse.
There's nothing good or bad,
but thinkin' makes it so.
There's always a consequence, Cole.
Perhaps, Frank, we were alive back then.
Hell, they were writin' books about us,
the Robin Hoods of the west.
Now, we're just fodder
for the likes of Tilghman,
forgotten relics from a forgotten age.
You know Cole, I got a good life here.
I own my business.
I'm making a living.
I mean, yeah it's a little boring,
you know I'm kinda bored out of my head.
Every day's the same.
Stitchin' this and measurin' that.
I'm like an old maid or something.
But I got respect.
But I stand for nothin'.
Oh my God.
What do you got in mind
for me now, Mister Satan?
What if we rob the bank, for real?
To humiliate the great Bill Tilghman.
Hell if he has his way,
we'll be laughing stock.
On the other hand, if
we can turn the tables,
rob that bank for real?
Then it it's Tilghman and
Masterson who will play the fools.
And we become the legends.
We might become dead legends.
I have no intention of dying.
Frank, are you in?
As long as it's not another Northfield.
Now how do you see this playing out, Cole?
Come on, come on, come on.
Whatever you two are plannin', I want in.
This calls for a drink.
Hey Pepper, bring that tray over here.
Cole, hey miss your Alice yet?
Can we trust you?
You betcha.
All right, we're gonna need a diversion.
Something big, something loud.
Big, loud.
All right.
That book,
that's gonna make you lose your edge.
Maybe they'll give us a different edge.
Maybe you're not lookin' hard enough.
Joe, right now,
you better just quit talkin'.
Well maybe...- Shut it.
Whoa, no no no, you can't
do that, this is my board.
Thank you.
Sorry really, five minutes.
MISS HATHAWAY: Ladies and gentlmen.
Achtung, achtung.
We're already behind schedule,
and we haven't even started yet.
If you think that I am here
as just another pretty face,
when we are finished you will know better.
Under my watchful eye we, yes we,
will do the impossible,
and produce a wonderful film.
Miss Hathaway, Mister
Gulman, forgive me.
The mayor and I have a big surprise
before we start our
first day of rehearsal.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it has always been my pleasure
on the first day of a new picture,
to do something very special.
And I think you will all agree
that this one belongs
on the top of the heap.
He is a writer, a producer, a director,
and he's America's favorite cowboy,
and he has taken time to lead the way
for Bill Tilghman and the Outlaws,
and tomorrow he is
returning to California,
where he is going to star
in his next epic film, "Hell's Hinges."
Ladies and gentlemen,
Mister William Surrey Hart.
Thank you, Mister Selig,
you know I love the
art of making pictures.
It is like breath of life to me.
Herr Hart has made his country proud.
And together, we will keep
the west alive forever.
Make the west live for us all.
Adios amigos,
God bless you all, each and every one.
The remarkable man of
the west, William S Hart.
All right, that was exciting,
but as I was saying,
over the next 10 days,
we are going to plan and execute
a daring robbery,
a dangerous chase, a deadly shootout,
and culminating will be a dramatic trial
of some of the most nefarious desperadoes
to ever stalk the west.
In order to accomplish this,
before we are finished,
you will be poked, you will be prodded,
you will wallow in the dirt.
You will be so exhausted
when you go home at night,
you'll just drop dead in your bed.
But you will get up the next morning,
and you will be here at six a.m.
Hello gentlemen.
Mister James.
I'm here to see Murphy and Cole Younger.
Thank you.
Okay, I need you to both try
these on before I hem 'em up.
Ah come on Frank,
we're all tuckered out.
Can't we do this tomorrow?
Quit your bellyachin' okay?
I need you to put these on, you too Murph.
Listen, I got a really
bad feelin' about this.
There's a hundred people,
all it takes is one of
them to upset the cart.
Besides, I got a lot more to
lose than the both of you.
Come on, Frank.
It's a cakewalk.
Look, by the end of tomorrow,
we will know every move.
Yeah, and in addition to that,
we will have the only guns that bark.
Where'd you?
What about me?
Now I don't want a
slaughterhouse, Murphy.
But I do want you and your
men to disarm the guards.
