Billy the Kid Versus Dracula (1966) Movie Script

Franz. Franz! I heard it again.
It woke me. It's here.
Oh, it was probably a dream, Mama.
Just a nightmare.
Don't worry about it so much.
It's not for myself that I'm worried.
Go to sleep, go to sleep. Hmm?
Oh, God in heaven. Look, Franz!
Good heavens, Eva, it was a vampire!
- Lisa, Lisa!
- Oh, my Lisa, my precious Lisa.
- Mama.
- No, Papa, no, no!
You know, this is a little frightening,
this traveling at night.
And when we stop to pick you up,
way out in the middle
of a black nowhere...
I nearly died of a heart attack.
I sure don't like the looks of him, Sandy.
It's been five miles since we picked
him up at the edge of that wagon train.
He was gonna make any trouble,
he'd have done it by now.
what kind of trouble do you expect?
Well, that's just it. I don't know.
But even the horses... You saw how jumpy
they acted when we stopped for him.
Duffy, when we get to Wilksburg,
maybe you better get yourself
one of those desk jobs.
You're getting too edgy for this one.
I'm Mrs. Mary Bentley.
And this is my brother, James Underhill.
He's a banker from Boston.
Name is Joe Flake. Whiskey salesman.
Here you are. Have a drink!
How about you?
It's on the house. It's a sample.
All right.
I'll have one myself.
My heart is bad, you know.
And since there was no one left
of our family to look after our property,
I induced poor James to give up
his comfortable bachelor life
and his big bank in Boston to come
out here and look after our property.
It's James' first trip west of St. Louis.
He's never even seen my daughter.
She's 18 and so beautiful.
I have her portrait here.
It's a beautiful miniature.
Would you like to see it?
Eighteen and beautiful.
Yes, I would like to see her.
As you say, Mrs. Benson,
she is young and beautiful.
Bentley. The name is Bentley.
Oh, yes, Mrs. Bentley.
She is very beautiful.
Perhaps you'll visit us
when you're in Wilksburg.
My pleasure, Mrs. Bentley. I shall.
You know,
our place is 20 miles out of town.
It's called the Double Bar-B.
It's named after my dear,
departed husband, Ben Bentley.
It's a cattle ranch now.
But once it was famous
for its silver mine.
At first, we used to think
it was just a huge cave.
- Cave?
- Yes.
And I was terrified to go into it.
But my husband explored it
and he found the silver lode.
Of course, now the mine
has fizzled out and it's abandoned.
But not before we got rich out of it.
Mary Ann, why don't you rest?
- Your heart, you know?
- Oh.
Yes, I'm afraid I am talking too much.
But you know, it gets so lonely.
I'm sorry.
May I see the picture once more?
Oh, certainly.
- What kept ya?
- I had to stop and fix a trace.
Welcome, folks.
You're spending the night here.
You're late,
but the food is hot and waiting inside.
Well, thank you, gentlemen.
Come on, James.
Well, well.
What have we got here, my good man?
Just a wandering band of Indians,
passing through.
Well, good. Maybe I can sell 'em
some firewater, huh?
- You better not.
- No?
- No.
- Oh.
Better be coming in, mister.
I can't wait no longer, Tom,
or I won't get to Yermo before nightfall.
And I ain't driving at night again,
and that's for sure.
What do you suppose happened to him?
He might be one of them professor fellas,
got to chasing himself
butterflies or lizards.
Like that fellow we had aboard
a couple of years ago.
If you ask me,
it's those savages over there.
Not likely. We haven't had trouble with
those Indians for more than ten years.
You better get goin'. He'll show up,
and I'll put him on the next stage.
I still think that it's those savages
over there that you...
James... James, what is it?
Good shootin', Billy.
Okay, now it's your turn.
Oh, no. I'm not that good.
Oh, you gotta try.
That guy Bonney sure moved in on you.
First your foreman's job
and now your girlfriend.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
I got more important things to do.
Yeah, like spying on them two?
Well, it looks like there's gonna be
only one good shot in this family.
Yeah, I wonder what your mother will say
when you tell her we're gonna get married.
Well, you know she likes you.
Yeah, but your Uncle Jim
from Boston, you know,
he might not like the idea
when he finds out I'm Billy the Kid.
Look, you're not Billy the Kid anymore.
