Billion Dollar Bluff (2024) Movie Script

[instrumental music]
Just wanted to be
a better person.
[both screaming]
Bet on me
Put your money
where your mouth is
Put your money, put your
money where your mouth is
This is Mylar, my
favorite brand.
The color is Watch Me.
You see how the hint of blue
distracts from my tired eyes?
Folks, this is literally
the cure for jet lag.
Paris was amazing, though.
Totally worth the red eye.
But seriously, I'm so glad
to be back home in Atlanta.
Chloe Clifton's party tonight
is going to be next level.
Let me know which
dress I should wear.
The Roche fort or the Oscar.
Love, peace and
all things pretty.
Switched every
time like a ball
And on the court I was in
Peace you a
couple weeks short
Drive my love
and I never felt
When I bet on me
'Cause I know myself
So much confidence
Don't let me get you down
If they mess with me
I'mma give them hell
Bet on me
Put your money
where your mouth is
Put your money, put your
money where your mouth is
Bet on meput your money
where your mouth is
Put your money, put your
money where your mouth is
Bet on me put your money
where your mouth is
Put your money, put your
money where your mouth is
Bet on meput your money
where your mouth is
Ah yes!
I'm a ten outta ten
but I would recommend
On trend in my skin you
should go tell a friend
Much hippier than the bone
beneath your waistline
You a small frog
ca-call me super-sized
If you over there you
can call me any time
Body like Agua no,
I keep you energized
Once took a beat but
I never compromise
Day or nighttime this
should come as no surprise
I'm home!
Hey, you! Yes, I see you.
[dog barks]
[June] Come over here,
you little munchkin.
That's my sweet boy.
Come to mommy, baby.
- [Biggie whimpers]
- Biggie. There's my baby.
Oh, I missed you. Hi...
- [June] Done in my room?
- You bet.
[keypad clicking]
[Sasha sighs]
- All finished upstairs?
- Uh-huh.
Bedroom's done. Everything's
back in its place.
Thank you, sweetheart.
[Trina] Mm.
That Chihuahua sure
knows how to shed.
- Oh, don't I know it.
- [both chuckle]
Well, that's fancy.
- Oh, this? It's a dupe.
- A dupe?
A worthless knockoff
that you have to look at
super closely to spot
the tiny differences.
How can you tell?
How many stitches does it have?
- Seven.
- Mm-hm.
Now, an authentic
Duvalier bag has eight,
so that the quilting
doesn't puff.
Anything less than
eight is a dupe.
- Mm. Looks so real.
- Right?
- Mom?
- Mm-hm?
- Are you okay?
- Mm-hm!
- I'm good.
- No, come sit.
- No, I'm fine. I'm fine!
- Sit!
- I'm fine.
- Just sit!
- Okay, if you're fine, sit.
- I will, Susie.
- Better?
- Will be in a minute.
- I-I should drive you home.
- You have your friend's party.
- I can go after.
- Would you stop fussin'?
I can drive myself. I'm fine.
Mom, the whole reason why
you even have back pain
is 'cause you work too hard.
I really wish you
would take a break.
I can't afford to.
Good thing that I'm working
on a plan so you can.
Susie, I know you
got big dreams.
They're not dreams, mom.
Livin' like you're
on "MTV Crib..."
- Drinking crystal like...
- Okay, mom.
- Puff Daddy.
- Please, mom.
I don't need all
those fancy things.
As long as I got you, I'm happy.
Just don't get why you won't...
at least talk to my father.
Now why do you always
gotta bring up your father?
If you introduced
me, I could call...
Suzanne Marie Jones.
I worked in hotels for years.
Busting my rump so I
could provide for you.
I worked my way up, and
now I got my own business.
Housekeeping is honest work.
And I don't need anybody's help.
- Do you understand?
- But, mom...
Now take your fancy
dupe and get going.
Are you going to be
late for your party?
- Are you sure that I can't...
- Have a good time.
Yes, mama?
You look wonderful.
Thanks, mom. I love you.
[door closes]
Damn, girl, you greedy
You get all of
the attention
You had woke up
But for now go on
get on my wish list
No sugar coated
But they sweet
on the motive
Can't distract
on your focus
Trying to move as you go...
- Name?
- Sasha.
Sasha Joy.
You may have heard of
me, and my father's
kind of a big deal.
If you want to check
out my FlickMo page.
No cell phones at the party.
Oh, yeah, of course.
Photos of these things
are a big no-no.
I don't see your name
on the list here.
Right. So you don't want me
calling my father right now?
He's kind of in the middle
of a major acquisition
of a company so big
that let's just say,
if all goes according to plan,
he's gonna own Tyrone Fisk.
[woman vocalizing]
Yeah, you ain't never
seen nothing like this
Make it so good I'm
gonna make it go drift
You don't wanna be
nothing with this
Try to cross me and I
think you might miss
No disrespect, but
you give what you get
When I hate then
it's cool no sweat
Cool connect, maybe
we could be friends
And when I'm in your
city, I'll pull up hoppin'
No stress no
press I'm blessed
Shake it off no
need to impress
Me and my two,
yeah, we the best
When we walk in the
room we turn heads
We turn heads
Yeah, we turn heads
Yeah, we turn heads
We know what's happening
Time for the vibe
that's happening
We got that energy
Making more friends
than enemies
And so if I take the role,
they'll have me go to calm
and, you know awards seasons.
One thing after the other,
and I just don't know if
I'll have time for that.
C'est la vie.[chuckles]
- Dahlia Spencer.
- [scoffs]
Oh, my goodness. I loved
you in "Hot Pursuit."
Between you and I, I'm
hearing awards buzz
in all of my circles.
- Stop. Really?
- Yes.
We should do brunch sometime.
DM me on FlickMo
- For sure. I'll ping you.
- Perfect.
- Ciao, Sasha.
- Ciao.
[indistinct chatter]
Time for the vibe
that's happening
Excuse me. Hi.
- Have you seen Harold Clifton?
- Suzanne!
- Oh, my God.
- Hey.
H-how are you?
- I'm sorry, do I know you?
- Okay, give me a break, Susie.
Does Trina know
that you're here?
L-O-L. I think you
have me mistaken.
- I'm Sasha. Sasha joy.
- Wha...
- It was so nice to meet you.
- Suzanne, I...
Thank you.
[Sasha whispering] What
are you doing? Stop.
[Sasha sighs]
- We need to talk.
- What are you doing?
I'm working. What
are you doing?
Here to see Harold Clifton.
- Oh, as in Clifton Hotels?