Now, be out of sight,
so easy pickin's.
Then, you all have their guns.
But Murphy, you spill a drop of blood,
and I'll stop your clock myself.
All right, all right,
Cole, we'll play it your way,
but I want Tilghman.
He's mine.
I'll fill Joe and his brood in tomorrow,
but I'm leaving the kid out of it.
Now he'd cave for sure.
Besides, he's so moon-eyed
over that producer's daughter
that we can't trust him.
But the director has him
holdin' the desperadoes'
getaway horses right
in front of the livery.
What more could we want, right?
We'll go, we'll grab the horses,
beat it out of town, leave
the kid scratchin' his head.
And what about my share?
How do I get my share?
Check that barrel in front
of the livery, it'll be there.
But Murphy, something to chew on.
Grab the money and hightail it.
Save Tilghman for another day.
Let him play the fool for a while.
I'll play that hand as it's dealt.
You know by the time
I'm done with you two,
you'll be on the cover of
the Saturday Evening Post.
It's quieter today, Marshal.
For now.
Good morning, Marshal.
It's quiet around here now,
but all hell'll break out shortly.
You see anything different?
I'm lucky if I can
see anything these days.
Well, someone pilfered by cannon.
After all these years?
Reckon so.
To tell you the truth,
I wish you would have
never started all this.
Moving pictures demand action.
You will remember that.
Mister James and Mister
Younger will enter the bank,
and they will be watching all of you
to make sure that there's
no trouble with the law.
Mister Little Joe, and Mister Big Joe,
you will be standing next to the bank.
Mister James will toss you
money when he passes by,
then you will run, pants on fire,
shooting your guns in the air.
Mister Murphy, you and your
men will stand on your marks,
waiting to create a big noise,
to clear the streets with lots of smoke.
Mister Cherokee, do not
look into the camera.
Nobody look into the camera lens,
you will ruin my shot.
Mister Chicken, you will be at the stable,
holding (IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE) horses,
ready for the getaway.
Now, Mister Goldstein will
stumble out of the bank,
yelling, they're robbing the
bank, they're robbing the bank!
Mister Murphy, you will
shoot at Mister Goldstein,
and he will fall back into the bank.
This is the cue for Mister
James or Mister Younger
to run out of the bank, guns blazing.
Across town, Marshal
Tilghman with his deputies
will come running.
Mister Murphy, you will then
shoot at Marshal Tilghman,
and you will miss.
Marshal Tilghman will then shoot at you,
and he won't miss.
I like that part.
What if I don't cotton to
gettin' shot by the Marshal?
Don't worry, Mister Murphy.
It's just a picture show.
Standin' on the corner
Frank, Cole, and I
Mindin' our own business
when a bank caught our eye
Pretty little building
Just waiting to be robbed
My heart was racin' 210
Fate was laughin'
Time was closin' in
Once was a church boy
Now I'm on the run
Down a bad man road
It's a long cold road
Had the guns
Took the turn
Down a bad, bad man road
They're robbing the bank.
They're robbing the bank.
They're robbin' the bank.
They're robbin' the bank.
They're robbin' the bank.
They're robbin' the bank.
Looked ahead, like fate had began
Looked behind, Tilghman closin' in
I popped a pony
Road that horse to hell
Down a bad man road
It's a long cold road
Grabbed the guns
Took the turn
Down a bad, bad man road
Down a bad man road
It's a long cold road
Grabbed a gun
Took the turn
Down a bad, bad man road
Grabbed a gun
Took the turn down a bad man road
No, the hat stays, for sure.
You know Sweetheart I've
been watching you with
that convict they call Chicken Man.
Daddy, the charges that
got John put in prison
are just a lot of nonsense.
Yeah, I know, even the warden said
he didn't think the boy
deserved to be there.
what do you see in him?
Daddy, he's sweet,
kind, he would like more than anything
to get his mother and his little brothers,
and start a new life somewhere,
maybe raise a family.
Girl, what are you hopin'
this is gonna lead to?
I don't really know,
but I like that he makes me laugh.
You know Sweetheart, I've
already lost your mother.
I just couldn't bear
to lose you too, okay?
