Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows (2005) Movie Script

Gathered friends,
Iisten again to our legend
of the Bionicle.
In the time before time,
six mighty Toa vanquished the Makuta,
encasing him in protodermis
held tight by the force
of their combined elemental powers.
Before becoming Turaga,
the Toa united in a dutiful pledge
to rescue the Matoran
who were imprisoned by the Makuta,
and so they returned
to their once glorious home
with every intention
of enacting a great rescue.
But Makuta had not left
the sleeping Matoran unprotected.
Their resting place
was guarded by a ruthless king,
a horde of poisoners,
and a malevolent queen.
And nowthe nobleToa
must face a web of shadows.
Well, that stunk.
It would appear there was an error
in our transport. Pilot error.
Hey, I was only order-taking.
Vakama was the one order-giving.
No need to be critical, Matau.
Regardless of how gracefully,
we made it here.
Hey, could somebody dig me up?
- There you go.
- Oh, thanks.
It's what I do.
Arewegoingtostand around all night?
Or are we going to rescue the Matoran?
What's with all the webs? Not exactly
encouraging my Toa hero spirit.
- Huh?
- What is that all about?
- Hey!
- What was that?
Well, there goes the old neighbourhood.
- The Archive must have been breached.
- What did you have in there?
- Everything... Most of it dangerous.
- Rahi?
The Onu-Metru Archive
houses a specimen
of every Rahi beast ever discovered.
Atleast itusedto
- And the webs?
- Visorak.
- Nasty creatures.
- Coming from you, that's not good.
But what does it change?
Nothing. We go to the Coliseum,
we rescue the Matoran, we leave.
- Or get pulverised.
- It is a possibility.
We've faced the Makuta and won.
I really doubt a few crusty relics
are going to give us much trouble.
- Agreed?
- If you think we should.
Follow me.
What the...?
Can't move!
This is gonna hurt.
Is everyone OK?
Yeah, we're right behind you,
fearless leader.
Bickering won't get us out of this, Matau.
No, but think-talking before
charging straight into a trap might have.
If you have something to say,
Matau, say it.
Forget it!
Oh! What's that?
We'll soon find out.
- Let me guess. Visorak?
- Yeah.
Or, in their tongue, "the stealers of life".
Do they even have tongues?
All I see are teeth.
what do we do?
it's nothing important, I hope,
seeing as you're late.
This had better be good.
they've returned for the Matoran -
Matoran that now belong to me.
I assume your telling me this
without twitching uncontrollably
means the Toa
have already been captured.
Drop them.
Is it to be so simple, Sidorak?
Roodaka, my queen.
No, not your queen.
Not yet.
Oh, of course.
You have something to say?
Only that leaders are judged in time
by the quality of their enemies.
History teaches us this.
The Toa?
A fantastic adversary, my king,
worthy of your rule,
and therefore a demise
that will be remembered
and spoken about for all time.
I suppose I could allow the situation
to become a little more...
I have always admired your judgement.
Only, be sure your method
allows some proof
for posterity's sake.
Bring me their bodies.
That's encouraging.
Well, fire-spitter,
we can't say you didn't show us the city.
Course, we can say
that you got us captured, poisoned,
and, seeing as I don't think
we've been brought up here for the view,
imminently smash-dashed.
- He agrees.
- This is not Vakama's fault.
I tried to lead you as best I could.
I wish I was better at it.
But if I've learned one thing from all
we've been through, I am what I am.
And no matterhowmuch I mightwantto
I can't just change.
Watch it!
Whoa! Hey! Hey!
Nokama! Help!
I'm sorry I let you all down...
You better not scratch my armour!
What's happened to me?
Answer me!
I am a Toa!
Not exactly.
Rest, my Makuta.
Sleep, and know that as you do,
I draw close to waking you.
What happened?
Where is everybody?
Darn Vakama.
Why'd we ever listen to him?
I can't believe it.
No, no. This isn't me.
I can't be ugly.
Oh, just relax.
- Just relax.
- It's me. It's me.
- Come on! Stand back!
- Would you calm down?
- I'm dangerous, I'm ugly, and I'll hurt you.
- It's all right, Matau.