- Obviously. Yeah.
It's Chloe's dad, and
that's whose party this is.
So, what, you and Chloe Clifton
are friends now or something?
Yeah, actually. We're
practically sisters.
[chuckling] Mm-hm.
You... You're sisters?
You look like you're
playing dress-up
for your fake ass FlickMo page.
It's not fake, Anna.
Oh, really? So your daddy's
really a billionaire?
- Yeah, maybe he is.
- You are delusional.
Yeah, well, you have
whipped cream on your shirt.
Does your mom know
about all this?
Don't talk about my, mom.
Um, how is she?
I miss her, you know.
I miss you-you as well.
Right. Well, thank you so
much for that information.
Be sure to have your people
call my people, okay?
[Anna] Oh, wow.
Correction. I miss
who you used to be.
You were kind, hilarious,
you were genuine.
Now you're just... another jerk
obsessed with her
fake FlickMo image.
Oh, well, you are walking
around with a fake ass smile
on your face for
what, $15 an hour?
Tsk. Tell me which is worse.
[distant chatter]
You know, one of these
days, Suzanne, your lies
are gonna catch up with you.
Thanks for the tip.
Just work it
Like a boss
[indistinct chatter]
I'll see you. See
you, darlings.
Chloe Clifton.
So sorry, do I know you?
I'm your sis... I'm
Sasha. Sasha joy.
So nice to meet
you in real life.
[Chloe] Oh, well, I hope
you're enjoying yourself.
- Yeah. Good party.
- Thank you.
Diamondback turtles are
actually my favorite.
Oh, well, it's supposed
to bring awareness
to the damage that
fishing boats inflict
on our precious oceans.
But, well, I think people are
just here for the cocktails.
Well, it's so inspiring.
Thank you. Are you
into advocacy yourself?
Yeah, um, I-I just actually
donated a hefty junk
exchange to the, um...
Um... The, the...
What was it called
for oil spills?
- Surf Riders For Oils?
- Yes.
- [Chloe] Oh, my God.
- The oil spills!
So, are your parents in oil?
Um, yeah, uh, well, my mom
and I, we, uh, we clean out
oil and spills all
the time. Yeah.
Well... Good for you, darling.
I-is dad here?
Is your dad here?
My dad?
Yeah. I would
love to meet him.
Uh, no, he hardly ever comes
to my fundraises,
unfortunately. But...
Oh, no. How sad.
Um... well, do you know
anything about his, um, search
for brand ambassador?
Is that what you're looking for?
Yeah. I mean, I, um, have
almost a million followers
on FlickMo and growing, so
my reach is pretty fast.
Mm-hm. Congratulations.
But I must warn
you that my father
is a bit of an antique.
Oh, my gosh. [chuckles]
Well, we-we love antiques.
Vintage, right?
I'm sure. I'm sure.
But what I really mean
is that he doesn't get FlickMo.
- Okay.
- Yeah, I mean, his team
advised him to only really work
with influencers with five
million followers or more.
Five million?
It's archaic, believe me.
But, um, I mean, you only have
one million, and I'm so sorry.
I... We can maybe do
dinner or something then...
If you wanted my father
five million followers
is your way in.
I must go check on the
caviar. I'm so sorry.
- But congratulations, Sasha.
- I-I can get five million...
followers. Okay.
[man 1] I hear you're staying
in town for the moon festival.
[Dahlia] Yeah, and then I'll
be in Paris next weekend.
Yeah, for the European
premiere of Chase-Jump.
I can't wait. It's
gonna be so much fun.
[phone chimes]
[indistinct chatter]
[camera shutting clicking]
Hey, y'all, I'm at Chloe
Clifton's party right now
and the security guard is
infringing on my rights!
Oh, you are so lucky
that my ride is here.
You bitch!
[Sasha] Hi. [man 2] Sasha Joy.
Thank you so much.
So my card declined.
Wait, did I order a pool or...
[muffled screaming]
Help! Somebody help me!
- [woman 1] Shut up.
- [Sasha squealing] Oh, my God!
[woman 1] No one can hear you.
This has to be some
kind of mistake.
[crying, stuttering]
You guys have the wrong person.
We know exactly who you are.
[phone chimes]
[woman 1] The real Sasha Joy.
Just trying to make the
world a prettier place.
Well, what a do-gooder.
Says right here your
daddy's a billionaire.
So here's the plan.
It's real simple.
You're gonna call your daddy,
tell him you need some money.
[panting] How much money?
- [woman 1] $500,000.
- Five hundred?
Chump change for
a girl like you.
You're gonna call your daddy.
He's gonna send you the money.
You're going to give
the money to us.
Then we all go home.
No one gets hurt.
Everyone lives
happily ever after.
How does that sound?
I said, how does that sound?
Simple. The answer is simple.
So, should we give daddy a call?
Maybe he's just right here in
your contacts under "Daddy."
Okay, Sasha, how about you
give me daddy's number?
Give me the number... now.
I'm not Sasha Joy.
- Liar.
- No, I swear.
[sobbing] It's a fake name.
My real name is Suzanne Jones,
and I don't have access to that
kind of money, not
by a long show.
Hey! See that
guy? The big one?!
He's gonna throw
you off the roof.
- Do you understand?
- I swear, if I had that money,
I would give it to
you, but everything
on my FlickMo page is made up.
It's all fake.
The-the-the private
jets are-are rented set.
The limos, the vacations
are all Photoshop.
[Sasha whimpering]
I mean, a couple of
the mansions are real,
but that's just because my mom
runs a housekeeping company
and-and she has a bunch
of wealthy clients.
But-but-but I bought
most of my followers
with a maxed out credit card.
And-and-and even my
handbag is a dupe.
And-and this dress,
I-I borrowed it
from June Bentley.
Borrowed it?
Okay, I stole it, but I swear
I was going to give it back
before she could even notice.
[whimpering] Please...
this is a mistake.
Okay, well, what
about your daddy, huh?
What about your rich
billionaire daddy?
Oh, no, he's real. He's real.
It's j... It's just that he...
- What?
- [Sasha] He-he-he...
He doesn't know that I exist.
[Sasha sniffling]
Can I talk to you for a minute?
Hey, you! Stay! Watch her!
- How did this happen?
- I-I mean she...
I-I... She-she looked legit!
That's how, we couldn't
ha... We couldn't have known
that she was a fake.
Whoa! You don't
believe her, do you?
[Quinn] Why would
she lie to us?
[Elyse] Obviously to protect
her daddy's interest.
She said her dad doesn't
even know that she exists.
Excuse me. Hi. Um...
