Bioscopewala (2018) Movie Script

If the police arrive,
just handle the situation.
No, I don't think things
will move this fast, but still..
I should be back by next Monday
at the latest.
All right.
...Are crossing
the Mediterranean Sea
walking across countries,
with children.
It's the ultimate lottery
of survival.
You make it, you live.
Otherwise you are just another
body lying on the ground.
'Dear Minnie'
'there is much unsaid between us.'
'I don't know how it got this way.'
'If I could make a fresh start,
I would.'
'For now'
'all I have to offer
is a confession. '
'With 249 people on board,
where has the South Asiatic'
'Airlines' Boeing jetliner flight
SA109 disappeared?'
'While the officials
continued search operations'
'along the flight route'
'the Spin Ghar mountains
between Pakistan and Afghanistan'
'is where the search operations
are being narrowed down to.'
'Now, coming in live feed
from the South Asiatic'
'Airlines spokesperson..'
'We are going to cut
to that immediately.'
'I apologise, for it has
taken us three days'
'to get back with any news.'
'South Asiatic Airlines
is extremely sorry to report'
'that its flight SA109'
'from Kolkata to Kabul
via Karachi'
'has crashed.'
'Debris have been spotted'
'in the Nangarhar Province
of Afghanistan.'
Further to the official statement
South Asiatic Airlines
wishes to announce
the comprehensive passenger list.
All persons named
are considered presumed dead.
Business class passengers..
Reshad Karzai
Adila Karzai
Jaffar Ahmadi
Robi Basu
Ghafar Mohammad
Sadiq Khan
Tahir Multani
'Acclaimed international fashion
photographer, Robi Basu's name'
'has also been found on the list
of passengers presumed dead.'
'His demise has wreaked havoc
in the entire fashion industry.'
'The fraternity has voiced great
concern over his untimely death.'
Minnie, people have been
calling up since morning.
What do I tell them?
Can we please speak
about this tomorrow, sir?
I'm sorry,
the internet is really slow.
It keeps getting disconnected.
Actually, I'm just getting
irritable now.
Is it okay if we speak later?
'Of course. I mean,
I am just glad you called up.'
'I'll be up for a few hours, so
call me if you can't fall asleep.'
I'll probably do that.
Would you be eating now or not?
No, sir.
That's Bhola.
He took care of my father
ever since
they were young boys
and then me.
I know that I somehow
need to reach out to him
and try to make him
feel better
but I just don't know how.
'Everyone has their own process
of grieving, Minnie.'
'Let him be.
Worry about yourself.'
I don't understand
why he was going
to Afghanistan in the first place.
'Get some sleep
and call me up tomorrow.'
Yes. Good night.
'Have we not spoken about this?'
'Are you allowed in when dad
is working in his room?'
are you in dad's room?'
Is this the residence
of Robi Basu?
Yes, but he has passed away.
Passed Away? How?
- That plane crash..
The same one they are showing
on TV? Yes, I was watching it!
What's happening, sir?
- It's nothing.
What's this about?
- Go inside..
Who is this lady?
She was studying abroad.
- Yes?
Madam, your dad
had filed a petition.
Robi Basu has been granted
the custody.
Hold on, this seems to be
a different address. - Minnie.
Take the daughter's signature.
Next of kin!
Madam, sincere apologies
for your father's demise.
But you see, he had...
- Sir, it was the Airlines'
office calling.
I'll have to go, its urgent.
I'll drop you..
- Stop, stop.
I'm sorry
but I thought you were calling
from SA Airlines office.
Not from, madam. On behalf of.
Have a seat, please!
Many, many condolences.
So, you are not associated
with the airlines.
No, madam.
But I will come to that.
Please give me a minute.
Please sit.
Serve the tea quickly,
is this Minnie Basu?
Yes, I am Minnie Basu.
I am calling from Bhowanipore
Police Station. - Yes, sir.
Does Bhola reside with you?
Yes, Mr. Bhola.
He does live with us.
Okay, we are transferring
him the custody.. - Okay..
Madam, actually
all the passengers' families
are coming together
so that better compensation
can be procured
from the airline company.
It is to facilitate this process..
- How dare you!