Since coming here,
you're William H. Bonney.
And I'm s0 haPPY-
Betty Bonney.
Betty Bonney.
- You know, I kinda like that.
- Oh, me too.
Hey, by the way, what's your uncle like?
I don't know.
I've never met Uncle James, but...
when he gets to know you and sees
how handsome you are, I know...
Oh, my gosh! Mother and Uncle James!
We've gotta meet the stage.
Look, I'll go clean up
and meet you in town at stage time.
What'll it be, stranger?
Your sign says you run a hotel
as well as a saloon.
I'd like a room.
Yes, sir.
Here you are, sir. Room 10.
Upstairs and to the left.
Thank you. My name is James Underhill.
My sister, Mrs. Bentley,
is the owner of the Double Bar-B Ranch
and will be here shortly on the coach
coming in from Papago Wells.
Let me know when she arrives.
Otherwise, I'm not to be disturbed.
Yes, sir.
So that's Uncle Jim, eh?
I thought he was supposed to have been
on the same stage with the old woman.
Let me have a beer, Pete.
Oh, say, Billy, there's a gent upstairs,
calls himself James Underhill.
Says he's your boss's brother.
- There's a stage in already?
- No, not yet.
He was supposed to come in
on the stage with Mrs. Bentley.
I don't know anything about that,
but if you wanna ask him,
he's up in Room 10.
Yeah, thanks.
Hey, Billy.
Never mind, forget it.
You'll see for yourself.
- Mr. Underhill?
- Yes. Would you come in, Mr.... Mr....
Bonney. Most folks just call me Billy.
I'm the foreman of the Double Bar-B Ranch.
Well, come in.
Your niece was expecting you
on the stage with her mother.
The stagecoach was too slow for me.
I came on ahead.
I'm anxious to meet my niece.
I've never seen her, you know.
Do you think this does her justice?
Well, I'd say
Betty's a lot prettier than that.
Betty? Isn't that a little personal?
Well, uh...
You see, Betty and I, we're g0nna...
Billy, the stagecoach was attacked.
Attacked? Where?
I don't know.
Gotta ask the people who saw it.
They're downstairs.
It could be a mistake, Mr. Underhill.
It could've been another stage.
I'll find out.
How'd it happen, Ben?
Looks to me like they never had a chance.
Must've been a war party.
You sure it was the Wilksburg stage?
No mistake about it.
I worked for the line once myself.
Even knew the driver, Sandy Noonan.
It was the vampire. I knew it.
- I knew there would be trouble.
- No, Mama.
What does she mean, the vampire?
Well, we picked these people up
near Council Bluff.
And they never stopped talking
about bats and vampires.
They claim 0ne's following them. Even now.
I just heard the news, Dewey.
I'd appreciate if you stayed over
and took me out where it happened.
Well, all right.
I better tell Mr. Underhill.
I understand Mrs. Bentley
was on that stage.
If she's dead,
things may change a little, eh, Thorpe?
- Shut up, Yancey.
- D0n't go playing foreman with me.
You ain't at the ranch now.
You may not be so big
when her brother takes over.
- What do you mean by that?
- Well, it might be tougher
to fool a man than that batty old dame.
Don't you ever pull a gun on me again,
You know, ever since I took over
this foreman job, you've been riding me.
When this thing's over and done with,
you and I are gonna have it out.
Once and for all.
The sooner the better.
I'm sorry to bring you such bad news,
Mr. Underhill, but...
- I'm afraid that...
- Yes, I heard about it.
They mentioned travelers
who saw the massacre.
One who spoke of a... vampire.
Yeah, the wagon master says
they've been plaguin' him about it
ever since they joined up.
Perhaps I should go downstairs
and meet them.
Mama! It's him!
What is wrong, my dear?
I... I thought you...
Who did you think I was?
I thought you were...
the vampire.
I, a vampire?
What are you talking about?
I never heard anything so ridiculous.
Oh, they got vampires on the brain.
That's all they talk about.
Tell them who I am, Billy.
It's Mr. James Underhill, Betty's uncle.
Perhaps this will satisfy all of you.
Can I see that, please?
Well, it seems all right, Mr. Underhill.
Would you like to go with me
to where it happened?
Oh, no, no, I... I couldn't stand it.
