Billa (2007) Movie Script

Billa.. this we can buy from anyone and
anywhere.. but your life
only can be taken from you,
thats why i brought you here
dont wish everytime everyone must
listen to you, thats bad
any last words you want to say it,
say it
a important criminal wanted by many
countries... Billa
and his group member : Ranjith, CJ, Mark
Ricky, Shana
murders, smuggling, bomb blast and
many other activities
we have tried many time to catch
but failed and he escapes
Billa is responsible for this 6 murders.
total 50 cases.
because of him, 100's , 200's and also
this 6 people are dead
i left my family and countries
for the past 1 and half year,
and tried to find out more about
his total network,
the same time he know more about us.
The bloody fellow is smart.
Malaysian police will give you full
co-operation but
don't forget one thing, our side also
we lost some of our people's life.
yes, we give our life to catch them.
one of these day,
he will answer for the life he took
l like that billa a lot,
i don't understand sir,
look at his life, born for a poor family
in Tamil Nadu,
Parents suicide without a reason, however
today he become a big man.
David Billa, we don't even know that is
his real name or not,
he deals every of his case very perfectly
l'm his first fan in the world and
his first enemy in the morld.
i'm waiting for the day to catch him,
he's played a lot
we must be careful because
he's dangerous
Sir, Andy here , yes , tell me
you want to meet anywhere
No, now i can't come,
ok tell me
Sir, in this group there is someone above
Billa ... Who .... Jagdishl...
we don't have that name in our list,
how does he look like ?
l don't know , no one saw hin before but
everytime he speaks to Ranjith and Billa on phone.
ln Billa's room there a computer which have
all the information, contact of his group.
can u go in and get it ...
no, the computer has a password
only Billa and Ranjith know
the password.
but i found some information and saved in
a memory card
l'll pass it to you,
we'll talk later.
2 reason..
1 : l don't like the way he play and
2 : l don't like his shoes
l don't understand.. Rajesh
check his left side shoe..
Sir , Danny's body was found below
a bridge in a car,
he was very strong imformer ,
Billa killed him ..Damn it Billa.
how did Billa know about Danny ?
Definitely someone informed him.
Hey Anil, nice watch... thank you sir,
its a rolex , given as a gift
Billa, do you know how much i like you,
i'm willing to give my life for you,
show me how much you like me.
sorry , i forgot to load it.
scared ? No, if i was scared
i would do something like this.
death is comes for everyone but when
how is a suspence
no suspence,
if i decide to kill you now?
l'm happy to die from you hand
if i planned to kill you ?
before you could plan to kill ,
you'll be dead.
Don't you trust anyone ?
l'll trust,
i'll trust everyone
but i ownt trust the animal inside
the human's mind.
Ria, this is our passport and tickets,
you keep mind also
just come before 1 hour to the airport,
12.30am flight .. ok ?
we can go together.
its not possible Ria,
you know about Billa,
it;s a problem if he know i'm leaving him,
even we meet each other its a risk,
one more important thing, dont call me
ok.. i'll meet you later
Rajesh wait..
don't worry Ria , i'll be there.
Billa, a small problem
one of our men left us.
Let him go ...
what Billa, l dont understand
Rajesh took his own desicion is not wrong,
its his right
and he know what is right and wrong
for him
in this world, there's a language
that everyone know ...
Good decision, you have the right to do
what is good for you,
this is totally your decision
what you're looking at,
they're here for you
l thought so even you dance too much,
anyway you dance well
shut up,
why do you think i came with you ?
do you think i like you ?
Rajesh... do you remember
how could you remember,
you kill poeple everyday
Rajesh was working for you only.
l wanted to live with me.
before that you killed him
you dont' take it personal,
there's no bullets inside, i've taken them,
you can't escape now...
this has bullets here only you and i know's it,
but the police don't know it.
you done a small mistake,
shouldn't kept the gun too
Billa, you can't escape now,
surrender you self
you are a public disturbence,
that's why i'm here
let go of the girl and surrender your self
or else i'll shoot
if u want to shoot
shoot DSP
Billa don't like you showing the gun
but not shooting
what time Ricky said he's coming ?
ln half an hour
there's a lot of police around...
there, talking in the phone undercover
here, black T-shirt blue jeans
at the bus-stop two people
how do you know that ?