How can you even think
of something like this?
But, madam,
why are you losing your temper?
I'm just saying
that to facilitate this process
I was offering you my services.
I was only offering you
my professional expertise.
Madam, please.
What happened?
It's quite hot.
- Oh!
The cops didn't bother
to wait, did they?
Did they leave
any number behind?
I visited the station, Minnie.
I handled everything! You don't
have to worry yourself a bit.
What is this?
- It's for Rehmat.
I thought I'll place
his mattress beside mine.
Now, he will sleep there.
Who is Rehmat?
- Mr. Rehmat..
Sir had petitioned
for his custody, remember?
We won it.
- Hold on.
You are saying that he is here.
He is going to be living here.
Yes, of course.
I had called you up
from the police station.
Show me.
But, Minnie..
- Good evening, sir.
This is Minnie Basu. I'm calling
from 16, 4 Bhowanipore.
This is concerning Rehmat Khan.
Sir, I want to know
on what basis you transferred
the responsibility
of his custody to me?
Hold on, madam.
Your dad fought for his custody
in a court of law.
Unfortunately, your father
met with an untimely death.
And your caretaker whose name
was in the petition..
It's only after taking
his signature
that we have granted
the custody.
Sir, but I don't
even know this man.
And how can I
be held responsible
for the decisions Mr. Basu took
when he was alive?
See, what kind of people exist.
The poor father
died fighting the case
and now, the daughter says
it's not her responsibility.
Excuse me, sir. I can understand
what you are saying.
I can hear you!
What are you trying to say?
No.. What I am trying
to say is that
your father fought so hard,
filing so many petitions
and you cannot respect
his last wish?
Sir, when my father
boarded that plane
he did not know
that he was going to die!
This was not his last wish!
Mr. Bhattacharya, please,
I would really appreciate
if you can show my father
a little more respect.
Please! I beg of you!
How much more respect to show?
We freed a murderer,
haven't we?
What else do you expect me
to do for you?
But.. But this is ridiculous!
- Please, madam!
Don't go on increasing
my paperwork needlessly.
I don't even know that man!
What do you mean by..
Mr. Bhola!
Where are you?
Come here now!
I have just spoken to the..
I have just spoken to the police.
This man was in jail
for murder!
Yes, he had been to jail
but I was sure
that he couldn't
have committed the crime.
Are you sure you don't remember
Mr. Rehmat? When you were five..
I was five-years-old, Mr. Bhola.
How am I to remember?
I am not sure Ms. Minnie
if Dada Babu called you and
spoke to you about this.
But he was travelling
to Afghanistan..
For Mr. Rehmat. Maybe..
As in?
As in, Mr. Rehmat is from
Afghanistan, you know.
I am not sure
but if you were to look
into Dada Babu's
latest research box, perhaps..
In the study.
Just a second.. The phone..
'Dear Mr. Dhar'
'In the matter concerning
Rehmat Khan'
'vs The State of West Bengal'
'Rehmat Khan was given
a single life term'
'for the murder of
Ikhtedaar Hussain'
'by Judge Dhir Bhuyan.'
'He is currently 70 years old'
'and has been diagnosed
with Alzheimer's.'
'I understand his health is failing.'
'I therefore request you to
pardon any remaining terms'
'so that I may try and send him
back home. - Dear Mr. Basu'
'the matter regarding early release
on compassionate grounds'
'is entirely up to
the State Prison Board.'
'Best regards, Bastab Dhar.'
'Deputy Commissioner
of Police, Kolkata.'
'My lawyers have brought
to my notice that'
'the Inspector General may use his powers'
'to recommend premature release.'
'Dear Mr. Basu'
'owing to his deteriorating
medical condition'
'it might be possible
to obtain a pardon.'
'Kindly proceed with registering
yourself as guardian'
'so that you may gain his
custody upon release.'
'About sending him
back to Afghanistan'
'this is something you could take
up with the Afghan Embassy.'
What is the name of your friend?
- Rehmat Khan.
Rehmat Khan?
A few years ago, a gentleman
had come to meet me
concerning the same Rehmat Khan.
I forget his name..
- Robi Basu?
Maybe. I think.