Sorry to bother you,
but is there a bathroom?
I-I-I need to pee.
One sec.
[Quinn] Just saying, her
mom has wealthy clients.
[Elyse] Yeah, right. [Quinn]
Housekeeping business.
The mansion. Elyse,
that was real.
She has that money!
She has to. How else
are we gonna get 500K
in less than twelve days?
- Hey, guys.
- Wha...
She says she has to pee.
[Elyse] I don't care!
Get back in there!
All right!
Okay, gun down.
I'm fine.
Oh, no. No... Oh, no.
I know you're here somewhere!
If you just cooperate with
us, we can work something out.
Hey! Hey!
- [Nathan] Hey!
- [Sasha screams]
You can't stop me!
- [Nathan] Stop!
- [Sasha screams]
[Sasha panting]
[Sasha] Oh, stop! Please, he's
hurting me. Make him stop!
- [Elyse grunting]
- He's got her.
No! Our faces! She's
seen our faces.
We don't have masks on.
No. Oh, no, no.
- Take her to the roof.
- Oh, no.
Stop, please... [squealing]
Please, help me! Please,
they're gonna kill me!
Help me, please! Please, help
me, they're gonna kill me!
Against my better judgement
Nothin' I won't do
[Sasha screaming]
Help, please!
Please, please! I
don't want to die!
Please don't kill
me! I won't tell!
- We already know you're a liar.
- Please.
You're supposedly broke
and now you're a liability.
Give me one reason we
shouldn't throw you off.
I can, I can help you
get your $500,000.
Yeah. You need that
i-in what? 12 days?
- How?
- By robbing celebrity homes.
The ones my mom and I work at.
I know, I know where they...
I know where they live
and I know how to get inside.
I have all the codes.
I can, I can show
you the valuables
and you can pawn it all
and get your $500,000 cash!
- Throw her.
- No, wait! Please, don't!
[squealing] Please, please!
If I can, if I can get
a million followers
with nothing but a
maxed out credit card
and a big smile, I can do this!
[Elyse] How many followers
you said you had?
A million!
We know almost a million.
Says here you have 1.8.
In followers?
Now it's at 1.9.
What's going on?
Yeah, her following,
It's growing.
Wait, wait, let me see.
And the security guard is
infringing on my rights!
[chuckling] I thought
my card declined.
[muffled screaming]
[phone clattering]
It was recording.
When you guys...
When I got into your
car, I was recording.
Okay, you're telling
me your followers
almost doubled in a few hours?
[grunting, sighing]
Okay, I can do anything
that I set my mind to.
And I can help you
get that $500,000.
Do you want my help or not?
But I want something in return.
I'm sorry?
I will help you
get your $500,000,
but in exchange, I want
five million followers.
You are delusional!
I had my own thing
goin' on before you guys
came along, okay?
I was doing just fine!
I happen to need five
million followers.
That video just blew
up my FlickMo page.
So-so-so we-we-we...
We document this
little kidnapping thing
and, you know, we
make some video.
Some, like, hostage stuff.
- "Hostage stuff?"
- [Sasha] Yeah!
I get my followers,
you get your cool
half-mil, cash.
[breathing heavily]
We all go home.
No one gets hurt. We
live happily ever after.
[chuckling] How
does that sound?
How hard can it be?
Okay, you cunning little
hostage. You're on.
But... I write the posts.
I control the narrative.
I should have some
kind of say, though,
because my fans know my voice.
I have final say.
- No deal! No way! No...
- Nathan...
- No, no, I'm out. I'm out.
- Nathan, Nathan, Nathan!
Babe! Babe, babe, babe, babe!
[breathes heavily]
We can do this.
This is what we need
to save the house.
And then we're set. We're set.
We can get married and
we can have a family.
- That's what you want, right?
- [Nathan] Yeah.
But I need you with me on
this. I need you here, okay?
I love you.
- Love me?
- I love you so much.
You've got yourself a deal.
Um, so there is one more thing.
No. No way.
If my mom finds out about this,
she's going to call the police.
But I have an idea
of how to stop her.
[knocking on door]
Who is it? [groans]
I'm coming. I'm coming.
[knocking continues]
Suzanne, I swear, if you
lost your keys again...
Susie's in trouble.
[Susan squealing]
[phone clattering on video]
- That's not my baby.
- It's her.
- It says her name is Sasha Joy.
- Yeah, it's a fake name.
Why would she use a fake name?
Do you really know
nothing about FlickMo?
Well, I know what it is.
Fifteen years ago,
I tried Friendsbook.
I had three ex-boyfriends
message me. Three.
Since then, I swore
off social media.
Okay. Humble brag.
Well, on FlickMo and on
Friendbook, for that matter,
people use fake
names all the time.
Sometimes they're try to
protect their identity.
Sometimes they want
to make a fake persona
for fun or to escape.
You think Susie
wanted to escape?
Honestly, I think
she wanted attention.
She couldn't use a
real name for that?
Well, Sasha Joy is the
daughter of a billionaire.
If she used her real name,
anybody could look her up
and find out that's not true.
That's it.
I'm calling the police.
Wait, Trina.
- Look.
- What, what is it?
[Sasha]I've been kidnapped.
There's a gun being pointed
at my head right now.
Mom, if you're watching,
don't call the police.
And I-I beg the same
of my Sasha Joy squad.
I love you all, but if
you contact the police
or any law enforcement
whatsoever, my kidnappers...
My kidnappers will kill me.
How's that? Bit tight?
Well, it's fine considering
I'm being chained
to a steel beam and all.
Yeah, I mean, just...
At least now you
can move, right?
[Elyse] Okay, now that
we're all comfortable,
can we get going?
[chains clanking]
Is a chain really
necessary, you guys? Really?
We'll see what you got, hostage.
Okay, um, so our
first target is, um...
Wait, can I...
Don't you dare try anything.
[inhales deeply]
So this here, this house
belongs to June Bentley.
The June Bentley.
R&B superstar.
So what, she's got
stuff worth stealing?
Yes, she has a ton
of swag and shoes
and clothes and valuables
that you could fully pawn
and make really,
really good cash for.
And she's going
on tour tomorrow,
so her house will be empty.
And then this is the main
entry point right here.
What about alarms,
security systems?
[Sasha] I have all the codes,
so I'll disable them
as soon as we get in.
And then the security cameras,
they're at the front
and back entrances only.
So-so as long as we
cover the cameras,
once we get inside, we
should be in the clear.
- So what's the catch?
- There's no catch.
I-I've been working at
this house for over a year,
and I-I know this house.
