Billion Dollar Brain (1967) Movie Script

Stay exactly where you are.
One move and I'll shoot you dead.
Alright. Now raise your hands
above your head slowly. Turn around.
Colonel Ross.
You're under arrest.
Palmer, I took the trouble of getting
a D-72 authorisation, an AF-410
and a search warrant
from the Metropolitan Police.
Is this what you were looking for?
Do you get all your equipment
from Kellogg's?
- What do you want, Colonel?
- I want you back in Ml5 now.
I'm touched.
I've managed to persuade Treasury
to upgrade your old job to C3.
Wow, 300 pounds a year extra.
Why don't you stop pretending
to be a detective and get a decent job?
What's the matter, Colonel,
your mortality rate gone up?
- Mr Harry Palmer?
- Yeah.
I'm not keeping you, am I Colonel?
Your business is dead, Palmer. You're
just about keeping alive on corn flakes.
- They're full of vitamins.
- Really?
I could draft you back
any time, but I'm asking.
You should be bloody grateful.
I'll be bloody grateful
if you'd leave, Colonel.
This is work of national importance.
If you want me back in that office,
you'll have to send two very big men
with a blackjack.
Thank you, Palmer.
Any time. Yes?
Is that Palmer,
private detective of London speaking?
Who wants him?
Is that Palmer, private detective
of London speaking? Confirm.
You have received a key and 200 pounds.
Who is this?
You have received a key
and 200 pounds. Confirm.
Mr Palmer, you will deliver
a package. Confirm.
Yes, but who is this, eh?
And how did you pick on me?
You will go
to West-London Air terminal tomorrow
and proceed through the departure lounge.
The key you have is for locker 17.
Inside the locker
you will find the package.
On delivery
you will collect a further 200 pounds.
Complete instructions and tickets
for your destination are enclosed.
Your code words will be:
"Now is the winter of our discontent".
Do not attempt to open the parcel.
It is securely sealed and it is alive.
for Finnair flight AY970 to Helsinki
who have already checked in
may now board the coach at gate 16.
- A pound to take me to Whiteley's.
- Right, get in.
- Can I help you, sir?
- Eggs?
- Where are you going now?
- Helsinki.
- 333-241.
- Yes?
- Doctor Kaarna, please.
- Kaarna speaking. Who is that?
"Now is the winter of our discontent. "
Meet me by the big wheel on the side
of Lake Tl in one hour's time.
- How will I know you?
- I will give you the password.
If I can find Lake Tl.
"Now is the winter of our discontent. "
- Where is Dr Kaarna?
- Dr Kaarna could not come.
- I'll take this.
- No.
What about my 200 pounds?
Dr Kaarna did not mention.
Perhaps you ought to
take me to your leader.
Do you think I tried to twice cross you?
- You mean double cross. I think yes.
- How exciting.
Do you want my fingerprints?
Listen dolly, where are we going?
My name is not Dolly. My name is Anya.
And I'm taking you to Dr Kaarna.
You like my island?
- Your island?
- My father owns it.
That must be nice for him.
He's a wonderful, wise old man.
With white hair.
He lives alone.
Deep in the forests of Lapland.
His one pleasure now
is listening to his symphony orchestra.
Playing the music of Sibelius
through the long winter.
One day when he dies,
this island will be mine.
- Do you like it?
- Very cosy.
- Shall we go and explore it?
- Would that be exciting?
- Would we find Dr Kaarna on your island?
- He lives there. But he can wait.
I will show you secret places
I used to go as a girl.
I will take you
through the paths of the forest.
I will teach you
everything I know about my island.
- Sounds nice.
- But you must promise never to tell.
I promise.
You must not tell him about...
He's very jealous.
- Where is he?
- In there.
I'll wait here
and you bring the money out.
Welcome to Finland.
- Leo Newbigen.
- Harry.
You don't know what it does to me,
seeing this guy. Sit down, Harry.
You know who you've brought to me?
The one guy I can call a friend.
- Now I've got everything.
- It's a bit warm in here for me, Leo.
Well, don't be shy. Take your clothes off.
Come on, don't be so British.
It's good for you. Come on.
Harry... What do you think?
Isn't she something?
Yeah, she's great.
How's the wife and kids, Leo?
Since you asked, they're fine.
They're home in Texas.
- Do they know about each other?