We know all about police
call Ricky not to come here
why the police was chasing you ?
they don't like me
what you doing up there..? l have
to kill you to tell you why , is that ok ?
don't tell, you came to the right place,
why ?
police don't like us too.
l like for braveness,
don't think,
you came to the right place
you've done the right thing this time,
i'm very happy now
i don't know i'm taking the right
desicion or not
my brother always makes the
good desicion.
listening to you he's behaving
the two of you all go somewhere
and be happy
Steve called, good's arrive and need
to confirm the location to meet
one small thing,
this time he asking for more
how much
two times more
looks a bit hard,
should we come with you ?
tell him i'll be there in time
when ?
Steve, all your men are new,
old men's can't be trusted
how much you brought ?
how much you ask , that much i have
Steve , what is all this,
what you talk are all recorded.
you're caught red-handedly,
you're under-arrest
there's no difference between you
and them,
you have joined with them or
they have joined with you ?
you're gonna shoot me ?
try an run ..
Billa, all the mistake you've have turned
around and hit back at you.
its not wrong DSP,
try understanding the history..
it thought us one thing...
Killing a lot of people for us to survive
is not wrong.
if we dont exist, you wont have job at all
you're talking too much ,
i've seen a lot
a deal between us...
look at all these weapon's,
keep it in your collection
or sell it..
dollar's, euro's, rupee's, ringgit's
however can...
thats your work..
you're a criminal , i'm a police officer
but a small difference....
you need be alive but
i don't need you.
don't stop the car... Jai..
give me your gun
give me.... give me
give me
did you notice this Jai..
your gun targeting you,
this is why Billa ..
no one knows
first time you confronting me ,
you want to surrender ?
i'm escaping Jai
i knew that if a bullet hit this Billa,
its only from you
only you have the knowledge to
catch this Billa .. Jai
do one thing Jai ..
join with me ... what do you say ?
then who will catch us...
Jai ..
try to understand, we can rule the world,
give me the gun and surrender yourself,
you can't escape now...look
look at yourself....
i'm feeling very nice
you're driving the car infront,
i'm sitting behind the car,
we are talking to each other...
you're frighten now...
frighten .. me ?
you're the one frighten now.. Jai..
who's have the gun is and who is
afraid ?
leave it Billa..its all over
its now the beginning
you should know something Jai..
every day and every minute in my life
even every tick in my life , i've ever
been this position....
good morning sir,
good morning sir, what happen ?
we still have no information yet and
still searching..
did u sleep ?
no sir
one more thing,
someone came to meet you,
i have an important work to do,
i'll finish that and come
no sir,
this is more important than that
you speak tamil ?
yes, i'm from tamil nadu
i've heard a lot about you,
anyway i'll get to the point
where Billa ?
why ?
Billa's case you are handling it and
you've done a good job
but a bit out of control
that's why i'm here
i did ask for any help..
i'm asking
all my paper about Billa i have settle,
nothing to worry
i need to see Billa's files,
Anil, what for a while,
family matter
look here Mr.Gokulnath,
this is my case and i've done a lot
from the start till now i been
handling it correctly
Billa is a criminal,
you must understand that
ok , i agree
rather than saying you, us is more powerful
trust me...
now tell me in briefly,
what happen ?