My heart, you know.
Well, all right.
I'll report to you when I come back.
We gotta tell Betty.
Oh, no. You go. I'm too upset.
Tell her I'll see her later.
I understand you'll spend the night
here in Wilksburg.
Since I took the last remaining room,
I insist on giving it to you.
I feel I owe you that much.
Thank you.
So much has happened this evening,
I'm afraid sleep
is out of the question for me.
Perhaps... Yes, I'll...
I'll go out to
the Double Bar-B Ranch tonight.
Am I late? Is the stage in?
Betty, 1...
Look, Betty.
I don't know how to tell you this, but...
the stage was attacked.
Between here and Papago Wells.
Indian war party.
Oh! Oh, Billy!
Don't worry, Liebchen.
Mama is here, and I will be all the night
the door outside.
Good night.
- Good night, Mama.
- Good night.
Good night, Papa.
- Good night.
- Good night.
What's wrong, Mama?
Franz! Look!
- Yeah, yeah.
- Lisa! Lisa!
Nien, nien!
- Oh, Billy.
- Come on, honey. It's gonna be all right.
Oh, Betty.
Why, Mr. Underhill.
I decided to meet my niece
and try to console her.
How did you get here? We didn't hear any...
Oh, uh, one of the men from town
drove me out.
Ijust sent him away.
I see my niece is still up.
Yeah. Betty? This is your Uncle James.
My poor child.
Oh, Uncle James!
- There, there.
- What am I gonna do?
There, there, there, there, there.
We must be brave. You're not alone.
I'm here to take care of you.
Come, come, dry your eyes.
I'm sorry.
You're much more beautiful
than your picture.
Much more beautiful.
Hey, Pete, do you know who drove
Betty's uncle out to the ranch last night?
After all the excitement last night,
I'm lucky I know my own name.
Excitement? What do you mean?
Didn't you hear?
We had a murder here last night.
Murder? Who?
Their daughter.
I'm... I'm awful sorry
to hear about your daughter.
How did it happen?
My Lisa is dead.
The marks of a vampire on her throat.
- Vampire?
- Yeah.
And I think I know who it is.
No, Mama, no. You mustn't.
She's grief-stricken. She...
She doesn't know what she's saying.
That is not so.
I think it is Mr. Underhill.
Mr. Underhill? But he's
at the Double Bar-B Ranch with Betty.
Came late last night.
That's a long way from here.
You must hurry out there right away.
You must not let your Betty
be alone with him.
But he's her uncle.
Please, I... I beg of you. Listen to me.
He is a vampire. Believe me.
We must get away. Far away.
No. We will stay here
and fight for Lisa's sake.
And so no one else
will have to suffer the way we do.
But how? How does one fight
a supernatural...
a thing that is dead and still alive?
We will defeat him with this.
I, uh...
I don't believe what you're sayin'.
But maybe you better
come out to the ranch.
- N0, no.
- It's all right. I'll explain to Betty.
She needs someone to help her, anyway,
now that her mother's gone.
All right, we will come.
But you must hurry.
Now, there is no time to lose.
We will follow, we will find the ranch.
But please, for God's sake now, hurry.
And I'm...
I'm so thankful you're here...
now that Mama's...
Now, Elizabeth, you promised me.
No more tears.
Your poor, dear mother wouldn't want you
to become ill grieving over her.
I'm sorry.
I... I...
I'll get a hold of myself.
That's better.
Now you look more
like the pretty girl in the locket.
You're prettier than I ever imagined you.
I'm... I'm sorry, I thought that...
What's wrong, Billy?
I'll tell you what's wrong, Elizabeth.
This young man has been listening
to some superstitious immigrants.
He's rushed out here to save you.
Save me?
From what?
From me, no doubt, my dear niece.
This young man thinks
I'm some sort of monster.
Isn't that it, Mr. Bonney?
Well, I...
Billy, how dare you.
I want you to apologize
to Uncle James right now.
Look, I'm sorry, Mr. Underhill, but so
much has happened that I don't understand.
Like what happened in town
last night, and...
What happened, Billy?
- A girl was killed.
- By who?
That's just it. N0 one seems to know.
Her mother swears a... a vampire did it.
- A vampire? How stupid.
- That's what I thought at first, but...