It also means that
you would know
how to escape and turn us in.
Wait, wait, we made
a deal, remember?
You guys are helping me, too.
Like, as long as we
keep making videos
and my following keeps going up,
I have no reason to run
off and turn you guys in.
You're just gonna
have to trust me.
Well, I trust you about
as far as I can throw you.
Hey, you've got to
stay in line, hostage,
because if I even suspect
you're gonna escape,
I'm gonna gut you like a fish.
- [Nathan] Okay, okay, honey.
- You got it?
Can I talk to you
for a second, please?
[Elyse] Yeah.
Ease off on her, would you?
Like hell.
Like, do you have
to call her hostage?
- It is demeaning.
- That's the point.
What? That girl's
not our friend.
She's the enemy.
Right, but it's
hard on all of us
when you keep threatening
her like that.
Nathan is losing his
mind right now...
Nathan is fine!
You need to remember
that that cunning little
FlickMo addict
is going to do anything
she can to escape.
This is life or death.
We kidnapped someone.
We get caught?
You, me, Nathan,
we're going to prison
for a very long time.
That girl needs to know
who's in charge at all times
before she finds the
chink in your armor
and shimmies her way in.
Do not trust her.
[Anna] Wait, hold on.
- Do you see that?
- [Trina] What is that?
[Anna] I think
that's a smokestack.
If Susie's in an abandoned
building that looks
like it's made of brick
next to a smokestack,
that's something, right?
We don't even know if
she's still in Atlanta.
She has to be. The
kidnapping video was live,
and this came out only
three hours later.
Well, that means that
she could be anywhere
within a three-hour radius.
- Hey, let's take a break.
- No.
- Play it again.
- [knocking on door]
[Alan] Hi.
Uh, may I borrow a bucket?
I'm Alan McDavis,
your new neighbor.
I'm sorry to interrupt,
but I, I've got a leak
under my kitchen sink.
Of course. I have an extra
around here somewhere.
So, you're new in town?
Oh, just the neighborhood,
I work for Atlanta PD.
- You're a police officer?
- Uh, detective.
Oh, my goodness.
- My daughter, she's...
- Oh, out of town.
Hi, I'm Anna. This is Trina.
I'm an old friend.
So, what's going on
with your daughter?
Oh, Trina just misses
her. That's all.
Uh, Here's your bucket.
Good luck with that leak.
What are you doing?
If he's a detective,
maybe he can help us.
Didn't you watch the video?
If we tell the police,
they'll kill her.
But if we don't tell the police?
I don't wanna take that chance.
Do you?
Okay, then...
let's, let's watch
the video again.
-Ripping all away
-[giggling] O-okay.
Your followers are
gonna love that.
[breathing sharply]
Please, daddy,
send the money ASAP
so that I could be set free.
'Cause I could really use,
like, a change of clothes
and like a spa day.
[Sasha sobs]
Don't cry.
Just-just pray for
me, your hostage.
Still trying to see
the pretty things...
[sobbing] Like the
blue sweet eye.
Way that the sun comes
in and touches your...
- [Elyse] What are you doing?
- Butterflies.
You just have to say
what's on the paper!
I was just using
some of my own words
so my followers feel
like they're actually
connecting with me.
- [Sasha] It's not...
- Let her just do her thing.
- What's the harm?
- Look, I can't. Fine! I can't.
I'm gonna go to the
casino with Nathan.
[exhales sharply]
Hey, hey, hey.
- Casino?
- What?
We said no more gambling, Ellie.
I didn't say anything
about gambling.
I'm not gonna go. Quinn!
I'm going to go get a cappuccino
right now with Nathan.
You're going to stay right
here and keep an eye on her.
[chains clinking]
You okay?
Yeah. Nothing I can't handle.
[exhales deeply]
What do you even need
$500,000 for anyway?
[sighs] To save the
house that my dad built.
A house?
You did all of this for a house?
I mean, it's a long story,
but if we can just make the
money that we need in time,
then everything's gonna be okay.
Uh, hey, Quinn...
do you think that I could
get a change of clothes?
Doesn't have to
be fancy. Just...
Yeah, oh, my God.
Yeah, yeah. Uh...
Yeah, tot... We
can arrange that.
My God. Yeah, of course.
Sorry. [chuckles]
Um... Do you think that, like,
when all of this is over,
you're gonna let me go?
A-as long as you're helping us,
you got nothing to worry about.
[whispering] Okay.
[sighs] Okay.
Really. Yeah. It's...
- You'll be okay. Okay?
- [Sasha] Thanks.
Yeah. Good.
[distant siren wailing]
[car approaching]
- [Sasha] This is it.
- [Quinn] All right, let's go.
[Elyse] We'll be out in ten.
- [Nathan] Be safe.
- [car doors close]
[flashlight clicking]
[chains clinking]
Nothing to see here, this
is... That's an offence.
[Quinn] It's stuffy in here.
Elyse, it's stuffy in here.
[Biggie whimpering]
[Sasha] Hi, Biggie.
[Quinn] Elyse, I'm
having trouble breathing.
[Sasha] Hi.
[Elyse] You didn't tell us
there was gonna be a dog.
I didn't know he
was gonna be here.
[Quinn gasps, coughs]
[Sasha] Wait, what's
wrong with him?
He's definitely allergic.
He can't breathe right now.
You did this on purpose!
I had no idea he was allergic.
Get rid of it!
[Quinn gasping]
I've got it. I've
got it. I've got it.
[inhales sharply]
Should we call an ambulance?
What do you think? Idiot!
Any other deadly animals
you forgot to tell us about?
Where's all this stuff?
[Sasha] Anything
that's the name brand
you could get a
pretty penny for.
Shoes are a good bet.
- So are the handbags.
- What about jewelry?
[siren wailing in distance]
[Elyse] You called the police?
[Sasha] Come on,
hurry up. Hurry up.
[Quinn] Pop the trunk!
[trunk whirring]
[footsteps approaching]
[trunk door closes]
[Quinn] Whoa!
[all cheering]
That was awesome...
- [Elyse] Oh, my God.
- [breathing heavily]
- [Sasha laughing]
- [Quinn panting] Oh, God.
Uh, oh, no.
[whispering] You try
anything, you're dead. Stay.
It's for a different call.
Ha-ha-ha honey
[all whooping, laughing]
- Yes!
- Whoo!
[Nathan] Look at all this.
- [Sasha] Oh!
- [Quinn] Man!
[Elyse] Not bad, hostage.
Not bad. Like,
this is amazing.
