Bio Zombie (1998) Movie Script

Hey, it's starting now.
Hey Pal, sit down!
Let me set up the machine.
How long is this film?
l think it's...
Um... l don't know.
Those guys over there...
...they're cuddled
real close to each other.
So, why would l care?
You don't think they're gay, do you?
Nah, l don't think so.
Hey, l see a really hot
babe sitting over there.
Really, where?
Over there, third row on the right.
She looks pretty good from the back.
Hey Pal, put out your cigarette!
Are you serious, you
call that good looking?
Sorry, my mistake.
Hey, l gotta go take a dump.
What, again?
Are you kidding?
Mr. Watchman, goofing off again?
Hey, yesterday was May 8th, right?
So today must be May 9th.
No, it's August 4th.
l want to go see the Titanic movie.
What the hell for? We just
saw a movie. Wasn't that enough?
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
look who's coming...
Hello ladies, you've lost some
weight, what have you been on?
lt's none of your
business, you piece of shit.
Look at those big... wheels!
Bye bye...
Whoa... what a great set of lights!
And they only cost ten bucks!
You think l'll be able to
get my antennae inside?
l'd be happy just to touch it!
Say you say you
love me, say you love...
Say you say you love me...
What are you guys doing?
Hey Kui...'ve got lots of
new stuff today, huh?
Why are you open so early today?
Trying to make a living...
...not like you bastards.
You don't get in till after lunch.
He's right, we are bastards...
So, how's business?
No business, right?
So why do you need
to open so early then?
Listen, you bastards...
We're just kidding around.
Gotta go.
Smile, Kui...
lt'll lighten up your ugly face!
What's the matter, honey?
What the hell do you
know? Just get back to work!
Bye Bye.
T-Thirty percent
discount coupons for sashimi...
Thirty percent? Well,
it's better than nothing.
Loi, she's been coming here for a week
and you're giving her all this free food.
l've been coming here for
over a year and l get squat...
Why's that? Am l not as pretty as her?
Jelly, stop teasing.
Just ignore her.
You can keep on
treating me the same way.
Let's go, Cindy's
minding the shop by herself.
Rolls, l brought you a present.
Can l give it to you after work?
Sure, l'll wait for you, ok?
Hey, Sushi Boy's got the hots for you.
So, did l say l liked him?
Say you, say you love me...
What are you looking at?
Haven't you ever
seen a pretty face before?
How many coupons did
you get from Sushi Boy?
A few.
Man, you've got such a smart mouth...
Come on, let's test it...
Jelly, how's it going?
What's up?
This is...
Oh, so you want to hit on my friend?
Rolls, this Woody and Bee.
How ya doing?
So, which shop is yours?
We have a DVD shop.
lt's just a small business, to kill time...
lt can't even support a
house or car, it's just for fun.
Want to grab some lunch?
Don't you have to work?
No, why? Do you?
l haven't earned a penny today...
...want to be my first customer?
You're selling women's things, l can't help.
Men can get facials too.
Come on, buy ten
coupons from me, please.
lt's only four hundred dollars.
Only four hundred?
Only four hundred.
Sure, but l gotta go get my wallet.
Not closing soon, are you?
What a waste of time.
Come on, let's go.
Guess ya struck out?
Four hundred just to kick it to her?
We can get full service at the
nightclub and still get change back.
For her? No way!
Humph, you just wait until l'm loaded.
She'll do a facial for me
all right, with her tongue!
Damn right!
Hey kid, trying to steal?
Hey, that DVD l
brought from you doesn't work.
Are you sure?
Look at that! l can't
even see Steven Chou's face.
How can you say it's Steven
Chou if you can't see Steven Chou?
How can l watch it?
The picture keeps moving.
lt's the style from MTV.
This is special
But l can't see anything
for the first ten minutes.
As long as you can see the
last 80 minutes, what do you care?
lt's only a few
bucks, what'd you expect?
lf you want clear, go
see it at the movie theater!