Have you ever heard of anything
so fantastic, Uncle James?
Fifteenth century witchcraft talk.
Of course. I never heard of such a thing.
Well, my dear.
You young people
probably want to be left alone.
I'm very tired. I might sleep all day.
Please see that no one disturbs me.
Of course, Uncle James.
Oh, Billy, I need you so much right now.
Please don't...
Honey... I'm worried.
About what?
I... I don't know. Ijust don't know.
That's what's botherin' me.
First your mother and...
now this girl at the Golden Star.
What girl at the Golden Star?
The one that was killed.
Oh, I told her folks
that they could come out here to live.
To work, that is.
Is it all right?
Of course it's all right.
Their name is Oster.
Now, they've got some peculiar ideas,
Please, honey, promise me
you'll listen to 'em.
Of course I'll listen to them.
Come in.
- How is she? Has anything happened?
- No, she's all right.
But I'm sure glad
you're gonna be here with her.
- Where is she?
- She's gone to bed.
Can I see her?
- Who is it?
- This is Eva Oster.
May I come in?
I'm Eva Oster. Billy said he told you
about me. I'm sorry I woke you.
Oh, that's all right. What did you want?
I've brought some wolfsbane.
- Wolfsbane?
- Yeah.
In my country we put it
around the windows at night.
It keeps away evil things
like bats and then vampires.
- Oh, you're joking.
- N0.
I'm serious. Very serious.
Please, do not remove these,
nor open your window.
Oh, now really, Eva.
I beg of you to listen to me.
Didn't Billy tell you?
Well, yes, but... Well, it seems so unreal.
Because it seems unreal
people do not guard themselves,
and so they lose their lives.
And even worse.
- Worse?
- Yeah.
When the vampire takes a mate,
he turns the one he chooses
into one of the living dead, like himself.
Oh, what a horrible thought.
Well, I probably won't be able
to sleep a wink tonight.
Please... do as I say.
- Good night.
- Good night.
You were right. Franz and Eva
certainly do have weird ideas.
- Is it all right if they stay?
- Oh, sure.
I need someone
to help me around the place.
Know what this is?
N0, what?
- Wolfsbane?
- Mm-hmm.
It's guaranteed to keep vampires
and bats out of your room.
- You're kidding.
- No.
- Who told you that?
- Eva.
But I think she's being a little silly.
And, um... Billy...
You... You seem so determined t0...
To blame everything that's happened
on Uncle James.
Listen, Billy. I want you to know
that he came all the way out here
from the East
and gave up everything
just so he could help Mother and me.
I'm sorry, honey.
Maybe the Osters should leave.
Oh, no, I... I'll just have to tell Eva
that she's gonna have to stop talking
about vampires and bats, that's all.
It's... It's all so creepy.
Yeah, but honey, you know...
if anything ever happened to you, I...
Why should anything happen to me?
I don't know. But...
I only know I'm afraid for you.
Well, I never thought
I'd live to see the day
Billy the Kid was afraid of anything.
Yancey and I found a lamb with its
throat cut. Looked like a wolf did it.
Old Indian Jim
says it happened last night.
Claims he heard a commotion, and when he
went to investigate, a big bat flew away.
That bat probably flew out of the bottle
of fire water he just finished.
Where's the carcass?
Gave it to Indian Jim.
Don't be giving any more carcasses away
unless you check with me.
I'm running this ranch.
Not for long.
You're lucky I didn't go direct
to Mr. Underhill.
Well, you go direct to Mr. Underhill,
and I'll fire you.
Got it?
Come on, boy.
What's the matter?
It's my nerves.
I know. Oh, but Eva,
you've gotta try and get hold of yourself.
Yeah, Miss Betty.
N0, no, Miss Betty, please!
I want you to take
this witch's magic out of here.
- I beg of you, listen to me.
- Eva...
Eva, look, you've gotta stop
this nonsense about bats and vampires.
I mean, it's the nineteenth century,
not the Middle Ages.
- But, Miss Betty...
- Eva.
You've even got Billy on edge.
Easy, Doc.
There's nothing broken.
You're gonna be all right.
Billy, when are you gonna learn
how to stay out of trouble?
Believe me, Doc,
I didn't go looking for trouble.
Oh, you're just like
my dear, departed husband.
He didn't have to look.
Trouble always found him.
