Bingo Hell (2021) Movie Script

MARIO Hi. Youve
reached Mario and Patricia.
Please leave a message,
and well give you a call right back.
My love...
Were finally getting out of this place,
just like I promised.
I sold it.
I sold it to him.
I love you.
This thrill before...
She would be so proud.
Always be a winner.
You want her to be proud
of you, dont you?
Would take wing
would be through...
Youve gotten old, bitch...
Lets go.
-Hi, Lupita.
-Hi, Helen.
-Good morning, Lupita.
-Hi, John.
-You, too, huh?
Fucking hipsters.
Babe, its all right.
-Hello, Marcus.
-No, its not all right!
Hey. How are you?
Qu onda?
You need some help, granny?
You gonna be out here showing weakness,
you better come on inside
fore somebody sees you.
Mira, shut your cancer hole
and get me my coffee.
When are you gonna give up
working on this old thing, Clarence, eh?
When it kills me... thats when.
This heres the only thing
my daddy ever gave me.
-Told me, once we got her
up and running again,
shed take us all the way
around the world and back.
And that is exactly what I aim to do.
Youd be lucky to make it
out of Oak Springs, eh?
Where is Morriss grumpy ass
this morning?
Still convinced he can
get Yolandas dryer chair
up and running.
Son of a bitch dont know an
electrical wire from his dick.
Stubborn bastards, the both of you.
-Yeah, yeah.
Now, I know you aint talking, granny.
Morris aint the only one missing
round here today, neither.
Good old fancy-pants Mario aint
showed up for his oil change.
He loves that car of his
more than he loved his wife.
Sorry. I guess six months
is too soon to be making jokes?
Dont worry about it.
-Ow! Damn it.
Its only the chair
thats broken, Morris,
and I have so many problems
with my landlord already
without you fucking it up.
Yolanda, wait a minute. I just
got one more little thing.
-Im telling you, its gonna be done.
Youre gonna mess it up even worse.
There we go!
Shit! Son of a...
Goddamn nearly shat myself.
Laugh it up, you gargoyle, you.
Go check on your greasy
boyfriend at the auto shop.
All right, Ill see you ladies
tonight, then, huh?
Yolanda, Yolanda, tomorrow morning,
Im coming back with the proper tools,
get this whole place
up and running. Youll see.
Thank you, Morris, pero no.
-Im going to get it done.
It still doesnt feel right, Lupita.
Ay, por favor, Yolanda.
Going through so much
trouble just for me.
Were the reason Mario can
afford to keep the doors open
at the community center.
-This is my problem, and...
-Ay, no. Ay. -Look!
I know when your pendejo
landlord raised your rent
how much it hurt you, and now this?
And thats nobodys business
but my own, Lupita.
I appreciate everything you always do
for all of us around here,
but sometimes I wish you could...
Ay, mira.
Did you see my new product?
Yeah. Uh-huh.
No Dolores again today.
Pobrecita Dolores.
Ever since they moved in,
Ive been taking my walks alone.
Then why the fuck did you invite us
to stay, then, Dolores, huh?
Because worrying about
my grandson out on the street
keeps me awake at night... thats why.
-Caleb, lets go!
-Im coming. Damn.
And all of the trouble that he got into...
Hes lucky that he didnt get
locked up in juvie.
But you know what, probably
wouldve been better for him,
cause he sure dont get
no discipline at home.
I said I was sorry.
I mean, its not like anybody
got killed or anything.
Where are you going,
anyway? Out shopping?
Jesus, Raquel.
You havent given me a nickel
since you been here,
and youre always out there
shopping and buying clothes
and shit you know damn well
you cant afford.
Dolores, I cannot have
this fucking conversation!
Caleb, lets go!
Come on, your moms calling you.
Come on!
-Dont you think its time
to let go of the gangster bandana, hmm?
No, why?
I love my gangster bandana.
Did you get rid of her?
What my son ever saw
in that pasty bitch, I will never know.
-But the boy...
Raquel lets him do whatever he wants.
She lets him get away with everything.
My son wouldve raised him
right, but that woman... mm-mm.
Sounds just like his daddy to me.
Were supposed to pretend
your son was perfect?
Por favor, you remember
when him and Eric...
I did the best I could
under the circumstances,
and you know more than anybody how...
I-I-Im not going there
with you. Excuse me.
Okay, seoras, seoras, seoras.