Bunch of frauds...
What, you think we cheated you?
l'll blow you head off for that insult!
Who the hell do you think you are?
You trying to start something here?
Fine, l'll be nice this time.
Just pick two
porno videos and get out!
Come over here, pick two and get out!
l'm warning you, keep your
mouth shut! l know where you live!
Get out!
lf all our customers were like you,
we would go bankrupt, four eyes...
Who is it?
lt's me.
Yes, Boss.
How's business?
You kids, quit messing up my shelves!
Keep it down!
Business is good, Boss.
The store's packed!
Good, now go pick
up my car from the shop.
Okay Boss, right away...
Bee, close shop.
We gotta go get the car for the Boss.
Huh? Whatever.
Four six!
Six four!
Four six!
One five!
One five!
Four six!
One five!
Six four!
Six four, six four, six four!
Six four, six four, six four!
One five!
One five!
Four six! Six four! One five!
Yes, l've got it! l won!
ls my car ready yet?
Yeah, we've been waiting for an hour!
Move it!
Why are you gambling?
You should be fixing
my car, son of a bitch!
lf l don't gamble l stay poor,
if l do gamble l become poorer!
Well, now we've lost everything!
lt's all your fault.
Why'd you have to
bet on the same horse?
You gave me bad luck!
lt's all your fault, l told you
to bet at the usual counter.
We always win
there, but did you listen?
lt's all OTB's fault!
lf they didn't have races,
we wouldn't have lost money.
Yeah, it's all their fault.
Let's try again.
l bet we could win our money back...
Wow, what a big pair of nuts!
Shit, this one's as big as a fist.
The one on this side is bigger.
They must weight
at least a kilo or two.
Must be the king of balls!
You could fit a phone in those sacks...
Oh, that's disgusting!
What are you guys trying to pull?
You got a problem with me?
Let's get it on!
What the hell is going on?
They're starting trouble.
What? Wanna start something?
lf you got the guts, drop
those tools and let's get it on... on one...
This is for real then...
Bee, you first.
Huh? We're just here
to pick up our boss' car.
Why should l fight you?
Exactly, this is not worth fighting over.
This is the twentieth century,
can't we talk it over peacefully?
lf you have so much time, why
don't fix up my car, Mr. Big Balls.
That's right.
All right, all right, we're sorry, okay?
lt was all our fault, and
we need our car soon, okay?
We're sorry.
Come on, Bee, say ''sorry.''
Let's forget it.
Stupid Kung Fu clubs...
Son of a bitch!
Why don't you just
run me over, asshole!
Yung Ba-na, this is my
boss Chan Kam-Shing...
lt's okay, don't be scared.
Yeah! Don't be scared.
He said, as far as producing
biochemical weapons are concerned...
...the Americans are
no match for the lraqis.
This guy drank half a bottle
of this soft drink and now look...
He's invulnerable.
He's strong and fearless.
Soft drink?
Looks like...
lt's not?
lt's not for drinking, moron!
Stay alert!
He says you can test him now.
Don't, don't, don't!
Why were you scared
of those garage boys?
Me, scared?
l had your back.
Fine, let's go back then.
l've even got a weapon, see?
l'm just waiting for you.
Then speed up.
You want speed?
Hold on!
Fast enough?
Someone's up ahead.
Are you okay, man?
Don't die.
Shut up! l told you we
shouldn't have been speeding!
Move away...
Hey, what are you
two doing over there?
Oh, it's nothing, officer.
My pal had a little too much to drink.
Yeah... yeah...
You're okay, right?
You're okay, right?
He's okay.
You're okay, right?
Yeah sir, yeah.
He had too many bottles to drink, l
mean he drank a bottle of expensive wine.
He thought he was doing me a favor by
finishing it, not letting it go to waste.
Yeah, next time we're
just gonna stick to beer!
Just move your car
as soon as possible.
Yes sir!