According to his report
this Rehmat Khan had
spent several years
above and beyond his
life imprisonment in jail.
I was young back then..
I even corresponded with
my Embassy in Delhi to help.
But nothing came of it.
I am his daughter. Robi's daughter.
Rehmat Khan has been released now.
He's at home now, with me. So..
Your intention is very noble.
Don't get this man
involved in deportation.
But sir..
- He won't live for long.
Let him live out his days in peace.
There is nothing left in
Afghanistan to return to.
Mr. Bhola.
Sorry, Ms. Minnie.
Actually, Varun wasn't home today.
But I promise, by this evening..
Open the room for him.
Here he comes..
The Bioscope man, here he comes..
Here he comes..
"Oh he brings with him.."
"With him, lots of Bioscope fun.."
"Here he comes!"
"With colourful movies.."
- Tell me..
"Movies of a pretty damsel."
"I have Cuckoo's bangles
too, come see.."
"With chubby Gope
thrown in for free."
"Here he comes, here he comes,
the Bioscopewala.."
"Oh he brings with him, brings
with him, lots of Bioscope fun!"
"A penny.. We carry for you."
"Each a penny, all a penny,
to give to you.."
"In exchange of that
penny, we get for you.."
"We'll watch the whole show,
and a little more too!"
Burn fire, burn, burn
the evil in turn. - Hey..
What are you doing
under the table here?
When I came back from
school, it was day.
And now suddenly
it's become dark.
This is just an eclipse,
dear, just an eclipse.
Please don't disturb.
Burn fire, burn,
burn the evil in turn.
You want to listen to a song?
"Eeny, Minnie, Miny Moe.."
"Gama and Geeta
are singing too.."
"Eeny, Minnie, Miny Moe. Gama
and Geeta are singing too.."
"Open your palms and look inside..
It is where your future hides.."
"My shoes are from Japan."
"These pants from the English land."
"Your dear old grandma.."
"Your dear old grandma was taken
away by robbers!"
"Lo behold, I bring
the picture show.."
"With my destiny in tow.."
"It's ironic you must know.."
"The white man's cannon
is just a picture show!"
"Here he comes, here he comes,
the Bioscopewala.."
"Oh he brings with him, brings
with him, lots of Bioscope fun!"
Ms. Nancy saw this drawing and
gave me a golden star in school
because she thought
it was Santa Claus.
I told her, 'Ms. Nancy you
can keep your golden star'
'because this is my Bioscopewala!'
"Here he comes, here he comes,
the Bioscopewala.."
"Oh he brings with him.."
"I got you Hitler's
toothbrush moustache. - Got it.."
"The Bioscopewala..
- With colourful movies.."
"Here comes.. The Bioscopewala.."
Mr. Bhola!
I'll handle this. Mr. Rehmat?
What are you doing here?
Come. let's go.
- Hey!
Is this the Bioscopewala?
Yes. I have been saying this.
It's him. Ms. Rehmat. Come.
Somehow I could not
associate the state he is in
to the man I remember. I mean..
I am still finding it difficult
accepting the fact that
it's the same person.
- 'It happens.'
Do you remember?
Do you remember in film school
I had done a proposal? - 'Yes..'
- I never really followed it up.
But this is him. This is the man.
I mean this man taught me
how to tell stories.
He taught me how to make things up!
And I resented him coming back.
I suspected him. I feel terrible.
My father..
He had to..
He must have known something
to have wanted him out so bad.
Someone must know what
really happened. - 'Okay..'
So what do we do now?
There is.. The release papers..
It did mention a witness though.
And an address.
- They both look similar.
It has been
25 years since I came here.
But it's one of these. For sure.
Be careful..
Sir.. I need
to ask you something.
About 20 years ago
a man named Nandan Saha
used to live here.
Do you know him?
- No.
Just a minute.
Can you tell me anything
about the old landlords
or earlier tenants perhaps?
Anything. It'll be a great help.
Please try and understand.
People change here every day.
Even us, we are here today.
We have no idea
where we'll be tomorrow.
Please excuse us.
Hey! Get back..
- Hey..
Come on.. - Hey..
What's happening?
Leave him! - Move..
Get away!
Why were they hitting you?