Billa escaped.
l'll catch him
about the most wanted criminal
is Billa
for more information we have here
Mr.Jai and also Mr.Gokulnath
yesterday we had a information that Billa
was going to sell thousands for weapons
we tried to catch there but Billa ecsaped
but we've seize all the weapons that worth
atleast 10 million american dollars
if we have any information about Billa,
we will inform you
sir ,
is Billa alive or dead ?
not dead.
when you're gonna catch him ?
soon we will catch Billa but we need
the public support
any information you got about Billa,
please inform to the nearest police station
Velu, nowdays we cant steal at the temple,
why ?
eveyone tie with string at the body,
can't get through.
please change the location
now what happen ?
take one ''bida'' and you will feel
very energatic
from inside the stomach to the vein
to the bones
totally makes you knockout...
no.. its nice
try one...
no... hiccups
hey.. its not police , security
our people
nowdays i'm afraid to see anyone
in uniform..
why ?
someone aks me my passport for
10,000 ringgit .. i sold it
what ! you sold your passport ?
why you're getting shocked..
its with me for nothing so let it be
used for few poeple.
for that they are chasing me around
you definitely will get caught,
what did you to with the money ?
dancing with you made my body
feel very tired so
i went to Thai massage and they remove
my pant ....
hey ... talk slowly
oh sorry we're in the temple
Karan, pray that you should be happy,
that's why you're here
then pray that i'll be happy,
ok i'll try..
i've pray to that Velu(Murugan) only
one thing .... what ?
by next Thaipusam, he should get a nice
school and study very hard.
and also a good job for you.
oh .. you singing ''velu velu velu'' was
for my job not for the vel in His hand....
what you pray for you ?
i have a big house, below we 4 worker's,
below them 40 worker's
when i gave them order's what to do,
i'll very hyper joy ...
hey... you ask for this one .. ?
its small wish ...
murugan cant' take if he hears
for wish ..
He will run away from malaysia.
sir .. i didn't do anything wrong
this time
you have to do me a favour now,
you came late , if u came early we
could have gave him the tiger costume,
keep quiet...
oh .. should gave him ''Pillayar'' costume
he's DSP..
haiyo .. big police, big big police...
Karan, take your cycle and go one round,
cannot .
please go , please go ...
wait i'm going...
acting ...
sir, police asking me for acting like
someone else, don't you think its wrong ?
i must act like another person
i can't do it , let me go.
what was him name sir ?
Billa ...
what kind of torture is this,
why should i act like Billa ?
is this isue goes to that Velu(Murugan),
then this Velu will get it.. sure
Velu, the god ur praying is also acting in a
lot of disguise for fight evil ..
He's six head, i'm one head
do one thing,
why dont you act as Billa ..
that can't be..
look at this.... what is this
sir, you're showing my photo and asking
me to see.. its graphic's right ?
he's Billa , an international criminal
murders, smuggling, bomb blast,
wanted by many countries
look at him, now you understand why
i ask you to act like Billa..
its wrong sir, asking you to act like Billa
very wrong
you've get caught.
sir, when you take his photo, you catch him
and take any pose you want right ?
why ? he's dead.
he's dead then why i should act
like him..
above Billa, there's some other group,
we can catch them if you act like him
i can't do it , let me go.
i'm asking you to act and you
have to act ..
lf i'm alone , i'm willing to do any
good deeds but i have this boy with me,
he's father gave me a job in a hotel.
he's parents died in a car accident, since
then i'm the only one for him
the parents request was to send him
to a good school and take care of him
that's why i don't want to act .. sir
try to understand ..
he act like Billa
like you wanted, i'll send him to a nice
boarding school and give a good life for him
its my responsibility and i'll pay for
all the expences
ok .. l'll act like billa, like you there's
more worst poeple in that group,
they find out i'm not Billa, then what's
the guarantee for my life
i'm there for you.
if you suddenly died ?
you are acting as Billa ..
Velu, this is St.John school,
one of the best school in Malaysia,
see there
Karan, you like these school ,
a lot
you must study hard and become
like this sir ..
more bigger person then this sir ..
ok... go and play ,
sir, you've kept your word,
tell me , i'm ready
sir , you're meeting anyone..
you carry one, i'll wait in the car.
i'm going to change you to Billa here,
sir, stop joking, wearing a coat and
suit and standing here is very funny
i wasn't talking about you sir,
i said overall
can you tell how many iron bars
here ?
want to sell it ?
how many irons they are,
let me count ..