As the master of the sea
GULMAN: Achtung, achtung, achtung.
Everybody, please take your places, now.
Guard, where's my gun?
So, as you you move
about our town today,
and you see men who have made
bad choices in their lives,
don't look down upon them
with disdain and judgment,
look upon them with understanding,
and forgiveness in your heart.
Now, what do you do?
Now Miss Edie, would
you lead us in song?
When we all get to heaven
What a day (MUFFLED) that will be
All right gentlemen,
I'm gonna need you to move inside
until you hear multiple gunshots,
at which point you're
gonna come out of the jail,
and run down the street towards the bank.
Around that corner.
Round the corner that way.
I'm gonna need you to run right past
that camera I showed you earlier.
Quick and easy.
Bear, you gonna be
able to run around there?
We'll see.
Any questions?
Is my tie straight?
Your tie looks great.
All right, ready gentlemen?
Let's move.
GULMAN: Action!
Are you excited?
Mister Russell.
Time to go on the horses.
Well, nothin' too special
about holding the horses.
Just wait until the dramatic chase,
galloping horses, roaring guns.
When's that supposed to be?
In a couple of days.
Wish it were a couple of weeks.
A couple of weeks?
I spent as much time
with you as I could.
John Russell, you're not suggesting?
I ain't suggesting nothin'.
Well what are you saying?
Mister Russell, time to go.
I'm very interested in
hearing what you have to say.
They're robbing the bank!
Good good, now come down your steps.
Go with God.
Put the basket right on top over here.
No no no no.
MAN: Now?
This is so exciting.
Gentlemen, please give us a minute
while we reset the cameras.
Mister Goldstein, remember your cue
is when you hear the word, action.
Mister James, Mister Younger,
your cue is when Gulman yells, now.
You exit the bank, guns blazing.
My part's coming up.
You know what you're supposed to do?
You're robbin' the bank.
You're robbin' the bank.
They're robbin' the bank.
Everyone, please stay
right where you are.
Once the robbers exit the bank,
there will be gunfire.
All the rest of the outlaws,
start shooting as well.
Hurry up and wait.
It's an expression.
Mister Murphy.
I'll only be a minute.
You forget your place, Murphy?
No Cole, I'm right where
I meant to be all along.
This is not part of the plan Murphy.
Yeah well there's been
a slight change in plans.
No need to go there, Cole.
Now what is your name?
Mordecai Goldstein.
My friends call me Mort.
Mort, well I want you to do me a favor.
A favor?
What kind of favor?
In case you haven't figured it out,
these are real son.
Now I want you to take this bag,
go to that safe and
fill it with real money.
I forgot the combination.
Does that help you to remember?
Easy Cole.
Let this play out.
Just here in a minute gentlemen.
Sorry Mort.
Nothin's changed.
Mort, it wasn't meant
to happen like this.
I don't like this.
Just stick with the plan.
Now when Pepper cuts
loose, head for the horses.
By the time the dust clears,
we'll be halfway to Pine Ridge.
That's your cue, you're up.
They're robbin' the bank.
They're robbin' the bank.
They're robbin' the bank.
They're robbin' the bank!
I like that.
Murphy clipped him.
He'll be all right.
Now just stay here and
keep your head down,
and you won't get it blown off.
MORT: I'll wait here sir.
Thank you Mister Younger.
Game's afoot, my friend.
Watch out for Murphy, Cole.
That's wonderful.
Zoe, get the boys and
Mama out here, go go!
You boys lay flat.
Okay Mama, it's okay.
Go on, stay back there.
Let's go boys.
Sorry Bill.
I hoped we could find a way to stop this,
but it's all gone too far.
You see Murphy, he's mad dog mean.
Cole, he's still looking for
something that never was.
It's all complicated.
Anyway, I've gotten as close
the good book as I can.
You do what you gotta do, Joe.
But this ain't the end of it.
Where's Murphy?
Little Joe, fetch me
one of them long guns.
That's if Murphy's foolish
enough to stick around town.
Bar the door, hurry, before Ma leaves us.
Pepper sure got their attention,
and our horses are out back.
I say it's time to get out of here.
Give us our share, we'll slap leather.