I swore we were
gonna get caught.
- [grunting]
- [laughing]
This is so good.
- That's a lotta stuff.
- Wow.
Do you have any idea how
much this is all worth?
Yeah, I do!
Why? How much do you
think it's worth?
At least $75,000.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Well done.
[indistinct singing]
Money money money
Money money money
Yup money money money
- Oh, hey.
- [Quinn] Awake?
Got you a little somethin'
for the good work yesterday.
That is an oat milk latte.
Double shot, extra foam.
- That sound about right?
- [chuckling] Yeah.
Wait, how did you know?
Uh, I may have
looked at one or two
of your FlickMo videos
just to make sure
you weren't dangerous.
- All right? That's all it was.
- Ah...
You were stalking me?
[both laugh]
No, no. It was, it was
strictly business, all right?
I was, I was, I was
checking it out.
Okay. What did you conclude?
Oh, hey, it's
definitely dangerous.
- Let me tell you.
- [Sasha] Definitely is.
I wouldn't trust
you. I'm just sayin'.
Hey, do you think I could maybe
swap out what I'm wearing?
Oh, yeah, go ahead. Yeah.
Look at this. Get at it.
- [chain clinking]
- All this.
- [clattering]
- Sorry. Chain.
Oh, yes. Sorry.
- Mm-hm.
- Ooh, wait. This.
- Yeah...
- Yeah, you're gonna wear that?
- Imagine...
- Yeah, warehouse chic.
- Okay, all right.
- [laughing] How sweet.
- Good morning, team.
- [Quinn] Morning.
Well, what are you two up to?
Uh, Sasha's just
helping me to see
if there were any reports,
uh, about the
robbery last night.
[Elyse] Oh.
Are you gonna give
us a suspense or...
- Nothin'.
- What about the dog sitter?
- What dog sitter?
- You said there was a dog.
Someone has to feed that thing.
Nathan, there's nothing online.
I wish you guys would
take this more seriously.
Baby, we got away with it.
- We're good. We're fine.
- [Quinn whooping]
- This is, this is good.
- [Quinn applauding]
- [Quinn] That looks sick.
- Just not over yet.
What? Where'd those come from?
Oh! yeah, yeah, I,
uh... I-I, uh...
I just went to get
coffee, so I thought,
just get one for Sasha.
And I was thinking that
maybe I could use it
in one of the videos.
Well, except that
that is clearly a cup
from Gold's Cafe.
So then everyone would
know that your kidnapper
went to Gold's Cafe.
Well, that's a stupid idea.
But... I think we
should get to work
'cause we have ten more
days to hit our goal.
[keys clacking]
Wait, have you guys ever heard
of the movie star
Dahlia Spencer?
Oh, from Chase-Jump?
I saw a billboard.
It looks dope.
Well, I overheard Dahlia
at Chloe Clifton's party
the other night, and
Dahlia is gonna be in Paris
for the premiere
of her new movie.
Get what I want
because I'm bossy saucy
I'm counting
money in my sleep
My diamond's shining
now you're awfully salty
It ain't my fault
that you ain't me
I'mma need more
than a dollar
I'm going to need
three whole commas
Go ahead call your mama
I ain't about that drama
Look at my wrist
ain't it shiny? Yeah
I ain't got time
for your sorry yeah
I'mma skirt off
in a car yeah
I don't want to die
I don't want to go to jail
Prison scares me
Drip drip mm-mm drip
You want that
drip I got it yeah
Don't have to tell
no... see they on me
Taking my pics like
one, two, three
I'm so sad that I missed
my birthday in Ibiza.
- Pizza? What?
- [Sasha] Ibiza.
- [Elyse] Come on. Okay.
- That's how you say it?
- [Elyse] Okay!
- That's how you say it, though.
More, more scared. I'm
pointing a gun at you!
They won't give me
my shoes, you guys.
I have no shoes.
[Elyse]Can you mess
your hair up a bit?
I'mma skirt off
in a car yeah
You want that
drip I got it yeah
Drip drip drip
Mm-mm drip drip
You want that
drip I got it yeah
Drip drip drip
Mm-mm drip drip
If you want the
drip, I got it, yeah
Just water, saucin'
over your daughter
It has literally been so
hard sleeping on the floor.
But I've-I've started reading,
which has been interesting.
That book, "Eat, Pray, Love."
Have you read that thing?
I mean, it is so good.
Oh, Suzanne...
- [beeps]
- I think I see something.
What is it?
On the building
across the street.
A billboard, maybe?
I don't know.
Could be anything.
I feel like I've seen it before.
After the pawn shop, we're
gonna go grab dinner.
You want something?
[Quinn] Ah, no, no, I'm good.
But you two should
go somewhere nice.
I just know Nathan's
been a little, uh...
Bit of a baby?
No, he's been quiet.
But we've done well here.
With all this, we
should be damn close
to our goal and then
some, so just...
take your boyfriend
for dinner, all right?
I still think it's a
little suss, but...
- Why?
- What're you looking at?
I said, what are you looking at?
Nothing! I'm just reading.
[chains clinking]
[Quinn] Elyse, come on.
She stole it anyway.
Okay, well, I'm going
to dinner, I guess.
Don't wait up.
I'm sorry, she's not usually
like this, she's just...
under a lot of pressure.
I get that.
But we made a deal.
And we need to talk about
my release because...
Yes, yes, I will talk
to her, okay? I promise.
Come here.
[chains clinking]
I got something for you.
So-so this is where you kill me?
Okay, will you just
trust me? Just that...
- Just one more.
- One more?
Last one, yeah, okay.
Close your eyes.
Take my hand.
Just going to take a few steps.
Thank you.
- Just, hmm.
- Yeah?
A little further.
- Are they closed?
- Yeah.
Okay, you can open it.
[gasps] Okay.
- What?
- Yeah, you like it?
What is this place?
This was an old prohibition
era smuggling tunnel.
It's so cool.
- You like it?
- Yeah.
[Quinn] That-that
looks pretty good.
Yes! Wait, grab a fork.
- All right, hm.
- Yeah.
- Hmm!
- Right?
- Damn!
- Right?
So what else do you do?
Uh, you mean on top of this...
illustrious side gig...
I got going here?
Do you ever have like, a...
a normal job?
Yes, I did.
I actually used to
work for FlickMo.
- Whoa!
- Yeah.
Yeah, um...
Both Elyse and I
did, in fact, yeah.
- That's so cool.
- Yeah.
What did you do there?
Uh, I was a coder.
But Elyse worked there
first in marketing.
And she got me hired.