Let's go.
- I know who you are.
You know me?
- No, you!
You spend sleepless nights.
Unable to cry.
Questions won't stop hounding you.
No matter how much you try.
I have a remedy for you.
Come.. Come on..
Come.. Here..
Only Rs. 2800.
Okay. Rs. 2500?
I know who you are.
You are the one who used to live
on the second floor.
Beside Rehmat Khan's room?
Tell me you are the same man,
aren't you? - I know who you are.
Do you? How dare you sell
hash to Ms. Minnie!
Admit it. You knew
Rehmat Khan, didn't you?
The name is Rehmat.
The name rings a bell,
but it seems all hazy.
Who is the senior in charge in
your Bara Bazaar police station?
Mr. Roy, right?
No.. - Yes.. - One minute..
Rehmat Khan, the true Pathan.
The true Pathan.
He had come to earn money,
like a lot of other people.
Back then, a lot of people
would travel from Afghanistan.
Some sold dry fruits and nuts,
some sold shawls.
But Rehmat Khan..
Rehmat Khan's profession
was something else.
He used to show cinema.
Mobile Cinema.
Bringing opium from Afghanistan
was easier than bringing cinema.
Had he been alone, he'd have
saved some money.
But he had two women tagging along.
He would bear even their expenses.
And while traveling, the lens
of his Bioscope broke.
He didn't have the money to fix it.
So I came to the rescue.
I took him to the flea market.
What are you going to gain from
bargaining two hundred bucks?
Are you going to buy yourself
a palace?
Mr. Robi..
- How is the business?
Did you find the lens I wanted?
- Hey..
Yes. I spoke to the guys
in Bombay. - Yes..
They have sent this double
converter. Absolutely the same.
The double converter serves
a completely different purpose.
I am looking for a tele-extender.
Were you able to find it?
I tried a lot but this will work.
I guarantee.
It will work..
- Filmovara.
- Filmovara.
- Yes?
He is saying that the..
- Filmovara's zoom lens?
Yes.. Lens. Lens.
Is that so?
Does he have it?
How does he know?
Well.. Sure.
It will work.
- But.. - You shut up.
This is for my lens
and whatever my friends
have taken, adjust it.
I collect old projectors.
If you ever come by towards
Bhowanipore, come see me.
Thank you.
Is everything else good?
- Yes.. - Okay..
Oh my gosh!
- Thank you.
After that he would visit him
quite often.
But why was he jailed?
- Jail?
Come here..
For stealing a toffee..
He committed a murder.
But it could also be that
somebody else committed the murder
and he was framed? - Framed?
It's not like the man
was prancing around..
Carrying a knife, he suddenly trips
and stabs the other man!
'Oh you got stabbed
by mistake. Sorry, sir.'
The murder happened.
I witnessed it.
- Get him..
Look! There he is!
- Get him..
- Come on..
Come on..
What happened?
- Sir..
Hey! Mr. Rehmat!
- Sir..
Mr. Rehmat!
- Give me my phone quick!
Give me my phone quick!
- Hurry up!
Please wait outside.
What can you give me in return
for sparing your life?
What is this?
Look behind.
'The murder happened. '
'I witnessed it.'
'He is my Bioscopewala!'
This way..
Stay here.
I'll go and check.
- Try some.
- Hey..
He's not here. He might've gone
out with some work.
So.. Give me your name
and address.
- Buy these..
Buy these..
Tell him about Rehmat Khan.
Tell him about Rehmat Khan.
I won't spare you if I find you
here ever again. Get lost.
Get lost!
- Get lost!
That's enough. No need
to do anything else.
He won't agree, okay?
I can't go back to Sonagachi.
It's a dead end I've hit.
How is he?
He has rested all day.
Have you eaten?
- Yes.
I really don't want to tell you.
You are there, I'm here and..
It's fine. Everything is fine.
He seems to be recovering one day
and the next day, he is back
to square one.
There was a time
when this man could polish off
two biryanis in one sitting.
But now...
- So take biryani for him.
Won't do. They check.
The doctors even check
the tiffins we carry.
Rs. 21 recharge equals
Rs. 21 worth talk time.
Behave yourself otherwise
you'll see the worst of me.
