Bionic (2024) Movie Script

[dramatic music playing]
[upbeat music playing]
-[gate beeps]
-[alarm blaring]
The joint, it's made of titanium.
[alarm chimes]
-Sorry about the alarm.
-[man] No worries.
I'm always the one causing trouble.
[man 2] You'll be opening boxes 572,
1058 and 1300, right?
[man] Mm-hmm.
[alarm blaring]
[officer] He's in the vault. Call it in.
Copy that.
Okay, I'm going in. Wait here.
-[screams, grunts]
-[bones crack]
-[officer] Freeze!
-[officer 2] Come on! Go!
-On the ground!
-[officer] There's no way out.
You're surrounded!
-[officer 2] Stop right there!
[gasps, coughs]
-[officer] Stop! Go, go, go, go, go!
-[officer 2] Hurry, go, go, go!
-[officer] It's the end of the line!
Come on! Go, go, go!
-[officer] You're done. It's over.
Let go of the girl.
On your knees, slowly.
Put your hands up. Let's go!
Let her go! There's no way out. Come on!
-Stop! You're done, asshole! That's it!
-[hostage whimpers]
[officer] Open the door, bro.
There's nowhere to go. You hear me?
-[loud bang]
-[hostage screams]
[officer] Break it down!
Let's go!
-[hostage whimpering, panting]
-[officer 2] Where is he?
Holy fuck!
[loud bang]
[siren wailing]
-We gotta go. Come on.
-I did it.
-I'm not gonna make it. [panting]
-Stop that bullshit. Get up.
-Get up!
Look at me.
It's gonna be me and you.
You hear me? We're together on this.
[grunts] Here. Take it.
Go on, take it. [gasps]
You're gonna have to
finish this one alone.
No way. Get up!
[man grunts, shouts]
-[siren wailing]
-I'm gonna get the bike.
-[keys jangle]
-[man] Brother!
I'm not leaving you.
I know that.
-[dramatic music playing]
[engine turns over]
[tires screech]
[woman] The year is 2035.
And the world has changed.
But that's not important.
Because since the dawn of time,
there have always been
three types of people.
[crowd cheering]
[Maria] Those who fight for themselves.
Those who fight for others.
And those who fight until the end.
-["Nessun Dorma" playing]
-[man singing in Italian]
My name is Maria.
I was born to become a champion.
Like my mother.
[announcer] What an incredible jump!
Helena Santos from Brazil!
-[Maria] I devoted my life to this.
-I trained like crazy.
Faster! Crush it!
[Helena] One!
Do it again.
[Maria] Mom coached me
so that one day I would be ready
to take her place.
And I was ready.
I would be a great champion.
[crowd cheering]
[Maria] Like her.
[announcer] And the daughter
of world record holder Helena Santos
will be the next contender
in the long jump competition.
She's following in her mother's footsteps,
attempting to break
yet another world record.
[Maria] Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Just a minute. Two important details.
I don't know if you noticed,
but that's not me.
That's my sister Gabi.
And that thing on her right leg
is a bionic prosthesis.
[announcer] With that amazing jump,
Gabi Santos is
the new world record holder!
[Maria] That's right.
That should have been me.
My destiny was to be a mighty woman,
just like my mother.
But just when my career was about
to take off,
the bionic revolution happened
and changed it all.
[announcer] Gabi Santos, the first ever
Brazilian para-athlete to become bionic,
wins a gold medal
in the first Pan-American Bionic Games.
-What an achievement, everybody.
-This victory is for all of you guys!
This one's for you, people!
[Maria] It turns out,
I'm the type that fights to the end.
Because after all, it was my destiny.
[camera shutter clicks]
And fate had just
given me a second chance.
tila Hirsh, 36 years old,
his nickname was Squirt.
An ex-pro boxer.
He was a real up-and-comer in the sport.
I know. The bionics came along,
and his career evaporated.
What we know so far is that Squirt here,
amputated his own arm in a fake accident
to get a bionic prosthesis.
But the scam was discovered,
and the authorization was canceled.
[detective] Counterfeit prosthesis.
How would you control it?
Don't they need implants?
Yeah, a NIM.
It's almost impossible
to get a hold of these chips.
Yeah, but about a month ago,
the body of a bionic para-athlete
who died from an overdose
was stolen from a morgue in Buenos Aires.
They found the body a few days later
with a hole in the cranium
and no NIM.
I bet that NIM ended up
in this guy's head. [sighs]
Take a picture of this tattoo.
See if there's anything
you can find out about it.
You got it.
[shutter clicks]
-[men chattering]
-[punches landing]
[trainer] Now the combination!
[man] I trained
your brother since he was a kid.
I made him.
He was like a fucking son to me.
What can I say, bro?
[men grunting]
[brother] No need to say anything.
None of you have to say anything.
[brother] Who's this?
Who is he?
[man 2] The kid who showed up
at the gym the other day.
-He's eager to help.
He's like a technology wizard, my friend.
What's your name, huh, kid?
Uncle Hard.
Uncle Hard.
Uncle Hard.
Tell me, why do you
wanna join the movement?
'Cause I know you need me, bro.
[brother] I just lost my brother, damn it.
What are you doing here?
I don't wanna be a spectator anymore, man.
I want to enter the game.
I am here to make a difference.
[brother] Did you hear that?
He wants to make a difference.
That's why the movement has to keep going.
And it will keep going.
Do what you need to do.
-As far as quality goes, these are S1.
-[clicks tongue]
[Uncle Hard] And these here, SV2.
-What the fuck is that?
-[man 2] It's the quality of the diamonds.
With this level of purity,
we're only gonna get
half a million at most.
But isn't that how much we needed?
That's not enough?
The hackers want a million.
The price isn't fucking negotiable.
So we go with our other plan instead.
Use heavy weapons
and go after the big one.
What we need is a bionic.
[man 2] Damn, where the hell you gonna get
that shit from? Tell me that!
We're gonna build another bionic.
Just like we did with my brother.
But this time, we do it different.
We just gotta find the right candidate.
I think I know someone.
What's up, white boy?
Yeah, you.
Did you get a good look?
You get off on watching athletes
in their tight outfits, creep?
Just screwing with you, man.
Feel free to stare, okay?
a friend of my brother
is a friend of mine.
Brother, huh?