No no, I need you to
hold on for a few minutes,
and keep these street clear.
I got unfinished business.
Why should we?
Just stick around you can have my share.
But I need you to nail
anything that moves.
Here, fools!
Get over here!
Joe, come on.
Joe, Joe!
Get moving, get in the back, Joe!
You're okay.
Go around the corner.
Stick close.
Malachi you all right?
Sure Pa.
All hell's broken loose out there.
The one they call Big Joe
has put Bill in his own jail.
Boys, stay away from the window.
Look who I found runnin' around.
Frankie, Frankie thank God your safe.
Stay with Mama.
What the hell's goin' on out there?
I don't know.
But you can sure bet that
that lunatic Murphy is behind this.
Where are Tench and Malachi?
Those boys don't have the
brains God gave a gopher.
Get us out of here.
The stove.
Right there.
We just saw the sons getting away.
They were riding away, in like a truck.
Looked like that old lady was drivin'.
Come on, hurry up.
Go check the livery.
You can't be that stupid.
You were weeks away from being a free man.
We could have had...
Oh calm down Missy.
Stupid goes without sayin'.
The fact of the matter is,
Mister Russell here was
ignorant of the plot.
Well if he hadn't have been,
perhaps he'd have done a better job
of holding our horses.
It wasn't my fault, they
just spooked and ran away.
Oh, what's left in the livery?
JOHN: I don't know, one
old mule and 50 chickens.
Family reunion.
Cover me.
You boys stay here.
Find the Joes, they're headin' north.
I don't know where this leaves us.
Ah hell.
I'll just tell 'em I forced
you to go along with the plan.
My life's not gonna change.
And I'm not carryin' any more lead.
There they are.
No don't, don't.
No no no don't.
What'd you do that for?
Hell, what's one more?
Now Bill, it seems that
we are rather ill-equipped
to continue this impersonal exchange.
Shall we settle this, just you and me?
Bill, no.
I'm not nearly done with you.
Oh Bill, the smell of vengeance.
Why'd you do it Murphy?
You had no chance.
I needed to be free, Marshal.
Kill you,
kill me.
Either way, I'm free.
Big Joe,
said maybe not.
It's over.
It's over.
It ain't worth it.
for the record, let's say Frank
had nothing to do with this.
Oh, this one's bitin' me pretty bad.
I saw what you did, Cole.
I won't forget it.
Another Cole Younger tale.
Full of sound and fury,
signifying nothing.
Let's get him to the doc.
I didn't know.
Well, I guess they ran out of gas.
Look what we brought you, Marshal.
It's hard to believe
they left this behind.
Yeah, it's a mystery.
They were nowhere to be found.
You just can't seem to keep yourself
out of trouble, can you?
Ain't likely.
Melody, how are you?
I'm fine.
Where were you?
I wanted to make sure
that John was all right.
I'm sorry I didn't mean
- to frighten you.
- I told her
not to go after me.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Tilghman, I told you I'd
make you a star, right?
It has a mind of its own.
Roll out of bed
Shake off that old mood
Blacker than the coffee I just brewed
Saddle up my horse
Ride for speed to smoke that old ghost
Haunting me and you
We might have slowed way down
But we're keepin' our dreams alive
We ain't ready to line no ground
'Cause one thing we've
learned from losin'
Gotta keep on movin'
It ain't our fault
We gave it all we could
This old world has
forgot what it stood for
We never lied
We stayed between the
white lines of our hearts
Yeah, that's for sure
We might have slowed way down
But we're keepin' our dreams alive
We ain't ready to line no ground
'Cause one thing we've
learned from losin'
Gotta keep on movin'
If we move to another town
These badges never
gonna hit the ground
What we're searchin'
for ain't been found
So let's keep on movin'
Let's keep on movin'
We might have slowed way down
But we're keepin' our dreams alive
We ain't ready to line no ground
There's one thing we've
learned from losin'
Gotta keep on movin'
Gotta keep on movin'
Keep on movin'
You know I've been thinkin'.
Well don't hurt yourself.
I think there's a future
in these movin' pictures.
No no no no.
It's just a gust of wind.
We ain't seen nothin' yet.