Bionicle: Mask of Light (2003) Movie Script

Gathered friends,
listen again to our legend of the Bionicle.
ln the time before time,
the Great Spirit descended from the heavens
carrying we, the ones called the Matoran,
to this paradise.
We were separate and without purpose
so the Great Spirit illuminated us
with the three virtues,
unity, duty
and destiny.
We embraced these gifts and, in gratitude,
we named our island home Mata Nui
after the Great Spirit himself.
But our happiness was not to last.
For Mata Nui's brother, the Makuta, was
jealous of these honours and betrayed him,
casting a spell over Mata Nui,
who fell into a deep slumber.
The Makuta was free
to unleash his shadows.
And unleash them, he did.
He's got more rocks in his head
than a Po-Matoran!
Look, Pewku!
That's...why...they call
me...the Chronicler!
l bet no-one's recorded this before.
What are you doing here?
We're supposed to be at the kohlii match!
Oh, yeah! Sorry, Jaller! Hang on a sec.
l just gotta check out that totem.
You're hopping across lava
to look at a stupid warning totem?
- What would Turaga Vakama say?
- ''lrresponsible''?
- Now, come on!
- Be...right...there.
Very impressive!
Let's go!
Oh, no!
Takua, get outta there!
- Jaller! Look!
- A Great Kanohi mask!
- Wow! l've never seen this language.
- Takua!
Hold your Rahi! l'm coming!
Uh-oh! Here! Take the mask!
- Toa Tahu!
- Chronicler!
Sight-seeing, were ya?
Well, let's take a closer look at those falls!
Huh! So, Takua, this view close enough?
Aw, Takua!
Toa Tahu!
Takua? He didn't...?
You're alive! Kohlii-head!
You could have been lava bones!
Coulda been. But l'm not.
A Great Kanohi mask!
- lt was in the lava. Takua...
- This could be important.
Take it to Turaga Vakama.
After you've won the kohlii match!
Then, no more sight-seeing!
Yes, Toa Tahu.
We are thankful to the Great Spirit
for his gift of six guardians
who represent the elements.
Our mighty Toa!
We now enjoy peace and prosperity
and the opportunity to build,
as we have with our new kohlii field!
Let us welcome our protectors.
The spirit of fire - Toa Tahu!
From the village of water, Toa Gali!
And from the village of stone,
Toa Pohatu.
- Pleasure to see you again, Gali.
- Thank you, Tahu!
Brother! l am thrilled to be here!
Well! Couldn't have our first match
without the patron of kohlii!
And so l am here!
Always a pleasure, Gali!
You two!
Still so ill at ease?
Put your petty differences aside!
l think my brother is afraid
of having his fire eexinguished.
Sister! Against me
you'd be nothing but steam!
Hot air - as they say!
The Toa squabble
like gukko birds over a berry.
Their recent victories are a blessing,
but they've forgotten they need each other.
lndeed, Nokama.
We dedicate this kohlii field
to the Great Spirit, Mata Nui,
and to the three virtues -
duty, destiny.
Unity! Duty! Destiny!
Let the tournament...begin!
Ta-Koro welcomes three teams.
From the desert village of Po-Koro,
copper mask winners
and undisputed kohlii champions,
Hewkii and Hafu!
Kohlii! Kohlii!
From the shining seas of Ga-Koro,
the challengers, Hahli and Macku!
Go, Ga-Matorans!
And from Ta-Koro,
your own Captain of the Guard
and the Chronicler himself,
Jaller and Takua!
- Try your new move.
- Of course. lt's what the audience came for.
Play well!
He's coming round the right.
- Nice save!
- Not bad!
Nothing gets by the Captain of the Guard.
Unless he wishes it!
l'll keep that in mind!
Wow! Great kick!
What a shot!
l don't think
we've seen that move before!
Hahli scores!
Goal and tournament go to Ga-Koro!
Let's hear it, folks.
Once again!
Mata Nui!
Nice defence, Macku!
Good shooting, Hewkii.
- Good shooting yourself, Hahli.
- Not bad, for a Ga-Matoran!
Good effort, Takua.
Nice move there.
A little more practice and you'll be amazing.
Congratulations to Ga-Koro!
And well played by all.
- What's she doing?
- Sh! Translating.
This is the Great Kanohi mask of light.
A mask to be worn only by a Seventh Toa.
The prophecy is being fulfilled!
- Can this be true?
- A Toa of Light!
Legends foretell
the coming of a Seventh Toa
who will bring light to the shadows
and awaken Mata Nui.
What are we waiting for?
We should prepare for this Toa's arrival.
When will it be? And where?
This Toa will not simply appear
as you and the others did.
The Seventh Toa must be found.
- What?