Come. Take me to Mr. Khan.
Mr. Rehmat is in the hospital.
Oh God! What's happened to him?
Which hospital?
Come. Let's go. Now.
I'm Wahida!
You had left your address
with Rafi, hadn't you?
I apologise on behalf of Rafi.
He has been hired
for my protection.
He gets emotional sometimes.
Let's go..
- Sir..
What was your relation..
How did you know him?
When we left Afghanistan
and came to India
it was pure coincidence
that Mr. Rehmat
and I were on the same truck.
The night I left Jalalabad
is the night I met Ghazala
and Mr. Rehmat as well.
He was familiar with Ghazala.
They belonged to the same village.
What a personality he had.
But even then there was
something broken inside of him.
People were desperate
to leave Afghanistan back then.
There used to be agents
who'd manage things.
We crossed the border
into Pakistan fairly easily
by giving small bribes.
But as we travelled further,
the stakes grew higher.
But this wasn't acceptable
to Mr. Rehmat.
Hurry up! Run! Run!
Suddenly he turned around and ran
back towards the check post.
I don't know what it was
about the bioscope
that he risked his life
and went back for it.
Thank God..
During the journey, when people
started mentioning
where in India were they headed
it seemed as if Mr. Rehmat didn't
have any destination planned.
And since Ghazala and
I were travelling alone
we asked if he would accompany us
to Calcutta for our safe keep
he did not refuse.
We had been told of a man called
Ikhtedaar Hussain
a savior for Afghan
immigrants here in India.
There were stories back home
about how successful
the Afghans under his protection
had become, in India.
Hit him..
Hit him..
Everyone assumed that Ikhtedaar
was essentially a money lender.
But the fact is that he
made most of his money
from betting on the boxing
that would happen in his godown.
- Yes.
It was only after coming here
we realised that
the circumstances weren't very
different from those back home.
We formed our own village that
the locals called the Pathanbari.
Here, tie these!
It became an opportunity for Afghan
women to make a little money.
Start! - We thought of trying
our luck as well.
Come on.. - Some of us even made
it to state level boxing.
Some women even got offered
legal domicile in India.
We dared to hope for the same.
Hit hard..
Come on..
Hey.. - One day, I was beckoned up
to Ikhtedaar's room.
Look at her..
Look.. She's gone..
Oh God!
- Hey!
Look there.. He's the one.
Intention separates
an accidental death from murder.
When Ikhtedaar looked
at me that day
his intentions were clear.
All Mr. Rehmat had in his mind
was our safekeeping.
- Ghazala was the lucky one.
She got away, got married
and settled down.
Mr. Rehmat was
the unfortunate one.
His life was sacrificed needlessly.
Can you tell me where I can find
the other lady Ghazala?
Perhaps she knows something more.
Mr. Rehmat's address, or even
perhaps the name of his village?
I haven't seen her for many years.
I saw her once
in the New Market area.
But she looked right through me.
Any chance you'd have her
phone number or address?
This is Ghazala,
and this here is me. Take it.
'In the name of God,
the most beneficent and merciful.'
- 'Is this Minnie Basu?' - Yes.
'Your name is registered under
relation to Robi Basu.'
'Passenger flight SA 109?'
- Yes.
'Madam, you can come tomorrow
between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.'
'to collect your father's remains.'
Okay. Thank you.
Excuse me.
- Hi.
Token please. - Minnie Basu.
I am here for Robi Basu.
As you can see, we have
classified most of the baggage
based on seat numbers
and boarding passes.
Ma'am.. Can you please verify
the contents?
Or any other identification?
I am not sure but..
If you open the bag, perhaps
near the flap
you'll find a nametag
which bears his name and address.
It should be there. He used
to do it as a matter of practice.
Are you all right?
You've grown up so much
that you are coming
and asking me how I am doing?
I am all right.
Let me explain this to you.
If I were to explain in Bengali,
would you be able to understand?
Yes, perhaps.
Life hasn't given me anything
which death can take away.
'Life has given me nothing'
'that death could take away.'
And won't Robi's little angel
join us in saying few words?
Mr. Bhola.
Hello, everyone.
Thank you all for being here
for dad today.