- Of course they do.
I guess it's kinda crazy.
I didn't think it could happen any more.
There I was on the wrong side of 45,
all set for the rocking chair and...
- Hello.
- Hello, beautiful.
Oh, come on!
I missed you this morning.
You know that, baby?
- You sentimental Yankee boy.
- Your Yankee Doodle Dandy, huh?
Woe, odo woe oembarrass you, arry?
No, no, no
- It's love. Remember it?
- It suits you, Leo.
You look great.
Better than the last time.
Yeah, in Prague. I haven't forgotten.
That guy saved my life.
Fished me out of the Moldau.
I had to. He had the car keys.
Must have a celebration.
What do you think?
Champagne? Brandy? Whisky? Vodka?
What would you like?
I wouldn't mind a cup of tea.
How beautiful! So beautiful
for the Englishman to have his tea.
Wait til you taste Anya's cooking!
To business.
200 pounds.
- Here.
- No! No.
How are you gonna have 'em, Leo?
Scrambled or fried?
Did you open it?
Harry, you're wasted in London.
How about we work together again?
- Okay Leo, what's the job?
- The usual. Only more money.
- What's the catch?
- No catch.
- Who gets killed?
- Nobody. I'll take care of you.
- No catch and nobody gets killed?
- That's right.
I'd still like to know more about it.
Like who I would be working for.
Come here.
Check in at the Marski Hotel.
Tomorrow I'll show you a thing or two.
- Is it a deal?
- It's a deal.
- 467-553.
- But Harry could stay with us.
This place isn't as nice
as the Marski, baby.
Harry's got to have the best.
Nothing but the best.
Tell me something, Leo.
Where's Dr Kaarna?
I am Dr Kaarna.
Marski Hotel? Could I have
a single room for the night, please?
Dr Kaarna, I presume.
Hello? Finnair?
Do you speak English, please?
What time is the next plane to London?
- I had to send for you, Palmer.
- I noticed.
- Well, you wanted it this way.
- Did I?
I have the feeling
you don't like working for me.
You could be right, sir.
Nothing personal, of course.
Of course.
What's this for then?
Come visiting your friends?
The Finnish police are looking
for the man who killed Dr Kaarna.
As you were in his room last night,
I thought you might be able to help them.
- Of all the dirty trick s, Ross...
- What is it to be?
I demand to see my MP.
If the police do get hold
of you, you'll be off the
voting list for some time.
For England and for you, Colonel Ross,
I volunteer.
First get those stolen eggs back to
our research laboratory at Porton.
They're full of rather nasty viruses.
I swear by almighty God
to serve entirely and exclusively,
her Britannic Majesty, her Government
and her ministers and none other.
Sign the Official Secrets Act, will you?
Thank you, Mr Birkenshaw.
Now listen to me.
You are mixed up with
an organisation known as
the Crusade for Freedom.
It is financed by an oil millionaire
in Texas by the name of Midwinter.
Noboody knows any moroe Not oevvoen t oe C A
We did have a contact
who penetrated the organisation.
His name was Kaarna.
He was to report to me with the eggs.
You will replace him.
- That sounds precarious.
- Does it?
- I suppose you'll want this.
- Undoubtedly.
Now, your duties. You're to join
this organisation, to report direct to me.
I want a full L-141 on this.
Use the C-30 code.
Pull up at the next crossroads, will you?
You don't mind walking back, do you?
I've got a plane to catch.
What do you want?
Do I still get that C3 grade
and the 300 pounds?
Oh, that. We'll talk about that in London.
Here we are.
Take your right glove off.
Put your hand on the glass,
look in the lens.
Harry, meet the boss.
Someone has to be here
every day at this time
for instructions.
What does it do, tell fortunes?
It makes fortunes.
Just a little toy, but it puts the Ml5
and the CIA back into the stone age.
We feed it information, it passes
the information on to its big brother
- and back come our orders.
- Cuts out thinking.
Orders for today:
Confirm Palmer fully operational.
His code name: Concerto.
Issue standard equipment.
Use code H113. Base Helsinki.
He will report to Texas
for indoctrination in three days.
- Understood? Confirm.
- Yes.
Orders for Piccolo opposition.
Agent will arrive on steps
of Russian Church on Kanavakatu,
at exactly 16.00 hours
today, wearing military
uniform. Eliminate. Confirm.