- Nice.
- [Quinn] Hmm.
What made you leave?
[inhales deeply]
So last year...
our parents were killed.
- I'm so sorry.
- [Quinn] Yeah, no, it's okay.
- [Quinn] Um...
- What happened?
[Quinn] Uh, it was
a car accident.
And the other driver
was on her phone...
broadcasting on FlickMo Live.
- What happened...
- [Sasha] Wait.
- Fable, Myers?
- [Quinn] Yup.
Those were your parents?
Elyse was destroyed.
I mean, we both were.
And she just thought
that the accident
could've been prevented
if there were more
safeguards in place
around the app.
I guess FlickMo didn't
like that very much.
No, no, so she quit before
they could fire her, and...
I went with her
like I always do.
- Which meant no severance.
- Hmm.
And then just last month...
we found out that the
house that we grew up in,
the house that my dad built...
- Your family legacy.
- Yeah.
It's all we got left in them.
Um... but it's about
to be repossessed
by the bank unless
we can fork over
half a million dollars
by the end of the month.
Okay, so your turn.
[soft chuckle]
Why do you need five
million followers?
Oh, um...
Someone I'm trying to meet.
Yeah? Who's that?
My father.
You need five million
followers to do that?
Um, so I was brought
up by a single mother.
I never knew my dad, um...
When I was a kid, my
mom used to work for
Clifton Hotels as a maid.
And she would bring
me into work with her.
And I distinctly remember
her going up to her
boss and saying that...
my father was a
very powerful man.
One who could have him fired
if he didn't let
her bring me around.
Right, so...
you-you think that
your father...
Harold Clifton is my father.
And I've known my entire life.
And then when
FlickMo came around,
I started following
Chloe Clifton.
That's his daughter, right?
Yeah, my sister.
And then I started pretending
that I had what she had.
And that I was...
a billionaire's daughter.
And then I was like,
yeah, this is it.
This is how I'll
get the attention
of my billionaire father, and...
this is how I'll
reunite with my family.
And my mom will never have to
work a day in her life again.
And then I just...
I just got so caught up in it.
And I, uh, I-I lost control.
And suddenly I forgot who
I was even doing it for.
I think that you
can do anything...
that you set your mind to...
Sasha Joy.
[sighs] You really think so?
Yeah, I do.
Because you're
smart, resourceful...
- Creative...
- Oh!
[inhales sharply]
I just...
wish my sister
would ease up on you
long enough to see it, too.
She's really tough.
Oh, yeah.
She's not all bad, but she's
been so focused on the house.
You, uh...
You came along in here and...
What about me?
You-you came along.
Nothing went as planned.
But you are doing it, Sasha.
You're saving our
parents' house.
[Alan] You saved me...
with that bucket you lent me.
I'll get it back
to you real soon.
Plumber's coming tomorrow,
so wish me luck. Huh?
[chuckles] That's
good to hear.
Oh! Have you seen it?
I heard it's really good.
I haven't seen a movie in ages.
Oh, we should go sometime.
Uh, I guess it's a "no?"
No, I mean...
I-I can't right now.
It's not you, it's...
- I've heard that one before.
- It's my daughter, actually.
She's been in some
trouble lately.
What kind of trouble is she in?
Um, maybe I can help.
- [Alan] Huh?
- Hmm.
Social media. If
you can believe it.
I certainly can.
Social media can be like
the Wild West sometimes.
[nervous chuckle]
Back at the station, we've
been working on this case
with this internet influencer.
Apparently online,
she's been kidnapped.
Sasha Joy?
[Alan] Oh, you've
heard of her?
Oh, uh, there've been a series
of robberies in Buckhead.
I seem to recall that you said
that you work in
the area, right?
I did. I mean, I-I do, yes.
Okay, well, keep your eyes open.
If you see anything
suspicious, just let me know.
- Okay?
- Hm-hmm.
Here's my card.
M-my cell number's on the back.
Thank you, detective.
Trina, right?
Call me Alan.
[both chuckling]
- Rise and shine.
- Thank you.
Sorry. Just sitting
here creeping.
[smacking lips]
[door creaks]
[Quinn chuckles]
[Elyse] Anyone
seen my sunglasses?
Uh, um, yeah.
Yeah, I think, uh, yeah,
I think they're here.
I think I saw 'em...
Yup, uh, there you go.
Everything's, uh,
okay with you guys?
[Elyse] Yeah.
I mean, if Nathan
doesn't stop complaining,
I'm going to kill him.
And, you...
You want to be released?
You should keep your
tongue to yourself.
Quinn, can I talk
to you for a sec?
Yeah, of course.
Hmm. What's up?
It's about my release tomorrow.
What if you came with me?
[nervous chuckle]
Come with me.
It could be like a story of how
you found me out there and...
I don't know, your
first FlickMo post.
Well, you know how I feel
about FlickMo, right? Just...
Quinn, I get that you're
scared. I'm scared, too.
I just, I can't
help but think that
this thing between us
is more than just...
I really like you.
Sasha, I do, I...
I adore you.
I don't know what to do.
If I left her,
she'll kill you.
[muffled chatter]
[indistinct shouting]
[Quinn] You knew we needed the
money to get out of this mess!
How's it gonna be okay?
You've been gambling
with our money.
Well, statistically, Buku Coin
should've doubled by yesterday.
No one knew it was
going to go belly up.
The whole crypto
world is rocked.
Okay, stop, stop!
Okay. [gasps]
How much was it?
[heavy breathing]
- How much money did you lose?
- $450,000.
[heavy breathing]
- We owe that money to the bank.
- I know, I know.
I have a plan.
It's going to work this time.
I know what to do.
I need you to trust me.
And I need you to
do everything I say.
There have been five robberies
in Buckhead in the last 11 days.
All of them, my clients.
All houses that Suzy
and I worked at.
So you think she's helping her
kidnappers rob those houses?
I thought I taught
her better than this.
This is good news.
This Buckhead Robbery Ring means
we're one step closer
to finding her.
I just want to find my baby...
and bring her home.
- Trina.
- Yeah?
Is that...
[Anna] The image from
Sasha's hostage videos.
Is a Chase-Jump ad?
It's a billboard.
Trina, we have a lead.
Okay, okay, hostage.
This is the moment
you've been waiting for.
Shouldn't we go over the
plan just one more time?
No, I think we're
good, we got it.
We got it, right, boys?
Can we get a smile?
Can we get a smile?
We're going to get the truck.
You two be out there
in three minutes.
You got everything you need?
So I overheard you and Elyse
in the stairwell last night.