- The Mask of Light chose who would find it.
Perhaps it also chose
who would deliver it to its master.
Wait. At the stadium.
There was a sign.
The mask threw its light upon one Matoran!
- He must be the herald of the Seventh Toa.
- But l didn't...
Tell them the truth. Say something.
l do say something.
l say... Hail Jaller!
All hail Jaller, herald of the Seventh Toa.
Hail, Jaller! Hail, Jaller!
You can not do this.
You have to be the herald.
Captain of the Guard, approach.
Go on!
lt seems the mask of light has chosen you.
Will you seek the Seventh Toa?
l... l will.
And Takua the Chronicler
has volunteered to join me.
While Jaller makes history, you will record it.
Soon, we will have another great chapter
to add to our wall.
Yes, Turaga.
lt will be full of Jaller's brave deeds.
The Seventh Toa!
But why now? All the Makuta's threats
have been defeated.
Who can fathom the wisdom of Mata Nui?
l am happy to take good news to the north.
- You travel with Gali?
- No.
She has gone to ponder the great thoughts.
A seventh star!
The earth shudders, my brother.
The Seventh Toa has begun its approach.
Again the prophecies of the Matoran
oppose my will.
Must l release those
who should never see the light of day?
l must preserve your slumber.
Their unity can be poisoned.
Their duty will
be broken.
Their destiny,
l must shatter!
Go, my sons.
Use the shadows
and keep my brother
Toa Pohatu has left for the north.
He spreads word of your search.
Oh, thanks. l'll take any help l can...
...give to Jaller
for his quest, the one that's his, that is.
Look, don't get mushy, Jaller.
l have no time for a long goodbye.
l... l was just gonna say...
well, you owe me a re-match
on the kohlii field.
Well, then.
You'd better hurry back because...
l'll be practising.
- You're bringing Pewku?
- l couldn't leave her behind if l wanted to.
- Stop!
- The shadows of the Makuta are powerful.
Do not take your journey lightly.
lt will tolerate none of your foolery.
How will we know where to start?
Trust in the mask.
Let it be your guide.
Hard to argue with that.
Remember your duty
and walk in the light.
Move over!
Safely, in the light.
Mata Nui!
They're headed for Ta-Koro!
The Toa of Water approaches.
The Toa of Water...
ls here. Sound the alarm.
- Rahkshi!
- Shadows that cower in the depths.
Exactly as foretold!
None have breached
Ta-Koro's gates before.
And none shall this day.
Mata Nui protect us!
l'm coming, Tahu.
The Matoran.
Over here!
Take this!
Good job.
- We must get the Matoran to safety now.
- Surrender?
lt's lost, Tahu. We need to regroup.
So be it.
- See the others to safety.
- Yes, Toa Gali.
Back! You foul creature!
One more step and l'll...
l'll take it from here, wise one.
Hurry. Go quickly.
Brother, be careful!
Tahu, your mask. l'm sorry.
lt's nothing.
This way!
Gali! Jump on!
Where shall we go from here?
The town's destroyed.
My home! They could have destroyed us.
- Why didn't they?
- They are seekers.
Whatever they came for, they didn't find.
- So what were they after?
- Makuta fears for his spell of shadows.
The mask of light?
Then they seek the Seventh Toa.
Jaller and Takua!
- We'll summon the Toa.
- Don't trouble the others, sister.
- l'll see to their safety myself.
- No, Tahu. No! We must remain united.
lf you insist.
l hate the jungle.
lt's all sticky and full of...
How can you say that?
lt's incredible! ls there any place
on Mata Nui where you do feel at home?
- l don't complain about Ta-Koro.
- But you wander off looking for stories.
- What about your story?
- l don't have a story.
'Cause you won't stand still
long enough to make one.
- We all have a destiny, you know.
- You know me, always different!
Keep him busy. l'm...
- Running away and leaving me!
- Just watch.
Toa Tahu does this...
Toa Lewa, Spirit of Air.
Mata Nui! Where did you learn to bear fight
like that, little one?
Right here. Just now.
Well, l'd say you're a natural,
brave fire-spitter!
Better finish what l started.
Now, now. What's that for?
You and ash bear got no wrong quarrel.
Just doin' her duty.
lf it was your home realm,
you'd do the same.
Go now, sister bear.
Word is deepwood
that you seek the Seventh Toa.
He seeks. l follow.
He's the herald. l'm just his biographer.
lf Toa Lewa helped on your search,
might he be a...spirit lift?
You...? With us?
We'd be honoured to have you walk with us.
Walk? Not never. lf you ride with me,
there'll be no foot-walkin'.
Just air-flyin'.
Ever windfly a gukko bird?
l've been a second!
But...l've never flown one myself.