- Yes.
- Report back 18.00 hours today.
Some toy.
We gotta protect ourselves.
Question to Piccolo: You have
eliminated opposition agent? Confirm.
Request leave to visit wife and children.
You may return to Texas in six days' time.
She's waiting, Harry.
Go and make sure she's alright, will you?
- Aren't you coming?
- No.
I've got one or two little chores.
Tell her to meet me
at Eiwort's around nine. You come too.
- Leo got held up.
- Did he?
We meet him later.
Do we wait for him at home?
You prefer jkhekko? Ice hockey.
Some games are more dangerous than others.
- Are they what we wanted?
- Of course they are.
Enough to infect an entire army.
Look, they're multiplying
like little rabbits.
Listen. I'm sending
someone in with you tonight.
W y?
Noew orodoers
Oes a noew opoerator
- Hi. Did you have a good time?
- Wonderful.
Why didn't you come?
The game was exciting.
Did you miss me?
I missed you too, baby.
- Harry.
- Leo.
Meet Mr Sonata.
- Why did you ask us to come here?
- I don't know. Must be important.
What's going on, Leo?
Passport, visa, money, map,
everything you need. Come here.
We are right here.
Leningrad is over here, this is Latvia
and tomorrow you will be there.
- Riga? I'm going to Texas.
- New order. Something must be happening.
I thought you said
this wasn't gonna be dangerous.
It'll look good in Texas, Harry.
Here. Put that on.
- And I packed your toothbrush.
- Thank s, pal.
Listen, it's just a milk run.
Anya goes in whenever she wants,
Sonata does it once a month.
He'll brief you
and he'll bring you back in 48 hours.
- You don't speak Latvian?
- No. Do you?
So he's not one of us? Why did you
get this man into our organisation?
We have no need of mercenaries.
You're both under my command.
Do as you're told and I'll do as I'm told.
We must leave immediately.
Hurry up!
- Sweet, isn't he?
- Here, come along.
- Anya, say goodbye to Harry.
- See you Friday.
Safe journey, Harry.
- How do we get back?
- Your instructions are in your envelope.
In English,
we meet in Riga in two days' time.
- Satisfied?
- Yes.
I suppose I ought to wish you good luck.
You may do as you please.
For me this is not a game of chance.
And I'm not in it for the money.
What is it then? Your hobby?
Just a minute. I didn't order anything.
Hey. I didn't order anything.
- Colonel Stok.
- English, how good to see you!
This is the first time
I've had a Russian spy on room service.
- What are you doing here?
- It's my business to be here.
For my sins they've made me
chief of security over the frozen Baltic.
What a life. What a life.
- Na vashe zdonrovye!
- Cheers.
You've arranged
a meeting for tomorrow morning, no?
English, I owe you a favour
ever since Berlin.
When I heard it was you, I came myself.
Incognito, you understand?
Listen to me.
Don't go to this meeting tomorrow.
If you do, you'll be in great danger.
Do you mind?
Make yourself at home, Colonel.
Now, about this danger.
Not from me or any of my men,
I promise you that.
You think then, Colonel,
that some other people might do me harm?
I think they will.
I think they will do you harm.
I suppose a young man like you
wouldn't understand the pleasure
of removing a tight collar.
I thought Lenin called such comforts
"momentary interest".
Don't tell me what Lenin said.
I touched Lenin.
I stood beside him in Dvortsovaya Square
in July, 1920.
The second congress.
I touched him.
Those are the words he used
to describe the comforts and pleasures
with which the Proletariat are diverted
from the more important, historic mission.
But they're not being diverted.
Well, aren't you going to offer me
another drink?
In England, Colonel,
the historic mission of the Proletariat
consists almost entirely
of momentary interest.
Are you sure you don't mind?
It depends on how far you're gonna go.
- Na zdonrovye
- Na zdonrovye
Listen to me, English.
Get out of this organisation. They are
a bunch of nutcases and criminals.
Intelligence work is one thing,
but using hooligans to try
to break up the country is another.
- Such fantastic dreams.
- What fantastic dreams?
They think the Latvians are on the verge
of overthrowing
their tyrannical overlords.
They think the people on the street
are dreaming of the moment
they can become capitalist serfs again.
They think we all lie awake
dreaming of going to America.
They think they can
distribute pamphlets and gold
and a vast monarchist army
will materialise overnight.