A little something
to take the soreness out.
Think I'll join you.
I don't feel too good myself.
You know that lamb I told you about?
Its throat was ripped wide open.
At least that's what the boys told me.
You think it could be the work
of a vampire? Is that it?
I hate to think it could be true,
but... well...
I don't know about things like that, Doc.
You know, I...
I ain't had too much schoolin'.
Nor I, Billy, nor I.
Years ago, my husband and I came out here.
He was a real doctor.
I got so's I could help him a bit.
Got so's I could patch up a gun wound,
act as a midwife.
But I'm not educated, Billy.
Just trying to help
the folks out here a bit.
Wait a minute.
That's it.
"According to an old European
superstition, a vampire is a ghost"
which leaves its resting place at night
to suck the blood of living victims.
Humans, when possible.
Sometimes it kills its victims.
Other times, it keeps them alive.
Sometimes a vampire
takes one of his victims as a mate
"and eventually turns her into a vampire."
Now you know as much about it as I do.
Well, how do you know if a person
is a vampire? How can you tell?
Well, there's some footnotes
here in German.
My German's pretty bad.
But one thing I can make out.
"A vampire does not cast
a reflection in a mirror."
Oh! Yeah?
Thanks, Doc.
- Thanks.
- Hey, Billy.
Don't you go trying that on Mr. Underhill.
You'd be losing yourjob.
Uncle James?
I've been wanting to talk to you.
- I was away.
- Yes, I know. I missed you.
You... You haven't eaten anything.
You should eat something now.
Someone entered my room today
in spite of my orders.
Was it you?
Call Eva.
Eva, come here.
Did you enter my room?
Yeah, I... I wanted to straighten up.
I demand privacy.
I gave orders no one was to enter it.
I... I'm sorry.
You see that it doesn't happen again.
Yes, sir.
Now, my dear, I'd like to see the cave
your mother told me about.
Oh, you mean the abandoned silver mine.
There's nothing there except
a bunch of scorpions and bats.
You clumsy idiot!
Forgive me, my nerves are on edge.
I understand.
- Would you show me the cave?
- Certainly, if...
No! No, you mustn't.
How dare you interfere!
Oh, she means well, Uncle James.
I'll... I'll go change my clothes.
Oh, there it is.
The famous abandoned silver mine.
Since my arrival here, I've done a great
deal of thinking about you, my dear.
Your dreams, your hopes.
Well, I'm afraid
I'm not quite as interesting
as those girls in Boston, Uncle James.
My dreams and hopes
are really quite simple.
All I wanna do is stay here,
where I was born,
and get married, have children.
You wanted to see the mine.
Oh, yes. Shall we go in?
Oh, no. Well, it's pretty scary.
I... I think I'll wait out here for you.
Very well, my dear.
Where's your uncle?
What's he doing in an abandoned mine?
That's his business.
Maybe it's my business, too.
Oh, Billy, what's happening to us?
We've never quarreled
like this before, ever.
Well... found another lamb today
with its throat cut.
Well, our animals
have been attacked before.
Not like this. Indian Jim was on guard.
He says he saw a large bat do it.
No signs of a struggle.
No footprints around.
There's something spooky about all this.
Something I don't understand.
But I'm gonna find out.
Billy, I want you to promise me
that you'll stop
trying to involve my uncle in all of this.
I can't. But you can do something for me.
Ask your uncle
to stand in front of a mirror.
- What for?
- Just to see what you see.
Well, I never heard of anything so crazy.
Maybe not. Will you do it?
Oh, yes.
If you'll promise to leave right now
before Uncle James comes out
and you get into more trouble.
Well, I sure took care
of that Mr. Billy the Kid.
I knocked him down with the first punch.
I picked him up, and I popped him again.
And then I picked him up
and then I racked him into the wall.
Don't bother telling us, Thorpe.
You can show us.
Sheriff, can I see you a minute?
If what you say is half true,
you better stay put and shut up.
Sheriff, I... I'd like some information.
- All right.
- Listen, I heard
that one of the massacred stage passengers
was a man with no identification on him.
- That's right.
- Any idea who he was?
What are you getting at, Billy?
How do we know that the man that is here
is Betty's real uncle, James Underhill?
Well, I looked at his papers
and they seemed all right to me.