[Maria] I think now is a good time to tell
you a little more about the Santos family.
Gabi and I were always competing.
Her childhood amputation because
of a tumor didn't stop her
from wanting to jump farther than me.
On the contrary.
Come on, come on, come on!
[Maria] And Gus, my brother,
grew up in the middle of all this.
On one side,
Dad was handling Gabi's training.
[Maria] On the other, my mom was
constantly nurturing my promising career.
But sooner than we ever imagined,
she was gone.
My mother's premature death was a shock.
The Santos family was never
the same after that.
But despite everything,
my bond with Gus continued
to grow stronger as time passed.
-Hey, how you doing? [kisses]
-[laughs] I'm good, how about you?
-[Gus groans]
Maria, this is Heitor. Heitor, Maria.
He's a big fan of yours.
-Oh, yeah?
-[Gus] Yeah.
Are you hoping for a selfie?
Selfies are outdated.
Man, I forgot to tell you
my sister's kind of vintage. My bad.
[Maria exhales]
Why do you train here?
I enjoy it here.
I feel at home.
I think it seems kind of symbolic to me.
It reminds me
of how regular athletes feel now.
When did you start making friends
who are nice, Gus?
Not Gus. Uncle Hard.
-[Maria] What?
-Uncle Hard. My name in the group.
[Maria exhales]
Hey, let me tell you
about Heitor's really cool project.
It's a group that helps athletes
dealing with some challenges.
People who really need it, you know?
The ones who have been abandoned.
-There are some other things besides--
-What kind of things?
[scoffs] Lot of news, huh, Uncle Hard?
[Gus] Hmm.
Heitor. I guess
I'll see you around then, okay?
And my selfie?
[man] Everyone knows that our prosthetics
are the absolute stars of the show.
Without a doubt,
they're one of the most desired
and coveted products in the world today.
A project that was born
to rehabilitate war veterans evolved
into everyday society.
But no one could have imagined
that this technology would find such
a special place in the world of sports.
Amen! [laughs]
In less than four years, bionic athletes
using more powerful versions
of the prosthetics than those available
to the public
dominated the competitive sports scene
and became a world sensation.
But the revolution has only just begun.
I say this because the next NIM update
is going to unlock a completely new level
of power in our hardware.
How much?
Thirty percent.
At least 30 percent
more speed and strength.
It's already being approved, right, Drio?
[Drio] It'll be ready
for the next Bionic Games.
[scoffs] You know, right?
Biona's highlighting the Games
in its marketing this year.
Gabi's performance will be
the highlight of the highlight.
Your brand will be at the top
of the new pantheon of the Olympics.
I'm handing you gold
on a silver platter, darling.
Okay, okay, okay.
How much do you want? Let's see.
-A substantial figure. Way over budget.
Let's go.
Hey, Wanda.
I'm sure she's
gonna set a new world record.
[gulps] Okay, fine then.
But, Ricardo,
I want my fucking record.
-[door opens]
[Heitor] Keep moving, guys.
It's gonna be a really long day.
We need to start soon.
Eat now or regret it later.
Here's your juice.
-Keep moving.
-It's gonna be a hard one today, guys.
-You got it boss. We're ready.
-Here. Be careful. It's hot, okay?
[Heitor] Hey, what's up, brother?
Who wants more juice?
We have more here, okay?
-[man] Me.
-Take it, take it. Here. You too.
-Good to see you.
-[Gus] Here you go.
-Hey, cheers. Good job, guys.
-[woman] Thanks.
-[Heitor] Here you go. Thanks.
-[man 2] You're the best.
-I'm happy you're here, really happy.
Your turn. Keep it moving.
-[man 3] You've been skipping training.
-Who's been skipping training?
-[man 3] This guy.
-Hey! Hey, Avelar.
-[Avelar laughs] Yes!
-Glad you're here!
[men and women shouting]
[Gus] Come on, come on, come on!
-Go! Go! Fifteen!
-Go all out!
-Come on, come on!
You know he worships you.
I told him before,
he should worship the famous sister.
-[Maria] But he won't listen.
I had the same relationship
with my little brother.
Tell me about it.
Baby and Squirt.
You were Baby, right?
-[Maria laughs]
His career was at its height
right before this revolution.
Then came the prosthetics,
and everything got harder.
[scoffs] Well, it's always been hard.
Don't you think?
Now it's practically impossible.
[sighs] I lost track of all the shit I had
to inject in my body
just to get myself
anywhere near those guys.
They say self-mutilation
is the new doping.
God damn.
Cutting off an arm or a leg
to get a bionic prosthesis instead,
it's completely insane.
[scoffs] As well as illegal.
But if you were bionic, I'm sure
you'd be the greatest in the world.
Come on!
It's a beautiful day to train!
[electronic voice] Gabi Santos!
[dance music playing]
[announcer] And now, please welcome
Biona's exclusive new star
and current long jump world record holder,
Gabi Santos!
[crowd cheering]
[man] Gabi!
Maria! Gus! Wow!
-You look perfect!
-Oh, you're hyped up, huh?
I'm happy you came.
It's fantastic. Don't you think?
I'm happy for you.
You got a new sponsor.
You can't do it, huh?
-Be happy for the amputee in the family.
-Cut the crap, Gabi.
I never treated you.
You were always happy
to see me come in second place.
-Or at least, after you.
-That's not true.
You know I supported you the whole time.
When? When, Maria?
Because the way I remember it,
it was all about you.
All mom ever cared about
was Maria's training.
Maria's championship.
If it wasn't for dad, I'd be screwed.
I have spent my entire life
in your shadow, Maria.
Now it's your turn, girl, so deal with it!
Hey, hey, hey, my girls.
What's going on here?
Nothing at all. Not a thing.
-It's a party. Let's have some fun.
-Fun! That's a good idea.
Now it's my time to shine.
It's our time, my love.
It's a new world, Maria.
And you need to make peace with it, girl!
What's that, Dad? I want some!
Let's go, everybody!
-Are you okay?
[dance music playing]
[grunts, exhales]
Hey, everybody! Listen up, please.
Can I get your attention
for just a minute?
Let's make some room here, please.
Thank you!
[crowd murmuring]
-Good evening!
-[man] Good evening.
You're correct, Gabi.
-It's a new world.
-[man] Come on, this is a party.
You guys have broken all the records.