This is what I call fantastic dreams.
Yes. Sounds ambitious.
Do you remember
the Hungarian uprising in 1956?
They try to do that here under my nose.
I warn you, English, we know
how to deal with counter-revolutionaries.
- Good health.
- Na zdonrovye
- Mind how you go, Colonel.
- Mind how you go.
Be wise. Don't go to the meeting tomorrow.
Good to see you, English.
Thank s for the warning, Colonel.
Do you fancy me or something?
- Are you Basil?
- Yes, my name is Basil.
- Sit down.
- Thank you.
- And how is my cousin, Leo?
- Leo is your cousin?
Actually he is my uncle.
They are his cousins.
Where is
the Crusade for Freedom Organisation?
We are
the Crusade for Freedom Organisation.
Is this all?
- Leo doesn't have any more cousins.
- I see.
What are we going to do?
- Can you handle one of these?
- Yes, I believe so.
Good! Good!
Come on.
Hey, Englishman!
- You got some Beatles records?
- No, no.
Take this.
What are we going to do?
We are going to get the particulars
of all the Russian units in Latvia.
You will photograph the documents for us and
then take them back to Leo.
- Where are they?
- Come with us.
- What's going on?
- Information on its way.
Just be patient. Trust me.
Hey, quick!
Thank you, Mr Concerto. It was
most kind of you to help us in this way.
- What's going on here?
- It has to look like a real robbery.
Very convincing.
- Leo?
- Yes, orders from my dear cousin.
Look out!
You can't catch me with that old trick.
You know where Shostakovich
wrote that symphony?
In the heart of Leningrad in 1941.
The Germans had cut them off.
They were all about to die.
It means a lot to us.
We don't forget those times so easily.
I warned you, English.
Come on. You need a drink!
Feeling better?
When I was a young man,
we had a song called
"Where Tears Fall A Rose Will Grow".
- Do you know that song?
- No.
If that was true,
Latvia would be a land full of roses.
You have no idea what things
happened here during the war.
Latvia had its share of war criminals.
Men who worked for the Nazi's,
even joined the SS
and massacred thousands
of their own countrymen.
Down the hatch!
We have dossiers
on hundreds of such Latvians.
You'd imagine people
guilty of such terror would
remain quiet. But no
these come as the worst troublemakers.
Your friend
is almost the last on our list.
He has more murders of children than
I would care to name on his conscience.
As I said, we don't forget so easily.
- What are you gonna do with him?
- Kill him.
Kill him slowly, just as he killed.
So... now it's your turn, English.
Your ticket to Helsinki.
It's so good to have you back.
- Is Leo here?
- No.
He's buying presents
for his charming wife.
He's going to Texas tomorrow.
But I will still be here.
Leo has to go to the castle
at five o'clock,
so he won't be back before six.
So you killed Kaarna.
Who ordered you to kill me? Leo?
I had to do it.
It was an order from The Brain.
- Get up.
- No.
- Get up!
- No!
- Get up!
- No!
Surprised to see me, Leo?
- Where's Anya? What have you done?
- Nothing.
It's you I'm interested in.
Just keep walking, Leo, and do as I say.
- Where are we going?
- We're going to talk to Texas.
Okay, Harry. How much do you want?
I'll give you a 100,000 dollars.
I'll give you 300.
- Keep talking.
- Shhh! Come here.
- How much do you want?
- Half.
- That's an awful lot of money.
- How much you got?
- Over a million dollars.
- From now on we're partners.
- Fifty-fifty right down the middle.
- There's just one other thing, Leo.
I'd like to stay alive long enough
to count it and spend it.
- Of course. We're partners, aren't we?
- Partners.
Just a minute... partner.
Orders for Piccolo:
Make more detailed report
death of agent Concerto.
Agent Concerto speaking.
I have managed to escape
from Red Police torturers.
Orders for Piccolo: Make detailed report
escape of agent Concerto.
Agent Concerto will proceed tomorrow
to headquarters.
Have you anything to report?
Nothing further to report.
So we're both going to Texas tomorrow.
Don't worry, Leo.
Remember, we're partners.
So, this is General Midwinter's idea
of a front garden?
- It's money. His money and our money.
- Yeah.
It does have a certain charm.
- We're here to see the General.
- Are you Newbigen?