Dead man could be robbed of his papers.
He could've been the real uncle,
couldn't he?
Oh, Billy.
Looks to me like
that woman foreigner's getting to you.
First thing you know, you'll be tellin' me
that there really are...
What did she call them?
Oh, yeah. Vampires.
Seems t0 me, I recollect that she said
that's who done the killing.
Come on over to the office building
and I'll set you up
to a good drink and then maybe
you better get back to the ranch, huh?
I wanna see Mr. Underhill.
Mr. Underhill is having his supper.
It's very important, you tell him.
Boss, can I see you a minute?
Is something wrong, Miss Betty?
Oh, it's Billy.
He's been acting so strangely lately.
Now he wants me to try
some experiment on Uncle James.
What... What kind of experiment?
I don't know. It has to do with a mirror.
Oh, God, the vampire test.
What do you mean?
Well, the mirror is a sure test...
Here he is, Mr. Underhill.
You wanted to see me, Mr. Underhill?
I'm not at all satisfied
with the way things are going here.
If it's about the stock being killed, I...
No. What I have to say
has to do with you and me.
I'll come right to the point.
Ever since I came here,
you've been making trouble for me.
Bringing the Osters to spy on me,
questioning Sheriff Griffin about me.
I won't keep an employee
who questions my integrity.
Are you trying to fire me?
That's it exactly.
Well, I think that's up to Betty.
You're not my boss.
We'll see about that.
Yes, Uncle James?
Will you come here, please.
I want you to hear
what I have to say to Mr. Bonney.
Perhaps you didn't know
he is the notorious Billy the Kid.
Oh, of course I know who Billy is.
But that's all in the past.
Why wasn't I told about this?
Well, I was...
I was waiting for a chance to...
tell you we're going to be married.
Marrying a notorious gunman?
I won't allow it.
Well, I... I really don't think
it's any concern of yours.
My dear, until you're 21 years old,
I'm your guardian.
Now get back in your room.
But, Uncle James...
But I don't see...
See that Mr. Bonney
leaves the ranch right now.
If he returns,
tell the men he is to be shot.
Yes, sir, Mr. Underhill.
Get goin', Billy.
Now we shall take care
of those immigrants.
You are to live in the bunkhouse
from now on.
I cannot do this.
I must stay in the house
to take care of Miss Betty.
YOU mean SO YOU can spy on me.
I will not leave Miss Betty.
I... I don't know, Mama.
Perhaps it would be the best.
I will stay.
Where are you going?
- I must see Miss Betty.
- She's gone to bed.
You may see her in the morning.
In the morning, that may be too late.
T00 late for what?
It's all right, Mama.
You'll see her in the morning.
The bunkhouse, I wouldn't advise you
to leave it during the night.
Mr. Thorpe has orders
to shoot anyone wandering around.
Come, Mama. Come.
I'll take care of everything,
Mr. Underhill.
You won't have to worry about Billy
and them others no more.
I think we understand each other.
I wonder if we do, Mr. Thorpe.
I wonder if we do.
I'm gonna lock up, Billy.
There's a room upstairs.
You can have it if you want it.
The Gold Star's closed for the night,
No, it ain't, Pete.
I see you still got a customer.
Mr. Underhill wants you clean out of town.
S0 get movin'.
I've been waiting for this
for a long time.
Be quite a hero when folks hear
how I gunned down
the famous Billy the Kid.
Go on, get out.
You're mighty brave
with that gun in your hand.
Put it back in your holster
and let's see you outdraw Billy.
Shut up, you.
All right, all right, I'm coming.
Hold your horses.
What's the matter, Billy?
Ijust killed Dan Thorpe, Doc.
You better get out of town right away.
No, it was self-defense.
Thorpe tried to run me out of town.
One thing led to another and I shot him.
Pete saw the whole thing.
Betty's uncle fired me.
He told me never to see Betty again,
and to get out of Wilksburg.
But I don't understand.
What does Betty say to all this?
I... I guess it's not up to her.
- He's her legal guardian.
- Oh, guardian or not,
Billy Bonney, do you mean to tell me
you're gonna give up without a fight?
Fight? You're forgetting
I just came from one.
Well, what are you gonna do?
I don't know, Doc.
I don't know.
Uncle James.