-You're invincible now. You're heroes.
-[man] Oh, come on.
-You guys have crushed normal athletes.
Cut it out, Maria!
Who wants to watch
an athlete jump seven or eight meters
when bionics have no problem
jumping twice as far?
[booing continues]
-I remember when you guys
-[woman] Leave us alone. We don't care.
used to be better than that.
You made people believe
that nothing was impossible.
But today, all you
care about is the cash, right?
You only care about
the money you make for your sponsors.
-Where's Ricardo? Ricardo!
-[Maria] You used to be the true heroes.
-You don't inspire anyone.
-[man 2] Out!
-[woman 2] Go home!
[crowd shouting indistinctly]
You don't inspire me.
Oh, my God, Maria.
-What the fuck was that, Maria?
-Don't worry, Gabi.
I know things have changed.
And I'm gonna adapt.
I won't let her ruin my moment.
-It's fine, Gabi.
-I won't!
-Hey! Let the fun continue! Right, people?
-Keep calm.
-[Gus] Excuse me.
-Excuse me.
-Hey, hey, hey.
-What's going on with Maria?
-I don't know, Pop.
["I Will Win" by Furio playing]
I will win
I will win
I'll win, end talk
The silence, the silence, the silence
The silence, the silence
The silence, the silence, the silence
I will win
I will win
I will win
[Maria] I remember there was a song
that my mom always played
during my training sessions.
-An Italian opera.
["Nessun Dorma" playing]
I thought it was pretty lame at first.
But after a while,
it became a kind of anthem for me.
It calmed me down.
It brought me back to my roots.
And for some reason, maybe it was fate,
this song was right there with me
on the night when everything changed.
[tires screech]
[Ricardo] Sweetie.
What happened?
Maria, what happened
after you left the party?
[groans, sighs]
-[Gabi] Stay calm.
-[Gabi] Relax.
-[Maria] What the
[Ricardo] Honey!
-It's okay, honey. Come on. Calm down.
-Oh, my leg!
-Where's my leg?
-It's okay. Listen.
-You're gonna be fine.
-Where's my leg? Oh, my God!
What happened to my leg?
-[Ricardo] Doctor! Doctor!
-Where's my leg?
-[nurse] It's okay.
-Where's my leg?
-[Maria] Where's my leg?
-[nurse] Hold her still!
-Relax. This will calm you down.
[Ricardo] It's okay.
[Maria whimpering]
In 2025, the skull
was a symbol of the non-bionic athletes.
They protested,
asking for their rights to be guaranteed.
That's the exact same symbol
as Squirt's tattoo.
Exactly. Now take a look
at this guy over here.
Huh! Heitor Hirsch, also known as Baby.
Squirt's brother.
Heitor was kind of his brother's manager.
The two of them created
this non-bionic athlete support group.
-[keys clacking]
-Does he have a record?
[detective] Nothing serious.
Been brought in a few times
for stuff like protests
and civil disobedience.
-He was just a troublemaker, you know?
I don't know.
Think we're missing something here.
This Squirt could be their prototype.
I've heard this group
claims that all athletes
should have the right to amputate
their limbs to become bionic.
We need to step up our investigation
on this Heitor.
Try to find any more information
on this support group.
[keys clacking]
[cell phone chiming]
Look at us, girl. Who would've thought?
Two cripples in the same family. Huh.
Quite a coincidence.
Or destiny.
Oh, destiny. Fancy.
[chuckles] What do you say?
Should we see how well
Lady Destiny functions without crutches?
Should we? I'll help you.
I'm in a good mood today.
[bionics chiming, whirring]
Come here.
-Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Okay, first we check on how you're doing.
So how ya been?
-[both laugh]
I'll count down from three,
and then I'm letting go.
-Are you ready? Gimme a smile. Come on.
Three, two, one.
You got this, girl.
-Whoops! It's okay.
-Damn it.
Calm down. You're okay, relax.
-It's normal. It's just your first time.
Look. Lean forward on your toes.
Hold your hips up as high as possible.
You can do it.
-You can do it!
Come on! All right, all right!
Three, two, one.
Now, Maria!
[both shout]
Hey, what if you taught me how
to get better at all this?
What do you think?
Come on, Maria.
God damn, Gabi. I lost my leg.
[Gabi] Mm-hmm.
I don't believe
you're thinking about what you lost.
More like what you can gain. Right?
[Drio] This is the NIM.
This chip is what really made
the bionic revolution possible.
It can capture all of the nuances
and impulses of the motor cortex
and transmit them to the prosthesis
with absolute precision.
-[Drio] Maria.
You're going to feel a slight pressure
on the back of your neck.
-And some tingling in your body.
[high-pitched whining]
[grunts, exhales]
-[nurse] NIM positioned in.
[nurse] L32.
[Drio] NIM successfully implanted
in the motor cortex region.
Maria, it went well.
[Maria exhales]
First, I'm going to ask you
to move your right arm for me, please.
Great, a little more.
-[nurse 2] Compensation initiated.
-[Drio] Generating parameters.
And now, NIM wireless signal active.
NIM integration successful.
-It's just like Gabi's?
-It is.
The difference is that this one
was custom-made for you.
-["Niz" by Emicida playing]
-[man singing in Portuguese]
Now what?
Go, girl! Yeah!
There's remarkable symbiosis between
the mechanical and organic.
It's very natural.
Yeah, now she'll see
how the game's changed.
It's her biological leg slowing her down.
-Yeah! You're doing well.
-[Gabi] Look at her! 330 pounds.
Pretty good.
For someone who started today,
it's awesome.
-It's true.
[Drio] Let's go, team!
Three, two, one.
[music continues]
[Heitor] Hydrate.
Hydrate, hydrate.
Come on!
The armored car will be coming up
Francisco Matarazzo.
Our problem is
when it goes up the overpass here.
The solution is
to put up a roadblock right here
to force the car onto a deserted street.
I think that's our best shot.
[cell phone chimes]
Block it here. They go there.
A detour here. Bam!
Here, see?
[Gabi] Check it out.
Your favorite sister running.
Let's try a jump now, Drio.
Okay, Maria, let's try a jump.
-Okay, Drio?
-[Drio] Let's go.
-Maria, you good? Feeling good?
-All good. Let's do this.
-Let's do it?
The song you requested.
-It's time to jump.