Report to The Brain.
The General will see you later.
- Palmer?
- Yeah.
The General will see you here
at a quarter to twelve.
Stick around.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Brothers of Freedom.
We interrupt your merrymaking
to bring you General Midwinter himself.
Ladies and gentlemen, General Midwinter.
Friends, I don't aim to hold you long
from your party games.
I just want you
to bow your heads and join with me
in asking for His guidance.
O Lord, give us comfort.
Give us strength to fight
thy godless Communist foes
and smash them into the ground.
Make us courageous, Lord,
and purposeful
and let us never flinch from our duty.
Amen! Amen!
The Lord gave us strength,
the Lord gave us courage.
- The Lord said: Use them!
- Amen!
The Lord said we must fight communism,
we must smite communism.
Why dost thou sit there,
said the Lord.
Rise up and spread my word.
Rise up and fight my fight.
Rise up and fight for what I say is right.
O Lord, I humbly
accept the sword of leadership
which Thou hast thrust upon me.
- Hi, Harry. How do you like Texas?
- It's a bit noisy, General.
They told me you were reported dead.
Two days later back you come.
That's my kind, Harry.
Never say die.
- Did they torture you?
- A little. More mental than physical.
You're a fine sport. I'm proud of you.
Stick around.
You like the sound of gunfire?
Me, I love it!
Who are you fighting, General?
You don't know what's going on
in the world.
There's only one important issue today:
That's the threat.
That's what's important.
You Europeans
don't know anything about it.
You've all been brainwashed,
just like those politicians in Washington.
Do you know that the
air on the east coast of
America is polluted by the Reds?
Oh, you might look at me,
but boy I tell you and I know
that the air in Texas
is the only wholesome air in this world.
I haven't been out of Texas in 25 years.
I don't like the air in other places.
It's amazing how we all survive.
Communism threatens Europe
and Europe has got to fight back.
Close rank s. Hit them hard.
Real hard. Understand me, boy?
- Sounds dangerous.
- It is dangerous.
Between 1945 and 1950 the Reds expanded
at a rate of 60 square miles per hour.
Retreat brings the war
closer, because finally
we're gonna hit communism.
I say the sooner the better.
I brought you here to show you something.
You come along with me.
This is where the money's made.
Right in this room.
I've got a three and one
half million ton fleet of
tankers on the water.
I've got refineries operating
on five continents.
I've got oil wells in Texas,
the Gulf of Mexico, South America
and in six Arab countries.
And this little machine
controls the whole thing.
Pretty impressive, huh?
But that's only five per cent
of what we've got going here.
- Where are we going?
- Into the 21 st century.
- This is how wars are gonna be fought.
- It's quite modern then?
Modern? It makes the Pentagon
look like a room in the Alamo.
I hope you can keep a secret.
My arm is long and my vengeance is total.
- I'll remember.
- You better.
General Midwinter.
- Say your name.
- Harry Palmer.
This here I'm gonna show you now
is gonna knock you right off your pins.
My Brain. Cost me one billion dollars.
Do you like it?
- I'm impressed.
- You know what's in here?
Enough information to programme
Soviet communism right off this earth.
- What about China?
- Red China?
After I take care of Russia,
China will collapse, crumble.
Look s like she's crumbling right now.
This is the centre of the operation.
Nice seeing you, General.
I'm sorry to drag you away from your
good family, but you have to see this.
It's the most stupendous thing
you're ever gonna see.
- Cigarette?
- Half a million thank s, partner.
- Figure that thing out yet?
- We're nearly there.
See these? This is it.
This is the programme for revolution.
When we feed them into this machine,
Latvia is gonna be in turmoil.
We're working out plans for countries
dominated by the Commies.
These send out orders to our agents
to begin the uprisings.
They take over the radio stations,
the police, the post office, everything.
And now... Edgar.
Come here!
This is my master plan to immobilise
the Red Army in Latvia itself.
Take good care of that.
Thank s to you we have quite a supply
of viruses already in Latvia.
But gentlemen, we need more!
Leo, I want Professor Eiwort
working full-time on those viruses.
- Get into uniform and programme it now!
- Whatever you say.
Harry, you're gonna learn
to spread those viruses quick.
My Brain says the hour is at hand
and my Brain is never wrong.
You're really gonna try
to start a revolution?