- Nokama?
- Matau, it's all right.
All right?
You call this "all right"?
We're all here.
We'll find a way. Together.
- Cos that's what friends do.
- He's right.
I don't hear you saying that, smelt-head.
What's the matter?
Too busy cooking up another master plan?
I'm through making plans.
Well, that's the first good thing
I've heard since I've been hideous.
Regardless of how we look,
it might be better if we use our energy
to find out why we've become
whatever it is we are.
Yes, the sooner we do that,
the sooner we can rescue the Matoran.
And how are we gonna do that
when we're the ones who need saving?
If you are wise,
if you wish to be your old selves again,
you will listen.
The Toa have returned,
as you said they would.
Even now, their broken bodies
are being brought to me
so I may drain them
of their elemental powers -
powers I will use
to shatter the wretched seal
that keeps us apart.
And then there will be no need
for a worthless ruler like Sidorak,
who would wash his hands of conflict
rather than dirty them with it.
you and I will teach the sleeping Matoran
to obey your will.
What is it?
The Toa?
Why do you speak of them
as if they're still alive?
- We can't rescue the Matoran.
- Why are we here?
Brothers, we must be patient.
The key to Nongu?
Keetongu is a most honourable creature,
and skilled in the ways of venoms,
not to mention our only hope
to stand against the Visorak horde.
If you are to be the Toa you once were,
it is Keetongu you must seek.
But what are we now?
Hordika venom courses within you.
If it is not neutralised, it will take root,
and Hordika you will be forever.
Like you?
I am a Rahaga.
Norik is my name.
Andthis isGaaki,
and lruini.
can you take us to this Keetongu?
I don't understand.
What lruini so inappropriately suggests
is that this will be difficult.
We Rahaga have come to Metru Nui
in search of Keetongu ourselves.
There are those that, well,
doubt his existence entirely.
And you?
I believe.
- Then so must we.
- Whoa there, sister.
Shouldn't we think-talk about this?
You know, group-like?
What do you say, mask-melter?
I say we returned to Metru Nui
to rescue the Matoran, not go on safari.
And you have a way to do this?
Perhaps using
your new Hordika powers...
powers you have not yet learned to use.
I will talk with him.
- What was that?
- It meant you no harm.
- I beg to differ.
- It was just frightened.
Muaka are loners by nature,
and uncomfortable being close to others.
There's a bit of them in you.
Careful with that.
It's a most powerful tool.
I'll be sure to learn
how to make good use of it, wise one.
And what about your friends?
Former friends.
They think being a leader is so easy,
they can try it themselves.
True, but they won't succeed without you,
nor you without them.
- And how do you know that?
- I don't.
But the Great Spirit does.
Unity, duty, destiny.
It starts with unity.
If you Toa are to rescue the Matoran,
you must do so together.
This is something you can't change.
Watch me.
Oh, Norik.
It is good you're back.
Vakama has a lot on his mind.
We must give him time
to find his destiny.
What if he finds a really bad one?
Uh, now then, we should
begin our search for Keetongu at once.
Right. Keetongu.
Getting turned back into our old
handsome selves. Let's get on that.
But where to start?
Somewhere you know well.
I can do it alone.
I'll show them all.
Is that your best shot?
What's happening to me?
You are becoming...
Yeah, but what?
Or a foe.
That's for you to decide.
And why I've invited you here.
Some invitation.
Then perhaps this one
will be more to your liking.
I've a proposal for you.
And ifl don'twantto hearit?
- Be reasonable, Vakama.
- How do you know my name?
I know a great deal about you.
What harm could come from listening?
The Great Temple?
I'm sure it could've helped
our old Toa selves, but now?
We'll never find a way to change back
if you keep talking like that.
You're right. I'm sorry.
I don't know what's gotten into me.
Oh, that's right, some kind of monster!
Oh, Matau.
If you're quite done,
we should go inside.
Secrecy is such a burden,
but Sidorak mustn't knowwe speak.
Ruler of the Visorak.
- And he doesn't know you captured me?
- Not yet.
Huh! Some leader.
You're not worried
they're going to tell him you said that?
- They are loyal to me.
- Right.