-Lupita, Lupita.
Play nice.
I should get to the bingo hall anyway.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Get out of here.
Gracias, Lupita.
-Hi, guys.
-Hey, Lupita.
"Big winner."
Ay, qu es?
Hi, Helen.
-Hello, darling.
-Hey. How you doing, Lupita?
So, you see, its never too late.
Remember, no matter how many times
youve tried to change and failed,
youre here now.
All right, lets close it up.
God, grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can
and the wisdom to know the difference.
Thanks for coming.
You sound good up there, mijo.
Convincing, gey.
Im so glad youre
convinced, Doa Lupita.
You here to set up then?
Of course.
Are you joining us tonight?
You know bingo is not my thing.
Maybe in like 50 years
when Im yalls age.
You fool.
Its weird seeing you
without Ms. Dolores.
Shes got family to take care of.
Me, Ive got Oak Springs.
Or whats left of it.
Fucking tanning salons and
shitty coffee shops all over.
Well, as long as youre around,
Oak Springs will never die.
Shit, you are Oak Springs.
You and the rest of them old fogies.
Come on, after what yall did,
you and Dolores are legends.
Oh. I got it.
Mario gave you a copy of the keys?
Even with all those tattoos on your neck?
Nah, these are his.
Found them hanging from the front door.
You just found them?
Doesnt sound like him.
Did you talk to him, call him?
Nah, I figured Mario, with all
the shit he had to deal with...
Let me see your phone.
Youve reached Mario and Patricia.
Please leave a message,
and well give you a call right back.
Could be he really wants
to be alone right now.
Know what Im saying?
Im gonna get you
on that new dating app...
"Smooches for Old Scrooges."
Definitely need to get you out more.
Take time to just kick back
and just relax for once.
Stop shopping at consignment shops.
Get you an upgrade at one
of them new retails opening up.
You know what Im saying?
N-42, two, two, two, two!
Another, just let it go...
O-65, 65.
The next number...
You having a stroke, old lady?
-Lucky seven!
Seven, seven.
I got that! Bingo!
-Bingo. Bingo right here!
-Goddamn right.
Okay, we got a winner, everybody!
-Come on up, Morris, and claim your prize!
-Hey! All right.
-Check that.
You have won one free haircut.
And dont forget what happened to Samson
when he let Delilah give him
a little trim.
Yolanda, Yolanda, stand up.
Stand up, please.
-Come on. Come on, come on, come on.
-Please, Yolanda.
Come on, come on, come on!
-Come on.
Take a look around this room
at all your neighbors who care about you.
Come on, give it up, Oak Springs.
-Give it up. Hey!
-Go, go, go!
I have seen this woman perform miracles.
Look how she transformed me.
I look good, dont I?
Give me a round of applause.
Okay, okay, beautiful Dolores.
How much did we raise tonight?
Drumroll, please!
$511 and...
...four cents.
Now, which one of yall
was donating pennies
with your cheap ass?
Beautiful Princess Yolanda,
put your hands out.
Come on.
Come on. Dont be shy.
With love from Oak Springs.
Come on. We love you.
We take care of each other here.
This is our home.
Oak Springs!
And we are working hard
to keep it, and we...
The hell?
-Ay, Morris.
Its not like Mario
not to pay his electric bill.
Okay, ladies, next time.
Lets go, Morris.
Grab the beer.
All right, people, games over.
Thanks for coming.
Step aside.
Ill take care of it.
Mario gave you a copy?
As if you wasnt in his business enough.
Damn, gave me
a shitty copy anyway. Mm.
Oh. Nice ride.
It damn sure dont belong
to nobody around here.
Its the same guy I saw earlier.
Whose car is this?
And why is it here, hmm?
Probably one of them
rich hipster assholes.
-What about Mario?
-What about Mario?
Clarence told me he didnt show up
for his car appointment this morning.
His car appointment?
Yeah, yeah.
Should we call the National Guard?
Eric said Marios keys were just
hanging from the door earlier.
Lupita, the man is old,
in case you havent noticed.
And the power, the power going out.
Lupita, the man just lost his wife
after years of watching the
cancer just eat away at her.
I cant imagine what something
like that does to your head,
so how about we just cut him
a little slack
about being forgetful, okay?
Lets stop by his house!
No, we are not stopping by his house.
Its been six months.
Lets leave him alone.
What if its something else?
Lord, if youre listening,
theres a crazy woman down here.