-Let's do it.
-["Nessun Dorma" playing]
-[Ricardo] This is it, sweetie.
This jump is your first.
It's a whole new thing.
Okay? Stay calm.
Don't force it. I know you're nervous.
-I'm nervous too.
-[both] Let's go.
["Nessun Dorma" continues playing]
[buzzer sounds]
[gasps, grunts]
Be careful, you maniac! You almost fried.
[Maria sighs]
Check your display.
[Maria exhales]
-If it hits zero, you'll go into a coma.
I've told you this
several times already, Maria.
-I don't think you're taking it seriously.
-Check the display again.
That will show your brain's capacity
to endure the impulses
that are coming from the NIM.
-Okay? Okay. Yeah.
-Okay, I got carried away.
It feels like this thing
has been a part of me my whole life.
That's what makes it dangerous, Maria.
Anxiety affects the neurotransmitters
directly and adversely.
It drains your brain.
And that's why you need
to have emotional control. Got it?
And that goes for you too, young lady.
[scoffs] This fish
don't need to practice swimming.
Hey, listen.
-How do I get these numbers to normal?
-Your brain needs recharging, Maria.
-Got it, but how do I recharge my brain?
A good night's sleep. Okay, Maria?
[Gabi] Tonight,
you're gonna have to sleep, sis.
For at least 12 hours, okay?
[rock music playing]
-[bionics whirring]
[bionics whirring]
The time has come.
[Maria] Why do you need to do this?
[Heitor] I just have to do it.
I'm doing it for the sweat,
for the blood,
for the souls of all the athletes
who trained their whole lives for nothing.
I have to do this, Maria.
For all of them.
For my brother.
For you.
I'm only asking for one thing.
I want my brother out of this.
[man] The car just left the main road.
It's on the overpass, going up the ramp.
Hey, there's something
going on up ahead. Look.
Fuck, the overpass is blocked.
That's weird, why would they block it?
Turn right here. Turn right here.
[man] Whatever you do, come back alive.
Now go kick some ass!
Do it!
How's my little Black beauty?
Hey. Hey, psst, look at me.
There's no reason to be scared.
Uncle Carlo is here to protect you.
Ow! Oh, I like that. [grunts]
Hey, I like that.
One more time, please. [laughs]
Well, we'll talk later.
It's blocked off ahead. That's strange.
Hey, pay attention, keep your eyes open.
[tires screeching]
[Maria exhales]
-[metal creaking]
-[footsteps approach]
[guard] Whoa!
[grunts, gasps]
[bionics whirring]
[gas hissing]
[coughing, groaning]
[guard grunts] Stop there!
[guard gurgles]
Three police cars
coming down State Avenue.
You should get out of there now.
Get the fuck out!
Come on, come on! Let's go!
Let's go! Get the fuck out of here!
-[siren wailing]
-Come on. Come on!
-[Heitor] Come on, damn it!
[engine turns over]
-[siren continues wailing]
Pack up. It worked. Let's get out of here.
Fuck this shit!
What's that fucking look on your face?
You wanna do shit,
but don't wanna get your hands dirty.
Is that it, precious?
Huh, precious? Is that it?
[laughs] Congratulations.
You nailed it. [laughs]
Fuck yeah! [laughing]
-[Heitor] Fuck yeah!
-[Maria] Son of a bitch!
You bastard. You shouldn't've done that.
He saw your face.
You're supposed to help people,
not murder them, Heitor!
Every victory demands sacrifice.
You know that very well.
More than others.
[man] I told you not to bring
your girlfriend into this, didn't I?
-[Maria] What are you doing here?
-[shouts gibberish]
What is this shit?
I told you, Heitor.
I don't want my brother involved
in any of this!
I'm here by choice, Maria.
Your brother is the genius behind it all.
-We couldn't even get the drone to work.
[Heitor] Let's start counting, okay?
Make piles of 100s, 50s and 20s.
Two hundred, man.
[Heitor] Two hundred, nice.
So let's separate
the two hundreds as well.
[Heitor] You can't even count.
-What are you gonna to do with all this?
We found out that Solid Limbs
will be getting a delivery
of ten NIMs. [grunts]
Except we don't know how,
where or even when.
This money becomes a cryptocurrency
and goes straight to the hackers.
Then they'll find the shipment of NIMs.
-You fucking nailed it, big guy!
-[men laughing]
Ten athletes are gonna become bionic.
Former teammates who wanted to,
but weren't allowed.
Like you.
Okay, you gave a great speech.
But I want my brother out of this.
-Come here, boy. Come on.
-What the hell?
-Let go of me.
-Come with me.
-Let me fucking go!
-I want you to stay away from these guys.
I saw Heitor kill someone
in cold blood for no reason.
And this came as a surprise to you, Maria?
I expected more from you, you know?
Are you thinking small now?
Well, you should know that this
is only the start of the revolution.
What revolution, Gus?
I'm thinking about your future.
My future's going nowhere!
It's the same shit every day.
No one lets me do anything.
There's no place for me in this family.
And whenever I'm around you,
I might as well not exist.
-What are you talking about?
-I'm nothing compared to you guys.
Get out of here. Beat it.
[camera shutter clicking]
-Which numbers?
-Okay, got it.
Four, seven, eight, nine. Okay, thank you.
[guard] I couldn't see anyone's face.
It all happened so fast.
The car rolled?
You lost control?
No, I didn't lose control at all.
We were hit, like, kicked or something.
-Wait, kicked?
-[guard] Yeah.
One of them had this weird leg.
It looked a bit like bionic.
Right or left leg?
[guard] Right, left?
I don't know. Right leg.
A mysterious accident involving
yet another high-performance athlete,
whose sister is a bionic superstar.
-Bit odd, don't you think?
-Hmm. It could just be a coincidence.
And Heitor Hirsch visiting Maria at
a private training session at Solid Limbs?
[laughs] Could be she just wanted to,
I don't know, make out with the guy.
So what are you thinking?
She might be involved
in the armored car ambush?
I don't know. Could be.
A bionic prosthesis is good
for breaking records, but
-It's also a weapon.
-[detective] Mm-hmm.
What was the date and time
of her accident?
[tires screech]
[laptop beeps]
Oh, I don't know.
When I look at the footage,
it doesn't seem premeditated.
You know what I mean?
That street is full of cameras.