Hey, hey, hey.
He's messing up my shirt.
So? You didn't have to
shove him to the ground.
But he's getting me all dirty.
What do you want?
What's the matter?
Soda? Where can l
get you a soda now?
Hey, look, there really is one!
Hold on, l'm coming...
Here, drink...
Open wide, here, drink more...
l think he only fainted, right?
Whatever, let's just put him into
the car before the cop comes back.
l hope he's okay...
Shit, crashed again.
Oh shit!
He's not dead...
You bastard, how dare you spit at us!
You okay?
l'm okay.
No pain?
No! No!
Do you still want to return the DVD?
No, no...
Refer your friends to us, okay?
Yes, yes...
By the way, where did
you get the guts to spit at us?
Sudden impulse.
Sudden impulse?
How dare you spit on us!
l'm gonna blow your head off...
Hey, didn't we forget
about something in the car?
lt's me.
Yeah, Boss?
Did you get my car?
Yeah, l got it, but they
didn't do a good job on the front.
l'll get it back to you real soon.
Hurry up!
Goddamn, it stinks like hell.
Look what he did to my trunk!
Don't go after the car, you
bastard, come get me in person!
Come out and face me, asshole!
Get your ass out here!
You got the weapon, go check it out...
You're not scared, are you?
What are you doing?
Signing in.
Are you finished?
Then get the hell out!
Do you think that guy from the
trunk's gonna come back for revenge?
l hope so.
l have a score to settle with him.
That yours?
No, l didn't bring my phone.
What, you want a piece of me?
Come and get me then.
My name is Woody...
You're too young for this...
l don't care if you beg, l'm
coming after you anyway...
...doesn't know who he's dealing with.
lt's okay, let's go.
What about the car?
Let's go get some money.
All right, l'll back you.
Kui, look at this.
lt's almost brand new.
Did you drop it? lt looks scratched.
Come on, it's just a little scratch.
You can barely see it.
See, Mrs. Kui is being fair.
What the hell do you know?
This is my business so just shut up!
Come on, Kui, l really need the money.
You always need money.
Look, l'll give you a hundred fifty.
You're selling the same
model here for over two hundred.
Stop kidding around.
One fifty or no deal.
You mean US dollars? This is an original.
Fine, fine, one fifty it is.
Now it's one forty.
Whatever. Consider it a tip then.
Well, pay up now.
How much have we got so far?
Only about thirteen hundred.
How much does the mechanic want again?
Two thousand.
Goddamn creep.
l got him into the car business and
now he's got the nerve to charge me that?
What we gonna do for the rest?
Let's go gamble at Macau.
Good idea!
Wanna get laid first then
go gambling or vice versa?
On second thought we better
not, if we lose we're in deep shit.
We'll find a way.
Get out of my way...
Do you own the mall?
What are you doing?
l'm gonna rob her.
Rob her?
You look like you're gonna kill her.
l always told you l would kill one day.
Are you serious?
So she can't see my face.
Damn, l wonder
where my food delivery is...
Hey, what? What do you want?
Let's have a chat outside.
lf you want to chat, let's chat here.
l know l offended you but
what comes around goes around.
What you talking about?
l just got mugged by two
assholes in the bathroom.
l was here all day.
Stop bullshitting,
you know what l mean.
What do you mean?
Name your price.
How much for finding
those creeps for me?
What'd you lose?
A newly brought diamond ring.
Just a diamond ring?
Five hundred.
What? How about a free meal instead?
Do you want my help or not?
Come on, please.
Don't even try it.
Please, l maxed out
my card for that ring.
Well, what do l get then, hmm?
l'll take you to dinner.
Hey! That ring was fak--
Fak... fak... fake what?
Look, l'll take care of it.
Yeah, just leave it to us.
You just got here, how do you
know what we're talking about?
l've been here for a while.
l heard everything.
Go! Go and get changed.
All right, l'm going now.