Dolores, I got that feeling.
And you know more than anybody
what that feeling means.
Yeah, I know what it means.
-A pain in my ass!
Dont touch that car!
Oh, God.
Lupita, its late. Come on.
Lets go so we can get
some rest, for Gods sake.
And tomorrow,
if you havent heard from him,
we do it your way.
You never let me do fucking anything.
MARIO Hi. Youve
reached Mario and Patricia.
Please leave a message,
and well give you a call right back.
"Under new management."
Ay, Mario, what did you do?
Hijos de la chingada!
How could you sell it, Mario?
Want to talk to me about the bingo hall?
I know youre in there!
You cook now?
Good morning to you, too.
I just thought it would
be nice. Thats all.
Well, youre burning the eggs.
Uh, no soda before break...
Oh, so its on now.
-All right.
Smells good, right?
Oh, and that coffee...
I got that good stuff from
that new place down the street.
None of that store-bought bullshit.
-Real good, Mom.
-Thank you.
Are there some hidden cameras in here?
Cause you can cut the BS and
tell me what this is all about.
I just wanted to do something
to show my appreciation...
our appreciation for you.
You want something.
Thats it. Mm-hmm.
No, I know.
A job, right?
You got a new job.
That means we can move back home now.
Mom, please tell me that were
-moving back home.
-How you gonna burn up my good bacon
and at the same time...?
You said we would only
be here for a little while.
Why dont you take back...
...some of those new clothes
that you bought?
But no...
I already took the clothes
back, for your information.
I just leave the tags on,
and I take them back
-when Im done with them, so...
How about if I take you shopping
and buy you some clothes that
you can cut the tag off of?
How about that, huh?
Ill be fine.
And for the record, I bought
that coffee with my money.
Fuck this.
And for your information,
I prefer store-bought
to this liquid cat shit.
Posted on my door,
your door and everyone else.
Should I grab my shotgun?
You know I still keep it in the kitchen.
"New management."
Still no word from Mario?
Stopped by this morning, saw his car.
No answer.
I-If Marios looking to sell,
we cant just...
Sell? No, hombre.
No, no, por favor.
Mario had a moment of weakness.
But we wont let that happen, will we?
Hell, Lupita, you knew Mario.
He was never happy here.
-And when Patricia died...
-Hey, hey. Whoa.
Oak Springs has been good to us.
You have been good to us.
-But look, Lupita...
-But what? But what?
Weve been struggling a long
time, granny. You know that.
We love this neighborhood.
But the people in this town have
been doing pretty goddamn good
selling their property
to these rich bastards.
And I dont know, but sometimes
it dont sound so bad.
Youd piss your chones if I told
you the offer I got on my house.
We all get the letters.
I dont blame Mario.
Shit, for the right price,
I could be laying on a beach
somewhere in a string bikini.
Dont you think we deserve better?
Look, Im a loyal man.
You all know that.
Even when things got hard, I stayed.
I stayed out of loyalty to you,
Lupita. You understand?
But where did all that loyalty
get me? Where? What?
Nothing but pain. Thats what.
Youre abandoning your home
for a little bit of money.
None of us are what we used to be.
But were still here.
Little older, little crankier.
-But damn it...
...were still here.
We are.
Where we have always been.
Whats the plan, granny?
We show up tonight
and give this big asshole
a proper Oak Springs welcome.
Looks like a goddamn casino.
Is it even possible
to do all this in one night?
Of course its possible.
Shit, come on,
I couldve done it in less.
Morris, you wouldve burned
the building down to the ground.
Id rather see a pile of ashes
than whatever the hell
Im looking at now.
Lets go introduce ourselves
to this pinche gringo.
Now, now, now, now, w-w-wait.
We dont know hes white.
Hes white.
Holy shit.
You can say that again.
-Oh, what?
Can you imagine the
electricity bill for this place?
For a bingo hall in Oak Springs,
this is a bit of an overkill,
-if you ask me.
Hey, Lupita.
Dont you think we should play, too?
You know, to blend in?
We are not playing.
And to be honest,
all of these people should
be ashamed of themselves.
That was a good idea.
Its not...
its not a good idea.
Is that Raquel over there?
That bitch.
Stay focused.
-Shes here trying to get rich quick.
Sit. Sit there.
Marios been gone a day, and all it takes
is some blinking lights
to make them forget.
Makes me sick.