Why would they do it there?
Maybe because they want you
to question it.
Pull up the emergency call.
[clears throat]
[operator] Emergency services,
good evening.
-[man] I just saw a motorcycle accident.
-[operator] Okay.
-[man] It's bad.
-[operator] What's the
What time did the cameras
record the accident?
-[keys clacking]
A quarter to two.
And the call?
[detective] The call?
Let's see.
Call time was
[Maria] Yeah, I think everything
in life happens for a reason.
[tires screech]
["Nessun Dorma" playing]
Deep down, things follow a secret plan.
And this plan might seem mysterious.
-Or even chaotic, at first.
But fate is like that.
-[tires screech]
-We just have to keep believing.
Trusting that sooner or later,
everything will be all right.
[Gabi] Good morning, sis.
Looks like you're
into water sports today. [laughs]
And yesterday? Where were you, missy?
Are you my mother now?
If I was your mom, Maria,
things would be much different.
[Maria] Yeah, Gabi.
Don't forget she was also your mom.
[Gabi] Your prosthesis.
-What did you do to it?
-Nothing. I had a nasty fall.
On one of my landings.
Uh-huh. I see.
What is it?
[Ricardo] I have news for you.
Jeez, they're up early.
Is it good or bad news? Which is it, Gus?
I don't know.
Things are gonna change
from now on for this family.
Oh, now I'm curious. [laughs]
We're going to have two bionic athletes
competing in this year's Games!
Wait. Weren't all the spots taken already?
[Ricardo] They made an exception, my girl.
And, Maria,
you're going to have
the same sponsor as Gabi.
Biona loved the idea of having
two bionic sisters in the Games.
-You're in.
-No fucking way, Pop.
-[Ricardo] We did it, honey!
-[Maria] Wow, Dad.
-[laughs] Oh, how wonderful!
Hey, take our picture, Gus.
Are you kidding me?
Seriously, man. Come on.
Come on, honey.
-Do I have to?
-[Ricardo] Of course.
-[shutter clicks]
[cell phone vibrates]
[radio announcer]
The Biona Solid Limbs team is proud
to announce its newest athlete,
Maria Santos.
-Her immediate debut will take place
-[exhales] Maria Santos.
-[announcer] Bionic Games.
-Bionic Games.
You actually think you're going to
beat me, don't you, sis?
We shall see.
But if I do, you'll have no excuse.
Because from now on,
you won't have an unfair advantage.
Congrats. You're showing your true self.
I like it.
You know what? I should have filmed
that speech of yours at the party.
You've become what
you hate the most, Maria. Mm-hmm.
Actually, you were my motivation, Gabi.
-What's that supposed to mean?
-Never mind.
Get the hell away from me, brat!
-[Ricardo] Hey, girls, cut it out.
Can't you just be nice to each other?
There's only one week until the Games.
-You're a team.
Hey, Pa.
This has never been a team sport,
and you know that.
Adidas, Nike, Fila. Which are you from?
Tell me. You an athlete
like the rest of the family?
Never my plan.
I was never good at sports.
Too many stars in the family already.
-You trying to fry yourself, Maria?
Excuse me, excuse me.
-[Gus] Hey, hey!
-[Maria] Hey, look, I let you win, okay?
-Listen, show me some respect, girl!
-You can't accept the fact that I won.
-Only thing you can beat me at is talking.
-You know I beat your ass!
-Hey, hey, hey, Gabi, Gabi!
-Let go of me.
-Respect me or I'm gonna kick your ass!
-Hey, hey, hey, hey, stop!
This is exactly
why you're never gonna make it.
I'm sorry, man.
-Police, Maria.
Detective Guerra.
I'd like to talk
to you about your accident.
What about it?
Did you find the son of a bitch
who hit me?
No, actually, we haven't.
Then we're done talking because I
already gave you my statement that night.
-What's wrong? Why are you so upset?
-Leave me alone.
[engine revving]
-[tires screech]
Enough. I don't wanna see it again.
Hey, can I see it again?
Of course.
You still haven't found the guy
who crashed into my daughter?
The van disappeared, and the vehicle
is registered to a dead person.
So a ghost ran her over.
Is that pretty much it?
Or someone who's masquerading as one.
[Guerra] I wanna show you one more thing.
-From the emergency call center.
[operator] Emergency services,
good evening.
[man] I just saw a motorcycle accident.
-[operator] Okay.
-[man] It's bad.
[operator] What's the location, please?
[man] Vemag and President Wilson.
[operator] Okay,
emergency services are on their way.
[man] As soon as possible, please.
Thank you.
I still don't understand.
According to the cameras, the call
was made before the collision took place.
What? They called before the accident?
Strange, right?
Hold on. Are you suggesting
my daughter planned this accident?
Lots of people want superpowers
these days. Know what I mean?
You gotta be kidding me right now.
Calm down, Dad.
-They're just trying to investigate.
-[Guerra] Just one more question.
What can you guys tell me
about Heitor Hirsch?
What does it matter?
[detective] He's dangerous,
might be using Maria.
-How long have they known each other?
-[Ricardo] No more questions. Enough.
If you have any more questions
for me or my children,
you'd better get in touch with my lawyers.
[Guerra] Okay.
I made a copy of the video
and sent a link to your email.
As a goodwill gesture, from us.
How nice of you.
What the hell, Dad?
Why are you acting like this
if you're on her side?
Don't push me, Gabriela. Don't push me!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Wait, Gus, what the fuck?
How do you know this Heitor dude?
What the hell is your problem?
Maria could have been killed.
But she wasn't. Quite the opposite.
She is more alive than ever,
and you know that.
-You're just playing dumb.
-Both you guys are this way.
You just aren't I don't know.
-We just arent what?
Simply sisters, Gabi.
And you should be on her side right now.
[Drio] Right jab.
One more.
-Wait a minute. It's getting loose, right?
-It feels weird.
[Drio] I'll make some adjustments here.
I want you to tell me how they feel, okay?
-[Drio] Don't stop.
-I'll be back in a minute.
What's up, Maria?
You okay?
No. No, I'm not.
Uh, well, just so you know.
If you ever need anything, I'm here.
For whatever you need
at anytime that you need it. Okay?
Hey, Drio, you seem like a nice guy.
But I've had my share of nice guys.
-Have a good workout.