When the Hungarian people rose up in 1956
and called to the world for help
to our everlasting shame we failed them.
We will not make that mistake again.
When the people of Latvia rise up
and call for help
my organisation with all its
resources will be right there.
Once we have shown the way, all the
governments of the free world will follow.
If you go through with this,
there won't be any free world.
Are the Russians afraid? Tell me that.
- I don't believe they are, General.
- Then why are we?
I'm leading a crusade, son.
A world crusade for freedom.
Why? Because I love.
It's as simple as that.
- I love my country. Do you understand me?
- Yes.
No, you don't understand the kind
of love I have for this great country.
Love's not built that way,
my way, any more.
These days love is marriage
and the compensation is alimony.
Love these days is bravery under fire
and the compensation is medals.
Love's a donation to party funds
and the compensation is a political plum.
It's some lady you left back in St Louis
or a fast haul in the back seat of a car.
My love is nothing like that.
It's this company of brave young men
who are proud
to make their country strong.
I want my country to win. So we
have to strike hard and strike first.
I love my country and my dream is
to make it strong. Do you understand?
- Yes, sir.
- Strong! Strong! Strong! Strong!
Strong! Strong!
- What are you doing?
- I am programming the General's orders.
How are you gonna pass them on to Professor
Eiwort? Through a medium?
What are you doing, Leo?
A little "brain" surgery.
Remember the orders on the assassination?
Well, I'm erasing those orders
and substituting my own.
- Anya must be safe.
- And Leo must be safe.
What exactly have you been saying
we do in Latvia?
- I told The Brain what it wanted to hear.
- Oh, yes?
What was that, Leo?
That we have 300 agents in Latvia
dismantling missile sites.
All professional saboteurs
ready for armed insurrection.
- Or political assassination?
- Mass uprisings.
- Overthrowing governments.
- Overthrowing anything at all.
- 300 agents? And how much a week?
- A 100 dollars a week.
- 30,000 dollars a week?
- Plus expenses. And from now on
you're in on half.
Thank you, but I would
like to stay alive to spend it.
That lunatic is about to invade
Soviet territory.
And we're not gonna be around
when he does.
When he gets
within five miles of the border
every alarm in the world will blow
and nobody is gonna be around.
You want your money, don't you?
- Leo?
- Yeah, Harry.
Why don't we go and see General Midwinter.
Here. Check this through.
And do it immediately.
- Leo Newbigen.
- Harry Palmer.
It's stuck, Leo.
- Harry Palmer.
- Leo Newbigen.
- My name doesn't carry much weight.
- Maybe you haven't paid your taxes.
These boys will help.
Thank you.
You have disappointed me, Harry.
- General Midwinter. Priority.
- Okay, I'll take it.
No, no. I'll handle it.
- What's going on?
- Checking the actuator.
You have disappointed me.
You let me down. You sold out.
What have I done?
- These photos show what you have done.
- You're making a big mistake.
- You made the mistake, boy.
- What's going on?
I won't rest until every Communist
is six feet under ground.
Go down and join your Communist friend.
You, General Midwinter,
are the biggest idiot I have ever met.
I don't talk to Commies.
You're gonna be shot like a traitor.
Your schemes are a load of old codswallop.
If you think you're gonna start
a revolution, forget it.
Leo's been pocketing the wages
of hundreds of agents who never existed.
Liar! I didn't devote my whole life
to this project to have it destroyed now.
The people of Latvia are waiting for me.
I have the organisation, information
and money to answer that call.
You're not gonna stop me.
Nobody will.
I will succeed,
because I am fighting for freedom.
Right now Leo Newbigen is inside
your Brain trying to cover up for himself.
More lies!
He tried to fix me
and he's fixing your Brain.
- If you don't believe me, check it.
- Lies! Lies!
- You're lying to save your life.
- Check the central computer.
All security guards
move to central computer.
Arrest Leo Newbigen and bring him to me.
Seal off all exits from The Brain.
Attention all security personnel.
Arrest Leo Newbigen.
Arrest Leo Newbigen.
Arrest Leo Newbigen.
Arrest Leo Newbigen.
Restrict use of firearms
in central computer area.
Restrict use of firearms
in central computer area.
There he is!
Leo, this entire area is surrounded.
You cannot get away!
My arm is long
and my vengeance is total.