Like you are to Sidorak?
They obey me because I am strong.
They fear me, and therefore
do not dare to question my authority.
That is leadership, Vakama.
That is how the other Toa
should treat you.
Maybe then they would give you
the respect you deserve.
The Visorak horde is countless, Vakama.
They feel the weakness
of their king's voice.
- I trust my fellow Toa to...
- To do what? Hold you back?
They're not worthy of a leader like you.
Which is why I've brought you here.
Come along. Our best chance
to find Keetongu lies within the temple.
Is something wrong?
It might be best if we wait here.
The Great Temple is sacred to Toa.
Given what has happened to us,
I am not sure it would be right.
I understand.
Our work here will not go unnoticed.
You must guard the gates.
We need until tomorrow morning.
Consider it done.
Hey, wait. You know,
I think we should talk about...
When I was Matoran,
Ta-Metru was my whole world.
It meant everything to me.
It still does.
It can be your home again, Vakama,
to rule as you see fit.
All you need to do
is lead those who will obey you properly.
Lead the Visorak horde.
I don't know.
I understand your reluctance.
You require proof.
Throw yourselves off the edge.
This is but the first
of many lessons I can teach you.
And this is something
your king would allow?
There is a way.
Six ways.
I'm listening.
"Tears... tears...
Follow the tears."
"Tears that reach the sky."'
- Are you all right, Gaaki?
- Norik.
I heard something.
Probably just my approach.
Age makes us loud as well as wise.
No, this was a creature.
I'm... I'm sure it's nothing.
This is a very elaborate translation.
I guess I have been working hard lately.
Gather our brothers and go outside.
I'll be right behind you.
Who's there?
Reveal yourself!
Show yourself!
I doubt you'd recognise me.
I've got some bad news.
Gaaki's not going to find
her brothers upstairs.
- What have you done with them?
- Nothing.
Then it's not too late, Vakama.
You don't have to do this.
Give me one reason I shouldn't.
The other Toa.
They need you to lead them.
Always what's best for the others!
She was right about them, Norik.
About me.
Who have you been talking to, Vakama?
Who's put these thoughts in your head?
You'll find out soon enough.
I'm counting on it.
I don't understand.
You don't have to understand
the message, Norik, just carry it.
This message, what is it?
Norik said they'd be done by daybreak.
Did anyone see anything last night?
Lots of nothing.
Yeah, boring.
I don't know.
I found the sounds of the night fascinating.
I wonder what's taking the Rahaga so long.
I mean, how hard is it to get directions?
Well, when they're to a creature that has
not been seen since the time before time,
- hard.
- Really?
- Oh, have patience, Matau.
- Yeah. Take it easy, Matau.
"Take it easy"! I have absolutely
no patience for looking like this.
We've already wasted a whole night.
The way I see it, the faster we get to the...
The Great Temple.
- Come on!
- Hurry! We have to find the Rahaga.
- Come on!
- Bomonga!
- Gaaki! Norik!
- Oh! Total destruction.
Where are you guys?
Where are you?
- lruini! Where are you guys?
- Norik, are you all right?
Nuju, can you see anything?
What do you see?
I can't see anything.
Huh? There he is! He's over there!
He's trapped.
Stand back!
Norik, what happened?
- What should we do?
- I wish Vakama was here.
You must be confused, Toa.
We do not welcome your kind here.
We exterminate it.
It's you that's confused, Sidorak.
I am no simple Toa.
Why have you come here?
To join you.
And to present you
with proof of my worth.
Vakama! No!
Let's talk.
Vakama would never do such a thing.
You are correct, Nokama.
The Vakama you know would not.
He's changed.
Just as you all will
if we do not find Keetongu.
I fear Vakama
has given himself completely
to the beast that lurks within us all.
The ancient, primal,
the parts of ourselves we like to think
progress has made us forget.
Hordika is its name.
I don't think I want to be Hordika.
It's not all bad, Whenua.
Not if you don't allow it to be.
Being Hordika grants you certain gifts.
Assuming you're right,
we must find Keetongu
and rescue the Matoran
before the beast overcomes us too.
Yes, but I must warn you,
Vakama may already be beyond
anything even Keetongu can do.