No training today?
I'm not feeling well.
[door closes]
Fuck, man, I've been calling you nonstop.
Where are you?
There's a detective on my sister's back.
And he's already connected the dots
between you, Maria and the group.
We're fucked, man. Now what?
Perfect. I'll see you there.
[phone beeps]
[engine turns over]
[cell phone vibrates]
[Ricardo] Hi, honey, how are you doing?
I don't know. I'm still a little rattled
about what happened yesterday.
Okay, then rest up
and give it all you've got tomorrow.
Thanks, Dad.
-Love you.
What do you want?
Nothing. It's
Your sister isn't coming in today.
-That's fine.
-It's just you and me.
Well, let's get to it, then.
Let's get to it.
[operator] Emergency services,
good evening.
-[man] I just saw a motorcycle accident.
-[operator] Okay.
[man] It's bad.
-[operator] What's the location, please?
-[man] Vemag and President Wilson.
[operator] Okay, sir,
emergency services are on their way.
[man] As soon as possible, please.
-Thank you.
[operator] Emergency services,
good evening.
-[man] I just saw a motorcycle accident.
-[operator] Okay.
-[man] It's bad.
-[operator] What's the location, please?
[man] Vemag and President Wilson.
[operator] Okay, sir,
emergency services are on their way.
["Nessun Dorma" playing]
[device beeps]
[operator] Emergency services,
good evening.
-[man] I just saw a motorcycle accident.
-[operator] Okay.
[man] It's bad.
-[operator] What's the location, please?
-[man] Vemag and President Wilson.
[operator] Okay, sir,
emergency services are on their way.
Emergency services, good evening.
-[man] I saw a motorcycle accident.
-[operator] Emergency services
-[man] Intersection of Vemag
-[operator] What's the location?
Emergency services, good evening.
[man] I just saw
a motorcycle accident. It's bad.
[crowd cheering]
[announcer] And that
was the American athlete's second attempt.
[announcer 2] It's amazing
to see men and women competing
at the same level, isn't it?
[announcer] Another revolution
made possible by bionic prosthesis.
[Drio] Let's do it, Gabi.
-Adjust the kneecap, okay?
-Quadriceps at maximum power level.
Okay, you're next.
-[Ricardo] We good, Drio?
-[Drio] It's on her now.
[announcer] And now,
my favorite athlete, Gabi Santos!
[Drio] Let's go, Gabi, you got this.
Power. Power and strength.
Count down.
Okay, honey, this is it, all right?
-Watch out for the supporting leg. Easy.
-Yeah, Dad, don't worry.
-It's Gabi, motherfuckers!
-Pound, Gabi.
[announcer] She's going for her first jump
of the Bionic Games
since her historic record.
[announcer 2] None other than
our Gabi Santos. Go get it, Gabi!
[all gasping]
[announcer] Amazing, people, what a jump!
Gabi Santos has broken
her own record and secured her title
as the greatest athlete in bionic sports!
[Gabi] You want the dance?
[announcer 2] It's incredible how
this new generation of prosthesis
has introduced a whole new level
of performance.
[announcer] And the next competitor
is Maria Santos from Brazil,
who happens to be
Maria, you got this jump.
-[Ricardo] All right, let's do this!
-Best of luck. Maria's on the track.
Darling, do it for your mom.
For the Santos family.
-[Gabi] Guess who's the baddest in town!
-[Drio] Good job.
-[Ricardo] Way to go, Gabi.
May the best woman win, sister.
May the best woman win. Sister.
Good job, honey.
[crowd cheering]
[announcer 2] Maria has already had
a promising career in the long jump.
Trained by one of the best Brazilian
athletes in recent times,
her late mother, Helena Santos.
[announcer] Right. Now she's facing
the biggest challenge of her career.
Remember that this is her debut
in the bionic competitions.
[announcer 2] Yes,
the pressure is certainly on.
Here she comes. Let's watch.
[laughing] I fucking knew it, man!
[announcer] This is incredible, folks!
17.67 meters!
It's unbelievable!
Maria Santos has broken
her sister's record
and is now the new long jump
world record holder.
-Is that right?
-[announcer 2] You're absolutely right.
It seems like a dream, but it's true!
Two world records broken
in the same competition.
What a historic night!
[Ricardo] Wanda, I fucking told you.
It's a record! [laughing]
You're the man, my friend! [laughing]
[announcer] Hold on, hold on.
It looks like the American competitor
is having some trouble.
[announcer 2] Yes, earlier he was having
problems keeping his NIM in the safe zone,
I think that's it for him.
-[announcer] He is out. Martinez is out.
-[crowd booing]
[announcer] The athlete's safety
always comes first.
[announcer 2] And that means that
the final round will be a family affair.
[announcer] Yes.
But it's still a competition.
What a showdown, ladies and gentlemen.
You can feel the electricity in the air.
-Gabi Santos prepares for her second jump.
[announcer 2] Remember that each athlete
gets three attempts
to achieve their best marks.
[announcer] And there she goes,
folks. Gabi Santos.
[announcer] This is insane,
ladies and gentlemen, just insane!
[announcer 2] Unbelievable!
Another world record.
And now Maria Santos is starting
to run for her second jump.
-[announcer] Sensational!
Maria Santos takes the lead yet again.
Eighteen meters and 25 centimeters.
That's astounding!
-[cell phone beeps]
-Tonight will go down in history.
-[announcer 2] Absolutely incredible
-What is it?
The hackers just delivered
the package to us.
-It's all here.
Date, time and place too.
We did it, my man.
-Not yet, buddy. But soon we will.
[announcer 2] The two sisters
are giving us quite a show, folks.
Now the pressure is all on Gabi Santos,
who needs to beat
her sister's score yet again.
-Drio, come here.
-[alarm beeping]
-Her NIM level is very low.
-[Drio sighs]
She's too anxious.
-[Ricardo] What?
-What is it?
-[Drio] Her NIM.
-[Ricardo] What about it?
-[Drio] The level took a nosedive.
-What are we gonna do now?
-Calm down.
-[Ricardo] I can't let her jump like that.
-[Drio] It's too risky.
-[Ricardo] Do something, Drio.
-[Drio] I can't do anything, Ricardo.
[Ricardo] She can't. I can't let her.
Honey. Honey! Honey!
-[Drio] Gabi.