Hurry up! l'll wait here for you.
Yeah, hurry up.
Bastard, you almost let it out.
This ring is a fake.
Come on.
Almost choked me to death...
l suspect those DVD guys robbed me.
Do you have proof?
lf l did, l wouldn't say ''suspect.''
Come on, help me find out.
How the hell we gonna do that?
Those creeps won't admit it.
l'm taking them out to dinner.
After we get them drunk,
we can find out the truth.
Oh, l can do that.
Let's go.
That was some babe.
Hey, Sushi Boy, what's good today?
Everything's good here.
Bring us whatever is good.
Everything is good.
Well, what is the best?
Everything is the best,
so what do you want?
Then bring me everything!
Which is what exactly?
What are you trying to pull?
Nothing, but you've got
to tell me what you want.
Salmon, then.
Okay, but why didn't you just say so?
Hi, Woody.
You're together?
What? Jealous, bonehead?
Get back to work.
Can you please bring us some snacks?
And some beer.
What, you want beer?
Let's have sake instead.
What, sake?
Goddamn, just get to it.
ls it in fashion not to wear a bra?
Don't you like it?
Here's the sake.
l'll get your sashimi now.
Okay, thanks.
Thank you.
Can you guys hold your liquor?
Of course we can.
So you want to play or what?
Got the guts?
C'mon, let's play too.
Jesus, they're loud.
No drinking games here, please.
Where does it say we can't?
Get lost!
Why don't you call the cops then?
Leave him alone.
We'll be quieter, okay?
Lower your voice.
There's no more.
Hey Loi, bring us two more bottles!
Haven't you had enough?
What? lt's our money.
Hurry up and bring us some more...
Can you keep going?
Why not? This feels great.
Nothing beats this high.
Hey you guys, let's take a picture.
lf you die, we can use
this picture at your funeral.
You're wasted, man.
C'mon, smile.
l need to go the bathroom.
Good, have fun...
Bee, l'm going to the bathroom too.
What are you doing here?
l came to find you.
What do you want?
l want to pick you up and...
Kiss you!
You feel scratchy!
That's a good thing.
Get away.
This feels good.
You mugged me, didn't you?
Are you okay?
No, no!
What are you doing?
Yuck, what's with you?
C'mon, see Titanic with me...
lt's my birthday, Woody, you bastard.
Boss, l need to step out for a minute.
Woody, kiss me...
Woody... Woody.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
What are you doing?
Rolls... Rolls, h-he--
Just ignore him.
Not here!
There's a creature in the men's room!
Goddamn asshole!
You just messed things up for me.
There is... is... is a monster!
Can't you see the sign here?
We've got work in progress.
There's a monster!
Just ignore him.
There is a monster really!
Where is it?
Look, it's gone.
Are you sure?
lt's gone...
Look there...
What are you doing?
Taking a dump...
What are you doing?
He says there's a monster.
Sorry, we're closing.
Come back next time, thanks.
Thanks, Rolls.
lt's okay.
Did you offend anyone?
You're not the type who would.
You're so understanding, Rolls.
l have a headache.
Jelly, can you get me some aspirin?
No, l'll get it.
No, you're hurt.
l'll go. l've got a headache too.
Thanks, Rolls. You're so sweet.
l'll get you some water.
Rolls... Rolls...
You're so square.
How will she ever notice you?
l don't know what to do.
Hey, l'll help you.
That stupid Sushi Boy!
What monster?
l'm all turned on with nowhere to go.
So what do you wanna do?
l'm just gonna get some sleep.
Gonna kick his ass?
lf you go, l got your back!
After l get some sleep.
All right.
Woody, Bee! Get over here!
What? What do you want?
Follow me!
What's going on?
What is it? Let's talk first!
Bee, let's kick his ass.
Move it!
You've got some broken glass.
You didn't lose anything. So?
l didn't do it.
lf l did, l would have trashed
your stall. Wouldn't be so neat.