84 iron bars, 7 entrance , 6 windows
if this was Billa, he'd know everything here.
sir , you came here earlier and counted ?
most important thing is you must know
how to cheat and catch a person cheating,
know to kill with getting caught,
if get caught, try to escape..
you must forget you're Velu, u have
to one and don't listen to anyone
you have a voice inside of you, instinct
only listen to your instinct,
you only think about you
only you...
you're Billa
you must know every thing about computers
how to get and erase information.
you must know about weapons,
and use it against your enemies
all this is for you,
drink ans smoke how much you want
until you hate it
because Billa wont drink or smoke and
you won't get caught
pickles ?
l'll kill you..
now we have to do one thing
you must get caught with the
where, when you saw
who is this .. hello ... hello...
Mr.Jai... we found Billa
he's fine but he's suffering
from memory lost..
this is a important case,
when he will be cured
maybe 2 weeks, 1 week even 5 min from now
he can remember
congrats on catching Billa,
i would like to thanks the public first,
they gave me the information first.
when he will be discharged for the
doctor says he lost his memories due
to the hit on the head.. anyway
tomorrow morning we are transfering him
to Penjara Sungai Buloh with tight security,
after he is cured, we will investigate more
and keep you updated .. excuse me..
they can't do anything to Billa but
Billa can't be there also..
i'll bring him and come
i'll bring Billa and come
how ?
how did they managed to kidnap him
with this tight security..
they planned carefully and kidnap him
don't talk like this Mr.Jai,
you should be more careful
not me but us
they couldn't have kidnap him without
information for us
how long you know Anil
since i came here and taken the case
be careful ... trust me
this is your place
think nicely and try to remember
C.J. , Sasha,
first time you saw her u like her braveness,
do you remember ,
how are you ?
be careful and don't do
any business
how is your acting as Billa ?
but sir, in Billa's group got 2 dangerous
one is C.J. , thinking i'm Billa she comes
near my ears and blowing in it,
i'm worried anytime i'll get caught,
other one Sasha,
she's the only one in silence
come to the point
i've learn all the details about the
more importantly , i spoke to Jagdish
when did you see ?
did see him.
i talked in the phone only
sir, this is the right time for to gain my
memories back.. what do you think
correct, i'll arrange that but let me know
when you are going out
you must change to the old Billa and
they must believe that
i'll create that opportunity for you
now you can go
how will you go out from here?
the same way i came
but suddenly anyone comes in and
see you .......
suddenly disappeared
where did he go ?
here we are meeting John,
he won't talk to anyone except Bila
that's why i brought you here and he
doesn't know you lost your memory,
don't tell him anything about your
memory lost issue
how are you ?
that's all ?
you've changed, you've changed
where my goods , where
i remember,
i remember everything
excellent match,
C.J. , what is all this .. Bila, we have to talk
Sasha come with me
tomorrow morning 1 1am , we have
a meeting with Mike
a small dealing , the details about
Mike is in the computer
when i'm not around who touch
the computer..
no one
then who changed the password ?
you must have typed wrongly..
this is our last meeting with Mike
i'll go with Billa
no need to come
i'll come together just to drop you
what are you doing , as usual filling up the
car with petrol and roaming around ..
just send me 2 DVD's of new movies,
very bored here
i wont tell anybody DSP gave me ..
tell what is it ?
i'm copying all details about Billa's group and
network for you,
when you will give me ?
now , come straight to Billa's house
and i will give you
just tell me when you will give me ?
i'll call you when i'm going to pass you
the details ,
just continue roaming around , ok
why you are doing like this ?
you've changed Bila
you are not like old times,
its because of her right ?
who ?