Don't be afraid, my child
From the moment I saw your picture
I wanted you.
I chose you for my mate.
Tomorrow, you'll become
one of the undead, as I am.
If that is your wish.
Miss Betty, I brought you some breakfast.
Billy, God forgive me.
I have failed her, I have failed her.
Failed her? What do you mean failed?
What's wrong?
There is no time to explain.
You would not believe me anyway.
You must get her to a doctor at once.
Tell the doctor to look at her throat.
I'll get her ready.
Hurry, please, quickly! Hitch the wagon.
Hurry, Billy, hurry.
I don't like it. I don't like it a bit.
What's wrong with her, Doc?
What are those marks on her neck?
Well, if I didn't know better,
I'd say it was the work of a vampire.
Vampire? Her uncle?
I've been reading up on the subject.
It's pretty spooky.
I'm sorry, Billy, but I'm gonna have to
arrest you for the killing of Dan Thorpe.
Wait a minute, it was self-defense.
Didn't Pete tell you?
Yes, but the law is the law, boy,
and you're gonna have to stand trial.
Look, I can't leave Betty.
She's... She's sick.
Doc'll take care of her.
I'd better take this. Come on, boy.
Doc, don't let her uncle get near her.
Don't worry, I won't.
Come on, now.
- What is it, Mama?
- Shh.
What are you doing?
Where's my niece?
I repeat: Where's my niece?
- She's gone.
- I know that, you meddling, old fool.
Speak up!
Billy came, and... and he took her away.
You poor child.
You've been through a terrible experience.
Would you like to tell me about it?
I want to help you.
You understand me?
It just doesn't seem possible, and yet...
It's refreshing to meet a lawman
who really enforces the law.
County sheriff
usually takes his job serious.
What's he done with her?
If you mean your niece, she's at...
Don't tell him, Sheriff!
- Where is she?
- She's at the doctor's.
What's she doing there?
- She's sick.
- Nonsense.
You'll have to discuss that
with the doctor.
At least that's what she says.
Where do I find
this backwoods female pill-slinger?
Down the end of the street,
you'll see the sign.
You shouldn't have told him, Sheriff.
I'm sorry ifl frightened you. Forgive me.
I'm James Underhill.
Thank you for taking care of my niece.
I'll take her home
and see that you're well paid.
She must stay here with me
until I find out what's wrong with her.
I will not allow her to be moved.
You won't allow her? We'll see.
I'm taking her home, now.
And I'm here to tell you that the blood
of that child will be on your head
if you don't do something
to stop her uncle.
- Oh, Doc, this is ridiculous...
- Here.
- You'll need this scalpel.
- For what?
The book says the only way
to kill a vampire
is to drive a spike through its heart.
- Here.
- Oh, Henrietta,
if I ask the boys to go chasin' vampires,
they'd lock me up and throw the key away.
I wouldn't much blame 'em, either.
Let me out of here, Sheriff,
and I'll stop him.
Oh, nothin' doin'.
Someb0dy's gotta save that child,
and if you won't, then Billy must.
Now will you let me out, Sheriff?
Oh, now, Billy.
The keys.
Billy, you shouldn't ought to do this.
Open the door.
And step back there.
Billy, take this. That gun
will do you no good against him.
I've never seen a man yet
a bullet wouldn't stop.
But he's not a man!
This'll do.
I'm going with you.
You'd slow me down.
I'd have to take a rig.
You're gonna have to take a rig anyway.
Billy just took your horse.
Oh, all right.
You started the whole thing,
you might as well be in
on the finish of it
Let's go.
- Where's Betty?
- Isn't she at the doctor's?
No, he took her away.
Did he bring her here?
N0, they're not here.
The mine.
Soon we shall be as one.
Now I will put you to sleep.
When you awaken,
you will no longer be like the others.
You will be as I am...
one of the undead.
And now, my dear, you will sleep.
Betty, honey.
You're too late, Mr. Bonney.
She's mine.
You killed her.
Hold it.
Your bullets can't hurt me.
Nor her either, now.
Oh, no?
He killed her.
Give me that.
At least I've paid 'im back for Betty.
Billy, look! Look!
Billy, where am I?
Oh, thank God. The spell is broken.
She's gonna be all right.
Oh, 0h, Billy!
Come on, honey. We're goin' home.