Ladies and gentlemen of Oak Springs...
Ive got one question for you.
Are you feeling lucky?
Well, you can call me Mr. Big.
And it is an absolute pleasure
to welcome you all here
to the grand opening of...
...of Mr. Bigs Bingo!
Well, here at Mr. Bigs Bingo,
we have only big prizes.
Because everyone deserves to be a winner.
I look around this
beautiful community of yours,
and you know what I see?
I see dreams.
Big-time dreams.
I see potential in Oak Springs,
all these unfulfilled desires.
And each and every one of you
has a big dream.
I mean, who doesnt?
Am I right?
No matter how happy,
no matter how content you may be,
we all have that one thing,
that one little thing
that we still yearn for.
Like an eternal itch
you just cant scratch.
They say money cant buy you happiness.
I disagree.
You know what kinds of people
believe this nonsense?
Now, tell me, Oak Springs,
are you losers?
-No! No!
How about you, my dear?
Whats the one thing you most desire?
What would bring you happiness?
A new life.
A new life, hmm?
Well, here at Mr. Bigs Bingo,
you could win enough money
to buy that new life ten times over.
Whos ready to play the game?
Hey! Hey!
-Oh, shit.
Yeah, you better run, little shit.
Bing... Wait.
Bingo. Bingo! Bingo!
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
I have bingo!
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
-Oh, my God!
-You want it bad enough, ladies and gentlemen,
the luck will find you.
Well, come on up, big winner.
-Lets see what you won.
-Oh, God.
Holy shit.
Holy shit!
I knew we shouldve played.
I told you it was a good idea.
-Oh, my God.
Come back tomorrow night.
Come back every night, where
the prizes will be even bigger.
Or miss your chance to make
all your dreams come true.
Yes! Fuck yes!
And everyone deserves to be a winner.
Can we talk about yesterday?
I didnt mean...
Im sorry. I didnt...
Mom! Mom, no!
Mom, no!
Caleb, whats going on?
Wheres your mom?
No, you didnt.
A new life.
That pasty bitch.
By the dozens
new cousins
than money buys.
-Look at me!
In balance
she dont try
than money can buy
theres a wrinkle
theres a twinkle
than money can buy.
Rich, bitch!
Shes got smarts that you dont see...
You look just like your fucking grandma
when you look at me like that.
-Like Im a loser.
-I never said that.
You think your mom is a loser?
You dont think I can make it
without your dad?
I dont know if I have what it takes
to be a mother without your dad.
I went from being Raquel...
to being Calebs mom.
She had to give up
all her hopes and dreams
for her kid just like that.
If I ever wanted anything for myself...
I just want to remember
what its like to be me.
Oh, I would be a really shitty mom.
I would be a selfish,
cold-hearted fucking bitch.
All the desperate souls...
we feed off them.
Now, tell me, Oak Springs,
are you losers?
Oh, thats it.
Thats it.
Always be a winner.
How do you know for sure she left?
She left me a shiny nickel.
Now, thats what she does.
She left my son
I dont know how many times,
running off doing God knows
what with a baby at home.
I cant stop thinking
about last night... that man.
That nasty smile of his, that...
Oh, please, Lupita.
Dont start all of that again, okay?
And that prize?
You ever seen a bingo game
with a prize like that?
No. Ive lived in Oak Springs
most of my life, remember?
Oak Springs seems like the last place
to open a big-money bingo hall.
Well, Oak Springs is changing,
so maybe its perfect for all
those new tech companies moving in.
Ese hombre is a snake.
Those flyers were meant for us.
We need to find Mario!
-Maybe he knows something.
What are you doing, Dolores?
Get up.
Vamonos. rale.
I dont have the time or the energy
to be playing Batman and Robin
with your behind.
Those days are long gone.
Ill handle this shit myself.
Please dont do nothing crazy.
I dont give a fuck...
What is this?
What happened to you, Mario?
Im stopping by Miss Lupitas.
Make sure she didnt do nothing stupid.
All right, now, I wont be long.
Im leaving my cell phone on
the counter in case you need it.
I want to tell you
got problems
some are poor
are for real.
Welcome to the game, gentlemen.
Some dues to pay.
Now, whos ready to win big?
Your very dying day.
Ay, Dios.
Ay, Dios mo.
-Aah! Whoa.
-I come in peace, woman.
-Come in. Come in.
Have you been resting?