Sasha , what are you doing ?
how does it look ..
are you checking i'm the old Billa ?
i know you are the old Billa thats
why i'm pointing the gun
stop playing ,
remove the gun
i'm noy joking , i'm serious .. why
i've been with you all these time ?
i wont get like these kind of opportunity
again ..
Sasha , you are doing a mistake
it's not wrong to kill someone like you
listen to me ..
i could have killed to earlier but without
you knowing the past will be a shame,
you wont know why you are dying ..
now know why you're gonna die
Ria , my brother Rajesh,
i don't know anybody named Ria, Rajesh
habe you forgotten ,
if u didn't kill them that day ..
wait , don't rush .. let me tell
yo the truth
io'll the a truth , Billa is going to die now
Billa is dead, i'm not Billa
i'm Velu
i'm not going to listen anyting
you say...
sir , is this a time to introduce ..
first ask her to drop the gun,
drop the gun,
who you are ?
why you want to kil Billa ?
Sir, first tell her i'm not Billa
Ria, Rajesh died because of me thats
why she tried to kill me,
luckily she had a flashback, if not
i would have been dead by now
Sasha ,
Billa is dead while i was chasing him
Velu is acting as Billa to catch Jagdish
and terminate the entire network
Velu , acting as Billa
atleast now believe me ..
drop the gun
sir, the entire details and contact is in this pendrive
did u see ?
i didn't.
you see, you catch them because
my job is done and i'm leaving,
where are you doing ? untill
you find out who is Jagdish, you're Billa
sir , stop playing around
Sasha, keep this secret between
the three of us only .. ok ?
what work i have when Billa is dead ..
they will suspect you if you leave suddenly,
be there for while, i'll arrange something,
a important thing , 12th April
remember ?
thats the day all our contacts around the
world meet together, you forgotten.?
Jagdish called to remain you ..
12th April ,Agara Belantara,
is it ok or need to change ?
no problem , can can
ok .. we will meet there
Hello , DSP sir...
what is it ?
tomorrow night i'll declare myself,
all Billa's gang and network are meeting
tomorrow night..
and Jagdish will be there,
how did you know this ?
Jagdish arranged this meeting.
what time ?
9 pm.
where ?
No.5, Alkara Belantar ,
don't forget...
i was waiting for this to happen ,
Velu listen to me carefully ..
tomorrow mustn'e have mistakes,
when i come, Sasha must not be there,
Sasha must not be there ,
thats not all ,
whatever happen there, you must surrender
to me only then i'll take care the rest
ok but you arrest everybody, not even one
person should escape but
as usual Billa will escape..
hey, what are you blabbering ?
sir, let me be Billa .. i feel very enjoying
one more important thing ....
planning ..
don't come from the front , come form
the back silently understand ?
shut up, you just surrender to me
Billa, we are not going to Alkara Belandar ,
we are going to Australian Condo
why ?
due to information ,
there's police around them
how did you know ?
we know what is going there in the
police station
who changed it ?
Why didn't tell me ?
Thats what i'm doing now ..
where are you ?
going to Alkara Belandar
don't go there
the place have been changed,
where ?
Australian Condo
why ?
they found out that you are
coming there
i think Jagdish's informer is among your
people, find out who is that ..
i'll make sure nothing happen's here
i heard what you talked
turn right
who are you ?
i thought so , when i came near to
you and you avoided me,
i suspected that you are not Billa
who are you ?
don't come near !
C.J. listen to me, don't shout
please ..
C.J. don't ...
listen to me .. C.J. ...
C.J. , this accidently happen
i'm sorry
where's Billa ?
Billa , what happen ?