-[Ricardo] Wait.
-Listen to Drio.
-You can't jump.
I can, actually.
-No. It's at the limit.
-My NIM's within the limit.
It's at the limit. It's dangerous.
Don't do this.
The decision is mine.
-[sighs] Oh, my God.
-[Drio] Gabi.
Gabi. Gabi!
[crowd cheering]
[inhales, exhales]
Stop, Gabi. Enough.
Fuck off, Maria.
Who are you to tell me when to quit?
What do you want me to do?
How can I get you to change your mind?
Would you scratch your last jump for me?
-[crowd cheering]
[announcer] She's going to jump.
Gabi Santos is going to try
to beat Maria once more.
Will we witness another world record?
[announcer 2] This is surreal, folks.
We shall see.
What anticipation! What a night!
["Nessun Dorma" playing]
[crowd groans]
[announcer] Maria Santos is
the new bionic long jump world champion.
And instantly becomes
the sport's newest sensation.
[announcer 2]
Without a doubt, after tonight,
she has secured her name among
the great athletes of this new generation.
What an indescribable moment.
[heart beating]
[machines beeping]
[Drio] She's sedated for now.
She'll-- she'll be okay.
Don't worry. She'll be okay.
The problem is that the interface
between the NIM
and the motor cortex was badly damaged.
[Ricardo] Oh, no. So that's it.
She won't compete anymore.
This isn't how
I imagined this day would end, Lord.
Really, what did you imagine?
Making us compete against each other?
-You have no right to talk that way.
-It's all right for you?
-Things were great for you, weren't they?
[Maria gasps]
You never questioned
how all this happened, did you?
Two bionics.
-Pretty convenient for you.
I've done everything I possibly could
for you three.
Your futures were
the only thing that mattered to me.
[Maria sniffles]
Listen, Maria.
-There's still a lot of work to be done.
-Heitor wants to talk with you.
Get a grip now.
[machines beeping]
[Gabi] Maria.
You okay? How are you feeling?
I know everything, Maria.
It wasn't an accident.
It was intentional,
so you could get a bionic leg.
It was all planned.
-[operator] Emergency services.
[man] I just saw a motorcycle accident.
-[operator] Okay.
-[man] It's bad.
-[operator] What's the location, please?
-[man] Vemag and President Wilson.
-[Gabi] I could hear it, Maria.
-["Nessun Dorma" playing]
I could hear your music playing.
-In the background of the recording.
-[operator] What's the location?
["Nessun Dorma" playing]
I just saw a motorcycle accident.
It's bad.
Intersection of Vemag
and President Wilson.
-As soon as possible, please.
-[engine turns over]
[tires screech]
["Nessun Dorma" continues playing]
[tires screech]
[tires screech]
[coughing, groaning]
The music was my idea.
It was how we synchronized
the bike and the car.
And what did that son of a bitch Heitor
make you do in exchange for his help?
It's over, Gabi.
Forget it, okay?
It's all over now. Don't worry.
It's not over yet, Maria.
[gulps] This bullshit
is only just beginning, sis.
[Heitor] We found out all
about the NIM shipments. Everything.
Date, time, location.
We're gonna change the world, Maria.
A new revolution.
And you know that.
But we have to take action.
And it has to be now.
I can't do it.
I'm sorry.
We had a fucking deal, Maria.
I gave you a leg,
You won a medal.
-Time to pay your debt.
[bionics whirring]
I don't wanna hurt you, Heitor.
[whirring intensifies]
[powers down]
[Wanda] Ricardo, do you remember
what you promised me, my friend?
Two bionic athletes.
I invested a shit-ton of money
in this thing.
And with Gabi out of action,
I need Maria on the front line.
But your little girl
has already blown me off.
In two press conferences, man.
This is absurd. Call me back!
[machines beeping]
[ragged breathing]
-Maria, what are you doing?
[Gabi crying]
Maria! Maria!
Maria! Maria!
-[Gabi] Maria!
-[Gus] What are you doing, man?
-[Ricardo coughing]
-Pop, talk to me.
-[Heitor] Hey.
[Gus] This is my fucking family!
We agreed to come here,
get Gabi and get out.
You're messing with the plan, man.
-Don't touch my dad again.
-Don't touch my dad ag--
-Hey, listen up!
Just trust in me, brother.
Trust me.
-[gasping] Gus.
-[Heitor] Go to the car. Go.
[Carlo] Come on, boy, that's it.
[Maria groans]
I'm not messing around.
You're gonna follow this through.
-Till the end.
[Maria sighs]
[Heitor] Within the hour,
a VTOL will leave the airport
and fly straight here,
to the Solid Limbs building.
The NIMs are inside a briefcase onboard.
We'll only be able to get to it
while it's being transported
between the helipad and the vault room,
which is on a floor
with very limited access.
Our point of entry will be
from the building across the street.
-Can you see it here?
-Okay, let me see this shit.
The distance between buildings,
including the street, is 25.6 meters.
Her last record was 18.25 meters.
It's a huge jump, bro.
Look over there.
The exact location where I'm pointing.
You'll have three minutes
to make the jump, get in the building
and get the briefcase
before it goes in the vault.
But that distance is impossible.
Just do the fucking jump.
Get the NIMs.
And I promise I'll give your sister back.
If that briefcase reaches the vault,
it's over.
It's time. Go.
[elevator bell dings]
[Heitor] Very good.
Now, just get out of there.
-Stay calm and stick to the plan, okay?
-I got her. She's here!
[Heitor] Ground level garage. Green SUV.
[guard] Hey, she's over there!
-[Heitor] Go! Go!
-[guard shouting]
-[engine turns over]
-[tires screeching]
-[sirens wailing]
-[Heitor laughing]
-You did it, Maria. I knew it.
My record breaker.
[guards clamoring]
Oh, I don't believe it.
It was her, wasn't it?
We're still not sure
what happened exactly.
Ricardo Santos is in the hospital,
and Gabi Santos is missing.
Are you sure this is the best way
to protect Maria?
[gasps] Look here.
Her face is completely exposed.
She's behaving recklessly.
[siren wailing]
-[tires screech]
[tires screech]
Where's my sister, you son of a bitch?
Where's my sister--
-Gus, you?
Gus! Hey.
-Gus. Shh!
-Oh, shit.
What the fuck were you doing
on that motorcycle?