What do you think?
Who broke all my glass
just to take one phone?
Guy probably sold it to you, didn't like
the price you gave him, came back for it.
lt's so simple!
That's exactly right!
The only phone stolen
was the phone you sold me.
So, it must be you two then!
What makes you think l did it?
You know what the phone's worth.
How would l know?
Hey, Sushi Boy got beat up,
the phone shop gets busted...
Do you think it's that guy
coming back for revenge?
lf it's him, he should've come after us.
So, he made a mistake.
And why this shop?
What the hell's happening?
You guys done?
This mess is because of you two.
Pay me three hundred
and l'll forget about this.
What? Why don't you pay us?
Now there's an idea!
This is mud from
the Mediterranean Sea.
lt usually goes for
sixty to seventy dollars.
l'm giving you a fifty percent
discount because we're friends.
lf you don't say
something l'll take that as a yes.
Hey, you've got a zit already?
Here, l'll get something for it. Wait here.
Three hundred!
We had nothing to do with it.
That's right!
Pay up or l'll call my boys.
Let's just forget it, ok? Forget it.
What the hell do you know?
Get lost! lf l let this go, how
would l look in front of my boys?
Go do some work...
Not paying? Fine!
Sai-fai, l've got a problem,
send fifty guys down to my shop.
Aren't you overdoing it?
What, you scared?
Pay me then.
Think l'm stupid?
l have plenty of boys to back me up.
But we really had
nothing to do with it...
Hey, Woody. lt's Sai-fai.
Kui called for help. He ain't got money
or power any more. You want to take pity?
He's got no money and no
power and he needs help now?
We're there already...
Kui, what can we do for you?
Yeah, you just let us know.
l've got plenty of backup.
You guys just try it.
Pay me, or l'll come after you.
Oh, please do.
Yeah, soon, l hope. Why wait?
You're Kui, not King.
Plenty of guys to back you, my ass!
Close shop. Let's get out of here!
Nothing else? Let's go.
Hey, don't leave yet.
l've called the cops,
they're on their way.
What's the matter with you?
Are you sick in the head or something?
Why'd you call the police for?
lt's just a little broken
glass and you called the cops?
Son of a bitch! What
the hell did you do that for?
Just ignore him. Let's get outta here.
He's so goddamn stupid.
All brawn and no brain.
That's right!
Do you think when we
get older we'll be like Kui?
No power, no money, just an old man
who gets kicked around by young guys?
Of course not...
l hope not.
Naw, we won't.
We ain't gonna live that long.
You might not but l'm gonna live long.
You might not even last till forty.
Watch your step, you bastard...
What, trying to scare me?
l really wanted to kick your ass before.
What's the matter,
think you're the Terminator?
Open... Open... Open.
Sushi Boy sure
was acting weird before.
He's just trying to scare us.
Did it work on you?
Officer, l didn't call the
police, this big dumb ox did.
But your shop was broken into.
lt's none of your goddamn business.
Stop poking me with questions!
A, we're not questioning you.
B, did someone break
into your shop or not?
No, my wife and l had an
argument and we broke some glass.
That's right.
Hear that?
Officer, can we leave now?
No, what do you
take us cops for? Huh?
You two guys up there!
Stop sneaking
around and come down here.
We have this place surrounded.
ls that necessary?
Where were you between the
hours of 6 and 10 pm tonight?
Eating dinner with friends.
Eating what?
Japanese food, the place over there.
How long were you eating?
About an hour.
And then?
We went to the theater...
No, Woody left in
the middle of the movie.
Do you know where he went?
The girl we were with drank too much... he left with her saying
that they were gonna do something.
And then?
ln the end we couldn't get
tickets so we went to eat.
To eat? And afterwards?
After eating we
went back to the shop...
...that's when l heard about
the break in at the phone store.
l was in the bathroom and l saw
Sushi Boy, Woody and Rolls in there.
Almost everybody was in there.