In life, often we decide
before hand
how we would react when
certain things were to happen.
I never thought of dad's death.
Not that I thought
he was immortal
I just assumed it's very,
very far away.
Perhaps you all knew him
better than me.
Even now when I try
to think of him
I can see only half his face.
The other half
it's as if
I never got to see it.
It was always hidden
behind the camera.
To Robi Basu.
To Robi Basu.
What you said
about Robi earlier
I hope it's not
what you really meant.
He did everything he could.
Your father did make
his share of sacrifices.
After Leela's death, he did
not want to let anyone in.
Not for his sake
but for yours.
I hope you can see
that someday, Minnie.
Over the years while growing up
I thought about you all a lot.
Seeing my own relationships
form and come apart
comparing it to the relationship
that the two of you shared.
And now I realize
the sacrifice was actually yours
and not his.
But you know it never
really felt like a sacrifice.
Robi was always so clear
about everything.
He would put his life
into his work.
And what was left
was only yours.
But I am happy
that you came forward
to talk to me first.
You know what it proves?
He made the right choice.
He raised you right!
I need advice on something.
Normally it was Bhola who
would pick you up from school.
But that day, before
he could get to the school
the police had cordoned off
most areas.
Bhola called
and asked Robi to pick you up.
Robi rushed to pick you up but
the police didn't let him go
beyond Jorashakho.
The next day Rehmat
brought you back.
Some local Hindus had
beat him up
alleging that being a Muslim
he was kidnapping a Hindu girl.
It's only when your dad spoke
to them that they let him go.
Get out of here!
Right now!
That was the only time
I saw your father cry.
Hey, hands up..
To be honest, I've been standing
outside for the past 10 minutes.
I was wondering
whether I should even come or..
When Afreen told me that you
wanted to know about Mr. Khan..
All those things, I had tried
to take away from my mind
suddenly came rushing back.
I don't want to feel
all of that again.
How is he?
He is not doing very well.
He is extremely weak.
He is in hospital now.
If you wish to see him
I could take you there now.
Forgive me, but I don't think
I want to see him like this.
I want to keep him in my mind
just as, I saw him last.
I can understand.
I don't think
anybody can understand.
A whole life laid waste
sacrificed for someone else.
Whatever I am today,
it's all because of him.
And why?
What had I done
to deserve this sacrifice?
You tell me. What is it
that you want to know?
My father was travelling
to Afghanistan
when he died in an accident.
All I know is that
his going there was linked
with Rehmat Khan, somehow.
That's all I know.
Whatever you can tell me
about him
it will be of great help to me.
For me, he is still the
'Bioscopewala' of my childhood.
He wasn't always
a 'Bisocopewala'.
As you might well be aware
the ties between the Hazara
and Pashtu communities
have always been
a little strained.
Mr. Khan belonged
to the Hazara community.
He was highly respected amongst
the people in my village.
The elders respected his opinion
and looked up to him.
He had transformed a part of his
house into a small cinema hall.
People would come there
from the neighbouring villages
just to watch Indian films.
Some were 10 or 15 years old
but for us it was
the only means there was.
But as the Taliban began
to gain more power
they declared
that cinema was immoral.
But for Rehmat,
Cinema was a revolution
against a rapidly
changing Afghanistan.
To try
and establish their terror
the Taliban decided to make
an example out of Rehmat.
They burnt down his cinema.
For Mr. Khan,
cinema was the means
for broadening minds.
"The mysteries of eternity.."
"Are known neither
to you nor me.."
"The enigma can be read"
"neither by you nor me."
Bioscope man is here!
"Behold, here he comes!"
"Here he comes, the bioscope man.
He comes!"
"I've stolen Hitler's moustache
for you."
"I've got Chaplin's bowler hat
along too."
"Oh, he brings with him,
some bioscope fun."
"Oh, he brings with him,
some bioscope fun."
"Oh, he brings with him,
some bioscope fun."
"Oh, he brings with him,
some bioscope fun."
"He brought Raj Kapoor
and Helen with him."
"He brought beautiful songs
with him too."
"Oh, he brings with him,
some bioscope fun."
"Oh, he brings with him,
some bioscope fun."