Well, we have to try.
We owe the fire-spitter that much.
And Iwas kind ofhard on him.
- And if you can't help him?
- Leave that to me.
So, back to searching.
We were able to translate much
of the inscription before Vakama's attack.
"Follow the falling tears to Ko-Metru
until they reach the sky."'
It is there we will find Keetongu.
"Tears that reach the sky"?
It's not much of a plan, but it is one.
Toa! Vakama!
That name means nothing to me.
It did once.
It can again.
That's true!
It can, if you want to be weak again.
You are everything
I had hoped you'd be.
Come. It's time
you had a glimpse of your future.
Quickly! We must hurry.
As the Toa Hordika
followed the trail of falling tears,
Norik was sure that it would lead them
to the legendary Keetongu.
As our brave heroes struggled
through a most treacherous journey
across the island of Metru Nui,
the shadow of the Visorak horde
was never far behind.
As the noble group followed
the stream of tears to Ko-Metru,
the deserts turned into great mountains
of frozen protodermis,
and its silvery surface
led the brave travellers
to a strange and wondrous place.
Ah, thetears...
They do reach the sky!
The throne will soon
be yours, Vakama.
Go ahead. Touch it.
You can look, Vakama,
but don't touch.
I wanted to thank you personally.
Because of you, the Rahaga
will be put where they belong -
in a cage.
It is just the beginning
of what he can offer you.
Is that so?
It is, my king.
Vakama is my gift to you,
a fitting master for your horde.
Hordika or not,
there's only one of him.
Which is why the other Toa
are on their way here.
With Vakama leading your horde,
they will be captured and trained
just like him.
Will all six be enough to please you?
Afineoffer, Roodaka.
Consider it an engagement gift.
Well, then.
Allow me to introduce you
to the horde.
You know, Vakama,
we're really very much alike,
you and l.
That was a compliment, Vakama.
Oh, thank you, my king.
Oh, think nothing of it.
Such is the generosity of my rule.
My horde is an obedient one.
They will do anything you command.
Unless I command differently,
of course.
Of course.
Now, then.
Behold the Visorak horde.
Perhaps you'd like to say a fewwords?
Hurry, you guys! It's amazing!
It's Keetongu!
Don't be so quick to judge, Matau.
We are sorry to disturb your rest,
noble one,
but the duty of these Toa
requires they ask for your help.
Well, we'd like to stay and chat,
but we gotta go.
Is everyone seeing this?
Is it everything I promised you?
We'll soon find out.
Be ready.
Before it is over,
many things will change.
How is the horde, Vakama?
And ready.
..and then we were chased
by the Visorak,
all of which is why we came here,
and why we need your assistance.
Will you help us get Vakama back?
Well, thanks just the same.
We'll be going, then.
Keetongu cannot start
a battle on your behalf...
but he can aid those
loyal to the three virtues.
In fact,
doing so is his sworn duty.
So he'll change us back into
our good-looking, Toa-hero selves?
- No.
- Aw.
Keetongu sees with one eye
what we have missed with all of ours.
If you are to save Vakama,
you must use
your new forms and abilities,
not be rid of them.
So we've come all this way
just to find out
we didn't have to come all this way!
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
He thinks it's funny, too.
Ha ha ha. Right. Funny.
That's what I was thinking.
But your story and devotion to your friend
has touched Keetongu.
He finds your quest worthwhile.
And he would like to offer us his help.
You too, big guy.
Remember, Vakama,
you don't need them anymore.
You've made a grave mistake
coming here!
We came here to save you.
The only ones you can save now
are yourselves.
Bow down
and pledge your allegiance to me.
I will make you.
- Ready?
- Do you think this is gonna work?
- Aim.
- Ask me again in a minute.
Let's go!
Hey, wait for me!
Let's go!
Whoo-hoo! Catch you guys later!
Where's Matau going?
- There's too many of them.
- Let's just do it.
Quick, jump!
Still that sound.
- What is that?
- I guess it's Keetongu.
But Keetongu doesn't exist.
Obviously, you're wrong about that.
I'll take care of him.
No, Vakama.
It is not your place.