Then we found out about the break in.
Look at this, their stories
don't even match with each other.
Hey, l told the truth!
Well, l told the truth too!
What, do you think we're idiots?
Both of these
statements are totally different.
Hey you over there,
who else is still in the mall?
Some girls who work in the
beauty parlor and the Sushi Boy.
They're not around right now.
l don't know where they went.
Couldn't find them, oh?
The Sushi Boy got beat up
earlier today in the bathroom.
Why are you staring at us?
We didn't do nothing!
Don't drag us into this!
A, just because l'm looking at
you doesn't mean l think it's you.
B, just from your
expression, you look guilty.
C, Don't try to pin this
on us. We're taxpayers!
D, let's find the guy and clear this up.
Let's go to the control room
so we can straighten this out.
What kind of mall is this?
lt's as quiet as hell.
Fast forward on this please.
All right.
What are you staring at?
Yeah, no need to stare,
we're not gonna try to leave.
Pan the area. l want to see.
You understand, officer?
These cameras can't pan...
Excuse me sir, but l wanted
to ask if your partner was crazy.
You shouldn't be asking
me something like that!
He's my partner.
Come with me!
You have the freedom
to ask me questions...
...but we need you to
cooperate with us and to stop joking.
l'm warning you now, he is my partner.
Be ready...
Do you want us to
cooperate with you? l'm asking you!
Where you guys going?
Officer, l... l... l...
What are you trying to pull?
l'll report you!
Report what?
Police brutality!
What do you mean?
You're hurting me!
Stop moving!
There's no need to
confiscate my phone!
So what if l do?
We were just trying to scare
him, we didn't mean anything by it.
We weren't the ones who beat him up!
You're taking the heat for this anyway!
Hey, you can't pin this on me!
How about the robbery then?
No, sir. Officer, Bee's
always wanted to become a cop.
He was just pretending to be one,
scaring him and asking to see his lD.
l told him not to,
but he really wanted to.
l'm not lying sir.
What is this?
Not sure...
ls your dream to become a
drug dealer when you grow up?
Drugs? That's drugs?
Why was that in my wallet?
That's right, we were
looking through Sushi Boy's wallet...
...and we were just wondering
what that was so we borrowed it.
That's drugs?
Oh my gosh, sir, if we'd known
that we'd never have touched it!
We don't do drugs! Honest!
l'm still booking you
for drug possession.
But, sir, we don't do drugs!
See how healthy and clean we look?
Cut the bullshit, l don't want to hear it!
No, sir, it's not bullshit.
Woody's always wanted to be a lawyer
so he goes overboard with explanations...
...but we're actually really good kids.
We have good jobs, but today's our day
off so we're minding the shop for our dad.
We're actually on our way to
volunteer at the hospital to help the elderly.
lf we're late, the elderly
will be real disappointed.
So please, Sir, just let us go.
You guys are pretty good at
making up stories, aren't you?
Just shut up!
...didn't say nothing.
May 9th? So today's your birthday.
Kind of a unique way
you have of celebrating...
Robbing and mugging!
Why didn't you tell me?
l kinda did.
Why didn't you just tell me straight?
l thought you'd know.
Happy birthday, man.
Hey, look, it's Sushi Boy.
l see him.
The beauty salon girl is with him.
So, go and take a look.
Just shut up...
Hey, go down and check it out.
You go down and take a look.
l told you to go.
Play you for it.
You lose, you go.
You don't know how ugly you really are.
What's going on?
What are you doing?
Loi, please, let me go, let me go.
Don't go.
Goddamn Bastards!
Nothing but trouble!
Are you from Hakkin?
Yeah, you too?
Yeah, what's your name?
Hey, me too!
Really? No kidding!
Hey, can l have a cigarette?
Sure, here, have one...
Why'd you become a thief?
l'm not a thief!
That cop framed me...
Why are you a security guard?