"Oh, he brings with him,
some bioscope fun."
"Oh, he brings with him,
some bioscope fun."
"Oh, he brings with him,
some bioscope fun."
Mr. Khan was told that his daughter
would be punished for refusing
Taliban's orders.
His daughter?
Yes, his daughter. She must've
been five years old then.
About the same age
as you were when he first met you.
I had no idea
that he had a daughter.
I mean, otherwise I would have
tried to contact her sooner.
Can you tell me anything
about how I can find her?
When I met him at the border,
he was on his own.
My journey had begun
a few months earlier.
It was just a matter
of coincidence
that we happened
to be on the same truck.
Perhaps he thought
that the animosity that the
Taliban had, was his to bear
and that if he left
they would leave his wife
and daughter alone.
Do you have any idea of how
I can contact her?
Anything? His address,
perhaps the name of your village?
I can tell you the exact address
to my house
but not Mr. Khan's house..
Let me write it for you.
You said,
she'd be about my age.
Would she even know, he was locked
away in jail all these years?
I must leave now.
I had come having made an excuse
that I have to buy vegetables.
Let's meet again.
- Thank you.
In Bamiyan was a man so small..
He wasn't much taller
than his doll.
The people wondered one and all,
how could both be equally tall!
But they just couldn't tell at all
who was the man
and which was the doll!
Hey, baby,
what is the name of your doll?
This doll? Dolly!
A doll called Dolly?
It's such a pretty doll,
it should have its own pretty name.
For example?
For example, in my faraway house,
there is another baby.
Another baby?
And do you want to know
what her doll is called?
Minnie? But that's
my name, Bioscope man!
Oh, Lord! I never realised!
How could you have not
known, Bioscope man?
Your baby stole my name
for her doll.
So I will steal her name
for my doll!
What's her name?
Hi, Rabiya!
'Dear Minnie.'
'There is much unsaid
between us.'
'I don't know how it got
this way.'
'If I could make a fresh start'
'I would.'
'For now, all I have to offer
is a confession.'
'I think every man faces a conflict
in his life'
'where he has to choose one part
from amongst the roles he plays.'
'My choice was between a father
and a friend.'
'I hope you can understand.'
'For the last ten years,
I have put every waking moment'
'trying to do right
by the man'
'who was such a big part
of our lives.'
Oh! Rehmat!
What a day you have chosen!
Today, your little baby is leaving
to study abroad
and you come back a free man
on the exact same day.
Not a free man..
Not yet.
A group of Naxalites
broke out of jail.
In the chaos, I managed
to sneak out as well.
I realise now that I might have
made a big mistake.
My sentence was almost over.
If they catch me now, it'll mean
a longer period back in.
But I was getting
strange nightmares in the jail.
I had to come see Minnie.
But Minnie isn't here right now.
Besides she is leaving for France
this evening to study films.
All by herself?
- Yes.
How will she manage
on her own?
What are you saying?
But I just crossed this ma'am
while coming up the stairs.
She didn't recognise me.
Times change, Rehmat.
She hardly meets me nowadays.
you didn't recognise her either.
You must be hungry.
Here, have something to eat.
- No. - Have some.
I don't want it.
- Fish curry, your favourite.
I'll go get some water.
Please call me
before you come home.
No, actually..
Wait.. Wait!
Don't come home
until I have called you first.
Just don't!
Is the food okay?
- It's good. The food is good.
I'm glad,
I didn't buy anything for her.
I would have bought something
for a five-year-old.
Bhowanipore Police Station?
Can you hand the phone over
to the duty officer, please?
This is Robi Basu speaking
from 16 by 4, Bhowanipore.
Have any convicts escaped
from the Alipore Central Jail?
I am asking you
because an escaped convict
is sitting in my house
right now!
You should not
have come here, Rehmat.
This is wrong.
I realise that now.
So what now?
What will you do now?
I have already paid
for what I have done.
I don't want to go back
to jail now.
If things are better back home
I'd like to go home to my village,
in Afghanistan.
I wanted to show you something.
Here, look at this.
These belong to Minnie
from when she was five years old.
And these,
the slightly faded ones
they belong to my own daughter,
my baby Rabiya.