DSP sir ..
drop you gun
sir, i'm not Billa
i'm Velu
trust me, DSP ask me to act as Billa.
you killed DSP.
don't make stories ,
agree that you are Billa
i'm Velu,
i came to this country to work,
DSP ask me to act as Billa.
only DSP know's i'm acting as Billa,
why should i kill him ?
how should i believe that ?
how did u came there and how did
you know about the group activities ?
i called DSP and inform him,
believe me sir please ...
how you know the police plan, the same
way the police know your plan
i don't need to explain to you
tell me one thing that can make me
believe you are not Billa ..
sir, a pendrive
all the details, contact and activities about
the group i gave to DSP in a pendrive
please check for me...
where is the pendrive now ?
must be with DSP.
please search for me sir,
there's no pendrive and there's no
proof that you are Velu .. anything else
Mr.Anil, Mr.Sali send all of them to
central prison,
you've done the biggest mistake
in your life acting as Billa,
you made a fool of us
you all are fools, you think you're a gang
by having few people behind you
just look at these faces,
look at him
where did u cut your hair,
torn head
look at him, using a car side mirror
as a glasses
Mark looks like Billa's uncle son
hey uncle, what you are looking at ?
have you ever smile in your life before?
you have only seen Billa but you
havent seen Velu...
come , come
sit down.
if we hit you now then they know
you are not Billa and you'll escaped,
you'll die as Billa because of acting
like him,
this time you can't escaped
Velu .. Velu ...
torturing us a lot,
i'll make him come
what happen
they know i'm not Billa
i know,
Ranijth is looking for you,
i know
first i must find out who killed DSP,
police is looking for me thinking i'm Billa,
Jagdish people is chasing because i'm not Billa
i must be outside to do something,
Sasha, are they suspecting you ?
they trust me,
Velu, can i tell to the police that you're not Bila ?
no, you should not have any problem
because of me,
now you must be with them for me
what you going to do next ?
i'm going to call Gokulnath,
Gokulnath ... who ?
after DSP died,
he's the only one believe's me,
officer Gokulnath, Velu speaking
Billa ... talk ..
how many times i told,
i'm not Billa..
then why are you running,
come and surrender, i'll take care the rest
i have no problem to surrender but
beside you, no one else believe's me
if i'm inside , i can't prove that
i'm not Billa
i need to talk to you
talk ..
not in the phone but,
face to face
tomorrow afternoon, 1 pm
aero brigde.. come alone
thanks for coming
how long you want to run like this
until i prove i'm not Billa
DSP Jai Prakash ask to me act like
Billa, now he's dead
after DSP died,
you are the only one believe's me,
that's why i ask you to
come alone
how i gave DSP Jai Prakash information
about the group, the same way
someone from the police is giving
information the them
ok , where's the pendrive that
you gave to DSP
i gave to him only sir
look here, that is the only prove
that you are not Billa..
if this was Billa , he wouldn't give
so stop playing and give me the pendrive
sir, i'm not playing
i swear i have to him ....
Ranjith's coming
where's the pendrive ?
i know you are not Billa because
no one knows Billa better than me..
so the person who killed DSP Jai...
DSP Jai know i'm Jagdish, now
you know...
what are we doing , a big criminal
always escapes from the police
i need that guy and with
shoot at sight order
i think there's no need for
shoot at sight order,
we can't do this without consulting
the indian embassy,
its my responsiblity to get and paper's
from indian embassy,
you just have to approve it , that's all
i can't believe this..
Gokulnath joined with DSP not to catch
Billa, but to know what happen to him,
Gokulnath killed DSP
he won't let me go until he
get that pendrive
not only me but anyone with me also
Velu, then Karan ?
don't send Karan to the school,
keep him with you and be careful
Velu, police ...
sorry ,
its ok,
hey Krishna ,
hey Velu ....
what is this, you went on thaipusam
and coming back on deepavalli
who is this baleilekka ?
come, let's sit and talk
come in
who is this, did she running away from
home or the father chased her out ?
police is chasing us
you know more about police ,
give me some idea ..
Velu, let's go
nothing to be afraid of, relax
nothing to be afraid of, relax
that's what i said, give me some idea
why you talking secretly ...