Heitor. Heitor made me do it.
Hey, hey. [panting]
-Run for it. Run for it.
-Gus. Gus. Hey, hey. Gus!
[Maria] Gus!
-[Heitor] What have you done, Maria?
Sorry. There's no way
I could be alone with you.
Not with that killer leg of yours.
[bionics whirring]
I'm gonna kill you, you son of a--
-[man whistling]
-[exhales, grunts]
Is dad doing okay, Maria?
And Gus?
-[whistling continues]
-[men laughing]
So, Mr. Hirsch, will you be providing
the NIMs that you promised this time?
The cryptocurrency transfer
is ready to go.
With the push of a button,
you'll be a few million dollars wealthier.
Everything's here.
What's going on, Maria?
So you always planned to sell the NIMs?
You made me think
it was all about the athletes.
You manipulated me, Heitor.
You manipulated Gus too.
I bet you did the same thing
with your brother.
That's a real nice conversation,
but right now
I wanna get some business done with you.
Did you get the code?
-It just came through.
[Heitor] Open it.
[fast beeping]
-[man] Weren't there ten NIMs? Damn!
-[man] We're gonna be billionaires!
-[Carlo] We did it!
[man 3] I could build my own army.
A goddamn battalion made up
of bionic soldiers.
Maria, come over here.
Take a look
at what you got for us. Come here.
[rock music playing]
[singing in Portuguese]
[Maria shouts]
[Maria shouts]
-[Maria shouts]
Yo, asshole!
-[Gabi shouts]
-No, no! No, no, no!
I'm gonna kill you, bitch.
You fucking betrayed me.
-[Heitor grunts]
-[grunts, shouts]
-[Gabi panting]
-[Heitor groans]
[grunts, coughs]
-[bones crack]
-[Gabi coughs]
Fucking bitch! I'm gonna butcher your ass!
-[siren wailing]
-Hey. Let's go.
Let's go, Gabi.
-[gasps] Maria, run, run.
-Come on. Gabi, no.
-No. No.
-Run. You've gotta get out of here now.
[sniffles] Run, Maria, run!
Go! Go! Go! [gasps]
[gasps, coughs]
-Go, go, go, go! This way. This way.
-Right here. Let's go! Come on!
-Come on! Come on! Let's do it!
-Stay in line! Stay in line!
-Stay back.
-Come on!
-[officer] Move it! All right, this way.
-Yeah, this way! This way.
[officer] Watch my six. To the left!
[officer 2] This way.
-[officer] Come on! Come on!
Stay in line.
-[officer] Three in formation.
-Go, go, go, go, go!
This way! This way!
-One-one, right here.
-I'll go this way!
Have you been injured? Are you okay?
[Guerra] All units pursuing Maria Santos
to the access tunnel!
All units converge at the tunnel exit!
-[Guerra] Let's go. This way.
[officer] This way. This way!
[panting, groaning]
Attention, suspect is fleeing
into the stadium stands.
-Take the stairwell.
[Guerra] Maria!
Stop, Maria!
[officers shouting]
-[Guerra] Stop!
-[bionics whirring]
-Enough, Maria!
-[Guerra] Nobody shoot. Nobody shoot.
-[officer] Freeze!
[fast beeping]
-[Guerra] Maria!
[sirens wailing]
[Guerra] The suspect is cornered.
She's trapped in the barbed wire fence.
All units converge.
Let me help you, Maria.
-Too many people have been hurt.
[bionics beeping]
[fast beeping]
-[beeping stops]
-Attention, suspect is immobilized.
I need backup on the outside the stadium.
Come in, unit six. Do you copy?
Chief Guerra needs backup in the stands.
[sirens wailing]
[detective] Miranda.
Don't move, all right?
You two, keep an eye on her, okay?
Follow me, officer.
[ragged breathing]
[bionics pulsing]
-[sirens wailing]
[ragged breathing]
-[officers shouting]
[engine turns over]
[tires screech]
-[officers shouting]
They're escaping. Come on!
[officers shouting]
[reporter] Sisters Maria
and Gabi Santos remain at-large.
Police still have no leads as
to the whereabouts
of the bionic ex-athletes.
Nevertheless, the head
of the investigation, Police Chief Guerra,
has declared the operation
to be a success.
The stolen NIMs were recovered,
and Heitor Hirsch's criminal gang
was dismantled.
[Maria] Faster, faster. That's it.
Keep going, even faster. Let's go, Nicole.
-That's it. Maria, that's it! Let's go!
-[trainer] Way to go, Maria, way to go!
[Maria] With the prosthesis
My mother always said
I was destined for greatness.
But I learned that your fate isn't
just handed to you.
You have to seek it out.
All right, five-minute break
and then we do the circuit again, okay?
I'm very proud of you.
Congratulations, guys. [laughs]
And I ended up finding my fate.
Down here.
[Gabi] Man, it's heavy, isn't it?
I can't believe I did this. [exhales]
-Good to see you.
-[Drio] Huh.
Not really.
When they find out I took this,
I'm screwed.
Well, it's impressive.
Nice project.
It has a purpose.
Now tell me how you'll be able
to keep this place going.
[Gabi laughs]
We have a plan.
That's right.
The irony is we often end up
finding the way to our true destiny
on the very paths we were trying to avoid.
[man] Did you really have to
hide this far away?
Tell me your proposal, girls.
You wanted an army, didn't you?
Of bionics?
I still do.
That's what you want,
but it's not what you need.
And what do I need then?
Three. You just need three bionics.
[man] You said three.
I'm only seeing two bionics here.
[Gabi sighs]
-[bullet ricocheting]
[man] I like you, boy. What's your name?
You can call me Uncle Hard.
Uncle Hard, huh?
That's a cute name. [laughs]
[men chattering]
-[Gabi] Uncle Hard, huh? Ooh!
-[Gus] You like that attitude?
-[Maria] Stay in character.
-[Gabi] Cute name.
Now we are in business.
[Maria] I don't think anyone could
have imagined that this would be our fate.
But you know what? Fuck fate.
From now on,
the journey is all that matters.
But this time, we'll be together.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
-The dance of victory. Here we go!
-[Gus laughs]
-Look at me! I got it!
-Oh, oh, oh! Hey!
Let's go!
-[rock music playing]
-[singing in Portuguese]