Did you think l wanted to be one?
l don't have the skills for a better job.
lf l'd gone to school, l'd
probably be a judge today.
You got a cushy job, don't you?
Well, yeah, l do.
l don't pay taxes...
l go to work late, l get laid any
time l want, l smoke grass whenever.
Yeah, l do have it good.
So, life's good to you.
Hey, get me a can of soda, would you?
Hey, no problem, brother.
Damn cops.
Where's he going?
Shit! That's here!
Shit, that bastard's here for revenge!
Stop where you are or l'll shoot!
Shoot his head!
What's with that monster?
lt's all right, l think it's dead.
We better get out of here.
Hey, brother, are you okay?
Hey, wake up you big ox, we need help!
Hey, get up and help me get the key...
Shit, he was bitten
by that zombie before!
Then hurry up, move it!
l can't get the key!
Hurry up Bee...
Oh God, please Ox,
l didn't ever do anything to you.
l was real nice to you before.
We're even from the same hometown.
Don't bite me!
Stay away!
Stay away!
Hurry up Bee...
Hurry up Bee...
No, no, no!
Oh, shit...
Watch my hand, Bee!
Kui, zombies are around!
Run for your lives!
Get a move on it!
Shit, who they trying to scare?
Honey, they didn't
look like they were kidding.
What the hell do you know?
You stupid? You believe them?
Goddamn bastards
probably stole a computer...
They didn't want me to tell the
cops, so they're trying to scare us off.
l'll get 'em tomorrow...
Let's go.
We can't. The cops
told us to wait right here.
Can't you see that
everybody's gone already?
Let's get out of here.
Jelly, run!
What is it?
Oh shit!
Watch your back!
Honey, how come the lights are off?
So what? You can't walk in the dark?
Hey, wait up for me.
So walk faster, then
l won't have to wait for you.
l think something's wrong.
Do you think there are zombies?
lf there are, l'll eat the first one l see!
Where are you going?
Aren't we taking the stairs?
Are you crazy? We're on the first floor.
Let's take the elevator.
Hurry up! What are you worried about?
Come on...
See, there's nothing here...
Hold the door!
Here, hold it!
l can't hold it anymore!
Wait for me, you bastard!
You better go first...
There are zombies in the car garage!
Run, you bastards!
Let's get out!
Hey, hold on!
What the hell you doing?
Bee, get the keys...
What the hell's with you?
Here, take it!
Wait for me.
Let's hide in here.
Damn, what are we gonna do?
Where are Cindy and Rolls?
Sushi Boy must have them.
No wonder he
looked like the Terminator.
She's gonna become a zombie.
We've got to move the body!
Yeah, hurry up and do it then.
Either we work together or we
leave it here and die together, bastard!
All right, we'll each
send someone to help.
l send her.
Go to it!
What are you, a piece of shit?
l don't need your help!
Cindy, please don't become a zombie.
We've always been friends.
Just move it.
Hurry up then, walk faster.
Open the door!
Cut off his head!
l'm gonna bash your head in!
...bash your head!
Thank God, thank God.
l'm not scared of these zombies.
Open the door, you prick!
l'm sorry, l'm sorry, l'm sorry.
Don't waste your bullets on me.
Woody, no, don't.
Yeah, let's work together instead.
Call the police.
Hear that? Get to it!
You go!
Okay, okay... dial tone.
lt's been disconnected!
There's a phone in our shop.
l can't, l can't.
l'm too scared.
Please, no.
Give me the key!
Hurry up!
Eat... eat...
Eat... eat... eat...
Let's get out!
Damn, he's been gone for
a long time. l hope he's okay.
Yeah, so damn long...
Let's do something constructive then.
Hey, is there any food?
l'm really hungry.
Just cups of noodles.
Why are you sitting there?
Go make it!
Hurry up!
Here, this one's yours.
What's wrong now?
What's wrong?
You know l like the seafood
flavor and you gave it to him?
l forgot.