Cause I know how you get when
you havent had your siesta.
Its not... Its not...
I swear to God I just...
in the hallway...
Hey, hey. Take a breath.
Let that brain of yours rest
for one evening.
Lupita, what?
If youre out hitting up cars again,
youre in the wrong part
of town, little homey.
Look, man, I didnt take nothing...
Find something good in there?
Not here to fuck with you...
I knew your pops back in the day.
We used to get into
all kinds of trouble together.
-You knew my dad?
He was like a brother to me.
When I heard what happened
to him, I felt that shit.
Sorry you had to go through that.
I grew up without parents, too.
I had to make my own family.
Other kids as screwed up as me.
Not your pops.
Im talking about real fuckups.
Dealing just to get by.
Started using after a while.
Wheres your friends now?
As long as I had my high and
my money, I was good with it.
It was like an infection.
Aint no cure for that shit.
Well, you got clean, didnt you?
Getting clean aint the same
thing as getting cured.
That taste...
that taste is permanent.
Every morning, I feel the urge,
and every morning, I got to make
the choice to ignore that shit.
Well, if you got better,
why do you still live here?
-Whats wrong with Oak Springs?
-It sucks here.
Theres, like, nothing
but a bunch of old people.
Except for you,
and youre still kind of old.
Thats cause most
everybody else gone already.
Those old people are the closest
thing to a family I ever had.
Lupitas been like a mother to me.
That mean old Mexican lady?
Yeah, that mean old Mexican lady.
Man, Lupita cleaned up
this whole neighborhood,
helped kids like me
get our shit together.
And not just Lupita.
-Your grandma, too.
-Yeah, right.
Those ladies were like
superheroes around here,
for real.
Ran those damn gangs
out of here like that.
They built it up from nothing.
Thats why Lupitas so protective
of the neighborhood, you know?
Last night,
I heard my grandma talking
about how my mom won big
at this new bingo place.
And this morning, she was gone.
If only I could get some money.
I dont know.
Shes gonna come back for me.
I hope youre right, little homey.
I hope youre right.
Bingo! Bingo!
-Son of a bitch!
-Come on, Oak Springs.
Lets hear it for
the big winner of the night.
Its all on me, baby.
Its all on me.
-Big winner.
Holy shit.
Will you please say something?
What can I say?
I want you to say
you will help me stop him.
What if he did something
to Raquel to make her leave?
How do we know he didnt
take her out already
like he did Mario?
Take her out?
-You are losing your mind.
Dolores, you didnt
see the way Mario was.
There was money.
There was green slime.
It wasnt natural. It was evil.
-Okay, okay.
What did the cops have to say about it?
Oh, please.
Since when have we trusted
anything the cops have to say?
They dont care.
And they dont know Mario like I do.
Mario hated his life in Oak Springs
even before Patricia died.
You were just too stubborn to accept it.
What if he felt stuck,
with no way out?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Dont even say it.
Maybe he just got tired
of fighting a battle
he knew that he had already lost.
And hes not the only one
who feels that way.
When my son got sick...
Im not doing this.
Where are you going?
To be with my grandson.
Hes what matters most now.
Oak Springs is all I have.
Hes taking over,
and we have to do something.
This is our goddamn neighbor...
I am talking about my grandson.
To hell with this neighborhood!
I have fought with you
almost my whole life.
We all have.
And what do we have to show for it?
No money, no family, no future.
But we got Oak Springs, right?
And because of you...
...were probably all
going to die right here
in good old Oak Springs.
Dont make me fight this alone, please.
The fight is over.
Calebs your problem now, Dolores.
Mom, Mom... Stop.
-Im rich, bitch.
-Stop, Mom. Stop. Stop. Stop.
Stop! Stop!
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
In New Orleans.
Mmm, mmm.
Of many poor girls.
Im one...
Me and you...
gonna take a ride across this
whole goddamn world together!
Just like my daddy said.
Leave all the bullshit behind.
Thats what Im talking about!
No matter how happy,
no matter how content you may be...
Almost perfect.
To New Orleans...
...weve all
got that one little thing
we still yearn for.
Stubborn bastards.
Youd be lucky to get out
of Oak Springs alive.
One more little tweak...
-...and well be ready to ride.
Yolanda! Yolanda!
Chingada madre.
Are you in there?
Come help me.
The lights out again.
And everyone deserves to be a winner.
Dolores! Caleb!