Is everything okay?
You know I want what's
best for you, right?
What's that supposed to mean?
I just...
want you to know that...
everything that
happened between us...
my feelings for you...
it was all real.
What do you mean
"was real," Quinn?
What's happening right now?
- Uh, Nathan?
- What is it, hostage?
I think we just missed our exit.
Nathan knows how to drive.
But we just passed our turn.
This isn't the way to
the drop-off point.
You know that,
right? The plan...
We know the plan.
[tires rustling]
What are we doing here?
We changed the plan.
But this is Chloe
Clifton's house, though.
And FlickMo says Chloe
Clifton's out of town, so...
We got a job to do.
But I've never worked
at this house before.
I don't, I don't
know this house.
Well, your mom has.
I've seen the list.
So you have the codes.
Hey, you don't understand.
Well, you wanted your daddy's
attention, didn't you?
Now you're going to get it.
You told her about my father?
I'm just trying to
do what's right.
Whose side do you
think he's on, hostage?
All right, let's get going.
Put your mask on.
- Don't move.
- [gasps]
Wait, do I know you?
- Don't!
- [gunshot]
[Sasha screams]
[Quinn] Oh, my God!
Ellie, what did you do?
[Sasha] Oh, my God!
Elyse, put pressure
on the wound.
[Elyse] What? [Quinn] Quickly!
Oh my God! We should
call for help!
[Quinn] Have to
stop the bleeding.
- Come on, come on.
- Elyse!
Quinn! No!
Oh God!
He's dead!
[Sasha] Dead?
[Sasha gasps]
This is your fault.
My fault?
But you-you-you
shot him, though.
Let's finish the job.
[breathes shakily]
[breathes shakily]
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here? How
did you get into my house?
See, Chloe, you have to
keep your voice down.
Because there are
people downstairs
that are trying to kill
us. Okay? So h-hide.
Come in here.
Wow! Wow! Wow! [sighs]
If it isn't Miss
Chloe Clifton herself.
We thought you were out of town.
Right here.
We've hit the jackpot.
You're going to
come with us, okay?
Both of you.
[breathes shakily]
[Nathan] What the hell is this?
Nathan, baby.
Got ourselves a bona fide
billionaire's daughter.
We're not kidnapping
another girl.
We've got our ransom,
we're set, let's go.
Nathan, let's go.
[door shuts]
Please, daddy.
It's only $500,000, okay?
if you could please...
just deposit that straight
into my bank account...
[breathes shakily]
that would be really cool.
[breathes shakily]
I love you.
Well, that wasn't
so bad, was it?
Now what?
Now we wait.
I never ask my father for money.
Well, you're just going to have
to do whatever you have to do
because you only have 24 hours.
Do you get that?
- Hey, Ellie.
- Yeah.
What about her?
[Elyse] What about her?
Well, we said we'd let her go.
I changed my mind.
Yeah, but we don't
need her anymore. So...
I'll stay.
How gracious of you.
Everyone, hang tight.
This will all be over very soon.
[chains clinking]
We need to get out of here.
I was kidnapped, too, okay?
You and me, we're
on the same team.
Who are you?
I'm your sister.
It's true.
I don't know you.
You and I don't know each other.
Yes, we do.
We do.
I've been following
you your whole life.
I-I know that
you're-you're kind.
And-and you're generous.
And your philanthropy
is inspiring.
God, you're insane.
No! No, I'm not.
They're the crazy ones.
I-I would never hurt you.
Just leave me alone.
Don't worry, okay?
I'm going to think of a
plan to get us out of here.
[footsteps approaching]
[shushing] I'm here
to get you out.
[chains clinking]
What are you doing?
Nathan, what's going on?
You and I both know
we can't keep this up.
If we don't get outta here
we're gonna get
ourselves killed, man.
[scoffs] You don't know that.
Quinn... please. Come with us.
- Please.
- I...
- Please.
- Sasha, no, I can't do that.
Yes, you can. Yes, you can.
[heavy breathing]
[breaths shakily]
Elyse, get up here right now!
What's going on, baby?
I-I can't do this.
Yes, you can.
We're almost there.
We killed someone.
That was an accident.
Come downstairs.
I can't.
Come downstairs, Nathan.
[breathes shakily]
[Nathan] Or what, Elyse?
You're gonna kill me, too?
You're going to
kill your fiance?
I'm sorry, Elyse.
But it's over.
It's over when I
say that it's over.
- Ah!
- Oh, my God!
[breathes shakily]
[Sasha sobbing]
What are you looking at?
Hey, what are you doing?
She turned him against me.
J-just stop. Okay?
- Okay?
- Get downstairs.
- Get down!
- Okay.
[breathes shakily]
[Chloe whimpering]
[deep breaths]
You know this is
his fault, right?
[Sasha] Who's?
- Nathan's?
- My father's.
I hate him.
I hate him so much.
Chloe, you don't know...
how lucky you are.
Really? [sobbing]
Even if I'm so lucky, then
why hasn't he called back yet?
I'm-I'm sure he's
probably just...
getting the money together.
He doesn't care
about me. [inhales]
Even if he knew I was kidnapped,
he'd rather let me die...
than give his money
up me for ransom.
Okay, that can't be true.
You don't know him.
My whole life, he
was never there.
All the ceremonies and
concerts and awards I won.
God, I was just trying
to get his approval.
But the hotel was always
more important, so...
And you'd think...
if the hotel was so important,
then he must have at least
treated his employees
well, right?
He cheated them, too.
You think that I have
this amazing life...
with all this money.
I'll tell you what, Sasha.
I don't want it.
What do you want?
When I turn 25 next June...
supposed to inherit $25 million.
[deep breaths]
That-that's a lot of money.
But I was just going
to donate it all.
Support hotel employees
who have been
affected by hardships.
Basically, just give back to...
every single person my dad
stole from in the first place.
But now I'm scared.
And I don't want to die.
Obviously, my dad wouldn't care
if I threw myself off a cliff.
Wait, Chloe, I think...
I think I know how to
get us out of here.
[chains clinking]
Um... I know you
need that $500,000
by midnight tonight and...
I know that Chloe's dad
hasn't sent anything yet...
but I have an idea that I
think could make you rich.
Yeah, don't listen to her.
Well, what's in it
for you, hostage?
I don't want anything, I
just want to be let go.
Yeah, at least...
we can't just let them go.
What about your five
million followers?
I don't want followers
anymore, okay?
I just want to start over.
And I think I have an idea
that will work for all of us.
But if you get the money, you
have to let Chloe and I go.