Here, you can have mine.
You can have mine then.
What's that supposed to mean?
Now what do you want?
She gave you her noodles!
Why is my wife eating your leftovers?
l didn't eat it.
But you took it.
Don't we have enough problems?
lt's none of your business, bitch!
This is my shop.
You wanna argue, get out!
Yeah, get out if you dare.
Why don't you get out?
lf you go, l'll go.
lf you go, l'll go too.
You go, l go.
Fine, let's both not go.
Fine, let's not then.
Are you going to eat this?
Eat shit!
Phone's over there...
Now what?
Let's clean you up first.
You found my ring?
Hang on to it for me.
All right, let's wipe off the blood.
Open the door!
Rolls, are you all right?
Did you call the cops?
Where's the phone?
Why'd the hell did you come
back if you couldn't get a phone?
lf you're so brave, you go.
What we gonna do?
The hell with you guys, l'm
gonna wait for someone to rescue me.
The zombies will be here by then!
You're so smart, you
figure something out!
Somebody, please say something.
Let's make a break for it.
You go then.
Nobody's stopping you.
l rather take a risk than to stay here.
Anyone with me?
Fine, l'll go with you.
Let's go.
Hey, let's go.
Fine, fine. Let's all go then!
Grab that chair over there!
Hurry up, hurry up!
Hey, where's Jelly?
Where is she?
Hurry up.
Open up, open up!
Are you crazy?
l'm gonna kill you, you piece of shit!
l'm really gonna kill you!
Everybody grab a weapon!
Damn you!
Bee, get him!
Bee, get the battery!
l'm gonna kill you, you bastard!
Let's go!
Get your hands off of me!
Get your hands off!
Help! Get away!
Honey, run!
Honey, run!
You bastards!
Mrs. Kui, Mrs. Kui, Mrs. Kui.
Get up, Mrs. Kui!
Come on, we've got to go.
Where are we going?
Let's go up to the security
office to open up the gate.
There's so much blood!
Be careful.
Now what?
Let's go in first...
Close the door.
Woody, l... l... l feel so cold.
Are you okay? You're cold?
l'm freezing.
lt's okay.
So... so... so cold.
Please, Rolls, help me, please.
Better now?
Woody, now l know...
Rolls has... nice tits.
Oh my God, l'm so cold.
l'm sorry, Rolls.
lt'll be okay.
Woody, you're so lucky.
Rolls has such a great body.
We're buddies, if you want her, take her.
l'd be afraid to.
Every time l love a woman,
something bad happens to her.
Woody, l'm so scared.
Don't be scared, l'm here.
l made a wish at twelve last night that
l'd watch Titanic with my sweetheart.
People say that birthday
wishes usually come true.
Damn bastards lied to me.
Your wish can still come true.
No, it can't.
Your wish can still come true.
Trust me, you're gonna make it.
You will...
l'm so scared, Woody.
Don't be scared.
You can still see the movie.
What are we gonna do now?
l'd rather die than become a zombie.
Woody, can you take a picture of me?
That way there'll be one for my funeral.
Rolls, take one of us together.
No, you can't do that.
My funeral picture
should be only of me, not us.
Woody, send a knife and a
paper man to the afterlife for me.
l've always wanted to kill somebody.
l haven't been able to do it in
life so l'll do it in the afterlife.
Woody, l'm so scared.
Okay pal, l'll take the picture for you.
Rolls, please move away. Thanks.
Run, Rolls!
l'd rather die than become a zombie.
Rolls, the garage is our only way out.
Run, Rolls, run!
Get into the car!
What now?
Ram it!
Just ignore him.
What are you doing? Stop!
He's not human anymore.
He saved my life!
The other zombies are almost here...
Move it!
lt's not moving!
Keep trying...
This is an emergency announcement.
Survivors should hide themselves
in a safe place from the zombies.
Do not drink any soft drink as it
may contain a biochemical substance.
Were you able to call the police?