It is that of a king.
If Keetongu wasn't a myth before,
he soon will be.
Stay here.
And be ready.
Look out!
Put me down!
You want down? You got it.
Your place is with us.
We're here to rescue the Matoran.
- The Matoran?
- You remember, don't you?
I'm almost impressed.
Well, that's that.
I mean, shouldn't we be certain?
If doing so
would make you feel better.
It would.
What has happened to you?
You know, outside the obvious?
Nokama! Here!
The final blow is yours, Roodaka.
Where are you going?
- Finish him.
- You do it.
But I can't defeat him myself.
I know.
No! No! No!
Soon, Makuta.
Oh, no! I'm caught!
This is it. Without Vakama,
we are destined to fail.
Mind if we lend a hand?
Thanks, Norik. I owe you one.
You are weak,
You're right, Vakama. I am weak.
So, at the end you see the truth.
We all make mistakes, Vakama.
That's what happens when
you're brave enough to make decisions.
- I understand that now.
- I don't believe that coming from you.
- Wait!
- Not for long.
I'm sorry for doubting you.
Our strength comes
from our unity, Vakama,
which means you can't
be strong without us.
I'm better and stronger alone.
I don't believe that,
and I don't think you do, either.
You're our leader, Vakama.
You're my leader.
We've got a job to do,
a duty.
The Matoran.
Rescuing them is our destiny.
It's your destiny.
And if there's any of the Vakama
I know left, he'll know what to do next.
Matau, don't!
I'm coming!
- Matau!
- Vakama!
Hang on. I've got a plan.
Come and get it!
- We are surrounded.
- There's too many of them.
What do we do now?
Oh, I don't like this.
You have something I want.
Your elemental powers.
Earth. Stone.
Ice. Water.
Fire already belongs to me.
One's missing.
That would be air.
And he's all yours, my queen.
Thank you, Vakama.
Now, about those powers...
You want them so bad? Take them.
All right,whofiredtheticklespinner?
Fools! You, like your powers,
are nothing if you are not united,
and as Vakama stands with me...
Actually, I wanted
to talk to you about that.
You might defeat me,
Vakama, but not all of them.
Strike me down and they will
surely destroy you and your friends.
Think about it.
I have. And seeing as you convinced
Sidorak to put me in charge of them...
Get out of here, all of you!
You're free.
That's an order.
You can't betray
someone you're enslaved to.
And to think I thought
you could be king.
I lead only those
that choose to follow.
That's the difference between
being a leader and a tyrant like you.
Acertain Toa taughtmethat.
No, Vakama, don't!
You have no idea
what you've just done.
Her heartstone...
It's Makuta's.
Yes, carved from the same protodermis
you sealed the Makuta with.
In destroying it,
you've broken that seal.
I know,
and set Makuta free.
For some reason,
he doesn't scare me anymore.
Help him up.
In light of all you've given,
you owe us nothing,
but my duty requires I ask,
will you change us back?
He wants to know
why you would want that,
being as you've made peace
with the beast within,
that you might even
be the better for it.
It's our destiny to be Toa,
and to keep our promise
to the Matoran.
Then so will you be.
Now then, let's get all of you to safety.
Put your back into it, brothers.
Nice ship.
Hey, Matau, let's not crash it this time.
Well, my friend,
I guess this is it.
- Thank you.
- You are most welcome, Vakama.
But it's me
that should be thanking you.
I don't understand.
It's not every day I get to see
a legend come true, you know.
Oh, yes, Norik.
He is quite a sight.
but I wasn't
talking about Keetongu.
- The Great Rescue.
- Yes.
And now we know that the Matoran
are in most capable hands.
Your hands.
Next stop, Mata Nui.
The Makuta!
He is gone.
Not for long. I imagine
we'll be seeing him again very soon.
- And when we do?
- We'll find a way to defeat him,
because that's what Toa do.
I was right.
Makuta would follow us here,
and threaten to cast our new world
and all who came to call it home
into everlasting shadow.
It was in those days
I discovered our destinies
are not written in stone.
We have to find them for ourselves.
I found mine.
Now it's time for you
to make new legends,
for that is the way
of the Bionicle.