No, no, no, no!
-Eric, es Lupita.
I need your help, mijo, pero ahorita.
Hello? Hello?
Lupita, tell me where you are.
Ill come get you.
Hello? Lupita!
No more games.
-Oye, Lupita.
Im with you all the way.
Eric, be careful, mijo.
We are all thats left.
Ya vete, cabrn.
Youre going to make me cry.
Okay, Ill go around back.
Chingada madre.
What the hell
are you doing here? No.
No, dont get in there,
Caleb! No!
Come back every night,
where the prizes will be even bigger,
or miss your chance to make
all your dreams come true.
And everyone deserves to be a winner.
Caleb! Caleb.
-Fuck you.
-Come on, Caleb.
-Its too late.
-Come on.
I made my decision.
Oh, youre hard now, huh?
Well, go ahead, big man.
Go ahead.
You gonna use that thing or what?
You dont know me
or anything about my family.
You dont understand.
I have to do this.
-With this money, I can...
-You can what?
Buy your mama back?
Money aint real, man.
It cant solve your problems.
Trust me.
This shit...
this shit aint the answer.
Im sorry.
Its all right, Caleb.
I wont let him have you.
You dont matter.
Cant you see that?
Youre nothing.
All you are is in the way.
Im going to be a winner.
I dont need you.
Easy, man.
Let him go!
Leave him alone, man! Wait.
What the fuck do you want?
Its what you want that matters.
You feel it every morning,
and every morning, you deny yourself.
Dont deny yourself, Eric.
Thats it.
Thats it.
I wont deny myself.
Eric, no! No!
Eric, no!
Im sorry.
Winners only.
Always be a winner.
Wouldnt want to end up like
your mother, now, would you?
Although she did smile
right up until the very end.
You were right, Dolores.
I let this happen.
But its not too late.
We may be older, but we still
have plenty of life to live.
You hear me?
Oak Springs, listen up.
When our neighbors
started leaving Oak Springs...
...I called them
cowards and traitors.
But I was wrong.
I thought that a neighborhood
and a community were the same thing.
A neighborhood is just a place.
Oak Springs is more than that.
We are Oak Springs.
Us, the people.
And when Oak Springs works together,
there is not a pinche thing in this world
that can defeat us!
Ladies and gentlemen...
...and special guests...
...welcome to Mr. Bigs Bingos.
Million Dollar Game.
Now, which one of you deserves
to be a millionaire?
Dont listen to him!
Dont listen to him!
Oh, cant you see, Lupita?
Im just the same as you.
Youre nothing like me.
Oh? Is that so?
Surrounding ourselves
with desperate souls.
Fixing the game so they need us.
So, they cant live without us.
Caging them in.
And then we feed off em
again and again and again
and again and again and again!
We use promises like leashes, huh?
Oh, keep em close, Lupita.
Keep em close. Keep em close.
Ah. Huh.
Its game time!
Oh, B-11!
Hey, fuck head.
Oh, fuck.
Wake up. Wake up, please.
Come on, old lady. Wake up.
Wake up, please.
Lupita, please, wake up.
Yolanda. Yolanda.
Lupita, please, wake up.
Come on, lady, wake up.
You picked the wrong community,
Fucker. Youre mine.
Piece of shit!
Hijo de puta!
Get him!
Kick that motherfucker!
Hit the motherfucker! Yeah!
Get the fuck out of our house!
Son of a bitch!
-Whos your mama now?
Welcome to Oak Springs, motherfucker!
Mr. Big Stuff.
Try me! Try me!
Get up! Get up!
You think you can beat me?
Oh, no.
The house always wins.
I agree with that.
Welcome to our house, puto!
No, no, no, no.
No, not the... not the money.
Oh, no. No, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no!
Yolanda. Yolanda.
Game over.
Wheres Clarence?
The money.
Clarence, Clarence, did he...?
What now?
Im sorry I kept you
all here for so long.
I was too stubborn to accept the truth,
and I should have listened to you.
This place was never our home.
You are my home, my family.
It took all this for me to see that.
And now...
And now what?
Were not dead yet, woman.
Does that mean were leaving Oak Springs?
Im just saying. I...
We are Oak Springs, mijo.
And so are you.
So, can Oak Springs go
someplace by the beach, then?
As long as were together... doesnt matter
where we go.
That I dreamed for
in lifes game
and my loved ones
yeah, Ill leave