Anod may Good forg vvoe you,
boecausoe coerta n y wont
All heads of departments report to me.
Attention all guards.
Leo Newbigen has escaped
from central computer area. Red alert.
I want programme 371 expedited. With
that traitor on the loose, I can't wait.
How many tankers have I got
within three days' sail of Helsinki?
Two in Hamburg, one in Rotterdam,
two in Antwerp, one in Hull,
one in Stockholm, one in Copenhagen,
and three in the North Sea.
That makes eleven.
Put 300 trained crusaders
onto those tankers.
All combat vehicles in Finland
must be ready when we arrive.
I want the Latvian uprising
fed in the computer.
I want those viruses released
throughout the Russian Army,
every agent working 24 hours a day
and I want it by Sunday. Four days.
- Have they caught Newbigen yet?
- No, he got clean away.
- I can find him for you, General.
- You, boy, are gonna be shot.
If I don't find him for you
in two days' time
he's gonna be in Moscow.
Then where's your invasion?
Still talking to save your life.
I don't trust you.
If you want Leo
you're gonna have to trust me.
- Because I know how to find him.
- He might be right, General.
How do I know you're telling the truth?
You don't know, General.
But you're gonna have to take the chance.
Cut him loose.
Find Leo Newbigen.
Bring him to me in Finland.
Don't try to cheat me. My arm is long
and my vengeance is total. Remember.
- I'll remember.
- Just remember to find Leo.
Macey, Jim,
you go along to take care of him.
I don't need taking care of, General.
Oh, yes you do.
Hold it, fellows, hold it. Please.
- She's got the eggs.
- If you touch me, I smash them.
Let her go. Let her go.
- Don't miss your train.
- I won't, but you will.
- Why'd you let her go?
- She's found Leo for us.
- What happened to you?
- I got held up.
- What do we do now?
- Get in the car!
And the next move you make,
we will be in Russia.
Leo, get up and come out this door.
Get the parcel.
- You know what you're doing?
- Get out.
You stay there.
Leo, get in the train.
Harry, stay where you are.
Leo, come quick! Quick!
Come, Leo. Quick!
- Thank you, Leo.
- No!
Come on, Leo.
Let's go and see General Midwinter.
Tomorrow morning at dawn
the peoples of Latvia
go into battle for freedom.
Tomorrow morning at dawn
we are going to be there to help them.
Men, our cause is just,
our mission is historic.
You are already heroes.
With God on our side, how can we fail?
She used me, Harry.
She used me.
He's going through with it, Leo.
You've got to stop him.
I'll do anything you say.
To your stations. Move!
Vanguard proceeding according to plan.
Give the order to advance.
Vanguard on Baltic, General.
Thickness of ice, 27 inches.
- Maximum weight?
- 23 tons per vehicle, General.
That's plenty.
Vanguard report coastal navigation
lights in position, General.
We're on the ice. Speed 42 knots.
- Estimated travelling time?
- 3 hours 7 minutes, General.
Riga. Very soon.
Just about there now, General.
- But still no news of the uprising.
- The Communists are suppressing it.
Unidentified vehicle
approaching through convoy, General.
Alien aircraft on bearing
three four zero coming on fast, General.
Prepare the missiles.
Independent fire.
- Vehicle coming up alongside, General.
- Shoot him! Shoot him!
- Should we take evasive action, General?
- Go on!
I am going to crucify every Red atheist.
I am going to destroy
the pagan Communists forever.
We're hit!
I think we're under the ice!
- English, we meet again.
- Very efficient.
He was a very stupid man.
A patriot, of course. And very brave.
During a war such men earn medals,
win victories.
We are proud of them.
But at such a time as now...
a little bit stupid.
Do you know my agent in Finland?
- Yours?
- Sure.
- She's a fine girl, don't you think?
- She can be a bit sharp.
Now, give him our present.
Come on! He's waiting.
For Colonel Ross, with my regards.
Tell him we don't need them,
we have our own ideas about viruses.
Tell him Porton is still, shall we say,
a little primitive for us.
Goodbye, Harry.
Goodbye, Colonel Stok.
Goodbye, Harry.
We would have made nice babies together.
- I believe you were looking for these.
- The eggs.
With Colonel Stok's compliments.
I think you richly deserve that
extra 300 pounds a year you asked for.
In fact, I have quite a lot of...
How about 200 pounds, sir?