Seth marriage function just finish,
all free drinks, first take one round..
then i'll give you an idea
why you asking like you don't know,
your favourite.. little water .. a lot of liquor
sister, for you a raw one coming,
today i will definitely drink this,
Velu, don't
don't stop me
don't you have a bit of pityness at all ?
i'm so tired and exhausted...
its been so long,
cheer's ..... cheer's ..
hey, how was our friendship before ,
you left without giving a holiday letter,
Velu (Murugan) why,
why, Velu (Murugan) must give the letter
what did i pray for thaipusam,
for me to get a job ...
not you , me
that is a very big list,
u have a bungalow house,
you have 4 worker's below you ,
below the 4 worker's, another 40 people
then you will feel very nice
relax .
did He give ?
He gave , everything he gave, including
a big problem
all because of that DSP,
who that fat police,
i have a doubt on his face,
he will fix you and leave the country,
he didn't leave the country,
he left forever above ,
from that day i started running,
until now still running..
you're running alone ?
with her
if you run to China border atleast
you can meet Jackie Chan...
i don't care what ever happens now,
give me the cup..
no more cup , only hand
how much will Seth spend .. total package
120, 420, 650 .. specially made for you..
will get hiccups,
no.. will get kick ups...
Velu .. don't
don't turn ..
officer, doesn't mean you have the gun
in your hand you can point it anywhere,
ok .... i'm Billa
do what ever you want.
you're changing from Velu to Billa
then from Bila to Velu , all i know
only i know you are not Billa.
how many people will tell the
same story everytime,
you think only Jai know's all this,
trust me
i totally lost my hope on police
you must trust me now,
why ?
because you're still alive
there's a shoot at sight order
for you,
you know i'm not Billa,
why you still chasing me...
to catch Jagdish,
why search for a person who is
already next to you ..
Senior lnterpol Officer Gokulnath
is Jagdish.
he likked DSP Jai Prakash
now i'm running because of him..
how did you know this ?
now , you must trust me.
Karan ..
i don't know where is that pendrive,
i gave it to DSP only..
its safe
where ?
you should have told that i'm
not Billa...
what ?
enjoying watching me run,
its my life in jeopardy,
not yours ...
i can tell you are not Billa then
DSP died without any reason..
no one will know who is Jagdish,
now you know who is Jagdish,
after this i'm not running anymore..
you must run
now you must keep on running because
he will definitely look for you,
he have to save his network and no one
will believe if i said Gokulnath is Jagdish
i need you to catch him,
we need your help man,
if its not for us, atleast
do it for DSP,
trust me
no one should see us together,
you go now,
i know the pendrive is not with you,
you must find it and bring it to me
Karan and Sasha is with me,
i need the pendrive
Jagdish is holding Karan and Sasha
give me the pendrive
i'll take care of this but now
i can't give you the pendrive
give me the pendrive
Velu.. deal is deal
for so long only my life was in danger,
now he captued Karan and Sasha,
give me the pendrive
i'm sorry,
i can't give...
give me the pendrive
i'll give but in one condition
first let Karan and Sasha go,
let me check first
no one will believe you if you say
i'm Jagdish,
but if i say you're Billa,
they will believe
if you want to tell to anyone else, still
have to go through me,
i was waiting for these pendrive
go ans see the system,
freeze, one more step and i will
slowly ...
no, don't shoot.. don't shoot
come on , arrest him .. Billa
we've been trying to catch him for so
long , come on arrest him..
Anil , what is this..?
i'm sorry sir,
you are under sarrest,
what nonsense..
pointing a gun at a senior officer is
wrong against the law
come on arrest him
the law is for everybody,
we know you are Jagdish,
we know he's not Billa,
he's Velu
bullshit .... i'm not Jagdish,
i'm lnterpol Officer Gokulnath,
i'm sorry , i'm wired
what we talked is all recorded,
no one will believe you,
i will sue you all,
put the gun's down... come on
Anil, there are a lot of rules and regulation
to arrest a senior officer,
do you understand that ..
don't move,
Velu, Karan and Sasha is on top...
all put the gun's down
no one can catch this Jagdish,
fire !!