Then today's for quick-learnin'.
Stay sharp and follow well.
Sorry, Pewku, no room.
Go on home.
- What?
- We're here.
Hey, not bad!
You even kept us on the right path.
The drums of the Koro
bring a sorrybad story.
Your village has fallen to...
Rahkshi? The Makuta's sons.
My village? ln trouble.
l should have been there.
- l must return!
- Sorry, firespitter. Past late to help now.
The mask most needs you.
- Takua will continue in my place.
- No way. You accepted this duty.
- Your duty!
- Stop! What is this duty quarrel?
We all have a duty to Mata Nui.
No time to in-fight.
l must go, be with the Toa.
But then l'll go to your village, Jaller.
Heart promise.
l can't thank you enough, Toa.
Does something here look familiar?
Well, maybe our path would be straighter
if the real herald had the mask.
The real herald has the mask.
- Couldn't find water if l fell out of a canoe.
- What do you think l can find?
Frozen? What could do this to them?
Toa of lce. How did you find us?
- lt was you who were following me.
- We were?
We didn't mean to. We were lost.
- We're on a mission. You've heard of it?
- No.
We've been sent to find the Seventh Toa.
Takua was in the tunnel with the lava break,
where he's not supposed to be, by the way.
Ta-Koro's gone, Lewa.
Buried by the very lava that sustained it.
You worry about scratches?
My village is gone!
Your power was nothing.
My power
was nothing.
We are same-hearted, brother.
That heart will quicken us
to stop the evil spread.
First, we must be united.
Together, we are strong.
- Go!
- The Captain of the Guard never runs a...
Dead end!
The mask!
Rahkshi - washed and chilled!
- lt moves!
- Even l get lucky sometimes.
Not luck.
lt's what you do that makes a hero.
- No! Stop, Pewku!
- Pewku!
Wow! She must have come
right through the jungle.
Not bad! Maybe Pewku
should be the herald, Toa Kopaka?
- He just left us here.
- He must see to his village.
''Onu-Koro highway.'' Hasn't been used
in a while. We don't have a light stone.
Who needs light stones?
Hey, Jaller!
Guys? Where d'you go?
Jaller? Jaller!
Shadows are everywhere!
And where they are,
so am l.
l know who you are. l'm... l'm not afraid.
Even my shadows cannot hide your fear.
- Or the truth.
- What truth?
That you will not find the Seventh Toa.
And, deep down, you know it.
So l won't. Maybe Jaller will.
And if he doesn't,
he will die because of you.
Bring me the mask, Takua.
Bring it to me
and you won't lose your friend.
No. l won't let everyone down.
You fail them more if you refuse.
For the mask,
your villages and Jaller
will be spared.
Don't be a fool.
No! l can't!
The mask is pointing this way.
Where did you wander off to?
Jaller...about the mask.
What about it?
Are you ready to take it finally?
l can't. l can't go with you.
- l can't explain.
- That's just great!
You stick me with your duty then ditch me?
My duty's to myself. l quit!
Just...take the mask and go!
Fine! But l won't give up.
l'll find the Seventh Toa
whether you're the true herald or not.
My goodwill refused!
My noble sons
bound in ice.
So my hand is cast!
Now l must pierce
that which the Toa hold dear.
Anger amongst them
will threaten their precious unity!
will consume their duty.
And fear
will keep them from their destiny.
They will not disturb you.
Onua, my friend.
lt seems bashing granite is treating you well.
Look around you!
Mining has never been better!
You should join me at it some time.
Try doing a real job!
Say, how goes the carving?
Their work is magnificent
but nowhere near as good
as the other tidings l bring.
Come forward!
Matoran of Onu-Koro!
The mask of light has been found.
Jaller, the Captain of the Guard
of Ta-Koro, and Takua the Chronicler,
even now seek the Seventh Toa!
Chronicler, where is the herald?
We got...
..separated after we met the Rahkshi.
What is Rahkshi?
Except, different ones.
Just those are plenty for now.
Welcome to Onu-Koro!
Run! Run! Get outta the way.
Come on, Pewku. Let's get outta here!
My strength!
My power.
What have l done?
No, Tahu!
- Back!
- Windfly!
Fire has no brothers.
Fire consumes all!
Quick-speed to Jaller. Warn him.
l will.
Pewku! Where are you going?
Come on, girl.
Attagirl, Pewku.
All right. Up! OK.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Come on.
- Your turn!
- lt will be a pleasure!
Well done!
But how did you keep the ceiling...
from collapsing on us too?
Tahu, remember who you are.
Remember your destiny!
l have no destiny!
Sorry, brother.
Brothers, let's take him to safety.
We gotta find Jaller. Come on!
Come on, Pewku. Let's get outta here.