- It's too late.
- Tell me your plan.
Okay, um, first, you need to
open a SpeedyFunds account.
- [Sasha] It's an app.
- I know it's an app.
Under Save Chloe And Sasha.
[keypad clacking]
Save... Sasha.
Oh, wait, no, it's an ampersand.
I can, I can type it in for you.
Could you keep the phone
where I can see it?
- It's a dead end.
- It's not a dead end.
Wait, the building we're
looking for is not in Atlanta.
I swear it's right around here.
Just because it's
not showing up online
it doesn't mean
it doesn't exist.
Trina, we've covered every
block how long have we...
[knock on door]
That leak's all fixed.
Plumber finally arrived.
That's great, Detective Alan.
Am I interrupting something?
- Yes!
- No!
- No!
- Yes!
Um, no, that's not...
- You don't have...
- [Trina] Shush!
[Alan] Is this your daughter?
- She's with...
- That wasn't, um...
You two wanna tell me
what's going on here?
What is her name?
Her real name.
Susanne Marie Jones.
Why didn't you tell me
she was your daughter?
The video.
They said if we contact
police, they'd kill her.
That's not going to happen.
Not under my watch.
Quinn, look at this.
[Trina] You have one hour
to send five million dollars
to save Chloe and
Sasha by a SpeedyFunds.
Or they'll fall to their deaths.
What do we do?
What kind of leads do you have?
- [groans] The billboard.
- What billboard?
In Sasha's hostage
videos, there's a building
next to a red brick smokestack
with a billboard on top.
It's for the movie Chase-Jump.
Got a list of where all
the billboards are located.
And we've narrowed it down
to a four block radius
in downtown Atlanta.
But maps isn't showing
any red brick smokestacks.
- So we hit a dead end.
- Yeah.
I know where that smokestack is.
You can't see it from the road.
You can only see it
from the alleyway.
I know where your daughter is.
Should we take my car?
No, let's take mine.
It's got a siren.
We haven't even been
live ten minutes
and we... hit a
million dollars?
Two million.
[gasps] She's a genius.
I know that smokestack's
around here somewhere.
Okay, okay. [gasps]
Wait live... Live,
she's on the roof.
What roof?
Just wanted to be
a better person.
- Suzy!
- Oh, my God.
- Susanne!
- Suzy!
- You okay?
- Let's get out of here.
Get back here! You bitches!
Okay, Quinn! Quinn, it's okay.
We have what? We have
three million dollars.
- Quinn, we gotta go!
- No!
Stop, stop! We got that house.
Quinn! Forget the house.
We need to get out
of the country.
- We need to get to the airport.
- No, we got our stuff here.
- We can't...
- [Elyse] Forget our stuff.
We're taking the fire
escape, I need to...
I need to transfer the money
into my account right now.
I think I am done.
I'm done, I can't, I
can't do this anymore.
There's a glitch.
Stop! Stop it!
It didn't... It's not connected
to my account, it's...
She sent the money
to S-A-C-H-A Joy.
Not S-A-S-H-A Joy!
She... It's a dupe.
- Quinn!
- It's a dupe!
- What are you talking about?
- It's a worthless knockoff.
You have to look at really
closely to see the difference.
I didn't see it!
Freeze, you guys!
L.A.P.D., drop the gun!
Drop it!
[gun clatters]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[inhales sharply] Mom!
[Sasha] Mom! I'm so sorry!
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- I'm sorry, mom.
- Shh.
Sweetie, I'm just
so glad you're safe.
I just wanted his
attention, mom.
I just wanted his help.
Who, baby?
My father. Harold Clifton.
- I thought that he was...
- Sweetie.
Harold Clifton is
not your father.
But, w-w-when I was,
when I was a little girl
you said, you said that...
my father was very...
I made up that story
so I could bring you
to work with me and
wouldn't get fired.
I had no idea you'd been
carrying this lie around
in your heart all these years.
It's all my fault
you got kidnapped.
Oh, no, it's not, it's not.
- Anna.
- [Anna] Suzy...
I'm just so glad you're safe.
[Sasha] I can't believe
you're here after what I said.
Anna was an incredible
help in finding you.
Your mom is amazing, you know.
She never gave up on
you, not for one second.
Anna, I'm so sorry.
I should have never
treated you like that.
It's good to have you back.
This is my mom, Trina.
And Anna, my
childhood best friend.
Hi. It's really
nice to meet you.
Sasha or, uh... Susanne.
She's really lucky to
have such amazing people
in her life who love
her as much as you.
It's not really something
I had growing up, so...
Well, you have it now.
[smacking lips]
[Lexi] It's an incredible
story of survival.
So tell us, Susanne, what
happened after the kidnapping?
Quinn and Elyse Hughes
were convicted of murder
kidnapping and extortion.
They're now both serving
life sentences behind bars.
Um, my mom and Alan are engaged.
Sorry, I mean, Detective
McDavis are engaged.
And they are so cute together.
I am, I am so happy for them.
Chloe, as you know, she
dropped her last name
when she turned 25.
And she continues to dedicate
her time and her energy
to philanthropic causes.
And we returned all of
the SpeedyFunds donations
to their rightful
owners that night.
And what about you, Susanne?
Well, ah!
I mean, ever since Sasha Joy
deleted her FlickMo account
I've really just
been reconnecting
with my true identity
as Susanne Jones.
I got a scholarship to
Harvard Business School.
And me, my mom and
Anna, we created
a new line of therapeutic
cleaning products
called "Queen as a Whistle."
So, ultimately, it's been
a time of reconnecting
with my roots and rebranding.
And the Harvard Business
School scholarship...
that is real, right?
Beyond my wildest
dreams, it's real.
Everything in my
life is real now.
[Lexi] Folks, make sure to
check out "Billion Dollar Bluff"
which premieres on
CyFlicks plus February 14.
["Money Money" by
Olivier Bibeau playing]
You wanna be me?
I'm sorry
[woman laughs]
Get what I want
because I'm bossy saucy
I'm counting
money in my sleep
My diamond's shining
now you're awfully salty
It ain't my fault
that you ain't me
I'm going to need
more than a dollar
I'm going to need
three whole commas
Go ahead call your mama
I ain't about that drama
Look at my wrist
and it's shiny yeah
I ain't got time
for your sorry yeah
I'mma skirt off
in a car yeah
You want that
drip I got it yeah
Drip drip
Drip hmm hmm hmm
Drip drip
You want that
drip I got it yeah
Drip drip
Drip hmm hmm hmm
Drip drip yeah
You want that
drip I got it yeah