They look the same,
don't they?
You must be wondering
why I ran out of jail
just to see Minnie.
But all these years,
so far away from home
I could stay alive
only because of her.
I would have died in jail.
But it was the memory of these
two girls that kept me going.
This is why it was so important
for me to come here.
To see Minnie one last time.
My bioscope is still with you,
isn't it?
Yes, it's there,
in the other room.
Can I see it once?
Open the door!
Kolkata police!
Open the door,
this is the police!
Open the door, quick!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry..
- No, you did the right thing.
Open the door!
Kolkata Police!
If I was in your place, I would
have done the same. - Open up!
Break down this door!
There he is!
Get him!
'It haunts me to this day'
'that if I hadn't
sent him back to jail'
'he could have seen her.'
'He could have seen
his daughter.'
'Which is why, today,
I find myself on a flight to Kabul'
'tracing only hunches'
'trying to find
the Bioscope man's daughter'
'and bring her back to him.'
I have to..
I have to bring Rabiya to him.
That's.. That's what my father
was trying to do.
'You've taken care of him
in his time of need.'
I-I think, I need to go.
I think,
we both owe it to him.
This is the least
I can do for the man
who did everything for me,
who did so much for me.
This is the least I can do.
Good morning.
- Hi, good morning.
I am Minnie Basu,
I had made an online reservation.
Can I have your passport,
Can you fill out this form?
I-I am really glad
you're here.
What did you tell the guys
at the office?
I had some grant money
left over.
I have my camera.
And Afghanistan was always
on my list.
So, as long as I don't get killed
and have some footage to show,
they are fine.
Rehmat used to tell me that fruits
tasted sweeter back home
here in Afghanistan.
Excuse me.
That they have to go deeper
to find..
In my country, people my age
cannot sleep with the sound of guns
going off at night.
And our kids.. They cannot sleep
without the sound of the same guns.
If it's better to send him home
then please go ahead, Doctor.
I'll be back soon
along with his family.
Ma'am, you can go straight
from here. This is the village.
Mr. Bhola will take care
of the payments.
'A', 'B', 'C', 'D'..'
'The promises that were made..'
'One dream..'
'Remember, I'd said
that our house'
'would be lovely
'...that our kids would go
to school.'
'Rabiya Rehmat Khan.
I visited your home, sir.
Your village.
I saw Rabiya.
She has grown up!
You won't be able
to recognise her.
She's always up to some mischief..
But she is very happy.
She has made a life
for herself.
Sir, did you see?
Your baby has grown up.
"Behold, here he comes!"
"Here he comes, the bioscope man.
He comes!"
"I've stolen Hitler's moustache
for you."
"I've got Chaplin's bowler hat
along too."
"Oh, he brings with him,
some bioscope fun."
"Oh, he brings with him,
some bioscope fun."
"Oh, he brings with him,
some bioscope fun."
"Oh, he brings with him,
some bioscope fun."
"I bring along Raj Kapoor
with me.."
"In my show
is trapped Helen's beauty.."
"I have Cuckoo's bangles too,
come see.."
"With chubby Gope thrown in
for free."
"Oh, he brings with him,
some bioscope fun."
"Oh, he brings with him,
some bioscope fun."
"I walked around everywhere,
for years and years."
"But there was just one baby
of Mr. Khan."
"After getting it
I won't return it."
"Now that I have it
I won't return it."
"After getting it
I won't return it."
"Now that I have it
I won't return it."
"From all the skies
to the lands.."
"From all the skies
to the lands.."
"We have our fate
in our hands."
"My shoe is from Japan."
"And I wear English pants."
"Your grandma..
The one that your grandma saw.."
"That's the picture I brought."
"I brought everyone's fate."
"But look at my own fate."
"I brought a huge cannon!"
"Oh, he brings with him,
some bioscope fun."
"Oh, he brings with him,
some bioscope fun."
"Oh, he brings with him,
some bioscope fun."
"Oh, he brings with him,
some bioscope fun."
"Oh, he brings with him..
- Hitler's moustache!"
"Oh, he brings with him,
some bioscope fun."
"He even brought Raj Kapoor.."
"Here comes the bioscope man!"