The poison is destroying him. We must
counteract it. His life depends on it.
- Do you know the cure?
- Perhaps, but we must act.
Let us summon all the healing powers
we possess. Lewa, ready his sword.
That's enough.
You did all you could.
Were the Turaga right about us?
Have we lost our unity?
Mata Nui!
Where does my destiny lie?
Well, l guess l asked!
What now?
Grab on!
Well, well, well!
Whatever happened to ''l quit''?
l could've. But l...didn't.
Bad news. More Rahkshi.
They've taken Onu-Koro.
- The mask of light wasn't at Onu-Koro.
- They're looking for the herald.
- You sure they were after the herald?
- Oh, yeah. Real sure.
Then we'd better find the Seventh Toa.
Sister, he is open-eyed.
- Brother, are you well?
- No. No, l'm not well.
But l...l am alive
and in your debt, my sister.
Kini Nui, the great temple.
No way! We've been all over the island
to wind up here?
Why not? lt's a special place.
Are you sure this thing is working right?
- Oops.
- What did you do?
This is it. The Seventh Toa must be here.
- Rahkshi!
- Give me the mask!
No. The mask chose me.
l'm the true herald.
Are you sure? Even now?
Yes, l am the herald.
And l say run!
Now what?
We're trapped,
but not helpless.
Toa! Great! You can get us outta here.
We are done running.
- Wha...?
- What's that?
Brothers, we thought we lost you.
And you might have
if it weren't for our icy friend.
Now, as one!
We will not be broken.
Windfly. Sand twister!
And fire!
Makes glass!
Back off!
Leave the heavy lifting to me!
And ice.
Feel me.
Fear me!
l'm supposed to make the sacrifice.
No. The duty was mine.
You know who you are.
You were always different.
You know who you are.
l am Takanuva, Toa of Light.
So, it has begun, my brother,
but soon it will also
All this, just to discover who l am?
You have finally found your own story,
and still you seek answers.
Mata Nui is wiser than all.
The path you walked
was not to be here but in here!
You understand. Your destiny is clear.
My duty is clear.
Jaller's sacrifice will not be in vain.
How will this way find the Makuta?
What is the Makuta's shall return to him.
Jaller was your herald.
Let him continue to lead you to victory.
- Well said, Hahli.
- Not much room in this transport.
- Where will we all sit, brother?
- You shall not join me.
But, united,
our power defeated the Rahkshi.
lt will take nothing less
to defeat the Makuta.
l have but one destiny.
Yours lie with the Matoran
and the Turaga.
Gather them and wait for my return.
- Hahli!
- lt's time someone was your chronicler.
You can no longer hide in shadow.
l am shadow,
the shadow that guards the gate.
Now, run along
or accept your doom.
l am done running.
Mata Nui will be awakened this day.
- Hahli! Summon the Matoran.
- lt's done.
Toa of Light.
Now so bold.
But at heart you are still
just Takua.
You failed to save your friend.
You didn't even warn him.
Perhaps, for your neex great failure,
a simple game of kohlii?
Win and you may try to open the gate.
When you lose,
l'll have that mask.
l will not lose.
Come on!
l bring word from Takanuva.
He wants us to follow.
We are to awaken Mata Nui today.
ls it the right thing to do?
A light among the shadows.
The prophecy is fulfilled. We must go.
lf we descend into those tunnels
we may never return.
Still running, Toa?
- Silence.
- This island is a great, wondrous place.
Never have any been as blessed
as we are to live in such a paradise.
l love my home and Jaller loved it too.
Above all, Jaller respected his duty.
Let us repay him by doing our duty,
remember him by fulfilling our destiny.
Let us go forward together.
Let us awaken the Great Spirit.
My brother...
..shall not... awakened.
Come on!
An audience gathers
for your final failure, Toa of Light.
Maybe they will not see me win today,
but the Matoran will go on
and, some day, they will triumph.
You actually believe
l would let them return?
They will not leave.
Well played, Toa.
Now l will protect Mata Nui from you.
- Protect him?
- Sleep spares him pain.
Awake, he suffers.
- You are not protecting him.
- My duty is to the mask of shadows.
Then let's take a closer look
behind that mask.
Mata Nui!
Light and shadow
have become one.
Light has revealed the will of Mata Nui.
Our brother must be awakened.
Go! Run!
Hold, little one.
That mask needs life.
My duty is done.
Get outta there!
Let us awaken the Great Spirit.
You're alive!
You could've been Makuta bones!
Could've been. But l'm not.
United, we embraced our duty.
Light found itself
and illuminated our destiny.
The city of the Great Spirit,
my island home, re-found.
New legends awake,
but old lessons must be remembered.
This is the way
of the Bionicle.
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